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,rHonr Jbiepli II. Swan,
- trirsi'oizs or ths bEcisio'fo or tbssu-
(Contained In twenty-nine volumes of th Ohio and Ohio
State Report.)
InTwe Royal Bvo. Volume. Fiice $iu. w,
No can or expeoeehsartaeeB epaved so make the work
kvfnt uid velLblwin til reineota..-
It hM now Iho Legislative eaictlon, having been P
proved by nearly th nanlrout Vote of bo Moosee,
fad was arderad to bo distributed to th followrng State
Uovarnor. Attorney fJenerel, Baprtrn Judges, seers
tort, 0 mptroller, Treasurer wd Auitlterof State, and
to lh Probate Courle, Court of Common Pleas, Super
lor and Polleo OMrte, Aertilor, d th Clarke of the
n .k ..nniv. ta the Members of the
Boob to and Home of Beprwntelive of Wiis Butte, end
r th nnmt Blaise of tho Union. ,
Thl book, ontalnmg, it do, oil of 'tho Satan
DOW In foroo- and iho autborlletive eonsiruouon u. iuu.
Md of the Wewoaaeutuuou, vmioeiuii wwr-
ly rueful is tot pariormano at ineiruuuw, wan.
, . - ,-,r Oil OFFICERS, I , i . - t
'Ieaitnoch m very moiur change haw boon made tn tho
Statutes since tbo publication 01 tno last eaiunna, Dy "
naal. alutattons and addition, and many Important do
etsiens haro been given by tho Supreme Court on con
troverted pmnte. an
Will find this in tnvnluabl Work. " I
3W Royal 8ro. VolvmM of over JHiteiten Hundred
rage; ,
In Slrosi U Binding. Price flU.CO. ,
Published by '
Law Pabllahen, BJCkscllerai Stationers and Importer!,
o. 53 et your in street.
febie.2 ii p r--. ' ' -.Oinotmmtl, 0,
' GEO; We MANIOENN Yf Eaitor.
rtolf. thouldb kavdtd in iy TWSLVK O'VLOCX
onVudat publication,.
The News from Charleston.
Tbe advices from Charleston leave no room for
further doubt. Gen. Beaureoari, after demand-
idg the evacuation of Fort Sumter, whicli was
declined by Major Anderson, opened fire on it
oi the 12th of April, from a tiomberof tbe bat
teries on Sullivau's. Island, Morris' Island, and
. o'.ber points, with a view of reducing tbe Fort.
' M ijor Anderson responded.. Tub -details, as
far as given, will be found In their appropriate
place. All the news must, of course, be re
ceived with allowance lor shrinkage, but" we
apprehend tbat the f-ct that a fire has beta
opened jon Fort Sumter, with a view of reducing
fbepoBt.acd that ltbas relumed the fire, can be
received as positive.
The dispatches etate thai GenC Scott adviecd
, ,the evacuation of both Sumter aBd Pickens, and
if this be so, then the present condition of things
is brought about in opposition . to the views of
the. Litnt . General of tbe Army, to whom in
this matter Mr Lincoln bad. agreed several
weeks ago to defer, and be governed bj his op n
ion. Toe politicians have bad their way, 'and
"to save the pari)" tbej have required the
President to inaugurate this war DjIicin Tbe
peace of tbe country and tbe boprsof tbe Uuiou
are noibing when compnred to tbe euccesa and
supremacy of "irrepressible" Republlcanit-m.
When we learn more of the character of the
events ttanpiring, we shall bare more to say.
N VB Since the above was put in type, we
have additional and later dispatches, from
which it appears tbat tbe war steamers are en
gaged in the fight, contending with tbe batte
riea erected bj tbe secessionists. If the last
reports be tree, Furt Sumter is evidently disa
bled, and placed already in a critical conditisn
Tbe information: from Washington leaves no
room to donbt that the Administration expects
the Federal Capital to be attacked. -.
The Mysterious Schooner Fired into at Charleston.
: It. appears from an articlo .in tbe Savannah
Anus of tbe 5th inst., that' the mysterious
.schooner which was fired into in Charleston
harbor, on tbe 3d inst., was the R. H. Shannon,
Captain Joseph Marts, from Boston, with a
a cargo of. ice, consigned to If ey wood & Gaor, of
-Bivannah. According to Captain Marts' ao-
cjont of the affair, tbe weather on the 3d inst,
being rough and heavy, he mistook Charleston
harbor for that of Savannah, and did not dis
cover bU error until he had passed the bar,
whed be made signal for a pilot, intending to go
into the. harbor, tnd come out the next morn
ing, if the weather proved fatri and proceed on
.his voyage to Savannah. t
After making tbe signal, he waa fired upon
by one or two guns. lie then ran np the Uni
' ted states fftg, thinking an emblem of his na
tionallty was what was required. But in a fe
momenta, a fire was opened npon him from both
aides of tbe channel from Fort Moultrie and
the battery on Morris' Island.- Not knowing
what was required of him or what to do, Capt.
Marts hauled down bis colore, tacked ship and
stood out to sea. ; '. ;
A revenue cutter from Fort Sumter came
alongside the schooner, and Informed Capt,
Marts of the true state of affairs. Aa the night
waa .likely to be rough and stormy, he again
stood in for the harbor, but soeing that prepara
lions were making for renewing tbe fire on tbe
schooner,' he put oat to sea, and arrived at Sa-
i vannah at about four o'clock, on tbe morning
of the 5th iuat , with oo other damage Jhan a
, pretty good fright and a shot-bole In the sohooo
, er's mainsail. ;'..
J be AFetuadds that though Capt. Marts
; brought something to keep the Southerners cool,
' they certainly gave him a warm reception on
, his first visit to their shores.
