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"""h0. W. KlANYa-tsrafaVs Kdltor.
- 1 . . .... . . n aW TTt-. gW.
as. Aa ttny opca'K"t-
BTThe Disuoloniats of the South bw very
aluableauBillaricsin the Nortii. r 8ucu papers
, tha New York Trihunt, E fining Pott,
Vlii Slate Journal Ciooinoatl Oaxttte, and
nthna that mlzut be named, and a
class of cheap patriots la the free States of the
v i ... l..;n. mnr in Kuk' ilrtwtl the
mninuwii . .....
man In tha South and itrcuetnen me
itrm of Datii' Bbvernmeni, thai al other cau
e oombloed. None of ' the claas of men to
wiom we refer are in the Northern army, and
never will be. and hence have OS right W speak
for it: hnt the stvla of their oublished articles, I
... . v,i, ,v .hunt the ob
and the manner in whloh they tair aooui tne "
ianta nf tha war aJUl I wnai IS w uv
JCOW Ol lutj wa-..r i, , . . ,
pllshed by it, are published and circuiaieu m
.... n ., .-l- h...a a nA nflerarl aa
ail ine DOUlOCrn .BOW.. K'l"
proof to the Southern people that the war is
" ' . ' '.. k.
tobeawarorexrerminawoi.u.(, iuBB...
tn ha mrt trm and made the Instrument to Oe
lO oe set iree ouu iu , ......
Htrov hla master and bii' wife aid qniiaren,
that the property of the tssutnern Proi""lu
bs taken from them and parcelled out among
,.nt and m aer are
IDS lUTaaUCI t? lUV ' - .
to stalk abroad, iajtlltli. Southern talr-.
The class of pipers and gabblers to whom we
rafar. writs and talk, to MlOlJ Br Way SB 10 give
oolor to the views and arguments offered by tbe
.eoes.Ion.ts, ana tnus ine, . ' -y-
i in the soutnern
States U weakened, .Tut only eflVtof such
. . .. i-lf.t.'.Ul. r,trlnt
duct on tnepar.o. --
m . . - fi. .... A .Vnm ma rafar. la to add to tne
We- "lair., Z . ' .
Strength of tbe rebellion
. .n.l m.lr. ir. mnra Tar.
giving aid and comfort to the enemy, aseffedt'
t.a.a wMOonsof war, and should bf S9 r
rrJed.ard lho?e eneaged iu it should be held
.. an.mlra to the" Unico and, the Govern
SllUaOie, anu iibuuo ui.ivv..-
and it is high time that all good men should set
.k.:. rn.. Armlii awLinat SU00 JOOttnOt- It IS
Itrlathe loctl columui of the bournes 01
this morning, thei'e- U an alluiion Ulie Rev
Me. Woods, of toe First Preabytemn Cnurcn in
u .. ... . ,
this city, of the moet unwarrantable and UDjost
character. Toe article Is untrue in fact, and
the comments wholly unauthorised.. Noreqaeet
of tbe character relerrtid to In the Joiraof was
ever made to Mr. Woods, and hence no decline.
tion to comply. It is true, wo believe, tha, Mr.
Woone has tendered his resignation as Pastor,
but it has not, as we understand, been aocepttd
Tbe unmanly and reprehensible attempt of the
a. a m . fliaT,
r.,r7 fn tmnaaeh the' lOVallT ' 01 Mr,
Wmm la Irifamr.llA If that oaper bad a
snark of the patriotism and love of Ciantry
hiuh Mr. Woods possesses, it would be well
for It and those w&q coufJol itj but lt'isj as de
tit ate of loyalty to the Constitution, as it li of
deceucv and propriety. There is no man in this
oommuuity who st inds, higher in the sSPeotions
or the people,' or woo has moro of their confl
"i"Fv . ,v.p-,p.k.,..u
dontie, than tbe Pastor of the First rretbyterian
He docs not, it is true, beiont to the
r m.lnaa Wnnwn aa Jon. BaowN hiah
i .r,n tha mallanitv of tha
, ...
Journal towards him-
Mr. Woods is a laithful Christian minister,
a natriot. a lover of bis xountrv. aad firm
irindof theTJulon and the Government, and
be good people ot Columbus owe it to tbem
selves to rebuke the Journal for its bite and
Infamous attack Upon him. Every man who
appreciates tbe proprieties Of life, right and jus
tice, onbt at qnco.,to withdraw bis patronage
from a paper which is so reckless and unprin
cipled. , , , . i
tT We publish elsewhere a letter from Gab
arrr Davis, of Kentucky, Gioiol D.-Tsbn
ticc, of Louisville, for tbe purpose of showing
tbe views of Mr. Lincoln, as to tbe object and
purposes oi tbo war .Toey designs of the Ad.
ministration, as tbe same were expressed to Mr.
Davis by tbe President, are not sucb as to war
rant the suggestions made by tbe former to Mn
PaciiTicr,, as to the position Kentucky should oo
copy in the contest. Sbe sbonld have responded
to the call of Vbe Federal Government, and
through ber Executive furnished bar" quota of
men, to aid in potting 'down tne Southern re
bellion. But the recoa fate in that State, and
the volunteer offers bf regiments of troops, shows
that the Union feeling ie strong in old Ken
tncky. Ltns cherish it on ibis side of the
Ohio. . ." .
O" There is bnt one powder mill la Virginia
eight in Maryland, and nine in the reat of tbe
South; while Delaware h none, and Pennsyl
vania fifty seven. It will thns be seen bow im
portant it is for ttetJ. 3,- Government "to take
posaessloo of, or to render seoure (and it ii said
they are in the bandaDf Union men) tbe powder
mills In Maryland and Delownge.! It would then
be impossible for tbe Richmond mill to begin
supply the wants of tbe secessionists, and
time may not be distant when even that mill
may be employed In the service of the Constitu
ticnal Government.
87 The CemwureU'-and Gatttti, tit Cincin
nati, are amusing tbelr readers with, a discus
sion oo the "Gun Boat Question 'The Com
ajtrrcisl wants gua boats Jef thejiver service,
obtaining the right of way to the mouth of tbe
Mississippi, and lbs GittUi says' (hey wlU'-not
answer the purpose Both are displaying their
vast military knowledge, to the "amusement
tbe whole country. . We hope these skillful and
expert military authors 'may comptomise the
question in some way, and pot keep an. anxious
public in suspense. : i. ;,..!; en
' r 1 al - ' '' ' ' i' '' '"
07It seems from the news from Montgomery,
Alabama, that Mr. JtrrtBsoit Davis' Congress
his virtually declared war against .the United
States, aod that it will authorize the issue of
Letters of Marque and Reprisal. Thirty -Idays
re to be allowed for ship In tbe harbors of the
Confederate porta to complete their commerce
end leave; aod the doctrine tbat freeshlps make
free goods is to be eaCablisbed Tbe Idea of
any peaceful solution of oof difficulties moet be
abandoned, and tbe , moet. ylgo;bus"measures
adopted to aseeri, t)ie National jtbijiorjtv In all
tbe States that bare revolted,,. , "f ,-.
ETIn bis me'sage to rtbo Lrgislature of
Kentucky, Gov. MAOom recommends thit the
questions involved in j)tjr Lational troubles be
i snbmltted to tbe peopleand (bat a State Con-1
vention be provided for. , Tbe Senate of the
State adopted on yesterday a resolution calling
on the Governor fur hlsccvrospondnce with Jtr'i
msori Da vis. The election returns from Ken-
tueky, as tbey come from tbe interior counties,
continue to be favorable to the Union." ,',!""t
1 '" " I1 ' l-";5
BTIt seems from the' telegraphic' dwjalhoj
tbat both Tenoestn sod Arkansas have Ie
ETThepktrtotlSfeopIe Ohio, expert thel
General Assembly to provide amply for the
oomfort and support of the Volunteer Army bow
la the fleldror fcereafter to be cUed tato the
service; but when legislation descend Into gross
extraysg&nQe, dJ De offices are oreated simply
to give plaoes to favorites, and thai the publlo
burdens are looreated, the tax-piyers will not
be satisfied. It would be well for the Repre
sentatives of tbgpeople to undewtndj this fact
and govern themselves aooordiagly.
