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.Vn'lM 1
- Tbe Ada'ms Expree. Cownaoy Pl ob dally
ULder obligations to It for the very iatwat paper
Irom tbe eastern, cities. a ,, t . , . .'
'f h'e ArnirTcktf ' Express
thanks for Its daily fevors.ln the shape of the
very latest Mtcrn papers.
T m I I -T"
NoticSobIow""..'? bo"rlbers to
'Who may change their
dwelling o plcee of business t this season
the yeei1, mo requested to notify out carriers,
orieave word at our wuntlngr oom, of tbe
phcaeat which thoV wish", thelr 'papers left
therttUer i , ;iw-.'at!i nil' i
Cquncit FMcupido. The ' City a Council
met last Saturday evento, pursuant to adjoarn-
The President laid before thoCoonoll tbe fol-
loirlns" monthly reports' of. City affairs, which
were referred to the Committee or ways ana
Means: . ' '
Report of the Mayor, showing the amount of
floea and' licensee collected In the 1 month of
March to be $29 75
Report of the Clerk of tho Market, showing
market house rents eolleoted during the month
of March to be 105 65.'
Statement of the City Clerk and City Treas
urer, showing the receipts and disbursements
for March
titlMM In Trunin?. March 4th
0 338 ST
BtctlpUof (he month
' s ' " ' 'if
. , EIuuriem6Dti .....
Sew SO
.ail 827 87
.. 10 781 01
Balance la Trtuury, April lit. .. 589 M
The Andual reports of tbe Treaaurtr, Clerk,
Committee of Ways and Means, Committe on
Police, and Chfef Engineer of the Fire Depart
ment were read, whereupon ' .L'
Mr. Staurlng offered the following resolution,
which was adopted: ' '
Re$olvtd, That the City Clerk be, and be is
hreD dlreoted to oiuae cue thousand copies of
tbe Report of tbe Committee on ways ana
Means, Report of tbe City Treasurer; Report ol
the CUT Clerk, lienors oi wmwibohhc do viij
P,llne.4nd the Reoort of the Chief Eagineerof
tbe Fire' Department, to be published in suit
able pampulwt form tor general aioinuuuou.
Mr Buttles made au infotmal, pr Veibai re
port from tbe gas committee, of which be
is ohairmao. He stated that Wm. A. Piatt,
President of the 0e Company,- bad agreed to
charge tbe gas consumers of the city ofColum
bus f2 83 per 1 .000 feet for tbe month of March J
but that be understood (tut the bills bad been
made out charging the eld prloe, and that a
number of clcixens had already paid that
amount. He farther stated that be would make
a regular. report to tbe new Council, and tbat
the price would be dtflultely arranged for tbe
present and sceoeeding months. .,v
Resolutions wars unanimously adopted,teoder
log tbe thanks of tbe Council to tbe President,
Clerk and Marshal reopaotirely for the able
and satisfactory manner in which they bad dis
charged tbe duties of their several offices.
The Council then adjmrned siw dil. ' ' ' 1
RiOeirrs and DifitiKSiHtNTS Tbe following
are the receipts and dUburaementa of tbe oity
of Cotumbi'9 for the fi.cal year ending April
D.l..t. lt..T.iMnr Anrll IS. IA50 Tier l.t
lUeslTtdon Txe of 1859-Jane
DollrCtlOLI 1,606 17
BeoalTfd on Taxea of 60-Dm-
,ll,t.nn.. B4 406 ai
T ' , 43.108 M
. . j u .... ...i ... ir.w u Mn i ima mi
, " Jlaycr-j collections oi nnt inn i.f
' mm '
" Dividend an Staok In 0. k X ti. K.
605 48
90 0OHVO
Kor Temporart Loans.
Beatof VTbarf Lola...
" Asaetamenta for pittaa-
' ' ' Htnt and ala ofOravai Bank
" Bent of Ooidal ParK House
' Pule of Wood at Park
' : BmtTlng dirt on itreets and alleys
Lalwrof AlenmrireKngloa........
1,145 SI
3 7
45 87
. . 78 J
i . 18 SO
, 85 80
i 10 00
. I . i r J -i . . !
,i . -i ; 4 i. giftDKtnmrTS. vi:..
tld from approprtatlona as follows :
First Ward Improvements
Second ", " . .
Tnl'tl " " "..v.........
Fourth M " '
Flflb " v
Fire Department...
Exptnee City Police
trtntluf, Btartotierr. etc..
Sip'ow- Oraveyirda.. ...... ........
latsreiton B. B Bond), landed Debt and
Oat, Kepnlrs, etc
O lean luj9tre.
Bxpentea Eleotlona
Pmentof Temporary Loans
aUrle of 01 qr bffloers and InutMS
Bzpentei Qoodale Park
Bewera and Drainage
iMarkt Hones and Markets .
1600 00
1.388 78
1S00 OH
l.SOU 00
1.563 61
7.168 84
11,439 48
: 43 SO
8 084 86
6.303 48
US 00
11 00
15 000 00
5,178 00
- 1.148 81
5 800 OH
. tt7 08
1 1 . 300 00
Orpnant' Horn.. .u......... ..........
Inoldental Iipeniei....
. .nm V . ! '
. l J 1 X'-j ,
Balance In ths'Trearary April 1, 1801...
70 01l 33
500 86 I
7li.SI7 89
' Stseit Raiuioao. Within three years past,
wo understand, soveral propositions have been
submitted to tbe Citv Council by capitalists, to
build a street railroad on High street. Soma
three or. foot ordinances bave been introduced
into .the Council,' for carrying thwproject into
effoot, by granting the right of way and pre.
scribing the conditions; but We cannot learn
that, np to this lime, any definite andttna ao
.dn has been taken on the subject by our City
iLeglslature. At any rate, we are informed
itbat.twoor three of these street railroad bills
tar now lying on the Council' table undispoa-
ed of
, Som6 of our citizens are very anxious to know
-Why a matter so Vital to the Interests of our
lty should be sneered to lie along In this wayj
They Want to know whether a street railroad
aa or cannot be bant, In Columbos. ., If capital
, lets will take stock and engage to build the
read, why sbtfuld tbey not have tbe privilege!
A cop is expressed thai the new Council will
e lat ralaa a Committee of eiqulry ca this
rjuestloa, whose report shall be published! tht
,ur;comWv "aj know the facts & tbscase.
r-Exrtmmn9 Fau Cevrnr ton Manon,
Ooeetef Protntons....'"i..'.i'...r 'glRl 01
General tipeort
avaMi rua.....,,,M j. ,ST io
TonehtD Sunde
Corpor.Uo.fuuiU...... , 3,7111
H sd unde........ ) mu
Ipft.mary aid r.nper Beaes.. ......... 4.097
Oomoien school XxeaH..,...M..'4.i.' ; I1
Ooronsi'S loquetie 89
Paid Jar re ...,.,.,.. B07
Kentadsd Iwtes .....,...,..... . ielt
latt.nerv 101
II r ulna Miiu.i.uM,Mae . T CMo
Aai lur'e fees. .....
.;uuol, t)jBa.ilonera..... ...... m
Xusacy ... B
' a'edolsis and Shew Lloenses 4. ' 1
Jail ...... n.MM,.MV,,,,,,,,V1" -JJ
Ireeenrer'a Iftea... ... ! r
vl pnl..h.....t,.."..."v -W.ias
" Ntw Law Fiait'.-In tbU paper will be font,
thtcrdof Messrs 8 t H. T. CHiTrmosr
wbo have opened law offices In New York
Citv and Columbus" Oa's of tbe partners
', fee fouud at each oiQoel but any butlnea re qui
"log It will rtoelv ths'twAtlor 'of.'. bO.'JV.t
commend, the sew firm to tW ptronageejf
iiula'cM men an4ibe public;" '.'.'i
AaeiVaM at THB O. P On Saturday Use,
Sheriff Of Haaisoa . county
coovlcie to the' Penitentiary,
natnelvii -
John Little, convicted of murder In the second
degree, sentenced 6 years Oiho Btiokoey,
shooting with Intent to kill, 12 year.
t y ii i ii i
Hon. Edwabd Evtarrr at Asmoh Ham,
This orator, statesman end scholar,, as will be
seen by advertisement In another colomo, will
lecturo at Armory Hall nest Saturday evening,
the 13.h Inst., on The Early Days of Franklin,"
and next Monday evening, tho. 15th Inst., on
"The Uses of Astronomy."" '
VTDi.,1. W. Tmokmon has been appointed, by
the new Trustees' of Montgomery township,
Township Pbysielan, in plaoe of Dr. Maris.
