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il)c (!)!jio Statesman
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child; striviog to give iree ana -'""""""
development to body, mind and heart; to guiae
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.,d nninr- tn cultivate quick and ao-
enrate porcflption as tho natural basis of wise,
comprehensive reflection; to give fitting food
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regards. Ho would havo each child untold per
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.. . l .n t, a afhnnla ,1Child-
garden; tncreiore uu cui? Dv. v.
dren's G.trdcns.''
irr Immediately following the War Proclama
tlon of President Lincoln, we recoived that of
the "Immortal J. N.," announcing that ne
would lecture at tho Court-Home, next Wed
nesday evening, on tho philosophy of Truth,
Justice and Immortality.
(" General Carmngton will repeat his lec
ture on "The Hour, The Peril, The Duty," at
Ajmory Hall, on to-morrow (Tuesday) even
ing. Luliea as well as gentlemen aro consider
ed as invited.
KTThe Probate Court of Hamilton county
issued forty,three marriage licenses last week.
There were In the county during the week, five
marriages utdeib anus.
fCPMr. Sand.', the newly appointed United
States Marshal for tho Southern District of
Ohio, has received his commission and entered
upon the duties of his oilico.
0The following is tho inscription on a stone
in a cemetery at L Pointe.Lake Superior:
"In memory of John Smith, accidentally shot
by bis brother as a mark of affection."
ID-Tho earnings of the Baltimore & Ohio
Railroad for the month, of March 18C1, were
$451,441) 41, being an increase of $37,000 over
tho earnings for Mtreh, I860.
irr List Friday, the 12ih inst, the day on
mMrh r.lvll war was" begun," was the eighty-
fourth anniversary of the birth of HENitr Clay.
Columbus, April 13, 1861.
Editor Ohio Statesman Dear Sir: On and
fr.P Monday. April 15th, trains on the L. M.,
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Columbus 1st train out, Aco. at 5 A. M.; Ex
press, 11:50 A.Ms MaU,H3U r. m.; ;.
Express, via Dijton, 13 M.
' Returning Arrive at Columbus at 3:20 A.
11:03 A. M ; 2:55 r. M.J ana r. i.
Rail Road Time Table.
Lirri. Mum
i k Ouuioik inn k. .
Oinoioaatl Accommodation.
,5 00 A.M.
.. . .. i?r:,::.::i.'-ui v. m. v. m.
Mill Jiocomrouufiii-ii n A. M.
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Night Kxprcw 'fitStu jV lO A.'
Ne York Esprei..... .-l A.M. II. J A. m
Mall and Accommodation..
CoitsalOrio It
No. 1 Bxreu...
No. 8 lo
No. 3 d j
3:30 A.M. : M.
UAS A. M- I'rf. if'
3:10 1. M. 4:5U A. M.
W. J. Full, Agent.
n ... nmrailll t ClNOIKSATI R. K.
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Fort Sumter Burnt Out, and Almost Destroyed!!
Surrender of Fort Sumter!!!
Only Five of Maj. Anderson's Men
Wounded, and None of the Confederate
Forces Hurt!
The Fleet off Charleston Harbor.
Reception of the News North and South.
President Lincoln's Proclamation
for 75,000 Volunteers, and Extra
Session of Congress.
Charlistom, April 13 The ships in the off.
ing appear to be quietly at anchor. Tbey have
not fired a gun yet. The entire roofs of the
barracks at Sumter are in a vast sheet of flames
Shells from Cummings' Point and Fort Monl
trie are bursting tn and over Fort Sumter in
quick suooesBion. The Federal flair still waves.
Major Anderson is only oocupied putting out
me nre. &rery shot in tort Sumter now seemi
to ten neaviiy. The people are anxioosly look
ing for Major Anderson to strike hia Use.
Jt is stated, from a reliable source, that up
to 10 o'clock to day, no ono at Moultrie was
Eleven shots from Fort Sumter penetrated
tne nosung Dattery oelow the water line.
The few shots fired bv Maior Andarann carl
this morning knocked the Chimnevn from tha
ouicers- quarters at Moultrie, like s whirlwind.
Major Anderson's onlv hone now la to hold
.m . . a . ... J ... -
out for aid from the ships. Two ships are mak
ing in toward Morris Island, with a view to
laud troops and silence the batteries there
tort Sumter is n udoubtedly on fire. The
flames are raging around it. Major Anderson
nas thrown out a raft loaded with men. who arc
passing upuckets of water to extinguish the
nre. a ae rort is scarcely discernible. The men
on tho raft are now objects of fire Irom Morris
imauu. win glasses, balls can be seen skip
ping over the water and striking tha unnrotaot.
ed raft. Great bavoo is created among the
poor fellows.
It Is surmised that Maior Anderson In crnil-
ually blowing up the fort. He scarcely fires a
At half past II o clock flames were bnrattner
from all the port holes. The destruction of
fort Sumter is inevitable
tour vessels, two of tham lai-cn ntampra. am
sight over the bar. The largest annears ta
iugaglng Morris Island.
The flames have nearly sobsided in Sumter,
but Major Anderson does not fire any guns.
Gen. Beauregard left the wharf just now for
Morris Island.
The exoitement, if anything, Is increasing.
MoNTaOHERV. April 13. Gen. Beauregard
telegraphed to the Secretary of War, late last
night, that thero had boon heavy firing all
rridav, that four euna on ForiSumttir hud haen
dismounted, that the Confederate batteries
were all safe. Nobody was hurt. Four steam
ers were off the bar, and the sea was quite
Nothing of to dav's date has been received h
the War Department from Charleston.
Charleston. April 13 Two nf Mainr An.
derson's magazines have exploded- Only oc
casional shots are fired at him from Fort Moul
trie. 1 be Morris Island battery is doing heavy
work. .
It is thought that oulv the smaller maff&zinpa
have exploded. - -
1 he greatest excitcmont prevails: the wharvna.
steeples, and every available plaoe is packed
mm people.
. United States ships are in the offinc. hnt have
Biueu major Anuerson. it is too late now
come over the bar, as the tide is ebbing.
I have read a letter from S. C. Bovleston,
dated Moultrie, at 6 o'clock A. M. He
says not one man was killed or wounded. The
Iron battery had been damaged: the rifle oan-
non of the battery did great execution on Sum
ter, and were all aimed at Anderson's port-holes.
