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ti day ojmblloation.
rr Senator lUaaiaos mde a Tery frank ad
mission In tbo Senate yesterday. In speaking
of tbs bill to leas Ihs canals, he said "There
are Senator on ibla floor who do' not now so
tboroufb.r irjderatand this bill that they would
consent to pot io a bid nqder It." Quite true,
Mr. Hiaiow-qttit true!. We think ma
:it nttht, Ronitnrn m be classed in that
category. .They are wholly Ignorant on the tub.
tat of the canals, and intend to remain so. The
SeoahW trons Madison la prominent among the
nnmburwho are unwilling to know any thing
about thin ImporUniobject.
rr We Vave before us the Ashtabula Sentinel
of Mat 2. W have lpoked in Tain through
itt oolumni for any local' military manifesta
tion. Not a, word ia said about the organixa
tlon of military companies in Old Ashtabula,
and heoco we cannot inform our readers to what
xtent Senator Wadi influenced the people, at
the recent meeting held there to consider the
. aaestlon. The only important item of a local
.h.,uii, in be found in the Sentinel is the
tin..-f . fl.nnia. Antil Sfith. a Bon to Avery R. and
Llast B. Fraton. , Weight sin and on fourth pound
Ha li a TJmoa Boy.
The people will be happy to know that an era
has occurred In Athlabula when the matrons of
the eounty give birth to Union boys. We may
look for a regeaeration in the coining age in
thateoantj!' vf - ';
fJilki ' .-
E7 We can hardly credit the rumor that Mr.
Lincoln has made call for forty thousand vol
unteers for three years, and twenty-five thou
sand for fire years. He may call for as many
troops as. be pleases wider the law of 1795, and
to bo vied for the purposes specified in his proo
Umitlr.ii of Anril 15th. 1861: but to call for
troops as above named, would be a clear viola
tionof theCoosiUition, and hence, we do not
arcdit the teleeranhic report. Conetees, when
It meets, may give him authority to call for any
number of troops, and for any time he may des
ignate, sad it' may be his intention to ask Con.
greet for this, or perhaps a larger force, but we
cannot believe that he will call for them in ad
vanoeof the meeting of the representatives of
the peopled ?j ' ". ' :
The Canals in the Legislature.
The canals are having bard times in the Leg
Ulature. The House of Representatives months
ago assumed a positive and judicious policy,and
passed a bill to lease these works to a responsi.
ble company. The Senate, under the influence
of Mr. Jokks and one or two other Senators,
adopted an evasive and deceptive attitude, and
made professions which are now shown' to be
wholly inconsistent with the intentions and de
sign of the managers. In one thing the Sen
ate was consistent, and that was in its prooras
ti nation J for to accomplish the objects designed
that was necessary.
Mr. Jonas and bis co-laborers, both in and
out of the Sonate, bad determined by this means
to compol the House to yield, and turn the ca
nals over, as heretofore, to the Board of Publie
Works, and leave them to continue to absoib the
revenues and drain the treasury.
As the session waa rapidly coming to a close,
it became necessary for the Senate to act, and
bene a few days ago it amended and passed the
House bill, by providing in its amendment for a
public I letting of ,the canals on tho 23th of
May ' it felt confident tho House would
not concur in tho. amendment, but if it
did, there was good reason to believe
that by the management of the State officials
there would be no bids made under the law the
Senate proposed to pass. The House, on the
report of a second committee of Conference, on
yesterday, agreed U publio letting, but reqoir
ed that it take place before the adjournment, and
the Senate, yesterday afternoon, stultified itself
by rejecting the report of the same committee!
Thus the cloven foot was exposed, and the Sen
ate of Ohio placed in a position by no means
creditable to its candor and fidelity to the in
terests of the people and the treasury.
Senator Jones' ingenions management pre
vailed in the Senate, not, however, at we learn,
without efficient and yalaable aid from the Ex
ecutive. of a partizan character. Gov. Dennison
impressed certain Senators, as we have reason
to believe, with the opinion that it was necessary
for the Republican cause to retain the partizan
natronaee of the canals in the bands of the
State officers. It has been proclaimed far and
near, that we have no party any mora, and that
there should be none during the present exigen
cies of the Nation, end yet party influence is
brought to bear in this important matter of
State policy and that, too, at great cost to the
tax payers and the people. . ' "
What will low be done by the Legislature
with the Canals, we cannot predict; but it will
bs onr duty, at an appropriate time, to expose
the miserable trickery and management, which
has for its object, not the publio interest, but
the promotion of selfish and dishonorable ends.
We shall probably give Senator Jones and
some others an airing that will will not elevate
Ibera in the publio esteem. J
Liberty and the Union.
The Union of these States was formed to se
cure certain great objects set forth in the pre
amble to the Federal Constitution, among which
the preservation oT the liberties of .the people
bold a prominent place. Without liberty, the
Union is worthless, anfl may be made the instru'
ment of ft heartless despotism; with liberty, th
Uoloftli of priceless value, 'sod becomes the
. bulwark ot on 'security against the encroach
ment of tyranny from within and without.
They widely mistake the temper of the mass
of the people in the loyal States, who suppose
that their present strong manifestations of an
Inextinguishable attachment to the Union arise
from any other source than a , love for it, not
for Its own sake merely, but for th inestimable
blessing which it was formed to confer, and has
conferred upon as as a people. The greatest or
these blessings Is our national independence and
th security of our personal liberties all of
which are comprehended In the word "Liberty
Our fathers fought far and gained thi liberty
first, and then formed the Federat Uiion to
secure It. The same sentiment thrills through
end glows in th great mas of the people sow.
