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of AQKSKSAL N ATUBB. TN P0RO1 A Ufr. 1, 1W0.
Hon. I. "Joseph ''It." Swan,
with notes or tjis dzojsioxs or TJa&U-
i . JUUlf OQVRT, f r . , ,
(Contained la twenty-wlne volumes of fit Ohio tad Ohio
-State Reports.) . f ' 'ft
Ia Two Roval 8roi ,Vulmnwi,:PciQe tlO 00,
No ear or expense bu been spsrej to make th work
prfeotsrfnllalmHrnpel. -
It bu now the Legislative sanation, having been ap
proved by nearly mo unauimou tow oi noin uuuar,
uul wm ordered to bt distributed to Iht following Rut
mA C.nnntV afBceral
Governor. Attorney General, Supreme Judge. Beere-
try, 0-mptroiir, Treasurer to Aiwitor ut raw
to lb Probate Courts, Court of Oommon Fleu, Super
ior ul Police Courts, Auditor, end tb Clerk of th
Terlou Ooutm tn aeh (aunty, to Uio Membenof the
Heoat ut Uouee at stepisjeeeiteUvee of ihls Bute, and
totovernoriofthenwral State of th Union.
Thl boob, antalnrnfr, a It do, all of tho B'""
BOW la force, and the aotnorliativ construction .
and of tho New Constitution, win no louna 10 n piv-.
ly netful In the psrformano or toeir amies, w
COUSTT OFPI0KR8, ... , ,. .
" cirr opmcirs. . t
Intsmucta u vry aur change haTtbton mad In the
Statutes since the punieatioo oi too law ouitions. vj rm
.ihiMiioni and addition, asd many Important de
cisions have been fir en by tho Supreme Court on eon-
troyertrit point all
inn n'mtuvM VIvntNIRAUT.
Will find this an Inyalnabl Work.
Two Royal 8e; Tolumtt of over Strut ten Bundrti
,r ragea, ' ,.
In Stronf law Eluding, rite $10.00.
Published by
Law Publishers, Booksellers; Stationers and Importer!
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, M1B:d3a:li . 7 :- Cincinnati. 0,
OKU. W. ItlANYl-EHflte Eailrt .;;
'rrv a n rrrr.vnrVTX TO IXSUMT lySEIt
tJOjr. ttumldl landed in ly TVELTB O'l'lOCX
on A day of publication . -.
CTH eemt that the Administration, betore
finally determining npon the evacuation of Fort
Sumter,- has been waiting the action of the
South Carolina Convention upon a proposition
to out off M-iJor Andisson's supplies. This, we
suppose, is a specimen of Old Abe's baeUont
IT The Journal admonishes the editor
the Newark ATorlA Americin, to forbear express
log any opinion as to what the policy of the Ad
ministration should be toward the South, "uaiii
Lincoln policy it made public btfore ft quiring
Uio be out thing or tht other."- By reoelving the
admonition of the Journal, its- cotemportriee
may be either "pig or puppy," as the case re
quires; and hence, the importance of tho-ad mo
nition of tho Journal. When will Mr. Lin
coln make bis "policy" public will the Jeur-
nl Inform ns f .. , .
. UTThere is to be 'no eoaxing or compelling
the Seceders," says the Washington correspond
ueot of the Cincinnati Commercial. Is there
be any coaxjng of the Slave States that have
. uot yet secede!? On this point, the Adminis
tration aodLlts organ are as silent a the grave.
But the country demands an answer, and will
not rest until one I given in direct and unequir
ocat Icrtnc, or the Administration is hurled
from power.' ' ' .,' -
IT. I be Journal is sorry to see some Kcpub
liCin papers exhibit an unkind fcelio toward
CiSL Scnrsz. ' The reason it assigns for Its re
. gret is that Scbvrz "reprosents a Luge clement
of our (the Republican) party, which wfl'(tbey)
are eager to recognise in all political canvasses
and which give backbone, courage aid direct
ness to our (their) purposes, where they would
otherwise be very often wsntlng " That I
frank admission. It want Scbdsz promoted
a foreign mission, not because of his qa&H
fixations or the peculiar fitness of hls ap-
pointment, but because, be is useful, to
party, and is the. representative, of an ele
ment in the organisation, holding the most
intense antl slavery, disunion sentiments. That
Is why the Journal It sorry to see some Repub
lics papers speak unkindly of Schdkz. He
backbone, and ia . ready to enconrtge and pio-
mote the John BaowfiiTis in ail their malevo
lent and wicked designs. He and bia sqnad
lawless men for be represent an element op
posed to all law and all religion answer
"purposes" (he Republican party hare in view
and therefore the Journal it anxions that
hall participate in -all the honors and emol
nmcnta which Mr. Liucdlw hat to bestow, since
they have "merit" ot the highest character I
The Two Disunion Governments.
. S- - -if""-
. The people tcareely seem to realize the laot
there are, existing at this moment in this
try, two aeparate and Independent Governments
or Confederacies. Such is the case, neverthe
less. The one Government, that atWashington
i legitimate under the Constitution of the Uni
ted States; the other, that at 'Montgomery,
Illegitimate, unrecognized by that Constitution
bat existiug, not of right, but is fct merely,.
The object of the latter is to divide and dis
member tb Federal Union 'heretofore existing,'
and establish a tepwatt and Independent Con
federacy, competed of as many State as will
nolte for thai purpose.' Its . essential and
avowed element it Disunion.' Is seek to sever
th bond heretofore existing between the States;
and nullify tht eoropaot originally entered Into
by the old Thirteen States, and acceded to
th Statet sine admitted Info the Union. This
then, ia both a disunion and revolutionary Gov
ernment. 1
Similar in cbaraoter it the Federal Govern
ment now' administered at Washington. It
formally entitled to respect and obedience at
constitutional and legal Government. Bnt
nothing more. For while it has ths) oonsittU'
tlooal power and the legal Authority to exercise
the functions of ' Government, It is In practice
tending is the tame direction, towards Disunion
and Revolution ae th Government of the 10
u. n r. i.. a..-. '.
That tht I , no maw who look calmly at
its present altitude cn doubt. It declines mak
ing any compromise "of concession by which
the acceded Stale can be restored to, or the
Border Slave State retained in the Uclon. " It
it gradually yielding to the Confederate Statet,
and prepariog t hi l way for formal, final recog
nition of their independence. ' It Is graiually
ueoomicg aunounoed at iw avowed policy, which
announcement it suffer to pass oncauiridleted,
that it object is peace that it will cot rein
force th forts In the extreme South, bnt rather
surrender thsm than risk collision, and that it
will not attempt to colleot th revenue in any
States offering n organiicd resistances Thiw,
tne Administration at Wasbingtoo, with its re-
funl to littcb to any term of compromise, asd
l's fpnaca palicw,.M li rrjijioUng th oaus of
6 DlBUuioniat end RevolutlonUt. who ar
Icittiog the destrunilon of the Union, both, In
the North u4 the Bouth.' . 4 s ' 5.
Bat the Dinunlon moremeot, which the Repub
IIoao AdaIuUtrUci U ptomotkig, UI not (top
with the diamemberment of the Cotton State.
