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Ceataised Io rwnti-nlo vohmes f the Ohio and Ohio
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wn i IRIXCM to prior laws.
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Ja Two EoyU 8ro: Voltmee. Prloe $W 00.
Wo e-re or ejrpeoae ks kM Pra to auk thevork
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SatwM th pahitutimi of inoian aaiu,
aeaL alont'loM and addition, aad ana, important de
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i bj ths Bprea Court on oon-1
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WtllSi thli an ln Valuable Work.- ...
3Vo oyi 5w. .TUwmes o Xinttm Ettndrtt
JaStrenej tawjlndlnj. trice 10.00.
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rtortKirr ctlarick, & co..
la rabllahen. BookKllen: Btatlonere and Importers-1
No. 65 Weet Fourth atreeu
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MJXlTXm MUIXB, Pnbllshars.
CEO. W. lttAJITl-liJIJIlfe
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tlVk oul U Aaadea ta ly THU. B VULWM
Columbus Postmaster.
We lerthat JobK Ga-a.a, Esq. has been
appointed Postmaster in this city.
CrEtrropean .letter writers say that - Gaai
balm is actively ai work, organizing bis forces
for his promised Venetian campaign. ' "
. tcr'Ambne' tbe Queer things to which the
present districted stale of affaire gives rise,
tbe project to oerer New' York City from
State, sod make it what Is called a "Free City
A locist Is laid to be actually formed for that
purpose. The project is probably started for
nine days wonder," and nothing else. .: ..
ET Ths threat, 4ljt the saoeaiioaUts will
kave powewion of Washington City in less thsn
sixty days learnt be' creating eota- alaea
the Bili8sp fjaaifinGen. Scorr Is cautioned
not tb withdraw the troops from the Federal
Capital. Old,AB, bad better have that
8cotcVP ano Jgng mm;tfoli" reaJ for
an esaroty.J . '"ti. ' ;',"!''' ' ; "
Cr'lt U said .'that tbe Emperor X?polcoii
in iavorof tbe following sotation of the Italian
qaestlon: The eetsblltbiaeiit of a Northern
Kingdom' of uly. nnder Yicroa ' Euasusl;
8othara Kiogdomsnder Prioee Ds Cavionon;
and the States of the Church, under Pope ma
ths whole tt be connected by a Federal Diet
meet .al Tbe Sardinian monarch will
not be liialy soon; to agree to this srrsngement,
as be aspires to be King over sU Italy the
Church States lnolndeti. 13 t:'', ".t ,
CTToa London fit, of the 23 J of March
states that tbe news from America to the er
ect that tbe United Stifles; iroops naa been re
called Irem Msiioo.aod the national ships
war from the Mediterranean, had produced
n-Wait ITct" on nrsmiums at Lloyd's !
irpewnv a
also states that tbe following clause bad been
Introduced!lnto marine insurance policies by the
eoapaniee 4 prirate inaerwrlterii , ' . :;
rernnias f traw all lew . rUls or damage, ar
ietta; fraaa arisara, dateatlofu ee any other hoaUleaot
the aowrnaaea or poopie any ii ,
taue o thoi-Daioa, saaarall known u tho Doited
italeSi.i'-n rf. iro " ' : .- V'
CTThe JWaksi draws OODSo'ation from,
resnlt of the mubtoipel eleotlesi 1n Zanesville
la the mldat of general rout in (be 8ute,
tods eae,gT5po'! i old Muakisgum.n The
Jswriisi 'la thankfut tor imall fvors.V?t does
not, werer, state the fact correctly as to
Zeoesville election.' Neither party ran a rrgn
lar ticks there.' The late Mayor (a Repnbli-
ean) was a candidate for re-election, and was
badly beatea. The newly elected Mayor is aleo
a Republican a moderate one and was elected
by Deaooratiojrote5 i much for J.'l7ejo
ITTbe late majority rote in the Virginia
Cowvsntloa against secession is understood
have been produced by emphatio assurances
from Preside Lincoln Io certain members
tbe Convention, that force would not be need
defsoi er retake trablio property, to blockade
forts or collect duties in tbe seceded States. '
each assurances were given, tbey do sot seem
to tally well with the warlike preparations the
Government Is bow making, Perhaps "Old
Ass" Intends to keep his promise to tbe Vir
ginians! and merely means to give tbe leeession
lets gentle hint of what be could do If
would only that and nothing more : " , .
ITTbe members of the General Assembly
Ohio take It quit emoderately .They do not appear
o be ia a knrry atxrat any thing do not think
any thing is going wrotig, and are quite euro no
body is hart. Ask A. Irrepressible" when
thinks the Legislature will adjourn, and be will
reply la a very indefinite way ''perhaps by the
alth of April or the first week ' In May.
bat thai Is -very anoerteta. National troub
les may detain as much longer." Gov.
Pwnieo is now at Washington, and while there
It may perhaps be determined when the Ohio
Legislature shall adjourn. Let as all watch aad
pray. .. . .' " -
The whole com exhibils tho Aerrejopite aod ma
lltnlty of a mean and dirty, eeldah, eilljr aud eoaoeited
diaappelated olnoo-aeeker aothlnf ore. . .,.
Tbe above la tbe conclusion of extended com
mmts by (he Cincinnati CtmmereUl on the re
oent sxposlUon by Wm. P. DrifKv (eslltor of
Daytoa Gtiti) of tbe duplicity, falsehood.
and contemptible ."dougbfaoeism" manifested
by A ia. bus Lihoolh tbe man who deludes
himself with the Idea that hell a second Wsh
lsoTOM and modern JacssoN. This extract
from the Cmmre(1 ,1s a bea ntlful specimen
of rhetorical courtesy from one distinguished
Republican editor toward another, and Jso
tha pleasant harmony that the Republican or
gam grind out ior the delectation of their happy
pautieai ismii. rj: ' ' ; ;;
The Result of the Late Elections in Connecticut
and Rhode Island.
E. ENGLISH. eievbBU lu luc
"lnotvary much tromtnat 01 last year, ine uc-
Some of the Renuhlican papers effect to make
people believevlbai their party achieved a
victory at tha recent Bute erection la Con
necticut Bat 'the flsaree-anolfaewtiisriow
that their boosted succeos la but an evidence 01
tha weakness of their cause. The return! are
- 1 -
ntpumico uu. y . - - tt i
: ept" ija Fr.., i i
RPabila ieai.v''vv
-Connecticut Is entitled to four members 01
Conirreaa. At the late election, two Kepuon
tans were elected Dwioht Looms in the firtt
Dlatrict, and A. T. Busnham In the third. The
tan r.nnpremimen are Democrats, namely:
1 .t. TKm.
t,i0t. and G SOROS C. WooDSOff in tne lounn
D...v .u... mv,r n.mnnr.lin c.ina.
I UUill lUCOV UH,UlUVlo wiw a vv q
1 In ihe last Congress, the four Connection!
.11 p.Klin.---araleountv.
Mr - """ K , "., " ' ... . .
