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Jf Aft?ir;tlu PAUn, -- v .... v.
lies Joseph JL Swan,
, wiiBSvrxs rax iibiarofs or titssv-
iwlinnd In rwentvnlna volume, of the Ohio an Obi
- Stats Reports.) T, r- . .(
.. . mi L D OoflVtNIINT INDEX. Vl-'
iIo T Roys' 8r0 Glomes. Prlc $10 00.'
No car rerpensehee been .pared to aiak the wort
Mrfaotsatf rellaM. to alt respects.
It dm naw kb. WletattTS aucUoa, hTlcr M" ap
proved by nearly the unanleioue rots of both oowt,
JndWMOrtdo a distributed to the following Btate
aad County oracers; . - ,
... a.i unnrmna Judres. Beer
c.r of ?rrcr; x
various Courts lo.ech county, Ul "'h"i
eoete and Hou of Repr-enUtlw. of thu Slate, and
aow Eree'end unauthoritative oon.tni.tlon of them
SdU?tKn?0oMUt.U. will . h fn? "P""1
J, ueful In tho performance of their duties, to all , .
10WNBHIPTRUBTKK8, ' . ,, .. r
. C 0, . CLERKS Of T0WNSHIP8, and
' .,. .'. air omoiRB..--n ,
Tmanwk savory many changes have boon mule In th
. H TrnMinaHnn of the last edltlODf, by re
peal, alterations sn addition, and many important d
elaton. havs been given by tha Bupreme Court on oou-
Jtoo oyal Boo. FoJwri A(n Ifundrei
-. - " '
r. a I Bttwf l Binding. Price $10.00. '
frbUaWdbr ... . : ' -'
Law PablUhen. BookKllcn; Butloneri and ImporUra.
Mo. 65 Wort fourth atreet.
fcal8:d9ai:ia 1 Olnelnnatl, 0.
. junmn xiuxb, rubiunen.
IT. MANVl-EBlJIKt Eaitor.
to imrftr ixser
TJVJf. i
aAowd kmdtd 4n fry TWJ. JS V Ul.Vi.Ji
n taa day nfpudiioation. .
CTThe Journal is ready to snrreoder the
Border Slave States and turn them ovr to the
Southern Confederacy. Tbis fact being so, why
iot it desire a conflict with the Sontb.and wby
im it rejoice in the war policy of the Admins
Speech of Hon. Joseph F. Wright.
TbotDeecb of Bon. Jossru F. Wiioht, ol
Baailtoo county, ca (be bill to amend section
lzty thrae of the School Law, t be found In
Our colamn to day, will be read with interest.
The subject i one ol Importance, and Mr.
Waiowr dkeaese it la a very able manner,
which all whoTrad bis speech will readily con
aada. whether the acreewith him or not Is the
positions he advance.
aTJtisems frost the tolefrt that ; Gov
Dmhison has as-ured Mr. Lincoln that Ooio
will stand up to the war policy, which our State
Executive, wiih others, ha urged upon the Ad
ministration at Washington. We may, then
look (or a war message from Gov. Dcnmson to
the Legislatore, is a very short time, and the
people, If they like the fun, can prepare to pay
tho .heavy taxes which will be Impcted upon
them, to supply means to inaugurate a civil war.
How will they like lit - '
IT The present war movement are on too
extentivv a scale to be carried on long without
mm money than will be brought In by Secre !
tary Cka&i's loan and Treaiury notes, loolnd
lag the lean income derived from customs un
do tho Morrill tariff. Old Asa will soon find
tho T'OMory . empty, and be obliged to call an
xtra acesioB of Congress to provide "tho sinews
ot war.". - Sat it is said he will not take this
too until war is actually begun.' Perhapi, he
It afraid, or hi radical advieero are, that if Con
great ohould be balled together while the coun
try to at peace, some meant wonld be deviled,
or at least attempted, to prevent war and tare
' tho Union. But tucb meant will become more
difionlt to find and less likely to succeed, when
blood hat onee begun to flow.
Facts to be Remembered.
-Tie people mutt not forget that from the timt
Ot .a Inauguration of Abiahim Lincoln until
within tb put four or five days, the country
ki been aasnred that If wonld be the chief ob-
)oet oT tb "Administration to pursue a pacific
pollc toward th acceded State, and that In
faoe confidence in all the border States, which,
acting on the Cotton Stateo, must ultimately
destroy th secession movement.
Governed by thlt principle, the Adminiatra-
tiM we la fact ou the giving hand, and it wai
announced, nearly three weeks ago, that Fort
Sumter would be evacuated. Every thing look
d peaceful, even more to than the policy of Mr.
Bocwanan toward the South.
All of a sadden, and within the put four or
iv day, tb whole policy of tho Administration
bat "been changed, and now we hear of nothing
but war, war, war! The Republican Governoreof
tbe virions northern States, have either visited
, Washington ia person, or, by letter and th use
of th telegraph, hive corref ponded with Mr.
Lincoln, and brongbt all tbelr combined influ
ence to work to put tome backbone Into Old
Abe; and wby tnd for wbatT ,
Th object of these desperate politicians is
not to induce Mr. Lincoln to take step to
ouciliat tbe Border Slav States, and strength
n the hinds of the Union men in all tbe South.
Tot that. They care not a stra w for the Union .
Indeed, many oi them are its most bitter ene
mies, aad ear not bow toon a permanent dino
lutioa ia wrought. .... : ,
Bat they want to save the Republican party,
so that it may continue to heap tbe honors and
. distinctions of tho Isnd upon them ; and finding
that the party bad become very much weakened
bee tb November clectlce, at evidenced by
. tb recent, elections, tbey demanded of Mr
Lincoln a war policy le sip th Rrfvblictn
arff .. With tha leader sod office-holders in
tha patty, th Uulon bat no consideration when
It comes Is cobfiist with what they deem the
interest of tb party. Tb latter mnst, if pos
eibl, be saved, though th former be severed
and broken up forever. - "
. Heno th nw, sodden nd vlgnroos war
pdiej which 1 cow put on foot, the effect of
wblob will b to driv th Bolder Stales out
of .the JJoion, and. mikt .a perpetual ditto
lutioa. TU wail bmosmmI it put a fool i .
it U tM Iht RipMcan 'ftif 'ftonx tttrtkrtw
mud ruin , tUisuh Iht rnuti we cwsf sei1 Be,
ieubt, thl aerswsewt stisWiia tf iht Un.