ICT When JirrERsoM Davis, in Lis Inaugu
ral aa Preaident of the Southern Confederacy,
spoke of establishing a new Confederate Repub
lio npon the prluoiple of hmogtruUf of race, in
stitutions and Intprmta. It via m.H K.,,. .
. - MUM. VI
; uumeasnred ridicule id tbe RepabOcao journsls.
' But ihflaa innmala hawa ainno nlauml iv..
there Is a great virtue ln.fhls principle of homo-
. genelty, For the sake of establishing a homo-
gectous Northern Republic, in which tlieocgro
'shall beafBliated with the white man.'on an
equal footing, they would dissolve forever the 1
.connection of the non slsveholdingerith all the
: elaveholding Stales, and thus carry out in full
-...!!..- .1, . : . . v . . .
.ruinun iuo ugunpiiaoj agaiDSt 10 UUlOO WblOb
Garrison and his abolitjon crew have been plot ,
t'mgfortbe last twenty-fire or thirty years.
fPl .T 1 TI Llf.
iiiie ionouro .epuunaD coroogeneity if just
as dnpicab'e and traitorous to the country" as
Southern secession homogeneity. , .1
The Military Preparations at Washington.
fJOBpltne most puminaiiug ejiqcueo i
h cotitmplatlon'o( pur ooaatrjmea' li' (bat
uow presented At tbeCederal Capital. WaBB-
Dgton City li converted luto a military oamp
Th." rreoldeVf -STBftelSfate(r And 1U
Cabinet are eorroundiog tbamielve with Urge
body-guard of armed men, and foft(f)in(
tbe National Capital aa though they hourly ex
pected It to be invaded by an ataalling foe.
Soon, from pcedent appetranoei, aenCIiaU will
be placed on every street corner, an approaen
to the Fteaident ana other pablio lunotlooariee
can only be bad by a permit from a military of
floer and through a file of aoldiers armed to tbe
What means' all Ibii military preparation at
the Beat of our Federal Government t Tbe
people are not permitted to know. The Ad'
ministration proceed! with the cautioui eeorcey
of Abe imoet arbitrary deepotlo court, and aota
aa though it autpeoted every citiaeo of duplioity
and treachery. Every citizen of tbe District of
Columbia who enrolls himself aa a volunteer in
ihe force which tho Preeldent and Gen. Boorr
are raising for the alleged protection of Wash
ington, is required to take an oath of allegiance
to the United States,, and of obedience to the
President and the officers appointed by his an
thority. No wonder that many of them refuse
to subciit to this implied and degrading suspi
cion of their loyalty to their country.
The Preaident and his advisers have doubtless
their reasons for these proceedings at Wishing
ton. But no facts have been made public-
nothing bts transpired within tbe range of gen
eral information, to Justify this conversion
Washington into one grand military camp,
There may be danger hereafter, if the Admin
istration, instead of conciliating, continues
aggravate the secession excitement in the Bor
der States, that Washington may become
unsafe place for the present Republican Prcsi
dent and his counsellors. But in the existing
state of affairs, when no hostile force is advano
iog upon, or even threatening to advance upon
Washington, it is difficult to conceive what ob
ject Lincoln and bis Cabinet can have in view
nuloss it be to take ht incipient steps for es
tablishing a military despotism. , '.'
More Lies from Old Abe.
The member of Congress elect from the In
dianapolis district, Indiana, has published
card about the selection and appointment of
Postmaster at that place, from which we give.
below, a lengthy extract. It will be eeen tbat
more "lies" have been "twisted" out of Mr
An explanation of my conneotion with tbo controver
sy which Las been orcationed by the strilo for the In-
aiuiaiiOiia roitomce dm, ror some time, seemed to mo
be proper, Dot dm been deferred until the appoinlmen
ahonld be made, in order that nothing might bo added
to exil ing excitement. '
A difference of opinion hav-ne early been exorei.ed
eepeoa.iy at Indianapolis, reipeotlng the Influence which
uieDDeri of Ounirtat were to exert In the aDoolntment
of puetmaiteie lougbc an early occaeion, alter tha luiiuration
of Mr Lincoln, to make a specific inquiry
himself. If my recommendation, as to .he office at th
place, was to be controlliuE, I was ready to augceet.
the proper tima. my preierence as between the Candida
tee; If a new praciloo waa to be adopted, it waa my daiy
to acquiece in Itwlihou. complaint. The Interview was
in the prtri-nce ol Hon. O. a. Trimble, of Ohio- I at
d u tno fraaweni tbe diCerewas of opinion whM had
been exprOMed, and told him that I had Oume to loqutia
of him hnw far if at all, my recommendation would
cooirO'liug In designating the Pueimaiter of this place.
DIs reply was "I oave heard tf your postofflce, and
oave considered tbe ma.ter, and am free to say
you that I do not eeo huw I can over-ride iho recom
menaaiion of a member of Coogrees.' Ihii left torn
a plain duty, and, ,n a day or two afterward, I waa about
formally to pieaent my preference, when such n-nflieoo
was expreaaed, tn a certain big quarter, that the
matter una wn pracucaiij e'.uea in favor of apersoa
wh m 1 wa- kouwu not to prefer, aa to satisfy me tat
approval of my choice by an expraeatou by ball t at
mvuWcan voters af tme towirap would be rear
diipeor-abla tomaka m recommeida-ions sa-oeaaful.