.11 mi, in iiAm nit nn mr re hiccliuu uu iuv idi
i"" .
inIt.bu two of them bave been permittee Dy
,Vt. -nnatllnaflbl til tHT t homfl. ID tbS COU-
iikii v . j
State Senate there were last ye.r four-
I teen Republicans to seven Democrat; tnis year
I . . i r .1 T ... it .
itharaiaa pain oi one ior ine xemocrma mat
body standing thirteen Jlepublioans to eight
. .. :ii
IlamnniiftfJ 1 n n IIOUHB UI ILUUrtHeUUlh TBD W 111
publicans are welcome to make all they can out
lot their "victory" In Connecticut, witu tbe loss
I of nearly five thousand on their majority in No
vember, and the loss of one State Senator and
two members of Congress
, In the Rhode Island election, on the 3i lost
the majority vote for Governor, compared with
the majority vote for President in November
last, stands thus:
Republican majority Id November, 18B0 4 537
Democratic majority to April, IMil
Eepnbllcan lots 6,181
' Rhode Island is entitled to two members
Congress. Tho Democratic candidates Wit'
uah P. SiurriKLD and GsososH. Brown
were both elected. These are Democratic gains,
as both the Rhode Island members of tbe last
Congress were Republicans pf the "irrspressl
ble" school, and were . both candidates fur re
election on tbe 3d inst. ; ' t"'
. Tbe Rhode Island State Senate will stand
Democrats to four Repnblicins, and one'
doubtful politics. : The House of Represents'
tiret will stand eleven Democrats to eight Re
publicans. In one Representative District there
was no election.
Nothing could be more decisive than
Democratic and Union victory achieved at
late election in Rhode Island, and, taken in con
nectioo with the result in Connecticut, it may
well be bailed as the oertain harbinger of
glorious reactionary movement throughout New
[From the Boston Courier, April 4.]
How Does it Look Now.
Laat fall, when the Republicans were hurrying
along our streets, night after night, jostling and
running over each other in their eagerness
join the torch light processions, balling each oth
er boisterooiiy aa Drave ana. intrepid -"Wide'
Awakes,'; displaying their broad capes, fanciful
lanterns sod flags, decorated with witty devices
snd funny mottoes, we wsrned them, sgsin and
again, of tbe sad snd disastrous consequences
which must follow their possible success in elect
log a sectional President. We told them over
and over again to beware. Webeggedof them,
by every consideration or patriotism and of bu
manity, to desist from a course which mustinevi
Ubly prove ruinous te tho beat interests ot the
country. ' We referred them to tbe prophetic
warnings of the wise men in all ages of the Re
public, from Washington down. We said than,
and we repeat it again, it is utterly Impossible
and forever out of ihequeetion to live in peace,
in a Republic, where all have a common inter
est 'in tbe government; without affording tbe
fairest aod tbe fullest opportunity for all
vote for their governors aud. their rulers. The
Republicans did not believe us.' The Wide
Awakes wouldjDQt even listen to our warnings.
The lanterns and, capes and flags multiplied
our streets and in our public squares. Cannons
were fired, banners njated in the breetes of
night, trumpets were blown and drums were
beaten, until the young mcn.and maidens,
men and matrons, fairly ran mad with the idea
of being able to leet a President without the
aid of th Souths Well, the deed is dooe.
The Wide-Awakes have triumphed. To their
care is committed the government 'if these
United States, what there is left of them.
Gentlemen of the Republieaa party,' gentle
men of tbe Wide Awake clubs, bow do
like it? How does, it look , now T , To those
you who bave been successful in procuring of-
fioe at,. Washington, no doubt tbe prospect
pleasant; bOt we beg to inquire respectfully
those wbqhave been unfortunate in tbeir-Aboli-
cation, bow the matter stands with themt And,
men, there are thousands who never expected
place or office, thousands who Uve by the sweat
or tbe brow shoemakers, carpenters, batters,
weavers, spinners, painters, engravers, in short,
all sorts of mechanics snd laborers, those who
bsve to earn by their toil, broad tor themselves
snd for their shildren! How does it look to vou.
gentlemen? No longer ago than the Tory
autumn, you naa pieuiy oi employment, at very
good wages,; Yoa could readily meat your rent,
your grocer's bill, your doctor's bill, and those
of your tailor and butcher.' Now; you find these
necessary expenres very hard for you. Yon
scarcely sleep at ' night in peace for anxiety
about .them, . , .,,,1, , - t
"How does It all look to you7 The Republi
cans toia you, rota au 01 us, Tepeatedly, every
where, that if Mr. Lioolo were onlv once elect
ed all wonld be calm and qdiet and peaceful
that labor would be in demand, and the ncoole
1.1.--, I. V . . M ".I
wouia do nappy again out so lar Irom realis
ing any advautagea from tbe election cf Mr
Lincoln, things are certainly growing worse
roe vriue-Awa.es, it yon aek them to-day,
Ctooot but admit that we are net imnrovlnr
the least, but are, in faot, upon tbe retrograde.
w 00, toen, nas gained anything bv tbe election
01 a section a 1 rresioent r Katbee- let ns ask.
who has not loan Seven of the States of this
Union bave left ris. Nearly all tbe sdvnntnee
which tbe vast carrying trsde ofthe Sooth
been to ns is now gontv .The Sontbsrn market
M all but lost to as. - Our people are compelled
to be idle, all but those who are banting; after
office, with but a poor prospect indeed for
future And all of this for no other cause, none
in tne worio. except tne election Of a sectional
President. But for tbe election of Mr. Lincoln.
the country would bave been at this moment
as prosperous a condition as it has been since
the war of the Revolution. ' There is no cause
known or conjectured by anybody, but the dec
tlon, which bas brought apon us.onr present misfortunes.
,, .
FoiacxY sr A' 6t,va.--Wlllism Lvlea.
young slave belooglog to Colr Chapman Bil-
iingsiy, 01 ot. Marys county, Md., was arrested
00 the 30th nit., for attempting to pass a forged
order for goods upon Messrs Adler -ft Co
iseonaratown, ine name ot vv. . Hooner
signed to the order, and the cbirography rxhib-
ueu cousiaeraDie skill. r lyies bas, slnoe bie
been sold to a gentleman in Richmond,
Va., for $1,200. The Beacon ssys he can write
... ' f I II I J,','; !
r Ills understood that a marriage will take
place between Major Bagot, Comptroller of
wj nis r,-cenency me juoid Lieuten
ant of Ireland. and tbe Hon. Miss Browne, eld
est daaghter ot Lord Kilmaine by bis second
ami a Ml am n m rft. . .
j t u . " "oeessry arrsngemenu .con
nected with the event are In Mnna nf .nmni-
tlOO, and tbe wedding win take nWn' Arf ...
l.n. " V T,-.-
' J . .... T " ;V -'..
It IS said that Ex Senator A. It rilnk(nn-
of the State of New York,' Iras' set' down
marsnai 01 .iveDrasxa, out the rreaidant's Pi
vate becretary made a mistake and --!
iHinieter to wicarsgna,- and it was so sent
hi tne oenaie. dj tnis miBinite, irir. UlcUInton
gets an excellent office, with much better pay
(ban the -oaey lor .which 'ha was originally
bookad'x .r.i-x .M xi . . i-
MONDAY, April 8, 1861.
Iprlnted for the oae cf the i Commlanioner 200
POTTS had leave Of absence for thli af-
XSTAnIW p&Xd tie olowliig resoluL
uaio, mat 01 tnenomDeroi copies 01 tne re-
nort 01 ine uommiaaioner 01 otadsiios oraerea
BubliBhed for the tkresenl eeesion. there be
copia ; lor tne Hcreury oi btate luu copies j
malnder thereof distributed, as heretofore di
- v.v.,
rected, to the members or the General Assem-
CLUBS. ' .. .
Renort aeresd to..
Mr, BREWER, from tbe committee on Claims,
presonted a detailed report against tha claim
of Ltjmn P.reher, of Lucas county.- .
