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Tuesday evening, april n. ww.
Ttie Adams Express Company places us daily
undtr obligations to it for the very late?t papers
Ironi the eastern cities,
ff he 'American Express Company has our
thanks lor i'-s daily iovors in the shape of the
very latest eastern papers.
Dpaiitor of tuc Tnoors. Pursuant to or
ders from general head-quarters, the First and
Second Regiments of JOhio volunteer Militia
left Camp Jackson, near this city, this morning,
' April 19, at three o'clock, en route by railroad
for Washington City.
The First Regiment consists of the following
companies Major E. A. Pahrott command
ing :
Company A Lancaster Guards. '
' B-Lfayette Guards of Dayton.
i; Uiyton Jjigmuuaru,
...,.' D Montgomery Guard.
-. E Cleveland Greys.
" F Hibernian Guards.
. G Portsmouth Guards.
" H Zinesville Guards.
, . u, J. Mansfield Guards.
; - 11 - J -Iliruilton Guards.
The several rugimcuts consist of the follow
log companies Major Lewis Wilson command
Company A Rover Guards. '
' B Columbus Vedettes.
c " Fencibles.
. ' - ' D Zouave Guards.
-' K Lafayette Guards of Cincinnati,
" . F Sprlugfleld Guards.
, ' , G Pickaway ".
' II Steubenville "
.", 1 Covington "
'- J Baldwin Rifles of Utbana.
The troops started for Washington by way of
.Pittsburgh six companies by the C. C. & C
Roadi seven bv the Steubenville Road, and
even by the Central Road,
- Lieut, II. Z. Mills was, by request, relieved
of hit command at Camp Jackson, at three
o'clock, this afternoon, aud the command aeum-
ed by Col. E. A. Kino.
Cohibbdj Miutar.it Itims. Capt. Thrall,
tf the Vedettes, left this morning with his com
pany for Washington ; and Cant. Riley, of the
Fe ncibleH, leaves to-day.
Tbo Steuben Guards had, this morning, a
roll of G5 volunteer, and recruits still enlist
ing. Capt, Walcutt has nearly a full complement
for his company.
The Governor's Guards bad, at ten o'clock,
this fjreoooi, a roll of 95 volunteers. They
ezpeeted coon to cease receiving recruits, and to
parade this afternoon, aud perhaps this evening,
Tbey will use their new koapisoks, recently
sjjThe Montgomery Guatds nro still enlisting
recruits at their Armory, on the northwest cor
ner of High and Gay streets .
J. H. Studis, one of the member' of the
Governor's Guards' Company, will commence
organizing!! Tuesday next, at the Armory of
aid Company, a Home Guard, to bo composed
oi young men in plain uniform, and to be la
readiness to act ofQoienlly in any emergency
that may arise. The plan of . forming such a
oimpany will doubtlesa commend Iteelf to our
; Ear Meitino At a meeting of the Franklin
county Bir, held at tbe Court House in Colum
bus, April 14, 1SGI, Hon. R. B. Warden was
chosen Chairman, and W. W. Ilsfs, Esq., Sec
retary. On motion, Messrs. Martin, Baldwin and
Rcamey were appointed a committeo on resolu
tions, who submitted the following, which were
adopted: t
Wnntt). Allmlhty God. In whole band! always
art in issues of life ami death hath removed from ui
our brother Geo. R. McCLtimn, of Columbus, and
thereby aa'n lus called upon bi to mourn the lose of one
of ournutnber, wbi. although not long with ui. yet, In his
brief connection, had obtained a place In our etteem and
respect, and who afforded fair promiic of future ability
and usefulness in our profession; thstefore.
it P.enolctd, That wo tender unto the parents ol
our deceased brother, end the large circle of mourning
friendi, our sincere sympathy In this their deep alBic
tloa, and el token that we monrn with Ihtm that do
monrn. we will wear the usual badge of mourning upon
n.r . fAthlrti .Uv: ami.
Beeoived, That we will alio attend the funeral ser
vice or onr brother atSo'clook P. 41., thli day.
Jtiiolred, That the following named brethren, W. W.
He,J. W. Bwayne, B. 11. -albery, J. O. McQnfTty,
Jas. 8. Austin and J. Q. Howard be selocted as pall
bearer for the funeral tervlceof the decased.
Xnohed. That a copy of the proceedings ef this meet
ing and of these resolution! be tent to the family of the
deceased, and be also entered upon the Journal of the
Superior Court of this county.
Ou motion of tho Chairman, the proceedings
of the meeting were ordered to be entered on
the journal of tbe Superior Court, and IheConrt
adjourned until Monday, the 22J Inst.
' ,' R.B. WARDEN, Chairman.
Wat. W. Hess, Secretary.
"The Tented Field." Goodale Park pre
aenta quite a campliko appearance. Tbe en
campment there is designated in the military
orders of the day as "Csmp Jackson." It looks
odd to our eitizens in visiting their favorite Park,
'to encounter at the entrance sentinels with fixed
The white tents and other surroundings of
tbe camn are curiosities for those who have
only read of, but not seen tented fields. The
ground in the Park, though covered with a thick
bed of straw, is rather damp for sleeping on. A
building, therefore, is being ereoted near the
tents, to afford the soldiers dry apartment! in
which to sleep,
Owing to the departure of the companies this
morning, for Washington there were in Camp
Jackson, at noon to-day, but two companies, the
Shelby Volunteers, and tbe Harris Guards from
Cincinnati. The latter company consists of 72
men rank and file. Other companies were ex
peoted at the arrival of every train. '
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". .' CintkaL Ohio Raihoad, t
i H ZaiusviLLE, April 18, i8Gl.$' " r
, W. J. Fill and tMPLOTtiit. la answer to
Inquiries made of me, I malts this general an
asriri That parties now in serrioo of this Com
ran, will not forfeit their position by ..volun
teering in the service of the United States, bat
that those employed as their substitutes will be
with the express understanding, that the places
are reserved for those now in onr service on
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the Atlantic. ',
O" Tho Immortal J. N. Fuel condescended
this morning to honor our sanctum with his an
gust presence, but departed this afternoon for
Piqua. But to onr great consolation, and no
doubt to that of the publio here, he graciously
left word that he would return in one week
from to-day, calm, bold, generous and indepen
dent. .