Rail Road Time Table.
LiTtl Miami k Cewmsos at Xavu B. B. i
Leaves. 'Arrives.
' Accommodation.. 0.10 a. U y. B.1S p. M
No ill ........ S.30P.M.H i 130 P. M,
N(ght Bxpress 8.43 A.M. : 8.45 A. Hi
Ouvsuuts, Oottmsos Ontcunun R. B. " . "
ImiMudHall. 3.00 P. M., ! 1.40 P.M.
(light Baprsae 3:25 A. M. 1:J0A. M.
,. aaprenTrala.... . 3 00 ,. H 30 V. M.
Mall Train.... S.40 P.M. 8 SO P.M.
Prmacaaa, Col usee k OiMunuTt K. B.
v: Bierest Train... .. 3 09 A.M. S.80P.H
Uiil Train .4o P. M. f 8:80 P. U.
OoivHtv k ImdiaJIijolhII. B. ',r " '
Oolumbai, Plqua Isdlasa . fl)
, KzpraHtrata S:lO A M. 11:10 A.M.
KwreHXrala 8:45 P.M. 8:10P.M.
Cooohs. The Sudden Ob an gen of our cllmat
are sources of Pulmonary , Bronchial and Asth-
matlo Affections. Experience having proved
tbat slmole remedies often sot speedilv and
certainly, when taken In tbe early stages of the
dleae, - recourse shoe Id at once be had to
.frown's BrnMal Trtckn," or Ljasencee, let
tbe Cold. Coorfb. or Irritation of tbe Throat be
ever so slight, as by this precaution a more se
rious attack may be effectually warded off,
Public Speakers ani Siniiers win una mem er
feotual fop olearlng and e'reogtbenlng tbe
voice See advertisement.1 For sale wholesale
and retail, bf Roberts St, Samuel, No. 84 Nortb
Hlcb street, a. amuei vo , no. ouaoutn
High street.
Wood's Haia Rut jbatits has ' acquired a
feputatioa from aotual test and experiment
which cannot be (nhanoed by newspaper puff's.
Ia our own vicinity it has been extensively used,
and we believe In every oass with every desired
result, and receives the universal endorsement
of all wbo have tried It.' We therefore recom-
mend it as one of those few geau;ne woifrtimt
which accomplishes all it professes, and all tue
bald and gray could desire Columbia 8y
ETWe congratulate our readers upon tbe
discovery of a cure for Rbeumetlsm, Gout and
Neuralgia, and all Mercurial Diseases, wblob
Is tffeoted without the use of internal medicines,
which destroy the constitution and give tempo
rary relief only. In (act It is the only known
remedy effecting a perfect cure, and we feel
warranted, from its recommendations, in calling
the attention of tbe afflicted and those having
friends suffering from Rheumatltm, Cout or
Neuralgia, or tbe pernicious effects of Mercury,
to tbe advertisement in another column of our
paper, of Dr. Iceland's Aotl-Rheum itio Bind,
Good We met one oi our frieods yesterday
on Broadway, and were aetonlxbed at thechaogc
in- bis appearance. - A few week! ago we aaw
blm, be was pale, lean and delictedi complain
ioe; of weakness and debility, having been so
affl cted all summer. Now he appears to be fat,
bettlibv and strong; We learn be od his res
toratloa entirely to MoLbam's Stmisthinino!
We advise all wbo are oomnlalnina; of Gen
eral Uebllltv to trv it; It is certainly a vert
oleasant remedv. We learn tbat there are larse
quantities or it selling daily. morning tierau
ICTR. KiaarATBicx, No. 165 South High
Street, baa a very cboloe assortment of Gold and
Silver rVatcbes, floe Jewelry, Clocks, Silver
and Plated Ware, at prices to suit the times.
reler's complete outfit, tbad one or more bottles
of Guernsey's Balm. It is like taking tbe
family physician with you on your journey.
O See advertisement of Prof. Muxbb's
Hair Invigorator in another oolumn.
TTTnPH inn .n to New Tnrk . Mr direct to the
1 ' - ' flandiictd on the
Good Fare, Qood Booms, Prompt Atten dunce, and Mod
erate Cbargae.
gntOLX BOOMS 50 OTS. 75 GTS. and 11 PIR D AT
DOUBLB BOOMS and PABLOBS 91.50 to 93.
Meals aa ordered. Thle Hotel has all the appointments
of the beat hotels, a Boat eentral location, and la heated
tfaronfUoutbysteaa. ' BAMuJCL x. staAir.
aaaronwl3B 1 ,: i i. jrivpneior,
Sheriff's Sale.'
Cornelias Jaeebs ' )
VS. ' ! I
tiler ttai.
. Common Pleas..
W. P. Miller
n V TIHTIlb or A WRIT OF tt. FA
JD to tne directed. frm tbe Oonrt of Common Pleas
of Franklin County, unto, 1 oner lor sale, on toe
farm occupied bj W. P. J. B. Miller, In Jackloa
xonaiwp, on
Monday, tha 15th day of April, A. D. 1B61,
at 9 o'clock, P. f -. the following property, tc-ltt One
bay mare, one lorrei noree, sns sure eon, ess sou,
one two horet waa-on. three as sdonb s harnesa, seven
keadol hogs, and the undivided one ball Interest In a
respioe maohias, levied on as tne properly of W. P.
n.auusr.. ... . .
v. H. w. uurrnui, snenn, ,
aprll-10td. , , ly Id. fiaris, Deputy.
. Pilutsr's foes, tS.SO. . ' .-' . .
' No. m, aooica man btrikt. "
lian fdat noalred a new 'matt of HOOP SKIRTS
flnltbed In a manner far superior to any yet Introduced
for ths INBTAKf UUN
dlatmalng eoapiamt ase
stadebyo. mnorja
. TivTk
OOllUT Raeaaa BUH. t.
sent free sy post .
ayS-dstwIyls j ; . .- : .
- . ipd v i srr t mi asi ev si wpu aa arm fiat nnin s-.
. . j.. ,6 vowasoj. pni s, leoi. i .
Savlnga BttalC of dnoinnsttl.
AM. Ptsttsona HOLUiKOTnr. ciR
oa ailoe Motes si ths Set'st Btuk ef Olanlonstl
ill prseeot ine same at mis ernes i rreoeapuoa, wnere
tbey win be paid, la fall. - 1o i .-
spriaioi - . r.eivna, in.nte.
M i.
SlrS. of
falli rtotmatBdbllBtooar I'ldpatn.n.and frwodt.
Oolnmbai, March Wk.lMl pX-aJ
ouaofsiosiniap their wo.tBfea a-4 hups 'hatsil
pereoii. s,wrnU)SeelTSl'4rbMd W tliOav. ellaer
aotsw-bw. e)j.,wUlivs ths SKltsr their lauodlaisl
atereuosi.,. ,, . , juot. WALKkA fc sOtf..
April 1,1800-dlw.
WANTb fl ItN Tl Til SKI,
mtt .f aTAitnuinv jbwulrt
Snoes ua.-inira leea ttt.r. eau be purotisaed elsewhere
alios or addrsMetainp simloeet.) i. L.BaI IBI,
161 Court St,. Boeio... h.,t..
march :
aHIRTlSdsl. sit Mth. , ' . 1-1
.e.a. 1. .n.uu ...u . .. .. . . .
t:.",:."- .... . v'sr-
via ,uc Mtj,y
Extravlwe Warlike Movementa ef tbe
AdsaiBlktratloa NoiacPwelT ADwait
ie k Hurt A Van- ty uf Humora in
Melatlon the liekiination tbe
Aimr and Nievy Fartae attarney
Ueoeral Dataa decldee tbatttiere i
at prreeat no lra;al Antkeilry to
Collect taa Hevenue In taa Seceded
aiatok Sort aiimter mil lit State
af Kuepenee lfftctef the War Niwi
in Virginia and Oeararia Addition
al freeidentlal appolnianenta 'aba
Kama, Menatorlai a.lecttea - in
Doubt Treasury Notea for 96.O0O,
oro or the 980 f,000 Lean-A SSIsjh
Official sent on a mission to sue
ttovernmrnt of tbe Confederate
StutealVo Attack to-be lade an farts
Ficaeue andsuoiter PreceediDKsaf
tbe Vlrvlnta tiouvention Two Cop
per he d Snake from Florida at
the Dead t etter Olllcw All Inter
course with Major Andersen Stop
ped Foreign News murder o( tbe
Autrloat. Seeietary of A.ee;sttlon at
Joddo, Japan, dec, &c, &c.