I be claim was tor relict from a, judgment
obtained by . tbe State against him In Lucas I
Report agreed to. . . . i I
Mr. J0NE3, from the Judictry eommlttee
recommenasa tne aaopuoa 01 an amenameu.
- . . . . .. " l
,n)j vm6.ea ol H.B-No. 459 To amend seo
tlon 34 of the crimes sot, so as to make the snlx-1
log or poisons to tdmmister witb intent to kui,
wheibcr the attempt resulted Injuriously or not
punishable by imprisonment in tbe Penlten-
tiary irom two to ntteea years. r Agresu to.
nd the rules being suspended, the bill passed,
veaa xo. navs u.i
... '
MONDAY, April 8, 1861.
r ' AmsNOONskssioN.. '
rest, 1,.
Tbe Honse took a recess, pending amotion by
Mr. DICKEY, to take uo H. J R. 120-Pro
viding for a change in the Constitution, so ss
to ex'.-lude from voting ail persons nsving any
mixture of African blood, i , : '
The vote was ctlled on takinc on the resolu-
tlon, and resulted yeas 46, nays 40. - :
Th aneation beine on the sdoot on .ol tbe
resolution. .' i t ':
Mr BRUFF moved that it be referred to tbe
committee on Judiciary, wbioh was disagreed
to yeas 30, says 64., ., r .!
Mr. WUUDb moved to amend by making it
to read "d'utinat aad vtiible" admixture, etc.,
which waa agreed to.. . . - '
The vote was then called on the adoption of
tbe resolution, and resulted yeas 5, nay 32.
i As it required a three-fifths' vote to adopt this
resolution, it was lost. -; c '
On motion of Mr. WRIGHT, of Hamilton,
3 B. 24 To provide a clerk for the State Com-
of Common Schools was taken from
tbe table, when
Mr. W RIG HT, of Hamilton, moved to amend
the bill by strikiug out all after the enacting
and Inserting a new bill wbioh repeals
the section of tbe school law that requires the
State Commissioner te visit diUerent pans oi
tbs Stats, and allows bim clorioal assistance
the effect of which amendment would be to leave
tbe Commissioner without a clerk.
Mr. REES, of Morrow, opposed the amend'
meot, as it was important that the Commission
er should visit the various parts of ths State;
and if the practico were discontinued, we might
as well be without sny such officer. - i
Mr. PLANTS said that . this amendment
would not only leave the Commissioner without
s clerk, but leave bim also without so office.
He dwelt npon the importance of continuing
the present system. ,
On motion of Mr. REES, of Morrow, the
bill and pending amendment were referred to
the committee on Schools and School Lands. .
Mr. FL AGO, from the committee on tbe State
House, reported a resolution to accept the work
on the balustrade and band rails of the stair
ways leading from tbe rotunda to the north and
south wings of tbe Stste House, which was re
ferred to a select committee ot three Messrs.
Browne of Miami, Flagg and Plants.
Mr. COLLINS moved that. H. B. 146 To
encourage the formation of volunteer companies
of the militia be taken irom the table, which
was agreed to yeas 46, nays41 ; when ' . ,
The Senate's amendment to the same was
made the special order for .Wednesday next, at
3 r. m,
The report of the Board of Pobllo Works, in
reply to the resolutions in relation to repairs on
the Public Works, was .ordered to be printed
in advance of other work.
Mr. STOUT offered a resolution providing
for an adjournment from May. 18 to November
15, whiob was laid over under the rule.-
Mr. PARROTT introduced H. B. 476 -TO
amend the laws regulating the practice of Pro
bate Courts which was adopted. ..
Mr. JONAS, from tbe select committee to
whom was referred H. .B. 355, reported the
same back, with amendments, wben the bill, as
amended, was ordered toje printed.
Mr. ROBINSON offered a resolution provid
ing for a meeting of the House and Senate, in
joint convention, informally, to ballot ior the
location 01 tne new reniteniiary. wun tne un
derstanding that the nomination so mads shall
be binding npon tnoee woo acceae to tots resolu
tion he convention to be bold on Friday next,
at -a r. m.
Mr. PLANTS moved to fix the time of meet
Ing at 7. 30 P,M.onFriday, whieh 1 was disagreed
HI. . .
Mr. WELSH moved to Amend so as not to
make tbe action of the informal convention
binding, that being a proper snbjeot'ifor the
convention when settled was disagreed to.
Mr. JIUTCHE30N rose to a question of or
der. He said it wsa not proper for the Honse,
as such, to entertain tbs resolution or tha gen
tleman from Union (Mr. Robinson.) Tbe reso
lution proposes that the two Houses meet
joint convention for the purpose of seleoting
site Ior tbe new penitentiary. Tbe House and
Senate are co-ordinate branches of the General
Assembly, under the Constitution. . There can
be no joint convention exoept in accordance
witb the provisions of the Constitution Tbe
gentleman says the convention is te be rnormsf;
I know of nq such convention-: We can not do
an uifmntl thing here, as a House we do ev
erything for mailt, and what we do is formal.-'
It the gentleman wishes concert of action. th4
members of the House and of tbe Senste migbt
meet.aa in.Joiut caucus, and determine tbe
question of location, and vote accordingly,
tney sse nt, in session. . nut we bave no author!
ty for .proceeding in the manner proposed.
would be unconstitutional, aud would deetrov
the co-ordinate character aod the independence
01 toe two nouses. .
Mr. WOODS moved to amend by requiring
tne vote 10 oe etss voce. 1 7:, )(!
Mr PLANTS moved that tbe eubiect be laid
upiu the table, which was agreed to. -u n
Mr Irom the Judioierv eommlt
tee, reported back H- B. , by Mr. 8T0U I"
1 0 prevent tne Xurtuer Immigration of colored
persons into the State and. recommended that
it be Indefinitely postponed.. ,
Mr.. ROBINSON, in reporting npon ibis bill,
said tne obiect ot tbe bill was to drive the col
ored race from the State by Inflicting fines and
penalties upon tnem without charge of crime
He said no one regretted more than tie did that
this race was without a country wherein to livs
separate from tbe white race; and none more
earnestly desired their removal than be did; but
.1 a 1 . 1 , 1 1 .
we plan prvpowu oj tuts 01 Ji is impraciKSSDie,
cruel, ana unconstitutional.
r Tbe- experience Of tbe past, proves tbe law
could not be enforced, and therefore the plan
pot practicable.' " -t ' 1 v ,'J
The 12tb section of the Bill of Rights ol ths
State Constitution provides that "No . person
shall be liable to be transported out o(-4his
State for any offense committed io this State."
Tbe bill makes it an Offense to "come Into the
State," or "neglect to leave the State," and for
"this offsnfee" severe penalties are inflicted
compel their 4anportation: and therefore via
inter also tbe 13th section of the bill of rights,
which provides that "Excessive floes shall not
be Imposed, nor eruol aod unusual punishments
Inflietetli ;' '' '"' b " ,"
One ef tbe punishments l.flicted by this bill
is to declare all contracts void made with this
race, Waioh lseaamtseai and ervrf punishment.
and impalri tbe obligation of contracts."
would be difficult to get more obnoxious and on
constitutional tirCvlelons In one bill than are
found la tbls." fte object in whole is by uncon
stitutional means to do Indirectly what Is dl-
rMiy forbidden to the Constitution. .
