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APRIL 27, 1B61.
tv, A.i.m.P.mregg Company places us daily
, ' under obligations to H for tbe very latent papers
i Irom the eastern cities. .
The American Express Company has our
thank a for He uailv favors In the shape of the
very latent eastern papers.
An Incident. Cupt. Musi's company of
Zanesville Bines came up to this city yesterday,
;, to eo into camp, In passing from Head Quar
' ters to Camn Jackson, tbey halted in front of
"' the Statesman buildings, and gave three rous
ins cheers for the Ohio Slatetman. The editor,
joat returning from the press room of the build
log, and without any previous notice, happened
to appear at the front entrance of the business
' offloe lust as the hearty cheers of the noble
men from Old Muskingum were being given
with a hearty good will. Immediately the call
was made for Col. Mvvmnnt, and he mounted
a large block of Muektogum coal which was on
the side walk, and addressed Capt. Music and
: his command in a sincere and affectionate man'
. , oer.
He oonoluded by exhorting them to do
' their duty and endure hardships like good sol
diers, and expressed the opinion that they
would so oonduot themselves as that, when the
, , war was ended, they would return to their
homes conscious that every duty prompted by
courage or inspired by patriotism had been
faithfully performed by them. His remarks
were listened to attentively and reoelved with
great satisfaction.
Capt. Muse's command consists of ninety
" picked men, of fine soldierly bearing, and ore a
DOole set of fellows. Our best wishes accom
pany the Zincsvillo Blues.
Camp Jackson. Siooe our report of yesterday
aftornoon, the following Companies have been
reported at head quarters at the Camp:
Cnpt. B. w, p. Mine, Ziweivllle Bluei no
" 0. W. Andrews, Auglaiae county fcS
, " Moo If, Rioliland anna. 7 91
v J. T. BajncB, Valley Oaatd, Madison county.. 81
'' The total number of men reported on duty
at the Camp, at two o'clock this afternoon, was
, Fifteen cornpunica -the Eleventh Regiment
and five companies belonging to the Third, will
leave Camp Jackson for the oast at five o'clock
to-morrow morning.
k The Fourth Regiment has been organized by
the election of tbs following offioers:
. , QColoncl, Loam Andrews, of Knox oounty;
Lieutenant Calonel, James Cantell, of Har
din; Major, Jamis II. Goodman, of Marion.
' 1 The Third, Twelfth and Thirteenth Regi
ments are to elect their officers this aftornoon. .
J' As the Governor cm only accept the thirteen
regiments called fur by tho President, and ten
regimentn for tho Stato servioe, it is probable
, that the cumber of troops in Camp Jackson and
the other Camps in the State will be gradually
: diminished, unless a further requUiJon'ehould
be maJo by the General Government.
. The Immortal "J. N." This heroio philoso.
pher, satirist and orator honored ns with a brief
visit to day. He rooognires full well the great
jealousy that must necessarily exist against the
most powerful thinker of this or any other age.
Like the great Oriental philosophers of the most
ancient, time, ho intends again to incarcerate
himself for a season as a willing martyr to the
cause of Truth and Righteousness. Not that
: he fears bolts, chains and dungeonsthese have
no terror for him but in serene oontemplation,
he loves to acquire, that he may give to the
world lesson of supernal wisdom. Farewell,
J. N. !" We never shill look upon thy like
again !
[For the Ohio Statesman.]
Suroeons should pay particular attention to
the advertisement in another column from the
Board of Medical Examiners.
In estimating the experience of Surgeons. a
year of hospital attendance will bo estimated as
equal to (mo years of ordinary experience.
Good bodily health, such as would be neces
sary to gain admittance to the regular army
service, will be required. This matter will be
determined by .the Boat d. '
The certificate called for by the advertise
ment should be specific, and should be placed
on file with tho Secretary as speedily as possible.
No candidate will be admitted till the pre
requisites are strictly complied with.
The examinations will be in the form of print
ed questions, with abundant blanks for answers
in writing, and will be thoroughly rigid.
J. W. HAMILTON, Secretary.
- Life Insurance. The Mutual Life Insurance
Company will, on application, assume a "war
risk," on parties already imured, who desire to
enter into Military or Naval service at this
time- The additional premium charged for the
additional risk need not be paid in cash, but may
be deducted from the profits at tho next divi
For further to
. Religious Notice. A discourse upon "The
Moral, Social and Political Significance of the
Present War" will bo given by tho Rev. T.
Gorman, in tho Unlversallst Church, Third
street. Sunday evening, 28th inst. Services will
commence at half past seven o'clock, .
- QaTThe Anderson Guards, Capt. Nolan, from
Dayton, now in Camp Jackson, are so named in
honor of the gallant Major Anderson, of Fort
Sumter fame. A nephew of the Major is
member of the Company.' 7' '," ,l ' .
0Tbe Superintendent and employees in the
Lnnatlo Asylum iu this city have, within a few
davs cast, run fourteen thousand bullets from
soraps of refuse lead found about the premises
.The bullets have been sent to the State Arsenal.
THTJudge Rankin has assoolated with him in
, . thtpraotloeof the law, John C. Groom, form
erly of Clralevilld, and recently of Kansas City,
Missouri., Both are experienced lawyers. :
, IPT Brigadier General Soorr has appointed
Guatavus M. BAecoM.Esq., son of William T
- Bascow, of this city;' his Aid, with the rank of
Captain, ,., , , , j
' O The Railroad Companies of Ohio have
.,. been Instructed pot to transport any more troops
' to the different camps, without the Go vernor't
special oraor. ;; j
ttr Col. Harrison, of ttj ton, , elected Col
onelqf (be Eleventh Regiment, 0. V. M., is a
. I Vl ' Vt? '. . .. u U m.lmt tT.nct.i.
greUUBVIl VI vu ii iuuium umii i.Rfivi,i
' BTKEtrt Jasvis, or Maetillon, baa beea ap
pointed Brigadier General of the First Brigade,
Eighth Division, Ohio Volunteer Militia.
1 ILTll..KiR:rATRic:, No. 165 South High
; Street, has a vrrt choice assortment of Gold and
Silver Watches, fine Jewelry, Clocks, Silver
- d Plated Ware, at prices to suit the timea.
Rail Road Time Table.
Littli Hum At OoLOMlUlfc XtKU B. B.
Learee. I Arrival,
Cincinnati Aoaommodatlon. S:09 A. M. D-nS P
" Bxpre -.11:50 A. ll!U3 A. M,
Mall Aconmmnriatlon 1:30 P. M. . 8:55 P..
Night Expretg Tla Daytsn.lSiUO midnight. 3:80 kr M
Jno. W, Douumr, Agent
- . I '
Night Inreaa.. 3:40 A. M, , 11M5P. H
New YnrkKxnntsa 11:10 A. M. f 11:10 A. H
Mall and Accommodation.. .1:20 P. M. 9:10 P. M
Jams rTTS0M, Agent
Gamut, Ohio B. B. : 1 l
No. 1 Rmr.....: .. 3:30 A. M. 11:33 A. M
No. 8 da ,11:18 A. M. . II 45 P. M
No. 3 da 3:10 P.M. 4:5(1 A. M
.., . W. J. Fill, Agent.
