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Tbe Adams Express Company place, n i dally
uudcr obligation to it fortheerj latest papers
Irom the cistern cities. .. , ' .. ' ,,-
The Amorlcan Express Company has our
th, , k for its dally latere In tbe shape of the
very latent eastern papers.
Houai9.-If Ju hae me' "Ha tbe following
u. u .in hnr leneruaal. Hard times are
at hand j 8,11 must learn retrenchment and econ
nmv - '
in orent source of distress to many Is the
hiring ot more expensive houses than they can
afford. You don't want double parlors. A
sunny little parlor is sufficient, and tnen too win
be obliged to retreneh on psrtles. If there is
not enough closet room, you win oe oub
retrench on your wararooe. 11 nor i.
eery, you will have your children w ,B
the open air, whero they ought to be. If there
is do smoking room, you will bate to drop tbe
nraoiioo ot smoking, me emener jour
is, tbe less room you have to iurnisb, warm, ana
v..n ni.n w, h nen kitchens as pleas
ant as parlors, their presiding geniuses more la
dylike than half our. millionaire's wires. If
tbere is the gouuine sparkle in a oiamona, it
will be ns bright In tne Kitcneu as id me pnur.
If peoplo really want to live more cheaply, let
them abudon the gilded palaces that entail an
almost endless expense. Let women give np
the rain idea of makinj a show, and try, Instead,
to mike happy homes. A great deal
more, perhaps, than tbe world imaginesde
pends upon houses."
Tm Battlb of Lint. Read and treasure up
the wisdom contained in the following ssnten
n. wtl nf life. In bv far the creator cum
ber ot cases, muBt necessarily be fought op hill;
and to win it without struggle were, perhaps, to
win it without honor." If there were no diffioul
ties, there would be no success; if there were
nothing to struggle ior, were wouiu oe uumiujj
to achieve. Difficulties may intimidate the
weak, but they act only as a stimulants to men
of Dluck and resolution. All the experience of
life, indeed, serves to prove that tbe impedi
ments thrown in the way of human advance
mcnt mar, for tbe most part, bo overcome by
steady good cooduotr honest seal, aotlvity, per
severance, and above all, by a determined reso
lution to surmount difficulties and stand np
manfully against misfortune. Let young men
.h ... -A.riv m iild to trlfline obstacles, and
accustomed to "faint by the wayside," think of
these things. . .
Nw Buildiko. Mr. John Naoohtow pur
chased on the 1st Instant, of Mr. NoRTHor.tbe
property on the N. E. corner of High and Chapel
streets, lor $16,000. Mr. Nadohton has com
menced the work of demolition preparatory to
erecting a four-story iron front building, to be
finished by November next. Mt will be 40 feet
front on High street, running back 100 feet on
Chapel street. The first story will contain two
store rooms 100 feet deep, and a broad stair
way. The second story will be partitioned off
Into snnll rooms for offices. The third story
will oompriso a large hall, convenient of access,
fitted up for concert purposes, and finished in
the latest style. The building, when completed ,
will be one ot the most imposing in the olty.
UTA District Convention of the offloers and
teachers of the Methodist Episcopal Churches
will be held on Wednesday, the 10th inst.in
the Town St. Church, commencing at 10 o'olook
A.M. ' '
Also, on Taosday evening,! the 23d Inst.,
thore will be a meeting of offioers and teachers,
connected with the three charges, tlx: Blgelow
Chapel, Town St. Cburch,,and Wesley Chapel,
fir the purpose of organising a Methodltt Epis
copal Sabbath School Union in this city. r
dentists have groat limes and rich pickings
among the multitudes of decayed teeth arising
from the nie of Impure Sileratus with which
tbe community is flooded. But Jams Pylis's
Dietetlo Sileratus causes great oonsternatlon
among them. It threatens to destroy their
business. , Depot, 345 Washington street, "New
Yotk. Sold by grocers everywhere.
ET Our Publlo Schools will re-open on Mon
day next, tbe 8th Inst., Though the children
hare had a short vacation, they Should be puno
tual in their attendance next Monday, for they
will have a long one next summer- , - ,
of Renresentatives has passed Mr. Kit's Senate
Bill Concerning the Right! and Liabilities of
Women. It has, therefore, become tbe law oi
Ohio. ' ... .
UTThe newly organised muiioal troupe, the
rMiin-Verreln. will make their first appear
aoceat Armory Hall next Monday evening,
the 8th Inst. Every body should go and hear
them. v ;
ST The DemooraU of Truro township car
ried their entire ticket, t the township election
on Monday, April 1, with the exception of one
Constable! . Good for Truro!' ' ; , V
Exchange. Our banks and bankers are sell
ing exohangge,oa New York atfpw &
premium, and gold at & per cent, premium
ST Wild pigeons are selling at fifteen cents a
i' i in ii i ;
HT We congratulate ouf readers hpon the
discovery of, a cur for Rheumatism, Gout and
Neuralgia, and all Mercurial Diseases, which
is effected without tbe use of internal meaioine
which destroy the constitution and give tempo-.
rary relief only., In fact it is tbe only knows
remedy effeotiDd! a perfect , cure, and we" feel
warranted, from Its recommendations, in calling
the attention of the afflicted and those having
friends suffering from , Rheumatism, Gou. or
Neuralela, or tho pernicious effects of Mercury
to the advertisement in another column of onr
paper, Of Dr.Leland's Autl-Rheumalio Band,
Paor, Wood's RIstobatitb Cobdi al and Blood
Rinoatob1s. without doubt, the beet topie Cor
dial in the world, to those who are suffering from
General Debility we would recommend its use
far while it Is nleasant to the taste', It is strength.
enlnc to the system, and will at once tend to
remove all' impurities of the Blood, and eradi
cate all traces of disease. ,'It can be taken, by
the weakest stomach, while Ihose In good health
will at onoe feel Its exhilarating power.' We are
confident that after using on bottle of this Cor
dial, none will be for a day without lt.-jVVu
' i i i mi ii i 1 1 1 1 t y.i :r.
Rrvm We mut bne of onf friends tetterdav
on Broadway, and were astonished at the ohange
In lila annaranoo.1 A feW Weeks BRO W Saw
Kim. hn was bale, lean and dejeotedt eomolaln
.-Ins; of weakness and debility, having been so
aiUicttd all summer, imow neappoa eu owiat,
haaith and atronc. Wi learn be owed ua res
toratloa entirely to MoLiah's) Stuiqthenino
We advise all who are complaining of Gen
Aral Dehlltt (a trv It: it. is certainly a rary
pleasant remedy.. Wi learn that there are large
quantities of U selling dally Aferaifiy Htrtli
'M ? M4MaAMkfk(xaaMawaW' k rl t ' l l
- OT R.' KikATXic,:iI6,"; 165 South , High
S treetr'bas a very choice aawaruaent of Gold and
silver Watches, fine Jewelry, Clocks, Silver
p.4 Fisted, Ware, prices to iol( tht time.
Arrivals and Departures of Mails.
Arrivals and Departures of Mails. DEPARTURES.
. Malli (or New Tor City. Borton, Albany. Buffalo,
Plttiburgh,. Haubenvllle my. Cleveland, ZaalU,
nawark. Qranvlll. Washington uuy, Baltimore, vmia.
delphla ud New Orleans, clott daily (Bandars xcpt
ed)at7Ji o'olook p. m.
A through nail lor Now York and OUveUnd lot
daily laundaye xcpta; ai l o'olook p. m
O. O.AO. B. K. way Ualloloeea dally (Sundays x
OODUd) at 1 o'olook D. m.
Central Ohio Way Mall clottt dally (Sundays xcpted)
at i o ciocx p. m.
Cincinnati way Mall olotei dally (Bundayl exoepUd) at
i o ciocx p. m.
Ohicaio. Dubuane. Delaware. Marlon and Worthlnt-
ton AUIl eloae dally (Sunday xoptd) at 1 o'olook
D. m.
Main for Xenix. Bprlngneia, V ay ton. Toledo, uineln-
nau. inaiauaDoiia. iiouiaviu.. Di. liouu. ana Detroit.
eloiei dally (Bunday xopted) at7 p. m.