this perplexity I came ho ia an1 suneatrd to tha
didates the pr prtetyo' tbftr agreeing to have an
premon l b.llo. of the Itepuoli'-an votera; but
,.r po.inon waa voreororrwii r,y aaj rliy ik ml could
aot mpeeea w 10 low nai Mata of ti e eaa. This, too
hit hardly been l--aolU Involved rraai ihePnata
rp.rmei.t at tt'ashiuetea a Jailor refueeUng ma not
1 RUu-id hoo to Wathiua'tin, aid In tha preeeoca
1 hod. u n,unaa aua our towoaman iMor.e
Oheoman. wtiox aappeaed to be tn nr oomnanv. I nra
.en led to tba eoeta. tar Oeueral mV re -omaiei.datlon
wrliinxof airtnUeman known t-,r,iu,houi thiscomma
nlty (or th. cxcelleme of his business qualifications
par ty of his pnva e character, and bis aounrlness In
K U .11 an lalth. I allude to Theodora p. Han. bey Tha
Pclmaittr uenerai a frank and honorable sen
tlemen raceived the taper, stating, however.
that It was cue to aa to say' tbat I ought
10 give tsyeaiT ai.y runner anxiety about the
matter. Tor air. - Lincoln sad made np his mind
before ne irriiudionapeiiaoanui orneyto Washlnetoo,
to cen'er ihe app'-lntiaent npon he prevent appointee,
nau nMeneii ma mmo ana my recumoendttlon aad
the petitions, etc., on file for the seveiel candidatea.
would ot alter his purpoae. Surnriaed bv Ihia aiata-
ment, on aeconnt of Ue cooTersatloo I bat prevloualy
with the Preaident, I mentioned to him the President's
lancaaga to mis If. when, til e ,nooalli,r hiasnrurlM.
kitdly suvireited, l- wayof excoee, tha President's want
Of "buslneas hablta "ate. -, ..... ,
It Is proper to aay. ta order that tha nreetaa trnth
may ba told, that in our Interview eubeeanentrvwlih ih
rrenueni, in uio prvaenoe ot nr. xnmbra, na denied that
he but thus made up his Jndanient. and that nnon rt
emuidtraUm It aeemed to h Im that Indianapolis, being
ui cauiui, 01 me oiaie, ine local aentimani ougnt
oeceMariiy w veeifoato ine rosunaster. 1 lie plain
suing or this Is, practically, that politicians bv trade
outside of Indianapolis may, when they choose, Dominate
our rmiQiHwrt '
These are words most reluctantly anoken: It would
tnostafreeable to me if they could reach those for whom
tney are intenoea tnrnugu a leas public medium;, they
are not written to excite uartr divisions, nor to lnnra
bitterness, nor to gratify lesentment, but because duty
v bu-j ii reom sveniv w mo 10 ao require weir Bl
crancc mai 10 nuuuoia ineo would oe rmsenees.
A Cogent Reason for the Removal of Marshal
Tho" radical Republicans of Chicago are cir
culating petitions addressed to His Excellency
ABRAHaN Lincoln, President of the United
States, for the removal of John R. Jones, whom
the said Abrahaw Lincoln recently appointed
U. S. Marshal of the Northern District of 111!
nois, on account of bis (Jones') execution of tbe
Fugitive Slave Law In tbe ease of the fugitive
Wat. Harris and bis family. .
The great reasons which tbe petitioners urge
for the removal of the new Marshal Is, that
they believe his designs are, "by a soper-serv-iceable
seal in the execution of tbe fugitive
slave Iaw,' to break up the Republican party
in Northern Illinois, and tbat be is in complicity
with leading men of (he Democratio party, to
accomplish that object, which, tbe petitioners
allege, be certainly will do, nnleas removed. In
proof .of this .complicity! they state thai the
new Marshal has -appointed but one Deputy,
and he a Buchanan Democrat; and further, tbat
aaid Jones has retained in office a portion of the
Old Democratic Deputies, , ,-. ,,
Tbe petition conclude with Insisting that
nothing short of the removal of Marshal Jones
will save from destruction the Republican party
in nortnorn Illinois.' - -'-i- - ...
' D"The OAo Stile Jturnal of this morning, In
speaking of the wur news, closes Its article
thns: ' - ';
"In tbe view of war are cannot reiotce! But
in view ot the struggle vrbich is to terminate
in the Humph of liberty, and tbe ananestioned
sopremacy of order forever after, we bail this
nrst oauie of tne new war of freedom. . ;
voii will be with tbe strong and the right.
au uoveromect is strong and right 5 ,. n
It seems, from the. above, that -the, war was
not precipitated py the'mere act of the Govern
mant attempting to provision the. soldiers at
Port Sumter, but it Is the fir$( battltof fht vmr
oj jrttatmr and Inaugurates a "itmgglt uhleh
is re terminate in 'iht (rium4 tf liberty'' 1
Being a war In which "fiierfw" is to trlnmoh.
of course s la wr Is to be'overtbrowa. , It Is tbe
first battle in tbe "irrepressible ooaQiot," and In
that Sense nas all its cratlfyina flunlflnanna
among tbe fanatical Republicans of the conn-
tT There are said to be 42.000,000 of serfs In
Russia, divided In round numbers aa follows i
30,000,000 of crown serfs, 9,000,000 In the Im
perial domains,, and 20,000,000 tinder private
proprietofai The latter are ' toe V"1"''
emancipated, and the 29,000,000 of erown and
imperial domain serfs are already declared tree.
It win ke seel ftom tblf statement what In utt';
mense body of ea the Caar has, by the decree.
of emancipation, enlisted to assist him iu main
taining his despotiq authority, as against the
barons and nobles of till Empire
FRIDAY, April 12, 1861.
avtrrnoon session. . - :
Mr. Hnr.MK3 offiired the following t
Pfaltud. That one thousand extra conies of
the report of the seleot committee npon Mr.
Collins' Bird and uame out oe primea ior iu
use of the Senate. Agreed to
On motion of Mr. MOORE, the Senate resolv
ed Itself into committee of the Whole, on the
Ardors of the dav. Mr. Stanlev In the chair, and
the committee proceeded to ballot ior cnoioe w
location of the new renitentiary, via t
Afw the twantv first vote, a motion by Mr.