Mall Train 3 3S A.M. 11:38 A. M
Bxnresa Train 11:18 A.M. 11:45 P. M
iioa. ttODinson, AKen-'
No. 1 Eipresi 0:30 A. M. 1:50 P. M
No. 8 " 3.00 P.M. , , 8:45 P. M
Accommodation. . , 10:50 A. M
Coughs. The sudden ch anees of our olimat
are sources of Pulmonary Bronchial and Asth
matio Affections. Experience having proved
that simple remedies otten aot speedily and
certainly, when taken in the early stages of the
disease, recourse should at once be bad to
"Brown's Bronchial Troehei," or Lozenges, let
the Cold, Couyh, or Irritation of the Throat be
ever so slight, as by this precaution a more se
rious attack maybe effectually warded off.
Public Speakers and Sinners will find them er
fcotual for clearing ' and strengthening the
voice. See advertisement. For sale wholesale
and retail, by Roberts & Samuel, No. 24 North
Hica street, s. Samuel Co., jno. bo boum
High street.
QZTWe congratulate our roadors upon1 the
discovery of a cure for Rheumatism, Gout and
Neuralgia, and all Mercurial Diseases, which
is effeoted without the use of internal medicines,
whloh destroy the constitution and givo tempo
rary relief only. In (act it Is the only known
remedy effecting a perfect cure, and we feel
warranted, from its recommendations, in calling
the attention of the afflicted and those having
friends suffering from Rheumatism, Gout or
Neuralgia, or the pernicious effects of Mercury,
to the advertisement in another column of our
paper, of Dr. Leland's Anti-Rheumatic Band,
m ,
Preservation of the Hair. Some attention
paid to this item of propriety would avoid much
of the Baldness so prevalent in this country.
Dr. Dillingham, of London, has immortalized
his name as the inventor of a ''Stimulating On
guent," wbioh could be as appropriate in prevent
ing as in curing baldness. To cause a luxuriant
growth of beard or whiskers, It is equally cer
tain. Messrs. H. L Heoeman & Co. now have
the entire American market. Hence we look
for a large increase ' In hirsnlo appendairet
among our young men. See our advertising
oolumns. '
Wood's Hair Restorative has acquired a
reputation from actual test and experiment
hlch cannot be enhanced by newspaper puff).
In our own vicinity it has been extensively used,
and we believe In every case with every desired
result, and receives the universal endorsement
of all who have tried It. We therefore reaom-
mend it as one of those few genuine noarrtimt
hich accomplishes all it professes, and all the
bald and gray oould desire. Columbia Spy.
Good We met one of our friends vestordav
on Broadway, and were astonished at the change
in his appearance. ' A few weeks ago we: saw
him, he was pale, lean and dejected; complain
ing of weakness and debility, having been so
Alio ted all summer. . Now he appears ( be) fat,
healthy and strong." We learn be Owed his res
toration entirely to McLean's' StreHothenins
Cordial. . . ...v; , (
We advise all who are comnlalnins: of Gen
eral Debility to try it; it is certainly a krery
pleasant remedy. We learn that there are large
quantities of it selling daily. Morning Htrald
The Eighth "(Wonder ot the Worm;
Not the Atlantic Cable, nor the Great Eastern
but James Pyle's Dietetic Saleratus, that al
ways makes good, light, wholesome bread, bis
cuit and cake, preserves health, and is the best
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body wonders at it! Depot, 345 Washington
street, New York. Sold by all grooers every
where. ' .' '
JST All should read Prof.
Wood's advertise-
ment in another column.
O See advertisement of Prof.' Miller's
Hair Invigorator in another column.';,;; ; ,
Guernsey's Balm is one of the best remedies
for Headache we have ever known. .. I .
Eheumatism, ' Goat . and , Keuralgia,
' ' AMD A 8UBB CUBE I0B ., '' j "'
All Mercurial Diseases.
It (a a conveniently arranged Band, containing a med
icated compound, to be worn around the Walat, without
Injury to lie moat delicate peraooa; no change In habits
of llrlng la required, and It entirely remores the die
ease from the ayitem, without producing the Injurious
effeota eililng from the uae of powerful. Internal medl
einea, whloh weaken and deetror the oosatitutlon, land
giro temporary reiiei only, uy tnte (reaunent. me aiea-
lcmai propernee oonumca m in nana come m oonucl
with Ihe blood and reach the dieeaae, thronah the porea
of the akin, effecting In wy. tnetanca a perfect cure,
and restoring the parte afflicted to a healihy condition.
Tbla Uand la alio moaipowerrui AHTimaRooauL anent.
and will entirely relieve theeyatem from tbaperntoiove
effeota of Mercury. Moderate caaea are eurrd In a few
daya, and we are aonitaatly rtceivlng teatlmoBlals etita
efficacy In agirarated catea of long Handing. . I
faim S'J.UO, to be bad of Srugiiate kenerallr. or can
beaentby mail or expreae, with full dlrectlone for'uie.
to any part or the country, direct Irom the Principal
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O. SMITH St, CO., Sole. Proprietors.
N. 8. Deeorlptlve Circulars Bentlree...
Hj" Affects Wanted. v Everyrwhere
Bh281jUorlalp.d4w K '; ' '
80S my DRUG eTOUE, which la rtmnred from the
orner of High and Gay etrtete to the Soathweat earner
of Broad and High atieeta, Oolnmbuj, Ohio. : - ,
with many thanl.e to my former patrona- and cuetota-
era, I reapeotruliy requeat the oonttauanea of their fa-
tore to my aucceaaor. llENttt M. VKJfi.
Uolumbus, Apru i, ltoi. , y u -i j
STORM of Mr., Hoar U. Nrt, I have epened
anew on (he South watoorner of Broad and Higheimte,
Ooiumbue, Uhlo 6fno- e Old ana nataws Ian for
tha$ ouefiteee ormanf year.,' it iv I -. . i I
1 nave a man ana we 11 teieoiea s wok oi rwrt jaw
efnea. and Pun CKmiralt, together m Taint, OlU,
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IO c'attcaimoae careiuliy and promptly eompound-
ed. . . 1
i Store open at all hours of the day and night. I .. ,
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i ... HSNftl WlXflON.
1 Colnmbue. April t, 1861apr6:dlm . , . ., t '
r. i
m Bammfttlnn and natn. Ind 'hcahJ'tfie worat'lHun.
ecald.brulaa, cut,' or train wound of aftyllnd, Vreient
welling and pain from bee ttinga. mcaqnttO' bites and
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remoTee horenet nd tore throat." Price, 4S eeeta a
V a v-tj Home.- " rut mi bt umf
Bole l'roprttor,,N.4 Sprue aw, loi
t oOTKietwiyia , ; t r.. i f r
rrrnip itiiiTip i...r',, . , '
New York, April 26. The followlne dis
patch was received by Postmaster Taylor this
Tberoute to Washington via Annapolis is now
open, ana we shall dispatch a train bere daily
at 11:30 A.M. A line will be started daily
from Annapolis, to connect with our lloo up
which will arrive bere at 9:30 P. M. Tb
malls can be taken this route.
Pres't. Phil. Wil. & Balt. R.R.
A gentleman .lust returned from the South
says no vessels are permitted to leave the port
oi Wilmington, JNt and tnoso loauing nave
oeen obliged to diecnarce their carcoes-
ifie commander of rurt Uasewen, at the
mouth of Cane Fear river. N- C. would not rer
mlt any vessels to pass the Fort. No seizures
of vessels had been made.