A through mall to Xeuia, Springfield and Cincinnati
oiont daily ( sunaayt exoepteaj ai i o'clock p.m.
Urban, Piqua, Tiflln aod Union Olty mall oloies dally
lounuayt oxoepieuj at in o oiocx p m
Porumonth, Waahlngton, O.H , Athens, Marietta and
tiiiiiDorouibi mailioloae dally (Bundaii excepted) at7K
o'clock p. m.
But way Mall bv National Road to Zantnlli. olotei
any tououayo execptea; at ii o oiock a. m.
Ilarrliburgh Mailt olon ilally (dundaya txwpt3) at 1
o'olook p nv.
Mt. Vornrn Mall, bv wav of Wiatervlllo and Runburv.
oioaof aauy (sunuayi exoopun; at i o-ciooa p. m.
uuDiin nail eioaoi aaiiyteunaayf excepteajat i o clock
, m,
Hails from New York. Button. Philadelphia. Alban.
PltUburuh. Olartlaad. Dayton. Toledo. Xenia. Detroit.
Springnsld, Cincinnati, Ohilllootha, Bt. Loult, and all
Southern elliet, arrive bttwetn tbe houn ot 9 o'olook p-
. ana o oiock a. m.
Mailt (ram IndianaDolla, Ohloaao and Dubuaoe. arrire
at a:w a. m.
Mailt from Wathlngton Olty, Baltimore, Wheeling,
ZaneavlUe, Newark, Bleubenville, Mt. Vernon, and the
. O. B. B. way Mall, arrive at SX o'clock p.m.
Way Mail from Cincinnati, arrire at o'clock p. m
lancaatar Mall arrlvea at 3K o'clock d. m.
I ait Way Mall over the NaUonal Road, arrlvei at 11
clock am.
Mt. Vernon way Mall arrlvei at 11:00 a. m.
Mail from Dublin arrlvea at S o'olock p. m.
Urbana Way Mail arrlvea at 8 o'clock p. m. "
Hrrl.hn..h aUll artWaa al 11 o'olock a. m.
Offloa dellvenr onen ereir day (except Sunday,) (rom
7K o'olook a. m. to 8 o'olock p. m. Open on Sundaye
from TX to l o'olock in the morning, and rrom o 10 o in
JOSEPH DOWDALL, P. M. Rail Road Time Table.
Aooommodatlon S.10 A. M.
No. 8 Ex 8.30 P.M.
Right Kxprew 8.4J A.M.
9.1SP. M.
3.30 P, M,
8.43 A. Mi
1.40 P.M.
OLivtLaKD, OoLonaoi fc Ohioixmati S. R,
Iipreat and Mall 3.00 P. M.
Night Ixpreaa 3:2S A. M,
l :M)A. U.
Correal. Onto B. B. ' i
Xxprett Train
3.00 K. M
9.40 I. M.
S0 A. M,
aiail xram
8 x0 P. M.
Xxpraet Train 3:00 A. M. 8.30 P. M.
Mail Train 8,40P.M. 8:20P.M.
LOolumbui, Pi qua At Indiana R. R
Ixpreat Train 8:10A.M. 11:10A.M.
Xxvreta Train 8:45 P.M. 8:10P.M.
CoooHS-Tbe sudden oh anees of our ollmat
are sources of rulmonary , ttroncnlal and Asth-
matio Affections. Experience having proved
that simple remedies often aot speedily and
certainly, when taken in the early stages of the
disease, recourse snouia at once oe naa to
"Brown's Bronchial Trochu," or Lozenges, let
the Cold, Coui(b, or Irritation of tbe Throat be
ever so slieht, as by this precaution a more se
nous attack may be euectuaiiy warded on.
rublic Speakers and singers will nnd tnem ef
fectual for clearing and strengthening the
voice. See advertisement. For sale wholesale
and retail, by Roberts & Samuel, No. 24 North
Hien street, o. Bamuel y uo., o. oaesoutn
High street.
Wi Know mo othik Wat. By which yon can
convinced that Guernsey's Balm will posi
tively perform what we say it will, than for yon
make one application out.
O See advertisement of Prof. Millib's
Hair Invlgorator In another column. ,
At half-paat two this afternoon, ALZARITTA, daugh
ot 8. fl. and Maav foam, of this city, aged elev
yean. ,, .
Inaeralfrom Mr. lorrrR't roiidence, corner o( High
and Hound ttrtcU, oa Sunday, to 7th lmt., at S P. M.
Seminal Weakseat, Sexual Debility, Nerromntat, la
rolnntari Emiationa and Impotenoy. retnltlnx from
Self-abnM. Jto. Br Robt. J. Oulverwell. M.D. Bent
under teal, In a plain envelope, to an addrettjioat
paid, on receipt of two ttampt, bv Dr. OUAS. J. O.
KLiNal. mjiowery. new xorx. ronumoe Box.no
For all THBOAT and
ajtjnw aViTia-xjiaxr a ma
Inclndlns; wnoOPIKG
OOTJOI1 sand ewery
Oomplatiit tbe forerun
ner etftand even actual
The Great NEURAL
Old BKMfiDTf and Nat.
nral OPIA'S E, adapted
to every pecleol Nr
Csxanlainta. Ner.
wane and. (Jhrtnlt
Haadaeliaa Hbeama.
alsxn. Vatarrha Vaoth
and Ear Ache mi
a)iep and liowel C'm
plaint. .
Nortat'luttlc can b don the above preparation
but by procuring end reading deicrlptivepampbleti.t
ha found with aD dealer, or will be eenl by Proprietor
on demand. Pormnlaa and Trial Bettlet tent to Phytl
oiant, who will And development In both worthy their
acceptance and approval.
OorreipondeDC tollolted from all who nesenltle ot
eunoiity prompt to a trial ei in aoova rename em
for rale by Ice uiuai wholatai ana retail dealer
JOHN La HTNMETreLL, Preprleto
Ho. 9 Commsrelal Wharf, Boston, Kass-
Boherta A Samuel, tt. B. Marol. J. R. Oook. J. M
Denlx. Q. Denli A Bon, A. i. Bvtmeller A Bon, Agent
for Oolumbut, Ohio. - - myi-aiy
la til oaae of eoatlvniM, dyapepaia, btlllou and Uvr
affecUoni, pllea, rheumatltm, fever and ague, obtrl
sat head aches, and all general derangements of health
then PHI hart Invariably proved a certain and speedy
remtdy. A tingle trial will plao Uj Lid Fill beyond
the reach ofeompetlttonlo the eiUmaOon of every pa
Dr. Moffat's Phamlx Bitten will be found qully f
Aoaeions In aUoatat of nerroui debility, dyspepsia, hjtad
ache, th atekneat Incident to fonales in dtilcat health,
and every kind of weeJtnett of th. dlgettlv organ,
tor sal by Sr. W. B. MOflAT, 335, Broadway, K. T.j
and by all Druggltto. may!2-dfcwl
Th follQwicg ii an extract from a
letter written by the Rev. J. S. Holme, pattst ol th
tMerrtpoint-Strett Baptist .Church; Brooklyn, N. T., to
the" Journal and Menenger," 01nclODatl,O., and ipeaks
volumes Iu faVor of that wotld-renowMd medicine, MtM
Wniiuiw't SooTHut Bracr roa Cmujaan TarrBniai
"Weean advertlamnt.la our oolumnt ofMit
WmtLow't BooTHin Bxaorv How w acrar aalda word
In favor of a ptnndlel before in our life,- bat w
feel compelled to aay to your reader that this I no hum
bur wt at Tkia it, amj (tew it to m atx n
cum, It laorobably nfthe not metenful medi
cine of th day, becaua It I on ol tnabeit.. And tho
of your raadtr who have bable eaa't do better than ,
lay ua tuppiy.1-. t ,. . , , ;yuw
! Monday Evening, April 8."
npnn AnerH new roanizbii sjo-
jLetevof iiADiaaaiMl uanriiatmain wuiappw 101
th nrxt tim bfor the oIuscbs Of volaatbo, on h
. Monday Evening, April 8, B Armory Kail.