Garibaldi in the Italian Parliament—His Explanatory
i criseo. a win noiaesceoa lojmuijr
f y-jy T,
I k.t- haen clvsnbv me to Col. Trrnoll.
The London Timtl tbus epeaks of the first
appaaranoe of Gabibaldi In the Itallau Parlia
ment! at its late session in Turin:
Oarlbaldl's first appearance la the midst otthatltal-
las Pullment, to crtte which he had don and luffer
Udioninch, waa In Itwlfa great hlitorlo event, that
mtfhtvell atir tli blood ot tha whsla Aiiembly, and
raute en ItttleuneM itnlf to a moment ot heart and
gaaulD cauiuiwin. nhen tha hero ol 10 mauj aa
venturous explolu appeared, tha whole AuemMy re
eelved htm with inch an outbarst of applanw that bnei-
neu n3 u oe wmporaruy aaipenuea, in oraer w t'"
time tot the aalmins ot fellne too violent to be corv
tach , Ma.nltioD Q( m, ntni br en Ataembly ol tha
Bret men of the land which hehlmteKhadiolargeaahar
,o MlltoB, Tbt amtut wu ,u,pkiou,. but it waa un.
nappiiy iraoauerr. i no oeuaia prooeearo, uu g,mri
Fantl. MlnUlero War. mra BTDlnnetloneaetOtholni-
gmmj,,,! MUng,uiie OarlbaldUn offleera la the
tarries, and aa la the altered favor which had been ehown
.h. Bn.rhon . In thi. .neech U.rlbaldl reulled
)n , 10n, K Ti0,nt ar)a offensive that the iitting of Ui
,-h.aibr h.A in ha e4laurnd tnatva ilma for tha excite
. 0n nmmti n lpeM!n 0arlh.idi
teema to hava tpoken with moie moderation, and' Ibe
branch held oat bi Get eral Uixlo wi readllyV
fc9tM1), ConnlCtTonr who witia quaat diimiirand
;Dtlofthe, o.tibiui followed in a anaht
similar strain, aad time thij. the most memorable ee.n
' u" u" 'V """,
Tbe Turin Oattlte. publishes a letter from
Gen. Culdini to Gasioadi,- recalling tbe friend
ship and admiration be bad always felt for him.
bnf declaring that his (GakisaldiV) Iait acts
painfully affeoted him. Craibim says:' " I ar
. . a , . . - i
r---- 3
p- .,..,: .it
-"-."J, -O " 1
. u A letter from. Gabibaldi 'in reply
... , . . r V
j -
myseir aiainsi ineta
iseoc m
orders said to
I cava orders
Army should be
noelved aa brothers, although I knew mat tiiatarmr row
came to put down tbe revolution, wbtch, aecerdiraj t tbe
or-il addrtstedbvelgnnr rariol to napoleon JLkH . was
Defsontfied Id me. I believe lo maulltv of depnty t
htrr stated to tli Chamber a few or the wrongs which the
Ma hem Army has sustained at the hands ol tha Mints
trv. I believe I had tha riubt to do so. Tbe Italian
army will nid in Its rsxksoi e soldier mors when It hu
10 fluht aeslost tbe enemy of Italy. Ton are well' aware
of this AH that others may have said nf ma, la a calum
ny. If Is no true thai when on toe Voltnrnowa were
1 in atauiaouiiiiion. aiuruiiDH. MiruTawir
In a badaoodltlon. Aa far as I ktow, the army iu ap
I Di.D(ied the free and moderate wo,d of the soldier's dep'
nty, townomtoe Italian nonor na neen an'onjoot 01
worship all bis Ufa. If any one Is cnended at ma for
epeatine: In my own name oaly, 1 waltcaimiy for satis.
faodoa to be demtaded for my words.. 1 desire tnees
I thai aba Ital in ic Idlers of ine Northern
What Virginia Says She Got at Norfolk.
description sufficient to arm every elpoeed point
in the Commonwealth. ' Shot, shell and other
wArltkemiasIes to very large amoont, were
d wi be raoitrTE,Stb, for onr de
Church. f.DCe. Besides these, the machinerv of tbe
The Alexandria t7f(f statea, "on author
it aa reliable as it is emiueDf-fouderstood to
oe Senator Miaon), tbat the destruction of the
I . '
government property at Norfolk was not as com
plete as it was designed to have been . Tbe Ot-
stlesajs: i ,
Much of great value has escaped either de-
sirbetion or spoliation. Tbe great dry dock is
... i i . an., i i . r a
50U cannon, of all kinds and aizss, tell into the
bands of tbe State, giving ps armament ot this
I vard was geuerally nnlnjured. A collection of
hlPD?di!1. .D.d outfitting material. large and
I valuable, including a nnmoer ot steel, plates,
1 iron castings, &o , was found ready lor tmme
I diate nae, and caoable of being turned to valu
able account. Tbe whole yard, though bearltig
man v marks of tbe intent to spoil and destroy it.
is yet capable of being of essential service to
toe Liommonweaiin.
Old Fort Norfolk, now used as a magazine,
was taken without resistance. . Within were
csptnred three thousand barrels of powder, con
taining tbree hundred thousand pounds; alio,
large number of shells and other missiles, loaded,
and for that reason necessary to be kept In mag
azines. -j
[Correspondence of the N. Y. Herald.]
The President on Baltimore.
' Tbe President briefly sddressed tbe Seventy
first Regiment. He said tbat be was very glad
(bat tbey bad not come through Baltimore., It
was tbe wish of the Government tbat tbey should
not, and, although be knew tbe sentiments of
the men upon that subject, he thought the course
they had pursued, and which tbe Government
bad decided upon, the very best which could have
been accepted. . - Tbe Government felt assured,
and the events of tbe last few days justified
tbat assurance, that in a snort time Baltimore
weald be one of tbe moet Union-loving and
Union-defending cities In tbe country. This
they might rely upon and expect. , It was only
a question or time, and of a very. short time.
At Vera Cruz, tbe General in command was
auked bow .long a time be wanted to capture the
city. He replied that it could be captured in
six hours at tbe cost of twenty-five thousand
lives, or it could be captured in tbree weeks,
without a single life being sacrificed.' Tbe Gen
eral was allowed to take bis tbree weeks, and
Vera Cruz became ours without tbe loss of a life.
So it might be possible to force troops through
Baltimore immediately, by the loss of many
lives, but be preferred, wltb tbe General refer
red lo. to give Baltimore its three weeks, and
accomplish tbe same object, if it were desired,
peaceably and quietly. - v
How the Emperor of France Received a Peace
, During the preeebT w6ek'lhs"TiiIkrics have
been besieged by Deputation!. - 'i ne lvmdon
Peace Society, whose address to the French peo
ple is just now going the rounds of the Paris
Journals; tbe Society 'for tbe Prevention -of
Cruelty to Aolcaalsi the-aggrieved Ionians,
whom the French proas. dcEQrlne as "writhing
under the stifling protectorate of Eoelaud," and
lastly; 1M ultramontane members of the two
French Chambers, have nil seut deputies to tbe
mystericut occupant of tbe throne of France.
To tbe two amiable deputies of tbe "men in
drab." tbe Emperor expressed bU ardent affec
tion for peaoe, and reiterated bis assurance Of
doing; all be could to bring abdat atr amicable
setiiement of existiog dilbculties. ..lo ibeca,
crone advocates of client unable to epeak for
themselves, and who sought particularly to call
bis attention to tba vivtaCCttoa bf '1 ruses recui
larly practiced, twice every week, at Allort and
the other public veterinary schools, with a fiend
Ish Indifforeoce to tbe tortures indicted on the
hapless animals selected a tictisas to method
of teachiog oniversally coudsmoad as-anoeces
sary by Eogliab surgeoasi hie Majesty promised
to oaose an Inquiry to bs made upon tbetubjeot.
What be said to ine tomans cas not been allow
ed to transpire: bnt tbe reception of tho ultra-
mootAoes,- and their 'precipitate) retreat; base
turnlabrd tbe cajjul wiib a bit of goialp it ,bas
thoroughly enjoyed.
