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JGJ"37i.,T,23 OF OHIO
r;rir 'ott3 or ms pecisioxs e rw
MT tU AH T',',l,,',,iBt'
jIamo 4tdu p Wvwfswr. wokx-jti,
la Teo Royal 8Va. Volqnie.j P-lcji 10 '
ioiiii;tp'b"D,',8,li k th,,t
avrfaat aa4 souaeae.i ell Wipecit.fi.it e-.v.it;i
utunow lb. Utlalati.e eeactloB. havtag been tp--.;.T
hr nearly the unanimous tote of holh Hooeea,
,Pd iei b. diatribaled bc Mtewh Bute
Dayerno7. Attorney General, , Supreme JndRes. Seer-
tary.C mplroiier, jreaaurer ma '" --j - -to
the Probate Oourti, Ooartt of 0"monPreet, Super.
. ' "a d.ii n..... A..rfnM. and tne Olerlre of. (he
nrtect Certain each eonety. 1 the MnJre of the
Senate to Uosm of ReprweoUtlTes of .ihl diets, end
..-nA..KM , . hhui AtfttBf of the Union,- "
This book, containing, M it does, ah of the 8Utt
now to teroc, Mid the authoritative construct, n
and of the New Ooniiituilon, WW c louna mi u "H"-'
ly useful in the perform of their duties, to all ,
ewJiTT orrioww, ' ..V.""!
..- SOWHSHIPf K08TBBI. '-'c-'TV :T
n'f .- -i i- OLBHKS 09 TOWNSlUP8,en4; ,
, - - ," , VV- " r . , . . . ,
' f numoeh as nn many chautes have been made in the
Statutes since the publication of the tart edttinns, by re
m.l .Intailone . and addition, tad many Important de
ctatons have been given by the Supreme Court on eoa-
troverteil points nil ; ,,ri it.i'O". f li
will find thti nn Invalaable Work, J,'! i" i
.Jtee Royal 8eo. Vtlvme of mr ifiiuttru Undnd
,,,, ,i I BUonf Uw Binding., Frkel,WI. , 5 .,,
,Publiehedy . V. i . ! ') :'!
lit Pabllabcrn. Boolraf Derei Stationer! and Importer!.
No. AS Veit Foorth itreeC f
. ... CiocidhU, 0.
t HAjn?lHT XOUB, rnUUhers.
M day iwcuio)t. ... - ' . .
The Canal Question.
. Oa jotterddj two new propotillons were tab
nitted to the Generl Astembly for lenee of
the Col one from Josua Coom. cfferiDg
120.000 per nnnum, sod one from ptrtlei in
Piqan, offiriog $15,000 per lunun, on the bull
of the till now before h Senate. ... The bid
from Piqun Is said to be tram reepontible men,
yho make the offer in good faith, bat "honest
Old Job Coorct" nppeari.to' be . suspected by
gome of a trick, t He U certified to, bowerer,
br a ptrt of the Hemlltan Count Delegation
at the best Canal man In Ohio, and worth half a
' million, and Jmu G. Faiin, of the Enquirer, is
here legiug for Vhoueet Old Jot" with all his
' energy, notwithstanding the recent indignation
of the Eiquirtr at the House of Representa
tires for entertaioiiig a proposition to lease the
canals in the mode provided in the bill now be
fore the Senate!!! ' We hope Col. Mibast may
overcome his scruples on the subject, since the
Inquirer has done so, and raise his company
and cot in his bid at $30,COO per annum. -Doubt
less other parties will corns In, and the mode of
offering- bids to the Legislature me? not; after
. all. be oooaldered so odioos. Jt is quite refresh
log to see old Job en hand, as he is the Cblet of
! ths JlukraU-bslng ons of the firm of foitsis,
Bust k Co.
l Ji
". We refer to the communication of '.'A Old
' BeatmMn," to be fonnd eleewbere in our columns,
os the leaslDg question. 1 y"'""
Republican Overthrew.
, It Is amusing to wUceae (he cookirUoas and
wry laces, the lamentations and waitings, of the
Republican prese,. at tbe result of Monday's
elections In Ohio. . Thatparty met with the
. most signal defeat, being routed and orerthrown
. in almost every keality from which wer bare
heard. - -'" -' --.vi
Tbe Cincinnati Oaxettt attributes ihe Signal
dsfeat m the Republicans in the. tiaeeu City
to the halting, hesitating policy of the Admla-
iitratlon, and declares, that such nas nets its
- effect on tbe masses of the party, ta to induce
them to act as though tbey bad Do generalno
! head. Tbe OteUt asks, and then answers the
- Question, what Wat the immediate cause of -the
' Waterloo defeat in CInciucatL thus: "Fort
tmbriU it." :- '. : - i u t
Oar immediate cstemporary of the Journal
coaeede) i the lasae of this morniog, that "Ou
Republic! mere prettf general! f defeated at Man
' election," or rather, it says, "tre may y
tit Dtmterat weH tuccuijul." Our neighbor
says the eausd of tbe signal overthrow of his
party in Cincinnati, Colnmbns, Cleveland, San
daaky City, Toledo, &e& was that Repabll
cns;Ysfe?oedlngly; kewarm.w1" Tbey
Were " diiheartened because tbe Administration
, IsyetTtthoatsidefloed jwllcy," ke.,tta. j
Oar neighbor is mistaken. Tbe only policy
the knowing ones la tbe orgtnizttioo ezpeoted
of this AdmifliatreiLiaTwat a prompt diipoaltlon
: totbtlr'Vi's and' favorites of tb's cHoee hod
4 plunder which would result. jborA. the: victory
la' the wevk of dlspotlbg of this important
matter, the Administration hasten' diligent,
but it eaaAr supply ll. Where twenty hungry
men are. after . one offloe,'but od cafltuc-L
etrul, antl nineteen are tornedaway empty and
disappointed. ' i .:, ",--;yj . i. -;'.' . i
As to any definite policy of the Administration,
either foreign or domestle, the man is exaeed
ingly green who expects any thing of thai sort
from "honest-Old Abi. Lincoln, tbe Rail Split
tsr.' J V .,.,,,( ,n 1
Tbe fact Is, the Republican, party Is offensive
i i bow to a large mass of men who supported Lm-
j. soul 1b November last, and next OctoberTt will
bs In a minority la Ohio of at least twenty tboa
and. '! -V 5 ! . c'.l
[For the Ohio Statesman.]
The Canals.
Col." Manvfennv: Will yo r!ve an old
' ;anal boatmaa a space In your paper to express
bis views on the question of leasing the Public
, Works of -Ohlof ( ' .
u 'I have been fomiliar with the management of
1 1 she canal (outwent v fears Jest paetnd haver e
. rome fully-convinced that -mti t her political party
. ', will ever cootrel them foreny otbar-iBan par-
' tlxarr purpetee. t Our esnals ooald be made pop-,
'"ularsnd paying improvements.-, to oo,so,
tbey must be enlarged sud thoroughly repaired;
.:, and as that would require aa appropriation ol
at least a million dollars, ne legislatnre la lllte
'. to take the. refpouiibllity Of EiakiDg It.
.,1' Therclore. to prevent a oansUnt drain on tpe
treasury, and an annoyance to commerce thry
ehould M lesets to some reeponsioie person or
persons Who, from motives of self-lotereet, will
pnt tbem. in tolara't.le repair and keep them to.
Exptrienra bis rhown that thia canal, while
leased to Messrs. Form, Burt & Co., was kept
z in better repair, end gave better Sitia'aHloo to'
.'': ie and bOAt-'ien, tlr.t whcqcci.; j!M by
ti.duile. But tbe ivepubiioan parly cotton .
Into power, and knowing the value of. the canal
patronage in keeping tbem there, wers not long
i fiiu.iog k pre"i for rep"diating.iu. contract.
Ths try wan rati'd li en, as now, of ' Oatras
ous I raud,? "threat 3wln ile,1 i "pomoorat s
Rare. Hty," n., hj -t' aa ptrlotio tnt!if ,
men who are na to jrlltiug to leau'eSibe v-
nalt and give hi-ee or four limes-s touch for
bemMtl;MuvUJLonropoae Wgtret.ine
fact is, these tame men are deeply interested in
keeping the public wcrks in the handa of-Uie
State, to reward their partitan friendai vUh, a
tbe shape of fat contract! and i)fe' omoes;
and all this talk Is merely to prevent letting of
tbein by the legislature, well knowing thal lf
lett to tbe Board ootBlnU'WIll DO none, nor any
change made for. anottrer year.