SMITH to vote by ballot was agreed to
After some forty ballots, running about ac
cording to the last ballot, the committee rose
and reported, and bad leave ao sit again.
Mr. COX, from tbe Conference committee on
H B 423 Being the village prison bill, rec
ommended the recession of the Senate from its
amendment Agreed to. ,
' -On motion of Mr. 8CHLEICH, II. B. 291
To lease the Publio Works, waa taken from tbe
table, Mr. Jones' amendmenta from a select
committee pending. -
Mr. SCHLEICHVmovjra an amendment; to
strike out that portion wflich proposes to lease to
the highest bidder, aAd substitute tbe bid of
Medbery & Co., wh propose to give $10,200
per annum for tberanal8payable aeml-annu-
"'rbe bill waa referred to tbe committee of the
Whole, aad tbe Senate went into committee of
the Whole upon tbe bill and amendmenta Mr.
MOORE In the ehair. t
- Action waa not takea en tbe foregoing amend
ments, but sundry other amendmenta maturing
the bill were agreed to.1 ' '
' Tbe committee had leave to sit again.
Mr. STANLEY moved to adjourn until nine
o'clock to-morrow morning,
Agreed to. . - : ' ' ',"
r ' J J J j J J JJ A J
' v '1 Z 9 2 2 2 2S 2 SIS 2 2 2
tocATtoN. . tssssislssil
' -3 f a 5 S 15 a's S 3
! 2 S 2 ft 28 3 HSfJ
HHton "!"!!!.!! ! 1 1 ixow
kron 3 I 1 I K it HI
Ma-lllon....... 81 I83344883S9B
"."art; 910 8 7 7 6 7 B 810 8 Willi
ZhmvIII.. e 8 81011) 8 8 8 10 8 10 0
Portsmouth 1 1 1 ' 1 1
Ooihocton. ...... 1 1 '-i "
Ortesfleld 1 J8 1
"roUK-v 3"Q 311 8 3I38 38 31 3633 33134138
FRIDAY, April 12, 1861.
On motion of Mr. HITCHCOCK, the Home
resolved itself Into committee of tbe Whole,
Mr. Vorls tn the cbair, and too a np ine consul
eialion of S B 267 Making appropriations for
the year IBM. . . ;
After some time scent in the consideration
thereof .the committee rose, reported progress,
and asked leave to sit again, wniob was agreed
to, when tbe House took a recess till tomorrow
at nine o'clock
SATURDAY, April 13, 1861—10 A. M.
Prayer by. Rev. Pr.. Smith. . . y, :J
- S. B No. 293 To divide the State of Oh
Into Congreaeiooal Distriote for tbe next de
ceooial pwtud wnoie. - '.
8 B. 295 To autborme tbe Board of Dlreo
tors of tbe Portsmouth and Columbua Turnpike
Company to change tbe eonrse and terminus
ol said turnpike in ine ciy or rortsmoutn
Cornoratioos other than Municipal ,
8 B Ni 294 Rtlatiog to ou ties of Commls
sioners of Fin hold, rlookiog and ferry eoun
ties. Rererred to Mr 8cnleich.
H. B. No. 452 Aothorizlua: Townshin True
tees to examioe accounts, &e , of Township
Treasurera.- Wtroie
H. B. 457 ADDfoorlatlna IJ4.000 forltbe nor
chase of 4 000 copies of Swan and Critcbfield's
Revised Statutes ror Magistrates1 nee.
The Senate concurred In House amendments
to the militia enrolllns bill. '
H B. No. 216-To amend tbe militia bill of
1859, designed to reduce tbe number of brigades
was taken from ine committee or tne Whole
and referred.
On motion of Mr. GARFIELD, S. B 286, by
Mr. ORR Concerning Fisheries in 8 an dusky
river was taken from tbe table, and Mr Orr ad
vocated its passage, when it was read a third
time and passed yeas 24, nays 6.
Mr. COX, from tbe Judiolsry committee, re
commended tbe Indefinite postponement of ti
B. No. 298 To reduce tbe amount of Dreminm
notes of Mutual Iuanranoe Companieafrom $20,
uou to fia.uuu
Mr. FERGUSON aaid tbe bill is to enable
farmers to underwrite for each other. He
thought if the bill waa confined to them it would
ba a beneficial measure.
- Mr. COX aaid tbe practical operation of aach
companies bad proved pernicious. There have
been many such small companies, and thev have
all resulted disastrously. Poor and ignorant
men, not familiar with tne business, are often
mined bv tbem. To carrv on the insurance bus
inees aafely to the community, they should bave
an ample baeia or eapttal. ihese unfortunate
companies were not addioted to tbe extension of
tbeir business beyond tneir own counties, bat
were subieet to assessments for wbioh thev nev
er bargained by losses at borne. When they bad
supposed tney might be assessed ten per cent.
tbey have often been amaaed to find themselves
put in lor ju or ao per cent. , ,. o
Mr. CUPPY said that the law of which this
is an amendment is exclusively for the benefit
of farmers. Tbeir organisations ere limited
exclusively to the Insurance of country nroDer-
ty, and prohibited from insurance upon village or
city property. . ue tnoognt no injury ooaid work
from the operation of the bill. He moved tbe
reference of the bill to a Select committee.
