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Tbo Adame Express Company places us dally
under obligtitioua to It for the Tory latest papers
Iroiit lb eastern clues. ;. - . , . - .-. - i
Tlio American Express company nai
.1 - . i . f.n. In ih atinnn AT
inaokxior i un
very latest eastern papers. -..-
Council PaocaxuiNos SoLnuss
The City Counoil met last eveningPresident
Donaldson bolng absent, Mr. Bottles was elect
. . , .'
- Me- Wilson preseqted the petition of Gamaliel
Soott, S. G. Foster, C. II. Friable, Samuel S.
Cox, W. S.Sullivant, John Graham and eleven
other citizens and tax-cavers of Columbus, ask
ing tho Council "to appropriate (en thousand
doiliirs for the maintenance and relief of the
families of soldiers who have left our midst to
fight for the government of the United States."
Referred to a Solent Committee of one Mr
Curly. ' , , ,
Mr. Douty presented the following, signed by
twenty-flee ladies. It wss referred to Mr. Ensa
To tht Cihi Council of Columbui:
The uutlsrsigned, a Committee of Ladies, ap.
pointed by a meeting held this morning (Mon
day, April 22, 1HC1.) respectful ly state that,
should your honorable body make an appropria
tion for the benefit of the families of the soldiers
who have gone or may go from this oity to de
tend the Government Irom the assaults or trai
tors, aod to maintain the honor of the Amerioan
uag, they will take pleasure m seoing tnai aacn
tuud is appropriately ana judiciously oistrmu
Mrl F.ncRir olTored a series of resolutions,
whlcff wore amended and adopted as follows:
Reiolotd. That the committee on Wava and
Moaus be inetriicted to frame an Ordinance for
the aoDroDrlation of Twentv Thousand Dollara
from the City Treasury, to be called the Relief
r una, and tor the relief ot the families of citi
zens who hive enlisted, or may hereafter enlist,
in me uuiieo stales or oiaie service.
Reiolmd, That a Committee of five, consist
log of the Chairmen of the several Ward Com-
mitteee, is nnreby appointed, to be styled the
committee ot iteiioi, whose duty it- shall be
to obtain Irom the Adjutant Ueoeral a list of
tboso who huve enlisted in their respective
wards;- and thoy . shall, by diligent ioouirv,
ascertain upctnor snch persons nave ion fami
lies in drstituto circumstances, and when such
families are found, to BUOdIv them, and Such
Committee Is authorized to call to its assistance I
such number of private citizeaa aa H may deem
Re$ohtd, That money shall be drawn from
said fund only upon the order of the Chairman
of the said Committee, and he shall keep a
correct account of all moneys drawn from said
fund to whom paid, and for what purpose, and
shall fully report the same to the City Counoil I
at its first meeting in every month.
Mr. Botti.es, from the Committee of Ways
and Means, reported an ordinance for the re-
m u lara.ue. o. persons enneung in tne
military service of the Government, approprl-
atlog twenty thousand dollars for that purpose
The Ordinance was read the first time snd re
ferred to a committee o( one Mr. Wilson. ! '
The Council then adjourned. - . '. 1
Caetr Jackson. The following is a list of the
Companies in Camp at noon to-day, for which
we are indebted to Quarter Master Champion :
i. VI
. XI
. 151
.. 9
,. 09
.. 7
Childi. Devton
.. lucumigai, LiicjfiDa; count
. . Marrow, Uitvernor't Oaardi, Oolumbui. .
.. rumnilir. Sbelby Ounrde....
.. Ilarria, uluolnnali
-M'alcutt, Columlmi
Juliuion, Plqua
... Laoirston, Covington
hnyilr, Steuhen Uuarda, Oolumbae
.. .Turney, Muutgomery Uuarili Oolumbui..
Arrived yesterday and to day i
Capf. Ttofron, Hamilton
.. Vaoaonila, Springaeld
.. Weaver, Hardin (Jo . ..,
.. Wallace, Belmont Co
.. Gilmore, Chllllcothe
.. Andnwi, Knox Oo
.. BinnlDfr, Knoa Union duard
.. Diory, Co. A., Troy
..' : Coleman, Oo. B., Troy........
.. Jno. A uorwin. Mad Blrer
. . Kuukle, Champaign Oo
.. Lowe, Shawnee haoKeri
- Harlan Clinton Oo
.. Mlrhola, Lima Guard!
.. Nolan, Andcnon Guardi.
. . Maton, Pickaway Tigen.'
.. Miller, Given Uuarda ,
.. Aihmore, llellafontalne
Meut. Uivan, Dayton Zouavea.. ,
Capt. Huell, Union Guards, Marietta.....
.. McMurcbin, Clermont Co
. 110
The total number, including Col. Kino and
stalT, aotually qusrtercd in Camp Jackson, at
noon to-diy, was 2,888 men. . ,
Shortly after twolve o'clock to-day, two com
panies arrived from Delaware, under command
of Capts. Powcll and Crawford, of abont eigh
ty men each, and were escorted to the Camp
This swells the number now in Camp to upwards-
of three1 thousand. Several hundreds
more are expected this afternoon and evening.
i -
utT Tbo Gazette of last Friday, referring to a
ease before Mayor Thomas In relation to the
sale of-putrld meat, says that "a man : named
Knox, living east of the oity, was also implN
cated." We know not to whom the Gazettt al
ludes, but we bave the authority of Mr. Wil
liam Knox, the Township Assessor, for stating
that neither he nor any one of his sona was Im
plicated id the transaction referred to by tba
uaztue, not having been engaged . at. any
time in the salo of meat of any kind whatever
i i
f-T a he isoiumbus Maobioe Company, on
Sunday evening, about four o'clock, received
an order from the State for two tons of capnon
balls. . The patterns bad to be made, but at five
o'clock last evening the order was filled, and
the balls dolivcrcd at the depot. They were
for six.poundcrs, and were handed over to Col
Basnktt's Artillery from Cleveland, who pass
ed through this city last evening, for some point
on the-Ohio River ' '
HT, We leurn that the Committee pf Safety
of Cincinnati have made arrangements with D
N. CLARK,;Esq. by which the manufacturers in
that city are granted the right to manufacture
10,000 of the Cosmopolitan breach-loading
Rifle. This' gun might be (manufactured at Co
lumbus with great Jrapidlty., "WM dojour man
ufactwaraihinlt of .it. ,-.. .. .. , .,
Amoy ; IlAtL. This evening,' Hoolit
CriLL's renowned minstrels will give some
of their unique hnd. amusihg performances at
Armory Hall. The public will find an hour or
two spent st the Hall this evening a pleasant
relaxation from tho sterner realities of this ex
citing time.
. MofrroOHERY .Guards. The numhnf rif w'nl.
trnters ;on tlie oIl of this Company, 'at. two
o'clock this afternoon, was ninety.). They intend
to organise and go into camp this evening. 'This
number (ninety) includes the tveciy-seven al
ready m camp, .. ,v..4 ..v , a . .mj..,.-
"T i I , .1.,
H7 The n3llan6ilver Baad, Tippecanoe,
Miami County, Ohio, Fsank Kino, leader, dis
coursed some splendid musib st the serenade of
Jadge Dodolas last evening, aod also at the
SUt House .this morning, before and during
the sneaking.: This Is a spypdld bad. '"
VT Hi Kiaa-rATsioc. No.1 Il65. 6outh Uleh
Street, has a very choice assortment of Gold and
llvee. Watches, fine Jewelry, Clocks, Silver
d PUte4 Wwe, at prices to suit the times.
. Having taken lorn palm to inquire Into the
truth of the itory, we And that, a week or tw
ago, two small snakes were deteoted w the1 city
poetoffloe and killed, harlot: doubtless escaped
from soma tsckase. The were seat over to
the Smithsonian Institution, where they are now
preserved, and were readily determined to be
on of the moat harmless mi inoffensive, at
well as the moat beautiful species or Norther
serpents, the scarlet snakVteonnieeily- taowrj
lL. Dll - iuJaut .Tt,A WWM.tA f Mill, A
.hnnrlant thrnn-hout the Southern States, and
H mi juinmnM wwrnw .. . u , u M , v
I .. P . . . i . - . . , ,
the specimens baa prooaoiy Been enginauy aa.
dressed to the Smithsonian Institution, which,
frequently receives such objects by mail. . ;
I " . - m j '' aJ
Available Mam. H is thdu'gnt' lhktrthe
following is a fair eUmate of; th .available
militia In the States named n i-w n
Maine.... 5,000
I New Mainpshir s.ono
I linen..
iwjoniin.. . ... ....a.uw
Rhode Island.
...... S.500
...... 3, 000
Iowa. v 5 ,000
New Tork
New Jersey...
