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- at-' v.; -I -
Tbs Adams Eipreea Company places us dally
under obligations to It for tbe very latest papers
from (be eastern citiee.
" " The' American Express Company l
thai' for H. dally favors la lb. shape of the
verv West eastern papers. . K
. Vv .i' : -
Notice to" 8BB,caiBSRa.-Clly subsciibere to
v. rw siahtman. who mat change their
tuu "J -
Celling! or places, of business jat thla leaaon
f of tbe year, are requested to notify onr earrlera,
or leave word at onr counting-ooin, 01 toe
'olooea atwhloh they wish their papers left
. ..thereaUer. ' ' "" " .-',,-m.
Boabd orCutiNTT School ' Examinees .- Tbe
Board coojlsts of 8. D. KiRasur, Superintend
, ent of the Pabllo Sohoola in this oityj Hobace
Wilso, Esq., and Stebnb Chi-tendem, Esq.
Tbe Board meets erery Saturday, at the offioe
of tbe Probate Judge , in this city, for the exam
vioatloo of applicants for Teachers' certificates
- On Saturday, March S3, over forty young la
die were examined; on Saturday, March 130,
" over thirty, and to day, Saturday, April 6, about
. fifteen havo been examined. Nearly all these
yooog ladiea acquitted themselves handsomely,
and received certificates. A few gentlemen
were examined on each of the days named above,
. and geuerally received certificates of quallflca
.tlon. . .... ; . .. ; ..... t ;"
Armory Haut CoNotaT. We hope no one
will forget the Concert of the Caolllen Vereln
at Armory Hall, on Monday evening next. Tbe
' ladles and gentlemen belonging to thla newly
organized company of vooaliata have prepared A
programme and a musical entertainment rarely,
if ever, equalled in this city. Tbey ask that tnls
- their first effort to please the publlo, may be
witnessed by each individual in person, that be
mav ludie of tbeir deserts for himself. We
think every one who spends an hour or two at
the Concert at Armory Hall, on Monday night,
will be richly repaid in tbe gratification and
; pleasure afforded by the Cnolllen vereln. '
: Hclo to Bail. Yesterday afternoon, Wil
liam Bonce, James Pindiobhs and Robiat
Pi NDXosits, who, with two others, bad been
arretted, on the affidavit of Barnbt McCabe, ef
the city polloe, for resisting an officer in the ex
ecution of his duty,' had their examination be
fore Justice TateiNajDsa, and the three were
bound over in tbe sum of fifty dollars each to
aower the cbaree at the next criminal term of
the Probate Court. . t .
. Barnkt McCabi has also been arrested, on
tbe affidavit of Robirt Pbudiobiis, lor an as
sault with Intent to kill. ' His examination was
' set lor this afternoon before Justice Millib.
Nbw Pdo Establishmbnt. We Invite the
. attention o! our citizens and the publio to an
, advertisement in another column, by which It
will be seen that Henry M. Neil has truefcrred
his Drug Store, on, the south west corner of
High and Broad streets, to Hbnbv Wilson, by
whom the establishment will be hereafter con
ductee. , We bespeak for Gen. Wilsom tbe pat
ronage of the community, as his establishment
Is conveniently located, and bis assortment of
pure drugs end obemleals is exoellent and adap
ted lo the wauls of the publio" His gentleman
ly and obliging qualitiej, together with the in
ducements he cau offer to customers, will doubt'
less insure him a large aud increasing share of
patronage. '. ,
' Hymi-b al. License have been Issued from
the Probate. Court of thla county, during the
' week ending to-day, 'April 6ih, lor tbe Intermar
riage or the following persons. We learn that
the four couples first named have bean married;
' of the otbere we are not informed:
Philip W. Noel, Treasurer of Sototo county,
'.and. Miss Sophia S. Chase; Jesse Shoemaker
and Mrs. Elisabeth Parkeeon; Dr.' Robert N.
r Bait and Miss Frances Nichols; John Haines
and Mrs. Lucinda Calhoun; Christopher Davis
'and Mias Lvdla A.Scott; Charles C Weis and
M!.a P.atharlna Steube: Anfuet KeH and MISS I
r .
" JT At the election on Mooday, April 1st, in
the township aad city of Newark, all tha Demo
,, . ,..u:. ,!-v. exnent nna Conata-
erate-oa the township ticket, except one v,onsia
ble, and all tbe Democrats on the city ticket, I
excep-..lhe Mr,bal, one Trustee and on Aiteatl
or, were elected by Urge msjoriUes.
rj3orBBioa CooaTr-rTba regular Jury wera dis
charged yesterday from further 'attendance at
the present term.i Cases tbat may. Da nere-
iafter tried at this term by a Jury, will be sub
mitted to called or special Juryc -r '
w .. - . M '"
CTbe Chilliootbe Atloertiw estimates that
ana hundred ttaousiud piseoos have been ship-
med fram tbat city, during tbe present season , I
, I
H7 It i"-iotl as something wonderful that a
teacher ef poBntnthlp in twelve Iewooi taught
' a lawyer to read his own writing.
uTWo conevatnlata our readers npon . tbe
'.filscoveriof a enra tot Rheumatism, Gout and
Neuralgia, and all .Mercurial Diseases, which
it effected without the UBOof internal medicines.
which destroy the constitution and give tempo-
eary relief only. " In fct U is the only known
wamedv cfrectiDt; a perfect cure, and we feel
warranted, from lta recommendations, in calling
tha attention of the afflloted and, those bating
tiunria ,in"rln' TrrJm Rheumatism, Gout or
" Neuralflia.or 'Uie seroiolo'ul elfectsof Meroury,
to the advertisement ia.anolhet column o( onr
naner. of Dr. Leland'i Anti-KhenmU0 Band,
, i.
Bmov'atob Is. without doubt, the best tonip oor
dial in the world. To those who are suffering from
P, General Debility we would teoommend. Its use,
tM while it Is pleasant to the taate.lt is strength-
-erjln--to the- svstem, and will at. once tenr) to
.r .remove all impurities of the Blood, and eradl
''-eate all traoee of disease. It can be taken by
i tlie weakest stomach, while those In good health
will at onoe faal Lta exhilarating; power. We are
! -confident tbat after ualntr one bottle of this Cor
,dlal, none.wlll be" for a day without It. JVete
York Leader.
;:'" T3ood. We met one of our friends yesterday
' T A mm .nrl ears .tAnl.Knfl .1 Ihi -hanttn
... ",";'"- . "7. ..v. . ...
u aa-blsappearanoe.- A fewweekaago we
,1m ha eras nalo, lean and deieotedi oomDlaln
Vf -' - f waakheas and debility, having beeo
alUicted all summer. Now he appears to be
v vf. nkn.iihw and atronf. Wo learn be owed bis re
u . tot.tioti entirely to McLean's BTRoTEBm
r . . - .... ... ' ' "' 1 ' i ' - t i
--"" i r 'V. ,, a -
are complaining of Gen-1
ur. ..int.. ail ssho are eomDiatDiDK ot uen
, - , , w n " ... , i
l.r ... i.; It la rrrtalnlv 4 vert
eraT Dobllity to tr
Mlaaalnt aVaatM ABa4 If V
a trv It: It IS ceriamiy a verry
ninaeAnt .mrl. Wm learn that there ara large
i I quantlUee o t selliog dally -Morning HeraWai
- - - sl
W ITienw ao OTSea WaT. Bv Vfhloh yOU
,ili. w "fw " ' r'-,ri - ifllDOal
,,be convinced that Guernsey s Maim mm poai
tlvely periorm wnai we saj u niu, iu- v. Jr
, to mage one application n . i ..v 1 1
ev -. . .. . .. , at ' L ttij
D AU should read Prof. Wood f advertise
meat la Mother, column.
Arrivals and Departures of Mails.
Malls for New Tori City, Boston, Albany. Buffalo,
Pittsburgh, ileubenvllle way. Clsveland, lanesvlll,
Hewark, Ora-vlHe, Washington City, Baltimore, "hiladelphla
and Now Orleans, eloaa datly (aoadars axetpt
ed)al7X o'oloak p. m. v
A through sail (or Haw York and Olavalaad eloeta
dally (Bandaya excepted) at 1 o'olock p. m.
0. 0.4 0. A. U. war Blall closes dallr (Sunday
Central Ohio Way BUll Lot dally (Bttndeyt xcepled)
at 1 o'olock p.m. , .
MBomnauway uaueioiaa dally (sejiaayttxoepted;
m i. viuw 9.
