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WITS XX) fx'J bf'THK tStilStOSS Of TBS BV-
IOooUUiJ In twauty lo volume of th Ohio, and Ohio
la Two J&oyJBvo.;Yulumea; PiiceilO 00,
Ho ear or expensebae been ipatj to make th work
pfBAl .nd rall.ble In el rMuecta.
It hat now th Legtelarlve eatertoa. having been ep
proved nelrky the aMnlMit Tot of both Hooaea,
and m ordered la b duUibated t Mm following State
aovernor. Atuirrtey Snml,' Supreme Judge. Secre
tary, O mptroll.evfreMarer UK Aaoimrw eian, '
to iho Froiwt Coari, Ooert of 0-n"o Pleae Bop"
in.a.A r .u , n..n.ir luliion. aad theClerae ht
various Ciurte In each rooitr. " the Memberiof the
KnU Mi HOOMOT Baoeeeeotatlea of -hit Stat, ud
.... f 1 1 A a, ri KM a Ik. ..nr.1 HlkUO Of UM TJolOD. '
This book, jon(llnt. ei doee.ali of Iho Statute!
' aow la foroo. Ai.A the aathorltatlve ooaetrout'oa of then
and of iho Ne Cuui'lluil m, will Ko found o do eeprciai
ly aiwful ia th porforouwoe of their 4tti, tt ell i
OOOJlTTOrrlfllRi, : i ' ' ' '
jL'sni'wi o tnPiACi,. , , .. ,
M " CLlCKK-t OrTtWNSaiP8,lBd
I. cirY. orricBHa. .,
InoJBraeh as were (nab yhautee hav boon mod la th
Btataweetieetatpu'iieaiinaaf thela.l dlll-aa, by n
peal, alieia'tom ud addition!, ud io Important de
ctiloni (lave bob given by the Supreme Court 00 oon
trorottr4 wAinto'ail ? i 1 .
AltOIMBY AT WW. "!' r:,-..- ' l
,.,JjJ) 4I. (KKCUANTJ .. . ,
'J' ; AS Bt;Nl UK!f OtSIRAlXT,.
7Vo JloyatBto. ttitvmttof tttr 2finem Sunirtd
T t StrAf tV plndloK.' PricO 110.00.
Law Pabifibart, 'BooWl'ew Siatloten wi Importen.
.''. AS WoM ranrib tlrool.
fcblKdSal:! i . f InolnotU. 0.
XAiriPHnrr nuutit, rsbyahtri.
1 .I...... ,
TTT2 viRTii-iumn: TO IKBmt JSSXIt-
tlOS, Humid t lumlut ut fry TM JO. VJt ffVlOCM
tm lA any J puoticatio.
ICT The'' editor ,of, J',' K- Gipniftae' paper) the
Ashtabula tinti, ha distressing doubts wbeth.
r he ought. to (000011 iOi An'i" Adminls
tratio or not. This 1i father nngrat'elul in the
aforesaid . eSitor, ilnce his master has been ap
pointed; Copsul 'General in Canada. -Perhaps
brother HowilU wants an ofllee, too. It Is not
InpoMlble that A good, fit official Salary would
go a reit way '($ clearing him ' Of his tronble
aoma doubts sbootj supporting the AdminUtra-
STTrasce'aBrV Austria Are making extensive
prepsrations for; wr,' whllo, Victoa Ekasdu
and hfs MinUctr ' Cavooa. seem determined to
make Rome tbe Capital of their new kingdom
of Italy. AustrTl IsJooaoentratTHg largo bo
dies of troops la Veneti, and it Is said has fifty
thouiaijJia la mflTcoisnt. I tk tfot Improba
ble Uatthe Old World And the New maybe In
Tolve in the hprjors of war At , About tbe same
Tbe-CrBoianast tMmureMicays tnaiinerrcai.
dent hs niade' A.nipat serious blunder ia the ap
polntaent of Col.- Lamjw, an Illinois politician,
to the Mar eh ali-hip of the District oi Colom
bia. Jit, would be a niost' blessed tbicg for tht
country if this wero the only or the worst blan
ker that Old Aic has committed Tbe Com
mercial procwd to say that Mr. Liacoui is
surrjanded by ft horde of bsd advisers, sod pays
wo mocn aueotion to their uoiae. - Tber i
"truth -4a this remark, as thaceuntry is fast leant'
ing Ut Its ,.,-7V: .
IlT Tbe telegraph reports ; that ' President
Lmcoi.it es) be has positive knowledge that an
attack Mi Washiogtoa is in contemplation
This reminds one of the positive knowledge he
bad of his , contemplated Assassination' on the
way from Harritborg to Baltimore, which
prompted that celebrated heglra by night In a
Scotch oap aad long- military cloak. A similar
flight with Crass knd' Blaib from Washington
A Stt- 1 r ' . " S taa
v vtwiia or uauaaa woaia oe even more cele
braied, ajd parhansbecome an anniversary to be
ooserved with due solemnities by abolition dia
nnlonists in every part of the country, i
ID" The late European news informs ua that
Lord Palm Easf on had acoepUd the cfBoe of
Warden of the Cmqa Ports,' which is said to be
a sinecure with a S(.lrj of forty thousand dot
lara a yeir., Ia eoDsequenc of his acceptance
Of this offiae, R arpearS that his Lordship had
to resign the seat be , then neld in Parliament;
out be immediately presented himself as a eia
aid ate rot re-elccnoa, and was chosen without
Opposition- Ia addressing the electors, he ipcke
or lb.it country as the only spot on the political
norlxon wbin inspired him with regret and
nneAslaeee, and expressed a warm hope that "or
disputes might be amicably and speedily settled
The Decree Emancipating the Russian Serfs.
AuxANDxa II , "by tbe graoe of Gjd. Em
peror aud Autocrat of all tbe Ruasias,' Kiug of
Poland. Grand Djke of FioUnd," dto , on Fo
Pnry 19, old "style, March 3. new style, issued
kia ukase or decree tor tbe emancipation of the
aerfs in bis dominions spun the following con
ditions: , - f - , .
First. , In regard to the serfs hitherto attach
ed to the soil, and liable to be sold along wltB
tbe estate to wbiou they belong A eevtain
amount of laud",' sufflcieot for a farm , Is grant
ed to each peasaut family, for which land, dur
ing a temporary period to be fixed by law, they
win pay to tne proprietor of tbe estate to whloh
iney were-atteohed a rent to be also fixed by
law. At the same time they bare the right,
wbeoever.they can raise the means, to buy their
irme in lee, aud tbas ptss' from the state of
teoaota Intd that of proprietors.
occoara. respsot to domestic serf or bouse
servants; These are to oocupy for two years a
sUtoof tasItlon. "Attheead of this period
they are to bocoms free, and are to enjoy str
tain immunities, sucu as exemption from tsxa
tion, for A'JImlied period, i , ,
Tairsf." - A hpecial court Is established In each
Government af tbe Empire, to which all ques
tions arising odt of tbs act of emandpatlon will
be referred. Speoial msglstfates are also ap-
poiatM m eaon distrlot, with power to loves it
gate on the spot ail disputes and mlsrjndeiiund
logs wu-wdb tSs'newstati of things.. "Xm
Some have eomrJare Riiselarl serfdom la ha
gro slavery in this country. But the serfs, whose
freedom Is th prqrided for by" tbe Eopcror's
cores,are oi tne samaraew with those Who held
them in barege., ;if, ,i td white slavery to
tbe Uuited States, there would be a similarity
between It and Ruaaao aerfdoui. We should not
be surprise !, ff, nn the heels of thajrholitloa of
serfdom, the Russians should smVi'cet rtm of
ths si."
sleeking !
