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Hi MamsTSxpress Company plaoes m daily
umrsbligatiori to ft for the very latest papers
from tbe eaBtero citica. r .... .. , k
Tbo Aj&7d Exprena Company Lai our
thaukifor It dally favors In too Bliapeofthe
ory luteal eaatern papers. ; ...
Cam Jackson Tbo Eleventh Keglmeut and
flva Companies' of tbe Third Regiment left the
. Camp at five o'clook this (Monday) morning
. . b v t- n ! j nm.
on lh COIUmOUS c Aoair ivmiruau. , . uo
Eleventh' Reglmtnt, under command of Col
Harrison, of Davtoni Lieut. Col. taiziu.,
Greenville, and Major Column, of Troy.eon-
aUts of, the following Companies:
Company A Capt. Chllds, Montgomery county,
,.t,jCr- '
- Do rnoi, unite,
, Fmell, " , .
. Curlls, Miami . . .
, Laogston, Darko , ,
Johuion, Miami
' Nolan, Montgomery
Drury, Miami
Cralner, Darke
' Newklrk, Licking
V (I
0-, ."
n -if "
. 1
The- following are the Companies of (be
Third Regiment whioh left with the elevenths
Company A Capt. Marrow, Franklin county
. B " Wing, v j. ,,,
D ". ' Vananda, Clarke
.. i , i Roeeman, Butler . " ,
ii H u MoDougalj Licking "
The Third Recipient elected the following of
ficers on Saturday: Colonel Isaao H. Mar
row; Lieutenant Colonel John Beattyj Ma
lor J.'WabhemKiimr. "
Only We company, tbe Cadiz' Guards,' Capt
John Caitill, numbering 108 men, rank and
, file, baa arrivJ at the Camp, since two o'clock,
P. M., on Saturday. -"-.-;
Tbe Sidney Guards, Capt. Walker, number
kig 116, rank and file, have been, in the Camp
for several days, but were not reported at bead
quarters until yesterday morning.
Tbe total number of .troops now loft In the
Camp,- Wace 'tha departure of fifteen compa
nies this morning, la 6,435.
J. C. Irvini haa been elected Captain of the
Company from Knooounty,' lately under the
command of Captain Lorin Andrews, who is
promoted to the colonelship of tbo Fourth Regi
ment. i ) r i, " ' ' ' '
Lieut. W. II. Saob, of the Governor's Guards,
of this city, has been appointed Adjutant of the
Third Regiment. . . . . ,: '
Col-. Kmd has detailed tbe Dayton Zouaves
as a guard for the city at sight, and about forty
men to guard the State Arsenal.
Quartcr-Master-General Woods arrived from
New York city 6n Saturday, with tbe announce
ment that fifteen thousand stand of arms were
on their way here ' for the use of tbe State
troops.. '. ' '
We understand that the fifteen regiments
that lefi bere this morning will go into Camp
on the Little Miami Railroad, near Miamls-
burgy'f ;'; -
Tm Atlantic Moktblt for May, 1861. Bolton : Ties
won At Finns. Prico (3 year.
Tbis number of the Atlantic Is enriched by
the following articles: Agnes ol Sorrento; Rest
and Motion; Sights of the English Lake Dig
trlot ; Piuk and Blue ; Pomegranate Flowers ;
.The Prairie State j Concerning Future Years;
Brother Jonathan's Lament over Sister Caroline;
Original Memorials of Mrs, Pioizi; The Niger
and its Explorers; Reviews and - Literary No
tices. , , ,. ... , '
Tbe articles are all good. "Rest and Motion"
is a philosophical essay, abounding In deep
thought and suggestions of great practical util
ity. The essay "Concerning Future ,Ym" ts the
work of a contemplative, thoughtful m Ind. that
would dismiss idle foars and anxious cares, but
prepare for thd Inevitable future. The "Pink
and Blue" Is a pleaant and sprightly narrative.
The descriptive arttoles will not fail to Interest
every reader. ., '' ' ' '
Bat the great attraction to most readers is
the commencement of Mrs. Harriet Beecbei
Stowe's New Romance, "Agnes of Sorrento,"
In tbe May number of the All untie. ' From the
opening chapters which are presented In this
number,' we infer that it will equal. If not ex
ceed tn Interest, any of the former publications
of Its gifted and popular author.
The story is onb of- love and duty, of joy and
trial; Its heroine Is a voune eirl, born in a
Catholic country, end educated under the in
fluenee of Catholic institutions, and In the de
velopment of the plot the author seeks to illus
trate the influences ,of . that creed npon the
lives and characters of its votaries
From tbe success whioh has hitherto attended
Mrs. Stowe'i efforts, it cannot be doubted that
this .new. contribution to, American literature
will command an extensive and eager, perusal.
PTRiorio-Major Richard Cowunq, of Lon
don, Madison county, has deposited with the
Treasurer of that county, one thousand dollars
to' be applied to the comfort of the two volunteer
companies from that place five .hundred Col
lars to be, equally divided between the two com
panies, and five hundred to be , applied to the
care bf the soldiers', families, under the direc
tion of s committee of citizens. ' Major Cowl
mo.ln h's nols to the, County Treasurer maklDg
this donation, says i . "The Government . shall
be sustained as long as I have s dollar." Tbe
London Dtmoerat says ths Major enters on the
tax list but little less than a' hundred thousand
dollars. . , '
f.J .-Tl 'lit I mm i i ) ,t J
.EJ.vThe Zttaesvllls papers r announce the
death of Dn, WksiiwaTON Moorehiao, a noted
physician of that city, on the 25th Inst., of dis
ease of the heart. He was born In Zanesville,
Jabs 3T,1807. :ii.: i i-t u-tr-t .
("People- must have groceries in war times,
as 'well as" during peace1.1 Bat when war pre
sents his "wrinkled front." "in e natural Inquiry
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STDoctor Lcland's Antl-Rheumalib Band Is
ths only known remedy for Rheumatism, Gout
and .Neuralgia, and - ths pernicious effeots of
Merenryj and It Is with the greatest satisfaction!
as to Its merits, that ws sail ths attention of our
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Company! willon "application; assume a "war
risk," on fMtietfrtad inturtd, who desire to
enter Into Military ".ot Naval service this
time. .The additional premium charged for th
additional risk need not be paid In cash, bnt may
hs deduotcd from tbe trofita al the next dlri
dend. - For further partlcujara, apply to
rrr H KiaarAtaios. N6. .1C5 .South High
Street, has a very chokes assortment of Gold and
Silver Watches, fins Jewelry, Clocks, Silver
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[For the Ohio Statesman.]
