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ll)e 0l)ia Statesman
m,. A pTn.oaa rv,mnnv nlaces us daily
under obligation to it for the very latest papers
( from the eastern cities.
Tbe American Express Company has our
thanks for Its dally favors in tbe shape ot tne
very latest eastern papers.
u j I c-s: "
ST While passing up street we met with sev
:' ;'erl of put' worthy Military Officers, wearing
their splendid uniforms, and after Inquiring
"for the manufacturer of these most beautifully
made suits, they told us they had them made at
-intended by Mr. Misoos CHitDj. .These mill-
tary gentlemen assured us that Mr, Lhilds bas
the bost and largest assortment of cloth adapted
for military purposes, of any house in the city,
andexoele all his competitors in regard to low
prices and superiority of material. By institu -
ting farther inquiries,' we ascertained that Mr
ChildS has made a great many of these uni
'forms, comprising all offices: Colonels, Ma
jors, Captains, and First and Second Lieuten
ants; -'
Tbe perfect tit of these suits satisfied every
one of these gentlemen, as the cutter, Mr.
m ..", . . . t., t . ....
mum-aiK, at iir. lhilds eBtaoubomeni, nas nau
several years' experience In France In retting
ud Milltar. TInilnrma ' . . .
. j
" For your own benefit, we would, from what
we have seen, advise vou to go to tbe Ciilsi
City Arcade and leave jour measures for Uni
forms, as you will not fail to meet with entire I
Cawr Jacksom.-Yesterday afternoon, the
'three following Companies from tbe Camp at
Hamilton, Butler county, arrived at Camp Jack-
' 1 v
Cspt. Doddb, University Guards, 107 men, I
from Oxford, Butler county; Capt. Thomas
Moarosi Eaton National Gnards 104 men from
juusto, .aion nawonai unarus, iu men, irom
Eaton, Freble countyj and Capt. A. V. Thomf.
ON. Preble Guards. 90 men. from Preble county,
Capt. Cable's Company, The Union Guards,
. . - M. ... ....
at ia o'ciock mbi nigni. I
There ore now In the Camp 39 Companies,
and an aggregate of 3,597 men.
The Cannon at the Camp is fired at sunrise I
and at sunset.
Mr. Oodcn, the contractor, will commence
supplying the troops with rations, under his con
tract, on Tuesday morning next, 14th inst.
The band of drummers and lifers formed at
the Camp are practiolog under the direction of
Mr- Rost, principal musician of the Dayton
Zouave Rangers. This morning the band
marched -into .the city and returned to the
camp, attracting no little attention by the novel'
ty and style Of their martial music.
Thi Advocate or Peace. This magazine,
published monthly at Boston, Mass.,' while it
advocates the gentle and humane doctrines com'
mon alike to our olvilizition and Christianity,
does not, as some might suppose, counsel a quiet
submission on the part of the Government to
those who are in organized-rebellion against its
authority. ; It does not look upon the effort to
maintain the Union and enforce the laws as
strictly war but as the same in principle with
that exertion of authority which is used to quell
a mob or suppress a riot. ' At ibe same time, it
recommends that justice be tempered with mer
cy, and alters aa earnest prayer that the fierce
and vindiotlve. passions of war may not be
kindled among our people.
[From the Sandusky Register.]
The Jefferson Guards.
Messrs. Editors: In visiting Camp Jackson,
Columbus, 0 i a lew days, I was particularly
and favorably impressed with the soldierly bear
log of tbe " Jefferson Guards," Capt. " Miller
Motdy,"of Bellville, Richland oounty.O., (who
la this section does not know " Miller Moody,"
tbe Inimitable Miller 7) assisted in command by
1st Lieut. Augustus C. Lobacb, 2d Lieut. James
Riddle, 96 men, Company I, 10th Regiment.
These boys were all born and raised near Bell
lite, in good old Richland ' county, where they
raise more wheat, brave men and pretty girls
than any other county in the State. The offi
cers and members of the Company have the
fullest confidence in eaoh other, and it ia weak
praise to say ol them they are gallant soldiers,
eminently fit for the position they now occupy;
they work for It tbey will do honor to the
"Berks of Ohio," end the 13th Congressional
District.- . An Old Acquaintance.
We endorse the above.from an old acquaint
ance of tbe officers and men composing the
Jefferson Guards. En. Statismam. , ,
The Camf at Lancaster, 0. This Camp is
called Camp Anderson, and is said to have ac
commodations for one thousand men. There
are already over eight hundred encamped there
Id the following Companies:
Fairfield, Company A Capt. Giesy.
Perry, Company B Capt. Jackson.
Licking, Company C Capt. Thrall.
t, Madlsop, Company L Ca pt. Acton.
