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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, April 02, 1861, Image 2

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Hon. Joseph It.
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Coti-ined is lwiitrlfi roluM of tk Ohio an Obi
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' Attn 4 voii
Lie AD' OwtVWIWr -
la Tiro Royal 8ro
Volanret. Piles $10 00.
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or jtpneha been ipil,to )saka til wort
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r. mi .....nt-le til retrwett.-- - -
It ka now lb UgtileUe ,; tlo, baring been tp-
Meed b nearly the tnanlmooi rot or both Uoooet,
;ndil.-1bll.rilauJ t ih,fll.rii Dot
. .,.., ahlWKL. ..A ... 1 (A ll-.ffY.10
Oorernor, Attorney Oeneral, iuprem Judge. Secre
tary, 0ptoll, Imwnr nd Alirod I tale, and
s tin Probata 001. UoorUel Om PIa,Bapei
lor ud Polio Coaii. Auditor, and thociert
mriou Ooartttotack oaBr, V !
Beott and Houe of Repreeentallre; of "hit "''. tod
Hit 8V-mrs e th. ttTrtl Bttleeof th n. .
in I. fort.. ted ih oolhorlati- eoottroettoa of thorn
tad of th Nw OontliMlloa, will b loan to ot ewpteiBi
ly utfal la tot prfonaaaoaf Hwlr dntl, to til
JU8TI0KS Ot THBWBAOBii V. u... ;v it
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cirr omcKus, .,. ... , ....
T,.h"Jr urn iBMCttlwkM Bltdt la tht
UlatMtuMMtlw putxicaUotW Uw iMt. d :l
i .I.....,.. aBd tdilxkott. tad twof taiparttai
olrtooi htn M trti bi ttit apaBt Court ta.ooor
trerertfl polnli til
BAN88.MKRCnA ' ,
Wilt and tU la tnnlat) Wot. I'.itt .Tr- .w .0 .1
TVs Bovtl 801 rImM otrr Wntteth JTaalr
ta 8tro J.w Blading. , Price llO.OOj
fabtUhtdbr .(' -.a latj. . l- io.il in
law Patllititn. BookKllert; BiMllonertttiil Impoitcrs.
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The Capital City Redeemed!!
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r V' ' L,vriJ rai.
. . . V.WSu.' ii ' : .1. . ji . i
A t laMcratic Cttr Mmm u..3 r
A Bmcrauc City Clcrji.' "
A Democratic City Salicltar. " ,, ,
Twa Democratic RealDlractar.
Thin pmcrtlo (Mtikltt. 0'
Taree Democratic Trnateca.
A Democratic Township Treasnror.
A Demacratic TawntUip Afcfsaar.
Thifrobult of the itiectloa in 'Jie CitrDil
Toa-mbip aa ytHnr will b foMod eUowhart
io onracolomni. . Tbe Pemocrac. tcqnltted
tben6lrea well, carrjing erery officer wbo rn
throngh the whole city, except the city ; Treasur
er, ami also etrrylng alflhe townAhIp etSeerk
The Repnbltease'elcoted three Coancllmen' and
three wird AHeaioil.'aad the City 'Trenrer.
We regrrt the defeat of oor good and worthy
Democrttle friend Faium, whvi toeea.'tbe
" rice by rery' lew ' yotea. 4 The' 0mocrac ,if ,
Colombse made the beat ote they erer polled
at a local election on ' j eaterdy, and broke down
combination wblch heretofore baa al way been
too itrong for them.'T. AU bail W jhe Dimocta-
cy of tbe Capital City 1 -
, IM , i i i ' " t:
Showing His Jackson Qualities.
Linocln lui tad a fan witli aome Cali-
fornl4, offie iuoterf, and throat paper ibay
proMnted him into the fire In their presence.
The purport of thapape wai a protect agaiast
the UterferenM ct Bane, of Oregon, in -the
California Ippolntm'f ntr'ind lU' Janguage Wat,
regarded by Mr. Likcoui at effeoaire both to
him and 8eoatof BaiXA,'of Oregon,' who" form
erly reelded at Spring flald, Ullnole. '- Thediiptv
tltloo made of tb paper protest it regarded at a
eymptom of JaokaonUm, aid Old Aai't toadlea
applaud hlia for IU
Per (Wrw.-R1r tald that IrimedUteTy af-
ter the eleoyios of V 8. Senator, Mr. f ci;tnci
left thlt city for Vfuhiogton, to hare hit friend
Comlt, of the Daytoa Journal, made Postmat
ter at that plc a thing that be had beea aa-
turad, whin ho Wat at the luaogaratlon, eboald
be done., . ', ..(.
On arrirlng at Washington and calling at tho
WblU Uonae, Mr. Bcaucxient In hie earc and
took hit tot In Ino ante room, there to remain
nntil lammooed to an udieaeo wUa ihe Froal
dent Many frere Calling, ,the prest f ap-
plicantt for office wat great, and Mr. Scbihci
remained for toniethirg .like an htmr with
out being, tent for. Becoming, 'Impatient,
we learn that ha I eat in a note about ai follow:
"Tt&t Prailent if tht UtUtd pUU$ t My bail
out It to bare friend Comlt appointed P.
M. at Daylong vTbat It tht only fa?or I aak at
your habii,'and I want It-done Jtniriediately
Mr. Liitcoui, it to tald, ndorted on tbii note,
"I will ne yon directly. , I want to talk about
the ttitUr." . tecolTlrig thlt repl.'Mr.
Sennet at f net pat hlmieli. In tht proeence
of Old Ait, and broached tbe tnbjpct." Mr.
LmooLH laid he wan ltd to examine the paper
in th ceee that Mr. Want wu oppoeed to
Comlt, and la fAior of Daawt and benoe be
detirtd to make a. fall tsamlnaUoa of all the
raoommeodaUoOtv' To thlt, jt It laid, Schmck
replied about a follows ."Wall, tir, put Ban.
Wacund all- tl-e pier WoommendaUona In
one ca!e and aa la tbe other, and tbeo decide
tht caae.Vi At. tbli Ula Ata cama Oown, and
th eomttilseldtf for Cowtr wtt Iwbed.'Jt will
hardly b claimed that the Kail Splitter die.
plajrd my Ja'ckioniem Io thlt ktter caie. -y
Election News.
Our reader are to tbt telegraphie
column for election sewt from Et.Louit, Clncia
natl, Cleveland, tec. The revolution irt thoie
dtlei tlnce tbe C.h of Novemer latt it wonder
ful. Ia th Northwest, Rrpublicablsm baigoce
I i..-,v i
.1 .;tmu- i JI...- VJ."W
The Canal Question.
CI -It 01 0( to E '-: t, fc-BYf M lolh
erii, paaaiJ the !!oua: 'of Repi ;-teral ti by a
roVg or ojyre tjjan 1.00, teceiwg jemo
ilxty fire Totea. . . . '
0a th 30th ot Miroft.tbe Ciaolaaatt.aoiMr
had tht following article la relatloo to the leate
Wt obwrn thtl Ihm It a bill rxnctlnt btfort tht
Botut ol Htprtwntntlret, tt Oolumbut, la leu tlt
liaont want, looladlof eantn tut mm
gttth, for tht taatiu,uilpr tons. -( cl m i
Av.in.t 11.;. n.nn.r at disoojlnc at tht Dabllt worki
wt tottr our promt, ull In fraud upon tb pooplt of
Uit bum.'1 u-tatrtattattowtiuioeitBui m w
Itlilurt wao, .tf h aaki wrhli prtml meortA
nuld duoatt of Una In that antntrt, , Woald b not,
frarn motiret otpradtnol nd couom, pat pltvt
of property ap at ttoiioq, it tratr uu not uim.u u.
