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. i .
The ArUm Exrwese uomnanv piacea uu uauj
under pblications to it for the very latest papers
from tha nBtnrn cities.
Th Amorinan ExDreia company nas our
thanke for Its daily favors In the shapeof the
very luicnu onuii
Camp Jackson. Since two o clock, yesterday
afternoon, . the following additional companies
have arrived and gone Into camp :
Cant. Crenon. Union City Quarts, Dark. county" M
.. v . t . Hfn.
josepurjione, inmyunaras, varx county... ea
abbolt, Abbr-ttUuards, Ztnesvllle PS
D. Pries, Fiqua Hilles, Fiq.ua 103
.. J. P. Merrill, Lawrence Quards Ironton 7d
., II. 0. Kodgera, Lawrence Guards. Ironton. ...150
W. M. Bollei, Lawrence Guard), Ironton f3
.. J. W.Iogall. UieenvllleGu.rds, Greenville. ..117
.. J. N. Newkirk.Qreenvllle Guards, Qreenville.. 78
.. James J. Clark, Van WortUnards, Van Wert. 00
.. Jams Blosn, Hillsborough Volunteers 103
.. J. Q. UawkiostUutoo Guards, Union county., ojl
P. Ueagern, at. Mary's Guards, Auglaii Co.. .133
-. Oolier, New Philadelphia Guards H3
.. Beseb, Uasslilon Guards ....70
The foregoing, with the lists we have previ
ously given,' comprise all the companioa that
had reported themselves at Camp Jackson, at
tiro o'clock, this afternoon. At that hour, some
six or eight companies from the east and north-
eaBt arrived at the depot and proceeded to the
Camp. Soveral of them were from Mai ion and
Morrow counties..',
There are now in Camp between Six and Siv
in Thousand troops, and thousands more are on
their way here. : Some of the troops in point of
muscular energy, vigor and noble beating, will
be found hard to excel
Major Bumunk, of the United States Army,
is mustering the men Into the service at Camp
Jackson. ,,,,
Col. MoCoox. of tha First Ohio Regiment,
la .!, h. ,t,in. .... . -t
naPttlfA At Mnii. I.A.M ltlf I, . .mdIm .f . V. n I
i ' - f" "v p'iv u hub
Federal Government. , . .
Cant. Harris' ComDsnv. of Cincinnati, and
runt. r.i,n. ntnn r.mn.n. .111
" r t 7v " '' , " ,
Camp Jackson th.s afternoon, or to night, for
Harrisburg.K i J
Tub A nMn.i . . M ... t 7PL - I
toiiowiog is tbo composition of the three new
Regiments tormed at Camp Jackson yesterday
Governor's Guards, A Captain Marrow.
' II Wing.
Urbana, C , " Corwin.
SpriDgtleld Company, D " Vananda.
Chillicotho. E " Gilmore.
Pickaway V ; , ;v F Mason. .
Columbus ' . G " Walcutt.
Hamilton " II " Rostman.
Col'mbus Steuben G 'ds I " Schneider.
Col'mbus Montg'y ' J Turney.
Knox Guards, .
Union "Guard, '
Delaware Guards,
Hardin Company,
Wayne ' " '
Delaware '
Hardin "
Marioa' "
Mai loo ''" -
A Captain Andrews.
McW heeler.
The fifth regiment is designated as the 11th,
r i.t- it 11... .
irum wuia numeral ine aaaiuonai regiments
will hereafter be numbered
Cant CMId-i'Co. A. Capt. Frecze's
" t.
Fretell's C
Sangerborn's E.
Nolan's G.
' Crainer's " I.
Drury's '"
' " H.
'"'"' J
CoLUMsua 1m r ant Garm. Miss L. Frank
ENBiaajr, h&vuag had bnt five pupils in the In
fant Garden, which sba opened in this city in
November last, and has continued up to the
..t -ill h. . th- n,Auit. fnr
i vw uuuer iuo ucup.v7, i
twelve more pupils be added to tbo number now
The'publtc are aware that tbo system of in
fant schools, known by the name of Infant Gar
dens, originated by Freperick Frsbel in Ger
many, baa been introduced into New York, and
recognized as a want of the time for children from
three to six years of age. Miss Frankenbero is,
therefore, very reluctant to give up her Infant
Garden In Columbus, and believing that the
system 'needs' only to be known to mcet'wllh
proper encouragement from an Intelligent pub
lic, she respectfully solicits our citizens to visit
her institution, . This can be done from ten to
twelve o'clock, in the forenoon of any day oi
the week, with, the exception of Saturday and
Sunday, at No. J9 East Rich street, or, in pleas
ant weather, at the Garden of Mr. Biceel, No.
45 East Rich sireet.
Melamcholt Event. The Ottawa Democrat,
published at Port .Clinton, comes to ns draped
in mourning, on account of the death of its
proprietor, J. A. Goodrich, Esq., which took
place on the 18th lust. Mr. G. bad been to
Fremont on same business, and was returning
home on a boat on the Sandusky river. The
boat stopped to let him off at what Is called
th Coffer-Dim, and as he was about to spring
off, a heavy sea precipitated him between the
boat and the dam, causing such serious Inter'
oal Injuries that he died in about three hours.
Mr. Goodrich was a man of talent, and the
publisher of the Democrat for nearly three years
past. In th fall of 1857, he was elected Re
order Of Ottawa county. Hla sudden decease
is a severe bereavement to his afflicted family,
and ha ciBt a gloom over the community in
which he resided. ,' . ,
ST To J.' 7. Neereamer, of this ctty, Post
Adjutant, at Camp Jackson, we are Indebted for
many valuable items. He unites the urbanity
of the gentleman with the frankness of the
Kldtor. ' i 7
Rail Road Time Table.
Littu Hum a OeccMiDS It Zinia Hi K.
., ... . Leaves. Arrives.
Cincinnati accommodation. 5:00 A. M. ' 9:05 P. H.
" Bxpress... 11:50 A.M.' 11:03 A.M.
Hall AnemmMttm...... 1:30 P. M. :65 P. M,
Might Bxpress Tie Day ton. 12:00 midnight. 3:20 A. M.
'-.i hj( . .. ino. W. DouaavT, Agent.
OowMscs OumLAiro B. B. I
Wight lipre.. ............ .3 A. M. 11:43 P. M.
Nw nor iuprs..4.....il:IO A. M. 11:10 A. M.
Mali ana Aooommoaation.. i:iO P.M. 0:10 P. M.
! ) Pattirsok, Agent,
ObitralObio B. B.
No. llxpra.. ......... 1:30 A. M. . 11:38 A. M,
Ho. S do 11:18 A. M. 111:45 P.M.
Mo. S do .3:10 P. M. 4:50 A.M.
.--. - w. i. Fsu, Agent,
PrmioaaB, Oowmos CmcmnATi B. K.
Mail Train 3 30 A.M. 11:39 A.M.
Bapres Train..... ,ii:ih a. ss. 11:45 p. t.
'., - ' o. noaiiieon, jAgenU
OoLuMBbs a ISDUKorou, B. B. .
OoLuaaot PiaoA Ixouka R. B., .,
No.l Ixpress 6:30 A. M. 1:50 P. M
No.S -......!..... 3:00 P. At. 6:45 P.M.
Aooommodatlon . 10:50 A. U,
'Wood's Hair Ristobativi has aoqulreda
. ........... .UHH... -
reputation from .aotual test and experiment
which oMndot b obanced by newspaper puffs.
..... . . .