Three ol Sumter's barbotte guns weredismount.
ed, ono of which was a 10 inch Columbiad. A
corner of Fort Sumter, opposite Moultrie, was
unoctea ou.
The steamers Water Witch. Mohawks and
Pawnee, It was thought, were the three first vea.
seen In tha offing.
Another correspondent says the bombardment
has closed. Mai. Anderson has drawn down the
stars and stripes, and displayed a white flag.wbich
has been answered from the city, and a boat is
the way to Sumter.
The breaches made in Fort Sumter are on the
side opposite to Cnmmings' Point; two of its
pori-noies are Knocked into one, and the wall
from the top is orumbling. Thrca viiu1i. nna
them a large sized steamer, are over the bar,
uu Buem io oe preparing to participate In the
oonfllct. The fire ol Morris Island and Moul
trie is divided between Snmtor and the Bhips ol
ni. iui Buiua nave not vac nnanori tiro
Charleston, April 13 Tha hmteripa nf Sul
livan's Island! Cutnmlngs' Point, snd Stevens'
oawery are pouring shot and shell Into Fort
Sumter. Maj. Anderson does not return tha
fire. Fort Sumter is still on firs. Thar have
usi oeen two explosions at Fort Sumter.
Charleston, April 13.-Tho Federal flag was
a)?an hoisted over Fort Sumter, when Porchtr
Miles, with a flag of truce, went to the Fort.
In a few minutes the Federal flu. ..a aln
drawn down by Major Anderson and the white
nag igaiu unrurlea
Sumter Unconditionally Surrenders.
IJn. RAllrAirrl k.. . a ... .
also three fire companies, to quench the fires
it resones tne magazines
Fort Sumter unconditionally surrenderpd.
i ne peopie wno witn joy. in o Carolinians hurt.
I wo thousand shots fired altogether. Maior
Anderson and men conveved to Morris Island
uuuer gunru. Auueraon reacneo tne city, ana
ig ,ne guest of Gtn Beauregard. The people
sympathize with Major Anderson, but abhor
those in his command. Thore was a steamer
in sight which didn't even attempt to reinforce
Dim. ine wooo wors and ouicers' quarters in
oumier were an Durni. no Oineers wounded
The Fort will be taken possession of to night.
Charleston, April 13. 1 kf o'clock. Flrln
ceaseu, ana an unconuitloual surrender , was
made. The Carolinians are surprised that the
fight is over so soon. Alter the flag-staff was
shot away, Wigfall was sent by Beauregard to
Sumter with a white flag, offering assistance to
Batteries nod not stooped firing, wiiriaii r
piled Anderson muet haul down the American
nag. surrender of light was the word. Ander
son then hauled the flag down.
several oi Beauregard's staff came over and
stipulated mat the surrender ba unconditional
ror the present, subject to the terms of Beaure
gard. Anderson is allowed to remain in actual
possession ror tna preseut. t . .
Charleston, April H-Neeotlatlona wara nnm
plated last tight. Anderson's command will
tvacuat in. the morning, and embark on war
vessels now on tne harbor.
rive ot Anderson's men are wounded, nna
thought mortally. .
Aitor the surrender, a boat with ten man waa
sent from a ship of war outside to Morris Is
land, requesting permission for the vessel to
enter and take off Anderson's command .
it is reported that Anderson's surrender was
because bis Quarters and barracks wara da.
I ,lv27a' na n" had no hope of reinforosment.
I . ? ?e." bT thirty bonrs, and conldn't '
wuumn i nam him. His men wara nrnatratail
with over exertion. , . . t
h. . i ? r,!?M heftt1 to "BamtM were caused
"r caueut fire throe times from hot
The house, on
'LmTfa'iu !i.wnt I?"-" Forl t0'n,s'it woe
mil7 0" 7 th,flM"f the surrender
.mv .D.nuu nvrs luuiva
It is not knowa what will be done with Sum
ter or the vanquished garrison. -
Charleston. April 14. Anderson and men
leave to-night on the Isabel for New York.
The fleet Is still outside.
Dispatches from the North.
Detroit, April 14. The war news creates a
profound sensation. The unanimous sentiment
is that the position assumed by the Government
must be maintained. An Impromptu meeting
or the members of the Detroit bar, and miiuon
tial citizens, yesterday afternoon, composed of
all parties, passed a resolution denouncing tho
reoelllous organization called the. uoniciiernte
States, and declaring their intention to stand by
the old flag at all hazards. Another meeting
ol citizens will be held to-morrow night.
Amant, N. Y.i April 14. It Is rumored that
uov. Morgan received a aispamn irom tne
President, asking for aid from his Stato.
Lincoln's reply to the Virginia Commission
ers is decidedly unsatisfactory to the Rcpubli
cans and Democrats. The former think it is
not decided, and the latter believe it to bo the
invitation of oivil war.
The New York Hirald'i dispatch says Lin
coln received the news of Major Anderson's
surrender with the remark that be was not sur
prised. The 7th and G9th regiments have volunteered
their services for the defense of Washington.
Erie, Pa , April 14. Westorn Pennsylvania
will sustain the Government. The news from
the South creates the most intense feeling.
Men of all parties express their detcrmiumion
to stand by the Government, aud fight for the
supremacy of the United States flg. All our
volunteer companies will offer their service) to
the Governor to-morrow.
Chioaqo. April 15. The news of tho surren
der of Sumter created profound sensation. It
was at first discredited. Whdn later diBpaUilics
arrived, confirming the previous reports, the ex
oitement was intense.
All parties exoress the determination to up
hold the Government in enlurcing the laws and
maintaining the suoremacv of tho national
iNDiANaroLis, April 13. Intense excitement
prevails. Meetings were held in two difl'orent
halls this evening, in both ol which strong
Union resolutions were sdopted. Several vol
unteer companies here and in different parts of
otaies nave tendered their services, to the
A salute of 34 guns were fired for the Union.
and one for Major Anderson.
Philadelphia, April 14 War feeling mm
pant. People incredulous about Sumter's now s
Two regiments of Militia will be read to march
a lew days.
Lancaster. April 13. The stars and strlnea
are aispiayeo in nonor or Anderson.
Volunteers are being enrolled.
Madison, Ind.. April 14 A larnn and onLlni.
elastic Union meetiug was held last Dight. A
number of patriotio speeches were made. The
following resolution was passed :
tunma, mat we will, with all the me vns in
our power, maintain the Government and the
flag of the United States.
