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vf ,. , yf .;
' Invariably la A4thic i
Hot- twrWaJ'' J
ST Offle Hos. 83, 88 end 40, North High It.
Dally 8 00 P"
" By lb Carrier, por week, 12 cents.
trl-WsjUv - . 8 00 per yesr,
Weekly. . - - 1 00 "
vriti t Advertising; by Square.
n.S'iuire I yeni...$2D 00
One " I motthe 1 00
Jat , 8 months IS 00
Sd. 4 .. . 3 months 10 00
3nc ' 11 iniinllis 8 00
tfne qur 3 week... 1 4 00
On " Sweekt.. 100
On " 1 week... 1 73
One " adayt ... 1 00
One " 2dey...
On " 1 InterUon 50
One - ' 1 month. S DO
Displayed advertisement half mor than th. abov.
fAdTitimenl leaded and placed In th column of
Special Notices," oVitiMa IK ordinary rate.
All notion requireo, to be published by law, legal rate,
If ordered on the lnlde exclusively alter the flrit week
per cd.. more thui the above rates; but all uch wil
.nau in u, rri.uvnklv without chanre.
limine.. Carrie, not exceeding five lipes, per year, In.
I do, t 50 per line; outside f a.
Notion of lueetingi.charllablesoclellei.flr. companies
l . i...ir
All triMMtnt admrtUtmmt mutt bt paid or in
l'fM Tie role will not be Tarled from.
Week Ij, uue price ai the Daily, where the adTertliei
cutlia We. kly alone. Where e-Dally "d Weeklj
re both ted, then the enarg i.rtne peciiy wu.
0 II therati'iof the Dully
No adwrtUement tiken except for a definite period
- Corner Kpriiiff ic Water Ms.,
W,. B. POTTS & CO.,
Anil M.nnfBriurvn of llnwa and Compoiltlon Calling,
Vinl.htd llran Work of all Dotoriptlonl.
Electro Plating and Gilding!!
febl'WMJly '
P. A. B. slums,
Attorney at Xifvw
Office Awboi Unlldlnf, oppotlta Capitol Square.
Machine Mannfactnring Company
-' Catting,' HUl-OewrlBg, Machinery.
HallroadL Work
or rriir Di8cirrion.
OHA8. AMI10P, Bap'l. ' V. AMBOB.'.Trea.
deoll. IHM-lf
Winter Arrangement.
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia
For Cincinnati, Dayton ft Indianapolis!
Through to Indianapolis without Change of Cars
and bat One Change of Can between
Columbus and St. Louis.
t BUS.
' (Oally, Mond.ya excepted.)
NIGHT EXPRESS, ria Dayton, at 8:43 a. rn.,itop
bin. at London, Xenia, Dayton, Middletown and Hamil
ton! arrlTlor at Cincinnati at 8:20 a. m.; DVton at5:
,.m.,IndianopolUat 10:48 a.m.; ft. Louiiat 11:50
ACCOMMODATION, at 6:10a.m.,!toppln(atall Sta
UontbttweenOolumlmi and Cincinnati and Dnyton, ar
rtln at Cincinnati ll:l a. m., Day ton at 9: 15 a. m.,
IniUnop0' ' THIRD TRAIN. .
DAT IXPMSS.at 8:30 p. m., ttopplnn at Alton,
Jefferton, London, Charleaton, Oedarvll e, Xenia,
Bnrlni Valley, Corwln, Morrow. Deerneld, Foiler'.
.UTVund. Mlllford.nd Plalnville, arrlylnf at Olnjln-
natl at ISO p. ra.i Bt. Loul. at 18 m, Dayton at 5:35 p.
,m.; IndlanopelUat 10:3d p. m.
Aleeplnir Car- nuTl NlRht Train te
ilnclnnaU and lndiunapoli.
for farther Information and Ticket., applj to
Ticket Af tot, TJnloa Depot, Columbni, Ohl.
Superintendent, Cincinnati.
jaI3 ' Agent, Columboa,
now ARD & O O ' S.
J jnd examine our new mate oi
f.hird b S. nOW ARD CO , Bolton, Mas.
These Watche. ar far tupertof to anything ever offered
to the nubllo, heretofore. Havieg th exolusive agency,
I oan tell tbem at pricet to .ult the timet. I have Just
received a large itock rf . . .
manufactured by APPLBTOS, TRACT, CO ; alio, a
An assortment of .. ,f -
' 1 In Oold ad Sllvr Oases, at Panic priow.?
jinM'"' W. J. BAVAOS.
i t Ju.t Beeelredl . v- .
lAA-nr. cm cbeen and niiAcK
lUu TEAS loo bags prim. Rio Cone.
. no pocket old Dutch Government Java Coffee.
i a bun Oevlon Ooflee.
gOQbMr. standard Whit. Sugar, eoniihllng of Pow.
. ' , Oreo, wurauini, uimauiauu A ana HjUooee.
60 quintals George Bank Oodn.li. f
gobble. Meu and No. 1 Mackerel.
. ft let. Pick 8?luion. . ;
101 bx. Layer Raisin.. '
00 hf. box do ,
100 qr. box -io d ' . " . "
100 U OUtati, different brands and gmdes.
S 7 - - WM.M0DONALD,'
M. C. ULU'EY "
.And Blank-Book Manufanturer,
arlMll- j J .... : , I- ?
Troa "Barnrtt Mllla," Springfield, 0. th best brand of
r lour brouini to ear marnei. einnwuuii iaiim
tor le only af ' v WU. MoDONALD'B, , .
nettff f ' 14 ' 10B South High ttree.
a i.uvaMiiH a.M KID UI.UVEM.
A All tit, and colors lust opened at B AlNS,
No. 8v South Blgh street.
11 tub' " - '' " -'.
,-. THAT HAS ..VVri.;.-';''
And growi mere and mere popular
every dayt
And leilimonUli, new, and almmt . Without, number,
might be giren from ladle, and gentlemen in all grade
of aoclety, whoa united teatlmony none could teilit,
that Prof. Wood'. Hair ReetoratiTewtll re.tore the bald
and gray, and pretenr the hair of th. youth to old age,
lnallllsyouthful beauty. , , . .
Battle Creek, Mich., Deo. Slit, .1858.
