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VOT?VtTNO272. NEW. SERttfar COLUMBUS. OHIO. MONDAY; EVENING. APRIL. 22,' 1861. ' ' V'." '"vriSSia;
. 1 - i j - - ' 1 " - "- . : ra: - ... , , -- 1 "Iff
XT Office Boa. 80, 38 and 40, North High Bt.
Dally .... ?u uu per year.
Bv the Carrier, per week, WJS eenis.
Irl-WejlilT 3 00 per year,
Weekly, - 1 00 "
entia of Advertising- oy tuo Square
net'iii'elyeai...90 00
One " month, 1 00
Dne " A month! IS 00
One " 3 month! 10 00
One U month! 8 Oil
One " 1 month. 3 00
Oua " 8 (rooks.. 3 00
n. lweek... I 75
One " 3 d 1 00
fin. 2divt... 75
Ona ' " llniertlon 50
Dllyed advertlnments half more than the above
"Advertisement! leided and plced In the oolumnol
BpMi.il Nolle!," OottOU me orannary num.
All notices rcqutroc. to be published by law, legal rate.
If ordered on the tuslue exclusively after tho tint week
per cent, more than the above raleis but all each wll
in th. 1M.W.klvwlthoutcharff0.
' Htuinei Oard noteeceeding live linei, per 7r, In
de, 50 per line; outside as.
Nollcetof meetlnEi.chnritableJOCleUei.llrecoinpanle!,
All transit nt aiUertltemmlt mvt 6 paid or n
vleanc 2'ae rule will not be varied from .
Week IT, eanie price ai the Daily, where the Mlier
ictthc Weekly alone. Where 'be DaUy and Weekly
. re both uwd. then the charge lt.r the Weekly will be
a Tlf the mteiof the Iially
No advertisement taken except for a definite period.
Corner Sprlnff & Water St.,
OolumToua, Olalo-
W. B. POTTS & CO.,
and Manufacturer! of Bras! and Composition Calling!,
finished Unu! Work of all Description!.
Electro Plating and Gilding!!
febl'tlO-dly '
Attorney ett Xjo.'W
Office Aoi'o'H Huildlnft, oppoeite Capitol Equare.
Machine Man nf:if taring Company
o o o o n a o o o .e. 5 v
Caitlngs, KlU-Gearlng, Kftehlnery.
XInllronrcaL Work
or inir ncscmmoR.
lOLVfiunn, omo, H
CTik. AMB08, up' P. AMBUS.Treaa.
decil, lH-W tf
Winter Arrangement.
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia
For Cincinnati, Dayton & Indianapolis!
Through to Indiananolis without Change of Can
and but One Change of Cars between
Columbus and St. Louis.
(Dally, Monday! excepted.)
NIGHT EXPKKS8, via Dayton, at 8:43 a. m., stop
Dlnz at London, Xenla, Dayton, Middletown and Hamil
ton; arrlvln. at Cincinnati at 8:20 a. m.; Dayton at 5:45
a. m., Indianopoliiat 10:4a a. m.Jtt. Louli at 11:50
p '' ... SECOND TRAIN.
ACCOMMODATION, at 0:10 a. m.,i(orplnuat all Sta
ttont between Oolumbm and Cincinnati and Dayton, ar
rlvtne; at Cincinnati 11:02 a. m., Day ton at 9: IS a. m.,
IniUanopolliaf;Jp. m. .
DAT EXPRESS, at 9:30 p. m., itoppinK at' Alton,
Jedenon, London, Charleston, Oedarvilla, Xenla.
gprins; Valley, Oorwln, Morrow. Deer&eld, loiter'a
Loveland; Mlllfordand Plainville, arriving at Cincin
nati at 730 p. m.-, Bt. I.ouli at 13 m; Dayton at 5:35 p.
m.i IndianopollJat 10:3S p. m.
Sleeplnir Cnr hn all Night Trnlne to
Ciuclnuatl and Indianapolte.
for further liformation and Through Ticket! apply to
Ticket Agent, Union Depot, Oolumlme, Ohio.
. , Bnperlntendent, Cincinnati.
jn!3 Agent, Columboa,
and examine our new make of
manufactured by B. HOWARD 4. CO , Roatnn, Van.
Tbese Watcbei are far inpeitor to anything ever offend
to the publlo, heretofore, lining the excluaive agency,
lean tell them at prices to suit the times. I bare Just
received a large stock of
msnntactared by APFLKT0N, TIIA0T, tc CO alio, a
fin assortment of .
In Gold and BUrer Cases, at Panle prices.
Jn?3 . W. J. 8AVAQ1.
' " Just Btcelvedl
i A A lir. OH QUEEN and BLACK
1UU THAI 100 bag! prim Rio Oonee.
ISO pocketeold Da tab Government Jars Coffee.'
75 bag! Ceylon Onffw.i
JoObbU.iuuid.rd Whit Sugars, consisting of Pow-
urea, vuru.ii, armnuiatm! A and I) Uone.
50 quintal! George Bank Codfl.h.
gO bbli Mese and No. 1 aiaokeret, ' ' ' ' '
6 toe. Pick tolmoo. . .'w.-J.-.'
100 bx. Ujer Renins. ' ,': f-.- ;
ftOhf. box do do . . .