They rally a one man at the call of the con
stituted authorities! who at present administer
the Federal Government,, because they believe
that the Union, and consequently the liberty It
guarantees, ia peril. ' ' , (
Some affect to think w need a stronger cen
tral government. But an attempt to make it
filch would both weaken the Union and make It
the Instrument of oppression, and, thus defeat
the great end for which that Union was formed
the preservation of liberty. NThe present
spontaneous and almost universal uprising of
the people for the defence of the Union, when
assailed by domestic foes, shows that it true
and real strength lies, not in what is termed
strong central Government, but in the hearts
and loyalty of the people. There our fathers
were willing to risk It, and there it should re
ETThtre was great delight among the Rail
road operators and bogus bidders for the canals,
on yesterday, at the action of the senate in
rejecting the bill to lease them at public auo
tion. ' Never did we see ft happier set of fel
lows. The prospect of a continual drain on
the treasury to support these woiks, seemed to
exhilarate some of them wonderfully. ,
The Canal Question at Columbus.
According to onr telegraphle dispatch from Columbni,
th two Homes ol ins Legislature nave oisagreea upon
tho canal question. Th Home Is for a pnblto leas nle.
Th Stunt oppose It. Onr correspondent believe the
canal will remain Inehtrgeof the Board of Publio Work
for another jenr.OimXnnati inquirer.
We suppose the Enquirer is satisfied with the
action of the Senate, ainoe it has covertly lent
Its aid to the Board of Publio Works and the
designing few who' have been struggling dur
Ing the whole session to retain the canals under
their present management.
The Board of Public Work aak for appropriation ihii
year twenty thousand dollar leu than last year' re
ceipt. Thi eem to indicate that (he ounal conld be
made sell sustaining. vor. vm. vommercuu.
The above item we extract from the Colum
bus letter to the Cincinnati Commercial of the
3d of May. The man who eould indite such
falsehood should be ashamed to look any honest
man in the face. The Board asked in their an
unal report for appropriations for this year, ex
ceeding the receipts of last year, to the amount
of m hundred and tixtu ihoutand dollar,- The
correspondent of the Commercial Is the offioial
reporter of the Senate, and receives from the
State Treasury four dollars per day. :
O Senator Ready stated to us, yesterday,
that he knew of some corruption in the canal
lease bill matter. If be does, ho should most
certainly bring the matter before tho Senate
If he fail to do so, the presumption will be that
be was only gassing. Come, Senator Ready,
march rip and do your duty.
The English jourulaista are far behind the
events in America. At the latest accounts they
were discussing the probabilities of an attack on
Fort Sumter. The Londcn Timet of the 20th
of April the latest date from England opens
a review of our troubles in this style:
"We feel it is necessary to use much caution
in commenting on the American crisis, and in
communicating any news of which we may be
in possession, ine two countries are so inti
mately related in commercial matters, that when
a convulsion seems to threaten one of them the
other may be suddenly agitated. We should be
sorry for this to take place through our means
It may turn out that peace will not be broken
in America, i here is a wide interval between
boasting and achievement, between preparation
and action; and even a campaign that has begun
may be brought to a close without actual fight
ing. There are so many interests dependent on
the preservation of peace, that it is possible the
warlike intentions of Mr. Lincoln may not be
carried out into civil war. When it becomes
clear that the South can only be humbled by a
struggle which will make its people enemies for
generations, it may be that the Government at
Washington will pause, and trust the reunion to
time, the necessities of intercourse, and the
softening of mutual rancor. But, for the pre
sent, we can only lay before the publio the facts
which have caused so great an excitement in
Ameiica. Whether they mean war we can
judge no more than onr informants on the other
side of the ocean or our readers on this. Bat,
at any rate, they show that the Lincoln Admin
istration has resolved to make a great effort to
retain the South, and that President Davis will
need all his talents as a politician and a soldier
to meet the crisis."
FRIDAY, May 3, 1861.
On motion of Mr. STANLEY, the Senate
went into committee of the Whole, Mr. McCall
in the Chair, and considered tbefollowior;:
II. B. 4U2 For the relief of families of vol
Mr. STANLEY moved to strike out all after
the enacting clause. He was not opposed to the
principle of the bill! but against its terms, be
cause by imposing tin tax upon counties would
work unequally, and be unjustly burthensome to
some counties. He thought the fund should be
raised by general taxation
Mr. Ullt; Wh.K thought provisions should be
mad for relief of volunteers' families either
by counties or by States. Many companies had
been raised in villages. . it would be unjust to
tax the villages for such support. It should be
generally distributed.
The motion prevailed, and the committee
rose and reported.
The qnestion being upon agreeing to the ac
tion ot tbe committee ot the Whole, Mr. Cum
mins demanded the yeas and nays. 1
Air. oTAriLc.1 moved to rcicr the bill to tbe
Judiciary committee. Aereed to.
Mr. STANLEY, from the finance commit
tee, asked to be discharged from further consid
sration of the petition of J. Vftpbinson and G4
others, of scioto county, relative to a stay law.
Agreed to. .... .