Ghiceo. Dnbui. TtoU-rara. Marion and Worthing
ton AUU close (tally (Bandars xosptsd) at 1 o'olock
P'M.ll.fo,t.n,prtB,rlUild;. Dayton, Toledo, Olncln-
tun. AnaianaBou. Aiouurvui. Bt. bonis, ana Detroit.
i ' . .. . . : . . i . . . . '
m aniiy loira-ay eaeepteuj i js p. ,
A through nail to Xonla, Springfield and Oluolnnati
eioata dally (Sunday excepted) at 1 o'olock p. m.
vroai ia, riqua, limn ana union city mall closet dally
inauu-ji nnpwaj n 4 o oiOOK p. m.
LM fUMB f .1 1 . 1 1 f 1. 1 1 I ! .1.
PortumoBtb, Wathtnglon, O.U.. Alhona, Uarletta and
iiiMraaia.anUaolOM dall (Bandana azoentK atlu
o'clock p. a. '
Baat way Mail by National Bead to Zantavlllo, oloaet
vDunuaya vzoapiaaj 11 o'ciock a. m.
Jlarriabanh aUlU 1um dally (iandan azetntad) atl
o'oloak p.m. .
' alt. Taraon Hall, hi va of WaatarvllUand InnhnrW.
elotM dally (Sundays axoapud) at 1 o'clock p. a.
Dublin alall closet dal)y(8audayi azitnUdlat 1 o'olock
Hall from Ha Torlr. Rnalnn. Phllail-lnMa. All.nir.
PUUbnrgh, OtarolandV DaytonrTolsdo7 SSSK
Bprlngllsld, Cincinnati, Ohllllcotho, 8t! loult, and all
itnsrn clllaa, arrlr between tbo hours of o'clock p.
and 4 o'clock a. m.
..i.tnm -ndlanapolla, Oblcago and Saboque, arrive
M-li from Wasbln-ton Olty, BaHtmore, h-ellng,
alls from Washto-ton Olty, BaHtmore, Wheeling,
Mville, Newark, Bteubenvllle, alt. Vernon, and tbe
? B n y ll.'r,.? ,??'k ; m V
O. 0. 1
m aiau amrei n o eiooa p. m.
But Way Mali over tbe National Koad, arrives at 11
o'clock a. m
Mt. Vernon way Mall arrive at 11:00 a. a.
Mall from Dublin arriyes at 4 o'clook p. m.
Urban a Way Mail arriree at 8 o'clock p. m.
Barrltburah Mail arrlyse at 11 o'olock a. m.
Offlra dallTarv nn-n rarv d&w fnemt BuadaW.) from
'H o'clock a. m. to 8 o'clock p. m. Open on Sundays
rrom 7h to v o clock In tbe mornlne. and from B to Q in
Consternation Amono thb Dentists. The
, ,i . , ... . , . , , ,
dvntisU have great times and rich pickings
among the multitudes of decayed teeth arising
fromthe nse of Impure Saleratua with which
the community la flooded. Bui James Ptlm'b
Dietetic Saleratua causes great consternation
among tnem. it threatens to destroy their
hualn. Dno.-45Waj,r,lno'tnn.tPt. N.
v. i. 0.t.. . . . :
w.Mtw...-r,,Mn. .
CJ"R. KiaxrATBioB, No, 165 South High
Street, has a verv choice assortment of Gold and I
Silver Watches, fine Jewelry, Clocks, Silver
and Plated Ware, at prices to suit the times.
O See advertisement of Prof. Miller's
Hair Invigorator In another solomn. ,
rullrocmmend bun to our old patron.and friends.
BawW''y'nu-,' TH08waxki a on
Bheamatism, Goat and 'Keuralgia,
All Mercurial Diseases.
It la a conveniently arranged Band, oonlalnln- a med-
Icated compound, to b worn aroandth Waist, without
Injury to tbe most delicate persons; no chant In habits
ot, living Is required, and it entirely n-oVa tha dis
ease from tbe system, without producing- th .Injurious
effects arising from tb n of powerful internal medi-
elneajwhloh weaken and destroy the eonsilluflon, and
lir. tpo-ry relief only. By this trtaunant. the d-
icinai properue eonuinea in in nana osmo in oontacl
with th blood and neeo the dim, throaih th pares
of th skin, effecting In miry inslaac a perfect can,
and will cnuniy reli-rith. system from tb -wrmoiosM
not of rcury . atooraia ease ar enrea in a rew
day, aad w ar oonstantly receiving testimonials of Its
be sent by mall or express, with fall directions far ate,
to any -.art of the oauy, dirtat from, tw Frtneip
, . Ho. 409 BROADWAY, lew York. 1
' O. SMITH &v CO., Sole Proprietors, i
N. I. CiscrlpllTS Olroalara Bent free. - !
in7Ae;enta Wanted Erery where.
mhSS-ljuiorlstp.datW '
FIRST - . ...
Of , .... :
a m -r- TrSvci-m"C3
an ntir n.w atook of Good. In my lln. Jntt nnreh.
ased In Mew York'at tb cheapest panic rates ,all of which
t -k.ii ii -t kk- muiimi nronta. iot uaan. kf eaatom.
rs and friends ar respectfully Invited to call and exam
iu..iiii. - ii,.uI an. aaUmlnad to aall
heap or'cbeaper than aay ether home in th olty; and
aa 1 do my own netting, ana apru i my own saai-
iia t feel tttnmrt from my long sxpeneoce inousr
mu. I elve eane-al tatlalactlsn. (he finest Of work
men are ejnployed, and all work don strictly to time and
on hort notloe, and warranted to fit. Stranger visiting
.-tTOEboralt tbir interest by airing me a call
before purcbaaing tuewher.
A. R08H.
. Merchant Tailor,
Oor. Illgh and Town tn.
Watches! Diamondi!! Silver Wara!!!
nj ailnrW.t.hM. In areat variety. ' l
i am Agent ror in auaioan vtatcb u , -,
ii ., uii . v.ih-a m.nnru-tnenrB1 ntlAta.
. . . , , 1 . H7.t.K 1, IHiniifD.tHMI.' MM.
... .... . ..
ii uese -acwijch. ,, bh.u s. -.. r
eltner nnoieaaie or e-it.
Com and ohooa from my Danmui aispuy oi via-.
i . RtalMH nrtnaa low.
. Jr. .n T.ViiV. 7..i 7. r
n-.tt.rnt werw handsom
mm mi Diivir wt mw va At m uhmiij a
Blivr Plaid V, ar. Tea Belt. tJmt. Walters, Castor-,
BmhUi PaUubtrt, UH)IIS -.QiTCfv JOrasy, Dpooilta SO
. m m mm i . A.i. . wi, - -1- a.
Knives, Baaors, Ac, and many fancy Goods such as
Tn-a i nave a auppiy ot nn isoie vutiery, rti
are detlred for present at tucB prtcet u are an inauc'
men! t the purchaser.
i wat, nun-.
No, 10 Buckeye Block,
North lid BUt Iloue equar.
YTTHEtf yon go to New Tork , drive direct to the
' Conduction th ' ' I '
Good rare, Seod Raoma, Prompt Attendanct, and Mod
ern Obarge. . i
BINQtt ftOOUS SO (ITS'. T3 0TB. and ! FEB DAT
Mnala aa ordered. Tbll Hotel bai all tb appointment!
of th beat hotels, a most central location, and is healed
throughout by iteata.- . -- BA Vmh m. mnau.
-tarcbVd n .m,,. rroprieior.
far the INSTANT Kl lit
andPKBMi lANlNTOURa oftb
' dbttreatlni eomphUat as
V E N II X ' S
atadthyO. B. BBYMOOB A OO , 107 Nataaa 8t., H. T
.. rnoe B I per coil tent tree y post. - ,
101 BALI At ALL DlDQdllf .
maye-dAwlyls '
-v. . iOoiosisoSr April 8, 16ol. )
garlncB Bank Tot Cincinnati.
AculatlngNoUt ol tht gtvlnr, Bank of Cincinnati
will present the same at this office for redemption, where
tbey will be paid la fall. ' .
apndlDA . A. Jr.Biuoa, Artasurwroiaieiw,-,
Btook of Oroceri to mr.u. B. xiaiminu, w Mwr
Oaioobas, March 80th, lbol.-apl-dtf.
nrnn: acbsobibehs are
ouaofoioeingup their eid but kiMkwiMig
- 1 -.: ... ... .I. u.. ,h.i. in.i,i.
anowlngtnemtti-etinueoi-a vm -, wiunr
.. A.; m M,. n.M. th.le lfmnd(ate
i hvw vi Moo-la e to., wu. a-v- "
I . "-i"' . .un.., ur.r.Kaa A RON.
t apm t, ino-diw.
ttta rt T h .-a OCRTI TO
I VV package of STATION BBY and JBWLLRY,
I pric ene-thlr less than oaa be purohs
1 Oa" on or address (stamp enclosed) J.
I u, oenrt at., Boetoa. aims. ,
parehaaad slsewhsre
Al. A1UWI,W.
march 88:dHm.
