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!a Two" Royal tf V'uitJ Pilch $10 00.
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ini a.re-t . ttjtteibated to the following -!
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OoMral, BupreroS iul-. Soort'
larv, 0 mptroW. Treaeurer and ab It rot Nat and
to the P-iVteOoota..Orte i.imo Flaae, iupar
, r, .ji,. ant In. Clert of tht
earlout -Ooerteee;h oo..!. the 'he
deoata aid House bl Representative! of $ls Btate, and
?rrV!I.!r i-.i? siateeof theirio. j
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now la fore, and .b. authoritative eoittruet of them
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the app'olntnjpiitj teadtitwr the rvdcral rCUrt
(M 0)r ccootniewd wiibont atiut t) Rtpub
j;ci fur l6fowhj' JbMr IiflJenow Jo law o'
tht moft ODpop'ilaT aiid traBOiiab' wo arborg
the appliemU. It mast not b forgot Uo tbt,
la all eaaes, thedtajeed 4rDfx0Daiul
terated "irreprew'blta " kThet "reftitj John
BMwnItfribifrf the nac,tyj-Tr-
CJ y' -rr 1.'
IT Tbre Is said to be considerable dUoord lo
the ranki Qf the tit Vnbti6.iWof ihji Ctf, with
referenoe t tnVppwnteii( of ff8ma'tcr.'! h
tttmi F to be the "opiniOB of almott every 'oae,
that Mr 0'Haa.wiU receire Uie. appointment
lodeed.Uiat be' hM already been" inilleated far
the poet. Some knowiog. ouei , fhrag their
7,1 1 i f .
ahoulders. hot er. and, iamaaW that Air. O -
Hiati win not be the Inckf fcanW If he be th
choice of,Gi, Cbanc, be will, without doubt,
be theTodtinaeter; and it. appear to- b admit
ted that ne U the fiiVorfteV the Qtenlvf of
the Treraryi 1 1 ...n!-;.. w:i ' n.:
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Office Seekers in the President's Ante-Room.
othi)iioitul-bd Maeteo. mlht b,Mi-n !! to
da vmtt.ati WalJog, p Pfi ' r"!'1. tlal
"onlr'-b f(r4t fBeo(lo-r1 "mrnl to eee him.
TBora trWMttf no mat 'hurry tbout ft Cincinnati
appotniBaata. dtpUiit( are frowioc a liltla. imp
ticnt. -Tliif,: - -t 7 'lo- ; , : ; ,'
TheboT Item of newt w find in the Wash
tog letter Jo the Ciaclonatl Cnmneial of the
4th of ApriL. Bna and Gtroia run together
at Wa?Wjigton now, as thtj did In this district
last faUvi The Jatter presents himself at the
fountain of power as one who' supported and
toted for Lincoln.
u i
The Policy of the Administration—The Per
manent Dismemberment of the Union.
. . , i . ;: : , .1 . .. .. ; m: i
The telegraphlo dhpitchos for a few day
put have been-cbUfly oooupied with news that
looks warlike.' They harre Announced the eatl .
' log or (he preparation for 'the sailing southward
of war "vdesel filled with troop and munition
of war. " Upon tb.1 intelligence, the radical Re
publican journal exclaim; . "The .Admlniatr-
, tton has at last inaOgurated a' policy !"
Bat what that policy ie, not on of these jour
nals en tell. They are a maoh In the dark
a they were after they had raid Lincoln's lo
auguraT" Pne journal that the object ol
these warlike movements li to relieve-Fort
Somter, aod strengthen Fort Pickens; another
deolare' that'.' toe, ileslgn U to blockade the
mouths of the Uississipai aod all the port on
the 8autbern c'j3t, and collect the revenue on
blpbiard; third in ml that the Administra
tion 1 seoding ont a military force to Texas to
sustain G-rr. Hoc Ton against the receptionists
in that quarter; a funrlh la ootiflitnt that these
war rebel's ire bqly going out on a cruise of
observation, to watch the French and Eugliab
fl ceu wbloi are expected ahortly to arrive in
. our Southern coast while a fiith unceremonious
ky whittles I-dawn, ia naval dempastratloo
lukeuuvii UJrai w ichwu kuvuuwuaaiii
from be Island of Uytl..i .
It is quite u probable ai anything else that
p0 O i -of thee things Is Intended by the Ad
ministration, esd that the objett tecreily aimed
at It, by 'a sVtow .of jilnck, to keep the war fao
tionof tbe Republican pirty quiet, until the ma
Jarit; In the party are full prepared for tbe Open
nat.cUtioa of tbe grand cunpircv for tbe
floal - and eotlre reparation of the free from the
alavo Ctates.'' The 'country is to be arooced
at leett tht seems a reasonable ooi jt-ctare.from
recent movement'- nniil seccbioo f ball bare
ban time to ripen lo the B irder slave State, as
It bat dqa la tbe Cotton . State, and the reten
tion of the former lo tbe old Federal Unit n shall
htve become apparently Impractloable Then tbe
separation t the whole fifteen ! State from
the leveutetrj free States will be S'ged opoo tbe
people or tbe latter a an absolute and uetlta
biene.sity,v:.:';Aw, :,;;,, Vv
Th acknowledged author of the "irrepressi
ble oontttct doctriue' Is Resident; tbe great
teao'ierand promulgator of that doctrine is bis
Fremlef. The btaer menabirs of tbe C.bloet
belong to the cam school.' Men of the tame
at ftp have- been appointed to the most Impor
tant and Itiflieti'tiai toit!du IdVb'e gift of the
GovernsenU Circular are Usurd sod scattered '
fr and wide In the Northern Stated, arguing
that the'"lrreprsible corJfiict,,, at it Is termed,
etween freedom 'grid elaVtry" can nefei te,;on
and the ountrj pap uiTer again ,
WH .'fW. .,.pt 6, iMri
psrmiaentgeparaUon ef, the free from the Vave
i la.ia L. U.lth'all the rhetoric and
same view, and urge It with all the rhetoric i ana
tophletrj. whluli ,.the.,.paa Mt-etr.naJ
Insidlouily, and Under cover ot ridicule, but
often odcdIt and with eerlonsnets.
r. of
W. have no evldauna that it it the dell
the Administration to retain the. Border Slave
SutM in iha tlnlon." We. therefore, nave po
OJufiJenoe that ItUl Uk any. folded and ef 1
Boleot meaeures to taatntalo the integrity of the
Union by rellerlng the forte, oolleoiloj the
done, and enforcing the federal lawd th the e
cedre Siatea. It may powibljl make some f? tut
of this sort Just to demonstrate the impraoUoa-
bi lit j of the attempt, and, at the same time, lr
rltate and perplex the people .In'.' the Border
Stater, and drive tbem off into secession- Then
ill come the climax of this great Kepnblioan
Disunion movement; which the Northern : ,'lr-
renreaaiblee" have oantemptatdd from the be'
gioDinfr, and to tffeot which LtModui was placed
ia the Presidential oha!r......v. .' -..;.
Sahion P.'Citasn has received great credit
among his admirers for being the author oione
sediiment, upon whlcb be aed to dweU, jn bid
political speeches and writings, namely t " mt
the Federal Government most be divorced from
all connection with, and support , of .slavery,..,
Now, to reodor that divorce effectual and oom-
ntete. it Is announced that the Free State moat
bo divorced from all po local connection ana
afBnlty with the Slave Stated. ; People of Ohio !
Will yon permit the Cabinet at Washington to
pnraoe a course that shall render this decree tr
nverelole 7 " ' ' '
Gov. Medary on the Canal Question.
. -, l rm mi X " I 'f
' On th Slat of Mareh. 1857. Gov. MtoatT
th.n about to leave Ohio to take up bis resi
dence In Miooeaota, thns gave the people of
tu'u State bis opinion on the Canal question
cilled forth by the pendency of a bill In the
Hume of Representative, providing for the sale
of the Canals:
[From the Ohio Statesman of Tuesday, March 31, 1857.]