Sumcomi should pay particular attention to
the advertisement In another column from 'tbe
ooaraoi Aieaioai Cixaminers. v .
I In estimating the experience of Surgeoe.a
jlear of hospital attendanoo will be estimated as
....... I . i.u m ff n.4;niH"..fia,lflAnA."4
Good bodily health, such as would be neces
sory to gain admittance to' the regular "army
service, will be required. This matter t will be
determined by the Board. u ii
; The oertifloate .called for by.'tbo1 advertise.
ment should be speolflo5, and- ihould-.'be. 'placed
on file with the Seoretary as speedily as possible.
No'candldate'wlli be admitted till the pre-
requisites are strictly ooniplled' wlttV ' ."
, The examinations will be In the form ot print
ed questions, with abundant blanks for answers
In writing, and will be thoroughly rigid.,,
J. W. HAMILTON, Secretary.
Rail Road Time Table.
- m mr
Iinvei. Arilves
flln.lnn.U Aiuiimodiitian. 5:00 A. M. t:OS P. M.
Kipreii 11:50 A. M. 11:03 A. M.
Mall AooommodAtlon...... 1:30 P. U- 8:56 t, M,
Might Kxpran TlaDyton.lS:00 mldBlght. a:SUA, M.
Ooldksos OuvruRB R. B. I ''
Nliht Kid rail. .......3:40 A. M. ii:r. m.
v.- v.,iini 11:10 A.M. ii:iua.m.
M.il.nrt AoeammotlAtlon.. 3:20 P.M. 9:10 P. M.
CcKTRALOmoB. R.,1-.. .- : ' .-. . :',!' . '-
No. llxpren 3:30 A. M.! ; li:J.
Ho. 9 do ll:18A.M. ii:r, m.
No. 3 do 3:10 P. M. " 4:50 A. M.
PlTTIWRBH, OoumiDi k OmCWKATl R. B. '
MillTralo 3.3n A- H. 11:38 .,M.
xprai Trto.; iuiba. ... ji: x. u.
. j. , Joi. Eobimok, Agent.
Ooluxddi St ImnARoroin, R. R. " . i - . :
OOLOMBDS l'lHUA lHDIAIIAtt.lt. . ..' ":. . ..
Ko.l Jtzprcn 8:3" A. M. rsu r. m.
AnoommoilAtlon ' 10:50 A. H.
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IO" Agents TV'ttitetl iTrrnrbsr,
t439-iuoriitrMw.5iii ETHLTrm
Whits and Blank, last received at -
jyS8 BAWi;
New York, April 27. To-day a special news
Sapor train will start-, and to-morrow and every
unday morning, for Albany, over the Harlem
Taa, aunog tne war.
, Six sloops, laden with gunpowder, were seized
on suspicion of being for the use of the South.
I Tbe steamer Nashville has been taken bv tbe
autnorities ot Charleston, .it la not known
Wbetber It was seized or nurcbased.
1 The former Lieutenant of the Harriot Lane,
appointed to command the Nashville, intends
ueme her to intercent California steamers. It
II positively asserted that he has letters ol
marque from Jeff. Davis. There is no blockade
ot Charleston. City quiet. Flour Is $15
Private advices from New Orleans certifv
that the attempt to negotiate tbe Confederate
man was a signal failure. . Unly si.uuu.uuu
taken altogether. Montgomery advices state
tuat oniy twelve millions aretaken. .
(The soldiers are unpaid. There is plenty of
provisions, but they are short of the munitions
of war. Four nrivateera. from Mobile, are al
ready authorized. '. ."
The Mobile turners ntntn that Colonel Ifurvev
Brown,, who commands Fort Piokens, has a
thousand men; ' ' .: . . .
It BDDeara that the Cnntntn Offtirrnl nf Pnha
nuuooea tne ' Houtnern Commissioners when
tnere. He did not recnerrilza tnoh & m u
vwuiuuwaie outei. . .
I. Beaureeard woa in CharUstnn nn TiinorlaT
Tbe war feellne ll suholrilnc. nrt It In thought
lU i J .P. ... o O
Mi no mare ngnung will ooenr.
Nw York, April 23 Advices from Sevan
nab roporl several vessels waiting privateer
commissions, which are expected shortly: Re-
uruiia sre pouring in tojoB toe attack on VVaflb
ineton.,, All Unionists are overawed. .......
lbs survevine schooner Ilovnll HnhK Unrlivl
troops and two cannon at Fort Carroll, below
It is renorted tint
VIA f- ... . . . ra .
im aiwruoon, in tne direction ol tort Mon
The Herald nu thn Rrltiali Mtntdf t.
umoecretary to Montgomery, who carries in
- j aiwu iiaiuidvvi uw nvui
formation ms to the course England intends to
pursue toward tbe Confederate States. It is
pretiv certain tbe Commissioner will not ha re.
ceived there officially .
Ths Herald'i correspondent has it from high
authority that Gov. I.itnhii. hnu nmiflmi M
Lincoln that no Virginia troops will be permit
ted to march on Washington. Their purpose is
to defend the soil Of VlrffinU from tha
ions by tbe North. He further says he won't
iiormu me uomeaerate troops to attack Waeh-
lUglUU. .1 . '.. I
Gov. Letcher issued a proclamation, savinr? In
consequence of the number of troops coming to
Richmond, without notice, and before their ser
vices -are. reauired ha nrohihiu th
so, but commands them to remain at home till
" Frederick; Md.i 'April 27. The Governor.
Messaee briefly .details the startline
which induced him to assemble the Legislature.
He labored earnestly to induce the President to
forego the purpose of passing troops through
Maryland, but the reply was that a military ne
cessity rendered It unavoidable. He refused
ueneral sutler consent to land his force, and
protested against. hisjtaking possession of the
Annapolis Railroad.. . Notwithstanding our
moat learned and intelligent citizens admit the
right ot the Government to transport troops over
the road, it is evident that a portion of Mary
land opposes tbe exercise of this right.
,His oonvictions are that the safety of Mary
land lies in preserving a neutral position be
tween the North and South. Marylaud has vio
lated no right of either section, and we have
done all we could to avoid tbe impending war.
n nopea maryiana mignc act as a mediator.