In our own vicinity It baa been extensively need,
j w-u i.i.
ana we rjtmwvw io every oasw wuu every aesirea
rsulttva4 tecelret tha, universal endorsement
of all who hav tried it. - W therefor reoom
mend a one of those few genuln itostfums
Which accomplishes all it professes, and all th
bald and erav oould desIrs.-CoWIa Sew.
w - . ,. - , n ,m
Cooohs. The sudden eh anges of our oil mat
are sources or rulmonarv , Bronchial and Astn-
matlo Affections. Experience having proved
(bat simple remedies often act speedily and
certainly, when taken In the early stage of the
disease, recourse should at once be bad to
"Brown't Bronchial Troche;" or Lozenges, let
the Cold, Couh, or Irritation of the Throat De
ever ao alleht. aa bv thin nrecaution a more se-
riona attack ma hit effectually warded off.
I . . . . : .A j. i .1 M
rubiio snealters anl o inters wm una mem Bl
feotual for clearing and strengthening (be
voice. ' Bee advert sement. . ror sale wnoiesai
and retail, by Roberts , eamnei, no. norm
men street, a. earauei v ,vo. wooaio
High street. ' .'. .- M 'rriVi.
m-trntwr I A Ik
lu WO ouugrniiuiiivo wm bcaucib upwia, jut;
discovery of a oure for Rheumatism, Gout and
Neuralgia, and all Mercurial Diseases, which
is effected without the use of Internal mediolne
... . , . .. .... ..
wmoa owroy ln8 constitution ana give lempo-
ran relief onlT. ID laOt KM WO Only KnOWD
' ' . . . ' , ,
remedy effeollog
uonevs vulq,kuu wa loci
warranted, from Its recommendations, in calling
the attention of the afflicted and those having
friends suffering from Rheumatism, Gout or
Neuralgia, or the pernicious effects of Mercury,
to the advertisement in another column of Our
paper, of Dr. Leland's Antl-Rheamatio Band.
FaisERVATioN op the Hara. Some attention
Paid to this item of propriety would avoid much
of the Baldness so prevalent In this' country.
Dr. Bcllimqham, of London, has Immortalized
his name as the Inventor of a "Stimulating On
cum'," which could be as appropriate In pfeveht-
Ing as in curing baldness. To cause a luxuriant
growth of beard or whiskers, it is equally cer
tain. Messrs. H. L. Hioemin k Co. now have1
the entire American market. Hence we look
for a large Inorease In hirsute appendages
among oar young men. See our advertising
columns. .
Good. We met one of our friends yesterday
on Broadway, and were astonished at toe change
in nis appearance. A tew week ago we saw
him, he was Dale, lean and delected; comnlaln
log of weakness and debility, bavin been ao
- ... . I r ... '
health anrl atronff. wa learn he owed hla ree.
toration entirely to McLean's Strengthening
we advise ail wtio are complaining or uen
eral Debility to try it; it is certainty a very
pleasant remidy. We learn that there are large
quantities of It selling dally. Morning Herald
BTp. If.,-.. M IK H-.fc Uh
Street, bas a very choice assortment of Gold and
Sliver Watches, fine Jewelry, Clocks, Silver
d Plated Ware, at prices to suit the times...
: ,
01LKBRATSD . ' ' J -
- j'' .1 ... I a if. ..; 1 -
For tha Whiskers and Hair :! ";:
.k,nM .v. nin in a ih I
Oitiuns ot ih Untied 8ut, that they ha obiaiotd tin
for, and are now ambled to offer to tha Asurloaa I
nnhlln. thn fthnvn liiitlv Aftlhraff1 anil wnrlri-rAnnanad I
Publto b0M Ju,t, '' "d worJd-reowDd
' r
Drenarcd b Sr. 0. P. BKLLINGHAM, an eminent
pbyslclaa of London, and Is warranted to briny out a
uiica mi oi
Tiri I . ir . 1 - 1
WlUSkerS Ora
from three to tlx weeks. This artlel It the oaly sue
the kind used by the trench, and la London and Paris
la in universal nae. . . . . .
It Is a beautiful, economical, soothing, vet sUmalatlnt
eralp, It will euro iauwsm, andeauie to spring npln
or the bald spot a One irowtn or new nair. -ap-i
plied acoordiiii to diracboDi it will turn aa or towt
an Indlsnensable article In eremenlleman's toilet, and
after one week's nae they would not foranosasUeraUoa
The subscribers are the on It Itents for the art'ele In
the United Btatee, to whom all orders must be addressed.
Pries One Dollar a box lor sal bv all - Prnnitt and
Dealers; or a box of the "Cnsueot" (warranted to have
the desired effect) will be sent to any who desire It, bv
mail (direct), securely peeked, on reotlpt St prloe and
postage, i. io. appiy to or aaareaa u -.-..,
feb20dstw6m S4 William Street, New-Tork-
Aim EN van n to New York . drlv direct to the
Oondnctjdon the '' u :'
Good fare. Qood Booms, Prompt Attendance, and Mod
erate Charges. , ., , M, , ,., , t ,j
BINOLB ROOMfl SO 0T. 75 0TB. and II PER. DAY.1 '
' . DOtTBLH BOOMS and PARLOOS t-l.Maa 3.
Veals as ordered. This Hotel has all the apnelataent
of the best hotels, a most central location, and la heated
throughout by steam. i . SAJUUKL . MKABs -
marctiiMJm irroprMtor.
fore exlstloc between th subscribers In thlselur un
der the firm of McKee a Beslleaux expired by limitation
on in nnu oay or April, icui. wm. u. nettieaax,
will continue the bnsiness at the same piece, No 34 North
Hinh street, lie will pay all claims airalnal the firm.
snd collect all the debts, using the firm nam for that
pnrpoMoniy. . :.--. i, n
Columbus, O., April 10, 18b 1. ,
- 'SI it- 'Ll i V ... .-..!
I have sold to Wm. H. Resltetux mv Interest In the
business of the late firm of UcKee at Besueaaxr and
hereby rtoommend him to the eontlnued faror and eon-
tkience or ine puoiw. ' i IA. u. Mcajca.
Uolumbui, O., April 10, 1WJ1.
-. -1-1 jit tt-lA
i Columbusj Ohio iii
f L0UB, 8 ALT. MQ00RS, " ' J '
aprll 17-lwd
' ' ' '
1 bom my DRUG btorb, whk-'h a removed from the
ornerof High and Oay streets to the Southwest corner
oi uroau na mgu i.ree, voiuduwb, vow.,
With many thanks to my former estrone and custom
era, I respectfully request the soatlnnance of their fa
Tors to my successor. -' ' - UENBY M. NBIIiJ
Columbus, April l. ltui. : '
f ;
T opened
II BTORB of Sir. Hairav M. Niil, I bar opened
Ooiumbu, Ohio-eina th old and niivU Hani tar
Ik. a.nlhnil MM..! Bmb.1 ...1 II -k .ul.
thai otMinesf for many year. . , i.
Tn IZZioaU. toth.7wlth hut.. ou.
rarnuut, 070., usually kept in such an establishment.
Iff Paaacaivrtoiia oaralull and Bramntla- oomnoiuid.
owre open at all hours of th Oay and atp-AiVi
I iespotfully solicit th natronaa of tu nubile.' .,i
sTlnltiiMKBaaa A a a anx m
""."."-,,,, i. inui aproMim k um t-.ut a,iui.
0PH110 cio.m .Mn
Q nbw BTTLi-Mir ln,xl JsoutiflutlonB
M,,?-?,v.IJu,'iiPDil aw styles Cutw Oia-
I ortLaa. oasquihn and Bmjuub. aaa,! in tha neweat and
I most stylish manner, ai.o. i.perb. Viitiu
I macK oiisiw, yerv
Mantilla and Baaqulnee.
beavy, deslguad Mpresaly (ur
H ftooief8ir
IfullyreoommmdbUa to our old patrons and fVia.n
Iron, and friaada iV -
vwimuiHie, maicaifiii loot. api-au.