, " JU..
i . . ovr whom ths Empprof .
nJ Lis doulaion, to a state re-
LtmDliug that ol aegro slavery la ,tbl country,
tad evn mora opprasiiva nl dsgrkaLog. s i M
Ther U really little or nothtog la thi mtn
Lttioa by the EusIq Aa(oor( for tlit frieodi
ol humnltj and free government to rejolo at.
Jbepowerof tbj noblee and Jhe great ltodea
proprletorT in'RuieU bu been looreaeiag eo
raoldlv to threaten dimlantlon of the pre-
rogktlTee end abeolut sway of the Cr. it u
Witriketbloir at the noble, nd to weaien
' tbelr power "of rletnce to the Crown, that
tbli icbeme ol emanolpatlcg , their lerfi hie
been derlied.. Tbe object of the Bmperorlie,
ht trofefioe to le freedom to A boorish and
Ignorant petrantry, to eonioltdate more.firoily
ble absolute deepotio rule over both peuantland
noble. ' ' ' ' i v
The Murder of Mr. Henstren at Yeddo.
Full particulars are given ia the late news
from Japan of the murder of Mr. Hinitsm,
Dutch Interpreter and Secretary of the Ameri
can Legation, In the treehs of; Yeddo, on tbe
night of the 15th of January last. " J
It seems to have been occasioned, In part
least, by the unreasonable prejudice, amounting
almost to deadly enmity, entertained by a large
portion of the Japanese against foreigners, ea-
oeclallv tbe Dutch. Besides, the streets
Teddo are disorderly and unsafe at night, for
00 tbe very night succeeding the murder of Mr,
Heiutrkn, a Japanese merchant was assassin
ated A shcrt distance from the American Legs
tion. ' "
rMr Hani-, our minister at Yeddo, and th
other forelen Ministers had been warned over
and over again not to go out In the streets af
ter dark, end Mr. Henstbih was repeatedly
warned by Mr. Haihis not to venture out
night. Dearly bas be paid tbe forfeiture of
rash exposure. It was the more rash, as it was
well known that a strong party hostile to the
residence of foreigners In the country bad been
[For the Ohio Statesman.]
An Ode to Spring.
ft balm artoetbo opening tprtoa', fi
IdtIU th mat oneo nore to string
Hor loot; aoglooiod Ijro :;' i
flora aultt mj artloM msf' 1 "
Inflame my hart, attoao mf tongno,
And trery thought lniplro.
Mow trovea In vordant robta an aton,
Wbll on thr lao of II r- that frooa,
Bom timid fiowtra appear i
Pall toon the rooo will bicbom, too,
The fragrant III) derked with dew,
atnd glory crown th jear.
Thontb thronod upon hit polar hill,
Old bluatering Boioa nge it 11,
And beata tbe rooba in vain
Thcnot, atea'lng through the quiet Tale,
II rtd upon the ttormf (ale,
t And tarlures all th plain, , '
But eoon he'll yield hit heartleti svay.
And in the bp of blooming At,
Shed peoltealltl ta't i
While warbling eoagttart In the gror
' Will hjma kit dirge la tonga of lore,
f To ehara oar Uwonliig eara.
Boon o'er the Valley, hill and plain, '
Bhal. flora hold her gorgeous reign,
loparaoit the earth;
And ea tbe Stake of tbouaaad rills,
Vi hire e'tr a ehrjrtul flood diatlllt,
Qi fragraat beaut; birth.
Boon orchard, gror. and flowery dale,
Bball wait their f racranc oa th gale,
Bat to Intpire deliaht ;
While aeeUiod twu of brilliant dyea
In blooming beauty round ua ria,
r To pi cue and bleat Ike light.
Boon vemtl aunt will gild tht bowers
' Of elngtng birdt and fragrant fljwcra,
from dew; mcrn till een';
' Gay nature, mid her bloom, will sail, .
' As eprlng unfolde an tdta wild,
A paradla a hearea.
The Negro Exodus.
it Is a remarkable fact that when It was pro-
pvoeu uj om conservative Kepnoiloans to save
iob or io era people from any qualms of eoaS
lenoe in executing the FouMve Slave Law. h
pay Dg for the fugitive slaves. It was strennonalv
uviudiu ut Alia m r sunt: bus ntrtn w mnpswi sk rai t ra..
n n A k. ik. T AV , , , -
sbaets, upon tbe ground (first) that it wonld cost
too muuh, although they delighted to witness
the loss ot the matter: and feeonndlel hiM.u
it would be a direct temptation to the masters
to encourage tbe escape of '.heir slaves. Thus,
the vary lact ot tbe cbanoen of freedom to tb
poor siave, ror wnicn tbey were constantly rant
ing and bellowing, was made tbe excuse for their
oprxKition to toe measure; while tbe very men
woo were demanding freedom for the Southern
klaves were unwilling to spend one cent honestly
to liberate them, or even to let them live among
us after they were free.
Another moat remarkable fact Is presented by
the recent exodus or tbe negroes from onrcity.
During ths long years or the Democratic admin
iatratioos, tbe negro population of Cbiotgo in
creased It was imnoasibla to nunu th F.
gltive Slave Law. Fugitives were protected,
and welcomed with unseemly warmth, solely to
harass, as it was auppowd. the Demoerata rtn-
ing all this ttme there were no warnings given
to tbe loot negroes to leave Cbioauo . Th
nocked here by thousands, and wete taught to
bellrTi ib.t tAis waa tbe real Canaan, where
they might defy their masters and the Consti
tution- as soon, however, as tbe philanthropy
" vuiuo auu power ror toe seotlon
i aaiHwrs, msir tone was wholly ehanwoH
The poor negro bad served their, purpose, and
tbey were now ready to give .blm tbe eo-bt at
r wove. uu, , iid, ia . lenuv ihaIm..
"Miniou tu ineir master oy tbeeffl.
cars of the Republican President; aod forthwith
iub very journi is and man h ini
est In tneir mjiibslio SDoeals for th nm, n.
., ac up nowi ior aii tneuegroea to Use to
Causda.asif thtfr lie depeud.d on it. The
most alarmiog pictures of Lineolu's ufficers and
. . . . - - r -
uuuier re puadeu before thtir eye
i oe por oarKia. accustom d to listening to
k-"- iriejua, were pAolo-stricken,
sod fld In droves to Canadt, as tbeir only re
fuge. . Tbe blot atd lia ntl..n
oomptate. in Kepublion 1 Marshal executed
one warrant, aud tb Republican naner howl
- - -
auathemas against tbe Marshal, and at tbe same
tiave jeii to toe poor negroes to fly for dear life
i ne success wa squally complete. Tbe ne-
iiroea, witn tnelr oovortt tii.-k.,.
ouildreo, are thorougoly stampeded.aud thrown
u, wrrwg kiio a foreign country j anile the
KepuOlirMu Maeshtl aeta oradit. fam .....i--
tb I., and th Republican prats still keep up
their howl vf pbilautbr-py. t ; . "
now long, on: deluded bumtnity, black and
uik-, eu ivu os truiiaa n .unn nn.Kn ......
" I""'"'; m tuir. uucey i (WW.
Cost of Republicanism.