13 BHIRTIN08, all widths, of tnott oslehrattd mtkea,
4 Bow Wtered In rtt vartaiy and at vry low Brie.,
1 . f.a, bain a Ion,
H9,B9 8Uillgliitrt-
From New York.
New Yobe,' April 5. The Government has
chartered the steamers Baltis and Ariel, and
tuey win carry troops, under sealed orders.
The Baltlo willcarrv Cantata Birrs 'a com nan v
of flying artillery of 90 men, and tbe Ariel seven
or eigbi companies or infantry and marines.
They will Mil on Snndev.
The frigate Powhattan 0ftAi in -. tfumnrrn
,('n''n11' 9n'PPd "d provisioned, and
I " " r"". iui wuiwum vs iniuw.
' I .11.- I i . . . . tr i .
The imnresslon at tha Nat Yard la. that
cornier ana rickeos are botn to be reinioroed.
A oompany of one hundred men on Gover
nor's Island nave received marcblne orders:
ana otners will speed lv follow, mere are
over 3,600 troops at tbe different stations in this
port. - ; ,
Collector Barnev -aa a-orn Into office to.
day. - -. !'..(.,;
Marshal Rvnders seized a dinner brie tei
terday, on a charge ot going; into the slave
trade, but the evidenoe is Insufficient, and she
will probably be releaaed. She returned from
A China voyage six weeks sgo. J ,
I 't . . i . . .
WKiL ZELZ l ..nt S!a h k
'fr,00. ?LV.e re'urnedi -- repo-d that both
I set meir laces against tbe poumern uon
federaoy, and In no manner recoenize or aaslat
It, ,Da ,b, tbo President and Cabinet are de-
nind to take immediate and vigorous meas-
-"""- w e immediate and Vigorous meas-
O ' enforce existing laws at all hazards.
rb9 G'-wei-' says a committee of leading
V J politician-,' have bad an interview
I i.c ., j . . T V i
1 wltn President and Secretary of State, and
were assured most positively ihat tbe President
contemplated ho hostile demonstrations, and
should not attempt to collect tbe revenue, for
ine simple reason tbat Congress bad withheld
u wwu atuui utiu Ul uu lb.
Toe Bteamshin Atlantie haa alio bean char
wrea, and cleared for Brazos, this P. M., with
provisions and stores, and property of the
tk. u...'i. t... .t t ,
n- wa n ww a-
i liwiB is lying in toe nay, in
oonsequenoe of information given Capt. France,
by tbe Collector, which mav result In the seiz-
1r.9. of othw eeaeiB bound to the coast of
A la-dini'ibankine- honae. In Wall r..t. it
la said.lhas been detected in, daring attempt
"100"i y means 01 lorgea Virginia bonds.
?' believed that a large amount of forged
ponds have been thrown upon tbe market. The
parties implicated declare themselves Virginl
Mr. Kennedy. S jn-rfntnHnt of th- r..n..
dally receives aDDlioatlona from Censu Mr.
"" ,n th.-:elcd States, forpayment of their
services. His regular reolv is that annllcanu
will be paid ont of stolen irovernment fund.
whenever Southern government officiate see St
to recognize the drafts of tbe Federal Treas
urer. A speolal dispatch to the Petf aava; Rnmar
says the Pawnee goes to Charleston. Tbe ex
eitement hourly grows more intense; all aorta of
eonjeotorea are afloat as to tbe point where the
first blow will fall. l ,
Republican members of Canere-a exnru tha
opinion that an extra session of Conereis will
soon be called. .
Tbe EzDreil aava It U annnnaut. In wall
Informed quarters, that Texas is the point
where the troops will be landed, and tbat they
are Bent out at the reanestof Gen. Houston, tn
repel the Indians and Mexicans In that quarter.
JNEW YOBX, Aorll 6. The Oovernmant baa
chartered the steamer Illinois, which will no to
sea, under sealed orders, to-day or Monday. Her
malls and passengers for Europe go in tbe City
of Baltimore. .
The Tribunt'i Washington correspondence
says, no official Intelligence has been received
that Ml Ano.n'..,ii.....v.. ... a.
-noer?on B supplies have been stopped;
tai tb authorued Statement ia made that the
Spanish Government is not responsible fbr the
demonstrations at St. Domingo; also, that no
order. h. . . hl ... "?
" . , " "'""
southern porta Commodore Slrlngham's com-
mission has a different purpose; that the Gov-
reinforeementof Fort Pickens had been effected,
uu wu naturally very anxious, as ine oruers
were eent weeks ago. ' ;
body Ot volunteers left tbat city to rally around
the flag ef the Union ia Texas, under Houston.
naeniogion eorreeponaeou assert tbat tbe
Preeidentisdaily receiving numerous telegraphic
J! 1-1 A 1 1 . . ... " .
to volunteer attempts at reinforcements. One
man offers to reinforce Sumter, at 10 days' no
tice, for $5,000. - . . , .
Gov. Curtln, of Pa., had a long interview with
irrtnn.in.nll. fin. I
uen. dcoh ana secretary uameron. It is rn
.Tm?a&Vanl WUI
Sume a war footing. , - .
orgeo Virginia state bonds were sent to iv.
itllU. Cla-ia and M inn k- man n.mail B I
ermore, Clews and Mason by a man named R.
M. Baibour, aftoe James Elliott, who is nnder
arrest for the forgery.
It appears that tbe only steamers chartered
yet oy toe uovernment are tne Atlantic ana Il
linois; toe lormer is nuiDg to carry su troops
ana pro vis tons iot w aays.
Tha Powhattan is
probably detailed to convoy them to tbeir destlt
nation. , i
1 ne corvette Bavaanan win oroDaDiv ds out
in charge of workmen to day.
Two companies are reported to have lelt tort
Hamilton last night. I
Tbe steamer Water-witob was to bave gone
into commission at rnuaaeipnia yesterday. l
Large quantities of army stores were shipped
from the pier last night on board the Atlantlo
Tbe Uty or Baltimore sailed to-day lor Liv
erpool, taking 110,000 dollars. i
A us iu vuiHni skiuguuui. irom via-guw .
0D ;ne -Ja nit , arrived at roruano yesterday
..... - '
i tha ZiAa nit .krfl.M at Prtrtlanrl wnatArdaw
- . ... . v
. immim, .n,,.,n.i.
ni.v-.Mwwu. .vna Buitu.KU,
aiternoon. ewe antioipateo.
. aov,nn j:.n..n .... th.t
. " , " '""a' -"i'Y" "-
Tl. Fian. nr Fannnlo nnnntw. h.ahAan ttnnnlnr.
Zl .,r.'r:;; ? rl
mi iyi larmiiM i gag jPiSa-tufrn w irm niaa.
mJr" VILr . " "ji.....u
ah. .am. ""n.y aaye, pa0B receivea
I iruiu m (vdwudiuibj isjibvu iu vue ivj-oevuf Bw-bwcbj
I . a-w, . vrt . t a a ga. m ar ta W .
i iDat t-eu. iteaareeara nas ten lor inortia- is
land, lie is reported to bave stated tbat Alaj
Anderson now haa but two alternatives to evac
uate Somter in 48 bours,;or suffer bombardment
ine -iirnee- aispatcn also says, tne eoinern
Commissioners expresses the belief that
a peaceful policy will prevail: but if the polioy
ot tbe Federal Government is the enforcement of
tbe federal laws, the seceded States are ready
to resist to tbe bitter end.
From Washington.
Wa-hinoton Aorll 5. It ia understood that
the Secretary of the Treasury will receive offers
for treasury notes, redeemable in two years, lor
the balance of tbe loan not taken ander the last
notice. An oner haa been made for two mil
lions at H per oent. premium.
B. W. Cheeeemen has been appointed Assist
ant Treasurer at Sen Francisco t Thos. H.Tur
ner, Marshal lor the Eastern District of Virginia;
Too. 3 orlng. a Chief Engineer In tbe Navy.
Tbe Interior Department baa under considera-
I tlon the aubject oi tne organisation of tne ano
l umies in ine new territories ot ivactnau, ooiv
redo and Nevada.