He cannot counsel Maryland to take idia
against the General Government, cntil it shall
commit outrages against hr which justify her
id resisting its authority. Our geographical po
sition alone forces as to this. . .
'This bad been all the while the ground-work
ot his policy, snd he was convinced it had been
approved by a large majority of the people. '
! aa appealed to the Legislature not to be
swerved by passion, but act with prudence and
unristian-nas tempers ' . .. .
: The Senate passed a bill Drohibitint? the laraa
of notes under five dollars, ucdor penalty. Tbe
Senate-1 adopted an address to tbo people of
Maryland, station that the Leeislature will not
pass an act of secession, but if the people desire
It, It will give them' an opportunity of declaring
tor tuemseives tneir iuture aestiny.
j Tbe House has not acted thereon, but has ap
pointed a committee to report an act calling a
Convention. Scott, of Baltimore, is the Chair-
HAitsrauPRo, Apri' 27. Five car loads' of fu
gitives from tbe Uouth arrived hers to-day ; 23
Fhitadelphians from Richmond also arrived Ail
had been workmen at tbe shot and shell foundry
at that oity. They went there five weeks sin ce,
arid now return on a pass given by Governor
Letcher- .They report that a Philadelphia is
engaged In modernizing 3,000 old ftlnMock mut-
Uets for Virginia; "-;
i Reports of travellers from Baltimore indicate
si strong disposition among conservatives to rise
and take power in their own bands from the mob.
Ths restoration 0' Federal allegiance Is conn-
dently predicted by Baltimoreans. . .., ...
1 'i ne dispatcn about tne rails being torn up on
tne railroad between Annapolis and. -Washing-
ten Is thought to be Incorrect.
! Tne uovernor's message . win recommend s
stay law. It says Pennsylvania will open the
route to' Washington, whether Maryland etavs
ip. or out of the Union no hostile soli will be
permitted to lie between the Capital and the lov
al States. ' Rebellion must be crashed; property
seised, retaken at every expense of treasure and
biood.,i lie recommends the appropriation of
three millions, perhaps five. A requisition is
received lor twenty more regiments, making a
total' of thirty-eight from Pennsylvania. The
Governor reoommends a reserve of ten thousand
.... tT- HJf :; . l:g -fii
K Ylih':-. ! I '
Ann aklU,1 Md., April 27; Twelve thousand
troops altogether have arrived here, and three
thousand more are expected bere to-night.
The brig ferry is itationed at tbe entrance of
the harbor, and a park of artillery on the right
hore. , ''A tug with the Eighth Massachusetts
regiment towed out the receiving ship Alloghe-
ty, from Ualtimore narbor, ancnorea tnere un
der tbe guns Of Port Mctienry. 1
I Uen. Butler says a mU9ket is guarding every
tail between here and Washington. The super
intendent of the road yesterday was arrested for
taking up rails. . :i -, ,., ,-..-,. -. -
The Maryland Legislature discuRsed the
proposition ot adjourning to AnBatolls." It
won't pass an ordinance or secession, but will
. ,1,. o.f. rt.ntnn. .a w..t,tn., -
iui iuo uhimi. AJm.iu.wiv .uu HaDuwewu
: . ) : ......
- ' I '. v
, Baltimosi, April 27. It is said that on Fri
day evening a propeller wun troops, so., rein
iorced Fort MoHenry. Tbe U. S. receiving
shlD Allegheny is not St the Fort. Several
vessels without ths necessary passes were over
hauled on Thursday, in attempting to leave tbe
harbor,' and were detained for - examtnatio.
Troops from Howard oounty were called, out
on Friday, and went four miles from- Annapolis
Junction, wnere lt o. troops are passing. An
other Massachusetts volunteer died this morn
log of his Injuries." J ' - ! ' '
Boston, April 27. Governor Banks spoke at
thsiJnion meetine InOambridce. .. Everett and
B. F' Hallott made strong Union speeches.
Everett said.ths Government must be sustained.
Hs said in the mighty struggle whioh has' been
forced npon us, all former differences are swept
awayV,7Ws now only cmembcr thAt we are
Americans.. ;..-; ,
-o Several Regiments are anxiously awaiting a
oall ta service. nni''n i uci ,.i..r.i,
r Cairo, III., April 33. A passengor from
Memphis reports that S secret meeting ol vol
unteerr companies was held In that oity last
night... trom bints thrown out It w believed
that thoir purpose Is to maroh. at once npon
Cairo, cut the levee, and then' 'make an attack.
Trtsppa all In good health and spirits.
, ,i ... i.ijii. iui 1 1 ,i Kl " ..
Chioaoo. April 28. In view 6f events in St.
jTopis, regiment s was sent from , Springfield,
yesterdays to eecupy Alton. ,i ! ,-.,.! r .
A Dill lor s tnree miuton loan lor war our'
noses, and another bill to send ten thousand men
into camp to answer tbe next call of the Got
ernment, are before the Legislature. Both bills
will probably pass to-morrow.
Cairo, 111., April 88. A gwUemaa who left
New Orleans Fdday morning, rutsishea the fol
lowing: Tbe whole country between Jackson,
Tenn., and New Orleans, is in arms. At svery
station along the road companies were seen
drilling. They appeared destitute of arms,
ueing old muskets, shot guns and rifles.
Telecraoh lines are in the hands of the seces
sionists, and not permitted to give any Informa
tion as to the movement of troops.
Leadinir secessionists at New uneans are In
hourly expectation of news of ths capture of
Washington. Our informant was told tbe North
should bear no more news until the Treasury at
Washington was in the hands or tbe Confeder
ate troops,, and President Lincoln and Cabinet
All troops, exoept tnose at r on ricxens, are
being rapidly marched North. The best of those
originally destined for the reduction of that
fortress! have been withdrawn.
It Is not believed at New Orleans tuat any
attack on Pickens will be made for weeks to
Perrvvills. Md.. April 27. J. S. Potter, of
JViaenacnusetts. bearer or aispatcnes iron. uen.
Scott, has arrived- He says the commander at
Harper's f erry bad given assurances ina. Vir
ginia would not allow any euacs: on tne capital
trom her soil. This is confirmed by a gentle
man from Richmond, aa being the sentiments of
Governor Letcher.
No flairs of any kind are allowed in Baltimore
towdav. in conaennAnRa of a flee demonstration
yesterday, and ths Unionists', determination of
keeping tneirs np. Several regiments passed
AnnaDolis Junction last night. There are 13.-
000 troops now at the Capital, and 7,000 more
on the way.