Arrival of New York Regiments at
Washington City.
Numerous Enlistments at Saint
United States Forts in Arkansas Taken Possession
of by State Troops.
Thousands of Troops at Annapolis.
A Great Many Rumors.
&c. &c. &c.
troops which left New York Sunday P. M. ar
Assney rived, be should march to Washington.
mi. f... "
" ixtui ineuu auu ciaaa-maie 01 018,
MSlMlfr,QfiW,on8aDat,1rom Richmond
New York. Aorll 24. The Board of
visors have appropriated a quarter of a million
dollars to support families 01 volunteers.
Judge Betta. of the U. 8. Clrrmir rft-,.
' uranu jury io-oay, denning the
viiius ui unwo auu un consequences.
Jt IS Stated that all n orjlea anrl h.mmoraf
(ne armsat uarDer-srerrv were safe v mnv.
.ww , r I uwauauao WA
m voiwrv umv vuujuagrauou.
Fifty uniforms for tha South .t
Brooklyn by the Dolice at din"pint tiin
where they were being made by order of a New
York firm. . .
The Persia is detained till mornlDg, to take
Lerd Lyons' dispatches. Amoni? thn n ft a a An 0 of a
Anllck and the agents of New York, Penn
sylvania and Massachusetts, to purchase arms
loose oiaies.
Major Patrick, of the United Stmra A.m.
been appointed by the Government Adju
tant General of New York.
Dr. Robert Sabo and Daniel Fish havA h0n
arrested for treason; the former for enlisting
troops, and the latter for furnishing arms and
munitions, for the Southern Confederacy.
! a ffvutj-turce ouuiueru uauets nave lelt West
Point, in oonaeauence of refusinu tn n th
Oath of allegiance to the United States.
ine snip Italia Kookh, of Richmond, Me., Iy
In Lynn Havea Roads, has nrnhnhw hun
seised as a prize to the Southern Confederacy.
Norfolk pilot took her there and refused to
take her to sea again,
a. sailor nas been arrested In Elizabeth, N.
, for attempting to set un a Dlratical ..mo
tion In favor of Jeff. Davis;
Direct advices from Annanolis bv Inttera and
travellers, to 4 o'clook yesterday P. M., say the
of New York and Massachusetts 8th regi
ment were there.
A larre force of secessionlats Uv haiin
them and Washington. Commmiimuinn in n..
to Annapolis.
i ne uovernment bas seized all the vessels be
tween there and Havre de Grace. The depot
occupied by three companies of Massachu
setts troops. . .
vcu. sutler oeciarea mai as soon a rh
1 ue mgaie uonsutution is manned by a
company ot Massachusetts troops and can level
Annapolis with her suns
Mr. 8imonton, the correspondent of the Timet,
who left Washington yesterday morning, says a
rumor having reached Virginia that Lieutenant
ueoerai book was about to resign as General-in-Chief
of (he U. S. Army, Judge Robiuson,
oner mm a commission as UommanJer-in-Chief
of the forces of the Confederate States.
After learning the purport of Judge R.'s er-
rand i General Scott inlerrunted
bim witb a
fnSam weDt' ? fuKrth;; '?
WCb. a proposition to him, he (Judge R )
wuuiu dot do permmea to get DacK to Kicb-
mood, addlnff that, havino- ..nm ..,r,
the honorable obligations of that oath, and
snouia or court observe them.
Mr. Bimonton learns, from food authority.
that th New York 7th Regiment marched over
from Annapolis to Washington on Monday
The citizens of Maryland and Virginia are
positive in their protestations that there is not
slightest design on th part of those States
invade the Federal Capital. They are prob
ablv cot advised of the purposes ot Jeff. Davis
other dlsunionlsts. ,
Gen. Beauregard is reported to have arrived
Riohmond, on Monday, and was believed to
reconnoitering In the neighborhood of Wash
In furtherance of their plans, the secession
authorities yesterday ordered Major Tilgbman,
Commander of the Militia of the Eastern Shore,
take possession of the Chesapeake and Dela
ware Canal. This, doubtless, looks to the de
struotlon of that work as a means of transit for
troops. The Union men of Cecil county wete
endeavoring last night to effect measures to
protect the canal.
The New York Timt$ says, from reliable au
thority, that th 7th regiment landed on Sun
day morning at Annapolis, at the same time
with a Massachusetts regiment.
About 2,000 rebels were collected, partly
armed, and having howitzers, to oppose their
isoaiDg.- ine Ha regiment formed with the
Massachusetts regiment, and marched straight
through the .opposing force. They were not
molested. . ' . -
wGovernor Stewart and Osn. Price.
recently adopted at Louisville
IndiaNapolis, April 21, Indiana recognizes
party. 8he is a nnit for the Union. After
the organization of the House, a choir of ladies
and gentlemen, whe bad repaired thither by re
quest, sung th Star Spangled Banner, Red,
White and Bine, and The Flag of our Union
Forever,' The crowded assembly applauded the
patriotic strains by every way possible, with
inree umea inree nuzzans, so,
The Hons then adjourned, and marched.
headed by a baad, to Camp Morton, to listen to
aa aaareaa to the soldiers by Hon, Stephen A.
More companies arrived to day. A snfuclent
number have been offered, besides the auota. to
torm ten aaaiuonai regiments, and still tbey
com. Indiana can send to the field, within one
month, 50,000 men.
1 be Assembly will put the State noon a wat
footing forth present, and establish a reserve
guarfl or iu,uuu men ror ber protection. Com
panics to this number hare already been offer
- The retort circulated this mnrninir. that (ha
t. : j.
vlm .,v.wu n vi u vbuuvu, nag ,u
tireiy raise.
f-'' Lom, April 24. Enlisting volunteers has
progressed rapidly for the past two days, and
there ar now about 2,500 men on the Arsenal
grounds, subjeot to the orders of the Secretary
of .AVer, which will probably be received to
morrow; and it is thought that the entire four
regiments asked for by the President will be
raised In this county, notwithstanding the refu
sal of Governor Jackson to comply with tbe re
quisition, j v -i . : .
A company of one bnndred Germans, from
St. Oenevle, hav offered their services,
F.P.Blair. Jr., haa been eleoted to, and ao-
.E w?? ,n h? flr,. 'e8lm0D
' The renorl that tmona haa hon atatlnnsr) at
Cairo, to obstruct river commerce, is denied on
authority of Got. Yates, of Illinois. Tbe troops
were sent were as a mere precautionary measure,
T A lares union peace meetine was Held at Jef
ferson City last night. Speeches were made by
ex-Governor Stewart and Gen, Price. Tbe reso-
were pass
ed unanimously. Also a resolution instructinsr
delegate to the Stat Convention to support
and vote for the prinotpies expressed In the same.
CiRoiNHATt, April 24. Ogilvle Byron Young
was arrested last evening at in Hpsooer House
StaUe Marshal, on th charge of
" oa, important ovrrnMoueaca waa iuuuu
in bla possession. He will b examined
by th
'United State Court to-morrow.
Havre be Grace. April 34 2,000 stand of
arms arrived from Harper's Ferry. Supplies of
pork, nour and provisions nave oeea stopped.
Numerous seizure of arms and powder have
been made one of 800 kegs oi powder for Bal
Light boats on tha Potomac river have been
fired by Virginians, to prevent vessels from con
veying troops to Washington.