It is not true that the Southern Comlesion-
ers bave taken a house in Washington. It is
well understood that the length of tbeir sojourn
here will be dependent on circumstances.
Mucn alarm exists here on acoonnt of toe
military preparations of the Government, which
preeervee entire silence.
Lieut, Gillman had an Interview this after
noon with Secretary Cameron and Gen. Scott,
and lelt this evening ror renaaooia -
mZZ Tih toi MOertolnbT Personal
I '? n. V. i.. ui flll.
John Minor none arrived sere wltn a large
conference the exact intentions of the Govern
ment. Mr. Botta visited the President and ad
vised the evacuation Of Fort Sumter. An of
ficer of Sonth Carolina haa aleo arrived to re-
i crnll for the Southern Army. ; , ; - ' ,
Chioaoo, April 5, The steam tag MeQaeeO,
sent from here a weekilnca for the purpose
examining tne sUaitB.retnrnea last night, ba
in"Mii-bfi vviiinAahini. I trni tmrar. t8nntti
five miles west frcn Mackinaw. 8h. reporU
the ice still tealoebes thick, with twelve inches
of snow. Her report is considered very favora
m. b, those looking lor an early opening
-. L . .,,.. ,., i T , ," I
nSVlEatlOn. . - " -'
KicHsioriD, April 0 mere is gooa auinon
ty for stating tbat tbe Richmond Wkif will not
adencata aeeession. but will atahd bv the noliev
" " - " " f , r
r presenting an niumatam to the norin.
Atomi-on, April B.--Lane and Pomeroy
elected U. S. Senaton y ceterdsj afternoon,
a small najorltr, j ; f. .... -..-.
We bave had Blecty of raia la thla section,
The California Senatorial Election.
' Foat Kcabnbv,. April 8.' The Pony Express
passed here at 6 30 A. M , with Saa Trandsop
aates to me zjo. uu. , .
Tha Senatorial election, wbioh was briecr
telegraphed orer the last Pony Express, wu
Drought about under extraor uinary circamsvan
eee. On tbe night preceding the election, the
Douglas and Breckinridge Democrats, favorable
to reorganizing the uemocrano party as former
ly existing, agreed to bold another Senatorial
causae, ail the Breckinridge and a large majori
ty of the Douglas member being present. The
prominent candidates before tbecauous were
Denver. Weller and Nugent. The Breckin
ridge men Preferred Weller, bnt could get no
JJougiaeites to support mm- i ne next cnoioe
was Nugent, tbe Douglaeltes claiming that bis
election would attaoh the Irish voters to reor
ganise tbe Democracy. Ou this theory Nugent
waa nominated over Denver ana weller- Al
ter tbe nomination, Nugent was oalled upon and
made an indiscreet speech, strongly s-ntpa-
tolling with the seceded States. This speech
aroused vie-oroufl onooeitlon to tbe new candi-
ate, some Douglas members of the caucus declin
ing to abide by tae nomination. . .
When the Joint Convention re-assembled on
the 2Uth, the tint ballot showed 45 votes fbr
Nugent; abont 30 for MoDougal, and 31 for the
-eoubiican eand-aie me naiaoce scattering:,
The second ballot resulted about the same. '
During the progress of tbe third ballot, tbe
Republicans and eoatterlng voters commenced
concentrating; on McDougal, amid a scene of
tbe wildest exoitement, which continued until
the President announced from the Clerk's tally
the election of. McDougal by 56 out of 111
rotes, and declared tbe Convention adjourned
im aie. ' .
On this showing, MoDngal reoeived bla cer
tificare of election.
Opinion is divided whether the clerk's mis
take can be corrected so si to Invalidate the
election. It is generally admitted that had tbe
mistake been discovered belore the Convention
djourned, another ballot ' would easily have
elected mcuougai. - . . '
Tbe Senate yesterday voted to consider that
no eieotion bad taken place, and pasaed a reso
lution to eo into a new joint convention. If the
Assembly concurred. Tbe Assembly rejected the
Senate's resolution.,
Advices from Los Angelos state that Marteas
Moreno, with two hundred men, bad landed in
Lower California and resisted tbe Aparzo gov
ernment. It was reported that a fight took place,
n wmcn a tew men were Killed. .
Virginia Convention.
' Riohm6md, April 5. Tbe Convention adopted
tbe following resolution:
"Deeply deploring the distracted condition of
tne country, lamenting the wronge that have
compelled some of tbe States to dissolve con
nection with tbe Federal Government, but sen
Bible of tha blessings of tbe Union, and impress,
ed with Ita importance to the peace, prosperity
and progress of the people, we earnestly desire
an adjustment by wbioh the Union may be re
established in It Integrity; and that peace and
prosperity be restored throughout the land."
Richmond, April 5. Ia Convention to-day,
(he 6th resolution was no in committee of tha
whole. It was amended, on motion of Mr. Crltch
er, Dy inserting the words "dissolve tbeir con
nection with," In lieu of the words ''cast off
obedience to." .
Mr. Moore moved to strike ont the word
"wrongs" and Insert "causes," the idea being
tuat wrong am not impel states to secede, which
was rejected by a large majority.
, Some other amendments were defeated. '
Mr. BfterlMn mn-rf tn nmnnH h lnartln
''earnestly desire" in Hen of tha vord "induc
tile hope" Agreed to. - :,.
Mr. Wise moved to strike out the whole, and
insert tbe substitute contemplating resistance to
wrongs, indulging in tbe desire for an adjust
ment, and tbat Virginia should no, offer or adopt
any terms of adjustment which ought not to be
acceptable to the seceded States, and restore
them to the Union ;
The Convention refn?ed to strike out ayes
57, pays 83.
Mr. Wiea moved taam-nd hi addinir tha last
clause of the foregoing substitute, which Was
rejected u to a ;
i be resolution was adopted. I
Tbe 7 to resolntion was then taken up, and
amended, on motion of Mr. Wise: bv atrikina
out all from the word "governments" to tbe last
eentenee yeas be, aaye 67. .' . w . t .
Mr. Leake moved to amend by adding a de
claration tbat tbe North must abstain from In
terference with slavery in the States and cem
.... .
The 7th resolution, as amended, was adonteri
Tbe 8th resolution was passed by tor tbe
present. . . x i
1 be Utb resolution was taken tip.
...Ithdrawal from tha Farlnm n-,m.nt.
Araed "
. iw s .
Utber amendments were offtred: nend me
which the Convention adjourned,'-
Virginia Convention. [Special Dispatch to the N. Y. Herald.]
New Oilianh, Aorll 5. More sensation dis
patches from Washington, to-dav. state that
President Davis bas ordered Geo. Beauregard
to stop major Anasrson 's suppiieg, to cut off
an comtnonication witn mm, ana nlace Fort
Sumter in a state of siege. . If such were tbe
tact, we would receive immediate intelligence
from Montgomery and Charleston. .
The Cabinet at Montgomery believe no bel-
ngerent eteps win oa resorted to,
Advices trom Jamaica to tbe tbe
23i nit.
state that Prinoe Alfred met a Roval retention
at Barbadoes. Preparations are making to give
nim a magninoent daii at Jamaica.
. a - ,t m. . .
wuhmd.w.., .u., W. 1 U. UU.l TULU IUU.
. .
Tl .M I. tha I JIfiv.nf An am II.. . I
T, . ... -t.., vu iT
oi tne permanent uonstitntion of the Southern
n , n. . . .
vomeqeraoy. a ne wnoie nemoer ot the mem-
u - ... -i t , . , .
-ere ui mo vouveniion i It, OI wnom 140 V0-
ted for and 18 against the Constitution. Ten
were absent.
There le nothing new as to Fort Sumter or
otner matters
Chicago, April 5. The fugitive slaves taken
rw,m t, i,.-m "
. " V.;' X nSZlTL r?&?"
ammeo oeioro uommlseloner Corneau, at
Springfield, yesterday. Tha proof that the
were fugitives was clear and indisputable, anl
they were accordingly delivered to their owner.
They were .taken to St. Louis in the evening
wain, y-j ;
Fall Rivbb, April 6. Tbe woollen mill and
machinery of the Dnnlan Maea'a-tnrine- Co
was destroyed by fire last night. The stock of
dry goods was mostly saved. Insurance $31
epettal IHspttoh to th New tork Herald.
Chablbbton , April 6 War is einected with
in 24 houre. Erery man is ordered on duty. -
siAcuement intenae. ' ..
Nobfolx. AprilS. The schooner Lnev L.
ttv. . . w. .
warren, ot -aitimore, waa aeixeo in uampton
r J - A.it . a
New York Cattle Market.