"flows Sir; ir ese "swioaierer 'wnoevwv ecy
are, (lor I am not acquainted with any of then)
who propose to Jake tbe canals for a , term of
Unyea-a, give good, aecuriiy to ., keep tbem to
good repair, and to, py the State ten thousand
dollars per auuum, will do sou in the name ?f tbe
prophet, why not lease mem lortawitni. ane
neonle bare been bayine nearly or Quite hun
dred thousand dollars a year to keep up repairs;
and if Instead we can find a company who .will
keen uo tne repairs and pay tbe btate, ten tnnu-
aaod a year for tbe privilege, 1, tpr oue, want to
De SWUIOLID 1MMIDUT1LT. .. , ..,.( i
The neoDln ! tbla oart of the State are deep
ly loterened in tbe prosperity of, the canals,
and anzloua fur aomo chanie in their 'manage
ment, aatibfied It cannot be lor the worte.' i As
ivinrlnntfd nocr. ear threa years bring!
change ol ufflcers and employees, and by tne
time one green band becomes sumoientiy
qualnted with bis work to be ot any , service to
tbe btate, be isremovea to mace room loreuuiw
otber favorite, ana heuce our canals are nil ij
while in charge ol ignoraut, caieiess ana 1000m
petent men; constqutatiy, for years our Public
Works hive been iucreasingin expense, and de
creasing lu value and uaelulness. Oae political
party is as muon to Diame lor , tuit
things aa tbe otber, In proportion to the tln,e
they have had control of the Works. My own
knowledge of the hopeless condition of the can
als makes me doubt the sincerity of any com
pany who propose to give very taigb ngures ior
them,' as, it will take t. least five years earerul
and economical management belore they can be
' ' "
AN OLD BOATMAN. Piqua, O., 29th March, 1861.
AN OLD BOATMAN. Piqua, O., 29th March, 1861. OHIO LEGISLATURE.
IN SENATE. TUESDAY, April 2, 1861.
KOLME3 nrescnted the 'me
morlal from Joseph Cooper Esq., of Hamilton
county, viz:
To tht General Aumbly of Oh$
Tbe undersigned makes the following propo
oltinn fnr a lease of the Publlo Works: -
1st. I will lease of the State of Ohio, ftr the
term of ten yearsthe Public Works of tbe
State and their appurtenances as specified In
tbe first section of H. B No. 211, said lease to
be taken In accordance with and subject to the
provisions, . limitations Vnd conditions of said
bill, aspased by the House of Representatives,
2d. I will pay for the same an snnual rent!
of $20,000, to be paid half yearly in advance,
as follows: On the day of tho approval of the
required bond, $10,000, and half yearly there
after during said term of ten years, $10,000.
v -
Referred to the oammltteecf tbe Whole. I
By Mr. COX, from Hosea Hoover, guardian
of S. Sackett, a lunatic, for authority to mora
gage lands to pay debts and prevent sacrifioe
of properly. Judiciary committee. - I
By Mr. GARFIELD, from H. Mills atd oth
ers, concerning tbe collection if dairy statistics.
Referred to tbe committee oa Agriculture
S. B. 278 To abolish the office ol Superiuteo
dent of the State Honse, &o. Committee of the
Whole, ""i n : 1 S1TT " "7 1
H. B. 419 Keeulatfng cerUIn nuronaiies or
Bsuevoleal InstnuUonj. ttvomnvttef yn jnev
olent Institutions.
S. & 298 Amending the law for tbe protec
tion ol fish. Read a third time and pasted. I
By Mr. JONES, from the Judiciary commit-
.. .. . T VC
tee. recommend in ir tne passage oi a. o.ia
To reliT inretiet of administrators or execs
tors. Tne bill was read a third time and passsd
yeas 20, nays 0. '
' , Mr. COX. from tbe same committee, report-
tain ac roneernin appeals from the Courts of
Common Pleas to District Lonrts. v lAia on tne
tablo for pr'hting. i " f 1
B Mr. SCHLEICa.from the same commit
tee, recommending the indefinite postponement
of 8. B. No. 1U7 Supplementary to the aot for
the organisation 4,0., of Municipal - Corpora
tions, of leS2. and amending the aot of 1859.
Aereed to.
Mr WHITE, from the same committee, re
commended the amendment and paasage of H
B. No. 323 -For tbe encouragement of Fire
Comuaniet. bv exempting firemen Iron working
on roada, and from military duty in time of
peace. Amendment agreed to, ana tne out
On recommendation by Mr. READY, the
Senate indefinitely postponed H. B. 409-Fixlog
tbe terms qf oourtslu flobie county. j
Mr. SCQLEICH offered the following joint
Wheeeas, There is a large unsettled account
between tbe State of Ohio and tbe Ohio Life In
surance and Trust Company, and
-.;WaiaEe, there It claimed to be doe tbe State
from , said Company, the 'tarn of $12 974,37,
while the Trustee ol said Company claims that
there is a balance due to aald lompany from tbe
State, therefore, ,
Renlved by tht General Auembly J Ohio,
That tbe Attorney General be, and hereby U,
instructed to enter euit against tbe said Com
pany, or tbe Trustee thereof. In tbe Superior
Court, or Court of Common Pleas, of Franklin
county, to recover the balance that may be due
Irom said Company to the State, and to proceed
with the same to Judgment, eo as to determine
finally the rights ottae respective parties'.. -Mr.
SCHLEICH said the resolution had beeo
presented to bim by tbe Auditor of State, with
the exnlanation that it is understood that the
Trustee of the Trust Company Btnk is willing
to come- to Columbus to be sued here, lu order
that tbe account maybe settled tbe Trutiee
claiming a beUnoa from the State.4 Tbe Audi
tor also prepared tne, following epcoqni petweea
tne etate aaa tne iyompany, vis:, ijuru;
Tas Oim Lot Tncaaaca AS Tarn OoxpaWV m As
' cuejrr wits ?bi Btatbov Onto - if,
J8J8.".'" "'-f -w t if .
May 1 . To amount deposited by fend Oonv'
. .. miMlonen.brlnf balance reeeirtd .
V. . , A V. Bdgerton . t,SJ7 00
" Bute Treasurer, to meet Interest- "
' doe July 1.1P5S 837,774 8?
Dee. 89. ' To d raft on Atwood Co.. per 7.
'. M. Wrfzht, Aettnr Coeraiatiotce 38 .598 60
1857. ."-' ' i - ' ,
Jan 1. ' ' T -VemHtanoet from ' ' ' -' 'j
H j BaMTreaennr.M..B3(8S137i, j.
ftw wimoD a cnava p tu
Ant. Ea.B
Wire SiiS9
Jan. 1.
To Ohlo- par rent, floe Icy dtpoelttl
ea cy uiMon to niaae no aenciea-
. elo Inttrnt Aceon-; 7S
Jtd. 1. Toproceedioftoan' idoirln-" I
retpl.- ....SW,000 00
' To proeoedt of Loaoof J6W-3X -J .-
per cent. pitminm..w.... n.auv eo
Jnlyr, J Jo pnxreae orLeaa or Iran ' ,1
- ' " ? Stock held h Aadltorof Bute hi '
trntt for Orloii Bank, Band oaky. Of
"-'' '' ' forwarded for TCrtcraotlon 1 S.000 00
July 1. To remittances try Band Corals-
iioneri.Juljrfutereet, he ' 4?0,W 38
Jnryl. To Bcneca Co. B'k bonds,. 'saf
!WO. i iingug to
,i Tolntereitondo.npeslto Anj' " i
' " O J . !W vm . . . .' i ...... TT;i
Aae.94.' Tonroilf of Collateral! drbnit- "
ed br C twin for redamotion of r '
SetiecaCo. Dank bond, I
ToOoliaturals itill heldby frntl
-l,wo ce'
-( - vii .-wlC!anft
. Total BeMM. Aim ri. B3,SIO,010 S7
OWA tff I I wtraanwi St Tnar Cownirf t fASooturr
' win -mn n-atar os i
Br anionSt of Interest peM ftf Aewkun
Ijehwre JMfk from Slay 1, tbi, to
Amiiiftkl. l-.J' ai.ow.ooo so
I. lO t'
By exvicntet of Tramibr Offlvc, salaries, . I .
Ac., for the tme period.. ............ i ,509 77
By loan lo Fii' l C'emmiMlonere,- ' f'Jf'w ,
JimeVt, ' lr.S7.MM f 15S,Sneii J .