The estimate would civ to an armv of three
divisions : 62.&U0 for the Eastern, 64,50(1 for
the Central, aud 37.5U0 for the Western Dm,
SiOOS. : . i ... .. - I;-,. ,.; K.iJ j -uti
Th mt nnavk rl . an a V a.
Fom Fort Mooltiii. A gentleman' 6f fiat
timore, who has a son la Fort Moultrie, 'has i
ceived a letter from him stating that not on of
the soldiers in thai fortress was injured daring
ine engagement. . I nis is stateu as a positive
laet. aad true beyona iloubl.-r-Jiautwwrt Hun
Rail Road Time Table.
Littls Mum k OoLUHiualc Xulii Jt,
a . Leave.. XrVlvee.
option. S 00 4. M,: t VM P. tl,,
in.,,... 1J0 f .'.M..T. ,'2.iM . M
Olaclnnatl Aooommoatlon
XT.!! iMMnm.,l.llnH
. ,v axunu.,
Might Jtxpreas via Dyuin.l'2;oo mWniiLt
Jmu. W. VuHUtrt, AUll.
UOUHKII H OLSVILAHD K. H.v.i in-. 1 TdiTj!
NlRht liprw. ...S:40 A; M," " M.
New York Kxpretl 11:10 A. !.' ' -11:10 A. M.
Mall and Aocemmoditloa.. :0 P.M. J 0:10 P. M.
Jmu f TTxatoHAent. ,
No. I KxvrM 3:30 A. M. " "11:3R A. M
No. S do 11:18 A. M. ' ' II P. M.
No. 9 do 3:10 P.M. WH.'K
, ' W. J. ' FLt, Agtot. 1
Mall Train 3.30 A. M. 11:38 A. M.
xprui Train ........1118 A. M. 11.45 P. MJ
joe. uoeiiniui Ag,nvbl
OotoMBos k. Imi4MsrM,iC R. K. H
UoLDMios Pmu as iKeum B. B. ;-l:. -l a ya.'H.
1 Sxnrsss 0:30 a; M.'1 .1'"50'.":
No. 3:00 P. M. " 45 P. M.
Aecommodatlon '. K - ' ' IS A. M.
t I, Kl il
Codohs. Ths sudden oh an res of our1 elimat
are sources of Pulmonary, Bronchial and AsthJ,
matin AfTaellnne. F!xnArtennA . ha.vlnfl, npnff
UhaA almnla rcmnilma nftn aea anidU ami
certainly, when taken In the early stages of the
disease, recourse should at once ia. bad to
"Brovm'i Bronchial Trochet,' or Lozenges, let
the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be
ever so slight, as by this precaution a more se
rious attack may be effectually warded ofli
Publio Sneakers and Singers will find them eft-
fectnal for clearing and
strengthening the
' For sale wholesale
voice. See advertisement,
and retail, by Roberts & Samuel, No. 24 North
H'Kb street, S. Samuel j- Co,, No. 85'b'outh
r118" 'treet. - ' ' '"""i
jyvVa congratulate our readers upon the
disc0Tert oJ A cnre for RheumatismGooi'.nd
Neuralgia, and all Mercurial DismssjBwJich
effected wlthontthe use of Internal medicines,
which destroy the constitution and give tempo
rary relief only;' "In fact it isb'e only known
remedy effecting a perfect tmrei and we feel
warranted, from its recommendations In calling
attention of thejjfflloted and those having
friends suffering from Rheumallsm, donit or
Neuralgia, or the pernicious effects of Mercury,
the advertisement In another column of onr
paper, orDrTLeland's "AhU'-HheumaUq Bandi
FsBsiavATiON of tbi ' UAia.-rSdmr attaniloo
paid to this Item ofproprioty pould'avoi4 much
the Baldness so prevalent In'' this jbouhtJTL-
Billinoham, of London i baa Immortalized
name as the inventor of it "Stimulating On
gumt," which conld be as appropriate in prevent
ing as in curing baldness. , To cause a luxuriant
growth of beard or whiskers, it is equally cer
tain. Messrs. H. L. Higkman a Co. now have
entire American market. '.' Hence we look
a large increase 1q ; hirsute"- appendages
among our young men.. ?ce our advertising
columns. v. - ' i V"I,'T '1, i.-i 0 J
Wooo'i Hais Rxstoiativc baa acqutreji
reputation from actual test and exporiment
hlch cannot be enhanced by newspaper -pulEi,
onr own vicinity it has been extensively nsed,
we believe In every oasa with every deaurad
result, and receives the nniversarehdoraernent
all who have tried It. : We therefore reoom-
mend it as one of those' few genuine' otrum
which accomplishes all it professes, and all the
bald and gray oould doslre. CsJMmiia Sjym
,, .- mmtmmmk I,,.
Good. We met one of our friends yesterday
Broadway, and were astonished at the change
1.1- A s 1 -
uio ppvarauue. : a jew wovkbj ago mm nw
him, he was pale, lean and dejected; ctfrnplahr-
or weanness and acDiiity,, naving been, so
afflicted all summer. Now be appears to baJat,
healthy and strong. We learn be owed bis res
toration entirely to McLian's BTRinaTHMiiio
CoaoiAi,. , .... .;. 1',..;'.
We advise all who are oomnlainlnir of Can-r
eral Debility to try it) it is oertaloly a very
pleasant remedy. We learn that there are laree
quantities of it selling dalty.-JkVnis 7frjf
; . .) t- ,fh!ti
Goisnsiy'sBaui is one of lhe best remedies
fnp HMltanliA mm hawa tn, trftAwn ,i:4ui.i .U
O All should read Prof.-Wood' 'advertiser.,
ment in another colomn,"
u; r, ini&i vda ee.o
v 'Tn f -t .il 'U rtl:
of Prof. MiLUft't
TT See advertisement
Hair Invlgorator in another ooluma.; 1 .amv
THeaditjr Werlne4r,f,rltfidcfi:r4
ni)t: fc;.-. a rot to arj,-
Nibls SalqonBroacJjvay.i NJ
The most talented and Versatile Coalpabym
- axisteiicevToinprreing rue :
CBEaUI r.0P.,u.ISE;Pll0rESSI01.I
. . . .t ; i .. f .
tvnoae uonevne, annrn in paaa aeven nonina, as tnr
above popular Baloon, haveeliolted the hfjheat encoaal
ama from the New York preei, and hava been wltneeaed
by ever laO.uuw ol the elite aaiuanion. or Uie frcetat-
trowoii., ., i ,1 ?n f J iLiiik.
- ! 1 1 Nrt'-Itt tnm odw HA
I The above unequalled Troup will appear iaxl ievi
New Rtifw, Aetev'Dnncew, BHrteeqtie
Onnra. :anaeiaiw VvaiareelW " t"i
I -' 'maae Fstrce. ' "- w IU
Fonninr a promnune of untxotpilonlbls noSVltteii'ancl'
tha moat attractive entertainment aver offend to Uie clt
laemof Ooiumbm. :lv;,dk ' i.
Soorsopaat7i toeommeacaat 8o'olock.
ICTf or particulars, set projrTaao;3r' '"
apriiesdat , (-,..o.A?Jt;Ant..
-.ii i ' 1 a I I ' I. a,"
. ..a .Orvtc or OoLsaaot CUa.Lsaira CtuC.l
OoLuaBvs, Owe, Avtii UaOii e i
Tnn'Awnwja.1, mcBTiNO'sapnlE
MteckhnMm Ikta nanMH Will h ll1 at thmto
OiBoe, in th etty nf Oelumbna, on MONDAY VH1 9tt
VM.M. vw ruu,, iHBi. atlo'cloekP. Mi " '" ."'-
i'"-'-- w. a. vili, nesrejiaiy.'
fi'MHi.Os' Ji MABtltS!!.
High atraet, have juat opened atw nyiea ot Gwi Cia
"""""S0"" ' " V" .atweat and
moat atvliah manner,
A lo, '
Hlatctc Halite, van
K nnrh Piaia
Wvyj uce.sue ixpreeelf for
klantlllaaand Baaqnlnun y
; inr-fiu
BeNHEtsy Hinnons tabs, and
U0UK, Ml Itjlee, jaat opanM by . 71 " ,
sprlH 8-MUHiiiti;t.
New York City and other Places
Providing Largely for
The Question of the Passage
of Troops Through
Niw Yosx, April 22. A regiment 0f rifls
is rormlng bare composed of Italiaus, Swiss and
Hungarians, to be called the Garibaldi Guard.