Hocking, Company F Capt. Barker. .
- Fairfield, Company G Capt. Stinchcomb.
-'Morgan, Company H CapH Pond.'
."MadlBon , Company I Cspt. Ilaynea.' ' ' ".
i '
Tbe Ohio Educational Monthly. The May
number of this magaxlne augurs well for the
future, i li contains several choice original ed
ucattonal artioles, and an interesting miscella
ny. .Under the management of the new editor
Mr. White, we trust this magazine will be
worthy to find its way into the library of every
teacher and of every family in our State.
ITT John, H. Kliptart, the Corresponding
Secretary of the Ohio State Board of Agricul
ture, Jias received a Diploma, signed by tbe
President and Secretary of the Royal Central
Acclimation Soolety of Germany, located in
Berlin, Prussia,' conferring full membership
witb hc title of Knighthood; This Is an honor
wwuiuj unwirou
RxLiaioos Notice. A discourse upon ,"The
Rtligitn of Patriotism" will be delivered by
Rev. Thomas Gorman In the Universalis! churoq,
Third street, Sunday evening, 12th inst. : Ser
vices at half past seven o'olook. , '"1
Contract" vor Rations, The bid of 8,. E.
OaDEN.of this oity, for supplying rations to the
troops at Camp Jackson, at the rate of U cents
per day for each man, nas been acoepted
..Eighth Regiment. nThe following are" the
offlseri of this Reglmont i Colonel Herman G
Db Put, of Sandusky 5 Lieutenant Colonel F.
E. Fkanklin, bf Tiffiot Major H. F. Wilson
of Elyria. , " , '
Camf at Zanesville. We nndersUnd that a
Camp Is to be established at tha Fair Grounds
near Zjoesvllle, and that two regiments will be
tatroned there.
' CT Wei observe thatG.T. Stewart, E4i
formsrlyof this city, and brother of A.
Stewart, of this place,., ia a prominent qandl
date for aoainatlon to Congress, in - tbe Thir
tseotn' Congressional District, by the Repub
lican Convention which meets on Tuesday
next, tfia )lA(nj(,
The Jefferson Guards. Rail Road Time Table.
Littli aluKi fc Oow4oaAf. Xawu B. B, U
Leaves. ' '.. Arrives,
Cincinnati Accommodatton. 3:00. A. M,' 8 05 p.
... 1101. m: n niA. M
Mall Accommodation. LJl) PA. ? P
l wjLl v . 1 . , ,..., ILI-ki iMl M
RIKUl Hum TU lIIIUUliw nuuHiwn- ,
Oolohici ft CuvBAirn B. . I ''." ni
Night Express 3:40 A. M. v-n: P. if,
New YnrkKlnrl. ....... .11:10 A.M. 11.10 A. M
I Mill and Accommodation.. JtSO at. WW P M.
,t , . Jinea Paa-rmsolt. Aaent.
Central Omo K, R. , , . I
No. 1 Exnreaa.. l:3t A. M. . A. H.
No 8 do .....11:18 A. M.?.' 11:41 M.
No. 1 'do ., u ' :o A.
. . , , ' r ".' ,". ""-j gom.
PimiiuD. Oouxsci CnrmwiTi K. B.
Mill Train 33HA.M. 11:38A.M.
nnu Train. ......11:10 A. U. 11:43 r. H
" ' In. M A .M. Ah....
I COfcUMBUS k. iBDUKOFOtU, B.B.' ; ...
goLOHBOf riqUA t AN0IA1IA A. A.
No. 1 Express 6:30 A. 1L .
No.S " . 3:00 P. M.
AooommodaUon .... 'v .' .. : ..
1:50 P, lit
8:45 P. N
10:46 A. M
lea ,' i
- SOUR 1 1
Capture of Camp Jackson and 800 Missouri
Militia at St. Louis—Riot—Twenty persons
Killed by U. S. Troops.
' - - . -, . . ,
bT. iioms. May 1U Gen. frost's brigade of
Missouri militia, encamped kt Lamp Jackson,
a , - .... . .
,n the we9ter oaiMrt. 0.he 0,. iirAld-Mi
unconditionally this afternoon. 'on demand ef
r.. a. .rtk.TT at i.
v.r., wmu, ,u. v. . w
Zt-tTlX i.A V.l
buu uibuku bikui uoiu uiniesva we su oinmg
eminence. Tbe following letter was sent from
WP'- won to uen. roet:
Headquarters U. S. Troops,
Headquarters U. S. Troops, ST. LOUIS, May 10, 1861.