A Government messenger left Washington at
1 o'clock this morning, and reports the track
this side of Annapolis Junction torn up by the
secessionists of the vicinity, for two miles. It
will Boon be repaired.
' It was propoBcd this morning to move 5,000
troops to Washington.
Leavenworth, April 28. A fire broke out at
noon yesterday in tbe cellar of Eddy & Arnold's
drug store, on toe corner ot Main and Delaware
Streets; It spread with extraordinary rapidity,
rendering it impossible to save any of the stock.
The following is s list of tbe losses t Eddy &
Small, druggiati, $7,000, Insured $6,000; Drake
Brothers, paper dealers, stock mostly saved ; I.
H. Sneder, cigar and tobacco, stock partially
saved, loss $700, insured; D. R. Anthony, ban
ker, fixtures saved, but in a damaged condition;
store of McDowell & Co., real estate agents,
fixtures saved; M. W. Delahay, law library, un
insured; C. A, Logan, valuable medical library
and cabinet, total loss; Stinson & Havens, at
torneys, 'valuable library and furniture $2,
500, iosured for $600; A. F. Callahan, E. C.
Jacobs and M. J. Parrott, each lost on furniture
and books; telegraph office, instruments and
bdoks saved, furniture and fixtures lost, loss
small; Lecompte, Matthews k Burns, attorneys,
loss snail. Loss on buildings about $12,000
Insured $4,500. Tbe block was one of ths finest
in the city.
FHiLADtLVRiA, April 27. Itiasald there la
no doubt about a reaction In Baltimore, and that
bold movement by the government would, re
ceive the cordial support of the Union men, if
properly conducted.
Uen. ecott, In answer to a statement or Uen.
Harper, that Virginia never would suffer an
attack from her soil on tbe Capital, said he
would belappy to have it confirmed, but wouldn't
advise the government to desist from its present
course In providing for safety.
roe Virginia ordinance 01 secession, just
published, is received, accompanied by a sched
ule, appointing the 4th Thursday of May for
ratification by ths people. Also prohibiting tbe
eleotion of Congressmen, required by law, on the
ish Thursday ot May.
VThe ordinance declares the Constitution of the
United States no longer binding on the citizens
of Virginia. ,
1 do ordinance taKes envct wnen ratined oy a
majority of votes.
Cbioaoo, April 23. A gentleman just return
ed to this oity from a business tour in Alabama
and KLiBBtsaippl, leaving modus Wednesday
last, reports hundreds of the men who had gone
Pmoola to tae fort Pickeds sre returning
home daily, disgusted and satisfied that it is im
possible for the Confederate States to capture
tne rort. Large nomDers or troops at rensacola
are sick ana aying in tne nospitais, from the ef
lects ot fatigue, exposure and buoger.
Our informant reports the people of Alabama
and Mississippi almost crazy with excitement,and
tnat tbe mob spirit is rampant every where, ren
dered daily mors desperate in some localities by
threatened ismine ana starvation
Adrian, Mich., April 27. At a special meet
ing of the Common Council, $25,000 were ap
propriated to equip and outfit tbe volunteers
enlisting here. -The same amount was prevl
ously raised by private subscription for thesame
purpose ; ..;
Philadelphia. April 27. A steam-toe cursu
ed and captured the tug Wo, B. Ralney in tbe
Delaware uay. sue bad recently been purcbas
ed bere,snpposed for the Southern Confederacy,
The prize was banded over to ths Navy Yard
authorities. - ' - t .-. . - 1
Rochistm, April 28. A reliable gentleman
just arrived bere from Georgia, Tuesday last,
says Jen. jjavia oraerea tne troops to start on
tne whq iot iiynonnurg, va. -
Great disappointment among' the rebels In
oonsequence of the reinforcement of Pickens
Philadelphia, April 28 C J. Icgersoll has
invitea ex-rresiaents uacnananr fierce, rill
mere, Van Buren and Tyler to arbitrate between
tbe seceders and the Government'. '
Albany, April 23. It is understood that Jno
A. Dix will be appointed Major General of tbe
New York forces. -
t AtiNAroLis, April 27, Ths ronte Is now open
to Washington, bnt passes by Railroad are hard
to get.
Annapolis la strong for accession, but keeps
qniet. , cortincations across tus river wsrs ves
terday reinforced with Federal trooos and can
non. An immense mail just from Washington
goes to Perryvllle by s transport. .
, The weather. Is Very warm. '.
-?: ' . ' '
WASHwaToii, April KB.rrlbe rresldent will
to-morrow promulgate his proclamation extend
ing the blockade to ports of Virginia and North
uarouna, ror tns same reasons as nerstofore de
clared for blockading other Southern ports.
Lapt. btringbam will direct tne general blockade
movements.- . , , , . r-. -w
Northern- troops contlaue unobstructed! y to
arrive both by river and railroad.
. -1 '
- . 1
' .
HAaarsBoao. April 28 Special meeseneers
are on their way for Ohio, Indiana and Illinois
witn dispaiouea., Tne war enthusiasm continu
es as great as ever..'. There la ceneral rciolclne
in oonseqneooe' of ths nw requisition ot the
uovernor. , ;,
Philadelphia, April 28. Efforts are makina
at Washington to have Caseins M. Clay and N .
I, nanus appointed Major uenerais in tbe Army.
Washington, AprlL29 The. President has is
sued ths following proclamation : ,
. Wbsrcas, for reasons assigned in jny proc
lamation of the 19th lost., a blockade of the
pottg 0f the: aeoedlng States was esubliahed
and.;. i,'t Mirv.' :s
Wuebkas, Publlo property has been seised,
collection of revenue obstructed, and duly com
missioned oincers waits executing orders nave
been arrested, held as prisoners, or Impeded In
their official duties, without due legal Drocess.
by persons claiming to act under ths authorities
of Virginia, and -North Carolina, an efficient
blockade of the ports of those States will also
be established 'i v-r t
Indipbndinoi, Mo., April 27.-.The New
Mexiosn mall ariived here Sunday moraine-. 12
days out irom Bants re.,' ii i n ' -i.--;
The outgoing mall ot tbe I2th, with Hon
Mr. OterO and family, was met at Bent's Fork,
and would arrive at Santa ts In 11 davs.
fcicntcen nunnrea, poopis naa leit Santa re
... . M ..- ( 1
tor tne can juap tuiuca. - . . .1 , ( -j
Reports from the mines are very glowing.