100 qr. box do d
lOO U Oigari, different brands and grades.
novST WM, MuDOIfAtD,
And :BlanJt-Book Mannfantnxer,
urti-diy f'Trn
' ' FA PIl Elf I'EOUH.
from Barnett Mills," Springfield, 0. th best brand ef
Hear broagnt to our market, eatwaetion goaranteM.
Joraaleonljat . WM. MoDONALD'B,
aovtfl ..... 10(1 South High street
sistgandeolorsjuit opened at . BAINS,
flee.ll. ,.,.,,,, We, W Dlgh ItwU,
Scrofula, or King's Hvil,
Is a constitutional tlieoiso,, n corruption pf the
blood, by which' this fluid becomes vitiated,
weak, and poor. Being' in the circulation, it
pervades the whole body,. and may burst out
in disease on any part of it.. No organ is free
from its attacks, nor is there one which it may
not destroy. The scrofulous taint is variously
caused by mercurial discasi, low living,' dis
ordered or unhealthy food, .impure ajr, filth
and illthy habits, the! depressing vices, and,
above oil, by the venereal infection. What
ever be its origin, it is hereditary in the con
stitution, descending from parents to children
unto the third and fourth generation ; " indeed,
it seems to be tho rod of Him who says, I
will visit the iniquities of the futhcrs upon
their children." , ,i v :) i , , . ;
Its effects commence by deposition from the
blood of corrupt or ulcerous matter, which, in
tho lungs, liver, and internal organs, is termed,
tubercles ; in tho glands, swellings ; ' and on
the surface, eruptions or sores. . This foul cor
ruption, which genders in the bloOd, depresses
the energies of Ufa, so that scrofulous constitu
tions not only suffer from scrofulous corov
plaints, but they have fur less power to with
stand the attacks of other diseases : conse
quently vast number jerisli' bf disorders
which, although not scrofulous in their nature,
are still rendered fatal by tins taint in the
system, ' Most of tho consumption which de
cimates the human family lias its origin directly
in this scrofulous contamination; and many
destructive diseases of the liver, kidneys, brain.
and, indeed, of all the organs, arise from or
are aggravated by the same cause.
One quarter of all our people are scrofulous f
their persons are invaded by this lurking in
fection, and their health is undermined by it.
To cleanse it from the system we must renovate
the blood by an alterative medicine, and In
vigorate it by healthy fo6d',ond exercise.
Such a medicine wo supply in
Compound Extract of Sarsaparilla,
the most effectual remedy which the medical
skill of our times can devise for this every
where prevailing and fatal malady. It rs com
bined from the most active remedials that have
been discovered for the expurgation of this foul
disorder from the blood, and the rescue of the
system from its destructive consequences.
Hence it should be employed for the cure of
not only Scrofula, but also those other affec
tions which arise from it, such as EnuPTivi
and Skin Diseases, St. Anthony's Fiub,
Rose, or Eutbiprlas, Pihplbs, Pustulis,
Blotches, Blains and Boii.s, Trntons, Tetteh
and Salt Ruf.uk, Scald Head, Ringworm,
Rhbumatisk, SyritaiTio and Meucuiual Dis
eases, Ditorsr, Dyspepsia, Dehilitt, and,
indeed, all Complaints awsino piiok Vitia
ted oit LupcitB Blood. Tho popular belief
in " impurity of tin blood " is founded in truth,
for scrofula is a degeneration of the blood. The
particular purpose and virtue of this Sarsapa
rilla is to purify and regenerate this vital fluid,
without which sound health is impossible in
contaminated constitution. , ;. . -
Ague Cure,
Intermittent Paver, or Fever andAgnt,
Hemlttent Fever, Chill Fever, Dumb
Ague, Periodical Headache, or Billon
Headache, and Bllione Fevera, Indeed
for the whole class of disease originate
Inf In blllarj derangement, canted by
the Malaria of MUtmatlo Countxles.
. Wi are enaliM-Hare tt offer the eommunlt; a
remedr which, while it cure the above comnlaiut
with' certainty, is still perfectly harmless in any I
quantity. Such a remedy is invaluable in district I
wnere these alilicting Unorders prevail, lots
"Curb" expels the miasmatic pomon of Fives
IVY 1 n.ttl fnM tV. bh,M .Mil RM.H,. ,U. J..
A.. U UWU1 HIS J O .C.J I, 1 ST. .11. ,11. U.
velopment of the disease, if taken on the first sp-
jiiuuvu ui lis prvuiuuivvury vynipwiui. i im qui unij
tho best remedy ever yet discovered for this class
of complaints, hut alto the cheapest. The large
quantity w supply for a dollar brings it within the
reach of every body ; and in bilious districts, where
Fever and Aoub prevails, every body should
have it and me it freely both for cure ana protec
tion. A great superiority of this remedy over any
other ever discovered for the speedy and certain
cure of Intermittent is that it contains no Quinine
or mineral, consequently it produces no quinism or
other injurious etiects whatever upon the constitu
tion. Ihose cured by it are left a healthy as if
they had never had the disease. .