'the IIoum hnldi-rxclal elon o-nlht on the bill
for itw t -is of the Oh o 0om1. Thli Is at Hi' cumins
to a p.U tt oMia e w iolo. - had ton bill
which DubHthotlow. btrn w.srd a month or 'f
lh urrMLl Liiiitar Wuaiil b.r been is ltrod from
mwoh of it. ptrjrxiil s, and the Slate atrrd prnn
uliil no of dollaie. It li thi untjl 'f ol ht jrdita
nut ! at h jKipirxtd a great Baoji tatttaea for t
Unklmlf in,
JThuM iruu d r tn stilt rttitn hft CtnaU In Ike
b d. e ih iae or pIUIeal jmrpoMt and ofUk
gain ditrr teiy HtU rcpn I Jr. fM uny quirttr and
we no ttotlt ij lArf r tuios oolA imU put in or
dr if 1h pttntarr; Umu taring aton, ih oaal
Ai ww Kin kmvti Jrt of Me ratef, II b tli
.rt hut o'i of tlx utaiora wboa rocVliiced,ai
U be vf pruprltly
. 1 Mi etna I. eau nana ba nut In onmolet imt'r enln
wl'ho.i .h riDuur of iroo OA'S TO T0 MIL-
UOSSOronULAaa. r too- upp. d u the r.l
.I.! a kou ibt iddltlootl oht tj In 6t l Ar
ibrra jrtomMeai proirUtiot.saoeirdlnsiit VTedi
aot itTT m, tor tlw are amitog fauti with the
p mm eoatiao S for it-pair nd oaw rererruix Co tuppu
ihta with atr dnd'Ttbe time aater li obtat ed.
thaubali wl U nrqulre to hare themnd now aocamala
H3 tuta .iM4Ld o'. i irom one tna to tn otnr.
It .ftuloar o npae tn8Ut. lp tb prtMl dot
uir of kef flMDri m.it aooaialiDd burdens undh th'
uarlddra paipi axtf tmfurtvp nupmiiturtt mnd
iff mat wtu o ref ivt. dn cvm wmia
nmi too 6 ga n ta ftm V canal Ptanmo-'Hf
ni tilfvru ai a- wwU put t Arm in cumo'tt
rti'f, and MtMrwajfJi thtlott tu4int tf Iht j.ut
Mf HI. in au.1 win not oo niidOiaa.a u
uw uniy nop u urn it ran m oun oj ltaiTiotnii wnow
pr.Tata toitrcsu lll urn ihi a to not unit uutueea
i.ai. In guod Tdr, but alao to escl' life and bo
ai.Ot ihair whjla ientB. or aldl g ataaneouraslugnaw
eawruriiMbi Ih bolldloi of b).u. trrotlui of muu-
jioria, oiIiik of mlus. aod Ituouiatipg new (owns
ano jiagaa aioos ucir nauaf.
Thli ia. at rait, wo no, an effort atid t tfttlila
tura baa at lait a-.it to thla DoloL tM A u 4v vi I witto
oa praonrni Difinit mm. wio tela iramTa
ttrowo nia ias.riy jxnaman ana vi aama
tog. ofvnicMAeti
or titan
eanuu t
A bn tit frtat nare-
1 he o..le, aa a Slits
fnitliuUon," hire had their
dr The bar don their w irk to th satlifactlon, wt
d iubt ot, ef those who oTiginand ihao, and ware their
irlleat and waicaeai hieodt. li le not now th auilceaa
of t on to anaau aWn f th paw. W are aot Air
poaerf te dei.y but tlw dta war greatly beaefltted, a
whit,' by their rra.Joo. Okie roea at enoe, under the
operation, re baa great ana powerful Net. - -We
giound arm, upon tbat etbi-ot, and let the honon
er toe uaat be Ola rnmttd wner- beet oeeermi. w now
hare m deal with the pr.ol and ih tu ore, although I
la nonlbl ihat. atar a law aaa mora a hall bar pa eed
a a, we ma nerer have a eli iaeu'e voice and a cltiaen'.
lotereat Is tb affaire of the Bta . yet w abill oezer
reaattjw ab her well r.j lea to hearoiwlM wglala-
tlos, ana tne protpsrity oi ner people.
From the time Gjv Mioasr penned and pub
liebed the above, until tbe present hour (April
8, 1861,) the same ruinous polioy bss been coo
tinued In our canal management which be con
demned io 1857, and tbe treasury has In this In
terval been drained of nearly one-half million of
dollars, in addition to all the canal revenues, to
keep the works in a sort of repair, if it would
have required from one to fie million! of ioUtrt
in toe coring or 100 to pat tne canals in re
pair, it will, be oouoeded. on all bands, that Jt
ill require nearly doabld at much now) and it
In 1S57 the State would have made good bar
geia to give fin cenais to company of tnltrfri
ley men who would put them in eompUtt repair,
ad thuo regain th loot iusiaes of ihtjatt fm
year," It can hardly be said with truth that tbe
legislature would now be engaged In a very "big
swindle," If they sbonld lease these eanals, now
It a worse condition by far than they were tbeo,
for a snug annual rent, instead of giving them
away, as then suggested oy Gov. Mioasr. '
A residence io Minnesota and Kansas, where
they have neither Rail Roads nor canals, ap
pears tb have ohaiged the opinion of the Go
ernor on this queatioo,aod hence, in his Crisis of
tbe 28ih of March, 1861, be denounces the leasing
project now beforethe. Legislature as the," y
gfftevinitlt" ever attempted on the people ol
Ohio, and in his Crt; brtbedth of April, tele
alao opposed to the sale of these work. He
thinks it would be as wis to think of selling out
the State Government. We here insert his sr-
tidefrom UuCrUbi ..",.. j " .. y),
[From the Crisis of April 4, 1861.]
We poMith on oar 7th pace a very valuable labia of
oaoai etaiuuje mat may M or tutere.tata referencsln
inrfauraucua aa a iMeiit e ke,4nr th-m In order
aid enlleetlng tbe toll, compared with the reTtonea.
We maataaay. laaularcpialr'no io the Wild 'ever
racing for eo mane yea In Invvlvtrg Ih rtai te so
I a aaaxUBtaawaa loally acooapll-bad W are ana;
qaill oppnaed t giving aw.y loa private eomraoy for
a mere tone, w'.et haa eut ao much, aod what tat &n
lai samus' gre.i.r aalorthar some wrtold tflaka lha
pwi ie oeneTr. jvai a i.t lime I ir semeB parpoee
Thai tbe cat.a have l eoaadalonaly managed we
do pot preuoo t deny, but are w rrav aa a fra aiMi
intrllaut people to eoafencsr inaapabilltr ef self gorw
ernibvai. ana (ou id a rag at our ounqunclai of pub
iiedmy a Jour binh-rlgtit for a meet of pottage that
i'i sITV ur guTerLDvcii aay to auy DOJy mat will
Pitiil of ii ai.ri tal ai r. rm a, hi
Thla h) about th argui-aut ntel.'uttaf a field, too,
ww ...ij'ivj mvj iprtaiut anowi mat tne vary
nie.ateraof the Urn a will brlagabtata gra raf.irm
ia amy orai co . i goveinmen rrom a Bonerrlior t
tbe eTe.l.itna I Th , eopta will brlaar even nnaiiaaar.
