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(Contained In twenty-nto to In met of the Ohio tnd Ohio
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Atlo'l fULl AM COliv'sNIINT lNDIX'. V
la Two) Royal 8v. Volume. Ploe$lO 00.
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It ku oow lb LegltlaUve miction, bavlny wen P-
roved by inrlf tb antolmou vol or boln uonw,
and tM ordered to b diitnbatod to th following
kod County officer: , .. .
Oorernor. Attorney General, flupreme Judge. Secie-
mrw llnmiitmll.r. (huuiw and Auditor Stats, at
co lb ProliaU Court, OoTt ot Common Plow, Bow
ler ud Polio Onaitt, Auditor. aud th Clr of Iht
varioo Court! In each county, to tho Mmbnor the
Menata Ud Horn of Btpreientatrra of thlt Stat, tnd
lk Unu. Ik. I HtatMof th UniOO. ' "
ThU book, onlataln-, It. do,allof tteflUlat
now In forco, and la aulnoniauY oonnnwuu ui
and of tbo Now Coiutllnilon, win noiouna u oo
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T0WN8HIPTKU8TISES. . ; , , ;
- A '.- : CITY fflOKIlS." ,. ' '
Inaamuoh M very many change have. ben made In the
Itatutf alootlbo puttucairon of uw iat caitiona, ny iw
mi itnntlmia and addition, and many Important d-
cleloni bare been given, by the Supreme Court oa con-
- -., mLM All - 1 " " 1 - 1
Will Had till an hmlaabl Work, i .1 ,i.v'
Two Boyul Svo. Tolwmtt qf ottr nineteen Uundrtd
' TnBtronr Low BImllnii. ' Price to. '
mubhedtr .' ': '. ;
ROBERT CIjAnivffit & CO.. ,
Law Pobllihfr. Booluellera; Blatlooer and Importer.
feblB:d9m:n) ' " ' Cincinnati. 0..
lj(J)ljio QiCiUsmciXi
UEO. W. tnNYfrKNNy, Editor.
TiOf, AoJ Afi i bv TVL YS fi'ClOCl
on tAe iim of publication. -
Death of Judge McLeau.
The telegraph In form ns that this renerable
and dittingnUhed citizen died this morning, at
hit resUtnce, In Ciacioniiti.. I :
ST We hire learned that th Democracj o(
Matsillon on Monday elected RobiitII.Folou,
Esq , Mayor of that place, by a handsome ma
jority OTor bis Republic in competitor, Jamu
BaTLi), E;q We believe Mr. FoLoralatbe
first Democratic) Mayor elected In MtsaiUon for
many year. The fact apeaks well for the Dem
ocratic otoje' In Old Molly Stark, and for the
popularity of Mr. Folom among bis neighbor.
CTThe Ztneaville Ceurirr is very much res.
ed at the result of our city election, and in an
oouociog the fact it eaya: "Wt Thomas, a
rank eecesaioa Lacofoco, was elected Mayor of
Columbus yesterday." Captain I Hoaus is a
sound coasututional State Rights Democrat, and
a deroted Union man.ihar ing bo sympathy with
the enemies of the Union either North or bonth.
Tho lime remark Is true of all the Democratic
candidates at oar spriog election. Our ticket
was made upofatroag men aodconnd men, and
with but fee-exceptions', which we' vrrjr much
regret", It wae successful. ' ' ' '
l i ... m w i ' '
ST The patrons Of the OAio Statt Journal at
Zinceville ask, throo'h the columns of the
Courier, who the editor of the Journal has been
sleeping witbf They are moved to do so be
cause of the rank disunion articles which bare
recently appeared in the central organ of the
Republican party. Such artioles may grate
banhly on the ears of the conservative Repub
licaBS of Z toesrille, but nevertheless they ex
press the sentiments of the engineers and man
agers of the party now in power at Washington.
If the pjttrons of the Journal at Zinesrille do
not like it disunion sentiments, then they do
not like genuine Republicanism In its present
phase, and should do as thousands of others are
doing abandon the party.
Democratic Gains of Congressmen.
This week, the Democracy bar elects! two
member of Congress in Connecticut in the
First and Fourth District, and both member
in Rhode Island. These make a gain of four
Congressmen, which is equivalent to a 1 of
eight rotes to the Republican strength in the
next U.S. Hojje ol Representatives. '
So it goes, and so it will continue to go un
til the Republican party shall be abolished.
It U rather diverting, just now, to bear Re.
poblioeo talking of the Democratic party be
Log dead. At the present time and hereafter
until their "last man" falls, the Republicans
will find sufficient employment ,in attending to
their own defunct.
The Leader of the Journal.
Tbe following is the leader'in the journal
oftbi morning, occupying, a it does, the moat
prominent place under it editorial head: ,-;;.-
Th probability tnat a extra teuton of Congress wiTl
b called ! every day grow Iniitronier. Hoaietlilng suit
soon b on. - ' ,''-
Ah! We thought the bare election of "honest
Old An Linoolm'! wa sufficient, and follow
iog thai event all thing would go. right, f'trai
tors be hung," the law executed, "and law and
order restored. But now it eee'ms "something
mast toon be done," and the remedy for all the
ill w bear is now thought to be iu an "extra
aession of Congress." Well it must be in that
or tome other "extra" body or event for cer
tainly the present Government at Washington
ia Incompetent. It is a failure a very bad fail
ure.' - f. J . '
The Spanish Seizure of Dominica.
St. Domingo, as it is called In tbedurpatchci.
or -the Republic of Dominica, which ia reported
to have been taken possession of by Spain, 'com
prises abont three-fifth of the Island of Haytf
It wa originally nettled by a Spanish , colony,
and tome twelve years ago, a large portion of
tbe people evinced a deaire to be re-annexed to
Spain. , It contain a population of bonV"bne
hundreJ and thirty thousand, one-tenth of whom
cUim tobe.wbite."7!7T TT - .', ?
It is said Wiet-the .seizure of Dominica by
Spain took every 6ody at Washington foreign
Minister and all by surprise. It U to be feared
tbat etill other end gTeiter surprise! 'are at
hand. Our country L In the condition of a weak
and foundered vessel at iea fhlch sudden blaat
of wind may drive to denlraetion at any mo
ment, wliile Wt martnor are ingnoani front
what quarter it may rise. -' ' ' ". ' " "
It I said tbat th Government at Washing
ton will remonstrate with Spain la' regard te it
proceeding in flajrtl, this being' all It can do in
its present crippled condition. But little will
Spain befid any remonstrance of the sort, if she
finds thai h j wiU not fee backed; p with tnerj
iked a with men
of-war.- o
ICTWe beg leave to say to the editor of the
"OI," that (be article in bis ague of to day
on the Ciiual question, ami the propriety of the
action or in Legislature on tiie leaning projeot
la not Buou i one as the publio had t reason to
expect, In view of the burning indignation ex
pressed in the last "Criiii," and. the promise of
an able' and intellectual txpoit in the present
number. Gov. Minaar owed it to himself, ej-
ter wnat nesaia last week, to mate eucu an ex
position of his views, and what was best to be
done with the canals, as would be valuable and
useful to the Legialature; and his omission to do
so, and tie pettifogging dodge to the Haiia'',oi
to-day will not serve to convince the people that
the first article in bis paper was prompted by
any special desire to benefit the State or the
: The Slaleiman baa advocated tho reform in
capal management ever since the present editor
baa had charge of it, and that without regard to
who approved or who condemned hi course.