Trains on the main stem of tha Baltimore
and Ohio Railroad, from Washington, ran reg
ularly yesterday.
Mans I
between Washington and Annanolis
have been stopped. - - ' -
Mails from Richmond are detained by the
The road between AnnaDollsand Washington
Is guarded by the government troop. Military
from Baltimore last night were dispatched to the
Kelav House, to protect the viaduct there.
They had several pieces of artillery.
A gentleman passed through here from Bal
timore tbls morning, wno state mat rort Mo
Henry was certainly reinforced with 600 men;
also, that the Baltimoreans bad planted cannon
aireotly toward ber. The commander ordered
tnsm removed, an.oh wm eomplied with. 8ub
sequent!?, another eannon wa pointed at her
on another side, which was also removed.
It Is stated that aa agreement had been en
tered into between tha authorities of Baltimore
and the Government for the re-building of
umukcs ai tue .expense oi Damniure, ana me
roaa wouiu De in rnonlng order la ten day.
. Large numbers of troops ar being coneen
trated here from Harrisbnrr. '
it is said no person is allowed to leave Balti
more without permit.
Harribboro, April 24. It is said provisions
are Decoming soarce at Washington. The Gov
ernment is supplying families with the seized
flour at eight dollars per barrel.
Military officer say there are but little over
two thousand men lying at Alexandria, and not
more man nan were armed.
It Is known bv the Government that dono-.!
Beauregard would be in Kichmnnri nt Tn...
da7j . il.l
I be 7tb New York resilient fa knn i k.
at Annapolis. Baltimore bad Bent tMAna tn in.
tercept their maroh between Annapolis and the
Washington Junction. .,-,
General Soott'a pickets are gradually ex.
tending toward Annapolis Junction from Wash
innton. General Soott will assist them, it at
tacked, at all hazards.
The 8th Massachusetts regiment will force
their way up the Potomac if thev ear. not pAtnpn
Annapolis. All familiefl who ean a At mt
areleavlng as fast a possible.
A portion of the ten thousand arms shipped
from the Springfield arsenal have arrived here.
The troops are now ready to maroh.
Havre pe Grace. Anrll 24 Th
tralnthe from Camden station lft fa W.hin
ton on Tuesday P. M. When nearing the Relay
House, they were iaformed that a train from
Washington had been taken possession of near
ADoapoiis junction, and bad been impressed in
the Government service, it was supposed, for
the purpose of carrying troops from the Junction
For the election in Baltimore thera had h..n
other ticket but Southern Right nominated.
was tuougni mat the navigation of the
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal would be stopped,
account of the apprehension that the cargoes
tzvAnlrl kit mmImaJ O
uutu UU DCJeU
Hear? cuna were heard the HamA tnnpnlns In
the viclnitv of the White Honait. anrl tha .nn.
position was that some transport steamers had
been fired into.
Augusta, Me.. April 24. Tha T.trL1.t,,.
ill adioum to-morrow, after naaalnv an ant
raise 10 regiment of volunteer and appro-
minion aouars; an act to provide for
Coast Guard and appropriating $500,000; an
act makiug the entire militia of the Stat avail-
aoie by dralt: a resolution anthorlzinv a. Inn nf
i,juv,uuu, and an act authorizing the employ-
uicu. u. icuiaies ma nurses in toe army.
6.000 men will have been enllatArl h Sain..
The free use of railroads and steamers I be
ing offered for the oonvevanea of tranna. And
citteB and towns are voting money by thousand
uunara 10 equip soiaiers and make provision
fnm tltMla A. . til i ..... 17
Bos-row, April 24. The steamer SnanMIn.
.1 u:- i . . . . . ' .
min.cu tun, iiiumin?, ana report mat an ar
rived at Fortress Monroe Seturdav
There were 800 regulars In the fort.
The State of Maine, with the 4th Regiment,
arrived soon after. The troops were transfer
red to the U. S. sloop of war Pawnee.. Tha Paw.
nee left Fortress Monroe Saturday night.
The troops were in good spirits, all well, and
eager to be at the post of duty.
It was reported that about 5.000 Virslnia
troops were in and about Norfolk,and mora men
uaptain How reports that the Virginians
talk of storming Fortress Monroe, aa that la tha
only possible way of faking it; that, however,
will be no easy matter. The Government has
given notice to the residents.
FaiLAOELrHIA, Aorll 24. A trentlnman haa
arrived here who left Annapolis yesterday. He
heard a report there that a neera inaurreetinn
had occurred in Ann Arundel ennntw. Oan
Butler, of Mssjachnsetts, offered the services
the 8th Massachusetts regiment to subdue
the insurrection.
Gen. Butler was taklns? measure tn haw tha
rails relald on the Annapolis road. They bad
been carefully taken np by the Railroad com
pany. No difficulty waa apprehended in again
opening the road to Washington. ,
TbeBaltimor Sun bats, although Dawiala
not in Richmond, be will be soon, to mak hi
head-quarters there, with an advancs gnardof
5,000 Carolinians. , He will be rapidly reinforc
ed, having ordered the enrollment ot 30,000.
The Governor of North Carolina ha called
an extra session of the Legislature for May 1st.
it is reporwa mas a. n. oteptiens 1 on bis
way to Richmond, and that 2,500 South Caro
linians and Georgian are on tbo way to Port
mouth. - - . . i
The Virginians have possession of Norfolk
Navy Yard.
Niwburtport, Mass., April 24. Hon. Caleb
issuing, at a nag raising, addressed th oitl-
sens of this place this afternoon. Ha waa for
the Union under any or all possible circum
stanoes, and against all its foes. Hla whole af
fection was with Massachusetts, and not friend
or foe should separata him from her. H waa
reaay on the Held of battle to live or dl in her
ueience, or in that or the Union.
' "-""aWaaawmw-w
Van Boren, April 24. The Van Bnren Prtn
newspaper, the leading Union paper in Western
Arkansas, to-day hoisted over its offlo th flas
ui iiie Lmuieaeratei outes.
The United SUtes troops at Fort Smith evac
uates tne post last ; night, and left for. th In
dian country. , J. ,
l be state troop now occupy the fort.'
l a - y
FHiLADitreu, -April 24. Gen. " Beauregard
was in Richmond yesterday. He aent a aoie
to Mr. Lincoln, reoommendlna th removal of
women and children from . Washington before
Saturdays The Commissary Department - is
now tuny preparw ror tn issue
ed rations daily. j .
30,000 oook
PaoviocNCE, April 24, The second diviaIrA
of tbe Rhode lalaad Regiment, nnder command
of Col. Human; vailed for N. X. this P. M.
Tbey number about 600 men, and carry th flag
wnicn tne itnooe isiana tiegimenta Dor tbroash
.v r, . ..... v
tne oattiea ui tne tveroiaiion.
Cairo. I11.,-AotU . 24. About 2.000 troons
have already arrived here. ' . : t
Tbe rumor tnat a. regiment of Tennessee
troops was marching to attack thia point la not
credited. -The feeling her Is vwry strong for
tne union. .on v, i j'HUJiu
11 ' .- i
Boston. April 24-Tbe frluate Nlaaara la
ordered to New York. The- Gov. aava ha la
prepared to arm 0,000 troops with sabres, bayo
nets ana nuesi !
Newark, April 24. The City Counoll aonr.
prlated $100,000 for families of Mldiere, and
is.uuuior equipments. ' Thar are now l.OUU
troops In Trenton Tb Governor baa called an
extra leseion of, the Legltlatore for April 30.