He thought the proper mod of gettiagrld of
the evil would be to adopt some system of col
onization by tbe General Govemment.fwbereby
this Inferior race should be removed aud separ
ated from the white race which, would prove a
blessing to both, 1 j ; t h .i I'll
auroTQuT replied Mr, Speaker-! dd n0(
teiTtn;",taent ,B "PPMHX
but time will not now permit me to enlarge np-
on the subject, and I must content myself by
demanding the yeal snd nays. " j. -miBsioner
; The previous Question was domsnded and
taken, and resulted yeas 4'd, nays 4U. .' -clause
I Mr. DAVIS offered a bnmoroua resolution
recommendation of tho majority of the Ju-
IUlUataA.' VUAUUlltlUJ. I J. UtJ aiUVUUI V awwa-y
neat yet to be transacted, and the lateneat of ,
. l
theieasio&, adiconiih me that I ihould ot take
op ue time or the Home by lengtny eprc.ii-
me imporunoe, Dowerer, ine proooiiriou
contained in the bill before the Home it eo
great thaT I cannot rpermlt1he -report of the
,oommltte, to be agreed to,, and, the . bill In-
Ll..AnU.l. '.1 I .Ilk.,! . kl1,tM h
prorislona of uhe bilU Every man npoa thi
floor is aware that our State la this day being
nued ap by the colored people from tbe various
States of this Union. Southern . States have
passed laws compelling the free negroes to leave
those States, and many of the Northern States
nD0 t u ' b k , Drohibitlnff
ln, ,mmigratiou Bnd MUiement ot negwea In
melt re8peouve States. While tbls is tne iaei,
Ohio has. bv her legislative acta and berjndt
cial decisions, thrown widejopen the gates, and
invited tha -afna hlanka ot tha whole earth to
rHnnb in nil ..i1. In (ha St.!. with tha hona
that at no varv distant dav the would have
tbe right of. suffrage bestowed upon themt and
Ubey baveeome down npon us in swarms, at
did tbe fros-s and lice ddou the devoted people
of ancient dsre. This bill, si its titlelindicates,
is Intended to protect the Interest ot the me
chanic and laborer. ' Every msn npon this noor
is fully awsre that Our State is being nnea to
the full with the refuse blacks from other
states, and when hero, tbey will do, as ttiey
bare already done, work for ten cents a aay
sod white beans, and the white man's Is-
bor is brought ln competition with the labor of
(be blsck man, witb a corresponding reauouon
of wages In hit case. Petition after petition,
have poured ln upon us from all lections of the
State for the passage of this bill." Shall we turn
a deaf ear to the earnest prayer ol those we
pretend to represent, snd refuse to pass tbls
bill? Mr. Speaker. It is out of uo spirit oi
hostility to the colored people of this State,
that I introduced and urge the passage
of this bill. Ths colorsd inhabitants aak
its paseaire, as a measure calculated
to protect them from being ran over by the
surplus negroes oi otner bums, eir, in ise oivj
0f Ztnesville, where there is a Urge Colored
nooulation, (and, as a eeneral thing, a rfspecta-
ble, honest and morsl people,) the oolored peo-
o a are verv anxious for tne Basssee oi wis Din
But. sir. men of all polilioal parties, of all con
dltlous in Hie, hsve joined io lending up, irom
the east and from the west, Irom the north and
south, their united prayere for the: passage of
this bill, andanau we reiuse to nearseototneir
entreaties, and spurn the desire of tbe people?
Sir, there are many deep and lasting' reasons
whv the recommendation of tbe majority ol the
I committee should not be agreed to, and the bill,
as it is, oass snd become the lew of the State;
sustained, when the question turned on ordering
the bill to be engrossed, on which the vote was
relation to the black figures on tbe chandeliers.
whioh wss Isid over for discussion
Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, moved that the
House proceed to the election of an additional
Ulerk, whiob was agreea to. u
Mr. BROWNE nomiaated W.J. Dox tetter
ofCovabora. '- i-'
Mr. WOODS nominated Matthias Martin,
Franklin. t . :;. 1
Mr. Doxtetter received 45 votes. 1 4 :
Mr. Martin received 41 votes
W. J. Doxtetter having received a majority
of all tbe votes csst, be was declared duly eleoi
ed. , ! ... 1 .
Mr. CONVERSE moved to take from the ta
ble House Joint Resolution No. 66 Relating
the claim of Jacob L. Vance, when 1 v
Mn PLANTS moved the limit or $400
stricken out. : '-' " t j . . i
, The rcsolntion was then referred to the com
mittee on Claims. ' J ji-.n .. -; '5-.'
Mr. FLAGG, from tbe select committee
whom was referred tbe resolution io relation
the marble balustrades, referred tbe same
back, when It was adopted. W iiji
Mr WOODS gave notice of a bill to amend
the Akron school law so as to provide for joint
English and German schools. - ' : - -1. -
- The House agreed to the Senate's amend
ment to H. B. 459, by Mr. SeoU, of Warren
To amend the law to punish tbe administration
of poisons yeas 79, nays a. i i . - n
Mr. V0RI3, from the select committee,
charged With the duty of ascertaining at what
rate the Columbus Gas Company would furnish
tbe Slate witb gas reported upon the same with
croDoeilion to furnish the totate witb1 gas
$2 50 per 1,000 feet, together with a statement
of tbe cost or manuiaeturing gas dv cnai 00m
nanv. ' ' :.' i ..w
. ' The maiontv 01 : toe commute eeportea
favor of tbe passage of the Senate bill for
manufacture ot gas in tne remtentiary. i in
Mr. VOKla, as a minority ot tbe committee,
recommended that the proposition ofthe Col urn
bus Gm Company be accepted.;
The reports were then laid on tec lauia.lo
printea. -. .-.-n-1
Mr. Hi u litis, irom. toe seiect . committee
whom was referred H. B. 340 In relation
fences reported the; same back, wben it
set for a third reading to-morrow. . . ,..
Mr. MONAHAN offered a resolution .
the Pages, ofthe House be; paid $2 per day
which, was lam on toe taDie. , - ,
Mr.. JREID, from the select committee .,
whom was referred oertain petitions from Sen
eca county, in relation to a city prison in Xenia,
reported it .' io ameqo toe city inoor
notation aot, which was read tbe nrst time
Mr. PLANTS offered the fallowing resolution,
which wsssdoptedi; ,
' Rtiltnd. That the committee on the Penlten
tiarv be lostruoted to inquire into the expedi
nit at offiDlovins a nortion of the convicts
the Penitentiary in tbe manufacture of arms
tbe use of the titatci and that tbey report by
or otberwise,i T.t ',.-.:n t-,ui 1:
wThs House tien adjourneJ.j.H. 0
TUESDAY, April 9, 1861.
1 i .1" .j,-' nri- ' v-i
- rrajer uj twsv. ur-" "f ""i-ir),-;
71 7 j
. 1 -j I MTITlOWl AMD UlaOaUL-
(- Br Mr.'READY--RcmoDstranee of J.
Grigsby.and 93 other business men, of Mue
kingnm county, against tbe tesse or sale of
Pubils Works. Committee on foblio works-.
' "'l ixroaw or manisd i corrTxrj.', "'d
Mr. SCHLEICH. from the Judiciary commit
(ee, reported amendments to S. B 286 For
protection of rtsherrea in,iDe AaaduaXy river
Keierrea to mr urr. (
- Mr, STANLEY, from Ibe Finance commit
tee, reported back H B.'No 366 To reduce
tbe compensation of County-Treasurers,
amendments and a recommendation that!
bill pass. . Agreed to, when the bill came,,
Its passage ., ., , .. -
- Mr STANLEY moved further to amend
that ths act shall apply to Treasurers elect,
and those elected In the future..