V'Dtlo a it tctaetvuntof hisetawardabip and part or
n-- p-iV, U.a HU.iuatMiriA HTI gOt U g ttk
iriadmaiaBsasitby h9ln authority lea reason
fur tH- pc pi ' UD t . deatia'r. wh i m aall .i tn
Ih hl.he. ,utl !, bidder, lb 0)'ual and SteeOiv
era eaiaiu a ted,, and bsdoiic alth tbe waot .hing at
u vie tif t'.e dteorepaney bfltweea the view-
xpreesd by Governor Mioaar. In JP67,and
1661, and tbe fact tbat It ie abeolutely necessa
ry for tbe Le,U,laiur tb do tometblug with tbe
canalfwd tope durcbMmpdrar willVrOMislder
tbd subject. Last year's experieooe hat shown
tbat tbe Board of Public Woiks will not be re
strained by tbe appropriations made for tbe re
pair of the canals) Jbat in fact Jbey go ahead
as If there was 00 reatraiat upon them, and run
Id debt bi pueded of thousaldj) pf ifjflis;
and brnoe tbe law makers mutt, from the very
ne-cetifty 'of tbdesae, tkd laid 01100
The doors of. the Xeglslsiure re opn night
and day, and toy Oltiien or eompaoy cab eeod In
hit or their bid, sod we would as soon trust tbe
people's representatives to decide tb. que-ttlop
aud lease the woiks. a to confer the authnrtt '
ibqlard or State 'tSin, tp be 4dit4j'pntotm.
thoi tichteeaMLl A,rJly bai adjoqrn.!
lodnd, w.4., Mle. w.rd.g
haw anxious the Boird thaStateoiJlcere are
engine." ' V V V - . V'X
eng.no. . v y
We cxprcjs the optem to Ow. Winatt ;
that tbe Legialatore will lease tbe canals before
, a a . ... iS aL t
thi.dtatirn!aa) we lodl BiettT cocfiienl thtJ
iC'tbtuHfc th,r. Xrapm. of 30,
per year, and will raise his company and cause
a bid to be oflfered for them ai that rate, be will
undoubtedly eeaure, tnem. , If hia; opinion of
them In 1657 wae founded on correct data, we
(honld, we confess, regret to aeehirn and bl
friend Involved io the matterbut that is ihelr
buainessi and not our. ' We '"want to see tbls
leak in the treasury etopHt tn ' ,Be
eanals to a competent and responsible company
Will do that thing. :r 1 " '" ..' 1 . 'J,'
CANAL STATISTICS. Letter from the Emperor of Austria to the Emperor
CANAL STATISTICS. Letter from the Emperor of Austria to the Emperor of France.
By the1 late arrivals from Europe," It it an
nounced as currently reported at Paris, that the
Emperor of Austria bad lent no autograph let
terto the Emperor of the French. In this let-
ter caancis juiartt reieri j w mo uciy v.
bi position In Italy, owlDg to the iteady en-
croacbmeoU bfriedmmttandertbe ausplora of
Vicroa EHin'Wt.'!''' Hd expretsee himself as uo
able to uuder'siand the policy of France ia re
gard to Italy, add -adverts. o, the speech of
Prince NaroLion io the French Senate, and to
the speeches of members of the Corps Legisla
tif His Majesty of Austria requires a definite
answer to this question Does th Emperor of
the French mean td support Piedmont In her
agressions sgatast Rtme? :
" Fd4f,cid JoarH cannot but look upon the prei
ace of the Ptcdmontese or Sardinians in Home
as preliminary to an attaok upon Venloe, and
tivs that the arenmeotd which, would Justlfi
Tioroa Enul tn taking psasession of Rums
would squally bear bin out in attneklng Ve
nloe, The Austrian Emperor, therefore, re
qairea ad explicft answer ag to the course the
frenob Emperor intends to parade. In tht
event of a Piedmooteae occupation 1 of Rome,
Austria will regard the treaties, of .Villa'
franca and Ziricb as annulled, and will not feel
herself bound by a cbmpsot so glaringly viola
ted.) Should each a contingency occur, FarCis
Jostra would'bold himself entltely free, to aot
la the manner best calcul it ed to protect bit
epOkly ibrpateced Intereaig in the Jtallw Penin
SATURDAY, April 6, 1861.
H B 459 -To a mend seo.ion 4 of an act en
titled Mau act provialng for the punishment of
-ilmee," passed Marco 7, lOdo, was read tbe
list lino.
Mr JONES, from the standing committee on
Agriculture, reported bick H B 461 Te en
courage tbe destruction ol blackbirds la Ottowe
county, reported the same back, with sundry
amendments,' and recommended its passage.
Th Senate refused to pass the bill yeas 16,
nays 8. ' - ;",
Mr. COX, from the committee on Agricul
ture, reported baok H. B. 321 To provide lor
removing obstructions from and deepening tbe
channel of (he Cuyahoga river tjd its tributa
ries In Geauga county, and recommended Its
pf?' 1 '. " ' ': - ; .
. .mr. UAKflrJLU presented tbe memorial or
D; L.Pope, agent for theCujahoga River Im
provement Company, asking lor the passage
of Paid bill, which .was read at the Clerk's
desk.-' - '.
' The bill was then read a third time, and p ass
ad yeas 19. nays 4 " ' ..';.
, Mr. FISHER, from tbs committee' on Boner
olent Institutions, reported back S. B Si3, to
antbotize the establishment by. county' com
miseiooert of home for paqper ootb, and re
commended its reference to Its , author Mr.
dprague which wa agreed to. '
The tame Senator, from the same commit
tee; reported back H B 449, regulating cer
tain purchases for tbe Benevolent Institutions
of tbe State, and recommended its Indefinite
postponement, which wag agreed to yeas 18,
oayn 4 '
Mr. COX, from tbe standing committee on
Agriculture, reported back H. B. '326 To pro
tect ' Agrlcnl oral ' Fairs, with amendments,
which were agreed lo, and the bill caned yeas
82, nays 0 e
Mr LASKbiY.lrom tbs eommiltee on Roads
and Higbwats, reported baok H. B. 429 d up
plemeotary to an aot to antborlxe tbe Commis
sioners of Henry ooupty to build a bridge across
tbe JlUumee river, passed April. lo, loiil. and
recommended Its passage, wb'oh was agreed lo
yeas, nay o , , ,t ...,
Mr. PCRRIIX. faun tbe standing committee
to which was referred S B. 158 To provldnfor
tbe ereotioo of a new Penitentiary in Oblo, to
gether with tbe House amendments, reported
the same back, and recommended tbat th Sen
ate concur In .aald amendments, which, wae
greed to yess 21, nays 1. .
Mr. PARISH moved to reconsider tbe vote
by whlcb H-.B 461 was lost, which was agreed
to, aod said bill was referred $9 a select com
mittee of one Mr. Perish, t , . ,. , ,,
Mr. HARSH, from tbe committee onClatmt.
reported back the memorial, of .William. Cook.
jr , oi Perrysburg, Wood county, and asked tbat
It be read at tbe clerk's dealt The committee
asked to be discharged from the farther con
sideration of said memorial, and tbat the memo
rialist have leave to withdraw the same; which
was agreed to. .... i . .,.,...,(,.
Mr. J0NE3, from the committee on the Ju
diciary, reported back H B No 440, to author
Ixe tbe tiusteee of Newberry toenshlp, in Miami
county, to sue jor car tain moneys .loaned by
their predecessors to certain Individuate, and
recommended its passage. To be read n third
time on Monday. .., ...
'Mr J0NC3, from the tame committee. re-
p irteu back o. U iMo Stc, for tbe relief of the
Marietta aod a tonal Koad. flank KoadCem
paiy, and t oom mended tin InJifinite puttom;
nt, anio waaaeieeato iri ,.- ,)
Mr. JONEd oreeeutcd the memorial of Mrs
Sustn Adams, of Columbus, relative to taxes
on lands conveyed to bar by the State of Ohio,
prior to tuon Mbveyance, wblob was rsad and
referred to tbe committee oo Judlolary. , ; ni
up rpoyon, toe smte aMjirneo -v s j x
SATURDAY, April 6, 1861.
Mr. WRIGHT, of Hsmttrdn. orfered a reao.
lotion of l.auiry Into the orontietv of ohanetnw
tbe position Of tbe SoeakeHa atand. la the H.fi
of RepreaeoUtlves, which was ' referred to the
eommltteeon Puolie Build ngt. " "
mr. cwv a i , or w arreo, tram tbe ae.ret
committee to whom was referred H. B 4B0
1 0 otapose of tbef Office Ol Stale House Commla
aloodrrepocUd tbe eta. back, when if was set
lor a third readme? no Wednesday next.' '"
. --- , ; me wc re
ferred 8 B S74-Tv provide for transcribing
oule ot tb m-riisg records of Perry county
refenwl tboaame back, whence bill wasindtfl
Oltely pnaipor.ct -aiiin-. i :"eii. ... .