Prof. Woob: Thee wilt pleat accept a tin. to inform
thee that th hair on my head all fell oil over twenty
year ago, cauted by a complicated ohroolo dlieaee, at
tended with an eruption on th head. A continual
eoura of tufferlng through life having reduced m to a
itat of dependence, 1 have not been able to obialu eluff
for cap, neither bar I been able to do them up, in con
equenc. of which my head hat infferrd extremely from
cold. Thl lndaced m to pay Brigga fc Hodera altno.t
th laat omit I bad on earth for a two dollar bottle of thy
Ilalr KeatoratlT. about th flrtt of Augutt l.t. I hat
faithfully followed th directlooi,.nd the bald tpot 1 now
coyered with hair thick and black, thoueh short. It I
alto coming In all oyer my head. reeling confident
tbat another large bottle WiUld restore it entirely
and permanently, 1 feel anxious to perteTerv. in its use,
and be lug destitute of means to purchase any more, I
would a.kthee If thee wouldst not be willing to sendm
an order on thine agent, foe a bottle, and rteelr to thy
self ,the scripture declaration "the reward Is to those
that are kind to th widow and the fatherltsi."
Thy friend, MJ4 tNSIAn KIRBT.
T.l.onler. Nohl CountT. Indiana. Feb. 3th. 1859 '"
Paor. O. J. Wood: Dear Sir: In th latter part of
the year 1853, while attending insulate andK.tlonal
Law School of the But ot New York, my hair, from a
caut unknown to me, oommenced falling off very rap
Idly, so that in the short space i f sis months, the whole
upper part f my scalp was almost entirely bereft of it.
covering, and much of Ihe remaining portion upon Ih.
id and bae part of my head snort ly after became gray,
to tbat you will not be surpriied when I tell you that up
on my return to the State of Indiana, my more casual
acquaintances were not so much at a loss to discorer the
cause of the change in my appearance, a. my more inti
mate acquaintances were to recognize me at all.
I at one. made application to the most skillful physi
cians In the country, but, receiTlng no- assurance from
them that my h.lr would again be restored, I wu forced
to become reconciled to my fate, until, fortunately, in
the latter part of the year 1857, your Restorative was re
commended to me by a druggist, at being the most relia
ble Hair Restorative In use.' I tried one bottle, and
found to my great satisfaction that It wa. producing the
desired effect. Blno that time, I have used seven dol
lars' worth of your Restorative, and as a result, have a
rich coat of very toft black hair, which no money can
buy. . v
A a mark of my gratitude for your labor and skill In
the production ot to wonderful an article, I have recom
mended It. use to many of my friends and acauaintances,
who, I am happy to Inform you, are using It with like
effect. Very respectfully, yours,
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Depot, Hi Broadway, and sold by all dealers through
out the world.
The Restorative it put np In bottles of three tlxet, via:
large, medium, and small; the small hold X pint, and
retails for on dollar per bottle; the medium holds at
least twenty per cent, more In proportion than the small,
and retail for two dollar a bottle; the large holds a
quart, 40 per cent, more In proportion, and retails for 93
a bottle. .
O. J. WOOD Is CO., Proprietors. 444 Broadway, New
York, and 114 Market Street, 8t Louis, Mo. '
And sold by ROBERTS Ac BAMDKL, Columbus, Ohio,
and by all good Druggists and fancy Qoodt Dealers.
No. 4 Gwvnno Block.
A. P. ST0nF& O'HARRA-.
IER GOODS, and Invite the publie to Inspect
tbem. No such stock of Ooodt baa ever ben brought to
tills market. Th South, In oontequeneej ot the failure
ot th. grain crop, haanot been able to purchase th us
ual quantity of rich goods, and this fact has forced the
Importer, to tell them at publlo auction. Our buyer
(Mr. Btone) being In New York at these large sales, took
advantage of them, andw. can and will tell our goods
here, at lest than any one who purchased tiro weeks since,
paid for them In New York. Our stock, is complete Jn
every department of
Five Thausand Dollars Worth
Bought iu One Day, ."
At ene half the Coat of Importation.
In all Varieties, of the celebrated
Rlanufatnre of C. O. Gnn
there & Son.
Men't, Ladle, and Ohlldren'i Under Shirt and Drawers;
i ..ii uih .nil Children's Hosiery of all kinds, in
Wool and Lamb'. Wool; Fleecy Lined tnd Cotton Qlovei
of every make. - : " ' : i
ALM) ' , , V:','.
A complete assortment of all the uauat varie
ties of . '
FLANNELS. ' ' ' i'i . -r ' C
. ; RIdUUJNS, - i i . i ..
Ladies and Gent's Linen Camorio Hand-
. ; .; kercMeft, &o, &o. j, f
n.r.n. h ll on us. w. nledte our word to
hm the lanreat. beat and chcaoest stock of Goods
ever teen In thit market, or pay them on. dollar per
hour while looking. .
decl-dlyHtawltw. .s- t btubis e. v n.'
Sheriff's Sale
Cornelius Jacob
etal. )
W. P- Miner
Common Pleas.
TTT VIRTrK Or A.WRli sr ara. w a.
htaiM direrteil. from the Court of Common Pleas
of Franklin County, Ohio, I will offer for sale, on. to
farm occupied by w . r,- as . . aimer, iu
Township, on
Monday, tbe JGthday of April, A.D.lBbl, .
at9o'cloek,lP, Hi, thefollwing pitpeity,t-wlf! 0n
bay mar., on. sorrel norse, one mar ton, oup im
ona two horta waron. three ie s doub e harness; seven
bead of hogs, tnd th undivided one-half interest In a
reaping machine, lev lea on as tne property n,i.
, H, Miner. , l,. , i " "
0. W. llTJPPUAN, Sheriff,
aprll Hold. y, y Kd. Davis, Deputy,
Printer' f. t5 .50 .
Watches! Diamonds II Silver Ware III
XV. and Silver Watche.,. in great v.rlety. -w1- j
t Aran! tne the AH.ttoaN WaiCH Co .. and can
sell these excellent Watches at manufacturers' pilcei,
either Wholesal. or Retail. .
Com. and cbooe from my beautiful display of Dia
mond, and other rich Jewelry. Style ne w prle. low.
A. to Bilver War or sterling quainy, i can snow new
patterns, very handsome v-'
Bliverriaieu rraiw, in boh,, i, aiwi
n..w.i.. Pitcher. Goblets, Knives, forks, Spoons, fco.
Ti,n T hT a auDDlv of fin. Table Cutlery. Pocket
Knives, Bators. Ac, and many Pancy Goods inch at
an desired for preeento at luch price as art an inauce-
men to the puronaier . ," '
. - No, 10 Buckeye Block,
la.rSl Is t r ( . Horth lid. Bute Hons, squar..