Many leading Republican paper have unwilling
ly failctt juto the riews of the StaUiman, and
this fact the "Crtti," very nnklndly aqd
unjustly, refer to, in a way to damage the
Siateiman, if possible; aud last week.we were by
inference In tbe "Crisis" charged with advooa
ting tbe "biggtit ivntdlt" ever attempted on
the people of Ohio. We specially call Gov.
Mcoaav's attention to these matters, and shall
expect iu his next number recantation of hi
improper allusion to us,' and strict justice
in the premises '
r Gov. Minaar pledged himself, last week, to
raise a company who would pay the State $30,-
000 a year for these canals, la hit issue of to
day he is silent on that subject, aud seem per
feotly delighted that a bid baa been put in by
Joe Cooru for $20,000' and actually claim
the creditor it! We do BO.know how that is;
but can state a fact. We were in tbe State
House, yesterday, during the morning session,
When Cooria, iu course of conversation, proposed
to us to join him in bis bid, aud be "one of
three or four praotlcal canal men" whom be
wanted to enliBt in tbe enterprise. We docliu
ed, remarking to him that we would bare
nothing to do with it During the conversa
tion, wf told Coorta that we bad learned that
be was at the head' of, the Company that
Gov. MDAr bad pledged the Legislature be
would raise, but observing that hi bid was only
$20,000 a year,, we of course must be mistaken,
since the Governor had promised $30,000 per
yeah' Cooria replied that he bad not teen or
beard from the Governor for a long time, and
the idea of tho "Old Wheel Horse" becoming a
canal man appeared to amuse "Honest Old
During the day the '-Chief of the MutkraU'
and the Governor met, aud the "Criiii" this
morning Is delightedrat tbe prospect of Coor
ia 's bid going throogh, and has not a word of
denunciation lor tbe mode of bidding directly to
tbe Legislature, which, last week, was so odi
ous !
Tbe chief reason why tbe Houso passed upon
and reoeived tbe direct proposition ot ErxatTT,
Mintixr it. Ci. was because tbe Board of
Public Works had pursued inch a course in tbe
management of the canals as' to induce mem
ber to believe that they would not in good laith
carry out and execute the law for a public let
ting. Iu tbe Senate, yesterday, in Committee
of the Whole, the bill was so amended a
provide for a public letting, to be executed by
tne uovernor, Auditor and Treasurer of State,
and thus the bill wa referred to a select com
mlUee. This important fact Governor Minaar
doe not even notice, but leap ahead of the
action ol tbo Senate, and has tbe bill returned
to the House, with Jo CooraV bid of $120,
000 in it, upon which tbe'CrisiV gays: "The im
prenio f mailt that th How will not tctilate,
unlm $omt eae mil tub higher;" and Gorernor
MiDair will not bid higher; although he prom
ised to do so Ias( week! i . J i i
We may venture tbe opinion,' that the Legis
lature will, before it adjourns, lease the canals,
either directly to some responsible company,
(which we think will be done) or provide for
publio lettic j, to te superintended by the Gover
nor and other State officer. In either event,
the policy the Srefetman baa unwaveringly ad
Tocated will be carried out by tbe representa
tives of the people; and, therefore, we are con
tout. " . .':,., .'
Wars Within and Without.
There re rumors and signs of war both with
tin our country and upon ita borders. Where
there is so much smoke, it Is to be apprehend
ed there are 'smouldering flres beneath, which
will before long burst out in a terrifio blaze.'
Ai we showed tbe other day, both the North
rn and Southern Confederacies are pursuing
course which must, if persisted in, shortly in
volve the country in a civil war. The Southern
Commissioners at Washington are either egregl
oualy deceived, or . the dispatche emanating
irom tbat city, and professing to be authorita
tive, disseminate barefaced falsehoods. .' Not
withstanding tbe reiterated report that Fort
Pickena bas been reinforced, President Pavi
envoys at Washington persistently refuse
credit tbe rumor; alleging that they have as
surances from President Lincoln 'e Cabinet that
hoi Such demonstration will be. made. ' Be this
as it may, somebody is bound to be cheated
this imbroglio; and tbe probability is tbat the
discovery of diplomatic trickery oa.both side
will be followed by the stratagem and horror
of. war. -n.!-. --.'-t. ''' ; ..'...;"
Not only are our countrymen plotting againat
each other. ' but foreien Dowers' are Dlottin-
against our whole country. They will favor
. j . - . - .
either the Washington er Montgomery Govern
ment just o far a may suit their intorest, and
no farther.-1 Finding ns divided and weak from
our Intestine broils, they will injur our com
merce, oppress our countrymen abroad, and 111-
libuster upon our border. Tbe same disposition
on the part of England and France, which may
prompt them; as rumored, to aid Spain in an on
slaught for tbe recovory of Mexioo,- will induoe
tueca v nouutcoance any acneme tnat eilner
Spa(n or Mexioo may eoneootfor tbe reconquest
of Texas. " '"V-
. j.
There are old umsttied disputes with Eng
land, or bid ieUlemeut whiob upon oae pretext
or another she may. easily re-opeo. bv which
the rights and territory of tbe people in Ihe
Northern State and Territories may be serious
ly Imperilled, if not usurped by a stronger band
than that of their own Government, 1 We snail
soon, be, from present appearances. In the con
dition of petty Arab tribes, with every man's
hand against us, and ours against every man.
Such are tbe penalties our people are likely
suCsr tor permitting a blind and reckless fttaatt-
to pursue ita destructive career uucheok-
1 Whin You A m Dinokb t Bxmo Hmid'
fob Killino a Man wbo ia 'not JDab, Aovxa
Tisa. Kink, who was arrested not long since,
at Oxford, Ind., for the murder t Dr J. H.
Rowe, who stopped all nlRht at Kink' Uvern,
has been released, owing to the re appearance
tbe supposed victim. .Kink extensively adver
tised his arrest, and besought Rowe to "turn
up" and prove bis innocence, and Roweceein-
the botice, confessed.' Another proof of 1
' - - ill.
tb ef-
WEDNESDAY, April 3, 1861.
A mesear was received from tbe House an
nounoing the passage of . S. B. 811 To repeal
th aatk aet, whereupon It wa alto signed by
me rreseut oi.w oenatei tx ; .. . v s.
H. B. 153-For th relief of turnoike and
piana roaa eompauie.
On motion Of Mn FISHER, the Senate re
solved itself into committee of th Whole, on
the order of the day, Mr. Glass In the chair.
and proceeded to consider the bill to lease the
Pablio Works.
Mr. JONES moved to strike out sections on
and two, and Insert a eeotloo providing for the
leasing oi tne mono works at publio letting.
nr. r a man utoogbttb amendment differed
to materially from the bill, It would be well to
settle the point whether it shall be adopted
rar. rc.tiKti.jLi uougnt it better M should do
w.T Vimiriif t . .
itbdrawa nntu tbe but I otherwise nerfect.