The Border SUe Statet will not be latltfled to
remain In the Uulon with the foarful oddi that
will be ag&jnat them, when the Cotton State
are cat olf, ualee tom reaeonable guarantee
are granted them that thel right will be re
stated by the Free State majority. If the Ad
ministration ihall still refuse, as It Is likely to
do, to yield these guarantees, and should it be
sustained In that relusal by a majority or me
people In the Northern States, the Border Stare
States will, on after toother, secede from the
Union, and then other Western States may be
expeoted to ioiiow tneir example, until me vwv
ed States, as it existed six months ago, shall be
CompleWlr disintegrated and broken op.
The momentous question before the Ameri
can people is Shall these Government recently
inaugurated at Washington and Montgomery
be allowed to pursue their Insane and revoln
tionary conrso, and, conspiring together, over
brow the Uinon, the liberty and'prosperlty of the
country? This result Is fast coming upon us.
and It lies npon the Untoa and conservative men
to say whether It shall be realized or arrested
before it is too late. Their power should be con
oentrated at onee to put down all Disnnionlsts
North and South, ' Etst an West no matter
what character or name they sail under.
The London Times on the Morrill Tariff.
Self-lnterest is likely to prove more powerful
amonn the Entlish ' Abolitionists, than ' the
promptings of conscience on a question or prin
oiple. In discussing the Morrill Tariff, the
London Tim ft, of the 13th of March, tsys:
1 W may be said to b already In ponetalon of the flnt
frail of lb American ititruptlon. Th Hcemlon of lo
many men of th two House of Oonsren bai conferred
upon tb norm an nnaiepaa mnjorHy lor tuc ri
They bar not btn (low to avail Iboimelv t lb ut
moet of thlaadrantar. imj hti rani,aonnino
anoreeUbl toward healinx th wonnd of their dl
tracted country. 1 bej hat taken no decided meaenr
itber 01 oootlltlon or coercion. The South baa tea
allowed tovtaWr It preparaUsna, taeeii us reaerni
inmli and foru. ar.d to ornanlz a new Oovernaent,
without eves an Intelligent pro't I rum the Legislator
t Washington. There wa much ezen for th!.
Tb period between tb election of th new Preel
t ud tho anrrender of ofBc br the old. ia a tort 01
inrrronm, in which It may be ld alt legUlatlv
and (xecuiiT aoiirlty Is paralyied. But, thongh
unable to do anyth uf for the cam or in union, 11.
KnM anil tho CouKithve employed lh Intermnnm
to (trik a iccond blow at tb comma re, th nuance, and
th maul oroinarlii of th eouotry. Infinitely more
fatal than any attraction ot territory or diminution
population. They employed lb but week of probably
the butaeaiion of tb but Cont-re of th United Bute
of America la oodoinf all the progro'M that bu been
made In th dtraottou rl Vre trauorand Inmaoaellng
Ihelr country once more In the fetter of a protectma
amounting to prohibition, we rear mat loe 0111 oaaai
ruv rMtTen tue aijeni or in rmiaeni, ana uis w
th present moment the twenty mlllione of eiporU which
Enir and aent lait year to tb Coiled Btatts hate, a far
laweand reynlntionacan effect It, been virtually ex
cluded. If American with to know With what tllna
thl mtaiure baa been rejardea in injiana, tnry uito
only to I urn to th Trade Keporis ol th Timtt, and
their curloattr will be gratified. That, w Sod from
nimlnihun that a hanlwar and cntlerv trad of 3
boil, 000 it looked opou aa wortlilea. South gtaffordahin
l In dismay. 77w eonduet of Uongrtut on tk Tarlf
bill ka4 much ckangnt IK4 tone or pHMta jttttnq wiut
lCnnaa Inthn UccMlMlttl. and Mori A , Ml thott
tehott mmpatAitt art with th Northern ataUt, atttmji
. - . I . t.-l JL Jm Via.
trtn hat imrtued " In iUochestar th proposed la
. . . . . I - .l. TT . . . J U -1
ereai 01 ouiies on cotton goousm uio unncu
oiuiing great atteotion. In Newcastle It I con
sidered tnat It will n lmpoeiioio to uo uuaiccsa wiui
the United Btate on th terms act out In th tarltr,
while tb basinet with th Southern states 1 dt
eribed a satisfactory. In Bhefneld considerable appre
benaion la lait aa . to tb effect of th new tariff on th
tul trade. In Wolrerbampton the anticipation that
tn tariff hav become law darkens th already gloomy
nrosDect of the iron trad. When It is remembered that
all this 111 will and disruption of international lie and
ympathie. which wen becoming clower every day, and
which America never netded more than now. Is to be ef
fected for a better object than that of protracting th
sickly existence of an artificial mannfaetnring system,
raised nnd matured it tb expense of tb shipping and
trade of lb country, and by Uvylng an odious tribute
from all classes not concerned in manufactures, m can
not but wonder at tht madntto of demooraef and itt
utter inability to apprthtnd and retain the most obvl
one principle of economical teiene. Protection was
quite aa much a cause of the disruption of th Union
Slavery. In that rasped It baa don IM wont, but it I
destined. If we mite not, to be tb fruitful mother
other disruptions. Vfkat intentt have tk great agri
cultural Western State, for intanet in being mad
trlbvctarlttto th ironmattert of Ptnneyltania or tht
ootton-tplnnert ofloweltt They will dtetre, at iht
South have deeired, a direct trade vith Zealand, and
the oecuUar volition of Canada, with ittjaotmiet
communication by lait, river and railway, will thow
them th rtadieet meant of obtaining direct trade by
afreth teparationpottibly by an amalgamation
with our own coloniet. ;: -
'ihse topic r so obvious that w forbear lo Insist
upon them, but w beg to point out, for th comfort
our own countrymen and tb warning ot th Govern
ment of th United Btate, that hi attempting to x
clude at on blow twenty million ot exports from
their territory, they bare undertaken a last quite be
yond their power. Tbey may, Indeed, destroy their
own iCnttoms' revtnu I tbey may gir additional
tnnglh to tbote vested Interest which claim a pre
nripuve right to llv on th vitals ot th eommunlty;
tbey may ruin th shipping and cripple th commerce
of th town on th Atlantto seaboard, bat they cannot
prevent Snglisn manufacturen from
permeating the
r. ' A tlaoce
United Btate from on end to th other. -
mo map u sumcieni to snow mis. Tne eonthern Con
federacy will, of course, desire no better than to make
Charleston, Savannah, Mobile, and New Orleans,
depot of Knglish manufactures, to be- tmusgled
scross ; to long and Imperceptible frontier
whlob separate them from th United Btatesv
May, It ui quit possible that tb great city of New York
may prefer to declare Itself a fre part, and tobaooms
tb depot of an enormous Illicit traffic, ntber than set
its wharf rotting, It (treat deserted, and It harbor
empty, becaoa a suicidal fully his drlyea aomsMiM
th Interior harbors of th Bouth. Tb Indented
of th northern state sir ampl opportunity for smua
line and. what Is still mora important, th frontier he
tweon Canada and th Union ia virtually traced by tb
stream of tosBt. Lawrence ant lb eontnof the greet
Lake Ontario, trie and Huron. It Is a region which
mignt nav neen createa ror in express purpos of pun
ishing tb presumptuous folly ot seekinf to erect th
barrier of Prohibition between nation which ban long
exjeyed the n,nlual benefits of commercial intercoirse.
