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It hM now the L-egtslaUva saaotloo, having been ep-
Mrsd by nearly the unanimous o of bom uo"
o4 urtirl to distributed to th following Blat
Otrrerno. Attorney Oeaaral, Supreme JJlf"'- .J:
Wry, 0-Tmptrr.er. Tr.artrr Auditor of 8te. and
loth Profit Courte, Court of Oommon PI, super
. ot4 oo , Auditor. . Olort of U
OoavWteaaeh B.ty, JJ Jj
-."' aud Honee of BepreeeoUUees of this 8tt. kiwi
. . , , ... I , . t. af the TTn Ion
KM tm fnrw. and MiouttoMitrttoolJrra
Bad of th SlewOonimuuon, win ,rJ"." 7i
jj metal la too penormeaof w -.. i
BOUNTY OmOJKB. "-.'-"vi ) '
i.j ii , Cltx omenta.
- "snvenaca a Vry change bar Ween Bad la th
SUturee no thi publication of th out dltlon, by r
Ml elienttoM and addlUoa, and ami laiportaat do
.u.i.hM bMi ma to the Supreme Court a obt
areverted aotnte. all . j - ,7r.t j .,c
At'i'OftNliYB At tlW, , , .
S'-AMKHRB. afaHOHAWTi -' -
wmjadlhlaea tefalaaU Work. : ;
Tt)0WjtoiiUwimiiii. io.. .
yabiiabMbf,' ;,';;v ' -;,'- "'" : ;
Law PaaUabcr. Boaawllam;' gtUan and Iaporttra,
,M5 Wwt aMrth itmi,
fcbl8tJ9a:l ,!, . ClBclnnaU. 0
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unnm f xiuxb, ruuuaan,
iEo. w. ajBnri-ewwY naitr.-
n-ajommtirvinm .oyT f'f;PHt INSX1I-
tm V Oaf ttf-puiMcaiion, , , - .
tTTba'Porltmoath Tribunt and the Newark
JI'jitHMyttf:AiMg with
th artiae 4'xyQUU'' Qp tbe"cDl swlnr
die." i If thy6mllwil Cel.. Msdabt, they
wenia eaeel llkeiy give him' en affectionate em
fcraoeVi'Tbe. . 'iditon t both 'them' jonruli
boU Ilo'e nndw the , Board of Public Work,
evaaieUkM tor inch matter 4 they think
will he meef likely to 14 them U holding on to
thlr oIace.: 'If the canal be leased, they will
e:ll ..'iiim i j i iii
TThe Colnmbee- eorretpondent of the Clo
iaAti DngttW.hi Ub letter of April 4, gay:
"In my opinion, (he whole proposition to leue
the canal will be defeated by the pretended
friend of th Masurc'- iudging. from what
hu transpired herein the last few days, the
wrltfnor thf JffhfeirW might.well com to the
eoSKSloavexpraafM oy Din. wt iiuiu bji
the deTlees 6f the enemies of, tbo,"meanre,
whether hejr be openly so or professed friends,
eakhare no weight in the end. The LeglsUv
tore tss' ' griff flatj heforo it.'';,TWs leak In
tblreasry-BRM be stopped, end the responsi
bility laats upon (he IUpreset.iati.Te of the peo
ple to proride temed., ,,,,! , '
The Border Slave States Going out of the Union.
"No'er setiion oT'Coogreu is" to be called.
This eeeau now to bo ataiTermlly adnllted a a
part of the negative policy of the Republican
AialnkbraAieo,,, This laU ceT ell hope of a re
peal ot mendmeUt of. the MftiaiLt Tariff act.
Bttt'w0rs thanihie U ntlerly annihilate the
proepeel of ny atopei being- taken for retaining
the Border Slav' states In the Union Ly amend
nieota toiha Federal CeoatitetWa, There are
two modes ef emending that tnatrnmeni, bnt
neither of them can be resorted to without the
inteerentioi of Ceogreee.'; So, the last gleam ol
hope still cherished by union men, that some
thing would et W be done for keeping la the
Unlom neb Sonthera 8Utee ei have not yet st
eed ad, I feet departing, and dark, impenetrable
gleom eettlee over the fatnreA I . . ,y .. .
la the meaotim. the secession movement In
the Border Slave States ia rapidly gaining ground.
Th Kentucky Legislature hu just adjourned,
after, ordering an election ,for delegates to a
Border Slave State Convention; Sbeald that
Convention be held, the, aeOon it may taka
will depetHt In a great measure npea the posi
tion, of the Administration at . Washington.
Tha poeilion is anything but encouraging, and
affords no hope for the future. . -But
it Is la Virginia, especially, "that the se
oeseionlsta are becomlnf bold, confident and do
fiant It Is not to be denied .that public seatf.
aaent ia the Old Dominion seems to he ehang.
lag to a great extent tttlhelr f"rorrThey boast
that In lees than thirty dayl tbey will be able
to carry Virginia out of th Union. They have
called a But Convention; to meet at Rich
mond, m th 16th Inst Several of the leading
Virginia papers, which have heretofore ditcoao
tcoaoced aeeeeelon, now epenly adrocate it.
Some of the Administration 'papers, we see,
are) oaUiiif epoa th Union men in Virginia and
ether Border State to rally and stand by th
flag of aha Union to th last extremity. But
whet noonragement hare, they for waiting and
standing oat against a sweeping popular mov
mens, whea th Administration at Washington,
which I ostensibly th representative of a ma
jorlty la the Northern State, shows no disposi
tional do anght that will strengthen their hands
a afford th least groand to hope for success I
It la in the power of the Administration to
save the Border Slave State to th Union.. But
It will not be done. They will be permitted to
drift Into lecesaloa, without a single act to show
that their stay la th Union la desired. WU1
tb people la the Northers States suffer Limguu
and hi Cabinet thai to rata and curs the
country I.--; -
The New Government Loan.
8oe Of th Administration papers hsve been'
eiultlBgover tb etatement that th new gov.
raaaenl loan for eight million, bids for which
war opened by Secretary Chasi on the 3d bat.,
has all bee take. Bach la not th fact, Mr.
Caasa decided to accept ao .bUls for lee than
aim t'firar dollar oa the one aondred. The
oauqnenc 1 that only a Utile over three asil-
Iloni have been actually taken .
It waa reported that, for the remalnlngfflve
KlUloae, Secretary Caasa wonld Isene Treasury
aotas. to be discounted at a rat not leas than
ainety four percent ; Bat th latest news from
Washington I that ha has concluded to adver
tise ana for proposal, and that th notlo will
hepubllehed forthwith.
. .Th decision of Secretary Caaea, ia fixing
vyn elaety-fonr p cent, u the minimum
Blind ard at which he would receive bid for th
loen, ha subjected htm to some Ipretty severe
suiotures' tn financial olrolceC v Borne hhArao-
torlse it as' great a blunder as ever Secretary
Coss committed. ; By fixing . npou the precise
rats of nlnatT-fouilper eenC, he ao managed that
one large moneyed inetitutlon in New York
fitly. lhBtkot Commerce, became Boctesi-1
ful bidder for two millions and a half out of the
three millions that were taken. Had therd been
the variation of a small fraction either hbove
or below th. jalnety-four pet eent i this. large bid
from a single moneyed o orporation would hare
been exoluded, or the entire loan ol eilgbl jnil
lloni wonld hve been 'negotiated.1 It is also a
slngolar circumstance, from which people will
naturally draw their own Burmises, that, some
sixteen or seventeen hours before theopeniog
of the bids, it was telegraphed from Washing
ton to New York that no bids would be taken
at leas thaa ninety four per cent.
It is estimated that, by taking bids under
ninety-four per cent., the Government would
have to pay about, thirty-five thousand dollars
more than It would, had the entire loan been
taken at that rate. But this sum is not more
than one-half of what th Bank of Commerce
made by its successful bid. Besides, If the na
tional troubles continue to inorease, it may be
come Impossible to get tho balance of the loan
taken at the bids offered on the 3d lest. The
three millions will not, last many days; very
little Is oomiog Into the Treasury from customs
and before long the Government may be without
a dollar of available funds.