Mr. McCALL moved to strike out that clause
of tbe bill which refers to elect or Incumbent
treasurers. ,ist yeas 14, csytio
Those who voted in the affirmative weret
Messrs Brewer, Bonar, Cox, .Cummins, Glues,
Harsh, Jones, McCall, Moore'Morie, Parjsh,
Ready, Sprague, and Stanley 14, .. . ,. . .
' Those who voted in the negative were: Messrs.
Breck, Cuppy, Eason, Fisher, Foster, Garfield,
Key, Laskey, Monroe,' Newman, Orr, Perrill,
Potwin.tSchleicb, Smith, aud White 16.
n Mr. GARFIELD moved to amend tbe bill
tbat tbe act shall apply to Treasurers elect,
not to inoumoenta. ... , K , ...
' Sundry other amendments were adopted, whiob
cannot be embodied in the report without giving
fee wuvio una I v,..fl ' , i l '.',,,.
Mr SCHLEICH moved to refer the hill to
Select committee of one, to return tht portion
Af 111. Kill .r.nnlr ttf. nn mnlina nf Mr fid,.
field, as the bill cannot get a cooatitutiouaf
majority without tbia clause. Agreed to,
the bill was then reported back thus ara-uded,
i i , i nn , ' '
, i uuoq wno voted in tue auirmauTe were .
i Messrs Breck, Brewer, Bonar, Cox. Cum
mirs, Eieon, Fisher, Foster, Garfield, Class,
Harsh, .Jones, .Key, McCall, Monroe, Moore,
Morse, ,.Newman, Parish,, .fotwin, -KeaCy,
Soleicb, Smith, Sprague, Stanley and Wbite-r
.. 'fhn.A tirt vnt.il In In nArretlvA marmT'
.. Messrs. Cnppy, Laskey, Orr and. Perrill
Mr. JUWbS.lrom the Judiciary committee,
commended .the pissage .of 9. B. No.
ameodIngBe County Commlssipneri act, io
to reauke them to make au annual renort to
Couriof-Common Pleat on the second Mondsj
of September. The bill passed.', i. ' . ..
Mr. JOZIES, from the mme committee, report
ed Some amendmenta to and recommended
jaesage of H. B. 406, amending the justices
WKgunmnv tr e,tatav "- I I
eating witnesses for coits, in .case Indiatment Is
r - . i it A niL a. 1 1 1 !
relation to crlmipul oae.Jt fitttlio I
i.. tn. tAir. aPAiirit fmrrt nriifl
fnnnii h th. r.,ii inr-J Tha bill tiaaaatl. I
.oi.....n,.. i 1 -a f
JO" uBuvm. i.j v1 - . y v m
n,r m .. . '
mr. liUA, irom tne tame commiuee, racom
mended the passage of H. B. 41) J: changing tbe
timesof official rsporta of cfinnty officer Irom
June to September. . It amends the ot requiring
annoal settlements by county olBcerBv' Passed.
f JMr SCHLBICH, frum:,tUe ms oommlttee,
recommended the passage of S. B. No. 250 To
Increase the salaries of certain olUcers."1' Vljti
4UUga ai mi, .w,u.'i" wiuHVUfivHau.i.pr,'J
y . j r . i. . r1 . f r1 di
1.000. '
Mr. BCHLiiiUii saia ne was aiso lnstruotea
to report back S. B. No.,$70, which repeals the
let providing for certain Judges the bill cutting
off 14 Judges ol Common Pleas, snd recom-
mended its passage, ne tnougnt mis a measure
of first class ecouomy in potb. directions..
UTm Cl VUUUU1U IU uviU. Mis wwkiws).. - "7
Mr. MoCALoppiwd W pB8gef tb bill
fto. newouBu.au
.t. nrn it .i U.H f ..U.Ue I
unnecessary. Tbe existing salaries are aumcienj
to commandthe beat talent In his "cotton, and
V. AiA .At hollos ihMMtii tiM(!iarv in most
UC U.U MW "-"' J I.
secilonsoiineDiam. . . -. .
.l .l.-ai-. I
mr.juniio muvuu wj buuowiu.o ti,ww u. i
. inhina l . ...k. IhI. Mil 1 ...
annum for Judges, Instead of $2,000, and advo-
in...... nf a.ftrlo. nnoAaaarv ioi ale-
vate the courts. He thought Judges illy com
"" - -r- .
pensated, and that unless better compensation
l viven. the courts will be deeradod bv Inferior
talent, since man of the proper grade of 'talent
cannot be obtained lor $l,oUU.
onot oe ootaineo ior jii.uuu. , .1
14- a t 1 Ml I? V ..1 ,. .aaIi.Iu u had
oommanded the best crade of talent, and he I
I'll U I 1111 UU I BRIU IU, Ult.vuf g.iMii.
vu onnosed
exoerience teaches that they cannot be reduced
Mr. BREWER said some ol the judges in nis
si ction bad aeked for increase of compensation
His neoole had never had any difficulty In get
ting the best talent for $1500, aud be protest
ed Bff&inatanv alteratiou in salaries, until it is
established that tho proper talent cannot be bad
for that monev.
1 Mr PARISH 1 was 1 inclined to oppose the
amendment, because. If tbat was agreed to he
was airald the bill would pass and be was total
ly opposed to It. , He thought inoresse of sala
ries unnecessary. He bad .lived a long time
in Ohio, and hie exoerience illustrated that com.
pensation to publio officers bad increased out of
proportion to population ana business, ne aia
not think increased salaries would secure any
better talent on tbe bench.
Mr. SCHLEICH said tbatwhen salaries were
ftl.000 a year the cost of liviug was less than
half what it is now.
Mr. PARISH did not agree with him, and bo
thought tbe expenses of judges in traveling are
much loss than in 'Abe earlier, biatory or the
State, and their jurisdiction is much lens extend
Mr. McCALL said the Senator from Fairfield
had a bill reduoioe thi number of fudges some
14 , That bill migbt pass, but if the salaries of
tbe remainder were increased, it would soon be
found necessary to make more districts. Judges
would become more elevated in their ideas, de
sire smaller districts, and want less work. The
tendency is to increase salaries unnecessarily
The policy of the State should be economical
Mr. McCALL moved to lay the bill and amend
mentson tbe table. Agreed to yeas 15, nays 11
Mr. SCHLEICH now reported back S. B No.
270 To reduce the number of supernumerary
judges, but by request it wss withdrawn for the
present. ,- ...,h(f --!,,;
. Air. CUA, from the same committee, report
ed 3. B. No. 292 Supplementary to the bill
regulating marriages. The bill simply reme
dies a defect iu the law-.-
thought tbey would couunuetodosw .ine oest
lawyers generally desire to be. Judges. He ob
jected to the tendency to Increase salaries. He
to it. Salaries can be raised, but
Mr. GARFIELD presented the petition
John G. Dungan aud others, of Trumbull coun-
r lor a law authorising laa incorporation 01
e oil regions about Mecca. Referred to the
committee on Municipal Corporations.
The senate then took a reoesa. r r.
TUESDAY, April 9, 1861.
, .
, ,
t '
4.' 1
Prayer by Rev, J. .G. Grammar.
Tha following bills were resd a second time
and referred:'
' H. B. No. 471, by Mf7STUBB3 To amend
the first section of an aot to amend the act enti
tied an aot to amend tbe act entitled ao act for
the prevention of certain .immoral .practices.
Temperance.- i' A r Ik ... j
1 11 B. No. 472, by Mr. DAVIS-Supplcmen-teiry
to an act entitled "an act to create a lien
favor of Mecbautcs and others In certain cases."