Thut, thee men th leader and magnate
Of tb party--have induced Mr. Lincoln to take
a iUp which will crllt,Iy driv cfl tb Birder
Slav Suttt, and thut perpetually dluolv tt
Union, mAk hi( aw
war aU 4 offf merely
the linking lortuoe of id boprlDclpled u "
patrlfltlo polidoal partj.. Buoh dinDlng od
diabolical deaigo tu never OoucelTed b J an j
body of men before; ndjn time to oomBi
the triDiactloni of the oreeenl flay iww
dlupMiionatcly, the, eetort in tbie Jb'vT
treason to the Union, to humauity ma diBBKioo,
will be consigned pUce among the most infa
mous men of the pail ige of the woria.- f .
iiiU ri!
Proposals for Treasury Notes.
The balance of the eight million loin, amount
ing to nearly fire million dollar, which was not
covered by the accepted bids on the 3d insl.. U
offered la the form of Treasury Note. . The
advertisement of S. P. Chass, Secretary of the
Treasury of the United States, appears in the
New York papers, aUtlng that sealed proposals
will be received at the .Treasury Department
at Washington, until ten o'clock, to-morrow
(Thursday) mornine. the 11th Inst., for $4,wi
OOfy In , Treasury Notes, or any part thereof,
bearing interest at sis per cent, per annum,
navable semi-annually, redeemable in two years.
receivable for pubiio debts, or, at the option of
the holder, convertible into six per cent, bonds
of the United States. . , , ,.,,
The proposals must state the rate bid for
each one hundred dollars, and the whole amount
in coin must be deposited with an Assistant
Treasurer in equal Instalments, at five, ten and
fifteen days respectively, or the whole amount
within five days after the acceptance of the bid,
the option of the boldr. . No projoJ at
less than par will receive consideration.
Thus, the new Administration has, at the
very onset of its career, inaugurated the policy
of raising money by meant of the issue of Ireas
ury notes, wmon was bo oaioua iu vne eyes
T f J! l it
its party during President Buchanan's Admin
titration. But what waa a great sin In Bo-
chimin's Cabinet ii oi eourse pure patriotism
Abc Lincoln's.
Congressional Districts.
The Republican numbers of the Legislature
have bad, for several weeks past, private or
cret aessloDB, with a view to settle their differ
ences and bring in a bill to district the 8tate for
Congressional purposes, for which they should
all be pledged before it was reported. Tho fol
lowing U said to be their bantling. It Is a beau
ty. We suggest to them that it it hardly worth
while for them to pass it, since we expect the
Democracy to have the next General Assembly!
sod then the viie thing will certainly be repeal
ed. Here it it 4 - - , r .
lat District Tb following- wards and township
Hamilton ooo t: 7th, 8th, 10th, 11th, 12th. 14th. 15th
ICth wards; also ihe pratinoi of Mill Creek town-hip,
nuw in becond Sittricii Green. Btons, Dtlhl. Miami,
ai.d Whl ewater towoihipe. Population, US.OOO; clear
Bepmllraa majorliy, I Ottl
to Pi.trtct Wardi. lit 8d,3d. 4th, 5th. Cth 9th 13th,
17tb; Andersvn. Colnmbia, "pencer, Bmmes, Sycamore
surinsSeid, iwo pieclaci ol Mill Creek. Ooleialfl.Oro
by at.d Barrison Uiwoihlps. and Bailer eonmy.
XI D'ttrlcl frehle, MontffaeMiy bark. Miaail.
4th Di'trlct Dcftance. lieory. PaaldiDf, Patnan, Tan
Wert. A lea, Hancock, Mercer. Aoclalip, Oardin
Jib DinrlctwiiliaiBS, Pulton, Xcas, Wood, Ottawa,
Bammaky. Beneoa. . ,
6 h District Warren, Clinton, Payette, TJie-hland.'
7ih District Orient,' Clark, Madison, Champaign,
Shelby, Lofan.
8t Dlrlct Bn,wn, Adams, Pike, Rot. Betoto
B:h Dlatrlct-VraDklin, Pickaway. Falrneld, Perry. .
ltith Dla.rlct Union, Dslaware, Slorruw, Knox,
Llcklns;. .
1 lib ulatrlct Wyandot Marlon, Crawford, Blchland,
He, Huron -
13 h Dietriet llocklog, Vinton, Meigs, Jaeksua, Oal
lla, Lawrenc.
13Ui Dlstnrt Athens, Washington, Horpn, Mosklcg
km, Noble. .
14th District Coshocton, Guernsey, Tuscarawas. Car
rol. Bark. .
13th District Monroe, Belmont, Harrison; Jefferson,
iOiu fliatrict Holmes, Ashland, Wayne, Medina, Lo
I7th J If trier Cnyahon. Bamnlt Porta re.
18th District take, Ueanr, Ashtabula, Trnmbnll,
The Cause of the Present War Movements.
The Washington correspondent of the New
York Herald writes that, after having oanvassed
the Federal Capital, and conversed with all
manner of men, he is enabled to present the fol
lowing as th'.- reasons assigned by the knowing
ones for the belligerent attitude ao unexpectedly
assumed by Old Asx's Government, and tho in
domitable secrecy maintained with regard to
the movements of troops:
' First. The result of th municipal elections In St.
toais. Cincinnati, and other parte at the West, and ia
New York; and the loesoftwo Congressmen ia Connec
ticut, and two in Bhodelalaod.