Fever and Ague is not alone the consequence of
tho miasmatio poison. A' great variety of disor
ders arise from its irritation,- among which are
Kcuralaia. Rhtumatim, Gout, Headache, Wind
(ten, loothacht, Earache, Catarrh, Asthma, Pal
pitation, Pain fid Affection of the Spleen, JJystir
ice, Pain in the Bowels, C'oUc, Paralysis and De
rangement of the Stomach, all of which, when
originating in this cause, put on the intermittent
tape, or become periodical. , Thi " Cum " expel
the poison from the blood, and consequently cure
them all alike. It is an invaluable protection to
immigrants and persons travelling or temporarily
residing in the malarious districts. If taken occa
sionally or daily while exposed to the infection,
that will be excreted from the system, and cannot
accumulate in sufficient quantity to ripen into dis
ease, xlence it is even more valuable for protec
tion than cure, and few will ever suffer from Inter
mittent if they avail themselves of th protection
thi remedy afford. - f -r f f r-
Prepared by Sr. 7. 0. ATE2 L CO., towell, Hast.
HUBERTS) BAafTJbL. Oolnmbniv .
And bv Druggist! and Dealer everywhere.
novn: lya.iwaw -, T , . . -
DlTldend Jannary lvlS8l45PerCent.
AB8STB..V....U..l..'...V...V.Uol2rK0 SO.
Statement January isait .
Balance, per statement Jan, 1st, 18G0 13.400.581 30
Reoelvtd for Premiums dar-
ing lb jeer 10...... 1703 051 55 ,
Reoeivcd for Intenet earieg ' ' "
th year 1BC0 BI4 Old 19
Toat reoelo's for 1PG0.'... 1077.1)07 74 ' l' "
PaldCllia!bDeatb,S87,0S0 W . . ;o,
raid fvlieles lurun- . m ....
d.rtd tl.llIM 4 ' " '"V
Paid talari, Pot- ' -" ..i.-
ate, Taxeav m v t" i t., C!1.--ii!-n fa.taj v
caante. eie 31.090 51. .. . ........ .. .
Paid Oonmliilon to . . ', '
Aaenu Sl.THS 30 - ' ,c J '
Paid PbyslcUns' Ike.' tVM.Ii l 1 1 v i , au; u
Paid Annuities , 1.417 00 . .. .. .....
Paid Dividend dur- " w "
lng the j ear ......100 MO T5 55,091 B3 411,970 14
Net Balance January 111 IBfll. .....
A88IT8.' '
Cash en hand . 10,0384 18
i iv.ar:..i!
Bond! ana mortgages on neat
Estate, worth double th '"T';' C,T
amount loaned........... S,3S7,e4t C8
Premium Notes, on Policies 1 ' '' "!
in force, only drawing 0 par : ! a -11 '
eenl. Interest. 17S.f04 17 , ,
Real Bitae W0H03S7
l ' a a
Loam on sorlp ; 6,931 M
Premium!, NoteiandOaib, in
oean of trananlielon... - .'45 343 J5 ) i L U M
ToUl Assets :,.... 3,BlS,55flJ0
T87S Pollcin la foret, lBSrinr.,M..t,486fl3l
1,435 new Policies hav been lamed daring tu year.
After a careful oalcolatlon of the present va'ne of the
ouuUn4inglciof to Company, and Jiavlot the
KeoManry amount la reserve utreloe, toe illreetora
nan oeeiared a DiTibtw ol to per cent, eo the Premt
not paid at the table rates, to all policies for life ia force,
prior io January l, leuu, payable aecordlng to
present lul or ih. nnnn.n..
a'u " ,toa" Li' 0onlingn'e1es,, tfrespeot-
woor wa,t Utemeapr Ag.aolei of, the Cv
, v : f son. t, AVTitnr.ie:
March S8. 1801."
PPxlvwlinson pioeg,".
"" voiumbua,;,
widUJS ol taoat ulebratef
19 P
nf effre4Ur,teiiTIiir(ai4tTry i, pr!cca,r
.11 - i - - -. . , , - f T I . j
Dally,perfU....M. ,..n CO
TrI Weokly.perrear., '
Weekly, per year 1 00 '
When the bill for the leaBlng of the Publio
Works was under discussion in the Senate, on
Friday, April 19, 1861, Mr. Eason arose and
saldl .
Mi. PatsipgNii Before the vote la taken
npon the motion of the Senator from Clinton
to Indefinitely postpone, I wish the indulgence
of the Senate while I present my vieirs upon
tbe merits of. this bill.
Tbis measure, having already passed tbe
House, and now depending bere upon a majority
of tbe Senate whether it will becotno a law,
proposes to letse tbe Publlo Woiks of tbe State
to private individuals, for a period of ten years
The works that proposed to be let are ibe Mi.
ami and Erie Canal, from Cincinnati to Toledo,
288 (nlles In length, with 25 mlloe of navigable
feeders tbe Ohio Canal, from Cleveland to
Portsmouth, a distance of 309 miles, with 24
m lea of feeders tbe Walhondiog Canal, 25
ta les long, from Rosooe, in Coshocton county,
(0 Rochester, Knox county j the Hocking Canal,
56 miles In length, from Carrol, Fairfield coun
ty, to Athens, Athens county; tho Sandy and
Bearer Canal, In Taaoarawas county, 6 miles
la length, from Bolivar to Sandyville; 1)1 miles
of Muskingum River Improvement, from Dreg.