No Indians were teen on the route.-'
7 Col. Crittenden bad gone south withhls pom'
,auu aim win-arBVMVWV ! V n i , - ,
Lieut. Thomas, U. 8. Ai, John Webber.
;B. Clark, esme through u passengers.
and after tne Apaohes i
) Washington, April 29 Some excitement
been caused In diplomatic circles, In consequence
or tbe President's proclamation, airecuog
blockade of ths Southern porta. It appears!
that a blockade, to be respected by foreign powers,
must not only bs effectual, but that due no.
tlce must be given of meh intention to their rep-
reeentmiTfi. who titiu oa tvi douiu Amer
t . . j ii a i a
ican governments, a notice of 90 days is required
' "r.. ., . 'M !,.. haw, .Ivan h m,.
treaty, but this bos not been given by our
nllin nalUi.nl nrnrlnnta daalffned for Santhflrn
Dorti are delated in their transportation to that
", . .
f.i.viraw. j. -
- Jnercoanis not ubiuk asueuou ui u cuectaoi
an Immediate blockade there, it, therefore, be-
cams necessary that specific Inquiries be made
of ths Federal Government, In relation to this
suoiecc, SO tnai treaty riguw auu urivueges Dei
not damaged, r
Theforelcn Ministers will Insist that the
stipulations shall be respected and observed;
otherwise naval forces will be dispatched hith -
er as a means of foreign protection
The delioacy of tbe question is apparent,
and from what Is known, may involve serious
oonseauences to all concerned. At all events.
It will produce trouble now, as well as lo the
future. :
Among the letters recently received at the
Post Office Department, was one from a South
Carolina postmaster, countermanding an order
lor stamps, and refusing to males returns; say
ing he will attend to tbe business when tbe
fost Master General shall reach Wasblneton,
Many of tbe official letters sent bitber bear, on
the corner, a representation of the confederate
Hag- ' :::.
Qentiemen of Virginia say the ordinance of
secession win be oon armed by over iuu.uuu
majority. . . ,
Nsw York, April 29. Ellsworth's fire Zou
aves expeot to leave to day.
men mood papers contain tbe proclamation of
Gov. Letcher ordering the return of vessels,
excepting steamers Jamestown and Yorktown,
to the r owners, and appeals to tbe people
without leffal author! tT. and annolntfl nfflnpra fnr
inS;tofer8' toaee the prool,amation ?ied
The WiimiDg'oa, N. C, Journal, of the 23d,
aiaiea mat tne urancn Mint at unanotteviiie
waa taken possession of, Saturday, under orders
irom uov. cms. -
Troops are continually naasing throneh WI1
mlDgton from South Carolina and Georgia for
tfl . rt n. . . D .
monmoua.. uen. uonnam and stall bad arrived
Gov. Ellis has called for 30.000 volnnteor.
aaaiuonat to tne regular militia; and all organ
ized corps are commanded to be In readiness at
an hours' notice.
NswYoax. Aorii 29 Tha anhnnnnr P.. R.
Cuyler arrived last night from Annapolis, with
the frigate Constitution in tow, with 150 Mid
shipmen from the Naval Academy.
toe ueraia t aispaton says Gen. Lane is
guarding tbe Navy Yard against resigned incen
diary Naval Offloers, and has made several
scouting expeditions into Virginia, during one
ui wuiuu us oapturea a secession rag.
The Kansas company called on tbe President
on Friday, who said if be bad to choose be
tween ths maintenance of ths Union and Liber ly
and tbo shedding of blood, there need be no
doubt whioh course he would pursue.
A Philadelphia dispatch in the Herald savs
passengers from Richmond say Gen. Green, of
norm osroiinia, naa arrived tbere and tender
ed 30,000 North Carolinians on Thursday.
Floyd bad an Interview with Got. Leteher.
The former has arrived aod eaulooed 1.500
Hundreds of troots are arriving from Smith
Carolina, Petersburg and Georgia.
FainiaiCK. Md.. Anril 28. Senator Mnann.
of Virginia, was serenaded last night. Mr.
Mason responded, saying he was here accident
ally, and be could not with propriety speak of
niaryiana pontics, but could speak only ol Vir
ginia. He could say the reconstruction of the
Union was an impossibility. Virginia sympa
thized with Maryland, and he indioated that
Virginia was disposed to exhibit its practicabil
ity. Hon. Reverdy Johnson is bere, and has in his
possession a letter from President Lincoln, sug
gesting that Maryland, through Us Legislature,
should agree to an armistloe with ths general
government lor sixty days. ,
A courier arrived here from Virginia yester
day, communicating tbe fact that Virginia had
united herself with the Southern Confederacy
uuuer iavis.
, The Senate has hitherto acted aa
a unit, and will probably oontinue to do so. . In
the House th ere is considerable diversi ty o f opi n
ion. It is urged that it is necessary for Mary
land to secede, before she can claim aid and
protection of the Southern Confederacy. . ,
Fot KiAHrny, April 29. The coach of the
l. u. u s f . r. , Express passed at noon yes
terday. . ...
I Dsnvis, April 25. Serious apprehensions of
inaianoimcuiues are entertained. Tbey can
easily out off all tbe plains travel and trade.
Col. Boon, Indian Agent, sent a carrier to Fori
Wise, yesterday, with a requisition for two com
panies of oavalry. to hold themselves in readi
ness tolmarch hither at an hour's notice. Should
Indications continue nofavorable, they will be
oraerea up very soon.
' Intense feeling respecting ths war in the
States prevails throughout Ibis countrv. A
small secession flag waa displayed by a business
bouse bere, yesterday evening, but it was so
Insignificant that no notice was taken of it,
Union flags are waving in many parts of ths city,
and ths Union feeling ie almost unanimous; .
i The military express to New Mexican forts
oae been discontinued.
WAsrtmcrroN, April 29. The rumor that bat
teries had been erected at the White House
and near Mt. Vernon, by Virginians, is false.
Ths plaos has been thoroughly examined.:
I The Charleston Mercury earnestly protests
against the advice of certain Southern Journals
whioh nrgs sn immediate assault on Washing
ton, and its occupation as tbe capital of ths
Confederate States. ' ' -..-
Ths Alexandria 7H says that Gen. Lee
has ordered ths release of Geo, tlarney, who
was stopped at Harper's Ferry, on bis way to
Washington, and mentions as a rumor that Jeff.