The British residents are forming a regiment
of light infantry One company is complete,
aua iuo seoona is iasi lorminir. -The
report that Governor Banks lin resigned
uib mwinou in ioe Illinois iJeuiral Kullronil. tn
oommand a Maseaehusetts regiment, originated
n the fact that President Burnsido, of the same
roea, p to oe colonel of a Ubode Iilnud rec-t-
ssens uaarge a. MoClolland. of tho a.im,t
roaa, oas aoceptea a Brigadier Generalship -iu
ub reuunyivaaia loroes. . .., , ,. :),.
(y connected with the Government Sift-rh Una
information rrom Washington that oluuiiU cor.
rpociajjGi'.W been opened at- Washington
with the Baltimore authorities, rcbtiHiog in an
undertaking On the part of Baltimoro to repair
the' railroad brldees aud tuWrnnli n,i
keep communication odcu lor mailK.niiHHenvr
dispatches aud troops. ,,' ,.t
Hon. Daniel Sickles eoiitcmnlatf.4 mlgino
regiment to serve during tho war. ' , .
Major Anderson's public reception at tlio City
Hall takes place to-morrow. ' .
Commander Vanderhilt la
formed the Government that they cn bavo his
whole fleet of steamers, fully manned and equip.
Pd. without the charge of a penny.
Tbroufbout Vermont rpPrmpilll .ion kn!n,,
owuvi eue. luuucv hitbii iiir ina aitniutrr ni ika
Government. . Catise and towns are in a blsze
eicitenaena. (i i". ,
It la Stated that a rmllnm.n of n,li:.
n..v.w. at u.uiiumi;
!l.0mi. pOrts the scuttling ofsomoof
uvauiya toere. mrowing down tho heavy der
U.W.SJ. esaiu cjud umirniTUDn nr mnrn nr ihu mn-
quinary oy order ot the government. Thu Paw
artivea at wortollt on Sunday mort,ing. '
UJWayor Wood's messago to night wiir rccim
mend the annronriadon f nna million nrvi,.u ...
the city to aid la the war. A resolution will
offered, to appropriate half a million of dol
lars, to the widows and orphans of the men who
nay fall In defense of the flag.
A lot of uniforms for tha Sniiihorn atme Iimwa
been seised at a store in Dey street. '
It appears that a diabolical attempt was raado
poison the Massachusetts volunteers on board
State of Maine,, while here Friday evening
Us, by sending poisoned brandy aboard. One
died, and four or five others have been under
Influence, but will probably recover. Tbo
perpetrator of the outrage is unknown.
New Oattam. Anril 22 Tim fr.
population, at a meeting to-day, resolved to
tender their services to the Governor lor the
defense of the State. - A meeting is called for
trDlRhtv to adopt measures to clear ibe city
Abolitionists.. Two have already been or
rested." ., ; ;", , . .
.The steamer Columbia has arrive,!, with tt.1
vana dates to the 18th lost. The reduction of
Fort Sumter caused treat ainaiinn at ir.i,an
Business was almost suspended. Sugar quia
66J$ reals ; the stock iu port 32U.II0O
boxes, against 226,000 last year. FrciKht dull
declining. ' Exchange on London B9: on
ew lorxjiQiL' discount. . . ' .
juar.. Meha-wklias arrived wiihme
saane uatee.' i . v.- , . . u i $ .
l'cmVt0? "i? E?PireP!tJ- from Texas
with f00 troops for Key West on the 15th.
;The steamer Atlantic, from New York with
troops, anchored near Triangle ShonU on the
13th, and communicated with Fort Taylor. She
on the 14th for Sand Kev. Tha l.D,hnf ,n
appeared off the harbor on the M:h, aud ex
changed signals with the Crusader.
The garrisons at Fort Taylor and Key West
barreoka wero engaged In drilling at the guns.
The Atlantic brooeht COni nil Plaint"! (I fni enm n
the new Federal appointees. Tha command.
offices at Fort Taylor was appointed Post
master at Key West. Havana was healthy,
The Texas line of steamers will ho
snapsnded. . It is reported that Houston is
about to speak at Galveston, snnouncing his
determination to oppose Llncolni m. Prpnnr.
tions for was in Texas are progressing oa a laree
scale.' , 'The remaiaiog Federal troops at Iu
diahola will probablybe taken prisoners. -
aouu or us loan were taken at Mobile by
oelored people. . .
The steamer Hannah M. Johnson. Un P.n.
sacola yesterday morning, reports eight war
vesBBia oa inS naroor, supposed with reinforce,
St.' Louis, April 22 Governor Jackaon haa
qalled aa extra session of the Legislature, to
meet on Thursday, May 2J, for the purpose ol
enacting such laws and adopting such measures
may be necessary in the more perfect orgAni
sation and equipment of the militia of the State,
to raise nconey and such other meaos as may
required to place the State in a proper atti-
nue iur aeience., , .. . , v
Adjutant General Hough has issued orders to
commanding officers of each military dis
trict to assemble their respective commands on
31 of May, and go into encampment for six
days, as provided by law. The strength of the
Organization and equipment of the several com
mands Is t be reported at once to hcadmiartnni.
division Inspectors are required to i;ive all
. t ,l . , -. ..v
auiviMMktvu rwiwuujig aae oonuitioo oi me Slate
aOfOjOw a u v....:u t-. e : . : f ' . . .... -.,
WHKBLINS. Anril 22. RenreaentnLi
vsiou seuiiBMnt ot Krooke, Hancock and Mar-
suair eounues were sent to this city to day1 to
learn what action the Union men of this county
proposed taking -in view of the demoimtratiotui
me eastern part ot the 3tate,:and to ooncert
measures, no speoial action was taken, but it
quite iixsiy: a convention of the western conn
ties will soon be called, to take iuto considera
tion tne propriety of a division of the State.
Late advices from Mormoutown, Mouotigahe
county, represent, the Union feeling as bulng
very strong. 1
Nothing of special lutercst has occurred in
mis oity to day.' All has been quint.
AoooiT, Me., April 22. The Leeislalu're
assemWtd to-day 4 Every man voted to pledge
the entire resources of the State to the Federal
authoritieei - The oosamUlee on the Governor's
Message will report to raise ton regiment?,. np
proptiate one snllllou for the militia, and liber
provisions lor the families ot volunteers.
eoasrgnard 'Will be organised. "The Stale is
thoroughly aronsed, and will do mora' In; pro
portion to her population thin any olucr Sutc
iu taw wuiea.,o uiiiM i '
m. I' I .K r t.A
Paaaniu-aiA,. Aoril ' 23 Several ' of iK&
fennsyivaoia troops who have been missiii?
since too oatumura riu, nave returned, and re
port having been . confined la jail in Baltimore
. . v. . n I . ; . 1 . . ... ., . -
Thirty-five Others have been wandering iu Hit
woods' near Cohwmg's. ,1 her were taken to
tne, neighboring, houses aod .treated kindly,
iuuum aave not returned uoeoe yet. .
iiJwil.,'rAilrII 22. A 'DSmocritib1.' t'liiln
raseiing, Erastus Corning President was held
here, pledging the entire party to stand firm
to the Union, '
ine common uouncil aoDronriated tlnrtv
thousand dollars for families of volunteers
ThBstak of PouKhkeensle tenderca tha- Gov
erniiBitwyyuanu b-t.of Ajbsny 1'00
lBTorf,Aiiir22.-SsvraIof1h Massaeliui
setts volunteers, wounded at Baltimore, Teneliied
bere this morning1,, aniODg (hem Mr. Stevens, of
iioweil, who wae reported dead. , lie hail three
tlbe broken br paving atones. Air. Stevens
states that flftedii B.ttlinoreans were tAken to
the Btation-bouae with him. ,vH intend, to-re-
lata hie recbiient at toon as he is able.' :- o
' - - .. - 11 T,.'ll TFI
tWfutiNaToi, April 23. Passengers on train
Just passed report ftU quiet at Baltimore
' 1
rNiW Yosi,iAp'lt'I-lnconseqasoceofths
present "distrsxtctr tmr or political -affairs
throughout the country, the Board of Officers of
the National Typogtapioal Union have decided
to postpone the Uonvenuon oi delegates in tnis
In next. ' 1
THOS. J. WALSH, Sec'y.
. . ,. nn i ,
wswasx, IN. J., KU. ""I
LTulou meeting was held here to-day, Hayw
Bigelow presiding. It is stimated that .fifty
thousand ocod e were oreseui. wreas enwusi.i
asm was mamfeatedr and American flags ware
displayed fuslo ,7
pearance of a military camp, and recruiting
goes on rapmiy.
Albany, April 22 The State authorities
have decided to muster inco immeuiate service
tho balance of the Quota of Militia authorised
bv tho act to enroll the volunteer Militia. This
gives ,17,000 troops in addition to thel7regl
merits previously ordered in ooniormuy wun tne
call of the President. Volunteer companies are
comiug in rapidly. Ninety companies have al
ready handed in their company rolls.