The moat attractive and nbtrtalnlngprograaun r
onerw h vuiauai loving oojnmanlty. . n-n i.,t
, ID Doore open at 7; to oaaxMne at 8 o'clock.
Price of Admlialon, 8 oonta. . Tloiat oaa b Bad)
Wood's, Saltaa Waoalert Uuals Store, Stut
p8 ' IJonrualandCritlicopy'.t f
prices -third lata thaa an be purebaMd (leewher
uau on or addreat (.etamp Bctoa; 4. l. BAILS) T,
191 vcun aofwo, cums. . atarcasowa.
From New York.
Vtw Yo. Aorll 4. Qreat aotlvltv orevails
at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, and it is reported
that several vessels of war are expeoted to sail
to-night; orders having been received from
Waibincton to that effeot. Their destination
is unknown.
A special dispatch to tbe Put save It is ru
mored that tbe Southern Commissioners have
demanded the Immediate evacuation of forts
Sumter and Pickens.
Orders have been issued for every naval ves
sel to be put Into rnnning condition. The Ad
ministration is determined to reinforce Fort
Pickens at all hazards
A soecial Calcaeo disnatch to the Post save
tne Dankers are throwing out tbe bins or forty
two banks of Wisconsin. , . .
A soecial disnatch to the Commercial savs the
secretary of tbe Interior bas directed that no
more land warrants be issued from the Pension
offices to citizens oi the seceded States.
E. Delafield Smith was appointed, and took
toe oatn or oUiae, as Uistrtot Attorney oi new
xork, to-day, vice Uoosevelt
The oenaltv im Dosed on the steamer Bienville
nss been remitted. '
Four thousand dollars, worth of elks were
seized yesterday from tbe steamship Cabawba,
out. a line beine Data, they were reieasea.
A special . dispatch to tbe Ctmmtrcial says
JLieut. Uillman bas arrived at W asblngton. lie
states that ereat preparations are being made
to attack Fort Pickens, and the troops are being
drilled daily by Southern officers. An attack
is momentarily expected.
A soecial disnatch to the Timc$ says batteries
on Morris Island fired into an nuknown steamer
last night for not displaying her colors. Major
Anderson Immediately dispatched a messenger
to Gov. Pickens for explanations. Tbe vessel
put to sea. .
Niw Yosa, April 5th. The World'$ Wash
ington dispatch sayst Many consider tbe naval
preparations now coiog on as intended for a
demonstration at St. Domingo; while others
contend tbat tbe revenue is to be collected at
all Southern ports: also, that Commissioner
Crawford has been informed by authority that it
is intended against theboutn.
Tbe Texas troops have been ordered South
Govs. Morton, of Indiana, and Washburne, of
Maine, have bad a loog interview with the
President, ursine the holding of all the forts
at the South, and tho speedy adoption ot a defi
nite policy.
captain Keynoldr, or Texas, denies tbat be
has joined tbe Revolutionists.
Hon. Charles A. Phelos has been aooolnted
Surveyor of Boston. Barrett, editor of the Cin
cinnati Oauttt, is urged for Commissioner of
A Charleston disnatoh to the World savs
there is great activity there, and it is believed
that Sumter will be attacked immediately. It
is reported that orders have been received from
President Davis, to out off supplies from Ander
son, and no more communications be allowed
from Sumter with tbe federal authorities. .
A special dispatch to the Triburu, from Mont
gomery, says that the Southern government is
determined to lake Fort Pickens at all hazards,
and if Lincoln attempts to obstruot Southern
commerce, all northern ships . in southern
waters will be seized.
A Washington dispatch to the Tribune says
instructions have been sent to the squadron off
Pickens to be on the alert to co operate with
Lieut. Slemmer. -
The Attorney General is considering the legal
authority of the President to collect duties on
shipboard, and also his authority to call for vol
unteers. The Cabinet will determine to-morrow
whether to re'nlorce or to evaenate Fort
Sumter. .
Fort Lafayette, in this harbor, has been gar
risoned. Troops from Governor's Island will
proceed to Fort Hamilton to-day, to embark
thence on steamers to parts unascertained. At
the navy yard and all the army depots great ao
tlvity and bnstle prevail, and laborers are work
Ing day and night at the former on war vessels.
JUarg numbers or naval and army officers are
continually arriving, aod reporting themselves
for duty. . , ,
ine Timet' Washington correspondent says,
the revenue laws will be enforced In Louisiana.
No visitors are admitted to tbe War Department
toosy. 'me representatives or tne great rowers
have unofficially expressed a desire tbat the Un
loo should be maintained.
Niw York, April 5. The Herald' $ special
oorrespondenoe says the revolutionary move
ment is progressing in Virginia! 5,000 men
being ready in Richmond to take np arms
against the government.under Ben. McCullocb,
on the first pretex'; and reinforcements are ex
peoted irom JNow Xork, rmiadeipbia ma .Baltimore.
Virginia Convention.
Richmond, April 4. At 12 o'clock tbe debate
wae terminated in the Convention, and after an
ineffectual effort by Mr. Wise to extend tbe
time for explaining the amendment, the Com
mittee of tbe Whole proceeded to vote on tbe
third resolution, which opposes the formation of
geographical or seotional parties in respect to
federal politics. It was adopted.
Tbe 4th resolution was next taken no. On
motion of Mr. Wise it was amended by insert
ing the words "several State!' In. lieu of the
United 8tates; making it declare tbat the ter
ritories constitute a trust to be administered for
the common benefit of the several States yeas
68, nays 66. ...
Two other verbal amendments, onered oy Mr.
Wise, were agreed to,
' Mr. Morion moved to amend bv strikinr out
the last sentence, vis: if the equal admission of
slave and free labor into any . territory exoitcs
unfriendly conniot between tbe systems, a lair
partition of the territories ought to be made and
each system protected within tbe limits assigned
it by laws necessary to Its proper development.
Lost yeas ot), nays UI. . '
rending tbe further consideration or tbe res.
oluttoo, a recess was taken. .;
On re-tsiembllnt:, the 4th resolution, as
amended, was adopted in the Committee of tbe
Wnolev ' V :
Mr. Flonrnoy moved to amend tho 5th reso
lutioa by striking out the words "and to aid in
suppressing ' dometsio insurrection )" thus
making tbe declaration simply tbat tbe leeiti
mate use of . tbe Forts, &c, is to protect the
country egalnst foreign force. . Agreed to 68
tooi. :. . .. .
Two other amendments were rcleoted
Mr. Carlisle moved to amend by .striking out
the whole resolution, which was negatived
ayes 14, nays 115. ,r
Tbe resolution was adopted. - t
i no emu resolution wa aoen Mx.au up.
Mr. H&rvie moved to strike out the whole,
and insert
Rcidved. That an ordinance of secession, re
suming the powers delegated by Virginia, and
providing- ior luomiiunK me same wine quali
fied voters of tbe commonwealth (or adoption or
rejection at tbe polls, at the spring election in
may, snouia oe aaoptsa oy tnis uonvenuon.
Mr. UoRgtn moved to amena by inserting nis
own ordinance, but withdrew it.
Several motions were made that the commit
tee rite, but were all voted down.
Mr. Harvie's substitute was rejected 43 to
89. This was not strlotlr a test vote, but the
Union men were much relolced.
Fending this, the committee rose, ana tbe ton
vention adjourned.. .J-
From Washington.
Washinoton, April 4. The rnlf squadron Is
to be commanded by uapt. Bting ham. Tb re
sons tor the more ate ot tne naval force In tost
quarter are coojeotural. - Tht) extreme eantlon
tbat characterises 'tne Administration on vnis
as veil as other military subjects) ocoaslons
man warlike rnmors. .. i' i-i
Tne rouowine appointments nave aiso neen
made: L K. Webb, Barrejor at reoria, iu.