Beeond. The efforts of some of th Western politicians
to Infuse backbone into Lincoln, so aa to aatiafy the
Northwest thai the government is determined to aeon re
to them foreeer the free navigation of th Atunriaslppi,
wnicn aney are airaia oi losing.
Tnlrd. The fear of their being compelled to rascal th
Morrill tariff In ceneequenee of the importation of for
eign goods being made through th Bonth under the low
tariff of the Southern Confederacy, and the consequent
leas to the party of New Bn gland and Pennsylvania in
tu total anniniiaiion oi u principle or protection.
TUESDAY, April 9, 1861.
H. J. ft. No 123-Relative to tho preterva
tion of tb federal census return! of' 1860,
was received from tbe House,!and referred, 'to
the Library committee. r
II. B. No. 475-To amend the civil oodo.
H. B. No. 474 To amend the act for record
log, printing, and distributing pubiio doou
meets. ' . ; . J :. i, -
U- B- No. 476 Amending section eight of
me proDaie court act..
H. B. No. 21C-Amending tbe militia law or
1859. ! !. . i i
II. J. R. No. 135 Relative to work on tho
marbl rail and balusters of tb Stat Hoot
ws referred to tbe Building committee.
Tbe Senate lnfitted open Its amendments to
H. B-No. 153 For th rsUef of Tornnike eom-
panies and asked for a committee of Confer
ence. ' ,
Senate bill 426 wat referred to the committee
on Agriculture. : . ' t : u ,j
Mr. COLLINS reported back S. B 12-Belajr
the bird and gam bill, with a well written re
port in'favor of Its pasaage.
un motion or Air. r&KKiLL. too report wu
laid upon th table to be printed.
Air. JUlMts moved to recommit tbo bill witb
Instructions to amend it by prohibiting th kill
ing of quails opon the premise of any Individ-,
nail, at any time of the year, without Dermiuion'
of ths owner. " .1 . ..
Mr. SMITH tosUlned the motion. -
Mr. COLLINS opposed th amendment, and
urged the passage ot thebill. The amendment
be regardedtas superfluous, tine if a man de-1
clioed to retir from another man's preml I
uooo warning.'.be would be liable to an action
fo' tresp
Mr. bCHLLICH also oppoeed tbe amend
ment. He thought our American babi's suoo
tbat we cu)d not easily reduce ourselves to eek
permiatioo to buuton Mr, Smith's or anybody's
els land.
Mr JONES modified bis motion br-lnsertintr
Inr-lo-ed" I-nle without permistlon.
Mr BCHLtlCH would aere to that, and be
suggested to Mr. Jones further to smend tbo
bill so aa to prohibit trapping or netting on in
c'oed lends without permission of tbe Owner.
Mr. d. aleo hoped the ted beaded woodpecker
would b protected. No other bird protect
trees o much, by destroying mischievous
Mr GARFIELD oppoeed Mr Jones' amend
ment, becAU '.I destroji ih object of tb bill,
mkii g (bat wbiob was designed for sport soy
IDing but recreation. ; The provision mi(bt
answer tn snms localise, but it would be bad for
groeral appl'c ttit'D- It also look too much like
tb old Ei. gl 1 game lawn. - ; ,'i
, Mr. JONE3 thought Mr. Q. did not ,uuder
stand the Enllsb gam law. His amendment
did out doitiuatt Mr.buii toe Eogliah game law .
I.... ii. ,i V. wi. ....,(,..,.... n..ru.tl
iizht and proper.
- Amendment opt agreed to
"v YeaiSl, nays
Mr. 6CHLEICH moved to amend the nrst
seotlon by Inserting "red-headed woodpecker."
Nattfroedto.- " -
The bill was engrossed, x eas , nay i
Mi FISBBR objected to legtalaUon of this
mnrt i Ha thaneht tool much time baa aireaay
in emat noon tucb meaturet. Moreover, tbit
looked UXe. ciaaa jeguuMon.. .no mougns uia
meature ought to be entitled "a Din to encour
age idlenef" He tu especially opposed to
restricting sportsmen to the use or any pinion
laraortof un.: .. t
.,. Mr. COtaLINS exDlaloed that tho restriction
ii inserted beoause certain descriptions of guns,
which are peculiarly aangerous tonumaniuw,
are used in tome localities; besides, those who
bunt for nrofit adopt auoh methods in bunung
that game it driven entirely away an abuse tt
it desirable to correct ,
' ' Mr. PARISH said he lives in a section where
wivel guns are much used, and he believed tho
hannia aifienun! inosa woo use ineaa kuub
are universally in favor of tho prohibition of
such gunt by law. They regard them danger
ous to themselves and tbelr live itoek
i Ha thntiBht it desirable to nroteot the water
fowl of the lake region, because they are useful
and valuable. Experience in various parts of the
Aftuntrv had shown that the use of swivels bad
entirely driven fowl away from their favorite
haunt.''" ir:. .,'.- mo i -t -'' 'i
The bill wat passed -yeas S3, nays 9. .- , i
Thoaa who voted in the affirmative were:
Messrs. Breck, Brewer, Bonar, Collins, Cox,
r.nrhmln. Cnncv. Garfield. Holmes, Key
Laekey, Monroe, Moore, Morse, Newman, urr,
Parish, Perrill, fotte, Potwin, Schleich, BmltD
Thoaa who toted In the negative were:
Meatrt. Eaaoo, Ferguson, Fisher, Foster,
GU. U.iiu. JviiMa IUuy. baauley J.