School Board. The Board of Sohooi Direo
tort organized, on Friday evening, tho 12th
inat., by appointing Jossrii Sullivant, Presl
dent; Thomas Sparrow, Treasurer, and Otto
Dresel, Secretary, . 1
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FOB I All I' Ail. DRUOaiUl. j
ai-diwlls i.y.- r.
Capt. Doubleday's Statement of the
Fall of Fort Sumter.
Major Anderson's Dispatch to the
War Department.
Armory at Harper's Ferry Fired and Evacuated
by U. S. Troops!
Norfolk Harbor Blocked Up!
&c. &c. &c.
Niw Yoik. Aorli 13. The Pot ft nnec'lil
dispatch says engineers are reconnoitoring
Wasbington, with a view or erecting dclcnuivo
The Mavorof Georgetown is raie'n'r troona
tor mo uovornment.
e n " r
Davis nroolamatlon occasions renewed acllvi
lty, and the mouth of the Mississippi will be vitr
oroualy blockided.
Lot. Lererta nas issued orders (or tho 7th re?
Intent to report for duty at 3 o'clock to morrow
m., to leave ror Wasbington.
Major Anderson landed at tbo Ihttery, md
was received by an immense crowd.
His carriage was surrounded by the neode.
who expressed in cheers, and other demonstra
tions, their congratulations, and ho waB followed
by an immense throng through Broadway to the
Brevoort House, where be joined his wife.
Tbe following is a digest of Capt. Double
day's statement:
The demand to surrender Sumter was made
on the 11th and refused, not only by Anderson,
but by the unanimous voice of his command.
On Friday morning at 3 o'clock, tbe rebels sent
wora that fire would be opened on us man hour.
and at 4 o'olock It was opened on ua from every
direction, including a bidden battery. T.'ie fire
opened with a volley from seventeen mortars,
firing ten-inch shells and shot from thirty three
guns, mostly columbiads. We took breakfast,
however, very leisurely. Tbe oommand was
divided into three watches, each under the com
mand of two officers. After breakfast, they im
mediately went to their euns and onened fire
on Moultrle.Cummings' Point and Sullivan's Isl
and. Tbe iron battery at Cumminga Point was
of immenso strength and moet of our shots
glanced off. Anderson refused to allow the men
to work tbe guns on tbe parapet, on account of
such a terrific fire.
There was ecarcelr a room left In M.mltriA
Inhabitable. Several shou went Llirouch tlm
floating battery, but it was little damaged. Two
guns on tbe Iron battery were dismounted. A
man was stationed, who cried shot or shell when
the rebels fired, and the garrison was thus ena
bled to dodge. At first tbe workmen were re
luctant to help work tbe guns, but afterwards
they served most willingly and effectively against
the iron battery.
Tbe barracks caught fire several limes on
Friday, but were extinguished by the efforts of
Mr. Hart of New York, and Lyman of Balti
more, both volunteers. On Saturday tbe offi
cers' quarters caught fire from the shell, and the
main gates were burnt.
ifle magazine was. surrounded by lire, and
inety barrels of nowder were taken out and
thrown into tho sea,;when themagazine w is en
circled by fire.
All onr materials were cut off, and we ha 1
eaten our last biscuit two days belore.
Tbe men had to lie on the grnuad with wet
handkerchiefs on their faoes to prevent smother
ing; a favorableddy of wind was all that sav
ed our lives. The cartridge bigs gave out, and
five men were employed to manufacture them
out of our shirts, blaukots, sheets, 4c.
It will take half a million dollara to repair
Fort Sumter's interior. Most of t'uo shots were
aimed at tbe flag.
Tbe following is the conversation botweeu
Major Anderson and WIgfall. The latter said:
"Gen. Beauregard wishes to stop ibis, sir."
Anderson only replied, "Well, well."
Wigfsli " You've done all that can be done,
and Gen. Beauregard wishes to know upon what
terms you will evacuate tbe Fort?"
Anderson "Geo. Beauregard is already ac
quainted with the terms."
WIgfall "Do I understand tou will evacuate
on the terms proposed?"
Ancerson " X es; and only tb03e."
Wigfall then retired.
A tew minutes after, Col. Chestnut 'id oth
ers came from Gen. Beauregard, asking if An
derson wanted any help, stating that Wigfall
had not seen Beauregard for two days, and bad
authorityfor his demand on Anderscn,to whioli
the Major replied "There we bave been sold.
We will raise our flae attain." But tbev re
quested him to keep it down till communication
was bad with Beauregard. Tbe firms; then
ceased, and three hours after another deputa
tion came, agreeing to the terms previously de
emed upon.
Un Sunday morning tbe steamer Isabel! came
down and anchored off the Fort, when all bur
gage was put on the steamer C. Lynch. The
troops were under arms. A portion were told to
salute the flag,md when the last of tbe fifty guns
were nred, tbe nig was lowered amid loud and
hearty cheers of tbe men, who then formed and
embarked to tbe tune of Yankee Doodle.
Two men were killed on tbe second round of
the salute by the premature explosion of a gun,
and four were wounded, one badly, and left at
Fort Sumter has not been reinforced on any
Tho Baltlo arrived off Charleston the morn
ing of Friday after the firing commenced on Fort
Sumter. Tbe Pawnee and Pocahontas arrived
next day. Tbe Powhattan and Atlantlo have
not been seen, lhe steam tugs bave been blown
to sea aud nave not been seen,
Tbe day that Anderson evacuated, prepara
tions to reinforce him tbat night had been made.
A schooner bad been selxed and an agreement
was made to pay tbe pilot -and Captain $500 to
put men into tbe fort, bnt tbe fort was evacuated
before the attempt could be made. Capt. Fox
bad instructions to attempt to provision tbe fort
without troops. If fired en, be was to rush in
the best way he could: but tbe gale prevented
tne arrival ot tugs and transports.
me Harriet iane is soon expected to arrive.