.. Mr- WALKER, from tbe (elect committee to
a b wat rei.ned the House Joint Resolution,
to eoKte G. O A Ward to exrenta a auena nf
Bimoa avroioo.Tepo-ea tne same back, aod re
eommeaded he adopilan. 0"f' :. u i i , .
Mr. WELSH oveio amend by striking otil
the name ol flimw K-otoo, aod Inserting that
Of William a HarvUa.' ,i m
Mr. WELSH said, in mtkleg this motion, it
wsa far from bto intention to do inastlos to the
well earned fame of flimoa Kenton i bet that'
bd itltoucblt emioetillv pro nor that the Dm
r-.rt.le ttatotoroWed by Ue General Aaermbly I
Of tba. State of Ohio eaoutd be ont lo memory I
of Central Wa
eminent Mvioaeof thie ulstlrmii.hsd -v.n..'
iitwry ni ng, i tbi are-'
. j , , . . , " ry- O
riMM tf l nn rmn pgtrui trii m nim. nn hittvM .w .
rihi- ... hi. hia-,, ki.ii.lt ..V. iTl' "
Ohio waa bis bidtoryt- tdentlfisd as he bsd been
with its earl Privation and b-ravtV.aa .1i
iJtanaUkaMaait : .inarth, .rfia .! :
..., -v -
. ,.!H'KV(II1t
Combining In, one character tht pioneer, the
gnpeilor in Obio.iHe waapbUoally therrp
Oblo might well feel prond, ; He.boped? there-,
tMc -Una eaneeai-.moeth.e-id
enl mtke i0 this war would be to Tjlaoe
l I . . WWt . eJ,H .. 1,1
maihle ataiuta ot O.n wmt UenrTHi
aiaiute of Un vvmi peurjtnarrujon ins
lna-rainc.ir.aia nf lAl.n Mitf.a,in. .
, Mr. MDSSON ubieoted to these amendments,
and supported the resolution as propxuipa to
take a step' lo the tight 'aireo'iba - 'He rad
several extraote from tbe New York pres, in
notice of ibis rtijlotion on Its first introduction,
and endorsing tbe ability Of tbe artist.
Mr. CLAPP thought we had notmuoh money
to spend, pur much time to spend in discussing
the subject V. '. .1'
, Mr FLAGG supported tbe resolution at pro
posing; to embody in marble a represeutative
figure of apaat age, now growing classic a rep
resentative man, the Hercdles of tbe age juet
pan, tne type ol tb ooqrageous, warnur ana
punter of our frontier history :! '""
Mr. VIHCENT tbonght with Mr. Clapp, that
we had neither' money nor time to spend on
tms subject, lie was not an admirer oi eimon
Kenton, wbo in bis day wag It dXturber of the
peace of the country, and tbe eXoiter of the In
dians to hostility.' He did not like the cturao
ter of Simon Kenton) tor did bd' admire his
figurd.hiacjs une.Julsdog, orbit gun espeol
ally ibe dog. 1 It the statue la' to Be made, be
w'oi ll have the dog strickeo out, at least. '
, Mr. BROWNER ofMiaml. d. fended the ohar'
aoter ot Kenton, and said be did not know tbat
there wae n Oh oaa ' whose betrt did not
heat with admiration at the name of Simon
KentOO.' - ; ' . -
Mr. ELAKESLEE objected to the resolution
on constttut.ioul groonds. ' ' . 1
Mr. MONAHAN supported the resolution,
and defended tbe character of Kenton, and bis
pioneer compeers a race of men that 'we may
ell make models of In this degenerate day,
when treason flaunts Its triumphs defiantly in the
(ace of the nanon, . . . ' . "J
. , Mr. FLAGS -said tnat hit Merra Mr VI n
Cent, was a g oJ and proper man,' with a clear
logical mind; but be la wanting in the artistic
and poetlo qualities character so be must be
excused: But Mr' F. was in earnest wben he
said we have too little of the poetical and sen
timental io our compositloo, and it Is time that
we out Ivate them,' as we are now Invited to do
He spuke of the men of the" pioneer age in terms
oi blgu euiogy, iq bis peculiarly htpry style.
Of tbe statue of Kentoa before the House, be
g .okela blgh terms, aia most complete w k of
art, tbat was creditable to tbe artist and tbe
couutrv ' ;'" u "
( Mr HERRICK defended the idea of dimmem-
oradng the deeds and flKures of bur b-rots,
dud presenting them to p.sterlty. He alluded
to tbe entbuslatm of tbe reople at the unveiling
ot tbe etatue ol Perry at Cleveland, as an evi
denoe of tbe sympathy in tb public mind With
th., Man ' . I I . "-I .
Mr. VINCENT replletf, and Justified his re
marks upon Kenton by extracts from Howe's
Hist rv oi Ooio, and moved to lay tne retula
tioo, Ken' on, dog ud all, oo tbe table, whicb
motion was agreed to yeae 41, nays 36 J
Mr. BURR, from tbe Bele t committee to
wlom aa referred H B 414 To amend tbe
C lr Iriojrporailoo act, witu sundry verba)
amendments, which were agreed to, when tht
out was set lor a intra leading on Tuesday
Mr C007ER, from the commit tee on Cor-
porntiooa other than Municipal, reported back
8 B. 241 lo relation to Street Railroads, wh.n
fine bill was set ,or third reading on Tuesday
ext. - '
The same oommltlee reported back II B. SS4
rrovldlng tor lUarEei House Uompaniet, Wbeu
the bill wae get for a third reading oq Tuesday
., i 1 -!I.'J1
MONDAY, April 8, 1861.—10 A. M.
1,11 where tbey pad made bad barga n., He
.,m ..t th thi. in.t w. -,...i . :!
.V.r.' L- T1J".V .TTj-J" 7"u " ""7.P
.. . - Z . . r , .i . .
uu. ft B'jn IBOuBDt the BenltOf from naf'.
Praverbv Rev. MrMorrbil - v " ''
H B Ni 459 -To amend gectloo 34 !-o''a'n
act entitled "an aot providing for the puuUb
ment of crimes," passed Maroh .,7, 1835, was
read a aecond time and referred to tbe commit
tee of tbe wbo'e. , ( .. .. .... ., '.,
H B Ni 410 To authorise the trustees of
Newberry township, In Miami . county, to i sue
lor Certain moneys loaned by tbelr predecessor
to certain individuals, wss read, a tbird Urn and
passed yeas 24, oays none. U.i, (., w'pV
' Mr. CU VIM INS, from tbe committee on
R"ads aod Highways, reported bick H. 8 Nd
153, to provide for tbe relief -of, turnpike and
Dlank road companies in certain cases, with see
eral amendments, which were agreed to, and the
out was reao a tbira time and pasoo,--ye8 25,
nnyel . ...-".) v.,
' Oo motion of Mr. S MITH, the Senate resol v
ed tuelt Into committee of the Whole, Mr.
rfchlelob la tbe cbatr, aod considered U. B No
459 wbiob was reported baok and reerred to
the committee on tbe Judiciary,.', , , .','.
- Mr MOORE moved to take from the table
H B No 377 To further provide for the elec
tion of supervisors of roads and highways, which
wss agreed to. ' ,re,v .
After some dlscaeslon, said bill was referred
to a select oommltlee of one Mr. Moore. ,
Mr. HARStJ.'from tbe majority of the com
mlttee oa Claim, reported back S B No. 2d8
For the relief of A- W Ay res & Co-,cpotrsci
ors for oonvlot labor, with one amend eiit, .'