Tbe smuggler will redress th errors of ths statesman,
he has so often don before. Th change may occasion
delay, lot and tnconyenienoe; bnt th stream Is
mighty to be choked, and no sooner will tb old channel
bav teen stopped than t new on will b forced, j 1
The Election of Senator.
, , ....... ... .... . . r
" Tbe Mic-a cheek Pttti the most far-eeelng
and astute Ropubllcin preis lo , Ohio, thus
speaks of tbe election of John SHiRXaN and
antagonisms in tht Republican party'ltf Ohio
were it t men (election from amenr on. we sbnnM
ear utile ror toe resait. xra, air. nnsnnan baa (ten
less serrlcs than B tan ton or Delano, I lew popular than
Bcbenck, and is Inferior in Intellect to any of tbem.
In this day of small thine in tb political world, ws were
aosuru so quarrel owevsuenn owe. -
Th selection bu other slgnifloane than this. W
have often spoken of the dieferen in feeling btwea
nortnern ana noutnern nepoDiioanum. - Tbss Is a differ,
no in feeling, and not tn opiolon. and mat be atataa
a few word. A Northern Republican la one from a love
or in negro; a eoutnern nepuDiican hate tb master,
Th Ant differ very little from Abolitionism, rare in
regard for Constitutional guarantee. Th laatdien
elinhtly from Demociacy, sav in its individnai indw-
Thi difference Is feeling hat produced a div Islet be
tween the North and Bonth of Ohio, A politician on the
atump in Northern Ohio ojmnence bv urot ini- that ha
aa Abolitionist. At the Sou'h he labor earneatle
prow that he Is aot. . And in both Instances be alms
please bis audience. Ibis difference ha widened until
the antagonism promises to b bitter as was ewer that h..
iwoea Wbinaod Demaeestet - Th err i the Scntt,
been thai tbey wen being aholitisBised; at the North,
that they worn fallinc late th hand ef weak-bn.i
serratiam. ., ..- ',.. 1 .. ..
- Bo far th bnt-gospeler have hsd tbe advantsg. Terr
bereLts. Of e asrqusci we hare the aeunnta.
n ! 1 J wra Bm.w ,ww U..I nm niva WtU IM,,...
btttexd. When Mr. Chaae waa ciled.to th Cabipet, we
oeo aw npponuuuj to urn np, in some meeann, this tn
hippy eootrorer-y. The Bouth asked very reasonably
that they should have the renmtor.
For tbe Bret tire this Winter the catteui nn!ntA
tn entire stepuuiicaa party or Ohio. Tbree meetings
wen held, and ever firry ballots hsd. " It all resulted
the nomination of Ms iohn J 11 er man, the candidate
Bot-goepelera and tb reprtnlatiT of Northern Heouh-
lisatiisra. WeJIare aow lb two Snslors rrwresentlng
tna, wing. r m ui omrij erery DtawenteetlBta irom
tnateiass; and we nave lor in last tin a united party.
Let the blame (all Wbon it properly be loots. The hot-
goep-len wer begged plead with, entreated, and all
si effeot. Hesrs. Bchenck, Btantoo, Delano, CorwJa,-
norien, swing, ana an leaamg men or in Boutn, Wen
prooouncea unsoana not repreeentatiT men fend
entered at end abeeed. Tbey forgot, if tbey ever knew.
that lb so called unsnsuid men represented thoaaanila
of nnaound Totem aed however ebaexloae after an
election, ore procioue before. . . ., , . - , . r
a hot-gwpeler has no sense but bull sense. iTetinlahla
head down aod hl tall np, and move on retard leas of
consequence. To expect anything rosso Dalile from him
I to txpeet impossibilities Messn. bebeock. Btaoton,
Dclane, ilorton, Corwin and (wing hav received legal
nuiiceioquit. iiiry yrwavy win accept, ana govern
uKnwi.n wrcwnjiHH
We hare brie fly gireu th OUtsId view of tbll ontmre.
We have some fact eormcted With Its Aaarat history w
propose hreafterp tead log befon our readers. Ig the
Manwbtlawe sha l watert th contest the hot-gnsneler
rrotm carrying on for theoioelre. With eontterable
nieresi. now t ner sn 11 euutna roar, ana snk th.
Sectionalism of the Republican Administration.
Nsw England hat eleven ohairmeo of the
Committee ot the Senate. Every New Eng
land Senator, with one exception, It chairman
Of a Senate Committee. New England hat the
Vloe President, and a Cabinet JUIulstsi. Nw
England baa the Minister (0 England, the Min
ister to' Italy, the Minister to Austria, the Mini
tar to Belgium, and the Consul to London. New
England has been preferred to other toetloni of
the Union in smaller matter tod numsrons to
mention., . ti , .:... ... 1 a
Not a lingle appointment baa been made in
or from the Border Slave Statet acceptable to
those States. The Administration of the Govern
ment Is as completely sectional a jt It possible
to make it. Toe Republicans hare hitherto
complained that an undue proportion of tht Fed
eral offloes have been filled from, the South.
We now tee how they hare filled tbem la the
first few weeks that they bar been in power.
Still they declare that they are friendly to tht
South. The country will duly appreciate such
professions of friendship, when followed by such
a praotlew. "" i ' . : -j 1 ; " !
About the Way Uncle Sam is Fleeced.
A humorous Individual writes a letter from
Waahlnotnn tn the, Naahwilla Patriot, in which
be shows up the economy 01 the rederai uov
ernment in tne roiiowioe stvlei
Toe way tbe uovernment gets it worst none
is curious. At an illustration, von and your
family meet la the convention of tht whole, and
adoDt a resolution autborizlnz the construction
01 a hen-coop in your dick jara. ion at once
appoint me superintendent of the work, putting
a thousand or two or dollars in tne Dana lor rae
to check on.' 1 get yon to tppolnt my brother-
in-law cnier engineer
' I appoint two or my brothers assistant toper
lntendcnts, and . my brother-in-law appoints
two of bis brothers assistant engineers ail at
your expense." We buy ut escb a last horse and
bueev. and ride around town, arioa coci-iaua
and play billiards, until tbe bank deposit gives
out, when we mske out a printed report of sev
entv.three usees. fnrnlstinlC vou a complete
survey ot your back yard, and a vast amount 01
statistical information with regard to the num
ber of bent you are likely to bare for the next
forty year; we wind op ine repots who me
announcement that the site of the hen-coop bat
been selected, and a oall fur another appropria
tion to prosecute the work, which we assure yon
will be done with "vigor." You place another
thousand or two in tbe bank, and we employ
two hundred hands : at three dollar a day to
transport seventy-five cents, worth of lumber
(which eost yo under our management toons
ten time that many collars; to tne pitceoi op
erations. whleh requires about tbree montns.
In the meantime, we drive around and go on
vi coronals with the linuor and tbe billiards.'
We then come no with another report and a de
mand for another appropriation. With this we
get tbe walla ot tb itructure up, and with one
or two more aooroorlattons. and a crest many
more cock-tails and billiards, we get tbe thing
covered In; and at the end of twelve months,
which we vers appropriately style oar "fiscal
year." we put you in lormal pessersion of a ten
thousand-dollar hen-coop, that any tocpro car
penter would have been glad 10 knock up some
Saturday a Iter noon lor a suit 01 your 01
clothes. - -
The Plea of Ignorance.