Mr. COLLlWS.Irom tne same committee, re
commended the indefinite postponement of H. B.
d:ifJ. on the tame subiect. " '
Voted, on motion ot Mr. J units, mat me
kill lia on the tables ....' . I r
Mr. COX, from a select committee, recom
mended tbe Disease of H. B. 36 -Amending
tbo supervisor!' act relative to working on the
roada. i - k:,- i I
Mr. McCALL thought it not desliablo to pass
the bill. One somewhat similar had already
passed. Besides it made a complex'arrangement
out of that which abonld remain simple in re
lation to worklneoutthe road tax. He believ
ed tbe committee on Roadt and Highways are
unanimously Opposed to It, because It don't op
erate uniformly all over tne state
Mr. PERRILL aald if tbe bill bad come be-1
for the above committee regularly, tney wouia
hav resorted aiainst it.
Mr. GARFIELD thought tbe bill necessary,
beoau it closet UD an avenue of frauds. i
Mr. EASON Mid there is another objection
to th bill. Br the construction of tbe law giv
er, bv this bill, county treasurer relieve them
selves of the responsibility of handling tbe road
reoeiDts. while receiving: tb same compens
tion tor collecting: tbe tax without tbe labor
connected witb tbe presentaystem. Tbe bill he
thonvht to be a trick of county treasurers.
Mr. COX thought tbe bill would operate in &
precisely opposite manner. It bad been so rep-
reeeotea to mm.
Mr. McC ALL said a law like tbis had been
passed once, but it was lound so objectionable
tbat it wat repealed without opposition at the
next eeee-tm-
Mr. COX tbougbt th treasurer's books should
fully show the condition of public actouots, and
tbit cannot be done if supervisors are allowed
to keep tbeir accounts lor tbsmeelvM on .loose
scraps ol paper. All taxes should go .through
tbe bands of county treasurers, and all vouch
era should be placed .in bt baads
Mr. EA80N restated bis opposition to tne
bill, showing tbe operation of tbe present law,
which, be held, works properly bat th present
bill, be eald, tikes away from tbo treasurer
tbe responsibility of keeping the pubiio a
counts, and throws it into the bands of township
officers. He objectedtto the complicated mactal
nery which tbis bill provides. , . -
Mr. PARISH opposed tbe bill. He said It is
inexpedient', sod will-not work advantageously.
It will be complex in its operations, ana win
prove inferior.. to the prMcnt system.
.Tbe Senate finally refused to pass tbe bill
yeas 5, neye 27. .
I Mr. MOORE, from a select committee, re
commended tb passag of H. B 377 Provid
ing for tbe election pf road toperviion, by tbe
people of each road dis'tfict.'. Referred to tbe
Judiciary committee. '
Adjourned.- 1 -
TUESDAY, April 9, 1861.
amsMoosi session. , ;
The Hons took up tho special order fbrihis
hour .; 1 ' ' "
8. B 221 T amend section eight of an aot
entitled an act providing for the recording,
printing and distributing tbe journals of tbe
General Assembly, and the lawt and pnbllo
documents, which was read a third time, when
Mr. HUGHES moved to strike out 5,000
copies of the Governor's Message, and insert
2,000, which was agreed to.
: Mr. ANDREWS moved to amend by provid
ing that one-filtb of all document be printed
in tbe German language.
1 Mr. BROWNF., ol Miami, moved to amend
by providing that 9,000 copies of all documents
shall be printed in German.
BjMr. SCOTT, of Warren, moved that tha bill
be referred to tbe committee on Printing.
Mr. 8LUSSER suggested It be referred to a
select commutes,
The motion to refer was disagreed to. --
Mr. HITCHCOCK showed that previous In-
Testieatisnt had made It manifest that ten per
cent, will be tbe right proportion to print In
German.. i i i .
1 Mr. BRUFF conoorred in this view of tb
subject, and referred to a recent estimate
made in this House, to show ten per cent, to be
enough. ' -.,
Mr. STOUT stated that be had a very heavy
German constituency, who pay a very heavy
proportion of tbe taxes of th State, and many
of them cannot read English, and It is but right
and proper, expedient and Just, that they should
hav the privilege of reading in tbeir mother
tongue, and knowing what become of their
money, and of watching tbe acts aad doings of
those iiu represent tnem in the counoils and
departments of th State. '
Mr. PLANTS bad a German constituency
who were intelligent enough to ses through the
very transparent bumbug tbat is frequently en
acted here on thlt tubjeot of German printing
Mr. 8CH1FF said be concurred with the gen
tleman from Meigs. His constituents reading
German generally preferred tbe Auditor a Ko
Dort and documents of that class, and not ail
documents. He therefore hoped the amendments
wonld not prevail. ' t i.,.; i. .
Mr. BLAKESLEE waa In favor of th bill as
it it. , But there wat great neglect in distribut
ing these documents. -
Mr. DEVORE thought if there wu more at
ten tion paid to tb distribution of these docu
ments, tber would b less inclination to regard
it as a bumbug.
; Mr. KRUM wai In fivoi' of reducing tbe
whole n umber ol document, and bavlog tbena in
tbo English language, He thought w mad
very little us of tb German language but to
electioneer In it. I '
Mr. FELLOWS admonished the House tnitf
tnerwu too much timiot in talking over
tbis subject.' 1 .
; Mr. HILLS concurred with Mr. Krum in re-
carding tbe whole matter as a humbug.
Mr. JONAS gave ft as bis experience tbat his
German constituent preferred English doca
ments.. Tbey bad their children to read tbsm,
and found it more convenient
Ths amendment of Mr. BROWNE, of Mi-
ami, waa disagreed to. ;
Tb amendment ot Mr ANDREWS wasdls
screed to jea 30. nays 5t
The vote waa tben taken on the passage of
tbe bill which resuitea jeu d, oay 03. .
Mr. HUGHES moved tbat tbl vote be reeon
sidered - " .-; ' - .. .
i Mr WOODS moved to lay the motion to re
consider oo tbe table, which tu agreed to.
Tha Hons resumed tb consideration of II.
B 439 T reduce tb number of oommoo pleas
judges, whsn various amendments were offered
to tbe bill, makiog changes In the districts, and
subdivision of tbe districts.
