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Tub Adams Express Company plaoes ua dally
under obligations to It for the Tory latsst papers
Irom tbe eastern cities.
V;.Tle'''AmerIca. Express Company has our
thanks for Its daily favors In tbe snaps of the
very latest eastern papers. .
Soldiers' Pio-Nio. Tfro Companies, be
longing to the Fifteenth Regiment Company
H., from Manefleld, Capt. Millxb, and Com
pany D., from Sholby, Capt. Cubbinos enjoyed
a very pleasant exouraion and plo-nlc, yesterday
afternoon, on tbe grounds of Col. Olmstid
which wero generously proffored for their use on
the ocoaaiun, Tbe refreshments were provided
by the ladies of Mansfield and Shelby, whose
kind remembrances of those who hare left their
homes for the "tented field," was duly apprecia'
tod. .
The officers o( tbe Fifteenth Regiment Col
Andrews, Lieutenant Colonel Dioekt and Major
Walker, were present, and on being introduced
to the Companic9,were enthusiastically cheered.
Tbe scene was enlivened by the presence of
"fair UdleB" as well as of "brave met," and a
rural dance on tbe green was enjoyed with muob
zest. After the companies had been formed in
to line preparatory to their departure for the
Camp, Col. Andrews, on behalf oi the ladies,
returned thanks for the invitation extended to
them to be present on the occasion; and Major
General Wiliom, of this city, who was present,
also addressed the gallant soldiers in very ap
proprlate and patriotlo remarks. Cheers bav
having been givenfor the ladies and their host
and hostess, tbe Companies took op their line
of march to tbe camp.
Camp Jackson. Tbe Washington Guards,
Capt. Stone, from Union City, numbering
ninety-five men, left this morning (or the Camp
at Lancaster, Ohio. . There are now In the
Camp thirty-five Companies, containing an ag
gregate of 3,174 men. An order has been is
sued for breaking up the Camp at Hamilton,
Butler county, and for the removal of the three
companies there to Camp Jackson.
Dr C. E. Botle, of this oity, is temporarily
detailed as Surgeon in chargo at the Camp,
during the absence of Dr. Ball, who has re
turned on furlough to bis home In Zinesville,
on acoount of indisposition brought on by fa
tigue and exposure.
There are in the Camp Hospital only about a
dozen patients, and tbe health of the troops in
the Camp is generally .good.
Col. Kino has made a requisition on Quarter
Master Geueral Wood for eamp kettles and oth
er booking utensils for tho thirty-five Compa
nies In the Camp. Tbe troops will be served
with rations on and after Monday next, the 13th
lost., as in the regular U. S. service.
Citt Relief Committee. An appropriation
of Twenty Thousand Dollars has been made by
the City Council of Columbus, for the relief of
the destitute families of soldiers, who have or
may enlist in the State or United States service
dating the present war. This fund is to be ap
plied to the relief of such families or persons,
only, as are dependent for support upon the
earnings of those who enlist from Columbus,
aad who are thereby placed in destitute circum
stances '
Tbe Council has appointed a Relief Commit
tee, to attend to the distribution of this, fund,
consisting of one Councilman in each Ward.
Applications for relief should be mado by per
sons living in each Ward to tbe member of tbe
Committee in their Ward in the First Ward to
L. L. Smith; in the Second, to A. B. Bottles;
in the Third, to A. 0. Blair; in tbe Fourth, to
Isaac Eberlt, and in the Fifth, to James Staur
inq. These gentlemen will attend to making
the necessary inquiries, and rendering prompt
and efficient aid in their respective Wards.
O We have heard the name of Col. E. A.
Kino, of Dayton, now in command at Camp
Jackson, suggested for Brigadier General under
the new requisition of the Preeident for troops
from Ohio. Col. Kino has bad along and thor
ugh military experience, having served in tbe
revolutionary struggle in Texas, and in the
Mexican war, In tbe Fifteenth Regiment, under
Col. Morgan. His skill, taot and discertion in
the management of tbe volunteers at Camp
Jackson deserve high commendation, and his
promotion would doubtless give general satisfac
tion. - ' 1 . '
Removal. Wm. Bltnn has removed bis
Watch and Jewelry establishment from No. 10
in the Buckeye Block to tho room in the Odeon
Building on nigh street, lately ocoupiedby J.
H. Smith aa a Hat Store. Mr. Bltnn has a fine
assortment of watches, diamonds and silver
ware, and a variety of artioles of rich jewelry,
which be will offer at such prices that purcba-
sera will find it to their advantage to give him
a call. ' ' 1
The State Fair. The Ohio State Fair, for
1861, will be held attbe eity of Dayton, on the
10th, 11 Ui, 13th and 13th days of September
next. Tbe usual railroad facilities have been
seoured for the benefit of exhibitors and visi
tors. Executive Committee D. E. Gardner, Jno,
M. Mlllikla.T. C. Jones.
Coring the Fair tbe fallowing members of tbe
Board will have, the general ohargo of the differ
Departments: " ' ' ' .
Horses John M. Millikin, Hamilton, 0.
- Cattle Jas. M.Trtmblo,Hillsboro'.
Sheep illogs and Poultry Thos. C. Jones,
Delaware.' '
Maohlnery,' Implements, 4cc William De
Witt, Cleveland. ;.;-.; i-',-.
Manufactures, ko. John Rtber, Lancas
ter.,:'-. . ... '
Farm Produols David Taylor, Columbus.
Fruits and Flowers N. S. Townsend, Avon,
Lorain oounty.- . 'i . ' 1 . ' 1
Fine Arts Hsnry B.Perkins, Warren.
For further Information, address -
. - Columbus, Ohio.
ETThe Board of Common School Examiners
for this county meet every Saturday, at 10
o'clock, A. M., at the Probate Court Room, for
tbe examination of applicants for Teachers'
uertinoaies." t ...,!,. ,
ip"The citizens of Darke county have raised,
by voluntary Snbsorlptlon.a fund of 12.757 83 for
the relief of the families of volunteers from that
county ... Nobly dons!
: : r.: - i :
T :.
ET'Sir," said a young divine to XV'Is there
nothing that could tempt you to read a religious
dally." "Nothing in Tht World" replied X.
O Gen. Lucien Bottles, of this city, is ap
pointed Depot Commissary at Camp Dennieop
Ohio.--'-- ' f' .... .;
HTHon. L. CVaixandioham and Mr. J. F.Boll.
meter; editor of the Dayton Empire, were In the
city oa yesterday evening. Both were looking
welly)-1 fw,'--. ; ' V r;"i";
O Read Prof. Wood's advertisement la an
other column. '
Rail Road Time Table.
Littls Miami k Ottomui k Xun B. B
4-t ' Leaves. 1 Arrive
Cincinnati Aocommodatlon. 5:00 A. M. L.Q-M P,
' linnii.... 11:50 A.M. ll:0 A
Malt Accommodation..'. 1:30 P. M.'V H Mt,K,
Night Express via Dtyton.iii:iio midnight, a. a. a
.5' . Jo. W. Agenty
OOLDMBOI k ClxVKLa B. B. I J Jit ' "
Nlhl WvnMia .....140 A. M. -.11:41 P. M
New York Kxprei 11:10 A. M. 11:10 A. M
Mall and Accommodation.. 3:W f. . v:iu r. u
..., . .- JtMastVrrisstiAgtfM.