From New York.
boats, for landing troops, have been put aboard
the' Atlantlo . She sails to-night.
Tbe Pnwhattao has left tbe Navy Tard.
.Tbe Ezprtu says tbe Secretary of tbe Tress
ury bas authorised Sub-Treasurer Cisco to sell
a portion or all of the five million Treasury
notes. A subscription lor notes at per cent,
premium is being made up among toe banks,
oankerB. trustees and savincrs banks, and Mr.
CiscoSwlll, without doubt, be able to sell the
wnoie amount. i i ... . . -i
Tbe Pott learns from a Virelntan. who had
it from Mel. McCulloch's own Hds. tbat he has
orgaolzed a force of five thousand men to seize
Washington the instant tbe flist blood is spilt.
'Soecial dlanatches from Washington tn the
Foal and CommreiuC say it Is reported tbat Aa
derson having refused to surrender Sumter, the
bombardment had commenced. Our own die
patches from Charleston direct make no men
tion of it, and it le probably incorrect.
. The Cammrreiai'e eoeoial oorresoondence
says Lieuttnant Talbot bas arrived from Fort
Sumter, and the Cabinet is In session on hie
dispatches. Toe same authority sajs tbat Col.
Albert Mead, of tbe Toooffraobioal Bureaa here.
bas been relieved Irom dan. and Mdlor Bioha
naa oeen appointed in bis stead.
Tbe Coinmtrcial'i uisoiia1! savs orders have
been Issued for tbe dispatch of the steam frigate
luwsusippi immeaiaieiy.' ,
AIo, tbat J. Minor Botts and other nroml.
nent Virginians say tbat tbe PresidentdiO ti.il
to oommit blmself as to bu polio or inten
tions. . ...
Also, tbat the report that the President baa
oono!uded to o all on tbe lojal Siates for troops
is untrup. and it is not tbouzbt tbat anv collis
ion was likely at prcseoti
i ne fM saye the Poitmaster General has
finally decided to retain tbe nresent Dust-tfllcs
site In Ne Yoik; aid tbat a warrant bat been
dran lor tbe purche-e money.
Also, that appoiniments lor tbe Patriot of
Columbia will ne' as follows! Mr. B.own, of
Me, Navy Alien tj Col Lmoo ofllliools. Mar
shall Mr Wood, of New. Totk, Commissioner
of Public Buildings. , . . , , ,
Maj. Holmes, commander of the forrej
here, has reelaned. aa has - alaa M.l ir
Johnson. : , , " . ;" :
I Cent. JWeiKS, of the oorns of Tjoozraohloal
Engineers, lit this city to-day in oommaod of
a company of carpenters and otber mechanics
lately arrived from tbe WashloKtoo Navy Yard.
His destination Is unknown. Meigs, in reply to
u Q icsilon as to wbere his orders directed blm.
replied i "You will know la ten days."
A large number of meu are at work on the
frigates Wabash and Roanoke, and tbe brig
Ferry. ' -
Tbe Powbattan has recelved'orders to touoh
at Fort Hamilton, on ber way to sea, for troop?,
. Tbe troops at Kurt Hamiltoo aud Columbus
are packing up lor immediate movement.
lapl flurry s battery is on tbe Atlantic.
Orders bave been received In this citv for
Immense quantities of sand bags, and 40,000
are now mauufactuiloa for Tor tug as,
A dispatch to the Expren Hays the Attorney
General bas decided tbat there is no legal mau
ner oi couecung toe revenue in tne seceded
ports short of additional legislation by Con
gress. Ioe steam sloop-or-war Pawnee left
Washington to day for Norfolk, where she will
receive ber orders.
From Washington.
WasHiNoroii, April 6. The steamer Paw
nee, wbicb has been l)lug at tbe Navy Yard
since tbe first ol March, left to day forNoriolk.
she Is in lull wsr trim. Her ultimate destine,
tion is not pnbltoly koown. .
Lieut. Talbot bat returned from tort Sumter.
He flist reported to the Secretary of War, wbo
accompanied him to tbe President's House,
wbere be remained lor several hours.
Tbe President baa appointed tbe following
Postmasters; "John B Roberta, at La Porte t
John Andrews, at Miohlgan City; Wm Wilson,
at L' gansport; b K tarham,at South Bend;
a. a. IHtoely, KvansvUle: Mrs. Margaret Still
man, at Pottsviile; Tboe L Davis, at Uolon
vlile; Charles T. Bronsoo, Padoonh, Ky Jacob
F. Hacketetter, at Nebraska City; Wm. Lace,
at lenia, Ohio) B. Howell, at Keokuk.
' WasHiNOTON, April 6. An officer of the Ar
my stated to day tbat the first collision will
probably ooour la Charleston harbor. He says
ths Government, having decided toy evacuate
Sumter, even were about to send orders how it
should be done, but General Beauregard and
Uov. rioxens r el used to aooept tne plan ot evao
nation. What order or plan was proposed was
not tuny mown. ' it is understood tbe uovern-
ment wanted to leave a small force to protect
tbe property of the United States. Tbe Caro
llolans premptorilly refused. Tbev demand
unconditional surrender.-
Wahinotow, April 7. It la a mistake to
suppose tbat reoent events in Domlcma have ex
cited any particular interest on the part ot the
Administration wotniug . is auineotioauv
koown here beyond the fact that the Soanieb
subjects on tbs Island, sent to the Capt Gene
ral of Cuba for assistance.' and that tbe two or
threw hundred troops dispatched by bim were
under orders not lo land, unless by request of
tbe autnonues. 1 here is, however, some anx
iety to learn whatSpain will now do in tbe Die
mises. mat sue was privy to tne revolutionary
movement is a mere oonjeotore. as it la said that
even In diplomatic clroiea tbcra is no Informa
tion on wbioh to base such conclusions. .
The troops In the neighborhood of Fort Pick
ens, on board U. S. vessels, are considered snffi
dent In number to reinforce tbat for', If this de
sign has not already been consummated.
rronosals lor treasury notes to tbe amount of
nearly nve millions ot dollars are to be received
by tbe Secretary ot the Treasury nntil Thursday
morning at in ociock. UBrrs bave been nrl
vaie.y m.os ot an per ecu, urn prem-um lor
... . . . i . i ,
i enure sum, nut i. is deemed proper to affjro
i a is r uuuunuu ir lur mniDBUtiua.
WaSHiNOTOif, march 7 The oorrespondenoe
of the Herald says, on emptying two bags from
riot iaa, at tne dead letter oince on Baturday,
two Copperhead snakes emerged, which were
killed aliiran exciting scramble.
Tbe same correspondence says, official ad
vices Irom Central Amerloa state that tbelm
presslon is general that a movement , Is on foot
for tbe consolidation oi all tba States into one
Government, and tbat it will be suocesslul.
[Special dispatches to the Herald.]
I ths President's oonoloalve dexMon. The re
1 I ipjuilbllity rests with 8iiuih Carolina' entirely.
bvl ' 1 ' " .. -
Washiooton, Aoril 7 A high official of this
Government left 'to-day for Montgomery, on
mlcsion to tne uovernment or the wonieoertis
sutes.,' ..: .
Lieut. Talbot oarried an order for tba evaco
atloo of Fort Sumter . o
i Disnatobes from Montgomery render it ner-
feotly certain thai there will be 00 attack 00
rort ri. tens or tort aaojttr. -:
The rimet'dli'oatcb says the Court-Msrtlal
of Capt Armstrong ceased yesterday. It
thought he will esoape entirely, or with an easy
reprimand ....!