The live geotlemeo la question having ob
tained the desired audience, Informed the Em
peror tbat ''a portion of the ' two Chambers
wlehed to lav an address at the feet of the fcm.
press, tbilkiuj ber , Usjratv iorhtt defence of
the temporal power of tbe rope," and added tbat
tbey bad sought tbe Emperor's presence in order
to demand bis permtesioo to prrnent tbe address"!
Which, tne spokesman bad. while declaring the
wlb-be of bis partv. drawn from bis Pocket.
Toe Emperor quietly lerJIedi. ''Gentlemen, you
are perfectly at liberty to pitoatit the address la
qacstion Ip the Em or em;' in so doing you will
io no way overstep your constitutional right;
but neitbor should I overstep my right should
1 dissolve: tne present legislative cbambet a
measure, by tbe way,' which all the Liberal par-'
ty in Frauoeare strongly urging tbe Emperor1
o adopt. j inq sooner, nou inefft words droppe
rora tbe Imperial lipJ than the sddreis was gen.
tly returned te tbe depth-of be spoks4Bian'
pocket; at,d the- deputation,, fiaetily iufvrmlng.
nis majesty mat uey witnarew tneir rtqa
est co time ia quitting the Imperial presencees
TUESDAY, May 7, 1861.
Tha amendment of Mr. HARSH to Mr. Fish'
ar's resolution to take a reoesa from next ThilfS,
day uniU June 4th, was taken row the table
nu lOBw-yr.i t, hbjtbi. ( , 1 4. - i
Tbe craMtion'Trcarrihe
sue ordinal re-.
solution. Mr. CUMMINS said, It having been
Upcrerl that the Governor deemed AJioUmment
Imnriiflant. tie irniild remark that tie ,kad laatl
oome from the Governor's effloc, where the sub-1
oct bad been nicniioncav ioo uoveinorsaia
i . . . i .: . .1
Mr. CUMMINS alao referred the Senate to tbe
third article of tbe Constitution, relative to the
ture, and held this was suiliaieut to oover Ibel
nramtaea. without naas'iDP a resolution to take a
recess. '
en iinhmlttril and carried
yeas 14, nays 13. .,, , , , ,. :
Those who voted iu tte alUrmatlvo . were
Messrs Breck, Brever, Boi;ar,' Collins, Eaaon,
t erguaon, risner, Jtloimea, joncn, muorui.-, icr-
. ... . . . t sr. o.
nii. rotts, Qcmeich ena wntte in, .
Those who voted in tbe negative were Messrs.
Cummins, Glass, Harh, Liekey, MoCall,Moore,
Newman, Orr, Pariah, Potwin, Heady. . Smith
aud Sprague 13 -
.. Mninra. PARISH and NEWMAN ware an
poiuted a committee of jQonferepceon. the Bird
and us me Din ., , r ,v,i
ITba Senate then adjourned.
TUESDAY, May 7, 1861.
requesting tbe Governor, In tbe appointment of
Surgeon, and Burgeon s mates, wnere a regi
ment has one or more uerman compamca iu iw,
that- one of the appoluteea shall; speak .the
riarman lancnairn whioh waa laid on tho taoie,
iu. r a u ii w. n a Man ntwtn.. woirnt
... ... .. . r. . IC.
sraa lain on the ttinis. mat tne occruarvoi oiniB
id on tbe Uble, that tbe Secretary of State,
I aod publish ten thousand copies or the
y laws or this session, fi thousand fox
' ot the General Awembly .1 li.
.1.. .
uia uoc w. "v . . 1 " . . . j - . '
Mr. HuTCHESON offered a ri-eolution, re
questing the Governor t exulafu tbe ubjeot bf
the meetiogof Governors at Cleveland, last
aaaV. which was la d on tbe tible.
The House resumed the consideration of II.
P,5U1 when ', ' ;'" ' ' '
Air. llrtUWrL;,ol iYllami, oircreaan amecu
moot, providing that the official term of the ap-
polnteea Junder this bill shall cease with the
i... . tba .ninn-aara arnr miv he
called out. whioh was agreed to.
Mr.J OH A3 opposed tbe provision lire tne ap-
polntment'. by tbe Governor, and favored the
. h ,ha ,mnra nf thn atmv He
.r . . . . . i i , 1 - u
,......( .a t a A.ffmivi inn nr in., r.nL.iiaii.
armies, to ahow that this
ktii ,ka annnir.in,ant nf aawvMl hflcrrs
.. .. . i, . h ... tn... .M.mi:. na flllirflLVO 1L
. ' - . . tr .1...
UU.UV. u w ..... rjc.vwH- . . w , .
would fix upon tbe State, officers whose salaries
would amount to about $50,000, when they
it . AA . .' I . I
m. Hil l. 3 ha ahrmld tie r-kd If anv-
hnH. annM tail him what u tha.necea.ttv of this
kiii it nrnnnarrl in rreater. fA he ctrterned
the militia laws of tbe State, set or otneers
I "t . " -
already provided for in, tbuae laws. He demaoa
-h. jha hill riM r.nt rvovida lor the anooint-l
ment of an addiMonal staff of the Governor
for the aotivemilitia.aswellas tbe other officers
provided for. Tbe little bill was about to con-
traveno, at one graBd" sweep, tiro rTOtitntion
ann il,a lava of tha' State. : It' w outside
n.a.an fnr nffl.m that had civeh rlfifj to this
.in arhinh waa tn nraata pravun imaees tbat
woulduever bow drfwn end worship.
Mr. ROBINSON reminded Mr. Uills that
the law to which ibis bill was an amendment
waa not tbe law to which be alluded Jie quoted
the recent acta for the organisitioa .Of . tbe ao-
tiva militia law. This bill was merely to per
feet tbe appointments under thft'e acts. -. -1
. rr s tl ttvi ntff BIT)' . 1
. Tha amendment 01 Mr DIxKJ VrfUj. cuani?
ing the manner of appointment, was adopted,...,
Mr. STEDMAN offered an amendment
strike oat jibe office ot Division Judge Advo-
a Mr. BALDWIN supported this amendment,
.. k. nffli-a w.a nnar nrnvided lor.
deed, heboid tbat this office was unnecesaary,
.nrianwaa the whole bill, and all tbe officers
provided for by It. - - ,
at. a vnR F.WS iA that finite a difference.
inhla'lndament. existed in the peace eetablih-l
mentof tbe militia of the Siate. aud tbe active
service. ' He knew when tbe militia laws were
naaaed. no war eetabllabment was contemplated
and bene It became necessary, at a time like
the present, when twenty thousand troops are
in tbe field In tbe State, to construot a system
tbat will be proper' and ' practical to meet
emergency. He thought the bill before the
House would tend to this end. Mr. A. said,,
though he found himself considerably Involved
in military affairs, be was quite Ignorant on
subject, and was willing to take in trust, at such
a time as this, tbe statement of those high
authority, who are eminent military men. MaJ.
General McCIellan, who has been schooled
military matters by theory and experience
hla life, savs this measure Is indispensable. Tbe
bill does not create additional officers it cuts
off many but properly systematizes our milita
ry plans. . He hoped tbe bill would pass without
amendment. ' J ' 'i'
Mr. VORIS derended tbo Dili, aw iwteteo. mat
over twenty thousand men ought, to have some
superior tribunal to which to appeal in the trials
involving life, under martial law. - -.7
Mr. FLAGG said it was enough for blm that
the General In command should lay tbat
Offices in this bill are asked for by bim. .
explained tbat tbe duties of tbe Division Judge
Advocate are tbose that pertain to tbe legal ad
viser of the General in chief, and was as neces
sarr toblm as was ihe Judge-Advocatee-to
their Generals He insisted that those are
in fact supernumerary bffices, but merely art-H
near bo became called bv other names. -lie
pointed to tbe fact tbat these offices belong to
svatem inaugurated within tbe last month,
are less in comber than provided for by our mili
tia lav. .'! '' ' --' "" "'
Mr. DEV0R.E thought' this a my singular
measure; for Its It lends advance several ainer
nt and conflictioe reasons.' He snoved-to
amend bv striklns out tbat provision tbat eot
jecte the State active militia . to tbe articles,
War: which was disagreed to. : i.-'; rr,; rrii
Ttie motion to strike out the Judge Advocate
wesdisagreed tvVyeaa 35. nays43 -" 71 -'
Tbe b III was ' hen oroerea to dc eneroasea
tbe clerk's desk, Bad read v tbird time con.-e
' The bill wa read a third time, wben . -
. Mr. SCOTT, of Warren, moved to ftmcttd
by striking oat .tbe office el Medical. Director,
which was agreed to es 45, nays 86 .