Mr BROWNE, of Miami, moved to amend
by re-arraoging tbe subdivision of tb third
dit riot, which was disagreed to -,
Mr. WHITE iff red a substitute a!Tetlog
ane same otearitn. w men watanagreea to.
Mr. COLLINGS moved to amend by attaob-j
ing JaoksOB cotisty to tbe third lubdivielon of
as -easel.''..-'
eeronth Judicial district, whiohf was! dlT I
An , .1 i xr. , tr -1 M P
Mr. 6TOUT mowd la amend bvlnterttci a
section repealing the act providipg for the elec-
lion of an tdOitional ludjo la the 8th judicial
dlstrlot. ' i
Mr. V0RI3 moved an amendment, at a sub-
ttlinte, which would effect-tb tame ead, whiob
wat agreed to, when ... ...
; Bir. STOUT'S amenomenuH amenaea, we
adopted. rn't '!VL 1 f ... . i
Mr. CARLISLE moved to strike out Vinton
county from tbo 7th judicial connection,, which
ft W UWtaWjl 7U VUI VI V1UCI f ( . , " y . ' I
as t m aAl an Al fmt1 AM
. Mr. V0RI3 moved to amend by repealing tne
act or April 10, 1850, for the election or an an-
dllionnl iudira in tha Cuvahoca dlstrlot. i o: rt'c
: Mr. CULLINU3 moved to ameno py aaumg
a section iprovidlng tbat oommoo pieaA juuge
shall hereafter receive 12.000 per year.
t Mr. DICKEY aaid ha ooold HO DO DeoCtallV
for thlt bill, It had not been atked for, and all
th useful ends proposed by it could be reaobed
better Dy repealing all tne act lor electing u
dltlonal Indue. Ha desired to oome to m vote,
ana would move tbo previous queiuon, wuica
. " . . . . , I L
wt austainad. . ,'. ': i -i
. Mr. VORISMaat amendment waa agreed to,
Mr, COLLINGS' amendment, increasing the
talary, wu ditagreed to yet , nays bj. -'
Tb vote waa then called on tho passage of
the bill, which resulted yen M, nay I
At it required a two-thirds vote to past tbit
bill. It was declared lost, when ' '' '
Mr. HITCHCOCK moved tbat th vote just
taken be reconsidered, which motion wat agreed
to yeas 69, nays 3d.
' The bill waa then referred to Mr. Voria as a
aalect committee. " '
, H. B. No. 41, by Mr. THOMPSON, of Per
ry To amend tectioa on of an aot entitled an
act to amend the lawt now In force prescribing
the duties of county commissioners, passed
March 25, 1861 was read a third time, wnen
Mr. THOMPSON, of Perry, explained th ob
ject of the biii, that it wat to provide for trans-
onblng tne recoras oi tne rrooate uouritoi ine
Mr. McCLUNO opposed th bill, at useless
Mr. BALDWIN also oooosed It. , t ' t
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren thought it Would be
Proper to leave Ibis to tbe discretion or tne
Mr. BRUFF opposed the bill, as it could an
swer no otber nurooa than to eiv a job of
writing to some hanger on about tne county of
fices. Mr. DEVORE said, that at thlt bill provide!
only lor necessary transcribing, subject to tb
direction or tbe U)mmi3ioners, no wat favor
able to its oatsiee.
Mr. FLAUU said tbit wot a small atuir, ana
great advantage might be found in placing the
cower to order tucb trenucrlnts witb tbe uom-
Mr. DAVI3 read a statute which he thought
made amnle Drovlsiooa for the cue.
Th voto.wat then taken on the bill, when it
failed to dm vest 23. nayt 59
H B. 444 SuDDlementiry to an act entitled
"an aot to provide lor the organization of cities
and incorporated villages," passed May S, 1852
was read a third time, wnen
Tbe vol was caIUJ on its pulls, and re
sulted veas 42. nas 34
H. B. 464, by Mr. JONES, of Hamitton-To
proteot the Interests of turnplksi and pianK
road-, was read a third time, wbea '
Mr JUNKS, of Hamilton, explained the ob
ject of tbe bill, tbit it requires cities or villages
tbat take poMetiion of any portion ot a turn
pike or plaokroad, to keep tbe Mm la order.
The bill wet then paused . ' - '."
Mr. DEVORE moved that th vote on H. B
AAA Ka asswa -knatflaimslil
Mr. BALDWIN opposed the reconsideration
and the bill, beoause it would tend to tbrow the
burdens of city street improvements upon the
wrong property, and materially Inereaee mu
nicipal taxea, and excite clamor about Improve
Mr PARROTT replied that a good reason
why the gentleman's objection is not well tak
en is, that no clamor baa arisen on the subject
The vote was tben reconsidered, and the vote
called upon the passage of the bill, which re-
tulted ya bb, nays w.
, Mr- W 0ODS moved that tbo Finance com
mittee be discharged from the Oonalderation ol
tbe resolution for a line die adjournment on the
Ibih Inst.
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, moved
House adjourn, which was ditagreed
28, nays 53.
Ths Hoase then took a recess: ' '
that the
to' yeas
WEDNESDAY, April 10, A. M., 1861.
' SXOOND aXADlNOS- . ,i '.
H. B. No. 216 Amending tb militia law of
ltas. committee or the w&oie.
8. B. No. 290 To prohibit the tale of tntoxl
citing liquors on Sunday. Committeo of the
Whole. . .... . '. - - i
S. B. 291 To amend tbe act ooneerolnf, town
, ! L ' ' PIS8T BCAOIN03 ' ' ' ' ' '
- H. B.' 394 For the organliition of Market
Hons Companies. '
H. B. 444 Supplementary to -the Municipal
Corporation aot of 1853. . -. ....
H. B. 464 To protect the interests of Turn-
t i j TBi i n i '
piKCI Koa f lUa IVUtlUS.
liroRTfl or mNDiita ooihhttcis
Mr. READY, irom theoommittee n Munioi
..i ArUM..aiAw..i . M.:uts.