Air. JONES, from the Judiciary committee,
reported back II. B. No. 48a To provide for
surveys of mines, with amendments, andreeom
mended . tbe passage ot the btU so amended.
One of the amendments wag agreed to, and the
bill passed yeas Jw, nays u.
Mr. MONROE, from the conrmittee of Con
ferenoe to whom was, referred the bill to lease
the Publio Works, rec6ynmondcd that the House
recede from its amerriirkenJi to the bill as amend
ed by the Senate, and that the Publio Works be
let at publio auction orf Thursday next, at Co
lumbus, to the highesWeeVonsible bidder due
advertisement described fh the report to be
made. Tbe partyibakineXhe accepted bid to
give bonds within fire days, is default of which,
the Governor shall execute lease to the next
hirhest bidder, and to on nntil lease is made.
' The minimum price at which they shall be let
shall be $'J,uuu.
The report also awtTs the bill so a to re
quire the canals to be ert In condition for boats
of not more than 50 tonsvurthen
The State is also required to acquire title
to and pay for all lands within the Lewistowo
Reservoir, as now enlarged, before October 1st,
18C2. " -;: .. . r
Section 15 is amended so as'to stipulate that
actions may be brought against lessees or their
assigns and sureties, in any county in which they
or any on of them may reside, and in any such
action ft summons may be issued to any county
against one or mor of tbe defendants at plain
tiff's request. ' ' ...
Mr. MONROE said, tbe report was not, In
all respects, what be would have preferred; but
he believed that the publie interest required that
the Publio Work should be leased. In. order
to secure leasing, we must come to some kind
of an agreement with the Honsc. Hence be
had signed tbe report, and should vote for it.
H was very desirous that the leasing bill
should pass, and to accomplish this, was williog
to make some concession. . , ;,
Mr. JONES objected to a publie letting next
inursaay. " ooes not anord-i-ra tor bidders
to prepare their
possible for the
bill to get before
that time,' to la-
vite general competf
did not seem to
uim fair propositlon.XCi
umstances bad in-
die tad that one company
, bidders are to be
favored. The publio wou
at any rat, b-
liev so. No eocourageni
tn loot, had been
riven to any but this on
of bidders.
everybody else has bee
believe thev
would have no chance,
one but these
favored bidders would be si
He regard
m"i. it is vm
toe public is
11.. Ti
mil a
7 T
e company
a lea p
tad tbatV)
ed the proposition; of the committee as unfair.
Nq individual woaia dispose or nia property in
the hasty manner, ftj which tt iproposed to dis
pose of thi Imnknse property. He would
give the greatest possible publio notice. He
also objected to the Wort because it does not
sufficiently provide lor the, repairs of the ca
He regarded this of Vie highest Importance.
Tbe efficiency of theoaaals depends upon it.
He would prefer tbat,Hiouid be stipulated mat
tho depth of the canal ertould be fixed at three
and a f half feet. sliDsiktions for tonnaco of
boats Is uurcliabl and uncertain. The report
fixes fifty tons as'the extreme tonnage at which
draft is to be regulated.,' He doubted whether
this would provT adequate td the business of the
canals. Finally, while he oVectsd to tbe lens-
inn entirely, bo found another objection in the
clause relating' to the Lewistown Reservoir- He
was not willing to insert this is a bill as a basis
for a contract. The Reporter Bid not hear the
specific objection to the clause.
Air. UAKSM regarded tbe repairs oi ine ca
nals as a very Important point. As Mr. Jones
had remarked, if tbe three and ft half feet depth
of the canal be adjusted by inserting fifty tons
burthen as the extremo tonnage of boats, it will
be done merely to avoid the bottoming 'out of
tbe canals, lie was satisiied such a change
would be seriously injurious to the canals.
Mr. STANLEY concurred with tbe remarks
of Mr. Harsh, He thought the proposed s
mendmcnt ought not to be made.
Mr. OAKribLD thoucht the State ought not
to own Publio Works. Such enterprises should
remain in private bands. He believed the State
would be benefited by disposing ot the canals.
He had favored leasing the canals, and was
ready to do so now; but he could not endorse
tbe report. -
Air. rAttisii said the report ot tne commit
tee did notmeethis approbation. He did not
regard the question of time as of so much im
portance as Air. Jones did. UidJcra are now
waiting for a chance to bid. They have had
no opportunity, because one company seem to
have been preferred. He did not believe sn
advertisement of thirty days would bring more
bidders. All who Intended to bid are prepared
now. In relation to tonnage, be did not think
tbe repoit of the committee on this point im
portaut, because tbe tonnage of a boat depends
upon its shape. Nor did be like thtclauscof the
report which requires the State authorities to
accept tbe second bidder in case the first fails to
accept. He did not like the report entirely, but
as itcannot be dividcd.bo would vote for it.
Mr. McCALL did rfct lifte the report. A
public letting with thredy. or four days' notice
is an absurdity. No priwe individual would
dispose, of his property that way, and why
should the State do itt V
Mr. EASON asked, "Will the Senator vote
for the bill if the time is extended V
Mr. McCALL replied, Yes, if the bill is
framed like that which the Senate passed, and
if it is not mutilated by amendments." He
was willing to vote for such a bill if sufficient
timo is civen. He thought the pending bill bad
been framed to aid favored bidders. Ho thought
a proposition to advertise In three or tour pa.
pers for three or four days is extraordinary.
