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(i0l)io batsman
Tho Adams Expreaa Company places aa daily
ai'.uer obligations to it for tho very latcwt papers
Irora tbe eastern oihob. ' . .
Tlie Anwicaa Express Company has our
thanks for its daily favors in the shape of the
very lulont eautern papers. - -
O" The ladies of tho city of Columbus are
hereby invited to meet at Mrs, Gov. Dcnnison's,
T. south weBt corner of High and North streets,)
on next Monday morning at nine o clock, to
assist in making flannel shirts, for the Recruits
now in Camp Jackson.
la the diflcrcnt cities in tho State, the ladles
have set this noble example; sotet not onr la
diss be alow iti answering to a summons to SS'
sist those bravo men who have relinquished a
to defend our noblo Union All are invited.
Camp Jackso. Wo are indebted to the
gentlemanly aud soldier like courtesy of Quar
ter Matter Champion, of this city, tor the fol
lowing list of the oompanics in Camp Jackson
at &oan to day, with the number of rank and
file in each, each company is designated by the
name ol the wmmanik-r, and tho city or county
where raised;
' 41 :
H irrii),
Shelby, '
CG men
!)9 .
49 "
125 "
If to these we add eighty men for the Gover
nor's Guards, who went into camp this after
noon, and the same number for the Steuben
Guards, who will probably encamp this evening
or to-morrow morning, it will make a total of
6G men". - Astn companies of seventy-eight
men each, or 780 men in the wholo, composo a
regiment, it is probable that a third regiment
from thia puio$ will be ordered to Washington
in a day or two.
' The barracks at C imp Jackson are capable of
accommodating two thousand men. The Camp
is guarded with strict military surveillance, and
military discipline 13 the order of the day there.
Other complines are expected in the after
noon trains. The city to day is full of people,
all deeply and thoroughly aroused and full of the
most ardent patriot inm .
GovtRNan's Gyaaru. The Governor's Guards
eighty men strong organized at their Armo
ry this mnrning, hy tho choice of the following
Captain J. II. Marrow.
1st Lieutenant A Lawsin.
-: 21 . " Wji. Swazfy.
' ' .111 JOHM VlL80N.
1st Sergeant E. D. MonsE.
Tli? Company took up their quarters in Camp
Jackson this afternoon.
Forty men were, at ten o'clock this morning,
on the roll at the Armory of toe Guards, for
; tho formation of another Company.' J. II. Sto
dicr i tho RecruitingO fiber, who has his head
quarters at tho Armory.
t , i m
Pikskrvation op Tiic Hair. Some attention
paid to thla item of propriety would avoid much
of the Bildueas so prevalent in this oouutry.
Dr. Bellinoham; ol London, has immortalized
his name as the inventor of a "Stimulating, On
guent," which could bo as appropriate in prevent
ing as in curing baldness. To cause a luxuriant
growth of beard or whiskers, it is equally cer
tain. Messrs. II. L. IIkokman & Co. new have
the entire American market. Hence wo look
for large . increase . In hirsute appendages
among our young men. See our advertising
columns." ' ' i "
. J . m, ,
' . Sttubi! Guards. This company had eighty
one volunteers on their roll, at tea o'clock, this
morning. They wero expecting to organize,
and enter the service at Camp Jackson forth
with. Cipt. Snyder, of Cincinnati, is in the
city, aud, it is said, will take command of the
Guards. Ho will make a faithful and efficient
officer. -' "
i --. Rklioioos Notice. A sermon upon the Im-
" pending War will bo delivered by Rov. Tho
- mas Gorman, ia tho Unirersliast church, Third
street, Soxday Evening, tho 21st iuat. Scrvi'
ccs at half past 7 o'clock.
" Local Mail Aoent, Mr Richard Johnson,
of the First ward.ycsterday, received bis appoint
ment as Looal Mail Agent of this city. This
anrjointment will relieve Mr. Lafayette La.
. i Xi of his arduous duties in that cipaoity.f
Home Cavalry. Several gentlemen In this
city are eadcavoring to organize a company of
- Cavalry for Homesorvice.' From what we have
heard, the project bids fair to be successful.
7 , Montgomery Guards. This company la fill
ing up with volunteers. Their Recruiting Office
U on the west sido of High street, a short dis
... tance north of Gay. ' .
Artillery Company. We learn that steps
are about to be taken for the organization of
'',', Artillery Company in this city, to be ready to
' ro rcsond the call of the Governor.
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rary relief only.Trr Jact it is the only known
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- warranted, from its recommendations, In calling
the attention of the aflllcted and those having
friends suffering from Rheumatism, Gout or
Neuralgia, or tho pernicious effects of Mercury,
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paper, of Dr. Loland's Anti-Rheumatic Band,
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Prof. Wood's Ristorativi Cordial and Blood
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, . dial in the world. To those who are suffering from
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nnr.flrlnnf. that after uslne one bottla of (Ma
f- .Hal none will -be for a day wlthoui.it. JVete
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Franklin, when a
child, paid all his money for a whistle that was
.- useless to himself, and a great annoyance to
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Saleratus found in our markets. Fyle'a Die
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everywhere., ,
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r d P ated Ware, at nriees to suit tne times.1
O See advertisemeut of Prof. Miuir'I
Halt Jnvigorator in another column.
Terrible Scenes in Baltimore.
Destruction of Railroad Bridges.
The Evacuation and Burning of Harper's
Ferry Arsenal, &c.
Movements of Troops.
The Southern Ports to be Blockaded.
The Southern Ports to be Blockaded. &c. &c. &c.
Baltimore, April 19-4 a. m. A town matt
ing has been called for 4 o'clock. It Is said
tbere have been twelve liveslost. Several are
mortally wounded. Parties of men half frantlo
are roaming the streets, armed with gnns,'pis-
lois ana musKets-' a ae stores are closed bu
siness is suspended, and a gooeral state of dread
prevails. Parties rushed Into the teleeranh
office with hatohets, and cut the "wires. .Not
much damage was done. . . t, ,
The city is in great excitement. Martial
law has been proclaimed.' The military are
rushing to their armories. Civil war has com
menced. The railroad track is said to- be 'torn
op outside of the city.' Parties threaten to de
stroy tbo Pratt street bndgo, As the troops
passed along Pratt street- a shower -of pavjug
stones raiued on their heads ..The ears-have
loft for Washington, and were stoned as they
left. It was the 7th regiment of; Massachusetts
whion broke tnrougu tns mobj Three of the
mob are known to be dead, and three of the
soldiers. Many were wounded. ' The Mih
ute Men are turnlngout. ' "". ' v : ' '
R. W. Davis, of the firm of Peeram. Painter
& Davis, was shot dead during the .riot near
Camden Station. - , , . , ., ,
It is reported that the Philadelpbiana are now
at the outer depot. ; " ...
ine fresideut or tne Koad bas ordered the
train back, at the ureent reauest of tho Mayor
and Governor.
riifl citizens who were mortnllr wounded
were John Miran, P. Griffin and G. Needham.
our of tbe Massachusetts troops were killed,
and several wounded. It is Impossible to learn
their names.