Tbe memorial of A. W. Ayres & Co., was
read at tbe Clerk's desk .,,:. ,,".: , '
. Tba amendment was sgreed to and the question
being on the passsge ot the bill, . .',
, Mr. READY opposed Its passage, regarding
It aa an unsafe precedent These gentlemen
bad made a contract with the State for tbe Ir
bor of a certain number of coovlots, and proba
bly had been uufurtunate. ,. The State oould
not afford to make good all losses with her coo
tractors. .The contracts were made for specula
tive purposes, and tbe contracting ptrtles muit
abide by the coniquenoe. ' . "rJ, r"
Mr. PARISH sutrd tbat .this claim was or
lelnally reierred to lhe committee bo tbe Pent
tentiary wbo reported tbe bill. He conceded that
there was much force In the- remark of the
Senator from Tunoarawas, so : far aa they re
lated to tbe ettablisbmeat of a' precedent
Tpee contractors had met .'with losoes which
were bcoaaloued, to some extent, by the neg
lectof the State Itself.., They bad lost much by
a lire which originated outside of their shop,
aud for which they were In oo wise responsible.
Io consequence of ihU fire, they were compelled
to pay a large number ' of bands for several
mouths, batil another shop could be built and
fitted for use. , ' ' ...'., ",'
, Mr. READY stated that iTiCmsmorlaidid
not set forth tbe provisions of lhe ooatract, but
If the State agreed to furnish said company wib
sbopd, and failed to do so, tbev had tbeir rim.
d)i He thought the 1 em of $6 OUO lor the re
movai oi machinery was extravagtntt .I.did
not appear, from tbe memorial, .(bat these eui
tractors bad not made money.. ' They bad met
with loiSes, but perhaps tbeir gains were muob
greater than tbelr losses He wished it under
stood by persons oootracttog with lbs 8tete,tbat
they were expeoted to alde by tbelr agreemeut
Tae Legislature as talking about leaalog tbe
canals, and he hoped, If the were leased, tbat
the lessees would be compelled to comply w
every item of tbelr agreement " He wan ed
a VI auviK aamiuvu,. . uw wan. CO
to act upon this claim lust as though;
voting fir themselves . ' '" 1 P
IHERadmltted thai these gentlemen
tbey were
Mr. FISHER admitted that these gentlemen
had Co legal right to atk relief, but be arirued
that tbe State should act cenerouelv with her
jcitigeot. The request or tbe mtmoilaliata wss
rigut, ana tbe State would lose nothing by do
lug right Tbe precedent would do Uo ililurv.
Seme , gentlemen were always asking whether
tbey could bot set but of the oat ment of ol.lma
cy some legal quiDbie. . lie was la favor r tbe
higher law "uo onto others as ie Would tbat
tbev should do unto yOu." ", . ' , "
law doctrine of ibe 8coator from Marloa. , Uo
der tbe Coosiltutlon of the State, we Oannot put
. aur ODDO.CO 100 Dill SDO Lha n Iff her
our nance into 'ne t reasury ana take out mouty
for the relief oi all persons wbo meot with losses
by fire'. He tbougbt person wbo entered Into
obtraovs wuo tbe Stele, wbertby tbey met with
losses, should not be letnuoerated out of tb
State ueasary. The Stat should not be bur
nana tn thar l--.ln ' - --' "
Mr. McCALL was li.'favorbr"lhe bilfl Th.
tVb tbit
!!,tf ' VI hi
8rDator for Tutcaradas wanted Senaiorg to act
were djinr bufluea for tbem
For bis pan, be thought these gentle
t. a . ; , .-.a 7
"u:"."r",B "a P'P'.PP
mace a oao certain, aod Oe had. ot
any occasions, modified cou tracts with Individ
nsop reasonaoie ana Diamine, Dot at a swoio of-
Mr. NEWMAri presenfad Hh tfwtwriXof
I Q JoDu. .t,.,,,,,,. , lhe Pwt
Ing for authornyto"CBaatfe" tbe course and tor.
. -.. -
fioer of the State, (ts eurrid il l pnt Mg harl iuto
(be treasury and uke ' at $1.3)10 I r tho relief
nf ttldlwiHll.la mhn haw- mm -j..h t..aam . I
The bill was r. ad e'third jtime jrijd pli.e'a-3-
miousf j saia lurupixof r r ir if
MONDAY, April 8, 1861.
rrayer by Kev. Mr. Urammar.
Mr. HUGHES presented the memorial of
Isaac Kjblonoo, and Kuberi Mjlllkin. and twelve
others, ol Butler ouuuty, against the abolition
of tbe additional judgeships In tbe first subdl
Vision of tbe Second Judicial District.
--8. B. U74 To amend the act lor tbe protection
of fitu was' read tbe eecondtlme and referred
to tbe committee of the Whole '
S B 333 To ptovide fur a uniform standard
of weights and measures wb read tbe second
lime aud referred to the Committee On Manu
factures and Commerce '
a Oo motion ol Mr THOMPSON, of Perry. H.
B 44. In relation to tne transcribing of certain
reooras in rerry county was tatrra - from tbe
table and set lor a third reading tbia day, at
rt nn . .a
ou. r .
Mr. MONAHAN, from the committee on the
Militia, reuurted back H B. 195 -To enroll tbe
Militia at tbe State when the bill was set lor
a tbird readlutr ou Wednesday next.
v nr. a liens; irom tbe oommutee on Kcbools
aod Buboul b inds, reported back H B 361 --To
smbnd section 29 of tbe school law, and asked
lobe discharged from iurther consideration of
lhe bill, which was agreed to.
Uo motion of Mr, McdCHUULEIl. II. J R.
201 lo relation to au amendment of tbe Con
stitution, on lha subject of liquor license was
taien irom tne table, and referred to the com
mittee ontTefcperaPc. '- t
a Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, offeirei a series of
resolutioo providing for tbe biudintt and fll.ng
of tbe Federal Ceuatw rtturns in the'oflliie of ibe
Heoretary ol State, wbicb were adupted.
U4 motion ol Mr.-MX rJtta, ri J R. m
Relative to puplle ia tbe B.iaJ Asylum, was tu
ko irom t!, table, wben .mi.iKd e.f i:
Mr. MYERS aked ibat it be referred to tbe
Jadtoiara oottiaiikee, which was ditagreed to1'
a a n a-a . .rwa ar ear -
mr. o jU i A, ui warren, moved to refer it.to
the committee on Benevolent lni'.liuiions, which
wae agreed to, ,r !
Mr. UBVUKB offered a olnt reiolutioa fix
ing (be Unit day ol May a iho time ot dlt
1 Air. BRUFF moved tbat the resolution be re
ferred to ibe committee oo Finance,
i Mr PLAN l' auoved to ameud tbemotloq to
refer, by tostraotlug the ooaimiktee to report up
oa the resolution to morrow morning, wbioa was
disagreed to.
Toe m ition to refer to the comaiittee on Fi
nance was agreed to '
' Ou m.tiouof Mr. HUGHE3, tbe -report of
the A torney General, ou tbe abandonment of
tbe Miami aud bile tuoal north of Sweuorcek
to loledo, was taken from tbe tails aud refer
red to the commit' ee on Public Works.
Mr. CONVERSE, ou le.va, lutrodujed H. El
4'8 - To atutud eeotiou 51J ol tbe eodeofoiv)
procedure, whiob wat read tbe Ural time.'
"Mr. DICKEY moved to take num tbe table
eertala reauiuiioo relative to an ameuduent to
tbe Gonatituiion, wbeu
'Mr. SCUT r, of Warren, moved to take up
message .from ibe table, ' wbiob1 motion tbe
ttpeaker decided to have precedence
Mr CONVERSr.objeottd.and took an appeal
from tbe decision ot tbe cbatr, ou wblob the
teas aud nays were called, and resulted yeas
45, bays 34.
' The dome considered the Senato's amend
ment to H. B 153 -For the relief oC.Planlt.aud
Turnpike Roau Companies when .
" Mr DAVH opposed ibe amea dment, as cal
bale ted to subject farmers to serious inconve
uieoce. , f. .... r.
. Mr. SCH IFF favored the amendment, as pro
tecting travellers trout daugeroui obaUuOtiOtt
upon the public roads.
' Mr. MYERS ao orposed tbesmebdnMuir
i' Mr. S LUDM AN ubiected tt 1t.x lie tuouibi
if cattle were allowed toiun at large upon ibe
roau, tne uoerty ot piling up wood or lumber
near the road might be allowed.
it Mr. DEVORE aupporred the amendment, as
proper, aud as necessary on common roads as on
turnpike or plank roads.