?T.i.VT& fZ
erect village prisons, by levying a tax npon the
people; Ihe bin is known aa loo Yonngstown
jail bill. ivir. Keady himself did not ap
prove . - " '
i Mr. SCHLEICH tbonght it a meritoiipus
measure, since it is guarded against aouse
Mr. MUWrtuti moved to reisr the bill to a
Select committee, with Instructions to strike
ont 3.000 and insert 1,000. Agreed to and the
bill was reported back so amended.
, i After tome discussion, Mr. SMITH moved lo
refer tbe bill to the Judiciary committeo.
I The motion to refer wat not agreed to, and
Mr Monroe e amendment was Jost . . i-
Mr. GARFIELD moved to smend section Si
to at to prohibit chain gaDgs In villages. Agreed
; Metsrt. Key, Jones, .Smith . and Cuppy ob
jected to the passage of the bill, because It IS
impolitic, ana Messrs. vox, usrneio, rarisn.l-p
Monroe, Moors and Qoltnet. sustained It for
nrtnnalt. waanna .
Mr. HOLMES was in favor of elvinr vlllares
tha antbority asked for them. ' Ho eald tbat
'Squire Sedam, of Storrs townthip, Hamilton
county, bad a cods of bis own abjured all
statute and his code was found to work well.
Hs thought good wonld result if the principle
:u L . . I. j m
noum us exbamuiiti, ....,.,
. Tbo arsumentt againtt tbe bill were tubstan-
tlally thai tbe law wonld be productive of more
evil than it wouia oorrect, since it would estab
lish numerous police courts witb concomitant
abuses, and besides, it wonld increase taxation.
Tne inenasor the Din contended mat tucb a
law is neoessary to protect . the pnbllo peace oi
vuiaget, and besides, it would be really eco
'Thebill finallv oasted
These who vottd In the tffirmatfve' were
Messrs. Breck, Brewer, Bonar, Collins, Cos,
Ferguson, Garfield, Holmes, McCall, Monroe,
a. r T . , i n n .
iuuure, inurae, uewmaa, rarisn, rerriu, rot
win, Schleich, Spragae, Stanley and White SO.
. Those who voted la the negative were
Messrs Cummlnl, Cuppy, Easoo, Fisher,
Foster, Glass, Harsh,' Jones, Key, . Lsekey,
rotts, rieaoy and vv one j j.
: ; Tbe Senate tben took a recess. -
WEDNESDAY, April 10, 1861.
rrayer by Kev. Mr. Urammar.
' i When the House took a receB yesterday
evening, there was peodtug a motion to dis
charge tbe Committeo oo Fiuinoe from tb eon
sideratioo 'nf H ' J.. Revolution to adjourn tine
an on Monday tb ibia inat , ffbicn tbe House
agreed u. t .
Mr BROWNE, of Miami, moved to lay tbe
resolution oo the table, which wa disagreed to.
Mr. WO0D3 demanded tbe prerlona ques
tion ., ' ' . ... ..!-.
- Mr STOUT demanded a call of tba Honee,
when t)6 , membera antwered to thslr namos,
and all further proceeding noder tbe call weia
dispensed wirb. '. , . - i- -
Mr, WOOD3 withdrew tbe demand for the
previous question, wben It was renewed by Mr:
Robinson, sod sustained. ... . .. s .
Tbe resolution wss tben amended, on motion
of Mr. HUGHES, so as to fix Tuesday, the 23d,
Tb vote waa taken on tht resolution, at
tbe day of sojournment, wnen
amended, wblob wu agreed to yeas 61, nsyi 5,
Mr. BLAKE3LEE . ofiired t.,-reslaaoii
author lino? lha 8rfffinl-at-Arml . to am-
Tbomaa . Lilly to aeeUt lo keeping' the
Hill, ana that be be psid 1 per aay, which wu
screed to. . . t . v ... s
On leave, the following alllt were Introduced
and read the first timet
H. B.497, by Mr. BROWNE, ef -Miami-.
Making appropriations for the Public Workt.
I H. U dou, by Mr. BURS To amend tbo at
seaemsnt laws, so as; to include trapslettt book
or jewelry etoret. "
H. a. bu jo abolUb tbe oflloe of Superin
tendent of the State House wat read ,a third
nwhell' f-ir1 f e . . ; t i f ,
Mr-SCOTTrof Warren; eXDlainedtbe ob
ject of the bill, that it wat to reduce th expen-
ses or tn superintenoeooe oi tne rubiio uuua
ing by having en officer to "perform services that
do not require more than the time of one man.
Tbe bill was then pasted yeas 7b, nays J.
HB -4bT0 aoo isn the oiuce or Btewara
in th different Benevolent Institution or -the
State wu read a third time, when. ' ...
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, moved that the bill
be recommitted to the committee on Benevb
leal Institutions.. ' ' - ' " 'f
Mr. CONVERSE moved to .refer the bill
with Inetruotiont to provide that all purchases
of provisions, etc., ot oyer $tl, shall be by con
trant nnon nubllo lettlnS'. u
Mr. PLANTS suggested that a steward was
needed In all theto inttltutiono, however they
may be regulated. . . . ' 'l'.'r .
Mr. BRUFF moved tbat tbe bill be maenniteiy
postponed . - iv.; : ' ' - '0,a
Mr. ANDREWS supported the motion to
postpone the bill, m the Stewards are proper
cheek upon the Superintendents. -. ' m: --t "
Mr. BLUBBLK. was In lavor or tbo general
provisions of ths bill, though he thought the
bill misbt Do advantageously revised. -
,Mr. FELLOWS thought lb Steward an oil
cer necessary to a proper management or . the
institution. If la a prow check fipon the
management of the Superintendent, who other
wis may rnn into extravagance. Till better
advised.be should go against tbe btlL
Mr. S IO I T, or w arren, urged the reiercnce oi
thebill, tbat It might ps amended, and provide
against many flagrant - abases that exist, or at
least are liable to grow up nnaer our present ays
tern. , . ... t .v ' , - . v .