Um nut mifkt. bclo Ih klbnlpoMtl prtt W
titrtitk l 4mUnr- Mitolltloat fWiait aaiiilat latt
ll-uowi, mpoDiibpuutt wlllfiT ItratadrtBt
ot wt Did or amherrj ft Uo. iu oroar io. ttwauui
rmnotll Un. Uit kill koHlcl orof Idt that CUB CtOtl too
in rota nM to Itttta atptnitiT. init mm
potlbf of lb pablM Worti will awa ta t1I
tht timnl. JI autabar of th Ltlalat.in eta aaatala
klauclt lo rotlni (or tbt Uadbarry Ktim . ' Jka aocb at,
art art btpoat t Ik kakilat n to tb atna
amt af oattti, wt prfr H totaa-plaa ao ottoi
ta vaeuuiara,;, !. lrt ! 'il 'm "ii1
Whm, tb, abort watfoblUhedia the
oairer.the editor were not Igaoraht of th fact
thatthcllllbair pawed ha(outQ,'"a1lhpogh
they 'profo8adtobe, tq. . The proposition had
been befor tb Heuee lot a aaoath, had beea
freely dlienittd; and wat lb fact tiered to be
engroMed, nearly a week before. Hence the
pretended admoolUon-oi-ibe JEauirifWvaa iai
fatc4 Intended at arabuka to, tboao Daember of
tht Honte who roted for the meaaura.
i Immediately j . rllowing jtb oairrr, .tne
ioiwt Jimut, caitaa oy yeni iPamm -o.pna
ikiif ventilated Itt TlrtuoneqdignatloB at th
aetbltbeUouaeraa.iollowa-r n
'. "trth aratiBMnMtnfmrariaattnl th FobHe Work
in to tt aaltad apta at aa attaa for irrlaf tht apt
eltl tad txoUuir rlabt tea law. aoaa t Itk tnaaa at
Uwlf owa pri it will bta lalqaiieaa prattllotloa f
a joat ana ittBtotBi iattM I tb aaat porpjf ox t
fraadlof . aaopl l tkt JltM Mwmnr "tua
who ttta (M.ih lalttlttoa.wvwaiUowowlUi k
marked tod . taipttd. IJaar -aiaat kt ottaar raaaaal
than tb Idoa ot .UhId ta todtmta atMBkar of tk
Lrnlalatort ta pan a bill tt datriro tbe Btata' ot ta
btttlttlOOtAaotlllao' ij R1M - JI )a t -i .?.. . luiiaw
-TheremarkabU Ihtereil, taken for tn;Wta'
and the estraordioary diiplay of rlrto whloa-l
kfi palpable in Ihe, jirr and tb 7iaet,and
to identical irr character, Will b 'findergtoofl
when It It knowa'tbat tbo iEaf atrtr wat a fall
jparhiar In tbjM. fWK)k Wt'VIapbja
jAtu Btmam Printer to Coagri
rent, wben tqt facl and, eitoomataaee.ot
nectc4 with It, and the final rrtnlt of the mattet,'
ar ail taken togetner, wnum baa had a rery
eleratiog biQaenct on the ohartoter ol Ohio men
for Itern boneety and Integrity. -! '. 5 '.J'"1 ,0
ShortTy after the Toledo r jeouked ah
membert of th flonM for paaiiog the fckae
bill, oor otamrorary of th 'CHii," ta eootw-.
fjutno of the Difference of opinion betweeato
5Krer tad SUImata, wat Indoeed ttfthrh
aside Iroxa' kubll afftlraof a national character,
to gltt bit opinion Of th meaiure. kndjl4
Iirmejit tbe voib, be doe eo aa followti .!
COarretpeetblDtHet tb iTdtmaa tn'd Xnuirtr
. do not tfrt oo th proprltrf of ptuloe tlx Mil bow
htfon tbt Mntt for tht Ittatof of tht Ohio Gantl. . la
OBttqatnot of I hair diffenrnc of oplofoa, W9 hr tar
aral UaantMea appealad to foroar opinion. Btlnf pub
lic property, w art boud to rre all th Informttlta we
ban npoa tht tanjrot, and that la, (Aat iiittAl tlggtit
fotnat that wm tror about twin perpetrated oa th
food people of Obto. At tb bill stand, it 1 BOlhlDt bat
t awiaoui of th btadutt character. ' V' , .
IfthaMobn of tht L(lilatnrt rbonel in dt.
tlrio toditpoaa of the rantU to th boat advantage to
Ihalr aoDitnoenta, why put neb a Ull a tht on baton
tht Seuate? We will rutrantaa io ralta aj good a com
ptojr, with twle aa good aeoarlt it 1 offered in that bill,
and paj thrt timet a amch for tn aw of th etoalt
jtearlj. Let any one nukt thlt propoaltlon, tad yea
would toon tee whether It Ih good of th elate or
tb pood of oertala UrdlriduaU that wat tb boUea of
thutrandrwlndlek' ' .-' '
i "Certainly th meaner' ntT not lott" all regard for
their owa ontitatiti' honor ai to pui neb a ia tiS
lottalatr. Llkt tha StaUtman, wt cu 'tay thttwt
hart at Intereal la thtt Wll, pretent or future, and benoe
wttpttk ott what we think, wllbout any motlrea but
thoMto the imblle rood.' 1 ' ;
If there la to be a levn of the Canala. tef It he Anna f
aaopearpwblKMd, that all nay bar aehanotand that
th hlghaet prio any b obtained. Ho rouging by thee
Kipnrr-rw-vMie. umo, mi itx, rreatiy tonereredil,
haa laeaard tb foal eoattnilnatlo whkb Kar to long
agiwai tow xgnitiarTa or are xorw. aad rannayira
ala. Optn worka, fentlenen fair play all round tod
u awiauunf a Bet nt, wiaii your rntooa bar cbtaati,
' Oor tetoTaa neighbor doe at aoam to beat
tstelnbii dennncljt!paofthe biir, for ht tyt
tt It a irWiodl of tht blackett character; itlll, if
It It to fee-enacted, be want all-tb irlenda"
to bar a chanca I W will not attempt to con.
trot or to explain the language of the "iDriiit"
bat we will exprea the nop that Col. Midaat
hia been deceived at to the fact and tb nature
of the bill wblch paued tb Houae. . To tnppo
uutt n Qia imiy Baaeratana ootn, ana wat pre
pared to uy deliberately to aome aixty-flre
membert of tbt Hottse, thai they rngaged
in perpetrating tb "biggest iwindle" that bad
ever been attempted bn tht people of Ohio, It to
do what w art not exactly prepared to do'. Wt
are quite aertaia that .Col. Mbdabt bad never
read or ven teen tbt bill for which tbt membert
of the Home voted, when bt thm denounced it,
and Indeed we are reliably .informed that inch
UthtfAct. : d h t'l-tini.l L r.'n:;
,'Tbe Toledo BltuU, Chlllicoth Otwtu and
Porttmouth Triiaa have pitched into the Jaate
bill atW the manner of tbt jtbree paper above
named." Except" iheie tlx paper, the general
xpretaioo of ; the prttt of the State hai been
in fevof of tht metanfe, and ill practical canal
men, who understand It "are warm advocatot
for It.
J1 The 5(btaMa bu urged ibr three tuocotelvi
winter a reform In the canal policy of Ohio,
with a view to orelievt thetreaury from the
annaardraft upon It to keep tb work up, And
at tb aama tlm to prevent them, if poetiblt,
from pasting entirely out of the poaaetilon and
control of the State. ' We have not been aware
thati at jaoy ;t! m ' wt were advocating any
tort of a twlndle.V big or little; and we (ball
continue to advocate th beet meant of reform
that it presented, no matter wbo may oppot, or
what manner of dennnciatton maybe.ujed
Wt may tay, without gotiim, that wt nrt ai
familiar with th praotloa) working of;th ea ,
nalt at any of th gentlemen trho tpeak to' know
ingly, and wt feel that we can' tay. with.1' A fall
ooaviotioe'of tbe troth of tbt aeeertroa, that tbt
mtmbereof flit Gout VhoAojtejjfor'tQe feate
bill did a good' act for the Statt ani' (cr that
largt elata of pertona wbo are toga gied in navi
gating or other elt lattrttted in the imprbve-
ment of th taaaltf u' channel of ' commere
Tht vote 'catl for th bill Iff not only daftnat
ble, bat it it nerltorlouerend if -tht 8entort
Consult the teat interest! of the Stat and tbe
people, tbey will not fait to pat tht leait bill,
and that Without deity.
Al tht Oppotltloa to tbt measure -nrifigi from
tot iviocinnati njatrer, waicn naa Man to
moved and grievously vixed by the bad ron
dact of tbe House in patting tbt lean bill, wt
.. Im .........
propose tt ihow what thaf bonett,' eonoero
thought oi thltaamt General Ataembly btttut
it did not, in (ht wwaia tfllfth, I860, put jut
tad ptopiMtit Oaf ptptf now ftndemv.
The 7(rf raid, on the SSth of March, 1 860, at
follow: .'; .i'V.'. :r'.M '' -
By Iht tlmt Ihli Bumher of the Sngulrtr reorbei
Ooluaboa, the General Aaaemhly will ban adjourned,
tod wt can therefore a nk ef the moat imporUattahjHt
Ihitbatbeaa tefor that body wllhtnara degree of free
dom. latt tobjeet wat the Fablle Work of tb But.