" Mr. MoSCHUOLER took (he same noMitlnn.
kc Mr WaUUSK, wae 'alao iln favor of tbe
amendment. 1, la the duty of supervisors now
to keep tbe roads clear, aud it can do no harm
to add th-s amendment.
i.Mr JESSUP waeioppased. tolbe amend
ment, believing that it would embarrass the
trade of tbe country.
Mr. KRUM supported tbe amendment as prop
Jrly -applicable to abj roads alike.
'-- lhe vote was tbenoalied on the amendment.
LI.. . 1 . . A. '
waica reeuiwo veo JI, nay 4.0.
. Tbe House took up ibe Senate's amendments
to H. B 326 -In relation to side shows st agri
cultural fairs, when
i Mr. 8TEDMAN moved thaJLthey be referred
to the Agricultural committee, which motion
was lost
Toe vote was then called on tbe amendments,
and agreed to Jeaa 54.nas 21.
:.'- . ' "If
n The Hjue took up the Senate Joint resolu
lution lo relation to tbe settlement of a certain
interest claim oa the Sandusky and Mad River
its il road, wblub was adopted. ,- y;
Tbe House then took a recess.
Predicted Twenty-four Years Ago.
" It Is a remarkable fact that the
slon movement was foreshadowed 'just as it baa
occurred, in a work, called the "Partisan Lead
er," attributed to' tbe pen of Judge Ctber, ol
v irginia, wno was Killed oy tbe bursting of the
Peacemaker. Ia that work, under the guise ol
a novel, it was professed that coming events
were described. Tbe Gulf States, it was dt
eoTibed, bad seceded in oouarquence of the elec
tion of a Northern President, and Virginia and
other border Sottas were about following suit.
An, attempt was mad to 1mm. treaties! who tor
eign nations, and tree trade wae establish d,
which gave the South an unexampled career of
pruepenty. The current ol events tweoty-foui
years later hi giteafthdod predlctiobs the form
of fulfilled facts. Tbe author only foreshadow
ed, however, what was in tbe minds of tbe lead
ing politicians at that eaily day, and to prepare
tbe way for wblcb wag the object "of puuliahinn
tbe woik.
. Hvr fnopuci JiLXae-The provision house
of Mewr. J-U Eariy A SodiW Terte Haute,
lod , ou Saturday last, made a tale to a Balti
more house of 300 bbds ol baoon at 79 cents,
delivered al Terre Haute, tbe gross purchase
reaouiug about $25,000.' This It not only a good
price, but the traueaotiou is a heavy one, fur a
tingle article, In one day, and Is tq'ual to the
tais reported in most of tpe large culea. The
cootraci wagi !bdo; by tf llVh.f ifwiiwifV
la tbe House ol Commons on tbe 13th nit.,
a somewhat "ingulursceueoicurted, Mr. Wnlit.
siae; rare. Xelvertun'e eloquent couusel, look
hit seat for tbe first time since the opening .ol
. , . . .
'VA? Mrthk"'li
"V8rtl PP"fu,M " House
'! !!7 ,d'i .5 b"
an ova.
tiou intended to mark bis fellow aenatora' aenec
of bis able advooacy of the cause of Major
.Yflverton's victim
di ! '
new Ttutonio Miuister to Ecuador, Is a funny
man. Il is Said thai be "thanked tbe'Presi.
aent tor oavmg appointed btrn to tbe highest
uiave iu ui gin - tnatis, nine thousand ana
nveounartoieet above tbe ocean, the altitude
oi vtuuo, tcoctpiui.
w I ail JJ i ii. I i vMwt-f
a A Nxw TaaNsLaTioH to 8oir a Ntw Fami
ii is actually contemn attd be aa.r
icent tpirltuaitsislj4be United Btatea tn w....
a Dew edition of the Bible the proof sheets of
wuiuu eoan e aorpugu "meaiumi," reviMd by
(h. . I 1 . . I -
Mw 4alua.aauui . . ,,.,, ,
J Mrs.iJodlth GW. aa-url At .VW.l..Jh
at Newport, fft.,1 ,-, lusane .Am litre al feet rfji.
alna:. a.,.- . . ... . . . I .
she wag forty-six years of a, a, pod rettutloedM
wvei- one roirmi ini rm ium"inflann- eh.r,
xutit vvr oeattt, .i,ai .f ...r w-aOi,c.i ,tr
. - itri ,, ii nil ai ai ti.' 1
-0!(J 'Ablef if V laid, eeat for California BL
montOB po Monday, aud apolowlatMl fortbernrte
niiinhetiti wbiclf ;t' Jivuinj'ittcd 'EinjoutouVl
kfuckyaouLch to the flam... 'All U
rMe. . .. .
I Rfirjro ioifi.' tjcuTia sv CoNTaaCT Tbd
I uetatwd r 'f says: Colonel J M ' St borhi the1
Ltnd Cim qiaaionerof tbe Stat of . Mlclilganj
h i tffieijl to take tbe contract to lupply Fori
Uutnter -vi'h men and provision, for iksumf
f all a. million aoiiars. 13 i1L rtaAh let Col -
SanbornJiajri be job.
" The'CMcago Tltmtt says the difficulty be
tween Mr Sbailerosg aeu Mr Cook, touching
the possession ef the JChlcaRo Post Office, haa
been amicably settled." Mr. Cook remains In
office, and will be permitted to close up tbe but
I a nf tha nrBnnt niiarter. - w
Wllllam Smith O'Brien hat settled down
In hit pretty country seat at Cahermoyle, where
he diecueses for bis own amusement, the affairs
of tbe world. Mr. O'Brien ia "an estated gen
tleman.'V btsTlnoomei Irom' (landed property
amounting7tot5,0U0 annually.-JiU ' '
j '1' . - jae tt--.jr n ;
SHor"Pxa!n' io? Pgorotiiia.'' MaiRUdi --A
younp? , man. named Daniel ,Robbins. proposed
honorable marriage to girl near" Little Rock,
Aix., on tne tain ult., and ner rather; Bearing
of it; shot htm, dead Ja the street. aiCharmlpg
conutrytii io i.m inw ia ni i. ut
I ..jti-ti- i 'Tf j , i aaiaaema i iliiliaii' a.ta1 11
-Ttepniallg which where burned on the Pebn 1
sylvanta Central Railroad on ibe 2lltb ult., eon
tained a large number of Washington bouud let
t era which were applicatlous' tor office' from
Western politlcianlr .iat.o..a
I -.; .-. ;;i;'i
Auguste Bettnqnt'd "'fouV In hand" ia now
tbe oiegeet tbing nn 'tbe road. One, two and
three bore e concens cannot shine' when Ops- is
OUt. JV. X XOfet, . ., ... . ',L .-Jav
i, -IA .ili'f T "Al
Ganiblini.'ls gala' to be carried on to ao ex-
trftcrdlnary extent just now, la Athens, Greece,
where there are no let thah 5,000 gaming
houses. .... a . a . - ,
I Vti'i I i a I ai . .I ... g
03 All should readJ Prof.- Wood's advertise
ment in another column. , i , . .- ..
wrtM rhUfAnn rvpRerriH
I xx Oolu X lTd XtStn
April 13ti ttndl5tU,lgoi. j :'
- 8'iblfct tor Maturdty Svenlnr-flHS IARIY DAYS
vr rriAMi.Lii'i. ,
8a-Jeoi for Uondsy tvsdlnf-"TBS VBSI OP AS
TloketsSJoecti. Heeerved seats WoenU. ,f ...
Door, open at 7 o'clock. Lac tu ret to eommsu; at 8
o'clooa. ,
- n " -7 '
viektts for reserved Matt may be bat during th day,
Saturday, April Idtb, at the uail. . ane-ata
L i .-a ATTOKNtlS AT lw. '- '' ?