: M WOODS mdvcrhliat the 'vote lust lakcn
belaid en the tBbl,,whicb raaagrt'ed (prtyeas
01a.naj0 SflJ.-'- v- i:.'--'iu-i 'Ms t-'v"?
A pall of the , House was, ordered, when
member's answered i tbelr. Mmctv' "
Tbe previous- queeliou'was demanded, iwbich
was not sustained yeas 32, nays 49. t-
Mr. CONVERSE moved to reter the bill
tbe Jadioiarv oomssivtet.rwTticBy wis agreed M,
jTue Jadlciafv coBmvtrcerrf portud ri -fi.
To preb b t tbejreusrxrUlkf!i aUrouglt
Btalet theeMntiia4belifJ
States, pf articles contraband of war whbh
read the first titsftv ,v
Mr. 8C0TT,i(,Vysireu, moved thai the con
stttutional rule be suspended, act) Abe bill
read a second time now, printed l advance
other tainting, and referred 10 tbe committed
on tne min'ia. --r-p-r
Mr DEVORE eppoeed Kls motion to Mad
second time, a j h t ; n - i n
; Mr. UUGHE3 opposed the- whole nyatem
SUBpendmg the rules lor tms pprposCi' ";"
!. Mr. FLAGG advocated tbe motion 'Z' rf.
..Mr. HILLS Ibuuiblthi billjwaioBucli iniv
portaoce tbat It ought to be W Waffled, as far
..ihl.. ae"AA 'R '''--'---l t- ' f
Mr. .CONVERSfiibwahi some bUr.of ihii
kiad ought to pass; but this ordraed Be (eon
provisions tbat It would be we" to crainlze be
f" Mr. f LANTtJ brgrd the second roadlng now,
that the bill mavbe 'WrwarJsor a' day towards
passage or fleTeat.T-Ir'Tr,rfiniportant that some
.legal provision IQOUiu map ine msoe oi ine
suihor izeit aono lor tuasame vum,wiucn
there Is baton etep to' not lam ..
Mr. WOODS stlprfrtrtcfl tfits motion, nd stat
ed the fact that arms kr'now' pawing thrflilgh'
tbe cHte to points doubxieu jrltbin the seceding
'Mee. I l !; Cr'mina' t '!. . . . .)
StThA WAte waa thvntskBVj eatbe.sas'vnBion
. r l '.,- 1 '. 1 L I . l'
toe rules, reierence ana priuwux, wijicu, re&tiis.
ed veas C3 nays 18, whetr the bill wasrtfcrrtd
V tl'eommltee on the MOrtlB."' -'" c.i
Tba3rl!.AK.i!,ri laia Deiore ine nonse re
( be prlutiog of the report of tbe
mrt from the becretary of Stati In relation
. prtoUog of the report of tbe CommiBiionerTWd
Statistics, wblob was referred to a seleo
committee. '. ' v., v V s . ,,' t
The House then adjourned. ' i'1 !
IN SENATE. WEDNESDAY, May 8th, 1861.
nutes of yesterday read and approved.'
- saooHD bbaoino. -
p.; B.f Nov ;313. To subdiWdr ltbo- Tbird
H.jKsdo ot toe Second Division tr Uie v., y . m.
Juilitla'Commltteo. J -: -
.: itot hok a asuor ooMMtTTilt..
Mr'.rKBY. 'from tha, Select committea to
whom "was refurrcd tha ooovenllopal, Interest
Diii.rrcDrarneiiutxmspasaaKO. , t . ;
ai. invrj i. il.. kill t.. In.
sorting "any UDiuoorporated bank or banker,"
alter oankiug institution at the end ol section
.Tho bill was read a third time and was passed
veae IS, oava 1J,
' Thoo who voted fn the aljlrmatlvo were-r
Meters. Breok. Brewar. Collins. Cummins, Fer-
puson, Holmes, Key, Xaskev, Moore, Morse,
Newman, Ferrill, Potwin, Ready, Schleicb,
Smith, Stanley and White 18-, v .
Tbose who voted In .tha nr gtttve were
Messrs, Bonar.Eteon, Flsber, Garfield, Glass
tlareb, Jones,;, MoCall, Mooroe, urr.iariau
Potts and Sprapue 13.
"Ttfr. KEY, frdm! "the" committee on State
BuildmL's, to whom was referred tbe resolution
of Mr. ParlHh relative to the State stOnO quar
ries, and tbo unauthorized sale Of stone, after
stating. tbo ifacts, reported thatalthough the
amount or wrong sullered by tne mate ib smau,
yet tbe State House Superintendent should ob
tain an adjustment tticrelor by legal prooeeaingn,
if necessary, .and that the committee
take no further notion on tbe resolution; '
. ' roBud.woBKs.' . ;y,'r-
lb I
- I
i AssemDiy. ' . .. i' . -, -aa
5. 6 We cotcuf as to these amendments.
he I
r, .
ic timMwrtwM SktUm iotilB4
hiil proposei to put upon therefig clan;
i Mr. STANLEY.; from tbe Conference com
rhlttee on H. B. 2!U-For lbs lease of the Public
Works, reported, abas tbe House committee bad
agreed to oneyport, and tbo Senate cosomittee
id muuiucr. i". ' .- . n
'i he tormer is suoatentiauy tne same as inai
h'gtecd optrn by the second committee of Con
ference, excepting tbat' the publio letting Ib Ox
ed far May S9ib, at a minimum price of $2j,
' Pk. fn.m.. . .,ikil..( .1 . Ik. UNI, thftt
lunmMn .
- : .r . , - , , . , 1 . .
ouu, ana mat repttirs pi inecnaiaaoai uma
to aorommodate boats of 60 too a burthen.
The Senate members ot the third committee
nf Conference onll.i B. S91 dissent from the
report of tbe House committee, and present tbe
fallowing report: .. . i ... , v,, .
Wears of tbo opinion that Xhn uenerai as-
sembly should not authorize any lease of the
Pablo Works ol the State, but the policy of the
maajiure not beios submitted to tbe committee,
wemako tdoio:KwiDgrecommenaauoLS asro.oe
amenuaients puumuwu uy uuuso
takipg them in numerical order. ,.,
1. We'concur In-this amendment, ,.
n n .' A ' vxr a:.... ma . n i V. .n . a man man! a
. . . u uiemui bi m iuo. nu..uu u.vuu
unlesd iccdmpanicd by a proviso to the effect
"That no 1 aau aball be made under this act,
I... il.. .... k. .nn,An.ri h. hlB f'.rCr. I
11IIIMH liib UIUD UD .UUI.'bU vi ub wuw..
, l i . . . " . -. . .
Assembly; ana suon temti buii hi cuecs uuy
from tbe lUte of such approval.", we respect
(nil. intriri,.!. that tha lettilltT ahould be bv Dub-
lio auction, noon suitable notice, and should be
confirmed onlv when the price offered, the char
aeter of Ch Dartres, and the terms of the lease
. f . L - (
as drawn, SDaU De satisiactory p, tuo ueuerai
', 7..r-We 'dissent as to this amendment, not
being sufficiently art vised in tbe premises to ro
commend mat toe state pnouia incur, new
pnr-iWli ties in this matter. '
8. 9." We concure in these amendments.
? 10. We dissent as to tbiff amendment, not
eerceivine anv reason why tbe words Vor be eunv
moned" should be stricken out, and a distiuc-
tion made in tavor of tne lessees, wnicn aoes not
exist as to other citizens.
11712. We concur in these amendments.
, T. B. Stanlbt ? o i- n t..
i -..Ttios. M- Kit,) , ,
2 A.qoe3t!on of order whether the disagreeing
reports would come witnin parnameDiarj ruie,
exiritel diseueeioi.' w .to...O -
. It was held, pre and eon, mat tne reports were
enhatantUllv "tbe committee disagrees" Sen
ators on either side maintaining maiuuoea aou
does not require tbe agreement of a conference
I nnmmlttaa aa a nnit to make a report. ,; i 1
. Tbo President held that, under the 8tt joint
rule of the General Assembly; It is that "tne
I committee disagrees," and t,hat another com-
I mittaa mnat be appointed. " '
Mr. STANLEY bad leave to withdraw bis
report. - - -"'.