1 be irteaae s dispatoh says Anderson Is not
to be withdrawn, and will be provisioned. Lieu
Talbot win reach Charleston to morrow, wltn
vj-ll vn An.ll Tk..e..m f.ul.i bJ
j HW YoI April .--Tbe steam filgatt Powe
batUD left the Navy Tard je tefflay,' and
I a s - a. a. . - a s-W rYl f .
Is i;reeptwu o, .u. sn8 .riua as vtuaran
tine, aod proceeded to sea. .....
I. The AUaiiile sailed: tdi
f i -That illlnokats obartered bv tbe Oorerament,
Isaves with troop Immediately for
tls.i.iZ t,..' k.. .l... u. ,v.
--- - - - " -
usoartuieot; wnwo w BesoiiaUBt lor sevwai
- . -
1 tit
Virginia Convention.
T. Richmond,' April 8 The. State Convention'
Bsrmoieu WW wvruiuH. vwivh rvsviuiivue
from the neoDle of Charlotte and Norfolk ooun
ties were pierented " Mr. Halllday said that
tbe signers to tbe latter instituted but a small
minority of the people of tbe oouuty. Mr
Johnon or earn ted a petition for etccesslon
sinned b 1.600 oeopla of. Richmond. He said
that tbe slaueis 'oonstltuted but . about one
third of tbe voters of the citv, though it had
been weeks In preparation' - '
'Tbe 9th resolution was taken up in commit
tee of tbe whole, and the, amendments offered
yesterday were defeated
' Mr ' Baldwin moved to strike ont the whole
resolution, and Insert a substitute embodying a
declaration tbat the separate' independence of
the aeoeded States oucht to, be acknowledged
without farther delay, aud such arrangements
made and auob laws passea ,aa tne separation
may make necessary and proper. . ....
Tbe committee refused to struts out, Dy yea
68, nave 71. iVi.i ia tMu; ;...;:u...
Other amendmenta were re eoted, and the
ninth retolation was adopted 92 to 37.
Theoommlltee then . referred back to the 8ih
resolntioo, recognizing 1 the) right of seneeslon
forjust causes.-. . i - -.. ,-. ,i-
Mr Carlisle moved to strike out the resolu
tioo, and insert a substitute embodying Madl
son's language justifying secession only in tbe
event or tne failure oi every constitutional re
aort. i T. : i ' t H 9 r '..' a- ;t
The Committee refused to strike out, by ayes
Vi, nays 114.
1 This vote Indicated the strength of the ultra
Unionists. ., ..
. Other amendments were then proposed and
rejected. ., ( " ) C i I'j ' .' ' ' " ' I
Pending the recess, several firm conpervatlves
changed tbeir votes, aud voted for Mr. Bald
win's substitute for tbe vm reaoiu ion
Tne bib; i esoluilon, on rcaseembiing, was
taken in committee.
On motion oi Mr. Somers, tbe words "the
concede,'' in tbe 3d Hue, were stricken out, and
the resolution was then adopted, and the commit'
tee rose.
In tbe Convention. Mr Preston, a conaerva
tire, offered a resolution, supposed to bave been
occasioned bv tbe late war movements, deular
ing tbat tbo Government bas no power to subiu
gate a Southern State, protesting agaiost aty
euoh coercion ' polloy, and authariz ng - the ep
pointment of delegates to wait on cue President
present him this resolution, atd respectfully
aK mm to cimmuoioate to tne Uouveutioa tbe
policy tbe Government lutends to pursue. . , ,
Tne revolution was modified, on tbe sugges
tion of Mr. Baldwin, and accepted by Mrjptes
ton. a fullowsi ' , n,-
WHtacaa, in the opinion of this Convention,
the 'uncertainty wblob prevails In tbe public
mind aa to tbe polioj tbe Uoverumeut intei.d
pursuing towards tbe sroeded States ia esuem
iy Itjurioas to tbe commercial and indusirial
Interests of tbe country, and tends to keep up
an exci-tment wbioh is unfavorable to an aa-
Jue'mencof tbe pending difficulties; and tbteat
eus tbe disturbance or tbe publlo peacej there
lore,. . i
Rrtolttd. Tbat a committee of three ds'e-
gntes be appointed to wait upan the Fitsident,
OM. . .y.
Mr. Carlisle effeted an amei dment, to Include
a desire to know tbe policy of tbestcedsd dtues
to aid tbe General Government. Rejected. ' ,'
Mr. Preston's resolution was then adopted as
Mr, Jackson moved a reconsideration. Tbe
con eention agreed to take a vote again.
Mr Jackson mads a vehement speech again ft
tbe proposition, declaring bis constituents would
never consent to join Buutnuaroiioa
Lieut Gov. Montaitue made a spirited ipecob
in reply. .
Considerable feeling was manifested on all
sides. Some of. tbe TJoloo'a s outsider tbat tbe
adoption vl Mr. Prtsiou's resolution will annl
bilate all bopeaof adjuitmeutr. i .
Without taklog a Dual vote, the Cjnvention
agreed to adjourn, hoping for a mure calm ses
sion on Monday. . t
[Special dispatches to the New York Herald.]
CntaLt.TON, April 6 Rell.olo informatlor,
received from the Nortb. etaiee tbat reioforoe
meats are ordered to Fort Sumter, accompanied
by a squadron under Commodore Sirlnabam. .
Five tbousaud Southern men. in addition to
tboee in the fortifications, are ready to take tbe
neid wltntn twenty-tour hours.
Tbe ultimatum, siege or surrender, has not
yet been tent to MmI Anderson, hat, witn tbe
eapwt .s (0 day, le wae hotified O.a. Beaurte
gard tbat, tbey are ths last, wnion is cqalvaleot
to a declaration ot fioeiillilea. I bis is positive.
Troops have been ordered to rendcivous at
points remote from Charleston, but within sup
porting distance, to watch the movements pt the
enemy. , . ,
Uov. rickens is to-day inspeoiinp the bat
teries, accompanied by his council and senior
rtfflrtnra. H. find ah nrl la lnAVlth!n..'
A formal demand for the surrender of the
fort has not vet been made, and may not at all
The Charleston Voutitr of rridav says:
From ihe best information, we learn that ia a
few days leave of absence, will be granted for
an Indefinite period to tbe entire command at
iort Sumter. yi-f
These facts were laid before the President,
who deoided that, unless tbev at onoe accepted
the order or plan the fort would not be evacuated .
When tbe ball Is opened, tbe government will
blookade every prli cipal port in the coulederate
states, commencing wltn Charleston and end.
ing wltn tbe mourn oi tbe Mississippi. I he
President said, if an attack be made on Fort
Sumter, an attempt will be made to throw re
lnforoemeots into it. - 1 bey do not expect to
suooeed, but will make the effort. Fort Pickens
they mean to bold at all bat irds.
Washington, April 7. Army and Navy offl
cers, In common with others, sre unacquainted
with tbe nresent military movement, but believe
it is principally Intended for Texas. Gov. Hous
ton bas given full advices to the f ederal au
thorities, and the result.' it' ia anticipated, will
be bis re-establishment in vthe Executive of
Texas." - - '
I '.1
FarxmmLE, Aix.. Anrll 5. The State
Rights party having previously hoisted a large
pole, 91 feet high, were today presented by tbe
ladles witn a large Bag containing la sure and
State arms, with red and wblja stripes, with
tbe words: "JNo submission to tbe North with
in tbe oliole of stais, aod Southern rla. htt arouud
the state arms;" which at 12 oxlock was flung
to tne oreess . AS mutn oppoiition was express
ed bi tbe Union mea .'to its being, raised, the
Unionists ereoted a staff on tbe cupola of tbe
Court House, aid flung to tbe breetea large
national ng with 34 stars, tbe whole turmouut.
ed with tbe Amerloan eagle After ralalog the
tugs, an immense crowd was addressed by vv
D. Reagan In favor of secession, and L. Al. Se
nator tor ibe Union. - i :
a t
From Kansas.
LiAvtNwoRTH. April 6 Tba following la the
vote for Senator In joint session of the Kansas
Legislature! . ; -
Jos a. tsne.oBi C. H. fomerof.63: U. J.