H B. No. 473, by Mr JONE3,of Hamilton,
from tbe standing committee on Municipal Cor
porations io authorize the commissioners
Montgomery couhty to buna a bridge across the
Urcat Miami river at JJayton. Montgomery
countv deleiration
II. B. No. 47, bv Mr. TVIUSSON-Enabling
juries to qualify their verdiots in certain cases,
was roau a miru time, wuen
i Mr. MUSSON explained that the bill pro
vides tbat jurors may direct, when finding per
sons guilty of murder, that tbe convict shall be
Imprisoned for life, instead of capital punish
ment. It was . intended, to -meet ? those oases
where men clearly guilty of murder in the firtt
degree are found guilty of murder In the arc-
rid degree, because juries will- not take the
risk of a capital verdict against a man in cases
where punishment' would otherwise be made
oertain and prevent that approach to perjury
irequent wun juries, when they cannot bring
themselves to convict csptally,:i? at-i.
Mr. STOUT opposed the bill because, be said,
it was ln violation of the higher law aod their
injunctions of scripture. He enlarged upon the
scripture .argument m Jayor q.cpitai puDiah-
ment." -'-
a Mr. VORIS moved the bill ba referred to the
Judiciary committee,witb instructions to amend
so' as to save tbe prosecution of oficnces under
tbe preseut statutes.
3. Mr. JONAS moved to amend the instructions
ao al to except cases ot murder in the first de
gre. - wrr ;.;, rjC3 Jit iUi'lJ"
-J The bill and pending amendments wore
then referred.
H. B. No. 216-To amend an act entl tied
an act for tlie further prgaulzation.'aod dis
cipline of the militia and volunteer militia,"
.passed March 23, 1859, was read a third time,
and passed yeas bl, cays VI.
,t H. B. No. 340, by Mr, SEARS To amend
an act entitled "an act to amend an act entitled
aq act to regulate enclosures, and to provide
'against trespassing animals, "pissed January
1840, passed February 31 859 was redjt..thlld
time.when -' - -i
Mr. STUBD3 explained tbe provisions of
bill, and the amendment that had been adopted
oy toe committee to which tbe bill bad been re
.a Mr. SEARS offered an amendment, providing
tnat outeiue fences may be irom a teet o inches
to 4 feet six Inches high, according to, material.
and allowing tbe lower board of a fence to be
inches irom the ground. Tne efleot of this
amendment would be to prevent hogs from run-
nliio- At InroA.
i Mr. DEVORE moved to'amend by requiring
tbe lower board to be within four inches of
i Mr. MoCLUItO lupporled Mf.SeaMarhesd.
ment, aa it would keep swine out of the high-
i way, where they are an intolerable nuisance
tie described tbe efleot of allowing bogs to run
at largo and roof bjr1 tha waysides, ' with their
frequent Inroads npun yards and gardens. In
deed, be said, though there is money in tbe hog.
neu asoroiuious cuss, uu men wquw oe bet
tr to be rid of. -' " ' 1 T '
: Mr. McSCHOOLER approved these amend
ments. He thought the bill as before tbe Honse
altogether better suited to the people and tbe
condition oi the country than these amendments
wouia De. ue was lor the bin as it is.
j (Mr. HILLS supported tbs amendment of Mr.
Sears, as .prefer abl ,tO thoTbUl bcforei-the
House. He tumght the people tbemaelrea
would adapt themselves to the use of the law.
Mr. CARLISLE defended the bill aa it is.
It had been tarelully1 considered by tbe com.
mittee, and that kind of fence had been recom
mended that la convenient in all parts oLihe
. Mr. FELLtWJ objected to; the. bill Tn'an
form. , Jle jrpuldlsitpe the whole matter m(
fencing' to (he people, themselves. i'.Ho feared
that this bill weuM lead tOL-m-ermioable law.'
suits and quarrels." ' ,'-lf
Mf. HUGHES objected Wlhfl'menimeul9fi
Mr. eearsi I hat, he said, was tbe original form
of tbe bill, which bas been' decided egainst by
tbe House ah d. tb "oomml tleea whonv it iai
been referred. He sre'-frad tbs preweot lair te
, L. I . k-l it w .4.... . i ,:',.
HitB viu n hu, ainguunii, . tv
- ...
. , , . " , , . , , I
(Thlswou.J tare rails in number and the length
a! an (a 'ini an 1 11 I a at Ha ttn Ul4t nrtaa I
- -
mems iwer. maue wucu 7; "
a select commute , Mf' Rees, ,ofFranaiin.
H.. B.' 'No.ll43tl,' Jjy Mr. VUM.10, irom a
Select Committee 10 oimioisn tne numoerui
) Mr. (Bj: ARS defended hfa. amendment, be-
causa it uld mlta fence whore tiaioor .euoarce.
time tliev will last. He held that no one
a -Iffht' to nun tha nnhtin hishwav foranv-l
- r- , - .
.LI., k.., iMWal .an.nl. 11- If m lh l.n.na. Al
vqiuk " vi-hj .
anotner -
rMMr; DEV0RE desired seslttve law on this
subiect. and be was, tnereiore, la favor or tnis
kill In a nrnnff ahftDa, He SSid It WIS SS nCCOS
ar in hmirt nnces QOWU aa Wl'U as up, a uieo
lower rail would tempt bogs to trespass, and
lead to. cinarrels and law-suits
The previous question was demanded and!"
"The amendment of Mr. Devore was agreed
- - ;v ' :V.''.77r'. iV f
Tbe amendment ot Mr. Seirtwal then agreed
to, wnea v , . . . ,.i.,
The vote wis taken on the pssiage of tn bill
wnicn reauiiBu jean u, uuj iu,
""9 -r l 11
To amend tbe Akron Mhool U, flOMtOl
ttrlai IVin inint Itlntfliall Ana Uifffltn atCQOUlla I
r,TT .7 . . '
wnicn w.n ra. ,ub r ZT
H, B. No. 834, by Mr.; KUUiiKa--jo pro-
vide for the creation and regulation Ot jnaJKet
huiM Mnmn.rtlA.. ST.. .!, . Ln-. LHiril. UHHI !
. . - . . . 1 ' . .
" " .. .... , "
.hH I f-iu; iij p 1. .1 " i t..-. - - 1
Mr. ROGERS explained the object or tbe
hill to be to IncorDorate companies to build
nuH i
-- r . . ....- . ' 1
produce Dssrs ,nste.a;. : u Pr.u. - p
market bouses J -J - -
1 ne Dill wan men pn-aeu, y-n u, ujo v, 1
U. B- No- 427, by Mr REES, 01 Franklin,
hnfid. ,tti. Apantinn mil 0ii. I
V " f V: T , T...rfl3..l... ...
l.tinn nl Tliwlmhin Asrioultural DOOietieS! was
.aw. ' r CT . . , I
read a third lime, when a tew vernal amena-
r.nmmon Pleas Judges, and alter certain judi
cial districts therein namednjwas read a third
time, a-han-i - - e 1 : W. ' -7 i,
Mr. KERR, moved to amend by eiriawg out
the provision applying the bill to the second
subdivision of tbe 4th ludicial district. 1
Mr. WOODS ob ected to this motion , because
if the bill wal amended to' favor this district, 1 1
should be amended to accommodate other dis
Pending this, the House took a recess, t
....... .......... ..i
Ex-President Buchanan at Home.