If thdr wat any lhlg that tht ami grata orerr aart
f tb tltate demanded, l! wat that th caiutl aboald be
looted of at lo no longer be a tardea npoa lb Treat
ar. Tb err erery wber wa. ain them twar. fcf
tanaot re 1. ere tht poepM froaa being taxed ta taprovi
them to any ellfcr way."
Tk ttttlon kt Bow oloeed, aat they art not olepoftl
so a to roliee th tat-payer from their tiipport.
Tii Beuttt puiied a bill tpproprittlng aome :im,wjO, it
..-.i.A if.ij M'lva...ni .&
a fotnaap U Ho.
nbetl. , icoO, bain about I
0- raor ttiaa th lev doiWed front tliea hut I
jeaf action by t ten s Ice.OtW than i re la Buy 1
"oapety oi t ii QenTeu .at j-tr, i.ut r tt it we
one? id pay l Appiopr lion, u i !. xaly t bt
any. n it r it u u toon uoif j iur - Bttt tp
iroprlr aon t It Da not wtj And If tb Btat bod
kalioi .datll owti tjkti a0O0ori"""'-0 of tbtI-
payra merjj to kaup Uhw worka U rvir,-jhB II la
Botoiloat that good and reaaonalute bmb bad efered to
kee the at In repair for their InonaM. and par Into tht
traMnry t tO.On antoally Bmidt I f be a,uMt0BOWlM
be anawvrea tne comlni oajopttgn.
AVm fnteabtn Argoad anwt, 4 th eanalt thooM be
lekaad tot tea yara, a popwt that letae would let
thea ro to doetr. bod tl.tt.at ih axrAratloa l tbckr
lata, they wot Id btTaloeteea. tbcpropotliloa that wat
before the I.fnMator ehtaled that o.-oiloor - T h Itt
tta t uid nut propomt U f. in amtroi of ih coooJ
outoftM naaiw of ave cttau, mu, eewiyiy m aawer
vain wo"" ttro of M4 ptknara. ty j'amao
Wont, Tor ro recmw untta from un mui, ana
le eaw Urn Bt tU Ihtrtfer IKUu.utw t Un watte it tb
tBBtlt. end that propdalUen, bad bt Wen kept i f
air. II would ban aaea tk ftait of tb Btata.
Board of Public Work woald, bee beea in tare ted
at ted In
keeping then la r
)ln tb
Ir. beoaaa their reputation ta faith-
ft) pabll. effloete WubM bare eepknded on It.' tbey
id not aa BMoMauataed la wjt thai Wbl da
ty by ah ory that tkay Broroxpodiaw to BMob of ,1b
Kpie'a aonay. for rib money axpeoiiea woaiani
a that of tht leoacea, and not that ( Ui people.
'It taeomeded t all hrtlliirntm nern an by 1
Beard otrabtkt Worka tka it erUlooat tUM.ttttanaaal-
iy te keep tboeaaala, to atptly,. ar than the aaou
which will b darlead from them ander Btat ntn-
treeaeiif. Tote la tea year will aaosnt to nt mlMo
Jvitam aad add kb aavO.OW th .tteea bewpeted tt
ilea win aaaka oa mllMwn tie Atmoiwed ttm4h
tart th popi will loo a by tb lelatara bartnf re
fuaod to lua the eaptlal The fnhlio Workl can b aad
U) pay keeping them ta repair, and toaMthlng wean bat
1t'n oaky bo a aador prlvat tae1t, ant laa
ttky byoMtat waiaiuiaet,itknt tooaoeayan bdob
banif taol, ,.,,, . 9 - ,'.j-i,rif .n wi
tii it.aottPtoeiiAryBaibtrpuDiianing Lutagovt
bxtratrlroat- lot Emydrtr, to oharaetarltt IM
preorttooorteanaBonddot.'' Every honeit''mfinl
li'.or 9,a t' J C 1 ?ffT l'? 1 A PPf '.ProPer
tttiautt jni it, Bow eaoaalga. ut-jmaaagar. ed
itor and tonfedoratet 1 to tht twtltloa they
The Border Slave States and the Union.
We araoorjtlDuallt;, meeting1 Hh article1 in
the AdnilnUtrailoa. organ. '. urging , upon , tbt
Bardar Slav ftatea tba propriaty of , their n-i
. 1 . .. ,. . . A i'l
matnlng in tne unioau u i ner are or acnaraoier
almllkr tBo'ii addreMed', 14 CWtonj.sUtet
befort their Mctatloo bm ,atj aooomplithed
fasl.i-.Tbt Hut of argumaot iaf that the Border
SlaveSfat! eannot' affiliate wlth'Jtht Southern
enMtio"7Ubjih ortiktrVi StAtoa' wltbqat
thk moat awrloui rain id their material interetU
: kBut whB tbete phllanthroplsti'whi havekuch
i cart foV tat f tlfare,' tj) Border Stateaare'
tol4thfcttheyaewasiJy.b retained by aome
oompromlie like th Cam-imoM propjeltloni,
the radioal Republican prest denounoet the
tnggeatlon .and assure ot that the "free North,"
. . - . -.i.e. -i'.. . ..! ). i ... j A.
navipg gama,,w tAnge jrpunopver uf
"Slave Power" by the election t I m Pretidtnt,
will never take a ttep backward, and will toon
er let alt the llavi Sta'tei lecede than relin
quish an loU of the prfnclple for whfch the Re'
tmblleah party nai fought and conquered
et Republican admit that It' It' for ' the
Interett of the North that the Border State
.ffbpold remain lii the'Union? But they ask tbe
people of thoie 8U;t'ei.to';d.o what they" them-
telvrt refute to do .Tbay icout.,th.Ide, of
yielding, for th take af promoting their Own
interett and that of tht eoua try atlarge, a bkr
ttojt) f WW ;the regard a. polltlcajj ' ppp4r'u
plei yet at the east tinee, tbey aak tbt Border
StAtaa 'aa bo obn trolled 'bv toofttderatlonB for
their 'rnkteriil Ibterett to the 'irtna! tttrrendtr
of a' jstleiB''uiterwovan with, 'tie fvr);exlUnce
of thair aoolaUnd domaatto Jife.J I .n ai ci
ITbt radical Republicana-ai l'mbued with the
tame' exacting"; bigoted pjffyf the 'old 'Abbll
tlonittt, of xhom j they.i at m ''naa) daactwd-
anU- Politically abd aoralry, the are, in their
Ofp "Hew, InauMUbly In tberlgnt,' while the
tlavehofder It "a certainly In tbe wrong.' ' 'Tbe
bgleal sequenea follow, that when tbey have
the pbffer It la thelf dutyto put. down a great
morat and poiiktcal wrong, at any .oot aud at ev
art baiard. They promU not to gt tat of a
free Bute into a" tlav State for th pttrpoit bl
teaiing oegfoet ana raiting tneurrectiontr but
farther- than thia tbey aay no oampromita eaa
bt mad wa tbt aubjeot of elavery. "
Thrt mukt bare been th airjuttmtnt to which.
SecretAfy CBAK alluded' when h tald-rMIa-
aagur.atlon irtt ani.adjuitment afterward ."-
It teemt to be tbt ultimatum Of tb Adminiti
tratlon.bver: 'which the, 'radldalt arjpear io be
gaining jibe full ' control,' to . tbt Bordey Blave
8tea,1TC,Tht1RtpubUcanti charge that tbe
Sou there Confederacy I founded upon the Vtilt
of th rtgh'tfulneat and (ht perpetuity of negro
tlarer i'tha Adminlttration and tba Repubjloan
leadert are chiming to. dlvldeth ire from
tht ilav State , and. form ; a Northern Conred
teaeyiopor. ''the baal,brf.OppoaiUonio '..negro
tUmjvUiponederao1ett-jioM agalatt
tb Union, anl agalntt th poace, safety 'and
welfaroof tktwtopl tbVeof,a 1: ) .at '
l i...., - . ... 1 ..?- ,T!5i1 Mill
The New Spanish Movement.
)JTbt late newt It that Spain I carrying out
a project, torn t tlmt aloe coooelved, of recon
quering and r-anexlg Bt., Domingo and
HAyti toiut dominion, i Thlt, it la aald, tbt it
doing trfth1 tbd eoneent of France, f -'f'V.