According to th reports from th several market-
Placfa. the oily, there have btearecived taig wtA:
I J ' . - gheepantl " i '
Oow. Vetls. Lamb Bwln.
Tn " r
At All-rton's,. 8,4-7
Browning's. ... 00
17 ein M
3d stl 4.011
67 m 1,358
si m t.m '
Ohtmberlm't.'. n
Boldba'rt, Dir. liti
' eeee
tmi...'...'..8.740 ' 17 soo ?.si -
8,008 Sn,S39
e,bS$ 17,130
T'lpr' week 4.7,0 ;ih rvj -, .).
- "":im tM -44 etm Uvaeni
I "J. '"i.:.: "ZZtiruTJH!.
1 inifowuig Btaiet;
:. liJiTlrglnla...., J...
I ";,
1 pennsyivi
Pennsylvania.. Ilow. ...
Ohio. ... ...... tVi,' 9.irvnew.rey.,-....
Tn.. ............. r 37-A Tetna.k . A.
- 1 ininois. , ,i,twiiMi,ouri....
18 lehl-an. ....
lOanade...... ......... .
Number ttpoi 14 lor this market at Forty -toarth street,
Wsdnwtdciy, April 3. The market opened more
lag with a liul more lift than at tb aie yestardav,
tt weaof Trg ssnrt dura tkm, and tiura II sauled dow
tnteattaUet iBuaevabl dalln. aad a eentlnutd
Uiroa-h la lorenaM, daring which balloctl eonld have
Uca hongbl at 3 ar B4 a head lee than yeeterday fore
noon, and at Jnst abont th earn rat- a-M (last
sold aton tbearerago last week. Indeed, to of th
brokers were ready I swear that the eaartat. u tb
whole, this WMk, seis sood u Ik was isn, wail. oa
tb other haad, nearly all lb butchers were sure that
Ineti Usui coil them aaont t. act v man, uur
own opinio Ikat tb tnde has fluctuated very mnoh,
so that some have bought their stock . nor than So.
bighar, and thre lower than last sretk. We think tlw
ayerag a na4 higher, and the awrag quality full a
good, in torn respects better. There were not is many
heary bollocks In tbU week, nor a auny lean one. Tb
supply of good, Mr quality of medium Steers, of 0 to 8
cwt. each, isrery large, andihes bar generally (old
very regularly at prices equivalent to Sc. per lb. for tb
net weight of beef.-
Thenar more bullocks this week for batoher la tbst
yards at rorty.fonrth stre than tfar we last, not
withttandlng tb whl lombar Is S9 Im. Mora than
thdigrenc was taken Wat week IV (rulers. Thit
Wek w see yen few here, tboasb we heltey that tbey
oa Id buy skot toward ihselose of Ibeaflut ai oa quite
as eood lerm. Hie, illd tail Wednesday. - - - .
There Is nothltt very enonurtrlnr to drovers la tb
oloalog scones of this market for next week or futur
weeks. If thai have said orer 3c a pound for food fair
ejuantyeieommoa western eteers. lomauaioosiac.
In Ohio hare luet money this week, and son Try su.
poinrOhlo Durbimj. ol 8 cwt. a-erase, which cot 13,'
v0, have given no profit, for limy have not averaged oyer
an. - r
As tbe day draw l a close, lb appearance are thai
thetali cfdroyaia, if sold at all, will beat very low
do not know when ,w have en the stable eo
empty of milch oows as they were yesterday. We do not
know that wo hay any report to make of a decline in
pnoo mat ine oow merchants uioneni last week aa low
s peaslole but there certainly Is loss tale for oow,, nod
tb prioet ar not much higher than tbey are in th coun
try, not enough lo pay for traoanortation, to say nothing
of profit. It certainly I a very anfa-orable time for
men aenrlng to dispose ef cowt, to tend them to tbe Mw
York market. The general selling prices of oow with
young calve Is from VS to B40. or oourst, a law extra
gooa ones sell higher, but there Is only now and then one
of that sort In market. A eood man oama In on Tuaa
day, to tbat tb market to-day is quiie fall and very slow
Veal Oalyet are reported flat this week. It matt b
remarkably fin one 4o brine oyer 6c. e . a llv
weight, and sc me very good mas arcsold at Sc., and or
oinary tons are verv uall of sale at any piice, tay 43Uc
V lione are uainnnlrjB? Ia come In abundantly, and
find buyers at sou price, and eoniumers too, notwitli
sianoing an oecaalonai demonstration or ine police npon
tbo dresied meat or theae mlaarabui anlmala. If It ia
really tb deslr of thos in suthorltv to stoe th ton
sumption of this sort of food a food that t rod aces mora
sicknaas than all other sorts together tbey can do so by
eelstngand confiscating the Calve while alive, aa tbey
arrive, a they do every week by hundred on th cart of
uis nariem noail. -
AH th calf-telltra at Allerton'a retiort th markat of
ww ij mii naruesi oi me season
Becelots this week. 7.83 L
We hav never wltneaaed a n.n Af.mnlela ileail 1w.b In
ins eneep market than was exhibited on Monday and Tuts-
aw oi mil week, at Urnvnlno'a nn TtMdaf Ban .In.
there were over 2,100 bead of Hbeep in tb pent, tod at 10
v v.w .ita ui . .i, .ugdkici .iiicfl uinni.i. i in nnn.
day over 1,400 bead arrived, and not n cold. W find,
from an examination of the books, tbat that was tha limit
arrival in any on April day In nin yean or more, and ibe
sueep oroaen cannot remember that a day aver occurred
before wltbjBheep lo the pent and no Hies. Tbo price
iv given way, ci course, and no buyer will or
for (o. B, live weUht. Tb best offer we
beard-waa tSUo t t, for an extra InL Oenarall- (h
ami pno ia 3;afJc. tor thos or good lair, qual
ity, and 5Xo for tuperior lot, but without lalee. It ap
peared to ut that the aheep-broxera and butohcra werton
a strif to tec which could bold ont tb lonceit wlUiout
baying or railing. At an tvldene of th depretied coo-
u.nuu oi uis maraei, we nave tne rollowing anecdote :
"A lirnsheen-buier at Albany, whonrtrf-a himirnn.
oa 'his word,' never to backdown on an engagement,
contracted for one or more car-oads to an Ire, to weigh
an average of 0 at a bead, at 5Xc. fc. Tb drover
arrived with two car-lotdt; the buyer would take only
one load, and proceeded to weigh, when, npon the whole
ear-load, then wat a lack of S& fet. of making the aver
age, at which tbe bnyer declared that he wss absolved
from th contract, and left tbe owner to ttk another
market. He cam here and found all trade at a aland."
Sheared bbeen are in matkat thla w-.tr ! u ...
from Ohio. Bring pot on th ctrs at soon aa clloned.
tbey did not appear to suffer much antil alter their ar
rival; but then some that cam In daring tbe snow storm.
If they could bay spoken, would hay cried ant kittarlv
agalntt the cruelty and ha rd-heartedness of money-loving
men. It sesms tbat there Is from 50 to 100 oenti a bead
advantage to tblppers to clip th sheep. Vf saw sales
of two lot of clipped Sheep i on, al B4 44, were wall fed,
and we should ssy would weigh about S3 lb each, say
4o. a lb. Th other lot, at 3 7 each, we estimated
would weigh SS lbs esch, ssy 4o. lb; ethers estimated
them at only 45o. lb. i
Bayer teemed yesterday to beholding back hard for
till lower rates, while owner felt that they could not
accept such offers as were mad without a certainty of a
una iota oi nearly an tne cost or transportation.
The receipt of Sheep at Browning's for tb month of
March numbered 11.7IB, and wen from the following
States: New York, 3,691; New Jersey, 675; Ohio, S.094;
atlehlgan, 607; Kentucky, W0d; Pennsylvania, 785; Indi
ana, 143; Virginia, 115; Massachusetts, 5U, and Can
ada, 329. 'These reoeipit were larger than any prevlooi
March- by a very lame flgur. In 1800 It waa 917,
and in 1859 it wat 4, SU7. The dtily receipts at Brown
Ing'sthl week were o7,04, 636, 690, 1,3M, 911. The
total for tha city thlt week I nearly 3,000 head more
than ibe piwviout week. Thit may account lot to fall
lnprios, which la equal to M oeotsa hesdW I
Receint thto week. 8.002.