Several volunteer militarr
forming here.
Philadelphia, April 14 -PennBvlvanla will eo
war en masse. Gov. Curtin hai rnn tn
Washington. He says Pennsylvania can send
100.000 men to defend Washington.
New York, April 13. The Government ia
said to have chartered the steamships Philadtl
phia and fcricsson. The former is boinc ranld-
flllod with Provisions, armv atiiraa anil muni.
lions of war. The latter is to be held in re-!
serve tor any emergency. i
Chicago. April 14 Gov. Yatea will l-on a.
proclamation to-morrow, calling an extra ses
sion ol the Legislature, to meet at Springfield a
Boston, April 13. Intense excitrment. Tha
surrender of Fort Sumter Is not believed by
I be Admtant General's nfTIcn fr.ia nrnwnnn
this forenoon with ofllcers of the Stato militia,
offering tbelr commands to tho Government.
extorsive war feeling has been aroueed
Got. Andrew leaves for Washinston this after
noon. New York, April 14 Advicos from Allmn
state that Gov. Morgan will to mnrmir inann a
eaiirorK,uuUmen for nsoof the Federal Gov
ernment. A private letter from Gov. Curtin
ineut citizen of New York, stales that ho can
have 100,000 Pennsylvanians in' Washington
48 hours, if required.
Cincinnati, April 16th Tho news of the
surrender of Fort Sumter created profound sen
sation. The newspaper offices la?t night ware
besieged by thousands eager to hoar tho nes
The military spirit of the city is thoroughly
arpused, and the stars and stripes wave from all
public and many private buildings. The people
a man will sustain the Administration- A
home guard will be immediately organized for
protection of the city.
Philadelphia, April 15 The rcnorted nrn.
eot to seizt Fort Delaware f auaaa mnnh Tritp
meot. It is now commanded b Cantaln Pm-tar.
Virgiiia, who.lt is reported, designs to renlgu
Virginia secedes. Fort Mifflin, in Pennsylva
nia, is a dilapidated affair, now in nharvn nf
Sergeant Bromley and one man. The Navy
magazines adjoining Fort Mifflin are in charge
Major Banker, a veteran of sixty years' ser
vice. Volunteers are making oreniratinn. an tn
ready to respond instantly to tho call of the
Governor or President.
Two new regiments are forming, tn onnaint nf
,000 men each, to arm which a nnrt.inn nf tha
State appropriation will be required. Our vol-
ouioerB never nave oesn properly supplied with
arms, and frequently new companies had to bor
row guns to parade with from others belter sup
pllsd. .. r
Mayor Henry offered bis services as Colonel
a regiment, If a call is made by the Govern-
Dispatches from the South.
MsirroosiERr. Ala.. Aortl 13. Mi, inr f.linm.
bers arrived, bringing Lieut Warden, Federal
Navy, prisoner of war from Pensacola. He was
bearsr ot dispatches to Pickens. Guns flrprl
bete. Great rrjoicintr in honor of victory.
Montgomery, Aoril 13. The President haa
appointed T. Warren Morse, Judge for the Dis
irioioi Louisiana.
Richmond, Va.,Aprill4 Demonstrations of
joy. uunng the night, a party hoisted the
Southern flag on the Capitol. It was subse
quently removed by the guard.
New ORLEans, April 13. Thero' is a crnnd
muster of olty volunteer oompsnies this morn
ing, preparations aro making to defend the
Mississippi in ths best possible manner.
Nashville, April 13. Enthusiasm preat. At
puouo meeiing to-nignt a resolution was uuan
Imously adopted oondemnlne the Admlnintra-
tlon for the present state of affairs, and sym
pathizing with the South. Zollicoffer and oth
ers spoke. - ,. ,
Memphis, Aoril 13. Great exnttampnt
crowds on the oorneri. Rockets, bonfires, mu
sio, and speeches. , .
Baltimore, April 13. A man made his rp-
pcarauua id uim oi i j wis morning, witn a seces
sion eookade on his hat. He was pursued by a
crowd, and had to beproteoted by the police.
Intense exoitement prevails, and there is creut
anxiety to learn the news from Charleston.
Baltimore, April 14 Th Union fealins- In
this city bss been unmistakably displayed siuce
Friday. Men with cockades and secession em
blems have, been shassd by orowds and protect
cu oj us ponce. !
The barque Fanny Fensbaw hoisted a seces
sion flag to day.snd a crowd compelled a boy on
tue vessel to take It down. The Cantata aftre
wards re-hoisted It.snd It required a detachment
of thirty polloe to protect It Irom the people
The indignation is intense. All the other ves
sels in port hoisted Ihe Amerioan flag.
Alexandria, Va., April 14. A meeting was'
oeia nere, w iorm a noms guard. Kesolutions
to resist the Northern aggression were adopted,
and several speakers advocated secession.
Others argued In favor of a Convention to unite
the Border states. , . . . . ,
HiLirix, April 13. News of the bombard
ment of Fort Snrater orested profound sods'
tion. The Legislature passed a resolution that
It heard with deep sorrow and regret of war
among oar neighbors, and without expressing an
opinion, offers prayers for reconciliation,
top Nxw Yorc, April 14-The Timet'
ton correspondent, Jasper, was an
arrested as
spy, and ordered to quit the State.
From Washington.
WasHihgton, April 14 Arrangements art
made to ooncentrate the military at any threat
ened point. " The greatest anxiety to bear fur
ther Southern news exlsu.
It is rumored that an attack will be attempted
on Fort Delaware, Md. Tha War Department
haa tnkan atans to Prevent it.
1 i Flvo officers of the Navy have tendered their
resignations, wbiob were refused. Their names
will nrnhahlv be stricken from the list.
-The National Volunteers passed resolutions
denouncing the military operations or the uov
ernment. and expressing sympathy with the se
oesBionistaV. The guard at the Departments Is
largely increased.