Tbe Pawnee has gone to Washington,
Among the many Incident! ol lhe battle is
that of Mr. Hart, a volunteer, who, Iwben the
flag was shot down, and the relief fire was con
centrated on the flag staff, gallantly nailed the
stars and stripes amid a deadly fite, aud the
cheers of the United States troops.
As the Baltlo come up the harbor, salutes
were fired from all the forts, and an immense
throng on the battery were nearly wild with ex
citement and enthusiasm.
Anderson's brother officers express the deepest
indignation at tbe aspersion cast on their brave
commander, numerous friends waited on An
derson and other Sumter officers during this uf
ternoou; and theappearance of aoycflioerorsol
dicr from Sumter in the street was tho signal for
a crowd acd entbuslastio cheers.
The 5th Regiment paid tuoic reapers to An
derson this afternoon, to which be responded
from tbe baloony of tbe Brevoort llouso, by re
turning a simple military salute, amidst tbo
cheers and voiclferatlons of thousands. Both
tbe Major and his command show tbe onroworn
effects ol thtir gallant siege.
. The loiiowmg is Major Anderson dispatch
to the Secretary of Wan ..
Siat Having defended Fort Sumter thirty
four hours, until the quarters were entirely
burned, the main gates destroyed by fire, tho
magazine surrounded by flames and its doors
olosed front the effects of heat, four barrels and
three cartridges of powder only available, and
no provisions but pork remaining, I accepted
the terms of evaluation offered by Gen. Beaure
gard, being the same offered by bim on the 11th
Inst, prior to tbe commencement of hostilities,
and marched out of the Fort on Sunday after
noon, the 14th Inst., with colors flying and
drums beating, bringing away the company an
private property, and saluting the flag with
arty guns. - i
Major 1st Artillery.
Washinoton, April 18. The War" Depart
ment officially announces the establishment of
a stew military department, to be oalled the De
partment of Washington. .
Major Bealle, Paymaster of the Army, has re
Signed ci oommissioii to oay. ,
Inmanapolis, April 18. The order given yes
terda? for the departure ef the flrstlndiaoa real
ment. was countermanded by orders from the
Federal Government."
An officer from Washington is expected to
muster the troops Into service.
The regiment will probably leave to-mor
The following Companies are now encamped
Flying Artillery, Independent Zouaves, Zjuave
Guards, National Guards, Indianapolis Wash
ington Guards, and Capt. Crittenden's, of Ma
son county two companies from Lalavette; rort
Harrison Guards and Vigo Guards, Terro
Haute, and one company each from Riobmond,
Cambridge oity and Lawrenoeburg.
Each of tbe above companies number 160
The Indiana City Grays go into camp to
morrow, and five or six more companies are ex
pected to arrive.
Kecruitlng is still going on nere,
Two new companies nearly full.
Cincinnati. April 18 The eltlxens of Cov-
Incton aud Newnort. Kv., held a meeting to
day, and resolved to form a company of Home
tiuards. to unite with the Home uuaras oi uin
cinnati. for the nrotection of the three cities.
The renort lent vesterdar of tbe seizure of
arms bv oar nolice, and tne cnariering oi two
-r - ------ 0 - , .
steamers by the city, lor tue purpose oi searca
log pasting boats, is without foundation. Tbe
Captains of the steamers Glendale and Ohio
No. 3. placed tbe arms in tbe possession of the
police for safe keeping. .. .
So far as the city authorities are concerned,
orders have been given to prevent tbe ship
ment of provisions to the South.
Gov. Dennison, with tbe consent of the Sec
retury of War, has made Cincinnati, instead of
Columbus, a rendezvous for troops.
Harrisburo, April 13 Trains are leaving
with troops as fast as they are ptepared.
Lewis W. Hall, of Blair couutv. was elected
Speaker of the House this morning.
Five hundred volunteers left via the Northern
Central Railroad for Washington this morning.
700 men arrived to-day, and were sent forthwith.
Tbe Governor ordered out Gen. Patterson's
Division. 0,000 stand of arms are expected here
1 ,-.- ,
Both Ileuses of1 tbe Legislature met In con
vention at the Hall Of the House this morning,
hear the Star Spangled Banner sune. The
refrain was joined in by all the members and
tne galleries, amid the wildest cheering and en
thusiasm. Tbe song was afterwards sung in
the. Senate, and in both cases, members and
spectators seemed mad with patriotic devotion -
tsnu nouses bave adjoured sine die.
New York. Aoril 18 Blank bonds for the
Southern Confederacy, prepared by tbe Bink
Note Company, were seized to day by tbe Dis
trict Attorney.
The Charleston steamer line has suspended
trips, and tbe Columbia and Maiion bave
been flying Amotion flags to-day.
A book bindery and printing office in Gold
street, which displayed the Palmetto flag, bad
dispensation of stones and other demonstra
tions, nearly destroying the building.
Tbe people endeavored to take tbe horses off
Major Anderson's carriage and drag bim up
Broadway, but his objections were regarded.
Somo anxiety is felt about tbe Aspinwall
steamer being seized by Southern Letters of
Boston, April 18. A meetiug of Bank offi
cers, representing all tbe Boston Banks, was
neiu nero this morning. A resolution was
adopted to loan the State of Massachusetts 10
per ceot. of their entire capital for the defense
the Government. The capital of the Bos
ton Banks amounts to$38,500,000.
Milwadkie, April 18. There is strong com-
peuuou ior tne yxutuuij loan, asked by tbe
State. Tbe Junca Bank, a Democratic Institu
tion, offers to take tbe whole amount at par.
A sufficient number of companies have already
been tendered to fill tbe regiment t6ked for from
this State.
Cleveland, April 18. Ten thousand oeonle
turned out to-day to escort the Clavaland
Grays, who left for the rendczius at Columbus.
luteuse enthusiasm.
Philadelphia. Aoril 18 Binhoa WonJ tn
day raised the American flag over the dome of
tne new uatnoiio lathedral on Logan Square
Dome 230 feet high.