MC arliAuUC, irorn toe cnrouiog cumiuic
tee, reported the enrollment ot sundry bills,
Mr. JONES, from the Judiciary 'committee,
rcnnrled back H. B. 432 Authorizing County
Corfrmissloners to" levy a tax not exceeding a
half mill for tbo, relief of families of volun
teers mustered into service, giving iommissiou
er power to borrow, aoney, until tbe amount
is collected by taxation, and giving them power
to make regulations for distribution ot tbe same.
The committee made no recommendation, be
cause a general State levy would be more
annitahle than local levICB. . -
Mr. MONROE would prefer that mode, but
it is too late In the session to draft and pass such
a measuro' It ia 'desirable that the measure
ahnnld naaa.' ' .''"'. '
Mr. FISHER thougnt the necessity tor ine
measure has been superseded in a great meas
nra bv voluntarv contributions. ' An aadition-
al tax would be a profusion of outlay.' He was
anxious that volunteers' families should be sus
talngd, but for the reasons stated, he doubted
the necessity lor tne measure.
MV: FERGUSON said there is another re'a
son why this bill is unnecessary. .;Tbta Jevy
must be made in June, to be collected in Decem
ber. Tbe Legislature will meet again In June,
when a proper bill can be passed. Private con
tributions already collected will be sufficient in
the meantime.,-. He, therefore, moved to lay tbe
bill Jon the table. . Nqt agreed to yeas 10, nays
20. j, ' a. vs i, 'i i V .
,'- Mri STANLEY beld that this levy ought to
be general, yet be thought the counties would
manaee the fund to beuer advantage than the
State, because the people would hold tbe dis
bursing, ollicers responsible, ana prevent, ex
ttavaance. , ...He would, thercfore,.vote for ,thc
Milt- ' . -. .. ' . : i "
...'MfHOlJiEjsaajii was in lavor ol ample
provislen foe the families of volunteers, but was
Opposed to this bill,. He thought the levy Inter
ested Bit tne people uao, auu uc auuuiu su,
be taxed ajlke., When you discriminate be
tween tie people, jou do injustice,' .All should
bear thhbuftben on equitable terms, lie would
oppose any measure-embodying this Inequality.
Hwould vpte.fo-j a general Jery, e ,
r a.f r;An.FIKl.D ocraedwith Mr. Holma In
iyiisj respect,'.. Some counties have vorevol
nteers lb an others, i Some Hi have n,- aroops lo
Federal service. :: Here 1 an irregularity that
BhQUla.DB regulated in aay measure of taxation
foa the purpose mentioned, in ibis bill. . A ball
sbonld bs drawn so as M dii aibute the tax-ail
over the State. . .j',i.-Ai j..d4,.-'-. i
" ' If there are counties whioh have no troops Lo
tbatleid, lt-ts a reason tnat towy suouiu oe tax
ed to support tamillee of volunteem who are in
the field-. He moved to refer the bill to a se-
lect committee with lnstriiotions to report it back
''"' , "
'Mr. FTSirWfti'wmild vote aa-aityst TiW 'nfiid
lnz bill, but would aoppart a bin for eral lax
aiion. ' i"W-l-.!' i nw iJ ; .-t't-i --
..... .. - ' . . ' . - F
rwn . trf'.L.LL'ii l. . ,1 , . , , . .
Air. KL,rUX inougnt BornBtuiDR-emnim oe
dope In the premises. While he admitted the
forte of Argument In favor of genera I levy, he
Ibsld tbat tbe .management: ot the matter by
counties Is preferable ir we aeter in is measure
till June, it aay defeat it. If it is now re
ferred, if is a virtual defeat.. He would prefer
the passage of the, pending bill. Nov is , tbe
llav Of salvation. . He. would like to go, even
furtW than this., lie would like te authorize
town councils of incorporated villages to make
aPiji-opf ieAiona for tha objects of this bill. . But
at all events, ho wanted to vote for this bill
It IS.-, .. .t..,.vt. , ..... ;.,.. T
Mr, FERGUSON said the volunteers to be
provided for are enlisted for three months., Tbe
money tote raised Sot the tB by this bill cannot
be raised until, December next. , uunog tho
current hre months tbe families of these vol
uutf trs must be sustained . , Tbe passage of tbe
pending bui will not. help them- xnow toe true
DoeUiou of this bill is simply additional compeq-
satiorr to volunteers, ,It U the only position op
'riij which' eeuatots jcsa; stand iu ibts muter.
.BuL ouly those who have families are Jo receive
such additional ' compensatitHi. He wanted to
vote for a. general tax in this shape alone, as a
. .. . .i.n mrltt .nbint... '.lift ,il... Ma
ounipeuean." . -. -..-.-w. ...
services to WscoontryA. He wanted to vote Jt
as pay J. tit srvice ridwro;otA. general bill
wnnnersiieiTw, .vuwtr,i,au.i
oflidera the reioonaibllltv of managlnir and
dlatrlbuHog this find. It sbonld be plaoed in
tne nana ot toose wno nnaereisna ua menu
of the page to which distribution must be mad.
This bill should therefore go to a speoiai com
mittee, that it may be framed to meet the case
Dreclaofv. ': " " '
Mr. GARFIELD'S motion prevailed yeas
lo, nays iwvT-:t'.'":.: '-'''
..The committee appointed were Messrs. uar
field. Smith. Junes, Ferguson, and Perrill.' ;
Mr. JONES, from the Committee on Public
Works, reported S B. No. 314 Making apnro
ptlatloas for the maintenance and repairs of
tbe Publio Works from February 15th, 1861, to
June lat. 18G1. The rules were suspended and
tbe bill was read a second time by title, and laid
upon the table, to be printed in advanoe.
itecets. , -
WEDNESDAY, May 8, 1861.
Pravorhw IJav: M. TrlmhlS.- -'- t"'' '5
Mr. STOUT offered a resolution providing
for a oommittee to Investigate oertain reports,
charging Dr. Kiusell, Physician to tbe Peniten
tiary, with corruption in procuring .tne paraon
of prisoners, by giving them false certificates of
health. : , . -. ' . - ' - . -: .
Mr. FLAGG moved to amend by providing
that the pbyaiclan shall bs present at the ex
amination, with the privilege of oross-examln
ing witnesses, which was accepted. ' - ' i' -
1 he vote was then taken on the resolution ,
which reaulted yeas 51, nays 87.- '
Mr- McCUNE offered an amendment to the
preamble, whiebwss adopted. ' - '- "J
Mr. WOODS, frotrathe tbfrd oommittee of
Conference 'on H. B. 291 -tTo provide for leas'
leg the Canals, made a Wport thereon, recom
mending tbat tbe SenatevVnd House agroe to sn
amendment providing toraWblio letting on the
29thdavof Mav next," : '" :
- I he bill thus-reported provides wr a publio
letting or, the 89th day of May, at a minimum
of $25,600 per year, and requiring the canals to
be put in complete repair Witbin one year.
, .tie also submitted a nynorlty report, dissent
ing from tbe general principle of leasing at all.
yet concurring In many" particulars with tbe ma
iorlty. " v', ' ..-ft y .-..I . .- ; l
- Mr. f JuAN 19 said be was perieoliy wining
to vote - lor the report of tbe committee; but
ho thought, it was clearly a waste of time to try
to do any thing In that way. He did not believe
tbe measure oould be earried through
Mr. DEVORE, though In favor of disposing
of the.oanals, and believing the Legislature
ought not to adjourn until it was done; but ne
felt satisfied that no responsible parties would
lease nnder ' the bill as reported - ' ' .-
Mr. miuwrj, of Miami, said it was wen
andoratood tbat be was opposed to all schemes
for leasing the canals. He would vote for. no
lease bill. But if be wanted a bill to pats nor
porting to lease, and yet well calculated to de
feat it own object, be would desire tbe passage
of this bill. ' - -
Mr. McSCHOOLER, like Mr. Browne, was
opposed to any relinquishment of these works
by the mate. But tbis bill was evidently lm
praotioable. and would not answer any good
purpose. He belieed the State should keep
the Canals and reform tbeir management. . , -,.