Tbe amendment make almost a new bill. He
thought hi plan would save time ' ' -
I b auestiou beioe on etrlklos' ont and sub
slliutiog the smeodment, it wa carried yeat
ii, nays i. v . v ; .i . t
Mr.JOMba offered an amendment restrict-
in the tolls on the PllhllB Warka to aha tariff
of 1859. Agreed to. . ' .v . ' -i
Other amendmeuM were made, which cannot
be Intelligibly embodied iu tbe report. Tbe
committee finally roe and reported back tbe
bill, when Mr. Jones . moved the reference of
the bill and pending amendments to a select
committee oi three. Mr. Jones said be desired
that tbe bill should be put into proper shape for
eueouuc a puouo letting oi me lease. -
Mr. FISHER approved of tbe seneral prloci
pie of letting to the highest bidder, but in this
ease be opposed It because repairs must be made
now. it tbe spring rains caused damage, tbe
State will bare to pay for it. and he wanted to
avoid true expense. ' -
Nr. islUL tbonsht tbo bill abonld be recom
mitted for perfection. : A It now etaod, it ia
Mr. HOLMES would have been better satis
fied bad tbe bill been iarfeoterfln committee of
tbe Whole. , He did net object to the reference,
but thought the , otbet would have been tbe
moet judicious mode. V .
The motion wasagreed to. and the bill
as referred to Waste. Joaes. Scbleich and
H. B. No05 Tb prehlblt the circulation of
the note of epeol paying bsoks at lesstban
par.- '
H. B. ' Ho. J26 Te protect erlcultural
lairs. " '
H. B. No- 437 To authorize the sale of cer
tain Western Reeerie School Lands
11. B. No 99-To establish the Corrvville
ciectton precinct in Hamilton county . f
Mr. READY, from the committee on Muni.
cipal Corporations, recommended the paassse of
S. B. No. 333 Amending tbe act authorising
erection of town ball. The bill passed yeas
so, nays a. .. . . .
Mr. HOLMES moved to take the street rail
road bill from the table: Agreed to.
The bill turned noon Ita engrossment.
Mr. FERGUSON explained the character of
tbe amended bill.' 11 provides for tbe orcanlza
tion of auch road under the corporation set, by
consent of municipal corporations, wher tbev
exist under the Ferguson bill of last winter-
manner, terms and conditions to be agreed upon
between tbe companies ana municipal corpora
tion.- 'ii- ' '
Tbe bill wa engrossed, read a third time and
passed yea lib, nay 0.
A meataee was received from the House an.
nouncing the passage of tb woman's right
bill. .: . .... ,
Mr. CUFPY Mr. President, out of respect
to tne memory or toe senator from Hamilton,
(Mr. I move this lenat do now
Messrs. Fergneon and Cuppr were added
th select committee to whom wa referred tbe
Fublio Work bill
Mr. SPRAGUE, from tbe Enrolling commit
tee, reported the enrollment of S. B. SC2.
Adjourned. . ..
WEDNESDAY, April 3d, 1861.
H. B. 437 To authorize tbe sale of certain
Western Reserve school lands, was read a third
time, when
Mr. VINCENT explained tbe objects of th
bill, when it was passed yeas 81, nays 1. -
. is. B. 57 to repeal tbe third section or an
act therein named, wa read a third time,
when ,
Mr. VINCENT explained tbat this bill was
designed to restore the right to take cognovit
notes, by Banks, which bad been repealed a few
years ago. He said that, with tbe Banks, these
cognovit notes bad been need rather for tbe
benefit of the'endorsers of these notes, than
any others. ...... 1
Mr. McSCHOOLER opposed tbe bill, as it
would cut off all right of trial of th merits of
tbe claim on these notes; and tbat tb maker
of notes of this kind would be cut off from all
defence. ' . , ,,
Mr. ROBINSON explained that errors or
frauds could bs set up In bar of such notes In
tbe hands of a bank, as well as usurious inte
. Mr. ANDREWS thought tbat unless tbe
ror, or fraud, or usury, wer provable noon tb
paper itself, it could sot be set up. He would not
permit tbe nee or cognovit notes by any person.
natural or artificial. Hs would gladly vote for
an entire abolishment of every form of these
NMr. VORIS showed in what manner a de
fence could be set np against the claims under
these notes. "
, Mr. BROWNE contended the bill should be
passed, tbat the business of the country may
stand on a liks baaia in all oases. ' He would
either allow banks to me cognovit notes, or
abolish them altogether.
Tbe vote wo then -called on the paeaage of
the bill, which resulted yea 56, naya 33.
, 3. B. 232 Concerning the right and liabili
ties of married women, was read the third time
and passed yeas 62, nays 24. .'
H. B. 99 To establish tbe Corryville elec
tion Drecinot in MUlcreek township. Hamilton
county, was read a third time, when
Mr. SCHlf F stated the objects or the bill,
and the reasons for its passage.
The bill was then passed veaa 80. nava 1.
"' U. B, 96 To legalise a reform style ot deed,
saortgagfts, wills, etc., wa read a third time.
Mr. FLAGG explained that this bill provided
for an abbreviated form of deed that would be
found convenient, 'while It wonld not b obliga
tory upon any one to use them.
Mr. CLAPP offered a few reason for th
passage of tbe bill; but, ' after a few remarks,
moved tbat it be referred to tb Judiciary com
mittee, which wa agreed to. , ; ' V". "'
Tbe Judioiary committee reported, back S.B.
186 To amend section 525 of tbe code of civil
procedure, and recommended It psssege, when
' Tbe bill was read a third tlm and pasted
TtMT9,naj .".' 7"
Tha name evmmlttMrDorted 'bank S. S. 2C6
To confirm the charter of tbe Covington and
Cinoinnatl Bridge LOmpany wbeo tb bill was
read a tbird time. '
' ' Mr. FLAGG explained th object of th bill,
and bopsd it would pata, when -Mr.
SCOTT, of Warrea, asked if the passage
or mi dui woum prevent tbe secession or&en
tuckv. Towhleh ' ' '
Mr. FLAGG replied that be was assured by
tb gentlemen interested in ita passage tbat tbls
measure, if esrrioa out,, would unite tbe two
tiute firmly snd indiasolubly. "' . ' . "
1 , Th bill wa tneo passed yeas to, nay V.
Tbe committee on Finance reported back 8
B. 158 Making appropriation for tbe building
of a New renlteutiary witB sundry amend
menta. which wss agreed to, when the blil wes
ordered to be re-eogrossed and put upon ft pa
age tcamorrowV ' ." " '
Th Jadieiary committee reported back H.
B, 362--To further preserve tbe purity of elec
tions awended by a new bill, which wassgreed
to, When the bill wa ordered to be read a third
time tomorrow.
Tb sum committee reported bick 8 B. 229
To amend sections 313 and S44 of the Civil I
Code whe '., ,,- j. , i, s.i ! i
jur.iiuoiaauN explained the objects ot tc
bill, when It was passed -yeas 06, nys 15. '
tuwcwme committee reported Daox n.c ivo.