A private dispatch from Baltimore savs that
the position of our loyal citizens . is becoming
very critical. We bope 'that the North will
s'and by us, and in the forced passage of her
troops to tbe Capital, will remember that there
are many true men here. " Our police force and
many of tbe military companies are ' openly
against tho Government. '
.Baltimore, April 199 P. M. As far as as
certained, only two ol the soldiers were killed,
belonging to Company C. Tbelr bodies are
now at tbe Police Station. At tbeeamestation
there are four wounded none fatally. So far
as known at prescut, seven citizens were killed.
A dozen or so are seriously wounded, though it
is not thought fatally. Comparative quiet now
prevails. The military are under arms, and the
police are out in full force. There is a large
mass meeting here to night, addressed by tbe
Mayor. Tbe Governor was present. -aThePhiladolohian?.
who. unenninned and tin.
armed, remained In tbe last tar at the station,
were assaulted with stones and other missiles,
and some were slightly wounded ..The train
was taken back. Quite a number escaped to the
city, but, having no unilorm, were not recog-
nizeu. -i
The reported dfficulty on the road between
here and Washington is incorrect. ' It ia under
stood that all reached Washington In safety ex
cept the Philadelphlans, who were taken back.
At the meeting tne mayor announced that tbe
Presidents of the roads had promised that they
would bring no more troops this way.
It can scarcely be true that any ot the rail
road bridges are to be blown up to prevent tbe
passage of trains. Tweutynine oars, contain
ing the Massachusetts regiment, arrived at the
depot without disembarking the soldiers from
the train, ine several cars naa horses attach
ed, and about nine were re-drawn from Pratt
street to Capon station; tbe firat sis without
creating any disturbance. For some reason,
the horses attached to the seventh car were
taken off at the Pratt street bridge, and the oar
moved without their bed to Capon, a short dis
tance from Gat street, between Gay and Fred
ericks streets. A Dumber of laborers were en
gaged in repairing the aid of the street, and
just at tbe moment when tbe ear reached
Uay street, were engaged in removing cobble
stones. Some 30 o 40 men assembled thcro,
haviog followed the car from the depot, and,
with cheers for iJavis and tbe boutbern Confed
eracy, hurled bitter taunts at Northern Black
Republicans, i nis continued lor several min
utes, when, as the horses were again attached,
and the ear moved off, it was proposed to stone
it. Before the car had gone twenty yards, al
most every window was broken, and a portion
of the crowd followed a considerable distance,
burling stones. The eighth car was treated in
the same manner, but the ninth, car apparently
beine empty. . reached with only one stone.
The crowd exuitea in tneir worit, exclaiming
that the Black Republicans should not pass
through Maryland. , ; - .
A lapse of five minutes succeeded, a number
of respectable persons ia the meanwhile urging
the crowd to tear up the tracsv Alter tne Bret
train bad passed, one was observed on 'Pratt
street bridge, where obstructions . were, and a
portion of the track was taken up. Observing
this, the cars were turned back to the President
street depot, and the men disembarked and pre
pared to march through tbe city. Mayor Browne,
with a numoeroi ponce, appeared at toeir head
and led the way. They came along at a brisk
pace, and on reaching Centre Market an im
mense concourse of people closed Ia . behind
them, and eommeuced atoning them. When
tbey reached Gay street, ' where the track had
been taken up, a large crowd of men, armed
with paving stones, showered on their heads
with such force that several of them were knock'
eddown. --. - . T '
At the oornerof South and Pratt streets, a man
fired a pistol into the ranks of the Militia, when
those in the rear ranks Immediately whooled
and fired upon them, and several were wound
ed. Tbe guns or tua soldiers wno.naa lauen
wounded were seised and fired upon- tbe ranks
with fatal effect. - In two or three Instances,
alter they reached Calvert street, they succeeded
in checking tbelr pursuers by a rapid fire, which
brought down two or three. .When they retch
ed Howard street, another large crowd was col
lected, some stones were thrown at ' tfasm; but
their guns were not loaded, add tbey passed on
down Howard street towards the depot.-
,; It soon appeared that : orders were given to
clear the tracks near the main-Depot buildings
That soon was done, aud soon after a large
passenger car of the Philadelphia & Baltimore
Koad came up at a rapid rale, nuea with i-js sol
diers This car was soon followed by about 16
more, all ot which were occupied by tbe mili
tary, in all 11 companies, briugiug an aggregate
of b60 men. As soon as tbe train arrived, some
of the troops were compelled -to-change cars.
when they were hooted at by the crowd, but no
overt act was commuted, several young men
appeared at one ol the cars aim aispiayed revol-
furl. - r . -i- . -.-r-- i
: A few minutes after the train left a discharge
of firearms attracted the attention ot ,ih
crowd to the oorner of Pratt and Howard steetrs,
I... hnrfw nt '-Tnfanr.rv frnm .'nnarnf IHa
Northern Slates, about 150 strong; was1 seen
rapidly approaohiog tbe Depot, and no doubt
anxious to reaon we cars.' ; Dome aasanuta we
command with stones, when a number of tbe
Uttpp discharged their, muskets.
A crowd broke into the watehuuse.oi i'atterson
ti Wallred.' on Lone Dock, ibis evening,' and
took therefrom some' 400 - rifles and swordi.
Squads are parading tbe streets fully anted, on
the look out lor tbe militia from the North, who
,v .i.uvuteu lu Rrnifj w uigut.'.- aii uv uhj
military have been ordered to meet at Monu
ment Square and are now assembling jj
Baltimore, April 19.j-a meeting was held at
Mooutneut Square." Tho State flag was hoisted.'-
The Mayor said, lie, had telegraphed the
Presldant. to 'desist -sendlnv h kmnM ,t,M,ioh
Maryland'. "Gov, Hicks said 'It was tolly to at
tempt to tubfueate'the South, and was ia favor
cf a rt oonstruction ol tb Unron.-j (Snouts of
"No, never!")t The Goveruorsaid be should
bow to tbe decision or tne people of Maryland.
quiet wuigut.
New York, April 19 A l attempt has been
made to purchase tbo new steamer Mercedittv
.l. r r j . c.n... u .. . . ,
that there was not money enough in tho seceded
rspatcs to do it. -T.
fThe entire first Division, numboriug 7,000
men, has been offered to the Governor, to bo
ready to march at an hour's notice. Iutenso
excitement among tbe military at tho Baltimore
The Chamber of Commerce resolved, that the
Government should Issues oroolamation, that
an persons envateenne- under Davis' commis
sion be dealt with as pirates, and urgiug iramo
dlate blockade of every Southern port. $122,
000 were subscribed at tbe Chamber of Com
merce in aid of the volunteers. They ap
pointed commissioners to take ud Government
Delegates from 16 life insurance corapanlos
met to-dav and recommendod- to the several
Boards to assume the risks of the insured. e:i
tering upon naval or military service.. ' ...
Major Anderson was overwhelmed with con
gratulations tc-day, - Among the visitors were
nunareas or school children.