' Mr. HOLMES thought it upparent that tbe
Senate bad not concluded what ought to be done.
The Senator from Harrison had lately evinced
a disposition to criticise every proposition. It
is easy to criticise, but not easy to deoide.
Some Senators have mado up their minds that
leasinc is not the proper thine. ' Now, whit ad
vertising do we waut? During four months we
bave constantly advertised these canals, and
the publio knows we intend to lease them. What
greater publicity can we givo to the subjeotl
Let us act now as if we were determined to do
something with the canals. Tbe subject has
been belore the Legiblature ten years. We ad
vertised for contracts, and the State paid dearly
for it. If we advertise now for thirty days or
more, we shall be again victimized by combina
tions. He wooid, if he had his own wav.sel) out
the canals and separate 'them from control of
tbe Stale. But he believed bidders are prepar
ed to take tbe canals now, and there is no no-
cessity of further advertisement. At the canals
cannot be sold, he would lease them at public
auction. Anything to settle the question.
Mr. HARRISON said he tboucht tbe hontct
fame of Ohio and of Ibis General Assembly was
involved in this proposition, and be .desired to
enter bis protest against its adoption. It the
Public Works are to be leased, let them be
leased In such a mode that the people will at
least be satished that they were leased decently
and hi order, and according to general usage.
It is proposed to put tbe Canals np at publio auc
tion next Thursday. . Now, any man or compa
ny who proposes to lease the canals will desire
to examine every clause of the act nnder which
they may be let, and learn their fnll force and
effect. This bill cannot be enrolled , and bidders
obtain ft certified copy of it.before Monday next.
Tbus. yon will have only tbree days (or an ex
amination, by bidders, ol this bin, involving
millions of dollars.
How many people of the State know that
we have before ns a bill to let tbe canals on
Thursday next? And how many persons are la.
miliar with its provisions? There are Senators
on this floor who do not now so thoroughly un
derstand this bill that they would consent to put
in a bid under it. The people demand that, if
the canals are leased, it shall be done under such
circumstances, and in such mode, that tbe
honor of the General Assembly shall not be
liable to the impugned or the interests of the
State sacrificed. Would tbo briel notice wbicb
the bill provides shall be civen of the lettlne,
prevent the combinations alluded to by Mr.
Holmes 7 If combinations are to be formed,
they can be mode in threo days. The longer
tbe notice, tbe greater number of bidders there
will be, and tbe cbanccs ot ft combination will
be diminished in the proportion bidders are in
creased. Mr. Harrison was totally opposed to
lettine in any mode; yet, if the canal ere to
be lot, they should be let only after reasonable
public notice of th time, place aod terms, and
conditions of the lease, so that all persons may
bave an opportunity to bid for them. '
Mr. OK 11 said the Public Works do not touch
his district, but his constituents had been pay.
ing taxes to support them. Tbe public debt of
tbe state originated wiiu tnera. . ,, .
There is not a man, bo said, in hi district
who is not in favor of disposine of tbe canals.
They woold give them away, ir they could not
otherwise dispose of them. They ar unprofit
able and behind the times. The State reaps no
benefit from them, and cannot hopo for . any.
He claimed to be as desirous of promoting the
interest of tbe State as any Senator, and be
thought it best for tbe State to dispose of the
canals. Ho doubted the sincerity of some Sena
tors who oppose this bill. Tbcy had oharced
bad faith upon the friends of leasing, but thoy
bad resorted to every quibble to dofeat the bin
spending a morning io question of order, aod
etriving in every way to throw obstacles io tbe
way to prevent the passage ot the bill. . Air.
Orr recapitulated th history of attempts to pass
bi 110 to dispose or toe robiic works, ana ap
pealed to the Senate to finish the subieot now. -He
was satisfied that the advertisement si
ready given the subject by discussion In the Leg
islature was advertisement enough for bidders,
and more time would not promote the interests
of tbe State, tie was anxious that tho high
est, best and most responsible bidder should get
tho Publio Works, and therefore ho would sup
port this bill. II would not TJte dollar: to
sustain the Publio Works lougor not even tbe
Income from tbe business of tbe canals. -
Mr. MCCALL objected to the bill, that it had
bees changed in such manner by tbe clause re
lative to tonnage, and that relative to the Lew
istowo Reservoir, that it makes it bettor lor the
bidder than the original bill, J ti' f ' , ' '
Mr FERGUSON said, K that IS (hd case. bid.
ders will probably com np next (Thursday and
offer higher bids. ' ' ' - ; " ',
Air. JiKttWUit said ns urn not think tbe
objection as to time of advertising tbS. bidding
is well taken. Bidder btd been icre all win,
ter preparing their bids, They understand tbe
bill better than many Senators.- They bave
come here expressly to take the lease the j
have pressed them upon us. They will bs pre
pared as well to bid next Thursday a in ait
months. He believed an early tettlhg would
prevent combination against the State, . He did
not know the bid dors He did not kuow much
about the canals, a his section of country is not
interested in them, but he came Instructed to'
vote to. dIpo34"of tbem.'- 7"'. ... ,' -if
: Air. EASON was in favor or leasing.-, He
had favored ft specific btd. ' But be would Vote
fort publio letting, Hd did hot believe the
canal can bs made selAsiuUiniog, and it i beat'
to dispose of them. We can do It constitution
ally. In 1H56, r-tbe cimals showcd-i diflnlt iif!