The steamer Yankee sailed to-day, with seal
ed orders, and rieeed with two broadsldo cutis
ana lour oi nvins artillery.
The frigate Constitution sailed for Annapolis
Thursday evenioe. with the middies of the Na
val Academy. Collector Barney has received
important dispatches from Washington. The
purport Is unknown.
lie Kevstone Stato reports no armaments
along the rotomac, nor caution on the banKs, as
ihe frigate Cumberland and other vesiels
are at Fort Monroe.
The American Telegraph Company will com
mence receiving messages from Washington in
the morning. Those deposited in the office be
fore half past one of each day will reach wash
ington the same evening. Arrangements are
being made, by which almost an hourly com
munication will be made with Washington.
The Press Will thus be enabled to furnish a
fuller and more reliable idea of the state of af
fairs at Washington, than they have done lor
some days past.
1 he pilot or the steamer BuHic says that tbs
Potomau Is strongly fortified on both sides.
wnen at Annapolis yesterday morning, he
distinctly beard several sharp volleys; there
fore he thinks communication has been forced
The steamer Marvland arrived at Anuanolis
Thursday morning, with naval olBoers and men
and a good supply of guns, to lortity Annapo
lis, bbe passed, Thursday V. IU.. the steamer
Oe Soto, which took aboard the crews of two
small vessels Tbey were crews of captured
light ships, or Union men fleeing for their lives
from Virginia.
Ihe lights on Capes Henry and Charles were
extinguished, and the light eliip removed from
its station at the mouth of the fotomac.
The officers of the Columbia fear the Pswneo
has been taken, The fears are probably un
founded. ,
The Government has ohartcred several more
Senator Wilann Kaa been cnmmiai!nnnrl hv the
Government to obtain large guns for tho defence
oi Annapolis, and two additional regiments Irom
Pirrysviixe, Md April 26 The Baltimore
Sua says a train started for Washington jester
d.y afternoon, When it reached Annapolis
junction, fiudlDg Federal troops thero lining the
roao.iney put droit., appreneudiug seizure.
Six thousand volunteers arein Richmond, ready
for servioe. -
' A street battery is being erected at York
town, and another three miles above Richmond.
The steamer Jamestown has beeu fitted up at
Richmond for war purposes.
Four thousand troops aro at Himr-r's Ferrv.
and three thousand five hundred at Norfolk.
There will betwenty.&ve thousand volunteers
at Rhhmond by the close of the week.
'The schooner Anne J. Russell, with wheat at
Richmond for a Massachusetts port, has been
seized. .-.
It is reported that tho troona at Harner'a
Ferry have been ordered to some other point,
supposed to be near the Capital.
The Baltimore Sun has a leader which as
serts that the conservative influence is gaining
grounu id mat city, it empnatioilly declares
that it is not a secession paper, and says that the
passage of an ordinance of secession by the
Legislature would be an arrogance of power
not vested in it. it lavnrs caning a state con
vention, the delegates to be elected directly
from the people, . It denleshe stories of vio
lence to Union men at Baltimore.
Communication with Washington U to be re
Five Maine timber men, ordered out of Vir-
ginla,passed here. .They report that three schoon
ers, lien. Knox, Victory and Georgia, of Maine
were seized in Pakumka river, Virginia. Cannon
were placed aboard the General Knox, and the
Secession flag hoisted. The Maiue men were
ordered to leave on Saturday, by Col. Lee, and
were placed under guard.. They obtained a
pass from Gov. Letcher, out of tho Stato. They
were interrupted frequently. Being intercept
ed by troops at Baltimore, they appealed to
General Trimble personally, who expressed re
gret that the travelers were Interfered with,
and protected their departure. ;
Intelligent men from Baltimore express con
fidence that secession will be overruled.
The Sun'i leader of to-day is regarded as a
most favorable symptom of tho Index of future
A gentleman declared publicly in Barnum's
Hotel, that the secession flag will not bo allowed
to remain in that oity but a few days.
Most Indisputable evidences have been re
ceived io-nigbt of reaction in the public senti
ment of Baltimore.
A gentleman who arrived hero savs the stars
and stripes are floating over the ball of the
Minute Men and on Butchers' Hill, in Bilti-
more. '
Harrisbdio, Pa., April 26. It is reported
that an attack was made by Marylanders on
Hanover village, York county, on Tuesday, oc
casioned by a great stampede of negroes.
Kellable accounts say that whole families are
orossiog into this State.
A report places the entire loss of slaves by
Maryland, since the troubles began, at 500.
' Great fears are entertained, in the border
counties oi Maryland, of the departure of the
entire slave population.
; we learn from Alexandria that the town is
bristling with bayonets and cannons. Churches
are occupied with troops from the surrounding
country. . It Is rumored that Gov. Letcher re
fused to allow the navigation of the Potomao
to be interrupted; also directed troops on the
border to act on the defensive, and make no
aggressive movements sgalnst Federal forces or
to aid Maryland. '
A large number of Virginians have arrived
bere, mostly from Fairfax county, escaping
rather than take the test oath or Impriionment.
Tbey say fully fifteen thousand armed troops
are In Virginia. 1
Perfeot security is now felt at Washington
Provisions plenty. The Pawnee is safe, :
General Soott assured a eentleman yesterday
that Washington was safe against all preterit
attacks. Our informant confirms the arrival of
three New York and the 8th Massachusetts
Regiments. ' - ' j , ;
w j
St. Louis, April 26. Twenty thousand stand
of arms, with ammunition, wero sent from the
United States arsenal in this city to Alton, last
night, whence tbey will be forwarded to Spring
field, to arm the Illinois troopa. j
Rumors beine current yesterday that the now
der magaxme of Messrs. Lift en, SmitU & Buy
er, are miles above tne oity, would be seised
by Irresponsible parties, Mr. Laften called on
the foiice uommissioners to protect it, and a
detachment of State Militia were ordered tb
guard it laBt sight. To-day all the powder ,iras
purchase by the State uovernment. , ,
" The JStenino- Journal learns by letter anq by
private sourcee that two Germans were arrested
yesterday at Westerville, Mo., who conioiaed
that a plan had beea laid to burn the brideca
on tne norm Missouri, rae no and iron Moun
tain Railroad, to prevent the concentration ol
troops afcbb L,ouis irom tne interior. ,,-,
i Volunteers continue to enter the arsenal, under
the President's proclamation, ' There are about
tnree iooubbuu men uvre,unaergoing a rigorous
L L't . J 1
drilling,,) Several oompanies of Siate militia
are reoraitlng, and a atrial guard is kept ever
their armories every nig tit.
, ',Kennett MuKemie, one of the oldo3t inhtbi
tints of St Louis, died this morning. '
''Boston, Aptll, 26 The Boston Commeroisl
ttiuieun e nsa oi am uuameee onaoges eivei
tefl liles or suspensions in New York
Bulletin's Hat of the business chaoses elves six
teed Uilaresor suspensions in New York,; 13
Warsaw, Mo., April 86 A large Southern
Rights meeting was held at Clinton, Henry
oounty, yesterday. Resolutions were passed,
condemning the course or the delegates from
this district to the State Convention, and favor
ing Immediate secession j also recommending
the Lieifieieture to pass a secession ordinance.
The following is one of the resolutions:
That we request oar government to repel by
military force any attempt by the Republican
Administration to maren troops through the
limits of this State, for the purpose of making
war upon Southern States, or for the purpose of
reiniorciog forts or arsenals in tnii state.