' tftw York, April 25thWUaon'a regiment
of Zouave took a solemn oath to aupport th
fldir- and march through BalUmor. " .
The steamer Empir City, from Teias, ar
rived ber inn morning.
Foit Smith, Are-, April 24. Fort Smith
in possession of the Stat troops. A 'I
About 13 o'clock last night, a volunteer forte,
under command of Col. Solon Borland, landed
at the wharf, on th steamboat Tahleqoah and
Frederlo Natrob. Th command - numbered
early 3,000 men. - About an boor before their
arrival, Capt. Stnrgi left with hi command
consisting of two cavalrv companies.'1 He took
away the horse belonging to his command, and
such supplies as he oould transport. He is fall-.
in back on Fort Washita. Tha post was for
mallv surrendered bv Captain A. Montgomery
to Gen. E- B. Berglven. Adlutant General of
th State, wno placed Colonel Borland in charge.
Capt. Montgomery and Major Gatlin were taken
prisoners, and arterwards released on parol., u
There were about 700 Stat troop here to
day. They wer passed In review in the garri
son narade around. The flag of the Confede
rate States of Amerioa was raised on the Fort
at 3 o'clock, amid th firiog of cannon and the
cheers of th people. . Alter the review, three
cheers wer given for the Arkansas citizen sol
diery, three cheers ror Jen. un vis, ana inree
cheer for Gov. H. M. Rector.
Th stock and property taken possession of is
estimated to be or the vain oi tnree ounarea
thousand dollars, ' i ; t
New York. April 35. The Associated Press
has reliable information, just received, that the
mew York otb, 7tb, and lzib, and 7ist regi
ments, have safely arrived at Washington, and
ar now quartered at the Navy Yard in that
city. ' ' -
Gen. Wool ha received information that two
privateer ateamers were fitted out at Norfolk
before Virginia seceded, one has a single rifled
vun. anil th n(h fnnp l,wl urnna. i ,
Col. May has tendered his services to Gov.
Col. Stevens, a millionaire of Jersev. has
signified his intention to equip a regiment for
Leslie Coombs has telegraphed from Frank'
fort, Ky., saying that Crittenden I absent," and
asking if we can get arms and money for self
defence in th Union.
Gen. Wool aent the dispatch to the Presi
dent. ... r , , ' '
It Is stated that 70.000 stand of arms were
captured by th Secessionists, on taking Fay
cttville, N. C, arsenal.
TbeAd utant General of North Carolina
calls for 30,000 troops. ; -
The gun-boat Pocahontas arrived at Wash
ington Monday night, with 130 marine and 350
soldier. - - "
Among recent resignations are Commander
McBlalr.ot th Navy; Lieutenants Bennett and
Winder of the National Observatory; Li en tea
ants Brooke, Powell, Lewis, and Simms, of the
Navy, and Col. Johnson. Quarter Master-Gen
eral of the Army.
The Empire City arrived to-day from Texat,
bringing 316 itfantry and 377 cavalry, nnder
command of Major Shepard.
The gun boat Mohawk was at Havana for
supplies, to sail in a day or two for Texas. ?
Lodisville, April 24. The pork market is
ezoited. A leading merchant complains that
he cannot get provisions from Cincinnati, nor
telegraphio dispatches through explaining the
reasons .
Th Nashvill oanera contain the aneech of
John Bell, yesterday, recommending a strong
military league ot an the southern states
against a common invading foe.
Gov. Magoffin to-morrow will issne a proc
lamation calling the legislature together on the
6th of May.
Harrissurq, April 25, Two Massachusetts
men, fleeing from Thomasville, N. C, arrived
here this morning, via Carlisle.
Last Sunday morning, 500 South Carolinians
passed Thomasville on their way north. All
along their route troops were getting in the cars.
and they heard them talk freely, saying their
destination was a south oamp, 25 miles south of
Washington, on Aqulaoreek.
The men left .Baltimore via Baltimore at
Ohio Railroad, and could not get out any other
way. They passed Harper's ferry, and saw a
number of troop there they judge 3,000.
Nw Yoaa. Aorll 25. Colt's and Sham's
armories ara b-Jtb working night and day for
Connecticut, toe General Uovernment, Uhio,
and other Northern States. Not an arm f sold
to any one whhool the fall assurance that It
is for tn loyal states, it would De impossi
ble to arm the regiments now forming without
sending to Europe, wer it not for these armo
ries. Tbey ar turning out some 400 arms per
aiawawiamwajaamauaaaaa.aawiiii a ,
Philadilphia, April 25. An arrival from
Annapolis report that five additional regi
ments had arrived there with the sappers and
miners, and a corns - of flrln artillery, and 12
pieces, and the railroad and locomotive work-
men to attend tbe repairs oa railroad and ma
chinery. - . . . ,( ; j ,;. .
Naw York, April 25 The steamer Kill-
vankul, chartered by the government, has a
(nil cargo of provisions, fifty horses, railroad
spikes, crowbars, &o., for repairing th e railroad.
Tn schooner commerce, from xora river,
brought the crews of several small crafts seized
oj tn rebels. ..-j,.
Niw Orlrans, April 24. The Davis Guards ,
of Louisville, arrived this morning, and were
enthusiastically welcomed. Two companies of
citisen soldiers nave volunteered to go to Vh
' I - ' ' " " " I
AuAar, April 25. Gov- Morgan will issue
his proclamation calling for 21 regiments of vol
unteers, making full complement thirty thou
sand. " : I- ' - I- : .a.J ..nv-
Utica, N. Y.. April 24. Twelve thoueaod
dollars have been ssbtoribed for the families of
volunteer 1 i n
Arrival of the Asia.
Ntw York. April 25. The steamer Asia has
arrived. , . . -;..v
The Europe arrived out oa tb 13th, :
BreadstuSi dull and unchanged. Provisions
steady and mora doing. Consols 91fB9v
fcr money; i?4i aooovnt.
The Asia brings o,uw poonos in specie. -The
bullion ia the Bank of England had In
creased 120,000 pounds. Bank rat reduced to
nercent. '
Lord John Russell acknowledeed the re-
eelDt of theuew American tariff, and promised
to lay It on tne table. He also said trance,
Sweden, Rnssla and England war agreed on the
Holstein question, and Hoped for a peaceable so
lution. : .-- . ,"w .. '..
Amons other warlike rumors, it waa stated
60.000 troop were suddenly ordered to march
from Marseille for th occupation of Syria; it
la aaid aleo abarn notes wer exchsneed almost
daily between England and France in. relation
to Syria. These all lack oonnrmation, but tbey
caused great uneasiness." '!.!' I
Paris letters Bay tbat war is regarded by many
Mlnevitabl. . : i' )
Bourse heavy and lower at 67 f. 65o.
The American Minister at Romel had been
inaalted by tb troops during tbe faster leetivi
tiea. ; He threatened to use Els revolver, and af
terward demanded from tbe Government belter
protection for th future, or hi passport.. His
demsnds were eomplied with. '.' t1.
At Manchester, there waa nor Inquiry and a
stronger tone. ,L"'""k"'-
Breadstuff generally lower, nonr quiet and
nnohaneed. Richardson, 8 pence St Co. say 6d
lower,, , Wheat, very slow, and ld2d decline
must be conceded. Cora steady, but 6dls
lower) for white and yellew,37B373d white,
37a 6d38s. Provisions generally unchanged
Bf aouve: sales a.uuu ueroes, bat no improve
ment. Pork Arm.. Lard in mora-demand at
63s56s 6d, aa In quantity, i Tallow flat; Sa
gar firm and tending upwards. Coffee firm
n but iiBnufii
Hoveiut in wacit Tietaoa Beam
LMJ IS- ),lt i
)( . , jnnH.nfniwvuiiMi.