The excitement at the recruiting stations la
The 1st New York Regiment ia conmlotcd to
1,000 men. Orders are expected to-morrow to
muster them Into tbe United States service. .
At tbe Corn Exchange $25,000 was subscrib
ed to equip volunteers.
A dispatch from Wilmington, Delaware, to
the Tribun; says it is informed by a merchant
captain,, dlreot from Pensacolu, that Fort Pick
ens now contains 800 men, with, seven vessels
lying outside. A large number of Southern
troops arrived on Saturday. There nro still
many Union men in the South..
'.The' American flag was .raUod la Mobilo on
Saturday, but was Immediately torn down.
'The Evening Pott hears from a reliable source
that Jeff. Davis, at the hoad of the Confederate
army, is within 34 hours' march of WAebiufttou.
' New York, April 19. The Rhode Island
Marine Artillery arrived to-day, with six pieces
of artillery, and started for Washington.
One thousand Rhode Inlanders, under Gov.
bprague, will arrive here to morrow.
Governor Morgan issued his rrnulnltinn for
.. o.u .n.. y. . w . . . .. .
me uin, izm ana fist ueigimcnts, ot tun city,
to start lor Washington to-morrow. Geupral
Sanford has issued special orders to that rfl'cct
The Gun-boat Pooahnnta 1 nr.lprpd Si.n'h
Immediately. She sails to-night with troops for
Fort Monroe.
The 7th Regiment left for Wash ine ton In
Railroad this afternoon. Broadway wns t'.irongfd
with people as they passed down, and tho famous
Regiment was heartily cheered aud showered
with boqnets. They took their howitzers, ami
each man had a brace of revolvers fa addition
his mutket.
The Timet savs five millions has been tendpr.
to the Oovernment by Entnrn binki.
Harrisbdro, April 19. Lieut. Jones ia now at
the Carlisle barracks, and ho nutcs that,
hearing, yesterday, that 6(10 Virginians were ap
proacbing by tbe Winchester Road, to seize f:e
Arsenal, be put piles of powder and straw
all the buildings, aud waited nui-uilv the
approach of the picket guard. Ho gave tho
alarm and set on fire tho out Iiou?h
carpenter shops, and powder fuayi. iibd
then began to retreat. The citizens oi Harper's
Ferry, who were evidently In loai;iiu with tho
party advancing to seizo tbe Arsenal, were In
stantly in arms, pursued and killed two regu
lars. Others deserted before the troop reach
ed Hagerstown. They marched all night, mis-
tbe railroad train at Hanrst.nwn, nnd ror.k
omnibuses to Chambersburg to-day. Tiiev nrc
mucu exnausteu Dy the ulqht march. They
were fed by the people at Chumbershur, nnd
were received with cheers along tho lOJtcto
Tbe report of the assault on tho Ma?iachu-
setts regiments, at Baltimore, orcisioned much
excitement among the troons at Cauio Cnrin
they swear -terriblo vengeance. .10,000
troops sre here.
Lieut. Jones, who has arrived from llitrnpr'n
Ferry, ia a son of the late Adjutant-General
Jones, or the United States Army. 11 o sa;s, ai
the Federal troops rushed across the Potomac
bridge, at Harper's Ferry, the pcop'e ruthedinto
me arsenal, rie-believed that Urge cumbers
perished by tbe explosion. Repeated esnlo-
sions occurred, and he saw the lights of the
burning buildings for many miles.
Two Ohio regiments reached hero to-night,
and ttay.ovor until the Pennpilvaninns me
ready to march.
Major bimonton, commander of tho Pitts
burgh Arsenal, ia suspected of Infidelity to the
Union, and is watched by a committee of enfc-
7- i
Governor Hicks, of Marvlitnd. decline?. I
telegraph, to let any more armed troops pass
mrougn Baltimore.
Carlisli. Pa.. Aoril 19. Lieut. Junes, lata
oommand at Harper's Ferry, arrived here
with bis command of 43 men, at 3 P. M. to-day.
Lieut. Jones, having been advised that a lorco
2,500 troops bad been ordered by Gov. Letch
to take possession at Harper's rerry, and
finding his position untenable, under direction of
the War Department, destroyed all tho muni
tions of war, armory, arsenals, and all the
He withdrew bis command under covor of
night, and almost in presence of 2,500 troops.
ne tost tnree men. ia,uuu stand ol arms were
Tbe oommand made a forced march last
night thirty miles, from Harper's Ferry' to Ha
gerstown, ma. ijieat. joncs ana command
looked much worn and fatigued. They were
most entnuBiasticauy received by our entire pop
ulatlon. '
Wheeling, April 19. Tho Mayor h.is IesucJ
proclamation calling on all good citizens to
preserve the peace, and abstain lrom discussing
exciting topics.
1 be stars and stripes are general ly di?plnysi,
and a strong Union feeling prevails.
Union military companies are forming. -'
One company, organised as a Homo Guard,
il composed of men of over forty five years of
age. , !
Our delegates, Hubbard and Clemens, re
turned from Richmond to day, and were warmly
receivea. ," -. ,
Tbe news from Baltimore, concerning tlie at
tack on trooos. created indienation. 1
-The Douglas Democrats of this district, In
Convention in this oity to day, nominated W.
G. Brown, of Preston county, for Congress the
only delegate from Virginia who remained in
tbe Convention that nominated Douglas. 11 o
will be supported by all opposed to secession-,
and will undoubtedly be elected. .. -
Zanksvillk, April 19. Tbo largest public
meeting ever held ia this city met to-night. . It
was unanimously resolved that tbe last dollar
and last man that Zaneevillo oould'raiso would
be given to sustain tbe Government. ' ,
Tbe St. Patrick Catholic Benevolent Asso
elation subscribed five hundred dollars.
The City Counoil passed a resolution to nteht
to take care of tbe families of all those who vol
uateered. $2,500 was subscribed ia ono hour
to-dav. i
Tbe M company, nnnor command ot Captain
Abbot, Is rapidly filling ud. A comnaiiv vi
Cavalry is forming.
. Home Guards, under command of Captaiu
Ross, have been organized. .
The attack at Baltimore on the troopa caus
ed much excitement. ' -
' Washinoto!, April 19. The President is
sued bis proclamation, stating that there is an
insurrection against the Government ia several
States; that laws for the collection of rsveuuo
cannot be executed therein conformably to the
Constitution, whioh requires duties throughout
tbe country to be unilorm. Tbey havefurtkor
threatened 1 to r- grant pretendud
marque. , " . ;
lotters . ol
: I therefore deem it advisable, to set ob foot a
to bs posted to prevent tbe entrance and, exit
of vessels from ports of Confederate 'States J
PrTTSBtJiOH, April 19, feventcen hutxirci
volunteers from Ohio arrived this - eveiing, en
route lor Washington. , . , '. f ,'
Gov. Dennison telegraphed them to rcmaiu
until further orders, in consequence of .the. r-
mored attack on Cincinnati by the secessionists.