433 Supplomenury to the aot for tb incorpo
ration of cities and villageswith amendment,
wuiou were agreed to, when tbe bin was set tor
uiira reading to-morrow. -
.Mr. REES. of Marrow, from the .committee
on School and School Lands, reported back 8.
d. vo, iuu To amend tbe renerai aobool law.
and recommended ita indefinite postponement,
wiuon wa agreed to.--" " .?nr" :
Mr. VOR1S. from tbe Penitentiary committee,
reported U. B 470 To provide for tbe looatlon
of the site for the new penitentiary, wbich'was
read the first time.
' Mr. SLUS3ER, from the seleot committee,
to whom wa referred 8. B. 141 Providing for
tne manuiactureof gas.ln the Fenitenusry re
ported the same back, amended, by inserting a
new bill after the enaotlne- clause. 1 - "'
t Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, explained at length
the provision of this amendment, and quoted
s number of facts and statistics to show that
th manufacture of gas in th prison would be
economical ,' ,,
Mr. VORIS aurreested tbat the committee
inouui nave oommuincatea tne ieou ou wnioa
i i . . ' . .. .. . . i . .
they based thir renort. i i .
i Mr. CARLISLE moved that the bill belaid
on the table and printed.
mr KUiJiNHUiN said it was not necessary to
print tbe bill, since it was as plain as It could be
tbat it simply provided tbat a certain party snau
ba permitted to put np gas works in the Prison, at
bin own expense, with the understanding tbat tbe
Stat (Shall buy the gat of him for the State
noute, rriron, and otner state institutions, at
$3 per 1,000 feet, with the privilege of taking
tbe work oft bla bands at cost price within ten
year. -- 1 '
. Mr. CARLISLE laid tbat on bearing tbe bin
read, ble view of it were so modified that be
wa only th hotter oonvinoed of the propriety
of printing tbe bill, and he would, therefore,
insist on bis motion. 1 - "
After some further discussion, the House ad-
ourued. . ; -ji ! ...
THURSDAY, A. M., April 4th—1861.
Prayer by Rev. Mr. Morris. . ; , j 1
H. B. No.. 99, b Mr. 8CHIFF To repeal
sootion second, third and fourth of an act en
titled "an aot to amend tbe act to Incorporate
tbe town or Clifton, in Hamilton -county, and
establishing tbe Clifton election precinct," pass
ed March 22, 1851.
H. B. No. 153, by Mr. CONVERSE TO
provide for tbe relief of turnpike and plank 'road
companies in certain cases. ': -
H-II. Wo. 3UD, by Mr. DEVORE To prevent
bankers, broker, and other persons, from re
oeiviog or paying out tbe notes or issue of specie-paving
banks at a less rate than par.
1 u. a. no axn, oy mr. ouu n, ot warren-
Supplementary to an aet entitled an aot for tb
encouragement oi agriculture. -
.. H.u. wo. 437, by rar. vincisnt To au
thorize tbe sale of oertatu Western Reserve
school lands. School Committee.
S. B. No- 383-For tbe relief ot A. W. Ayres
at Co., contractors tor convict labor. '
S. B. i No.- 289 Supplementary to and to
amend section 13, 14 snd 16 of the act for the
appointment, and a more thorough system of
accountability or oiuoers ot tbe Uhio fenitentia
ry, fixing their compensation, prescribing their
duties, aud determining tbe manner or working
the convicts, passed March 24, 1860. "
Tbe roregoiog werereterred to tbe committee
Of tbe Wnole-exccpting H. B. No. 437.'
H.B. 428, by Mr. ANDREWS, on leave-
To amend section one of an act entitled an aot
te amend sec, ions five and six of sn act enti
tied "an set regulating the mode ot administer
ing assignments in trust ror tbe benefit ot cred
itors," passed April b, IBS. . ., ...
Tbe bill passed yeas 24, nays 0. , ,
It was amended so at to provide that assign
ees may tell and .compound claim adjudged
desperate Jinder tbe same circumstances a prt)
vided for selling and compounding auch -claim!
by executor and administrators; .it permit th
lale of personal property without .'requiring the
lame to bring two-thirds or ita appraised vaiue
when the Probate Court shall so order; and it.
also allows the assignee to, file a petition for
sale of real estate in th Court of Common
Pleas,' while the same Is encumbered with liens,
or when questions of title are be to settled.
Mr. FERGUSON From tb eommlttee 00
Municipal .Corporations, . recommended : tbe
passage of H. B. No. 336, relatlog exclusively
to Cleveland, providing a special mod of as-
teasing corner lot for sewerage purposes. 'The
bill passed yeas 84, aaya 0, . .. .1 "
- Mr. COX From tbe committee on Agricul
ture, recommended the passage of H. B. No.
426, appropriating $1,600 from the Agricultural
Fund, distributed by the State to county so
cieties to pay tne expenses era commissioner
to tbe World's Fair at London in 1863, "and
other expenses Incident to a fair representation
of tbe State's agrioultural and mechanical In
terests at tbat exhibition. ' ,-..,, v
Mr. JONES moved to amend so tbat tbe ap
propriaUon shall bs made from the State Treas
ury, snd to refer tbe bill witu instructions to
amend in accordance therewith. Agreed to.
Mr. MONROE, from tbe Sobool committee,
recommended the passage of H. B. 450 Fur
ther defining the duties of Bosrds of Ednoation
for incorporated towns, villages and indepen
dent sobool districts, which requires such Boards
to mak returns, to couaty Auditors, of sueh
sobool statistics as ths Sobool Commissioner
may require. - The bill passed yea 27, nay 0.
Mr. MONROE, from the same committee,
recommended the passage of H. B. No. 434. bv
Mr, Wright, of Hamilton To extend the time
for allowing the lessees of section 29, ia Spring
field township, Hamilton county, to surrender
their leases and recti v deed.,. Agreed to, tnd
tb bill passed unanimously.'. 1 - -Also,
recommended tbe passage of H. B. No.
400, by Mr. Schiff To amend tbe third section
of tbe "act to provide for tbe sale of eection
sixteen, in Delhi township, in tbe county of Ham
iltoD," passed March 14, 1837. Agreed to,
and the bill passed unanimously. , -.- - -. .
. Also, recommended the passage of H. B. No.
413. bv Mr. Wood To extend the time of nav.
ment of section sixteen, in the township of Eri
nd Clay, being school lands, in Ottowa county,
Uhio. Agreed, to end tne, dui passed unani
mously. .,. , 1 1 I.i15j:lj'
' Also, recommended tbe psasag of. H. B. N
387, by Mr. Monaban To Jrelieve the , law
Bee, assignees and equitable holder of tbe Un
told school land belonging to town number 3,
range number 11, in tbe Obio Company' pur
chase: and to authorize the leasees, assignees
snd equitable holders of said lands to Buneader
their leases and receive deed,. Agreed to, and
tbe bill passed unanimously. ., . . , , ,
Mr. SPRAGUE, from the Enrolling commit
tee, reported tbe enrollment of sundry bills.