By Imcrnt n same to AaiVttSS, v-iwvt
' eia.yt....... MQ8
141.6M TJ
Bj nmoont pl Atwo- l At Co., on flcaac.
, u(ao'y phi Kii......M . vi,wv i
By lnlrn.it oa teate ti'joi f ua 31 .toAuf.
t US. 5V d.f w..4r... . tMM
Brboodi of lfMredeeioeS.i... ........... I.SOS.MS 40
By ovenuaft Jt, dlbao whha. Blt Trent?
orcr .....A BSCS 68
By oOea wat Aug. 94 to Nov. 1, 1847, J SS Su
$3 8U7 OM 70
.r..V.l.3 ..dlO 91
!;.. 3,BW,tat 70
Btltnet due BUM Aug. St. 1837....... 612.974 17
""Mr - POTW1N offered the following Joln
Resolutions relative to. afl" ' amendment of the
Constitution of (be United States 1
. W Hiatal, The Seneral Astembly bss receiv
ed official notification' of the passage by both'
Houses or tne tnirty.sixta ' uongreast aeeona
seeaion. of ths following propotltion to amend
the Constitution of tbe United States by a con
"Joint Resolutions to ktnend the Constitution
bf the United States. " ' ' , . ;,.
- "That the following article shall be proposed
to tbe Legislature 01 the several States, as aa
amendment to . the ConstUutloa of tbe United
States, which, when ratified by three-fourths of
said Legislatures', shall be valid, to all Intents
and purposes, as part of the "said Constitution,
) ui 4. it .'.-,': ul ' . . .. -, J
'' Arllole Xtlf. Ne amendment shall be made
to the' Constitntioa ' Ohieh' will authorise or
give Congress the power to abolish ov interfere,
within any state, wun too uomeaue inininDc
thereof, including that of persons held to labor
or service by tbe laws of said State." And ' '
Wbeibas, Three iourtns of the L,egttiateres
of the said 8tates, oompoelng the United Slates,
are required to give aeseottwsaia propotea
amendment of ihe Coattllutlea 01 tbe United
Sutes, before it bsoomes a part thereof 1 there
fore, belt - ' ' " .-." t- -'-i
Hroolwed, By th General Aetembly afthi State
of Ohio, That we hereby ratlly in behalf of tbe
State of Oblo, the ahore red tea propoaea
amendment of the Constitution of tho United
State.1" ' ' ''' ' -..u .".
Reooloed, That a certified copy of the forego,
ing preamble and resolntloM be presented by
tbe .Governor to the Preeident of the United
Sutes, with the request that he lay the same
before Congress wbsn it convenes. .,,-,;;.. i i
On'motion of Mr. GARFIELD, the Senate
reaolved ittelf Into committee Of the Whole, on
tbe orders of tbe day, Mr. Garfield In the chair,
and after some time spent therein, rose and re
ported back tbe following bills, some with and
some wltnout amenamem, win . , ,
8 B 277, by Mr. READY To amend see
ttons 13 and IS of an aot therein named.', Re
fannd to the committee on Judiciary. " " .",
- S. B.286, by Mr. ORR To proyIder the
?rotectlon of fisheries on the Sandusky river,
udlclarv. " .-'.'" ' . ' . "
H.B. 333, by Mr. VORIS To amend an act
entitled an act to authorise the ereotion of town
halls, ' passed February 24, 1848. . Municipal
Corporations." "'. ""
H.B 345, by Mr. NIGH, from the commit
tee on Corporations other then Municipal sup
nlementarv to an act to provide for the creation
and regulation of incorporated companies In tbe
Bute of Oblo, 'passed May 1st, 1852. Munl
einil CotooratioiB. :
a.u.Viif oy nr. ninnwia-io prv
vide for removing obstructions and improving
the channels ofCuyahoga river, In Geanga
Bounty., Me. Garfield. '
. .. v riiiniiriACir
il.Ji.y4U3, by Mr. UKUiu 10 amena toe
1st: 2d, and 3d sections of an act entitled "an
aot requiring annual settlements by county offi
eers," passed March 22, 1850. Swan Jt Critch
field's Statutes, p. 248. Judiciary., ' ,
H. B. 406. br Mr. JACOBS To amend the
act to amend an act entitled an act defining the
powers and duties of justices or tbe peace ana.
cods tablet In criminal eases, pasted March 27,
1837, and tbe act amendatory thereto, passed
March 7, 1842., Jodloiary. , :
S. B. 287 To abolish the office of Superin
tendent or the State House.. Referred to
mlttee on State Buildings. . ... ltj ,,, , ..
'"Mr. JONES presented the following: "
To tht Senate if the Stat of OAitl :
The undertigned propose to lease the canals
of Ohio, the Maumee roavd, and all the publlo
works of Oblo ibolnded In tbe bill or W. j, jack
eon t alv which loropoeitloe. has oaased the
lion as of RepresenUtWee, with all the Uablli-
tie and- oonditioas (herein contained, tot tbe
tana ot tan earewilb this exeeptionf We
agree to pay the State of Ohio the sum of fif
teen uouaana sonar nnaiiy, ana apaw ue
aoeeptanoe of this bid, are' veady to give tbe
neceasary seoanty asrequireo y tnebegiaia
ture. 1 'i t -J -n , r-! t:X e'-"i '
Jno. 0. Fenall," ' Jeremiah Freeman,
i Samuel Bettlt, , ;.Wm. Johason,i 1
Geo. W. Young, - v Samuel Davie :i '
- R. W.SBinley, . - Bsmr Patoff, i
l A. J. Cinover, .TAntonl,Fonmso, '
Piqoa, March 22, 18eii.fM-,b ; In ,
H. B. ill, by Mr. CLAPP-To return to the
doctrine ot me lathers, oy restoring tne antnort
wof laws, according to the Jt,nglo-8axon
titandard before tbe Norman Cooqneat. ; r
,. oa Esotieb of Air. - i tKUUBUW, It was read
a see wd time and referred to tbe committee of
tbe Whole, which was voted, Mr. Smith la the
Chair ..! 'ji : ! ii,;. it
...lit. GARFIELD wanted to know if It wonld
bo la order to refer tbe bill to the select com.
mtuee 00 Weights and Measures. j
Tbe Chair thought not., r , ,
, :-Mr SCHLEICH moved to strike out aU after
MeoDOueet," 'u -.1 u.i;tr.j ".
Mr, JONES wsnted to know if lths"restort-
tion" aforeaald would tax plaoe before the
next Mormon Coco. naif, - (r; y- t'l
r Mr. FISHER moved to AU np the rest "ml t a
blank." j:
1. Tbe bill, as amended, reads as fmlown
, Beit enacted. oVs , That tbe authority of ittrles
bo restored to lie original Saxon standard bt'
for the Norman Conquest, f ,i ,:
Tbe committee ibsa , took ;np Mr.-GAR
FIELD'S bill-ProridiDg for a nniforn Jtan-
dard of welgbu and taeaeuteei - .- 'ii
Mr. JOX KS desired to know If , tbe bill pro-
Tided rjrme"Angio-oaioosiaoaarai" .
Mr. GARr ItLiU "iNo, it Is the, f ederal
Standard-" w'.t9:..'f -vo" vi- ! i'-'
Alter some time tbe committee rose sod re
ported bsck ths above bills, with sundry amend.
menu, wntcn were agreed to;
Tbe latter was engrossed ror .third reading
to morrow, .-va. u vv f ,.f s.,-r. tiT j 1
iMr-MORSB .hoped th amendment to tbe
jars blU would not prsvall, as lbs bill embodied
aoimporuntprlociple. i 1-11, ! i. T,,i 1
Mt. iVma movta to tanner Bmend the bill,
by 4oeertluK Voo of before" before the word
conquest," so that the bill will iad. 'f That tho
autborliy ol Juries b reeiorea to lis original
Saaoo aUndard oaer cfori th Ketmaa Co
qoeeA." Agreed t aad th bill was engrossed
lor thlre reading te Borrow, n Aajoamed., ,, ; 1
TUESDAY, April 2, 1861.
A call of the House was demanded, by Mr,
rLiAn is, and tne bergeant-at-Arms was dls
patched for the absentees. , , , . .., 1.
By general consent the yeas ssd navs were or
dered to be called again on H. B. 444, which
bad been pending when the House took a re
eees. Prior to taking (he rote, considerable de
bate arose, with reference to tbe merits of .the
bill, whan the yeaa and nays being celled,; le
suited yeas 60, nays J9. , , i f ' - , i
So Ihe bill failed to receive a constitutional
miiorlty, and was lost' -Mr.