Mr. Lincoln-solemnly promised in his ina
gnrtl that the whole power of th Government
should be used to "hold and possess" the prop-
perty and places belonging to the Union; and
these words were understood to assert a deter
mination not, in1 any event, to abandon Bump-
ter, ricketrs, or any government possession
the seceded States In rear, not to do anytning,
diraotly or by implication, that would even
seem to reccenix disunion. 8inoe it hat been
found necessary to pursue a different policy, the
partisans of tbe Administration advance some
queer reasons for the change. As a specimen,
we give tbe loiiowing from (be able washingtoi
correspondent of tbe iVerfA mcrtfsn; .
" the rresident'i Deaitauon alter thedecisra
tiont of bit inaugural, Is easily understood.
Tbey were made before be bad any knowledge
or tne actual state 01 isots,, ana nenoe may D
modified without Involving any abandonment
ol principle or supposed inconsistency. He as
terted a broad prioolple, which could only
vindicated to the extent of his ability, aod with
tne means at bit command-, tie oouid not well
be expeoted to perform Impossibilities." '
We don't question tbe entire truthfulness
this excuse; but U Is certainly a very bumilia-
tiosr one. Is appeart that when Mr. Lincoln
penned hit inaugural, be was totally Ignorant
of the actual ttateof Jactt knew nothing of
condition of the country was Insensible to
perils environing tbe Union In short, had
opened bl eye to tbe true atat or tbe case.
This is tbe sort or statesman tne Republican
party tejected to control th destinies of tht
country at a time of imminent peril a man
wbose best friends are compelled to put in tb
plea ot of ignorano as an exous tor inconsis
tency! This total ignoranee also explain why
it was Mr. Llnooln made so many foolish decla
rations , in tb course of hi journey to Wash.
lngtob; that there was "nothing tbe matter"
"nothing going wroog"--"nobody wa hurt,"
and Ilk evidence ot mental darkness. Hat
ritburg Patriot if Union. ji-v. n- .:, 1
,s- - .1,.
Evil Effects of the New Tariff.
' Much anxiety la felt by the different members
of the Administration In regard to th working
of tb new tariff, and fear have been expressed
by the President himself that under it the) Trea
sury will soon be bankrupt. Several deputation
of business men have waited npon tbe President
to learn What ia to be tbe policy of tht Govern
ment, and the uniform representation it that tb
present uncertainty a to tne lutur and th ex
pected effect of the new tariff are destroying
trade and legitimate speculation. It Is a sintrn.
lar fact that merchant who, two month aeo.
were nerceiy euouung --no coercion," now smb
for anything rather than iatfie..t'Let us know
what to expect," tbey say 1 "if w ar to have
wsr.w can adjust onr business to that coodHlcB
0: things; but It tbe government lie, npon It
Osrt, with a high tariff In New York and a low
one In new Orleans we are undone." : Ills b.
coming apparent that this government must en
ter into negotiations' with the ahana Eovernment.
or adjust the United Bute tariff to that of the
Confederate. , It teems now to bs understood
that no attempt' will be made to so lor (he
revenue laws at seceded port, at least for th
present. Tb President remarked yesterday
a western member of Congress 1 "Every i for
tress that can be held wilt be beld where th
duties twa be collected they will be collected."
But the trouble Is, the Morrill tariff cast not bo
executed In all tbe seceded States, and the
President bat already been iniormed bv nromi-
nent western men tnat 11 will ne utterly lmno
sible to prevent free goods . from flooding the
w est, provided they ar allowed to enter at Mew
Orleans. -Wathinoton' corretotndent N. .
t. T,--j mr inff-' ' - -"'
Ancient Records in Ohio.
- The Ethnoloelcal Society of New Yoik,
Thursday night, commenced the investigation
a atone oox ana tauiet from a mound forty-live
feet high, at Newark, Ohio, It was tbe second
inscribed atone that waa under discussion. ,
Hebrew pronounced it . genuine and ancient
W ben found, the ston wa inclosed in a smooth,
spheroidal atone box, about eight Inches long,
cemented by a whitish substance not yet ana
lyzed, singularly placed In giojves, but was open
ed by a seam running Jsngltudlnally through
th middle, The inclobed stone it of a peculiar
form, but fit tightly In th bottom ,pf the box,
which Is carved so as to receive it exactly... On
th upper side of the former it tbe figure of
man, in relief, with a beard and large gown,
with the verv square Hebrew letters M. Sb.il.
over tbe bead, And with an elevated rim, eon
ttluicB characters likewise enersved; ana all
other parts of tbe stone, except kind of a ban
al, are covered in use manner, inis atone
wat deciphered bv .lh Rev. John W, McCartv.
pastor of thaEniscOPaf Church in Newark, aud
provsd to contain an abstract of th Tan Com
BModmehts.,, The alphabet employed is not
found lo Genesis; bnt most of tb letter art
easily recognized by resemblance to ths tqiare
or jommoo Ilcbrcw print.' '( Ji ,,. 9j,
The Northern and Southern Tariffs Compared.
1 i
1 I
Subjoined la a table of the principal Import.
with the duties of each tariff, from which it will
be seen that In most oases the duty is double, or
IUU per oent. greater, at the worth thai at tho
Rnnth f
- northern Tariff.- Southern Tarty.
Arttelet., , c T J'tr Cent. . , . Per Cent.
Cntlery ..'.;..'....... 30,". SI fi , AS
Metal manafaotar.,.. Wt 11 If 1 ,15
Ola manufacture... 30 '' 13
Linen.. S3 to 3d ' 13
Cotton, manufaolurad US to SO " 13
Silk.... 311 -, , , 13
I-thr. .......t,. Stt2S -f I . 13
Leather, man , VO '., 1 ! f ! '.V 4
rToolltn manufactured 1?? Jl ' 13
Artlolesot Woollen S3pre.f
Clothlnt SH9. ih( ' k X
Iloslcry 30
Carpet.... tStoJO
L.r. U
B...te....:. ,jfget
,. IS
- . 15
lTata..,.....,r.a-J.,M,4( So 1 I '
woollen yarn , 30 .,
Velvet so
Wine. - 40 1
Brandr.ir. ..... - si nr..i.
Paper , r . w
Paper for newspaper,... .30 T
Book, maps, tto , 15
Brass, pig i. ...... ' -; 10
Copper, pig. Beta lb
. 6
eon, pig id to tlS per ton : n
raa bars At bolt a IA nor ton . .
. . ;. 10
Ironplates As rails 2perton
Bteel. ban so '
Tobaoco, nnmaa., la leaf ' 8 .
Tobacoo,Try other kind 1 30
vi 10
tint. xOtoOOo.lbl ...
Carriages st d Wagons.... ' 30
.'.I V
H, 13
Stump Orators at Washington.
A Washington correspondent crowds conaid
erable human nature in the following:
The worst disappointed men who come' to
wash ine ton ar tbe little town and ward point-
dans, who, having "stumped" their own locali
ties, fancy the , while world, including Alt..
Lincoln, must be fully satisfied that, but lor
eaohof these, ths Republican party would nave
been defunct. These geotlemen experlencemuch
mortifioatlon when presented to the President,
In finding that be fall to recognize tbem... One
of tbem, on being presented last week, gave hit
name and residence to the party introducing
blm, which were repeated to Mr. Lincoln, who
took him, by the hand and paased blm gently
along to make room for the next one. Our
stump orator was not satisfied with the intro
duction, aod managed to undergo a second turn
or tbe wheel, but with tbe tarn result aa at
firaU The crowd present, seeing a chance for
fun, oersusded him to make a third attempt.
which resulted In a similar non-recognition.