" Irish ?linea Gbod3.'' v'
WARRANTCb t(ABHIC"''l0n i .
Xlnen Bhlrt Bosoms . Plain and Taney
Bhlrtlng and Bosom Linens. 1 '
.. Linen tlheetlng! and Pillow Culngl.
, . Linen O.mtiHct and, Long Lawnl.
Linen Pocket-handk'fs, all slies
'' ' v'i ' L,M" 0,wllmf,naPitP,"'
Linen Table Cloths and Satin ,Damskt, ,
Linen Towels with colored bqrdert. j
i :, Linen BtalrCoverlngaand Crash.
'! ' M BAn40!t. ,
Xa.es goath BUth treb
febM -
bow telling at very low prices, also all other klads
issnionaoit lure.., rl j ,
deoSL SonthHlgh M.
A compound jremedy, designed to be the most
effectual : Alterative that can be nindc. It U
a concentrated extract of Para Sarsaparilln,
so combined with other substances of still
greater alterative power as to afford an effec
tive antidote for the diseases Sarsaparilln in
reputed to cure. It is believed that such a
remedy is wanted by those who suffer from
Strumous complaints, and that one which will
accomplish their cure must prove of immense
lervjce to this large class of our afllictcd folio w
citiens. Uow completely this compound will
do it hat been proven by experiment on many
of the worst cases, to be found of tho following
complaints : , .
Scrofula, and Scrofulous C'omit.ukt-s
Eruptions and Eruptive Disr.Asr.i, TTi.cr.m,
Pimples, , Blotches, Tumor, Salt Hiiixm,
Scald Head, Syphilis and fi vi'hit.itio Af
pections, Mercurial Disk as i;, Diiopsy, Tsv.v
riloia ou Tio Douloureux, Di.iiilitv, Dys
pbpsu and Ikuioestiok, Kitvsirni.As, Kosn
or St. Anthony's Fire, and indued tho whole
class of complaints arising front Imitritv op
thb Blood.
1 This compound will bo found a great pro
moter of health, when taken in the spring, to
expel the foul humora which fester in tho
blood at thnt season of tho year, liy the time-
ly expulsion of them many rnnklins disorders
are nipped in the bud. Multitude can, by
tho aid of this remedy, spare themselves from
the endurance of foul eruptions ami ulcerous
lores, through which tho system will Ktrivc to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do
this through tho natural channels of the body
by an alterative medicine. Cleanse out tite
Vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities
bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions,
or sores; clcanso it when you i'uul it in ob
structed and sluggith in tho veins ; clcnnso it
whenever it is foul, and your feelings will HI
you when. Even where no particular disorder
is felt, people enjoy better health, and live
longer, for cleansing tho blood. Keep tlio
blood healthy, and all is well ; but with this
pabulum of life disordered, there can he no
lasting health. Sooner or later something
must go wrong, and tho great machinery of
life is disordered or overthrown.
, 1 Sarsaparilla has, and deserves much, 1I10
reputation of accomplishing these ends, lint
the world has been egregtously deceived by
preparations of it, partly because the dru
alone lias not all the virtue that is claimed
for it, but more because many preparations,
pretending to be concentrated extracts of it,
contain but littlo of the virtue of Sarsaparilla,
or any thing else.
During late years tho public have been mis
led by largo bottles, protending to give a quart
of Extract of Sarsaparilla for one dollar. Most
of theso have been frauds upon the tick, for
tliey not only contain little, if any, Sarsapa
rilla, but often no curative properties whatev
er. Ilenco, bitter and painful disappointment
has followed the use of tho various extracts of
Sarsaparilla which flood tho market, until the
name itself is justly despised, and has become
synonymous with imposition and cheat. Still
Svc call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend
to supply such a remedy as shall rescue the
name from tho load of Obloquy which rests
upon it. And wo think wo have ground for
believing it lias virtues which are irresistible
by the ordinary run of tho diseases it is intend
ed to euro. In order to secure their complete
eradication from the system, the remedy should
be judiciously taken according lo directions nfi
the bottle.
prepared nv
, dr. j. c. AYm: .v co.
Price, $1 per Dottle 1 Six Uottlc for $5.
j Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
has won for itaelf such a renntvn for the euro of
every variety of Throat and Lung Coitipluint, that
it is entirely unnecessary for us to rcrotutt the
evidence of its virtues, wherever it lias been em
ployed. As it lias long licon in constant use
throughout this section, we need not tlo.inorc than
assure the people its quality is kept up to tho best
it ever has been, nncl that it may he relied on (0
do for their relief all it hus ever been found to do.
: Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
. for the cunE op
Costiveness, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Indigent ion.
Dysentery, Foul Stomach, Lrysijielns, Headache,
Piles, Rlieumatism, Eruptions and Skin Diseases,
Liver Complaint, Dropsy, Tetter, Tumors and
tSall Rheum, ICorair, Gout, Xciirnlyia, as a
Dinner PiU, and for Purifying the Blood,
; luey ore sugar-coated, so that the most, sensi
tive can take thorn pleasantly, and they arc the
best aperient in the world for all the purposes pf a
family physic. s
Fries 25 cents per Sox ; Fivo boxes for $1.00.
Great numbers of Clergymen, riiysieians.Slates
men, and eminent personages, hare lent their
names to certify the unparalleled usefulness of these
remedies, but our space hero will not permit the
insertion of them. Tlie.Agents below named fur
nish pratia our American Almanac in whi, li they
are given ; with also full descriptions of the nlmro
complaints, and the treatment that should be fal
lowed for their cure.
Do not be put off by unprincipled dealer with
other preparations they mako more, pmiit on.
Demand Ayer's, and take no others. The siek
want the best aid there is for them, and they should
have it.
t All our remedies are for sale by
ROBERTS Ac SAMUEL, Columbus, -And
by Druggists and Sealers everywhere.
I nov9:lyd,twAtw ,
tellable business men to teeure a prodtahle manu
facturing business, requiring but k small capital 1n its
establishment and pro ecutlon.
. in. manufacture constat, in tne application or a pe
culiar compotition or enamel to common red bricks, and
a variety of other bulldin material, ornamental archi
tectural nnlshingt, oeillogt, tile, ror uoors and for
Tblt enamel may be tinted of any color, from the
purest wbiletotb. deepeet b'ack, with all Ihe.oolnra
and thsdeibetw.ee-. It impart to tit article to which
it la applied a hardness and durability almost Incredibly
and a beauty surpassing that or the rare.t and mort costly
of the variegated marole.. and. unlike them, Is Impervi
ous to moisture, and will never fade ttaln, or deterior
ate, costing but a fractional part of the prioe of ordinary
marble, .