Another resolution -' compliments Governor
Jackson's reply to Lincoln's demand for troops,
i the proudest and noblest aot ot nls Ills.
A company of cavalry bss been raised.
At a meeting at Belmont, Henry county, last
Wednesday, the Southern flag was hoisted by 15
young ladies, assisted by 4U others. The reel
Dg is overwhelming in uanton, Henry and
Sinclair counties for secession. Meetings are
held daily.
Houston. Texas. April 38 Advices say a
courier bad arrived from Indianola, stating that
the federal troops were enosmped at Green
Lake, to take Indianola, aod Dad eommenoed
lortimog themselves. Ihe troops number 600,
and 600 additional are expected to arrived from
San Antouio. Judge Hays, with a party of
1 extos and two pieces or artillery, was lortlfy
Ing.hlmaelf with cotton bales and sand bags on
Dog Inland, as be feared an attack from the
cderal troops. 1
A letter from Brownsville says news had been
received that Corteras, with COO Mexicans, had
crossed the liio Grande at Roma and laid the
town in ashes, kllliog 18 Americans. Two com
nnics irom Eragg'a barracks started In pursuit
oi oim.
The city presents a most warlike and mlllta
ry appearanoo. The oity is crowded with vol
unteers, and the beat of the drum and the
heavy tramp of armed men is heard throughout
(o uay una nignt.
PhILAOELWIA. Anril 26. Senatnr Maann la
in this oity. He savs be came to settle the re
late oi en relatives.
A secret vigilance commutes la utrhW
him olosely. The populace is not aware of his
presence, or they would undoubtedly mob him
A dispatch from Baltimore, stating that the
nnion feeling bsd revived In that elty, to day,
cannot be relied on. Tbere is bnt one feeling
u immure, yiz: nosutiiy to tne UOIon.
r i . i . i . ..... ..... w
The schooner John Roche, or New York, la
eported seized by the secessionists on James
ver, and converted into a war vessel.
Commander Lloyd B Newell, of the United
tates Navy, shot himself vesterduT at th
iMercDani a notei.
A, I . .. .
A schooner loaded with nroviaiona for Saras
nab, was seized by the police on the Delaware
river, mis afternoon.
20,000 men are now drilling is Philadelphia
New Orleans, April 20 The steamer Ten
ncssee, from Vera Cruz the 22 J inst., has arrlv
f. The Macedonian was at Paerafeoli. '
There has been another Ministerial crisis, re
sulting In the resignation of Senator Priotera,
and the appointment of 8enor Matta as Minister
Finance. Gen. Zjrogoz has been made Min
ister of War. -The typhoid fever prevails badly
the Capital. Ministers Walley and Matthews
are down with it.
The Spanish bark Conception, which was de
clared a good prize, has been condemned
Gold mines of fabulous extent are reported
have been discovered on the Isthmus of Te
huantopeo '
The Mexican Congress was to have met on
the Slat. Juarez was doubtless declared Presi
dent. Lodijville, April 26 The municipal author
ities returned from yesterday's conierence with
citizens ot Madison and Cincinnati, expressing
confidence that amicable relations will be pre
served between the three cities during the pres
ent state of affairs. ;
The troops which left for the Southern Con
federacy, yesterday, went unarmed, and against
the advice of the Governor. The report that
arms belonging to this commonwealth went
forward for their nso is denied by the highest
Cairo, 111., April 26. The steamer C. E
Hillman, from Sc. Louis to Nashville, was aban.
doncd by the officers and crew opposite this place
J -,, j . .
ine geaeriea steamer was boarded by
Captain Scott, of the steamer Swallow, who
found on board one thousand keca of nowrlAr.
and a large quantity of contraband goods. It
Bupposca mat tne uaptaio and orew oi the
Hillman deserted her for fear of the conse
quences, it caught by the troopa at this point.
Fort Kearnet, April 26 The coach of the
U. C. Mail passed bere this morning, bring
ing the following items:
Denver, April 23 Cheering reports are
again coming from Sau Juan mines. A private
letter from Moro says the writer has seen 12
pounds beautiful seal cold from that recion.
and that men were making from $10 to $15 per
day. Arrangements were made last even tog-
secure the California Overland Mall and Pony
Express by way of this oity.
Cairo, III., April 26. Passengers from the
South report that troopa are being raised at
Memphis, Randolph, and other Southern points.
Their plan is to proceed by rail to Columbus,
Ky., and from thence march to Cairo, attacking
from the opposite side of the river.
The steamer J. D. Perry, from St. Louis to
Memphis, was brought to last night. No con
traband goods were fonnd on her, and the was
allowed to proceed.
Philaoelniia, April 26. A private letter
from Baltimore says that the city is quiet again;
that troops are passing from Annapolis to Wash
ington without interruption that tbere seems
be no desire or intention to Interfere) tbat
the conservative sentiment is nredomlnatlnff
again, and that all feel more hopeful of peace
Richmond. Va., A wil 23 It la ranortitd tine
ai a aispatcn naa oeen reoelved by Got.
Letcher, from Mr. Cameron, the Secretary of
War, at Washington, Inquiring whether, if he
camo to Richmond, he would be proteoted, his
purpose being to ask for an armistice for sixty
days. .. , . v i . -
Richmond, April 23. William B. Dobbin, of
me ojra regiment or Maryland, arrived here
last nlgbt from Baltimore. He represents that
(bere are only 4,000 troops in Washington.
Bix hundred troops from Sontb Carolina ar
rived at Kiohmond ibis evening. '
Milwaukee, April 26 The propeller Buck-
eve arrived this morning from the lower Lakes,
tne nrst ooat or tne season tnrougn the Straits.
New York, April 27. A Washington dis
patch of Wednesday, to tb I Time, aava a deno
tation of Virginians and Marylanders waited on
the President, and demand sd a cessation of hos
tilities until after the season of Congress, i
The President's answtf'wat prompt, decided
anu negative.' - ' . j
Une of the deputation laid 7o,U00 Maryland
era would contest tba passage of troops over
bcr son, to wnicn tne 1 resident replied, be pre
sumed tbere was room enough in her toll to bury
tt (inn .
The Pawnco was at Washington. ' :
The correspondent says Dr. Garoett. son In-
law of Gov. Wiae, hat sent hit Wife and family
the. North for safety, '
A Urea number or Virginians era la this eltv.
who' have been driven away because they would
not take the test oath of allegianoe to the Stato
Tba coolest thing yet proposed to the Govern
ment, was that made by Gov. Hioks and Gov.
Letcher, tbat they would jointly anarantea tha
safety of the Capital. The Government declined
such protection, probably very much to tha die
suitor tno twin rebeisoi Maryland and Vlr-
A Kcntieman wno was compelled to nee from
North Carolina says, the secessionists are car
rying all before tnem, without reference to law
oa order. Tbey have driven off many people Wbo
do not sympathise with the movement, and
threatened loudly to mob ana bang ex Governor
Gilmore, who persistently' resisted the tide of
passion, , -...-. ' . ;.' -. I
- . ...... TT . 1
: it it repnrtea nisi uen. aarnty net oeen ar
rested at Harper's Ferry, and oarrled to Rich'
mood. ". rt' i ! .
Jeff. Dayls was In Montgomery Sunday oven'
ng-.. ... - v., :....