John Youns:. Collector at Sandusky, Unto: Dan
iel Morgan, rost master tt Minneapolis, innin.;
Edwin Cowles, Fostmuter at Cleveland i Bam'
nel Wood, Collector at Pago Del Norte, New
Mexloo. i. ( - ! m i -
Extreme solicitude Is manifested everywhere
concerning Forts Sumter and Pickens. Fears
are expressed that a collision will be prrcipitat
arl. ' - ... . .. -
Information .has been received that Lieut
Talbot left Charleston to-day, with importaat
dispatches for wasmagton..- .1
MoirTOMMf , Apt 11 4v-Tbe Tressurf Notn
nf tha Confederate 8tia were Issued to-day.
I The first bonds bf A thousand dollars sold at
per oest premium.
[Special Dispatch to the New York Herald.]
CBAELUTdN, April 4 Charleston has to day
been In a state of excitement unequalled since
tbe first secession movement. A crisis is at
hand. The appearance of a schooner off the
harbor, last evening, and ber attempt to pass
tne catteries nere, ner oeing nrea into, and sub
sequent mysterious disappearance, have aronied
apprehensions of the moat serious character.
Tbe military leaders bare been unusually ac
tive all day, and members of the Convention.
now in sesalon, belonging to the several fortifi
cations, have been ordered to tbelr stations. A
thousand rumors are in circulation, tbe princi
pal or wmen indicates mat ion oumter will be
attacked in the oonra of a few days, and that
tbe attack will be from the forts,
Mai Anderson will soon surrender in self-de
fence, though it is believed tbat an attempt will
seriously oe maae at reinforcement. Two com
panies left the arsenal lo-night for Savannah
Later advices are understood to have been
received from Montgomery, ordering further
supplies to Ma). Anderson to be out off. ' No
further communication will be allowed between
tbe fort and federal authorities. The daneer
is imminent, ana memoer oi me convention
wait here, expecting a counict before Saturday,
r . aa"
Sr. Louis, April 5. The steamboatmen'a
parade last night, In honor of tbe election of
Uaulel U. Taj i or. as Major, was tbe moethril.
llant and impotlng ever seen in St. Louis
About 30 yawls, mounted on wheels, and pro
fusely decorated with banners and transparen
cies, togetner witn a large number of omni
buses, carriages, horsemen, and citizens on foot,
were in toe procession i ne streets were dente
ly thronged witb enthusiastic spectators. Tbe
KrpuOltcan and Herald printing offices, and a
great many private dwellings , were brilliantly
iiiamiuatea, ana tne aispiay oi tore lies, ptro
technics and bonfires was very floe. A tnlute
or idu guns was fired in tbe evening.
Niw Oslians, April 4 The second cant.
piny of Zouaves left for Pensacola thia evening-.
It is reported that tbe Brooklyn arrived off
reusacoia naroor, on tne 41st ult.
Indianola advices stato that th Mnv.
Star of the West, and Empire'City, are Nine
A...t1 D r 1 1 ,., r J .
vumiuD i uamiio, waumg jor troops, who
rw tu icturu ui new xorx.
' Richmond, April 4. An officer of tha Flor
al Army was in New Orleans. He was sent by
ui uruveroment at aooui me time ot the seoet
elon of Texas, and remained there. It li mmnnct
ed, for the purpose or giving information. Tbe
War Department of the Confederate States has
a sleepless eye on him. . He is believed to be a
Lorisviixc, Awil 5. N. D. McClnllanrl. Tar
Collector of the Western District of this city,
s reuurtcu wj uave aojconoea. a aoiauiter to
tbe amount of 230.000.
The Kentucky Legislature adiourned sin die
Norfolk, Va , April 4. It is reported tbat a
disturbance occurred among the worklngmen at
Fort Monroo, on account of a Palmetto flag be
ing raised ontoide the walls. Tbe soldiers did
not dare to interfere with it. .
Chaalxstow, April 4. Lieuts. Talbot and
Snyder have just reaobed tbe city with a flag
of truce. They are now in consultation witb
Got. Pickens. Nothing has transpired as to
their mission, but will telegraph as soon as
Chioaod, April 4 The banks of this oity
threw out notes of forty-two Wisconsin banks
this morning; their securities having so mueb
depreciated that it was . considered unsafe to
hold them.
Washinotok. April A reliable private
dispatch from Charleston says It Is Supposed
that Major Anderson's supplies were cut off to
day, causing great commotion and anxiety as
to tbe tinal result.
NoaroLK, Apiil A. Hon. Roger A. Pryor ar
rived here to day, and was received by a great
crowd, and a salute of 15 guns. He delivered
an address to night.
Niw Yost, April 4 The revenue cutter
Harriet Lane left ber moorings, off tbe battery,
and anchored at quarantine. She is bound te
es, . ,- -,
POSTLAMO. Ml . Anrll 4.Tha i'..n.o. TV,,
Bell, from Glasgow March 2d, arrived this af
ternoon. PrrriBuaoH, Horll 4. The MehantA Rnb
of Pittsburgh resumed specie payment to-day.
The Court of Common Pleas, Franklin Conn
. ty Ohio.
Sarah J. Walton
Bale la Partition,
t al.) .
Lucinda Walton
th laid Court to m directed. I will oB.r In Mi. .
publlo auction, at th door of th Court Uouae. In th
Tuesday, May 7tta. 16C1.
in louowmg oncruiM real etttt, tituat la Norwich
wwmuip, rwikiiB VUUUI, Uflll, M Wit;
Part of th W. B. Ban ild aurvav. No sn fcn-j.j
ai follwi: B. ginning at s won in U road leading from
Oolumbu to Dunlin; being tn oa'h.aurly corner to
l!! ?0,.0Sf -,,n 1D ,urT, ,n Pdini la partition to
lcl?"J i15on: w, 0" "n 1 "U lot
No. 1, 8. 05 degree W. ItSpolectoa alone aonthnt
rly oornerlo a.ld lot; thenc with lb wetterly Hie
..... wi poiaa to atone,
north wetttrly corbr of tald lot, and corner to land be
longing w to ueirt or apoiio ttogtn; theno with their
a . uegrwa w . w pole to a (take, another cor
to aal.i helra" bv d; thenc with another of their line
o.aeuegree. w. jut poire to a tut and iloe In the
uniui w uu w, iuaurvy, ana loath-we corner to
aid hair land: thenc with tbe erlglnal lloe of Mid aur
vey.S. 43 degree 30mlnute.B. 73 pole to a etor north
aitrrly corner to a tract of land of tw hundred acre,
Dnuvajr.u oy auoar uiapp ana win h- ded, dated an.
87, IC3j; theuce wiO hie line N. 63 degree 1. Solpolet
to a atone.anothereoroer of aald Olapp'a landjihano with
another ofhiilln-i 8. 87 degree. K. 14 80 100 polae to
anomer eoruar or aato u lappa land; thenc with another
oi nt nor n.BJrgrere . MS pole to eatoao. another
of .aid OUpp'aounwra; Umbo with anothref hi lliei
a. mi uagreea u po' to a a tone, aoothrr ot taid
OlaDD a aornera: thanea with Knn,hM nf ,i w mt
dearer at. tl pole to a atone, aoith Mettrly (oner to
. .TrK V "vgreee n . s poiet
and 14 llnke; thene N. 11 dejrtai W faiiowln
th Dublin Boad wventyaight pole to the begin
ning, containing 873 aoraa, b th am - nor or
kn ; and alto, In th am survey, 854. ud
enjoining the above daeorlbtd Iraot, ooiar -traet f S
B-nniHin, onBoie a roiiowa! beginning a ten
MUth-tatterly corner to th abov dMorlbed traoa, tlienca
"'m-m PO" ana o link to a aton In th
Dublin Road from which a eheiry tn 80 Inch
In diameter, bear N. 34 X degreea B. 89 lloka, thence
N. li degree at. 17 polea and 18 Unk to a poet, from
which a walnut 19 inch In diameter beanB. 46 V da
greet It. 8 llnkldlltan thtnc N. 8T degree W. 8 poltt
and St lloka to a Hon in th touth lln of Henry Uc
Oraoken't land; thenc B, 75 K decrte W. Hoolea and
S llnkt to a pott in th Dublin Boad. 8.1. comer to
aid MoOracken't land; thenc f . 10 degree X. 81 poiet
aod 18 link to a pott, thenc 8. 6'i degree B, 0 pole
and 19 llokt to tht beginning. i
sxoepung rrom earn two tract th following described
part thereof, heretofore aet ff to Blltabath Anntatead,
detcrtbed aa followt: Commencing at tha aouth eait oor
nerof alicbael Walton' land aoov mentioned; thenc
eouth with th Dublin road 8 rode; Ihenc weaUrly on
un parallel who ma aaia mtcnaei nation loulh lln
8. 89 dean 59 minute W. 84 olIS thenoe N. 17 d.