It it also valuable for table and stand topi, mantle-
pieces, monuments, and an endless variety o,' other arti
cle of t'aple.se. Tbe processor applying the enamel
I. simple, won. tn. article, enameled Will command a
ready .ale, affording large profltt, Hespon ibl parties
msy procure licenses for mannfnctnrlng under the pat
ent for any city or prominent town lo the United States.
by applying to th. tubterlr A .mall tariB en the ar
ticle manufactured will b required 'or ihe us. of the
Invention . Circular! giving full particulari will be for
warded to all applicants.
' Th. .uperior merit and uetaty of this enameled build
lnx material t anything In use has the uonnalilled lo
dorsement of msny of th. moat eminent architects and
sclenllao men of this and other cities.
Por particulars addreta '
, J0HV8OH & PBAIl, '
General Agents for Enameled Building Material,
ap9 d3m. SS WA8ATJ ST.. NEW YORK
T -
J. BON my DRUO STORK, which It removed from the
enter of High and Oay strewn to th. Southwest corner
oi nroau ana nign streets, uoiumcui, unio.
With many thauki to my former patrons and custom
era, I respectfully request the oont'nnance of their fa
vors to my successor. utstti at. ft it lb.
.Columbus, April 1, 1601, : i' v
II ST0R1 Of Mr. Hev M. Nnl I have oneneri
anew on the Southwest corner of Broad and Htth streets.
Columbia, Ohio being (A old and reliable stand for
lHM QVtuwi jormany ytari. . ,
l nave a iresn anu wen selected stock or rure w.ri.
cfnea, and Pair. Vhtmiealt, together with JTatnts, Oils,
rarnttn, eso uiuauy aepim soon an eatabuinmtnt.
JJj3 f aascanmoa. eareluliy and promptly compound'
ed. ...... ,
Store open at all hoar of the day and night.
: I respectfully solicit the patronage of the public' '
1 s - ,., -y HMiBY WlLSOSi
Cotumbut, April 1, 1861 aprOrdlra
SHIRTINGS, all widths, of most celebrated makw,
aow en.rwa tat greateti vaiieiy ana as very low prices.
Mo. South Blgh street.
r., ISB.HI. ...
Dally, per year a
Trl-Weekly, per rear....-.,
Weekly, per year
.18 00
. 1 00
How I Lost my Lover.
"Bo careful of tbe fire, Nelly," was tbe last in
junction of a thousand tbat my parents gave me,
as tboy started oil or a visit to some relatives re
siding eastward, beyond 'the Wbite Mountains.
Thev were to remain absent about a fortuleht:
and I was to be commander-in-chief of rows of
shining milk pn, pota, keitlee, and household
atuirs in general ana in particular.
Farmers' wives know that his a poat of con
siderable Importance, one of hard duty and con
stant watchlulaess, I was so thoroughly con
vinced of my competency as a house-wile, tbat I
was sorely Irritated when my good mother im
plied doubts of it, by be countless and repeated
charges. . '., .
Now, I thought, "I am in my glory," as I sat
down to recover the breath and patienoe I bad
lost in racing after collars, gloves, pins and neck
ties; and In order to prepare for commencing
operations, which I resolved should astonish my
unbelieving parents, and show tbem what a trea
sure of a daughter they unwittingly possessed, I
glanced aroubd. Tbe rooms were in woful con
tusion. Biud-boxes, coats, pants, and cast off
shirts, were scattered over the floor and cbairs;
cobwebs hung from tbe ceiling and windows; on
the table lay a huge pile of unwashed dishes, and
the balf-opened doors revealed tumbled bed. and
nus iv toilet stands. This accumulation of disor
der would bave driven Lord Cbeiterfield distract
ed; and no wonder tbat tbe mirror opposite re
flected a heated and impatient face. I was do
bDgerto be daunted, however, forjl bad a notion
to try what a pair of spry feet and bands could
accomplish.. At this instant, tbe old clock in the
sittiDg-room pealed forth ono, two, three, four,
five; tbe morniog was yet young, and I arose
with a quick step aod a light heart. Broom,
brush, dishcloths, and persevering labor, got
tbe mastery; and I shortly surveyed, with proud
satisfaction, tbe beautiful order I had brought
about. Something still was wanting, and snatch
ing my broad brimmed hat from its accustomed
nail, with eager footstep; I sought my flower
garden. Selecting cboioe roses, panales and
veibeLa?, I tracslerred tbem lo our cobv parlor,
very angels oi fragrance and beanty. Nor was
this all. I determined to get a dinner that
would shed honor upon me; so, baring my arms,
I was soon deep in Aunt Dinah e mysteries,
thought-busy, and, as tbe sequel will prove,
Through the tender care of tbe novelist, a
heroine retains tbe immaculate whiteness of
ber robe's even though she ehjuld wadejthrongh
a muo puddle, lie Knows it would never do to
introduce ber washing, with bedraggled and
bespattered skirts; it would sound unromantic.
Well, I was once simple cnongb to believe all
his fibs, and Inclined to imitate bis lady Angel
in dress; so I donned my daintiest white mus
lin. While I stood before the glass, I could
not help feeling a good deal of natural, femin
ine vanity, for I was looking my very best
True, my figure was rather too short, and its
proportion was of too healthy fullness for ele
gance; and, according to the American type of
oeauty, my cneeK was or too rica a color; but I
was pretty there was no gainsaying it. My
short, thick curls, and bright black eyes were
atirtclive; and I knew that J was a vain puss
then, a petted, balf-spbllt only daughter and
heiress to broad acres. You'll ask lor whom
were all these preparations'? Certainly not for
lone me. '
Whoever beard of a girl of eighteen working
and puttering at such a rate when she does not
expect a beau 7 you see I knew, intuitively,
that Philip Dean would come you know Philip?