' Agreed to, and tbe bill - was referred to Mr
Mr. 8CI1LEICH, from tbe Militia committee.
recommended tbe passage of H. B.No. 21 C;
amending the Militia law ot lobs, which
amends tbe law of 1857. . Tbe bill reduces the
number of brigades giving the Commeoder-in
Chief authority to consolidate territory for the
reduction of brigades, l bs bill naased-yeas
25, nays 1.- ..,...,... i.v t
Mr. O A Kir 1 ELI), from a select committee
on H. B. 334 To fix tbe standard of a ton, and
concerning a memorial from tbe State of Ma'ne,
made a lone report, and recommended the
passsgs of tbe bill with an amendment, and tbat
tne report be printed. j , -
Tbe amendment fixes tbe standard of a ton at
2.000 pounds, which does not apply to pig iron
and iron ore. Hill paned yeas uu, nay a 6. i
Mr. GARFIELD offered a resolution sneraor
ialiiing Congress to induce the Federal Govern
ment to correspond with foreign nations, anil
procure tbe appointment of an International
Commission to establish a uniform decimal ays
tern or metrology tnroogbout tbe commercial
world, and to offer a worthy premium to any olti-
aea of the United States who shall devise the
best decimal system of weight and measures
and currencies ( and tbat tbe Governor be request
ed - to forward sopies to our Benators and Kepre
sentatlvee io Congress. -, . v,i v. .,; (l"
Mr. MUOKb,irom a select committee, re
commended tbe adoption of an amendment and
tbe paeaate of H B. No. 73 For the protee-
rloa of seooritlee la certain eases It requires
endorsers ot a note te sign tbeir names as "seen
rltles," and gives tbem power to soa tbe prlnci-.
pals or notes not paid at maturity;' at the ttpl.
ration of six months from matui icyy to eollect
the amoun
V noleta thev shall waive actkn, and I
on the
fall tosmmetioe
vee aibird Sime-pveae 14, naya 17
inemre. Monroe, urr, roiis, ana wnmmins
hid leave of absence until Toeeday. t j 4
, . n . . i n ,
na. MOORE moved thai when tbe Senate
adjourns It will adjourn until" Monday af ter-
&OOn. ... . . ,, . .
Mr. SPRAGUE bad leave, and renorted from
the Enrolling committee .th . enrollment of
sundry billa.-. i i '-. UUV
ote fur payment in money only, ilf the I
falla ta nrooure aach assent, iandt aball
snail be discharged, i
Ri.r.ul tMla lh kill in k I
SATURDAY, April 13, 1861.
Prayer bv Rev. Mr. MoCune.
On motion of Mr. HITCHCOCK, the House
resolved Itself Into committee of the Whole, Mr.
Voris in the chair, and took up tbe special order
S. B. , Making appropriations for the year
186W' .- - .'.'
Mr. VORIS, from the Judiciary committee,
reported back S. B. 141 To provide gaaworks
for the Penitentiary and other state build In gs
with an amendment providing for a contract
with the Columbus Gas Company for gas, at a
price not to exceed $2,50 per 1000 feet-
&The amendment waa adopted, when the bill
was passed vest 64, nays 3. " " "
Mi. COOVER, from the select committee to
whom was referred H. B. 473 For building: a
bridge over the Miami river at Dayton report
ed the same back, when It Was set for a third
reeding; on Tuesday next. ----
Tbe committee of Conference on the matter
of difference on the Youngstown Jail bill, re
ported that the Senate recede from tbeir amend
meets, when the cotnmitteo was discharged, the
.Senate being opposed to the report.
After some time spent in the consideration of
tue subject, the committee rose, reported pro
gress and asked leave to sit again, when the
nouse took a recent). -. - - -7
fOn Thursday last, Mr. CARTER nressnted
the petition of James S. Reed and 48 othora, of
Marion county, for the passage of S. B. 12 For
tbe protection of birds and game and not
aontnif, aa it was then reported. "j
The Testimony of a Slave.
We have received from Atlanta, Ga,, a pam
phlet entitled "Slavery and Abolitionism,"
written by a negro, who subscribes himself:
Harrison Berry, tbe property of S. W. Price,
Covingtoo, Ga." This man is a foil blooded
Afrioin, forty-five years of age, and learned to
read and write while enwloyed as an errand bov
in a law office. He baa aince been a bard stu
dent, and bas acquired a fair- amount of information-
This pamphlet Is published - bv him
self, and copy righted for his benefit exclusively.
He says in tbe preface, '.'I am a slave, and bave
been all my life, and therefore claim the oppor
tunity, at least, of knowing what slavery Is, and
wbst it is not." tie was induced to write np
on the subject of slavery from a firm conviction
tbat Abolitionist agitators are tbe worst enemies
or tbe slave. '
There could be no more befitting rebuke to
the Abolition meddlers tbsn la conveyed in the
words which come from this oppressed subject of
tbeir sympathy twbo is "a slave," and "knows
what slavery is." Moreover, the simple facts
noted aoove are eviaence sumctent to relute tbe
aesertioa that the slave is a down-trodden crea
tore, kept in ignorance, and debarred from all
privileges. But It aeeass be ia able to speak for
nimaeii. tie writes 1 ' ' f
It is not tbat I am opposed to freedom, that
actuates me to address tbem (the Abolitionists)
10 tne manner in wnion 1 00, ior 1 believe it to
be one of tbe greatest bleeelnes earthlv. when
not contaminated with fanatioai dispositions
Bnt rather would I die, were I a citizen of the
United States, than to disturb tbe peace, or act
In any way that wonld be detrimental to tbe on
ward progress and prosperity of my country
v- -,f , 'i .. It would be better for
them, if tbey are acting on religious principles,
to suffer wrong for tbe preservation of eeace.
than 10 exact their rights at the expense of dts-
tntbanoes. .1 , t r, r, , ? -. ,t.,i
It caunot be said tbat yon are so. ignorant
to Deiieve tnat von are benefiting tbe slaves.
tor yon are an eduoated class of gentlemen, who
take tbe southern papers,,. and thereby are en
abled to see and read for yourselves, tbat tbe
slaves are much worse treated when the ques
tion is agitsurd.' ' My dear sirs, npon you and
yoar heaoa will cry more blood tban any planter,
wr piitotei s 01 toe sontn: ror wnen tne mastera
audtttves are getting 00 just aa well as they wish
10, jou commence yuur luiernai agitations Tbe
master goes to town, he get bis paper, here-tds
tbat tbe Aoolitioo party is making a great to-do
about fretting the slaves: he becomes sullen.