Old Abe a Deceiver—The Lamentations of a
Disappointed Office Hunter.
Mr.'DsNur, of the Dayton OtuUt, in his ps
per of the 6th Instsnt, has a leader of more than
three columns In length, narrating his effort
and failure to obtain the Dayton Post Office.
We wiih we had space for the whole of It,
since It wonld be interesting to the publio, and
perhaps serviceable to the maas of anxious men,
whose name is legion, who are in pursuit ot of
fice at Washington. The following extract from
Mr. Diiwt's article will attraot attention, de
veloping, as it does, the real character of Asa
Baa IiInooln:
n win.riv. tho 87 Ih nit., la oomnaoy wltb Mr.
a. .i .amnd other entlOMik. I oallod ob tb Pnot-
fc.. it. hnfuH nf Biftlciriff o otttoaiont to him le
person. I had Imruotl, that morula!!, tbtt Mr. Sahonck
woold alto Ylilt tb Prieni, ana luraaiijaeBsaa uw
DntoB Poot OIBot u uui lawful prtj. Mr objoct vu to
eoanUraot, If poosiblo, bi lafliunec; and bono, by a
mil annagemtsnt, I got to botor bin and pload mj oa
h.rir tha Pntident. I aUnded to tb ourrtnt ru
mor, ham and at Wuhlnirton, that lb appoloUaoDt
ot Pott mntorwu to bo conferred on tbo oxsloslro r
ooHBwndation of Mr. Bcbenek, or without any eouidor
ation wbatonr of tbo elatmt of elbar oaididaUo, no
matter boor trons- To tbli bo replied: "I bold Mr.
Bobenok la blgh ettatstton; but, 1 bmob to decide be
tween tbo applicant! oa tbo trengih of tbo recommAa
dattone." I (old bla tbat I eooided la bit lategrity
emi fairneat, and that bdimd A would ttnmitu
th paper and do right. To tbl be rwpocd
ed: -I will try." Bo remarked tbat bli Jatmrt
werecxewlTo; tbat tbo preorareof offlce-eeekerf we
o great that promiM bad been extorted from him tbat
bo we allarwardi nnable lo pertnim; tbat "Me had
actually bm tvUUd out of him." He, boweeer. d
that ktdiiuot ewon to (ie.bat, nererlbelao, bo bed, un
wittingly, made contradictory itaiemenU. I Informed
him that I did not wiib to exact any promifo of blm, nor
did I deetro him to decide on Ibo Deyton.Pott Office, un
til be bed time lo examine tbo paper. I complimented
tbe tereral etndidate. and laid ibat, no matter wbat
might be his final conclniion, be con Id not go faraetray
In answer to my Inquiry as to tb probable time 'hat be
wonld bo able to look over tbe papers, he remarked that
it might be week, perhaps months." "Then," (aid I.
"It is net worth while for tb applicant to rematn at
Washington, on txpeneel" HCertalnly not," he ob
served. I also reminded blm of tbe rule he sad
adopted, Tlx : tbat when there ws no Republican Bep-nasntauv.-
the Benatota should decide; and that,
es senator Wade bad recommended me. and Mr.
Bhermaa refuted to Interfere In tbo esse, I was fairly
entitled to the office. To this be made Ho direct reply,
except to any, that "th nee should be determined on Its
aeriti." 1 then stated tbat my testimonials were exceed
ingly strong. Tbat I was recommended by Judge Mo
Lean, wbo had known m from my boyhood; by seven
teen members of tbe lectors! College, of Ohio; by Chief
Juitloe Brinkerhoff, and tb Auditor and Secretary of
Btato; by Bam- Galloway, etantou, Blake, uuriey, uov.
Morton, O. M. Clay, Briggs, Haneurek, Defrees, Caleb
B. Bmlth, fee, Ac. and also by ton members of the Be
nnhtieui Deleeatlon In Control. In addition, I bed
petiiioii from Ave hundred of tbe beat oltisen of Peyton
ssa vMtnlty, ana xroea icnwentuu pereene in every sowa
ty in thi Congressional District and we likewise reo
ommended by all tbe Bepabiloan membtis of Congress in
th adjoining Districts; thus showing, tbat no man could
bavs a stronger claim tn tb cfBc. I remarked to him,
at tbe oioee of the Interview, "thst If he htdany doubt a
to who weetb choice of the people or usy ion, I was per
fectly willing to submit the question to th BepabUcans
of Dayton, or to tee peopi a wkuoo, niutosi regera w
party." Haagaia assured me, that "he wonld examine
toe matter at nia leisure, ana, maxe n uu nn unpannu
decision." . ' - '- '
I then left htm. feeling certain that no maun lona-
enee wonld ewey hi )edgMt, Beeeass I bed bti royal
word tuat he woe m "uvtijcu ana ao niwu. i qui
not be here tbat Abraham Lincoln wonld be guilty of du
plicity, r tbtt, when be had taken a poeillos, be oould be
forced oat of it by tht ataalpnlaUoae of an adroit and
bold man. Tb sequel shows that 1 ws mistaken, lo
less than twenty minutes after 1 had left tht President,
the tempter came, and "Old Abe' luocusibed, that giving
evktenes that, under strong preaiur. and confronted by
a nu f indomitable energy and iron will, he eras weak
enough to again bare "a M ttoitUd out of MmP Th
manner In which th thing was don was about asfol
lows; . . . . -Mr,
Bobuiek proceeded te th anteroom of th Presi
dent's Omce, and atked admission to tb Royal pretence.
U was told by th Beeratary, that tb President Maid
not bs teen at that Urn. Mr. Bchaaok thea took eat a
card and wrote then words: "Boa. A. Lincoln. All
that I ask for myself or friends frojathitAdmlnlsKatloa,
1 tb Davtoa'Pott Offlc. Can I have an interview?
Tbe President replied on tb asm card ' I think I will
grant your requetv give me urn." Tnia, nowever. did
not eelltfy Mr. Bcbenek- He again requested admltatoo,
and wa let In. 'He reltotated the words ot hie card, and
added a variety of arguments la favor of tbo appoint
ment of Kr. Comly. it also present a ailing to
the President, drawn up la official form, appointing W.
g. coaly Pom ataatar at vayMn, and anted aim te
ign It. Tb President objected Mr. Eehenck Infill
ed. Th Preeident said, that be bad Just premised
Mr. Denny to delay th appointment, and examine tbe
ess oa It merits, and tbat he oould iiot continently, tt
that time, comply with hi reqoeit. Mr. Bcbenek was
Inexorable. ( wot all k VKtnitd. The President Do
rse le relax in hit reoolatioa. Mr. Boh re ok we his eon
Bdentlal friend; he bad probably offered blm a et in th
Osbiaet ; and he bad eon templaled (ending baa as Minister
to Prance or Bpaln. Be had Jntt been defeated for tbe
United Bute senate: all the great offices bad b-n Ailed.
and Aer em th wtow, btfor Afffti that had itumptd
igypu w hat snail i aoi no Ofuyesua petty appoint
ment. Shall I turn him adrift without tbat lleti aoer
eil Bo, is en rll hour, before bi word to m had
tcaroelf departed from hi Hp, b yielded he eubeait
ted he "eared la," and signed tb paper prepared for
him by Mr. Bcbenek....
Th paper, ' in tb ear ef tb Daytin Post Offi,
wire not eeea by Mr, Lincoln; they were, a I was told
bytMr. Kaeson, lent op that afternoon, bet I found
them, the next morning, on hli son'i desk, unopened I
There may be, tn th Judgment of charity, asm excuse
for thi conduct, bat 1 hare been usable to discover it.