ODrraAi Onit E. R.
No. 1 Bxpreu
No. 8 do
'. 3:30 A. M. 11:38 A.
.HUB A. M. 11:43 P. M
No. 3 do -
. 1:10 P. U. , -4:50 A. U
. W. J. Jru,,. Agent,
PiTTHtmal, OoUunw.k Cutout run R.X.
Hall Train i... ........ 3 9 A. M. 11:38 A
Bxpreu Train.
..11:18 A.M. 11:45 P. M
Joi. Bobinion, Agent,,
OOLDMIDS As iHDUHOPOm, B. B. . : 1 . ;
No. 1 Expre :3(l A. M. ' 1:30 P, M
No. 8 " .3:00 P.M. 8:4a P. M
Accommodation.. .. '., 10:50 A. M
Sarsaparilla, This tropicalroot has a repu
tattoo wide as tbe world, for curing one class of
disorder! that afflict mankind a reputation too
which it deserves as the best antidote we pos
sees forjsorofulous complaints. But to be brought
Into nee, Us virtues must be concentrated (and
combined with other medicines that increase
Its power. Some- reliable compound of this
charaoter is much needed in tbe community.
Read the Advertisement of Dr. AvEa'sSarsap
aril la In onr colnmns, and we know it needs no
encomium from us to glvy our citizens confidence
in what he offers. Organ, Syraeiue, iV. V.
Rheumatism. To any who have been afflicted
with this malady, the very reading of the above
heading will call to mind tho remembrance of
tbe most excruciating pain and prolonged agony.
The joints swelled, stiff and unyielding, each
turn of the body accompanied by a shock that
would induce the belief that every bone in the
human anatomy was about to be dislocated.
From two to three bottles ot "Kennedy VMedl
eal Discovery" will cure the worst case of Rheu
matism. We would refer to the cure of J. Ma'
comber, Esq. , a respectable citizen of Boston,
who was cured at the age of fifty-five years af
ter an illness of t quarter of a eentury, and an
expense of some $5,000 paid to various Pbysi-
slclans. For tbe enre of humors it has no eaual.
A Pure. Healthy Tonic, and one free from
the deleterious aad injurious effects sure to fol
low those in ordinary use, has long been felt to
be a desideratum in the medical world. Such
a tonlo, and one so skillfully combined from the
vegetable kingdom as to act in perfect accor
dance with the laws of naturo, and thus soothe
tbe weakest stomach, and at the same time al
lay nervous and other irritation,, and tone up
all the organs of which the human body is com
posed, is offered In Prof.' Wood's Restorative
Cordial and Blood Renovator. Hence It Is per
fectly adapted to old andyoong. Reader, try it.
Thousands have already done so, and the testi
mony is universal in its favor JVete York
Holloway's Pills and Ointment.
Files and Fistolas. Consolation for tbe Af-
icted sufferers from these terrible Densities
of abused nature, will find speedy relief by a
iew applications oi mis popular ointment. A
steady perseverance in its use, will, with the aid
of the Pills, effect a radical cure without re
course to ligaturei or other barbarous operations
wortny toe dart: ages oi soienoe. : Tbe Pills are
a most valuable speoifio for indigestion and by
their aperient action on tbe bowels, thev exter
minate the primary cause of piles, 4o. Sold by
all Druggists, at 25c., C2o. and $1 per box or
w . ,
CTDoctor Leland's Antl-Rheumatlo Band Is
the only known remedy for Rheumatism, Gout
and Neuralgia, and the pernicious effects of
Mercury; and it is with the greatest satisfaction,
ss to its merits, that we call the attention of our
readers to the advertisement in another column
of our paper of tbe Anti-Rheumatic BmLm ' .
Dispatches from Washington City.
[Herald's Correspondence.]
Washington, May 9. The President gave a
military reception to-night.
uen. uarney is acting with uen. uutler at
the Relay House. .
Tbe frigate Niagara is destined for blockad
ing Charleston.
Last night, 94 of the Maryland Guards were
arrested by tbe Massachuietts picket Guirds,
for attempting to escape to Virginia, to join the
secession forces. .They will be dealt with as
traitors. ' " . ' '
Gen. Beauregard, with Russell, of the London
Time$, had arrived at Montgomery on tbe Stb
The Government continues to be overwhelmed
with offers of naval and land forces for service
sgalnst the Rebels. Prominent men from all
parts of the country are constantly coming here
for the purpose of tendering aid. ," - : ',
Urer fitly vessels nave already been onered
from the New England States, to be armed and
equipped at tbe owners' expense. "
. Parties representing the ownhra of propellers,
navigating the northern Lakes, propose to bring
their crafts down the St. Lawrence to tbe Atlan
tic shore.and assist in the blockade of theSouth
era ports. - : n. - ; : .
The Government bas just been pnt In posses
sion of important Information In regard to the
movements and operations of the Rebel army.
Their exact nature has not yet transpired, but
the Government is taking advantage of them,
and will be ready In three or four days to meet
tbe Confederate lorcee at every point.
It apeara that a large force is now marching
frem the South on Harper's Ferry, and from
tbenoe will attempt to force tbelr way into Penn
sylvania. Their object is to draw off a portion
of tbe forces concentrating at Washington, and
attack, tnem at botn points.
Tbe Government is in possession of very im
portant information, and from reliable souroes,
having agents in every Southern State, and is
fully posted in regard to all movements.
Wigfall, in a letter to a friend In Washing
ton, says, In great confidence, the Ccrhdederate
army will capture Washington, Lincoln and
Cabinet, unless tbey leave before the middle of
June, tie says tbey bave nearly lUU.UUU- well-
armed troops, and ia less than two weeks Will
be on thslr march to Washington, and expect to
winter in rmiadeipbia.
[Tribune Correspondence.]
Washington, May 9. Senators Wilson and
Hale, with the Secretary of the Navy, had a
long interview with the President concerning
the coming procIamaMo;J; h ,' .,',
It is denaitely ascertained that eommlssioned
Navy otticers bave gone to Europe to buy steam'
ere and other vessels tor the U. a. (government.
Capt. McDonnell, U. B.- A. recruiting agent
at Baltimore, sent a report to tne war Depart
ment, announcing ouu recruits for the regu
lar service. -ifJ r.'-UHt ' .A'tiuJf i..
There la a rnmor here that Missouri State
troops. In command of Got. Jackson, have in
vested to. iiouis. mere are some o.uuu troops
under arms, commanded by F. P. Blair, Jr., In
defence of the cltvi ' ''
Rebel forces, in large numbers, are being
concentrated at Alexandria, with heavy ord
nance, it would seem wita me intention of for
tifying themselves as part of a systematic ap
Broach to ineoiry. " .
[Times' Correspondence.]
' Washinqton, May 9. Nineteen Regiments.