den, In Muskingum county, to Marietta, on tbe
Ohio River; and the Western Reserve and Mtu
mee Macadamized Road, 47) miles long, from
Ferrysbarg, Wood county, to Bellevuo, In Huron
county; In all, CC4 miles of canal, 49 miles of
navigable feeders, 91 miles of R.vtr Improve
ment, and 47) miles of Macadamized turnpike
road, together with all the reservoirs, eide
cate, welgh-locke, leases of surplus water,
lock-bouses, toll-gate houses, tool-houses, and
other property of the State beloogiog to these
For tbe purpose of their original construction,
the State commenced, In 1625, by borrowing
$100,000, and continued from time to time, In
creasing from year to year, nntil it bad borrow
ed over $14,600,000. Tbe interest on this sum
bat already far more than doubled the princi
pal.' ;
These works have thus fastened a debt upon
the State, whioh the peoplo for more than thirty
years, have seriously felt, and are groaning un
der to-deyi and before it is fiually cancelled, the
tax-payers of the State will have paid over
$40,000,000, principal and interest on their
In their day, as the Senator from Delaware b as
olearly demonetrated, tbey hare greatly benefit
ted tbe people of the State. It cannotbedir.Ud
that tbese canals, some of tbem extending, as
they do, through the entire State from Like
Erie to the Ohio river, and others . iuttrsccliLg
from different parts of the State, hare aided
in developing Its resonroes and in improving the
eountryr hare served as gre public thorough
faree for travel, and hare furnished ready U.
eillties for transportation of produce utd com
merce of the country.
These works, some years, bare been a source
of revenue to the State, and In other large de
Co ts bare occurred, as will be seen on examina
tion of a special report of the Bjard of Public
Works, mads pursusnt to a resolution of the
Senate passed March 11, 1861.
In that report Senators wilt find receipts and
expenditures of tUeie canals giren for ten
years, closing with the fiscal year ending No
rember 15, 18G0.
I will read to the Senate a part of the report.
exhlgiting receipts and expenditures for five
years, ending with the fiscal year. November
15, 1855, I bare added a column to this table,
showing the fall amount of revenue derived
from the Publlo Works during that time.
, e,wio
S Ores, receipt!, len
:, , 2 ISSSe.. Mnta-
o ipaeMieui ' ,
-, Sif"W-.i j
'S3SS9-J 5-83 S
138533 it" g
m as,
' : a . a
JCBS-8 1
b auttt! Total txpendl-
! 3 SatSag lores, Including .,
05 feSUrt expenaea, of tot- j - '
5 S5453. lection.
i 8 q"fy?g ,'
Z m-? ' Revenne paid In- V
; 5 iSaSgS o Bute Trewury, ,
9 . a4(j
5 8 ft
5-rrB 5 Z
w S S.'
&Prr S
S 8
c. 1
S B s-s
EL- .
r "
.Co-a. &
xoiis, reiundea.
' W - J tfl
E mo
mi '
? 8
, 5 - S ,
n i -oo
. B e 2
' 2. Z '
" 2 -r er
Total Kxnenr1n
including expenses!
0.O. to
:r.) 9 '
Her we have, Irttead ot a rsvenne from
Publlo Works paid 'Into tbe State Treasury,
deficit of $257,057 17, for fire years, drawn di
rectly from taxes of te people. ., ,
This large deflolt sod expenditure from the
Stato Treasury, aboti knd beyond ell rersnne
derirod' froni these works, must, Wo doubt, bs
attributed In part to railroad oorapetltlon for tbe
omjiDg trade 'of the Btato, la pari to failure
ol.crong, but moa of ill to ;ross 'mlsmanig
meut and favoritism.' ,
Mr. President, I shave prepared a tabular
statement, showing tbe1 names of tbe members
of tho Board of Publlo typ'rks for tbe last ten
years, and the several amounts of revenue
derived from tho Publio Works and paid Into
tbe State.Tressury daring esch fiscal year, orer
and abore that drawn out for repairs and all
other expenses: also, tbe amounts drawn oat
greater than revenue paid Inf. 1
;iit. i - .' xots of revs-
y ,. -, . - . . rue paid Into
Year. . toarf, 'uuT'Jf
m'nej drawn
' ' - ' out.
E. 8. Martin
1B5I. 0. W. alanypnny.. , 493,017 05
A. P. llamliu
0. W. Msoypinny....
1853. A. P. Miller 1294,033 84
J B. gtcdman.
A. P. Miller
1F33. J. B. 8'edman. 9173,833 79
' Wayne Orliwold.
... A. P. Miller....
1834. J. B. Btedmai...w... 113245 93
Wayne Oriawold-..- .
J. B. Bledoan..
VSj, Wayne Grliwold 193,521 03
' J; Bllckenade fer
Total excess of revenue $1,116,553 04,
paid Into tbe State Treasury , for fire years,
over that of money drawn out;
Am'i of money
drawn from
Year. Member, of Board. "fhil
revenue paid
I In.
Wayne U ill wo id I
)8',0, ). Bllekensderfer 116,310 88
' A. 0. Cooover
1. Bllekensderfer
1857, A. G. Con over ' $18,947 41
John Waddle
A. 0. Conover
1E58. John Waddle 973,447 83
A- L- Backus
John Waddle-.
1859. A. L. Backu t5!,09 39
John L. Martin. ... ... .
A. ti. Backns
lPCO.. John L Martin 9107,459 60
Total greater amount of money $257,05717,
drawn from the State treasury for fire years,
than revenue paid in, according to Mr. Martin's
most favorable showing in tho special report
from which I have just read
What remedy can this Legislature prescribe
for this large deficit In the revenues of the Pub
lio Works of tbe State?