SCOTT, of Warren, Introduced the fol,
fletWteo'ThU lbs committee on PublloBulld
iors be inetrocsed I loqair by what authority
and by whoa we seeeeaioti Hag was suspended
from tbe flag-staff ever thai 8outharB) end ol the
Capitor, en the Bight of tbe 1st or th moraior
of she 3d In., and tea they have Bower to send
for persona end paper.. t i u -vd t-)
Mr. WOODS gave notie of bji lotentio to
dieense ths resolution, and sett went ever, under
ID roi. " ,' i.-'.i. j-'Ui . r .... i a-.i.
i nMr.'MONAHAN offersd the followlngi j
i Wmsicas, ceruin omueri or this itouee are
eentore "wiu niving noistea, .or anuted in
koistlnsr, th Palmetto or - Disunion flag, (bit
morning, d the flag-staff over thit Ualli end,
Waaaaas,' We believe seeh aa ct to be an
lirealt to thie House nd ia violatloo of tbe prlo
mpiesor purepatrtouemi aoo, - u a. ,
t'WHEakas, Jostle to tbis Hows aad to Inno
cent parties demands the faeta at try . what au
thority and by whsm said fitf was oc4st4 over
thie tiatiou the obleot bad la view tor said act
therefore. T ' ii i j i'iU e.M t a m t
Be it rueiocd, Cy lAe Jests pf Rteotntmmm,
That a committee of five be appointed by the
Speaker 'to- Invc.-ilgaf-i (b matter, Inrajted
with f ewer to send tor persons and papers,' 11
necessary to tbe full Investigation of . .the f !tsi
mat lua eommitwe are requested to repn; i to
this House at an early day what action, if any,
In their opinion, ehould be taken by the House
In regard to thle matter. "
' Mr. TOI,T effared thf ronowIng:TrrTT
, VVniaEAS.On the 2d dav of April. A. D. 1801.
the; Palmetto ftag wet hoUted; over' tbis Ha.lL
therefor, li " ( i-lLLl f C .17
Retained, That a committee of five be ap
pointed to aeeertaln whether the KepubUoan par
ty ol the eity of Columbus bare concluded -to
secede from the Union, In eonteqnenoe of being
defeated on yesterday." .-ct-rf
. armm, x aat uen. Harrington do requestnu
to report to this House forthwith, If tbe arms
of the State are la good eondition and ready
for Immediate nae, and also what amount pi
shell and ehot there ia on band. , y , , v .;.- ,v.
Mr . WOODd moved that the committee of ths
Whole be discharged from lbs further oontider
atlon of H. B. No. 411, by Mr. Clapp To es
tablish and define the authority of juries, and
that tbe bill be now pnt upon it passage.
Mr. CLAPP objeoted and desired that the bill
be eet for a third reading next Thursday at 2
Al.lr -kl-L. . " 1 z. lr
o ciooa, woioq waa not agreed to. iKinor-vcs f
" mr. uiaArr read an extract rrom id old
Constltniioa of Ohio, which ba regarded ae fav
oring tbe priaoiple that juries should be judges
of tbe law, at well as the fact. Hs complained
mat ne aaa not been afforded an oooonnnitv to
defend the bill mere elaborately, bat be badn't
expected it to pass any way. ' But he hoped that
itwoald meet with some publia oooelderatUw,
oeverthelese, and next winter; when meet of
taeeo genua is en who oppose reform wonld get
leave lo stay at home, the bill would have a bet
ter cnanoa - , , .. i ,i n f,vs rn
- Mr. ANDREWS would vote for tbe bill,
though be had oppessd it, if he only could get
leave toatay at Borne, as he very much desired,
i, Tbe bill being then pnt on ite paasage, re
ceived 64 yeas to 21 nays . So the bill received
a constitutional majority, and was declared
passed, v. ;) .Ju..t a.;. ;-. ,.uuiat
Mr. ROBINSON moved to recmtlder the vote
by whloh the House refuted to pass 8. B. No,
245. The motion prevailing, . the bill Was or
dered to bo put upon its passage next Wednes
day. - - r ,,v , , , -. , U .J .J Hat
Mr. BURR moved to reoonsider the; vote by
which tbe House relused to psss H. B. 444, The
motion being agreed to, the bill was referred to
a special committee. ! (. oo oiytiii'
. Mr. BURR moved tottakefrom the table the
motion to reoonsider the vote by whloh -.the
House passed tbe bill allowing Bartlit it Smith's
elaim. , He explained that bis only object was
to dispose of the motion to reoonsider. t i! :
Mr. BURR, the author of the motion to re
oonsider, explained that he had only, made it
bscanse of tbe double aa to whether it bad pass
ed by a constitutional majority.., .Those doubts
having been disposed ol by the opinion of tbe
Attorney General. be withdrew the motion -.a
- The bill was then signed by tho Speaker pro.
!.: . -J ' i-.- - "'.ci ' m-i '
Mr. FLAGG moved to take, from the table
H. B. 133, proposing to cede a portion ol the
Mtami Canal to Cincinnati.,. The motion being
agreed to, Ibe question recurred on (be pending
amendment of Mr. Scott, ot Warren, which was
agreed to. The question then being on ths en
grossment for third reading. , h; - ,. . v
Mr. r iiAUU stated mat tho amendments re
moved all objectionable features of the bill, and
he therefore hoped there would be no opposition
to It, ( ' i.n ' J.. .'-a u..s'
Mr. CONVERSE regarded the obleotlons as
not removed. The bill was, not guarded, aad
the property proposed to be given away waa a
valuable property for building lots, or any ether
purooees. ..-.- -j ai.f.u.t
Mr. SCOTT. Of Warren, had opposed .the
bill . as at first presented.. He had supposed that
the amendments fully secured the interests of
tho State. ,;The property bad long beeo nteless,
and It was a nuisance to tbe city of Cincinnati,
Us was : no special irtend to Cincinnati, or ite
delegation, but be could see no valid : objection
to the Mil, and mould gq tor it. , , , B i , a
. Mr. ROGERS waa very triad to hear from
his friend from , Warren, . that ha. was a; friend
to tbe bill, but why did be want to postpone the
matter in any way i . mo. ne nave any more opn
ndsnoe lo tb next. Legislature than la the
present onel ' t,, -; t- , m
Mr. SCOTT explained bis position, when r
Mr. ROGERS complained that .the gentle
man had stolen oart of his soeeoh-, He would
only say, he had full eonfldenoe In the present
Legislature, and he wanted tho matter settled
now. r, r 'f-Ti Ht'.il a -;!l'r(il
Mr. CONVERSE pointed .out what., he. re
garded as ineoosistenoies In the bill, denounoed
it,ia ft amended form, at neither fish, flesbBor
fowl, and moved lis reference; to select com
mittee of three. . .. . 7 7 .. -:,,WJ,
, Mr. DEVORE favored the reference? He
thought Cincinnati ought te be treated just like
aov other place, There was no fair oamontl-
tloo allowed la the bill, by which th aetna) val.
ne of ihe property eculd be determined. .The
only way, ia bis opinion, to settle the matter
properly, wonld be to Invlteench competition as
would fix the valus of , the property it, wja, pro
posed to oeae , ,( ; i'...ui it
Mr. CLAPP favored the ssstsga of the bill
fie thought it beneath tbe dignity of tbe great
8tateof Ohio te pUy the sharper about tbe price
of thia property, which was of no use to any
body but Cincinnati. iNo court la this elviliatd
world would censure tbe citiitns pf that city, if
tney would at. once rue up an?, abate as a
nuisance.- j .u, - . .ivi - ii?r 1
Mr. PLANTS bad visited the property., , He
could not very well ; estimate its value, bnt be
was certain that, in oroer to. give the iqoreased
valde that was talked about, to the oity proper
ty, would cost the. city fully at much ae she
wonld gain. W were merely prOpoelng to ex
tort money from the. people of that' oity, to en
able them to abate a nuisance. He doubted that
tbe Stat of Ohio really had the title to tbe land
lo fee simple, II had been condemned for the
purpose of a public highway, as a canal. -,Wbtn
the objeot for which it was condemned ceased,
be did not snpposs tbe State any longer had he
right to bold on to tbe condemned property
Either the 8tate ought herseli to build tbe oul
vert, or she ought ixeely to permit the city to. do
It. ' "' H i i'i ,fiti :
Mr. W00D1 stated that hts yery strong Im
pression had always bsen.thattb State had
bought the fee simple to these laodr.There
seemed, however, to be a difference of, opinion,
or ot information, on tbe subject..' and therefore
be hoped the reference would, be made.- Bui
besides, he tbongbt there ought to be a delay
with this bill, till the fate of ibe Lease Bill
should be ascertained ia tbe Senate. ..Whether
tbe proposed, lesaeet, w6uld desire to' use , this
portion of tbe eaoal or not, he could aot say. bnt
it had beeo so stated, and ths matter, bad, ijttier
therefore beeo postponed for the present,, , '',
, Mr, ANDREWS regarded tbe tiUe as a mere
eatement, which hd already virtually reverted
to the original owners.. . Heooald see, therefore.