Tbe war reeling nere continues to increase in
Inteaaltw, new compaulea atlll buing forniad,'
Party feeling II entlrelj wnlt lo the great cause
of the Uuloa. .,, , . V.-,..," , .t
'Si. a.... ..-.unnn - uli.-
iXtaii.' Anrll 19. SU.UU0 - were iubsenhed
bera yeaterday, and to day lo aid ToluaueiF.-;00
be ready to-morrow, -
LATER. [Special dispatch to the N. Y. World.]
MARTJWsoabiVa.'AprH 19 -Tho VMlnIa
troops numbering 1500f have possession of tbe
town of Harper's rerry . oannon are piaoea oa
adjacent hills, and soldiers are distributed in all
directions. It Is said tnere is not a union man
there. The train was stopped to search for troops
that might be on the way to tne arsenal, nut at-
tor examination was allowed to prooeea.
Dayton, O., April 19th. A rifle company
was organized here yesterday, under oommand
of Captain Childs, consisting of 85 picked men
out of J27 which were offored. Tho company
started for f Columbus at noon to-day amid the
cheers ot a Targe crowd or citizens. "Home
Guards" are being formed ia the city. One
company is to be formed of men over 45 years of
ago, under command oi r.awaru vr . uavis, esq.
New York. Atril 19. Washington dispatches
sav the rebellion is very formidable. Several
Northern men have been expelled from Rich
mond. narrowlv escaoing with their lives. The
Confederate flag was flying. Sherard Clemens
WAR hnld thnrn as a nrisoner
Commodore Paulding says Gosport Navy Yard
can bo held against 10.0UU men
Greenbburo, Ind , April 19 One oompany
of volunteers has been raised here, anianotber
will ba formed
The exoitement is intense, the
war snirit nervadinff all classes. Money is
freelv contributed for the support of the fami
lies of those who go. Home Guards of those
over military age, will be formed immediately.
Hon. William CumbacK ennsu aa a private in
the first company. c !:1 i ' ' ' ' , j
Washihc-mii? April 19. Oa inquiry at the
Post Office Department, it is ascertained that
no measures are in progress for discontinuing
any of the Southern mails. Oa tbe contrary,
the contractors from that section recently here
havo arranged for faoiltiating their transporta
tion The Pcst-Master-Geueral has discre
tion to suspend them only in cases of obstruc
tion. Montgomery, April 19 Tbo demand for the
loan of the Confederate States was so great that
President Davis bas determined to offer the
whole $15,000,000. -The amount already sub
scribed exceeds ' 415.000.000. Tbe books were
closed to-day, ab(t tso smaller sums had pref
erence over tho larger ones, , "r ,"'
BcTori. ADril 19. The Fifth Regiment Is
under orders, and will leave for Washington by
Monday next. , It wi n number iu.uuu men.
.The reports, this P. M., lrom Baltimore, osuse
fearful excitement, but it is hoped that the ac
counts are exaggerated,
Boston, April 19. The Common Council
last nielit appropriated $10,000 to provido for
aol'liers onlis'.inc from Cm tun.
The Lowell city government has appropriated
$3 000 for soldiers' tamilies.
The Collector at this port received orders
from Secretary Chaso not to grant clearances
to any vcaoels for ports south ot Maryland.
The project for a eoast guard for Massachu
setts will undoubtedly bo oarricd out.
Avav-TA, Ga., April 19. A Rhode Islander,
ami an old citizen of this place, issued in order
this morning to uniform and equip, at his own
cx-ieiiae, 80 volunteers to go to war. The com
puiy has been organized, and will be ready to
inarch in ten days.
Newark, April 19. The Newark Guards,
odo hundred men, Capt, McDougal, left for Co
lumbus at 4:.1U this afternoon.. A vast crowd
couj-rcgntrd to witness their departure. A com
pany il Cavalry is forming. Aleo a Home
Utica, O , April 19. Rev. Warren Swift, a
Prp?hvtcrian minister of excellent abilities and
wide-spread reputation, has enlisted and start
ed lor Columbus this morning.
New York, April 20. Tho steamers Poca-
hontss and Philadelphia go to .Washington.
The Harriet Lane sailed this morning for the
imp. pi ico
Wilmington, Del., April 19. A great Union
mecttn? was held to night. - Resolutions were
pissed, and volunteers enrolled for the protec
tion ol home aud to Bustain tho Union.
Pmr.iDKtrmA, April 19. A special Wash
ington diBpaUh says the Massachusetts regi
ment has arrived, uni report Ju Killed.
New Orleans, April 19. The Crnsader was
the only United States war vessel nt Key West
on tne i-i.n.
Tbe Texas authorities have fitted out the Mat
agorda as a war steamer, to intercept the Star
of tho Went. r
The citizens of Brasher City have seized two
pehoonerH, laden with ship timber, valued at
20,tin0, for the Brooklyn and Charlestown Navy
xarus. ' . : , , , i
BoiTan.AprliaO-Thls city was tertiblv ex
cited lasfnlght and this morning, at the attack
on the Massachusetts tooops in Baltimore.
1 he Uovernor recognizes the similarity In day
and event suggested by the 19th of April, 1755,
aud the immortal memories which cluster round
the men of Lexington and Concord. -
' 1 he Uovernor has sent tbe following dispatch
to the Mayor of Baltimore:
"I pray you cause the bodies of our Massachu
setts soldiers dead in battle to be immediately
laid cut, preserved in' Ico, and tenderly sent for
ward by express to me. -All expenses will be
paid by this Commonwealth. -
Governor of Massachusetts.
At Fall River, last night, a meeting of citi
zens was called on tho reception of tbe aews
ratnotic speeches were made, and the city
government Instructed to appropriate'$l0,000
tit fit out volunteers, and to pay each volunteer
$2 per month ia addition to the government
ly '; ' ' i C- -.' .': - ; : ',
Proclamation of Gov. Curtin.
Whereas, an armed rebellion exists In a por
tion of the States of thfUflWh .-threatening the
destruction the national government, periling
publie and. private property, endangering the
peace and security of this common wealtb,nd in
viting systematic piracy; and whereas, adequate
provisiondoes not exist by law to enable tbe ex
ecutive to mace tne military power ot tne state
as ableand elboient as it should be for tbe com
mon defeneo of. the State and general govern
ment; and whereas, an occasion so extraordinary
requirtsprompt legislative power; therefore, I,
by .virtue of, tho power vested In me, do hereby
oonvsnoithe General Assembly oi this common-
wcaltb.and require the members to meet at their
. I V . . i n. i
respeouve- nous en, ei narrisourg, oa i ueiaay,
April 30that noon, tbere to take into considera
tion, andto'Sidopt suoh measures in the premises
as ine may aemana. .
m, .
Washington.1 April 20. About 15 of the
Ms'sach'usetts soldiers are in the Hospital, do
ing wcllifna:in line spirits.' - . . 4
. The steamet Pawnee left last eight with gov
ernment iroops on beard. . '."
Th'oro.s.re -whisperings among the military
that martial law will soon be proclaimed.