What mesDS can be devised to prerent a draft
upon tbe Stato treasury for a sum wbichba
grown to be orer $100,000, each year, to keep
np tbese canals, orer and abore all their reve
nvttt ' "
l'lieBe are pertinent question, whioh erery
Seimtor on this floor- ought to answer for him
self, according to bis best Judgment.
I do not beliere .we can clear the tax-payers
of Jfjip Sute'of th! evil bv. continuing the man
act-merit of the Fubl p' Works In the hands of
the State.
,' The last fire years bare giren us lessons of
dear experience in State control of these works.1
Ami their present condition Is only eridence of
tbeir'utterlj hopeless redemption If our present
policy is continued. ?" "'
The toUl e x.H-cdttureS for ten years past, for
keeping up tbe Publio Works exclusive of fire
thousand dollars yearly for clerks, blanks,
books, printing, binding,' stationery, and ex
aminersbare been $3,85G,G10 15 areraglcg
annually $385,661 01.; .
This period Includes nearly two years through
which rer.airs on the Publlo ,Works were let br
oontraci for the sum ,329 per annum
the State having only Ur4snperintendence dur
lo this latter pcrlof antiVdlrected, by an act
pasied at tho session of 1 85V to rescind tbese
contracts and again give tha State full charge
of those repairs. .
Through cleht years of exeluslre Stat man
agement, since ,1551 excluding tbe two years
these repair were managed by indiridnal enter
priseit required ah expenditure of $3,137,140-
82 on aocount of repairs averaging- eaoh year
$390,892 60. r r
The expenditures for keeping op tbe Public
Works for the last five years amount to $1,862,-
796 25-atan arerageeach year of $372,359 25.
In tbe last fire years there has been collected
and paid into the State Treasury $1,605,739 08
of revenue from tbe Publlo Works averaging
each year $321,147 81. ;' i 7 .:, ;
At the close of tbe fiscal year, Nor. 15,1856,
a deficit of $10,310 28 occurred In the receipts
and 'expenditures of the Public Works; and
this baa been increased from year to year, until
the close of the fiscal year I860 shows a deficit
of $107,453 66-averagIog; (or fir years $51,
411 43, paid out of taxes of the people ever and
above the amount paid Into the Treasury as ter-
ODueS from the Publio Works, without any pros
pect qI change. fcfr the better, as long as we con
tinue the State In -she management of these
" It-is the opinion to-day of tbe best engineers
in tbo fitate, and others of.. large experience In
the management of our Publio Works, that un
der Suae control no remedy' can be applied th At
will hereafter ever make the Publlo Works sus
tain themselves. 1 1 JJ '! 'r. !:""' ' I
Ex-Governor Chase, in his last annual mes
sage, speaking of tbe Publio Works, says t :
Within the last few years the outlay for re
pairs and improvements baa exceeded the In
come. Tbe real deficiency last year (1859), al
ter deducting the extraordinary disbursements
directed by the Legislator, was aot large; but
there la little roorrj for hope that l will be leas
hereafter, while there Is muoh ground for ap
prehension that It will be greater."- ' ' '
- Governor Dcnnison, In speaklag of the Publlo
Works, says.in bis annual message to the present
Legislature.: t. ,,'''',-:..'. . -;. i i,f'"
"The estimated, ooet of our Pablio Works at
tho time of their completion waa $14,627,649 79.
The average annual "pense beyond the Income
for tbe last five year's, has been a fraotion leee
than one-half of popper centi bn .thts oost,' . We
hare, then, this unfarorable exhibit: We have
properly . that ' gloat us , about.. $15,000,000
and we And br five eonBCCn tire tear a exneri-
ence that, instead of la paying tbe InterMt on
its coat, It Is actually tunning us In debt, ;
'Mr. Tayler, the present Auditor of State,
In his lust aiuiual report, says that, "upon full
nobsideratlon of the subject, the prospect that
theerenue, tf the Publlp''Worki,VIl! , tnrer,
hereafter, be suQlolent to meet the oost ef keep-
i. .1 t ..t. IV .At a. m
, dk lueni U repnis ta u uanermj. ( , ;
Mr. Bicku. late President of tho Board , of
Publlo Work, an able and experienced engi
neer baring been connected with the works
more than twenty three year, says, in a special
report In answer to a resolution of tbe other
braneh of this
Assembly, that he is
authorised in say:
ut a single exoeptloo
that all of the
era of tbo Board of
Publlo Works, man
whom are among the
most accomplished i
neers of the State,
xperienced canal engi-
beeu connected
with the Publio Wor
pact twenty-fire
yearit-fully agree
under Stat mane
the opinion that
tbe i
ale cannot be
maintained and
in good repair from their
1 Mr President, It is usel for m to quote
further from Stat records In proof ol this prop
osition, for arery Senator on this floor, who
baa examined for himself, and has otherwise
been an ordinary observer, knows that these
canals, under Stat management, oan nerer
again be mad self sustaining that largo de
ficit in rerenues of tbe publie works must ac
crue from year to year, and that th people of
th State will be bearily taxed to make them
Their present condition also warrants us in
assuming that they are utterly and hopelessly
beyond th reach of erer being made, under
State control, to yield a nett rerenue, or eren
to sustain themselves.