After thi failure, he Indignantly declared he
"didn't believe the President knew who lie
waa." and turnloe round, took one slance at
Mr. Llnooln, at a distance, and remarked that
"themtnwbo didn't know , who elected bim
President could not know muoh"
The Burch Divorce Cise.
-" I .1 ..J .V, :. .. t :..i ,
A correspondent writing from Chicago to tbe
Milwaukee Dimocral ,savs:
"The Burch divorce case is still before tbe
Court on a motion for a new trial. Wbatover
tbe effect of tbe first trial may have been npon
the Dublio, it bss either failed to convince Mr
Burch f the injustloe of - hit demand, or hat
failed to overcome hit obttinacy. It It not true,
as has been reported, that th trial cost blm
$100,000, or that it bat need np a large portion
of bit forXune. I have tbe most reliable inter-
nation that be ia worth more to-day than - he
was at the time the suit waa commenced. , The
cost of tbe suit wa large, tbongh somewhat lee
than tlS.OOO, while In on speculation .alone
Mr. Burch is said to have realised a much larg
er sum of money. Tbe report that tho parties
are negotiating to live together again,- is. also
unfounded. ' 1 am reliably informed that they
are Decollating for a permanent and peaceable
separation, with prospect ol nuocets. Neither
party 1 willing to endure another trial, If it
ean be avoided. - Let ut hope that the details
of another trial may never be spread before tht
public- ' ... .- . , f S i ,.-
' 1
... i am i i 1 1 . 1 .1
ArrBoraiAfiANi of tbk CortyxbitATE Statis
Tbe Montgomery psoen.bf the 20th, contain
the following summary of appropriation! made
for each Department of the Government of tbe
Confederate States: ' ;
Department of State. ... .
Treasury Department....
War Department........
33 050
. i.. . ........ it.
..a...,....fc.. i
- 44.300
. 39.000
, 17,300
navy irepartmcm.. ,.....,,,
Postoffic Department
Judiciary. , J.
Hint and Independent Treasury.
foreign Intercourse..
Sinenses of Oolleotlng Revenue
Executive lianalorj.i...
150 000
- 343.000
1 3,000
. 900,000
. tui......
' "
The Universal Cough Remedy in Cases of
Whooping Cough.
There are probably more ases of Whooping
Cough eontinned to great length oi time by the
us of Remedies oontaialng expectorant, which
not only aggravate the Cough 4but run down the
system, making tbe ooogh fatal, or producing
Consumption, than by any other cause. . Tblt is
completely obviated In the Universal Cough
Remedy, whieh oontains nothing to produce
nausea or prostration! and the Cough yields nat
urally, whil the system I sustained. Results
justify tblt declaration, and all art asked o
tatlflfy. .tncmsebrea by trla.l Seejadvertlse-
Btat tii u.-i ..- . ' t it !.(.'.! ;-.'j''
' "' 1 '
I 01HII .,.-!'
IT Any of our readers afflicted with Sctorou
or Serofulout complaints, will do well to read
the remarks in our advertising eolumnt respect
Ine it. But little of the nature of this disorder
has been known by the people; and the elear ex
position of it there given will prove acceptable
aod useful .J We have long admired the teareh-
Inst and able manner in which Dr. Ann treat
vry Bubjeet he ' touches: whatever ha hi at
tention at ail, oat a greai aeai out; ne mat
ter what he undertakes, and no on who has a
particles; of feeling for bit' filleted fellow man
out look with indifference npon "his labor for
tb sick.- Ketd wbst be tayt or Bcroiula, and
see ia how few words and -bow clearly ho tells
ut more than we all nav known of thi insid
ious and fatal malady. Sun, Phil., Pev r '.'
, ' " i' v 1 ' ' ' ' ' '' " '
I IT We congratulate our .teaderS upon e
discovery of a cur for Rheumatism, Gout and
Neuralgia, and 'all Mercurial Disease, wblcU
Is effected without the use of Internal medicines,
which.dettroy the oonstltdlioa and give tempo
rary relief only. Ia fact it i the only known
remedy etfectlnr a Derfeet cure, and we 'feel
waayanted, from Jta recomriendatloDs, calling
tht attention of .tbe sflHoted ' and those Jiaving
frlebds tuffcrirjg front s Rhramatltm, Gont joc
Neuralgia, or the perniciout effects of Mercury,
id the tdvertlsemeot In srlother. cotumn 'of.'cur
papers of.Pr. Leland's, AtI-Rhumitio RaoJ
j C)J:- tWj Ol U
I foot. Wood's RrsToaiTivi CoaptaC and Blood
RiitevAToa is, without doubt, the best toot Col
dial in tht world. TothosewhoAresuffsrlogfroin
General Debility wo would recommend itt tise,
for whilt it Is pleasant to the taste, It It strength
t.enlng to the system, and 'will at once tend to
remove all Jmpurlti of tbe lood, and eradi
cat all trace of disease. ' It can t taken by
tb weakest stomach, while, those In good health
will at onse feel itsexhilaratfagpof rrr1Ver
OOnfident that eftwasmittna bottMof thl Cor
ilal.non will be forV'day wtthoui Mb.AU
" r 'i' ' r "-' VjUA '.HIT-
. Goon W met on of our friends yesterday
on Broadway,, and were astonished at the change
m nm appearance. ... a icwwreuago we saw
him, he was pale, lean and dejected; compUia
Inr .of weakness and debility,' having been so
alUicted all summer. Now be appear to be fat,
healthy and atrong.' We learn he owed his .res
toration , entirely to McLeanI STsrsoTHtmiia
CoBOtAaV. I . . . :- 'I"" -''''"..V
... . . I ' . : - .... ... -i . t ti a It.
vv advKsall who are oomplalnlnr of Gen
eral Debility to Iry Itj it' 1 certain!, a ory
pleasant remedy. Ws learn that there are laree
quantities of. la elling daily Morning r"f ,
. v..
ITT All should resd Trof. Woodv advertised.
mentlanetberexlMmn.,,, u h
JJ1'! -"ir I T- i , t -il . srfr i a
CT 'See advertisement of Prof."Mnxnt'
Hair Invigorator la another column.
jew advertise; iNis
Havana a (ill VAT SOLqxoVB
Btookof Orocerleatn M fi.'H. tiKMiNa. .ha.,.
fully recommend him to our old patron, and friends.
voiuiudus, aiarcu xum, lcui, tpl-dtf,
eus ef eloslngnp their old buainaea, ted hop that all
persons knowing liiemnlvcs Indebted to thm. UUer bv
pot or nook, wui aire the matter ih.i. in,..,.
' inu, WALKIR at SON
April 1,1800-dlw.
tr-vc riii ?vv
inrj i
ly large and well assorted. The very latest pattern
from AMJEKlOaN, KNQLIbU snd fRlSSOH laotorl.
' ' "- e. . . , ... ..- it
Itondiome Gold Papers aelllnc- fmm Son tn tl 00 n.
Roll, formerly sold from 1 1 00 to $3 25.
rreih and New Style, at about half their former prices-
lor Churches, Balls, Parlors and Celling.
' All sntlrely new and splendid pltfternifverycheapy
Of ths latest and richest deitgni, from 37s. to t3.J0 each.