greet 30 mlnutu W. 6870-100 poh-t; thenoe N. 54 da-
greet ai. 71 eu-iuu rod; thane B 17 gra 30 mlanta
But 40 50-100 poiet; thtM 8. 97 degree M. 39 x0-100
poleti thene N. 09 degree 59 mlnutai I. 149 pola to
in oegtnning, conuintng rortr aorea. to property to
be told at eu entire tract, etl mated at ta bundrad and
lorty aorta, end app railed at $50 par acre.
Ttaal or Balb. On third In hand on day of aal.
balano In on and tw year from day o(.'ale, with In-
leren (ecurea oy mortgage.
osoKua w. uurvtiAN,
April 8,18ei.41t kw4r. . ! -j - : : ; -.8hrnr,-?
0. Doyle cfe Oo.
XX to th Bouth-wett corner of High and Friend
aire!, - ' ,; . V ' ' '-, ; ';
And WlU oontlnM U ketp on. hBdj i Urgi ptookof
Th attention ol Merchants and Dealers 1t reapectful-
ly Invited a our i toot. ,- .-,-8. DUTL1 At Co.
marcn:qtuijuiyji. . -
uCL 0A.Zl.X
H l. !
XXStoekotareoerlMtoHr U. B. DEMIN9, WW cheer
fully re commend him to our old parrone and frtende.
- xniro. rraLinna as evn.
Colombui, March Wth.lWJl.apl-dtf.'
ou! f oloalng np Uuirold builn, aod hop that
BcreonaXBOWiniuiamaeiveeiuueoMa 10 urea. Miner
BOMOrDOOB, Biaiui on u aaaiier weir imamavr
attention. TH0S. WAULS R A ION.
AprUl, WM-41ir.
Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY, April 5, 1861.
Tne following are the retail quotation eomcted by
McKo fc Reitleux, wholetile and retail frocera. No. 34
Blateaman Building:
Wheat. 90&DVN O.Sorar ...tH9t9t
vau v ou .
Corn ou. ..
Butter ,...
Lard a....
tmt3 Mapl do .....KatiOo
S3 Molaaee tal 40W5C
12X15c Syrup gal eu73e
w Tea a....oo..7so.iavioo
Tallow ) E..
, D OclYaddo Tea..... SI 00
Dried Apple 9 bu..710ol
Dried Peaohei... 8 73 00
HioOoffo B..l8al16e
Ian do..
White ueana 9 bu..7&d0od
Bio w k So
droomi do.. SI 00al 75
rotatoea 9 ou. ,.,.mt.
Salt In tack. IfcavJjc
Salt 9 ul l,75
Ua. ton 617 00
Boaptnox) 4 Hc
eer owt ail
flour 9 bbl 5 xswo
White Wheat do S5Xt) 00
Bamt ..... lSXcl
nnouiatrt 9 B,..,.. iu
Salt Pork 9 cwt.. . .77Xo
Wood 9 cord t'i a
Mackerl No.l hfbbl ftu
Mackerel No Iqrbbt S3
Mackerel No 1 kite.. S3 73
White Plh ner h'fbbl 4 75
Kr flour bbl... 4 00
Candlee.Tallow.bx. UXe
Oandlee, Opal, box. . Itle
Oheee t, 109 ISo
Apple bu 751 uo
Hominy per buah SI CO
ffhlaay per. .all. 25 1 (K)
llaliiiit, M ft. Box....SM
" Layer ....3 00
" Sultan V 12HC
figt 9 IKK 13
Prune 9 tk312x
Whit fiih perqr obllS? So
uoo rien v a, 7c
Horrlug f Mil ...... 16 00
Buckwheat Sour per & So'
OornMeal 9 on.... Sioi
Bfniefdoa O&lOoj
Turnip l(K12o
Urled Beer. lUkc
Olorer eea...4 uuwt au
Timothy 2 0O3x 25
FLODR-ia1etatt4 73(2S00 lor red, and 3 2525 50
lor wiiite.
Wbxt talet dull at 63c II 00.
Coaa aalet dull at 20o.
Oaxt talea.at I6O1B0.
By anal I talet at 45(330.
CL irn Heid talet at S3 02&3 75
Timothy Sain -aa lea at S 1 75.
. Hay talet dull at 03 50.
Potato aalet at S3o
Bxaki talta atC2 l-2c73o.
New York Market
NEW YORK, April 5.
FLOTJIl reeelplt of 11,087 Mill. Martet hetvy tod
drooplnctilei of '2.000 bbl at S3 20S 30 foriapcrQne
State; S3 40(5 43 for extra State ; S5 105 30 for tuper
flne wtttern; S3 3343 65 for common to medium extra
weatern; vs 0O3 70 tor ihlppln brandt extra Bound
Hoop Ohio. Canadian flour dull and drooulni. aalt of
sun unit, at i well.
KYB f LOU It eteacly 13 35(314 10.
WBI AT reeelplt of 7.B44 both. Market dull and a
trifle lower: taltiof 4.000 both at tl,23ai 85 for fair
choir tpring; SI 87l 3-2 for Mllwaukl club; (1 37 for
Wioierr red wetjero: I 33 red itat f 1 VWlfHX.
ui e auiet omo.
B AKLKT dull at 7078c ' I '
OOHN recelDta of 0 357 buthelt. eitrket heavr and
drooplnx; aale of J.0O9 tuahelt at0770 for old mixed
weitern in alore and aeiivered.
OATS dull at 333340 for weitern Canadian and
State. , .
POBK-flnn, talet of 5C0 lull at 172117 13 for
meat, fix ixatu for prime.
BRBF quiet and firm.
OUT MEATS-eteariy.
LARD unchanged.
BUTTER In fair requeat at 10I4o-
OH EER tteady at 7X10c.
WniiKY a thade euler. aalet of 000 bbla at WUOt
00FVE8 aleady but quiet: talet of SCO bait Rio. at
,12XS12Ko; and 90 bagt Maricabo at 11
ruvaa uucnaoKvu; aairaoi to o not oi unoaati'i
aiULABBSs auu out nucnangea.
BTO0KB dull and lower, cloiinx bearv. Honn
eontlnuet plenty tt 5(38 per cent In call, Ch at 1 84 V,
O db T 33X. Ill O acrip 78X; HIaa 18: M 8 11 llarl 14V;
do preferred 39; Hud 42; N V O 79; U B 6't 81; Ooupont
9?;doreilttered05;Ya 't7l; MoO'l62V; HO 78K:
Oal7, 81; N T O 6't MX; 111 O bond 95; 0 It N W
lit nondt 4.1. . ; .
Cincinnati Market.
Cincinnati Market. CINCINNATI, April 5, 1861.
ILOUE e quote at 14.54 for tnperflne. with but
meliorate demand. i
wflEAT remalma dull and Dlller ar able to ret fall
euppllea at98o fjf red.