Vaahingtom. April 14 Efforts are still
making to concentrate a formidable military
force in and around Washington, to be prepared
for all emergencies. . ,
Information continues to be received from
private snnrees of several plots In various local
Hies In Maryland and Virginia, having in view
the seizure of the publlo property and even the
persons of the highest officers of the Govern
ment. Thnuch these accounts are not generally
credited, tbey are believed id omciai quarters,
and hence the precautionary movements. At
all evonts thev are considered necessary, no one
.. . D . .. J t JMfl "
knowing what torn events may take during the
Preva out excitement, noaua ana avenues
leading to Washington are closely watched
Senator Uonglaa called on tne rreaiuent to
night. : Ha had ' an interesting conversation
on the present condition of the country. The
substance of it was, on the part of Mr. Douglas
that, while he was unalterably opposed to the
Administration on all its political issues, he was
orcDarsd to sustain the rreaiuent in the exer
cieoofall bis constitutional funotions, to pre
serve tho Union, maintain the Government, and
defend the Federal Capital. Firm policy and
prompt aotlon were necessary. The Capital of
our country is In danger, and must be protected
at uii huzirrt-i, at any expense ol men sod money,
lie spoke of tho present and lulure without rer-
creuce to tha past. Mr. Lincoln was very much
gratified with the Interview.
umeial advices from Montgomery indicate
that the Confederate Congress on re-assembling
will at once declare war against the United
Slates. It is believed that in the act of declar
ation a distinction will be made between alien
friends and alien enemies, the former including
the border States and such citizens of the
North as oppose a coercive administration. All
obligations to this class are as macb to be
respected as though in times of peace.
President's Proclamation.
Whereas, the laws of the United States are
now and have been opposed in several States by
coraDinaiions too powenui to De suppressed In
the ordinary way, I therefore call forth the
militia of the several states of the Union, to
the aggregate numberof 75,000, to suppress said
comninauoos ana execute tne laws. 1 appeal
to all loyal citizens to participate and aid this
effort to maintain the laws and integrity ol
the National Union, and perpetuity of popular
governments, and redress wrongs long enough
endured. .
The first servioe assigned the forces will
probably be to repossess the forts, places and
property which have been seized from the Union.
The utmost care will be taken, consistent with
the object, to avoid devastation, destruction and
interference with the property of peaceful citi
zens in any part of the country.
I hereby command all persons composing the
aforesaid combinations to disperse within SO
days Irom date.
I herebv con veno both Houses of Congress for
the fourth of July next, to determine upon such
moa-iurcs as the public satoty and interest de
mands. . ,
Secretary of State.
Richmond, April 13. In the Convention,
Mr. Carli.slo deprecated tho action of South
Carolina in firing ou Sumter, and expressed de
votion to the stars and stripes.
Tho secessionists replied and applauded the
gallantry of Soutb Carolina, claimipg that what
ever tho Convention did, tin Slate would go out
of tha Union.
Tho Governor communicated a dispatch Irom
Governor Pickens, giving an account of the
bombarding, saying "a furious fire is kept upon
us from Fort Sumter. We will take the Fort,
anu can sing, me ncet. it they attempt toland
elsewhere, we can whip them. We have 7,000
ot ihe best troops In the world, and a reserve of
iu.uuu. we will triumph or perish. Let me
know what Virginia will do."
In the debate, it was said that the Southern
rmy would miroh through Virginia, and thou
sands would join It.
The Stb section, prohibltingthe importation
of slaves, was taken up. Numerous amend
ments to it were offered, and finally it was sdopt
ed, with an amendment providing that nothing
herein contained shall apply to Southern States
which have or may declare their separation. In
case their separation Is acknowledged or con-
tiuucu. i ne ueoaie men turned exclusively ou
the surrender of Fort Sumter.
Arrival of The Fulton.
New York, April ISih The stesmer Fulton
arrived this morning from Southampton, 3d.
Sales of cotton lor two days, 11,001) bales
dull; breadstuff, dull) quotations of barlej
maintained; provisions dull; consols for monsy
'Jl9'i ai918 for account; III. C. R.
It. rtci'dtd; no obaogn in the rate of discount
is expected before the 9ih; abort loans at 6t
7; May, 35J; consols heavy at 9191);
money at 91) up to April 10th; 91(jj)91Ji up
to May 10th. - j -,
The Emperor of Austria rejected the demo
cratio programme of the Hungarian leader, who
demanded an absolute separation of the Hun
garian administration from that of Austria.
The Emperor Intends abiding by the reforms
alieady granted. ,
Kiots took place in Russian Poland.
Queen Victoria will reoeive the Ambassador
of the lung of Italy.
1. im ..,,.. J .v.; n ..:u.ui ..j it. -m I
muimra mu uituuaiui rruueuicu nisom-l
oers to sssemble- in fourteen days. Garibaldi
held a conference With Victor Emanuel at Gen-
Russia. The concesilons eranted bv tha Cxar
. . , ..., .. I
imu uui given saiiSMClion. Military are Still DO-1
ing concentrated. ,
Theateamnr Amprir-a arrtvaH at Q. ... I
.S o 4 i America arrived at Queenatown
I the i 01 April. I
i no Austrian u ait lie says that upwards of
2.r)0 Hungarian volunteers nave gone to Naples.
1 be Duke of Newcastle has been appoint
ed Governor General of India.
Trade in France is stagnant, in consequence
of the alarming political situation of Austria
and Italy. i- , -, . .,
London, April 3 Messrs. Giles, Sons k
Barkersj report that with further considerable
arrivals of foreign wheat, barley, oats and
flour, tlie trade - open - very quiet
lor an articles, trices of wheat, about
as ' on Monday, but easier Borioe
Sugar buslaoss limited, but prices nnaltered;
retiued Is wanted; 5Gj is paid for common
lump. Coffee small supply and wanted, olean
native Criion sells at 6365s. Tea moderate
tales; wanted; few sellers at previous quota
tions Consols money 919lv, account
OlQIMfErle ehsres 2728; R. R.Jahsres
generally uat. . . . .
There is a leported rising in Portugal, in con
sequence ot tmpppresaive taxation
Wearing mourning in Poland is becoming
general. ' '' - '
, London Funds heavy and lower A farther
reduction in Bank notes is anticipated.
Arrival of The Fulton. The President's Reply to the Virginia Commissioners.
rr.- slonara. .
Washington, 1 April 13. The yeelv of tha
President to the Virginia Commissioners repeats
that It is his purpose (0 hold, occupy, and pos
sess property aod plsoes belonging to the Gov
ernment, ana uoueci auties ana imposts, bat not
iioa fnrnff. pvcent that naneaaarv far thta AhtM
-l'"'' --- "im.gi
bumtor, ana 1 SUSll reinioree it, U loan, and
take toe places wuion nave Df en seised. I shall,
to the best of my ability, repel force by force.
ir war news proves true, i snail prooably with
draw the mails from the seceded Slates. I coa
sider that forts and property In these States yet
belong to the United States. I shall not attempt
to eollcok duties by armed Invasion. I do net
mean, however, that I may not land foreee to
rellove forts. Ho reaffirms the Iuaugnral, ex-
cepv aoout luuun.