From thTotmidable . preparatloni Spain ;1
maklngr it bi tuppoted aha may entertain alt
rior design apon'. Mexioo. Tbt latt Spanleh
Minister In Mexioo baa returned borne, and Gen.
MiAAkton, Uto President of Mexico, wat latt
week la New TorkCity e reaff fori(Spln.
Thert cap bt'but UtU o'ubt ttiit If itht.Pnljted
Statetthoul4 eontlnae'kend aad divided,
6 sain swill ttek to regain -om 1 portion of her"
ancient looting oo,Americn ton, u, ,r,1r. )c
It It worthy or terlout toctlderauon tbat woii
tht Republic of tb United Bute exhibit fear
otent Mo'nkreV o Sjialn i revjviing and toow'r
Ingatrpog tymptomt of taw lilw aad naTgy.
She bat a youthful navy of tptendid tteamert, a
growing army of well clad" and finely dltciplined
troopt, and better than air", a national treatury
lined with tbe trjg tuni of twentV BiSlllonk of
doiiAir. , ner proeoeritj,rvarB tu oia
gpiaiuthirator'exMKjueat aadaoiiitary giory.
' IteaaJiardlyb imagined thaf Spald wdnld
havt aebt berTJeet Into AmerfeAn'wAir'wIri
a few mile of 'bur', ihbfe,' )f he befitved oar
eountry wat to posseeslon of It iormer anion
and ttrogth. Wt baft.iiaretofort regarded
8pao a 4IjinJted, An4uInffloltnti nowi abe
treat w at in that plight. There tan be noVe
tlon, thai. In eate Our national trouble latt much
longer Bpala wiU.raake au .oniet apon Mexico,
in which the will roivitb ewuotenaoo and
all of ether mat Earooet'a 'nowert.0 Then'.
wt may look out for a geaerai fctervenijooj f
" J
, '
those power Io atiaira, .on, tb Amerlcaa conO
nent.) i i.vrf ,bfl:is a ot vji'.'nf -..ia
iJ Thlt 'movement of Bpslo bpraSe fpoWao
andnattl, With tbt concurrence of France, I a
pretty aur alga that th American name It lot
log IU prettig with foreign nation. Second-
rate European power will not erelong bDaltate
to Intuit u and trample opoo oar rights. Eren
before th avll of oar 'pretent coodititn press
In their full Intensity apon at at borne, our fair
fm and credit will be rained abroad. Nothing
canprerent thl disgraceful and talamltout r
alt, bui anmn)ed;al 'tettlemtnt of our dim
daapoB tb peet term weeao, but, at kit
events; larueb tray a t Insure tbt loyalty of
al least three-foiirtli cf ' the Statc jo.Jilia old
Union..,-. .. . .. ... -...fi'.n .ui i:.a ili! 1
tT AH shmi'.d md Prtf.Wood' dvertl
mtnt io another cpUcm, ,,., i. o u 1 t.L jd-i oi.
.filK.Al; : 1 yil' 1UU.P l-JU!(a owta - -w M
I r r. j-lT .L; not vl.i-.ui.w v l i Ut tl fil-.d
-.J-.r.A.r.l 1i( filli
Civil War Impending.
It it not oaJyto teo, If tit" t G -tBrni tob
at Waahlt ton irsd ftTOntgimer; ooiitWut oa li
their present rx irs. how ttrll fr can bt kinf -longer
avoWcd.C la tmti twWfcr-e
eampt making preparatlou:fu a decisive bat
tlevBMauig eatb, tkot . jtaeawday today, jet
)low. Yet at
tfitclLW tht
aalriUlvw and
bloody fury wbea the long-pent up pattiont of
the oombatanta thall have free ooyte.r'"" .
that bave beta made and art njaking for an
anticipated war, which must eome, If thlt hot
tUt attitude it maintained! Pour hundred
aroopt, it It utd bv the AdmtnMralon oreanti
nV been recently thrown lntoFort i Tiokene)
uenvAt.jiaAqo u eonotntrating the, -tectaiion
troope at Peniaoalei Prttldrat CATt,hA mad
requitition upon th Confederate State for eev-
tral thoownd ioTdleraV 'enral ''HibTOi hi
been"ordered io ooncentrate an'Admtnletratlbn
foro1 in Texas: and the United 'Statet'-baVa!
foroet have been"ordered borne from1 ibe" Medl ';
terranean, tbt Paolflo and the '(Jalf of Mexloof. '
Do Dot Ihett thing 'ipeak loudly bf wart Tbt
Administration may ' not 'directly Intend -Srar,
but lit1 vacillating, procraitlnatlng' policy -Vlll
bring waf. OP tblt' 1( leemi to be'ooBscioui,
fxom 'tbe rbrmidable preparatlobt iVlr maklBgf. '
Let 6ui 'countrymen prepare for the'worit'In
the pretent as Deo t of our nnblio affair, there la
hardli itny'dliaetet that may no'tfbe rtatopablir
niicipaieas . ,4,.,- ,!rM3 r-jlus
both deollolng to ttrlkt th Brit I
ooUal wlll'rig; wltft the-d
Civil War Impending. OHIO LEGISLATURE.
TUESDAY, A. M., April 2nd, 1861.
grayer by Rev. Mr, Morrlt..
1. Ill'.l. .c , CMII
1 Aieeau BouBavrn uuiy ( auaworen jtu , vuai(
names, and upon caH,th remainder were, re
ported absent from tljecliy.' , .Theia being po
quorpmeenatetook' a reoeea..1-, ' i
TUESDAY, April 2, A. M., 1861.
"''Priyet by Rtv.Mr-Orover. tii ,3in
"'A call of the Hoot wat bad, and 64 rnek
bera antwtred to tbelr nameal Alt further pro
ceedings under theoall were ditpcamd with, if
Tb following bill -wer read tbt keeond tint
and rfrrd..- "id ninti..: eiii ,ioit
H. B.463,by'iMr.CASE-.To provide' for
KMi Ktfat indexe. Kdiarrea to th tommtt
tee oath Judiciary. !A" .mid i ii:;.7ii .
i HjB.4G3, b? Mr. JE8SUP-T0 grant alt. i
transit tferoagn tb stataor Ohio by foreign
travel and eommerotu Referred to tht commit'
toe on Federal Relation; i L.t c).uJ:ti
H, B 464-.T f roteot tbe Interett of tort
plket and rallroadl. . KelsTreS to tbe obmmit-
teeoa the Jadloiarv.. .i r .l.n'-.! a biuo?
f M. B 465, by Mr. CLAPPTo provld for
tbe gaardiauahlp ot ohildrtn.ln tbt evtnt of tht
death of the father.. Referred tt tb tommlttee
of the Whole. ! ': " .; ,; '"o-i uo ticn
S. B. S68, by Mr.! SCHLEICH- bili to
amend tectioa 6 of an aot entitled "aaact td
exempt tba homottaad of familiea from foroed
sale on elocution ta pay debts,''' patted March
S3, 1660. Refernd ao tb toaunltttt ohJadl-
Oliy.t!,"'' ''' rl jifl'M aeMfj til ei J jn-ji
' b. JB.a0, Of MM -SHtl-i-A 01U . to prO-
vldeforthoeroction aaew bulldipffftr tht
Institution lor tht Deaf and Dumb.. Referred
to tbteommittao oa Benevolent iIuttltatloMa"
- Mi. ROBINSON ireented a manorial, ro
lating to a purohaae of land from the Stabt 'In
Union county, and, in ooonecUou wlttu laid re-
mboetranoe, tubmlUed, on leave, tba following
resolution, whleb wat adoptedi ti hljooou
u Rcthtd, That tbt Auditor of State be re
queettd to report to tblt Houia, at bit ear li set
convmienc, whether the' Auditor of 8tte aaade
any aale of land owned by tb Stat oi Ohio,
ituatt In Union oouuty: tb wbont.iwch tilt
were mad t( lor what tame, and upon what termt
of: cavmaoti what anms have 'been- paid or
agreed to bave been paid, knd whati bxa been
done with tbt moneys and what eompentatiowi
if any, bu been paid to agent in making auch
aloiei t nit n-t i . ' rn rnn.iin avad "
., tt. Jt. 469,' by Mr. 8C0TT,. of Warreo-T
aboliak tb offlooof fitatratd in tb differwat Ba
ntvoitot Institution! of - th State of Ohio, and
lo ptovid for tb -per for man a of ht dotiet
heretofore Impoted oa eueb affioer,' ara intro
duced on leave and real t He first timet ot .vilar
, Mr. ROBINSON, from the JadioUry Com
mltUfc reported back S.B. 33, by Mr.. Key.
without amendment, and reoomnaaoded it pj
ag., intouiwa aei tor mura.. reading On
Wjfnirla. .,.. -l.-l ...I. -. ..