CORN le taken ty dlitlllen at 13o. Shipper hay
butfewordert andthtlled it only moderately actlreat
443e,lnbulk. -
oats at bold firmly, but ar not In aetlvt demand
B A BLEY It withheld (rentrally by holders, at preient
quotationa, and the market It a little more tteady at 38o.
forttrlctly prim fall. , . y
RIB U nominal at 55c.
Meitrt. Arnold it Crawford, grain dealartonth Mi
ami canal, between Main and Sycamor atrteta, hare
placed an elevator in their warehoute. and ar now pre
pared to handle g ain directly from oanal boat, by thov
cling: it directly into bint on the oanal wharf, and bene
landing It anywhere in their lofta. .
WHISKY baa advanced to 13Xc, with a good mar
keU-CXit. Com. Aprils.
Cleveland Market.
April 4.
The Market hat b:en mora ctlT than for aunf diyt
Bait, but without any chant In nrice. -
ILOCR tteady, with talet of 190 bMt while wheat
double extra country ground at S5.37X, and 30 bblt
dooble extra nd at S5.O0. .
WHEAT better demand for red, with aalet of 7 cart
at f 1.04; 3candllrtredattl,0S. Whit remalnt quiet
OATS nomloal at 23o.
COBN al 1.000 buah da lire red at 33s, and 1 car do
at tame.
ME'8POKK-le0bbliand40 do at S10.
HAH8 AND BU0ULDEB8 aa't 1,000 lb count.y
cured hamt aa 0c, and ihouldert at 7c.
LtRD talet 1 000 lb at Sc.
BOTTIB dull at prevloua pricet. .
EQOfl quiet, with U.ht taltaatSc.
' CHEESK ai'eof 4i0 p Weitern Beerre at 8 1-Se.
BEBD8--.ia,ei60buih timothy at 275. -
HIOHWINBi-tale 100 bblt at 14.
Baltimore Market.
ruoa-flr); City Hill IS 38W. Howard it $i SO,
Ohio 0. WatAT tiaady at SI MKftl 39 for ltd. and
a I 50l S8 for whit, coan-jellow eoasio, wait
BO(Sg3o. Poax Arm at $17 formes, and $14 for prim.
Laan-lOc. Corrxt-ftim at KXc. Wntaxt dull at
17t18o. 'it.-. . .. .1 .
Philadelphia Market.
FLooa urm at $3 37X for mpeifln. Wbt aoaroe
white $145; hd$IB5. roRR-aotlv, new yellow at
OOtfltiB. Wati at 17,tl8 ,-. ( -
'. , , Oouiaau, April 9, 1881. 1
- earineai Baxxlc of Cincinnati. ' -.
culatlox Not of th bavtngt Bank of Cincinnati
will preeent the tame at this oSio f r redemption, when
they win he pata lu mil.
aprtdlat , A. P.8T0SK,TrcatnrarofStat.C
tl '. F1R3T ' - ' '
J. an enllie newatook of Qoodi tn my lln, J uat prob
aaedln New Tork at the cheapen panic rat,ali of whtoa
I ahall tall at th imaileit prtnta. Tor vain. y euttom
era and friendt are rtiMCtfullr invited to oaliand exam-
tne my Oooda and Pi ice, ill an determined to tell at
cheap or cheaper than any other bout la thi ally; and
aa t ao my own uniting, ana npanowiu my vwa o.n
Ba, 1 feel aieured, from my long experieoo In bull
ae!, lo glv geearal ntlafactloni Th flneat of work
men ar amplojed, aad all work don atrictly to time aod
oa ihort nolle, and warranted to St. Stranger! vliltlng
oar city would eoaiult their mural oy giving m cau
before purouaaing eUewhere. .. JUiB, ,.,
- -..iju. ... Mtrchaat Tailor, .
marcbSO-dly ' . . Cor. High and Iowa its.
.N. L.
TTTBEH yon go to New Tork , drlv direct to th
Conduction Oi1' "
Coed Fare, Qood Boomi, Prompt Attendance, and Mod-
rtCbrget. , . " , V
" . DOCBLA ROOafS and PARLORS 11,50 to 3.
Vaala aa ordered. Thll Hotel ha all th appointment
of th belt hotel, a moat central Vocation, and It heated
I throughout by tteam. BAKU at, aj. aiaau.
marchlkum y, , . -, i., . . -. , - a, rropnaior.,
, T ; Employment.
I a Staple Attlclae will fumieh aaploymat to
a few active men to act aa ageniB ror uwir naua. a
prefarenc will b given to thoe who ar wU aoqitalnt-
aii in tn atatrict ior wnicn tuev aipiv.
For which services they are willing to pay a salary
of from ,;; ,i; ' ;. tu'ii . . ' tl t.-t
$800 to $800 per year, and
Tor further particulars address 1 I
- , laadS, Bachaai tltm, '
jan d3o., ., , Jry)lty.W. J.
, 1 I . OJ.'u,',ATIACHMBJIT t r
Hanyptanr Htot, Pl'tlflt, Won ,ohn Q.mih,,
I. Dnaphrey AC., Dehnd'ts-S th. ..,
rt tpe imn nil or riahch
J A. D. 1801, an order of Attachment, In th abov
named alon wu tiaaurd by John O. Millar, Initio
th Fae for Montgomery townehlp, franklin ceuary,
Ohio, for th tua of ISO; and on tht 83d day of March,
lMlttti.! wat adjourned, for hearing to th 18th
day of May, A- D.1H6I, at lOo'aloek A. kt. '
Oolumbut, u, fprue, wot-p jw.
And fienri mere) and more popalar
' ' wry dy
And leitimontalt. new. and almoit withcut number.
anight be given from ladle cd gentlemen In all grdoa
of locttty, whoae united tettlmony Don could realit.
that Piof. Wood't Hair Kealorativ will reeton, the bald
and gray, and preserve th hair of the youth to old age,
in all itt youthful beauty.
Battle Creek, Mich., V' 8ht,lE58.
Paor. Wood: Thee wilt plraw aocpt a line to Inform
nice mat tne nair on my nruiais tell on over twenty
yean ago. cauaed by acnwulteated ehroolo diieaae, at
tended with an eruption on the bead A continual
ourae of aulleriog through life having rdncrd m to a
atat of dependent-. I Lav notbcn kble toob.alo Ituff
for of- neither hare I been able tn do them up, in eon
tequvnee of which my head has luffored extremely from
oold. Thll Induced me to pay Briggl A Hodgrt almoat
tbt laat oenl l Bad on eartn for a two dollar bottle or thy
Hair Kettoratlv. aliout tha flrat of Auguat laat. I ha,
faithfully followed tbe direcil im.md th bald apot it now
corered with hair thick and black, though ahart, It I
alao coming in all over my nd. reeling conBtMnt
toat another large oottl w. utd reator It entirely
end permanently, t reel anxtoui to peraeverv 1 lit on,
and beiog deitltut ot meant to purohaa any more, I
would aak thee If the wouldat not be willing to aendm
an order on thin ageota lor a bottle, and receive to thy.
elf the toriptur declaration "th reward la to thoto
that ar kind to the widow and the fatberlraa."
Thy friend, KUdaNNAU KIRBY.
Llionler. Noble County, Indiana, Feb. Sth. KM
Paor. O. J. Wood: Dear Mr; In tbe latter part of
the year irai, won attenaing tne state and National
Law School of the Stat ot New Tork, my hair, from a
caui unknown to me, commenced falling off very rap
Idly, ao that In the ihort apac of tlx montfci, the whole
upper part if my icalp waa almoat entirely bereft of Itt
covering, and much of tht remaining portion upon the
tide and bac part of my bead enortly after became gray,
to that you will not be mrpriied when I tell you that up
on my return to the State of Indiana, my more caiual
acquaintance" wet not to much at a loit to dlaoover tha
Oaua ot llischitige in my appearance, aa my more Inti
mate acqnalntiiocea were to reoognlae me at all.