The St. Nicholas,, a steamer plying between
Washington- ami Baltimore, was . seized this
mnrnihi for Prudential purposes, v . -..., ;
:Ther re about.. 5,000. men under- arms in
Wash Id a Wo and vicinity.. . ' . '
t Additional measures to guard the entrance of
tho city, have been' appointed, including the
, I .' 'l . , . Mm ' ' - . , .
. BnrrAio, April 20 Hiram Libbv. President
of Western Teleeranh i Walker President, and
J. D.. Reed, Superintendent of tbe New York,
Albany & Buffalo. Telegraph ' Compaulea, have
Issued orders that no meat-age ordering arms,
,or 'triuiiitlbDS of war will be reoeivedby their
Coinnaulcs. unless for1 defence of 'the Govern
ment of tba United States, aud endorsed by the
M tvor of the city from which It proceeds. Mes
Ar,j;ea: lit cypher,' excepting dispatches for the
Prudent ol' the United' States. Or ' the effleVr.
of tbe Government, will be refused. ,
I -. i . n :. . : ...
- Torohto. Anril 20 Tho Olobt rthis morning
lis along anwio on trie reianons oetween bug
land and the Unltod Statea, advocatine a iu-
para and flf ra allianco, lorgetling , all, psst dif
ferences, and fays tho INorth baa jutt cause.that
tlio paui'iueut jjood will" of thf3Afnertcia peo
ple hi worib itriviog.fof, abd popci to tea the
n-helllno pnt down and tho traitor dealt with
aVth(,desere'., 'I'l,1'-";'''-'-'-"i-". ; . .'
tne Philadelphia, Wilmiogton and BalU
TtrooompanieiwUl 1more Railroad, ate gone.- -. :-. ' ,ii.
' -Ti.'.Viuna. IWrll 20 lThB Hfplvllln Vlrlrrsi.
n0 lha Mor.boru Ceutral Railroad and between
Wohtiry'atid Mount V
duwtli,., )'lt Ib' reported tl
" i, U.'RaJa,.; H9v
Vernort, hag been burnt
that Northern toldiera
KT..aA ' Ik.,- . . A
V j. .u. lu...,i,.. r..i..i .. ..j
Philadelphia. .April 20. Col. Small's regl
meat arrived-back bare last night. Sit men
were wounded by stones thrown at them by the
mob at Baltimore.: A large nurorjernre rmsiing,
who ' seoarated from their comradeu duiiog tbe
affray.- . - -t , . - f ' i
. ThA 7th Revlment of New York and Masia
bhusetts' volunteers r of the BiItimoreiKau
Road denot. The era are getting ready lor
thu nnnverrran of the trooDS. . '4
A second dispatoh says they will go by Rail
road to Havre De Grace, thence by water to
Annapolis, Md. . .'.,
Tbe Railroad bridge three miles north of
timore ia reported to be burning.
All the bridges between Baltimore and Havre
De Grace have boen destroyed, or rendered use-
leas. The1 trains due in Philadelphia at
at 11 o'clock this morning has not yet arrived
Tbe 7th regiment of IN ew York, anasnnere,
are still at tbe tiiltimore depot. .
, Philadelphia. ADril 20. A letter has been re
ceived from Gov. Letcher, of Virginiaoffering
30.000 to the patentee of tbe bullet-mould
Tba reply was: "No money can purchase it
against the country."
A resident of Kent county, Md.,bas received
Information that tbe negroes were burning tbe
bouses .of the whites. Two , of bis buildings
had already been destroyed. .
New York. April 20. The tteamerChesapeake
will sail this afternoon lor Norfolk, with sea
men for the Navy Yard. The steamer Montioello
will sail this afternoon tor JNorioik,wun iuu ma
rines, from thence to Washington.
Anderson's officers and men will bo present
at tbe Union mass meeting this evening. Maj.
Andeiaon will address the audience, and tl e
flags of Sumter and Moultrie will float over the
statue ot Washington.
Newark, N. J., Apiil 20 Gen Runyon has
received orders for one rcgimeut. He will send
the First Regiment, 1,000 strong, to Washing
ton on Tuesday next. ' .,
1 he Common Council will provido lor the
families of volunteers.
About 1,500 military stand ready to march
from Newark alone.
The State Bank has offered tbe State $50..
000. Other banks have offered as much money
as is required
On Thunday tvenlnf, at 7 o'clock, at her residence,
No. 337 South Fourth street, Mrs. HARRIET SNYDER,
(Ked 49 jean
Stimulating Oiigncnt,
For the Whiskers and Hair
The anhsrrilieni take pleasure in announrlns 0 the
Citiienj o' the Unlleil Stat, , that they liave obtained the
A jtency fur, and are now enabled to offer to the American
pul.lic, the above juitly celebrated and world-renowned
article. The
la prepared Vv Da. C. V. IlF.I.tlsnnAM, an eminent
phyiiciuo of London, and is warranted to brinn out a
thick set of
Whiskers or a Mnstaclte
In from three to fix weeks. Th ia artlcte Is the only one
of the kind used by the French, and in London and Paris
it ia in universal ate.
It is a beantiful, economical, soothin a, yet atimniatisa
compound, acting as if by mflRio npon tho roots, caniinft
aoeautirul growtn or mxunnut hair, ir applied to tne
scalp, it will cure tiunm, and came to aprlng up in
place or the bald spots a one xrowtn or new nair. Ap
plied according to directions, ii will turn nan or towt
hair dark, and restore gray hair to ita original color,
leaving- It soft, smooth, and flexible. The "OManxNT" is
an indispensable article In every gentleman 's toilet, and
after ooe week's use they would not for an consideration
be without it.
The subscribers are the only Atrenta forth article In
the United States, to whom all orders must he addressed.
Price One Dollar a box for sale hy all Druireista and
Dealers; or a box of the "Unguent" (warranted to have
the desired effect) will be sent to any who desire It, by
mail (direct), securely packed, on receipt of price acd
postage, (1. IB. Apply to or address
... II OR AC a L. I1EOEMAN fc CO., ;
DRrJQOISTS, Sec, -fchSfldltiiCm
24 William Street, New-York.
NEWARK Oil 10,
ITInniifaclnrora of all kind of Por
table unit stationary sieum s-.a-Klneat,
tiaw Iflilln, uriat Mills,
Vo Arc.
LAKE BODLKTBeattnl B. t BLAND YBeaienl
ItACniSS CO. Beattnllll BRADtORD ,
tOO. Beatmlllll
Onr Portable Engine and Biw Mill
Was awarded the first premium of (50 at the Indiana
Stat Fair for 1CC0 over Lane h Bod ley's on account of
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy .of fuel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Engine was awarded at the same Fair
the 6rst nremium of 2IX). ,
Our Portable Engine waa awarded the first premium of
tlUO at the Fair at Memphis, Tenn., over Ulandy's tra
vail's, Columbus Machine Co's., and Bradford . Co's.,
by a committee of practical Railroad engineers.
iror price ana terms aareas
W1LLARD WARNER, Treasurer,
dec5-dwljeols. . Newark, Ohio.