Chicaoo, April 2a. excuange on ew xorx
advanced to 15 per cent.
Elehabt. Indiana. April 23.-Tbe Elkhart
. .
Guard, Capt. Maun, numbering 140 men, left
at 4 o'clock'thi. afternoon for Indianapolis. A
plendid banner was presented to the company
the ladies ol this place, a large numoer or
nil nnm in. nn .ail 1mm Indiana, hava hn
accepted bv the Governor. Thirty-five com pa
nies more bave tendered their services, and in
formation of 100 sdditioual companies form
iug. 56 companies will be in camp to-day.
Zanksville. April 22. Hon. Stephen A.
D.uiglas made a strong Unioo. speech here to
Wir.itnTOM, April 22. An enthusiastic
meeting was held here tbW P. M , embraolng
every party creed. The Uulon tceliug was In
leiisfi-and siroua reWolidDns wero adorjtedr ii
Uurt4ir. Anrit 2.T-The Coramoh: Council
this sit iiimniinnnslT'annronrlaifld tO.OOO
(uniu v.iluntcpra aud BUuDurt their lamlllee :
also peroiittinc- iha 'derks of the severat dev
psrtmeuu td enlist without loss of situation or
Ur. nm hiiieaha . haJ raiaiui taont fi
oaaaiid 'dollars iuf the Same purpose. :i vi
Philaoelphia, April 22. A prominent Phil
ilclpbian has arrived, who left Washington
Saturday afternoon. At Baltimore he was ar
rested as a spy. ' Ho cscsped by reforring to
Danbuhy, Conn., April 22. The Directors ot
Diubury Hunk held a meeting Saturday,
voted unanimously to oO'er $75,000 to the
Governor, making tbo total amount offered by
two bunks yi&i.uuu; fa
Providenck, April 22. Four times the
amount advertised for by the General Treas
urer, as the first installment of the loan author
by the Sutc, was offered to-day, at 5 per
BaiDOironT. Anril 21. 2.500 was subscribed
euuin the three companies onranlaintr for the
blaokeUandfiveboxMot provisions were oo
oated to the Gutrds Mi thVxiitixens, s:i i Sv n '!
TaniAiiAiAi.n. Anrit 5143iltv OOtnrjaltflH. Iha
Connecticut regiment, and $6,000 for the sup-
of, the families of the skiers who, volun-
tT t 'C. t- k - ,-..1r i,.
'Boston?" April 22.-The meeting'ln "State
street continued from 10 A. M.tilli night. The
sntbusiasm was unparalleled.
Looisvillc, April 22. Seven companies of
Guards, aggregate G50 men, under Col.
Tilglimao, organized at Paducab, Ky.
Eurlinotom, Vt., Aoril 22. Troons nourlne
the bark towns. Vermcnt will not be
wasting. The tfgTalature assembles to
morrow at Montpeller. An appropriation oi
$500,000 will unquestionably be made.
Springfield, 111., April 2V The fire last
destroyed the eamae-eshop of AVelhys ii
and four adjoinios buildlnss. Loss $20 -
No liDsuratice, . ...
f I !' ' ' A Ml"'? ' (i i'!
AnnapolI9, Suuday, April 21. It Is said Gov
Hicks protested to General Butler, of the
nlasdaeTineetM regiment, against landing troops
They were, consequently, lauded at the
Naval Academy, which is the exclusive prop-i
ou.oliu O.itraraaiil, -,
Tbo following is front the Baltimore Avutt
Mayor Brown, of Bilti'mbre, went to Wash
ington on- Sunday; at -the reqaest of the Presi
and had a long interview, ,.Ja presence of
Cabinet and Gen. Scott.
The President urged the absolute necessity of
transit through Baltimore. . . , . ,.
Uen. bcott 's opinion was, to bring the troops
through Maryland, avoiding Baltimore, If the
would permit It; if not, the troops must
their own best route, and, if needs, most
their way through. , , ........
the rreeident and Secretarv of War hearlilv
concurred la a desire to 'avoid collision.'' '
Thq Mayor said the authorities would use all
means to prevent parses leaving the city
attack the troops passing t a distance, bnt
unable to promise more -
he rrcsident answered that no more troons
bo sent through the city, unless obstructed
other dirsotiOna, with. the understanding that
city authorities nse their best efforts to re
the people. .Th excitement was great,
told the 1'resident; the people of all classes
ero filly aroused, and Jtiwaa impossible for
one to answer, for tu eoostquooces of the
presence of Northern troops anywhere within
He reminded the Presidefot1 also that the in-
sdiction of the city eBtbor itiss was confined to
own populatioii, and- that he eeuld give bo-
promisee i or tne people elsewhere, because he
oo unable to keep them, if given. The
President frankly acknowledged this difficulty,
said that fthe.Govenmealf,wul4 only ask
city authorities to-ase-iheir- beat efforts
respect to those Tinder their Jurisdiction.
The interview terminated. with- the distinct
assurance on the patt'ot the' Presidtnt that ne
troops would be scut; throogh Baltimore
unlois ohauueted-ia their transit ia oihwadirea-
tious, aud .with .the underatanding, that the city
authorities should do thow bost to restrain their
people U0JL,,, .,
1 mi. I . I 1 I 1
PHiLAnkLPHiA, April 23. A 'splendid nnllorn
a Major Gbihtb.1 in'a case bound eootb- was
Fort SlifDu has been garrisoned b?'! an 11 artlii
cotupauv. and Kenaineton Eiflea.
; .'H..nf.:i ' v..
An. iiiruucai ycijee; is saJU to, cava, peen seen
tne nay, auogea .w oe msoaea Dy nuy men
bi also said that-she bad.atoCDd. a tuseff
Uheoter, and compensetBe mptale to riaal down
Amott1 Urn"' - - W l.-'u.j;...
.kwv.-u . ,1 . , ; .
t'rivi,luiormuAtoa Irom Baltimore aits the
aieuwat ta .powerless 'to aoe- with ystra
Arms Are pletitv; bdt ho ammunition Il la rue
lic.ved",;bw'evqrtht.tb pedple and, mob, will
UiiUe to prevut.the psasage of troop, tbroagh
iTbe troops will beeompelled te Igbt
iDeir way seep rjy step,., " '..;.;." "
;Tlfo,.Rrxnr0iidbetwcea miUmdre and Wash
truiHpUMi.waai toi, le. ebatracved yoaUsdsyand
J J ... ,. if . . .
Tfifibta BrratU nl the Sna'anehahha ar tnvat tn
Cui'oui tuvviU assist Jl.dlu4iig' liayre
uraoe affmiiet. sscesaiehiais. ojiwMufc,, ,
nit-a ' ' "- ' ' - - - - - - - -
Wtwhiflfitonwmpavuib, Hm B.l4iaiore4.BC htr
enofv aioDi dm ne.naiing.ieit niaiamiiy was
nottnblitetKJ "'"f fVJ-t'"e iu,a uuuux v
h,.nalt;' tfl .jlmtyt urnbfWBB ssck-
l..t fJUu.l J:nl m'hz'-l IT -na j;" :,tf, :
Theclrisons ioVC"ekevtville iwsr boMine
UnKm' inrjijjtinphMik'trj'birinlbne '.loade f
niTltrtiArA' riAliila arid ahldta'rd' 'inatna' ntt tn hA
tba. jridgea oa.' tbe. Pennsylvania lioa. v They
were attacked aad disVierseti by the Unioo men
who farmed 'gnsrds-and '.protected the bridges,
uiiUl'.tlioariival of tba ?risilvanfi troop. - '
avabis or anv extenoad coaneitaey ajBong , the
rlt,l 'to-at -.' Marv'ay innnntv. -.and tha
roadS Jwjr6j OTnsMWpatToie
raeu. BumciiW efli oj .u,'i Ci I
bfJtA i-'Vry s ir a'-y ,w; I ,m ,:, i,i ..!.., :i
have decided to master! lata, immediate sorvioe
wtrotirof the 3O,0W yilitfei''iis,i author
-Tlm.Guauon.Couhail.last night veled a nilr
llen dollatetTiarmi end equip regiments, aad a
The BreekJf n iCotBmm.&anaili voted 1100--
000 fur the erutpmedt f the 13tb RwRioMBt, te
lniik?wilB'" JaMi ' ai.j aaO bj.s ao taji.r
'"Ji ycrrf vt rt-r owt b.,. . rl
FAftfoYNtf -Aoril S3. The steamship
Jura, with" five daya UtenifwV from Europe, I
WitrgrBi)irM''S(j-"tiitra.reriy Uor-Vlrtiuia
troopstd oM6jo:tl3e)ir:hpp,rr;V,;i'-';'' ) ' '"'.,
Tim horWi aL flaiirv Wiiitar. Dula waa anlar.
dents in the Episcopal Theological Seainary,
Fairfax County, Virginia, bave received in
icer. formation that they would be waited unon bv a
Phiudilmiia, April '.23. 230 women, nearly
I alt between the ages or id an its, kari sie
I themselves hare as nnrses.