When the Renubliaar,
vember, Federal stocks were above pari Sioce
""! urw ioaoa aava oeen mad to earn
on the Government, with lhiTrnuln
??,?ret- - interest SS.SMOO.ixeMO
it".. 10 4x perot. do on li.oun Oii . w 'ZZtZZ
fob. 8-4 peret, ditcoaaton 8,(sj0,0li0..l 7do'uoo
-M 1 7, ... - .:. .... . ,
s Total..........;... V-U, ,;.;.-.;.; .j.litgj poo
. On eighteen millions. over a sntllin. m.A .
qosrte r premium 1 i'j.m.i .n , ,:
Ji.Vlb ,nMed-Is Increasing,
and bids fair more and more to innraua. .. Th.
prcunuoi. pais wiuaocreast) on new leans, as
long a peace pr.vaiU-bnt when Retmblloan-
wm may involve as in olvll war, no o0s can
Oar debt new Is $80,000,000, aud shall
k luoreasior qnt - ror Tears to com. AT
If. Axprttt. - " - t '
"! L MiLis.Tne census
i ?.86B t tollowlntf a ths aoDulatloo
valla. frf . ?tktw with thesqware
nl a TV.ln..V!h' Masaachusetts, 169 8:
Rhode Island, 145.6, M.. r-.. oas.V."'
neoUcut, Wl.YhTi X M"
Pn.yy.Bi. 6 S, Obis, 68 Deur7 63
NwT iiAmnaihipA.v Alt H. I : . MA "
mont,. 39 4; Illinois. 30.9: KantV" inV.
r-e.. IJIkinBl. - J'J an.. -Vaa.
iJ?IBJl'' 5? "i. r. 5 3; South ds'roiiaa.
noria uaromjA, Alabame, 19 a.
orgla, 18, Missouri, 18.0: Maine' '17 5!
0l-lf.na.flT.Ij Misaif.inr,L IfiS. Uu
Miflilcin13 3ar lama.. .12 . ' A.k '
8.3; FlorUft, 2.4: CaJifornlai 1 fi Oe Ml . '
IN SENATE. THURSDAY, April 11, 1861.
A'meesairo wis received from the House an
nouncing the aoeeaslon of. that body to the Sen
ate's reqoeet for committees of Conference on
the Militia bill and tl. H4U3. - - ;
TbePRESIDENTappoluted Uesars.Sohleiob
and Collins on the' former, and Mossrs. Cox
and Holmes on tbe later. . ..
v f. nm Maomms. 1
n B 471-BelDK an antl-llauor bill. '
H B 478 To amend tbe Akron School Law
of 1847-a-so as to authorise German schools
aeder ft. Rules suspended, and bill read a
second time by title and referred to tbe commit
tee on Schools. "
. 3 M ooiiiirru or th waoLi.
On motion of Mr. SMITH, tbe 8eoate re
solved itself Into committee ot tbe Whole on the
orders of the day, Mr. Stanley la the eh air, and
Mr PARISH resumed bis remarks to favor
of luoaiiog tbs Penitentiary at 8audurky. .
Mr. UAKribbU replied, couwo'ertiog Mr,
Parish s claims, and making a pit iu behalf of
the superior advantages ol Akron for reolten
tisrv purposes.
Mr. POTWIN followed In a statistical and
economical statement, showing the peculiar ad
rautagee of Ztnesville ae a site for tbe Peni
Mr McCALL presented tbe claims of Ball
air in a report upon the geological and ecooum
ical characteristics of that locality . He offered
a ol-oioe between granite and sand stone, coal at
twoetnti a bushel at the gates of the prison,
CJBt ot lime "merely nominal i" wood abui.dant,
and lumber plentiful and cheap 4uthort, maiu
tiinea to at tne prison could be built cheaper,
and eunviot labor be sold higher, than at any
otbrr poiut in the Slate, and tbe facilities for
letting to it are unexoelled by any other point.
bqual claims, however, were set up by tbe ad
vocates for Maaaillon. Akron. Sanduskv. &o
Mr. NEWMAN said ke had intended to dis
play tbe merits of Portsmoutb as a new peoiten
tiary site, but other Senators had forestall
ed him. It seemed that when tbe Almighty
created the earth, He had a special eye to crea
ting special prison privileges in Obio, and bad
arranged a dusen different site for that purpose
In tbe State. - He would therefore leave Ports
mouth upon its well known claims
Mr. SCHLEICH said that, on account of tbe
news in tbe morning papers, he was constrained
to witndraw tbe name oi Port Humter, and seo
ond tbe claims of Ztnesville, because of its we
ter privileges tbe element whlob he peculiarly
Mr. CUPPY said there was another place with
spirituous qualifications which gave it superior
claims tbe capital city of tbe great Miami
Valley. , ,
Mr. READY presented tbs claims of Cosh
octon as equal to Ibose of and of tbe best oaodt
dates in all tbe elements essential to the pro
mulgalionof tbeobieetin view -
Mr. COLL1NG3 was satisfied that no other
place in the State excelled Greenfield iu Its
claims for tbs lecation of tbe prison geography.
f;eology, agrioultute and eoonomy being all in
ts favor.. ... , ,
. Ths question recurring upon tbe eelsotlon of
a site, tne roll was called nd tbe vote (ties wet)
resulted as follows:
2. '
XOOATIOH. , A m 3 i
- t" n mm m MJS5
Uatelllon 3 3 4 S s 4 4 S, Sill
ZinetTHIe... MttttSi SlS'lO 7
Btoduky.. 5SflSS47 8,e4TT
Akron 4 4 4 9 I 5 H1 4 4 4 I
Hamilton t 6877878 11 S8
Portnaonth I 4 4 3 I 1 1 .. I
Sellalr S 1
Onenfleld I 1 I I 1 H 1 l I I 1
Coahoctoa 1 1 1 1 4
Cambridge 1 ,
HoGontttUTllle... , ..
Batten Sill II....
The committee, without agreeing, rose,
ported, and bad leave to sit again.
AdjonrnecL , .
THURSDAY, April 11. 1861.
APrnitooif scssioN.
Tbs Hoose took up the speoial order for this
hour S- B. 141 To . prorids gas works for
ugnitng tne remtenuary and other state build'
Mr. SLUSSER explained ths nlan of this bill
and that It would prove a saving to ths State of
aoout wv per year, as it is supposed to fur
nish gas at t'2 per 1000 feet.
Mr. ANDREWS said that behsd opposed this
msasure nerewiore; out as this was a proposi
tion to supply gas at a lower rate without any
outlay to tbe State, he should vote for It. .
Mr.'REISINGER moved to amend the bill
by requiring the gas to bs measured At metres
at the Institutions where used, instead of the
station metre. This, be said, wonld make a
material difference in tbs cost of ths
amounting at the least to SO ner cent.
Mr. VORIS moved to amend tbs bill bv strik
ing out all after the enacting olause, and Insert
ing a new bill, autboj-jzing a contract with tbe
voiumous uas company at not leas tban $3.50
per thousand feet. He beld that the bill as re
ported waa in violation of tbe Constitution, as
It involved appropriations lor more than two
Mr ANDREWS moved that lha hill ha
lerred to tbe Jadlciery committee, which was
agreed to -,
S B 209-To regulate the sale of railroads
aud the re-organisation of tbe same, was read a
tuiru ,iuv, woejn .