OsmtNoatTir, Inu, April 13. Evans, the'
murderer of llanna and wife, was eonvloted to-
daytaDil sentenced to the Penitentiary for life.
' Washinoton, April lV-The Frestd'snt has!
appointed E rl Bill as Marshal of the Northern
District ot Ubio.
Arrival of The Fulton. The President's Reply to the Virginia Commissioners. Latest from Charleston & Washington!
Details of the Evacuation of
Fort Sumter Burned to a Shell!
The War Preparations by the
Gen. Scott Reported to have
NewYore. April 15. The Timt$' Washing.
ton correspondent says the War Department is
engaged in calculating the quota ol troops in
eaoa Stato.
New York will be entitled to 10 regiments.
No detailed policy relative to closing South
ern ports is yet stated, Dut arrangements are
making to cut off all communication by sea
General Scott is actively at work, calculating
the disposition or the lorces.
The Administration has reliable information
that tho Confederate States propose, after re.
duoing Sumter, to march on Washington with
Several additional companies of regulars are
ordered to Washington.
The Expmi' Washington dispatch gives a
rumor that Gen. Scott has resigned, because bis
advice against reinforcing Sumter was disre
The world' Washington didpaim says da
taohments of oavalry are stationed in all roads
outside the city, and two volunteer companies
are in the Capital ono at the rost uitioe De
partment, and one at the Patent Office.
The ollieers of the Mew York regiments have
tendered their commands.
The present indications are that Sumter will
be retaken at all hazards.
The New York Her aid' $ special dispatch from
Charleston says: Major Anderson saluted his
nag, lormed bis command on parade ground,
and marched out on the whirl, the drum aud
fife playing Yankee Doodle.
During the salute, a pile of cartridges burst
in one of Ihe casemates, killing two men and
wounding four. Une was buried in the fort
with military honors. The other will be buri
ed by the Carolinians. The wounded men will
be taken to Charleston.
The Fort was burned to a mero shell. The
guns on one side of the parapet were entirely
dismounted, and others split, and the gun car
riages knocked to splinters.
Alsj. Anderson is reported to have ordered
not to sight the men but to silence the batte
ries. Sumter has been girrisoned by the Palmetto
Guards, under command of Col. Ripley.
The fire has again broken out In the ruins ol
the Fort, and the engines have been sent down.
Washington. April 15th. Ten District of
Columbia companies have thus far been mus
tered into service. Sixteen Is all required.
The number of federal troops hereabouts
amounts to 500.
An offer b been made to the Treasury Do
partment In New Orleans.
rmLanELrniA. April 15. 12 M. There Is
till much excitement about the Palmetto fUr
ofBcer. The whole square is blocked np with
people. The Mayor and police have possession
the building. A large American Big is sus
pended across the street. Some Hamape has
done to the internal of the officer by the
mob. It would have been entirely torn out but
for the interference of the Mayor.
Boston, April 15 Political differences
have been dropped, and the universal sent!
men! of cities snd State is to defend to the last
tba flag of the Union.
Volunteers to the number of SO .000 have al
ready tendered their services at the Adjutant
uenarai oinos.
General B. F. Butler, an ardent supporter of
ureckiorldge. durina- the eleotion. has tendered
services with bis entire brigade.
Baltimore, April 14. The Union feeling
is strong. This morning the Minute
Men, an organisation of 2,500 strontr, who
have been drilling ever since the Presldr ntial
election as a military organization, threw out
the stars and stripes this morning from their
head-quarters, with the motto: "The Union
and the Constitution."
From California—U. S. Senator Elected.
Ft. Kearney, April 14 ThePnny Express
passed here at 1 P. M., from San Francisco on
3d Inst.
Jas. A. MoDoneall was again elected Sena
oa the 2d ballot, receiving 77 rotes. All
Republicans and most of the Douglas Demo
crats supported him.
From San Domingo.
New York, April 14. Advices from Ssn
Domingo say the surrender of the Republic to
Spala took the people by surprise, and it was
hinted there will be bloody retribution. The Eng.
and French Consuls protested and struck
their flags. Up to the 22nd our representative
made no move.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, April 15.
ILODBV neelnta of 90 609 bhls: market dall and V.
lower; saieaoi lu.ww Nils al Ui I5MS no for super-
at vtuisih u r..,. a..... .t . on
superfine extra western; 5 3IKS5 50 for common to
medium extra wet tern; S3 HXSH 63 for shipping brands
extra Round Hoop Ohio. Canadian dull and droop-
Mvu n.nnn. .ui . ii a,a in r.
onoioe aaparnne.
,WH.f "f .1
9 09S bush. Market heavy;
sal" of 3,000busr at $130 for Mllwaukla Club delivered;
al for cholo amber Club; tl SW3!1 SB for red State
37 for wlntrmh.. In., ail 3? f. ..a -.
Urn; tl KfcAtl 80 for white western
BY easier; salaa of 11,000 bush at 6&SGO0.
BARLKY dull; GOO bush sUta sold at 8c.
OOKN receipts of 4.1tbuh: market better: aalea
35,000 bush at 0?(18c for old mixed western in
store and delivered; ui8o for (new do at R. R
ATS Steady at Mm30e for western Canadian and
PORK quiet; sates of SO bbla at 117 SO for mess.
fix imuu tor prima.
bkkv quiet and nnchangad.
OUT MBATS-steady.
LARD Arm; sale of 100 bbla at O'.'AlOKe.
BUTTIR in fair reuueat at 10uilo for Ohio and 14(3
iv ror siaia.
OaKRgR-fttady at 8($10o for Inferior to prims.
WHIKY firm: fair demand: aalea of ISO hhla at
BTO0KS easier and dull; WMney and exchana with
out new feature; Oh ScR I 45X; U Ac M OBI 0 it I ffl,U;
III O seilp MBI quoted Hao Mall 77, Irle ;
Har23; M S lV; N Y O 79; M 0 45)4! Pun 107, O
Oh i9 N I 0 1 10: O B 68 X liar I let bonds 100; lie
6i;aoJX:sI 0 70; Tana 08 Ohio 80aM(l5) Treasury
lUYtaViiv. , 1
Cleveland Market.