Philadelphia, April 19. The common conn.
cil, tbisafternoon.appropriated 4125,000 for tbe
support or the families or volunteers, and
$5,000 to the Mayor for secret service. -A
special dispatch to the Bulletin save that
War Department at Washington has r I
ceived a dispatch from Harper's Ferry, stating
mat. vuo Arstui, who. ia,uuu atana or arms,
been seized by Virginia troone. The track
the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, on each
side ol tbe town, Is torn op. Governor Letcher
telegraphs to tbe Department, refusing to fur
nish troops, aod saying that Virginia will fight
Philadelphia; April 19. The Baltimore Sun
publishes a dispatch stating that Harper's Fer
ry was set on fire by tbe regulars, at midnight,
tbat tbey then, retreated into Maryland.
There were no State troops there at the time.
Philadelphia, -April 19. The City Council
morning, at a special meeting, appropriated
million dollars, to equip volunteers and
support their families during tbeir absence from
home, lhe merchants are boiding a meeting
the same purpose,', i ' -,- , 1
Boston, Aptil IS. A Canadian gentleman
states tbat a sympathetlo war feeling with the
North is aroused in Canada, and that BOO men
from Quebec, and a large body from Montreal,
coming to Boston to enlist in the regular U.
Norwich, Conn.. April 18. The Governor
called for one more regiment. $14,000
were subscribed to day for families of soldiers.
New York, April 19. Tbe 7Vmes savs five
millions have been tendered the Government by
cistern banks.. , r, 1 : :
Portland, Me., April 19 Our city banks
voted a loan of $350,000 to the State for
war purposes,
1 be schooner cameo, or Camden, was seized
by order of the Collector. She bad a
South' Carolina clearance,
Boston. April 18 The 8th regiment. Col.
Monroe, leit at r. m ior Washington. .
Chicago, April 18 The banks of this citv
day tendered Governor Yates half million
dollars, asked for as a loan for extraordinary
Tbe war feeling grows more intense. Uo to
this morning two thousand men had signed the
muster roll. This is double the number that will
allotted this city, A movement is on foot to
uniform and equip them by private subscription.
wealthy citizen beads the list with 11.000.
The meeting called to night, for the purpose
sustaining the Government, was the largest
aud moet enthusiaetio ever held in this city
Speeches were made by prominent gentlemen of
both parties. Stirring resolutions were adopted,
and gu.uuu suoscrioea ior tne support of tbe
volunteers, until taken charge ot by the State
Springfield, III , Aoril 18. Tenders of
companies are pouring Into the Adjutant Gen
eral's office, but none put down as received who
are not reported as full. Forty nine companies
have already. been accepted, and tenders bave
been made lor as many more. All tbe railroads
the State have volunteered to carry tha an.
cepted companies to their place of rendezvous
freeoietarge. , , , , ... .
Greenbsdro, Ind., April 18.-o-Large and en
thusiaetio meeting to-night at the Court-house.
Over 100 volunteers bave . tendered their ser
vices. ' The citizens have raised ever $3,000 to
support the families of those who have volun
teered. ;u -. . J h 'I
" Hamilton. O.i Aoril 18. The Citv Council
to-night appropriated $1,000 to support tbe fam
ilies of tbe volunteers. - Captain Rossmant with
75 volunteers, leaves Sunday night, and it is
exptoted that a full company of students from
Oxlordi unio, wm leave on tne same train.
Tbe excitement is great.
, Lar ayxtte , Ikd., April ,8 Captain Taylor's
company, toe eecona iron lAiayette, left lor
Indianapolis mis afternoon, accompanied by tbe
llUtnuvv ... . , . , . ...... - , , .
. The Vturur u issued to aay on a half sheet,
In conaequenoe of the enlistment this morning
of most of Its compositors. Other companies
,'Zamesvilli, April 18 Five'lbousaod people
escorted Captain Haalett's company to tbe depot
to night, with music, fireworks and artillery.
The entnusiasm is intense. 1 " -
TaniAMAPOLM. April IS. Tha Citv Coonoll
to-night appropriated $5,000 for the benefit of
the families of the volunteers from ibis city tod
county. iti" ..-:
Niw York, April 19 Col. Ellsworth had,
up to 6 o'clock last evening, enrolled 600 nro
men in his Zouaves' regiment, and the ranks are
expected to bo filled to day, and the whole uni
formed and equipped and in Wasbington before
Tuesday next. . f '
A Washington dintcb to the Herald says
that Commodore Paulding reports thrt tbo
vessels sunk below Norfolk are three light
boats, and can eaailv be removed; that th
Gosport Navy Yard is protected by tbe guns oi
tbe vessels moored oil the vard, and loose in
command are full nr.nared for anvemertencv
and if any attempt la made by Virginians to
take the yards, tbey will be blown to atoms.
' Tbe citv government last night voted a reso
lution to sustain tbe Federal Government
Also, to pay the salaries of all persons in the
empior or the city who volunteer, tendering tne
Governor's room to Andersou, and requesting
him to sit for bis portrait, and aid in alnglng
tbe otar spangled Banner.
A elub for tbe benefit of traitors is formed in
Brooklyn. , :
A German regiment has been formed, and
will be ready for service on Monday. It is
comprised of those who bave served in Europe.
1 be Custom House refuses clearance to ports
seceded States.
80,000 cartridges were seized by tbe Sheriff
Amber, yesterday, at the iactory,desiineo lor
vue oouin, anu me factory was mreaieueu wuu
destruction. , .
Niw York, April 19. The 8th Regiment of
MaEstchueett-i Volunteers. Cant. Monroe, arriv
at 7 o'olock this morning; quartered at the
Astor House .and other .hotels. They were
received with the same unbounded enthusiasm
those of yesterday. Tbey leave at noon.
Tbe 7th Regiment of New Ycrk leaves at 4
o'clock this afternoon.
Harrisburo. Aoril 18 Fourteen Comnanlea
have arrived here Blair county offers 8 com
panies. No troops will be sent to Wasbingtou
fully organized and armed. 8,000 will be
here by Saturday.