Mr; PLANTS offered an amendment. nmM.
ing that any railroad organised or combioed
uuder ibis act shall have power to construct and
operate branches'
Mr. ROBINrJON objected to this amendment
as it wouia in anect be conferring new cropo-
Tb amendment waa diaavreail t '
Mr. BRUFF moved to amend by striking ont
section Ave that part exempting the bondhold
ers from assessment by tbe company, or from
liability for its debts aud urged in support of
tbs amendment that, As it was claimed by tbe
lawyers who drafted the bill, and altj by tbe
wmutew, uat unaer tnia bill no per,
sonal liability would attach to tha mukh..u.
And as tbsrs waa no possibility of aneh lUhiii,.'
attaching to ths bondholders as snob, there was
do danger to them; unless the court, fro u tb
act vi weir navtog tne rltht to vow, should
bold that tbey were In fact stockholder, and
" "auuiij wvuiu attaca 10 tnem as suob. Iu
sneb eaae no more liability wonld fall oa th..
than on tbe original stockholders, which, if ths
upiuiun ui me committee oe true, renders that
portion or too bill of no account But If tbs
lawyers were wrong, and stock hM.r a,a h
oum iiAois, it was nothing mors than just that
ft hat aMin aW kn J J -1 a . . ....
i. n 8 r""",""unouio soars tne liability
Oir .UDU1DU aald kit Brat imrHa..im .A
v: .. .u. . : '
u,a, vvpvaw wa mil, out upon a more careful
investigation' or tbs dueatlon ha had l, .,!
his mind. ; By tb decision of the Supreme
wuiet mi dibw. toe nrac nortcaweaa nr th.
railroad Company obtain alt the propertof the
va, witn ait' we ireao&tseeor tbe
wmpaoy, except tne naked rieht ta .xi.t km
eorporatioai whereby upon a. tDA k-h
mortgage, the purehaser obtains all the property
of the company, but lacks one essential to make
it saleable, namely, the right to exist as a cor
poration, wnicn right tbe sempaoy still bu, but
retain no power of aetiont " This bill propose
A means whereby tbe purchasers of tbe property
may obtain this fVanohisa b th anriaaat nf t t-
tbkd of ths stockholders and two-thirds of all
sqe oreoitors. j 11 the porobasers of these Insol
vent roads Should Arrant nnil-, it. n. 1
Railroad Law. nothing would ha reallcewl ka
muaiia, w wniiwn,! euf D the flfit
mortgagae, and tbey bal vary tittle '
They will organise ander the law. and ttiaaa
mao, pa, .eouroiy fate tbe ooatrol of forei.n
bondholder, solas some provlstoo is mads for
a capitalisation of th5 stock sod debts of tbe
vompanv, ana a mint control of th broneet h
i .1 i.. . v.: . . r --r v -
ritw hi ee weQiior aoo itocKnoidoe. 'I'hi.
bill piaeesa many sadss heavy oasdltlons om
ths llsat saortragees It It ten nan d th, .11
bear, aad - if greater burden are imposed ther
wlH reject tba whol.--i , " - - i '
. It L ...... .. rr.
;: With no deal r to favor th first mortgagees,
on wishing to protea ar far as It Is possibl
toa stooaitaiaars ana tnotro-domeetfo creditors
who have nothing lafs, mi tbs decwloa of
ths Buprsae Conn, h stOd bs had sgrswd with
ths majdrlty of ths Judlolary eommitte ia re
oommtoding the passage of the bill. lis objeot
1 to euaoiu tois class of parsons to savs some
thing, If possible, In i tb total wreck. of these
companies, and secures to those barlug claims
for running expenses and repairs of tks road tbe
highest security a-iran to any one In the eanltal-
lutlon, - while without such a law they never
cuuiu reams anything whatever, , , , ,
' Mr. WELSH moved that the .first seotlon be
amended ss as to read a follows: - i. -
. lhatineass two thirds in Interest of the
bondholders, and two thirds is - interest of tbs
otner oreditors of a railroad company, and two
iniroa in interest of tbe stockholders of such com
pany, residing witbln tbe State of Ohio, shall
agree, in writing, upon a plan of readjustment
vr oapitaiiiiuon, cJO. -
tar. we.LSH saidbs fully sgreed with tbe
gentleman In the arrest Imoortanoa of the sub
ject of this bill. Involving an original expendi
ture of near $130,000,000. It bebooves us well
to consider tba provisions or this bill.- In offer
ing these amendments, bs did it for the proieo
lioo of the unsecured looal creditors and resi
dsut stockholders. Br the provisions of the
bill, tbe foreign bondholders could force tbe oth
er creditors aud resident stockholders, 00 very
rauy 01 our . roads, , Into otpitaiisitlun
son rccouBtruotioo, contrary to their will,
aud oa the terms dlutattd by suob
bondholders alone. 1 The bondholders, In many
luttauces, would bold tbe oontrolling interest
fiom the sttri, and totally absorb tbe imaller
Lolassof ortdltorsso far ts dictating terms of
rioonstrnctlon was concerned He would aleo
require tbe written assent of two thirds of tbe
stockholders In interest, residing In tbe State
to.aa to disconrag tbe transfer of tbe stock,
at a mere nominal price, to tbe foreign bond
holders, who might be tempted to acquire it for
the purpose of controlling tbe whole matter.
While tbe right of tbe'bundbolders should not
he overlooked, it could not out be admitted
that there were other rights to be protected.
For this purpose tbeee smendmeots were offer
ed, securing to each class of creditors named
equal and separate rights In the readjustment
or capltallsttion.reserving to each class a nega
tive power, if a satisfactory adjustment is not
With these amendments, he was favorable to
the bill. But without this protection, be was
afraid it might turn out to be a reneral bank
rupt law on a magnificent scale, and be the cause
of muob dissatisfaction to the people Tbe
State should not be swift to put out of the control
and ownership ot her own citizens so magnifi
cent an Interest as tb'a. Nothiog but the most
Imperative neoeaslty could Justify it. Possibly,
that necessity exists, but certainly a bill for
tm purpose cannot o too well guarded ror tne
protection of the right of Our own citizens. '
Mr. TANNEYHILL hoped this bill might b
passed, and all railroads put Into proper shspe.
At letst be hoped something would be done
with tbe Pitttburgb, Fort Wayne and Cbicsgo
noau. Any one wno nad Dad bis experience
in trsTeling on that road would concur in tbe
passsge ot tbe bill.
Mr. BALDWIN supported this amendment)
and said, it the amendment of the gentleman
from Belmont be adopted, be would vote for the
bill; otherwise, as bs understood ths bill, he
should vote against it. There are different
classes of interests, and any contract which Is
to affect the rights of tbe psrtles should be
made by each ol the parties In Interest. With'
out this, tbe door is opened to the most stu
pendous frauds. He conceited this provision
not only necessary for ths protection, not alone
of the stockholders and ths holders of ths float,
log debt, bat also of tbe bondholders who may
not desirs to enter into tbe agreement He il
lustrated at eome length bow these frauds could
and probably would be committed against In
nocent parties. - -
As to ths transfer of tbs frsochises of a com
pany, he could see no objection to that. If a
horse wss sold, the purchaser acquired the right
to ride or drive him as he pleased, and bs could
not ate but tbe sals of a railroad should carry
with it all the franchises necessary to operate
the road. This is tbe law ol common sense.
But in order to transfer these franchises; he saw
no teason for the enactment of a law which
should ba destructive ot th rights of any class
of the parllea in interest, without A majority
ucu inweet toouiu assent tnereto.
Mr. WELSH'S amendment was disagreed
yeas 31, nays 62. . .