It 1, V 1 1 ,1 - U k.. T . k .1 k. wl 1 V
S..kVll AtnVM .nnarln, n.ka. "
uiii Bhirf. Mri... .1.1m. --;JiM--n
Boy.' Ooldeo 11111 Bhlrta. do ' ' ' , ;'"
Driving and Street aioves. do-i rrt-
Hemmed Feeket HsdlMfMs, Vaiioat styles.
.aUHanaU.Oa-HaU, -
apftU Ko. W Suta Hlga, itiat)
rriaM oarrrxMBtN.,. , amsv T. oHirmtoaN
j.: . j ,. All una ia ax Lit. ,r h svx ji
TJTOfflces, Sa.Wmiasa Itrwt, Kw Terk City, and
PaaaaaBtraHiravO0laaibas,0hla. '
JfTOarsfal attsntisa paid to OoIImUou
New York Market.
NEW YORK, April 25.
TLOTJR reoeipte 5,544 Mils ( market
wlth aathersaoradoina-eala 1.509 bble at 5 USwU 15
or suparun ;tate ; a axa ror extra state ; S3 05
5 15 for rotn mt estra western; $5 50 -15 5A fbr eatr
Bound Boon Ohio: Canadian' flour '"ttrmer.1- at as SO
7.-.T: r.:,ji, ( .- r : ::i'-r,o ,
' , BY1 f LOCB-rldv at 3.10(34 00. eoagum io shU
wuiyvjriiutj . , .
WHBAT reoelots of 18.434 tasht market steadv. nfes
vi nu.uuu nusneis at i ror wmt weautrnt i viti j-i
for Winter red Western; (1 2ial 27 for Mlliraukee club;
1 48 for Well Canadian : SI 20(a) 1 55 for iood and very
onoict unioago Bpring; i 05 for whit KenMctjr;
aVAHLUK dull, B(ttS . I, ,
CORN noeloU of 31,373 bush: market . uu let. and
stead; sales ot (0,00 buab ai7i3de fol .eld oiixed
western In store and delivered; Je for Korthero fellow.
v at sieaajr. . y v i i :i y (
POKK steidv: ealea. of 200 libta at SIS (5071 IS 7.
strmeae, $13 253)3 75 for prime.
BGir-nrmer din good demand. - a
CUT M KAT8 fleetly . ' ...I O'i
LARD leas aative; sales of750Wli at 9IOv;c.
BUTrER lnfalrreaueatat 104415c lor Oluo. and 13
20o.for State. '; ' "
OnRBSI steady at 10 for cimmnn toprlmc ' V
iWHISKJET firm; sales WOO bb'i at 18Xo 19." '
STOCKS dull and lower bat closes flnner. Monev
andKzcbvnge ntichanred: Chicago k B, 1 3AK; O B a
Q58CaT 23K: Galena a Chloairo 57K: Illinois C
nriDt7K:Hai3:do Quoted 78k: New' York Central
71X; Bri 18X; Pacific Mail 62J; Salena a Cblcngo 1st
bondsua; Brooklyn Water Loan V3; oaiiromia 7's 74;
Mo 6's 45 N O 58: Ta 40(4 Ireaauri 13's 00:U 8 SO M4
Cincinnati Market.
ILOUtt we leave at th old Quotations, with nothing
mora loan a looai ir3e. ; v -
WMS4I-U scaroeiy onorea at all, nor are nuyirs
very pressin; In tnelr demands since toe millers silhej
to ueir resoiaiion not w allow OTer vuc lor rea.
CORN Oats. Bye and Barley, are In fair receipt. The
first two ar firm In price, aa quoted yesterday. I he
latter two ara very dull, and By will not brine -over
3UO. '1- iiii . !
whisky Is dull at 11' Xc, with a declining tendener
PB0VIIO8 Mo tramotion were recorded to-day
bnt tome sales of Bacon am aaid to hay been made at
tor side. Th markat Is In such a condition that
those who hav to realla nr compelled to anbmlt to
purchasers' terms, while those who would go 1st tha
market to buy witb any boldness would Bod mat no con
cessions would be made by holders generally. Bargain
are made by managing a parcha but a auuagltit wW
wears wnat may witn present nominal quotation be
regarded as good sale. i .. .va
rORK Mm rules at17; Bacon nominally at BY 7c
for shoulders: So for sides: bulk 5V to fic fbr shoulders)
8 to8 I 2c for sides. LardU held at 9o-CVf.C'om. n
to aay,
Cleveland Market.
April 24.
FL0UH- the market Is quiet with small sales at for
mer prion, including a lot of ohoiee white wheat eiwa
at 15,50.
WHJCATJ scare and la demand.- Bale of on ear oa
traod at fl.08, and 1 do from store at SI 10.
CORN quiet at 35O360. - -O
AT8 aale of 1 car at 95e.
HIOHWINES sales of 100 bbha. lie.
BH0ULDIB8 sales of 400 ms country cured at 7c.
BOOB sale at 99Ho ' , : ... ,
BUTTKR choice new Is selling In lots to th retail
trade at 14 SlOo.
POTATOES ehlppere are paying 35s fog NSSnar
Mil.-' -
J c
4 1
Is nreclsely what 11 nam Indicates, for, while! A
pleasant to the taste, it is revivifying, exhimrat-(
ing, invigorating and strengthening to the vital
power, and at the same Ume revivifies, tein-1 ja
Hates, and renews the Blood in all its purity, and f
thus at once rmtore$ ami rtndere the tiittem to- V
vuimrabU to attack qfdlstatt. It is the only
preparation ever onereu to tne world, ao cnemi-
cally and sklllfolly combined aa to be the moat
Ip-'Weftul tonic and at the same time so perfectly
..lanlMt In. as tn aAt In tMvfMt wwnrftanea with the
laws of natuie, and henoe will tooth tli wtaktut U
itomach, and ton op the digettlT organs, and 11
II... ..hm,. k.Mt.llu, T. I.I
MIH..II., .11 mi.--. u. vun.. ...iMwu. . I
oerlectlv ezhllaratinz. and at the tarn time It is', ,
Icomposed entirely of vegetables, yet so combined H
s to proauoetue most uiorougn wnicenect, wiin
out producing any Injurious consequences. Such 1
a remedy haa long been felt tone a desideratum Io LI
the medical world, for It needs no medical skill tniv:
e thatdebillty follow all attacks ot disease, and. .
proceeds and indeed lays the system open to theM
insidious attaca oi many oi tne most iami sncn, a
(or examDle. aa the following Oonsnmntlon. ln-l
digestion. Dyspepsia. Loss of Appetite, Falntnees.
Nervous irritability, neuralgia rarpiiattoo or tnei
Heart, klelancnoiy,nignt sweats. Languor, uidui
neu. Ketention of, as well a Painful obstructed.
too profit, or too scant Menstruation, and fall
ing of tb Womb. The all depend upon general
ueotmy. xai pure, aeauny, oaw uoruiai ann
Blood Kenovator is a tare to cure as tne aun to
I fh.MU.AMl.l.b..k,nl tl ll .. ,
this is not all. If the system Is weakened, we are
inen to bilious attacks, th lirer becomes torpld.lii
or worse diseased, th kidney refuse to perform
their functions, ana we are troubled with sea 19 Ing
and Incontinence of urine, or Involuntary dia l '
charge of the same, pain In th back, side and be-IA
tween the shoulders, exceedingly liable to slight U
colds, coughs, and If unchecked, soon omadatlonl
tollows, ana tne patient goes down to a prtmatnrei aa
grave. But space will not allow u to enumerate fj
the many Ills to which we are liable In a weakened V
(condition ot tn system. . uat we will say, la tbta
Cordial aad Blood Renovator wo hav a nerfect,
safe, pleasant and effectual remedy for loss of
Appetite, Biliousness, Flatulence, weak and sick.