contrary and ill; be goes 10 to the fluid, and ilf
tne least tning 1 wrong, he It in tbe right bn
mor for a fuses be socuaes tbe slave of idleness:
in slave commeuots quarreling; the master
makes at him, tbe slave perhaps runs awayi he
is caught, and then made to feel tbe anger of a
master goaded to madnees by tbe officious in
termeddling and hypocritical sympathy of a peo
ple who neither understand, nor wish to under
stand, bistros position or bis Interest, n. t-'-
lt doea seem that Brown's failure to instill
into tbe breast of tbe slaves rebellions notions,
ought to be a lesson for tbe balance of the fa.
natlcs. But just let them march tbeir motlcv
corps into ths tlaveholding States, expecting the
am oi tun aiavtn, aua tney win nnd tnat tbe
Old Brown's gibbet will confront many a one of
tbem. I tell you, fanatics, tbe slaves of the
Southern States are getting too old to be hum
bugged by your eternal cry of freedom! Tbey
bave beard it too much, and felt the effect too
often, to be gulled any more. .You mnst recol
lect, fanatical sirs, that tbe slave children, and
their young masters and . mistresses, ara all
raised np together. .. They suck together, play
together, go a-hunting together, go a-fishina to
getber, and, in a great many instances, eat to
gether lntbeeotton-bateh. aloe, iumn. ratl.
bjx, light boy fights, and dance, together; and
every otner una 01 amusement mat is calcula
ted to bolt tbeir hearts toeether whan crown
np. ' You had better mind bow you corns here,
sou jump anoard 01 our matters; for 1 tell you,
though we sometimes fight aimong ourselves,
if another man jumps on either we both
pitch into him. You (must recollect that we
are not oppretsed here like vour nominal
ly free there. We can go into . onr mas.
ters'bouses and get nlentv of eood thinoa tn aat.
and we etn shake banda with the big-bugs ot
tbe country, and walk aide by-eide with Con
greas members on the side walks, and atand
and oon verse with gentlemen of the highest rank,
for hours at a time. 80, ia short, we can do
anything, with the exception of those privileges
wrested from ns in consequence of your diaboli
cal, Infernal, Black Republican, abolition, fa
natioai agitation.
I have been told, and that. too. bv men whaa
authority cannot be doubted by any who know
Ibem, that in tbe cities of non alavehnldino-
States, it is a common thing to aea poor, half
neawu ana starving creatures standing on oor
ners, begging every one passing by for a penny.
And it ia not at all surprising, when we consider
tbe prejudice existing there sgaintt them.,. As
for myself, I wonld rather have the law against
me, and prejudice In my favor, than to hav
the law in my favor, and tbe prejudice against
me. For tbe decisions of tbs laws are always,
in a greater or less degree, aubiect to rjpeinrllrM.
The colored man is a colored man anywhere.
He is bnt the tool North, and the servant South.
But, perhaps, yon will say, in ths face ot all
this, "our colored neoDle are not aubiect ta a
separation from tbeir familie,as the slaves are;"
I wonld. rather have my wife sold ten thousand
miles from me, with a man tor that I knew was
bound by tbe laws, and bia interest, to protect
oer ana toe cnitaren, man to oe with bee and
the children without food, and no way, under
God'a Heaven to make it sluing In some damn
vanar. i. :..., n. -. .. A . . a . J
Perhaps tbe reader has not forgotten what I
stated In the first of this address. I there stated
that slaver v consisted in tbe absolute nower on
maiviouai aea over anoiner. , it matters not
from what source this potter Is derived; it is all
the same with the subordinate, with the aingle
exception: mat tne aiave i a slave ror Ufa. with
a master tbat It bound, by tbe laws, to protect
blm; and the other, a subordinate for life, with
no protection. Masters, I most beseechingly
wish you to read the following to your slaves, and
tell tbem It is the Pequeat of one tbat Is tbeir
brother ia bondage. For1 1 believe, - if the
slaves were undeceived resnectiDtr their chance
of enjoying freedom; anywhere within the incor
porate limits of the United States, or, in fact.
aoywbere on ths continent 'of North America,
they' wonld not 'change places erltb tbe poor
White man North.' - Bat wkils tbey are deceived
in believing that they are worts off, and wttse
treated, than any one elee, it Is natutaltblt they
should be dlsaaHafie. in If ou jemove thiaf
see, not onlyihelr (true poeltloiij bat, also;
of tbe millions of the noor abd oodi eased.' not
only in Europe, Asia, aud Africa, but In the I
fiortnern estates of Am erica i and If bundreda oi 1
than. na nUi.il.- .... t..a k.. h. J .mi
soma are in tbe Southern cities to live comfort
ably, tbey oould see, dearly, that their enslave
ments under sU eircametancea by wbjob it is
surrounded, is not guca a corse as tbey thoagbt
It was. After they become eonvinoed that tbeir
position is better tban; f onr fifths of mankind,
they will cast aside all ' foolish hopes Of better
log tbeir condition, and be enabled to flew the
four fifths of the laboring population of tha
Country as being io a far worse condition than
they are themselves. This would ereate within
them a satisfaction with their iotsTsufflolent to
make them trustworthy in the meat difficult
Another Wail from Kansas.