Mr. CHASE demanded tbe prevloni question,
which was sustained, when
Tbe vote was taken on the passsge of the bill,
wniou resuicea yeas o, nays 3U. - ' -
Mr.SCOTT.of Warren, from the committee
OQ Benevolent Institutions, renorted back S. R
876 To provide for tbe erection of a new bnild
Ing for tbe Institution for the Deaf and Dumb
with sundry omendmenta,. Which were agreed
to, when - '
Mr. WOODS moved to amend by reauirlnir
that tbe ballding be constructed of brick, which
was agreed to, wheo the bill was ordered to bs
printed as amended, and made the snscial order
ior tueeoaynexi.
r m .
Mr. COLLINGS, from tbe Judiolarv com
mittee, reported baokS. B. 166 To regulate
railroads, when the bill was put upon its paa-
Mr. ANDREWS moved the previous qaes
tion, which was sustained.
1 be vote was then tsken on the namaca nf
the bill, which resulted yeas 71, nays 25.
.Theoommitteeoo 8oboo!s sod School Lands
reported back H. B. 468-To amend the School
L,tw, when the bill waa indefinitely postponed
The committee on Benevolent Institutions
reported back tbe House Joint Resolution nro-
vidiog that all pupils of the Institution for the
blind shall be discharged at tbe end of five years
aua recommenoea mat it oe indefinitely postpon
- ..-.. .... .
u , 1 ' .-
Mr. MYERS defended the resolution, and
suggested that it be emended so ss to except
too now id too institution.
Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, explained the rea
sons that governed tbeCommiitee in making
tnt report. .
The previous question wu demanded and ens
tainad, when the question turoioe on the adoo-
tion of tbe resolution, it was disagreed to yets
ju, Days d -' '
The committee on Corporations reported back
H. B 273 To authorise the incornoratlou ol
mining and mineral coaptnles, which tbe House
reinaea to pass.
1 be eommitte 00 Commerce end Maonfao
tores reported back 8. B 283 -'To provide for
uuiiorm ewnaara or weta-bts and measure
when th bill waa read a third time atd passed
. yeas 10, nsys a .
' The committee on Finance renortad back H
B 456-To provide for the oavment of the State
dtbt, when tbe bill wag set for a third reading
10-DMHTOW. V . T :
The committee on New Coontie reported ad
vereeiy 10 tne prayer of ouodrv memorials for
eaaegeor the line between the. counties
Morrow end Klchland ? --- " '
Mr. CARTER presented the netltion of Jaa
S Reed and 48 others, sgalnst ths passage of
d. 14 ror to a protection or birds -
Tbs House then took a reeese till to morrow
at iu o'clock.
FRIDAY, April 12, 10 A. M., 1861.
payer by Rev. Dr. Smithy . , ;
.' ' rsTiTioae Ann mkiioaiau.
t: At
By Mr. POTTS From M Ga.tnn. fnr aiif
in tn matter ot a claim, scorned In hi favor
wnue ae was Treasurer of Guernsey bounty;
' ; , . , jibooM0 HtAOira. ; .. ; . ;
tt. B. No. 491 Belna an antl.llntm. kill
vuiBuiHce oitne nnoie. ,- , 1
, - . .11 , THIAD AtADISO. 1 j, I r,il Ur.-i
U. M. No. 391 Beldg the Cincinnati
ags bill. Passed yeas 98, nays 0 "
' BiroaTS Of STaSDIMS oovurrrer.." ' ' '
Mr. MONROE, from the School eommltiaa.
recommended tbs passage of H. B,478To
aineuu us AirOB Bonoot law flH57. aa ae 1a
autborixs German schools under it, as under th
general scuoot jaw. jtsport agrsad to, and tbs
bill patsed-yeas !26,nsys 3-Harrison, Newman
Mr. READY. framiU
pal Corporations, reported back 8.B. No 281
To snabls ths town council of Mi
.M.j.uti nnn , . . . . a r
i. up- m pay aent upon a nridge aoross
si, . n i jb) w.aj ; . t ri - . t . t .
uw JJ'K wiuai AVtyer witnout rammmanrla.
lion. ... .j .......... .
' BU.. AI. said ba fc.J nnn,n,.t..l.
twsniy-nrs pages ions, or a oa arpittan fnnia
. ay 1 ewaj mm wwitJwBlVBIIUII
cap, beide other papers, which be- would have
resd, if ths Senate .desired, if. - , t
raemners sageriy rsaponded '.'nsl nol", and
r. Key moved to lndilnit.l kiit
Mr. CUPPY said th hill h.i L... .
blm, snd bs effared It at the r Pa 11 eat af anma nf
CODStltuemt. He then stated thaee.nn.i
eeliW It I. AmmX.Mm eh. kin -1. ...... tr?r
m, urn. mm. hi, em auuuiu pASOe
Mr. REV thought it an. improper mcuourrl
and bis motion provalleV t ", li t
1 Mr. SMITH, from tbo committee on CurraSfl- i
cy recommended amendment to, tod the passage I
of H. li. 0U3 to preveut bankers, brokers and i
other persons from paying out notes ol tpeoie-pay
log banks at lets tban nar. It It to prevent
banks from putting' intd circulation' other" than f!
notes of specie paying banks., The smeadments
oi tbs yieinmltteavmatflikAlIy chabge tbe: ilouse
WU. t i p , L O t.i L t v H ' t
Mr. COX raised tbe question whether the act,
as proposed to bs amended, should spply gener
ally to incorporated companies.- He thought tbe
application would be too extensive.'
Mr. STANLEY waa opposed to tbe exten
sion of tbe principle, becausa it would operate
unjustly upon persons employleg much labor.
, Mr. SMITH said tbe objeot of the blll is to
prohibit the circulation of other notes thao those
of specie paying banks by any banker, broker, or
inc lrpurated company wuatovsr.r nynvi".
Mr KEY favored the principle.0 ' ' ' A wi '
Tbe amendment of the committee to this ef
fect was adopted yeas SO, nays 11.
The second amendment restriotts ths .paying
out of notes to snob paper as Is redeemaole iu
specie at the counter of the banks issuing the
nates. Agrees to.
. Tbe third amendment struck out ths defini
tion ol tbe word "par." ' .1 f l . .
Tbe fourth amendment simply made the bill
eomformable In every respeot.
Mr. STANLEY thought. the bill prevented
any tort of a company from paying out depre
Siated currency.
Mr. FERGUSON said, "unless said company
is willing to reoelve the sstne at par, but doe
not prevent tnem from paying 11 out to be taken
out of tbe Siate I .r redemp iju "
Mr. o I AN LEY thought that If corporations
are not permitted to pay out such money, indi
viduals should nut have the privilege. The
measure looked to blm like an attempt to break
down the corporations because tbey ara oorpor
ations. .
Mr. GARFlSLD said it was legitimate leeis
laliou to protect uaiural person against artifl
cial persons. Tbere is good reasons why oor
porations should be prohibited tbe cxeioiso-iif
mis power, oeoaue or tbeir superior power to
do injury He favored .tbe bill .'li:
Mr SMITH said brokers are In tbe habit of
drawing specie for Obio bank notes; ond invest
ing the specie for depredated Kentucky, Virgin
la.aad other 8iate currency, to circulate id Ohio,
to tbe manliest loss of our people. He thought
it tbe duty of the Legislature to stop tbe abuse.
The bill, as it stands, effectually stops all. per
sons f rom circulating such psper.
Mr. McCALL thought the borrower would
watch tbia operation so that he would not suffer.
He thought tbe bill would operate against the
people, because brokers take depreciated cur
rency, and pay it ont again, to tbaklt Answers
all tne purposes of par currency. It often hap-
fens that borrowers are glad to take this paper,
f brokers ars restricted by this law, it will crip
ple the capital of the country. , .