Tbe quotations of prices of llv Bogs to-day I g'veo
a follow by Henry D. Orout, Buperintendent ef - he
market: uorn-red Hogs 0 B, liv wlght, at. 5U
( lo. 1 Distiller Hon. dk-Ulfa. .... T
. Tb reosipts have been larger this week than last, and
prices or oora-.eo uogs nay aecuned, and rear gre wu
lertalncd of a atlll further decline. I
Geo. W. Dorrotn gives th following u the price or
Lire. " ' Dead.
First qualify corn-fed.large tiu..5.(rS5Ko.: 6HSn7ic.
diwiiiu qunii, cern.iea oxt&dMO. OTstBIVfi.
first quality, small tute, fat and l
prime, for market butchri....5X85Xe. 7T)io.
Large tne ttill-fed, fat $)ia. : SXaWo.
Beoond quality I til Wed, fat 4)tuV'Xo. SlftiOo.
Bmallslse,cbolos stock Boars. ...Nut wanted.
vrumary or common ttoca ..not wanted.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, April 6.
FLOUR recelnl, of Ifl.OM bbls. K.riet a abadc hat
ter; sslasof id.lKX) bblt at $ HXiSM for superflns
State; i 50 for extra Bute; ti 80 for super
Bne western; S5 4045 70 for common to medium extra
wnstsrni t565($a 75 for shipping brands extra Round
stoop vaior- vanaaian yioar a trine batter atlts ef
SOObbls. at85 4S(S7..
AYS LOUH steady 88 353)4 10 for coram nn to eood
WH.Ai-recelptsof 81 ,009 both. Market lo better
with ftlriport demand; sales of 70,000 bush at B 1, 94
1 S8 for good tocboiee No. 1 Chicago spring; 81 88
for Rectna spring. 81 89fcSl 38 for Mllwsuke lub;
l xi ror winieir red western; 81 30 for Canadian club,
i iot amner lows, i tuaa i ou ror well weatara,
RYB flrmer. sales of 8,000 bnsbelt at 6(So8o. ,
BABXKi dull tales of 8.500 bushelt inferior state
sold at e.
OOBN reot ntt of S98I0 buihels market without
chuiges sal of 5.000 luihs Is at7(gt9o for old mixed
wesurn in store and delivered; 6362 X for new dellv-
jd.i - .. -. 1
OATS dull at 33S34o for wtstern Canadian , and
State. .
PORK quiet and Arm; sale of .50 bblt at 817 ,1SS
n rormest, e is ror prime. . v v . j
nir quiet and Bncbanged. ' ( ' "
0Ht MIATS quiet. " ... ' '
LARD stead: saleanf SO hhla ateill In... I )
BUliaa inlalr reunest al loaisc for OWa anl lldl
IB for Stale. -.
CHBBSK tteadyat7t'lBc.. T cv
WHISKY xu 1st and firm:tales of COO hbla at ISW(A
- oorvBB steady but quiet; tales of 4U0 bajs Mo, at
iax13. . ..
- eUGABramaln heavy: tales 000 hhdt ot Cuba at iii
(gea .-
MOtASBaS-anchaogedi ttlet 100 bblt of N. 0. at
34 33c. . ,
BIOCK8 dull and lower oms ar hlthsr whll othert
are lower. Money plenty on cell 4 and 0 per oent.
Ohio A B 1 54; 0 BfcQ 73; P- A W.g0l,lt 8 10X;
doquotrdatu; HO S3; Harl 15; do piererred 39;
PaoMail82X; Brl 99; Pan U5'; N TO 78! Red.
41; IO scrip 77Ki OA Chic 71X! 0 A Toledo S4XI
G A Oh 71X; Sd bonds VTX; 0 ot N W 1st bonds 40.
do 3d 10; M O bond 95 k; Bri 4th 82; M 8 tinkinJ
bonds 84: M S's tUuf Tenn 6' 73),; N O't.Hi
U 8 0't 81; Coupon 88;
N Y (tab) 5't 74!
' 103 1-3. ..... . . .
Cincinnati Market.
CINCINNATI, April 6, 1861.
IL0UK The trad in Soar continue limited and re
stricted mainly to too Vocal trade, tbe orders from abroad
being very small. Superfine I quotad at 84 45 to f 4 SS;
era, at e ou to io; ranuiy, sifi wsis..
WisBAT nrlm red eommand bo mere' thai lc ,
though holder atk SJ1; White it nominal at fl 054B
' CORN goei Into the hands of th distiller freely al
33c, Thlt flgur I paid a llttlt mora readily to-kav.
Bhelled I In but moderate request at 349300 for. mi
end white- , '
OATS-er held atSSe,wita bat Itttl mora than a retail
trad.' --' ,-.
BARtIT ebmmanda bet little) atlentlon. Aeontld
erabl amount It held ont of market becsnse of It tnte
tlvttv. (6o. was the net offer mad fer a prim artkl
&970e. I tanked, i - .it.'-.'
RYrV-tslnaotlveand Bomlnally qaoted at 55o.
' WBIaKY-lt vary Urn at !3Mo., with liberal tales.
Cleveland Market.
April 5.
FLOUR tleady, with llghttVtt f While Wheat douole
extra at 85,75 and red do al 85,0(10 i
WflBAT Srm, aal-s of 8 ears red at 81 64: 1 do de
llvated onO. B. R. R.,atI OS; 850 bash white bom
ttare at 81 17, and 300 uaib ordinary d at 1 VI.
CORN dull at t4o by th oar load, I
OATS nemlnal at 83c. '
CORN MBAL talet of two ton, unbolted, at 75 per
cwt ' - ' - , -Ip: 3 u c-,i - -:
BBBDS-Clover It tleady at 84003111 ; iimowy
s Dm w i"wt nw u, wui. t-- - r j
BIOHWlSRS-vala of 8S bbl. a Is. ' :
nuns-cnoinsnowni iu unw
..Ine dull at anotatlon.
EOOS-dull, at I-9e.
TALLOW-selesatbo. , .
DRES 8TLKB, of everv grade. Th moot (elect
I aasorUnwl in the city, Acd at mutt rea-nnabl rare. -
, SAifl as run,
aprlri ' V e. 88 Beoth High treeb,
' ......
-m n w. w. a ant TV V a ?. a.
O SHAWLS It ip. all deilrabie oohirt, knd t
.v .1... aimfcaiiw
rU4 ' j,..uABlgbtrwt.'J
,1 il'T1 '
roWa'mr mnk mere Capillar
Terr -em ? f
lad kMtimontaB. new. and aim ott Withe wt era ra her
might be given from ladle and gentlemen In all and
of soekM. who nlted teataooy non could lealit.
tbat Viol. Wood's lialr Reatorativ will restore the bald
aad gray, and preserve tb haM or "Mi yoot to aid age,
inallittyoathfut betuly. ' - 1 I -"-
. Battle Oteek,Ilch., See Slit, lco8.
Paoe. Wood: Tbee wilt nlcaw accent t lie to Inform
the that tb bair on my head all fell off over twenty
years ago. caused by a complicated chrooio disease, at
tended with aa eruption a th head. A continual
oourse of lugerlng thrnutn life having reduced m to) a
atat ot-.eepenaence, 1 t.av not nren .! aoooiain stuff
fur ear, neither have I mm able to do them op, in con
sequence of which my bead has suffered extremely from
cold. Thlt induced me to pay Urlgrs fc Bodge almost
th last cent I bad oa earth fur a two dollar bottle of thy
Hair Beatoralive. about the first of August list. I have
faithfully followed the directions ,tnd lit bald spot is now
covered wltn hair thick and black, thoaen ibert. It Is
also eoming in all over my bid. reeling confident
tbat another large bottle wuld restore It entirely
ana oermaneotiy, a iei anxiooa to oersercrv in its se.
and beina- destitute of meaoa lo uurchase Any mora. I
would ask tbee If thee wouldit not be wtlllnr to send me
aa order oa thin agenti lore bottle, and recerve to thy
self, lue scripture aeciarau n tne rewsra is to those
that, srskiod to tbe. widow and ne ratherltst."
, , ,, Thy friend,' ( MUSANNAM HIHBY.
lleonler. Noble County, Indiana, 'eh. 50i, 1B59
Paor. O. i. Wood: Dear Sir: Iu Ibe latter part of
th year WS3, wlill aiMnding th State and National
Law School of tbe Bute ot New York, my bair, from a
cause unknown to me, commenced railing off very rap
idly, so that In the short space of tlx months, the whole
upper part i f my scalp was almost entirely bereft ef its
covering, ana mucn oi ine remaining portion upon the
tide and hack part or my neaa anortiy alter oecams gray,
so thtt you will not be inrnriied when I tell yon that uu-
on my return to the State of Indiana, my more eaaual
acquaintance, were not to much at a lost lo discover the
e.use or weening in my appearance, at my more Inti-
mate acquaintance, were to recognise me alall.