I have do quarrel with Mr. Icbeack for th part ht took
la the matter. Howe forbistriend Oomly. and Wat
resolved tbat he weald promote hi aceeas at all has-
ardt. 1 only regrettea mat no was boi mytnena. tie
knew Lincoln wj week nd Irresolute, and that be oould
mould him, at pleasure, like city in tb band of th pot
ter. H waa, also, well aware, that If tbe ess wen suae-
tnedoa its merits, thai forrer. Voorhec. Denny, sr
Qreenc, would succeed; most probably myself, lit had the
agaeity to peioeire, that Comly could only be earrted by
hu ttoaotf awMctf to Lincoln. He kaew that h had
tbe atrvantige of blm; and, Ilk aa able tactician, he
would press nissdvuitage. I ottcayi jtes thtt Ccaenok
was the maa to k OTetoome: and. eentMueatlv. as m
nly hope, I appealed to th President' honor and Jus
tice. The appeal wee ie TStnj and, htnecvy eontroTtr
rr ll with Abraham Lknoln, and aot with Robert O.
Bcbenek. Tbe hitter I to blame for thwarting the withe
ef tbe people; reversing the rale ef tb President;
"ftpftfmp Mr out of him? exposing tb imbecile point
tn bi character, and making him vlolato bit town eon-
eclenoo - But that aeoount he I to eeUI with th Pml
deat, and not with no. Other persons, Who were candi
dates for tbe Post Offios, may hiv grievance against
Bcbenek; but that Is none of my buslneas, and, of course,
1 do not Interfere la SMtr ma ten.
8tbsv Momit Lrmss. During tha past
year 9,790 stray letters, containing money to
tbe errwate of 153,154 86, (being an average
of f 5 02 to each relief) were received at the
ueed Letter offloe at wasbiagton. ill Zafei
hoeuetr aav vv . !.-.
nor than nine-tentns or ins anov letters
- . ... . ... i . .
and money have been aent out and delivered to
tha writere thereof. . Those letters containing
money, th owner of which cannot be found.
are tiled to await tha application of the owners.
ir not called for before June aextr tho bank
note contained ia th letter will be Bold for
specie, and th specie deposited ia th United
States Treasury. .-Bat the lettter and draft for
in amount contained in it, lees th disecrait,
may be obtained, on proper application, at any
Mm. thereafter; . , t ,.v.Ut tfAf J
AWMLTnr VotoTrMfg "Cbsra; TM Flovd
(Oa ; Cavalry, numbering 40 men, represent
texabl property to the amount! of 1736.BOO
or an average os aio.eug each.- Hon. John W.
H. Underwood, ex-M. C.and Hon.T. J. Word.
Mayor of Rom, Gs., are privates la tht oom-
w-3;:jrn:;!--i Q''.f. v-nrr.i.rja
11 Xros (amount expended by the'Cark,
diao goTemmeot on theVntertaimEsnt ef the
Pfjace of Wales la $23,374 JO. v ;T j-
V ' f. tr-
FRIDAY, April 5, 1861.
Tha Preeident elened Hous-blll o. 333,
33C, 413, 424. 450, and Senate bills Nos. VM,
58and266. 1 1 U f I V
H.B No. 416. by Mr. REE3. of If ranklln
To amend the aot entitled an aot for the inspec
tion of certain ariiolee- therein ennmeratea,
passed March 9, 1831. . ,r
H. B. No. 423, by Mr. BALDWIN; from1 a
eelc eemmltlee Supplementary to 'tbe act
paseed May 3, 1852, to provide for th organisa
tion of title and incorporated Villages.' ,Thls is
a bill to anthorlse the building of a jail la
TannvatAWB.. ' - 7 t '" ,
tt. M. Wo. bi lor tbe destruction oi ciaoa-M
htrds read a second time and referred to tne
committee of the Whole. ; , iJ -!".",
H. B Noi.44(),by Mr. BROWNE, or Wismi
To authoriss the trustees of Newberry township
In Miami county,' to sue for certain roonejs
loaned by their predcoessor to certain inaiviua
-Mr. LA8KEY eresenled taemorlal from
Tarton. Btrnntt A Co.. and 936 others.' of Ml
ami eoautv. protesting against tbe sale or lease
of the Pobllo Work. Select committee. ' ' '
-On motitftl of Mr. GARMELU, tbe senate
resolved Itself Into oommittee of tbe Whole on
tbe orders of the day, Mr. Moore In the chair
The hlank.b rd trill was taken uo. 1 "
The CHAIRMAN said the eierclsts would
be Introduced by singing;. " ' '
Mr.8CHLElt;tl---"rour ana twenty otaca
birds picking at a pie."
The CHAIRMAN reed the first section. ' '
Mr. 8CHLE1CH I move to strike out
'blrds,"wberever it occurs in the bill, and insert
"Republicans." '
Tbe CHAIR declared the amendment agreed
to. . . .
. M. PARISH defended the bill. It wss neo
eaaarv In soma sections of tb State. ' Blat k-
birds were troublesome and destructive to the
orons In Ot'owa county. It bad been found
naraaaarv to offer nubile rewards tor the destrue
tinn hf atnlM. and there is bs rood reason for
this bill aa there was for the otherease. 1 He did
not think It a case Tor ridicule, ae the object is
matitnrlona. , u '.,.,.... .
Mr. FISHER asked whether the bill is con
stitutional. Have w a right to "appropriate
money to purchase guns and "Bied srnmuni-
tlon" tolklll "Black KepnbUetnBl" , ' :
Mr- GARFIELD : made some practical re
marks about the "bong of sixpence,'' whioh tbe
reporter could not hear.";.
Mr.. FISHER moved to amend the 6th sec
tion, as follows: "Provided thst nothinff herein
afaall be so construed as to require the Auditor
to deetroy those which twrs blackbirds, but only
thoaa that are at the time blackbirds." '
Mr. FISHER raised the Question whether
dead blackbirds are blackbirds, and proved the
contrary " ;' '
Mr. PARISH appealed to Dr. Fisher, as a man
of experlenoe, to atate whether a man tbat is
dead wss not a maa if the deed body Is not the
oorpeoof A man. " -.' '
Mr. FISHER was satisfied that, as a dead
blackbird is aot a live blackbird, therefore the
corpse of a blackbird is note blackbird; ergo,
toe Auditor oouia not nu toe diii.
The CHAIR thought this sound philosophy,
clear logic, eud sharp argumentation.
Mr. eTa80N moved to stnks out of section
6, the word "burned," and insert "baked, fried
or boiled.' - ' ' .'''; - :"
A division of the question was demanded, bdt
not granted. ' 1 v :
Then tne uommtite rose ana reportea.
Mr. GARFIELD moved to refer the bill and
amendments to the committee on Agriculture.
Agreed to. Adjourned. ',
FRIDAY, April 5, 1861.
On leave. Mr. STUBB3 intrednced H. B. 471
To amend tha act DrohibiiinK the tsle of In
toxicating liquors in the vtoinity of meetings of
worship wblob was reea tne nrst urn.
. a. M., 4lb la eaiatioa to muma aiairicia
was taken from tha table, and eet for a', third
reading- oa Tuesday next,
Mr. DAVIS, on leave, introduced U. B. 473
-r-To providegfor mecbanios' liens oa bridges
which was read uie nrst time.
Tha eommiueo oa Publie Works, reported
back sundry memorials . In relation to eteara
navigation on tbe Hooking oanal, aod aksd thst
tha memorials be referred to the Board of Pub
lio Works, and th committee discharged from
their consideration. i .. - . .
Mr. UUW V Jt-B.su, opposeu tnia uisposiiiou ot
the memorials; aa, if the canals were not leased,'
he thought the State might make a profitable
iavestaeut by enlarging that canal.
, Mr. SCOTT, of Jefferson, said that tha oom
mittee had not overlooked tbe importance of the
memorials; but tbey bad retained them as long
as It seemed useful to consider them., , -. ;.1 -Mr.
SCOTT, of Warren, explained to tha
eame effect. . . fi.w.. r
Mr CARTISLE opposed the report, and moved
that the same be referred to a select oommiUee
of five; and aaid that he had . inaugurated this
project one year ago, by tha introduetioa of a
resolution asking aa appropriation nejecesary to
tha raising of th level oa tha canal between
Ltnoaster, on th Hcokiog, and Basil, oa tha
Ohio caaaL so aa to admit of steam navigation.