No. 29, socTn man btrhrt. i '
Have lust received a new make ot UOOP 8KIRT8
finished In a manner far superior to any yet Introduced
mh 23.
and PERMANENT CDR1 of th
dlitnssing complaint tut
Br DT'S "
Mad by 0. B. SEYMOUR CO., 107 Nassau St., N. T
Price $1 per box; sent free by post. . ,
aw dttwlyt -
. Ors-ica ot CoLOMnv Oa Lrom Coxa Co
, . . ,, Counsel', Ohio, April II, IS01.
X gtockliolder of lhl Oompany wihheheH at their
Otftcesln the City of Columbus, on MONDAY, TIlES.'d
naviig A PRIL. lcul. at 3 o clock r si.
apll-dtd. ' W. Sliui, eeoreiary
r-IH1n all fl A KM A 1 D BAaUl t r,9
O N aw STYLES Uulsi 8n. No. kfr'S,nlh
nioh street, have Just opeoid new styles of CtoTH Cia-
rni iii. HAaoniNaa and Bicat'ss. made In the newest and
mnst.atvllsh manner. - Alio, super a-iaii
Hiiscti Hllke. very beavy, oesiguea expressly ror
Mantillas and Basqulnes s lapriia
VV packages of STATIONERY and JEWELRY, it
prices on -Ultra res wan can oe purcnaseo eisrwnere
Call on or address (stamp 'aoiosed) J. it. bai iei, no
154 Court St. Boston. Mass.
march :ii;-m.
JL BUOUas, new ivies, jusiopenra ny
I I l
aprllS -'l ii -
BAIN t ion:
v. on a,,,h at.i.iM.1
New York Cattle Market.
Accordlnf to the reports from the several market.
places In the city, there hay bten received this week: ,
' Bheepand '
i B'vci. Cows. Teals. Latnba Bwlne. Total
At Allerton's, S,83l - l.t ' ' 610' '676 J .
Btowulna-'a.... 12H til . i .. HI 1.876 ....... ....
O'Brien's, S!) 37 ISM . 1.013 ,,
Chamberlln's.. 89 27 , 131 ' 1.721'
Boldbd'rs, Ber.500 ....-...;....
Total 4.518
IU8 '
6,063 10 621
11,131 1B,4
T'lpr's week 4,372
Average No.
A." M.'Allerton Ac do.. Pronrletora oflhj Waihtnirtnn
urore-yarns, urn-si, report tne ume in Murket from
the following Stutes: ,.. . ... ...
... VUQ niinots-..........
... 23 Iotra.
... H-JlMiiHOilri. ....;.:.
.. 3Ulvliohigun..';
. 63
.. 17
Numlr reported for this markut at Ifor'tv fourih
street, 3831.
The prices to-dav are aunted as follows: -
Flrstqnullty I Ordinary.
"euium 77 Heme extra eood
The general averaae of the market at 7)io. '
The most of the sales rarse from 7iBjo.
The total number of Beeves received In this aft
'1 ills Is 146 head more than last week. and. 154 h,l
more than the averapre of last year. The average number
at each Wednenday market last year Was3.4ilihead, while
...o uuuiivr wuay, oeiug .1 oji, snows hu Iieaa morsluitn
the average, and 221 head mora than this day week.. .
Wednesday, April 10. The state of the weather 'il.i.
morning Is still more nnpropltlous than yesterday, and
makes tiie drovers feel that they are doomed to endure
Hie hardest market, from beginning to eud, that they
have seon In ten roars. The lain atoms of veatam.v
continued till mornlnif, and then turned to a furious
sleet aud snow storm, and as It waa almost Impossible to
feed the cattle lastnight, and as many of them have been
used lo warm shelters, Ihey suffer badlysml look to the
purchaser not as valuable by 5 to flu a head aa they
would la a bright line day, after,' calm nlslu's rest aud
plenty of food. As a general thing, it is our opiuinn
that butchers have got their stock this week cheaper, ao.
Julius u iw vaiue, uiau at any lime within In- list uso
ears. WchaveneverseenthemarkeUnlnrenruiln'.,ri
fat bullocksas it was yesterday. Out of almost400u hcad.lt
would have been difficult to Dick 100 right mean hull, .!,
and as for a lot of real acallawags, lb-re was Dot fuch a
tniug in tne market, some or the Western bullocks,
particularly fatted work-oxen, arerou.h and of a natur
ally coarse breed of stock, but are generally loaded with
lat, and it Is a very rare thing to hear a butcher complain
log about cattle ' dying bad.'' The truth is, as a general
rule, all this Dpring they have overrun the estimated
weights; in lime instances that we kn ,w of more than a
hundred pound, a head, and very ofteo fifty. Tbere is
no mistake aiioat ihis fact, that heevrs have never aver
aged as great a per cent, of b;ol to the live wi-ight as they
mis npring, since we nave ueen rumiliar with the
trade. 1 1 is equally true that this per cenlaxe is much
more to the profit of the batcher than it is to the
larmor or drover. There is bui one circumstance in
the prospective at all encouraging to any advinc; of
prices in thismarset that Is a demand oa the nart of
Government for beef, either fresh or salt, to a consider
sbleexient.to (el the gatbering army of .i.MH) men.
ror tno use orthe city and surrouDdingconntrv rienend.
ent upon tins marke , the supply is toj great for the
consumption, and if It continues so largo prices must go
wer i ney wouia nave gone lower to day, hut, lortu
ately, the storm cea,ed about noon, ana- the market
place took a more liri ly appearance, and gave courage
the brokers to bold a little stiller prices than they did
early in the morning. Some ountry buyers also came
in, and the appearance of a train of Harit mcars load inn
cattle to go up the road, had a somewhtl favorable tOTect,
that tne sales to-day Have nut iieen lower Ilia , jester-
iliy.as ass anticipated la.i evening. Jleally, wo think
the sales have been generally better for owners. The
weather having cleared off, the cattle look better and sell
lor more on 11. at account, and will be all sold before
There Is no change to notice in the marliet fir milch
ows. They cll slowly at low rates Irum S-j to S I).
with young calves.
Vca Halves are just as dull as tbey ever were in this
market. It must be something rather extra tr hflneS 1 i!
&Go V 11. live weight, and aoinenioe smoctli Calves of
IsiS to iw lb weisht, have heen sold at ao V lb. ilobi
re not worm la kink about. A g- od maoy Calves si 1-1
frna the boats at So.
Receipts this week 3,176. ,
After we closed our report last week there was a gradu
al improvement in the market up to Mcnday, whon tbo
receipts were very large, Monday and Tuesday, and pri
ces declined, though not as low as lust week and week
before. On Tuesday we saw some sheared sheep of good
quality, which weighed 100 ft, In Ohio, sold at Ho.
The shrinkage is lStallu fc e cwt. This was as near 5c.
may la. We also saw a lotof small fine wool sheep,
nnsheared, sold at 84. which we eatlmUed at 5c. f ft,.
Some choice lots would sell at Si., unsheared. This is
as much as the wholesale butchers can atlord to pay,
while mutton caicassea are selling at 7.VJ. f lb for
To-day, trade drags heavily, and some good sheared
Sheep Bold at Allerton's at not any over 4o. f b gross.