I at one made application to th moat tkillful physi
cians in ine country, nut, receiving no also ranee rrm
tbera Hi t my btlraould agatn be restored, I wst furc-d
to become reconciled to-my late, until, fortunately, in
tb latter ntrt of the year lA7, your Kettorttivt a, re
commended to me by a druggist, at being the meet relia
ble Htir Kettorative In us. I tiled one bottle, and
found to my treat ntlifucllon that it wat producinr the
desired effect, bidcc tntt time, i nave uted seven dol
lars worth of your Restorative. j at a result, bare a
rich coat of very soft black hair, which no money can
bay. - ' -
As a mark of my gratitude for your labor and skill In
the production of so wonderful au article, I have recom
mended it me to many of my friends and scautintanees,
who, 1 am bappy to Inrnrta .0u, are mmg it wilb like
effect. Very respectfully, yours,
Attorney and Counsellor at Law. '
Depot, 441 Broadway, and sold by all dealer Ihroojh-
out the World. - --.
Tb Restorative Is pot op In bottles of three sites, vie:
large. Bedlam, and small; the small holds X a pint, and
retail lor on dollar per bottle; the medium bold at
least twenty per cent, mora ia proportion than th small,
and retails for two dollar a bottle ; th lares hold, a
qusrt, 40 per cent, more in proportion, and retails for (3
O. i. WOOD CO., Proprietors, 441 Broadway, New
Tork. and 114 Market Street, Rt Leila, Ho,
And sold by ROUKuTS it BAUUBL, Oolumbaa. Ohio.
and by all good Druggists and fancy Goods Dealers.
apriu:ar,weowiy. ..
.... CILEDEATED . , '
For the WMskert and Hair
The snhserlber take pkmtnre In announcing o the
Citlxent of lb United State, that they bave obtained the
Agency for, and are now enabled to offer to tbe American
pnblie, the aboTO justly celebrattd and worhl-ienowBed
article. Tbe
nreoared by Da. C. P. BELUNOHAM, ail eminent
pnyetclau of London aud 1 warranted to bring ott a
thick sat et 4 , . .... ' i '.
1 Whiskers , ora Mustache, I
- i
In from three to six weeVt. Thtt article It th only op-
of the kind used by tbe French, and la Leaden aud Pari
is at universal use. -
It is a beautiful, economical, toothing, yetstimalating
oompound, acting aa If by magic apoa tbe root, causing'
beautiful growth of luxuriant bair. If applied to th
raip, it will cur Batons-, and caul to spring up ia
place of the bald (pot a flu growth of new hair. Ap
plied according to directions, ft will turn ato or towt
hair base, and restore gray bair to Ita oriitinal color,
leaving it toft, tmootb, and Cexlble. Tb "Oiioutirt" is
an tnillipensable article In every gentleman's toilet, and
after ot week's use they would not for an consideration
be without It.
Th subscriber tre the only Agent for th article In
the United States, to whom all order mutt be addressed.
Price On Dollar a box (or sale by all Druggists aod
Dealers; ora box of the "Unguent" (warranted to hwe
th desired effect) will be sent to any who desire It, by
mall (direct), securely picked, on receipt of price and
postage, ei io. appiy to or aaareas
" ' ' ' MnameM. Ae-'i !
feM!0dA6in ' " 84 William Street, New-York.
Liverpool, Montreal,' Quebec,
and ""
Th Montreal Ocean Steamship OompaBy' first elsts
foll-MwendOlyde-bollt Steamers tail every Mat
urdtly" from PORTLAND, carrying th Canadian and
United States Mall and paesengers. -: . .
Staorteat, CTfteapeat AndQetlckeasC'em
weyavncei irem i
IZatPS of Feueaaee to Kurop,1
... , $30, 6Q. 8SO. :
Will tall from LIVERPOOL every Wedncadar.
and from QUBUK0 every Saturday , ealllng at
LONDONDBRRY, to receive on board and lard Mails aid
PAM-nee-a. to and from Ireland aad Scotland.
fJTbee 8 teamen ar milt ot iron, in war-r-itgni
uDarUnaniacarrT acn an expenencva ourKeou, na
every attention It paid to Oie comfort and ic-cnimodu-
iim of tMSseneere. ; ar insyproeeeauirrcs ra lAii.Mm
DBRT, the gtcat ritksnd debty of calling at St. John's
it avoided. - "
Glasgow pttwngsn ar furnished with' rata I4a"ge
tickets to and from Londonderry. ' 1 '
Return tlckell Iran ted at red need rates."
Oertlttcate issued for carrying to and bringing oat pas
sengers from all the principal town of Great Britain aud
Imland. at reduced rate, hr thla line of tteamers, and
leaving urerpooi vety ween.
Siaht Drafte fag- 1 and epwardi pay
' afcle in Kualand, Ireland, Mcot--M.
- laud r W alee.
for patiag, apply at -the OBIce. 83 HKUAli.
AV-AVTNeiV VorA, aoi IB tVATtH ST..
r .r . KABEl k BABLXh OsBSral igesta,
Or to- . J. R. ARMSTRONC, -
nolO-lydAw Statesman Off re, Ooramnn. Ohio-
AT Tilt 118 NEW W A LEM-j,' w-a
. ABB .
' NOB. 1, , 8 and 7 X. SCT AW 8T
Offer lor althitclabrabM 5 .
GOLDEN MEDAL, 4 . - i.
. . , . . ... CRANU
Being highly recommended by the first ProfM-ors aod
H uslcal Amateur ot tb country, and, ,
, ; . I--WAfJlAfnrw yor, ,r -
' i. -L "... . .5. . - -! riVlYRAUA.
The 'most fmtldlowteustomer may rely npoi being
pleased In everyrespeet' rn''l '' ' ,
Term liberal. ' ' ' " ' " WM . KN ABB A CO.
tltilltt aiMln,si CI
ctse;Iydw. - uommrA-s, unio
a Btmpw j.f tlele, will furnish emprovnisnt
i . few aour men to act-B agenis ior tneir nunre .
preference will be given to those who are WSU acquaint-
vj tbe district for whtoB they suU. I
For wBteaecvituyr wuttug lo
for which Mrviwe tbey ar wUUug to pay a alr-
offreni - " ' -
tfiOO' to I80i '.fjer'' Veaf, : hai Rxptaies
for nrthr partlcalar addrte- "J !
" ' '- W. B. MOREHOUSE A CO.
' ' J tnH, tichsne Pbio.
JL RUCHES, new styles, Just opn-d by
I ;
RAirr tt iatr.
, No. $5 luuth Biah "
StrcngthcBing Cordial and Blood
etj-eaueat tf --1- Tit Url4.
amis Turn
fl "V ii.bu rvi,m-T7' S
- -r ruu,
procured by tbe distil-
4aUaf JUota. Heeta aiU .
aad Barks, yellow
Dock, Blood loot,
BanaMrilla. f 114
. Cherry Bark and Dan-
. dellon enter Into Ha"-
Before Wdiislltfr MIk
principle of each ingredient I thoroughly ertraeteel by
my new method of dUUIIing, prodnclng,. dellekma, a
bllerallng tplrlt, and tb most IMVALLIBLB reeoedy lor
ren orating tb dieeurd tyste-t, and rest mi ng (he tick,
offering tod debililated INVALID to HBALTIf aad
l-IctEA!') TRE6TIIRM tlllO OOK
r'.t i' t W Alt f
Will sffeeaally eare
Chronic or Nerrous Debility7 Dieeaami cflh Cidneya
and alLdiaeaaa arising from adisortare-t, uver or turn
ach, Dytpeiitia, Heartburn, Inward Pirea, Acidity or Bice
Bess of tbe Stomach, fullness or Blood to tb Head, Dall
pain or swimming in th bead, PslL.tatloa of the Heart
toliness or Weight la the Stomach, Boar B nictation.
Choking or tnffoeaUng feeling when lying dowa, Drrneta
r Yellowness of the Skin and Bye. Night .Hweakt, la
aw f evert, Pain ia th email f the bvtk. Mt er aU.
Bidden Plushes of Heat, Depression of BpiriU, f rightful
Dreams, Languor, Deqiendency or any Nervous Die,
Bore or Blotches on the Skin, and lever and Aga (og
Obilltand lever.) .