I i The Baltimore Amtrieau of Mooiiy ootfirmi
I tae repors or tne Mouiing oi ise f eaosy tyaeia,
1 Columbus, Delaware, staritaav j.ad JJertiniaaU
'land the dawtriietiearef their araM,t or loli
I bv order Of Caotaih Penders rast-
The 4)r.y-feawls laved to eaMway Gov4
mJji , the PocahonUrsnd Cum
k,,, t f. ,0 M ,.'
m.. ,. t -.' v.i " ... i 'li
I .v. f.,.l'' ,.n iVj.iu, th.
Th. . ? ntnv Pnet.mnth ..J
The Mayors ot Norfolk and Portsmouth sent
a flat of truca La' Cenlula PndsreTat. to - aak
be intended td fire on the towns- ; He replied
that be should act altogether on 1B defensive:
ai urea upon, orioe na,Tj i lis wai hw,oi,
it would ha his flute tn Bra on the twdchies,
It was not, known whether the rwee -
tered the harbor or returned ter ortrees Moinve.l
The excitement- at Norfolk and Portsmouth
was intense. Women and children were flying,1
aod men rallying to armsr -i ' v'i . J
ai.w especiea uih imraifoi-iuo-um nav
oa oa the atooks, woald be nred bsiore tUe
Waieii Bm .a. a. -J . . 1 J i t "1
' 1; ," ,uuoul t -J-'H
ine levelling oi tne ou.ia.ngs 'K''
f P po-d w.s going en, , but wm tho gh
" """" ".";""
" s.... ,..,..
The people of Norfolk bad seized the powder
hoose at Crany Island, and' removed all the
. . . , , . j . i
. . . " , .
There bad been no fire applied to the build
ings at the Navy Yardfwben the Louiniaoa left.
at six o'clock last evening. ; No attempt was
maoe to in ten ere with the boats or the Norfolk
line, either by the Gpverpment or by Virginia!
HABauaoaoH. Aoril 23.Caleb Cuahin ar
rived bere jesterdav... He left for Wasbineton
on Sunday, lie says that Gen. Lee with 5000
Virginia troops was covering Arlington Heights.
Lieut Jennlfsr Is resorted as bavins- deserted
from Carlisle barracks. Hehadfullknorflade
of the plant, of the Government. Dispatches
ror ms arrest nave Oeen sent in every dirctuar.
Caleb Cushing narrowly escaped injury from
the people of Carlisle and Chambertbore. - tie
stated that be was on his war to Massachusetts
1 ' i ' ' a. i
BosTow, 'Aoril 23. A erlvate -dlsnatcb1
Messrs. Spraeue . Sc. Co.. from PbiladelDhii
states that the Government has released the
steamer P. Sprague from her charter to coevey
troops worn rauadsipbia, in eonsqneuoe ol
marviana navine euarantesd the safe iraaait ol
o.uuu troops through Baltimore dally.
PfULAnELrm a, Anril 22. Sillv reourU have
been afloat all daw that Biltlmore has been
shelled; that mob had burned the Cathedral
because the Arch-Bishop displayed the Ameri
can flair, and that Col. Fremont had arrived al
New Tork with a quarter of a million of Bas
kets from bagland. . .... , . r
Niw YosK, April 23. Tha Northera atu
'6bee committee; and they resolved to leave
,ur " ,ree ewle M ,Mt possible
New York Market.
NEW YORK, April 23.
FLOUR receipts 10.SR4 bole: market heave ar In
fkvot of - buyer; - aalei -1,000 bbls at OS OSXS te
tnperflne alate -, 5 liS5 SS for extra state; S
10 lor com med extra weaternl B 40(35 55 for extra
rounphoop Ohio; Canadian flour dull, aalea 40Sbl$ at
ai. fiiuua-aieaay ma Boiuave) llr. i... '-
WUJSAT receipte of 4 9B1 buab; market hetuv and
declining; tales ef 40,000 baakelt at$lir7 for delivered
Hllwanke club; Bl 2iatl Silelivered forCananda club;
1 3 We) 1 14 for wlatar red weatern; B dSfor white Ca
nadian; Bl SO for white OalUornian,'. $1 so for red;.
EYB qnlet and nnchtnsed. -. -.:..-x."-j
BaaLBY-eecforeMt. . ..' - ,--:.
CORN reeeiple 5S.700 bnah; market heavy and ahada
eaaler; sales 511,000 buih 87xSUoo for old mixed wes
tern. . . . '
" Tl. i 1. ii -fc
PORK taewrv and lower.' .
BHar-priwe, dull. ... ; , ; ''i''-..
OUT kUATS-more active. . ' ' , i- ,
LARD heavy; aalei'of 480 bblt at 9;10X. -. ''
BUTTER Head at 7 loo for common to prime."
WUlBKBX-wuier. Bale UObbliat 18X3M 1-too
Cincinnati Market.
TUESDAY, April 23.
There H still aothlor ealllnz for ateenUon In the
moveawaU of neMral tm inete. BvarythlnK nearly hi
dropped, by old men and younr;, forth pnrpoeeef lean-
aomauing oi tne tcienoa or war, ana in principal
outlay ot money ii for the purchaee of weapons. There
will toon be guns enough contributed to arm, every aoa
capable of handling one. - - , - ,
Tbaproduca maiket it atlll only tM theater af a local
trade-"' -. - , - i
rLOUR-li held flnnly at lael quoted, bat there la
dothiog; dolag la It worthy of report, v 'V.. x A
Wlir. AT U not efferioc at allaoaroelv. Tbendmmal
dgures art Bl lor Bed. and Bl 05 th fl 10 for White. I
UUHN aoramanda Ue. in ear and ahelled. But diat 1-
art aot f ret buyera at the Seore. . .-.
OATS are held hither, and kard to bar e leai than
B ARLfjY has ao market at esc. for rims fall.
BYE (a dull at su. 1 - j , . i C
WHI8KY-drtgaatlSXc.-(. Com. of today.
f.y m -
Cleveland Market.
April 22.
FLOUR salea or 300 bblt cboloe extra at 83.00.
wbkvt saiee or ent oar red rrom ttort at a i.oe.
t.OOpbnahdo alBl.10. , , -uurt ty
gOKk-dO taiatj kordortuklfi9oc. , , , sji a
OATS aalea 500 buah at 25c. . .
HIOnWINES-ealre ol 50 bbla at 150.. r-.o
There It very little doioir the above fbraelitf all
aaltt of . ooaatqaeaet reported. : frksts art un
changed . Bet tabls. , i : , - '!
Aaaat craws mart 'more pepwtnr
And (ciUmonlahi, new, and almott .withcut number,
iht bt tivtn from ladies and gentlemen mill trade
eoelatv. whott tolled tettlmony none could leaiat.
that Fiof, Wood't liair Rcetoralive will ttetort the bald
and gray, and prtatrvt) tba hair of tha youth to old age.
la all UayoatBiut ntaaiyr . , . . i
' V f Battle Creek, llich., Deo. SUt, 1858,
Paoir. Woonl Thee wtlt cleats secant a ItoS to Inform
thee that the hair on my head all fell oft over twenty
vaara aso. eauted by a complicated chronic dttetaev at
tended with tn eruption on tke head. 'A eonUnoai
eourte of tuffering through lira having red need me to a
ttatt of dependene,: l bave not been anit tooblaiu etun
for capt. neither havt I beta able to do them np, In eon
ranance of which my bead hat luffered extremely from
cold. 'This Induced ma to pay Priggt as Hodget almoat
thS laat etai I BaoVoDearui lot a two dollar bottle or thy
Hair Bettoratlvt. atnqi tne nrat or Augutt laat. i nave
faittrfully followed tha direction tand tht bald apot la now
onvarad with hair Ibick,aa4 black,, though anaeU It la
annotating la all ovee my btad., Peeling eonfldent
taatiaaothtr large noiua. wouhi itaiora it enuraiy
and ptaaaaaontly. 1 feel anilpua to pareaverv in itt utt.
aad being dtaUluU of meant to purchaaa ang more, I
would auk tnee u uie wouiuai nor, im willing u tanu me
tn order on thint agenta for a bottle, and reoelve to thy
telf tht tcrlpture deolaratloav 'Hhs twwaYdj It If lhuta
treauiatotnv wiuuw am wiw minvriraa.
xny rneoa,! a TfucJ(natun.iB.bi.
i.inlr. Nobis Count?1, Indiana. eb. 5ih. 1859.