There bad been a little kindness growioir ud
between ua from mere babyhood, fie had car
ried my dinner basket night and morning, dur
ing all our echooldays, and always insisted that
1 was much handsomer and better than a rival
belle, sweet Jenny Wheeler. Besides, he won
all my girlish gratitude, by Blily working out
lor me tbe long bard sums in the old aritbmetic
no wonder be was undisputed owner of a large
snare or my anections.
bince X bad donned large frocks, I bad been
almost invariably his companion to all thesing
log schools, pio nics,slelgh rides, and boating
excursions. It was his general rule to spend two
evenings of the week at our house; yet, with all
this attention, he had never spoken a word of
lore. Somehow, I bad a presentiment ( joa
girls understand this) tbat a declaration would
soon be made. I was not mistaken. It was not
long ere I beard a step on the graveled walk
tbat could belong to no other bat himself. Look
ing backwards over the train of years, it seem
ed strange what aflutter, flatter, there was about
myfbeart. Philip's cheery "good morning'Mn no
wise tended to allay my perturbation. His
hazel eyes bad never appeared so handsome and
impassionate before; nor had be been half so en
tertaining ohl I was so proud of him. We
eat near each ether; conear that he toyed with
my hand.. It was a way Philip had, and I
thought nothing of it; - . i - . : r :
"How charmingly yon are looking, Nelly."
he laid, moving a degree nearer. .
How, l don t believe that person lives who
does not like a little flattery, given in the right
manner, time and place, in spite of what wise
lings say, or may bave said to the contrary.
Our sex is said to be moat pleased with it; and
In its name, I plead guilty to the weakness.
Freely do I own that I bave liked it from my pin
atores; and, surely, nnoer sncn oiroamstaucei,
mot have been agreeable. The compliment
tary speech recorded above, was followed by a
very awkwatd pause, dating which time we
blushed to tbe rims of our ears.
"Nelly," be continued, "you know I have no
sister. Sometimes I am very ionely. My dear
and valued mother is becoming aged, and my
nature craves a younger and dearer companion"
Horrid! At that moment an oder of bnrnlog
meat came most unpleasantly to my olfaotbrles-
l begged to be excused, and hastened into tbe
culinary quarters to find the pieoe of beef I had
so eareluliy prepared almost spoilt. Nervously
I caught a bolder from tbe shelf, and In so doing
succeeded in knocking mother's favorite out
class pitcher, which fell with a load crash,
breaking into a. thousand fragments. : Phllln
must bave beard lb Ub, this meal-getting,
itb a love'r in tbe parlor 1 With a flushed brow
I went baok to tbe old seat. Pnilip smiled pro-
vokidgly. ; ., -,: .-, ..
"Nellv," he then added, "I want a wife
Home will lack nothing, then, to !render it the
dearest resting piaoo this side ot Heaven. I
know a liiUe girl who is as precious to me as
life" 1 y '' - ' "
Ohl" JuBt then a disturbsnce in Bridget's
apartment obliged me again to leave.- I had
careleneiy left open tne door, ana aame (ranter
had taken the liberty - to enter and twite of the
pudding I bad Bet to cool. ....... .,
It was In ' no enviable frame of mind that I
hauled out the dining table and laid tbe diihes.
As I looked at tbe warm, Heavy biscaits. an-,
palatable meat, and burnt potatoes, toy pride
and self-confidence vanished. I should cot
bave cared so much, had I not known what an
excellent cook and no a jle housekeeper Mrs
Dean was. Betides, In tbe matter of tbe
pslate, Philip bad been an eploure Ironr hie
cradle, and everybody knows that men think
more of their stomachs 1 than 1 or their sweet
hearts. ' To add still more to my trepidation,
Philip regarded me curiously when I invited
him to dlue. : As he eyed tbe viands before him,'
I thought he was going to Say graoe, by tbe sud
den elongation of bis visage. " I poured gome
muddy coffee, and, notwithstanding my secret
discomfiture, I took mftioious pleasure in see
ing bim sip the beverage:' ' Ho was an inevita
ble coffee drinker, but, somehow, his cap tid
not lower much: " - '. 'v.i. .. ...
" What rare fun1 1 should have had, If I had
not been Dinah '. " We came to dessert at last, atd
when I banded bim the fliky crusted pie, a re
lieved expres ton Stole over his countenance,
whioh one tasting changed to perceptible
grimace. Wbat could all my highest efforts t
Alas! I bad forgotten to sweeten tbe applet '
.'ii. w ii
Were vexations never to cease? By chance,
caught a glimpse of a reflection In the glasr.
Was limine? I glanced downward. Shade of
Ham! Mv faith in SDOtless-robed heroines wss
gone at once. I was atri-colored exhibition cf
red. white and black. Troubles heaped them.
selves up strangely. I wanted to throw mjself
on the carpet, and cry like a very child. 1 did
nothing ot the kind. Instead, I burst into a
laugh, a tbe whole icene came before me In
ite ridiculous light. I linebed till the tears
rolled down my cheeks; and, as Philip became
more disgusted, my merriment increased, i
laughed when be wni aay, though I knew he
would never finish the offer so unluckily begun.
Tbtes weeks later he was united to a Jenny
Wbeeler. Soon after, I attended a party at wld
ow Dean's, and had the happiness in overbear
log Philip's itdifferent remark to Fred Lee, a
kind of explanatory apology lor tne mriauoo oe
tween us: "A dear little girl, but a poor
In time my parents returned; and I was only
too glad to put off a reponsibility of which I was
heartily tired. I shrewdly suspected that my
father bad an eve on Philip's coffers, for be was
oross toward me for three days after hearing of
the wedding.
Just as though I could have helped it; I Uarn
ed two lessons tbat young ladies may profit by.
Firstly, it Is a different thing to play kitchen
maid, with mother for overseer, than play tbe
same without her. Ia tbe f ormer eise, if you
forget sugar, saleratus or tbe oven, she will not.
Secondly, never allow a lover, whom you wish
to call husband, to declare bis paesion at break
fast, dinner or snpper time, especially if you are
forced to prepare 'he meals yourselt. lie too
busy, be skittish, be anything, rather than al
low it.
BY NELL PITTSINGER. Injustice to Major Anderson.