I at once made application to th moat akillful phyii-
clam tn the country, but, receiving no aeauranc (rum
them that my hair would aga'n he reatored, I wat forced
to become reconciled to my fat, until, fortunately, In
the latter part of the year 187, your Ret torativt ai re
commended to me by a druggiat, tt beiog the moit relia
ble Hair Reitoratire In uat. I tried on bottle, and
found to my great tatiifactlon that It wat producing the
deiired effect. Sine that time, I hay uaed teven dol-
lara' worth of your Kettoratlv. and at a result, hav a
rich coat of very toft black hair, which no money can
At a mark ot my gratitude for your labor and skill In
th production of to wonderful an article, I hav recom
mended It uta to many of my friendt and acaualntanrei,
who, I tm happy to inform yon, are ming It with like
effect. Very reopecuuiiy, yourt,
Attorney and Counaellor at Law.
Depot, 444 Broadway, and told by all dealer through
out th world.
Th Kettoratlv it pot up In bottlet of three aii, via:
large, medium, and imall; tha imall hold a pint, and
retail! for on dollar per bottle; th medium boldest
lean twenty per cent, more In proportion than the imall,
and retail for two dollar a bottle; the largaholdea
quart, 40 per oeot. more In proportion, and retail! for S3
O. J. WOOD A CO., Proprietor, 444 Broadway, New
Tork, and 114 Market Street, Bt Louii, Mo.
And old by BOBbSTS A SAMUEL. Oolumbut. Ohio.
and by all good Druggiita aod fancy Ootjdi Dealen.
Stimulating ODguent.
, For the Whiskers and Hair
The tubtcrlbert take pleaiur In announcing o the
Cltliena o( th United Btatet, that they hav obtained th
Atncy for, and are now enabled to offer to th American
publlo, the above J nitty celebrated and world-renowned
article. The
It prepared by Da. 0. P. BELLINQBAM, an eminent
pnyatciau or London, ana t warranted to bring out a
thick t or
j Whiskers or a Mustache
la free three to Ox week. Thia arttel la th only on
of fta kind ned by th french, ud in London and Part!
u it m universal uaa.
It it a beautiful, economical, soothing, yet ttlmulatlng
com pound, acting aa If by aagio upon tli root, earning
Dwiiiiui growtnoi luxunani nair. ir applied to me
ralp, It will our bildkim, and can, to apring up in
place of the bald apot a fine growth of new hair. Ap-
Sliad according to direetiona, it will turn bid or Towr
air bask, and restore gray hair to It orUlnal color,
leaving It ecft, tmooth, and flexible. The OxoDurr" la
an tndlipenaable article In every gentleman' toilet, and
alter ot,e week's ate they would not for any oonilderatioa
Th lubocrlbert ar th only Agent for th article In
the United Bute, to whom til order mutt bt addretted.
Prtr Oo Dollar a box for aal bv all Druaoiita aod
Dealer; or box of the "onioent" (warranted to have
the denied efftot) will bent to any who deilr It. by
mall (direct), aecorely packed, on receipt of price and
poatage, $1.18. Apply aa or (ddrea
- B0RAC1 L. HBQIMAN It 00.,
febSOdJawOm - S4 William Street, New-York.
Bheumatism, r Goat and Neuralgia,
Mercurial Diseases.
Tt It a conveniently arraoied Band oontaldlng a med
icated compound, to be worn around th Wlr, without
Injury to th met delicate pcreona; no ehanie in habit
ol living I required, and it entirely removal the dl
eaa from th tyatem, without proouclcg tn irjurtout
eifeslt Billing from th ua of puwerful internal medl
doe, which weaken and deatroy th conttitution, and
live temporary relief only . By thi treatment, the med
Ic nal propertiet contained in th Hand com la contact
with the blood and reach th diaeaa. thiouah the pore
of the akin, effecting In tvtry Inatanc a perfect cure,
and reiiorlna the part atuicUd to a naal ny eonaition
Thi Band I alao a molt powerful Axn-atBRcoaiaa aawnt,
and will entirely relieve thiytta Irom tbeperttiotou
effect of Uarcurv. Moderate cac ar cured in a few
day, and we are oonatantly receiving teltlmonlali of III
tmeacy In MrravatM easel or long (Uniting.
Paics tx.OO, to be had of Druggiita tenarally,- or oin
be aantbv mall or xorr. with full direa.lom for .
to any part of th country, direct from th Principal
Ho. 409 2 ROADWAY, Hew York.
O. SMITH St CO., Sole Proprietors
N. J.Deecrlptlve Circular! Bent Ire.
JO Agent Wanted ETerywhere.
mh88 lyitorlttp.daVw
MOB. 1, , S and 7 N. BUT AW BTBBT,
Offer for tal their celebrated
Beln hiehlv recommended by th Brat Profcnore and
Muilcal ABiaUuriof In country, ana i
f I . , .- F1VBYBARB
Th moat faitidloa euitoaar may rely upon being
plea aril In tvery retpect.
Terat itaerat . n m . n... nomm v.
ctMjlydw. Oolumbo. OM,
Watches! TJiamondsII Silver Ware I!!
and BilwrWatcbM, in great varlly.
gm Agana rer mm mmmimM ,..n w-. ,
Mil the xllBt Watcko at manufacture ri pile,
Ither WholMOl or BUll. .
Com and ehoot irom my oaaoniiui uiapuy 01 viw
.A. .t.a Athar risk Jawali v. Btvl n w Drka low.
Aa to Silver War ot iterllng quality, I can thow nw
mum. vrr hanrlioma -
Silver Plated Ware, Ta Belte, Tjm. Wlton, Outers,
u..b..t. Piinkar Onhl.ta. Knlvet. Fork. Bnoon. Ao.
Than I have a tuppty of fin Table Cutl.ry, Pocket
IniM. Baton. Ac. and many Fancy Oooda taoh
ar dtred for preet -at sueh prleM a are an mduc-
ment to th parohaatr. vraa. Dkinn,
' No, 10 Bcky Block, -'
marSl ' Sorthaldo Btat Hqum aq.ii
: 1
Mo. 8,0tITH BXQfl .
BaM laat nottftd a nw aak of HOOP IKIRT8
Inlahad la a manner Ur superior to anT Jt Introduced
for" ' " ; '
ah S3. '
DreJanaKctEAlT'S ?i
StrcngtheniD? Cordial knj Blood
TbeUreatcBt Heoaeaty lai Tn Herld.
AMD ) .
ly a dentin and
Vegetabl Compound,
procurvd by th diatil
letion of Boot. Herb
aid Barka, Tellow
Dock, Blood Boot,
Banauarilla, Wild
Cherry Bark and Dan
delion outer Into It
ft' fore TailnjU' acuv. rmuiai After jtiwg.
piinetpl of each Ingredient It thnroat-Mi extracted a
my new method of dlUlllD?. producing., a delicto, ex
hilcratlng pirit,nd th moat INVALLIuXB remdy for
ranovatin th dioeated lyitem, and rea'orinr tha atek.
alferin and dabilllaud INVALID lo UBALTH ud
Will flootaally ear
Chronic or Ncrvont Debility. Dlzea of th Kldnr
and all diieaaei ariilng from a dieorderej Liver or Stoat
ach, Dyapepiia, Buartburn, Inward Pilot, Acidity or Blck-
neat ot me Mtomaoh, Fullnna or mood to th uead, Dull
pain or iwimming in the Bead, Palt..tatloa f th Heart
rntineaa or weight In Ui stomach, Boar rBctauont
Ohokin or iuffocatini fee lln a whan lvina down. Drvnen
or Yellowneaa of the Skin and Bye. Might Sweat, In
ward fevert. Pain in th imall of th back, cheat ar aid. '
Sudden finalise of llaat, Dcpreealoa of Spirit, frightful . i
Dream, L&niruor, Deipondency or any Ncrvou Dw,
Bore, or Blotche on th Bkln. and lavar and An (oi
Ohillaand Fever.) J
Over a inilllou ! uottlea
Have been aolrt during th laat tlx month and la no In
tance ha It failed iu riving entire Mtiilactioa Who,
then, will eolTerfrom Wenkoeaa cr Debility whea alo
Mo laniruaie can convey an ad annate Idea of th Imaaa-
dlate and almoat mlraculoua change produced by taking
in la uordial tn tho diicaed, aetitiltaied aad enattarad
nervout ttttern, whether broken down by exceaa, weak by
nature, or unpaired by ilckneat, th relaxed and nriatrung
rganitation I reitorea lo it pruuin ocaitnand vigor.