In addition to those previously .ordered, have
been called for. to come here immediately, aad
are already on the ' way to Jtelay Camp and
: Gen. Patterson hia aJunfitd on the Phtladel-
pnla, Wilmington & Baltimore Road, as far
t It Is stpected, la aiifornallrtn'-'rrf tMknH
movements on tha part of the forces In.VlreloIa.
tUklB lUf A'VWViai
'toops"wlii Doourry' Arlington
istrrr rf,.....,.,.,
bai now mpl means la specie
The Tressu7
ousu ivivwr, wnere men trader bis alrectlon We
, He is stated to bave, anwarde f IS.OOO men
under hlseommand s.j ci ,-ii,;ia.tf4v n
for all necessities. They had this morning be
tceen two and three million dollars In tbe vaults,
There are offers of loans to any extent, already
exceeding fpu.uuu.uuu, nearly an at par.
[World's Correspondence]
anuria is suspended. The Virginia flag Is flying
on the Custom House. About 400 Virginia
troops are in tbe city, ready to leave as soon as
Federal troops appear, having done so twice
on raise alarms.
From Texas and Mexico.
Washington, may u. new uneans oanors
or eaiuraay are received, in tnem it is stated
in a letter that the Texas Commlssionsrs had
been kindly reoelved by tbe Indian tribes.
iney are mostly slaveholders, and lavor seoes
Tbe schooner Twllleht. emnloved bv tbe Fed
eral Government in carrying orders to Fort
Tortugas.was seized, and has been put in Texas
Gov. Vidavirl disclaims that Mexico had anv
thlnff to do with the reoent atrocities committed
by tbe Indians, and thinks parties in Texas are
preparing to invade his territory, and seys he
will delend bis country to the last.
Maryland Legislature.
Baltimore, May 9. The Legislative com
mittee on Federal Relations reported, orononno .
log tbe war waged against tbe South unconsti
tutional 'and subversive or tbe principles on
which the Union Is founded: evrnDathizino- dennl
.. t .t . : r - -----o r-
who oouioern orowren in aeienae ot the princi
ple of self-government; imploring tbe President
to accept we oiive Drancn or peace held out by
wo isomeueraie ouues. wnoae free dent reoent.
edly declared they seek only self-defense and
to De let alone) time Maryland desires the peace
able recognition of the independence of the Con
federate States, and gives her assent thereto:
. . . . i . .... ., .
mat mo present muuary ocoupation oi Mary
land la a flagrant violation of tbe Constitution;
advises citizens to abstain from interlcrenen
with Federal troops; and savs. under existing
. i. : .. ,. .. o
viruuuisiHuun, it is mexpeuieni lo can a 80V
reign convention.
Shipments South from St. Louis Stopped.
St. Loots, May 9. The collector of thin nnrt
received orders from the Secretary of the Trea-
sury to examine the manifests of all steamers
oouna bouid, and compare them with cargoes,
and if arms, munitions, provisions or other sup.
plica are found aboard,, tbe vessel and cargo
ua vuuusuauiu uu me owners arrested lor trea.
bnipments South have been auanemleil -.
About a tbouiand muskets and Severn! nipnpa nf
caauou irom saton nouge arrived by river this
Additional European News.
news the bombardment of Kumter
created a sensation, and denrenscd thn English
funds slightly. The London Timet says it is in
explicable that many a bar-room fight has
caused more bloodshed.
It is confirmed that tbe French are to
Perfect reconciliation was restored hetwepn
Garibaldi, Cavour and CUldini.
Ail the towns of Poland were cccanied bv
Liverpool, j4jHI 26A. Sales of enttnn on
Saturday 10,000 bales, including 3,000 on spec
ulation and for export. Tbe market closed firm.
ureaosiuus quiet, rrovisions steady.
' Tbe Paris naners nnhllah rfianntrhua t,nm M..
pies, saying several provinces bave revolted: also
that disturbances have occurred at Verona.
; The garrison at Rome is being relieved by
other French troops. The Pope, in receiving
the new, French General, eulogized General
Goyon. i . . . i . ; -
Paris, jlnrtl 87w P. M The Bourse Is
buoyant. ' Rentes closed at 63f. 70s., being 5o.
higher than yesterday.
Poceedings of the Missouri Legislature.
St. Lodis, May 10,The Western Pacific
Railroad bill passed the Senate yesterday.
! .The House was in secret session vesterd av.
but it Is understood that the loiut resolution
withholding the sohool fund for the purpose of
arming the State, which passed the Senate on
Wednesday, has been adopted by tho House.
: It is seriously apprehended that the July In.
tercet fund will be used for the same purpose.
. Harris' Military bill, which passed tbe Sen
ate at the last session, is said to be under dis
cussion in the House.
This bill provides for a division of tbe State
into nine military districts, each commanded
by a Major-General,
Every able-bodied man in tbe State, between
the ages of 18 and 45, will be compelled to do
military duty, or pay a toe or $15U.
I Anvbodv sneaklne disresnectfull of tfca Rn.
ornor or Legislature will be subject to Court
Martial, and it requires every citizen to take
the oath of allegiance to the State of Missouri
only. '
A detachment of 40 State militia was sent
ont on the Pacifio Railroad, this morning, to
guaru D9 uascooaae ana uaago bridges on
that route.
From Harper's Ferry.
; Baltimore, May 10. A special correspond
ent of the Ameriosn Telegraph from Frederick
this .morning ssys tbat tbe mountain forest, on
the Maryland side of the Potomac, near Har
per's Ferry, was fired last night, and much val
uable timber destroyed.
I Abont cUU Kentucklana and Virginians were
encamped upon tbe Maryland shore, and the
heights In that vicinity were being fortified. ' J
a battery naa neen pieced at Jefferson Rock.
Trains Have been laid in pipes for blowing uo
tbe bridges and other property at a moment's no
tice, If necessary.
ibe conductor the Virginians excites indig
nation among the people of Washington county.
Thirty Baltlmoreans passed through Frederick
for Harper's Ferry this morning, .
Tbe Norfolk line of steamers reports tbat the
Virginians have seized the small stesmer Wm .
Selden, which made the connection betweea Old
Pelnt and Norfolk. Thus all communication is
broken off.
From Fortress Monroe, &c.
New York, May 10. The Timu has advi
ces, per the Kldar, that the secessionists have a
battery of 68 pounders, at the mouth of the
James river. ' ' '.
The steam tug Yankee was fired on. but tho
shell passed over her.
.The tents or the secession forces, liningstbe
whole bank of the river, aredistinctlvseen from
the ramparts of Fort Monroe.
Col. Dimmick is mounting ten Inch colura-
biads add barbette guns onithe land side of tbe
rort, to be protected by sand bag entrench
ments. v 1. 1
The big gun Rodman, formerly the Fiord, Is
mountiHl to sweep the bay. ' ;
Negro Insurrection in Kentucky.
Louisville, Alar 10. Messeneers arrived at
r ran Hon tnis morning irom Owen count;, say
Ing that between 300 and 400 neeroes were arm'
ed and formed Into a company, and were com
mitting! aepreaations.
.. The whites undertook to disarm them, when
several were killed. ; t .. .
The Governor bas eent Gen. Uuckner to as
certain the truth of tho matter. He has not vet
returnea. 10s military are in readiness.