', Mt. VOtiia, from the Jadiolary CommltletJ
reported dmk u. Jfc v, who one amendment
tubitituting''iupaa8age" for "April ltt,V and
recommended it passage.; oaVt to third reading
to-morrow. -. .,:..r" "it,'- , ay oJj n.
Mr. WOODS, (of Licking,) moved; to take
from tbe table U. tf.4ii by JMn farrTt
peal tht tt entitled aa. "act tt -authorial th
guarantot or united State Donna," patted. Ftbi
ruary 4. 18GI, and owed. IU indefintt pott
ponemant, on th ground that -tb amevgoney
which Roemed to-lamaBd tbt bill ta pamad
away,.;, Tbt ayet and nay Nlag dtmudtd on
tbt motion, resulted ayet i-t.-nava ) Wbdrrj
Mr.i,WO0IS, (oi Linking mortd Ut bUlb
engroeted and set tn .it third reading j)xl
WMMtaayrf i --.r.:, etrsiill ttlvfll
Mr. SCOTT, of Warrto, wapttd womt good
reason! for tna ptatag ot wt oin-v srif i
.Mr.JBROWNE,of Mianhiwantad; to know
wheUiar tb original call tor aeilstaoct bad aver
ba witbdrawu by tb Orarral Government .x
Mr, WOODS txplaloid that th 'tail had aU
raadv exnlred bv it own oriainal.llmiatlo.'vr
r ML-CUNyEfiSE thought. tb powerAf m
docaiug ,tht General Oovarament to tbt extant
ot two million or dollar wa too groat a power
ta be leji in tne nandt M tot f uai Uommi
tlonert.; H oould oooctlvt many etoctin wbiob
Obi Bight bt tn ior by aaobt. oodortetunb
Tba mrgpjcy baying patted, U wt a maoaur
ot prndenof aoa good policy, on tbt pktel tbe
Legiiiatura, to tak tuoo daaaeron power from
th Commliaioner. , -Th Stat, wa. tiready
under protest for million, the couldn't pay Jier
own aeon, ana naa oetter no mat neroraab
looked abroad to help Other. ' ',. "
; Mr. BROWNE, Ot Miami, atked if thtbondi
to whiob be alluded were not payabl ntl tbe
pieoaura oi oe outio., . ni.jmr, r.,i.o.
., Mr. uunvi-l-si- replied la Uie affirmative,
bol tbe State'bad fixed tbe tlmelrben the would
b ready to pay bar boodt, aud"hM( the tlobb
came, abe waau't ready, .fit bad too personal or
political feellnc io tblt matter, and wat onl tin -
oerely tolloltoui for the welfare of the State.-r-
Xba rand Committiooerf wert art bonttt men,
at fa aa bt know, but ought the -Legit httor to
adjourn now In acotpl of weeki, and' leav
tuck power in .thair bands I 71ney. would jeer
tnimj not act av id mo utuaKeiueui oi met
nrivat affalrt.1 t- oa .(i..jainoiii
Mr, StOTT pf .Wavrra, bad: ekpecttdota
bar torn reaaont why tbe. law , should be re
pealed; but tbe gentleman trom franklin bad
only given the Insolvency of the State of Ohio
Now, every body knew that th Stato owed the
Oeneml Oovernmenl fwf tniMloni, Myable'iat
any time, i now, ir tne ihm were really in sol"
vent, 1t wat eertalnly easier to Indorse tht bonds;
which was all tbt OtMrat Government asked,
than to pay tbem ; aa tht might demand: ile
badn't teen tbt taoger wnea lot Din wat rat.
ed be didn't tea It Bow. 'Gentlemen Bald the
Legitlatar mold b oalled together galo, if It
became ceoeiaary to Indoft tb boadt.-" Wfiy
wun't it better to b left at it wat, that th eb
I 11.4 4:. -.! il Vi ,
feebled and diatraoted General Govefirhent; ia
the boar of her need, Whenever it should come
ao-tlir. aalffht eiiMtwo the aid) Imwrth Rtti tif
Ohio tor mhlnk aha. Hnlo-ht .Vj. r:'U or I i aitl
Mr. PLANTS thoaabt.ln tb oreeent condi
tion of the Slate, there wu tome doubt whereT
the Stale wculd lx.ga. ' Very 4iigh authority f
kadi AM.IWal imavuill- ef't1ti ' Sntill.arei 7 fliltl.
federtoy. ' If w wwnt there, a teemed "prob
abl,w b-Uil vlnci tympathy knd harmony
with tbem.'jfow eould w do thlt better than'
by tailing these two millions, and transferring
tbem to lb mw confederacy. -rTbla' Would
alaate them eo tbat doubtless they wouldn't
teeed again" for torn Hmi"liTherefbre,.,t6e
power to indors for th wfOnff government
toght hot to be left la l.tteno r v - '
l Mr. Etutr bad Voted tor the oricldal bill,
responding to the appeal of a Democratic Ad
minis -ration, la good faith. ' 'Were on the tgeu-
tlMthtu ef watk4 aimpatr the credit of tht j
United State
bow more tcuvttnan vef'rt
Cul'Fl' -Wfl.J IfUl H'-i aj -tent
. 1 -.lJ,U
sdl. 'U .,t rl.'l BO d 1M&
w Ai
Why, than, undo th work rMcb.'e,i now need
ed mora than everT Wert we now. afraid to
trustonrown AC
M &oi ate cKV lHiad
trusted the D
preceded lit W
joib. 4 A( ninu ratio' ; wpicn
.en I t dt etert at li uaiict
were growing w fit a' i wot e, uld wit'
draw the aid we hadlUeV VVVed?ti V
Mr. HERRICihad thought, wbtn bt votad
for the bill a now,, j" 'oaed to be ref.ealBd, that
w were to have a Aove)ruuieut oue ouuid iola
lponT Jlodldn'tknowthat bbAd any jeason
Ine tb Nk dlffareetlyS bQ J wi wjd to uavt
rVgUvlariirnent aibllrtlylafjiioral Mattoov be
mieht ponsiblv be Induced to chance hit vote
We might at leatt wait for a weak ot
for omg-aBythlng io t Tnattev . o I U O
JMr. W OObS n?w aak ed leave to modify W
-. . . . . .... . . .. I
motion, to aa 10 enrroae tne Din. ana set 11 lor a
third reading on Wednesday of next week.
leavaoema aranitail davr a u.i.rin
Mr, WOODS tald, be bad tunporttd the or I-
rlnal bill with great pleaiure. He wat now in
fvtr of it repeal, limply because the emergen
bad patted away-lh"-ordil-!of Oblaara not
ailed fo, 8eortary''Cha8t' bad now balled for
a new loan, and tb publlo print baa Informed
ut tbat it would betaken at par. iongreee bad
refused our indorsement He dldu'propoM'
now to Brant an Indortemint unasked.'
Mr BB.OWNE.of Miami, wat glad to tay tbat
ha ..didn't inquire,, wben oaaee like tblt wert
patented, wbat party waa in power a. wash.
infeton. ' The gerltlkmknA from Ltiklng.inaup
porting tbe original bill, bad been helping to
bpld up the orutnbling, falling fortunee oi hi
parity. Thle.reaion lor tupport of tht biH bad
pasted away and the gentleman 'bad chang
ed bit vlewt.
iTMr. WOODS protetted tbat be wu ust at
ready, wben a. ked, lo tupport, Secretary Chat
ta fi-m.r m. I'- -i . a 0 .4 J .a J
Mr. BKU WMS wat ready to tupport tb Got.
ernmeut, no matter who might be at tbe bead of
tuo Treatury -department, it would bave been
well for tbe General Government to hav taken
oar indortement when offered at their request
Tbe demand, however, bad never yet beea re
called, and the faot that th e Democratic Admlnit-
tratlon, wblok bad squandered both orir treaioret
and our good name, bad Rone out, and tbat a
junuouoan Admintitratton baa come In. waa
hardly lufflcient H iuatlfv a recall ot our rof-
! a M .irl-4J--- ..-.-....
.b-.Mr. WOODtettpd tbat ht bad mdio
each arsumeDt.