Mr. WELSH was in favor of the reference
but not for discontinuing tbe office of Steward,
which be held to be necessary. '
Mr. CONVERSE thought all the usual au
tlet ot the Steward might be discharged by tho
Superintendent, under a proper contract system
He booed that tne Din would oe reierreo.
, Mr. PARSONS opposed tb Dill, as it wu
impracticable to adopt a eontract system; and
as to the management oi tucu wings oj superintendents
, who are mostly professional men,
thev are not Qualified lo discharge inch du
ties: beside wmon, tne respontiDiuiy. wouia
not be so well secured as now.- -
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, defended tbe bill
and further explained tbe Importance of a re
form In tbe management of these Institutions,
and retrenchment of expenses. ,1 - i , ; . -
The b ill was tben reterred. . -
8. B No. 141, by Mr. PARISH-To provide
gai workt for lighting tne renitennary and otn
er 8tate buildings was read a third time. '
Mr. BROWNE, ot Miami, moved tbat tbe
further consideration of the bill be deferred till
to morrow, at 2 30 P. M., which wat agreed to
S. B No 241 To provide for and regulate
street railroad companies waa.iread a third
time, when - i . i.- '
Mr. PARROTT offered an amendment re
quiring companies organising under tbit act,, to
buy out tbe ttock of omnibus lines to be super
seded by the etreot railroad lines. :
Mr. JUisur oppoaea tne amendment. -. o
Mr. JONAS also opposed it, at it might lead
to abuses 1 """"
Mr. ROGERS supported th amendment, ex-
nlainiog tbat it only applied to competing line
Mr FLAGG could noteeeany more propriety
of requiring 'tbe buyiog out of such lines, than
to require a common railroad to buy out all
tbe old etagrs. .-,.' I .-'' .''
Mr. SCHlrr also opposed the amendment, as
It wat a specialty lor tne protection of a class.
Mr. HlLLb oppoeed the amendment. He
never expected to hare somebody to buy out bis
old wagoa whoa be could not use it - t. : v.
Mr. aw l T, ot warren, opposed tots amend
meet, because it would load down companies
with an expense tbat would preclude tbe estab
lisbmentof any roads at all. '
Mr BJKUMAN thought you might as well
provide for buyinir. out tbe manufacturers of
omnlboees ae of the etock lines. . .
Mr. CONVERSE eaid the amendment wonld
double tbe cost of constructing street railroads,
as aU sorts of carrying vehicles would be claim
ed M competing liues. . .. . .
Mr. HUTCHISON beidtbat as these roads
are a monopoly, where tbey are authorised, the
rights ol the citlieps should be secured. : He
wss, therefore, for the amendment., . i -Mr.
PARROT explained that the amendment
only applied to regular liner of omnibntes con
need to certain streets. - ;
. Mr. STSELE moved that tbe bill be referred
to the Judiciary committee. . .. ., , . -
' , Pending this, the House took a recess. ' '
' UT AU should read Prof. Wood's advertUe-
ment in another column. '
. , , ..; 1r . n ,
jt aSDlODable JllHllierj UpCIllllfi
I 1 D
Sheriffs Sale,
v. - Jacob Rohr
Common Plea.
Jonathan L. Peters
JJ to me directed, from the Court of Common Pleas of
franklin county. Ohio. I will offer for sale at tha door
of th Court House, in the city ef Columbus, Ohio, on
Saturday, the 18th day of May, A. D. 1861,
between tb -hoar of : ten and eleven ."olock, a.
m.. the following described real estate, auuat In the
county of Franklin, and Btate. of Ohio, to wit: In
loU Not. 697, 698 and 699 i th elty of Coiambtat,
Ohio. ,
Appraised: : . - ;- 1 ' ' -
t-ot no, UH7 at eou,
" e.at 400,
u f 0t)t; OU,
aprlOsSw .
, V. ITDIPMAK, Sheriff,' -,
By In. Davis, Deputy.,,
i 1-
,MP Ci C 17 T T Ol'"'.
1 -I'-- A.sj U iJi JU li
i Walcut s Building,
Oa TmrassAr, Ann 11 , 186f, CoLtrktiOt, Onfo".
LidieitrauMeMllyfn.l edaOca.il..' '
sprBUSti, r . i : (. ,.' '. . c.'.iY.
! .K'.Vt OF NEW YORK. '
P. B. Whstow, President. ' Isaac Absitt, (ecretsry.
Net Cash Aaett Febrnarf 1, 1961.
! 1 130,000,000.74. ,
ltpAll the profits are divided among the lniurcd-PfT
j Application, and Pamphlets can be hail by applying to
" FRED K J. FAY, Aoint,
Ctrpenters Bnlldlng, 17 flantb klgh Street.
sprvuim- r . ' - " l." - -
ii i i i i a
Xzk. j Oolumbue.
- 1 April lStat'andlSth.jiriiBi.'''..;"
Bnblect'fV a.tarday Bvenlng "TIJH BARLT DAIB
OrfRANKLlM."- i - ' v ... -
Bu' jeoi for Monday Evening "TDK CEES 01 A8
Tickets 85 cents. ' Reterved teats SO cents'. ' 7 "
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Tickets for reserved seats rosy b bad during the day,
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. . ,,, ,,, ATTORNKITAT .1 1' j -.: -. i i
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j irPOarefu I attention paid to Colleollont.
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a imkm. nr athAr niiiiain. Htarerani. muwuwi .v.
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irki...mi iw tinted ef anv color, from the
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Columbus, April 1, 1861. .f-.l-l ('.' L '' ' '
1 BTORR of Mr. Huiav M. Neil, I have opened
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Columbus, Ohio Mng iht old and rtllabU eaad for
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I respectfully solicit the patronage of Ihe public.