Gen. Butler, of Massachusetts, remains at
Annapolis. ' Ho bat planted a battery on tho
heights opposite tho town, wbicu can destroy
tnt city in an nour s nouoo. . .,
Baltimore, 26th, P. M. via Havre Da Grace
Gov. Hioks and most of the members
the eastern seotlon of tho State, started
Frederick this morning. . ,
. The Lesislatnre meets at noon.'
Tho Governor's message will bo sent in to
Borrow, and an advnnce otpy will bo forward
ed, If Doitible.
Tho indications hero are a reaction In publio
sentiment. Bush River Bridge was fired last
evening, and totally destroyed. !
A passenger sayt tbat General llarney was
taken prisoner at Harper't Ferry, by a detach
ment of Virginia troops, this mornioe. ;
Gen. Harney left Wheeling for the purpose of
reporting hlmselr at Washington. Before the
train lef t Harper's Ferry, it was stopped, and a
number of troops mounted tbe platforms. The
General being pointed out, he was immediately
taken Into custody, lie was In citizen s dress,
and was treated very eourteouslv.
There Is do doubt tbat, as soon as tbe Execu
tive of Virginia is made acquainted with tbe
laot, uen. a. will be released, as was tbe oase
with an officer of tbe U. S. Army, a few days
sinoe, in Klchmonfl.
In the western section of Baltimore, a num
ber of Amerioan flags were raised this moro
Tbe steamer Louisiana arrived this mnrnlnv
from Norfolk, with the United States mail. No
news of an exciting oharaoter. The fortiflca
tions on tbe coast of Virginia, especially tbe
approaches to Norfolk and Portsmouth, were
advanoing rapidly. Particularly was this tbe
ease at Fort Norfolk, Craney Island, and at tbe
ixavai nospital.
Tbe obstructions near the entrance to tbe
port of Norfolk remained, though vessels draw
ing irom elebt to ten feet of water passed fiee
ly io and out.
fcfforta were making to raise tbe steam frigate
Merrlmao, sloop ot war Plymouth, and another
war vessel, which it was thought would prove
Boston, April 27 .Our harbor will be claaet
against tbe shipment of any articles for tbe aid
and comfort of Rebels.
Caleb Cushion tenders his cervices fnr m.
capacity In tbe defence of tbe Union.
It Is reported that two mnm Real
luaaaauuuseiis troops Will DO called lor. Thnv
can be put in marching order in three dues.
Tbe town of Taunton to-day voted $40,000
iwr war purpgees
Diapatohes from Concord, N. II., say that
Ex-President Pierce. In obedience tn a. tnU-
graphlo dispatch from Hon. Mr. Ingersoll, of
wuuayivuuia, nas gone to rniiadoiphia and
Baltimore, on a mission of mediation ht,,,
tne neoeig ana tbe Uovemment.
Telegraphic communication with Baltimore
Is re established. Tbe office at Baltimore is
under State surveillance, ami nnmn, .
Washington are nermltted tO mud. alTAanr fhnra
u ( jr wHB wvtwwuo lUVBO
or a private or mercantile character.
All stations on the line of tbe American
Telegraph Company are again open for South
ern business. Part of the service will ha riflr.
formed b? steamboAta bet
Annapolis. Additional boats will be running
a tew davs. and communtsatinn tih w..k
Ington by boats and cars will be very frequent.
timrgo game at neretoiore.
E. S. SANFORD, Pres't.
CHAMBERSBORO. Pa.. Anril 97 -P.........
iivui unKtrtwao renori a sudden and mnmt
wuuueriai cnange in the acntim.ntr.r m..i..
Stars and stripes will be raiaed at H.
today. Extensive Drenaratlnnarah.in.
. r.;.., ri: j'J.Z"7".
,u.ibt wuiuu uvinvueu'irions.
The election next week for Representative
will result tremendously for Lewis P. Ferry, a
watiwu lUelU
Allegheny county has instructed ltd Raanrn.
leocaUves ihm ihey rote for Beoeitioo. Tbef
SIM n hMn . I. . ... I
vv uuu uu uoir reiuro Dome,
a oe start and
Frederick city
ttripet are waving all over
The Home Guard refused
npder the start and stripes, and to tbe tune of
aniee iooaie.
Al tne Uear SDrlnr? Hotel tha atari, nt
tiriptt wero waving, and the miners have
sworn to resist secession to the death.
At this time next week, no sympathizers with
Southern traitors will dare avow their tentt-
mentt at Hagerstown,Frederlok or Cumberland.
Anotner report says the Eastern shore eoun.
ties, erxcepe Wuicester, are Union to the
Tbe Unionists will raiaa a mllltarw m In
rr. . ; J -i"
u.g,wwu mh unco.
New York. Anril 27. Tha ffmU ha. .
dispatch from a tpeeial correspondent sent to
Pensacola, who was not allowed to reach there.
He derived authentio information of the con
dition ofaffatra then and to the 2lst. There had
been no aotlon, and General Bragg has Intl-
iuawu ma inaDiiuv to reauce ort Fickem.
nia army is said to be demoralized. He has
aiso intimated that he wi l act rinrs vnn tha Ac.
Eight United States vessels Wflra nIT PiVlrnna
the 21st, with their gam read? for immediate
action. It la believed they wonld retake the
navy yard and forts adiacent.
This correspondent oassed through Mnntimm.
oryonthe22d. .
UaViS was makine tctira nrenaratlona tn nr.
taok Washington.
ne saw troops en route to Riobmond.
Tbey received arms and eauiotnents at Ancua-
Gen. Renan. of Tennessee, wat at Mnnt mm.
ery, oonolnding arrangements for sending 2000
desperadoes In citizens' dress to Baleim npA anrl
Washington, to secretly operate In an attack near
Ihe Confederate States are In a state of an.
arcby. Business is prostrated: thinklno- nannla
are less confident, tbe oountry is in a state of
tnooiaw, ana people esoaping.
St. Louis, Anril 27. Tha Rnubliea
that Gov. Jackson, in unreserved conversation
with eentlemen in this oitv. has declared hia
polioy is a peace policy; that ho convened tbe
legislature only lor the purpose of moro pei
fectly organising tbe militia, and potting tbe
Suto ia a proper attitude of defenoe; that he
told Sterling Price, President of tbe Stato Con
vention, that that body ought not to bo called
together for the passage of a secession ordi
nance! tnat ne is m tavor of retaining the pres
ent status of the State, leaving it to time and
circumstances, as they may arise, to determine
tne neat course lor Missouri to pursue.
Tho Jfam61ia also trivet aaanraneM that
fundi whloh may be paid Into the Treasury by
banks, under the act legalizing suspension of
specie payments, will not bo diverted from their
legitimate purpose, but appropriated to the pay
ment of tho July State interest. .
tour regiments or volunteers are nearlv or
ganized, and another is being formed.
Henrv Boarnsteln waa sleeted Colons! of the
Lxohange on New Tork at 12(315 dot cent.
premium tor Missouri funds is very soaroe.
Hamiiboro. April 27. The forces at Har
per's Ferry believe that Gen,- Beauregard is In
menmoua witn (,uuu troops.
The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad la earn in e
provisions to Baltimore.