There are on the Canals and River Improve
ment of tbe But, 280 stone und 42 wooden
locks, 11 extensive dams, beside reeerroire,
aqueducts, culverts, wsstewiers and othsr per
ishable structures. Some of these structure
bar been standing more than thirty years; and
all, some from defectir materials and bad
workmanship In their original construction,
are mora or less in a dilapidated and decaying
The banks In msny places are materially
weakened and worn away from long continued
use. And for want of sufficient appropriations,
and proper care in keeping them In good order,
they are, from year to year, gradually filling
with grass, drift, and other obstructions ti their
navigable condition. Eridence of the correct
ness of what I here assert oan be found on al
most erery pigeofthe anneal reports of the
Board of Publlo Works themselres.
It is estimated In a special report of the Board
of Publlo Works, In answer to a resolution of the
House of Representative passed at the present
session, that 32 of tbe locks on tbese canals
will bare to be rebuilt within the next fire
years, at a cost of $200,000. And large amounts
of money are demanded by the Board In their
annual reports for repairs of almost erery kind.
From these facts before us, oan any Senator,
in his place on tble floor, say that we a,.-.uitl.
Cable in continuing a system which all experi
ence, for more than fire year, has convinced tbe
people ef the State that it cannot be made bet
ter under present management, and that to long
as it is continued, we must expect and prepare
to meet a constant drain npon th State Trea
sury! .
It is true, the present Board of Publlo Works,
holding on with the tenacity of th death grip,
having seen "the handwriting on the wall,"
as! knowing that should the present or a kiaared
bill pass this General Assembly, the sweets of
power and tbe pleasant duty of distributing pat
ronage along tbe lines of tbese oanals must In
evitably pass from their hands, hare undertaken
to brace and bolster up these rotten and dying
eonoems.. - ;
Mr. Martin, tbe present President of the
Board of Publlo Worka, in his speoial report of
the 21st of February last, in answer to a resolu
tion of tbe other branch of this General Assem
bly, asking tbe opinion of the Board whether
"the rerenues derired from tbe Publlo Works
will be sufficient to keep them In good repair du
ring th present fiscal year" says, and I read
from the 1st pige of tbe report: "The estimates
herewith submitted, as th basis of the opinions
of the Board as to the ability of the canals to be
msde self-sustaining for the coming year, hare
been carefully matured."
And on the second pegs of th esme re
port he says:
"Th following tabular statement shows th
amount estimated as necessary for th mainte
nance of tbe sereral divisions of the Publlo
Works for the fiscal year ending November 15,
1861, (Deluding the aalaries of members of the
Board, Resident Engineers, Rerenue officers
Secretary of the Board, and contingent ex
penses of the office."
The footings of this tabular (statement are
"Estimated receipts ,....?W,753 54"
and'-EsUmated expenditure 9291,350 IV"
Xxoess of receipts over expenditures
91,3 31
making, according to Mr. Maktin's showing In
his speoial report, the Publlo Works self-sustaining,
and $1,403 64 to spare! This special
report, let Senators bear In mind, was made
since propositions to lease, under this bill, were
laid before th present Legislature. .
Can Mr. Martin, u President of th Board of
Publlo Worka, be presuming upon th credulity
of the Legislators and the people of the State,
when he makes such statement ai these In
hit official capacity 1
I will turn to the 3d peg of the earn report,
and her Mr. Maetin says:
"Th Board, therefore, confidently estimate
an Increase In receipt for the present year (1861)
orer those ot last, of from thirty to forty thou
sand dollars." , ,
On page 46 of tbe last annual report of the
Board, I find, orer Mr. Martin's, (nam In a tab
ular statement, tb reoeipt for last year, In
eluding $777 81 received from a eale ot land,
amounting to $308,935; to this sum add $40,000,
th highest cetimat of increase for this year,
orer last, and we baro $348,935 revenue, ac
cording to Mr. Martln'a own allowing for the
fiscal year ending Nor. 15, 1861. . -
By reference to pages 36, 40, and 41, of the
last annual report of th Board, which was
mad before propositions 10 leu tb Pablio
Work were pressnted to thle Legislature, and
before lb Board thought there was any dan
ger of a leas bill passing at all, Senator will
find that Mr. Martin, (or hi division of tb Pub
lio Works, asks approprlationo for th present
year to tb amount of $193,484 04. . L
: And on page 15, 17, 18, 19, 22, 93, S$, sod
27, Mr. Gregory's eatlmetee for his division will
be found, amounting to $140,150. .
.. Also, on pages 47 and 48 th Board ask in ad
dltion $67,200. , - , , ,; ,. ;, ;, ,
In th annual report, Mr. Backus, who had
charge of th Ursa division, mad no ettlmat,
but In hie speoial repof totbe Hons of Repre
sentative, la answer tV resolution of that
body.passed February 19, 1861, asking foe infor
matioa, a estimate $6Q,000 a th amount r
ejuvta iot ttiH ttiTisioi wis yearyia wnoier
, . . j, , . . , . , i , ,
together makiog$460,834 04, demanded at tbe
hands of this legislature, to be expended) un
der the foetonfnVear of th Board, upon these
decaying PuWlo Works.