Pumeroy, 63; Fred P, Stanton, 2j A I Isaacs,
ec.ttttlpg, a "Some Count is east Upon
the legality oi the election,, owing to excess
In tbs number of votes. - Tbe Governor with
holds cet till catee of" tbe election until tbe mat
ter is cleared up. Ths Senate bas the matter
ncder consideration.
Copious tains have fallen throughout the
State during the past week, and the orops look
ms ten oets w-uaj, auw n wi m
Ntw Yotx. April 8ih Captain M. B St.
J)hu, of tbe 31 inf.owy bas resigned I t. '! i
CaOtain Bvders and sod, of the Bris lulls
E. Arnv,oiThomiif own. arrived bere on Satuic
daf, rrostst. IDomaa ti.oureoeiveo w lichee
and 14 dais' Imprisonment, at Etalas Mills.
Camdeo eoontv, Oa r lo November, last. oa
alleged trumped up charge that tbev harbored
a slave and eipreesed a preference tor the alec
tioo ol Lmooin, ., ,
I T. (
! 'TV
Aqoobta; Ga Matoh 6. -Little reliance
plaecd in tbe .dispatches irom"(tbe North re
sueotioe. tbe war preparation,, but (I U uol-
vereaiiy cocceaeu mat an preicr sucn a polio;
tosupeose. " "
Boston, March fl. There i is' great koilvlty
ToaaifeaMd at ll)e CbarlestpwB; Jlavy ,Yardi
over bOO persons beios; emplnyed. 1 Tbe
B ilobritiget is ready ror sea, ant waltiDg Tor
erew. . ' '''' ' "'' ' '
"" '
irinM. Oa .' Anrtl 6 Trnnrai sra movlaw
ur.. ' ..twl. l...... Pn..n1 : P,h m,n.
--r . . . ,. wir ,
' ' . m .
' OB 1 BSSUav, . ,r ,.r 1, .1 4
,j...v. ; e-f',": t .. 4J V.;
PoRfLimf,' April 8 The steamsbip Caaadlan
left Liverpool on the S8ih, and Londonderrv on
tbe evening of the E9ib ult , 'ami arrived at
Portland tbia morniog, la eight ai4 a half days
from Londonderry w -i " ' i -
H ,Tbe Steamiblp N'ei'th Briton, from Portlaod,1
arrlrrd at Liverpool early on the morning of
the 28th, h iving touched at Londonderry tbe
previous day. . , . V. ' " .
Tbe steamer Bremen, irom New York.ar
rived at Southampton on tD njorniog of the
The Citv of Manchester, frm New York,
arrivedat.Queenstowa on the 2,h, j,,';. "
Tbe Edluoargh sailed from Liverpool for New
York on tbe 27th, with 103,000 in specie. .
, GasiT BaiTam Parliamen- stood adjanrned
for the easier season till April 8tb.. ' . t
Tbe strike in London of tbe building trade
again assumes sorioua proportions. ' i .
Turn outs among .the. Lanoasblra t weavers
were Increasing, and some rioting was feared.
' In consequence of Friday and Saturday being
holidays, tbe market nevs by the Persia will be
no later ibaa that now reoeivea. -r r-
Fsanci Napoleon read tne address lrom
tbe Corns Lfgislatif. on the 23d nit. In re
turning thanks, ho said.'notwlibstandlng tbe
debate, be by no means regretted to see such a
discussion, but bopsd tbat tbe government and
Legislature would aid eacb otner
Tbe speech Is regarded as ambiguous.
Tbe Pone's last allocution bas been suppress
ed. France is lar less conciliatory tbau bas
been repiesented. Tbe order for sending rein
forcements of French troops to Rome, intended
to counteract the movement of Austria, baa
been countermanded, alter an explanation from
Austria. .( . .
On lbs Paris TJjurse rentes wore dull at CSf
Italy Count Cavour, In bis speech on the
Roman Question, olalmed thit Italy had aright
to bave Home for ber capital, and tbat tbe union
of tbe temporal and spiritual power was tbe
source ot evil r- - - -
Reactionary demonstrations were taking plaoe
In Sioily.
JrN It is certain that the American Sec
retary of Legation had been murdered at Jedtlo
I be toglieb and rrsncn iviioisiers naa retired
from, but tbe American Minister remained at
Manchester advices are favorable.' Holders
demanded an advance for yarns, which checked
bueiceas. Breaddtuffs hid a declining tendency.
W.ktfitM. Nitbift Co.. Richardson, 3. dcCo.,
Blgland A.' & Go, report no regular market
since Tuesday. Flour ull and eatieri quota
tions nncbanged; wheat quirt and stead? t Cjru
closed steady at a decliLO ul 37o, mixed 37 pro
visions' generally dull: beef quiet, bolders
offer freely but don't press sales; porkAulet;
bacon dull at 4950s: Urd firm at E55(jj for
choice Aoierloaiii tallow du 1 j bolders are press
ing tbeir stock on tie n.S'tei; butchers a'. 65
90ji rve flrroi a ffte fl:m but auiet.
LonouN' MaaxaTi Wheat firm, atl2i,
bluber for Eugitsbi Is higher for American redi
sugar quietj oeffee firm and slightly higher f..r
all decorlptionei tea 13s; tallow dull at C859.
for American Securities M. C shares i7
SiJdleoouoti Erie shares 87(338: N Y C 6a
7lj CooihU i Inwrl Tburdj at 9l9l fwr
money, HlyiK for account. .
Indipmoic, Anrll 8. Tbe Sante Fe mall.
wlih dates to tbe 23 h, arrived ibis morolbg
Col L ring bad arrived and taken charge ol
tbe nulitary'tiepiriment of New Mexico, wbicb
gave satisfaction to tbe people of tbe territory
ine report or toe using or fort nuroy by
cltileiis'o' Saute Fe Is incorrect, so demooatra
tioo oi tne a in a naving oeen ever inougnt or
reace bas agaio been made with Ibe Kava-
oea ....
Great crowds of neople are flecking to ths
San Juan Mints, and numbers aie leaving, go
ng back to tne rise's reak region.
ine sraas on the plain is crowing fast, and
a few dais will be euffiJeut for stock to sub
sist on. : 1.
jiigration to tbe gold fields his commenced
ever tboSi U.beru ruu e, quite a numier of eml
grants having jbeen met oy tbe oia 1 party.
A great amount or rain bas fallen in this seo
tion of country, and business is looking up. . ."
1 .aasajaBaaaBaSea.ae.
CBilLK-TON, Aotll 7 Gen. Beaurgard this
morning Usued an order, and sent a special mes
senger to Major Anderson, giving bim an offi
cial notification tbat all ioterccur 0 betwe.
Fort Sumter and tbe city would be probibiteo
from that. date. All tbe poets bave beto
strengthened, and two. addlt ional regiment are
expectea irom tne interior. . . . ; A .
i , , , , ..-
Ntw Yoax, April ' 7 r-The Harriet Ltne
sailed this morning, having changed the reve
nue lor me American nag. ' . . ',- ,'
ijtrge quantities olAtmv stores are being
hipped on boatd the' aiearaera Bailie and Illl
now.' .; ?.. . f .-' ,-.'.' : '
' a.
PsTinasoRO, Ta.', April 6. The war tidlocs
produced great exeimeot. Tba people say, let
it come; Virginia must secede. . '"'
Nosroix Va . April 7. Tbe news has pro
duced an unfavorable feeling toward tbe Ad
ministration; " ' ' -
Richmond, April 7.0utside the Convention,
tne war news bas not produced muob sensa
tion, ... .-" -' - x
tit-i ' m LV
NosriLK. Va.. Amll 7. John A. Lawrence.
Colonist, has been elected Mayor of Portsmouth
by iAlb majority, i , , :
y i ,' , . i i ' -i
Niw York.1 April 8 The Great Eastern Is
drertlied to, leave this port May., S4tb, for
.' - ) 1 ' ' " -
New York Market.
NEW YORK, April 8.