Vaor. O. J..Wooot fitar Strt In tht latter part of
the year wntit autaanrgi intoiate and National
LAW BCnOOl OI Ul pww t .w mn uij uair,. irom a
oau unknown to t, commenced railing off verf rap
idly, to that in the tnort tptet tr eix snoutnt, tn wkoia
upper part cf my scalp wat almott entirely bereft Of It)
covering, and much of th remaining portion pta-M
Ma and nana van or my mm enoniy auer aeeenaewrwy.
ao that you will not larpnwu vura a vaii-yoBioae api:
on mr return td tht State of Indiana, my -more- earaal fa
,MaA w4 a . Im. Am .MMUb.V
eautt of tht change In my appearanct, at my aaort fcnU
mate acqnaintascae were to icognra me ttaii. - - h
TI at one mad applloaUon t th taots -tkillfat pliykt-
eltnt Intra conniry, was, wmragiie aeaaiaaus irom
them that my hair would again be reetored, I was rtscva
tn hKMM rSconeiled to my rktav uatll. fortunalelv. -In
tht latter part of th year 1837, year Rettnrallv waa'r.
commended to me oy a oruggui, at neing uw moat rtiia
hu Hair Rettorttlv In ns. I tried en bottle, and
found to mf great aatitrMllaUiat'lt.srM pradueing the
desired effect, .. Binoa that time, 1 have used acven dol-
lart' worth or your nestorative, ana as a, rvsuit, nav a
rich coal ( vry tot! black aai wkioh iotony can
aa a mark mv gratlthda tor your llior and aillfln
th production ef to woadtrfnl Au article, I have) recom
mended lta uae to many of my friends and acouintance.
who, I em hapity to inform you, an using tt with likt
tB-ect. rVry reeptotfallT.'ours;
i, i 'It Attorney asodonnteW at Lasfl
Bpt,4ti nrpanway, na eoiu iw m yis wirongn
outtu world., I ... - . - . , Im ."I .m.
-Th Ketlontiv I pat op u aewaeei uuMtttaa, via:
large, medium, and email! th ataaM kolda H A f IwV amd
retails for on dollar pal botilti ttmtaediaaji holds at
least twenty per oeat. r laprvportien than the small,
tmttwMla to two dollar a batUaj AU. large bold
qaatt, 411 prn4 mtre bt inUoo, 4 ratal la tot
tbetti. . , j v'..-,-It-- r-'t. -'( li. .i-ait
I Or J. WOO AJV.tKrcf nur,44 Broadway, fttw
r l .iii U.V.I BIm.1 U, I a.. '.
Am ld ky HOkkBTB ak 8 AMU kL, 0olumDat,'pl4o;
BBd by an gooa vrugguKt ana fancy uooua inaiert.
Il precliely what iu nam lmlleatee, for, while
pteaaant toib taatr, ISIe'IVrTirirliig;,eiiliilarM.
or, iovajorallnf and ticsgttMninr ta'.tie vital
Kv tlatee , and rtneve, the Blool Iri all Ha pSrity.' tni
Lkhaa annua rmtaiwand iwJiln tfumttem in-
i ltM2m.mHibU in albwi aHLlo. ll k Ilia ant.
H (preparation ever offered la Uie world, ao chemi-j
calif and skillfully eonMned ae to be the mott'TJ
luapieo w aa w aci in awriMiaaoeMlanKe wun llie
lawa pi natare, aad hvueeAttli tooth thmttluiit
k .ik ,M Um a th.. oHattrt .aai and
thua allaiall nervoua and other irritation. It I,
perfectly exhllamtiDgvand at the eanw lime it la
oempoaed entirely r veaeULlwe. lelaeeoaiainadiM
lae w proouca uie Biuevinuruiwa uuicUart wiUi.
tint prT.itucina an luarioe eimieonuceej Sudi'
a remedy naa vm neen leit coim a Oeatnermnm in
(he medical world, for Itnsedi no medical skill tn
ae Uiataalilil tollowa all attaukaolrflaaua. an.i
pryeeua man indeed Hija U aieui ppvu.la Uie
laaidiona atliKka of many o( tha must uitaUeuch
fox exaniple. aa the follovlna: Canuimntiim. fn!
'iiavoa, uyepepaia. mhioi Appeute, Faiulpeai.l,
M-.,,,. T..;iu.:i:, w... i . i. n.i.i..n.. .. 1-
Ueajrt, Melaoclwly, Night gweata, laojuur, OirftlV,
nj,.JUlenlipn of,, at well aa Paiiilul ybalr Ufied i7
itoo profuae, or too acanl Menatruation, and Fali-i
inn of the Womb, f hete ail depend unon general
debility.' This para, ueallhy, tonla- Oordial Said
uiooa uenovatof la aaaare-to ciinaiHieani la
riaaand aet. rXhere Ian mialakratauat tti j Bull
iiuj la not au- ji uie eyatam ta weak.md.we' are, , ,
pen loUliouaatUoka, Uie Uvea hetomea.leruidJti
iur wone dlaeawd, the kidoeya refuae to paifannlfl
uieir iuwouuna,aua waars tcoualed wilkaealdinc m-s
arnV inoonlinenea of arise, or iavuiunury die ) -i
hirge of the aune, pain as tha bank, aids aad to-iA
Iweeu the ehoulrtere, exceedinaly liable to aiiihtiU
colda. couglia, and If unchecked, eoon emaciation
follow,, and the patient goeadowa to a prmitur
irrare. Bnt apave will not allow ai to enBtaaratt-'fl
the many lllv to which we are lhibl In a wmki-rmillW
eondltloa of the tyetemv But we will ear, "
Cordial and Blood Ktnorator von have a nerfnet flJ
are, pleaaant and effectnal remedy for W efifj
'ADDetlte. nllionneea. Vlatnlenmr. wir aeif-airiV.
HHtomaeh, Lanpnnr, Liver Complaint, OhilUmij -
i.rever, or any miioue atuuk, Unatlveneaa, Aeidivjf '
lor IB stomach, nervsuancaa, oiearalnU, l'alpitar
tion of the Heart, . preealoo- of Bplrlla, Borer,
rimpiew on uie tmom, or any. au9aaa,amiB irom
mpure blood, aurh aa Scrofula. GrvarDelaa. Urou
imi, uunan, otincuiiy or Drearninir. ana an mam
pciaaa of diaaaaea called femata oreakneas, and R1
enumerattxi above. We will also aay the traveler m
expoied to eriidemka, chanice of climate andwat.
lor, will find it a pleaaant, tale and tore, remedy,
miu uuii buoum ever travel wtinoui. iteauer
try it. for we aiaura ion vou will find In It a frit-ml
loilecd.at well tea friend In need. All penoneof
ttdentary habitt will Snd it a perfect preventive!1
u well ai cure for thoeeailmenta to which IbevarelW
particularly etrpoaed. lleucanilnlateratadtuu jkL ,
uirneyt, lilerary nntlemen.tnd ladiea who are no! J
aoeuatoraed to sack eutdoor enceroite, will nod h, H
to their adrantaee to keen a bottle eonatant y on
hand; and. above all. mothera. or theae bccomlne .
auch; will go through that moat dangeront perialj hv
not only wihall their aocuetoaard ttrength, butrf
aaftand he from the ihouaand ailmenta ao urev-
alentamoog Ibc female portion ol the world. ,,In l
thort, it It indeed a mother 'a cordial. Try it. old J
I. Try n.oioi-rf
ana young; no longer run the Mtk of i
relieve tnd prove itself tmohatlaallr
0 JrWOOD.nronrietoe. 444 Broadwav
iora,and lit Market Street. BL, Loula. Mo
10 m oy ItUBERTS at BAHUEI.,' Colnmbui,
BAfl Mil BAAjl Tl ... I. ,.' 1 .1.. , ... n . . I I . -
Ber Bottle. ' w,.rr.hH.rl Jbw,lv lBt
t i nui 1 a 1 i nir 0 ii i n o n t .
For tho WlusterB and Eair,...f
Tha aialiaftrthira faVa nl.aanrA In jnAiuiAin .Atlii,
dttliena ol the United Btatet, that they have obtained Uie
Agency for, and are now enabled to offer to tha Amerioan
publio, the above Juitly celebrated and world-renowned
article. Tha ....
prepared by Sa. 0. V. BELLINQnAM, in eminent
phytniao of London, aad is warranted to bring oufa
twee ass or, .. . .iff,v. j. .