. Mr. BROWNBIwAiledueed itbwy tlWrTy
zrom me genueman't epeecn. 11 be wouldn't
latber it oor, jie aooiaa't help it. it' wat -th
only argument that bad been offered for there-
peal, unless itt tbat of tbe gentleman COm
Melgt, whlob was 10 clear in itself u touted
no elucidation'. ' He paid a high compliment to
8ooretary Dix, but that officer had been luwet-K
ad py a gentleman in whom Obio bad full and
implicit confidence whose abilitieeand whoto
patriotism were alike undoubted
,MJ4r. WOODS.didu'kpoa: tbatltwa ntce.
aary to tiaciaiar tntargnuedcirbidii bAO been
pat into hit mouth. He recapitulated bit arru-
mtat. Secretary Chaie bad id rer tiled tor a
new loan, and had not even alluded, to. tbe anb-
- -Frthl,'. lndnaM-,ne . '' " .
ivinr. rbArxis asaea 11 tne mere raot tbat
Oulottood ready to indoru U.S. bonds, If need-
nmen!d. frl ff'A-PJ Sr
mMr. WOODS thongbt the fact that tbt law
had been passed answered the tame purpote.
Mr. SCOTT, (of Warren) asked. If a the,
gentleman arrtd Chaie didn't now want tht
tne of tht oredit of the State, what possible dan
gar oould there ba that the indorsamcot would
ba wrongly used.
iJtfr. WOODS replied that, if there thould
arise another emergency be wanted tbdee then
in power to deal with the question. After aome
turner similar remarks, in reply to ques
tions, i-iMr. WELCH bad learned from theineech af
the. gentleman from Licking that the oredit of
ne government wu now better tban It bad been.
He buppoeed that Improvement to p dot to th
maaUatt rtjadinet of th Statei io btok sb tfia
Gtqer&l Government. But let tblt Indortement
bt Iwitbdrawn. and the oredit of the Unltnl
States would go down again lower .oven tban
Doioro. ii was to id an cases. i everybody
showed readiness lo Indorse for a man. he eould
borrow plenty of money without any indorao-
meat. Ut .could tee -no-yea tot tba orl ainat
patlsag oiiha till that Vli not Bow kpplywlth
greater force lor itt osntlnuanot at a law. He
moved, therefore, tbat the whole enbject be
postponed till the first Monday of January
next. mA-
r- The CHAIR ruled that thlt wat aubttanUally
toe; same aa a motion tor inaennne postpone
ment, which had already been defeated.
-: Mr. ROBIN-P'-rarea.famediate ioalin.
H i wu opposed to dilatory motions at tblt
atage of tbe session. On the general aneetlon.
b would only tay tbat tb indorter are never
palled on to pay, Ull tht drawer ottbe nolo It
worthiest. In that event, ht tuppoted that the
Indortement of Ohio would bt worth very little.
Tb only praotical effect of the bill wu to pledge
to toe wnuera jwai ina. oeumiea. Ot unio iwer
llnkea forever with that of tbe General Gov.
eminent. He certainly wouldn't hesitate, after
having offered an Indortement -in troublesome
tunas, ta continue tbat indorsement now. when
tbeprtdltof the party indorsed waa to maoh
. Tbe question being on tDaldoDtloo of tba mo.
tlon for engrossment and third reading, a divi
sion! of the Question wu demanded.
.,Tba House then refuted to .en greet tba, bUL
by 4 votetrTSI to ii A ' "
u. a. no. 4-; by Mr. SCOTT, of Warren
iQ amend lection thirty-four or an aot entitled
an not nrovidlnr for tha nnnlthmmt af ilmi
patted March 7, 183a waa then', by leave or the
Home, read the tecond time, and referred to the
Judiciary Committee
,,Mr. CONVERSE, from the Judiciary Com
mittee, reported back H. B!" 444, by Mr. Reid,
pi ureene, supplementary to an aot entitled an
aot to provide for the organisation of oitiee and
Inoorporated village, passeoV May-3, 183rand
revdmmnded hi paaeaga.'-'The bill wat then
rata tb to ira tlm and put on its patiage. No
qaofum voting, on motion of
oftlr. VOK1S, tbe Hous,topk,a recett till
toyoe o'clock tblt afternoon.
''4From a table of pooulatlon of Vlrctnla. an.
cording to tbe eighth census, recently furnlibid
to the Btata GottvoutloB, and printed for th tat
of.that body, li appeare that there ara neither
alavat nor freenegroee In MoDowell eonnty In
f be aouthwestern portion of the 8tat. There It
oop f reeiuegro In each of U fol lowingooubtte:
Bob, Buchanan, Calhoun, Doddridge, Han-
SocK, irogan ana notna x nere are two in
Maion. Niehola and W1a1. and th-aa in
Braxton. There arermy7twoJslava in Han-
oecK, (one or tbe "fan Handle" oountlet) and
ibree in Webster. Io no other county, exceot
McDowell, are there Jets than ten alavta. .
lt.l:....4aw-ie.BB.. '
ff-QSaaB Wobb awb Littxb Pa v, Tbe editor of
rht Atalanta (Ga.) Ittelligtnter, writing to hit
paper irom Montgomery, sayt: "i met, on my
return to tbe hotel, the Vict President, Hon. A.
H.-Stephens. I asked him for a fat office, 'big
pay and little work ' He taid bt had none tucb
to give, but if I would accept of bit It would ba
ehetrfullv tuSweflj J llUfttrtJidi-i ittf t'
tof tery little pay?'
(-TkaiitLB Fabinb The famine io - India It
desolating the Northwaateffi 1 province for a
thousand mile lo extent Human bain era war
.lying at th rate of 400 or 500 a day. Motbert
are selling ueir coiiaren a tlavea lor Drt-eaeb,
that they may bve bread,' If oily for a tingle
I A.Whv la a harrlnar llkj, a ..man whn.Tiftaaoa
il()lejts nlgbttl Became be lie first on one
iQB BDa tneu ou toe otoer, ana it "wia bwbk"
tbt tr bolt tlm.
'. - '
UEniTSilY'O BAL11!
XXStoek of Orocert ...
-i.e. PEMlNtf, tl
' r,'r..n.nnd ft ' ''
. -W A -n ' ' ' '
. epl ii r - 0dl. Vcl-ea.
(ally ktcommend h'.n"
'' Oolfambtn,llci. - ,
tl 00 4-ai;-n'.!"g H i'
.""iiiiil, tiid exb t
-it sleek oltti i --e
S.US a,
'.WBoatli P.. ti'-
l 0B of aloainpr
pernrjakknowii i "
leu or book, , v
l Parte."
,,. i. sw.tiMi'tAi.. :
; -1 a r,h. i, "
WM. Iti lei,! If fr.
... A timh t. -
I Wf KU11I n l i.
0 gnM wk'I a
t.. tW, I; ,w V
tlmtlw.''- ' , '
totckair1, i.r
brtooone :
imcui.. i
bo i
taoUjpi'AB?ITNEWWno fftlZBD ItK.
yjrfcrut" lrMB8 audi w ta u m iu appu.i.pi
" ttaPtf HnBUm iJJ ftf
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i iiv; ADVERTISEr.lEr.TSa
HondaT SvinlsB-. ADrll4rat Armory Kali.
The AcMattrartll and apaWkriatac pagjbmiBvtrr,
frd to oarauaio loving oommonlly.
117 Doora npen at7: to oommence at I o'clock.
frlc of Adnlttlei
AdmlMitm JlSoaatau k-kat eat. be Oiad at
Wood's, eeltaer-derVabite'l otW BtortetaeMl at-f
wror JIM
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tilt Iwnui itaijl tntl h.tt M a 1 tlfun
One of Ike)' nsil catalt ana Elea-aat
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Thuxiaay, .apru u asm, : otio
reO.3Mlop,TWJBfajn(ff, .
,r.nt.iAj.3a joovf jja
X mr locatlnn.l hare taken Kooai Ho. id. Bail Town
treat. Walent't bolldlnr,oppott Jranklln Bank, wber
-hop to at all ay old pa-roue. i.iil.t-.f.ijlli f)V
I tar iuit returned trom hew Tork with a tort lot
Otntw 'ai
of Uw very UttR ttMb.-SI altot iM& n
for JdinBri4IUrn'IVMrInrbrHk M i
non. -MBBoAk-H. IBlLB
Onlnmbot, April t-dlw
j '
thowing-U 1 eondikoa of tb Ohio Btakt Treaaury, at
theoltt kaduett,-! tb u. .Ing.arc Jl.
lattl:v..iOaril; 3 1 it ! , :i't Jofi i"aiJi Lut II
Balaaoa Oeneral Berenu IntA..)-. B83.0M S .