And claimed that tha Hocking canal was one tf
tha beet paying canals la toe Btate., While, it
tha same was so improved aa to admit steam
navigation, tbat the recelptejon that canal wonld
donbla Its present reoeipta. , For in its preeent,
as well aa in its history lor a few years past, at
least, that canal had been In each a condition
aa to almost preclude the possibility of naviga
ting it, owing to elides or slips in the banks, with
a sort of floating aubstanoe In tha bottom, whioh
materially interiere wiut successful navigation;
and that, by raising the aaid level, a largely ia1
creased trad would be bad on that canal, and
the receipts largely Increased; that these peti
tions should have the , reference he had asked,
that thev could have a more favorable eonside
ration than tbey received at the hands of tbe
Dtaoaing committee oa ruono vvoraa. -. - ., irl
Mr. CAKlilaLiei moved tbat tbe memorials
be referred to a aelect oommittee of five, which
was agreed to- Messrs. Carlisle, Converse,
Jtrum, Monaban and aiocinng being aaldeom
mitte. ! -. ! ,,- : ., ; : v j. .t-jj B'i V'-
Th ludieiarv oommittee reported back H. B
44U To authorise) the Trnstees of Newberry
township, in juiatai county, to sue tor certala
moneys whan th bill was read a third time and
passed yeaa od, nays .r t k ,tt..
- The eommitteeon Benevolent Institutions re
norted baok H. B. 469 To abolish th office of
steward ot the several Benevolent IneUtutioaa,
when the bill waa eet for a third reading on
Tuesday aext-ijb t- -t : . :t.:.i . w irv.
Mrj JONES, of Hamilton, from the aeleet
oommittee ttv whom wa referred ii. B JO To
ameodsectks24,29, 31,39.r40, 41,-43, and
60 of the general, tax law reported tha ame
back, with aa amendment, when -the bill waa
postponed till tha first Monday in 1864.. i u
; Mr., K&.1U, trom the aelect committee ta
whom waa reterred H B. 433 To amend the
aot to preveat th epread of tha Canada tbietl
reported tb eame back, whea tt waa read a
thlrdtime.' :j lo tf ur.-.-Kmt
i Mr.STEDMAN supported the bill, as a most
important measure u ; i-i ;.r , . : r
T Mr. McCLUNG urged it passage, and gave
hi experience with tha Canada thistle, as tha
most troublesome or ail natural growtne. ' i
, Mr., CARLISLE hoped thia bill would bo
passed, that tha farmers of those part of tb
Utat infested ty tnietie oi any kind may be
relieved of the pest. - j .
. Mr. FELLOWS aaid that there are four kind
of thistles, three kinds of which are Indigenous,
that spring up immediately after th groand ia
cleared, and will grow repeatedly as often, aa
out away, s Het-tnereiore, thought tbe bill an
aeoessary, and likely to do anything eleo than
extirpate the indigenoue thistlen. - u
- Ia thi view of the subject Mr WELSH eon-
eorred, bat ha would not object to tb biM if
there were no penalty attached to it '
, Mr. DAVIS took this view ei the enbiect, and
moved -that it D xssde to uta enact April 1
1863. which was disagreed to, vi. :-. .
i- Mr. JESSUP moved to amend by linltlot th
penalty to ten dollar, which was disagreed to. '
.Mr. WALKER thought th who! Idea of root
log out th common tfitsti wboUy Impradti-
abie, and not or any utility. e -
Aln THOMPSON. Of Summit, Vs opposed
to tha bill. The common tbletla n thought
could not be eradicated by th oporatloa of thi
bill; and M could aot be e forced, 1 1 wonld
tend to make tha aot against the Canada thistle
a anility, ; t-io l 1 o a . t '
Mr. REID was aatisflsd, experience, that I
the oommcn biennial thistle can be extlrpattid. 1
Tbey are la such abundanoe la his .region of the
State, as to cover thousands of acres.) He be
lieved that concerted action for, three years
would entirely rid tha country of theto'' But
this bill would not interfere with tbe law against
tha Canada thistle; ,tfiii it wonld materially; as
sist In the execution or tbat law.
blri BRUFFfearedihat tb Dnsstge of this
bin wwld-drom ithe; ImpaeelbHityof either;
obeying or enforcing it tend to make th first
law a nullity , snri eive us without suoh protec
tion against the Canada thistle as that law of-
fo'.d, i , , t . : . ' f j . J f
Mr. CONVERSE moved tor (mend by: maa-
ing it Inolude weeds, which wits disagreed to
yeas '41, nays 64, -rr jkt ,
Air. van V UK 13 moved to strike out an ni
ter the enaotlng olauee, whioh was agreed to
yeas 45, nays 22. '--.'
rTha committee on Munlclcal Corporations re
ported H. B. 473 To authorise the Commis
sioners of Montgomery county to build a bridge
over tne Miami Kiver at yaywa-wnicn was
read tbe first time.
Mr. 8CIIIFF. from the select oommittee to
which was referred S. B. 273-Provlding for a
tax to buy tbe Hamilton County Fair Grounds,,
etc., reported the aame back, and recommended
its easeaee. and stated the obleot of ; the" bill,"
Mr. DAVIS moved that the bill be amended
by striking out the third section, which provide
lor an Increase cf th salaries ot tne common
Plaa JndiFea. i ' ' ' 1
He held th pill was contrary to the" Consti
tution, aa oontainlne- two objects. .. He aleo ob
jeoted to the Increase of the salaries of Judges
in any ease.--';. ' ' ' ' ''''"'''".
Mr. FLAGG explained that this bill ha J bu
one object, witheeveral details, and therefor
doee not conflict with the Constitution, 'As to
the third section, it wss a matter wholly With
Hamilton countv. whose people chose to pay
their judges in-thia way; and noding that the
plan worked well in tbe oity, they desired to ex
tend It to the Com mon rleas judges.
Mr. BLAKESLEE advocatod the bill.'' -
Mr. JONAS explained tbe necessity for the
payment or bigner salaries to judges, "
Air. ROGERS hoped tbe bill would pifS.'.HS
had a pecuniary interest in it. They had two
good Common Fleas judges in their oounty, wbo
get bnt $1,500 a year, and this kept them ao
poor tbat whenever be went there Do bad to
buy them something to drink, and after that
give them a' obeW of tobacco,' '-He hoped tbe
bill would pane.
Mr. HILLS took tb eame position as Mr.
Davis, ss to th constitutional question, and
protested against the papsage of the bill on this
ground, as well as agaiuet a kind of surreptU
tious increase of the salaries of judges. '-
Mr. WOODS replied to tho constitutional ob
jection, showing that the practice of grouping
several objects ia one bill ia well established in
the legislation of the State.
. Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, feoved .to amend by
striking 'out tha 'provision ' exempting" fair
grounds from execution, whioh, wae disagreed
to.' f.i. : .:i'.-'t -' t ' - i ir-i -..i-i .
The vote wae then taken on the pamge"ot
the bill, whioh resulted yeas 54, nays 35. ,
TheJudiolary committee reported baok , II
439 Ti change the number of Common
Plea Judges, with sundry amendments, . which
were aereed to: r 't
. Mr.- COLLINS moved to amend the bill by
adding Vinton county to the first subdivision. of
tbejseventtijjodlcial district, wblcn waa agreed
to.Uhco the bill waa ordered to be engrossed,
and read a third tlmefon Tuesday next.