Mr. PERRILL, from tbe Agricultural com
mittee, recommended tbe indefinite postpone
ment of the "flood-wood" bill Si B. No. 248,
Agreed to. . . , . .. ; v
Mr. MOORE, from tbe committee on Conor
tion other than Municipal reported back H.B,
345 Supplementary to the act of, 1852, con
cerning incorporated companies without, re
commendation. . Tb bill passed. ,' It , merely
extend tb privilege of manufacturer to, tbe
manufacture or artioles . not enumerated ,in
tk.la at rtt InwwmAratlnn
lUCir uw wa lutvi sswa wawawa , ( ! y i I'M
Mr. HOLMES, from tb Agricultural com
mittee, asked discharge trom further consider
ation of a memorial concerning running at large
orcatue. Agreea 10. , - ,(, .,, ,,u
: Mr. COX. frotd tb lame oommlttee',, asked
discharge frotr certain memorials on the same
law, and tbat they be referred to the. Select
Also, for discharge from a memorial oonoern
log ths running at large of stoclf on Klly' 11
and.' " ' ' ; ' , . ,,. t
Mr. COLLINS, from the Select committee
on the game law, reported back the Senate and
House bills, and they were ordered , to be print
ed. ". ' ". ., . ',. .
Mr. BONAH, from tbe Agrioultural eomrait,
te, asked to be discharged from further com Id -eration
of tbe petition or E. T. Siurtevant and.
others,' for a law making th stealing of bees a
peniteoiiaryonence. Agreed to.. ; , ,a
Mr. COX, from the asm committee, reported
back tbe World' Fair bill.ameuded according to
Instruction above, which amendment was
Mr, SCHLEICH moved to amend that the
Commissioner shall ba appointed by the Gov
ernor. Agreed to,
. The bill as amended appropriate $1,600 from
I th State Treasury to pay tbe expense of a I
Commissioner to tne World' Fiir-H btl
pointed by the Governo.' i Coromiseloner to
lrnrent tli Lnl,,rw1i of the State. udwbO
shall oolleot samnles of woods, minerals and ag
riouiturai prodnots, f t., aro coiki an iniorma-
lion lor tne Denent 01 the fiaie. i - ;.. ,
ine uui wa tui yeae t i , '
Mr. COX moved to reconsider the vote, and
ay tbe motion on the table.
Mr. SCHLEICH oblecud to1aylug"'thi mor
on en tne tame.
(CitU XX la
tUm ka th uKia.a arAi.iH rin .hat u bad never
done before. He demanded tbe yea and nays,
and the motion to lay on the table wa agreed 1
to yeas in, nays o, ; r f? - T IT ( iW
Those who voted in tbe affirmative were,
Messrs. Breck, Bonar, Cox, Ferguson, Fisher,
Harsh, Holmes, Jones, Laskey, McCall, Morse,
l.rotts.Jr-otw n,
Sprague, and White 19.
1 nose wno voted in tne negative were.
Messrs. Brewer, Cuppy, Foster, Key, Moore,
Newman, eoblelon, and pmun .'r-r -. -rr -7 ;
Mr. JONES, from the Judiciary "Committee,
reported an amendment to S. B. No. 258 To
fund the no&ting debte or cities ot tne second
das. A creed to. and tbe bill was engrossed
and read a third time , and it failed to pass yea I
1 J, nay 11.
A motion bv Mr. juwt.3 to reconsider wa
tabled. . . ...
Mr. KEY said th principle or tb bill istbat
cities may pay their current expenses by putting
them Into the form of a funded debt. He hoped
I. "uyiu patio. .... , , . ,..,:..,..,
Mr. MaCALL, irom tbe committee ou Koaui
and Hiehwavs. recommended indefinite post
ponement of H B. No. 377, amending tbe road
aot. - Laid on tno taoie. ,. , T. .,
The Senate took a recessi '
Praver be Rev. Mr. Graver.
; The following memorials were presented and
referred.u . . ,-r
Bv Mr. COOVER: frdm John Lawrence, and
nt iHnniiHimira rmint. inr anilinr.
ity to build a bridge over tbe Miami Kiver, at
By Mr. REES, of rranklin, from Jf. ruiier,
and 23 other, of Franklin County, for an ar-
rancrement to nav the State debt.
By Mr. REID, from A. II. Baughman and
25 others, of Greone county, for certain regula
tions in the disposition ef citv prisoners in tbe
oounty jail.. .... . , r
Tbe following bills were read a second time
and referred: -. : - r
H.B. Wo. 4ub, by Mr. BALDWIN TO limit
tbe fees of coonty auditors. Finance. ' a-
H. a. Wo- 4b, by Mr. BllUW WE, of Miami
to require tbe payment by railroad compa-
Dies of thoir Indebtedness in specie or the notes
of specie-paving bauk of the btato or Ohio
C... O .....
H. B. No. 4G8 Supplementary to an aet to
provide for tbe leorganizatioo, supervision and
maintenance of common schools, passed March
i,iood. scooois aou ocuooi Lanos.
H. B. Wo.4blf, by Mr. bCUl'T.of Wsrren
To abolish the office of steward in the different
benevolent institutions , of the State of Ohio,
and to provide for the performance of tbe du
ties heretofore Imposed upon such officer. Be
nevolent Institutions.
II. B. 461, by Mr. WOOD To provide for
till 1.1 l l 1 1 . '
killing blackbirds in Ottowa county.
Mr. WOOD moved tbat the bill be referred
to the committee on tbe Judiciary, which, after
some discussion, wa agreed to.
Mr. Jbssur presented tne memorial or W.
S. Laughlan and 6,957 other citizens of Cincin-
nati, praying for the repeal of the per capita lax
on street railroads, which was referred to the
Hamilton County Delegation.
H.B. 144, by Mr. WK1L.H1', or Hamilton
To amend section 63 of tbe schobl act-rwas
. . J . ' J ii - 1
reau a miru umi, wuou
Mr. WRIOHT, of llamiltoo. said be regard-tin
ed the bill before the House as one ot the most
important tbat bad been before the present
uenerai ntBeuiuij. it uuject was to reuuoe
Bute school Ux. He Jras in favor of sup-
porting entire the common school system by
foal taxation; but wu willing to defer, though
he did it reluctantly, to tbe opinion of legal
gentlemen who regarded State school tax as
a constitutional requirement; In bis Opinion,
justice. and equity demanded an abatement of tbe
burden which tbe Constitution would not
permit to be removed. Tbe object of a
school system is ' not-' to dispense mon
ey, but educatioual privilege. And these
should be equitably distributed. Under tbe
present law this could not be done. In conse-
quenoe of tbe defective mode of. distribution of
the school fund, th favor were unequally dis
tributed. For example, the youth in Carrol and
Medina counties are kept at school two or three
times longer than. ii . Franklin.. or Hamilton
I Tbe cost of education is greatest in the coun
ties that pay an exoesa into lb school fund,
and least in those counties that receive the most
aid from the State. There might be exceptlont
but at a general rule tbia would bs found to be
correct. The duty of the State wa in bis
opinion fully porformed when it had provided
by law for a system of free schools. The support
and management of the schools should be left
to tbe people in their.local Jurisdiction. This
would secure economy and efficiency.