The Leavenworth Coniervativt of Friday
says -or this new distress: "We learn from To
peka, tbat as soon as ths heavy rain-storm be
gan, Arny sent on, by tbe mule express, a tele
gram calling for umbrellas. He states tbat fifty
thousand people must bave umbrellas before
the first of May, or perish in tbe Deluge'. He
has recently traveled through thirty six counties
of Kansas, and found water in all. He bas
sent a dispatch to each member of Congress and
to the Governor of every State,' tellfDg tbem
that if human sympathies bave not died out
from tbeir breasts, and kindly feelings from
tbeir hearts, they must send umbrellas marked
w . r , iM. Arny tor tne relief 01 Kansas, u rar-
asola and sun shades, he states, will do, (If
marked as above), but something must be done
immediately, our proud state wilt be over
flown with aDoluge Which no Noah can beat,
He thinks a few email arks, made ot gopher
wood, would be of essential service to drowning
'1 .'I i a 1 ' I .1 ; I
A "Little Fib." The story going the rounds
of tbe press that W. H. Kussell, Esq., tbe cor
respondent of. tbe London Times, was sent to
Ireland to report a speech of Mr. O'Connell.
and that the latter spoke in Irish, to tbe dis
comfiture of the reporter and the amusement of
tho audience, we are requested to sayr is with
out a word or truth. ISaUimort bun.
i ; ,1.1:1
Mrs. Jane G.Swisshclm has been granted
divorce from ber husband, James Swisshelm
In the Pittsburgh Common Pleas Court, on the
ground of desertion. At last accounts, jane was
publishing a paper: in one of the upper Missis
sippi towns, advocating woman's rights.
Tbe London Literary Gazette, In an elab
orate review or ; Helper's impending prists,"
remarks "We suppose this Is the sort of book
likely to further tbe good cause la America
for sixty elcht experienced Senators, with Uhris
UaB names ranging from Isaiah to Galusha,say
The government expenditures of Great
Britain - are 915,000,- more than a: million of
dollars per day. The people consume seven
hundred thousand dollars wortb of food per day
more than tbeir own soil produces.
C. G.Long, of Upper Sandusky, Ohio, ob
tained at thelaU term of Coort in Wyandot
county, a verdict ot fi,U33 against tbe ruts-
burgh., Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad for
the loss of an arm... ...
Tha Washington Star denies tbe story of
copperhead snakea being found In tbe mail baga
which arrived In tbat city from florid.
ST All should read Prof.
Wood's advertise-;
ment in another column.
In New Albany, op th 9th la., alev Ungating and
painful lllne-s of two yaaiSvwhteh h bore) With heroic
fortitude. I1ENI1Y n , tha son of Jok-atia) Bob, In th
! 1st year of his age.
In this dispensation of Divine Providence, his parents
bave been deprived of s sod endeared to them by many
acta of duly and affection. He was much esteemel by
his friends and acquaintances, for his exemplary and
moral conduct and amiable disposition.
-. OF . .
-I. 1 "-rl ?7
J tha Union and the Sunny South, I bave concluded
to sen out
Tha stock consists of the largest lot of
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The Stock Ttervlenlshert j
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li7 iu Ml -'"TT. siiil!("t
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Broadway wilfalon hi' 'warranty that she will baaTt
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The Ladles of Colnmbus and vWnltt will flea ac
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6 Esst vevrn tn cetamaat o. i
5 ,:
thatjrqyr TrIaL. I j ' t l J I i
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i '.V
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tbatPioL.weoa s ueir neevonmrvwn. - -
au gray, end preserve tha hair of ths youth to old ago,
inallltiyouUiful beauty.
. 1 nattla Oiaek. Iflch.i bee. Slat. 1858,
pn. Wood! rThae'wIlttileaa accept a Una to Inform
thee that the hair on my bead all fell off over twenty
nntuiil bv acomnllaated ehroora disease, at-
ni,ui with an aruntlon on the head. ' A continual
uim of nffarint thronah life havlnr reduced me te
stale of dependence, -a nave not neon aoie to ootain emu
for oapa, neither have I been able to do them up, In son
sequence of which my head has tuffered extremely from
oold.. Ihls Induced me to pay Brlggifc Bodges almost
tha last oent I had on earth for a two dollar bottle of thy
Hair Restorative, about the first of August lsst. I have
faithfully followed the direeUons,ind the bald spot Is now
covered with hair thick and black, though short, It
also coming in all over my bead. Peeling confident
tbat anotner large noma , wcuia reeion 11 entirely
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.mi hinff deitltute of meana to purchase anv more.
would ask thea If thee wouitui not ba willing to send ma
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self .the scripture declaration "ine reward is to tnose
that era kind to toe widow ana tne ramerirse."
- - any iriena, DuoannAii &inux.
I.tmnler. Nobis County. Indiana. Feb.' Jth. 185ft."
Paor. O. J. Wood: l)ar Sir: la Ihe latter part
tha vear IN, while attending tne state and national
Law Bohool of the State ot Mew York, my hair, from
eanaa unknown to me, commenced falling off vary rap-
Idly, so that In tbe short space of six monltie, tha whole
upper part of my scalp was almost entirely bereft of
ooverlng, and muoh of tha remaining portion upon the
side and baoa part ot my neaa snortiy niter became gray,
so that you will not bo surprised when I toll you that up
on mv return to th State of Indiana, my more casual
acquaintances were not so much at a loss to discover
oause OI tne cnange in my appearance, aa my mora inti
mate acquaintances were to recognise me at all.
Iatonoa made application to the most skillful physi
cians In the country, but, receiving no assurance from
them that my balr would again be restored, I waa forced
to become reconciled to my late, until, fortunately,'
th latter part or tne year im, your Hestcratlve was
to me by a druggist, as being the most relia
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desired effect. Since that time, I have used seven dol
lars' worth of your Restorative, and asa result, have
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As a mark of my gratitude for your labor and skill
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,i. v ... (,, - A. M. tATTA,
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five temporary relief only, r By this treatment th med
icinal properties contained tn the Band com in contact
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ThU Bdlaalsoa moetpwerful Asm MotooataL agent,
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Ko.J409 3B0ADWAY, Hew York
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coiumbua, April l, ieoi. '..