From the Sunday morning Chronicle, the first
number of which bas lust been issued at wash
Ington, wo select the following from a Lnncanter
letter : . -. . .... ,
Mr. Buchanan's style ol living, since bia re
turn home, Is, as it always bas been wben here,
plain aod unostentatious. Occasionally, he Is
visited bv some oi bis personal irienas, woo
are treated witb the hospitality which we might
expect to receive from a polite, well Informed
country geutieman "one oi tne oiuen ume.
His four years' association among the refined
and brilliant circles of Washington bas cot, in
the slightest degree, disposed bim in bis retire
men I to imitate tho flash snd fashion which
blazed around him tbefe. Everything is quiet
and unobtrusive, strictly in accordance with the
Democracy of tbe old sobool, and entirely strip
ned of its court tinsel or its mimickrvi Al
though tbeowner of as fine a span of horses as I
have ever seen, and . a superb carriage, he pre-
r 11.1 I-.- .1 -L..u .... U..J.
lers wanting mui tuo giij vu uuuruu uu nuuuujr
morning, aud during the week to the postoffice,
where he oan usually be found. This will not
be' the case, however, after the Republican, Mr
Cochran, and his assistants, bave taken posses
sion., ilut uo doubt bis quarters win oe men
equally agreeable. THe discusses little now
about Government affairs, bis appetite ln rela
tion to tbem, no doubt, baring long since been
fully satisfied; and quite as little ot prominent
and distinguished men; hli experience, like that
of many others, being that they are not always
tbe safest counselors, or those in whom tbe larg
est amount of confidence can be reposed. He
is evidently preparing his mind and disposition
for engagement in those literary pursuits with
which be designs to close up tbe labors of a life
" U. W Un .
man named, Wjn, HammeU of Pottsville; mw
an inmate of the 8tate Lunatic"' Hospital, near
this city, lor lour years past was so lame from
rheumatism as to render locomotion, without
the aid of cautehes, Impossible. Oh - Thursday
last, to the great snrprise of all who saw bim,
be walked away irom his bouse without the aid
of crutches. ' It was discovered also that he had
suddenly become a maulao through tbe severity
of his (offerings; the same cause wbioh had re
stored him to the use of bia limbs depriving
eim of his reason. Harruburg Telegraph. '
A curious anecdote is told of Frsncls II.. late
King of Naples -ADsrson having dispatches for
tbe Minister of, Justice,' wandered about rGaeta
to find his pflice. Entering a dismantled' build
ing, he saw a man sitting on a pile of papers,
who answered his inquiries by saying he was ths
minister. He then asked where he conld find
the minister of war. "Here," was ths reply, "I
am the minister;" adding: "Finding myself be
traced - bv. every one I trusted. I am mv own
minister ot war in the morning, chancellor
the ,afterhood,"iitld prefect of police at night.'.
It waslndetd, Francis II.,-himself.' " -""
Srrcir Pavmxnt in thi Con? idkratk States.
Mr. Memminger Secretary of the Treasury
or the uonirderate mates,- nas addressed a cir
cular to each of tbe banks of the Confederacy,
recommending the adoption or a resolution
redeem in speole such of their respective notes
ss may be paid in pnon the authorized loan
tbe Confederacy. .This measure, Mr. Mem-
mincer states, is necessary to prevent the in
equalities and confusion which must else arise
from tbe paytbg of snbscrlption in Currencies
varying values. He also urges the present
the most desirable time tor a general resump
tion of specie paymenji. , z
Colonel RstlW.'wrrb was arrested with the
late General. Walker, and who has been held
a prisoner ever since, by the authorities of Hon.
duras, bas been released by President Guardiola.
This bas been effected, it Is understood, through
the friendly mediation of the British Consul
Honduras. ..Colonel Jlodler ckmeTpassenger
New York In ibe eUamsr riortbera,i.ight. -v
HT Allehnuld read Pre f. Wood'a advertise
ment In another eolhmn.1 vt
I t'iVi'iw. , i,
nw Advertisements.
shiu'nabre Milliner A Xpcni
AT -n-
On Thursdat, AraiL 11, 1861, Coldmsus, Ohioi
l ' Ladies are especially invited to call
ejr9:d2t J" . "
1 T4. reliable bailneas men to aeenre a profitable manu
facturing builneai, reqnlrln bat a. small capital la
eeuwiuumeniana proeeoauoD.':. .- .
- The manufacHire sonaiat (a Ihe application of a pe
culiar composition or enamel to common red bricks, and
a variety of other bnliduut material, ornamental archi
tectural flnUhioga. .ceilings, tiles for floors and tor
rooBog. . . . ii v. '
This enamel mar be tinted of lor color, from tha
purest white to tbe deepest black, with all ths oolort
and ihaue, between.. It impart, to the artlolea to which
it It applied a hardness and durability almost incredible,
aod a beauty snrpaMlng that of the rareet and moat ooatly
of the wiegtted fmurtilee, and, enllko them, is imponn
ons to aioliture, and Will Jiever fade, aUln. or deterior
ate, coating bat a fractional part of the price of ordinary
marnie, r. it. mi?-
It is alto. valuable fo? table aad stand tops, mantle
plecei, monuments, and an endleee variety of other arbV
oiea oi aiapie nae. . The p rooaia of applying tho enamel
Is slmule. while the article, enameled will nnmud
reedy sale, affordln large kruAla. . Ke,pohlble oartiea
waj pruc'uro iicenaea ior manniaciarini nnaer me pat
ent for any city or prominent ttsatn the United HLtiea.
t7 applying to the eubMrlber. , A small taria oa the ar
tlolea manuraetured will be reanired for kite nee of the
Invention. Ulrauler stylos lull varUouhua wUl ba for
warded to all aiiplicaols. . . . ... ,1
. The aoperioT merit and baaatv of thla enameled ho fid-
tog material to anything to aae bos the unqualified In
donement of many of Uu meal emlaeaV arohltMts aud
acleolluo men of Uiu and other ciU. .; .1 i ' -' '
or particular! aildrees v.i,,. h '":' .(,
til JH-H0'TtAlt.s
Oaaeral Ateotl for Soamsled EaUdlDg Katsrlal,
iaps oSm, W A.0AJ VS., IW TORE, -
n tarilTsuVnd 3 Inch., by 04 frt and 0 Incbe.
off south end of said ln No. 888. m.aldcHyof
oolumbus, u del.nated In tho recorded plat of Oroi-
ny a seoonajiaaition to said city.
It B WntiTOii, PRiWen. - iac aiiUTT, uecreury. -
Ret CMh Assets, February I, 1801, V
, 3O,OOOsO30.7-l- '
iCpAUths Produaradrvided among tlieiniured.nl ,
' FRQP'K J. FAY, Agist,
Carpsntsr i Bnlldlnrt 117 Bautb. Blgb Btrcet
, Vsin" ! K' -
State of vOhitj. Franklin County.
ll " " " r, Bfi, My MM M WUV Kill M M9JmU 1
panu&nt to th jiUpn.-t.tor Xh Superior Court of
VntDftllai vuumy, ui ciru ACUOn Wneitia Alien Us 1
Thurman is alalnllff and Loreo.o Kate and Ann K..
bis wlfe.and Alewnde, a. siew.rta.e der.ndania.and nn
or4,r0f aieiherioiMaedanddireetedtome,Oeornew..
Huffman, Bherll or uld county and Bueoial Maiter Coo-
l,..i In ..III Mil.. T 111 ..II .. ., .