Mr. MYERS offered tbe following, which was
laid over under tbe rnla : v"
Waxaiis, It baa been establkhed as a rule
by tbe Board Of Trustees of tbe Blind Asylum,
tbat the pupile who remain In the institution for
five yeara shall be discharged therefrom; and,
Waiaxas, It appears that many pupile are
discharged under tbe rule, while others are - re
tained beyond the period named; and, . '' . x
Waiacas,. Many persons desire admission
who cannot be accommodated therein: - There
fore. I' i. ,.(- ' .' - il
Be it Retailed, by fas General Anemblyof ' ih
Biati of viuo, Tbat from and alter tbe data ot
tbe adoption of thia resolution, tha Trnsteeaaod
Superintendent of tb Blind Asylum are hereby
direoted to discharge aU pupils who are now re
maining in the Asvlnm over five ' yeara, -from
admission; and they are hereby further directed
to discnergs all pupils wbo may cereaftef oe ad
mitted, alter tbey sballhavs remained fivs years
in aiu iDsiiiuiiou. - n
- Mr. VINCENT offered the lollowing resoln
tirin whlfh waa lai nr., nndAe the rnl "
Retohxd, bu th General Attembly oJ tit Stal tf
Vhio, Tbat tbe oulce ot tbe. Keoelver of-tbe
Seneca County Bank, ahould, of. right, be kept
In th eity of Tiffin; and tha Buditor, Treasu
rer, and Secretary of State, be and they are
hereby direoted to remove J. T. Claypeol, the
present Receiver, and Appoint' soma suitable
and trustworthy person, who shall keep hit
office, aa such Reoeivcr in said city of Tiula...
Adjonrned. t i . :--.. --i !.,.
In Thursday morning's report, on the passage
of Mr. Baldwin's bill, regulating the fee of
ounty treasnrors, there ie a misprint that re
versaa tne cnaraoter ot tne report, i ce report
was printed: 7V','; .:'; 1 '-"' 1
"Mr. JOI4AS moved to amend by making it to
take effect la September, 1862...r, , .,
"Mr. BALDWIN approved this amendment.
as tt would materially affeot tha objects of the
Dill . i .?r"-.-' .,-., t' ,--:! .Jt"! A
It should have been,' Mr, B;1 opMseeT 'th
amaodment, Ac Thii places Mr. Baldwin In t
wrong light, and as favorlug an Amendment
that dofllroyod his bill. He not . only ; opposed
tha amsndment, but supported his bill in an able
argument, made up ef a mass of valuable ' sta
tistical muter relating to tha subject, i f 1
SATURDAY, April 6, 1861—10 A. M.
' grayer by Rev. Mr.' Morris. , , . . ,t-
t By Mr. GARFIELD, from J . Craft and 6th'
era, of Portage couny, and O'. 8. Tarr1 and1 oth
ers, of Geauga county, remonstrating against
tb passage of the bill for the Improvement' pi
Cayahogs county. ' Referred to committee op
Agriculture. - " - iK" -
, , ,
H. B. No. 416, by Mr. REES, of. Franklin.
To amend tbe aot entitled aa act Jor tbe inspec
tion of certain articles thereto enumerated,
passed March 9, 1831. - -t"- ,t'i's:.i.(l vc
, a. B. 423,by Mr. BALDWIN, from select
committee Supplementary to -the .aot passed
May 3, 1852, to proride for tb organisation of
cities apd looorporrtsd village.: Thi it a bill
to authorize tha building ot a jail In Youngs
town. . ... . ,,-,0 :
11: B. 410, by Mr. BROWNE.of Miaml-T
authoris th bailees of Newberry townsbip.in
Miami county, .to sue for certain gaoneya .losaw
ad by their predeeeeeors to certain Individual,
w All were referred, to the committee of th
Whol. ... .,,,. . ,s cs- C bit
II. B. 362 To prohibit Judges of elections
from msrklng election tickets finable from flO
to 950 and costs. Th bill passed yeaa 30.
nave 10. '.'''
' The bill for th erection of a new penitentia
ry eame baek-front tha House, with sundry
amendments, and was referred to th oommit
tee on State Uuildlngs. ... T tli.wtl Vf )
Mr. KEY, from the "Jodlclary committee,
upon the memorial of W, B. Caldwell aod oth
ers, of Cincinnati, praying for an 'additional
Jodge of the Superior Court, reported Adversely
to tbe prayer, because the committee tholigbi
the lacrease of salsries of Judges of the Court,
of Common Pleas would accomplish tbe object
Bought, since th talent necessary to promote
bnslnsse oould be procured by an Increase ol'
aaio salaries, ana a bin or that kind, caving
passed, tbe subject la disposed of. The com',
mlttee wa discharged from further consider
Uoa of the memorial. " '' '-' "
Mr. 8PRAGUE, from the Enrolling" commit
Im.' serMieted I Via Mvnllmant rf anhrt Kllla ' ' '
Mr.COl, from the commlitee to whom it
was refwred, reoomnjeo'lsd tb adoption of tb
followlngr ... , rj ,-,. .' .,t .-!'
Wataxas, A large amount of Interest money
Is deposited in the hands of tbe Treasurer of th
Sandusky, Dayton and Cineionatl R. R,Co., to
be paid to th State, -on couditloo.: tbat the
bonds held by said Bute, and issued by tb M,
R. A. L. E. Railroad Company, shall be exteady
d a period of yeara. Therefore, be it .t-v k
. Rtttlttd, fift That tbe Attorney Genaaal be
hereby authorized and directed to extend th
time of paymeatof the bonds of tha M, JV-Ai
E. R. R. Cotheld by U, l?tatB,:to uotir.4ac)f
with the propmitlon of t e said Qomrmny. s i
applicable to I dj a 1 ke cl Jk v sreett tt.
Mr. COX, irom Selo t con mitte j rerorted
two verbal amendments tit the .: Coim t''l,emK.
urers' bill, til B ' 366) which were uereet to
and the bill wa raferrad, V)tv'V;imiue bf
tn YTUUIO. ;-Tm .
A,Mr. MOORL, from the committee on, Cor
poratione other then- Municipal, introduced? &. 22.
No- 891 To amend, the. towa ball act- ,
1 Mr.iFERGUeOSj from It Bebj Committee,
rW)mmerjdedthepssAgs orH.B.9 by Mr.
Schlff To re-Deal sections second, thirl and
fourth of an aot entitled "an aot to- amend Uie-
aol tt lbO&rp0ra.tc:the tQwn.of CUn, in ; Hemj-
aoi n inooppors.K.ine wwn.ot uurton,in tiamj-r
ilton oouuty, and eatabllehing the Clifton eleo
tion precinct," passed March 22, 1851. The
bill passed. It simply makes another rleotlon
preoinct in MOJocoek JQwnjntpooa
On motion of Mr. SPRAGUE, the Senate re
solved itself Into Commttee of the Whole, on
the order of the day,. Mr. Moreeioi the chair,
and after some time spent therein, rose and re
ported back tbe following bills, soms witb, and
some without amendment, viz:
H. B. No. 410, by Mr; REESof-Franklin
To amend the act entitled an act for the Inspec
tion of certain articles therein enumerated,
passed March 9th, 1831.
Tblslhlll 1st designed :W Include Coal, Oil
among inspected articles. It was referred to
tbe Agricultural Committee.
H. B. No. 440, by Mr. BROWNE, of Miami
To authorize the trustees of Newberry town
ship, in Miami county, to sue for certain mon
eys loaned by their predecessors to oertaln in
dividuals. Judiciary.
H. B.. No. 423, by. Mr-I BALDWIN, ?rom a
aelect oommittee Supplementary to tbe act
passed May 3, 1852, to provide for the organisa
tion otoities snd incorporated villages. Muni
cipal Corporations.
H. B. No. 366, by Mr. BALDWIN Pro
scribing the fees, county treasurers. Bill and
pending amendments referred to the Finanoe
Committee s r r''2Vil KiiT
On recommendation of Mr. GARFIELD the
Cuyahoga river bill with petitions on the subject,
was referred to the Agricultural Committee,
took ....
SATURDAY, April 6, 1861.
Praver br Rev. Mr. Grover.
U.B.'458 Td prevent frauds' on Rallf olds.
was referred to tba Judiciary commltteeivthe
eommitteeon itaiiroaus navtug Deen atscnargeo
from the further consideration of the asmevi
On motion of Mr. BROWNE, of Miami. H.
B. 383 To incorporate the Bank of Ohio, was
referred to tbe committee of tbe Whole.