Columbus, April 1. 1861 apr6:dla ; l --, ( f
REMOVAL. ' ' ;
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. .for. tb. INSTANT RILTJf
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aasety o. a. iiybuui m oo. 107 Bateau St.. Hi T
Cowaios, April , latil. J
Sartnga T3anlc of CinoirAnati.
culatlng Notes of th. Baring. Bank of Oinoinnatl
will present th suae at this office forredemplios, When
they will be paid la fulU- ..
wpn uua a, jr. Siva, ireeaurerof Btat.
Bern toil Weakness, Bexual Debility, Norvouaaess.Ia .
voluntary emissions sou imp.n ...u..
Self-abuae, fco. By Bobt. J. Culverwell. M. D. Seat.
enter seal. 4a a plan ""lop., f "w.i'"
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i.TRtr. IB7 Boarerv. Hew xork. rosiuuice no, nu
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their children."- ' . i
( Its effects commence by deposition from tho
blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in
the lungs, liver, and internal organs, is termed
tubercles; in the glands, swellings; and on
the surface, -eruptions or sores. This foul cor- j
ruption, which genders in the blood, depresses
tho energies of life, so that scrofulous constitu
tions ' not only suffer from scrofulous com-
1 . 1... . .1 1 I- , . ...
jjiBuiis, out, tney nuve ior less power xo wiin
ttand tho attacks of other diseases; jsonsc-.-quently
vast numbers perish by disorders
which, although noUscroiulous in their-nature,
are still rendered fatal by this taint in the
system, Most ot the consumption whicU do-
in this scrofulous contamination;' and many'
destructive diseases of the liver, kidneys, brain, '
and, indeed, of all tbe organs, arise from or
ore aggravated by the same cause.
One quarter of all our people are scrofulous ;
their persons are invaded by tliis lurking in-
- v. .v.. iii;ui,ii 9 uuuciuujiau uy aa.
To cleanse it from the system we must renovate
the blood by an alterative medicine, and in
vigorate it by healthy food and exercise.
Such a medicine we supply in , . ( ., ; (
Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla,
the most effectual remedy which the medical '
skill of our times can devise for this ovcrv- '
where prevailing and fatal malady. It is com
bined from the most active remedials that havo
been discovered for the expurgation of this foul
disorder from the blood, and the rescue of the
system from its destructive consequences. .
Hence it should be employed for the cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those other affec
tions which arise from it, such as Eruptive
and Skin Diseases, St. - Anthoitt'ijI Fire,
Blotohes, Blains and Boils, TuMons, TsrrEa
and Salt Bhf.uk, Scald Head, IUnoworbi, .
Uiieuuatibm, Syphilitio and Meroubial Diseases;-
Dkopsy, - Dyspepsia, Debility and,
indeed, all Complaints ArttsiNO raox Vitia-
TP.Tl rtu IlfPimal Rr.rtnTk. . Tha nnnnla, hollof
in ' Impurity of the blood " is founded in trath,
for scrofula is a degeneration of the blood. The
phrticulnr purpose and virtue of this Sarsapa
rilla is to purity and regenerate this vital fluid,
without which sound health is impossible in
contaminated constitutions.
,W ilJ H J , ,, . . ; . ,
: ,-A.aTE-R'S ,
Aeue Cure.
I , SOU IJIg SPEEDY CUBE 01 4. . ,
Intermlttaiat Caver,' or P.ver sil At;ie,
Heraittriat F.ver, Chill Paver, Dnmb
Ague, Periodical Hendaehe, or BUIaaaa'
1. v ' ' ' -'. , .... ... :
nnuaaaa, aaaaaa aaaiaoBBS r arer,, aaaeeu .
tot the wttol class of diseases orlfrinat
Iraa; In biliary- derangement, eansad by
the Malaria, of Bllasmatia Countries.,
, we are enaoiea nere to oner the community a
remedy which, while It cures the above complaints
with certainty, is still perfectly harmless in any
quantity. Such a remedy is invaluable in districts'
where these afflicting disorders prevail. This
" CurtB " expels the miasmatic poison of Fever
and Aouh from the system, and prevents the de- '
veiopment or the disease, ir taken on the nrst ap-
proach of Hs premonitory symptoms. . It it not only X
the best remedy ever yet discovered for this class
of complaints, nut also the cheapest. The large
quantity we supply for a dollar brintti it within the -reach
or every body J snd hi bilious districts, where
Fevrr and Aqub prevails, every body should
have it and use it freely both for curs and proteo I
tion. A great superiority of this remedy over any .
other ever discovered for tho speedy and certain
cure of Intermittent is that it contains no Quinins
or mineral, consequently it produces no quinism or
other injurious effects Whatever upon the constitu
tion. Those cured by it are left as healthy as if
they had never had the disease. ..
, Fever and Ague is not alone the consequence of
the miasmatio poison. A great variety of , disor
ders arise from it irritation, among which are
teitrakia, liheumntism, Gout, Headache, Blind
mm, Toothache, Earache, Catarrh, Asthma, Pal
pitation, Painful Affection of the Spleen, Hunter
iet, Pain in the Bowels, Colic, Paralysit and De
rangement of Hie Stomach, all ,f which, when . .
originating in this cause, put on the intermittent ,
tipe, or become periodical. This " CtrrtH " expel
the poison from the blood, and consequently cures
them all alike. It is an invaluable protection to .
immigrant and persons travelling or temporarily
residing in the malarious districts, t If taken occa-
ionally or daily while exposed to the infection,
that will be' excreted from the system, and cannot J
accumulnte in sufficient quantity to ripen into dis
ease. Hence it is even more valuable for protec
tion than cure, and few will ever suffer from Inter-
mittonts if tbey avail themselves of the protoctiotv J
.this remedy affords.., . .
Prepared by Br. X a AYE A 10., Lowell, UssVy '
' i ROBBRTB St SAMUSl, Oolumbae. 1 Ai.
Ajidk Drargl and Dealer Yrywhr. I ri

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