- Mr. STANLEY wanted to know how a com
pany which has a bill five per cent, below par
wouio get no 01 it.
. Mr. SMITH, I suppose, according to such
an argument, he must be allowed to oheat some
body. He may return it to tbe bond that Issues
Mr. FERGUSON.. He msy sell It to tbe
brokers, ineywiu aggregate such paper and
send It home for redempttop. Tbis law will
force all such paper out of circulation, and will
oauae.the Introduction of good paper
' Mr. PARISH vras In favor of a law which
would get rid of depreciated currency, but a bill
which will prevent the circulation of currency
that may depreciate while it is on hand, At cur
rent prices, he oould not favor.
Mr. FISHER was In favor of- the bill. It
will drive ail depreciated money into the bands
ot brokers, who will return it home and get par
money for.it. It will therefore save the people
much loss And annoyanee. If such money is
made unlawful railrotd companies willnot buy
such money to pay off tbeir employees.
Mr. WHITE said the bill was introduced by
s large stockholder in a bank of issue uoder the
State law. The objeot of the author was to
correct an evil iUroduced and sustained bv ear-
pet sack broker--r Tbey assort; Ohio nOtesget
the gold for tbem, make a profit on It, buy de
preciated currency of other States and olroulate
It here; thus exhausting the specie ospltal of
tne Btato, and nooding it with depreciated ne
par. Th bill I de.lgned alike to protect tbe
State Bank and Brancbe, and the publio. All
the profit In these transactions is ttken from tbe
borrowers, because tbe per oentage which tbe
orokers make on tbe banks must bs made by
the banks off somebody else, or the banks are
oouoo to go under.
' Mr. PARISH moved to amend tbe bill bv
atrium g out tne worn "inoorporaiea,"and Insert
ing "ranroad ' companies, fie was In favor of
tbe object of the bill, but opposed to Its mode of
operation, because it will interfere with private
nuMness.:- . -- --
-The amendment was lost, and the bill
read a third time.
Mr. MONROE had been Inclined to vote for
tbe bill, but could not do so with ths amend
ment Including "incorporated companies."
1 be bill pasted yeas 34, nays 6.
Those who voted In tbe affirmative were
Messrs. Brewer, Bonar, Cuppy, Eison, Fer
gnson, fieber, Poster. Garfield. Glass. Har
rison, Harsh, Holmes, Key, Laskey, Moore,
Morse, JNewman, Orr, Ferrtll. Fotwin. Sohltich
smith, sprague, and White 24.
Those who voted in the negative wars-
Messrs. Cox, McCall, Monroe. Parish. Ready
aua oteniey o.
j a I r - ' -' ' . 1
Mr.M.UUK.b, from the oamm'ttee oa Corno
rations other than Municipal, recommended
tne passage 01 toe noujenili for tbe organist
tion of market bouse companies. Tbe bill
passed yeas 23, nays 0.
BirokTsraoit siLfor coMuimxs
Mr. MORSE, froma select nnmmlttea n"n TT
B. 79 Supplementary to ths justices' set, in
relation to minor criminal oases reported it
back with An amendment, and recommendation
pat it ptss. it gives magistrates float Jurladic
tion I11 suob cases. Mr. Morse presented at
elaborate report, treating thesubjeot matter of
tne Din at lengtn, -,Tr.
Report tabled lor printing.""" " " '
Tbe bill was referred to the Judiciary commit
flAST SIAD1RO , i i-(
H.B 452 To authorise townahin Trustees
to examine tbe books, vouchers and moneys in
. l. 1 "
Hiwutmip areaeurie.
oantauiation bill. '
Ths Billroad Canitalisttion bill . ss smended
oy tne Mouse, was agreed to by the Senate and
win oe iw wnen tinned,
Mr. FERGUSON called na H Ti. No Ml -
Tb lease be Public Works, bit on aocouut of
the absence or Mr. jom, on account of sickness.
tbe motion was withdrawn.
The 8enate took a lecess. ' "
Prayer by Rev. Mr Grammer.
Mr. SCOTT, of Jefferson, moved that tha
vote wnereoy the House passed 8. B. ICfi R
hl.fln. ..IIm... t.. O
i..-".e .,i...o ue rcuvuBiucmi.
Mr. BUU I T supported ibis motion, by an ar
gument based upon tbe hasty manner at lie
passage under lhe, crovious aaeniion. and tha
general cnaraoter 01 the bill and Its etlaot upon
Mr. ANDREWS protested acaluat tha nharffa
of hasty aotion en the bill, and moved to lay the
ujvuvu H, rvvuueiuer ua tas tsoie. wnian waa
agreed to vras ou, nays H.
' Mr. WALKER, from the committee on Pub
lid HdilQlDga, reported TOkCk the. renalntirta In
relation to a change of tbe seats In tbe Hall snd
ths Speaker's desk, with an estimate of ths
cost of the same, but making no recommenda
' Mr. BURR, from the committee on Finance.
a. m .va J L. 1 f T n trm rw t '
rouurwu uacs 11. a. soi 10 nrovid ror tha
puronase sod distribution or Swan & Critch
field's Statutes And recommended 1 passage.'
me. UKUWWrJ.or Miami, made a statement
of the cost snd slis of Curwln's statutes,
Which was, Also offered to-th Htatat hnt ha
maue do motion.
' Me. D avnl.ln.4 k- JIST. I...
..... ....iusi, u wiuvrvuuw ontwvwa
Swan snd Critcbfield's snd Curwrn'a hnnlca .
Mrr-t)TIERS-mered-e)' anrnnrl.--nrnnrllrreri
that eoples be annulled to sheriff. ? Ai x 1
Mr. o I EDM AN booed that the -amVnflment
wouiunotos adopted, and that lbs bill Itself
OUld BOt DSAS.l ilm thouirhA lhara area M nul
Sir. DEVORE eoncurreJ wllVlfff, SUuinsiu;
a man wants to ba a, 4tiiluua&.tha a..
Jet h;lni bay his own boUkS. """'"'1' mfvmm-
.Mr. KE.UM.sa4i thai ihla'tai i Virv TtTmVtd
proposition np5n, lU'faee. to supply thsjustb.
oes of the peace wilhthsUws, while la taot It 1
is to take off tbe hands of the publishers 124,.
O'JO worth of hooks. jV H ' M" 1
t Mr1 RC3INSON said this mluht Appear like
$ large expenditure; but be did not think the
sama. amount oould be laid nut to adraota
geously to th people In this direction, as lt
mr.it I ii nl.A. tna laera intA lt h.nri. At th. ennat
mtelllwMl mn In th tOWnhlnjvw,-,---4
"W'WJ? .?J, .!W"?,n.,pw.r,Te?n6r
Mr. oppotea tne pill, ne neld
that tbe Justices ongbt to buy their books. ' Tbe
clnce is sought after yritn great avidity, witn
usually two or three competitors, and many re '
lied upon It for a livelihood. -:,.rmm.,
i-rMr. FELLOWS said nothing could be more
proper thao to supply tbe laws to the people If
the State Imposes the office upon meu, it should
supply -tbem the meana pf oorreatlr txeontln
Mr. STIERS defended the bill as just and
proper, aud to disencumber the bill, he withdrew
bis amendment. '. ......