FAtroRT, (Kv.,) Mav 10. There is creat
excitement ocossloned bj messengers arriving
here at 12 o'clock last nlcht. with disoatchee
ior tne uovernor reporting invasion In Uwen
' i no uovernor Das sent a special messenger
to ascertain particulars. it
1 be military are In readiness to march.
From Fort Pickens.
arrived, from Fort Pickens on the avenina- of
the 3d. and from Key West on the morning of
tne ws, 1,1, ,!
;The Powhattan, Brooklyn. Sabine'. Surmlv
Wyandotte, and Water Witch, were off Fort
nckens. . . , , . , ,:
1 The Alohawk left on the 1st for the coast of
Texas.- 1 "
A partial blockade exists at Pensacola,
No munitions ot war are allowed to enter.
Fort Pickens Is prepared to repel any attack.
Tha secessionists bave a new battery at Deer
Point. They bave also commenced unroofing
ike building of tht Navy Yard, preparatory to
1 an attack. ,: 1 4' ttu
Their foroes are rumored to be 8,000.
All was quiet at Key west. ''
Ths St, touts and Crusader were there.
From Baltimore.
Baltimore, May 9 One thousand three hun
dred troops, from Perryville, landed at locust
Point. The oars departed immediately, it Is
supposed, for Washington.
Tbe Mayor and Police Commissioners, with
200 Police, crossed In a ferry boat to Locust
Point, and were present at the debarkation.
Tbe Harriet Lane stood off the Point, with
her ports open.
This morning, the operators on tbe tole
graph line Iocs led on the Northern Central
Railroad were dismissed, and others acting
under tbe Uovernment placed in charge.
Tbe train is announced to leave Harrieburg
for Washington to-morrow.
It is believed that troops will at once move
toward the oity.
The Koau will be controlled oy uovernment
Several British vessels consigned to Norfolk
by reason of blockade.
Uant. Kobluson. late commander at fort Mo.
Henry, bas been ordered to Detroit, to receive
Proceedings of the Pennsylvania Legislature.
Hasiisburo, May 9. The House hss unani
mously passed a bill creating a three million
loan. It raises fifteen regiments bevond both
requirements of the reoerai uovernment, mak
tog a total of fifty-five regiments. Ninety-two
members of the House, ont ot one bnndred,were
present. . . o
An act for the immediate rebel or the volun
teers, now in service, passed both Houses to
day, and was signed by the Governor.
The gentleman sent south from this State
telegraphs that he will be In Ilarrisburg to
morrow. He has visited South Carolina, Geor
gia, Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky. He
reports 25,000 troops within a radius of 50 miles
from Richmond. There were about 15,000
troops In Tennessee and Kentucky, whose sup
posed destiuati& was Cairo.. ,
Foreign Diplomatic Correspondence.
Washinqton, May 9. The published letter to
Mr. Dayton, Minister to France, is understood
to do an inaex to tne enure fiurooean corres
pondence. : It is understood that the Govern-
ment has ' reoeived from Minister Dallas an
account of an interview with Palmerston, the
result of which justifies the assertion that there
is no indication or prospect of tbe recognition
of tbe Confederate States by any of tbe foreign
rowers, against tue protest oi tne Administra
tion. Mr. Preston's next dispatch from Sonio. in re
ply to a oemeno lor explanations relative to San
Domingo, and also about a recognition of the
Southern Confederacy, are looked for witb much
Interest. Mr. Preston, although a Kentuckian,
is loyal, and la understood to be aotiog in such
a manner as to meet the approbation of tbe Ad
ministration. All the Foreign Ministers are
nxiously making inquiries about tbe annlication
of tho blockade, but not a word of complaint Is
for War in the Southern
MONTGOMERY, Thursday, May, 9.
The Congress has been mostly in ecret ses
sion to day. It is understood tbat they are en
gaged in making arrang -ments fcr a vigorous
and successtul prosecution ot tbe war, and for
placing tbe Confederacy in tbe best possible con
dition for defense. It is also understood, con
trary to what was supposed, that the Confederacy
as control or suincienc arms, ordnance and
ammunition of every description to put into the
field one hundred and fifty thousand men for a
year's campaign.
Kentucky Legislature.
LomsviLLt, May 9. The House yesterday.
by a vote of 76 against 7, passed a resolution
suing the uc vernor to communicate the names
of agents employed for tbe purchase of arms,
the amount, character, and number of arms
purchased. and if received, what disposition bas
been made thereof.
In the senate, Mr. Simpson introduced a reso
lution, which lies over, that the Governor be re
quested to Issue a proclamation for prohibit
ing the passage of armed men from Tennessee
or elsewhere, through Kentucky, for the purpose
of attacking.
Kentucky to be Armed.
' LouiaviLLB, May 9. A conference was beld
at. Frankfort, yerterday between, Gov. Magoffin,
J. C. Breckinridge and R. Howes, of one part,
and ex-Senators Crittenden, Dixon and Judge
Nicholas of tbe other, who sgreed to recommend
the Legislature to make an appropriation to arm
Kentucky under direction of a military com
mission composed of the Governor, Inspector
General, and another person to be selected by
the Unionists. It is supposed $3,000,000 will
be required to arm the State.
Matters at Baltimore.
Baltimore. May 8. Affairs at the Relay
House are unchanged to-day. General But
ler tried the range of his guns with signal suc
Thirty car loads of provisions went to Wash
ington to day. All the trains are rigidly exam
ined. The City Council has appropriated money to
rebuild the bridges consumed on the Philadel
phia roads.
Kecruitlng for tbe Army is rapidly progress
Fatal Railroad Accident.
DnsnaiiE. Mav 8. As a train of thn DnhnmiA
Sl Western road was backing up from Akamosa
to Springvllle this morning, the hind freight
car ran on tne traok, throwing; Mr. (Jammings,
conductor, and Mr. Smith, engineer, who were
on tne top car, to tne ground. Tbe car passed
over both, killing them instantly. A man nam
ed Winslow was severely injured.
The Situation of Cario.
perience, who have been for some days at Cairo,
say no apprehensions need be entertained for the
salety ot tbat place. All tbat is reanired to
render it impregnable against any foroe that
can be sent against it, is heavy ordnance, which
is momentarily expected. There are now five
distinct batteries having sweep of three miles on
the Mississippi and two miles on the Ohio Riv-
1 be heavy ordnance, wben it arrives, will
be planted so as to command Bird Point on the
Missouri side, the only practicable side for bat
teries to operate against Cairo. . . .
HASmsscaa, May 9. Aa officer from tbe
Chambersbure Camo brines the intellieence
tbat on Tuesday morning tbe Virginians seized
the heights on the Maryland side of the Poto-
mao, and were engaged in fortliylng tbem. A
number of Secession troops bordering on 6,000,
were there and were to be increased by tbe ar
rival ot 1,'lW Kentucklana. . . c
tour companies of cavalry marched from
Carlisle Barracks on Monday." They passed
through Maryland, and bave reached Gen.
Scott's lines. - ,-,. Y 1 1 1: A .i
Niw Yoax, May 10 General Beauregard's
official report of the bombardment of Fort Sum
ter-Is printed to-day. . .