$10,000. This deficit has Increased to $107,000.
The report or th Board of Pablio Work do
not show ths true dtnoit-- We will not know
the troe deficit until the canals are lsesed. He
would assert that ths deficit to-day is, $160,000.
He thought publio opinion is jtt a polpt which
WiW deficit.
will Justify nsli
tine rid
If leasiu
canals out o
c. ns
them will m
more effic
e Senai
man to leas
tv and set It bank In as eoarl
conuuion aswbea neieasea ivi --.
Mr. EASON Ves. I leased ft farm of my
own, and got it back in as good condition. .
Mr. SCHLEICHsaid the Senate had taken ft
wide range in debateX Thef reposition is sim
ple The House lftvoledX specific lease. Ths
Sedate favored publicATetting. The report of
this oommittee is a uetion of compromise.
The question is.ill the Senate accept the
iioum Dioainoayron oi mown proposition T tie
wouia voieayer-
Tbe question recurring upon the adoption of
the resort, it was not spread to.
Those who voted, in tie affirmative were
Mossrs, Brewer, Cuppy, Jfason, Ferguson, Glass,
iioimes, Aionroe, Newman, urr, Jfarish, l'er.
rill, and Scblelch 1
ihose who voted in the neeative were
Messrs. Breck, Bonar, Colnna, Cummins, Gar-
Held, Harrison, Harsh, Jones, Key. Laskey,
McCall, Moore, Morse, Potts, Potwin, Ready,
Bmitb, sprague, and Stanley is.
ine senate adjourned. .
A l wipihg tbe
ilfevod leHins
l4nt thai evdc,
tor . ever know a
S nroriot
A message was received from the Governor,
transmitting statements ot contract for tbe
Military, which waa, with tbe enclosed docu
ments, referred to the committee on Finance.
II. B. 504 Making certain appropriations,
with the Senate' amendments, wa referred to
the oommittee on Finance.
H. B. 494 Authorizing the establishment of
a Home Uuard in Greene county, was read t
third time, when
Mr. REED stated the object of the bill and
Its provisions, and advocated Its passage.
The bill was then passed yeas G3, nays C.
- Messrs. Monahun, Crum, Wright, of Ilamil
ton, Bruff and Chase, were appointed the com.
mlttee of examination of the contracts, io. of
tbe Quarter Master and Commlssiary Gen
On motion of Mr.' McCUNE, the report of
tbo military oommittee on II. a. sui Relating
to Chapiaios, was taken from the table, and or
dered to be printed in advance of other print
ing, i -
- Mr. ROBINSON, from the select committee
to whom was referred H. B. 332 Relating to
School Examiners and their duties, reported
the same baok, with an amendment, making it
the duty of Examiners to hold regular meetings
at tbe county seats, on the last Saturday of
March, May, June, Uctober, and December; on
the first, second and third Saturdays of April
and November, which was agreed to.
Mr. - WRIGHT, of Hamilton, moved to
amend so as not to limit the time of first-class
' Mr. STEDMAN did not see any necessity
tor the bill; and be did not like the amendment
: Mr. WRIGHT said he did not like it much,
but he would like to make it as good ss possi
ble.' Mr. KRUM thought It would be no Improve,
meat, nud it would cause very great inoonveni
encemany times, where many had to travel 25
miles to tbe county seat
Mr. H I LLS explained many of the advantages
ot tbe bin, and advocated Its passage.
Mr. HUGHES said be was for having this
matter as well managed as possible; but be saw
no need of passing this bill. But he moved to
make the compensation 91 50, which was agreed
Mr. TANNEYHILL expressed himself very
indignautly towards all who wonld take any ad
vantage ot the poor ccbool teachers.
The vote was then called on tbe bill, which
resulted yeas 31, nays 41.
Mr. BRUFF moved that the committee on
Finance be discharged from the consideration
of the Governor's Message and statement of
contracts, and that tbey be laid on tbe table and
printed, which motion was aereed to.
Mr. BURR, from the committee on Finance,
reported back H. B. 502 Making certain ap
propristions-Vwith tbe Senate's amendment
which was aereed to veaa 7U. navs 3.
Mr. GAMBLE moved to take from th table
H. B. 446 To provide for delivering up fugi
tives from justice which waa disagreed to
yeas 27-, nays 48. v , .
Mr. CORY moved to take from lh table
the joint resolution relative to adjournment,
which was disngreeduo veas M, nays Vi-i
Mr. McSCHOOLER moved to take from tbe
table the resolution reutive to the transporta
tion of provisions to Baltimore, wbicb ,as dis
agreed to yeas 24, nays 44.
Air. wvuva, lrom the second coptmittoe ol
Conference on II. B. aui-V-To provide for leas
ing tho canals, made a report, recommending
that the House and Senate, ogrooo an amend
ment, providing that the onknals be put np at ft
publio letting on Thursday, the 9th of May,
iunt., uu requiring a recuru u o nepi oi an
the bids, and that when thebfds are opened, if
the highest bid is not perfected, and the condi
tions oomplied with, they shall be awarded to the
next highest bidder, who Will comply. The
minimum rental is fixed at 135.000.