Trenton, N, J., April 18. Tbe Trenton
Bank and Mechanics Bank bave each tendered
Governor Olden a loan of $25,000, to aid In
raising four regiments of soldiers.
New York, April 18 Tbe Harriet Lino
arrived to nigbt.
The steamer State of Maine arrived this
evening, with 500 men of tbe 4ih regiment of
Massachusetts, under tbe command of Gove-nor
raclcard. bbe la anchored in East river. Tbey
proceed to Washington to-morrow.
Tbe steamship Atlantic was spoken on the
Im instant, off MataoilU reef, eteei iog South
with decks full uf men.
Baltimore, April 18. Capt. Pearson, of the
Norfolk steamer, arrived in this city this mor
ning. He reports that the main entrance to the
harbor at Norfolk bas been obstructed by the
sinking of email boats, by order of Governor
Capt. Pearson Buys that he was compelled to
over tb iflitu, and states that tbe otject Is to
prevent tbe government vessels from leaving as
ordered- Tbo Norfolk Custom Uouse has also
been broken into, and a large quantity of guns
stored there takon out. The revenue cutter at
Norfolk bis alto been beeo boarded aud the
guns seized.
Tbe excitement iu Baltimore is increasing.
Tbs Union men are throngiug the streets, de
termined not to be overawed by the secession
ists Tbe "Minute Men" bave tbe Union fltg
flying from their head quarters.
The Governor and Mcyor will issue a joint
proclamation to prevent any Interference with
passage of troops through tbe oity.
The Union sentiment among tbe mechauics
almost unanimous.
Baltimore, April 18th. A party of Seces
sionists on Federal Hill raised a secession flag
coon, and commenced firing a salute. In a
moments working men from all tho found
ries In tho vicinity, hearing tUh report, rushed
tbem, tore down their flig, spiked their gun
threw it in the river. Tbe Secessionists fled
consternation, and tbe flig was torn in tatterr.
The enthusiasm was universal for Union. Not
than 5,000 persons were present.
Baltimore, April 18 Five hundred troops
reached this city this P. M. from Harrisburg.
Tbey marched through the city unmolested. A
large police fcrce acoumpanied them. At many
points they were cheered by the Union men,
who followed in large numbers to the depot.
Tbe streets have been thronged with people
P. M. and considerable excitement prevail
but tbus far no violeuce has occurred.
New Orleans, April 17. The Convention at
Mesilla on tbe 16th, was numerously attended,
Herbert, the Texas commissioner, was cordial
ly welcomed. Resolutions were adopted endors
ing the action of the seceded States, that Ari
zona's interests are with tbe South, that ebe de
sires to become tbe territory of the Southern
Confederacy, aud tbat ehe will not recotiuize
Lincoln's administration, nor obey bis officers.
people ol Western Arizona aro invited to
tbe movement.
A vole win be talc en on the resolutions on tbe
Monday in April.
Montgomery, April 18, A dispatch was re
ceived at Savannah, on the lG:h, that Virgiuia
passed the ordinance of secession, to take
effect In two days. No advices have been re
ceived here; Devettheless, It Is bolieved by the
Government. Unless the Cincinnati seizures are
promptly redressed, it will cause a non inter
course seizure of Ohio property iu New Orleans.
hundred guns are now being fired all over
South for Virginia.
Louisville, April 19. Gov. Magoffin is here
trying to get the banks to lend half a million
dollars to arm the State for defence. It is sup
posed that some arrangement will be made. -
There was an Immense Union meeting here
night. Speeches were made by Mepsts, Guth
rie, Niohols, Bullock and Brown.
Resolutions . were unanimously adopted, de
claring tbat. as the Confederate States com
menced the war with the Federal Government,
Kentucky has a right to choose her posltloo;
acknowledging loyalty till the Government be
comes the aggressor; opposes the eall of Gov
ernment for volunteers for ooercton, and tbe
raisibg of troops here to co-operate with the
Sonthern Confederacy, when the acknowledged
intention of the latter is to maroh on Wash
ington; that Secession Is a remedy for no evils;
that Kentucky won't take part against the Fed
eral Government; that Kentucky should main
tain an independent position with the Union
against the Administration and seceded States;
declaring her soil sacred against tbe hostile
tread of either, and that Kentucky be armed in
accordance to law.
Leavenworth, April 18 The recently ao
pointed Post Master at Weston, Mo , has been
driven out of tbe place
A Confederate States' flig was hoisted on
steamer Sam Gaily here this morning, but
was taken down at tbe request ot citizens.
There is no excitement here from looal
causes. .: ... . . ,
Washinoton, April 19. It is reliably stated
parties direct lrom Richmond tbat the ordi
nance ol secession was publicly proclaimed yes
terday. Tbe vote on its passage Is kept secret,
Maj A. M. Hancock, of Kentucky, is ap
pointed Consul to Malaga. ; ; i
The Pawuee has arrived at Washington- '
Charleston, April 19 It is well ascertained
that the subscription of South Carolina to tbe
Confederate loan will be $3,000,000.,
Charleston, April 18 $2,260,000 of the
Confederate loan has been taken here. The
average quota of the State is set down at $195,-
000. A requisition of men was made on South
Carolina, but for what service is unknown. Tbe
news of tbe seizure and secession of Virginia
was received here with great joy. - The Old Se
cession gun was fired In front of the Courier of
lice, by tbe venerable bdmund Kumn.; ' , ,
Richmond, April 18. Governor Letcher has
Issued a proclamation, dated the 17th Inst.) re
cognizing tha Independence ot the Confederate
states; says the f resident bas no right to call
an extraordinary force against a foreign power,
and believes tbat this improper exercise of force
against tbe people should be repelled, lie or
ders all the militia to bold themselves in read I
ness for Immediate service. '. " ' ' '
New Oslbans, April 18. The news of tha
secession of Virginia was received with Immense
cheering. One hundred guns were fired, and the
people are frantically joyous. "
The JVstt Delta newspaper flung out the
Sonthern flag to day for the first time sipca the
secession movement. ' ' t r
Baltimore, April 19.-30,000' troops from the
north are exptoted here this morning. - None
bave passed yet. .' .