Mr. HILLS opposed the bill. Juatlces, be
said, have the laws already, and probably would
not use this book it tbey had it. It was cumber
some and unwieldy. , But If It was so important
to circulate; information, be would move that
every minister of ths Gospel be furnished with
A copy of Back's Theological Dictionary. i -Mr,
HUGHES said Mr. Hills had about mads
his sp6ech, except tbe Dictionary amendment ',
Mr. BUdrl , of Warren, supported tbe bill
He thought it important that the Juttioes should
have this book, to enable them to render uni
form and oarrect decisions J ' ". "
Tbe Tote was taken ou ths bill, which result
ed yeas 49, nays 41. '
Mr. HITCHCOCK, from the .committee on
Reform Schools, made a report on tbe Reform
SbOul of tbe Stale, whloh was ordered to be
printed. : , ; ' t
Mr. PARROPT. from the committee of Con
ference outi B 146 Co enooursge the safe
keepiug ol the public aims io the hands of the
Voluuieer miiLia, made a report recommending
that tbe Hubs rtOtds irom its disagt cement to
tbe Senate amendment. ' .
Mr MiSCHOuLER said we Just refused to
pass a bill - to dlsetminate knowledge among
tbe people in peace. ! He could hot Vote a Urge
expenditure to put arms in tbeir hands and in
cite to war and strife. 1 - '."-' ; !l 7! - s !..
Mr. PARROTT remarked that this bill would
not prove a very efficient military measure; but
it would be a beginning, a step that we should
take with alaortty, when the national Capital is
dally threatened with Invasion. ' 1 1. - .
Mr. HUGHES opposed the bill,- ss It would
be a useiese waste ot time and money.
Mr. TANNEYHILL thought such a law was
needed n encourage our volunteer companies,
who are now sustaining a heavy expense with
which they'ougbt not to be burdenid. - '
Mr. DEVORE opposed -he bill. ' He would
oulttvate the arts of peaoe in time of peace, and
rely upon a volunteer force raised whsn needed.
The vote was taken upon receding from the
disagreement, which resulted yeas 64, nays
Mr. CHASE moved that the vote whereby the
House refused , to pass H. B 457 Relative to
Swan and Critcbfield's Statutes be reconsider
ed. ' -
- Mr. CONVERSE urged tbe reconsideration',
because of. .the Importance of supplying the
statutes to Justioes. --''
Mr. NIGH supported ths motion to reconsid
er, ; He presented the economical importance
ofaoorreot knowledge of the -statutes, as a
rsason why tbe bill should pass. . . ,
Mr. PLANTS said ho bad voted against the
bill; but since the passage of the military bill,
it seemed as if ws bad a State to support, snd
he would therefore go tor circulating- Abe laws
of the State- -.-, vt - r rrM?r;
Mr. HUGHES had voted against- It to, savs
the people from expense; but since there was
no disposition to savs, be was for making the
dose heavy enough to nauseate. K I
Mr. KRU M said hs could see no reason for re
lying 00 this book for tbs correct Action of jus
tices. Tbey are; already in possession of the
laws; And worse than that, justices are govern
ed As mveh by common law as by statutes.- We
might as well undertake to supply them with a
law library." He, therefore, moved to lay the
motion ou the table, which was disagreed to
.... OC M
' ".'"..r.2. " ' V!.' " ri ; . - - -
Mr. BALiUWiN opposed the reconsideration:
He said that, tbe voting of one expenditure was
no reason lot making anouierr and be appealed
to members to consider whether ths money
in the treasury bsfore tbey vote It out. ' If re
considered, be would tuggsst that . tbe bill be
amended so as to aothoriza county commission
ers to make the purchase for their own counties.
U tbey thought best.; , AS'. i(l H'i'.'f '.)
Mr. DEVORE was for the reconsideration.
Mr. TANNEYHILL favored the reconsider
ation, and gave a history of bis experience with
swan's statutes in support of bit position. . .
1 ne motion to reconsider was agreed to, when
ins nin was pasted yaa 00, nays af.
Mr. MONaHAN moved that the vote where
by tbe Home refused to pass S. B. 195 To en
roll tne miiitisroe reconsidered. ' I ,
Mr. WOODS moved to lay ths motlonon thd
tible, which was disagreed to yeas 40, nays
The rota wag taken on the reconuderatioD.
woien resuitea yeas oj, nays 41
After a long contest, known . ander tha term
of filibustering atb House oame to a vote on tbe
passsge of the bill, which resulted yeas 64,
The House then took a recess. ' - 1 -
A Paragraph to be Perused.
Ws should bs doing inlusttce to the 'nubile,
whom we profess to serve, if we should remain
quietly In our sanctum and j deny M.r Kennedy
uv ureuit mat ia uue ior presenting to tne At
fllcted his Medical Discovery: and the thou-
sands who have been cured might well, upbraid
us, ana tne pains 01 toe sice, and perhaps tbeir
death, might be upoa our bead, should we with-
noid tne knowledge that we possese in relation
to tbe healing powers of this medloine. After
bavlng been an eye-witness to tbs ours of ssvar.
si remarkable catei Of bnmor after oon versing
with persons who have been cured, and sinoe
perusing the certificates of others, .we csnnot
flodterme strong enoush. In which to speak of
mis great curer 01 Boroiuia, caniter, Rheuma
tism, Neuralgia, and such like evils.
1 1 1 1 .,
Hollows y's Fills scd Olntmint The Elixir
I of life.
Ponce de Leon And hi comnanlona anns-hk In
rain for the fabled water ot rejuvnesence,amtd
the oraage groves snd flowery meadows of
florid, it was Isft for, Hollowsy to discover
the true antidote to Concha. Cold. Aathm..
Sciofuls, Sore Leg, Ulcers, Barns, Scalds, &c,
iu ui aumiraoie rmeais or rills and Ulnt-
men', which bsvs betn-sstonisbinc . tba
wuno cor epwarqs 01 nuv veers, bv their ma.
veuooe cures In every tine of dlsea.a SnM h
all Drumji.u, at 25 cts- 63 ots , and fil per box
Wl h me. in tbe Oroear. baelau.. Mr iniu
NI3WNDCH. Tba bu.lne,. will h,.fu.ia
dao-ed under lhe Arm aame i Dimim A KsiswnrDia. at
lh. nil at ..4 w. aa - -. l , . .
' pmuu, w, w evnn nigu eireei.
Columbus, April 10, 1861-prll:41w " '
j -0rics or Oolombos 0a XionT A Oon O
i Coiombc. Oajo, April 11. 1851.-
T?Kl.l,lu't "teBfuio r the
A Stockholders of this Company will beheld at their
Oace.ln theOlty of Oolnmbus.oa MONDAY, 1111 Sid
... tiii-i icui, at o-cioca r. a
y n I 'W) Z, . MILLS, laoretary. t
Xzx ..QoltLmbua.
noif. iWnt) IttftiTT Wlt'c'iioTtrlti
! 'ARMORY 1 HALL', i
TaOHuMT. " Evening "THB CgBg Of Ag-
TlokeU 85 otnt. cXeMrfd eats 50 Ssnby. , :,T
Doors open at 7 e'clook. Lectures Ut sommene
-Tickets for restVytoffinrs taarps hat duflnr the da
Baturdy, April 13th, at the Hal" " "? XtF'
paekaeee f STATirmaav tk.,. rl
rrlets e.u.ird toss than can bp.rehate4 ele-where -isJ
n V ("mp ) 1. BA1 i K Y, No.
a-wsiawnt, evKHf
S nv ma
ATE TB ACRCSi avr-nnfiiitrinsr.