Davis was to ooms to Richmond this week, and
that Vios President Stephens has returncdju
Bionrgomery. -'
V SON my DBUQ bTORB. which la removed from tha
orner of High and Gay streets to the Southwest corner
ef Broad ana mgn streets, uolnmtmt, Ohio.
With many thankt to my former patrona and custom
ers, Irespeoaully request the continuance of their fa
vors to my successor. . HKSRY U. NBIL.
Ooiumlnt, April 1, KM. . . .
XX 8TOKS of Mr. Hkmsv M. Nait, I have opened
anew on the Southwest aomerof Broad and High streets,
uoiumoue, vmo oeiitp' tn out ana rtiiaou Hand for
AO iuhhnn jvrmurww yfari.
I have a fresh and well selected atock af Aim IMI
ofnat. waifw OKtmioalt. tocether with Paint, otli.
rflrnww. aw, nsuany aept tn aacn as eatabltahment.
1 rraaaoairrton eareiully and Dromntlv oomoound
Store open at all hours ot tha day and AgU.
' I respectfully solicit the patronaga of tha public.
Columbut. April 1, 1861 aprtidlst - .
a. - . . .... l, r'
E. M. VY1U1AMS & W.;V
Front Street, Between 8tate And Town
rrne oid oabriaoi
I BU0P It still runnlna-. and althonrh I
the preaaars of lata yaara haa Mt heavily
anon her running sjeara. the It still tnrn-
B( out those splendid PHJKT0N8, ROOKAWAYg, and
BU8BS and HA0K8. twenty yean steady manufao-
annng naa ginn our wort: t Wkle-tperad reputaUon
through the South and West. - '
We therefore deem It unnecessary to toy any thing mon
ta regard to tha quality af our work. Wa wrr
vssi TiHicti. We can aellaoon rorBDeoiaa from
- Paalert can be furnished with any amount of work at
Short notice, and at prioea lower than ean be bought any
wnere in tne west, second nan Buggies tajtea in ax
change tor new work. ....
irTBenalring dona neatly and at thort aotlot. ' Taa
tory on front, between Butte and Town streets, Colum
bus. Ohio. - v . -. -
. 1CPAII eommnaleattont will receive prompt attention,
Gents' Linen Shirt Collars, ,
HOTS, Saudlng, Byron, Pertlgnay, Kenfrew an
other new thanes. Hemmed Pocket Handkerchiefs. Heck
It- Stocke, Street and Svaniag Olotet, Half Itnse ot
aiuu, vB.Biv.iwmi.MiiiKiiKinu, ui van, sal
I Wis floods la gmt variety and at moderate prion,
- u,-
-.very kind. Under Garments and all klnda of Gents' Inr
New York Market.
NEW YORK, April 29.
i5,"9 M for common w ' nediu.i trm e.trn;ti so
s 8S 'or inferior breed qtra roun hoop Ohio. Oina
under 41in flmrflrwlt i Mmud atmmi. ul of
I fLOUB receipt! M.rrrbbli: ntrktt tot flna hat
nic, v cv. j w ivm w .. - w , ,gr pap WO;
r. v,.l K An Aw. h h . a K CI .
I IkvRVB FI.fi HR, atttlAv
2WHB AT-recelpti 3o,800bih; market ntyi quoted.
-dmo Miter for gooa graaea, out eommoa quuth are
j wiinoni important anange.uiei X, u ontn ti 91 7 for
noiu; 11 nucsi tij for uanadirn: si uw fiu ror Ken.
i"r white: si 30 for white we twin.
t ST"1" -w 0"n"
I coaNreoeipu o( 8M,3io'' tn'ih.i. mar'.tf a .L. ie
nrmer but rather quiet; eaiea 01 iu.uiw DuiUrlrat one
,or "i """ we'te,n 10 tnn 7Uo fot k' How
,aS,.n- .
Btatt. "4U""" nAu-naaa
1 pork juii, heavy and lower: mis of 100 bbia at
Viawian loraeie. 1 u i rerpnma.. . 1 , . .
)EKV-tmilt;aal(l of SiOhbli. .' . . tit .
tABD htary; aleaofSOO hhli at 9;ln,c.
HUTTER in fair renoeat at KKAlSe tor Ohio, anil 1
OSfe for state.
on-casc steidat 7(9in foreommin to prime.
Vr alMKKY aulet aod uooriaoted: email aai mt
8I0CK8--better and moderately active: money rather
more active and rate! nrmer at a wo per cant on eal I liter
liOKI Exchange dull at 1 05311 05,: Bank dull; Chicago
AHI 38; Galena Chicago 58i lllinoIaOacripSCVi
Pan. 101; Harlem ; do preferred 31; Hud 3tl; Me-
Canton 8; Pao mailt 70; lCrle SI; U O 4jK: 0 CatO 90;
xora uentral jju:. iieiaware & liutiaon m ll az T 04.
u BQ'irli rejlilered 88: do Coupon! 85; Treaaury 12',
k'i, n.f uaiu; aioai, ma; 11 UOfiu; Cal 7.11;
Brooklyn Water Loan .'., , . , ,
Cincinnati Market.
FL0D8 The market to-day waa dram nnnn raiii.
mere freely than for KTeral davi. for fillinir ehlnnin
ordera. Among the aalea were lOObbla eunerat S4&.V
400 bbla extra at S4 40, and 100bblaextraatS45ii. Th.M
flgurea fairly repreient the working itandard of the mar
WHBAT ll In very light receipt and offered eparlnirly
SneonfiJcai K.:xhcipHh.n,.x.,
caaei.ulhey adhere to their reiolatlona Mt to p." oJ
COBN U kept at 34o. with but armlet marlcAt. ff.
;ETinET-'4",r M
WlilgKT-li kept at (he old qaoratloni le., hot la
very dull.
M KB8 VOHK St I. ARD aim remain the on v ar'lr-1,1
In the proTlalon line that receive any attention. Thr
were tmall aalea of the former at S17, and of the latter
aererat nunnren nercea were aota at w.
BULK MEATS At BACON are very dull, ailait
quoted, via: 57tfc for the former, and 68 to 8)4c for
Cin. Com., April 29th.
Cleveland Market.
April 27.
FLOUR aleady at quotation?, with only a moderate
local demand.
WAS AT flrm at SI 8 for red on trtck. and SI 25
for white. ,
OORN-ateady at 37o.