Harper's Ferry Armory was fired last night,
and abandoned, by the U, S. troops. -. -,
Several Soldiers and Ten Rioters
Baltimore-, April 19. There wis a terrible
scene on 1'ratt atreet to day. Tbe railroad track
was taken np, and tbe (roopa attempted to
march through. Tbey were attacked by
a moo wttu Dricus and stones, ana weie nred
upon. The fire was returned. Two of tbe
7th Regiment, of Pennsylvania, were killed and
several wounded. Tbe fight is still roing on.
There is Intense exc'ittment here : Tbe sol
diers are now forcing their way through. They
urea on me moo, silting iti.
'It is impossible to say which portion -of the
troops nave been attacked They bore a wblte
naz as ttiey marched up rratt street, and were
greeted with showers of paving stones. The
Mayor of tbe city went ahead of them with the
police. An lnimen.-e crowd blocked up the
streets Tbe soldiers finally turned and fired in
to tbe mob. Several if the wounded have just
gone up tne street in ctris.
It is reported that there is dreadful work o
log on at tbo R. R. depot.
At tbe Washington depot, an immeuse crowd
assembled Tbe rioters attacked the soldiers
who fired on tbe mob. Several were wounded.
From Washington.
Washington, April 18 Gov. Letcher's re
ply to Secretary Cameron, calling for the quota
troops, conclude, "your object is to subjugate
tbe Southern States and a requisition is made up
on me for such an object. In my judgment, it
not within the powers of the Constitution or
the act of 1795, aud will not be Complied with .
You bave chosen to inaugurate civil war, aod
aviuc done so, we will meet it In a spirit as de
termined as the Administration bas exhibited
towards the South."
Tbo clerks of the State Department have been
formed in.o a guard, for the protection of that
building. Those of the Treasury have re
ceived orders immediately to repair to the de
partment on the firgt invasion of tbe city. The
clerks of tbe other departments are directed to
similarly watchful, in addition to tbe mil!
tary force tbat has been placed in tbe public
buildings. . i .
The rumors of an intended invasion of Wash-ingtonto-nigbt,
bave excited much war feeling.
Whatever may be the ground for such report',
is certain tbat the government is expeditious
msking preparations for all emergencies.
The Kneas men now here, about 60 in number,
have formed a company called the Frontier
Guards. They bave been given tbe post ot
honor in the east room'of tbe President's Houso.
The Cabinet held a meeting this moroiug
and another this afternoon, in reference to war
like operations.
Gentlemen who arrived from Richmond con
firmed the report tbat tbe act of secession had
passed the convention by a large majority, The
members were sworn to secrecy. The time for
ufficial promulgation has not yet anived;
measures of a military character having first to
Military forces left Richmond last uight for
Harper's Ferry; other companies joined them on
the route. The same Informants, from what
they heard in Virginia official quarters, leave
doubt tbat tbe Armory by this time has been
taken possession of by tbe State forces. ' -I
Tweaty-four companies, averaging 100 men
each, have already been mustered into the ser
vice of tbe Government. Others will present
themselves at tbe War Department for a simi
lar purpose
500 Pennsylvania troops arrived here this af
ternoon. Several of them were hurt by stones
while marching through Biltimore. Tbey are
quartered in the Capital.
iU0 flew Yorkers are expected to night.
The latest from Norfolk, received at the
Navy Department this afternoon, is that when
Capt. Prendergast ascertained that tbe chanuel
was obstructed, he placed bis ships broadside to
Norfolk and Portsmouth, and demanded that
the obstructions be removed; else he would lev
el both places.
It is added that tbe ciiizens complied with tbe
Halifax, N. S., Aoril 18. Tbe steamship
Kidar, from Liverpool on tbe 0;h Instant, has
arrived, bringing one day's later news.
The London iim says:
'The prohibition of tbe slave trade by the
Southern Confederacy is merely put forward to
conciliato the t-ogllsh prejudice, and such su-
peilluous seif-denail will not loog be edatroa
It also points to the English resistance in the
first revolution as a warning'against interference
the present disruption. It says bath tariffs
hostile to British interests.
Warlike rumors in Paris oontinucd. A council
warof the Marshals has been called, and
army is being drilled and pot on a wsr
The Bourse on tne bin was nrmer. Kentes
G7f. 75:.
It ia said that the French troops will not leave
The London Globe, in reviewing tbe position,
says Europe bas never been more agitated since
Enoland. The Times, in an article on the
American tariff on cotton, says England will
have to pay a duty to the Southern Slates, and
tbe chief exports increased duties, while to
Northern States the duties are assuming a
positively hostile character. England must con
aider how she deals with a State which begins
with a flagrant departure from the rule of amity.
France. All French Marshals . bad , been
summoned to attend an extraordinary council of
war at Paris. . - '
It was expected at Paris that the Bink of
France would soon reduce the rate of discount.
DifficSlty had arisen in tbe conclusion of a.
commercial treaty between France and Belgi
um. Tbe Patrit says the Emperor has written to
Prince Murat, disapproving bis recent mauiiea
to relative to the Neapolitan orown. '
The Sunday Paris journals speak of the
probable disolution of the Corps Lcgialatif,
owing to the large number of legitimists and
ultra-montanistain the body.
Confidential interviews are reported to bave
occurred between Count Recbburg and the
French Ambassador at Vienna, relative to a
new settlement with respect to Venetia. - -
France offers to support the cession of Vene
tia to Italy, in consideration of a ten itorial com
pensation. - '
Richardson. Soenoe & Co. report Flour dull
and easier, but quotations are unchanged; quo
tations 29s32s 6d tbe latter for choice.
Wheat dull but steady t Red Western 11a bi
12s 2d: Red Sonthern 13i 6d13s; White
Western 13;l3s 3d: White Sonthern I3i 6j
14s Cd. Cora quiet; holders offer freely, but
show no disposition to press sales; Mixed Jis;
Yellow 38; White 39i33s Cd. - ,
Wakefield. Nash & Uo. report a decline of
61 on inferior qualities ol flour, " ' ;'.