- Mr. DAVIS made the following report from the
minority of the committee i
The undersigned, minority of the committee
of conference on House iiill iU, does not con.
cur in the report of the majority, in this speedy
manner ot parting with the Publio Works by this
Legislature; especially under the present ex
traordioary and perilous condition of our coun
try. In the opinion of (he minority, the publio
interest would be greatly promoted by retaining
those works for tbe present, undejr the contract
of tbe State. For it appears thsit tbe inorease
of tolls from the 17th of February, 18C1, to the
Uii of May, lobl, over the amount for the same
time in the year 1SG0, is $16,998 Qd.
And the flattering prospects of kn increase in
the business on tbe canals during the balance of
this year, warrants the belief that they will not
only be sell-sustaining, but yield ft revenue per
haps greater than the sum offered for ft private
letting. , .
. But, If they must be loased at lek.ll. due and
public notice thereof should be given for a suf
ficient length of time, so as to Invite proper
competition in the bidding; otherwise undue re
flections might be cast upon members ot Una
Uenerai Assembly.
And as to an expression of publio opinion on
this subject of sale or lease td this body, it
stands thus: there are thirty-live hundred and
eighty who remonstrate against either, while six
hundred and twenty petition for ft iublic letting.
-. The undersigned protests agaiiia) that part of
the report relative to the repairing pi the Lew.
istown Reservoir for the lessees. If the public
works are retained, the Board of Ppblio Works
proposes to keep them in repair by the revenue:
but by leasing them, the Bute will be compelled
to expend in the repair of the reservoir a sum
greater than c can hope to receive from the
lessees Therefore, I do hope thai this report
will not bs to by this General Assembly.
- Mr. BROWNE, of Miami, objeottd to ths
cry hasty manner of letting out these public
works. - lie preferred this plan ,to tbe one
adopted by tbe House; but be objected that it
fixed the minimum lower tnan tne spesino sum
offered before. It also offered facilities for
combination that should not be allowed,
. Mr. WELSH accepted this report a a com
promise, and hoped it would be adopted, that
tbe lease may be accomplished oeiore me Leg
islature adjourns. He thought ftli parties were
posted, and there was no need ot a longer delay.
Pending ft call of the House. Mr. MUSSON
made ft report from the Penitentiary committee,
adverse to the manufacture of arm in the Pent
tentiary, which was concurred in. . ..
The vote was then taken on agreeing to tbe
report of the committee of Conf erence on the
. - . ... ... i.-, ri r
lease bin. wnicn reeuiveo. yeai uj, nays xi.
Mr. CONVERSE moved to take from tbe
table S. B. 178 For the repairs of thi National
Road, and moved that the House insist on its
amendments, and ask for a committes of Con
ference, which was agreed to. .
Air. (JUKI offered a resolution, providing for
sdjournmept on May 6th till June 6th, provided
that no per diem or mileage be charged during
the interval, which was laid over for discus
sion. ' - ' ; .,
Mr. FELLOWS, fiora the select committee
to whom was referred 11. B. 420 Relating to
Jurors, . reported the same back, with amend
ments, which were disagreed to, when tbe bill
was Indefinitely postponed. - M
Mr. UAMtsLK moved that n. u. 44t oe
taken from the table, wbicb was disagreed to
yeas 26, nay 43 . '. ,., ,
Air, aaijW ouorea a resolution . rcscinaing
th resolution rcauestinir the Governor to dis
miss tbe Commissary aud Quarter Master Gen
eral; , -( -. .. - -
Mr. F. said It appeared now that the Quarter
Matter has not mads any contracts, and is there
fore, not vulnerable to th charges of malleas-
ftnee in office, on which bis dismissal had been
requested. ... ,
Air. UrJ VURE gave notice that he wonld dis
cuss the resolution. '
Mr. BLAKESLEE moved that the rules b
suspended, and the resolution be taken -up
now. ,;
Mr. VINCENT suggested that It was a que'
tlon whether ths Quarter Master, being ft gen.
eral officer, could bo exonerated for Dad eon.
tracts made by subordinates. There are ereat
abuses somewhere that we want to get at.
Members talked about wanting to hasten the
rescinding of this resolution of censure, because
It hurt the feelings of the Quarter Master Gen
eral. What was the use of talking about tbe
feelings of these men! Hadn'ttthev shown al
ready that their hides were as thick as those of
Durham bulls. He wasn't certain that th
Quarter Master was to blame about these con
traots In faot, be scarcely supposed that tho was
but then they had been done in bis depart
mentostensibly by him and there was nobody
else to bold responsible. He believed in adopt
ing, in this case, the Chinese plan: take up tbe
suspected party, and hold him till be should
prove the guilt on the r'ght man. It might be
that it wasn't this wood w wanted.
If not, hold on to him only till you can get at
the other man ! Besldes.an investigation might
develop something that Wood had done. . He
had many a time had a prisoner upon some
charge that he had found him innocent of; but
on examining him, be had brought out some
other meanness that he bad never dreampt of
before, it doesn't make much diiierence.in some
cases,1 what count you send ft man to the Peni
tentiary on; you know that that's where he be
longs, and so you get him there that's all you
need want. Why not, then, hold on to Wood,
till you can make him tell who did make these
swindling cocwactsT
Pending the discussion of this subject, tbe
House adjourned.
Remarks of Mr. JONES, of Hamilton, on tbe
resolution to request the Governor to dis
charge the Quarter-Master General and Com'
missary General.