Mr. WOODS was satisfied of tbe praotioabili
ty of tbe bill beforo the House, tbat it would
secure the interoetsW the State) and-the lea
sees, -i
: Tbe previous qaeuton 1 was demanded and
sustained, when tbeyfeporl was agreed toyoas
71, nays 17. ' - '' . - - ") sli !
S. B. 3(2 Supplementary to the lawi regula.
ting the rate of interest, allowing eight per
cent- on contraot, was read tbe first time.
Mr. FLAGG moved tbat tbe rale be suspend
ed, and the bill read a second time, which waa
disagreed to. '-' '
-SB. 312 To divide the 3d Brigade of the
2d Division of tbe Ohio Militia, was read the
first time. - . i i is-j-f
-. Tbe Senate resolution providing for a recess
from to-morrow till June 4, loot, was taken op
when - ;!- " i. i-...
. Mr. WOODS moved to lay the same on the
table, which was agreed to veas 64, nave 37.
' Messrs. Stout, McCune. Carlisle, Bruff, and
W4r.b were appointed the oommittee nndsr
Mr. Stout's resolution relative to the pbyslolan
Of tbo renlteotlarv. - ; . : i ..' . . .
Mr. WRIGHT,' of Hamilton, presented the
memorial of Mr. Gray and 39 others, of Hamil
ton county, asking for the passage of BBUy
law. '.'...' .. .
Mr. FLAGG, from tbe committee on Fi
nanoe, reported back S B 311 To amend tbe
Ten Regiments bill, with an amendment pro
vidiog tor seven additional regiments, making
in all 17 regiments, for State service or United
States service, as required, for tbree years unless
sooner discharged, which may be at anytime.
- He explained all the particulars ot the -provisions
of the amendments of the bill as now
reported.' .- -
Mr. BALDWIN, on the part of the minority
of the- committee on Finance,' objected to tbe
report. He was opposed to the transfer of the
million and a half dollars, already appropriated
for tbe defence of the State, to tbe support of a
State army. . At any rate, be thought tbe bill
unnecessary, and tbat it ought not to past. -
Mr. McSCHOOLER was also opposed to the
report and the bill. It was a project to maintain
a standing army in the Sate of Ohio, an idea
ridiculous in -itself, ' He thought' It was more
than the people woold be willlog to submit to.
. Mr. ANDREWS said be thought this hill was
misunderstood. , It was not to provide for any
additional offlcos. . He did not understand It as
providing for a standing army.- It was to give
the Governor power, In . his discretion, to call
out men who will be ready to act for tbe protec
tion of the State, or to meet the requisitions of
tne rresiaent. ...
Mr. McCLUNG was confident that bo man's
patriotism would bo doubted beoauas be
opposed this bill, Involving aa expenditure of
17,000,000, (bat has to be paid out of direct tax
es levied upon the people. Tbe project was un
necessary; since the state is sued wm compa
nies ready to turn out at a moment's warning
especially as the General Government wss ful
ly able to sustain ittelf, and was now perfecting
a system of defence for the entire country. Yet
turn uiu proposes to organize, an army lor tne
defence of the State, as though no defenoe
would be affjrded by the National arm. At anv
rate, tbe matter could rest tilt more, urgent ne
AnaaSrw r a m rat-tt faattiA
i Mr. WOODS moved that the vote bv' wbloh
the House agreed to the report of tbe commit-.
tee of Conference on H. B.291 For leasing the
caualsy be, reconsidered; , which root io, was
agreed to, when , the report 'waa-tecommiusd
..The Hpiise returned the 17, Regiment, bill,
when Mr, STOUT offered an amendment, pro
viding that these regiments shall be .made no
out ot companies already accepted, though pot
i?rmea mio regiwems,,
Mr. 3. supported tbu amendment In an argtu
meni oisea on itta propriety ol prelerjlng tne
erst meaonorea-f ; r . ,.
,, Pecding this, the Uouio took a tepees, j,
o'i.; -it-.- , f -
V.-J . ' --I l .'' - i. -,. .:. tl t .hi
An iNcincMT ior thi Rivourrio--Daring
the Revolutionary wor, lien. Xjaiayette, being
Baltimore, was invited to a ball. Hi went, as
requested, but Instead of iolnlng In the amuse
taent, as might be expected ot A lonpg French
man cr no addressed, the, ladies Vtms
"Ladies, sou are very handsome; , yod danbe
very prettily; your Dan is very nae; dm my
soldiers bare no shirts." Tbis was Irresistible,
Tbe ball ceased; the ladles went h6me and went
to work, and the next day a Jarre, nnmbet
of ehlrts were prepared ' by the - fairest bands
of Baltimore for the gallant defeuoVra of their
country, y.v ? 'i .- :':. ry -j
" ' ' ' " '' a, '' ' iVi-.w'
Somxtbinq in a Nams, There is something
In a name, after all. Less than twelve days ago,
Mr. Fletcher Webster announced bli purpose te
raise a regimentof soldiers to defend the admin
istration which bad turned bira.-nt of cfiloe oc
eanic be had not voted tbe Repnbllaaa ticket.
Iu six hours after be bad made known bis pur
pose, tbree hundred men were standing by bis
side, and, In less than seveo days, sixteen hun
dred men had volunteered to march .with him
to defend tbe country and flag, j Toe regiment
Will be equipped at once. Button Vonritr. U i-
" '" li ' a, j " yi
Battlb wItb Nioaore The Frendk and En.
glish have been fighting the negroes on the Riv
er Gambia, coast of Africa. Thete "pnssdoB"
fought well , Jumping on the parapet! -of tbelr
earthworksdurlng the light with as macb brag
as tbe seceBsioolsts did at Fort Moultrie, r Tbey
werei bdwever, defeated with loae, and ant old
chief, tba King of Jooardo. eurcbaacd peace from
JiU coBdwervr by giving tbem stole tord of
taanelBo psatmU. vtou H .n ro ni vwaiif
WEDNESDAY, May 8, 1861. Daniel S. Dickinson on the War.
Ex-Senator Uluklnton has written , a letter
from BlnghamtOn, New York, to James B. Eld-
ridge, of Hamilton, eorreotlng misstatements in
relation to his own position, and declaring3 his
intention to standby - ihe Government. He
V Mv views are mature, firm and resolute, but
neither heated nor extravagant, j I entertain the
idea tnat wnatever may oe, or may navo been,
the wrongs of the South, the remedy sought by
foroe Ib not suited to -the case, but in oaloulated
to aggravate the disease ten fold; and that the
overthrow of tbe government of the United
States by violence, for anv of tbe teatona, or
under any of the pretences alleged, would be
one or tbe greatest calamities tbat has ever
befallen civilized man, , I have never entertain
ed nor expressed the crude and absurd sentiment'
attributed to me, nor anything of the kind. ' I
have expressed the opinion that, after all ef
forts at peace bad failed, vigorous oonfliot and
speedy settlement was more bumane than a
protracted guerilla War; '' that the quarrel was
tbe faultand folly of the present generation, and
its adjustment should not , be cowardly, turned
over to an Innooent futures that, if protracted,
It wonld finally produce a servile as well as civil
war, and lor a time destroy the prosperity or
both flections tbe commerce of the North, and
the Institutions of tbe South but that the
South bad less reouperatlve energy than tbe
North, and would therefore find re construction
more difficult, and be the greatest sufferer ; sad
tbat, In comparison with tbe moral and political
foundations of our constitution and government,
tbe present material Interests ' of. both section
were of little value, and. tbat U would be better
they should be swept from tbe earth, both North,
and South,' than ' that the government of our
fathers sbonld be overthrown by violence, lao
tion and rebellion, aod madeq lve place to
lawlessness and anarchy,'! j0,.i -''.
The Preparations South.
All the indications South point to the'accu'
mutation and concentration of very large num.
bers of soldiers in tbe neighborhood of Rich
mond. Passengers represent tbe whole Sonth
as In motion, but soms allowance must be made
for exaggeration by persons not accustomed to
the movements of troops, or able, always to es
timate tbeir numbers.' it ib evident, mwever,
that the . South is preparing largely for tbe
atruggle, and that It will not lack soldiers
Over ,u,uuu men, tne Kicnmona anqmrer says,
have responded to Governor Letcher's call.