Muoh quiet debate has been board among
leading persons hero, relative to ttntnntt the Co
lumbia dam, on the Suiquthanna river, thus
onttingofr.be water from the tide water canal,
stop the-wuppllea of ooal and provisions from
tvavuiug viuiuvr uj Mia rvufco. '. j
The feasibility of tapping tho artificial lake
for lupplyinf Baltimore it openly talked of,
Chicaoo, April 26. Twenty-one thousand
stand of arms were removed from tho Arsenal
Si. Lonit. last night, and taken to Spring
ntia, in id is state, . ,? i ..
Front Street, Between State and Town.
SHOP la atlll miming, ana although
tne preesnit or late years net eel heavily
noon her mnninc rears, she la still turn-
tg out tnoee epiendid riiAsroNS, HOUR.A ways, ant
BOBB8 and BACKS.,, Twantr yaaratteady asantfaa-
turtng hat givea our work tk wida-eperad reputation
tnranin tne aontn ana west.
We therefore deeet U anaeoeetar to any toy thing tiers
In regard to- the quality af our work. We wat
vrt Vihigu. We can tell sooa Tot Bowauat from
tlSatoBtfO. ' ' .-". .- v . (
- Dealers eta bt furnished with any amount of work al
abort nottoe. and at prtcca lower than can be bought any
wnrrttn tn wen. aeoona nana vnggwt taken urex
ebange for new work. . ... . , I
Tr Renal ring done neatly And tt Short aottot. Fab
lory ee front, between I late and Town streets, CoIubs-
taajOhlo.''. '. - i k s-,-. -"
lljp A 11 tetnaatoattoat will receive prompt atttnttoa,
Aug. si w if -,. a.aa. wiwuAatMi
New York Market.
NEW YORK, April 27.
FLOTJE reoelnts or e.lfll ....
m tatter, ..1... o 5,000 bble. at 50M for ToJE
II DM ItlLa.I M.'Ll IHoV.t Oil alWttal alaik. Ski .litiD n
perOoe weatera OS SUSS 40 for oommon to medium a
tra weatero: and OSSiVasss .hini 1, " . "
bbv wwmi me vtgto w axira alala: aa 1 VA oc. r -
Bonnd Hoop Ohio. Canadian floor a anade better miJl
ot 3J0bbla. at Si 30(47 50. Tt
Bii f LOUKateadr. at 13 10(34 for t. .v....
superfine. . " .
WttlHAT recelpte of 3 805 buih.; market full U
a uiaeui wttor, S4IOI JV UW UUIIie M t t WfS I ati fQf
wblte weitero; $t 50 for red delirered; 1 3.3I 35 for
mA earaaita Ski AKs 1 Car - . v
'sl W rr wniw uan ante
axis urmi&iei of 9,700 boihela fttOdo.
BAH LEY dull .tssrmfUA.
nnnu . . . . 7
rocoioia 01 Otj.OO-huihitli! markAf am l,h.
""-"'. U.U1SQU IBICB OC UHI hlllh t fillrt rn u
mixed weitern delleeraa. .
B OATB-flrm at 3XXXo for Weitern, Canadian and
pnntr nn..,,L.i ui. , . . .
ealea ofSO lnl. .r tin o'.-jim sn ..
... . , ' ,u JdJIJJ-
jiKKir nrmer. ,.
I,.Bnh..... l, , .
III T MKAT8 nnlur i:
" J I tain VI UU ill) IB BE 1J((U in.
S,H.f?S?'eadjrt 7'X foroomni-n to prime.
WlllSKJir-qolet ea of 400 bole at 180. "
MVitiiB oearr and dill! il.o nnn. i. . .,.
.,.u,.TOu,r-.n iota, ana me neianee waedia-
v, a. wuu, WftV Dnillll. -
ouu abb ana MOLABBBB dull. . ,
cxuun.9 wiinom act lt. but nriia h .K. t.
monry and exenangt there ia nothlngnew. Cbloage and
R I 30( ; Qalena and CMcrito 37K : O aod 0 and 0 2:
Mt(o29!: H 0 44: Harland n,.r,r.H 11 , p.i. n,.
S".?!?30' U 80!a. Readme St; Treainrj 11.1U0;
M0 6..19; Chicago and Toledo H3V; 111. 0 acrlp 577(1
M B 13X, leading 3!; Harlem N T and 0 73
Z2LVl".U1 0P; Virginia U,
Cincinnati Market.
The Produce market la atlll entirely lifeless ; '
Ittninnnlln. .!T.A. .kV ' . 7 .
mcc wiin no aninoina-deirand. vhohnrr.i
making lalci, aod tbia U of auch a character aa to be able
command extra at $4 45; eaperfloo Fringe, nominally
from 04 23 to $4 35; 04 80 waa offereed to'da,, and ex
eeptlng aa tald aboro for home uie, better oiT-re can not
be had.
WHRAT-Ie offered meagerly, and reld at (1 for lied
i u lor wnite, ee neretorore. Miller, reaolyed not to
pay orer 80c, and the trading that ie dode ie between this
figure and the rate quoted aboro ae the aaklng flgnre.
CORN waa leea ready to day at 34a and oner, w-ra In
(:-ii piri.uuuncu io tneoia ngnre 31c.
OAT3 held more firmly and In some initancei hicher
(Be lnbalkiauked.
BARLEY. Ac RYK art ecaroely marketable at all at late
upur-i. io oi, tor ine loimer 00 lor the latter.
WHIsKX-draga hcaylly at laxo.-CV. torn,
, April
Cleveland Market.
April 26.
f LOTJB sales of 100 bbli red wheat doable extra at
f 4 es ane S i bbli do ft 15 lv
WHEAT ealeeof Scan red at 1103 oa track and 1
car wnua at 1 1 V4,
(niiii-.....,i- i . . . .
carat 36 I 2c, and 1 oer at 38c.
....m,,..,..., . VAIIIUUlllUjVHJI. . I
u ie taie or luuo buib from store at 5c. 1
HIQaWINBJ qnlet at 15o.
EOOj quiet at 1 8o. '
Nothing doing tn other articles, and so change In
wmm cQfip
Hi la pnciaely wnat lu name lntloafc, f.,r, while I f
!plraaant to tbe ta.te. It la revivify! ag. exhklanii-;(J
ilog. Invlg iratU gand airenKthniug t, ihu vlu'l
l.kAorr.. mnA ml , h. a.m tl.i.A .m .Iwin.. ,lK I .
k .tatea, and renewe tbe Blood io all lit purity a,. M
Itvithna at ,nce rtttont and rrndtrt Me tytem in J
' vubralUto atticktodutaM. Itl. ibeooiy
. 'reparnlloo ryer offsred to tba worlil, ao cbeiei- wl
pajjsally aod eklllfully combined ea t be Ue moit JJ
p werful tonK aod at ihe tame time io perhcllt r
a, idapted to, aa to act Io per ec accirdanco wltb the
U j awa of ualu-e, and benoe will tooth (Ae wiafctst U
Utomach and tone no the dintatiTe oriim. and J
,h..,l...lln.r.n... Vn4.,h..l.rfta,l i,. i v
per eetly ezhllaratlng, aod at the came time it- 1ml
competed entirely of vegetablea, yet to combined
u to prouuoe tne nut tn roun tonic effect, with
out producing any Inlnrioua ooneeoueocee Such
a remedy hae long been fell tobeadetlderatom iV
he medical world, for It needa no medical abill to
tee thatdebiuty followe all aitackeof dlteaae. and
proceed! and Indeed laye tho ryetem open to the
ineldiont attacka of many of the mott fatal, aneb.
fir example, aa the following: Consumption, in
klieeallon. Dyeoeoala. Loaa of Aooetlte. Faintneai.