no trouble with reference to tbe propoeed leate,
oecause ne denied tnu tuisj waa any .longer a
part ol tbe Miami .Canal.. He wae ready to
cede the property at once, without consideration.
aa but a just tribute to and area dm to the city
of Cincinnati, : . j .: . - t '.'".t
: Mr. FELLOWS Bald everybody regarded ibis
property ae a nuisance. ..What wae the use of
delay t Gentlemen talked of selling this prop
erty and having competition.. Did .they mean
to sell that dirty ravine, full, of all manner of
nastlnessT But ths bill wst worthiest it did
not eome at the point at all, Jt oeithsr meant
one thing nor another. If the Cincinnati dele
gation were satisfied, however, let it go, i
Mr. COX thought the discussion had taken a
new 'phase this afternoon. Everybody cow
seemed to sympathise with the city, and talked
about the nuisance. , But there were some
polots that seemed to have been overlooked.-
Could not those locks be repaired, so that com.
munieation could be bad between the Ohio river
and the canal? Was there anv oart of the
eanals whsre repairs could bs better placed? It
bad been stated that it was never used. He bad
himself seen boats within two of the seven)
locks from the river. J 4 " V ' , 1
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren. 'einUlheJ ttat 'the
boats went down on back water from the river.
Mr. ROGERS said the lock wers a 1 tse-
less tnd dilapidated had not been' died1 lor
Mr. LUl was still of tb opinion that repairs
might render this part of the canal uteful. " i -
Sir. BtUTT. of Jefferson, bad had occasion
to examine this subject. : The State owns tbe
title la fee simple to a fjirt of the gror.nd.-r
Communication between the canal and river bad
been found utterly Impossible, because of the
sudden rite (orer 0 feet sometimes) In the
Ohio, sweeping over' ths locks, carrying la
driftwood, and flooding the banks of the canal.
For thl very f eaaoa, this portion of. tbs-cantl
had bees abandoned. Under tufibctroarostaneee,
no company wae ever likely to attempt any jise
of this portion of th canal.
Mr. VlNCSNTbBti tbjeete-i flb .bWffii I.,
because it orfe i eriib tho, leate bill, thi n,
beoausshe tough thejowere coma Uted o the
board ol J iblio Wort weie not suiurteo iy
guarded. le couldata.nooUeotln t.toa ittUs,
delay, anyray. As to. "the objection of tbe
gentleman 'from Jefferson, the trouble about
Hooding tbe locks hiiLbcea trercerflCiCf. other
cases, nd oouiq be again.,
IMS fr LAGU eeakd i!)al be sliduld maEs no
objeoUbne Wjba ietce.lj UAf J
The bill was then referred? and Messrs.
Converse , Bcott bLAyariifcand. Ajgdrewj j-jsre
Mr. WOODS, from'the ftomrnltteS off Revi
sion, reported back H B. No. 305, by Mr. Ds-
vore To prevent bankers, brokers and otber
persons from.recfvlpg or paying out tbe notes
or issues of specie paying banks 'St a less rats
tnan par.
The bill was ordered to be read a third time
to-morrow., , T .,T -v-. ,
A tnesnare front lb Senate Wat read, teilfv
ing the House ol the passage of II. B. 323, with
an amendment, striking out tbe words "from
serving on juries." The amendment was disa
greed tO. .V-'--1 l " ' '"-
The Senate bill No. 166, "Anti-combination
Railroad bill." was read tbe first time.
Mr. ANDREWS moved thesuspeotlon of the
rule and be second reading of -tbe bili, that it
might be rel erred to tbe committee that had in
cbargo his own bill looking to tbe same end.
After tome debate.
Mr. ANDREWS withdrew bistuiotlon, sod
substituted, that this bill be printed in advance
or otber printing, wblcn was agreed to.
8. B. 221 Amendlnir section 6 of an act en
titled "an aot proSidiog for the reeordingrplnt
ing and distributing tbe Journals of the Gene
rel Assembly, and tbe laws and publlo doca
menu," passed April 8, 1856, was'read the first
time. i
S. B 2G7 General Appropriation bill, wss al
bo read the first time, wbeo
a be House adjourned .
' t a K t
WEDNESDAY, April 3d, 1861.—10 A. M.
Prayer Vy1 Revi Mr. Morris. J0C !1 U.J
By Mr. MORSE From H. H. Ford snd 65
others or ieauga, ror the passage ol H. B
No. 32i, for removal of obstructions from chaa
nela of rivers, &c.' Select Committee' " '
Br Me. JONES-Memorials from T. J. Chris
Man "and 400 others; and from James Ewlng and
44 others, of. Licking county, against tbe lease
of tbe fublio Works, i
H B. No. 411 Tbe "Norman Conquest"
bill for tbe restoration of the antborlty of
.On Votioh &JG: AfcCALirtbe bill 'was in
definitely postponed.
Mr. JONE3, from .the Judiciary committee,
reported amendmenti to H. B. No. 428, and re
commended its passage, it is a Dili oy Mr,
Andrews To amend seetion one of an act en
titled aa act to amend Bectlons'fivo- and :Six of
an act 'entitled "aa act regulating the mode of
administering assignment! la trust for the ben
efit or creditors," passed April t, lssa
Amendments agreed to, and the bill w as ei-
tor tnira to-morrow
On' motion of Mrt ' SCHLEICH, the Sen
ate resolved Itself into committee of tbe
Whole, on the orders of the day, Mr. Glass Id
the chair, and considered H. B. No. 291, To
provide for leasing the Publlo Works of the
Mr. HOLMES moved to strike out Medberf
& Co.'. bid to leate tbe canals, and substitute
that of Joseph Cooper, as follows:
1st. 1 will lease or tbe state or Ublo for th
term of ten years, tbe Ptblie Works of the State
and their appurtenances as specified in tbe first
section of H. B. No. 211, said lease to be taken
In accordance with and subject to the provR
slons, limitations ana conditions or said bill, as
passed bv ibe House of Representatives, March
19th. 1861.
21. I will pay for the same an BQbualent ot
aaa Ann"-, a -.esrartat a.
szu.uuu, to do jisia.naii yeariy .io i advance, as
follows : on the day of tbe approval of the re
quired bond, $10,000, and half yearly there-
alter during said term ot tan years JlU.UUU.
Medbery A CoVatid was for $10,000 psr aa
num. X. 'I
Mr. HOLMES vouched, for th ability of Mr.
uuuper tu caecum uio cuuiraut, aou ior an
qualifloationa to manage tbe canals.
Mr. McC ALL was In favor of striking out, be
cause ne preierrea to lees to tn jughott bidder,
Mr. nULMi.3 motion to strike oat wu
agreed to.
Mr. JONE3 offered a substitute for tbe s
Uon struck out, provldipg fuj.a pqblio letting of
tne canais. t ,
Mr. SCHLEICH thought this as, food a time
as any to dlscussuhe two modes of leuing. He
bed al ways been opposed to separating the canals
irom tne control ot the otate. Bat, owing to
bad management ofthe Pnblfo Works, the Leg
islature, bs was satttfled has determined to
lease them. He badVbeejTcompelled to yield
bis opinions, and baduow concluded to accept
the least objeotionableVplan of disposing of lb
canals.3 lie regarded luo best mode of manag
ing them to be thatembodied In the eontraot
bill reported by Mrf Jone . But tbe Legisla
ture would not acoept IbatX . Jn the next place,
be believed -il tie beet -policy for the General
Assembly to lease the Publlo Works directly,
at he thought sublio letting bv the Board would
be unsafe. yOur object should be to get the
largest amount possible'' for these Works, pro
vided we nf tbe tame time leash, them to par-
tiesorrwBoee naeittyand Dullness 'ouaiiflcations
the publo may rely. . , T ,
- Mr. MoCALLooald'riotiiefCeive the policy
of the Legislature leaslog these Worka.to any
parties. He thqughl there was advantage in
publio competition. and--tje, therefore favored
publlo vendue." LeasUiS to any particular oar-
ties wonld subject thi Legislature to cbsrges of
corruption, out puDUovendue wonld satlsty sv
erybody.. A Isrgonjorflpo of the members of
the Legislature -cannot know bidders; but must
take the word ol others foMt, and that mode la
Mr. PARISH, would vote to Insert Mr. Coop
er's -name, but It1 would not 'vindicate bis
views upon tbe measure.