IDIIVIUUal u I .-.,. nuilllV BanilUD. .1
ih. door of tha Court Houw of aald oon.ir in ih. .ii.nf
nninmhua.in t&ui widit. on ine imki. ni ii v
. .. . . : . ' '
MA v, a. D. 1861, betweea the noun of 10 and 11
o'clock A. M ., (he following real etute, to wit :
n..l..l.a. Ilia SniiUivnat unrnar i Inlnt ..-.h..
.,7.3 a.T,utr.r
Addition to the city of Colnmbna, Vmnkllo ooonty,
0nl0. meoce, with tne weal fine ei Bum etreet, North
Vt desreea. Weet ai feet and 3 Inobeej thenoa. parallel
wit rran.iiD etreei, oouin 10 ueuirc, nm uvieeiann
Incbaa; theno-, parallel with Sixth street, South 18 .
1... 11 ... ..j 1...1... ni,ii
UDIIl.l. .w.il. l.ci.u. lll.ui. iv iu .HI. .
,henco,wlih the Korth aide of rranklln atreet. North 78 .
Term,, cash In hand.
Appraised at 9750., .
' . . Sheriff and Special Alaater Gommiaaioner,
as aforesaid,
April 8, 1801-apr9:5tw ...
I xx Oolumbuse
April 13tbatndl5tli,l8Gl. ' '' '
Bnblecl for Ratarday Irenln-"THB KABLT SATs
Subject for Monday Evening "TUB U82aV Ot AM
TRONOMY." ....
Tloktts !5 cents. Reicrvei teats SO cents. '
Doors open at 7 o'clock. Lectures to commence at 8
o'clock. i .
Tickets for referred teali may be hai during the day,
Saturday, April 13th, at Ihe Hall. ape-did
JCOIDcef, 3D William Street, Mew York City, ud
PiBeoxe' Buildiho, Ootumbos, Ohio
Uncareful attention paid to Oollectlona .
april8:d0m , , .
SON my DRTJO STORE, which la removed from the
oorner of High and Gay etreet, to Ihe Southwell corner
of Broad and High streets, Colombo,, Ohio. -
With many thanl.e to my former patrons and coitom-
era, I respectfully request the continuance nf their fa-
yort to my aarceMor. llaNRi H. NEIL.
Uolambaa, April 1, ltUI.
BT0RM of Mr. Henry M. Neil, I have opened
anew on the Southweat corner nf Broad and Ulgh streets,
Ooiumbua, Ohio biing th old and rtliallt Hani (or
Unit buslnttt for many years.
I have a freah and well aeleeted a took of Pw JftdO
cine: nd'ure Chemical; together with 1'aintt, Oil),
rirrnuiee, co. uiuany aepi in men an eetabllahmtnt.
IO FaaKRirTioNe earelully and Dromotlv eoranonnd-
d. -
J Store open at all hours of thedny and night. .: i
' I reapeetlully solicit the patronage of Ihe public.
Oolumbus, April 1, 18C1 aprCrdlm
;..r:- REMOVAL.
! S. Doylo cfs Oo.
to ths South-west corner of Ulgh and friend r
And will continue to keep on hands a large stock ol ' '
The attention of Merchanta and Dealrra la rMntrnI.
ly Invited to onr stock. 8. OOYLB Uo. -
J,maTchea:dtlllJuly3l. . . .
i Noreltlts in Neck Ties and Scarfe.
I . ''
t i , , . Byron and Oarrote Collars.
. . KmhroiUered Pocket Ilandkercblefl-
Fatli Kid Olfivea, superior make.
Oolilen Hill Sblrte, yarloua ety lee.
Boye' Golden Hill Shirts, do i - r ;
Driflng and Street Olovei, do '
Hemmisd focket nndkerchiefs', various styles.
Half Hoae and Under Uannents,
. . i. BAIN k. BOX,
P"" No. 59 South Ulgh street.
or Seminal Weakneas, Sexual Debility, Nervoutneu.Ia
voluntary Emluione and Impotancy, reiultlni Iroul
Self abit'e, Ac. By Hobt. J. Culverwell, M. D. Sent
under seal, In a plait) envelope, to any addreai,po,t
paid. On rroelpt of two atamps, by l)r, C1IAS, J.O .
KMNIt W Bowery, New l'ork. Voat Office Box. Nj
.. " ' . mar81:3mdfcw
. couaii
las till TIIIIOAT and .
Includiaes; VIIOOPIng
COUGH, aesd every'
ComplAlut the forerno
nerof, and even actual
I .'.. '. ;
The Great NS-.niai.
jGIUKEiriKOV and Nat.
urai urisri:, adapted
to every species of Ser
rano Complain to, Ner
vous and . Cli rani e
Ileadacke, Kheiima.
tiain. Catarrh, Tooth .
and Ear Ache, Laa af '
Sleep, and Howel Com.
fUUHW. , f
T j r
No ml Juatioo'oan be done the' above nrmMratlnna
but by procuring and reading deacrlptivo pampbleui.s
bo found with all dealers, or will be ernt by Proprietor.'
on demand, formulae and Trial Bor Ilea amt n Phirf
eiaae, who will find development la both worthy toelr
acceptanoo and approval.
Correspondence solicited from all whose necessities or . .'
curiosity prompts to a trial of ths abov reliable Heme 7 ?
dies. .. ' , . . ,
for sale by the uiual wholesale' and retail dealet"
everywhere. . , y
1 : Ke. 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Haw.
Roberts 4c Samuel, N. B. Marple, J. R. Cdolc, J. ll" '";:
Denig, . Donig At Sons, A. i. Bchaelter A Bon, Scents -tor
Oolnifffins. Ohio. ... . . myl-cily
In all eases of OMHveneas, dyspepsia, billions and liver "
affections, piles, rbeuautlsB, fovers sad agues, eiatt ,
nate head aches, aad all geaaral derangeeaents of health i i I
these Pill have Invariably proved a certain and speedy
remedy. , A single trial will place the Life Pills beyond ...
thereschofooaipetltion ia theeatjma-oa of ertry pa
tient. . .iv-.'i v ' . , .,: Ot.
Dr. Moffat's Phoenix Bitters will he found dually et
ficaeious la all cases of nervous debllibjr, dyepopsa, head t
ache, the rickseas Incident to females io delicate health,
and every kind of weakness of the digestive Organs,
For' sale by Dr. W. B. U0IIAT, 335, Broadway, N. I. . ,
andbyUI)f-rgi,a. - anyS9-dwly- .
TLo following' ii1 ail' extract from ft.
letter wrlttea by the Rev. . B. Holme, paster o( the-'- -
Plerrepolnt-Stnet Baptist Charch, Brooklyn, N. Y.,ta .
the" Journal and Messenger," Cincinnati, O., and speaks ,
volumes la favor of that world-renowned medicine, MRS .
Wissuow's Soothwo Svaor roa Cuiuani TaaT-siMi
"'Weaeean adverlUment In vour . oolnmna of Hat
WiMLOw'e SoorniNO SvRur, Now w never ealda word
In favor of a patent medicine before in onr life, bo two '
feel compelled lo aay to your readera that this is no bun ' '
bug wanaTiTam it, -no know n n m iu R
CL-ia. It ia prolably one of tbe moat sui-oeasful medi mil
dnee of thaday, becauae It la one of Uie beat. And IboeOiu (
of your readera who have babies can't do better Uin m
lay in a supply." v , ..4.4,1 ' ocS7:iyaatr vk,n
BtreatHuaaeaaadalantlaa: alio. RU-h Trlmnki
aBdTaamwloaiatoa,at --. BAXN
majW .

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