The one event which marred tbe general sat
isfaction of our people, yesterday, was a sweep
ing and most Intemperate denunciation ol Major
Auderson, in tbe Courier and Enquirer, for bis
surrender of Fort Sumter. Tbat journal does
not hesitate to stigmatize bim as a traitor to bis
country as having betrajed tbt 'ortrcss bo was
ordered to bold and as having been actually
consulting tbe interests and serving the pur
poses of tbe enemy whom he professed to be re
sisting. It is impossible to exaggerate tha cruel in
justice of such an assault. No man ought to
know better than tbo editor of the Courier
and Enquirer the unfairness of so rash und
premature a judgment. Not a solitary fact
concerning the retention, defence or surren
der of Fort Sumter is officially known. We
have bad no authentic report whatever of the
condition of the fortress, the number of guns
or of men provided for its defence, the object
of holding it, tbe Instructions uuder which it
was defended, the degree of resistance Major
Anderson was directed to Oder, or the cir
cumstances which busily induced bim to
lower his flag. One would suppose that
no commander would be condemned, still
less branded as a traitor to his couotry, in the
ntter absence of every fact essential to a just
judgment of his conduct and on no better au
thority than tbe confused and contradictory
jumble of reports, which the authorities of
South Carolina permitted to ccme over the tele
graphic wires. Yet the Courier and Enquirer
bas perpetrated this gross injustice towards an
officer whose record is without stain, whose loy
alty to tbe Scars and Stripes bas been proclaim
ed and proved over and over again, and who has
not yet bad an opportunity eveo lo make public
report of the steps be has taken, and still less,
the slightest explanation of the ODtirte he has
Our object is simply to protest, on behalf of
tbe great body of our citizens, against the very
serious injustice, with which Major Anderson
bas been so hastily and prematurely condemned
We bare not the slightest doubt tbat when tbe
Government shall make public bis instructions
and official reports, (as we trust they will do
without any needless delay,) bo will be found
to bave performed his duty with entire fidelity,
and the most perfect loyalty to tho Govern
New York Times.
[From the Philadelphia Ledger.]
The Military Force and Arms of Pennsylvania.
From an tfficial source, we learn that the
whole rumber of organized volunteer companies
in tbis State is about 5(10, averaging about 40
men to a company, making an aggregate of over
20,000 uniformed volnnteers. Tbe entire mil
itary foroe ot tbe State is about 355,000 men
capable of military duty. The arms of the State
are all in tbe possession of tbo volunteer com
panies, and comprise 12,080 muskets.4,706 riflep.
809 cavalry swords and sabres, 3,1-17 pistols,
69 pieces of ordnance, being six bronze cannon.
Of these there are only about 2,000 muskets
of the new model, 1,200 improved rifles, and
about 500 cavalry swords. The balance are unfit
for active service, being mostly of tbe heavy
old flint lock. Tbe 69 pieces of ordnance are
in good condition, with the exception of tbe car
riages. From the above It will be seen that the
volunteers of tbe State bave but 4 200 effective
small arms, leaving an actual deficit for tbem
alone of 14,800. No arms are furnished to tbe
militia, by tbe State iteelf. All tbat are now
issued to the militia are furnished by the United
States to Pennsylvania.
"Man on the Track."
Tbe Clarkesville (Tenn ) Chronicle is respon
sible for tbe following: Oa Monday evening,
as tbe train from Springfield was approaching
town, on turning a short enrre the engineer
discovered a man lying on the track, across one
of the rails, only a littlo way ahead of the
"machine " Tbe bell was rung, the brakes all
whistled down, and all hands leaued back lo
help to stop her. Tbe train was brought to a
stand, and hands sent out to remove the man,
but lo! and behold! on neariog the "man" he
was discovered to be a "man of straw," and a
merry voice, close by, sucg out "April fool!"
The disgust of tbe crew of that train may be
Imagined I This "man of straw" and old clothes
was a most ingenious and life-like contrivauoe,
and was altogether the conception and work of
bright little miss who lives not far from the
bridge, and who, though sbe is young, was
smart enough to fool a whole train.
Tbe Catholics are Increasing very fast in
England. A letter from London says '
"There were In this country, in 1E57, 447
priests, now there are 1,342; being an increase
of 895. Then there were 449 chapels; now
there are 993; an increase of 544. . Ia 1859 we
had 37 monasteries; now we have 47. In the
same year we bad 123 convents for females;
now we have 155 And . we hare also twelve
colleges. . Ia 1847 tbe Government, for the first
time, appointed chaplain for sofdiers, and in
1853 there were 85 such chaplains, but now
there ara 145 being an increase of CO: their
salaries were then -.2,802, now they amount to
or an increase oi jba.uzi, , cut, oesiae
tbe euormoue increase in the number of chap
lain?, tbeir status bas been altered and improv
ed. Tbe Queen, b,y a royal warrant, dated No
vember, lB57r.made them all commissioned of
ficers, aod bt another royal warrant, In tbe same
month, they are divided into four classes, the
lowest oi whom stands on a level with captains.
They have clerical uniforms, soldier-seivsnte,
borees, and an privileges in common with upis
eopallan chaplains.", . . . , ... ,
i i .a ' .i
Switzerland, wbicb is about half the s'ze or
the State of New York, and has a population
of a little above two millions of Inhabitants,
possesses 300 newspapers and periodicals. , Of
these 210 are German, 78 French, and 13 Itali
an. These papers circulate not only in large
eitUj. as is the case in France, Germany, and
Spain, but also among the farmers, who, like
those of England and the United States, receive
their weeklies and periodicals. Taking tbe
whole population of Swiizerland, there is, then,
a newspaper for each 7.9G7 inhabitants, while in
Franoe, where the country people read much
less, the proportion it one newspaper to 26,643
inhabitants. , , ., ..
Hoasis. It has been estimated that , there
are five millions of horses jn the United States
Apportionment of tbe Htnto ft Ohio
fur Members of tbe Uoneral Aanrni-
bly (or tbe Second. Decennial Pe
In conformity to th. provision! of the Constitution of
(he State of Ohio, We, WILLIAM DENNISoN. Gover
nor, ROBUST W. TAYLKH, Auditor, aud ADDISON
P. KUBJKbL, Secretary of Bute, have ascertained and
determined the ratio of representation In IheOenrral Ai
tembly according to Ihe decenotal census, the number ot
Representatives and Senators each county or district
shall be entitled to elect, ar.d for what years wlthlu the
next ensuing ten years, and do declare the suae to be as
1 he total population ct the several counties of tha
State by the federal eensu of (Nil), a. cortltlcd by John
O. U. Kauuedy, Superintendent of the Censui llureau
of the Department of tie Interior of the Uuited Mate!,
Is two millions three huodred a.d; thirty-nine ihouinod
five hundred and ulnety nine. Ti e raiio of representa
tion for a Representative is twenty-ihrr. thousand three
hundred and nlneiy-iix, aid for a Senator lixty-slx thou
sand eight hundred and for ty-fl ne.