Mr. SCHLEICH did not apprehend anything
from sharpen of oorruntlon aue-o-Mtad hi M.
McCalli He" thought It time that Senators
should act without counting tbe effect It might
have on their constituents. If tbe canals
should be. offered at publio vendue, and should
ooi b disposed of, the beat Legislature -would
have tbe same trouble we bavebad; betides, tbe
inoreased expenie to the State would be formi
dable, ir we let these. canal and we are as
eured the contract will be nrbfltable to the lea
sect, it ie a good guaranteehat the interests 6f
tne Btate win oe proiectoa. it we leass them
eo that lessees shall losemoney, the State will
suffer more tlmh ver.f nrthermorp, ;tb canals
cannot be publicly leased under three months.
ibe epring repairs Jbusl be made within that
period, at State efpense.V Tbe Stat will re
oeive nothing fnjrtturn.' Whereas, if they are
leased airecuy-Jue mate win he relieved of re
eponslbility. u I
yilt, MaCALL objcotedi,totlfldBlng to but one
mm,' because of contingencies such as sickness
or death, rbe canals should be leased tola
number of men
Mr. FERGUSON explained that lessees will
be required to give five sureties, who would be
careful not to lose tbe amount of their bonds J
Mr. MOORE waa opposed to leasing.. The
State ought to control these- Works.' But the
I bid or Mr. Cooper, bslog double that of the bid
embodied in the House bill, shows that there is
lometniog 10 ine canals which we do not per
ceive. Us thought tbey could be made self.,
sustaining. He would make a trial of the con
tract system recently adopted by the Senate. If
It did not answer, after another year 'a. trial, he
wohld tell them out entirely." But, If we are lo
lease them, he waa in favor of publlo rendu.
Thirty dayi' notice would be sufficient to draw
out. all lbs 'bids whloh would be mads ia the
State. But Mr. Moore was la favor of try
ing the plan of letting the repairs of the Works
by -smelt -contract. Hr g opposed" to the
whotebiii,') u-.M mnu c,Jjj i
, . MryFi8HER paid,,! he .desired, to keep .the
canals under tbo control, of (be State, he would
favor tbe publlo vendue plan, becnore it is mor
ally certain the Board ofTirbllo works would de
feat hny bill passed by the Ltalattre.t lls be
Heved private individuals can ' manage the
Works 'more advantageously than the State
can., They hive, complete cw.trol. of , all the
neeeesary energies aad -bualuoas facilities; can
make repairs at such times as will beta fit their
investments, get op competitions lo freights,
butloets than ths 8
,ie ea.-
ttls t rdutj
to do with til e vor
t Jt.'ork v precis''
s wo vjoult:
with Bpr oei.
b oat' teen, j jtoe
! od ti al ti c m catv.is
ve demanttrs
ade seir-shtta' log, j No I
would keed
.her v.i ootAied to YttbUfl
HO' waotefila-jpmllooV,traoUwi 8
. AT .
nt toT ntaka the cdntratt sure.
Th. niaMd are ounroroet lor inasw. ana
wUe policy fbt, ui toeasothVe oryaidlrecUy
to partiis whpin "Wekhowr' Sute'manigemeot
has beVb dlssytroos Daring tb patt lob years,
tbe 061 revenues -nave decreas three- fpurths,
andxpBlUurpiare Inorsaeedl. 13 believed
the Wan for publlo letting is a scheme to defeat
the leaalBg.T He did not .charge Senators with
designs to do this, out each weula b the etteo.
He wanted to make this- dehulte thing, ne
would tako'tks best bid offered to tbe Legisla
tnre. Ahd'cflnchMt by tnaetmSnl. -Tbe argu
ment 6f Mr. Schleleb, he thought, was conule-
slveotathesubjeoti-" o- .'.o v Al
Aft Mis. MOORE denied tbat the'DubUtf des re
tbe sale or leas el the canals. No petitions ol
this nature have been received, but we have re
oelved many remonsiranoes against either. The
Senator (Mr. Fisher) gays those who oppose lease
or sale. tirei on the, eanals, ana ate, interest
Od. True,-and those who do not live on them,
anc are not familiar with their Importinee1, are
clamorous for separating them from th control
of the State. . Mr. MoPtO . thought the experi
ence of th past tem y ears rJeatonatra tee that
with good management these wprks can be made
to nay the Uttt4 Tbe fact that mem
bers are dally: .beset with papers and outside
nreaaura tbould mike as acr cautiously and
... . ., . i ij ..i.i
without nremaioe. it it not aeii-eviueunun u
ventlemen can nay t20.000a year for these ca
nals; they ban b made self sustaining?
VIMr. I lsatill I replied to a remark; or Mr.
Moore, ahat tbe benefits derived from tbe ca
nals had contributed to the welfare of the State,
the Very children having been eduaated through
them Mr, D .retorting .thai it too -cniiareu
had not been eduoated until they had been so
through brofits of ths danals, they would have
gone to beaveo. as ignorant aswneotney were
born. 'V- J ! iC,
Mr. HOLMES thought the amendment to
Insert Joseph Cooper's nkme-dld not Justify
inch a wide range in debate. . If he had his own
way about It, he would at onoe -dispose of the
fublip Works, jia this is not now tne question
a. HIV inn iu iuw ivanuu vu uv u,3. a u, ycu
Die are satisfied that tbe present mode of man
agement is simply a system supporting scaven
eere and. office-holders. . It has been and ii
bound to be a slnkipg System. I Be advocated
Mr. Coooor's ss the best bid before the Senate
Let any better bid be offered, and B would adopt
Mr. Holmes was tired bf the
eontraot system. It had been tried and fonnd
dlsastrousyva system of swindling. No contract
system cab be devised to prevent rascality
- TheWeetton now lrvhimply to hellove the tax
payers V $100,000 pe annum exhebses.ioThls
tjstera proposes thle'en'tf. ; II is Justified by ev
erv Dnnoiriie or eccmomy, , .r.
Mir. WHITE regarded this Durelf ash question
of, eoonomy. He would vote for the best, bid
no matter bv whom mads; provided he taquau
fled snd gives security.. His district had bever
been benefitted by the canals. His constituents
univeraally regarded the expenie of keeping
tbem np" at onerous to them"; Mr.,Wr then pro
ceeded to show, that tbe .Public Works bad
been a constant source "of expenie, the
facts having been repeatedly, publiahed Tbe
amount of fbterest alone - against the - Btate
for 10 year was about $7,600,000. These
facts show Beoesslty for change of .policy la the
management of the canals.-He bad-voted
ror the small contract bill becaus It was an
improvement upon the old system, ' but hd was
in iavor of leasing..; Hoi was oppc&ed" to "publlo
vendue, for reaeon stated by, Mr, Fisher (and
Mr. 8ohleich. "He was satisfied ' leaslog would
be deleted, n wasiBcrerore, in ravor or
eeecifilettlngXandoposed to leaving anything
to thydisoretiodf tne Board of NPubliO Works.
It' is DO obiectlooXthe plan If the Vesstss make
mebey, since we shs $100,000 exdfensei and get
120.000 pea nnm ent. Taking 4ast year for
It basis, we .bare' auicb larger nit) gainitj
inn Dtatn. aur. wan in wrur vt nniiiux
tb oaMU,Xatfvorld"iapeoiAo: JAse at ibe
next best nan
Thb; (question rriuMn,MrT;fJooper'S
name was insertedVLogelbtr with hls'proposif
tlOe.'i.- 'f-- r-. .' im ?.o .qIjmt. t. a -V
-' Mr. FERGUSON' offered aa - amendment
antboriEing the oovereor to exeente tne lease.