' STOfflctr, 0 William ttitet, Ksw York City, and
PaaeoK,' BcilBiKO Colarflbai Ohio.. '.
J30are fui attantlOD paid to Celltotions.,
aprl 8:d8n f - j . t - '
,A -i tat
idi a! ..-
my Darja T0RI.-wb ohfs removed liom the
oorner of digi and Oiy streett to tb avatnwaat corner
of Broad and High ttrcte, Oolombue, Ohio. ,- i
With many thanl s to my former patrons and custom
ers I raapeoifuliy requeet tbeeoat ouanos of lhair fa
vors lo-my aaor,- - w IlE.-ilty H. MJilL.
Oouobut, April 1.15fil. n-,-r-)-i
.a a. I. - ,4 r ' J i 1 a i V 1 ' 1
11 1 bl'OBd .of ,ilr. Htirav, U.,N(it, I have opened
new on the Baiuh aest corner nf Broad and High etieeu,
Oo urn hot, Ohio Wng th4 old and rtliaUt itand for
ikt$bvlnmt for'tHOnf fturo.'i it. : f .
I Wave a rrreh and w.u aaleautd atook of fwo M di
rt. mH'ttro-OHtmitale. together wit Vo(tUrOU,
FovwieAew. atua tuaaliy kepi Ui tvaoh so.etiabllthmcnt.
S3" fasiciurnoxe oartitu yasd promptly oompaasd-
SdT, .- ; , .. . ... ....... ...
Store open t all hour of th etoy mud ntffU.
I retpeetfullf to licit the patmntge of iha puhlio.. ..,
. tuN'B.k vfatos
Columbui, April 1, led aprj illm
' 1 a,',. 1 i -n I a aii-iif-.' a f , . . n
' 'v ri- .T II ,!' .... -,,i
ciety of LAOIBBand OENTLKMBM will appetr for
the Urtt Urns before lbs eltliena qf Ooluaibas,on
Monday- Xvsning, AprU 8, At Armory Hall.
- The adsrafrntetlve and entertaining programme ever
offeted toourmutte loving community , .,
TTJ Doort -pen at 7: tb eommeoe at 8 o'clock. " J
Price of AdalMkra, SScenia.- JleteU eta b had at
Wood's, eeltaer t Webtttr'S Idtuio gtorta.and at
mi' J s Doog oior , , - , . . . .
aoS ' IJournal and Ontls copyj
j FIRST" ' 'k'1" 3
AT P.: ROSE'S. "
an entl'e new slock of Oooda in my Iln, Jut puroh.
aaed In New York at the eheapeai panic ratea.al of wblob
I ehall e II at the imalleet prtfla, for Caeb. My evatoa
re and frl- nde ar retseotfully inv.ted to eatt nod exam
ine my Ooode and P'lces at I am determined to tell a,
cheap or cheaper tbao any other bout la kt-etty; and
aa I do my own Ouittng, and super in trad me wa hu.l'
neet, I feeleured,frjm my long oerloe Inbotl
neat, lo g!v general aa detect IM. Th flneet ef work
men tre tmpoycd and all work imt strictly ts time a A
on abort notice, and warranted to fit stranger vlaltin
our clt would emto.lt toeir lateral by giving me a call
before purchaalng lMaber. - p. RiHK, -!
. -.-.-. r-i-r- " -i'srchautTallorr-marchSOdly
---- - Cer Tllh and Town ats.
1 to tb Bouth-woat corner of High 'and Friend
streets, .terrain, C'-'A ,rriT'i .,!' CT!;;,.V
' . , ' I I .T '
An.l will eontltiue to keep on Jismls s large stock of
The attrntkn of Merchantl anil Pealer Is respeotful
ly lavtted to our stook. B, DuYLB it Uo.
marchW:dtlllJuly3l. ' " ' ' -m.TM"'
li.. ii-ii. I
u t r i
One of lhe moat Choice and Elegant
flrtrl .Qnratnaw 'If lllinnatr
wP'ViTT", . . V. 3 atlLJlCli
Thuraday. Aplii 4,4861,
V La A a a P ' W
no, m aoarn oionu.i u.
dlw ' ' 'laVW',' t let T--'':rr laert
I a ,1 .:..-;- H' BINTf-'i'M"
y Wave TaACHF.iorruninv wkttsjg
1 I NO UN tt. on. hatf mllr froia thlacltp for rent, H
fK" ii1.iiieiTOiiaii' no fiona.MHh atreel
Owtunbut. iprlij:di) ' a t tlulid.
.viuts la Meek Tie and learfa.
1 .. " B, run ancuarrou Collar. ; ,.
... wia a. attttlif.
Paris K'd Olovet tuii r or make,
8 ltn Mill ehlrU Various StWs.U 1 1'1 ' T '
v oye- wo nee till! tvnirta, de e-tve a If i.-i ". ..- i
f IDrivlnVand Miait i.bai. aa'r.1 (- , i.i. ai
apria - .. . i tiiwe ;!- ITe. C8 BoutM.Ui.b gt it.'
D AK."afT,,,9-w . nth
Pith atieet, he Hut ,a -.,,,. ,.r run r.,..
tnuaa. Baago ni and l(AOtjr.t, made in tl nw t an
v lyma Hiaunar aiao, teurrv e-iaiat
ttiaca nulla. ai .iu"i am i.
tuufUMiUtttat. sptliJ
i ar,
or Seminal Weakness, Sexual Debility, Nerrouiuei,Ia rt1":
voluntary BmUsions and Impotenoy, retulilog from
Be If-aim 4, s. By Kobti J. Colrerwrll, St. D. Scnt'V
undersatil.Ua piste eavoiopo, vw aouprea jioea
aid.' oa receipt or two eiampa, j uw uui,j, .
LINE, 107 Bowery, New York. Poet Office Box. Me
,588.- -.v'. - matllliSmdltw--
for all TIIIIUAT nntt ;
LCNG .!urriPLAl"TBi.i
including; WHOOPING
COTJOii, and everr,
Complaint the forerun
neg oft an,l eveft actual ,
'a-i wt raarrieaur
i ' 1 1
a ieotl Sfi. 1
vvilpivmB tw..a
-Th Oveat NETJlt Ala, a
Oio it Km ED If and Nat-"'T
urnl llPIA'I K. akal-ntnal
' A t VerVcDWo .tTrnf NeTr.
vcua Cumplalota, Nora.
vena and Chronic',,
Headache, ttbennia
nam, Catarrh, '1'ootla -hit
'-i! u land Ear Ache, Lou af
.'. iee andiJowelConia
Ko teal juitlc can lie done the above preparation! . .. .
but by procuring and reading descriptive pampnleie.t
found with all dealer, or will be tent by Proprietor ,
on demand. . . formelu and Trial Bottle teat to ibyl
eiant. who will find develvpmtnlt In Both worthy their
aoceptano and approval.
.. Cor re ponder oe eollcited from all whoi neeeatltles or .
eurioilty prompta to a trlai of the alwye reliable Rem
dieav . ,
for sale by' the uiual wholcnl and retail dealer ''
everywhere. -
j '- ' CHgwtsT two MraawaciOT ibt, v 11 '.