: : Mr. REES, of Morrow, replied:
Mr. SriAxra: Th high esteem In which I
have ever held my frlend.frotn Hamilton em
barrasses me. But the principle of this bill I
can consider in no other light than a strike at
the school aystem of the State. -d
,Tbe sentiment upon' which it based the pres
ent school law of Ohio, presupposes thst the
property of the State should eduoate the child
ren of the State. Now, lir, if .thi sentiment
I erroneous, Hamilton,- more than any other
county in the State, 1 responsible for that sen
timent. The indofatagable labors of the la
mented Prof. Ray, amuel Lewis, Nathaniel
Guilfordr H. H. Barney,- the Kings, the Knowl
tons, and the Aliens, have contributed more
to create tbat sentiment than the same
number of men In any portion of the State, and
Cincinnati may be emphatically called tbe
mother of schools and. colleges; and now that
this principle should react, in tbe person of my
excellent friend from Hamilton, astoulsb.ee me.
Tbe principle tbat requires a county to educate
ber own children would require a township, a
school district, snd each individual, to eduoate
their own children., . r T . -,-
.: The Government has made a bequest to the
onuuren oi unio, and it is tbe duty of tbe Re
presentatives to proteot this Interest, Tbe school
lands of Ohio, at ths last valuation, were valued
at $17 6U per acre, which Is a sum sufficient to
endow all the school of the State. These lands
have been disposed of by the State. It now
becomes the duty of the State to protect the edu
cational Interest of ber'ohildreflY -,
Mr. STOUT said he wa aorry, though not
surprised, si tne course pursued by bis Iriend
from Hamilton, whom hs bad always most
highly esteemed from his first acquaintance, the
whole period ot which bad been marked with
opposition to our present system of ths distribu
tion or tne aonooi tund, up to this time stead
ily laboring to; ttk from the'weako countiaa
the advantage they derive from the nreient
system. The practical effect of thii bill will be
tbe destruction of our school system, under
which we have grown great, Tbe book ia nicely
..... ... .-
guuea ana osuea, ana we are expected to twal
low It, In tbia bill. But wa could not be to
easily oapturedv-r , , -".-v -,-y TiTtnT
,Mr.J0NA3 sachet the days of the open
Ing ol the school system were different, with
Cincinnati, from the present. Then abe was
prosperous in trade, and ber taxoe light. Now
she is burdened down with taxes, her trade it
crippled, and her manufactures are cut down by
the loss of Southern trade. Cinoinnatl Is: not
as able now to pay foU.UOU ad ah was $300,000
a short time sgo. Tbe taxes must bs reduced;
aud It will be Impossible to supply to the school
i una tn amount that it ba formerly received
from the oounty of Hamilton, r
, Mr. HILLS had boped that thi bill would not
bepr eased upon tbe House. This bill doe not
propose to alter tbe manner of .distributing the
bvuuvi iuuii, urn, it propose to cut oown Ibe tax,
sod thus cut off tbe fund, and in effect prevent
the distribution. Mr. H, referred to theststl
tie of th distribution, to tbow that the propor
tion oi onuareu enumeraiea in Hamilton county,
. I L ' ! L Jl... . . .
a tue iinni vi uiunuuuou oi us SChOOl fund, It
grsatar than in any - other - countythat "-ths
money appuea to tne eaueatien of children at
tending school In thst county wss soven dollar
per beaeVwblle In Medina county It ia oulj thre
and a half. He further analysed .the facts, to
show that tbe fund is distributed as favorably ss
Id' any jo tbe part of the State- -l A, '
Mr.(McCLUNG laid bt disliked to out off the
discussion, of tbe bill, but be wss admonished
by the state of business that the time should be
'economised; and . hs.lherelore . demanded i the
tlraviou nueation. . 'ry '-"i
upon I
Mr. BALDWIN moved that the bill belaid
table, which was agreed to yeat SB,
nayi 86. t Ui - d i
11. B. No. 362. bv Mf - SHAW To preserve
the purity of elections was read, a third time
aud pajsed yeas 68, nays 21 . ' , -s
H. B. No, 366, by Mr. BALDWIN Pretorib
Ing the fees of county treasurers was reid a I
ra u-...l,.A-w .t.iMM. m-.mu -I
tuiru ttiuv nuu ..
Mr. JONAS moved toamend by mklng It to
Uk effect In September, 1803 .W 'i : i
Mr. BALDWIN approved this amendment
it would materially aaeot tbe obeots or me
bill.inK v
a a- ittnti
WRIfiHT.-of .Hamiltot moved 'to
amend, by providing tbat this bet shall not take
effeot as a to. .Treasurer now .incumbent cr
leonj ' it. i isr ;rr- J .oh
Mr. JONAS withdrew bit smenament.
Mr. VINCENT opposed the amendment, a
th bill in iU present form obviated the, Pbjeor.
lions of ibe friends of the amendment. P - - -Mr.
ANDREWS .favored this amendment,
and approved the passage of tbe bill, at least so
far as applies to any treasurer now in ofuoe or
eiectea to tne ouice- r artner man tnis, tne dui h-
nears to interfere with the effect of the Indepen-
dent Treasury law, which be would not oooaent
to toucn in a jot or tutie. ,
ou. utittruuK. supported tne Din on tne gea
leral principle tbat the salaries should b re-
duced. r n , i"tT".ni
The House then took a recess.
V f- VO'I T i
HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. THURSDAY, April 4, 1861. [For the Statesman.]
a nine cioser scrutiny .uwerreu m u mi uB
n..tnn nartmeuts of the State and nation (not excepting
Cot,. MANrrcNNTi-r-Iq the Columbus Oatellt,
of th 99th ult-i are two editorial artiolea dedi
cated to tbe author of the minority report of the
Seleot Committee, on the Idlotio School.'' We
nave, inoeeu.atruca upon-strange time. 11 m
membtr of the Legislature discharges theduties
assigned him, under the obligations of bis oath
of office and attempts to expose the evils that
exist in any of the departments or institutions
of the State, ome filthy wretch is alway found
ready to lend or nirenimseu to tneir protection,
and wining to maae personal atiaca uFuu
member who boldly does bis duty, ir there ws
tne.uovernorsuip oi w lueiiw,; i
much better for the people. x ours, so.,
Sketch of the Life of William Howard Russell.
of trial-trips, sblp-launcbee, ate, nanog ai
the ways bad a great taste for nautical matter. On
Wm. H, Russell, Journalist, and correspoa-
dent of the London Tim: in tbe Crimea, was
,. i pabUn, in th year-1816. ' His parents
ware eneaeed in trade, aud tbe young Irish
m-n. bavins: displayed considerable ability at
gnhool celebrated among tbe middling classes ol
his native capital, completed his education at
Trinity College. On leaving tbat seat of learn-
Inn-. Mr. Rumell. with that "asoiriue vein" ne-
o; . . .. . ... " ,, I
cuuar to tne native or tun --ureeo - aw, ro-
.ni.od unnn a trial of his fortune at tbe English
bar. took uo his residence In London, and en-
tered himself at tbe Temple . as a student of
law. -He soon discovered that
the probability
of his reaching the woolsack
wss extremely
slender: and having been Introduced by an un
cle, largely connected with tbe prers, to tbe
managers of tbe 7"im newspaper, he obtained
a aituation on i their staff as a reporter. Mr.