Mr. WRIGHT, of Hamilton, presented the
remonstrance of E. Masters and 42 others,
sgsinst the pssesgeof the Mllrord Rrldjje&ill,
MK RODGSRS presented theremoostrance
of ti. a. rrioe end 40 others, of Hamilton coun
ty, sgainst the purchase of tho Agricnltural
Fair Grounds. . , ,.,. r-u -, k k
The House screed to the Senate proposition
providing lor a settlement of tbe accounts of
tbe state witb tbe Uhio Lire and Trust Com-
S. B. 241 To provide for, and regulating
street rrallrosd companies was read tbe first
time and seoood time, and referred to the com-
i . . r . . t a. - i .
mitten uu vurpurntiuoa otuer vuaq.iuunioipai.r.
' a. H. z7o To amend the 1st section ol the
sot for the protection of Fish was read the
first time.-, v-cr-rtf Ut Site;
S. B. 283 To provide for a uniform standard
of weights snd measures was resd tbe first
time. utitt'S s-i.'i- i J'r-i ....
On motion of Mr. SLUSSER, S. B. 221 To
amend tbe law relating to printing publio doc
omenta was taken from the tablo and aet for
a third reading on Tuesday next.
On motion of Mr. STEDMAN, H.B.'47-En
abling juries to quality their verdicts was ta
ken trom the oommiUee of tha.VVboU, and B.e
for a third reading on Tuesday next.
Mr. FLAGG was excused from serving on
tbe committee to whom was referred H. B. 355
Relating to BCbool libraries, and Mr. Jonss
sppoioted in his place.
A communication was received from the An
dltor of State In relation to the sale of certain
lands of he State, In-Unton- cOuhtyrwhiah' was
ordered tone printed, endTeierred to tbe eommit
teeon Claims.
U. B. 470-To fix tho location cf the New
Penitentiary, was read a second time, and refer
red to the committee" on thi Tenltentiary.
The Judiciary committee reported back H
464 To protect the interests of turnpikes aud
plank roads, which was set f(r a Jhird reading
on Tuesdsy. QextJ 1.5 U J J- i i- ' 1
Tbe same committee reportod bsck II B. 358
Keiaiiog to possession or estates by courtesy,
and recommended its indefinite nostnonement,
Mr. BLAKESLEE opposed this renort. and
defended the bill, aa proposing a needed and
proper reiorm.
i no motion to indefinitely postpone was
agreed torsrfi vkhI" iai-. -
The same committee reported bsck II. B. 324
Relating to tbe sale of lottery tickets, and re
commended tbat it be Indefinitely postponed, on
which motion the yeaa and nays were demande d
and resulted yeas in, nays 4U. So the motion
was disagreed to.
Mr. HITCHCOCK then moved that the bill
be referred to a select committee of five, which
was agreed to yeas 48, nays 29.
Tbe eame com mitt -reported, hack ;H. B.
37a To repeal an aot therein named and re
commended its indefinite postponement, which
was agreed to.
The earns oommittee reported hack II. B
459 To amend the law regulating the sale of
poison, and recommended it indefinite postpone
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, .explained that the
bill was intended to punish tbe preparation of
poison witn criminal intent, or poisoning food or
water with suob intent, even though no one
be poisoned thereby, which; is not provided for In
mo present statute; and be oould not see why
the committee reported as they did.
Mr. ROBINSON explained, for the com
mittee, that they thought tba (bill would Punish
nnconsummated crimes, and it left no room for a
person commencing to commit a murder by
poisoning, to repent and retrace his stens.
Mr. BROWNE, of Miamlfdelendea the bill,
contending that the ess'eooe of a orirae is the ma
licious Intent, and as when we punish crime, law
always measures tne quality or It by tbe in
tent, the preparation o( poison most j certainly
dessrves punishment.'
Mr. WOODS reiterated the reasons ot Mr.
Robinson, that it made the crime to consist of
those ioitisry step ofjjeime, which may bs re
traced, and the opportunity to retrace, which
ahould always be left open.
Mr. HILLS annnorted the bill, on tha nrinnl.
pie presented by Mr. Crowner.nnd bopjd fb.ebjil
would pa"g.w"'r
Mr. BLAKESLEE moved that th bill be
amended by making it apply to the preparing of
poison tor domestic animal. -
Mr; TANNEYIIILL hoped tbe bill would
f ais. If he should find a man putting poison
nto his well, be would kill him aa dead aa Jo.
nah'a gourdin the sandy plains-of Nineveh.
He hldxperisooedi somethlDp; ef the evils of
sucb poisoning In the city or Washington, at the
National Hotel, tie would punish all suoh
wretches, without soaring' mon or woman.
Mr. KRUM favored the bill, and cited the
statute against having counterfeit money in poe
session as one in point, where the Intent is evi-
dentlymsde thewenoA Heoppessd the amend
ment of Mr. Blakoelee, aa he thought it would
defeat the bill. He moved to amend by striking
out ins woras "prepare poison .or." - The
amendment of 'Mr. Blaresloe wss disagreed to.
The amendment of Mr. KRUM waa adopt
ed. . Mr. DAVIS moved io amend by-msking tb
term of punishment on Instead of two yeara,
wnicn was aissgreeo to.
The vote was then oallod on th indefinite
postponement, which resulted yeas 25, nays
Tbo bill wss then read a third time, when It
waa passed yeas 65, nays 37.
Mr. JV1 ON AH AN presented the .petitions of
capt. John U. Hughes and six other officers of
the militia of Ohio, at Dayton. Also, of .Capt.
F, Vaoderier. and officers and members of the
Butler Guards.' Also," of Capt. Jamea Fita
patrlo, and officers and members of th High
land Guards. Also, of MsJor.X.-Boslojra-And
membere of jh Guthrie Greys, of the city of
Cincinnati. cAUfj, of Cap! Miller, fcad ouloera
sod, member , of, .tbe, Lafayette, -Guards,
Also, f CspV.Garrlsoh; And .officers and Debit
here of the Ohio Volunteer.. Militl "Also,
of Capt. Jona G. Branch, and officers and mem
berB ' of. the .'Sd, DivlsiorjofJ ibe1 .'Volunteer
Militia of Hamilton.' A'to, of Capt!. Turner and
officer end member of tho Washington Drd
gooM, ff thi .city of CfogijjriftUr.i Also, .of Alt
Greenwood and 13 Other. tAlso, of Capt, Geo,
Cbrtetophsr and officer and members bf the
Rovers' Guards, of tbe city ot, Ciaolunatl.
All1 the above petitioner! aak of the General
AS8en Myof Ohio, to purcli' m f e arnt known
as tp (smopolitan Breecb Jboamng l irej Arm
-invented by Henry Grose, of Tulin, Ohio; or
a quantity; of aaid arms-Mnd ais to- hitveeald
petitions referred to tbe oommittef on nauitta
Mr. M0NAHAN Also presented the reoom
iahtuOlon'Af-Genl-Cartlijgton; of Colnmbuti
Also, of Ms,Goa. Lytle, of tha 1st Cincin
nati Ohio Volunteer1- Militia-' Also, bf Brlga
dier General Bites, of Cincinnati all pertain
ing to the same subject, wlich be asked to ba
rJjarrrA in th same committee, V -
7 i j tt r, tn A
i un ieave,iur.,iiiiijKiuw'c t....i-..-
To amend the act providing for distribdtlfag th
1 Un leave. Mr-'MlLUa introsaoeu n.
laws, which wss resd the first time.
. awn - w ' . . .. I .
, ADO,aQusa.tnen. ipox. a regime .,
The Crime of Poverty—How Prisoners for Debt
are Treated in England.