Tbe first Vermont Keel meut. baa arrived
here. . ; r - .-, ' 1, , . ,
Chicago, May 10. The 7Vt&nRe corresnon
dent says Gen. Prentiss has received positive
Information -that Gen. Pillow has chartered
the steamboats Ohio Belle, Lorris and Hill for
attack on Cairo. ,, ,
Niw Yosa, May 10. The Austrian brie Is
lock, from London, reports, April 13th. fell in
with a large ship of about 1300 or 1500 tons, on
tire, supposed to be lumber laden.
Sent a boat, but saw nobody onboard. Tbe
name was burned. 1
' I. aw '
Washinotob, May 9. The Third Regiment
from Kentucky has offered its service, and will
form pert of the regular brigade to be eom
manded by Major Anderson. .! ;,' -1
, .
'Boston, May 10 The steamer Pemberton
sailed this A. M.. for Fort Monroe, with rein
forcementa She carries a heavy armament and
a large quantity of clothing,' provisions, and
munitions of war.
Steamboat Accident.
Davinpokt, Iowa, May y. The steamer
Grey Essie, while pausing' tbroueh the draw of
tbe railroad bridge, struck the pier on the lar
board siae, mining ner in two. " sne sunx im
mediatjly. The boat and cargo are a total
loss. , me oiers. report no uvea lost, but it
believed that several were drowned.
Frederick , Md . May 9. It Is said that Blan
ton Duncan, with several hundred Kentooklane,
arrived at Harper's r erry without arms.
Gov. Hicks replied to the Legislature that. he
neitber authorized nor consented to the destruc
tlon of the bridges on the roads. - ' "
New York, May 'J The fire in Washington
this morning was set In four plaoes by iho se
cessionists. , , . .. .
Traitors at Magnolia, Delaware, tave seized
a lot of U. H. arms stored there by tbe Union
men. The leader will doubtless be dealt witb
according to law.
Washinqton, May 9. The 3d regiment from
Kentucky has offered its servlees. and will form
part of tbe regular brigade to be commanded by
oia. Anderson. .: :
Washinqton, May 9 Judge Soanboroogh of
va., oi me uourt oi uiaims, baa resigned.
Washington, May 9. The President bas ap
pointed josepn u. gioo, surveyor ot uairo.
Indianapolis, May 9. The Eleventh Regi
ment of Zouaves, uuder command of Col. Wal
lace, loft at nine o'clock to night for Evansville.
Columbus Retail Market.
Columbus Retail Market. FRIDAY, May 10, 1861.
The follOWinff ar tha mUll nnntnflAna
Wm. II. Beatleux. wholeaila and ri.il .mm Ni n
.... 1 00,
H 0. Sugar V fc.-.tUiOiTc
Maple do ..9IOc
Oat bu..
OornV on.
Butter 9 ft, .
Lard a,.,
.... Sit
.... i2ic
Molaawi V iral 41
Byron sal 60(3750
Tea e ft.... 50c., 75c.Hl 00
Veddo Tea (1 00
Tallow 4, ,
Dried Applet bu..75HK)
Rio Coffee t ..I2H
Dried reaches. , ii Tmi (HI
lava do 'Mc
White Henna bu. .7:.!Hlc
Riot t lOo
Potatoea ou
Broomi y doi..l Oft? I 75
Hay S ton 0S7 00
salt in lack....
Salt f bill
. irKow.'H-
Soap (11) 9 a,.... 6r$8o
Beer cwt....
. Sti UI.
. l!!Xc
Klour bbl liliOUi5
White Wheut do t")s;il 00
Hami I,
ShouWew e Sj
Bait Pork cwt.
Wood cord..
. lOXq
Rye flour 9 bhl... SI (10
uandlei,Tallow,l. ' II! Ko
t i 83
3 75
Oandlei, Opal, box.. I lie
Obeeae 9 lO&l'.'e
Mackerel No.lhfhbl
Mackerel Nolqrbbl
Applei 9 bu (ail 2J
Hominy perbuih SI 1)0
Whiiky per. all. 25 1 (10
Itaialnt, M K. Box.. ..3 BO
" Layers " ....3 00
Bultan 9 ft 12o
Pis 9 a UKtaiS
uackerei no 1 kite
White yuh per h'f bbl 14 50
White Fleh per qr bbl 82 3d
Ood Flab 9 7c
Herrtnt- V bbl f 5 00
Corn Meals) bu....35:S40ol
BKiri 9 doi
5$GcPrunea 9 1015
12Xo iTaraipl. UKaU2o
Dried Beef
Floor talei at 14 75rZ5 on In, rp.l ani v.ik', r.n
iur wuiie.
Wheat Ann at 9100
Cor tales at 25o.
Oati tales briik at lPc.
Ky email talet at 45c.
Clotir grtD aaleaat 44 25.
Timothy Buo-aaleaat t-Ojt'i 25,
Hay talea at i78.
Potatoes tales at 2025o.
BiARa talea at 62 l-2c(375o.
Bait rulei at tl 02M per bbl.
Whiti Jiju rule at S 50 per bid.
Cincinnati Market.
Our grocers have a a-ood lobbior trail, hut Ira rfnin.
bat little n heavy trade. Prices of the leading staples
are fully maintained.
Tery little is said about the wool olip, although shear
ing time is J net upon us.
FLOUBr In the market them iinn1tr limits
doing. Prices are folly maintained, but tbe sales are
(mostly conaned to the higher grades such as are suited
or retail aoujoooing iraue.
WH 15 AT is not offend freeiv. nor la (heir mnrh de
mand for it. Tbe Sgures are nominally as last Quoted
1 Oj for red, 1 10 for white but are not obtained.
uukpi ts kept at the stereotype figure 34c.
OATS, RYB and BAkLEV are aa last reported.
Cin. Com. May 10.
Cleveland Market.
an advancing tendency; sales of 50 bhls red double extra
at 5 UO; 1UU bbl do' at 5 25; and 305 bblf white extra
at same.
WHEAT sales of 3 cars red from store at 1 10, and
8,000 bnih white at $1 85.
CORN no sales; steady at 364937c. ' "
OATH sale of 1,000 bush from itore at 25c.
BEANS some light salea at 70o.
003 selling at BcSaxc, and dull.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, May 10.
10,849 bbls; market steady and
1 moderate demand: sales of SO 000 bbls as inas 15
ior upernne siaw; 3 xwa.au tot extra stale; 85 254S
5 SO for common to medium extra raiirn: 5 Rana ts
forshipping brand, extra Round lToon Ohio. Canadian
flour firm; sales of C50 bbls t5 30(97 50. -
Kin flu UK steady at S3 10gi4.
WHEAT receipts of 42.265 buih: aurtiillWnr
l2o psr bush easier; moderate bualness doing; salea of
i.wv uuau m 1 ioiai x ior muwauaee uiub, II K3(s
25 for amber Iowa; $117 for No. 1 Chicago spring;
1381 70 for white western; SJI 27 1 24 for winter
a western.
RYE quiet and steady at C8c.
BARLEY dull and heavv.