Stomach, Languor, Liver Complaint, Chills and
Farer. or any Bllloua attack. Ooativenesa. Aciditi '. .
of th Stomach, Nervousness, Neuralgia, Palpita-'j
Honor th Heart, ressioot f Bplrils, Bores, m
Pimple on the Face), or any dbnaa arising from sal
,mpure blood, such aa Scrofula. Erysipelas, Broo i
hitis. Cough, difficulty of Breathing, and all that'll
bclaet of diseases called female weakness, and f"1
enumeratad above. W will also say tha travalerw
exposed to epidemics, change of climate and wnt-j
er, win and tt a pleasant, aaie ana sure remeay,
and none should ever travel without. Header.
try It. for we aisur you you will find In It a mend
indeed, as well as a friend Id need. All neraonaol
sedentary habits will And It a perfect preventive on
at well as cure for those ailments to wblcb tney ate:
particularly exnosed. Htnc ministert,students,at
torners. Dterarv nntlemen.and ladies who are not
accustomed. to much outdoor exercise, will Bud Hi
to theia advantage to keen a bottle eonstantlytoB
hand; and, abov all, mother, er these becoming
such; will go tkroagbi that moat dangeroas period
not only wta aU their aooaatoaeed (trength, but
ufe and free from the thoueand ailment o prer
alent among lb female portloa of tha world. Is
short, it la Indeed a mother' cordial. Try It, old
andjonng; no longer run the risk of delay; it will
relieve and nrov Itself emphatically a It tutor a
O.J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Broadway, Hew
fork, and 114 Market Street, 8U Louie, Mo., ana
sold by ROBBBI8 a SAMUEL, Columbus, Ohio,
nsl mil ttnnA TtrnivavUtsi: Prlts fin Tnl1ar
H per Bottle. mtrchSS-datweowly
i or TBI
i CXUUA-TEH BY . . ti ,i
w-r T t vt - sJ ".'
" psxjavousT. w
' .- r , . .. ...
(Contained in lwnty-nlo volumsf tha. Ohio an 6 Ohio
)t Bute Report.) : I i .. . 1 -
-'J-' mn i'ntu. awn flnMvawrCNl isnrt.
In Two Royal 8vo. Volume. . Price. $10 00.,
, -.'" ' j i i , 4 te-rj .s;-s i
No ears or expense haa ben rnared to ataka - th work
perfeet and reliable in all respects,
It ha now th Legislative aanettoa, laving been sp
p roved by nearly th unanimous volt) of boiH Bouses,
and was ordered to be distributed t th following BUta
and County omoersi "?
, Governor. Attoroev uenerai, nnpreme J aoge. b
tarr. Oomntroller. Treasurer and Auditor or Batter and
to th Pro hat Court, Court of Oonmoa Plea, Bopr
lor and Police Court, Auditors, aad the Clerk ot lb
various Court la each county, to tn Bemoan or in
Senate and House of Representatives of this But, tad
the Governors of the several Slates of the Union.
This book, 'containing, aa it do, all ot th Statutes
now in roroe, ana in aatnonianv oonsirucnou turu
and of th New OontltatioB, Will b ron ee pt especial
y uaema in uiv isivzBiautv y, uv,a wm,., w
riUSUVRD Vm in. rnnvn, ..i xr
' CITS' 0FF10RR8. I (""
Vu.mI m. nuv MbanMM ttavM Imam n-. it Iri iM,
Statntea since th publication of th last editions, by re
nxl. alteiatloo and additions, and saanv Important de
clsloas bar been given by in Supreme Court oa -oon-
ttoverttd KHntSiBii -v j !!!! r l U r V t
mvansisar ban, ,,, ,. i . ,
will ana mis an nvanaos norm.1 ,iMfiW-
law Royal See. Toiwntt of eeev Xlnttten Bmmdrtd
t . rag,
Ia Strong Law BUiding, Jrk IW.M. .
Fablkhadhy - i - o .' J- H jJiiKU
Law Pabllahers, BoekKllert; SmtterjtIaawtssa,
- i ,.'' S West Feurin tirees,
, feH8:49m:ai 1 i'" 1 v Cindnaati, 0
i nr.. aWAlsimt V,Vr.la7i'
i. - rax a, from "Boaded Wrbne '
tl s ., it.
- .
taovtT". V
WM. tivDOItkVtKt'l.'il
toft soutaaiga (trxit.
V White and Black, Just received at
. -
- pr.J.cIaEAN'S,,,,
Slrenpnia: Cardial aad BloofJ -5
5b.tur4',b0rl,,,le,, 'a" arla
1 ' A1CD THB '"
M-.lf a solmtiae and s
Vegetable Compound,
Srocnrcd by th distil
ition of Kools, Ilerbs
and Barks, Yellow
Dock, Blood ' Boot,
Barsapartlla. Wild'
Cherry Bark and Dan- i
delion enters Into lul
i B composition. In ea- , m . ,
Jiffore Takiuttire acure remedial ifter Taking;
k I jM 0
principle of each lnlrredteat Is thoreoRhl aztracled b i n 1 1
my new method at dlitllllni. Drodndna-A dtll-lrM i. ' J '
Wleratlng spirit, and the most INJALLIULM renedy lor '
renovating th diseased system, and restoring ihe sick,
snlTering and debilitated INVALID to HKALT1I and
8TBKNQTH. . -: , v
':. I t;:r- T biaii wcr
1 W1U sffeetoally ear
Ohmnloor Nervons SebUlty, Diseases of Ih KldneyiJ , ,
" . all diseases arising from a disordered Llrer or ("torn..
., ".pcfi.ia, nearuurn, in warn rues, ACiaityor bici
ness of the Stomach, tullnes of Blood to tbe HesJ, Dull
pala or swimming in th bead, Palp. tation of th Heart
Fullness or Weight In th atomaoh, Soar Insolation
Choking or suBocaUng feeling when lying down , Dryness
or yellowness of th gain and fcye. Nigbt Bweais, In
ward Verers, Pain In the small of th hack, chest or side.
Sadden Flushes of lint, Depression of Spirit, Frightful .
oreor Blotches on the Skin, and Ferer and Avu (oi
vuiua auu aever.; ...
, Over a million af klattles ' "
ltavt been sold during th last tlx months, and In no In
stanc has It failed In giving enUr saUsfaclwn. Who,'
?2?'jr"1 nfff''on Weakneas or Debility whan Ho
LKAlt'S SIHKNttTliBNINO CORDIAL will cut youl
'No language can convey an adequate Idea of the imme
diate and almost miraculous ohang produced by taking
tait-'Oordlal In the diseased, debilitated and ahattarad
nervous system, whether brokendown by excess, weak by
nature, or Impaired by sickness, the relaxed and unstrung
organisation Is restored to ll pristine health and vigor.
Or others conscious of Inability, frona whatever vauae.
will tnd McLean Btiwngthening Cordial a thorough
u.iiir oi in ayswm; ana all wno may bar Inlnred
Uiemwlves by Improper Indulgences, will and ia tbe Cor- -dial
a certain and speedy remedy.