A mow extraordinary letter, slaned "A VshU,
or in the City Jail," appeared in the Manches
ter (England) Ouerdian,' wblcU Shows tbat tn
system of prison discipline in tbat enlightened
country- .is scarcely Jess barbarous itb.au, tnat
practised in the dungeons of Naplea.- in rater
ting to tbe letter, the Guardian says :' ' ';"x"-
' '(.The writer avers tbat .the prisoners for debt
are treated like "the vilest and most depraved
teions " 1 bey are not allowed, to "sing, wtiHj
tie or laugh," and era liable , to solitary con
finement for several days, with bread and water
diet, for the slightest oOence-sgainst tbe regu-
latinna.. WhAn a dahtne arrive at thA tail
"be 1b asked . b religion, and told to sign a
book, which he does, under the supposition that
he is merely registering his religious, belief;
bnt if afterward be destines to attend chapel,
be Is told that signing tbe book was an under
taking to attend, and that be must be puulabed
for refusing to do so. ' No matter that he alleges
that be Is a Nonconrqrmut, and objects as a
mattA, nf AAnarianiA. . . . J - . . .
1 At thia time of the vear. the chapel (which It
the same attended by the felons 1n the jail) Is
Intensely cold, but no excuse for non-attendance
is permitted. "An old gentleman, during tbe
present Intense frost, begged, tn ar oeseecning
manner, to be allowed to stay away from cnapei,
stating that he wot seventy four years of age.
snd that the cold, current that he was exposed to
was too inuuh for a Aian of his years and Infirm
ity. He was taken before the Governor, who
told him to hold his hands by hi aide while in
bis presence.' The Governor told mm that, ai
though he was a Presbyterian-, still, aa he bad
signed the book, he should ssntenoe blm to
twenty-four hours' solitary confinement, for're
fuaintr to Aftehd ehSfiaf.' On boW .taken to this
intensely cold cell; h fonod that be was only
allowed a small piece pr bread lurae times a
day with cold water." '
Tbe solitary cell is quite dark, and debtors
are sometimes confined there for three days.
On Monday week, several of: tbe debtora were
confined there for twenty-four hours, for not
getting ont of bed till a .quarter of an hour
after tbe regular time, seveu o'clock; tboogh
It wab quit dark, ana no clock wss al
lowed.,' One "poor 'gentleman,' who suffered
terribly Irom rheumatism, and.. was fre
quently compelled to use crutches, begged tbat
benight be permitted, While tons imprisoned,
to purchase, with bit own money, snob food and
warm Drinks aa his health required. - Thia was
refused, and nothing but bread and "cold water
allowed. One prisoner passed three days in
this fearful oell-for giving his wife a email piece
of bread,' in' order that hi -children- at home
might tee tbe quality of the prison food. An
other, oo-county allowance, took and ate an
onion beyond his share, for which be had solita
ry oobfinement on bread had water' for thre
dive. ' -T 1 '-At- -
Such are the allehatioos made by .the write.
of thia startling letter, besides.pther complaints
of most Arbitrary regulation as' to ' visitors, by
which not only i elan ves, but even solicitors, are
to a great extent debarred from necessary com
munication with the boor debtorut. We Quote
these statements aa we find them io print. - Let
us think for a moment of the terrible oold of tbe
last few wedts, and then ask .whether, suppoj
ing the assertions r uncontradicted, it can be
permitted that man should bare the" cower of
committing pertonaloi lunrarmed, uollihted
cells, without proper -food, whatever their age
or state W health , for trifling" Dresones pi arbi
trary priobti rulesT This is EntlSnd;- not Na
pies- .It leamafrom this, that the pleasure , of
moarosrauoo for debt in bogiand !A about equal
to that erjoyed in ltaiyr 1 "
1 1 aMy- . j ' . . f . i-y
Tisbitokivo.' Ovvioxat VVrrHooT Par. It is
stated that owing to an 'omhmlon or oversight,
no appropriation waa made lo the pay ol any
or the officers of tbe three Territorial govern
ment ' organized last session. , The' Governors
and other dignitaries must trust to the next Con
ress for compensation They are supposed to
favor an extra session, ,
r Ged. Miramob, ei-Preeident' of Mexico, and
who Is now In New York, Is ouiy 29 years of
, r.ie i. t ,r. ..:..c -ij jir. jail -j i
ev f..-es- - - ' -.u
The Universal Cough Remedy in Cases of
Whooping Cough.
, .-ii A.i
r Thee -are probably more cases of Whooping
Cough continued to great longth of flue by tbe
use of Remedies' containing expectorants', which
hot only aggravate tbe Cough ,lbut run down the
system, making tbe cengb fatal, or produoing
Consumption, than by any other cause. -This is
completely obviated ' In- tha Universal Cough
Remedy, which -contains - nothing to produce
nausea of prostration; and the Cough yields nat
urally, while tb system- is sustained. Results
justify this declaration, and all are asked to
satisfy' themselves by trial-; - See advertise
ment. .r.iHwt ' ,-a--f ? ,.,;
. i, ... i , i ., i r . .,tj
STAny of onf renders afflicted with ScsorULt
or Scrofulous complaints, will do well to read
the remarks la our advertising columns resooct-
leg it. But little of tho nature of this disorder
has been known by the people, and tbe clear ex
position or It there given will prove acceptable
and useful... We hare long admired the search
ing and able manner in which Dr. Avia treats
every subject he touched whatever has his at
tention at all, has a greil deal of it; he mas
ters what he undertakes, and no one who baa a
particle! of feeling for his sraictcd fallow man
can look with indifference upon his labors- for
the sicko Read vhftt her Buys of Scrofula, and
see in how ef words, and bow clearly he tells
us more than w au nave Known or this insidious
and fatal malady. Sua, Phil., Pw a.1
SON my OBUO STOKE, which is rentoved from tbe
comer of High and Oty treet to th Boutbweat corner
of Brow and High itreeti.Uolumbui, Ohio.
Witb many thtnti to my former pttroot and coitom
era, I reepeetfuliy roquett the eootlnutno of thelc fs
vorstomyaaeosesdr. , - ,r,.n - llEJIttr il, KSIL.
Columbus, April!, 1B0I. '
II 8TORB of Mr. UtssT At. Ifsa, I hive opened
anew on tbe Southwest corner of Broad and ilighstreeu,
Ooluubu, Ohio Mng th ld and rtliabi itamd for
nu vwemweyvr murty years 'i, ; t
ll hav a freta and well selected (took of Pun jVitt,
ctntt, niJOhteMcali, together with faint, OUt
rumiiu,, wo., email sept in sucn an eitahllibment.
njfastoaiiTiowe eartluily and promptly oempeunj
, Store open st sll hour of th day tmd tUoAt- 'HV
a reepveuuiiy (oncti in patrerrtte of th public.
y ...i" UINRY WILSON..
Columbus, April 1, 18BI-apr6:dlm
.''!?''jl) !fOH BJaWTT. ..!;.. jf
INO LAND, an belt mil from thi city, tor rent, If
application a made won. no. xo north High street,
Columbus. - X tprilS;dlw ' ft. B DKaiNQ.
Kentli: MEJi.tji
an vevwt.ir
Moveltie In Neck TI
-' L' , w rr
- EmhMirl,r p.etUanrfirrfMhrert.
arjiva .mi vnrruMI Wliart.
,,' WrltKII
Hf. T
uioes,euptnormax. ivm
Qoldoi Hill Bhirts, vsrlons itl.
Boys' GoWea Hill BhtrU, do
Driving and Btreet OloTet.dc,'
Ilemmed Pocket Hindkerchiefi, varioui iitrl, , -a
u.ir -gtrannts, h
... r , BAIN 4 SX)K,
eprliJ .RhOUv) ll WSiJB) BouUUlJih ttreeL
MBW BTTLKB Haln It Nnn n
High ttrret, hsve Jult opened tew style of Hum n,.-
cnLaas. Bteovnn snd Bacovn, midc Jn tb aeweit and
aott - styllth manner also. Snsark aai.t.
Hlach Kllka, vers Wrr. d-.irT.,i . i. ....