Yet, giving Mr. Martin the benefit of his
record and blghteet eetlmated receipts, $348,-
935, for the present fiscal year, aud should tbe
Legislature fail to pass tbe bill, and be com
pelled to make the appropriations demanded by
tbe Board, there will be a deficit at the close of
tbe present fiscal year of $111,899 04 ,
I But Mr. Martin's estimate of receipt is evi
dently too high, and his estlmats of expendi
tures In tbsspecial report too low.' " .. '
According to another phase of his own show
log, in a spscial report In answer to a resolutkn
of the Senate, pasted March 11, 1861, be give1
the grow receipt for tbe fiscal year , I860 ' at
$281,659 27; add to this $40,000, his highest
estimated Increase over last year, and we have
$321,659 27, which would leave a deficit at tbe
close of thrpreeent fisoal year of $139,174 73.
- Mr. President, if these discrepancies between
tbe annual and special reports of the Board are
casual mistakes, they exhibit a Igaerance and
Incompetency In a State officer which totally
disqualifies blm for ths position he bolds. But
if they are wilful, tbey are evidence of presump
tion and effrontery on tb part of the President
of the Board of Publlo Works, towards the
Legislature end people of tbe State, based upon
Again, X repeat, Mr. Martln'a estimated re
ceipts are too high.
Let Senators turn to page 17 of the State
Auditor's last annual report, and tbey will find
th estimate of receipts for tbe present year
$270,000. If this estimate of tbe Auditor Is
correct, and tbe Legislature fall to pass this
bill, and are compelled to make the appropria
tions demanded by the Board, tbe olose of the
present fiscal year will show a deficit in tbe canal
fund of $190,834.
iTakiDg tbe fact that the defieitio tbis fund at
tbe olose of the last fiscal year was $107,453
86, I beliere tbis estimate of the Auditor ap
proximates nearer tbe truth tbao toy other yet
Then, Mr. President, let me again ssk, what
remedy can we devise to cancel tbis large and
increasing draft npon the tax payers of tbe
The Board of Publlo Works present no feasi
ble plan.
Their reports each year, Instead, are full of de
mands for more and mora money apologies
for its extravagant nte, and exhibits of growing
defioits In the Publlo Works' fund.
I apprehend the burthened tax payers of the
State will no longer be satisfied with the an
nual and stereotyped excuses of tbe Board for
tbe reckless nse of their money, In repairing
damages done by "disastrous floods," and other
",xlriW.vy casueltits," which occur each
year, as regular sV'.h rolling of time, but, in
tbe language of tbe report?, ' are not again
ta occur" !H
la my humble Judgment, the tare end safe
remedy is tbe paesage of this bill to lease the
Pablio Works to responsible private Individuals,
who will bring to bear In their management alj
the energy and aetirity of private enterprise.
The lessees under (til bill, for their own ad
rantage, will be eotbprlled to put tbese works
Immediately in the moat efficient and complete
order possible, with tbs view of, at once compet
ing successfully with various railroads for the
carrying trade ofthe State. Tbey will also be
compelled to keep these works in tbe condition
of great and well regulated thoroughfares for
the transportation of tbe products and commerce
of the country.
Tho bill provides that the lessees shall nerer
raise the rates of toll higher than rates fixed by
tbe Board la their toll-sheets adopted in 1858
and 1859, so that no oppression can work to the
shipper on these canals, at any time during tbe
existence of the lease; that tbe lessees eball
make all such necessary and proper repairs and
reconstructions aa the Board may require under
its direction or nnder tbe direction of an engi
neer appointed by the Board; and that tbe les
sees shall faithfully perform all legal contracts
of the State, between tho State and individuals
for water leases, leases of ground, or any oher
arrangements or agreements between the State
and individuals, or th Stat and the United
Tbe bill alto guards carefully the Interests
of tbe State, by compelling parties to the lease
contract to enter into a bond, payable to the
State of Ohio, in tbe sum of $300,000, condi
tioned that the lessees shall perform all the cove
nants and oonditlons of their contract,' required
by this bill.
Tbe amendment of the Senator from Fair
field proposes touease at once, by accepting the
bid of Messrs. Ewetett, Tarrls, Medbory', Jack
son, Brown and Moore, whose proposition is to
take the Publlo Works of tbe State, under this
bill, at $20,100 a joar, for ten years. Tbis bid
Is perhaps altogether, if not quite, aa much as
could be procured tit publlo letting from any re
sponsible Diaaer in ue otaie.
This mode oi letting would dispose of these
works at onee, and without an appropriation of
at least $40,000 to putUhem In condition this
spring, In case the letting was deferred.
I hope, therefor, tb motion to indeiiniteiy
postpone will not prevail, and that this bill may
pate. ;
L BON my DRUG STORE, which Ii removed I mm the
of Utah and Qav atreet to the Southweet corner
of Broad and iiiga tueeta, uoiumout, uuio.
With many thanks to my former pairont ana caiiom
ere, I retpeotfally reqoeet th continuance et their tt'
vors te my aaroeator. , naiai . Mil,
Columbus, April a, IBM. . : Vi
Tvirnn PTTTtrtTAiF'n the jjhuu
O. 8T0RU of Mr. JLwa M. Hia, I hav opened
anew on the Bonthweet corner of Broad and High itrccti,
Colnmbns, Ohio otae I,! emd reliable otand for
I nave a fretB era well taiecm tieca oi
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ratrtiMA!, efo. niualiy kepi in snca an eeiauiianmeni.