CORN receipts ,13,121 bush market heavv and wu.
edly lower; sales of 35,000 bash at litkSGl formiied wet
tern. OATS dull and hetvi at 3534 for mltm flAn!An
and State.
PORK heavy and lower; salei of S7j bbls at $17 35
17 50 for mess, and $13 2513 50 for prime. .
Dear Birnuy, Bales OI xou DDIS. . .
CUT MMAT8 heavy and lower.
LARD firm and in fair demand: salea at can km. .1
99Xo. .
WHISKY dull; and small alei at lCc.
COFfEB Inactive and nominally In advance of sales.
e u (1 A ft very firm , sales of 515 bbls sold.
MOLA38A8 auietand heavv aalea r r.n kht u,M
STOCKS rather batter, fair bnalnaia: mnnav u,l
exchange without any new features, and both dull. 0
Bat VI sax;0 e I 83V: O St Oh 5(1; III 0 Scrip 63k ;
ran lull Ban ix; m o 45. Harlem nrafarrwl XI: tt,
38X; Erie 22X, do assorted Six; N Y 0 71; Paciflo
roan ou; uanmnai ana B( Josepn bonds 311 III 0 bonds
1; iiiu nonosnt; is b sinking rund 74; O S o's 81;
ouponsMV, po registered 89: V 85'a74: Counona75W:
Treaiury Mo 38: Ya 40: Oal 7'a 13i 1 Harl lat saw: Cri
mi 00
An xperienced Kutm nd Vemtla Physician, prewntt
mi uitj KiieaiioD 01 mouiert, tier
which greatly facilitates the nrooeas of teething, bv soft
ening the gums, reducing all inflammation will allay
all f aim and spasmodio action, and la
Depend upon it, mothers, It will give rut to yourselves
We have pat up and sold this article for over ten vaara.
what we have never been able to say of any other medi
ANCE, TO Eff EOT A CUKE, when timely used. Nev
er did we know an lnatanoe of dissatisfaction by any one
woo usra it. ua iu contrary, su are aeugntea with Its
operations, and speak in terms of commendation of its
magical eBecta and medical virtues. We apeak In this
matter "WHAT wb DO KNOW;" after ten years' sxpe
almost every Instance) where the Infant Is snrTerinv from
pain and exhaustion, relief will be found In fifteen or
twenty minutes otter inesyrup it administered.
This valuable preparation la the prescription f me of
New England, and has been ased with METER I A1L-
It not only relieves the ohlld from rain, but Invito
atet the stomach and bowels, eorreots) acidity, and gives
lone anu energy tne wuoie system.' It wilt almost In
itantly relievs . . .
and overcome oonvn mons, which, If not speedily rem
died, end In death. We believe It the BEST and SUR
It arises from teeming, or from any other, eausa. W
would say to every mother who has a child snffering from
any of the foregoing oomplatnts DO NOT LET vnnn
stand between you and your suffering child, and ih. .
uei tuat win Buivai yes, aubul,uia, SURE to
loiiow tne use 01 wis aeaictne, u timely used, fail dl.
recUons for wing will accompany each bottle. None
enulne oniess toe fao-almlle of CURTIS a PERKINS
lew 1 or, is on too outside wrmpper.
Bold by all Druggists throughout ths world. '
Principal Office, 13 Cedar Street N.Y
X mads in tne tnt omcen 01 in is sank, January SUth.
1HU1, to wit: war. a. -latt, rreetdeni, and Tbosias
Moodis. Cashier, resigned their office. David Tavlos
Esq., was then elected President aad Wat. A. Platt ap-
pouitea uaanicr.
Br order nf ths Board of Directors.
febS, WCl-Utf. W. A. PLATT, Cashier.
Hi Is preelaetjr what Its namt Indleatti, for, while
pleattnt to the taaU, It la rerirlfjl og, exhllarat
Inc. InvltfnrAllnff Anil AlrAnffthAnlns n I v.. i.t
o ' n f B Bv hv .imii
poweri, and at the tame time rerlvldti, lein
latn, and reoewa tbe Blood In all Id purity, and
thai at onoe rettora and rmdtri tit twttm in
vulnerable to attack afdUtau. It it tbe only
preparation ever offered to the world, to chemi
cally and skillfully oombtaeS aa to be the most
powerful tonic and at the auna time a perfectly
iaaDiea to. aa to act in nr utuMrfuu with the
iawa of nature, and banoe will tootfotA weakest M
ttomtah, and ton up tha dlgeitlvo 010., and.U
thui allayall nervous and other Irritation. It i
Mcncvii vAiiiiriiDK, ua a. we same lime 11 11 ia
composed entirely of vegetables, yet in eoublned M
n v proauceme moiimoronun tontceiiect, with
out produeint any Inlnrinas ooDSeouences. Buohli.'
a remedy has long been fell lobe a deilderatum lo 10
i he medical world, for It needs no medical skill to
jee thatdelilllty follows all attackaof disease, and , ,
proceed! and Indeed layi the system open to the H
Insidious attacks of many of the most ratal. tiir-h.iL
iur rxnmuiv, h luv iuiiuvidk; uoninmpiton. in
digestion, Dyspepsia, Loss of Appetite, Faintncss,
Nervoni irritability. Neuralgia Palpitation of the
Ueart, Melancholy, Niaht Sweats. Lanrnor. fliiMi.
nere, Retention of, as well as Painful obstructed,
too profuie. or too soanl Menstruation, and Fall
log of the Womb. These all depend upon general
debility. This pnre, healthy, tonlo Uordial and
Diooa nenoraior 11 as sure to cure as the son
rise and set. There It no mistake about It. But:
khis Is not all. If the sjitem Is weakened, we arei
)pen to bilious attacks, the liver becomes torpid, 'ij
or worse diseased, the kidneys refuse to peiform.M
their functions, and we are troubled with scalding.'1
and Incontinence of urino. or Involuntary dia-
charge of the same, pain In the back, aide and be- A
Itween the shoulders, exccedlnily liable to slight U
ivwiub. ..uuud. auu uui.ii.vICU, IUUU VOiaCiailOn
iuiiows, anu iuc paueot goes uown 10 a premature! A
grave, llut space will not allow ns to enumerate (J
the many ills to which wt are liable In a weakened V
conditiuu of tne system. Hut we will sav. In this
Cordial and Blood Innovator you have a perfect.'U
safe, pleasant and effectual remedy for lost of J
Aulifetite. HlliouaneBS. VlHtntpnrn. wlr mnii .l.biV
dtomioh, Languor, i,iver Complaint, Chills and
fever, or any Bilious attack, Cuativeness, Aoidltyl
of the Stomach, Nervousnesi, Neuralgia, Palnlta-
UjP.mplttt on tbe Fuj, or Any dIiM arlilor from m
Miiionor me ueart, re ssion 01 epints, Bores,
'hltla. Conoli. Hlflnllv nf Mreathlnir. anri all II.. I
Ox lass of diseases called female weakness, and
enumerated above. We will also say the traveler
.. a . 1 j . i j .
er, wtitDDd it a pleasant, sale ana snra remedy,
and none should ever travel without. Reader
.try it. forwe anure vou you will find In it a friend
limited, as well as a friend la need. All persons ofl
leaentary nanus will noa it a perfect preventive 01
las well as cure for those ailments to which they are
particularly exposed, lience minlsters,studenls,at
torneys, literary gentlemen,and lailiea who are no!
accustomed to much outdoor exercise, will nod II
10 their advantage to keep a bottle constantly on
hand; and, above all. mothers, or these becoming
such; will go through that most dangerous period
not only wth all their accustomed atrength, bm
taieana rree from the thousand aliments so prev-
alentamong the female portion of the world, lc
ihort, It is indeed a mother's cordial. Try it, old
and oung; no longer run the risk of delay; it will
relievo and prove itself emphatically a lie flora
tin Cordial and Blood Jtenotator.