' TyjiT tha l4uUe. , v , ,
McLean a i Strengthening Cordial r
Is a sovereign and speedy core for
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, incontinence af ,
vi, u. orsuvoiaauiryisaiarga manor, raiung or u :
Womb, Giddiness, Fainting and all Diseases Incido t
Females. i.,-; ....... . i-.
j I There 1 ne MUUk About it. ' - ' ' '
Suffer no looser. Take It aecardlM to ninuilna. Tt
UUtlmulate, strengthen and Invigorate you and cause
.wwwodsi uoaiui to mount your dieek again. -.
M - ' " " w wm WW IMIMN. w a wnnHNl.
If your children an aickl. nune.nrffilHa1 WT ,
Oordlal will mak them healthy, fat and robuat. Delay
not a mament, try It, and you will be convinced. -
OaCTtoa.-Bewn af Dranrlata av DmIm vtu. i . . , . .
try to palm apon yoa torn Bitter or Barsanarilia traah. . ,
whlca they can buy cheap, by sayinf ft Is Just a good. .
Avoid inch men. Ask for McLean's Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothlnc else- It is th onlv mai rhat
willpurifyUitbloodtliuroniblvaiidatlhfmni.il-,. ; i,:
strengthen the tysknn. 1 ' '
One tablespoonfcl tvikea every morning lasting, It a
certain preventive of Cholera, Cbills and Fever, Vllow
Fever, or any prevalent dl-aa. Tt ia nut nn in !,
bottle. - r '
Price oaly 1 xr bottle, r I bottle for S5. "' , ,
J.B. McLIAN, ' v,i
.a I Sol Proprietor of this Cordial,
I v Also McLean's Volcanic oil Liniment,
rrlccinal Deuel am thennmaraf ?hinl Pin ..,.. ::
St. Lou l. Mo.. i.j t-. .. . , - . .
j McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
The best Liniment In tbe World. Th onlv safe and
oertala oure for Cancers, Files, Swellings and Bron
chitis, or flollrr. Paralviis. Kenialiria. WnknaM r tb
Muscle, Cnronlo or Inflammatory Rheumatism, Stiff- J 1
nest of- the Joints, contracted Muscle or Ligament ' ' 1
aracbe or Toothaeh, Braises, Sprains, Wounds, Freeh
uuia, uicers, yever -ore, uatea Breasts Bore Nipples,
Burn, Scalds, Sore Thoat, or any Inflammation or Fain,
ne dlifgrence howevrr or ho long the disease may
have (xlsted. - UcLeas't CelebratU tioimentia a cr
tain remedy. , .. . , . , i
Tnoutands or human beings hav been saved a llf of
deerepltude and misery by tut oa ot tut) Invalaabi med
Will relic V naln almoat inataatanaauale. and It aril
oleanae, parity and beat tha foaleat tons In aa Incredi ' "
ty anon tune. r ,
. , ror none and Oilier Animals. ' " " ' 1
-kfcLean a celebrated Liniment I. Ih.nnl. h ..JtN.'sl
liable remedy tor the car of Spavin, Ring Bon, Wind .I.
galls. Splint, Caaalnral Bumps, Node or Swellings. It
wm never iui to cure nig ueaa, roll avu, rittula. Old
running Bore or Sweeny, M properly applied. - For -Sprains,
Bruises, Bern tehee. Bore or Wuands, Crack
Heel, Chafes, Saddl or Collar Galls it a an Infallible
remedy. Antil, it aa dlrentMl. anrf a ..nn, la Mrt.i. in
very instance.-
Then trifle no longer with tha saanv worthies Unl- .
menta offered to yon.. Obtain a supply of Dr. MoLean s ..
oeiecraiea iiuuamv. ' it will car yoa
J,Ii. Irlc LEAN v Sole Proprietor,
Ooraar of Third and Tin Streeta-St. Lnnia. Us
for tale by all druggist. : i , i :
Foraal by u i i .BOBIRTS k SAtrtrili,' '. t J
auJ-dawly Oolumbua, OliM
Si .". f i
BDtexpsrieaeea' NarsSand VetnaTe Phyiieiaa, iraeeaW J A
l to me attention oi mouers, ber .
S O 0 T..H I N.Q.. S Y RJJ P
which greatly facilitates the process of teething, by soft
ening the rums, reducing all innamMtloowll 1 allay
ALL tAJH and spasmodic action, and ia ... , .,
Depead apon It, mothers, It will girt rsstto yourselves
and a-.., - ,.- t
We have put no and sold this article for over ten mn.
what ,we hm sever been able to amy of any other aserff '
situs, TUsrFKCT A CUBB, when timely uaed. Nev
er did we know as Instance of dawatlsfaetloa by any on - 11 1
who ased Ik On th oontrary, all ar delighted with lu
operations, and speak ta term of commendation of its . 1 1
magical Seclnd medical virtues. We speak In thia .1
matter WIIAT WB DO KNOW;" after ten years'vTnw
almost every Instance where the Infant la suffering from
waanii vHianaufnav swiiei win ne lowna in ntleea or 1 .
twenty minutes after theByrup I administered.
This Talnahla nfvAa-nllnn la tn wwadnHni, .fj,i tmtt ) fT
ih mo EJiPaitlttNklDand BK1LLHIII. NITRKita In' . '
flew Bngland. and ha been ased with NBYBH FAIL-.
It aotonly relieve th child from wain, but mrIfor
ate ehoateaaaea and bowel, oorreots acidity, aad give jr., j
ton and energy to th whole system. It will almost in
stantly rsllsa ' s t - t wf
and overcome oonvuisions, wrUch, If net rpeedlly rem.
aiea, ena in deatn. we believe it in bbbt and SUR
INTEiiy and DIARUUdA IN CHILDBkM, whether - T.
It arie from teslhisa, as from any other causa Wa a
would say to every mother who has a child suffering front
any of the foiegoing onmplalnt DO NOT LKT VOlllt :
FHBjuuiuas nun tub fhbjudioksof oimtiu .,.
Stand between you and your suffering child, and the so i
Ref that will be BCKI yea, ABaOLUIKLY 8V R to
Sstlaw the use of thia mtdlcln, if timely usd. Full dl--i
erections for astng wilt aooomnany each bottle. Non f
genume aniess tn tae-eualle of vUKIU a FMRK1NB n1
Mew Fork, Is on the ouUld wrapper. . -(, ,J(f, ,k
eoiu oy au uruggteu uureugtiout tn world. ... ..
Prl clpalUfficv, ia Cedar Rtrwaf N.V.
.'deuW-dkai.Nt v. u run
liinuvr t anu -ta x, I ia-
At, ! flammatiiRi SnS Pn, an beat tb vara! bant.;
scald, brala,ut, r treaa wauad f any kind, rrveat
welling sod pala mm be stings, mosaalto bite, and
poawooas plant, euraigia,- -rtxraaMtlam, agw in th
kiwaat, salt rheum, etc. Ni hen taken intonwlly. It will
pasitlvely earrop HohiMren.and gtv lmmadtau 7
relief In th 'wont rasa of this terribl eomplalnt; also,
remove Boarten and cor throat... Price, its aenu a . .
tettl. Should be in every kous. For sale by Dnu .
gtotsand Btorebepn. IRVIii Bi'ONB,
t Sole Prupnttar, N. 1 BprucsU,New Tor -
Maiv . - - - - .rcix
f ; ,Fdr th IK8TANT BBLIIf
trdu iisrut cn,s u,
..... - -. ........ . v.
, .distressing umplalnt , '; ,
m U,.ar ,t.IBTl ..! i . -r .
siaasay v, r. nifnin m n niiai Bi , R. '
k 1 -Price B I pr bi rsnt tie by puat.
rot saiib at AtC'vinaaivTi r-,x
.. i

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