Xoi 9 Comme.roial Wharf, Boston, Kats.! '
lvOberU Samuel, N. B. Murp le, J. R. Cook, J. al
Denlg, O. Denis (tens, A. i. Bchualler k Son, Agent
for Oolnmlma. Ohio. , my Idly
i. ' j .nOFFAT' LirE PILLKa '
In all eases of eostlveneai, dyspepsia, btltlous and liver
aSoctloasv piles, rheumatiam, fevers and agues, ohtll.
date head aches, and ati general derangeuisnu of health
thee lllt have Invariably proved S certain and speedv '
remedy.' A single trial will piaoa iha Lb' Tills beyotrS .''
the reach oleompetlUoa ts -the sstbaaUea ef tvery pa- , '
ttont ' " '"'- . . :.Lr : '
Dr. Moffat.'! Fhosput Bitters will be found eaualli ef -fleacbus
la tlleated of nerveue debility, dytpepila, haal
ache, tb ilcknsss Incident le females In delicate health,
and every kind of weakness of th dlgevtlv organ,
for salebyDr. W. B.MOryAT, fcttBrrtWey, N. Y. '
sniliy all Druggbta. .,.f.. mayv-dawly
, II 1 " " " I ' " ' K ' v"
. The following; ii an exti act from a
tetter written by the Rev J." 8. Holme,' paster ol the'
Pierre polnt-Rtreet Baptist Oharch, Brooklyn, If . T., fo
Un'-Journal and Met enger," Cincinnati, 0., and tpeaka
volumes in favor f tbat werld-renowned meilteine, Uas i
Wistww'eSoxOTiaolTsr-roaCnjiaswTiaTBm: . . ',
"We ere an advertltment In yout eolnmna of Una
WtusLow't Boorawe Btaor. Vow vs never eatda word
tn favor oft patent aedlcine before In our III, butw
feel eompelled totay tojrour raadrrt tbat thlaltno bum
bug ws aavsTaico it, axe a.ow it to aa au. it
oname. It it protiably cseof the meal tcreeeafnl medi
cine of tbe day. becauee U Is on of tb beet. And those
of your reader whe hare babies oau't do better than - '
lay Ina supply." 4 ;i i .. . i . . . oo27:lyitaw
, '.UllS jaUIUAL.JBJbiiNjSiil-
j ! 3?3"o- tr Mrlt, 3T. T. .
Dividend January 1, 180 1 1 43 Per Cent.
AB9CT8.. ............ ...T- (,8U 5M 50.
Btluce, pTtUtmtnt Jan. let, 1800 93,408,531 30
Received for Premiums dur
ing ih tear 10 8703053 W ' - --
Becoived for 'Btreat during -
the year 1600....... Bid Old 19 - -- '
I ' i i
Total reeelp's for lSf!0....g77,o(17 74 ....
PHC'stm.bf Dath,Sfj7,040 00 - I f I ,
Paid Policiea turfen- t . . .-.i i,.
derrd 41,111 W ., . . -
Paid salaries, Po t- '
ate Taut, Kx- - -
change, c SI.KO Ed "
Paid OommiaaiMs to v' . . , ., .... - y
Attntii.u JI.S9S 30 ' " '
Paid Phvalclana fee. . t IMa 7S ... .
Paid Annoiti 1.417 OU .'
Paid Divide as da- '''"'
tag th tear . 16d 800 7S 503,091 03 1 411,078 Id ?.;.
Net Balanca January lit, lfioi....
8314)8 AA
tr-r-r-r.-.'-AaatSIBr .- .
Oath on hand
S0.C334 10
BoadianJ Mortrxreaon Real
Batata, worth-aouole Ui i ') ..
-amount leaa B SS7,84I C8 -''
Premium Notes, on Pollclcj ... . .
In force, only drawing per -: - ' - . ' '
cent Intenat. -. I r?n Pfj it
Real Btta e H--, UOPM 87 j t
Loanaoneerlp ..... ,' S 931 44
Prtmlnmt.NohM and Oath. In -'. . :
eoarteof trenamluion..v.. 45 313 75' '"'
83813.550 .
78 78 PoUelM In foroa, lhanring. .'....,48,63"8
1.435 new Policies have been tttued daring the year.
.mf.fi!.,.lril,,Jj?1,ul,tLon of P'ssent va n of the
outafcodlog Pollcietof the Company , and havltg the '
tieortiary atiwunt rerr. iherefor, the Dlrcotors
have declared a Divmrjie of 45 per cent, on the Premi
um! paid at tlw table rate,, to all pollclet for lite In force,
Zif'. ,0,-,0,,.tnuA'' ' 1B00' Wb, erdtng to the
preaent rul of th Oomptny.
-.?atfl.,?r ". ktods ot Lit Contlogeneies, Proaneet
uie,uutemnta, and Anpl catlona, will be furolabrd
without crusos, at tbe Oflloe or Agencies of tb Oom-
I ?0BT. I.. PATTBR80N,Preaidnt.' '
I , ..i . , He Ha AltSESOIVe Jiftnt,
tr' ia, 1 1 ' No. 4 Johntoa 0 ock. '
MarchS8.1801. ,, Columbus, 0
j j '.m ..'. 'J :: . .1 i : . . . .
1 j . Ull. MIiAND'S
BheumaUBm Gout '. and ' Keuralffia,'
-tj puna. uuAsj iui.
1 All Mercurial Diseases.
i .',.
i It la a oonvtnlently arranged Band, eontalnlnga med- -icatad
cempeund. to he worn around tb Walat, without' ) '
injury to the moat delicate pertona: no chaste In habile
ol, living U required, and it entirely removes th di
saa from th system, without prooaolug tbe inlurloua.
effeoUarleing rrom tb uM of powerful "oteraaf medl
elnes, which weaken and deatroy tbe eonttltuUon, and.
alv. temporary, relief only. By this treatment, the med
fc'nalpropertlea contained In thenand oome In eontaot i
with lhe blood and reach th dlw.ee, throu.h theporea
ef the akin, effecting Ui erary inttaooe a perfeet Jurat
and reatorlDg tht pa.t afflicud to a heal.hy eondlUon
ThU Band la alio a moatpowerful dsn manoDauL arenU
and will entirely rellov lb ayateaa Irom Uw per.te. ,
tfTewtso I Mercury. ModeraieTcaM ar ouZfiZfflt"
dava, a, d we are eonttan tly recti ring teatlmonlala of It "
affioacy In av(ravaldivearf lorg ataodlng. i
Patca BS W , to be had of Srugtlats i,euerally, or cm
bstsntby mail or expreas, dith full dire Ions for .."
to any ptrl of the country, direct from tbe Prlnolpak t
Unto,., v".rin .,-.,., ',- .,:.-
.; i j 1 Ho, 409 BROADWAY, Hew York. ' ' "
,V' 0. SMITH Sl CO.. Sole Proprietor!. " '
,N. 8. Detcrlptrve Clreulars Bent f re. "
IE? Affoats Wanted Ererywherw.'
mnaj iitoritip oaw
Wtohis I Diamonds !! Silver Ware lit
AO?CEa UKTifl fePt'tT OF UOtUAt I
and .IWalthe, In great varMy.
t am Agent for tbe Aasaisaji Waioa Oo , sad can
1 tbSt '"sht Watcbat ataMAUiMUirers'Btlcete l
either Hbolrale or Retail. ' ... . V
Cm atd ohooae from say bttutlful dirplav of Bla- J
ondeand lb" rich Jeaelit. 8i la. n. h '
LtmZ W!7 of aterilng quality, l can tbow new ,'c
patitrnt, veri hsndiom ' fS
eiivr Plated War., Tea fatte.TJrne, Wsltsra, Oaginrs. .
Btskeis. Pltther Ooblets.Kt.lns. Fork, T p?oie, toT
Ibenl haret aupply of fLa Tahl. iari. a!.n..a-
Kulvet, Kaa ia. c, and mane Vanoe tuxia .uh aa .
.r detircd lor preetutt at tuca pilcet m are an Muse- ' 1
asatMlhsptugbater. WM. BuT.5f .
I Na III kn.,.u. III.V 1
tide State Uuuee tauare.
I : .-.
a -:,.
my locatloa, I bay laa.u 11 e No. 14. aat Iowa ' i.
Intat tValau I. Kiill am tt.lba gianklla
blip to at all ear old patron. - X ,i
1 narc
iluatra turned from As York With a lane lot .
of the very latest eiyieti anlyo,8il thsr n ttm r'r,
for ladlri and eWlurtu'e Wurtcg tpuarL Call and tew : 1
,t. .. 1 i.AlUA, A B. tit 11 , j
Oobimt.ua, April SJ-dl " ' '"
8 r fe I , i 1 4 T V it - .i A svs. ea tk as J a
OIaOAOI.'riIb-Altcttaer malo- I ..-. ,, V
NleandfiuitouitpBstuJi. BaIN , eo
vioaa viviiw, it via wK-vrawj muiinna.Miul.K ....

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