FLOUR rscelnli"of 11 083 bble.' Uar et heavy and Se
lower; irtes ef 8 000 bbls at SJ9Q35 S5f.tr eupetflrS
S att: 13 J5CB3 40 tor extra Stats: IS vu5 xa.ror sui
flnswtstsrn; ti 355 Si for common to medlumixtra
western; SolKJ 70 for (hipping; brands extra ltoana
Hoop Ohio, oaradian Vlour a sbsde lower, saiss of
70ohhU. atJ4h7. - ' J..I. .M f
hi b VLOUB steady viavajf lu
V USr resetntsofOSfObush. Market Sail and a
lhads towsr.al.sof Su 00U bun at St S5 ds ivered for
f.lrOhloago ep'lng; l (BI oi for olilwaakes emn:
(I 3-H dsllvtred fv obob-s wloieir red we, tern; tl ii
IS 47 for common wblia western
RTt aulet. - .1
ODN h'svysnd draontas: receipts of S9 834 troth
sales of SS euuat07i3t8 fjrold m xed westein la store
and delivered d for re de'lrered.
Oili flimsr 33i354 for, wetter. Canadian ;and
POttE steady: sales of 130 bbls at $17 37); $17 05
for men, 9 Via is for prima. I . i
BKRP quiet aud unchanged.
CUt MB ATS eteatly. . .
LARD-Arm: email am lei it OSlOj.
SCTTB ti In fair requeat at 10i4o or Ohio and tW
I frt. tul. ... ."-'il ' I
IB for Stats.
C Fl B I w-stsady at 710e. for
ta prime
WHt KT wlilwni material ehsngc
salsa ( SSO bbls
Cleveland Market.
April 6.
UO0H itstfr with the atual loeaJ'eajtnd, sales ot
intikki. a-M wl.lis at S3 SS.
wuatT S m, red In fair dsmaadataiOt. Sales cf
8 ra s at tb es Stares, and aear fair red at 1 OS. Nothing
doing In shite, sun no cnv.gs to nois in quoiauona
ii . rp..riaairj an ii m xw ner m.
co R ewee I- ef a ear extra para whits at 36c. Tellow
teetedy at 34o - ... . .. .. . - .-
ntoHWH' h .cats aiau doib u ia- ana v ti st is
ItlsS rOttK-eales et 880 bbls, at tit; and 90 do
tamo- ... ... ... . , - ,i . ;
UII Jta unit, wits no npuoeanie cnange irom v-
tatlnna ,
tiiCXCaosaisa of good auallty psaltd tstohtsat
OMMSaXtUet el J00O fts prims JTs:tra teisrvs
SBSDSClover Utteau' at t.0OU3K Itaotby
rOIATotSWare being boufht freely by shippers
30s fr prime Mercers ana aseosnnwiiss.,. yiaet wm
tus rangs alto.
Cincinnati Market.
CINCINNATI, Saturday—Evening, April 6, 1861.
jsvw w.,.';. k.u.nu.! hk.ll..s aniaa.d
rULUA-nal- HIs;sm 1'e-a.tveswy 'y l"
Viiit rsB-sia r. heir tn-iti Ii flalrta fur: wm ouyri
vtra In from -cd H ftr ffd It k-A!o tu tntm
int I' Hiltirni- .. . , sag
ooKN-mtainsltsold figurs-Ji. for ear, aaJ
Hta for rhMtet).' '' ' V!""' " '
0.t, KVBsnd BtRLIT sre utehaaged.
WlRT-lesl'lrmst ( HI
tB VI.iONB ii.etaat'oneddBotssisaot S
tmray bo ths St lrlt Uie sunset sssninass eir..a
maintained y Mfdssiod for nsrly ait ajlcles
ber at a urn. 1
I cout ty '
Is held att
ondertneor.s-ni a at s "Br,e. ' . -
hese snd I . S7 i' City s a-lwt, sat tnv fore.fr
he a.ure ..Vered r-ria: lat.wr. u.a tne
. ... I,i I Snl I. hM al EM
-w aa utvf rsMss.-. Tbsrs Is a sVsot
.w. ! nlel sat a f arttnn rawer J Lsrd ws4 hs
j , s-,.ms. strains w lisva a.oM are
li" :. - 1j
',f..;iMSlll .t.f.j
. I niUIII,JIL,MH. mwmm . '
f 1
f,ja :iJ'T0J. WOOD'S
.ujIj'. ! . i AND1 J.,
It nrMleely Wnat Its megs Indieatee, for. irhll.
Iplraaant to tbe taite. it le revivifying, rxlillar..
log., invifiratlcc and airene llieolni t the vita
powers, and at ths tame-tleae re.Mura leln
lataa. and renews the Rko1 in all tra uurtty an
Lwithua at once rettortl and rendtri Iht tytttm in
' vulnrat)U to att'dct of dutau. ills Hie oo.j
. .Imeuaratlon ever cflerad to the world, so cbcun-
H mlly and silllfo'ly coaMnso as to be tbe mo,t
'p werful tool i. end St the eams-tiaiS so perfrcth
a 'dauted to, at to set lo per eo aco rdanee with the
w awe nr nam a. ana nenr win erwme uie weacrei
k'jitomach and lute np ths dleatire oraane, aod
itnua .. an r'rvum and otber irritation, i it 1
j'uer ectly exhlla'utlni.'and at the e.iac lime It I,
Qcompoaede tlrelyof yegstablee yetaooumhlnedri
iae to produce mo moji m .rougn tonic en-.ct, trun-l
aJ a rei
LL be i
HUe t
lout pr .itnclnif any It Jurioue oasequeueea Huohjk.
remedy lias loi.g men iric rone a ueaineraiom t3US
ia medical worn', foi It neert, no medical skill toi'r
rfe tbatdehli'tyfolliiwaali attacks of dlteaae. and
proceeda and Indeed lai a the rvs'em open to the
O ineldlouaatiacM or many of trie moat taut. inch,
f example, se tha following! Consumption, la
IdltrMtin. fvieiiiila. Ijau at Annatita. ValnLneM
iterroue irrllaniiiiy, neuralgia f aipnatioo or the
Heart. Uelanchoiy, Night Bweata baueaor. uildl-
neis, iletention of, aa well a, Painful obstructed
tos urotuee. r toe mm Menilrnaiion. and Fall
line of tba Wvmb,. Xbete all depa dupoo general,
deiHlity Tbia purs, bUh, touio Cordial and
sioou KenovaiorH aaaure t eursaa tnaiui
rias and aet. lln-re lne miaiako about It.
hta Is sit all. If the atem If seakuieu. ws are
penublliuueattaaka, ue livor t. ooes iurp:u.
r worae dl.uaicd. tba lilJuejit refuae In ueiforoi
heir fUDOilt.ne. and ws are ttoubltd wl b toaldlna
.nd Inooniircnoe or urine, vr luvomntarv c
rharee of tbe Mine, ualn the baok. tide and he.
tweentbe eboulilera, eaceedinly 11. bio to eUahii
come, eougna. aid ir mouecked. aoon smaoianie
oll .w,. and ibe pit, t eadc.ws to a pr ni.tur
Igrave. Bat epa s will out alli.w us to enumer.it
be many Ilia to which we are liable In a weaker ed
mndiilou of ihe mem. Uut we will aay, lo thl,
Oord al and elood ItrnoTati.r yon h .ve a perfect,
M's, pleatant and ttso'iul remedyfor bas l
a. petite, l-liiouanee. Flatulence weak and ile
Ocmh Lannuc.r, Liver 0' mplalnt Chliliand
frv.r, orai y Billoue a'.ta. k, Utstlvrn.n, Aeidtty
, ine oioniMB, nerTouMcea. nearaiew, raimia.ii .
tion of Ihe Henrt. Oeiresilun of 8plrlts Bure,, rn
-implei on tbe race, or any dlseue ariilog from fw
chlcia, Couch, difficulty of Breathing, and all that', ,
Ideas of diaeatee called female weakneea and M
enumerated above. We will alao as lbs travelerU
expo en w epiarmice, caange 01 cito.ata ana wat
er, will find It a plea.ant, eats and aura remrdy,
tnu eons IDouid ever travel with' Ut. Heajler.
ryit for we eaure you yon will Audio Ita nend
udetd, aa well as a friend lu need, allpe e?iaof
edentary h.b ti will find It a perfect preventive of
s well a eure for ihue ailment, towhieb they a e
articuiany exposed, tlenoe minliter-dtadeota.at
tun tis, II erary g ntlemeo.snd ladles wbo are not
erue'oiLed toauef ou door execler. Will flun .i
o their advantage to k.Si. a butt'e eouttaiitiy m
.and: aod, anove all. mothers, tr thi-) bect.mln.