Sheared Sheep in open cars, out In this storm, have suf
fered severely and look to the buyers of less value than
those undipped, so that very little has been gained this
week from clipping beside what is gained in room in the
The receipts are almost double this week the receipt!
last week, and sufficient to so over stock the market
with mutton that drovers may look fot hBr4-tiiuea4lMi-Ing
the next few days. They all complain of . losing
money this week.
Receipts this week, 6,002.
The arrivals have not been as large ai last week, but
the weather baa been excessively bad, and prices have
given way. .
Henry D. Grant, Superintendent of the market gives
the following as tbe rates V lb, gross, to-day: Corn-fed
U"g. V Ib gross, 5X5,4io.; distillery-fed 4 H4c.
There is a less number in the pens than at the lt
report, but rather too many for tbe demand, notwith
standing the receipt have boen nearly 3,1.00 bead less
this week than last. The trade is reported very dull to
day, and prices more likely to fall thin rise,
Oeo. W. Dorman gives the following as the price of
Hogs this week: ,
First quality corn-fed, large sito..55'c.
Second quality corn-fed &Xe&c.
First quality, small she, fat and
prime, for market butchers. ...SXtSSc.
Large size still-fed, fat hc.
Seoond quality still-fed, fat 4S1,"4C.
Small site, choice stock Hogs... .3 5C.
0?i c.
C?4'To. i
S'iaiOc. :
New York Market.
NEW YORK, April 20.
FLOUR receipt of 17,333 bbls; . market . quiet
and very neavy, sates oi ,iuu nois- as ;jimx
10 ror superune state : sja utaij.j for extra
State: 5 omi 10 for superfine extra western ; S" 30
5 40 for common is meuiam extra western; t.i(2W,.
5 for shipping branas extra liounu.iioon Uhio. Can
adian flour dull. - I ''
ltY at quiet. r
BAKLEY dull and heavy ; sties of 500 bush state
atliilc. ..-.-:. t ,
GOttN receipt or Ul.uou bush: market au et and very
rm: sales or Ai.vini nusn at oc ror oltl mixed western
delivered.G3c.for new an atloal and delivered.
o ATS quiet at .w.'itatouo ior western uanadim ana
PORK Inactive and nrm: at (ill OWormesi: audS13,
50 for prime.
BBKlf steaoy.
CUT ME ATS In fair demand.
LARD-steady; sales of 60 bbls at 9;i,( 10U.
BUTTER In fair request at 10il5j ior Ohio and li
SO for Bute. i
CnEE'E steady at 7ion. ; v
WIII'KY quiet and without material change, sales
of 030 blh at 10320c. i
STOCKS decidedly lower and dull Money still
plenty and dull at old rates: Southern Exrhango dullat
lOogMuu;! ior bankers' bins, unio at k i ai; usati
23; O et. T ; Gal at Ohio 5J; OOkO H2, M d
KM Pactlailol; NX Uti(,',; Erie Ir", llarl XI; itnri
II V do prefened; Erie 30, ED; Mod's Wi; N C IV, Ya
36; Tenn 41; Brooklyn WaterLoanOS. - -
Cincinnati Market.
In general marchantlle business there is a nearly
nothing doing as may be. Bach tra le aa Is doing revs la
no new features to prices. Produoe of all kinds is neg
leeted ror sny purpose outer tain tne local ir,e r lour
we leave at onr old quotations. 14 23 lo 94 40 for Su
perfine. Wheat and other grains remain as heretofore
In regard to prices. The nominal figures are a fol
lows; whhat Red i; Whit i j(i iw. .
CORN 33c. In the ear.
OATS are firm at a-tio. ' ...''
BARLEY nominal at 85a. .....
hYE 5Bc. ..- ... !
WHISKY was advanced to 13'.c, with a fair but not
active demand ... ,. , f
Cleveland Market.
April 19.
WI.OTTR issteidv. Sales are mostly small, t
WBEAT scarce and fairly held at 1,03I,0'
red and $1 SiO for white. '''':',;
COKN steady at ;ioc, witn a ngut aemana. 1
OAT qu etatS4e. , ' .
HIOHWINKS a'es at s,"c. '
EOO quiet at OXO. - - ' v
HOHK niea is fl'mly held st 16 00.- -
dammtlon and. pain, and heals the woal born,
sca'd, brume, cut, or fresh wound of atty klnd.-tli-evtnl
(welling and pain frnm be stings, mcsqnltu biles, and
poisonous plant, neuralgia, rbeumatlim, agua tii U
breast, salt rheum, etc When taken Internally, It will
positively cure croup In children, aiid give tmmedlst
relief In th worst casa -of rht terrible eomplalut; also,
removes hoarseness and sore throat. Price, avals
bottle. - Should be In every bona - For sale by Drug
gists and Storekeeper. . . . ,-) IBVIN (Wt M,
Bole Proprietor, No. I Spruce si., New Fork
o4dwlvi ' '
StoukiirttrooerwstoMr 9. . DEMlN-rjwn oUoer
fully recommend bim to onr old Mtrons snd ft'""!. -
'' VV- WALKEU . IJOit,-
Columbn, Harsh SOih, lbbl.-Utf. . .a ,
DrTJH. McLEAN'S - - -StrenffthcnTiig
Cordial and Blood
Tho Greatest Uemedrln Tlio Vrld,
... . - . u i
'X ly
oientioo and
vegetable Compound.
procured by the distil
latlon of Hoots. Herb . 1 ,
and Barks, Yellow
Dock, Blood Root,
Sarsaparllla, Wild
w uiierry uark and Dan-j?QbS' J
a-ffr oenon enters into Its'
Di fore TakiBjuw. uvo' remedial After Taking
principle of each Ingredient la thoroughly extracted ty
my new method of distilling, produclng.a delicleua. c
hllerating spirit, and the most LNFALLIBLH remedy for
renovating, tin diseased system, and restoring the aidk,
suffering and debilitated INVALID to UKAtTTI and
Will effectually ear
Chronic or Tfervous Dehilltv. Tjlieases of the Sidneys,'
and all diseases arising from a disordered Mvei or Htom
aoh. Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Inward Pilot, Acidity or B el-
neis or tbe Stomach, Fullness of Blood to the Hea.l, Dull
pain oi swimming In the head, PalL.tatlnn of the Heart
Fnllnessor Weia-ht In the Stomach. Sour Eructations
Choking or suffocating feeling when lying down, Drvnesf
or Yellowness of tbe Skin and Kyes. Night Sweats. In
ward Fevors, Fain In the small of the hack, chest or sir's.
Sudden Flushes of Heat, Depression of Spirits, Frightful
Dreams, Laniruor. Desoondencv or anv Nervous Diaeaae.
Sores or Blotches on the Skin, and Fever and Ann (or
Chills asd lever.)