- i cold vriNhntv
,-4 ;t , i ,
And Curtain Btnds.frbm 13). to $3.
c-';..j a.
DUFF, BLCe'-:' '& . , llOLLANDST,
All widths aid prleesT tn j warranted th best quality'.'
irlVlsnAWniwirnn. ... . . -T - '-
I ,r,
CORD A"N '6""'iv A S 8 E L 8 ,
AH vsristlei, cbesp.
I JV1 ll'tiiw., i. i v j ,
To match for tb decoration of your Roomi.
,.' . 1
r,;v' j . -,-). x. -. I- -
Ctll tnl examine our Stock befon purchasing.
lOO Soutll TTIsSlxQt.
N.;B. Ltndlorts and periont wishing quantities of
PaparwlU mak money by buying ol ns. Country
Merchants and persons from abroad will do wall to call
Snd seem. april l-d2meodl " " " B. Ac A.
! I
, i
..- u r,. .1 ;;.;t'.'.' I wzi i
Am, grsws more and more popular
" i'l evcrr day I
. - a tt-
And lestltnonlals. tew. and almost without number.
might bt given from ladle and gentlemen tn all grade
of eoclet, whose united testimony none could resist,
that Prof. Wood's lialr RestoratiT will restore the bald
and gray, and preetrve th hair of tn youth to eld age,
loalliisyoutniui beauty. .nyt -
I Battle Creek, llloh.. Ceo. BWL 1838
' PtoV. Wo: Thee wilt please accept a line to Inform
thee that the batr on my head all fell off over twenty
yean ago, caused ny a complicated cnrooio aiseaa. at
tended wllh an eruption on . the bsad. - A' (antiaual
sours of sufferins through llf having reduced me to
state ef dependence,;! have not been able to obtain stuff
for caps, neither have 1 been abl to do tbem np, In eon
eaaence of which my head ha suffered extremely from
cold. Tblt Induced me tepay Brlggc At .Badge almost
th last cent I baa on eartn for a two doner bottle of thy
Hair Beatorativ. about tb flnt of August lait. I hav
faithfully followed th dlrettnt,ind th bald spot Is now
eovertd with hair thick and black, thongh shsrt, It I
also coming tn all ever my bead. Peeling confident
that another larire bottle wtuld restore It entirely
and psrmanently, I feel anxious to persererve In It us,
and being destitute of means to purchase any more,
would ask the If thee wouldat not be willing to tend me
an order on thine agent for a bottle, and receive to tby
self lhs scripture declaration "th reward 1 to those
that are Ulna to ine wiaow tna uie rtuienesi."
..hi Iby friend, . bUSANNAU KIRBT.
. . Llgonlor, Noble County, Indiana, Peb. 3th, 1850.
i Psor. 0. J. Wood: Dear cHr:la the latter part
the year 1?33, while attending the Btate and National
Law school of the btate ot new York, my hair, from
oaaa unltnowa to me, oommanced falling off very ran.
Idly, to that in th abort (pace of six month, th whole
upper part ef my scalp waa almost entirely bereft ef It
covering, and mucn or in remaining portion npon the
Ide and back part or my head abort ly after became gray
a that vou will not be surprised when I toll Vou that no.
en ay nturn to the Btate of Indiana, my more casual
acquaintances wen not so much at a lots to discover the
osus oi tntcnang in my appearanoe, as my mora Inti
mate acquaintances wn to reoognia me tt all. .
I tt once made application to th meet skillful nhval-
clan In th country, but, receiving no assurance from
them that my hair would again be restored, J was forced
to beoome reconciled to my fate, until, fortunately,
tn tatter pan oi uie year loot, yonr nestorailv was re
cacamendtd t me by a drueitiat. as beiaa th moat rellav
bl Hair Restorative In us. I tried one bottle, and
found to my great satisfaction that it wss producing tbe
acBirou eneoi. sinve iu iime, i nsr use a seven dot1
tars' worth of your Restorative, and ai a resnIL have
rich goat ot very soft black hair, which no money ean
As a mark of my gratitude for yonr labor and skill
tht production of so wonderful an article. I have recom
mended It use to many of my friends and acaualntances.
wno, t am nappy so inrorm you, ,an using is With like
eticot. very rospectiuiiy, yours,
. 1 . A.M. LATTA,
- ' ! ' Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
"'Depot, Hi Broadway, and sold by sll dealers through
rut th world. I n.t iw i i-i K i . vT
4 Th Rrstorativ I put np In bo tiles of thre site, wis:
large, medium, and small; th small holds H t plot, snd
retails lor one uouar per uoiue, tne meaium nolds w
least twenty per cent, mora In proportion than the small
end mails for two dollan a bottle: the large bold
quart; 40 per cent, more In proportion, and retails for $3
a notue.
' O. I. WOOD 4k CO-tProprletors, 444 Broadway, Nsw
Yoi. endlM Market Btreet, Bt Louis, Mo.
ekn sold by ROBERT! tt BAMTJKLi CeJumbuaJOhla,
ana ny an gooo aruggtats auu saucy uooas areaien. -(aprll.'dltweowJy.
I i
FlRS.Titfn , ,
4 0
VJ 1
X'an sntlr new stock of Ooods In my 11ns. Inst puroh-
aaed in New York at the cheapest panic rates.all of which
Ijshatl sell at tbe smallest profit, ror Cash. My custom
ers and friends an respectfully Invited to call and exam
ine my Goods and Prion, a I nut determined to nil as
cheep or cheaper than any other boon In th city; and
as I do my own uniting, ana apermwna my own bust-
nasi. I reel aaaurea. from mr ions exoerieoce in oust-
nets. . lo sir teoeral satisiaction, in nnest oi work-
aewar employed, and all work don strictly to tlm and
on snort notice, tna warrantea to nt. stranger visum
our eltv would eossnlt their Interest by glylng m a ca
kefnre nnrrhaalne aliewliere. f. KtlSH.
' n :; rr a n r r,r -T It MerciatitTallo.'T7
rnrchS9-8ly' "Cor.Bljh and town di.
TitL DEIilTEU HE it fciciCIlE Ulf
,IU4 -ry... .-a a.v. TJoTnaiTeae
At the Coogreiatlonal Church on Broad stmt, on
,1 1 .TUESDAY EHKHinUs AfflL. ila.,
te-eemmence'at 8 o'clock.
''TfckeuMotrrrlt. to t bid st ths Book Stores tnd
soma of tho Hotels, , , n.hin
t '
WA IT P tS 'li !
2 V Alan In A Dry Goods Btor; must speak tlj Bog
Hah taoiuiur Also,tate ehen anlntenrlue- ean b batL
Address, with real oaiue ana re eriii-e
mnxv TAr
nnv an' ... M.Y.
"t i"a;caul for help."
IbdeMed to us on Book toioost or l(uU. art tamest-
by-requested to cull Immediately and tettl th saw, a
we Sn now most needy and drsire to build up, again and
put oar men to work. BROTUKRLLN, HALM St CO.
Columbus, tUroh 88, 80l t
. 5, i
('J.Jf..VJaWsi 'K.,gfni. Ciy 3 . "1 ,
4 V 'Vf v'
i - .
. ;.ri rt 'i.iii i , i in
t . lk- n:(l r r .'). L. M I 1
' '-I -, Hi' : ., oeav Ilr. ',-1 . -'.( '
1 t. -.1 .!.- l-ji ..
i -e.-i -l i.mi -!