INO LAND. one half mil. rrnm 0,1. ..n. for u,i ir
to r!?; HiT1
n sjv "riAUtFf sw VaVAaAaial
Seminal Weakneat. Bexual Debility, Menroumeu.Ia
yolunury BmUtlons and Impotenoy, reiultiog from
Beir-abu-s, a By Root. J. Oulverweit. m. a. Sent
under teal, la a plala envelope, .to any addrcss,poet
iaia. -on- raoeiptof two etaope, ny vr. uuas. j. 1 ,
tl.INB. 187 Bowery. New York. Poit Office Box. No
4,588. ..,....., .,.. . . - . marSl:3ai)Aw
rot All IHUUA1' and
inolndlngr TVIIOOF1NU '
COTJGII, and every
Complaint the forerun
ner of, and eren actual
- ..V0 '
The Great NEDHALa
OiC KKiUfclMT and Nat
ural OPf A'S'U, adapted
to every apeclea of Ner
on Complaint, Ner.
and Chronic
Headache, lihonma.
tln. Catarrh, Tooth
and Ear Ache, Loa of
t No real Jul tic oau be don tbe above preparations
but by procuring and reading descriptive pimplrleti,'.
be found with all dealer!, or will be ten! by Proprietor
on demand. Formula and Trial Bottle tent to Phyei
eltnt, who will And developments Jn both worthy tneli
aoceptanos and approval.
Oorreapopdei oe aollolted from all whose necaeiltlee or
eurioilty prompu to a trial of the above reliable Kerne
dies. , .
for tale by th usual wholesale and retail dealer
everywhere. .
JOHN JU lirjNltEWELL, Proprleto
Ho. 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Mass.
fisnlg. O. Denlg A Sons, A. J.
nooena m aamuei, If. B. Marpl. J. B. Cook, J. at
Bcnueiierason, Airants
for uoiumbus. Ohio.
, . , iUUt f AT'S JLItJtl tflLL,B.
! In all eases of ooetlveneee, dyapepala, UlUous and Uyei
affections, pilot, rheumatism, fsvers ud agues, obsti
nate heal aches, and all general derangements of health
tbte Fills hav Invariably proved a eertaln and speedy
remedy. - A stngl trial will place th Life Ptlle beyond
the reach ofoompetltlou In tht estimation of every pa
tient. , .
' Dr. Hoffat't Phosnlx Bitters will bs found equally ef
flcaclous In all cases of nervous debility, dyspepel, bead
ache, th atcknet Incident I females In deUuats health,
and (very kind of weakness of ths digestive organ.
For sals by Dr. W. B. MOfFAT, S3J, Broadway, R. I.
and by all Druggist. ..." ' mayS2-dtwly
' ,Thr following it an extract from a
letter written by the Eev. J. B. . Holme, paster of ths
Plerrepolnt-BtreetBaptiet Church, Brooklyn, N. T.,t
tht "Journal and Meeaenger," Olndnnati, O . , and epeaks
volumes In favor of that world-renowned medicine, alas .
Wwslow's Boom 1 no Bracr ro CitiwRm TrrrHmoi
"Weeeean advertlament la year column of Vat
WOtsLOw's BooTBim Braor. Row w ntver aald a word
In favor of a patent medicine before tn our life, but we
feel compelled to say to your readers that this Is no hum
oiAias. It la probably one of th moat tureetsful meJI-.
eineaoftheday. beoauet it It one of the belt. And thos
of your readers who hav babies can't do better than
lay In a supply." , edf7:lydAw
' ":-: OF
th Union and tht Sunny South, I hav aoncluded
to sell out t ,
1 " ivin
" ' Ths stock conilits of the largest lot of
T In th city of Columbus;
I .-.-;...- - . MTJL18,
" 1 - ntm,
sad all kinds of . ...
ths beet HOOP SKI UTS la Columbus, snd st the
-,-! lovmtprte.
' Wholeaalo and Retail.
Then, ladles, all, bslh great sod small, '
Come, give me a 'call,
And then you'll find A..3L S. Btobaue
T..II W:. rt
' A. H. K. 8TORRTK. A..n,
I Bemcmber the War I Mo. 61 Town etreet,
aprll:d3m . Columbus, Ohio
1 ' -i I . t : , ,. '.
1 ' (
Spring & . Summer MilHn,eiy.
' i The Stock Replenlsjied
I j ; DATTdY V.
" ( '"NEW YORK.
1 I fc. . I ' .. n
- MY STOCK Of . - -
Spring & Summer Millinery
Is now oomplote, oomprlilng every variety of Mlilln
iTi alto, a Urg assortment of Imbrolderies, Hosiery
and Notions, fco., and In quantities and price that eaaj
not fall to suit all who may favor us with a call. Th
goods hav been bought at Panic pricei, and will be told :
at a small advance on cost. .
milliiieby! "
, I t .
Miss M. E. YOUNG, late of Nsw York City,
Wilt raperlntend th Millinery Department. Eer long
experience In th most faihlonabl Istabllahmtnt In
Broadway will alone be a warranty that th will be able
to glv entire satisfaction In matters ot fait to all wha
may favor her wtlhthelrorden, . .
The Ladles of Oolumbui and vicinity will Diet ac
eept my sincere thanks for their liberal patronage, and
I would respectfully .elicit a eoatlouanc of th aame. '
IL H. WARE, :v; .
, 68 East Town lt.r Cslumknsi o.
sprll-d3m-cd .t .L-.:.- " . .. .1 1 t(
. relllb la liuinau ma. la . -a.i.t. -
!J?V 0,,,0,,,i requiring but a small capital la lit
eatahllahmentenil nrn Bil. - '
V ,,H,n.a
Themanafaoturt eoneleti ia th application of a na. ',
collar compoettioaormaaMl Sooommen red brM. iai
a variety of other bell in material, ornamental reh"?
rtetural finishings, tellings, tile for Boors an to T
Thii tmmel may h Bated of any eeloft from lh
iA i r",, rNHty almost Incredible.,
hod 1 beauty turpaialng that of the rareet and moil ooatly -1
of th variegated marolei. and, anlike tbem, le Impervl-
Owe to moUture, and will never fade stain, or detethtr- I
at, costing but a fractional part of the priieef ordinary
marble, .:....., y a.- rm
' It I alaevalnaU. t wvu u.4 .k..a a. ,i
pieeee. monument. . nl . . Mriw ..t.t ni nii.u r.L.
km f s'aple us. Tba arooweof applying the enamel
Is simple, while the articles enameled wilt command a
ready aale, affurdiu lam omnia. Batata tble -tartle
may Prooare lloenaci for mmnuboturlni under the at-.
Mfor anydty or pmlnaat etwn io tbe United Bute. '
by applying to th lubMriMr .A small tarlg oa th ar- T
tioleamannfactnred will be reaulred ror the of the
invention. Circulate giving lull particular will be for- "'
Warded to all appltcaau.
' The moerior merit tad bsmty ef this enameled build
ing material to anything in uao ha th unqualified la- . ...
dortementof many of the moet eminent archiUett and
teientln men of this and other title. ,r . -... 0 ' '
for particular! address - -
i -jfjHarifJir ,?aiit?'f"9'.,l
flil Awenta fnr Xnamelad lulldlnw lr.,..l.i.'w ,.
p9d3di. : '.' S3 WAB3AP ST., YORK. r.;'.
SUAvi.BH ia all iteslrabit colon. n ...
1 1 ia all Koslrabkioolora, and at yer ,i
great brtfiui.j.
r i

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