Instead of the Board of Publlo Works. ' Agreed
to. Ako, that the Gorerpor shouldVexeoute tbe
lease wbea the bond is tendered and approved,
a ..a .
afrrveu . ,r a :?tnT'HM jnuiauJt i'JT
i- The committee rose, reported, aad had leave
to sit agala.-y.-"' ''' ' t-ori
Oo motion, pf . Mr. FERGUS0NV'a,,sneclal
oommtitep of thrse oa enrollment wai appoint
eo tuettrs. rerguson, ,Jkey and tioimei, wno
reported the enrollment ot the bill to repeal the
park act of piaetnotu, eorrrectly enrolled, ry
U aue fieuate-Uitn took.a receu. flx. A
iiid I oure i
Prayer by Rev.
r 'The following memorials Were presented and
Bf Mr. WRIOHT. of Hamilton, from Henrv
Pnns nnA 9(1 rttK . tfL Wmilf.nri aviiintfn
Us to liquid U be deb, oq AgrlouUarai F&t
By Mr. STUBBS.'rrom' John'E Thomislbd
38 others, of Preble county, for a limit to the
sale of Intoxicating liquors .- 0 -1
The following bills Were read the Second time
and referred:
S.- B-No. 221; by SelectCom mlttee To
amend section eight of aa aot entitled "aa act
providing wr the recording, printing ana distri
buting the ohroel of th General Assembly,
and tbe iaws and public documents, , To a se-
leot committee., ,, u ,
- S. B, No. 267 Making approprlatlonsof gen
eral revenue ror tne year loci rinance.--
S. B 234, by Mr: KEY To repeal certain
sections of da act therein named A
Mr, SCH1FF moved that, tbe constitutional
rale be suspended, and the bill" be read k third
time now. .-,." .,,,,,.,- , .
Mr. WRIGHT, of Hamilton,. .sbpnorted. the
motion, and explained that ibe act to be repeal-,
ed provided for th purchase pf a1 park, outside
of the city of Cincinnati, where It could be of no
use to the oity, aad might be th meads of great
abuses, -t i.j..,,t - ,.wa n . .-w-f
Mr. CLAPP hoped, tbe bill would pass., Parks
and groves in cities are a great good and a great
blessing, that bo city should be left without.
possible; out ir jthey cannot De obtained in
city, It Is simply an outrage upon tbe people to
buy tbem where the rich only can enlor them. I
... Mr. SCH IFF supported the paasage of tbebill,
aad aald that H-was, lb general wish or i th
oontiderato men of the eity that it tbould be
paused. - ,),-i,1i!.(i'.'r x
Tbe rule was suspended, and the bill passed--
Mr. CLiAivcsLcr, movea mat roe vote
whereby the Honse passed 8.8. 3841)0 recod-.
sidered. ', . 1
Mr. VORIa supported , tbe motion to recpu
older. .' m-f t.l iI:--(,.Viii ; !
Mr. FLAGG said that be bad been - absent
from - tht) ' Hall, al a meeting of. the Finance
Committee, and oa coming la be was astonish
ed to find this bill, which had beeo set for Its
second reading, put through nader whip-' and
spur, and passed. - He asked that the bill be re
considered and referred to the Hamilton county
delegation; "' '-' ' r"l
Mr. Kuujbtut nopsd 11 wouia-not oe recon
sidered. It was Important that it should pas's
to-day, as '-it was mere than probable that
grand scheme, pf. expenditure on the defnect
tuanerrailroai would b carried out if thl bill
didnot prevent Jtv.,. , , 1
Mr. SCHIFF earVjeatlvoDBOsed the niotlon to
receiialder.ss hs was satUuad there WAS.danger
qr a misuse of the publio, money, it ,tne piu was
Lnot now passed. u ,j ,t!- , . '., t
! .fllr-iiAUU was anxious lOA-uereoeiwUierB.
tlon, that be might dojustles to many "respect
able mea among his oonstltuenU.r -If Ihe bill
should be reconeldeud udirefetTOd, bs 'expect
ed to .acquiesce in tho docisloa of bis col.
leagues.,: : J SV-: V? -t; J . !
After ATuntiliig expUudlory discussion -of a
few mlaates, the motion to -reconsider was lost
by 24 yeas to tTnavs.,. ; T ,f T 1
H. B. No.l53,Jb Mr. CfoNVERSE-Topro.
vide for the relief ot furhplke and plsnkroad
companies in certain cases was road B third time,
ana passed yeas u, nays t. i ;
a. a, hoj mj. ov Mr. aiuac x . on leav
Supplementary to an act entitled "eo aot to r
quire mortgages, or. bills of sale ol personal
property , to bo deposited with the township
clerks," passed February Si, 1840, was read a
third time, wh-ri ;Ji''':t )
iliir. Alt. u.. I Oiplainci sorrie or tne nmcuu
meuta lo tbe bill, and some of lit provision and
peculiarities. '
i Mr. CON VfcRdt: opposed the bill, ai it would
complicate the pracloe before justices of the ,
p oe, especially as it would oonfer equity Juris
d' uon upon Justices. He thought the present
Ktute sufllelent for all
Mr. ANDREWS thought tbe objecilon of Mr.
Converse not well uken, as the distinction bs-
iween. equity ana jaw is BDoiietiea ,1a our prao
tloej anditaeemed eminently proper thai small
matter of difference tboqjd be Until settled by
lutnods. f ;m i , i ; t
7 'Mr. CONVERSE explained that there Is still,
practlctlly, If not theoretically, a distinction
kept op between eqalty and law practice,-Under
this bill It will be made the duty of Justice
to eeitio questions or .liens, wnion are tne most
difficult of adjustment. .' ' ' V' " V "'
vt Mr. DICKEY explained Ibat this bill would
secure the right of lbs) mortgagor iu oasts there
they are unguarded now, while it presents many
other advantages orsr the present system.,
ine vote was then Oilled cn tbe passage ot
fie blll.'whlob resulted yeas 43, nays 33. " ;
pa me oiii,, not naving received a const Itn- ,
tlonal majority, failed to pasn. 1 - - '.
H. B. No. 805, by Mr.DEVORE To prevent
bankers, brokers, and otber persons, from re
ceiving or paying out the notes or Issue ot spo
ol, paying banks at a less rate than, par was
read a third time, whea
Mr. JONAS said he was oppo-ed to all banks
of circulation and all paper curreooy. He was
for specie currency, at least for all sums under
f'.u. - nut we have this evil oi piper currency
upon ns, and we must treat It as we treatall aa
favorable subjects according to oiroumstances.
He feared tbat tblt bill would prove tbe destruc
tion of many of our best merchants, , i
Mr r,nNVCRR mnit Ih.t ha h II ha
amended by substituting and for or, in seotion
One. which. aoriaod to. whpn
a-. ioe bill waa patted yeat b4, ntys lo, .-.
H. B. No 326, by Mr. SCOTT, of Warren
Supplementary to an aot entitled an act ior the
encouragement of agriculture, was read a third '
timet wbeo --'! , . ,
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, explained that the
bill was to remove from the vicinity of Agricul
tural Fair the various sideshows that now usu
ally aooompany our Annual Fairs, or take tho
control of these shows. ' , " " -1
Some discussion occurred as to whether there
would not be a conflict of jurisdiction between
the Agricultural. Societies and municipal an
inorltles. r ,.-':
- Mr. FELLOWS moved tbat the bill be
amended by striking out the provision whloh
authorizes tbe granting of licenses to side shows
by the agricultural boards whiohr was disagreed
,0- -a. . 4-, g-
-Tbe Soto was then called on the -passage of
the bill, which resulted yeaa 61, nays 16.
-vTh House then took a recess. . :,r . V '
The Universal Cough Remedy in Cases of
Whooping Cough.
There are probably more cases of Whooping
Cough continued to great length of lime by the
nan nf Rnmpdia nAntatntnir avruu-tnrAnta. taMrh
not only aggravate tbe pougbjbut run down tbe
system, making the cough fatal, or produolng
Consumption, than by any other cause. Tbla is
completely obvlsted : in tbe Universal Congh
Remedy, '.which contains nothing to produce
nausea or prostration; and the Cough yields nat
urally, while the system is sustained. Results
Inatlfv tflln d-trlnratlnn. anil all a.n a.a-ail ftA
I aatt.f Lhamaolir.a. Ki, t-1. 1 Aa .if...ll...
ment. - .
ST All should read' Prof. Wood's advertise-
Baent ia another column, i ; ,-. -
,: ornciat. -.