The apponlonmintfor the House of Beprtientativet
during th. second decennial period under Ihe Couautu
tlou shall be as follows :
The counties of Adams, Allen, Athland, Athens, An
glairi, Carroll. Champaign, Uls.ke, Clinton. Coshocton
Crawford, I arke, Delaware, Erie, Payette, Fulton, 0.1
II i, U.auea, Ureane Uueroiey, Uaucoca, ilaidin, llur
rlsoo, Uigliliuid, Hoc. lug, liotUMS. Jackion. Jedersou,
Jtoox, Lake, Lawrence, Logan, Lucas, Madiion, Ma
honing, Marlon, Medina, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Mor
row, noble, ferry, Pickaway, Hue, Fortune, Preble,
Sandusky, Scioto, ehelby, eummlt, Union, Vinton, War
ren and Wyandot suall, severally, be eolitled to one
Representative io each session of tbe rlecenntal period.
Hie counties of Irauklin, Mu.klurfum and Stark shall
each be entitled to two Representative, iu each session
Of the decennial period.
Ilie counties of Ashtibula, Brown, FalifMd. Huron,
Lorain, Miami, Richland, Bene . Trumbull, Tuscara
was and Wayne .hail, severally, be entitled tu ol. Rep
reseotative i.i each teuton, ai d one additional Uepru
reuiatirc in the Huh twsaion of the uecenoiai peri d-
The counties of Belmont, Butler, Clermont, Coiumoi
ana, Licking, Ross, and Washington t1.ll, severally, be
entitled to one tteuretentall.e lu each tesiion, aud two
additional Rcpreseniativet, out in th. third, aod one in
the fourth testion ot the decenr-lul pcrioa.
Tbe county of Montgomery stall be entitled to two
Representatives In each tesiion, and one addl.lonai
Representative in Ihe flftn tesiion of the decennial
The county of Cuyahoga shall be entitled lo three
Representatives In each te.tion, and one additional
Representative in the fifth Session of the decvunial
ine county oi tiamuion snau oe cniiiieu iu unit- cji
retentalivei in each session, and ore udditionnl Repre
sentative in the Crib session of the decennial period
The following counties, unUl they shall have acquired
a lulhcient population to entitle tbem to elect, separate
ly, under the fourth section of the eleventh article of the
Constitution, shall lorm districts in manner following,
town: The countlei of Siflacce, Paulding and Wil
liam!, olc district; th. counties of llenry and l'otnain,
one district; the counties of Mercer and Van Wert, one
diitrict; ami the counties of Ot'awa and Wood, one dis
trict: each of which districts shall be entitled to one Rep
resentative in every teuton of the decennial period; aud
Uie district composed of the counties of llebaiice, Paul
ding and Willi. mi, to two additional Representaiiveir,
one in the third aod one in the fourth session of the de
cennial period.
by the Constitution, the State Is divided Into thirty
three senatorial districts, as follows: the county of Uiuv
il-xn eonstliulei the first tenatorialdialrict; the counties
of Duller and Warren, tha aeeond; Montgomery and
Preble, the third) Clermont and Brown, the lourthl
Greene, Clinton and Payette, tbe Sltb; Ross and High
land, the sixth; Ad.mt, Pike, Scioto and Jackson, the
seventh: Lawrence, Gallia, Melg. and Vinton, the
eijh.ii; Athens, Hocking and Fairfield, the ninth; Frank
lin and ricuawat, ine tenin, oiarae, vnampsiira anu
Million, the eleventh; Miami, Darke and ehelby, the
twelfth; Losan, Union, Marion and lisrdlu, the thir
teenth; Washington and Morgan, tbe fourteenth, Mus
kingum and Perry, Ihe fifteenth; Delaware and ticking,
the sixteenth; Knox and Morrow, th. seventeenth; Co
shocton and Tutcirawaa, the eighteenth; Guernsey and
Monroe, the nineteenth; Belmont and ilartisou, the
twentieth; Carroll and Stark, the twenty-first; Jefferson
and Columbiana, the twenty second; Trumbull and Ma
honing, the twenty-third ; Ashtabula, Lake and Geauga,
the taenty-fourllr, Cuyahoga, the twenty-fi'lh; Portage
trd Summit, the twenty-sixth; Medina and Lor. In, the
twenty-seventh; Wayne and Holmes, the twenty eihth;
Ashland and Richland, th. twenty-ninth; Huron, Erie.
Sandusky and Ottawa, Ihe thirtieth; Seneca, Crawford
and Wyandot, the thirty-Brat Mercer, Auglaize, Allen,
Van Wert, Paulding, Defiance and Williams, the thirty
second; and Hancock. Wood, Lucas, lulton, lltnry aud
Putnam, the thirty-third. - '
Por the aeeond decennial period, each of said districts,
except the first, eighth, seventeenth, twenty-ekhtii, thir
tieth, thirty-second and thirty-third, shall be entitled to
one Senator.
The eighth tnd thirtieth districts shall each be entitled
to one benator tor tne decennial period, anu one im anion
al Senator In tbe fifth teaslon of the decennial period.
The thiriy-second and thirty-third districts shall each
be entitled to one senator lor ine decennial period, and
two additional Senators, one in the third and one In Ihe
fourth session of the decennial period.
The flrtt district shall te entitled to three Penaton for
the decennial period, and one additional Senator la the
filth session of the decennial period.
The seventeenth diitrict, composed of the counties of
Hnox and Morrow, having lest than three-fonriht of a
senatorial ratio of population, is, aa required by llw Con
stitution, attached to the adjoining diitrict having the
least number of inhabitants, which ll the twenty eighth
district, composed of the counties of Wsyue and Bnlmet.
Ihe twenty-eighth district, with the seventeenth district
to attached as aforesaid, shall be entitled to one Senator
for the decennial period, and two additional senators, one
in the third and one in the fourth session ot the decenni
al period, i
The fourteenth district, composed of the counties cf
Washington and Morgan, and part or tne county of No
ble. and the nineteenth district, composed of the coun.
tiei of Ouernsey and Monroe, and part of the county of
Noble, remain at during the nrtt decennial period, the
Constitution not admitting of any alteration of tbe terri
torial limits of said senatorial distri ct.
In testimony whereof, wc have he euntoaet
our names, and caused the Great feat of the
Bute or Ohio to be affixed, at Columbus, the
!t , I second day ol April, in the year of oar Lord
'( one thousand eight hand red and sixty-one, and
, of the Independence of the United Stutes of
America the eighty-fifth.
Apr3-dlt-w4t. A. P. RU88BLL.