Provisions The same authorities report
beef dull. Pork steady. Bacon quiet but
steady; long middlings 4959s.'i Lvd firm,
Large sales taiiow, an qualities, Biigouj.uo-
CliDcdi ' -' '. "jr
London Market Browning's circular re
ports breadstuffs quiet and steady. Sugars-
arm butquioi. Svouee quiet, s n a '
Breadstufl's dull tint firmer.
Barine: Bros, report the market firmer sines
tli. Etna's news. Thfv auote U S 5's81ffi8X
Mass 5's 969S. Fenn 5's 083, do bonds of
1877 at 81ffit3. Va a's of ltWtt at (U(ffl7ii, 111 C
7's 1st mortKaue at 8G83, N YC 6's 850R7,
Erie 1st mortgage bonds ui(c5'JJ, do shares MS
'28, Fenn 6 s 1st mortgage BS(b7. .. ...
James Hesrett & C. report market buoyant
and advancing, and partially i(t higher.
Breadjtuffj quiet but steady Provibtooa Bteadr.
Terrible Calamity.
Emc, Pa., April 18 An awful catastrophe
happened last mirht on the Bachanan Farm, it
the oil region. The ess from a apout in the well
took fire and exploded, killing seven men.
Among tbem was Mr. Rouse, an ej-member ol
tbe Legislature The Buchanan Farm, ot
whiob over one hundred wells are vieldlng oil,
ta nnr in lames, as all tha wells are nOw
on fire. Ill loss in oil, derricks, pco.,Is im
mense. ' ' ' '; - lj f 4
PiTTgB0Bo April 18 An Intense war feeling
prevails here, and business is almost suspended.
Immense crowds fill tha prominent streets;
Union flags are floating everywhere, and tha
volunteer companies at all filled and departing
eastwaid. 8
Liberal subscriptions- are being-made for tbe
Comfort of the volnntMr ant ih .
their families. " 7 7 "
Recruiting is etlll roinir nn. althnn.k .I,..-
are -more than enough for tha requirements of
tU State to fill the Federal ni.ir.i- " "
A committee of public safety held a meeting
to-day and organized. ... 8
: A Urge qaantity of oowder M1, k.-
!m' d,n s intercepted at Steuben
ville, it being feared It wonld fall Into tbe hands
ot tbe Secessionists. .
IZl Z V. ui'1 Vwitn tne PPell Dun
damaged P'opeller is not much
-I I " ..: . " " as use, IU Ui SJ
Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY, April 19, 1861.
are retail quouuons commed'h.
Wm. H.Bcstitux. wholaul .nrf ,. "!,'
... ' . - ' I BA.ii
iuunin kui nintr- r , , -
Wheat 90&95C,
Oats ebu...n. ,..SOa83c
Corny on gj,
X 0. Sugar 9 fc...6V7o
Mapl do tkl(lo
iMolaases .gal...,..40;sre
trrup sal. e037Sa
a osfc
Dried Apple, 9 bn..75100
PrieS Peaches... 8 7.3 w
white items ba. in.,.
Tea ....SOc.,7Sc.(310O
Yeddo Tea 8 1 OU
RloOoffot el..l2Xl
lava do.. Wc
Rice t eo
Brooms t dos..Sjl 001 75
Uaj ton 0ST UO
Soap (bob) fttjtfe
r w '-(543 'e
in sack I&eg.&'x:
Bait 9 Mil 11.75
oeei V ewi ,. o (K
Hams a i5Lr
unr ft pbl xbw&fi
White Wheat do msvaaa ou
Shoulders f 1,1
Sal t Pork cwt. . . . g77f c
Wood cord i as
Ry Flour a kbi... 84 Ml
Oandles.Tallow.bx. ' 12 Ko
Oaodlea, 0L, box.. Itto
0heee UXSlSo
mncnerei no.l Mbbl S9k
mackerel N qr bbl S.V
Mackerel No 1 kits. . 1 75
White full nerh'f Mil B4 7.1
Apples f btt 75 I Ml
II omlnr per bush - 81 CO
White Fishnernr im'm
Whisky per. ll. 9&$1 (10
oatstDS, H K. Box.. ..S 80
r imu Y B..... 7C
Herrinf B bbl tli 00
Corn Meal bo....a384(lc
nj o..u i"
Layers " ....3 00
Sultan ft, lSKa
rim 9 a lawimis
EKirs t dos.
Dried Beet.,
lIHcl'rnnes a. $12K
.... ISiXc Turnips lUSISe
SJ2 Wm SiilClorer Seed... 84 0034 Sii
Ftoca salesat 84 7.t'3)S no fn. Hj j nro. A
for white. ' "
Wheat sales dull at D09jc.
Oorh sales dull at S5. ' 1
Oats sales at IfioiSOs.
Kyi small sales at 4550. -
Cl jtr BEo-sales at :t 75S4 . .
Timotuv iKD-saleiat81 75i.
Hay sales dull at 8"i08.
PoTAToas sales at iiio "
Brails sales at 6!i 1 Sag 75c.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, April 19.
FT,OUR-re?cipts of J 1.378 Nils; mtrket beet
o lower? sales er S.OOrt bnl at 85 00
for superfine ftite) 85 20S5,8i for inn.
S3 I" 1 J 10 for sunerftiM. v t
40 for common ta mwHinm .c
for hippln brands extra Hound Ilnop Ou0. 0n-
i inn . uiotping; sates 01 4Cu bblj at S3 2l!(3
KYB FLOTJR-itfady at 83 4034 10 for common to
Choice superBce.
WHK AT receipts of 1O 908 bush. Market heary
sad Ic lower; 24,01:0 bu.hat 81,23 delivered for fair
Chicago Spring 8)l,8 for Mllwaukia Clur: 81,21 for
small parcels tted western; $1,42 for amber Wiscontii.;
11.55 for while western. .