'TCskers ora MnstacLe
from threw ta tlx weekt. Thil article la tha onlv ona
tht kind need by tht kronen, and la London and f arit
It In nniveraaluae. . ... '. ,
It it a beautiful, economical, toothing, yet atlmuUttoi
compound, acting aa if by magic upon Hit roott, causing
abeautlfal growth of luxuriant hair. If applied to the
aralp. It will curt baldum, and eauae to apring up In
place of tho bald tpott a fine growth of new hair. Ap
plied according to direcliona, It will turn am or towv
dakk, and rettore gray hair to itt original colhir,
leaving U toft, tmoolh, and flexible. The "ONanurr" la
Isdlapentablt article In every gentlt-maa'i toilet, and
alter ona week's rue they would not for any consideration
without it. ...
The aubacribert art the only Agenta for the arl'cle In
United Btatet. to whom all ordera muat be tddretaed.
Priee Oae Dollar a bbz lor aala hwii bmni,u .nS
kealera; or a box of the "Unguent" (warranted to- hve
dealred effect) will be tent to any who desire it, by
(direct), aecutcly packed, oa receipt of priee and
poetafle, 91.14. . pply la ot addreaa., j M A j .
,- , H0BACB L. BKQXMAN at CO.,
' : BkoeraitTt, Ac, '., -.-t
fttBOdtiwCm 84 William Street. Hew-York.
Irish steamship' use.1
Steam Betweea Ireland and America.
Tht following aew and matnificemt Bnt-elaaTiaddUt
Wkeel nuamekiot oompoie tha abuve line; ,H f
iPBIiTIO;-' S.888 tens barthen, - Oapt, J. Uacit
(Formerly of the Collins tinsi-11""'4'-'
mP.RNTA. 4.400 tona hnrthen. riant. N. Panww 1 '
COLUMBIA.- 4.410 - - i CcivB." ''
Paoiho, soon -''- -f. ttmn.
RINOK ALEBRT. (rJtretf.Ji . MT ,Ja IOi
:!)r 3.3WI .. , , . J, WaUa..
Ont of tha above ahlpa will leave Mew tork or Boston
alternately every Tuesday fortnight; for Unlwev. car
rying the government mailt, touching at St. Johns,
K.f. . . . . ' ' V'1 f-
Tht Btaamera of thil lint hava been constructed with
greatest care, under tht tupervition of the govern
ment, have water-tight compartment, and are unexcel
led for comfort, safety and speed by any iteatnera afloat.
tney are coinumuucu vj mvn su., Awcicucru uuiixn,
nd every axerliaq will be made to promote the comfort
paaaengcra.., . . ' - ' J,T
An extrerienceil surgeon atttched to each ship. ' '
Plrat-clasa N. T. or Boston to Oalway prllrerpool B IM
Becond-clast. , " " , P
Vlrtt-claaa, " " " toft John 'a -1' '"' H3
ThirJslaaa. " " to Oalway Or tlVBTPOOt.
or any town lis Ireland, "en a RnHway, V - - 30
Thlrd-clasa passengera are llberxlly supplltJ wlih pro
vla-.nna of tho bait nuitlltv. cooked and aaffved bvtrft- Se-
vanU of the Comuany. ' '-w U't O
, ur,it"t. aivhhas, .. -
Parties wiahlng to tend for their .frMadafrom the old
oountry can obtain llokelt from an tenva an a railway, in
Inland, a from the principal el ties oLJiagland and boot
land, at very lowrttet. ;. .vmiH
Paatengert for Msw York,' artkrlBg iir the Boston
Bteaawft, will bt forwarded to Men: York free of oharge.
- for passage v further Information, arm ly to
..i -.,.- .. .... Wat. JI. WIOKIIAM.
"At th office ot (he Company, on taw wharf, foot of
Canal street. New tork. . f
IIOWLANO ABP1NW Abtti Agf nrt. t
aprlllftdCta. ' - i f'l-xjsa iieri.iaj - ih,i
.... i . ..,...,. .
ft Vairi"1 WVWtt$V
V Noveltie. In Nk Ties tnd Bcarfa." &
. ...... o u ..a n..t. n..iiJW'' hr
Pari. Kid aiovea, superior uakc. . ,
0Mn Hill Bhlrtt, various at,yk 3 WXJL
&.H Hnl,l.n 11(11 fil,ir,M. An
Brivlnsand-llttt-tAlovei.'eo ' 1C
,1 Sltraanxkl'ooket Handkrrcb-tra, yrtpljrlev, .
'.. Halt IloeaMUMl Hnder Oaanusot,. r ,uVa fi
T i-ll.H ti r-'-l ! !- -j
.vi- I J 1
. . . BINBT T. CHltTiaptN
' ' "ATTOBNIY8 AffAW."1
jtfSbemirSti William' mrei,tWttVr lyiB
n...., tin.. ,aui n.i.nkii rihi - -t a
l r jLJ-uaatrnt atttauau para a uiiesunw. . rrr f b, i
april8-jem'1 .-" wW5tdj I
Avi!-Tm .ivmmi on it
Stock of ttrocertet to Mr O. 8. VBMIN9. w cheer
tatty re eemaaeaa una to oar tiarpatreairanairpD-i'. . ,
.i-.ir.vl . ... , -TH()a, WALkUtk, A,OK-f
Oolumnus, atarenwiu.iHii pidit.
vp crtnitiav ei
HOT). oding, yrrs, sUMtftew and
.i,..,u lLn,,, PAi-Jtvl lAnuuKerv QIC'S . neK
TiM.AtAeka. Binsat and Eveuiug GtoveeJIalf lToae M
vet kind, tinder Oarmeat ad all kind! bf acnta'Vu
nltatmr Good ia great witty, goo)
tmVtt ' Ko. 8outh High ttrejtt,
JijLa-ltqsT DEiiciotrs
4 -l y -datv and '
Vegetable Oompouod,
rocuredkythe dittli
ation of Koote, llerla
an d. Barka, Yellow
.'niMifnruia, rr I I u
aiaerryjlarB M4trj-;
delloa entert into itt
Before Takin5fs "a remeduiiftcrTaklnt
Printltimirr rat h "Irireilleril la.AJiili. ..-.niTi
myoew'meihod of liaUlliuK. producing".. deU-k,
hileraling apirit, and the muat tdkALLlllLIt remedy lor
renovatint the ditnaied avftem. and rni,iriM ,i..
-...L.i. Buu aeoiuiabBQ ,uji 10 HKAuTH and
BTBUNOTll. n . I e
Will afftetaally ears
LITItt dOMftAUn," BrJP'rti,,1tltfND10.
Chronic or Nerve, ae Debility,- Dlaeaaet tf tht WJneyei
and all dixuaea artaing from a dlaorderej Liver or Flow
ten, Dyepeiieie, Hwrtlmrn, Inward fi let, AotdityorSict
neea of the Stomach, milneat of Blood to th HetJ, bull
pain or twUnmrng in the head. Pali..Ut!oo of thai Oauii
Vht lornaoa, Boar Bitetaik-.r1
Ohoktng or tuOocaUng feeling when lying down, Krroeet
oryellownea,of;tuBkiuaod Uvea.. lgh Hmsti, I.
? j . "If": PlIn ln th ua'l of the back, cheat or aids.
Suey luihaa f Ja-oat, PeMtemo. af irltvfrhjbtfnl.
nmrf LM4uir,etpoodcrmy.orkny BerulMavaai
Horee of Blntclie. on tlx, Bkui 7rFz7: 5
ohi.ud r.v.,.,- - : r.r
Over a jnillleitl kX ITettlei'" lr v
nave been told during the latt tlx moo tha, and Is pstn
atanct hiu it faluuf. iu KlvlntuUr anaa.tUan".fH bo,
'then, will auOerfrum WuSun, nr lii,iiii
LKAN'S aiJtKrlQTUBNINO COBfllAUwill ure yonT
no lanvuaife ciin . ,1u,1,,.a i.i.. ,.r i.
aiate and aluuat uiracujoui oiiange produced by taking
thil Oordfaf in- the niaratrd.-drliilitaled and ahatteml
nervoua tvatcnj, whether broken down by exceaa, weak by
BiOaM, nr rmpairad kjr awbiirae, the relaxed and unatrunr
rcaiorou to in pruilue nealin aod vigor.
Or olhert conadoua of luaWlity,. fiom whatever canaa.
.will find McLeans Btrtngliteaiag Oordial a thorongh
Iregenerator of Uie ayeleui; and all who may have inlured
themaelvea by improper indulgencea, will And In Urn Cor
dial a certain end awedj -remedy. - X-.-j-I
-'.Ti-.-iu ri ! f-.t5i;.,
McLean s Mrengtheninj viflA
la a loveralgn and ajweily cnre for
Obatrticte ,or VuHcult Menstruation, Incontinence e
rig tor In-rojitatnay DlaakArtio tte ru. Jntl I mg .;! .