Russell wa now th right man in tb iignt
vz: .... :-i?-v..c,i.vj1-i:: -
-1 , i . ,t
1 1 ne raoiaitv witu wmcu uik uuies urn-
pared, and the admirably concise detail afford
ed by mem, soon oecame a suoject oi remara
in the newspaper world; and very shortly after
ward Mr. ' Russell received an oiler from Ibe
proprietor of tbe Morning Chronicle, thepecnnl
ary advantsge'of which was auqh as to indure
him to scceot it. He remained on tbe staff ol
tbe Morning ChronieU for some years until, on
the naner chancing hands: be declined to receive
reduction of salary, and returned to the ser-
. ... ..... 1 . r . .
y)M 0 the iimtf. . Mr., nusseil, a a reporter
th caller of the House of Commons, was
selected for every occasion requiring .peculiar
vividness of description and wroteall aceounts
tb outbreak of th Russian war, be wa depu-
ted to be tbe special correspondent of tbe Time
ia the Crime, and wa successful with bis very
first letter in attracting publio attention.
I With they exeentlon at "a. aoionrn of a month
at Tberapia. where be went for tbe benefit of
bis health, Mr. Kusseii uvea witn tne rourtn
Division of tbe army from their first landing In
the Crimea; among wboa hit kind beartedness,
talents and loviality bare rendered him an es
pecial favorite, t Hi letters, from the .Crimea
ubiinnentfv nnblished in one volume Un-
I der th title or ? 3ritUk Exptdition to ihe
Crimea. Beside bis conneetlon with tbe news
papers already mentioned, Mr. Russell has been
Loudon correspondent to one or two Irish jour.
cats, and a contributor. to. Houtektld Wordt,
BtntUy miietllany, 6lq. .,1a 1d57 be delivered
a series of lectures in London snd the provinces
on thCrimeen Wero He wss the special cor
respondent of the London Timet la Iudia doting
the terrible Sepoy insurrection, and thereby
added to bit reputation- He declined, on ac
count of the etate of bit health, to "write up,"
for the Tmet, tbe Italian war between France
and Sardinian and Austria, in WW; and upon
bis retirement be wss liberally pensioned by the
ZtmeeV-After bis return to bngiand, be be
came tb editor of Tht Atntf tnd iVaey Qateitt,
a new publication, which position be still holds.
He Is now traveling through this country, aa the
spocial correspondent of the London Timet, to
ketch with hi grsphlo and vigorous pen tbe
present deplorable condition of -our domestic
l ' aa.
. Whatever disposition tbe Administration
bave determined to make of Forts Sumter and
Pickens, the evacuation of tbe New York Tri
buna is certainly. Mr. Lincoln's policy The
following persons attached to that paper have
been appointed thut iart W . H. Fry, editor,
Secretary of Legation to Sardinia: Richard Hit
dretb, editor, Consul to Tripoli; James S. Pike
("J. S.P."), correspondent from Washington,
Minister Reaideot.to tbe Hague; James E.
Harvey, Washington Reporter, Minister Resi
dent to Portugal: .'These appointments,' except
the last,' were Mr.Lincoln'a, regardless of Mr.
Seward, wbo bear tb Tribune no lov.' There
are two other amlicanta from that naner for
appointments which, if made, will require their
absence from the Tribunt office- lf a clean
sweep could be mad of tbat concern, and the
entire staff editorial sent to the furthermost
parts of tha earth, it would be a good thing
ror tbe country. ; ..,, ,t..,-
I . i , . w i .; .ii.:.
Chevalier Bertinattl; tbe t representative, at
Washington, of Sardinia, wa on -Wednesday
formally presented to the President ia bit new
character of Minister . Plenipotentiary..,', The
rresidenti.m cordially welcoming bim, ex
pressed the pleasure with which , be bailed the
new position which Sardinia now hold in the
tmllyoCn,BonMr ,(, j iJjj
The rush thus far for office exceedt that of
Buchanan's and Pieroe's administrations four to
one. Members and ex-members of Congress
are numbered amongst tbe most hungry and fe
rocious of all applicants. . .
- . - ' - :" rvt r ,
Sketch of the Life of William Howard Russell. The Universal Cough Remedy in Cases of
Whooping Cough.
I .wao t Mfj - . ii .- i iw. -e
There are probably more cases of Whooping
Cough continued to great length of time by the
use of Remedies containing expectorants, which'
not only aggravate the Cough.jbut run down the
system, making the cough fatal, or producing
consumption, tnanoy any otner cause. . i bis is
completely obviated , la tbo Universal Couch
Remedy,!) whloh' contain i nothing to produce
nausea or prostration; and tn cougu yield nat
urally, while th system is eustained.- Result
justify thi deolarationrand mil are asked to
satisfy themselves by trta.l , See advertise-,
mnt. - i"i-i..-: 1 '
Li .ii la "J ei-:.i rt ir
UTAny of our reader afflicted with SciorOLA
or (Scrofulous complaioti.r will, do well to read
tn rsmaru i owaavriisingMuinu respeov
lug It. But little of the nature of thi disorder
oas been known by tne peopin, ana tue oiear ex
position br it there given will prove acceptable
and useful... we nave ions eamirea tne search
Ing and able manner i whloh Dr., ATI treat
every subject be touches: whatever has bit at
tention at ali, ba a greI deal of it; he mas
ter what he undertakes, abd bo on wbo bat a
particle' of feeling for .hi afllioted fellow-man
can look with indifference upon ' hit labor for
the nick; Read what he say of Scrofula, and
see In how few wordt and bow clearly be tells
us more than we all have known of thi inald-
tout and fatal malady. Saw, Phils.. Ft. '
' XT All should read Prof.' WooiT adrertiee-
peBl in anotbw colunjn -
Pardoned by Mistake.
A good Joke 1 now current In Philadelphia,
with respect to a pardon reoently granted by
Uov. cnrtinor rennsyivania. A worthy tier-
man citizen, wbo reit an interest In a fellow
countryman, named Mlller,eent to the Peniten
tiary not long since, for passing counterfeit,, 4
money, visited tbe Slate capital about a month
ago, for the purpose of procuring a pardon, for
him. After oonsultatioa iwith Ger. Curtiu,
became home with the assurance tbat the par
dor, would be aenton the following morning. .
The oaorra ia th application for a pardon to "
th cue of a young man, named Mitchell, coo-; '
fined lu the Penitentiary for laioeny, were also1'
on file at ' Harrlsburg, and the .Governor, re "
memberlng his promise, but confounding the .
name, had tb neoetsary paper forth pardon' "'
of Mitchell mad out and forwarded at tbe
time designated, The pardon ' of Mltobelt.
though' the result of a mistake, was well de- .
served, as since hi releaie he has given every ' '
evidence ot having become thoroughly reform
ed. Go Mali's well that end well."' ' .