April 13.
ally dull to-day, owiny, In freat measure, to Uwexcite'
meot occasioned by th war news.
f LOUR oonUnuee tady at qaotatlona, with no aale
worthy of not.
WHIST wnus r tsndlnt apanwd, owini to the scar
city In ths market: sales of ne aa on th track at 1 SO;
ra is nrm at e we, ana in lair suppi v.
OOBN steady at o. for yellow; sxlra wklts com
and 35,
0TS dallt4o. ' .
8IIDB Timothy Is not so firm! sale of M bush at
$9. AO. Clover uioarae and Arm at td4 1X.
BIHHWiNKD steady at 130. ' . .
BklUKlD MIST8 ilountryarsd Hani sell at 6A
9e; otty eured at Hw. Shoulders at Sk(al7jta).
hABD deasanrt fair at 9o. , 7 . I
BUTTBR-food analltle dairy better are ta fair de-
Band ror city oonsompuon at i:vi5o.
01)8 elllnf Hthtly atBH(9o.
CHKSSR-flr demand at rant f 899 l-9o.
Cincinnati Market.
f LOUK-remalnSMharetefor, very dull, and Inspec
ted superfine, thoafrh of a lew grade, wa sold at t,9i
4, S3 to , are the nominal flfurts adhered to by
w ua AT Ii about aaquctw yesterday. There la no
outside demand, and millers declare Uiey will not pay
r dflo. for Red. But veer little Is la ths market.
CORK is mainuunru a .., wunoai any variations
la ihe ton of Ihe market.
OATS areqaoWdat 860; holder are trmand In same
Instance as Sio.
RiBoonUnu la request, and commands 57c, read
WHIRKT I kpt at 13XO, with a fair market.
I ; Dr jm EL McLEAN'S " :
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
Tb Orosueet tfceineair in Tuo trld
AND Till
cokdial V
ly a Mtentllo and
Vagctabla Oomponnd,
procured by Ui distil
lation of Roots. Herbs
and Barks, Yellow
Dock, Blood Boot,
Rananarllla. Wild
Cherry Bark and Dan- tT-rt
aeuoo aawri inw iu
coDiposiuon. i ne eo-1 , iri,,
Rcforo Taklns' e remedial niitr taking.
principle ol each Ingredient ti thnronghly extracted by
mv new mthml if rfl.lllllntf. nrnriuctnff'.ft delictum. OT-
hilerallng spirit, and the moat INPALMllLH remedy for
renoraiinir tne a liwiawl STSiem, ana renorinir u u,
tnurln( and debilitated INVALID to HKALTH and
Will sffeetoally tars
Ohronle or Nerrotu Debilltv. Diseases of the Kidneys
and all diseases arlstnK from a disonlereJ Liver or atom
sen. Drmiensia. UeartlmrD. Inward Piles, Acidity or Hick.
nets or me blomacn, rnuneas or 0100a 10 iuo ueia, nun
pain or swimminn in tn Head, raiv-Mtion 01 me nean
Fnllness or Weliiht In the Stomach, Boar Eructations
OUoklnn or inffooaUDf feeliog when lyins down, Drtneas
or KenownCMor uie Hkib aud Byes, nixni eweau, in
ward fevers. Pain in tha small of tha back, chest or side,
Sudden Flushes of Beat, Degrees! on of Spirlta, Frightful
"reams, Laniruor, Desmndency or any Herrons Diwue
Bona or Blotches on tha Bkio. and fever and Acme (or
uniusana yever.)
Overs mullein of itottle
Have been sold durtni the laat six months, and In no In.
stance has ii tailed In (riving entire satiifaction Who,
then, will suffer from Weakness or Debility when MC
No laniruae can convey an adequate Idea of the linnw
diate and almost mlracnloaa change produced by taltinv
mis uordiiti in tna iiiseaaed, uebiuutea ana shattered
nervous system, whether broken down by excess, weak by
nature, or impaired by sickness, the relaxed and unstrung
organization is restored to its pristine neaitn ana vigor.
Or others eonsclous of Inability, from whatever muse.
win nna ucLean a strengthening Cordial a timrouirh
regenerator of the system: and all who mav have inlured
themselves by Improper indulgences, will find In the Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
To the Ladies.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
Is a sovereign and speedy rare for
Obitructed or Difficult Menstruation, Incontinenro ol
Crina or Involuntary Discharge thereof, Falling of the
Womb, Olildlueu, Fainting and all Diseases inuidne I
There is no Mistake About It.
Buffer no lunger. Take it according to Directions. It
will stimulate, strengthen and Invigorate you am! cause
tne nioom ot health to monnt your cheek apaiii.
every bottle u warranted to give eatiilacttnn.
If yonr children are sickly. Dunv. or afflicted. McLean 'a
uoraiai will make them healthy, fat and robust.
vt a moment, try it, and yon will be convinced.
Oaotior. Pewara of Drurolitaor Dealera wVin m.i
try to palm upon yon soma Bitter or Sarsaparlllatnuh,
which Uiey can buy cheap, by aayint It is Just aa good.
n.ui'j aucn men. aik lor aicLean s Birenguienlnc Cor
dial, and take nothing else. It is the only remedy that
will purify the blood thoroughly and at the ume time
strengthen ths system.
Ono tablespoonful taken every monilnr. faaUnr;, Is a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and fever, yellow
fever, or any prevalent disease!. It Is put up In larva
Trioe on!y a I per bottle, or 6 bottles for 15.
i. II. McLEAN,
Sole Proprietor of this Cordial,
Also McLeaiTs Volcanic Oil Liniment,
Fritclpal Depot on ths corner of Third and Pine streets,
Bt. tabu. Mo.
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Tna best Liniment In ths World. The only sale and
certain cure for Cancers, Piles, Swellings and Hron
chilis, or Ooitre. Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of tho
Moacies, Chronlo or Inflammatory Khenmatiim, tills
nesa of the Joints, oontracted Uuscles or Ligament
Harache or Toothache, Bruises, Bpralns, Wounds, Vreth
Outa, CI leers, Fever Korea, Oaked Breast Bore Nipples,
Burns, Scalds, BoreThoat, or any Inflammation or fain,
difference how severe, or hov loon the disease nay
have existed. McLean's Celebrated Liniment is a oar
tain remedy.