KVK dull atfWc. ; 1. '.,
BARLEY decid-.dlv lower, itlai r 1 nnn t.k ..
55.4 (i'Ac. 1 '
COttN receipts of 2.443 hash: m.,v.i ...ui ..a
with fair eqport demand; sales of 50 ,000 bush atfiStgejo
old mixed western in store and delivered: 63(ife.
fornew dodelive ed.
OATS-Briu at 34,'i30,'c Tor we .tern Canadian art
yoRK-tlrm siles of50Cbuls at $18,S0aiB7Jforaiesi:
13 25 for prima.
BKEF In fair demand. y
CUT MEATS steady.
IARD firm; sales of 159 bSIs at DVSI0V.
BUTTER in fair rri.uc.t.f waair. i i.i.i- 1 ir
for State. ' T""
CHEKSK-steady at 7010.0.
WUIdKY flrm andainr aiIm. nli,r rnn kiu.
2Qq, ' - "
Cincinnati Market.
The sales' making by the grocers are In diminished
amount, but no ckaugea are reported in quotations.
In the Produoe market matters are as stagnant as they
can well be. There are neither ofieis to buy nor to sell.
LOUll we quote nominally at f 4 S5tf4 40 for su
perfine. WIIBAT-lsheldatSlforred. .4.
OATS very firm at Stic.
BARLEY draps St 05c;
BUY Is lower and dull at 57a. . .
WHISKY odvanced to 13s , with a firm market.
PRO VI 410X3 transactions in mesa nark t., ih...'t
l.iUOhbls made up about the full amount of business
the Frorisinn msrkst. lhe sales were in two lote.
a point in the Interior, at 8 M SO, equivalent to 8 17
nere. 1 nere is a good demand for city packed, hut it is
not to be had, liscon we quota nominally at 7o for
shDulders, S 1-2 for sids. Bulk sides can be bad at 8 Kc.
Shoulders at 6c.
LARD is firm at 0t,'c, but not sontht tor.OIn.
Con, April 19.
Cleveland Market.
April 18.
FLOUR more Icquiry. Biles 101 bblsani35 W.ls
extra at $4,74; HO buls, it5 do, and '.2 do real doable ex
tra at 85.00.
WI1KAH ll scarce, and In demand. Salea 2 ears fr.m
store at 81.0T,and 1,000 bush at 8 1,16.
uuan-sate 1 car at ajs.
OAT? quiet at 34c. ' "
II KJHWINSa etiff with rale of SO kbit at Kk'c.
KG 04 sale of 7 bbli at 0)ts.
SEEDS sales of SO kusu U lover at 4,12(. ', j
KToxviaxrls., sT.
Dividend January it 180143 Per Ceatt.
ASSETS......... 81,812,558 SO.
Statement January 1 issit
Balance, per statement Jan. 1st, 1S00 93,406,58 1 39
Beceited for Fremlums dur- , .
log the tear IStO 1703,053 3S i ,-, '.
Received for Interest during
the year lttSO 914.014 ID
Total receipts for 1BCO.... 8977,007 74
Paid Claims by Dcath.QaT.OjO 00
Paid Polioies surren- ; " ' 't " (
dered ........... IL,llt 29 -.-'' . . .LTIj
Paid Salaries, Pot- , (
ago. Taxes, Ex-
chenge.atc 31,620 84 j . , .
Paid Commissions to
Asents ...51,325 30 , v.
Paid Physicians' fees. 5 9011 75
Paid Annuities 1,517 00 ..
Paid Dividends dur-
ing tlui year ...... 160,500 71 585,091 63 411,970 14
Net Balance January 1st, 1861
..... ASSETS.
Cash on hand. Sli 6284 1 9
Bonds and Mortgagee on Reat'
Estate! worth double the
amount loaned 2,327,841 68
Premium Motes, th Policies j T
In force, only drawing 6 per '
oent. interest 1.270.MH 17-
Real Kits e W Wl 27 '
Loans on Scrip ' - 5,031 44
83,812,558 50
. 1
Premiums, Notes and Gash in
ceur.eof transmission.... ' 45,313 73
Total Assets...'.
83 815.550 50
TSTS Pol'cles In force, Insuring ot426,5S8
1,435 new Policies htre been issued during tbe year.
After a careful calculation of the present value of the
outstanding Policies of the Company, and balag the
neeteeary amount In reserve therefor, the Directors
hare declared a Divintire of 45 per cent, on the Premi
ums paid at the table rates, to all policies for life ia force,
Issued prior to January 1, 1WS3, payable awarding to the
present lule of the Company.
Katrsfor all kinds 0' Lite Oontlngecoiea, Psrspeet
uses.SUtementa, and Applications, will be lurnitbrd
without ciuaaa, at thsouios or Agenciea at tha Ocm
lny. , .
. - - l ROBT. 11. rATTSRBOK, President.
: in C. eitOVEtt, Vice President,
BSBlJ.O.UIUJilt, Secretary. .
SS. ta. x'.a.i", Agent,
, ' , Mo. 4 Johnson Wool?
. 3 OolamtaaxO.
' BaiehS8i im.
A t f i I m .Cottiaaov April , 1001,)
Bavin sa. Bank ot Cincinnati.
culaUng Note of the SaTlags Bank of Ciiwtnnatl
will present the same at Uiii oiBoe fcr redemptian, aheie
thcywlllbepaidto full.
apHitlos ' A. p.btijs K . Trraawrer of State.
jcl oaiud.
9trctof Oroeeries to Mr Q. S, PEilKN j, ws cheer
fully recommend him to our old patron, and friends.
Columbus, Msreli g) b, Vfll. apl-dif. i
) Orvica or Ootraaiu Oas tiotrr As Oota 0o
,.. I ' , . - toLuascs, Uuio, April 11, lH8lj
L Stoekholon otil.ieoompaar will he held' at their
Olfioe. in the Oily of Oolumbua, 00 atON UAi', TUA S.'d
DAVOS APAIi., Ittil, at 3 o'clock P. K. . , .1,
aplt-dtd. t W. I. MILLS, IccraVy.

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