Canal Fund.., 7,i7 i
inking VnnaW.k.Ui..itfak'oo'it 63 14T-4
- Bttt Common Bonool rand m.eds fi
DlttrlotBcha l-,lbrarr " 0,300.44
HaUonalBoad ",rVr(V4? '30 XT
Beneoa 0. Baalt
- Clt h'k. Cincinnati.
xnrot per otni. w T T j4wa -i t v
Cant4B'ks01Teland, " 8,813 07
Balance In Treaaury. .
0305,603 31
lowing iti
By JlS.'uiiun'& ba t.i."i
V J.1. xhang..M,..f,A..,v4l8,768
Checkt on Ohio Banks.TJ..l..;?.ll,J- VH K
-.Hm-IBmI Bnlp. ..4 . Ml ST
frwUeln. !.,. ,
irej lIUb tni g.
P. STONE, Treat. i Blttw
1 ,.
Mater Comii-i-jsioner'wa,. .'
1 . . ,kia A JkiLM. X Ca Vt
Jfhn K. Eeyl et all. I
ByVlmXVVB4tV Ai1-t-l-D---0
it at directed from th Superior Court of frank
lin loounry, Mo, t wl-l offr fox atle at t of liM
OoaK Honae. In th eitv of Oolnmha-- on -
Satardat-JaaylofifflAy, ATpZUCU
btwo th boars of JO 0 clock A. and o'c lock jl b.
the fcUewin aaaorlbed real eatAlx.altuaU la thaooanty
or r rankiiu' ata itata ot-vn-,4e win locbm.
(7) eight, (8) nin.(; and teu.XlO) of 'John and Henry
Mllltr't auedirUioB of lott Mo. tgbty4la (8-)ooely,
(M) and ninety-ote, (01) of Ofoaby-'aaddltlan to ont-loU
ait bf Columew, t dallneated en lb -plat thereof, re
oorded to Toinme oaa, - aartn-y,il Lti atobrd af plats
Ol ama ooentj.
ApraWeeVe-IOM UN. v, tttji gacs-uo tach.-.r.
aauri4taintiv3 t r j w w ,,,,, y
valoiri' - rrd t
H. wurvaA-i,:i.o-i
muter Ooa&mialottiii
rrlnkeri fee, ft N. . aprua-dltawlw
etfl T-frlf i.i,ut,a 1 JM41U 'J! ef ajiu'
braoltea Jaooba , ., V, v. nd ! iinii4ni-n ttv
(I. vai tt tm,-x Otmama Plana -,-.. ai.-.ii
I r. ailier ltl. t nmn ln. vc
JD to ma directed, from tha (!okr4 af Cvmmmk, Plata
of F ranklln County, Ohio, I will offer for tale, on tht
faraa) occupied by W. P. A i. B.'ktlller, to Jaokaoa
at 9 'elook4P,,Ka, tbefollowim prtpaity, to-wtu On
bay aur, on toratl bor,, on man colt, on colt,
ob two bora wtson. three ten double htrnt-t. jmran
bead of hogs, and tbeaadividtd on-btlf Interett fn t
rwinUaohln, tovict oa ai toyrojprkyj0t jr. p. 1
b!r!I.t.I.,-mt--AH, therlS. '
aprll B-10U. rm By Id. Path, Deputy.
itnter'ifees,' B5.30 '
i.U i II iti I D .IT ,11 'I , iT-ai H.-.i
tt-V, -.t now ji.Ji ol gi atojl AKASlT-tOU
V .-j .
'ti f.
4)'l'd0 Hf H
'Ut) iuiuii.mli
: .ntiI !'
n spBino srocn. DifniDAi
IV lanre and wall arudW Th rr lataat nt-tarna
rom1aaa-LUA-i, anuMBbiand rb-BMU-l Vaelertet.
. 0-.D PiPCn 15D BBBDj-Itt.
Bt-tdaon 9otfj nt)rfV,ert1-g frfWRDh. U 11 fJO'Pkt
gold A'spSfEfcyET noanBAi
1 -.h . rl'.Mimtr .ob tS
rretaaadHewBtylta, atabattt half their fomai
fr Ohnrttt; Hatl,'Pfl0rV knd Otiltttgt. "
i .til' g.i.l'-mA .1
All entlralyrnWanaJer7-id pattern. Very cheap?'
.s.'.iVtfi Vp .tir,iO liK
0? thl larealano' Achnt dtilgrrt, fnnn37e. to B3.50 each.
I ,-....'u , ,i..it;.
J . A .aj.. ,ui ji... .'
inaia -air.a nuHunii....-
All widths and urleaa. udwarnirtooVth beat onalltr.
.liirf t-l S.A'T
A--Tiiftl?.fi. -;ci
I .uia , .a.HOlKd,
To match for lb decoration of ytarftoomi.
10 taWTa H-V J-iHif 0.7.1. 3.C
. . ' ' .5TC03 n
OaO ani ixaniot our 'Jw purchasing.
1V I
t cTf
X.taa tw-tl iit la II a tl twiViir trch
'V Wn-tnl.l aiid 'perlbEl' wUhlng "ii-S1
r--'- i"fiev evr,v ot C. T
! 1
V ieiwviH
t-r .
IJ- V ,
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r i- aw a
n. a
.V. ?- ; -,
.., m k i d. .
, ,
r -.-.i! V'i i a
r Seminal Waaknet, Bainal Debility, Kirrotmmf ,lu
voluntary fminiont, ana ooipotency. mulling Iroa,
8Uub, ho. bl Rabt. J. OuU,l, Id. 0. Beat
HH.. - . t . Inn . -..
paldr).on j-elpt.l)f,t tamp, By tol OltABi It 9
Bowaryi MawVatka PottOf-oe Box:' Ho 4
X . -A JL DariM:--dA '
; raraUl TUUVAT aat
Lvna -t.ornpiii,TH'
UNIT-JHsrijinciaeirig Buut'isie!
V. i.iia, o erirr
uvranii IVH Br Bl rwi m
tJiJJi.f It.H-iMfYKAf
f-OfiaiWIT-T-'ll iTbl area I.EUKAI.! g H
IC RKitlKIlY aad tkma.
nrai OPIATE, adapt) ..
awary opeyclooaf rar-t
wana CataplalntB, Ner.
VBI'tad rkaaela
,1.1 tj 00 Heaaacae, aUaeanta. ,.,hi
U9 B-i t. . ta ,xaaAi ..
ABODYn.E.'l i.l-'t.T" -ow w
H real Jnitlc eaa , be don tht shore preparation!
kut by procuring and reading oWrlvtlTOpaoiphlel,.:"1
t nanawtta ail oaaiera, or win at teal kr rraurietsr t -. i
oa aeattad. roraxBlM and Irtal Bottles etna to Ph.ai
otana-wko wlllnad derelopmen knentb worthy their t
aocoptane tad approral. - ; -i (. .. ni.
Oormpado( taliclted from til whoa nnnamltln or - '
earlotity prompt tt a trial of. tha abe re nUakea EM ,
t?yv-'il . 1 -.---n lf 4 '-. -."!, i i,.',r
fr' ttt by the aanal wholenl and reUll dealer r .
IVthr,,c, ,Jt rt .,:..va
JOHN L, nVNNBWELLy Praprtata -
! -e-wic,'4vA -..'.. !m .- ' '.,
I r iTlr" " rniiutriei, ( lt
Hav 0 Oommtrcial Wharf, Boaum. Kaa.i"
t, J. at --
r""i "'fi none, a. Bcnuener a Bon, A
MWKA'rfVlTa -PIIIlla.--:':n-.i i'.'.
Boberta A laanel. W. B. Mirnl. J. . 0.v,k y. ai'"'''.'''
all eatei of eItenett,drpt, blllloot aa Bret' . ! '
aff-)0M, pll,rlumaUBV hrer aad agtea, ataU
natl Bead achat, aa all geattal doraugBiBbi of boaltb -
iheaa rills bav lurariably .proved eertala and speedy
raatdy Jk, to(la trial, fill plan th Idf puu baiosd-,
th reach ocooMtltltm ur tht NUnutitoa of tvtrf pa;
M .(71 AD r.iM n fr. til
Dr.Hof tfi PboMla Bitten 1U b fdand ooaally H . -Boamoat
la all dkM af erTonj dtbi litys ayrpopria, hp, ft
aoh4tniatcUHtocldnt to female In dellctt health, '
aad ovary kjatf waa-ata. of tha 4lgiUra argaat.
forstlttiyPrFvBJdorrAT3--.-Broailwtji,H. Ir-w
andhf allCrurgHU. a-vy-S-d-
f t-iw-following i'n extiftot from a'"'
ltttar written by f-o Itovj;- .THo1n-C, pw 1tor
rienwpoiot-nireei uaptiat t;nurcn, Brooklya,H. J., lo
th Journal and.Ataaaenger, Olniilnaatl,0.,andapetki
voumti In favor of that world-raaowo Biedleln, Mm .