O. J . WOOD , proprietor, 444 Broadway, New
York, and 114 Marks t Street, St. Louis. Mo., and
sold by R01IKRTB Ac 8AHUL, Columbus, Ohio,
and all good . Druggists, Price One Dollar
per Bottle. . march-itj-diweowly j
; from ths New ork Observer .1
' As all parlies manufacturing Sewing Machines are ob
liged lo pay Mr. Howe a license on each machine sold,
and are a so compelled to make returns to him, nnder
oath, as to thenumber sold, his books give a correct state
ment, from this reliable source we have obtained the
following statistics. Of the machines made in the year
1959, there were sold,
; By Wheeler it Wilson ....21.305
" I. M. Singer k Co...... 10,953
drover k Baker 10,3d0
' Showing the sales of Wheeler k Wilson to be doulle
those ot any other Company."
Awarded the highest premiums at the
United States fain ot 1H58, 165)1 and 18C0;
also at the
Ohio State fairs ot 1859 and 18C0;
and at Dearly all the County fain In the State.
Our prices, at Ihe late reduction, are a Itm aw any
tout hum macntne now aoid. ana out a nine nigner man
the Interior (too thread can tticA machine, now
forced upon the market.
Lock Btich the onlyone which cannot be raveled. It
Is Aliii os Both Bids of the goods. leavLng no rida or
uhainontht under. tide.
All ffKicAiftes warranted 3 vean, ana instruction
given in their use, free of oharce.
1 11. Ur.AiH.01 ingn si., uoinmrms, u.
, ' ' WM. BUHNER St CO.,
. dec3-Sawd3mttw6m Pike's Opera House, Cincinnati.
Rheumatism, Goat and Neuralgia,
All Mercurial Diseases.
It Is a conveniently arranged Band, sontaining a med
icated compound, to be worn around the Waist, without
Injury to the most delicate persons; no change In habits
oti living la required, and It entirely removes the die
ease from the syslem, without producing tht injurious
erTeots arising from tht use of powerful Internal medl-
nes, whwo weaken ana destroy tne constitution, and
Iva (emoorary relief only. By this treatment, tha med
icinal properties contained In the Band come In contact
with Ihe blood and reach tht disease, through the pores
of the skin, tffeotiug in every lnatanoe a perfect cure,
and restoring tne parts amicuu to a neaitny condition.
This Band is also a most powerful Am-M hocmal agent,
and will eutlrely relieve the system from . the rwratctlous
effects of Mercury . sioderaie cases are oared In a few
davs. and wo are constantly receiving testimonials of its
eflica r In aggravated eases of long standing.
Paid Si. 00, to bs Bad or Druggists generally, or can
be tent by mall or express, with full directions for use,
to any part ot tne country, aireot mm the Principal
Ho: 400 BBOADWAT, Raw York.
G. SMITH & CO., Sole Proprietors.
N. 8. Descriptive Circulars Bent Free.
Dj Agent Wanted EveryiThere.
mh'28 lylsorlitp dAw .
Stimulating ODgncnt,
' For tha Whiskers and Hair ., -
The subscribers take pleasure In 1 announcing the
Oltitens ot the United States, that they have obtained the
Agency for, and art now enabled to offer to the American
public, the above Justly celebrated and World-renowned
article, 'ami
is prepared by Da. O. P. BRLLTNGIIAM, an eminent
physiciao of London, and Is warranted to bring out a
Whiskers or a Mustache
In from three to tlx weeks. This article is tht only one
of the kind used by tht French, and la London and Paris
It is in universal use. ..... , '
It ts a beautiful, economical, toothing, yet ttimulatlnv
com pound, acting at if by snagli upon the roots, eaual ok
abeautifal growth of luxuriant hair. If applied to tbe
scalp. It will curt balms, tad cause to sprint; up ia
place of tht bald spot a Ant growth of new hair. Ap-
iiieaaoooraing to oirwiiona, 11 will sura an or TOWT
lalraasa.and restore gray hair to lta orlainal eolor.
leaving It toft, smooth, and fiexiblt. Tht "Oaynwrr" at
an indispensable article In every gentleman's toilet, and
attar one wee t oat wey wouiu not tor any consideration
btwithoatit. ... , : r 7T 1
Tht subacrlbert art tht only Atrentt for tht article In
tht United States, to whom all Orders aitttbt addressed.
Price Ont Dollar box for salt by all Druggists aad
Dealers; or a box of the "Onguenl" (warranted to havt
tht desired effect) will bt tent to any who desire it, by
mail (direct), securely packed, on receipt tf prioa and
postage, it. IB. Apply to oradurast - -
I10SACB 1. HSGBMAN k 00.,
ntoosisTt, to.,
4 William Street, New-York.
' tebSOdatwSm
MJ trant Bibbons, la great variety at b ai m a,
telS No. 89, Blih street,
mil l ii r -'ltiHSfarU
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec, '
-Tht llontraal On. i...v . . '
fuil-powed Olyd iutZTZ ."""F"' ' "W.
oaIiaSiaS1 hiSkbniAaT'
KAN ALLAN. . NOVAnftTii '-v
SUerteat, ciiaapeat and Quickest Cen.
w nutn arosat
Rates of Paaea;e to Europe.
wo, see, gao.
wm tan rrom Liverpool everw WednstAa1
and fromOUEBEO everw
LONDON DEitUV, to ,Meive on lM.nd7., KSlSi
Psssengers, to and from Ireland and Scotland.
ItT'These Steamers are built of Iron.
compartments, carry each an experienced Burgeon, and
ever, attention is paid to the comfort and acoommod
r'ni' Vogn. As the, proceed direct to LONDON.
DKRY, the great risk and delav of rsitin. .1 a. il:,.
is avoided. .
Glasgow passengtrt art fumlihed with ran passage
UckeU to and from Londonderry.
Belurn tlckels granted at reduced rates. ' '
OertiBeatet issued for earrvina' t mnrf h...., ...
K!f.-1S '"!m !" "J Pr,ncl"il t0"' OOreat Britain and
Ireland, at reducd rates, by this lint of atMman 7..A
leaving Liverpool ever, week. rAWAETB,
Sight Praf tt for and vpwardsr nn
able in England, twTllla1
, land or Wales, - -
WrweTSeaa,S,,'i, the, 8 BftOAU.