'. Over a million, of lltmioa ; ,
nave been sold during the last six months and in no in
stance has It failed in giving entire satisfaction. Who,
then, will suffer from Wekiesa or Debility when Mo
No language can convey an adequate Idea of the Imrne
dhte and almost miraculous change produced by taking
Hits Cordial In the diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervous system, whether broken dowo by excess, weak by
nature, or Impaired by sickness, the relaxed and unstrung
organisation Is restored to its pristine health and vigor.
others conscious of InaMllty, from whatever eanse,
will find McLean a Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regenerator nf the system; and all who may have Injured
themselves by Improper indulgences, will find in the Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
To the Ladle.
McLt.'UR Strengthening Cordial
- Is a sovereign and speedy cure for
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, IneonUueacs of
Urine or Involuntary Discharge thereof, Falling of the
Womb, Giddiness, tainting and ail Diseases incidne t
- Theri li noHiitake About It.
Butler no longer. Take 11 according to Directions. II
will stimulate, strengthen and invigorate yon and cause
ne Dioomor nealth to mount your cheek again. . -. -Ivery
bottle is warranted to give satisfaction.
FOlt CSIILUE!1. ' '
If your children are sickly, puny, or affile ted, McLean's
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Delay
notamoment, try it, and you will be convinced.
Carrion Beware of Druggists or Dealers who may
try to palm npon yon some bitter or Sarsaparllla trasl,
which they can buy cheap, by say in) it is Just as good.
Avoid such men. Ask lur aicLean's StrentftbeumCoi
dial, and take nothing else It is the only remedy th-u
will purify the Mood thoroughly and at the aamo lime
Strengthen the system.
One tahiespoouful taaen every morning Listing, is a
eertaia preventive of Cbolrra, Chills and Fever, Ye Hew
Fevar, or any prevalent disease. It Is pnt op lb lav
Frii-e only tl per bottle, or 6 bottle forts.
- i.U. MoLt AN,
Sole Vronrietor of this Cnnlir.i,
Also McLean s Volranie Oil Liniuen.
Prli-clpal lienor on ths oorner of Third and I Pice streets
Louis. Mo. . .
Lean's VolcaniriOil Li ui meat.
Th bust Liniment In tho VYorM. The only safe tci
certain cure for Cancers, Pilea, Swelling anl ?'n..i-
chilis, or Uoitrr, Paralysis, Neuralgia. Weaknoa of tl a
Muscies, Onrouic or Inilaromato-y Uheu:naiism, St'.tl
neas of the joints, eontracted Uuscles or Ligament.
Earache or Toothache, Bruises, Sprains, Wounds, -fresh
Cuts, Clears, Fevor flu res. Caked Breast Bore N ipplea,
Bams. Bealrls, forolhoat.orany InCm-umtjou or Pain,
ilifferonce how apvtro, or ho a long the dbease may
riave existed. McLeans tteickrated Liniment is a cer
tain remedy.
Thnusawla of houian hei&gs have bono caved a life (f
decrepitude and misery by lh u of V.U ItiValnaMe aeil-
Will relieve riln almost lnsteitoxnernislv. and It wil
rlesuse, pnrify and heal the fonlest (ores in an luorcdt
ly snort time.
For Uomcm and Otbor Anlruol.
McLean otlebrated Linmient la the only safe and re
liable remedy for the cure of Spavin, King Bone, Wind
galls. Splints, U unatural Hump, Nodes or Hwelltng. It
win never ran to cure nig ueau, Poll jsvii, ristuut,oid
running Bore or Sweeny, if properly applied. For
Bpratns, Bruises, Mcraicii.-s, cores or wmnas, urvkt-d
Heels, Chafe, Saddle or Collar Galls It la an infallible
remedy. Apply it a directed, and a car Is certain in
every instance.
Then tnile no longer wltb the many worthless Lini
ments Offered to you. Obtain a supply of Dr- McLean's
eelakratcd Liniment. It will cure you.
.1.11. Plci.1' A , gole Proprietor. -Corner
of Third and Pine Streets, St. Loais, Mo
For sal by all druggist.
Forsaleby BOnEITS at SAMTTtL,
SEii'Jt.-d ly ' Colcunbo, Ohio
An experienced Nurse and Female Physician, preset ts
to tbe attention of mothers, her
which greatly facilitate the process of teething, by soft
ening the gume, reducing all Inuammation wUL allay
ALL PAIN and spasmodic action, and I j
Depend npon it, mothers, It will give rest to yourselves
and ... . , .
We have pnrnp and sold this article for over ten years,
what we have never been able to say or any other medi
ANOE, TO EI FEOT A CL'RK.-when timely need. Nev
er did we know an Inetanae ofdissatlsfMtion'by any on
who used It. . On tbe contrary, all are delighted with Ha
operations, and speak In terms of commendation of It
magical eSecta and medical virtue. - We speak. In this
matter '-WHAT WE DO KNOW;" after ten years expe
almost every Instance- where the infant U innering from
ppalnand exhaustion, relief will be fonnd In fifteen or
twenty minute alter Ihesyrap Is administered,.
This valuable preparation Is Hie prescription of one of
New England, and has been used with NaViH FAiL
1NU SUCCESS In i - t -, - r
It notoLly relieves the child from pain, wit Invigor
ates the stomach and bowels, oorreot acidity, and give
tone and energy to the whole system. It will almost in
suuitly relieve -. -
and overcome convulsions, wnlcb, If not speedily reme
died, end in death. We believe it the BUST and SUR-Kx-n-KKMklbY
IN THE WORLD, In all oases of DY.
it arise from teeibUia. or from any other cause. We
would say to every mother who his a ohlld suffering from
any of Uie foregolrg complaints DO NOT LEt YOl'R
siaud btfiMteen you and your Bullerlng child, and the r
lief that will be SURE yes. ABSOLUTELY SURH-to
follow the uso .of this medicine, If timely nsed. Full di-recti-ns
lor using will accompany earh bottle. Nona
genuine nol, as the fac-simll of CUUl'lSfc PERKINS,
New Vork, Is on th nuui.ie wrapper.
Sold by all Druggist throughout the world.
Prl tclpial Ufflce, 13 Cedar Street
ocl27-dkwly. -, ...,. :.t',."'..T '
if iL.1' . TRAVELLERS!
THEN jou go to New Tork, drive direct to th
i t " . 'r T Oohduetsdoa (hf , t ...
8 wrl First, QoodBocms; Prompt Attendance, and Hoc
eale Charges.
B1NOLE Itod'MB So'dTSa'TJ ibTS.and 1 PER LAY. '
It-i LD3i;tLE ROODS U41PAEL0RS 1,0 to 3. '
s . ' u . ' '
Meals a ordered. This Hotel bas all tbe appointment
of the best hiitcls, a ait central location, and is boated
throughout by steam. SAMUEL E. MUAL'.
.maicblMJaa . i . ..Proprietor.
,buii .ja i.r'1 w-oi. - J
,J eiss Notes ot the Savings. li.oK or tlutiunstl
will ptestnt iltesam at Uil ollcki ledn'on. whsia
.,(, yajd.in.full. . ., ' '
nrniull a. F.BTOSrf.trtajJ'taiof StaU.

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