In Alabama there are nye thousand men ready
for the field. Seven thousand men' are ready for
aotion In Sonth Carolina,. ith a reserve force of
IS 000. .Mieslsslppi has sent down ber quota,
From Georgia we have no direct Intelllgeooe,
and tbe Louisiana men are mostly, st nuKeua
It is said, however, that there is an organized
foroe in tbe Confederate States Of 100.000 men,
of which 60,000 can be concentrated in eight
davs at anv point on the Northe.n border
Tbeee statements are maoeio soutnern icurnais
and it wonld not be safe to .entirely discredit
tbem. Tbe. dream of possessing Washington
still haunts the minds ol the more rabid rebels,
and nosslblv thev mav be mad enoOfftrto make
the attempt yet, though the result,' in the pre
scotBtate of preparation to receive, can scarcely
doubt as reliable Information of the rebel force
as can be procured, and the military sagacity of
Scott is not likely to be deceived. P Madtlphiu
laagtr,, ;
" A TmtsL Tobnad On Saturday evening
last, a violent whirlwind visited tne residence
of Mr. Jesse Stone, who lives near lung M Mill
In Clark county, tore down tbe fences, the dwell
log bouse, and all the out buildings, exoept tbe
kitchen. It happened tbat Mr, and Mrs.- Stone
were absent, out seven cmioren were ai nome;
and although the bouse was torn to tbe ground
not one ot ine children was even sitgntiy in
jured. ,Tbis seems almost providential. .; , '.
Holloway's Pills.
i"-"A Dibd WrrHOtrr a Nask." Ptrents desi
rons of beholding their offspring reach a Vigor
oos manhood, with mind nntainted and faculties
nndlmlalahed or of preserving tbem Irom
mine of bidden destruction a worse than living
death, will find an able coadjutor in these cele
brated remedies. Sold by all Druggists, at 2 jo.,
63c, and $1 per box. . . . ,
ScsoroLA-Thls Ib one of tbe worst humors
that beset our race. . It does not confine jtaelf to
one member of a family, bat tbe husband trans
mits It to his wife, and again It appears In their
offspring end is banded down from generation
generation al surely as the old family plate or tbe
willed legacy. But all this havoc can be Avoided
If those bo afflicted will but be advised. ."Kenne
dy'a Msdioal Discovery" has, during tbe past
twelve years, cored many stubborn eases of tbis
disease, and all we ask of our readers is to use
it themselves when, it, is needed, and recom
mend it to their friends in all cases of hnmor.
t t'Vi aw i ' '
" . ! .' - ; -
Pa. BciuMaHAst's Onaoiitr. The American
agency of this nniversally famous article for
stimulating the growth of beard,!, whiskers, or
scarp hair, Is, now .confided : exclasIyely?.to the
highly respectable firm of Messrs. Horace L
Hsgeman, ft Co., of New York, thns giving the
American purchaser a double guarantee of its
usual recommendatory merits: j Ths announce
ment of the New). York agency Is a welcome
feature in our advertising columns.
fc-:. -j .T wawsaawwsaawaaaawwsawaaax r.i-f
DBReV.' Oeo. W. Broih, At tha Parsooage of jthall
V. Church, High street, on tha 7th ef May. MrBOLO
MON, zyiNS and Hiss PABTnjlNlA.IXETBR,
9l fcwklm epuaty. ........ .;.jnf?
w -r--r v ft
yjk assigns, at es,w per a.vuu.
,vi.,3 vrwiOir IXITEB Ap H0IX FA7E8,
at'iill III pries Chsrvad by small dealers - -
''TTTHBAD QUARTEUBVSo. Bonln"TIIth street.
' Colambas, Bay B, Itfll? " ' ' '''".H. RILEY i-
0', iu
'i .i .-
' ' Corner Spring tc Watei Sta.a) 'i
O olTXXXkl3TXa9 . OlilOa
W.B. POTT3V&7 00.
' ifrk AOHTJSriSTS,
tnd tlahafaotnrera of Brass and Composition Castings,
i ui v - a-misnea urass n ora oi an vesenpuvns. .
Electro Plating and f Gilding U
febi'oi-djr "
Bal)lll.J 1 1 i i i ii
Pr..lio..fl ' "'."f
'The 'Celebrated Horsey Cruiso';
X naUnd.by JOHN S. R4RBI, will stand ta,s
son at tne farm of Wss. H . Harry, arovenori, Ohls. . .
. Cruiser Is of th eelebraUd Vanlson atook of Kasland,
And was sired by old Vsnlson. th winner of-th iMrby
rac ut 1B13. Venison proved himself tha tautest horse
of his nay, having traveled aa fao fa-one year, when
sly thn jeers ld, nln handled Balls, and ran Xoar-
isn tsoa. ana twwiv.
. . Ku.1 k. l.nwA h.bhul.. I. IBAd. .1 k.
tanlson by Partisan, by Walton, out of Parasol ty Pota-
.... . . u . , , . ty . a d.j II ,
iv... bud oi aiiipva. vruipDr a am waa iku a.,.,, 'J
Tramp, odt or Syntazlna, .sister to B-ntut. sire or Urea
win, th darn of lew Minster. Ih aiosalushle "lallion
sow Is Joglaod, and fanas at Bfty gaujes If tJ
Thoronhrd mares. On Hundred Dollars. A Ifberv
al krrangrment will bs mad wttn rarsaer or th aelgh
borhood whhlm; to pot eaotson bred mares. .,.
KT Mares f root a diitanoe will k taken oar f-. . ,
, auy dfcwti
Gl" IV. cwuvarbj : Ann
IU BandjoiB. spfBic4.."llio7 U
llllk Tlee,.C
cJUn4s-CollwilT i;:
IBalf Ifaael.j'' ki .aiU'r i;s .i.of..
,,.'). Kl-M BAIN St SON.
;"( ttoiM'leataighttmt.
or Bemlnal Weakness, Sexual Debility, Narvouiness.Ia
voluuUrjr Emissions and Impolaooy, reiultloi from .
8oir-abu,e, to. By Roht. J. Uulverwell, M. D. Bent
under seal, lo a plala Sayolope, lo any address.pnst
pld. on receipt of twa sumps, by Dr. OIIAS. J.O .
KI.INII, 17 Uowary, New York, l'ost OIBca Box. No
tlOrrA'S 8 LIFE I'll,!,-.
In all eases of OOStlveness. dvmenila. billions and llvst
ateotlong pei rhonmallsm, fevers and agues, obslt '
nea acnes, and all general derangements of health
wow ruu nave Invariably proved a certain abd speedy
raneny. A single trial will place the Life Pills bayoid
tbrsaohbfeoinpetltlo8 la tho estlmatloa ol avery PS'
Uent. , .
Dr. Moffat's PbtBnla Bitters will bs fo'nnd squally ef
fleadoui' in all cases of nervons debility, dyspepsia, bead
aone; the stetafni Incident to females lndelloala beattb,
and every kind of woaknesi of the digestive organs,
for sola by Dr. W. B. MOW AT, S3S, Broadway, N. T.
and by all Druggists. ' , nayfaVdScwly
The, following it an extract from a
letter written by tha llev. 3. 8. Ilolme, paster ol (he
Plerrepolnf-Btreet Baptist Church, Brooklyn, M. T.,to ,
the "J onrnal and Messenger,'' Cincinnati, 0. , and; speaks
volumes In favor of tint world-renowned medicine, Mas.
Whislow'b Boothiho BtBur roa Child. a Tsnaurei
"We se aa advertlsment in your eolnnns of Mas
WijtsLOw's SooTuwa Bvudi. Now wb never said a word
in ravor or a patent medicine before In our life, bnt we
feel compelled to aay to your readers that this Is no hum
buf-r-ws navs TKtan it, and aiow n to sa Ati rv
claims. It Is probably on of the most tnroessful niedl
clues of the day. because It Is one of the best. And these
of y our readers who have babies can't do better than
ay in a supply." ,. ocWjlydfcw ,
-'t..' , To OanaampsiToe.