Appertlextmeat tbe Stat el bl
lorvieuheri ! tbo tieneral Aiirm
Blr for . turn aeewtid Doceaaleil Pe-
I M j ''i ( j: f
" In conformity to the provltloot of tbe Oonstltullon ot
tht State of OblH Wt, WILLIAM DBNM8UK, Ooyer
nor, BOBBBT W. TAVLlfB, Auditor, and ADDISON
P. BDB8BLL, BeoreUryof Bute, hare ascertained and
determined the ratio of rep r Mentation In the General At
tamely Meordlnf to the dooeoniel eenene, the number of
Representatives and Senators each county or district
shall be entitle to elect, and for what years within the
nut ensuing ten years, and do declare the same to he at
follows: "
the total population of tbt several ewfcntlet tl tht
Btate by thi federal census of I860, aa certified by John
O.-O. Kennedy, BuportnUndon ef. the Ccaant Bweaa
of the Depaitment o( Uit Interior of the United to taut,
Is twe millions tLrea habnd aadj thlrty-nlnt thouuud
fire hundred and nlntty-nlnt. Tht ratio of repreeenta
Uerrfee a BepreaentaUre Is twenty-three tbonsand three
handred and alnety-sai, aid for a Senator sixty-alt Oiju
sand tight hundred and foity-BTe. ..t.i
. The apportlonaMnt for the Hone cf Representatives
dutioc Uie second decennial period under tne Constitu
tion shall be aj follows i t , -,.
The counties ot Adams, Allan, Ashland, Athens, An
liaise, Carroll, Champaign, Clarke, Clinton, Cothooton,
Crawford, larks. Delaware, Xrle, Fayette, Pulton, Gal
lia, Geauga, Greene. Guerniey, Hanooca, Hardin, Har
rlton, Highland, Uocltlog, iiolmet, Jackson,- Jegerson,
Bnox, Lave, Lawranoe, Logan, Lnoaa, At ad icon, Ma
honing, Marion, Uedina, kteiga, Monroe, Morgan, Mor
row, ttoblr, t-erry, Pickaway, rise, Portaee, Preble,
Banduaky, BeletcBhelby, eumolt, Union, Vinton, War
ren and Wyandot auaiu earerally. be entitled lo one
tteprasenuave la eaah Mealon of lbs decennial, perlee).
'' The oonotiet ot Franklin, MuUinjum and etark shall
each be entitled to two Baprttcntatlres la each tesslon
of the decennial period
The oonutlcs of Asht.bala, Brown, falifteld. Baron,
Lorain, Miami, Hlchland, Beneoa, Trnmbnll, Tnseara
wu and Wayne shall, severally, be entitled to ote Hep
resenbttlve lot each teaelon) and one additional Reprt
reniativt in the filth taction of the ceoennlai pertud. i
.The eountletef Belmont, Batler, Clermont, ColamU-ene,-iitoktnf,
Hoes, and Wohlngton, ehall, eevcrally.ec
entitled to one Beprecentatlre in each eeeelon, and two
additional Beprcaenutlvea,'Oaa In the third, and one In
the fourth seetion ol the decent, lal period.
, The county of Montgomery snail be enRUed to two
nepreceaiatlret In each seeaion. and one addldonal
Kepreeentative In ths Afts) aeulon of tbe decennial
yeriod. !
The county of Cuyahoga shall be entitled to three
Bepreaentetieet- In each teetien, and one additional
JtepresenutlTC in the flfth tetsion. of tbe decennial
period . ,i.!-,iice-J .v . . ,- j -.,-,.
The eonntyof Hamilton ehall be entitled to nlnekep
retentatlTet la etch tecalon, and oae additional Hey re-
tentatlTe in the fifth session of tbe decennial period, m
The folio lng counties, until they shall hare acquired
t sufficient pnaulaltoa te eatllie tbea (a elect, teuaraU
ly, under the fourth aeeuoa of the aleeanth article of the
Constitution, shall lorm, dlttriots in manner following,
to wit: . The counties of J, nance. Pauldlag and Wil
liams', Ota district; Ihe counties of Ueory and Putnam,
onedlttrlct; tht counties of Mercer and Tan Wert, one
district; and the eonntiet of Ofawa and Wood, one dis
trict; eacfi of which districts shall bs entitled to one Rep
retentatlrc la cmry eeeaion of the decennial perlodi and
thedlstrlol cotnposvd of Ihe counties of uefiaooe, Paul
dlag and- Willi, mi, te two additional BcpmcnUilves,
one in the third aad one in ths fourth session of tbe de
cennial period. :
By the Ooaetltutlon, the Btate la divided Inte thirty
three eenaiorial diatrlott, as follows: the county of Ham
ilton oonstlmtes the Orel eenaterial district; theoouuUet
of Bdller and Warren, the second; Montgomery and
Preble, the third; Clement and Brown, tht fourth;
Greene- C Union and Payette, the flflbt- Boss and High
land, the sixth; Adam,. Pike,- notolo and Jackson, ine
Mventb; Lawroi.ce, Gallia, Meigs and Vinton, the
elgh.h; Athaos, Meeting and PalrfUid. the nimbi Frank
lin and Plokawat, the, teuth; Clarke, Champaign and
M.diion, the elereoth; Miami, Darke and ebelby, tbe
twelfihj LMlnt Union. Marlon and Uanilo, the thir
teenth! Waauiagtoa and Morgan, thefonrteinih; Mnt
ilngum and ferry, the fifteenth; Delaware and Licking,
the sixteenth; Kara and at or row, IM seventeenth; Co
shocton aud Tiucarawaa, the eighteenth; Guernsey end
Monroe, the-nineteenth; Belmont and -Harrison, the
iw.uti.iui vi.r.vi, anu oiara, am iwvniytrai; enersoai
and Columbiana, the twenty second! Trnmbnll and Ma
honing, -tbe twenty-third; Ashtabula, Lake and Geanga,
tbe twenty foorlht Cuyahoga, the tweniy-aithi Portegep
atd Summit, ihe twenty -aixthi Medina and Lenta the
twenty-torentbi Wayne and Holmes, the twenty ebthth;
A.hlandand Elchland, , the taenty-nla'Ji; Huron, Erie,
Sandusky and Ottawa, the thlrUeth: Beneca. Orawrord
and Wyandot, the thlrly-ttrtt; Mercer,- Anglalte, Allan,
Va Wtrtt Paaldltg, Defiance and Williams, tbe thirty
tecond; and Banoook. Wood, Lucas, Salton, Henry and
mtnam. m thirty-third. ' ,
- tiir tk,, MMDd daoanntal navin. autir Mli SferHfta.
txcepttbe Bnt, eighth, seventeenth, twenty-eighth, thir
tieth, thirty-seoond and thirty-third, aha 11 be entitled to
one Senator. , i- "-. i. i rv
The eighth and thlrUath districts shall eac'i be entitled
to one Benator for the decennial period, and one addition
al Senator in the fifth seseloa of die d.oennial period. -
.The thlnr-eeoond and thirty third dlatrictt aha II each
be entitled to one Senator for the decennial period, aad
n.o aaaitionai cenaora, m im w uia uiira ana one in tne
fourth eeeaion of the deoennlal period. - y , ,
The first district shall bs entitled to three Senators for
ths deoennlal period, and one additional Baaalvr la tbe '
fifth section ef Ihe decencial period. , i , -
Tbe seventeenth diitrtct, composed of the ecu n ties of
Knox and Morrow, having lees than three-foanusof a
senatorial ratio of population, is, a required by lite Con
stitution, attached to the adjoining distriot baring the
least number of Inhabitants, wbtoh la the twenty eighth
dlitr couponed of ineccunlieeof Wayne and Bolmet. '
Thi IwentF-eiabth dbtrioL with tbe arenteeotk dietrld
to attached ae eforeeaid, ehall be entitled lo one Senator
for the deoennlal period, and twoaddltional g-tutors, one
In the third and one la the foarib seaetoa ot the deoennl- '
aiperlod.. ,. -
The foi rteenth district, composed ef the counties of
Wa,hln,;on and Morgan, and part of the county of No
ble, and tbe Blaetoeoia diatrlct, oompoaeA at Ine eoun
tiaaaf n.nM and Monroe, and fart of the county of
Noble, remain ae during the first dsnennlal psriod. the
Oonetl.'ntloupotaJmiltlng of any altoraUoaof tbe Krrl
torial Umlle of aaideanauirialdutriot., '
. - In leetlmony whereof, we have he-eunto set
ti..- . v.emr nam ee, and caused the Oreal leal of tbe
, atateof Onto lobe arnxnl. as Columbua, the
II, aeoeod day of April, in Ihe year cf ear Lard
i , (,i one Ihoueand swiu hundred and elity-one, tad "
of the rndcMfK-oec of tbt United Statu of
V" AAaefio Uit ei.'ity-fifth; . '" ' -- i -
U-t."i in t.'-.rv . B. W. TATLtrt,'

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