Mr. Speaker: This condition of things does
not surprise me In the least, nor has it come
any sooner than I expected. 1 BuppoBed that this
would be the result of tbe very basty legislation
that followed the requisition of tbe President
upon the States for a military force of 75,000
men to defend tbe federal Capital and enforce
the laws or the General Government.
The appropriation bills providing for tbe neo
essary expenses of this military movement, so
indispensable for the safety of our Capital, and
to sustain the honor of our National flag, were
passed through tbeliegislature with great haste,
under a suspension of the rules, and without
time to perfect them in reference to the
necessary restriction to guard against extrava
gant and undue expenditure of money, and to
secure some plan for ft safe and economical
management of the public funds.
Now, it will be remembered that a few of the
members on this floor voted againBt s suspension
of the rules, not iu a spirit of opposition to the
bills or measures. But while they were attach.
ed to the Union, and determined to do their
whole duty by voting for the bills, they were do
sirous that the bills should go into the hands
of proper committees for examination and re
vision. . ,
No guards, however, were thrown around this
expenditure of money, and that which has fol
lowed is now before us, a load and long com
plaint against extravagance and fraud practiced
upon tbe btate by tbe Uuartor-Master ueneral
and Commissarv General, or somebody else.
For my part,! have no charge to make against
any officer or tho Executive of State. It may
be that the contract was as good as could be
made under tbe great excitement that then ex.
isted, and on the spur of a moment, as almost
every thiog in the same connection has been
done; but my complaint is againstHbe extrava
gant con traots that have necessarily grown out
ot such undue haste; and with a hope that an in,
vestieation mav bring about a sneedv remedy
aod restore matters to an economical standard '
I shall rote for tbe resolution before tbe House
FRIDAY, May 4, 1861,
Minutes of yesterday read and approved. .
' '
the act of leJU, for tbe disposition of unclaimed
costs. Kef erred to tbe committee,
H. B. No. 494 Authorizing tbe County Com
miasioners of Greene oonnty to appropriate mo.
ney to arm, equip, clothe and subsist volunteers
of said and for other
The Senate agreed to the request of the HouBe
for a committee ot uonlerence on a. a. 178
Relative to repairs of the National Road. Tbe
Chair appointed Messrs. Jones and Laskey said
committee, on the part of the Senate.
Mr. SPRAGUE, from the Enrollment com
mittee, reported tho enrollment of sundry bills
and joint resolutions.
Mr. READY moved to adjourn until three
o clock Monday.
Mr. FISHER did not think the General As
sembly could adjourn in the present condition
of business.
Mr. SCHLEICH said he bad ft proposition
to offer. Ths House had passed a resolution to
adjourn nntil Monday afternoon. Tbey were
agreed to pass the bill to loase the canals as it
come lrom the senate at puunc letting on tbe
29th Inst. and make appropriations asked, and
would adjourn on Tuesday next, to May 29th, if
tbe senate would agree.
Mr. MOORE said he would not consent to
any lease. He could stay here ss long ss any
bodyor nntil January first, or even to the day
of his doath. At all events, be would send for
bis summer clothes.
Mr. FERGUSON said ho had reoeived his
summer wear.
Mr. READY withdrew his motion, on leave:
Mr. COLLINS, from the Conference com
mittee on tbe bird and game bill, reported a
recommendation that tho benate agree to cer
House amendments to the bill, and that the
House recede from a certain portion of its
amendments. Agreed to. . . . .
. Mr. KEY. from the Judiciary committee, re
ported S.B. No. 312 Being the Interest bill,
and recommended its passage.. After a brief de
bate, the bill was laid on the table, and the Se
nate adjourned until 3 o'clock Monday P. M.
SATURDAY, May 4, 1861.
' Prayer by Rev. Mr. Goodwin. ,
Mr. CARLISLE moved that when the House
adjourns to-day, it shall be till three o'clock on
Monday afternoon, which was agreed to yeas
4U. nays wj.
Mr. NIGH oifered a resolution providing for
the purchase of Wortbiogton's Volunteers
Manual, which was referred to the committee
on Military AtrairB.
Mr. COLLINS presented the petition of 61
business men of Scioto countylfor a stay law,
which was . reicrred to tne commuteo on r i
nance. ' - . -t i..-v.i..-
The Senate having disagreed to tbe report of
tbo second enromitteo ot Conference on the Ca
nal Lease Bill,
Mr. WOODS moved that th House ask for
another committee of Conference.
Mr. HILLS opposed this motion, as not com
porting with tbe dignity of the House.
Mr. HERR1CK thought we ought not . to
stand upon dignity at this time, when so much
was at stake. . ;.. ' .
Mr. DEVORE thought the only proper course
for ths House was to adhere to their position
He believed tbe people were for tbe lease; and
It was our true policy to maintain our present
Mr. BR.OWNE.of Miami, though tthe House
should waste do more time on thi bill. It was
so lull of cf corruption that no good could re
sult from consuming sny.more tim on It, espe
cially invlew of tbe temper ot the senate.
Mr. ELAK.fcSij&E. tnougnt another commit
tee of Conference would bo fruitless. ' Hs
thought ths two Houses were in such temper
that s compromiss on this bill was impossible.
Air. IiLAKciaiicici moved to adlourn. which
was negatived yeas 12, osys 46.