Wnattiw'f 8wtaiio8raeyoa Oauita-mTawr-rnw), .I";!
'Wtartta'adrertlraerit u youi 'erjlunri dfllas -"'1
Wua-ow's Booraiaa Bratrr.. How w never said a ward
ht faror of a patent avtdit-n before to our lift, bat wt
feci compelled to tay lo your reader that thl It no boat , ,
bug WI B4T1 Ttl-O IT, AMD X 0W IT TO II ALL 11 1
aura. It It probably on of the moat aurceaefnl medl
einet of tht d4y. beoaoet it I on of the beet. And thoie
of yoor readen whtbtra ntblet can't do bettor than .
lay B- auppiy.".-- ocV7:lydaw" --J
An, graw mirt aad mar papailar
rtrr aayl '
tettlmoalali. and alnotl wltheal number.
Igat b girao from ladle and gentlemen In alt iradet
of aoelety, whott united teatlmoay none eould Mtiit.
that ProL-Wood'a lUlr. Bettoratirt will rttUir tht laid.
and gray, and pnatrv the hair of th youtb to- old age.
I 1 1 1.- A. - tW ... I 1 . I- ' T" L
and gray, and
Battlt Creek, Mich.', PeeV Slit, J8S8.
l -lie will nleaar tenentaili lo h,iri 'i 0
the tt tb half on toy head all fell off ever twenty 1
ytuB ago, cButa ty aoompiitaita ntBM dlsea, at
tended with an arnptlon on th head. A continual
touret of lufftring throngh life baring reduced m to a
state of dependence, I bar Dot been abl to obi tit (iff
for tap, aallhtt bare I bten abl to do tban Bp, la oo-i
sequence of which my head bat tafrertd nlrnntly from
old. Thlt Induced m tpy Briggt tt Hodge) tlmoit
tht Utt oant J had on earth for a two dollar bottl of thy
Half KeitoretlT. Bbout tb flnt ef Aagtut bit. I hare
laUhfully loHowed thl dlrrctlonisand th bald rpot Is aow I' j
oorored with hair thick and black, though abort. It tt i
aleo coming in all over my bead. Puling aonndaat
tbatf another large bottl wtuld reatore It entirety
and Mrmananfly. A reel uHoasto ptmrtrrt to Itt at,
and being destitute of. meani to purcbaa any more, I ,
Would aak thea If the wouldtt not bt willing to aid aw
aa order oa thin agtatt for a bottle, aad reoelm to tfayt. . I
telf.tbe tcriprur declaration " tht regard It to thotl '1
thaf an kind to th widow aad th fttbarleti." . .
thy. friend, ... .BOBaKliAa Unlji .
I tlgonltr, Noblt County, Indlaoa, feb, Jtb, 1850. "
Plor. 0. J. Wooo NXiear At-Ib the Utter part of
thoyatr .1853, whll attending the State tnd National ,,
btwBab-Olof lb BUI ol Now Torki my hair, froaa
elate unknown to Bt. commenced falllne off nre nn.
Idly, to that In th short apaos of six monthe. tha whole
apper part tf my acalp wa timoat entirely bertft of It ' "
eoTonng, ana bbb or in remaining porllen uponi tbe
id and btok part of my bead tbortly after became gray,
o that yoa wlil not bt tarpriaed when I toll To that up
on sty return to tht But of Inditae, my more carnal
acqutlnaimt ware aot to moth ata toa to dlaoover thai u p
otaa of the chang la my appetrtnoe, aa my mora Intl
mate tcqntlntanct were to reoognbte mt at ill.
I at one made application to tbomoet tkillful pbyil
etoBI In Ih oountry, bat, ncUvtog a awn ranee from
them that my hair wonld again b rettored, waa forced
to bcom reconciled to my fat, unrll, fortnnauly, la, .
the latter part of the year 1857. ronrBeatnrati'ra .?!
oommended t my k drugglit, as betel th mint rella - """l
bl Hair Beetbratlve tons. I triad on bottle, tod''"-''
found to my great tttltftetkm that II wu producing tb m "
dtttred tffiot. ilno that tint, I have ud eeren dol. m 'd
Urt worth of your KeiioralWa, and ad reault. hare t
rich tOtt Of ar aoft hlaele hair. rk.k. .
. . r r -t ' -I -re ww K
"'I r. -if ..--....-. .-,,( ......... i .. ...... .1,
Aa mark of my graUtod for your labor tad tklll In-.,- .
nt u. .nJ..A;i ...i.i. T . '
- mt ineuua aaa aoaottntanota,
who, I am happy to Inform yoa, ar uilog it wllkllk
egect. -Very ratpoetfally, jvtrt, - v i " . . ?,
.ivuwiiiu- vi w w-jiiiiiui . .ruu . maa . .
4, ,.. -., i ,u. in . AvM. tATTA-.m-r.-.'.
i)-l ,M' " Attorney and OooxttlUr at Law. ' i-,B
Depot, 144 tateltny. and told b til dai ih.nli,.''. -
eut tht world. - " ' - ! -. " - Ur.t
Thl Betlorttlv I Bat an In hnllfeenf lhaiM w.'I :-oi
ltrg Btdlum, and tmall; th email holds H a pint, and
rB!ailtaB dollar pel bottl) tbemedhna hold, atf-',l;
tottt twenty ter wnk, mar In pioportlon tban thtaali?
and .alalia for two dollar, a mi h i.- 1 '
uaari, ptrjwtM-Um to pB-po-tlen, aadretakU tmli i U
a botu. . .
wO. J5 WOOD A 00,rPropri.tora, 444 Bcoadtw. Kiw-.t
Xork, tad Ud Market Street, 6t Loola, MoT ,T-11
. And toldky BOBEET A BAIIUSIh Oolumbu, Ohio,
M1 HlS004, D'ul4ii,(a'n!7 aoodt DttUrs.
.1" ) 1 'II 'I! I
label I tell at the emtllett nr-flla. for Cuh. Hr enitom.
era tad frttndt are reaneetfally Invited to call and exua
In my Good and f ric, at I am determined to tell aa
T - AttAllf OrrKR'TQ. Til" Dmlf V
X'aaenUr new stock of Good la my Un,ul purtbe a r
d to Hew York at th chaaneat das in raaa.aH of h-h . I
aheep rheapr than, aay ether boot la th thy; and
as I do my owa Oottmg, aad aporiotood my own kail- it
nM, A io-tarea,BretB"my long Kowas 'iabBabdi o
bead, lo gtva (Marti sathftotloa. tba tnetf f work nm X
men ar emplojed, and all work don etrletly to Um aaor 'n-rt
on ahovt nntlAa. rarrn,.4 Ia a - - - i -i . .
ourcltyjroold ooneolt their lihml by ginng m a sail
-l ,UA lt . ... . . ' . -.
fvtiviMe-uj vor. Aign ana vowa srsinem n.j
;f HI'PI II lillir.yi It, I,,,, (Klildllll
tier m
aw D--10oylcrcS-i:043r;-
ATJR tRBrriOTBD- TRElft .CtrFICI. v n
XJL to
IB BoBUrrWiat Pr- ,ol J-lgb oi-l. Jriead II
ac-tr-Jt ml lcr-.o-j?i I'iud l.i i,.-oi cr j
u ,
,- vi -.- . J jiaTi.ii jiii-iinj . j;i r;A
in4lH contlttut to Ep oa Wflj A ttriV-'rJf 'V '
I a - . f I 4 t. K t f
" AftW I vrr rrrT-
f,in. r,, rrt,n. ,-'p,Bai.;
t1 i li if
' 0 .:(:., 4,'
;.imUjt; ir
i n 1. 1
a.lMj a4i ea
,4 p-il-
't f.jr";
iAar(i .;o j
-4 .''? I ;
1 "-fei.
, II .
te, v.i'-di.ut
li ou"'
! d
M e U
. i'A lift , , '
-.11 V
If '

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