Ihe Advertlier, having been restored to health In afew
weeks by a very simple remedy, after havings nfforedB
ral years with a severe luag affection, ana that dread
disease, Coasnmptlon Is anxlona to make known to hla
fellow-sufferers the means of cure.
To all who desire It, he wilt send a copy of the presorts
tion used (free of charge), with the direction! for prepa . '
Ing and using the same, which thay will find a seas Oo
for ConsttHTTioH, Ami ic . Baoircnms, Ac. The only '
object of the advertiser In sending IhS Preserlptloa Is to .
benefit the afflicted, and spread lnformstioa which he eon
selves to bo Invaluable, sjid be hope every anfferer will
try his remedy, as it will cost them nothing, and may
prove a blessing,
parties wishing the prescription will please address
.if ,i WllllanisriarKh,
- r ' Kings County, New York.
ect3:wly. ' -
n: '
' - J- - Of TUB
. Hon. Joseph It. Swan,
i , press oourt,
(Contained fat twenty-nine volumes of the Ohio and Ohio
i. -.: ,",), State Beporut.)
. In Two Royal 8to. Volumes. Price $10 00.
...... , w
No care or cxpe'ifse has been spared to make the werk
nerfret and reliable In all respects.
' It-has now Ihe Legislative sat-ctlon, having bran ap
proved by nearly tha unanimous vote of both Houses, .
and was ordered to bs distributed to the following 8 lata
and Oosany officers!
Governor. Attorney General, Supreme Judges, Bee re- -Utry,
O -mptroller. Treasurer and Auditor of Stats, sad
co the Probata Courts. Courts of Common Pleas, Super
ior and Police Courts, Auditors, and the Clerks of to
various Courts In each county, to tha Members of tha
Senate and House of Representatives nf this Stale, and
the Governors of th- several States of the Unlaw.
' . This book, containing, as It does, all of tha Statute
sow Id force, and the authoritative oonstructloa of taeaa
and of th New Constitution, will ne found to be especial
y useful in the performance of their duties, to all
Inasmuch as -my atany chantes have been mad ia th '
Statutes slnoe the publloatlon of thelait editions, byre
peal, alterations and additions, and many Important de
cisions have been given by the Buprems Court on con
troverted points all - - i
Will find this an Invaluable Wort.
7co Royal 8to. Volwrut of ottr Xlnttem Hundred
J'agel, ... , ,. .
. In Strong law Binding. Price $10.00.
Published by: , , .
Law Publishers, Booksellers: Stationers and Importers.
No. 63 West fourth street.
.:, ,.';.r;
: OlnetonaU O.
'Zrlr ! thathas's :4'N -rti' V I .:;',,'
And irsw mere and auero popular
'":,v', every- day I ' ,
'.'ui.. i ,. ... 'v-.(. ,f
And leslimontsls, new, and almost without number,
algt be. given from ladles aud gentlemen in all grade,
f aocletyi whoa united testimony none could resist
that Prof, Wood's Ualr Restorative will restore the bald
and gray, and preserve the hair of th youth to old age.
fn all its youthful beauty.; , , ,
'I ."j ' Battle Creek, Mich., Deo'. Sht,.1859.-' - -"5
Paar.'Woon: Thee wilt please accept a line to Inform
thee thatlbe hair on my head all fell off over twenty ,
years ago, caused by a complicated chrODle dlsaaaay ac- "' i.
tended with an eruption on th head. A continual
course of suffering through life having reduced m to a I M f
Stat of dependence, I aav not been able te obtain staff i :
for caps, neither hare I been able to do them op, In con
sequence of which my head has suffered extremely from A - !
cold. This Induced me topay Briers fc Uodgrs almost '
the last cent I bad on earth fur a two dollar bottle of thy
Hair Restorative, about the first of August last.-. I has 'i
faAlhfUllr followed tho dtrectlons.tnd the haM anal I.
covered with hair thick and black, though shsrt. It la
aladcenlnit lo all over my heid. FeeUng 4SOntldsnt
that another, Jarg bottl wtuld reslor It. entlrelv
and permanently, t fcelsoxloui to persererv In Itauaat
and being destitute of mesne lo purabaa any more, I ' "
auM.u a.a mc. 11 ,uce wuhuiiidqi Be Willing 10 Bndm
Sn order on thin agent for a bottle, and reoelr to thy
self the scrlptur declaration "the reward ut to ihosa
that are Mod to Uie widow and the fatherless."
. 1V, V Thy friend, , , bUSANilAUKUlBT , ")' '
,-t LIgonler, Nobl County, Indiana, Feb. 8th, 1851 '. '" .. '"
Prof. 0. 1. Woon: Star Mr:-ln th latter part of 'J J
the year 1HJ2, while attending the Stat and National C
Law Behool of the Bute ot New Tort, my hair, from a
cam unknown to mo, commenced falling off very rap
idly, so that In the short spaos of six aioatba, th whole ...
apperpart i f my scalp wsa almost entirely bereft of Its ' ,.
eovertng, and much of th remaining portion upon the '
aiav anv ma. par, m mj neau sonniy alter Oceania gray,
ao that yo will not he surprised when I tell you that up-'
on my return to th Stat of Indiana, my mora casual '
acquaintances war not so much at a loss to dlsoover the '"'
aauee of the change In my appearance, as my mora Intl- '
mat acquaintances were to recognise me at all. - .-
j I atone mad application to th most skillful phylf-V
clana-inthe oountry, but, reoeivlngn aasuranca fronx. '
Uiem that my hair would again be restored. 1 was forced' '
to become reconciled to my fate, until, fortunately. In.''
tha latter part of the year 1657, your Hettoratlve wu rev J
oommeoaeu to me Dy a aruggtst, M being. th most reluv.
pi ualr Itestoratlv In use. I tried on bottl. and
found to my great Bstlsfaotlon that It Was producing tba.
wt'wwwi oiuuv ,ua, .we. x uav osea seven QOl t
lars worth of ynnr Resrorallv, and as a result, bar a J O--"
rich cost of very soft black hair, which oo money can
as a wwri oi my gratitntie tor your labor and skill In
the production of so wonderful sa ertiote, J hav raooai- !'"
mended Its as to many of my friend and acuuaintaoee, v 'tM'
who, I m haopy to Inform jou- axa aslna u. with iik h
effeet.' 'Very respectfully, your,., n . r . ,
$iiii' iiWTMa,''!'' tai "i JJ dealers thron
-pv,. D...nu.ti. . .. ... . . . y,'t
.... ., Huiu, m nou ir s or tnree sites, w .-(.vtrifv
larre. med um. and small: tha am.n k.M. t, . J . T" '
retells for One dollar nar hnt.u- It,. k.i'jj
, ,, . " , , . v , ..1BM.W.UH. HUM.
.sa. . i,ajr
t twenty per cent, more In proportion than thur
I retails for Iwa dollar a bottle; thr laraw he," . , ,
irt, 40 psr cent, mora In proporUen, aad retail f'J , -,,
lt)e... ' ... , , 7- ,i t ? "
ana re
a bottle... ' .. . . ., .-, , , .7
i . - n wu m. vu., rroprietore, m wroaawaj
rk, sod 1 14 Market HUsat, St Louis, kU. "
- And BOldbv HO KI4R.TR Ac HAMUU ODlniaha'hlO,-
. .A 3 DAAn a. t n . . ... iaw
ana oy all good DrugglsU and Fancy Uocds Uaalr;
flammatlnn anil- naini-and . ha.l.
lid, bruise, out, or fresh wound of any 'revesia,
etMngand pain (rotn hcflatines, mtiarlto bites, asik
tr i
hrs-Mt- xal rlsjah La. VV hpn tikan lrVnlTt ft Wtl
positively ear roup In children, and 'a Unmedlst ,
- ka
f . i -tt mitt
EpfS IN-
non4 betra:r J 1r
Mlier in tne worst rasa or mis wrnt)ieu"'pl"i , jmi:A
rem ova hosrarnsas and sore throat. Vrlc, S mtia i"W
bottl. Shoo Id b in avery he use, 'Jt sale by Drag- I
glatti.ndStorelte.nars. , ' 'l!enH
eWdkwiyaj wtb(w

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