OATS qniet at S4lo.
BGtOB remain eteady at DAS 1 '.'c.
PORK Mo. 1 meal ll firmly held at $18 00.
Hi la preclaely what Its nam indicate!, for, whilfl A
Ipleaaaot to tbe tail, it la revivlfii og, exhllarat-j(J
k. ilatea. and renewa tha Blood in all Its purity, and
jthua at once rettore and rtnderi tht tytttm in
' kmlntraiU to attack ofdlnttu. It la the only
noirera. and at tne aame time rertviflea. tein-
preparation ever oiiered to the world, ao chemi
call and aklllfully combined aa to b tha moetj
p werful tonio. and at the aame time to perfcotlyi
ulantefl to. aa to act in ner eot accordance, w th uie
stomach, and tone up the digeattve orgrani, and II
IKn. nllnwall nurvAtia and othttv Irrltatinn. ll 1.1
awe ol nature, ana nence win tooint me wtaJust hat
per'cwMj ijuiiuH.iw,, mi. n ...v miu. .iiuu w i,
composed entirely of yegetablea, yet ao combined ifl
, iI...1.IUk.IU m A . . V. . ,1 . 1
iaa to produce tne moat tnorough tonic eaect, tritn
out producing any lnjurioui oonaequencea. Such L
remedy naa long neen reit to oe a uetiaeratnm tD'Ui
the medical world, for ltneeda no medical akill toi'
tee that debility followa all attacks of diaeaae. audi,
oroceeda and indeed laya the system open to the H
A insidious attacka of many of the moat fatal, auch, ti
W ror example, aeu.e lotiowmg: uonsampnon, in
IHiMlinn. Dvanenaia. Loaa of AnnetltA. VAlntntMia.
Nervous irritanuuy, neuralgia, raipnaunn ot tne
Heart, Melancholy, N ight sweats, Languor, GMdl-
oess, Ketention 01, as wen at raimui obttructed
too nroiute. or too team menstruation, and rail'
lot of the Womb. These all dependupon general
debility. Toil pure, healthy, tonio Uordial and!
Blood llenovator it as sure to cure aa the tun
riae and set. There It no mistake about it. Bnt
(hie ia not all. If tha system la weakened, we are.
wen to biliout attacka, the lirer becomes torpid, lj
or worse diseaaed, the kidneys refute to petform p
their functions, and we are troubled with acaldina
and Incontinence of urine, or inyoluntary dis
charge of the tame, pain In tha back, aide aod 4A
Itween tbe ahouldera, exceedintly liable to alight
coldt. couh, and If unchecked, toon emaciation
follows, and tne patient goea down to a prematurel j.
grave. But luace will not allow ui to enumerate f
the many lilt to which we are liable In a weakened W
wonaition ot tne ijiicm. uut we win aay, in lntt
Cordial and Blood Renovator yon have a perfect.1!
tare, pleasant anu cnectnai remedy ror inaa' of
Stomach, Languor, liver Complains. Chills andl
fever, or any Bilioua attack. Goaliveneaa. Aciditvl
of the Stomach. Nervousness, Neuralgia, Palplta-'.,
tlonof the Heart, melon of Spirits, Sores, M
Pimples on the Face, or any disease arising from ft
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hltis. Cough, difficulty of Breathing, and all that1,
oclaae of diseases called female weakness, and JI
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expoted to epidemic!, change of climate add waH
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alent among tha female portion of tha world. In1
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For the Whiskeri and Hair ' i
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U prepared br Bt. 0 P BELLINGTfAM, an fm lne tit
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l.tsvk SMSt tt ' - .
Whiskers ora Mustache
In from three to tlx weekt. Thll article It the Only one
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It it in universal ate.
It U a kaaatlfuL economical, aoothlor. set stimulating
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Sbeautiful growth or luxuriant nair. it apiineu im
scalp.lt will curt atjHM, aadeaareto spring up ia
piaoe of th bald (pot t So growth of new seir. Ap
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Pamtoit' BtnuriM, flolaabna, Ohio. . . ,
0arefulttntlor'Conrctl(;. '
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OR i
Strengtknii. Cordial and Blood
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The Oresuest Uee4rin Wum Wsrls.
X ly a tclenUao and
, Vegetable Compound,
' procured by tha dlitll
latlon of llootf. Uerhf
and Barka, Yellow
Dock. Blood KooL
hreaiMurllla, W I 1 i
uneny vark and Dan-.
dellon antera Into lta
Before TatJntir acu' remaduliirter Takln?.
principle of each Inirrrdlent la thoroaohlr extruia ha
my new method of dUUlline;, prodaeioif.ji delklrua. e- f t
hlleratlng iplrit, and tha moat INFALLIBLE remedy lor . I
reoovatlnv th IIimmI avatein. and Malnrin iv.. -1-1-
STBaNQTu'' deb""ted UVAJUU to .alSAtiTn ani
Will affactaallv aura , . ? - r-
Chronic or Nenmna Tmhlllb,. " nf tha KMn.m a
and all diianaM avialni. r.,m ft rfion.ilMr.l l.tw a. Ul. .
aoh, Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Inward Pllee, Acidity or Biel-i
-w. vi uio otomacn, yuiinete or mood to tne Hea.1, Dull
pain or swimming In the bead. PaitAation of tha Heart
Sullneaaor Wfiitrhf iN .v.. u,..n.i. qam. siH...,nK
Choking or suffocating feeling when lying down , Dram
orYellowneaaof the Skin and Kyet, Night Sweatt, In '
Ward revert. Pain In tha m.ll Af Out hlc. ahM n. .M
Sudden flushes of Heat, Dapretaion of BplrlU, Vrightfnl
Dr&ams. Lloraor. TjMnAtiitjinfnr MtM KlMMnna T '
Sorea or Blotcbea on the Bain, and Haver and Arae (o
Ohllltand teyet.)
Over a flliiiion mt Kettles
Have been aold durlni the last ilxmontht. and la na in. J
stance has it failed In giving entire tatlsfaclion. Who.
men, will suffer from Weakness or DeblUty whan llo
4u iauKuaK can convey an aoequata laea or ua imsno
tta and almott miraculous ahanMnroducaA hm tmlrinm
this Cordial in tha diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervous system, whether broken down by excess, weak by
nature, or impaired by sickness, the relaxed and unstrung
organisation is restored to lit pristine health and vigor.