Trj faacaumoa oareiully and premptly eompoand
d- ...... .... . ..... : ' .;
Store open at all nonrt or we nay ana aipvu.
I reipeotfally soUcit Ih patronage of tb pablle.
Conmbnt, April t, 18S1 prS-dlm "
OW NKW YORKi '"'"'"''.
I, 8. WurrroM, President. Iaaac Ataarr. SeoreUry.
Hat Caett Aaa.t.t February 1, 18CU
0O,O0O,05G.74i. '
jnAtt the Profit are divided among tbe taiured JJL
Applioatloni and Pamphtt can be had by pplylnf to
Carptnter'B lulldlag, UT shut High fitreet,
aatftlst . '' I ' "'
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matin facta ror of ail kin ef Ptft'ti
table and Mtationary meant En-., ,
arlne, Saw mill, 6r!at Mills, " -'W
4k.e tkOe ' ' .. r 'i
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MJLCmXSCO. Beaten tilt BBADIOBB ' '
e CO. Beatenlltll J
Our Portable Kogin and daw Kill
Was awarded Ih first premium of 950 at the Indian '
State lair for 1H!0 over Lane A Bodley's on account ot
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel ,
and superior charaoter of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Entire waa awarded at the same Fair
the first premium of 'i00.
- uur rorubie engine was awarded the Brat premlaa of ,
tllVl .1 IV.. D.l, u..kl. Ii i i .
,i uv .... i wc.i)iiih, .van., v.r Diaouj ln-
veil's, Columbus Machine Co1!., and Bradford It Co's.,
by a committee of practical Railroad engineers.
ror price ana terra, aaureie
W1LLARD WARNER, Treasurer,
decJ-dawlyeoU. . Newark, Ohio. , ,
from the Mewl ork Observer. 1 '.
As ill partial manafaetnrlcg Sewing Machine, are ob -. : )
llged lopi; Mr. lluwo a license on each machine eeld,
and are aio compelled to make return, to him, nnder
oatb. as to thsnumber sold, bis books give a correct itate
ment. Prom this reliable source we have obtained tb
following itatlitlcs. Of the machine made ia the year
1359, there were sold,
By Wheeler At Wilson tl.305
" I. M. Singer tt Co 10,053
u Giover At Baker IU,)
(bowing th sales of Wh'eler Ac Wilson to b double -those
of any other Company."
Awarded the hi, nest premium at th
. United Btate gain of lo5d, ldj and 13G0,
also at the
Ohio 8Ut rairs of 1858 and 1800;
and at nearly all the County Pain In tbe 81t.
Our prices, at lb late reduction, are ae low at amy
lock stick machine now nld. and hut a tilde higher than .
tbe interior Use thread oAai'a eficA aiacAiiws, new
toretd m on the market.
Loui 8tich the only ore which cannot be raveled. It
a-iu on Bmni'iDraut tbe good, leaving no rdge or .
cArtino,. 'Ke under tide.
All macAuo var'anttd 3 yews, and instruction
given in their nse, ime of "l r :e.
11. CBAE.x',Hl F gh it., Colombo!, O.
H M BVMNBB, at CO.. --
dec3-Sawd3mAwAm Pike's Ojera Uonae Cincinnati.
tellable bnsines, men to terur 4 profitable as ana
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establishment and pro-eeution.
The menufaciure consists in the anplieatloa of a oe-
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a variety ut otner OuKulnr material, ornamental archi
tectural finishings, ceilings, Ulcs for floors and for
This enamel mar be tinted of any eolor, from Ih
purest white to the deepeat black, with all the colon
and shades between. It impart! to the articles to which
It is applied a harden and durability almost inoredlble,
and a beauty aurpasiing that of tbe rarest and moat costly
of the variegated marbles, and, unlike them, is Impervl
oui 10 moisture, and will never fade stain, or duteiior
ale, coating but a fractional part of the price of ordinary
It I alio valuable for table and itand tope, mantle
piece,, monuments, and an esdleae variety o. other arti
cles of I'apleos,. Tne proceeenl applying tbe enamel
I simple, while th article! enameled will command a
ready sale, affording Urge profits. Heapon tble parlies
may procure licenses for manufacturing under the pat
ent for any city or prominent town in the United States,
hy applying to the eubeorioer. A mall tariff on tbe ar
ticle! manufactured will be required 'or th as cf the
Invention. Circular giving full particular will be for
warded to all applicant!.
Tbeiuperlor merit and beauty of this enamelod build
log material to anything in ua has the unqualified In- - -doriement
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aelentifio men of this and other cities.
Pur parUculars address
General Agents for Enameled Building V aUrlai ,
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v. j OP
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have Just received a new mat et HOOP IKIBTI v
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tf" ;:T ; '' - ;, v"". " -i
iTrtn a rTt ftv XTrt in k P1'1T rr-n
h 93.
f r, HENUV KtKIlt.l K, a , j
(late of Phalon's tstakllahment, H. T.,) Poprielor "
the- New Hark Paabioiukle Shaving, flair Catting "1
IShunpoonlng, Oerltngand Drwio, Saloon, East Slate ,
j street, over tbe Poet Oftioe, where sti,ractioa will
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i Children s Ualr Dreeelng Oon In th but ttjl.
; ijrvi-dif '..,-
ft ,. .
, i

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