AA BTORM of Mr. HtwaT M. NaiL. I have onened
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Columbus, April 1, 1801 aprd'dlm - ..t, - -'
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net tasn Assets, renruarr it 8CI
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f ' s, '
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to th South-west corner of High and Friend
Uatf LpXsaitKi
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Th attanlleu of Marchanta aad AmIm u .nr.L
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Th following; is an extract from a'
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ror all TlitiOAVf nnd
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Complaint tbe forerun
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Ho. 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Mass. ,
' Roberts A Bamnel, N. B. Marple, J. B. Cook, J. M
Denlg. O. Denic At Bona. A.J. Bchueller A Bon. Agents
for Columbus, Ohio. . myl-dly
. Wm. A. Batohelor's Hair Dye!
' The. Original and Best i tie Worldl
All others ara sar kerHaOaws, and .shoafd be avoided
If yoa wish to ridlenl. -fl
BAT, SIS OB BUBTI HAIB Dyed Instantly to a
beautiful and Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to
awarded to Wm. A . Batehelor sine 1839, and over 80,00
applications have been made to the Hair of ble patrons
of hi famous dyai
WM. A. BATCH! LOB'S HAIB DTB produces a ool
or not to be distinguished from nature, and is warranted
not to Injure In the least, however long It may be contin
ued, and the 111 effect of Bad Dye remedied: th Halt
Invigorated for Ufa by this iplsndld Dye. , .
Bold la all cities and town f th United Btetee
Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers.
UjThe Qenulnahae the name and addreas upon a steel
plate engraving on fonr sldeaaf aaoh box, of WILLIAM
JylS wly . .11 Barclay street, New Tort.
Th Advertiser, having bean restored to health In a few
weeks by a very simple remedy, after having, offered s
aral wear with a aevar lane? affaotlon. and Oi.l ArA
dlaeaa. Consumption la anxlon to mat know to hi
fellow sufferers ths means of cur.
To all wh dealr It, he will (end a copy f thepreeerti
tlon used (ft of charge), with the directions for preps '
tag and using the same, which th will find a cat Oo '
for OowacMmoit, tmii, BaoRcwrrm, a. Th only
objeot of th advertiser In sending the Prescription I to
benefit th afilloted, and spread Information which he eon'
eetvet to be Invaluable, snd he hope every sufferer will
try his remedy, as It will cost them nothing, and nay
prove a blessing ,
Parties wishing the prescription will pie address
1 ' Wllllamsburgh,
Kings County, New fork.
0t3:wly . . ., ,
W. A. Batohelor'a Hair Dye!
This splendid Hair Dye ha no equal Instantaneous In
effeot Beantlfal Black or - Natural Brown no staining
the akin or Injuring ti Hair rmmrttesirjearjear a
effect of Bad Dyes, and Invigorate Ihe hair for life.
None ara genuine aniens signed "W. A. Batchalor."
Sold vrywher. ...
' OHAB. BATOHBLOR, Proprietor,
JylS wly , - 81 Barclay Btraei, New Tort.
' - .';
v - ..... CELEBRATED
--a - ... . 1 . t:
For the Whislters and Hair
Th subscriber take pie tin re In announcing eths
Cltlaans of tha United States, that they have obtained th
Agency for, and are now enabled to offer to the American
public, th abov Justly celebrated and world-renowned
article. The .
' .AH): r,
Is prepared by Da. C. P. BELLINGHAM, an eminent
physician of London, and I warran ted to bring 04t a
thick at of
t 'Wliiskcrs bra Mnstache '
In from three to six weeks. ThU artlct Is th only on
of th kind used try th French, and in Condon and Pari
it ta In universal ue. . ...
T im a ...... 1 i ... I I , . ll. ( . ,,
oompound, acting as If by msglc upon the root, causing
a beautiful growth of luxuriant hair. - If applied to th
scalp, it will enr liLonna, and eaus to spring np ia
plao of the bald spot a floe growth of aw hair. Ap-
&lid aooordlng to directions, it will tarn Ban or Towv
sir bark, aad restore gray hair to Its original color,
leaving It soft, smooth, and flexible. Th "CNanmrr" I
an Indispensable artkle In every gentleman's toilet, and
after on week's ns they would not for any oootkl ration
oewimouitu .
Th subscribers are th Only Agent forth article Iu
the United States, to whom all orders must be addressed.
Pries One Dollar a box for sale bv all Druwl.ta anil
Dealer; or box of the "Onguent" (warranted to have
the desired effeot) will be sent to any who destr It, by
mall (direct), securely packed, on receipt ef price and
postage, (1.18, Apply to or address
nOBACfl L. HICIBMAN A 00-, '
' J . . Wt00OIT,0
(ebSOdAwCm fit WUllam Street, New-Tork.
' . . ' ' lOoLnaso, April 9, 1861.
. Savings1 Bonlc ol! Cinoinna.ti.
onlatlng Note of th Saving Bank of Cincinnati
will nreecnt theaam at this ofho forredetnotlon. wkara
Jhey will b paid in full. - - - -
apraaim a. r.Bjvr.H,-irwwnrroi Butte.
JO-OScerr 89 rtUls.ra. w.Tork City, and
Pabsobs' Bcitbirio, Columbus, Ohio. f 1
7Csreful attention paid to Collections.
prlt8:df3rn - " - - " "' " ;' '"m-'
, i,.. - u f aajan x. tiw. ..taivi
X INLANW. on half mile from Ihia city, lor rent, If
appllration I mad oon. No. i North IMrh K-tat,
Culuiolrus. 't r aprUJ:dlwJ HhalUQ.

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