Cure Cough, Cold, Jloanenme, lnflu
enta. anv Iritatlon orHorenee of the
Ihroat, Believe the Hawking Cough
In Omtumntion, Bronheitie. AHhti.
ma, and Catarrh, Clear and give
Strength to ine voice or
Few are aware of ths Importance of checking a Cough
or "Common Cold" in itt flrtt stage; lhat which In tho
beginning would yield to a mild remedy, ir negleored,
.,mn .n.rtk. th. lunis. "Brown's Bronchial Troches"
containing demulcent Ingredient!, allay Pulmonary and
Bronchial Irritation.
BROWN'S 'That trouble In my Throat, (for which
(the ' Troches' are a specific) having made m.
TR00HE9'oftcn a mere whisperer." TTTI.
"I recommend their use to Prune fruit
tttsv n. utiaein.
"nave proved extremely serviceable lor
TROCHES "Almost instant reller In tne distressing
labor of breathing peculiar to ArrniMa."
''Contain no Opium or anything Injur!
A simple and pleasant combination for
Couoiu, Ac"
UK. u. r. BlUBLUW,
"Deneflclal in Baowriirris."
LB. i. F. W.LANK,
h have proved them excellent for Wnoop
mo Cocou." ' '
KKV.H. w. WAgasj;
"Beneficial when compelled to ipeak, suf
fering from Coin."
RKV.B. t. J. ANDKR80W,
St Louie.
"BrncTuab lo removing Hoarseness and
BROWN'S itrritation of IheThr at, so common with
gruKcaiand Eiaaias.-'
Prof. SrACT JOHHBUll , "i i
let Grange tftf.,
. . Teacher of Music. Southern
Female College. .
"Great bonefltwhea taken before aud after
preaching, ts they prevent Uoarwnei. Prom
their past effect, I think they will be of per
manent advantage to me." "'.'.',
KKV.E. HtiWLKi. A.m..
President of Athene College, Ten.
, , , i
TTPBold by all Druggists at TWENTY-
DrogglsM, S4 North High ttraeti . -.
8. E. 8AMUKL CO.. ' .:.
SS South High street, Columbus, a (
mar7-dcndlm :
Of GOODS. f" ' v ;-' '!
Novelties in neon lie anu scan.. ,.-..-, i ; ,,
" Byron and Oarrata Oollan. ,
" " Embroidered Pocket Handkerchiefs- '
ParliKtd Glove! superior make.
Golden Hill Bhlrt, various stiles. - '
, Boys' Golden Hill Bhirts, do . .. r. ; ;j .
Driving and Street 0 loves, do .;
' Hemmed Pocket Handkerchiefs. Various ryles. j "
Halt llose and Under Garments, - ' "
i BAIN fc SON,
aprl No, CD Booth High street..
Th. pattern of th.seiihlrt.ar. .ew. The Bodies, kw,
sleeves and botoms are rormeu w m t'-
and comfort. Th. markupoa eh on. designating the
Utt may b. relied on as being correct, and each sh rt la
naranteed well mine.' " J JJ--""
aontantiy tor ku. h
No. S South High .treaty
4 i
-f ilfl'iT
And cnEAPER than mm
large and well aawrted. The verv latest patterns I
from AMERIOAN, ENGLISH and fREN'Ctt; factories,
Gold and Velvet Borders,"
- - - ... ' - '');;,',
1,1 )
i AND;
Gold and Painted Shades,
109 Soutll lsll St.
N. B. Landlord's and person! wishing quantities of
Paper will make money by buying of ni. Country
Merchants and persons from abroad will do well to call
and tee na. aprll l dJmeod R. At A.
23 & 25 PARK PLACE,
' Foreign and Domestic
SPRING, 1861.
We .re opening, at ourampie warerooms. at the abov.
numbers, stocks of Goods in each of the six departments
of our business, mperior to anything w. have heretofore
exhibited to the trade.
Thii has grown to its present magnitude under the
thorough management of a buver of long experience and
acknowledged good tajto. We keep extensive lines of
the finest and choicest
To be found in th. market, all selected with th. nicest
discrimination. Also, all grades, colon and varieties or;
KENTUCKY JEANS, from 9 to 12 oentt per yard
and upward.;
TWEEDS, to 15 cents per yard last year sold a
16 to 20;
PRINTED SATINETS, at 14 cents;
And other Goods correspondingly Low.
Dress-Goods Department.
Manchester De Lalnes,
'Hamilton do.
Pacific do.
Printed Lawns,
Printed Brllllanles,
Fancy Ginghamt,
Black Silki,
Fancy Silks,
Printed Cha'llt,
Manchester Ginghams,
Glasgow do.
Clinton do. -Ottoman
Cloths, . ,
Poplins, ' 7 - j
And the Neu Select Slyl ff
Merrimae Prints, Richmond's Prints, .
Cocheoo do. American do.. (
Ptciflo do. Dunnell'S do.
Spragu.'a do. Eogliah . do. ,.
Manchester, Ato. Prints, Ac.
Lawrence 0. Sheetings, Atlantlo A. Sheetings,
Utica, Axe,
All Grade and Width.
Wantntta, :' ' ' Dwlght, ' , : Lawrence.
LonsdaU, . , , Great Palls, Naumkeag,
HID, Waltham, Boott,
New York Mills, A.O., Ac.
sniwts anFmantillas,
.... . .anall.inr ASBOITMINT.
il .'.I
COTTON AD BS-a great variety. ..
.. I...,.- j iln. . .
' 1
ln.r. Hi. leadinff branda.
t i
au'tuTiNfl STRIPES-all the leading brands. ..',
NANKKENS i. . ., M., ( , ,
aiHRKKNS' ' " do. - - - do. " " "
,i,,l , Daiue, j , w. t . - :o
wHira goods. t( ' ': : .a
.u'-' EOBTEST, 1 ' '
.-.!.'. ii, n-ir -!.!) t, YAH SKI HOTIOHI, vi
I1..' variety of Ooods not enumerated all of
iSich we Pledge ourselves to sell at the low market
prtcct-th. larger portion at from 10 to SO vet cent, less
than last year ' ' .
H l.
kW; ...
I t
',,-'Y. .", IlENBTf KOJULEB. ', ".' ':.?
(Lat. of Phalon'e Eltabllshmwni, H. T.,) Ptprtttor
th. New York Vaahtouabla Bhavtng. Hair Cutting
Bhampooning, Curling tnd Dotting Saloon, Ea.t Slat,
street, over the Pott Office, where satisfaction wiil
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