.neb, will go Ibiougb tba must dar.ge.ooa iieriu.
ct only win all their accuit. med eirrngm, n
afe and fiee from ths thoueatd alloenti eo prev
tlentanong li e lean le portion of IU wrld ti
nnrt, 1 Isinderd a motner e cordial. Trj It, oh
md xonng; no lonter run the lUko' delay! It wm
ellcve and rnve It-e'f emphatically s JttUora
tint Cordial and Blood RtnomU r.
0. I. WoOD, proprietor, 444 Brmdvey, Nee
York. a"d lit larks t Btreet, St Louie, alu., an
,old by BOBaHTS k eaMUsL, Columou,. Ohi..
end all good . lirugabts Prise One Dull.
,per Bottle.' martb.8dA wcowl
j For the Wtukert and Hair "
' Tbs snberrihrra tabs plea'Ure In antonuclnr 0 the
Cllitene ot tor TJul'ed Statin, that tbey hate obtained tbs
Aieuvy lor. and ate o' w ennhled to offer 10 the Anetlcin
puhi.o, thebuvs Juitly cckbrat.d and world-renofned
article. Vbe .
ta prspitrsd by Da. 0. P. BELtTSOIIAU an emlnert
Pby.ciau of London, and Is warranted to bring out a
j "Whiskers or a Mustache
in from three to tlx weeka This article la tba only one
f the kind atti by tbs Jfrencb, and lu London tu.il Paris
u le is amvenaisa". '
It U a beautiful, economical, soothing, yet sttmulitlng
eonvouiid.soliug aa If b mnglc upon ti e ruoie cauilng
abeiu.liul grow.b or naurlanl ntir. ir appnen to tne
et-alp, it sill cure S.LPKne, and came to apting up in
place of tbs bald siota a flue growtn or nsw our. Ap
plied acaordlng to ulrectiot a, U will turn a.D or towt
balr caRK1and reators grey r air to lie OM.tnat color,
leaving It suit, mouth, and BexiMe. Tbe "Onoukt" is
Sn InaTepenaable article In every gentleman's toilet, and
alter oi a wtek'a net they would not for en consideration
tie without lu
The auhacrlbera sre the only Agents for ths article In
the Unl.ed Btatea. to wh m all order, mnet he addresecu.
Ptlt-e One Dollar a hex for sale ty all Druggists and
Dealers! or a box of the "rngue-t" (warranted to htve
Ihe dei'red effect) will be sent to any who deal re It, by
smU (direct), aecurely packed, on receipt of price and
pottage, II. Id. Apply to or address
I ' 'ill HOBACfi L. nEQBM AN CO., .
BanootsTa Seo.,
febQOJteCm ' 84 William Street. Hew-Tork.
r . . STEAMERS v
TO AN U t ItO.tl
Liverpool, Moiatreal," Quebec, '
NEW "2TOH.3S.-"
Ths Montreal Oosaa Bteamahlp Company's first -cutis
fnlunnwared owde-built Steamers ull ajrery Nat
nrdav from POKTLAVD, earryuigtbs oanatuanano
United States Hall and passsngsrs
Shortest, Cltenpnst and Quickest Costa
reyance irvin
Rates of Passage to Kurope
S30, OG SSO.
Will sail from L1VEBFO iLevery Wednesday,
and from QDBUBO every .Saturday , eallln; at
LONDONUKttttlt , to receive on nnsru ana laro uaiisanu
p..Mfin. to and rrom Iretano ana ncotiana.
TTTThrae S eamen are built of iron In water-tight
eomnartmeuta. canv eacu in hwiicdcvj ouriccvu, .uu
rv siuntlon la naid to the cnm'on snd accummoda
Hun or niaientfere. aa iney proceeu utr-to lujuu..
DBrtY the gt eat rux sua pey bi oaumg at. oe. j a
Is avoided. " ' ' ' ' ' 1
Glasgow pssnengers are rurnunra witn mus passage
tickets to and rrom i.ona-'noerry-
ni. nm tleka'a eranieo si reauceu rates. '
flrrtiScatee iatned for earrytsg tu and brlngingant pas-
on n from all the prineinal townt ofOreut Britain and
Irsutna, at reiurea nm. ..y .u. mnwi .muni, ...
leaving uvorpofli every wees. . .. t .
Sifht Draft for and upwards pay
SLVlf) IU r.HKl"U o.aawl ov-
laud or Wales.
Tor vaange, apply at ths Offloe 33 ItHOAIle
WAV, Nevw Work, and itnAlaH SI.,
Ltverpwal, i .....
" 8ABIL EE ABLE. General Agents,
Or to- J. R. AffMSTRONCs
olO-IydAw Statesman Office. Colum'me. Ohio
THPtet Btn ll.ts-
, - i aa . w i '
Ifl N08.,S.aod7N.OTtW BTli'
. .' . Offer for sals their oelebrated ,
' : AND 8Q ARE
Being hlehly recommended ny the first Professors snd
Mnalcal Amatamrtof ths soantry. ana - - , j
;; ; w t-:warbantidpoi- '1
sjhs meet fsstldlons caetomsr any rely spun , being
ViVZZZr' ' W KN ABI a CO.'
' 8il.IHBSiWlB3TIR,Afecta, ;
aetSStlydw, -Columbus. Oh.
; 'Employment. ;
I X Mmp A 1 furniih eatplo1 mtut
psa iuiuvues)'w - , . f . u.-sa
a is tt ettte t it r svnicik nt mmmw
for whlehssrviess tassars wining ot psy
of frets ;t rtrtit 1 1 tt t ; t ' . - 1
SSOO to 900 par , ytr, P!,
Fot farther partlculart kdriress ' ' "5" ' . .
W. B. slOBIllOCta CO. j
... j 4nd t, sjbHw.v tao,
ItliOaBa, aswslylse.ja.tpnhv
,v . - 1 i i' .1 '(."""a sua,;
StreDgtheoJo Cordial ind Bled
Tbe Uroatest Jtentedw 1st Tbs
host ozucioiri
Ann- 4
X ly a soientlos and -
Vegetable Oom pound,
paucurrd by tbs dietll
Iation of Eoota. Uerhe
and Barks, fellow
Dock, Blood Boot,
Baraanarllla. 7 I I d
Obrry ra sad Dan- "W I
delien enters Into in ,r.
Before Taklns"" ctiM reswdbulxTakla '
principle of each Ingredient la thoroughly eztraoted fey
my new method at dbttllllne. frndnHn.a Aj.iia1ah
hlleratingeplrtt.andthe moat INItUIBLB rsaaedy fea
renovaUne the diseased ayetemr and reatorlnw te atofe.
BTREnSth dab A" V ALID to IlALinan4
DIAL - ' l
Will aWentnallw sens
Chronic or Nervous Debility. Diseases of the Kidnen
and all dlieaees arising from a SlsorSereJ Livrr er Slots
aoh, Byapeptia, Heartburn, Inward Piles, Acirlltror 8tci-
neas or tbe Stomach, Follows of Blood to tbs Head, Dull
am or swimming In ths bead, falt-.tation or ths Heart
'ullnees or Wciekt In the HUieb. Sou rn-iLkin
Choking or uffocatlne feellne when lrtnc down. Drenaea . '
or Yellowness of the Skin and Byes. Slight Sweats, U '
ward Verere, ram in tha email of tbs hack, sheet or able.
Sodden Fluihea of Heat, Depression of Spirits, frightat
I) reuse, Lanraor, Deepnndeney or any Nsrvoos Disease,
Sores or Blntcheo on the Skin. ar-A Veesr anA Ana far
OhUlaaad tever.). ' , .- -.