Chicago, U seems, bas amons- its notabili-
tie tbe ion of as English earl, formerly in the
uuaros, now engaged la the by no mean aril- '
tocratioal occupation of packing pork: a on of
,i,.i.i.ni.i,..ri.4 j , t
i, ia. viouv, vi inwuw, nuu a grauuate oi
Oxford, busy in tbe manufacture of sospj a
nepnew ot tne gaiiant Lord Colllogwood, (Nel
son' Colllngwood.) fattening cattle on an ad- '
jaoentfarm; a young ton ot one of England's
noblest families, speculating in wheat and corn;
a reduced but genuine German baron, who has '
hobnobbed with Humboldt and the titled mag
nates of London fashionable circle, dispensing '
lsger beer at half a dime a glass; an accomplish
ed Hungarian coble, engaged in fresco painting
at two dollars a day; and a brother of Charles
Dickens; who bears a striking resemblance to
tbe gifted novelist. ' Ha u ni.ir i tha int
department of the Illinois Central Railroad, and
It is from him that Dickens received the mm
ar plume of "Box.",
Robert Bonner. Era . the Ledp-er man. ha
begun to shine on the road again. Lantern and
mauame wooarun are still among tbe fleetest
ob tbe track, but there's a white-hoofed pony,
driven by a Wall street soribler, tbst can go in-"
side the pair-, A a general thing, Bonner goes
st a three-and-a-half rate or, as he calls it, a
"JOg." . -
or Seminal Weakne, Sexual Debility, Nenrouanea,Ia '
voluntary Emiulona and Impotenoy, resulting from
Self-abuie, fco. By Robt. i. Oulverwell, M. D. Bene
under aeal, in a plala envelope, to any addrej,poit '
paid, on receipt of two a tempi, by Dr. OtlAS. j. 0
KI.INK, 127 Bowery, New Yoik. Post Office Box. Nj
4.B6. v --t-y-, s-v maK!l:3md(iw
For tall I HKOAT and
Including WHOOP1NU
OOCflll, and ererr
Complaint tha foreran
uer of and even actual
Tli Creat RETJHALe ,
&.ICUKniUV and Nat-,
mal OPIATK, adapted
to csrery species of Ner
von Cotuplaintti, Ner
one and C It r o n 1 e
Headache, tilieiimn
tiara, ejatarrli, Xootb
and Ear Ache Lose I
Sleep, and Bowel Com
No real Jnttlc can be done tha above preparation
bot by procuring and reading detcrlptlv pampbleit.s
b found with all dealer, or will be tent by proprietor
on demand. Formula! and Trial Bottlet aent to rtiyal
clang, who will find development In both worthy their
acceptance and approval. n
OornMpondenoe ollelled from all whote ncceeaitlct ot
eariotity nrompute a trial of the above reliable Kemoi ,'
for ml by th ntual wholesale and retail dealer "
rs-. CHtMisTND rHAaaAcitrriST, t .i 'i
"Ho. 9 Commerelal Wharf, Boston, Kata.
Eobertt Al Samnel, N. B. Marple, J. R. Oook, J. U
Den Ig, e. Deolr at Sons, A. J. Schueller a Bon, Aitente
for Ooluaabu. Ohio. ; aoyl-dljr
In all taatabfooetlvai,dy(p4pila,llllou aiid nver
affection, pilot, rheumatlna, lever and .., etetl
sate bead tch, and all pnsral derangamenU of health' I
the Pill bar Invariably proved a certain and speedy
remedy. - A stogie trial will plant tb Lint Pills serosa
tb reach ofoompetltlon In the ettlmatloa of every pa-
, Sr. Ifoffat'i PbcenU Bitten will be found equally ef. -,-poadoat
ht all caaet of nervous debility, dyspepsia, hfad '
ache, the tickneat Incident to female indelicate health, ..
and every kind ef weakness of th digestive organs. 1
lor sale by Dr. W. B. KOJIAT, 335, Broadway, M. T.
and by all Druggltt. . I i i ,: , , -, ayj-dkwly
; Tte following' ii an extract from a t
letter written by th Bev. J. 8.' Holme, patter ol th '
Plerrepolnt-Street Baptiat Church, Brooklyn, V. T.,to
tb "Journal and Meeaenrer," Olnelnnati, O.,aod (peaks
volume hi favor of that world-renowned medicine, Has.
Wnmow't Sootnise Sraor roa Obilmx Turrnniai;, ' ; ",;
''We ace an advrtltment In your eolnmn ofVa
WiwtLow' SooTinie STRor. Now we never aalda word -In
favor of a patent uedlciae before tn onr life, butwa ",
fetleompolledtotay to yonrreadtrt that tbltiino hum
bug wiaav Taits rr, amd enow it to aa ail it
cuiih. It I probably on of tb moat neeeHral medf-'
sine of th day, beoaut it 1 one of th belt. And iheae :
of your reader who have bande can't do better than -
lay ina tupply." - 0c7:lydw
I OoLDHiua, April 8, ltXll. J :
Sayings Banlc of Cinoinnsiti. .n .
culaUng Nut of th Having! Bank of Cincinnati
will preunt ihe tame at tbia oBlo fer redemption, where
Uiey will be paid In full. . '
aprldlm . A. P. BTOSg.TreaiurerofBUte. ,
j Moiy. iEvening, April 8.
grand; concERT
cletyof LADIKSand OfiNTLBUKM Sill appear for
th Brat time safer the titJaeas of Ooluiabu, on ., ,
Monday Evening, April 8, at Armory Hall. v -'
The moat attrtlv and entertaining programmi ever
offered to eurmuilo loviog eommuully.
hjr oi open at7; to eommene at 8 o'clock."' rtt''Tl
Prlcw. of AdtBttaion, SSeant. Ticket eta bt bad at ""
Woe', teltier Jk Webtter'i Uuilo Btoroi.aud at
UiyfHor.' ' - ' ,l
, ap8 Journal and Orttit copy.' '''" " :'" ' ""'
One of the meet Chwlco and Elerstnt " '
", i'Jo;i' .. t- il f" a
Spring1 asS - Sn laiii.cr rillineiy"
j ( '',
Ml P.
p Lir.i p.Torj'Cj
148 SOUTH niGM T.' :,'1
I 'J f . 'pdll
X my location, I hav takea Boom Mo. 14, Butt Toau T
treet. Walcnt'abnllrilnv. nnnoaiU franklin Bank.whaia
I hop to ace all my old patron. -,(. ,
I hav iuitratnriicd from Kew Tork wllh a lart lot
ofnew ft-j j a rt 1 i A ::.' .. -...-. ,. -
of lb wry lattitityiettiuialto.liH Uie.
lft 'Si lra-w
for ladle and ebilinn't wearing apparel. 1 Oatl and H
toon- - S8. A. 11 tJCLLS. ' molt
Oolumbut, April -dl ' ' . , -.-1
WAN T 14 D A r; rt TO SJKLL .
Dackarea of .. 8T AT iON Al BY and ' JBWBLkV.att
price one-lblr le tlian an be parchaaed elarwhere 7
Call on or aadrea (etanp aolocd) J, L. BAILEY, Ho.sv
lid Court it., Boten, Wiuw. march S8:d3m.

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