Thousands of human being have been sSTf.l a lira ol
deorepttud and misery by tu n of this invaluable rot J
Will relieve pain almost Instantaneously, and II wll
eleanse, purify and heal the foulest sores in an Incredl
ly short time.
For Horses and Other Animal.
McLean eelehrated Liniment Is the only safe and re
liable remedy for tho cure of Spavin, Ring Bone, Wind
galls, Bplinta, Unnatural Bumps, Nodes or swelling.-. It
will never fail to cure Big Head, Poll Evil, Vistula, Old
running Sores or Bweeny, if properly applied. For
Sprain. Bruises, Scratchea, Bores or Wounds. Oncked
Ueela, Chafe, Baddla or Collar Oalls it is an infallible
remeuy. Apply it a directed, and a cur I certain in
every instance.
Then trifle no longer with the manv worthless Lini
ment offered to you. Obtain a auonlv of Dr. Mrl.pin i
ceieoraiea ijinimeni. 11 will cure you.
J. II. NrXKAlV, Sol Proprietor,
Corner of Third and Pine Street, Bt. Louis, Mo
Tor sale by all druggist,
for sale by BOBIBTB fc 8AMUKL,
augaa-dfcwly Columbus. Ohio
Liverpool, M6ntreal, Quebec,
The Montreal Ocsan SteamshlD Oomnanv'a Brat clan
-powered Clyde-built Steamer sail everr Mnt
nrday from PORTLAND, carrying the Canadian and
United Btate Mail and paasengers,
Shortest, Cheapest anal Qalckcst Coa.
vsyancs front
liatea of Paeeaae to Europe,
S3o. soo, sao.
Will sail from LIVERPOOL every Wcdneadrty,
and from QUEBEC OTOrjr Saturday , calling at
LONDON DBRHY, to receive on board and land ilaiiaand
Fasaenyera, to and from Ireland and Scotland.
irpTheaa Steamers are built ot Iron. In water-tight
compartments, carry each an experienced Surgeon, and
every attention is pain 10 tne eomrort and accommoda
tion of passengers. Aa they proceed direct to LON DON
DEKY, the great risk snd delay of calling at Bt. John's
Is avoided.
Olaagow piMenrera are furnUhed with ran passage
tkkela to and from Londonderry.
Return tickets granted at reduced rate.
Certificates Issued for carrying to and bringing out pas
sengers from all the principal towns of Great Britain aud
lrlar,-t reduced rates, bv this line of steamers, and
leaving Liverpool every week.
Sight Draft for f land upward pay
able in Kniiland. Ireland, Scot
land or wale.
For passage, apply at the Office. 93 It HO Alia
WAY, New York, and 19 W AT lilt ST.,
iiTeryeei, . ,
SABEl ft BSASIX, Osnsral 4gsnts,
nolO-lydAiw Statesman Offios, Oolumbui, Ohio.
Bheamalism, Gout and Neuralgia,
Mercurial Diseases
It I s oonvenlently arranied Band, eontalninc a med
Icated compound, to be worn around the Walat, without
injury to tno most aeiicai persons; no cnanie In habits
ol living ia reqnireo, ana 11 enureiy remove th dis
ease from tne system, wltnont producing the lnjorloui
effeota aililnc from the as of pcwerful Internal nadi
eines, which weaken and destroy th conatltuUon, snd
liv temporary reiiei on it. bj inn treatment, th med
icinal properties oontalnfd la the Band come la contact
with th blood and rvacn ui aiaease, tbrouah the pores
01 toe hid, curu.iug m wmry iniiaooa a peneel cure,
and restoring the part afflicted to healihy condition.
xni nana is aisom mostpowerrai SNTi-MnocaiaL airent.
and will entirely relieve the system from the perniciou
eueois 01 mercury, aiooeraie cases are enrrfl tn t ifw
daya, and we are eonaiantly receiving tralimonials of its
elBrary tn aiirravated casta cf long standing. 1
fair tx.UO, to be bad of Drugilsis generally, or ctn
be sent by mall or express, with full dlrro'lcns for us.
to any part 01 th country, direct from tne rrincipal
Ho. 409 BB0ADWAY, Nsw Yoilt. ;
6. SMITH & CO., Sole Proprietors. 1 .
M. S.Sesorlptlve Circulars Sent free. . j
s j7 Af eats Wanted Everywhere,
aahae lyisorlstp.daw
A compound remedy, desf gned to be tha most
effectual AUtnttiv that can be wade. It fa
a concentrated extract of Para Barsnparilla,
so combined with other substancM of atill
greater alterative power aa to afford aa cflfcc
bvo antidote for the diseases SarsaparUla ia
reputed to cure. It is believed that sack a
remedy is wanted by those who suffer from
strumous complaints, and that one which will
accomplish their cure must prova of imracnaa
service to this large class of our afflicted fcllow
citi&ns. How completely this compound will
do it has been proven by experiment on ssany
of the worst cases to be found of the following
complaints: ... 6
Scrofula ahd Scrofulous 'Complaints.
EltUFTIONS AND EltlVfin n, .... TI .
Iimples, Blotches, Tumors, Salt Rhkum,
bCALD Head, Syphilis amt. Rtpu., .n a
FBcnoNS, Mebcuuial Disbasb, Daorsr, Nu
raloia oa Tio Douloureux, Debility, Da
pepsia and Indiobstiow, uysifelas, Rosb
or St. Anthony's Firb. and indiwrl th a,v.ni.
class of complaints arising from Impuriti or
thb Blood.
This compound will be found a neat nrn.
moter of health, when taken in the spring, to
expel the foul humors which- fester in the
blood at tlint season -of the year. By thetimu
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders
ore nipped in the bud. Multitudes can, by
tho aid of this remedy, spare themselves from
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sores, through which the system will strive to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do
this through tho natural channels of the body
by an alterative medicine. nioan nut k.
vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities
bursting through tho skin in pimples, eruptions, x
or sores j cleanse it when yo find it ia ob
structed and sluirirish in tha vein l-ina lr
whenever it is foul, and your feelings will tell '
vou w hen. yen where no particular disorder
is felt, people enjoy better health, and live
longer, for cleansing; tho blood. Keen tha
blood healthy, and all is well ; but with this
pabulum of lifo disordered, there can be no
lasting health. Sooner or later something
must go Avrong, and the great machinery ol
lifo is disordered or overthrown.