-"Ir :' 'JJVil
Ht " ' -iJllMI'J Hii .'
U-.l 4 J .i:,r
'J fufl ,.; -Ij t
y.irfq .-' v, H ,.$ ,
t ..-ha V i-r ,: :
.-yr ts r
?r'v i
,".-') ,)
ror-i-riy: qmvm
10 ' CSIrlU'l -
: T.
.y "4
f -3 -
U A. I
11 ,
- e i a
1.-U-.U.I 1; ti- 3 nut :.)
i I
i i f.O il'jv i
n -AT
?.'.;' i ::.
i :. i
:0 ii.'JJ f :
1 3
'-10 f HaCUwI.
a j :
n rr
219 Bon
, Street;;
'( OP 'k
ONTo Wvi-ls., JSTm nT. , :
Dividett'tt JfannattT 1,181 i ,45 Pr Cent
I statement January 1 1861
Balance, per atatementJeai bt, i860, . .". 13, 400,581 39
Keceteed for Pnmiumt dar
ing tht year 10 7B3.(B3 S3
Received or Interest, daring
' t ;rr m tri-Wf 19 YO 'A
Total ncslpl fer 186O....ST?,07 74,
PaldOlaimabyDaUil67,ui0 00 . ., -. '"
Paid Polioles surren- a ... .
dered 41,111 , iY '
Paid lalariet, Post- sT I , j f
age,: Tat,.. Bx- ' ' ' '
change, M.at. 31,631 54 Hi '-.A .!
Paid OoBmiariens to
Agent.;...-. 51,335 30
Paid Physicians Sees. -. 6,IM Wt. ; .. v
Paid Aouaitles 117 00 ., , ,
Paid Dividends dur- ' ' ' " 1 ' ' '
Ing ths year 1C8.5W) 7$ feo.ffill 63 411,9TB 14
I " '' :-.' jj U'.l '' 1 1
Net Balance January 1st. 18Cl.....,f ...t3.8l9,J8 30
Cash Sn hand ... , 18,6284 19
Bonds and Mortgageton Seal
i 0 i;
jistaw, worm aouoie in
amount loaned 9.3S7.E41 68 . v ,
Pnmlnm Note, on Polictet 1 i i ' J - '? '' " V.
In force, onlydnwlngtper
tent. Interest.... 1,79.FC4 17 1 i
Beal Sstaie .......,. 90893 87 i i
LosnsonBcrip, ............ ,931 44
Premiums, Mote and Oaah, in ' 1
. count of tranamlsslon. 45,343 73
.. 1 1
i .- , : .J
Total Asset '' at.
3,8193t (0
7,876 Policlet in force, lnsnrlnY....aai,t42SiS38
1,435 new Policies hav been Issued' during the year.
After t otraful oalculatlon ot ths' preeent vsln ef th
ouutandlng Policies of th Company, and having the
SKOMSarv amount la reserr therefor, th Directors
nav oeciarea a iitviptRD of A per oent. on th Premi
um paid at th tebl rates, to all policies for III In force,
Issued prior to January 1, I860, payable according to th
present ml of th Company. .
Bates for all kinds of Llf Contingencies, Prospect
uses, Statements, ssd Applications, will b furnished
wiTnorjT ciusei, at th Office or Agencies of th Com
pany., t -a ....!: .- . -w ,.i
i b ROBT. I. fATTERBON, President.
1 - L. O. OROVEB, Vto President, f
' Bit). O. MILLBB, Bewetsry. -"-
i He It. HtvESOIV, Agent, -'
., vo .M. T No. 4 Johnson Block,
Alarch88, 18dl. '' -' v Columbus, O.
Bhenmatism, Gout ' tind ' Houfa'iarlaj
All Mercurial Diseases.1
- I ' .i , I,, -.-if .in
It is t conveniently arranged Band, eontalnlne a bmA.
letted tempeund, to be Worn around the Waist, without
injury to tne most asiieate persons; no ensue In habit
of living Is required, and It entbrely remoye th dls
ean from tbe system, without producing tht injurious
efieotearistng from tht an of powerful internal medi
cine, which weaken and deatroy tb constitution, and
glv temporary ralltf only. By thl treatment, the med
icinal properties eeotttned In the Band oome In contact
with th blood and reach th dlseas, through thepoTee
of tbe skin, effecting In ewy Instance- a perfect cure,
and restoring the parts afflicted to healthy condition.
This Band is also a most powerful Asm-ktaaovaua arena,
and will entirely telieve theeyttem arose tht pernttdout
eneewoi mercury, moderate eases ire cured In t row
days, and watnemtttaatly revel tog teetimoolalaolM
emoacy in treravated ease or long sunalng.
Plies t 'J.OO, to be hod ot Dntg(it nraIly,ror sa
w seniey bbuii oreKpcewe, witn run aireeitoe ror tts,
toanrsartef the eoutry, dlrast. from the Prinaini
nnM i
jTo.-409 BSOADWiT, Vtw. Yorkvi n
6; 6M.TH fV CO.; e5oleroArlhto'r..!i,1
n. . fesonpviTevircuiarttent jreev. m
mhSg lyltorlstp.dfcw
Watchei! EiamondiJ! Bilvor Ware!!!
XV ttd Silver Wtteh, hs great Tarhry,. a'A .. .
.aim Agent ror J Aaosaiea Watoh 0.,' and eta
tsbl tnm exoelleat Watches at Bisnatecttirsri' prlcea.
etthef Wholesale or BtteU. i
Oom and eaeeae fraaa tk bsmttlful las.b. m.
monds tnd ether rich Jeweliy. Btyle new-price low.
' A. to Wiver Wan ef sterling stain,,- ctn ow w
patterns, very handsome .. J k.-.r. ,V,J,,.W ;i i "
. bilvst Plated Wan, Teelette, Urns, Walters. OasW
B.,Vets,Plteben, Orttete, bivss! TeiiTt
ansa i naya a supply of an TtM Cutlery, Pocket
K4"i Baaort, Ae., and saaay taaey Oeode-tuDh at
an desired for pfesaiftsati such prices a are an Induce-
meat t th pswhattr,::!; iv; c'-rwii. blink,
n r
j- - . wo, 10 Buckeye Bleak,
mwI Worth tWiateU9uiNur.
Vj i ws'HOW 108T, BOW. EESrOBED.
- XUtT PTJBLIBHBD. Off TBH witttd. ...
r ovtu.uai n wi.ijcm, ouuai ueoillty, rvooins In
oluntary -Imltslona and Imootenoe. r....i,i
telf abuis, Jto.' By Robt. J. Oulverwell, af . D laat '
anderseal, in plsla envelope, to any address.eosf
paid, on noelpt of two stamp, by Dr. OUAS. i. a
B.I.IMB, 127 Bowery, Mew York. Post Office B. k.
i588-- - - niarl:3mdkw "'
For tjU THROAT and
lncludlDg; .WHOOPING
COTJOII, sand every
Complaint tho foreran
new of, suid ereni stctnal
b (t thtv.