Or others eonsctont of Inability, from tthatovtr cause,
will find McLean t Strengthening Cordial a thorough
regenerator of the system; and all who may have Injured
themselves by improper Indulgences, will Snd In the Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
Ta the Ladies. , ' !':
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
It a toverelgn and speedy cure for
Obttructed or Difficult Menstruation, incontinence of
urine or involuntary Discharge thereof, Vailing or the
Womb, Oiddlneta, fainting and all Diseases lncidna t .
females. ' ' -
There la no Mistake About it. . , t
Suffer no longer. Take It according to DlRttiont. 1 It
will stimulate, strengthen and Invigorate yon and causa
the tdoom of health to mount your cheek again.
Kvery bottle it warranted to give satisfaction.
If your children are itcklv. nunv. or afflicted, McLean's
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust.. Delay
not a moment, try it, and yon will be convinced. , ' -
0 ACTioa. Beware of Branriataor Dealers who aaay
try to palm npon yon tome Hitter or Bartaparllla trash,
which they can buy cheap, by aayinc It la Just aa good
Avoid torn men. Aekfor McLean's Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothing else It la tha only remedy that .
will purify the blood thoroughly and at the tame time
strengthen the system.
uue tahiespoonrai taken every morning fasting. It a v
certain preventive of Oholerai Ohllltand levor, fellow
rover, or any prevalent discatet. It ia tat op In lam
Price oNy SI per bottle, or 6 bottles for $5.
Sola Proprietor of this Cordial,
A Ito McLean t Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Principal Decot on the corner of Third and Pice streets.
LKiuia, Mo.
McLean's Vokanio Oil Liniment. -;
The best Liniment In the World. The only tare and
certain cure for Oancert. Piles. Swellings and Bron-
oliitis, or (loitrt. Paralysis, Houmlgia, Weakneat of the
Muscles, Cnronio or InOammatory Uheomatitm, Stiff
ness of the Joints, contracted Uutclea or Llgamenta
arache or Toothache, Brniwt, Sprains, Wounds, Preen
Outt, Ulcere, Fever Sorea, Caked Breasta Sore Nipples,
Burns, Scalds, Bore Thoat, or any Inflammation or Pain,
nodlOerence how severe, or ho long the diaeaae may
have exltted. McLean a Celebrated Liniment la a ear
lain remedy.
Thousands or nunun bcinn Itavo been saved a uta or
deorepltuile and misery by the use of this Invalaable med-
Will relieve pain almoet Instantaneontly, and It wll
cleanse, purify and heal the foulest sores in an ineredt
ry snort time.
For Horses tind Other Aatlmala. .
McLean t oelebrated Liniment It th enlr tafk and re
liable remedy for the cure of Spavin. Einx Bona, Wind
galls, Splints, Unnatural Bumps, Nodes or Swellinge. It
will never rail to cure Big Head, foil svll, Vistula, Old
running Sorea or Sweeny, if properly applied, for
eprauu, Bruises, Bcraicnee, Bona or wuunut, uractM
Heels, Chafes, Saddle or Collar Oallt It la an Infallible
remedy. Apply it aa directed, and a ear It certain la .
very Icatanot.
Then trifle no longer with th many worthiest Lini
ments offered to yon. Obtain a supply of Dr. McLean
celebrated Liniment. It will core yo. , -
J. II. Itfcl.EAN t Sola Proprietor,
Comer of Third and Pise Street. Bt. Louis. Ma
yor salt by all drurgtatj.
For sale by B0BSKTB At RAMT7XL,
auxiti-datwlr ' Columbus. Ohio.
An experienced Nurs and Female Physician, presents
to tne attention 01 motnert, ner '
Which greatly facilitate! the process of teething, by oft-
tning the gumt, reducing all Inflammation wil 1 allay
ALL PAIM and spasmodic action, and I
Depend npon It, mother, It will give rest to yourtehreV
We have put nn and told thlt article for over ten yean.
what we have never been able to say of any other medi
ANCK, TO BFFBOT A CUBS, when timely need. Nev
er did w know an instance oraittautraation oy any on
who used it. On the contrary, all are delighted with It
operation, and speak in terms of commendation of Ita
magical effects and medical virtues. W (peak la thit
matter "WHAT WK DO KNOW;" after ten years' expe
almoet every Instance where tbe infant le suffering from
pain and exhaustion, relief will be fonnd In fifteen or
twenty minute after theSyrup ll administered. .
Thlt valuable preparation It the prescription af on of
New England, and haa been nted with NKTER FAI1V
It not only relieves the child from twin, but invigor
ates the stomach and bowels, correct acidity, and give
tun and energy to th whole system. At will almost la i
ataotly rcliev
an5 overcome eonynisioni, which, If wot tpdlly re no-
died, end In death, we believe it tne ism ana o un
lit T RNUSDY IN Tnt w OKI.U, in an cases 01 11IB-
it arlaea from teethtn. or from any other cause. U a
would say to every mothtrwho haa a child suffering from
any or theroregoiBgeompiainit mt nur jucx luun
stand between you and yonr Buffering child, and tho re
lief that will be BUKS yea, AttBOLUXSLY. SURE to
follow the nse of this medicine, If timely need. lull di
rections for aslng will accompany each bottle. Hon
genuine unlets the fao-tlmila of OUItTIB It PERKINS,
New York, It en th outside wrapper. . . .1,1. 1
Bold by all DruggisU throughout th world.
Prl iclpnl Offices 13 Cedar Street n.l .
ooU!7-dfcwly.- , ,' 1 '" "'
v'T WM. KNADE & CO..
A'' Tlim' W HACEJA-jr 1
si( rii
', STiBT, ; 1 , -i'n
I rTPS. 1, t, and T N. BUT AW BTBa', ; : ,yp
. ' I IT.. rA. tatA ftt.1. ulMlbl - : . u 1 f f
; 7 -. " ; AND SQARR
Being highly recommended by th Srtt Prof sstor and
alualcal Amateuraof the country, and
. ,. . . . nretiitrttBNT ....
' th matt fastidious enttotntr Bay rely upon being
pleased In svery respttt. ) '
Terms liberal. WM. KJUBEfc CO.
1 ; - BBLTZDRat WEBSTER, Agw'tt,
OutaOilydw. , Columfcot. Ohio.
AAFor niedlral Fnri-on,
Tt, from "Bonded Warehouse "
, v , WM. McDOJfAtD,
MHT.VM j. ' . : lOO South High rtreet
f-f ' j

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