KverpoolT rk' "d
BABEL k 8EABL2, General ZgsnU,
Or to J. P. ARMQTRnsjA
nolo iydAw
" willvltui
Biutetman Offlet, Columbus, Ohio.
HTOUEWEIX'S I t or all THROAT sand
LUNG Ctinisi.itivk
UNIVERSAL I Including wiinPii:
COUGH, and every
Complaint tho forerun
ner of, and even actnal '
hf, rat NKtJItAI.
Gl HI:iriKIV and Nat.
nral iipiai i;, adapted
to every specie of Ner.
roue Compliainta, Ner
JVU and Chronic
Ileudache, itheania.
tlsini, SJatarrh. Tooth
and Ear Ache, !. of
Sleep, andffotvcl lorn,
No real Justice can be dona the above preparations
rfonPir2,'i?irD!'iaJn,,,'',lill de"riP pamphlets J
be found with all dealers, or will be sent by Proprietor
on demand. Formulas and Trial Bottles sent to Ph.vsl
clans, who will find developments In both worthy their
acceptance and approval.
Correspondence solicited from all whose necessities or
curiosity prompts to a trial of the above reliable kemi
Jfor rale by th usual wholesale and retail denier
JOHN t,. UVHHEVELL, I'roprieto
Ho. 9 Commsreial Wnarf, Boston, Mass
nooerts k namuei, N. u. Marple, J. B. Cook. J. M
venig, u. lienig
uenig Bona. A. J. BchuellerASnn. A.m.
mr Columbus, Ohio.
Strengthenin Cordial and Blod
The Greatest Hemedy In The uorl.1
ly a acieutiBo and
Vegetable Compound,
provun-d by the distil
lation of Boots, Ilerl4
and Barks, Yellow
Dock, Blood Boot,
Baniaparillrt, Wild
Sherry Bark and Dan
elion eiiwra Into its a
More Takin& active" remedial A ter Tnkinj.
principle ol each Ingredient ia thoroughly extracted by
my new method of distilling, producing. delirir-us, ax
bilomlng spirit, aad the mo INFALLIBXM lemed, lor
renovating tbe diseased system, and restoring ihe sick,
suffering and debilitated INVALID to HEALTH and
Will tffeotnally tare
fWimiinailinn npl. - .
Chronic or Nervoai Debility, Diseasetor tht Kidneys,
and all diseases arising from a disordered Liver or ftom; '
sch. Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Inward Piles, Acidity or Sick
ess of the Stomach, Fullness of Blood to tht Head, Dull
Jain or swimming Is the bead. Palpitation or the Heart
ullnest or Weight In tht Btomach, Sour Cructations
Choking or suffocating feeling when lying down, Drvneat
or Yellowness of the Skin and Kyes. Night Sweats Iu
ward fevers. Pain In tht small of tht back, ohest or side.
Sudden flushes of Heat, Depression of Spirit, f rightlul
Dreamt, Languor, Despondency or any Nervous Diwaso
Sores or Blotches on tha Skin, and fever and At-ua (01
Chills and fever.)
i' Over a million of Mottle
Bava been sold daring tht last six months, and lo no In
stance hat it failed in giving entire satisfaction Who.
then, will sufferfrom Weakness or Debility whoa Wo
No language can convey an adequate idea of tha imme
diate and almost miraculous change produced by taking
this Cordial In the diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervous system, whether broken down by excess, weak by
nature, or impaired by sickness, the relaxed and unstrung
organisation Is restored to Its pristine health and vigor.
Or others conscious of Inability, from whatever cause,
will find McLean 1 Strengthening Cordial thorough
regenerator of tht system; and all who may havt Injured
themselves by improper indulgences, will And in the Cor
dial a certain and snetdy remedy.
To the L.adlet.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
' Is a sovereign and speedy cure for
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, Incontinence of
Urine or Involuntary Discharge thereof, falling of the
Womb, Giddiness, Fainting and all Diseases Incidnt t
Thsrs Is no Mlataks Abont It. .
Suffer no longer. Take It according to Directions, ft
t ill stimulate, strengthen and Invigorate you and cento
he bloom of health to mount your cheek again. ,
very bottle Is warranted to give satisfaction. '
If your children are sickly, pany, or afflicted, McLean
Oordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Debt
not a moment, try it, and you will be convinced.
Oitmos.-Beware of Drureiatanr DIm .k. ....
try to palm apoa. you soars Bittecor Sarsaparilla traat . !
, , ' ? ki .j mjiu i. i, jun at good. '
Avoid such men. Ask for McLean's Strengthening Oor
dial, and take nothing tuw. It It tha tuly remedy that
will purify tht blood thoroughly and- at tht tamt time
strengthen the system. - - .
One tablespoon ful taken every morning fasting, la a
certain preventive of Cholera, Ohills and fever. Yellow
fever, or any prevalent diseases.
It it pat op In tarrt
Pnos only SI per bottle, or S bottles for S5. -
j - i. H. McLlAN,
. Bolt Proprietor of this Oordial,
1 Also AtcLeanv Volcanic nil . .
Prlxclpal Depot on the comer of Third and Pine atreatav 1
Bt. Louie. Mo. . ; "yT
1 McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.' '
Tht best Liniment In tht World. Tha
eerlain cure for Oaneert, Piles, Swellings and Bron
chitis, or Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of tht
Muscles, Cnroulo or lnllamnutory Kheumatiam, SliS
nsss of the joints, contracted Muscles or Ligament.
Karache or Toothache, Bruises, Sprains, Wounds, fresh
Outs, Dicers. Itvsr Bona, Oaked Breasts Bore Nipples,
Burnt, Scalds, Sore Thoat, or any Inflammation or Pain,
nedifferenct how severe, or ho long tht diaaaatmay
nave existed. MoLean s Celebrated Liniment It a tar
tain remedy..
Thousands of human beings bare been saved a Hfa ef
decrepitude and misery by the tut of this invalaablt and-
WHtl rellsVt Bala almost testantantooahr. and 1t Ht
pitante, ponry ana uaii toe louiest sores In aa IMrtdl
ly short tuat.
'. Far Hertes and Other Anlsnale.
McLeans celebrate! Liniment a) Bit only safe andrt
Sable remedy for thecal of Spavin, Ring Bono, Wind
galls, Splints, Unnatural Bumps, Nodes or Swellings. It
will never fail to cure Big Head, Poll tyil, fistula, Old
running Bores or Sweeny, If properly applied, for
S" mint. Bruises, Boratobee, Bona or Wounds, O racked
salt. Chafes, Saddle or Collar (Mils It at an Infallible S -remedy
. Apply it as directed, and a tare la oertain la .
Srery Instanot.
Then trifle no longer with tht many worthless tlnl- "
mtuts offered to yon., Obtain a supply of Dr. McLean't
teiebrated Linimenl. It will care you.
j j r J, H. flleEMAN.SolerToprlttor, - -
. ! , Corner tf Third tad Pint 8trstlt,Bi. Louis, He., 7
for sale by all druggists. ,. ,.,)
auWdawl : , Oolumbas, Obit..
. "j v,. avnaai, ,aausb.
RUOHBS, new styles, last opened bv
pri19 Wo. W South Hl,h street.

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