Or other eonaeioni of Inability, from whatever can.
will and alcLean t Strengthening Cordial a thotouiih
regenerator of the ay item; and all who may hare Injured
themaelvea by Improper Indulgent, will Snd la tha Oor-1 '
dial a certain and apeedy remedy.
T tlie L.dlea.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
It a toverelgn and apeedy ear for
Onttrocted or Difficult afenatrnatlon, tncoatlncac of I
Urine or Involuntary Dlacharg thereof, falling of th
Womb, atddiaeas, ValnUng and all DiM inokknt to
Tbere Is no mistake About It. .
Buffer no longer. Take It according to Dlrectlont. It
wHlitimulate, ttrengthen and invlgorat you and eaut
th bloom of health to mount yoar cbeek again. .
Bvery bottle la warranted to glv atixfaetloa.
If your children are tickty, puny, or afflicted, KcLeao'a
Cordial will mak them healthy, fat aod robut, Delay .
not a moment, try tt, and yon will b convlBcad.
OaoTiox Uewara of Druggiita or Dealer who may
try to palm npn you aom Bitter or Sarmparilla traah.
which tliey can buy cheap, by aaytnf it It juit a good. J
Avoid iuc- men. Aiklor HcLaa't Strengtlwalng Oov -dla,
and take nothing eici It 1 th only rervdy that '
will purify th blood thoroughly and at th am tha
strength's th aratcm.
One tablei))OOEful takes eviry mornlrr far'Jng, b a
rertain prercntiveof Cholera, Chilli and fever, fellow
Fever, or any prevalent dinae. Iti put Bp in large
Price only 81 per bottle, or S bottle for 85. ' "
Bolt Proprietor of thi Cordial, -Alio
llcLean a Volcanic Oil Linunenl.
Prlcdpal Depot ca tht corner of Third and Pia ttrccttv
Bt. L'.aia. Uo.
McLean's Volotnio Oil Liniment.
th beat Liniment In the World. Th nly afa and
certain our for Cincer, Pllo. Bwelllngt and Bros
chitii, or Goitre, Paralycia, Neuralgia. WaaJtmat of the ' ;
atnacle, Cnronio or IuLimmatory BJnitraallaxa, 8UB 1
neat of tha Joint, eontracud Muacln or LigaaMBt
Baraohe or Toothaoli, Urulaea, Bpralna, Wound, Freak
Outa, Ulcere, Fever flora. Caked Breaabj Bore Nipple,
Barn, Bcalde, BoiThoat,or any InOaavaatioB Pain,
noduTerenoa bowKrem, ot ho long the dlaamay
hav cxiated. McLean't Celebrated Llnlmest I a er . ,
tain remedy.
Thouaand of human being hav ban tared a Ufa el
decrepitude and m leery by the ua of thi invalaabl md
Will relieve pain almoat tatttntftnt!lr, and It Bit
elsunn, purify and heal th foulwt aorat lo an loaredi
lyahcrttinM. . i
rr If r see and Other ABtlraiaU. .
M oLb I otlebratod Llnltnnt I the only tare and r , -
llabl remedy for the core of Spavin, King Bona, Wi&d' '
gallt,8pllntt, Unnatural Bumpt, Node or Swelling. It
will never fail to cure Big Head, Poll Ivil, Fiarcla, Old . .
running Bore or Sweeny, if properly applied. Tor
Buraini, Bruitet, Bcretchea, Bore or Wound, Cracked
Heeli, Chafe. Baddl or Oollar 011 It la en Infallible '
remedy. Apply it aa directed, and a curt it certain in
every lnttano.
Then trill do longer with th many worthless Lint-
cent! offered te you. Obtain a supply of Dr. McLean'
celebrated Liniment It will cure you.
J- H. iricI.F AN, Pol Proprietor,
Oorner of Third and Pin Street, St. loula, M
For tale by all draggitti. , I
For tale by ROBBRT8 At 8AMTJIL, '
aogJu-dokwly Colimbut, Onto.
An experienced Nnrte and Female PtiyiidtB, preaeute
to tne attention oi m jvoen, ner
which greatly facilitate the prom ot teething, by toft
n ing the gums, redaclng all Inflaasmatlon will allay . .
ALL PAIN aodpamodie action, aid I ' ',
Depend upon It, mothera. It will glv rt to yonrawlve
We havr nut up and ao id tula article for over tin yar. "i
what we have never been ab to say ol any other medl-
ANCE, TO Bf FBOT A CUKal, abea tloely uard. Ve. a .
r did we know an Inttauc of diaaatlametion by aay on
who aied lb On tl. contrary, all are delighted with It ;
operation, and apeak In term of commendation of lia
magical enect and medical virtue, w pak ta tht ' '
matter '-WHAT W Oo KNOW;" aftr ten yere xp
am ir i.miint n uhit wat HitRa nvrti.tua Tn a
Blmott vry iaatano where th Infant la luffering froaa ,
pain and txhauatlon, relief will be found In AliMn or
twenty minute after Uiesyrup t admlulatered. . t -,,i
Thll valuable nrenaratlnn It th preacrlptlon of on of I
tha moat KXPEKIKNCKDaod 8K1LLVUL NUk-BH la
New England, and bat been need with N B VIC at A ir-.
It notonlv relieve th child from pain, oat tn vigor. ....
atei th itomach and bowel, correct acidity, and gives' - J
ton and energy to th whol ytm. It will alutoal la ; t :
ttantly relieva , .
and overcome oonvuiaiona, which. If not pdlly
died, end In death. W believe it th BKaT and BUR . r T
EST RBMBDT Il TUB WORLD, In all ee of DY8- l
it arie from teething, or fro at any other oaua. Ws 4
would iay to every mother who haa a child an (Turing from
anyof the foargolcg complaint DO NOT LET TOUR ' '
atand between you and yoar suffering child, and th re- ,
lief that will be 80 HE yes, ABSOLCIBLT 8UHB , .
follow th at of thli midlctn, If timely and. Full dl
rectloni for niing will accompany evh bottto. Mon
genuine unltwth fae llmll of CURTIS A PERKINS
Mew York, li on the outude wrapper. '
Mnlil Ii all TjriiMiata thmnahont ihm Wttrld. " if
Prl tclpaioirioe, is Ceaar Street RJ . If. .
ctS7,-dfcwly. J..;.. ,
, ..tto aad ptn, and koala th wont bora, " '
raid, bralM.eut, r freak wonnd of any kind, i rewala
wailing and pais fmt w Iting. aoiqaito bMre, and
ponotioul piaiii .'lF1 1U..M..I.-1 r
breaiN. tail rhwm, at. Vt kea tax Inwreally, It will I
poeiUvely cure croup la child rem, and gire laaaMlal
relief in tbe wralra- of thie torrlbl eomplalnl; alt, ,,,
remove hoaraenea aod ort throat. Frio, iti eaitta a
bottl. Should be la every boua. For aal by Dmg
luandBtorekere. IRVIS SIONB. .
o-i. U l.a If. I flntuB aft . . aaAaxa Vuk X.f'
ctsdAwlrls ' '
r; city b ikk oy coirairs. j 7
mad la the tin offloer of thi Sank, Jnr l.nu,
1M1, to wlU Wa. A.
PbaTT. PrealuanU and 1 wail
MooBtB,Caahlr1rlgnd their olhore. Davm
Davm iavu, .
m.. wat tha aWeU
4 W rtaaiaoa n.
poiateo uaanwr.
By ordr of trBjrd Director.
MS, 1801-dtf. ,- W. A. PL ATT, Caitier.

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