Sarsaparilla has. and deserves annr-h. tha
reputation of accomplishing these ends. . But
the world has been egreciously deceived by
preparations of it, partly because the drug
oloiio hits not all the virtue that is claimed
for it, but moro because many nrcnarafJnn.
pretending to be concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little of the virtue of Sarsaparilla,
or liny thing else.
During late years the public have been ruis
cil by large bottles. Dretendinir to crive a ouArt
(if Extract of Sarsaparilla for one dollar . Moat
of these liuve been frauds upon the sick, for
tlicy not only contain little, if any. Snrsarja.
Tilla, hut often no curative properties whatev
er, jii'nee, uitter ana paintul disappointment
h:is followed tho use of tho various extracts of
S.ii-snpiirillii Which flood tho market, until the
liiiiuu itself is justly despised, and has become
synonymous with imposition and cheat. Still
we cull this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend
to Biipjily such a remedy as shall rescue tho
name from tho loud of obloquy which rests
upon it. And wo think we hove ground for
licvin;; it has virtues which are irresistiblo
' the ordinary run of the diseases it i Intend.
cl to cure. In order to secure their complete
i ndication from the system, the remedy should
)k judiciously liikcn according to directions on
iu uotiie.
Dll. J. C. AVER Sc GO. .
Price, ft per Bottle 1 Six Bottle for 03.
Aycr's Cherry Pectoral
as won for ilsclt" such a renotvn fur tlio cure of
every variety of Throat and Lung Complaint, that
it is entirely uiincce-. sarv for ua to recount tha
evidence of ila virtues, wherever it has bcem em
ploy. As it has Ioiik been in constant use
throughout thin accliuu, wa iwh! not do more than
assure tn people its uuuhty . kept up to the best
it ever has been, mid Hint it may be relied on to
uu iur meir reuci uu it us ever been found to do.
Aycr's Cathartic Pills,
i'ob tub cnaa or
Costheiust, Jtiuuilioe, Dyspepsia, Indigestion,
Dysentery, Foul Stomach, liiysipelas, lleaductt.
Piles, llhcumaiism, Knipt toils aitd Slin Diseases,
Liver Complaint, Dmpiy, Tetter, Tttmort and
Salt liicwn, Worms, Gout, Neuralgia, as a
Dinner Pill, and for Purifying the Blood. .
They arc siignMonted, no that Ihe moat sensi
tive can take them plcaaaiiily, aud they are the
best npcrient iu the wmld for all the purposes of a
family physic. -
Price 25 csnts per Box ; Fivs boxes for $100.
Great numbers of Clergymen, Phywciana, States
men, and eminent personage, have lent their
name to certify the unjiuralleled usefulness of these
remedies, but our space here wiii not permit the
insertion of them. The A Rents below named fur
nish gratia our Am BitiCAN Almanac in which they
are given ; with alto full descriptions of the alwrve
complaint, and the treatment that should be fol
lowed for their cure.
Do not be put off by unprincipled denier with
other preparations they make more prrnlt on.
Demand Aver's, and take no other. The lick
want the best aid there is for them, and they should
havp it. - . , .
All our remedies arc for sale by ' ' -' ' 4
KOBIRTB k BAltUtX, Oolossbui,
And by DrayirWta and Dealers every whs r
MRS, WIN8L0W, '.
An experienced Nurse and female Physician, present
to the attention of matters, bar
T?nn nnr... . -I
run unnjUKKPi j&cthiivu, (
which greatly facilitates the process of leslbbi. by loft-
en Inn the 1
sis, reducing an lnflaBsati -will allot
ALL PAIN and anumodlA Mtlnn. and i
Depend anon it, mothers. II will sir vest to vannelna
and ....
We have 1
Ve tiave putup and sold this article for over tea yean.
and I
what we have never been able to aa at an other bumIi.
anua., ruarrBUTA uutm, when timely aard. nev
er did we know an Initano of diaaatlahMiion by any en
wim ubcu ik ui ui contrary, an are oeiigniM wlta lis
operaUons, and speak in terms of coeimeodatka f lay
magical eOect and medical virtues. W sueak ta Shi
matter "WHAT Wi IM) KNOW:" fter ten veer' nne-
almost every lostano where the Infaat is tuSeruig fro
pain and exhaustion, relief will be found in aflaaa r
twenty muiute alter tnesymp is administered.
This valuable vranaratlo Is th Dresorintloa af ona nf
tha moat KXHkHIKNOKDaod SKILLVUL NllftSIS ta
New Cncland. and has been Seed Willi NKYKR IA1L-
INa BUCCKHHIn ... , ; 7
Tt notonly relieves the child fro Mia. eat tnvhra.
ate the stomach and bowels, oorreota aoidity, aa gives
lone and energy to the whole system. It will alauxt la
(tantly relieve . ...... 1
esip.ao n thx iowxls, avs wind com
and overoome oonvumona, wnlch. If aot ipeedlly rese-
uicu, .uu m uoin. ne oeiiev k lot vim aa aula-
ST RRMKDY lit TU WORLD, la all of lyV
na viakuhva IN OUlLUHJIat, woethar
it arises from teething, or from any other eaas. W
would uy to every mother who haea child rufforlog from
any of Uie foregoing complaint DO NOT Lkt VOL' a
Hand between you aud ioor aulTerlng child, and tha. re
lief that will be BURH-je. ABSOLUtaLY 8L'K to
follow 'he use ot this medicine, If timely aesd. fall aU
rectioas for aalog will cooaapanr arh bottle. Noes
genuine unleas the faseioil of OURIU f HUCUi.
New York, Is on the ouukl wtapner.
Bold by all DrngglsH Uraaghottt th werid. .' '
rrl'olsialOffloe, it Cedar Street N.V.
WBES yoa ga to New York , drive direct to the
aial-i-HSOnilAr UOt lEt
. Ooodoet.-d on Ihe ' '
Qocd fare, flood Roomt. Prompt Attemlanc. and Uod-
eral Oharfus. .. i,; ,
' DOOnLl S00M9 and PAKL0K8 to $3.
Mi!al as ordered. This Hotel bat all thrpo' dnta
of the Wit hotels, a most central rncalloa.ari.1 I'.i.ui
Ihrougbout by ateaa. BAUUEL M. tuatii.
aarclid3at Proprietor.

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