Nerroaa irniaDiitiy, nearaicia vainltatlon or one
Heart, ueiancnoiy.ntgniHweau, Languor, uuiti
nett, Retention of, ae well aa Painful obatraeted
Unn nrnfnt. nr toa aotnt Uai
nr too yetnt uanatmitttnn. aiut tfajl.
lug or tne w omo. 'i nete an depend upon general
debllltv. Thle Dure, health, tonia cordial r,,i
Blood Renovator it aeaura to cure at tho ,un to kal
riteandtet. There lino mlatake ahont If. Hut Cl
k I. .11 rrth.a,. I.. i . . .
men to bllloaa attacke, the liver becomee toroid
u . . . . u u . . . . . " u mjm . v. t. wvancucu. WQ I C(
jr worte aiieatea, uio amneye rerun to perrorm
their functione, and we are troubled wiih icaldinir
ana incomioaDcw oi urine, or involuntary aia-
charge of the tame, pain la the back. eide and be
tween the ehooldere, ezoeedinely liable ta elloht
icoiat. cougna. ana nneoeokea, toon ODeeiatton
follow,, and tne patient coca down to a sremauire
grave. But l pace will not allow ne to enumerate (I
the many lilt to wnicn we are liable in a weakened V
condition of the eyatem. Bnt we will eay, in thia
Oordial and Blood Renovator yos have a perfect, LJ
aafe, pleasant and effectual remedy for lose of M
Appetite, billoutnett. Flatulence, weak and ilckv
Stomach, Languor, liver Complaint. Chi lit and. -Fever,
or any BHioua attack. Ooativenett. Aciditv
of tbe Stomach, Nerrooaneee, Neuralgia. Palpita-
tionor tneiieart. reaaion or Bplrlta, Boret, m
Pimplet on the face, or any diasase arlting from M
r-,- uiwuu, aui;u uv.u.uua, ' J n i. i i i i . n i j
hitie. Couch, difficnlty of Breathing, and all that ,
lactase of dlaeaset called female weakness, and M
enumerated above. We will aleo eay the traveler J
exposed to epidemics; change or climate and wat
er, win una it a pieaeanc aaia ana tare remeay,
and none ehould ever travel without. Reader.
try It. for we aim re yon yon will find in It a 1 riendl
indeed , aa well aa t friend ia need. All pereone of
sedentary habita will find It a perfect preventive of
well at care for those ailments to wnicn tney are
particularly expoaed. Uenoe minlttentudents,at
torneva. literary ntemen.and ladiea who are do
acenstomed to much outdoor exercise, will dud H
to their advantage to keep a bottle oonttantly en
band; and, tbovt all, tnotnere, or tnese becoming
such; will go through that most dangerona perioo
not only wth all their accustomed atrength, bui
safe and free from the thousand ailmenta ao nrev
a lent among the female portion of the world. . It
snort, it la indeed a mother a cordial. Ta It, old
ana joang; no longer ran tne iisk or delay; ltwu
relieve and prove Itself emphatically a Jttttora
tiv Oordial and Blood Rtnovalor.
0. i . WOOD . nroDrietor. 444 Broadwav. Nan
Tork, and 114 Marke t Street, Bt. tonia. Mo.i anc
Isold by ROBMRTB c BAHUEI, Columbus. Ohio.
and all good Druggliu: rnce One soiiti
per Bottle. , . marohiS-dltweowly
NIWARK OHIO, . . ., j
ITIannlaemrera f all kindt ot Por
table and Stationary Steam Ert
ainea, Btaw Mtlln, Urtat JUIlln, ,
dec. Ate. ...... .. j
lAJSm BODLSTStattnl B. ot I. BLAXDTStalml
Oar Portable Eoftoo and 8w Hill J
Wat awarded the Brat premium of M at the Indiana
Btate Fair for iC0 over Lane At Bodley't on account ot
Price, ligutu'ess, simplicity, ecvtioiny 'of iucl
f and superior oharaoter of lumber sowed 4
Our Stationary Engine waa awarded at the ntme IFalr
fttia flrat nrtmiuca of tOO. I
Oar Portable Engine wat awarded the (rat premium of
llos tt the Fair at Memphis, Ttnn., over Blandy'a I
vall'a, Ooiumbue Machine Oo'e., and Bradford t rCb'a.,
by eommlttea of practical Railroad ssnguieari. t
, For prtoe and terms atMrvat - ' ,vw., ' i , ,
'WUiuav j.reaaurer,i
dacS-dfewlvaola. 1 Rewrk. Ohio-
ftTBanO.OUlTTCNDKM. . . . HMT T CUlTTJtN tta
ltTtMBctt, 89 WMlA Bt-teiNeW.?orkiCitr
Pahsoits' BniLnma, Columbus Ohio. ' I
.. 10"Cartfnl attention paid to Oolleeltone.,v. ( .
aprll8:d0ia . , . . . ,
)i -
1. 1 -
HATINO Tnll' 1A ttOI,Yj ftltt
Bttok of ttrooerles to Mr . S. DKMlNi. wt vbtfr
raiiy reeenuaanu aua r " www.
. , , THOB. WALKBlt., tOtT.
Cliuabn Maren Win, aWl.-tipl-ilU',
. u " Coring the laat elx montha and In BO In
to !n06 ? " ile? in ti?ia mtit eatlafaetloD Who,
To'or,ak0W or DebUitV "n"
'fi1! 8 BTK K"OTKNINQ CORDIAL will ente yon?
No laniruago can conrer an adequate idea of the rma
Dr. J.ILLIcLEArj'3
IS?11111 ?i3 Blood
V- """t'i"1 ' "
atF- Atat AH 13 '1 M
Kotrr szuaoTi
X It t aoientlta r.A
VeKetable Oompoasd, ij
proourra uj in dlaui
laUon ot Koolt. Uerbe
and Sarin, Tellow
r HQ.
C lurry Bark and Dan-
i -
wvi.w 1DU1 in
I If inf Tnlflno-tlr. n.. . 7,". I tin TnVfna
oompoanion. Toe en-
I .MJM "
m. iTTJ K,, T111' """w O
mieretine spirit, and the atoet INFALLlHI.t rr.
I 7.1 " """'""I, uronociDaiJ, ORIielMia. U-
I aa. aiZ - .1 .. . - a
WIU tffeotatU oaiO V
Ohronia er Kerrnai DnMlltrf. TtlanMa of lha ria.e
and all diaeaeee arlting from a dlaorderej Lhrrr or Btoau
aon, Drepepsia, Heart bom, Inward PI lee, Aeidlty or fltcT
neaa of the Stomach, Vullneea of Blood to the Hea l, Doll
pain or Rimming In tbe head. Palliation of the Beart
Jnllneaa or Weight In the Stomach, Soar rartatloae
orYellowneeeof the Skin and Xree. Might Sweau la
Sadden tlaehee of Beat, Depreaakm of Snlrite. rrlghtfoj
Ureama. Lanffunr. nMnmnMiw a. u r
Snree or Blotchet on the Skin, and lenr and A7Zl
Ohilla and Fever.)
lUIliaiOAl VA UOlBl
. ........