Womh, aiiidiueaa, kainting and all Ilieeaeee lu,:idne t
ftetaattiwatia) 1. it'l.-r'.. -ti iit,'i vJIr'Teqat J
Ml . .....
Antra la sr MlSiaBw A DOB! n.i m to
nffer no loofuir. Take it a.!corlins to JJiroalion a. It
latimuiate.alrenguien and Invigorate you aud etna,
bloom o( hclth trnnoaut your cheek again. , 1 T
Bvere, boittt tl Warranted tt givt tattfMcUMrl J A
FUIC CIIIl.imF.lv.
iryqarahudj-en art ttdtly; ptuAnraffl)iiVUn-i
Oordial will makd them heallliy, fat and robuet. Delay
tAamotaeattrtry lt,aadyoawillbe etmvaotaVbia tf
0 at ti aw -Beware of-Brmrxlattar Dealm wta akaynt
try to palm open you -some Bitter or cWtapari lit UaWa
Wlilch they can buychrap, by tayinf It ia itutaa goodT
Avoid auch men. Auk for McLean 't Btingtrrrr,g0ot4
dial, and take BotMng ehwr - It 1i the only iiui,dr I bat-;
Will purify the. Hood tborerjflily aad at tilt turn tat (
ttrragtlientlieiyitem. T' "ITT-.TT
One tableepoonful token every morning failing,
It a
eeruun pirventrttur Ohu era. Oh Ma aad favat.-.xaiim
fever, or anv nrbvalent' dlapam. 1th nna n n,
bottlea. ' - r
PritranlyBl par bottle, or S hollies for BS. r Avf
w,..- -- J.rj.McLIAH
Hole Ptweirietor of thle Oordial,
-r Aleoklet' Volcanic Otl Llnimentr
PriCClBtl DStMV C. ttiftinntf AtThiMl mnA BinA
It. L.kwJaaiJ4 AWVlJrJ. .tj aT
McLean's Volcanic OJ1 Liniment.
Tne beat Liniment in tht WoId.' Tha onlv eafe and
teruun cure for Onirctn Filet, dwelling! and Bron
ehitit, or (loltre, Paralyaia, Reumlgia, Weakneaa of the
ktuaelee, Oiironts pri taflammstor Hheomatiam, H JPJ
teat-ot line jointAv CAntraoteA Muatlta nr 4k-aae a, X
larache or Tootkaoht, Braiatt, Buraina, Wounda, kreah
Cute, Ulcere, Fever Sores, Oalred Breaets Bore (Applet,
Burnt, Bcalda, Bore Thoat, ov-tnry Innammation or Pain,
dilTcrenea hw srveia, or-hor- long ttia, dttSnat mty
have exlated. McLeaa'a Colebrated Liniment ia a cer
lata maedy. j, -.- j : . . , , 1 ji I . J y JJ nil
Thousanda of human belnt havt beentaved a Ufa of
decrepitude and misery ly Bat Bgerof thai tniulnablt med
tine. .Aw i.oi ;
llfjLEA'N'S ' -Vi5&jANiC OIL
Will awUeva pain .almctt rattairtantoualy, .And It ell .
Sleanao, pufitf and Leai the lunkat torca'in an infredi
lyihorttlme. rl " " .- 1 .t
Tpr norsoa and btber'Anliarlat.i
y..-I,ead i celebrated tlnlmrnf Ik ffce'orfly mfe'atwTT1
BbltreaMil for the eu re of BianruvKin HoaaL tt inA.
falla, Bpiinta, Daoatnral Bumpt, Model or Swelling!. It
will never rail to cure Big Dead, Poll Kvil, Vistula, fthf
runrrtng So ret or Bwwny, if properly applied, Vnajae
Bpralat, Braites, Beratohet, Bona or Waunda, Cracke-l, .
Heela, Chafe, Baddlt .or Collar Utile it ia aa Infallible
remedy. Apply it at directed, and a cur It eertiia tV
every inttkiice. - - t-'- .. ... i ..,, , e,;i
Then trifle no loner with thai mtng asotthleet tin.,
entt offered ta you. Obtain a eupply of Jr. SIcLri,"t
oelebiwted Linhwe.O ft will nuns yo.':J B'ji)
. .. J.ll. ncI.KAN, Bole Proprietor,.
-Corner of Third ami Pine Bueets, Bl, Louis, RnJ 11
loraaJebyaUflrtuaiiatt. , i i , -,
lor aala by . 1 1 ZT, . JtOBItTK A B AJtCktl '
angllC-flkwly Oolumbua. Calo
ft. A .tl.n)ln. V ,r,- - '
which greatly facilllAtet the nroceta of .teething, by toft
enlnt the eamm. mlm-rnr alt InSanrmaltoa wil I alia
Xlepend boob jl, intiiers, yUI jrvepety ojonrielvc
w a have put up aad told this article tor over ten xrart.
aua UAW nag. It VW.gJBSMCe4 0 TaVHTlU-uI w.
what we htvt ftcprTrwlilr to aeav-wtiier-i-
cine HIVJIrttlArT tt FAILBI), IB A SLNmIjIS lUH'i'
ANCK, TO KVVK0T A O0BK. when timely nsed. hcv-
r dkf wwkrjow aa IntUnct odiseailetarelea bf ta yite st
wno used it. Un tn contrary, all are delighted with ite
oTierarlont, aaal tweak W tent tf esters, laltw 'ef ltii!
niiMl rSerla and medical virtue. We apeak kn 4hart
matter -what wis do knuw;-- aner Ttn ywtrr nw-
kUeiai'tlalNT U.VUA'(,KlKftt UkCLARtl- )qj
almoat every instauc where the infant It aullerinr rmm
pain and'txhaattlon, relief will k tOUod in BAtrta or
tweotr mlnulet utter therAyrup it administered.
,tlav:iutwir.an.i.i ia'itVvreaHknf ,t (t
tne moA BXPKlENORDabdrKlLLruirlBAtt.
New Kngland, and hat beea, esed with NhVEK VAIL
1NQ BUCOBtWirt"-1' ,j v.iik J too
It not only rellevest tie rliRdfrottT vain, nut Invlror.
atat'ia atouuuh -aud bowda, narreqlt aesvtw,
tone and rncrgy to the whole system. It will
atantly -relieve ,i.i mat u,l to tt ws,U A
0aaJS(LlH najowxiSa ass win ic?uc
and overcome WflvtteifnwTUofgrr-not sjieedlly rewie
died, end In deallrt- Ww-tHnve tt wit tf Bar and BUR-
R8T RKUKDlLIK.Tnfcr WORLD, In all cawajof UVtW
it arises from teotbasger -irom my oUion a-W
would say to everyaeuotkavwho ha a child autre rv.il from
anyol' Uie foregoing eoatnlaints 00 JHOa, hkl.IdliR
stand between yon and yekea Buffering child, Snd. Ua re
lief that will be BITKaV-9) ARBOLUTkLY SUUS-to
follow the ust tbaaia4Ke, If tlroaly uaedM!.Mi di
rections for usirMriWribaaetenipany earh bottle., fon
genuine unlemMwreimiMtdUt)Un.MiUrVi
New York, b on Uie outside wiappu,, n, 4,,l(,i
Bold by til urugiutwirairgnaua umAvrld.,T
tri tcipai wr rrnrvyrt ietir sim N.V.
orlrf-sAtwtV- i CtJtt
tVjtemastiikn t&d wi. Sui .keal V rfrb.trjj
, truaw, out, or itmm wvuwni mmw inmi imenw
eweiliiK and vain from be, glingt, mosquito bite, and
DOtaOAMt -piama,- Banfmniw, uwHatwn mtjmm m in
breeat, tall rneuuu ia v ru iaacu uimuuy, h win
poeitkrrfrlrur srpuf SnJAiklka.an glvS-imtneitlat
relief in the worst caa of thil terViui eomrnalnt; sHto,
reaaovea-bosnMiitv uik tort throt.Prlre, VS eenUa
bottle. Bbo14 Im i s-trx laauas. Tor tale by Drug
glett and Storekeepers." ' rilVIM BTONI,
rwr th instant mauir
PnUUllCl 0UKI at tl)
r.!oa.lrtakig BoajDltlnt WiTV
nrc.-xc-...B7,ni vMri'ua V
35 s p q u ? l ;:c 1 9 i th t ? r. s
lsabve. BEYU0L'a i C0 U:1 (wtt ftLV.'d
,r.i4 arrtot lU per box) ttut fret by poet.
'-Trw-Ai,a-. Avaiii muaam
tuyt-dwlji .
v m ,
u it
. - T ii 1 ' VistaagaaVB

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