-The Great TfEtTHALe
G14J HKinEUV and Nttt
nrstl OPIAil'., adapted
to every t pec let of Net-,
won Complaint, Ner
vous and Chronic
- TfiT.TT i'
I Headache, ubenma.
sjatarvn, Tooth
and Ear Ache, Eoea af
AN 0 D YH E. piins7. " J T
No real jostle can be done the tbovc preparations '
but by procuring aod reading descriplly pamphlet,;
be found with til dealers, or will be tent by Proprietor
on demtnd. Formula and Trial Bottle nnt to Pbyl
clans, who will find development in both worthy their
acceptance and approval. -'
Correspondence solicited from til Whose necessities or
curiosity prompts to a trial of the above reliable Rem
tor tale by ths usual wholesale and retail dealer
;i Ko. 9 Commtreial Wharf, Boston, Hats.
. Robert Ac Bamuel, W. B. tfarnl. J. B. Cook. 1. M
Denlg, 0. Denlg At Sons, A. J. Bchueller A Bon. Agents
tor Columbus, Ohio.
- myl-dly
In all eases of oostrewnett, dyrpcpsla, bullous and llvt
sffeetlons, piles, rhetunttltm, fevers snd agnes, obstl
nate bead aches, and all general derangements of health
the Pills have Invariably proved a er-rtaln and speedy
remedy. A singl trial will place th Llf pills beyor.d
the reach efeompatition In the estimation of every pa
tient. ' Q '.1 ( i-r ;: ;.. , ;
Dr. Moffat's Phosnlx Bitten will bs found equally ef
dcaclous In all case ef rjerrons debility, dyspepsia, hgot
acht.fht sickness Incident to female Indolicat health,
sod tvery' kind of waaknen of tbe dlgeatlv organs,
for salt by Dr. W. B. HOPf ATyKS, Broadway, M. Y.
snd by All Druggist. ' ' ' ' maySS-dAwly
The following U an extract from a
letter written by th Rev, J., B. nouns, paster ol the
Plarnpolnt-Stnet Baptist Chorea, Brooklyn, N. T.,t
the "Journal and Messenger," Cincinnati, 0., and speaks
volumes lo favor at that world-renowned medicine, If as .
WmtLOw's Bootuijw Bvtnr rot CHujierx Ttrnnwi:
"Ws see tn ' sdrerthunent In your eolntnns of Ma
WmsLow't SooTuwe Bvaor. Now we never mid t word
In favor oft patent medicine before in onr lire, bnt we
feel compelled to say to your reader that this is no tram
bug wt hati men it, ana a.ow it to it all it
claims. It Is probably on of the most successful medl
eioes of the day, because it is on of ths best. And those
of your readers who have babies can't de better than
lay In a supply." , ocOTilydAtw
0. Doyle cfcj Oo.
tb Bouth-west corner of Illgh snd Friend
Asd will contlnu to keep on hand a large stock ot
The attention of Merchants and Dealers I respectful
ly Invited to our stock. B. DOYLI St Co.
taarch98:dtlllJal3L r
,i ' - '
if .".e-OILlBRATBD
For the WMtkeri and Hair
j . -. . . . ........
Tb subscribers takt pleasura In announcing t o the
Oltiaeniof tht United States, that they bare obtained eh
Agency for, tnd tre now enabled to offer to the American,
publlo, the above Justly celebrated and world-nnownecV
article. The , . ,
''.: ' 'I - r.i.
It prepared by Da. 0. P.
BELLIHOHAM. an tninent
physician of London, aod I warranted l bring eat a
KU.CU tea oi -1
Whiskers or a Mcslachc
In from three to six weeks. Thl article Is th only on
of the kind need by th Vrencb, snd In London and Paris
It is In uniTeraal use.
It il a beautiful, economical, soothing, yst stlmnlstlng
oom pound, acting a if by magic upon th root, causing
abeaullful growth ol luxuriant hair. If applied to the
tealp, 11 wlil cure tULnnst, tnd cann to spring up In
place of tb bald spots a fit growth of new hair. Ap
plied according to directions, It will turn its or tovrv
btirBAtK,tnd restore gray balr lo Ita original color,
leaving it toft, smooth, tnd flexible. Th "Oracairr" I
an Indispensable article In every gentleman's toilet, and
alter r week's ns they would not for any consideration
bewlthoutlU - " .
the snbcrtbert sre the only Agents for the srttclsu,'
Lb United Stele, to whom all order must be addressed,
Price On Dollar a box for sal by all Druggist and-'
Dttlert; art box of tbe "Onguent" (warranted to have,
th desired effeot) will be tool to any who desire It, byi
mall (direct), securely packed, on receipt of price eseV
postsge, tl.18. Apply to or address
;t !.'; '! HORACB t. niOBMAIt At 0O.w ! '
.".'r ' " , . r . naoalTaate.,
." Ieba0dw6m , , . 84 WUllam Itreet, New-Tbrfe. r'
WBKN yoaeo to NcwTork, drive dlnot totks
j . - - BMI'PHSUhlAli UOIHE)
" I ' V. ConductsloB th 'J ; ,.f J'lOii"
' flood Pan, fiood Rooms, Prompt Attendance, ss J atod-
aval, vuarge. - - - .
8IN0LK ROOMS SO CT8. 71 0TB. and tl PXR Vy
DODBLI ROOMS and PARLORS 11,50 to 3.
Meals ss ordered. Thi Hotel has all th appointments
of th beat hotels, a most central location, and is heated
throughout by Mean), - j ; BAMDBL I. MB AD. ' ,,
marchfldSm - . . Propri.tor.
.RE-VP HOOP StVIRT, ;,,.:.',.'' ' ' ' "
. ill-: I . No. 19. SOUTH HTOff STR.H. ,
ilav Just recelTed a new mak of HOOP BKIBTS.,,
tnlahed In a manner far superior t any yet Introduced,
""' .. si-t , -.': ,v.-:''et t r,jt
DTTR ARTf.ITV iMnnDirrrTTT,Tn-,n
"-"o mua pain, ana netis uie worst kwna
teald, bri,cut, or fresh wound of any kind, pieventa
welling and pain from bee (ting, moequlto Uteaaad
poisonous plant, neuralgia, rheumatism, sgns la u,
breast. alt rhenm. au. &'h.n i.w.. i.rrJT,?" 2
poalurely eun croup In children, and glras ImsaediaJ
relief In the worst ease of this terribl complaint! also..
nmevtt boanenee and ton throat. Price, itt eeatst
botUt. Should bt In every boot. Per eeler, Tw
fittesnd Storekeepers. , . . mi arONJaVT
'oeVtdfcwM Pro"ietol'H' 1 "P8- I"' '
ADtBBTlBBMlrft. -t . f'J
""and PKBlf ANBNT OFRI of th
fl'diitrtslnf eompalnl ws J
it'-- ,v,. teWT -4 -. 4 i'T.'.-
Had by 0- B. SBTMOUB St CO., 107 Nates BtN. T.
rrletBlpevbax; ut iree y poet. , .
nay-dAwlyie v jX ! . , t ' '
Dukani ef STATION BRY and JHWELUY. el '(
price one-tblrd less tbaaeaa he pnrohated lwhn
van on oradorwss tsutwip enoiosvuv .. . aaiusi, no. '-it;i
101 uoart St., nosuiB, si.,,, ; , lnarcaiwirwm.
rtnr.DEii hill SiiiiiT!.
IT autlaet tnd q malt ilea: tlto BOYS' SHIRTS of earn
Superior mak, for sal by - BAIN a SON, .
few H. W High stmt.

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