' na' 'raclone ehange produced by taking
" uiicana, aeoniiatmi ana eiinttated
nerroua ayetem, whether broken down by exoeee, weak by
nature, or Unpaired b alcknauu tha Mland H nn.
nrrninlratlnn I. . i . ... i ... , a
-'o ...u i wu, cu w tu, pruuuv uoaiu aoa vigor-
r0?eni 0OB,cloo tf toaWlltyv from whatever ranee.
Lwlll find McLean e Strengthening Cordial a thoroach
''"'""w oi me eyetem-,ant all wno may bar Inland
Uiemaelree by Improper Indulgences, will find In taeOor
miuiD anu ipeeuy remeuy.
Tt the LadUea.
MeLcau's Strengihening Cordial
Ii a aorerelgn and antedy cure for
UMtructed orDlffioult Henetrnatlon, InoonUnenot of
TTrina nrTn.nlnnl.n,n:uli.M 1 , i .l.
w . ? . "". "i
nWDO. UlUOUlfllia. aUnttntf Br.y. 1 1 HiMMhMU I
Femaiet. ""' rr.-
There is no Mistake About it.
Suffer no longer. Take It acmrdlnr ta TJliwttnna. n
Will stimulate, etrengthen and invigorate yon and cause
vivwn o, neaiin to mount yonr eaeei again
very bottle le warranted to give satisfaction
If your children ara atrklv. nnnv.nr afnii-l.1trTjM-
Coidial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Delay
not a moment, try It, and you will be convinced.
Oilmen. Be wars of Braavlita av Baalasn hii
try to palm upon you tome Bitter or Baraaparilla traab.
which they can bay cheap, by enylnr It la Just aa good.
Avoid such men. Atkfor McLean's Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothing else. It le- the eale vmedv that
will purify tlie blood thoroBtrhl and at the aaaia lima
strengthen the ayetem. , t . ., i , ,
une tableapoonful tnkeo every uotnlar' tuOiir. hi a
certain preventive of Oholera, Chills and lover. Yellow
lever, or any prevalent diseases. . ItiStut np In largt
bottlee. , . i.,, . J
Prior only per bottle, or 8 bottles for 15.
' ;,' Bolt troprletM o this Oordial,
Alto McLean s Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Principal Depot on the cagoar of Third aoi Pine streets,
Bt. Louia. lio. ;,,,-ii fiiil
9 -McLean's VolEante Oil Unifhent.
The bett Llnttcent la the World. The only toft and
eertaln cure for Cancers, Piles, Swellings and Bron
chitis, or Goitre, Faralyaia, Neuralgia, Weak neaa of the
Muscles, Onronld or Inflammatory Rheumatism, StUT
nete of the Joints, contracted M unlet or LloamenU
Karaohe or rootluwhe, Bralsea, gprahu, rVouiidt, treth
Onte, Ulcere, Fever Boron, Caked Breastf Bora Nipples,
Bums, ScaIJa, Bore Thoat, cr any IatUsnmatloa or Pain,
no difference how aevare, or how long the diaettataay
have, ezieted. , AlcLeaa'a QlebiBpXi,auUnnt d t eer
tain remedy.
, Thoneands othnman helnge have keen tend at lift of
aecrepltnue and misery by tha aaa
MoliAli'S--olfcXNIO OIL
WUi relieve pain almost tntttotantoaaly, asd It wil
cleanae, purify and heal tha fen lest tores In an ineredl
ly abort time. 1 -
' For noraoi and i)ttaer Anfmala.
McLean a celebrated Liniment It the Only taft'tndrf
nable remedy for the cure of Sravrn. liar Baaa. wii.
VI uv.
galls, Bpllntt, Unnatanl Bumps, Nodetor gwelllngt. It
win never rau to cure Big uead, roll vll, Fislnla, Old
running Boret or Bweeny, if properly applied, for
Sprains, Brotaee, Beratshee, Boret or Woonde, Cracked
Heels, Chafes. Saddle or Collar Galls It is an Intkuihu
wemedy. Apply it aa directed, and t ears Is eertaln in
every instance. - - , . -i
Ihen trifle no longer with the many worthless Lini
ments offered to yon. Obtain t tnpply of Dr. MoLean't
eelebrated Liniment. ' tt will core yon. ' - "
JT. H PI ctK AJ t Sole Proprietor,
Corner of Third and Pine Street, Bt. Louie, Ho
For tale by til drucgitta.
For Bale by . , . R0BF.BTB It BAHTJIL.
igS-diiirl ! ; I ., Colusbua. Ohio
An experienced Nurse and Female PhyaWaa, pre sects
to the attention of mothers, her
which greatly faolliutea the process of teething, by toit
enlng the gnma, reducing til anfleauaationwll 1 allay
ALL PAIN and spasmodic action, and It
Depend npoa it, mothers, will give rest to yonrtelvee
and , 1 . . i . 1 , i v, i ry
We have put np and sold this article for over ton years,
what wt have sever keen able to tay erary other medi
ANCB, TO XFFBOT A CURB, when timely need. dev.
er did we know an Instanot of dleaatlafattlon by toy ont
who need IU On the oontrary, all are delighted with Its
ope rati one, and apeak In terms of aommendatlon of Its
magical eoeots and medical virtues. We speak la tbla
mailer "WHAT WB DO KNOW;" alet ten yeare' expe
almost every Instance when the Infant la Buffering from
paiu ana axnausuon, Teuei wiu tt ioont m niteea or
twenty mlnntea after theByrup tt administered.
Th.lt valnable rreearatlon la the nrteerlntkia af one af
New Rngland, and has been need with MBVER FAIL
INS SUCCESS la , 1- : ,,.) -
It notonlv relieves tb oblld from naln. ont Invlnor.
atee the stomach and bowels, eorreott acidity, and gives
tons and energy to the Whole system. It will almost In
stanlly relieve ..,, -, . .
and overcome oonvnuions, waloh. If not speedily reme
died, end in deatn. we believe it tne Bor and BUR
S8T REMKDY IN TUB WORLD, In all oases at DYS
It arises from teething, or from any other cause. Wt
would eay to every moUierwbo htsa child rofTeriog from
any of the foregolrg oomplalnta DO NOT LET TOUR,
sianil between you and jour suffering child, aod tbe re
lief that will be SURE jet. ABBOLUCELY SITRM to
follow the nso of this medicine. If timely used. Full di
re; tinns for using will aooomnan earh botlla. Nam
gennine unUss the fac simile of LCTtl IS at PKRKINB,
New York, le on tbe outslile wrapper. ' ' ,
Bold by all DruggiaU throughout the World.
Frl icIpalUfllcr, 13 Cedar ttreat N.Y.
,,aciS7twly, " " '' -
T THfllt NSW "sLM-i
ROOM, AV, M$Ai.TIJtOJiI6T.,l g" i' fl -
J j 'OS.M.CltW T X
Offer for eale their eelebrated
... . Pf ANO-FORTE9. , ,,
Being btghlv .jreeotouewfed bj tha flrat ProfeAwra and
Musical Amateurs of the oountxy. and
The meat . faathlioni euatotett may rely npoa being
pleaaed In tyerj retpeet-,' t i!J( '? ' j " T
Termaliaeral. - WM. KAB CO.
1 '.8BLtIlRWKl1-UR, Ari't..) I 1
hattWiltdeH ,rn-H , Ooltimbat, Chit.
- : ' - ' - ' '
, rHlca, Peri,swl.) I
A, mat, fro as "Hooded Warehouse
Oa Boutb Ulgh street

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