Over a 0llllitt of uettlee
Have been eold dnrini the utet six months and lane In. .
stance hai It failed in giving entire saUafaction Wbo,
men. win eunerrrim Wetikeea or Debility when Ho
Nc buiEuaee can eonvev an adeutute Mes of tha tan me
diate and almoat miraculooa change produced by taking
inia unraiai In tbe dieraerd, drwiliatea and abattered
nature, or Impaired by sickness, Uia lelaxsd and onatiaag
organicatlon Is restored to Its pristine health aod vigor.
Or others eonacloot of Inability, from whatever cause,
will find McLean! Strengthening Cardial a thorsaeh
regenerator of the rvitem: and all who mar have Inland
themselves by Improper Indulgences, wUl Cat! In tbs Cor -dial
a certain and epredy remedy.
To tbe Liaelles.
MeJjrjdii'b Sircagllieninj Cordial '.
ts a sovereign and eiieedyonrs tor
1 1 e i pi e x c oy nv n pt ion , whites
Obstructed or DlHonlt Menstruation, IncanUDSBce of
Lrlne er Invulnntsn Disahanre thereof, ratline of to
Womb, Oiddinen, f alnUng and all Diseases incident to
renew. : . . . (- -.- ,,
There it no MltUks About it.
Buffer no longer. Take It according to Directions. "It
tliiatimuute, etrengutea ana invigorni y.i snssaass '
he bloom of health to mount your cheek again.
r.vory bottle le warrautea to give esAiataenaa.
FOH CIIILDHElt. r. ....
Ifyour children are sickly, pnnv.or alBlctad. Meleaae
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and rotoaet. tela
a t s moment, try It, and yea will be ssonncM. v r
Oittioii. Beware ef Dragelstsor Dealest whs say
ty to palm anon yon soms bitter or SarsapsiUls trash.
wbicb tbey can bay cheap, try eayint It ts juet as good.
Avoid eucb men. Ask for McLean a eusngthentng0or '
dial, snd take sotblut else It la ths only remedy that '
will purify the blood thoroaghly and at tbs saaas tha
strengthen ths ayatem . ..
Dne rsblespooniul tasen every morning raaung. It a
Oe rials preeentrre of Cholera. Chllla and rsvsc, yellow
Sever, or any prevalent diseases. It Is pat ap In large)
bottles. - '..,-
Price onltl par bottle, or e bottles rsr 5. ,
i. a. McLsiir;
, 8ol Proprietor ot this ttomiud.
Also McLshu's Vslcsale OU UntsassA, '
Principal Depot oa tbs corner of Third aad Pins streets.
St. Louis. Mo. .. .
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment. ; f
Tne best ItnUcsnt In tba World. Ths Only safe aad
eertain cure for Cancers, Pllea, Swellings and Broa
ehitis, or Ooltre, Paralyaif Nenralgla, Veakneesf ths
stnski.a, tnronlr at IuflamEstory Rhenmatimi, BUff- -aese
of the joints, contracted Mojrlee or Ligaments
Psrache or Toothache Vruiaes, Sprains, ffoahds, frees,
tuts. I'k-era, tever Snrsa, ilased Breasts Bore NUles,
Borne ScaMe, ForeThout, or any Inflammation or Pain,
ao iiffereo.ee bow sever, or bo r long the- disease may
havs extrtd. McLean'e Celebraled I laiaaent is s oer
tain remedy. ,
Thouaands of human' bclcce have been savsd a Ufa f
decrepitude snd misery by tbs nes of this Inrsjaabls sasdr
cine. - '
, . UNIMENT -;; ..
Kill reUsve pain almvet tsauntaaesoslji, aad It WU .
Slsaaasv pneifasd bmti. tlm to&lsat aoroe in an Ineredl
- ly abort time-
for Horses autl Other Animals.
McLean t celebrated Llnlnient' h the only safe snd re-'
Uahle remedy for the eure of SpaTln, King Boss, Wind-1
galls, Splints, Cnnataral Bumps, Nodes or Swellings. It ,
will never fail to cure Uie Head, Poll Ivil, Piitnls. Old
running Sores or Sweeny, If properly ermtied let :
Sprains, Braises, Bcraiches, Bores or W .osils, Cricked ,
Heels, Ohafss, Saddle orUolUr Gtlls It (a sn Infallible
remedy. Apply It aa directed, and a ear Is esrtsia ts -every
Instance. - . .
1 Then tribe no longer wltb ths many worthless Ual- ,
stents offered to you. Obtain a supply of Dr. HcLeaa's
celebrated Liniment It will rare yon.
JT. H. ncLEANeSoUPrevrisUr. .. ..
Corner of Third and fine Streets, Bt. Lotus, M
. for sale by all drnf gilts
for eale by
OoltunbstSi uhk,-
An experienced Nurse and female Physician, presents
to ins attention oi mowers, ner
which greatly facilitates ths procsas of teething, by soft-
ening the gums, reducing alt ifcHammatlon Bill all)
all rat.it anaapatmoaic acuon, ana ts .
Depend upon It, mothers, II will give rest to ysatsslves
snd . . ; t .
We bave rut un and sold thi. artlcls for ever ten yeara.
what we have never been able to aay ol any otber medt
ANCI. TO KFFtCT A CUBS. hsn timely ased. (isv-
sr did ws know an instanoe of dissatisfaction bj any ons
wbo used It. On ths eontisry, si) srs delighted with Its
opsratiose. and apeak in terms of commendation of Its
War is).
! tali
- '4-
maftlcal ejects son meuicai vtrtnea. www enu in w
matter ' WHAT WB Do KNOW;" after ten years' expe
simoat every inttancs where Ihe Infant ts sofisrlng from
pain aad -exhaustion, relief will bs found la fit teea or
twenty mtnutea after theeyrnp Is aimtalatsrsd. - ...
Thlsralnsbls orsnaratlna la the prescription sf ens of
the mnit EXPbUIKNOKDacd BK.1 LLPUL NCR'BS la
new England and has been used with MBYS IAUU-
lN4BUC0Kln 5 - . J ' ' ti ' '
THOvttNut r UAIIH. '
Itnotanl relieves tbs ohlld tram pain, uat Invigor
ates tbe atomacb and bowels corrects acidity, and gives
tone and enerit to Lbe whole ststeaa. At will almost in
atantly relieve
and overcome convulsions, wntch. If not speedily rente
oied, end In eath We believe It the BBoT and SDR
EST BVMBDT IN TflB WORLD, In sll ernes ef KIB
it a rites from teething, or from any other esuse. We
would eay tobvery moiberwhohasitdsiiffsHr.(frosB
am of ti sfo-egr.lTgenmplsint DO NOT LET T'VUR .
s.snd twteeen yon and yoar auSertng child, snd ths ts
lief tbat will be SURE yes AHSOLtJ tKLT BCajt
fallow the aeti fthiamedlcins, If tUsslyusd. full Ai
re tl n tor ailng will sceumpany sarh sottra. None
ger.nins anl.st the fac thnlle of cCR.1 USt PBRBUNS,
Nes .rk. re on the oatslds wrappse..
sold by all Druggtata inrongnout ins worn.
Prl cipal urrtcr, t3 rtiar atreei neB.
00127-dfcwiy. . - -'f-t
RfcUVVKs) A N srssir;.na are-
.t. oain. and beala tbswsrat bora.
ecs d. bruits, cut. or freeb wound of any ktod esveate
swetilns aad pals fro" bee etlege, aaosqalto Mies.as4
naT"lt rr..o.' When -nam l.rll. It Will
potlilvelj ear srwup ." to rr. " B
' . . . Ku iik.Hhla enaiulaiut: slam.
relict id uiw -v... . jv-jt. '
removes boaraeneae and sore tatroal. Pries, so aeta
tmttls. ' ShsuWbotnsvsry auass. m oy vra
(,u and Storeys.. -i,t
WT rtvprwwn I.-' . . --
oelsdkwlvis ' " '
rHK I Ol.l W"s" Ctt AfeGiSi ME UK
vsdeln il the effieere of ti ls Beuk, Jsaasrv BWtb,
IMt, lo wtU W A. Haxr. Pre Ident, and Tskmsas
StB.a Ca htsr, retUred tbeir efflert. Davia Tavum,
'.a was . be slsrted rr-ttdent and Wjs. A- VlTt ep
puis e.1 Ca-hier. . . , , - 4 .. '
iZiWXir wriiW, C-Mer.

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