MsnUllaatnd Buqnln.J - - , ,. aprlU
CLOAK OLOrna. laa. nil,.. aj.
mMk mn,.i n j . i . . . . . k ' a
vvmm v.v,u, iu u wF,irauis uixiures Hinuinee, Ti
MUsndi)(ta totnatati. BAIN m BON,
If : .in 89 " Btib strtet.
jrrsT pnBLiBniD. ON Tna natobw. thb
Beminal Weeke, Sexual Debility, Nervoaioess.Iai -j
Emission and Impoteooy, resulting fronr-r
Bell-ahuM, o, , Byaooi. . wuirerweii, m. v. Beat
Sridet wal, In a plain envelope, to any addiai,peil
paid.- on receipt of two itampi, by Dr. 0UA8. j. O. .
kl,IN, 127 Buwery, Mew Tork. Poet Office Box. So
4,58., maai:3mdfc
1 1 r ; . ' i
Ww all TIlltUAT and'
Including' WHOOPING
COTjGlt, and tvsry
Complaint the foreran '
ner of, and cren actual
a rTf? y l tj to" i
Tba Great NKirHAS.
Oltl HKivikuv and Nat
ural OPIATE, adapted
t every apecles ol Ncr
vou Complaints, Ner
Tone and (Jhrcnie
Headache, - ahisma,
tlnan tJatarrh, Tootli
and Ear Ache, E.aa ai
Bleep, undJHowol Cein.
Ho real Justice can be don th abort preparation!
but by procuring and reading descriptive pimpblis,t
be found with all deaien, or win ne tcni tiy rroprietor
on demand. Pormulas and Trial Bottles tent to Physt
eiaoi, wbo will Bud development In both worthy their
acceptance and approval.
uorreipondcnce solicited from ail wnoie neresiitiea or
cariosity prompts to a trial of tb above reliable Home
for Ml tar tha amtl wholesale aud retail dealer
everywhere.- .,,'.- ...
, Ho. 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Mass. '
Bobart fc Bamul. N. B. Marule. J. R. flonk. J. M
Denig, 0. Penlg tk Bon, A. i. Bchutlitr A Boo, Agent
for Columbus, Ohio. . mvl-dly
In all case of OMHrenaai,dyippsla,bllllous and liver
affeotlon, piles, rbenmatlim, fevers snd ague, obsti
nate head ache, and all general derangement of health -then
Fill hav Invariably pro red a certain andipwdy
remedy.' A ttagle trial will place tb Xlfs Fill beyond
th reach of competltloa In th estlmatloa of every pa
Uent. ' - l -,;
j PrVafoBat'l Photnlx Sitter will be found equally ef
AcacUrus hi alt oaaei of Mrvsa debility, dytpepsw, hsal
ache, th ricks em Incident to female In delicate health,
and (very kind of weakness of (bs digetUv organ.
f.tl by fir. W. B. BtOlfAT, 835, Broadway, S. Y.
and by all Druggist. . ; maySS-dAwlj
Tne following ii an extract from a
letter written by the Rev. J. B. norma, paster nt th
PlerrcpolntEtreet Baptist Church, Brooklyn, N. T., to
the" Journal and Meftenger," Cincinnati, 0.,and speak
volume In favor of that world-renowned medicine, kla .
Wisilow's Boora ino Bracr roa Cuitnaxa TtrrBiiwi :
"Wescesn advertitment In yonr column of Alas
WixiLow't BooTHim BvRur; Now w never mid word
In favor of a patent medicine before in our life, butws
feel compelled to tsy to your readen that thi Is ne bum
claim. It is probably on of the mott tureenfnl medi
cine of the day, becauM It Is ope of the be tt. And those
of your readers who bar babies can't do better than
lay Ina supply.'l t , od!7:lydAw
3NToTrV-axls., HV. T.
DlTidend January l , 18G 1 1 4 S Per Cca I.
A89ETB .77 .J,813,KC SO.
Statement January I, 1801s
Btlance, per itattment Jan. lit, 1860 $3,406,58 3V
Btceiied for Premium! dur
lng the ear WO 7C3.053 SS
Received for Intereit during
tbe- year 1F00 814.014 10
Total recelpii for I860. ...$977,007 74
Paid C lain hy Datb,0l,7,0i0 00
Vald Polioie aurrsn -dered
- 41,111 99
Paid Salaries, Poit- .-,-'
af. Taxes, Kx '
change, eic 31,020 S4
Paid Com mil tton te . , . ,
Acent v. Sl,3-?5 30
Paid Phyilcltns' fee. S.IKKJ 75
Paid Annnlties 1.S17 00 '
Peld Dividends dur
ing tbe car 100,500 7S 56S 081 63
411,07 14
Net Balance Janntry 1st, 1801
.-. ASaiTB. .
Oubon hrmd.....1.'.'.....-. $6 6384 19
Bonds and Mortgages on Beal -
Kitate, warih double the -
amount loaned 8,93741 69
Premium Mote, on Policie
In force, only drawing 0 par
cent. Interest- 1,379.864 17
Reel Ktlaie. .....,. 90BiBS7
Lotni on 8orrp. n.. .... - 5,831 44
Premiums, NoteiandOath, in . -
coarse of trantmlttioa -! 45.343 75
$3,813,558 SO
'-.;. :-!
$3,81256 SO
.Total As!.
T18TS Pollcl ht force, Insuring...... g5,4ge, 638
1,435 new Pollei have bees iseutd during tb year.
After a careful calculation of th prttent vain of tb
outstanding Policies of th Company, ud baring the
aeoessary amount In reserve therefor, th Director
hav declared a Divwnin of 45 per cent, on the Premi
um paid at tb table rates, te all policies for life lo force,
Issued prior to Janntry I, U6U, paytule according to tbe
present ml of th Oompany.
Rates for all kinds of Lite OonUogencles, Prcspect
nie,, Statement!, aod Application, will be furnlihed
without ciusox, at tb OOice er Agencies of the Oenr
pany.-,- ' .-- - -
' J KOBT. I. WATTKR80N, PreMrff.
...l.C.OBOVER, Vic Preeident. f
BINJ. 0. UfLtlR, Secretary. -
;: m, k: , si, aa. sakksoi, A pint.
' ilarchSU, 1S6I."'
4 Jobnioa Block,
. Columbus, 0.
v'Mondajr Eyening, April 8.
1 V t
ciety of LADIISand UKNTLSMKN will appear for
th Bnt lime before tbeeltitens of Colucbus, on
Kondaw Evthiag,' April 8, at Armory Hell. -
The most attractive and tntartalnlng programm rer
offered to earmusic loving community.
' 1LT Doors open at 7: to commence tt 8 o'clock.
Pile of Admisalon, 25 cents. - TickeU oan be .had at'
woed'i, Beltter Webster's Atutio Btorwland tt.
Blley s Book Btor .
p9 Journal "and Crltli eony.l
V' -,- 1.
a.lDoylo c3 Ob.
to th Bouth-wett eornu ef illih and friend
street, .
And jprlir oonrUn keep qe Xutedsi brgtt itock caf
Tb ttntla of Uerebaau ana Detlen I reipeetfai
ly invited to our stock. B. DOXLH St Co. j
' in1,
irhiM I iN I -wr '
. i SI
One of thomaat Cttalca and Elegant
-.t f i it ; AaBartiuossta af -n
Spring'and ' Simmer: Millinery.
i 1 . ja'r-wyv, .e? a. f ' ;-'!. t , -
; , Tliiirsday April 4, 1861 ba
' . . ' " -At- . '
iii it
H . P L I HI P T Oil' C ,
-- -NOr 14$ SOUTH HIOH ST, '
aprS-dlw V I JJ i J -fi . i'.'t
hotice. ; v
:-,r., I
IT Being necessaht to cIhaivcb
my loeaUon. I have taken Room No. 14. k..i v.
trest, Walcnl't building, oppotlt JTrankUn Bank, where
I hop to see all my old patrons. .
I harejnit returned from Tork.wlth a Jarg lob
" tr .
sf (be very latest itjr let; and also, all the - ; k
for ladiNaadcbtldra'w.iag apparel. rCatl an tee
oon,i;-lt-l j .., ..., .1 HUB. A.JI. aaiXB. I.
0Oumba, AprU Mlw . ' ' fj

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