Mr. WOODS bad bn surprised t the posi
tion of lh gentleman from Cuyahoga (Blakss
lee) aod the gentleman from Miami (Browne).
He assured members that the House-was de
termined to take these work out of the hand
of th State before they adjourned tin die. Votes
of thi House at the present and- last sessions
clearly Indioated their desire to bare these works
leased, by very large majorities. Much bad
been said about the relative number of petition
for and against this msaaure. Petitions against
It had been largely circulated by the employees
ot th State on these works, while the friends
ot the measure had made no particular effort to
obtain signatures to their petitions. Gentlemen
wno nailer themselves that there will be ft total
disagreement between the two Houses on this
bill are very much mistaken, for tbs Houses
wHl finally agree, end hs therefore favored an
other oommittee of Conference.
Mr. ROBINSON favored ft third committee
of Conference, because the people expect and
demand that the State shall be relieved from
this burden.
Mr. DEVORE hoped this matter Would be
postponed until Monday, for, inasmuch a tbe
Senate had adjourned until Monday afternoon,
it would not expedite tbe business at til for the
House to aet now.
Mr. BROWNE, ot Miami, thought It the
height Of folly for the Works to be leased, for
the reason that thsy could be made to yield ft
larger revenue to the State than is named in the
Mr. DAVIS thought it wrong to take these
Works out of the bands of those gentlemen who
are by law made the custodians of these Works;
and it la made their duty to guard the interests
of tbe state. ,
The Question then being on the motion to an-
point ft third oommittee of conference, the same
waa agreed to.
Mr. VANVOORIS tendered bis resignation
as member of tbe House lrom Muskingum conn
tv. which was, on motion, laid on the table.
Mr. FLAGG moved the House adjourn, which
wfts disagreed to.
A message from the Senate was read Inform
ing the House that ths Senate had agreed to
the report of the committee of Conferenoe on
S. B. No. 12 For the protection of birds and
other game.
Un motion of Mr. f LaUU. tno tiouso tnen
ajdourned. '
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would ak thee If thee wouldtt not be willing to tend me
an order on thine agent for a bottle, and reoeiv to thy
self, the scripture declaration "the reward I to those
that are kind to Uie widow aod the fatherless."
Thy friend, BUS ANN All KIRBY.
- Llgonler, Noble Connty, Indiana, Feb. Sth, 1830.
rnor. O. J. Wood: Dear Air: In lh latter part of
th year 1859, while attending the Btata and National
Law School of th Stat ot New .York, my hair, from a '
causa unknown to me, commenced falling off very rap
idly, so that in the short apse of sis months, th whole
upper part tf my scalp waa almost entirely bereft of It
covering, and much of th remaining portion upon lb
and back part of my head shortly after became gray,
so that you will not be surprised when I tell you that up
on my return to the SUt or Indiana, my more casual
acquaintances were not so much at a loss to discover the
osuse of Uie change In my appearance, at my more inti- .
mala acquaintance were to recognise meat all. -
. I at ono made application to the moat skillful nhvil- :
elans In th country, but, reoeiving no assurance from '-
mem mat my nair wouia aga'.n be restored, 1 was forced
to becomo reconciled to my fat, nntil, fortunately, In
th latter part of lh year 1857, your Restorative was re
commended to me by a druggitt, at being tbe moat relia
ble Hair Restorative In us. I tried on bottle, and
found to my great stlsfaction that it wa producing lb
desired effect. Blue that time, I have aaed seven dol
lart worth of your Restorative, aud a a result, hava
rich coat of very toft black hair, which no mane can
buy! . , -
A a mark of my gratirad ror your labor and skill In
th production of so wonderful an artlcl. I hav recom
mended It use to many of my friends and acaualn luces,
who, 1 am happy to Inform you, are uiing It with Ilk . !
effect. Very respectfully, yours, . ...
A. M. LATTA, '
Attorney and Counsellor al Law.' : i
Depot, m Broadway, and old by all dealers throes h-
out th world. i
Iha Reiterative It put op In bottlet of thr!, vbv
targe, medium, and until; the nu ll bold H a pint, and
retail for on dollar per bottle; the medium hold at I
leut twenty per oent. more in nronortlon than lh small.
and retail for two dollar a bottle; in larg holds !
quart, 40 percent, more In proportion, aod retail for $3 i
a bottle.
O. J. WOOTI Ac CCI.. VnrnrintA. Ui Broadway, NW
lort. and 114 Market Street, St. Louis, Ho.
And sold bv ROHkkTH Ac SAMCAb. Oolnmba Ohio,
and by all good DrnggtMaad Fancy Good Dealer. - v
TErTIOtES) AND FRF.vbnis 1 IV-
It. . -.-..!. and nidiL and haals the worst burn.
call, braise, out, or fresh wound of any kind, prevents
swelling ud pain '" be sting, mosqoito bite, and
poisonous plants, neoralgl. rheumatism, ago In th
breast, nit rheum, to. . Whea taken lnmmally. It will
positively cur croup In children, and givea lstadlt
Mlleiinuto wortiease oi un. vui.Muvwpwinii alio,
remove hoarseness and tore throat. Price, Hi teat a
bottle. . Bhen Id be In every no me. For ssle by Drugv
..J RLi,n,h(Miirfl. lailH MTONH. ..
-.! , role rmiiiif wi ,., . mm n.i nrs l,ri
BotJdawlyis i' .if.

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