-.-.I- Overat BliUl0erauiBM
Have been (old dorin the last alx months and in an tn.
ttanc hat it failed in riving entire eatiira-tfce) -fbo,
then, will suffer from Weak eaa or Debility whan Mo
LBAN'8 BTRKNOTliBNlNS COUDIAL will eai yoeif
No IsngutK can ooavey an adeq la Idea of the bnm
dlate and almost miraculous ehauge produced by tekln)
tbl Cordial la tb disesaed. drbiliuted and shattarad
nervous syiteiu, whether broken down by ezeee. wsak bv
nature, or unpaired by sickness, the relaxed end aosUanjr
organisation is restored to it pristine health and vigor.
tOAUHIElt Ft HSU -it),
Or othert conscious of Inability, from wbatsvsr raise,
will find MoLean a Btreogtbeulbg UorduU a thoraagh
regenerator of th system; end all who may hav Injured
themselves by improper indulgences, will tad n IheOor
dial certain and speedy raacOy. : (
To tha tnmtllea.
M cLcan's 6tren?thf nin Cordial
' i.i t,to Mbtn-a-ispae4yeifor
Obstructed or Difficult MeoUatlrni,' tm-raUrj-nri of
Urine or Involuntary Discharge thereof, fatliug of the
Womb, OKI dine, Vahiting and all Diseases incident to
Females. . .
There U no ktltukeAeoit ltJ
wBuffer no loages. Take U aeeording te DirecUon. It
i III stimulate, strengthen aud uivlgont you andean
he bloom of health to mount yoar cheek a-aln.-Bvery
bolt! i warranted to gts seUttacUoa.
If your children ar sickly, BunT,oraUctd,r!cTac'e
Cordial will make them iwallby, fat aod robust. Delay
t s moment, trv It. aod ion will b convioced.
OACTioa. Bewar of Druggist or Dealer wbo may
try to palm npon you tome Hitter or flu rat peril ut traab,
which they can bay cheap, ry savins It te Junta ftxxl.
Avoid soeh saea.i Aaklos ttcUoaa sBtsengUienlDgOor
d'al, and take nothing else It I tb only remedy that
win purify tt hiood thoroughly and at tot tam tic
strengthen the system. -i :mi .
- One tabiesrmonfui t-aen every-movmin -faatliMr, 1 a
certain preventive of Cholera, (,'Ullaaad term Yellow
Vever, vr any prevalent durnses. It at pa p- la large
Pric n!t 8 1 psr boUri er I bottlet fer BjS.
- ' -7 J.H. hlcLBAB,
Bolw Proprietor of thie CorduO,
- Also MoLean a Vokaxrte Oil Linim-at.
Principal Depot on tha cora-r of Third aad Pros -tiwet,
Bt. liui. Mo.
- .MoLcau's Volcaslc Oil LlnimeofT
- the hMtLlnlaanl inlhe'yrorid. .The only safe and
eertain cure for Cancer, Pile, Swelling end Bron
ebltia, or Ooltre, Eanilysit, Bssralgra, Weakness of the
Uuscies, faronlo or InnaoUMtoy Kbeumatlsm, Btlg
ness of the Joints, eontnuted Aascle or Llgamanta
karaclie or Toothache. Bruises, Sprains, Wounds, Ireah
Cats, Ulcer, fever Boret, Caked Br-aat enra Nlppbt,
Bams, Scald, Bos Thoat, at any IauasamaUn er ?aln,
no iliSersno how severs, or ho v lor- th disea saay
hav existed. Molnn' OeteAtraead Liniaaenl k tew
tain remedy.
Thoa-anda of human peine- have been eaved a life ef
decrepitude and misery bj the na of thla invaluable mad
cine. . i , .:.n ', T-V")
Will relieve 'pain almost ln4tulanoWr.- ud K wil
cleanse, purify ard beal the tc-ilnit emiin u l-predi
- ly ehort timet, t. IT. s , f M
1 Fr Iloreea anel otAer A-tisaAle.
' afeleaa I celebrated Liauneat la tb only ear and rc
Uable remedy for toe sure of Bparlh, Ring Bona, Wind
plbh Splint, UanatnralBurapc, NM-s or bwvrflmr. It
will never fail to eare Big Hrai, Pell Bvlk, tVeaia, Old
running Bore or Sweeny, if properly applied., for
Sprains, Bruises, Scratches, Bores or Wounds, Cracked
Ueels, Chafe. Baddl orOollar Gall II A as loielllble
reme-lf Aptity It a directed, aad a ear ip Cfrtain in
every tnilauoe.
Then trifle no longer with the" many ewrthbvat Llal
ent offered to you.1. Obtain a supply ef Pr. alcLeaa't
oelebraUsd Ltahnent It will ear yoa., ,
J. IA. HICA.KA.,Solsfroi.rtet-ir.
Corner of Third and Pins 8tr-etk, M. lewnt Bin .
Tor sals by al! druggist." -' , -
tor tale by R0BSBT8 A B AMrTBL.
aniiSO-dAwly , Cclu-jba. 0hk
An experienced Kara and Femal Physician, present
to tne attention ot mowers, Lr
soomi n;g;s jciup,
which greatly facilitate the process of sas thing, by ofV
enlng the (rums, reducing all tafr-nrmaUsa wtl 1 allay
ALL PAIN and spasmodic actton, and a V'
Depend upon It, mothers. It will erattoiourlvw
aad . ' ' ( t i i ' ' 1 1 H -1
We haw put up and sold thlt article for over ten yean,
what we have never been able to tay of any other i
ANCK, TOilVBOT A CURB, when timely ted. New
er did we know an instance ef disatlefiiUa by any on
VJh aetd It. On tb eoDlmry, l er delighted with ita
operation, and -peak in term ot commendation of Ita
Btagloal eSectwand medical vlrtiee, 1 W apeak In Ihia
matter "WHAT WB DO KNOW;" efter ten year' expe
almost every imtance where thwtnfcat taeaaesing from
paiaand eahauatisa relief erill b fonnd in Alteon or
twenty minutes alter, IhcByrap la admiiiiitcred.
Thit valuable preparation I the prescription of one of
the most EXPBRlBMURDar.1 BKlLLf UL KUB-BH ia
ewEn,land. and has been nted with NEVER IAIL
lNa8UC0Krltn') i , ei 1
TltUtmANIAM 0 i?ASi.l
Itnntnnly relievet the child from pain, uul Invlgor
atet the toe, ach and eowaia, eorreola aciditv, and give
toue and eiwrgy t the aboie ayslem. It will almost in
stantly relieve - -eatT-BO
and ovs-oiaooevili-aa, walck, eaot s(,dlly rrete-
ilied, end (u death. We believe It the Bkol and BUR
it arise from teeth lug, er from any other cans. W
would saw te every mother wno nta a anua sun-ring rrom
envoi the foiesoitg complaints DO NOT 1 KT YOUR
ttaod bstweeayoe and goar Buffering child, and th re
lief tliat will be SURE -ea. AB01.C1'KLX 6PRB to
follow the nse of this medicine, If timely a red. Full di
rections tor u,ing will accompany - each bottle. None
nnuineunlcMlU fac simile of CTJMIS A PERKINS, -New
berk,! on toe outside wrapper. ' '
bold by all Druggists turougbout tb worie.
Prl elal Ullice, m CeAar Street f. V.
0C127 dkwly. u .1 ,. U J ' ,t
ntnOfKX A "B-IIBVKHT8) 118
IV SammaUon and pala, and beal wm worst Bern,
sea Id. am lae, oat, nr bash weaudnl any kl d, rwewn J
swelling and pain from be iings, muqult hi tee, end
aolsonbu piaais, """if1"! . - ---ereasrsalt
rbeam, ete. Whea. taken nt.qUy. it will
no, I lively cur croep IB onimren, ano
riTleflhth worsts at hl.llAtl j!""
nmovea barenti and tore throat. P" 5"B'
Mill. Sh.Bldlrewa--iL,r'mL,.P
.i.uana Bi.irekeeimrs. w - li Biua,
Bole PlibVfv J.'S,' 'i2!2 rt
wii ' .,.
if. ;. O ."- iToticesTxrtx
: - CTTT BiKS 0F-CQLinitl:73,
mad In the the oflrorsof ttileL-nk, Jantaary iiaii,
1h1 wte ,W A, Pi--r. Pn-loVnt, and Tnotue
Moow.e.Caehie., resigned their cfl.ort. " wav.o Taib,
faqTw- tl..a .lett.4 rcaiditt and ; A. Ptai-r ap-ptiafeaOaahier.''-.
. ; ... , r
Z- Bv errter ef th. Ard,I reetnr. '
"M a, wi wti. i ti --t rt . f;
A" sWI i l ' 1
" n , r a i y
I .1

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