To Gen. D. M. Frotl: - ,
Sir Your command is regarded as evidently
hostile towards the Government of tha ITnltaH
States. It is for the most part made un of
those Secessionists who have avowed their bos-1
w "0 uenerai uovernment, and nave been
iDlottlncr at these izura of Its nronert anrl tha
n,t.KMw nf It nntlinl,w I
You are openly in communication with the
Southem Confederacy, whioh ia now
war with the Unlted State8' nd ,on ',
, .. 1rnm m.A r.j...
m& under its flag, large tuoolies of material of
war, tbe most ot which is known to be the nron.
-i .l.ii.i... n..... v.. r
108 ,UDl" D- . . I
a u.u. l.vi nviuuini t ut.ubi.uuii ninini. in.
dioate none other than tbe weU known purpose
tne uovernor ot mis state, under wbose or-1
ders you are actwg.and wbose purpose, recently
kT " ' U" ?.f?
leled legislation, having in direct view hostili
ties to tbe General Government and co-onera-1
i.u i. i........
uuu wiu iu, cuciuicb, i
In view of these considerations, and vonr f-Il.
to disperse in obedience to tbe nroclamatlon
the President, tbe eminent necessity of the
tions imnosed unon me bv instmntlona frnm
Washington, it is my duty to demand, and I do
hflrflhv dflmanrl nf wnn an immaili.t. n.ml.. I
your command, with no other condition than
mat an persons surrendering under tbls demand I
shall be humanely and kindly treated. Believing I
myscit prepared to enlorce tbls demand, one-1
harbour's time before doing so will be allowed
therewith. I
Capt. 2d Infantry, Commanding Troops.
It Is understood that Gen. Frostsays this let-
was not received by him until his camp was
surrounded by U. S. troops.
He then replied that tbe. encampment was or
ganized under the law of the State, and simply
organizing and drilling the volunteer mili
tia of this military district, and ' not expecting
demonstration, and being unprepared to
successfully resist the attack, he therefore ac
cepted the terms specified, and surrendered bis
oommana. ...
About 800 men, then in camp, a large num
being In tbe city on leave, then laid down
their arms, and were escorted to the. city as
prisoners of war. . . - .;: , "'
Bt. Loots, May 11 'i o'clock A. Alt A re
lease on parole was tendered the officers and
troops, provided they would take oath not to
up arms again against tbe United States
Government, wbioh they declined, on the ground
it implied they had already taken ap arms
against tbe Government, which tbey disclaimed.
Just belore tbe troops started lor tbe oity,
while tbe State forces were drawn up be
tween two lines of volunteers, several, rocks
were thrown at tbe volunteers, and a raw pistol
shots fired by exoited parties in the surrounding
crowd, which was composed of a large number
citizens, Including many women.
One sbottook etieot In tbe leg of Uapt. Wan
of Kentucky, and as he fell he g(Ve the
"fire," which was obeyed by some two or
three companies, resulting in the death of up
wards of twenty persons, including two women
several children, and badly wounding sevo
ral others. . . -. i
The following are tbe only names of those
killed that can be ascertained to-night; Mather
McDonald, Tbos. A. iiauer, Nicholas Koab-
black and Emily Summers. Probably fatally
wounded: Claibourne Wilson and Turner
Wright.. .. "
Intense excitement exists in the city. . Large
bodies of men are tbroDging the streets.
Tbe Democrat'! and Anteiger' olnces bare
threatened by tbe mob, but through the
promptness ol tbe Ubier or tbe roiice, McDoo-
ougb, any violent demonstration -thus far has
prevented. ' ' ' '
All tbe gunsbops in tbe city are guarded by
armed police, and about two hundred men have
detailed to protect tha Democrat and Annex-
offices. . , , , ,
Tbe lateness ot tbe bour precludes tbe pos
sibility of getting more reliable Information to
St. Loins, May 11. Many conflicting ru
mors prevail relative to the oaus e of the firing
tbe crowd of spectators at , Camp Jaokson,
evening . , , , ... -
Some say tbat rocks, bricks, and other mis
siles, were burled at tba volunteers, smashing
muskets, breaking nmos ano otnerwise wound
ing the soldiers; while, others assert tha con
trary. . . , -...,..- ,, . . ,
A respectable oitizen.an eye witness, who stood
few feet behind the troops that fired, states
positively that no rocks 'were thrown, and no
pistols nrea oy tne crowd ; tbat tne only provo
cation given was abusive epithets, launched at
Germans in the ranks. ' ? ;.-,- i
It is known, however, that after the firing
commenced, shots were returned by parlies in
crowd, wounding several soldiers.' ' " ' ' '
It is understood tbat a thorough investigation
the matter baa been ordered by Capt. Lyon,
when the truth will be known. - -1 .-i s
Several of tbe troops are under arrest. .
It Is difficult to learn the names of the killed.
consequenoe of the speed v removal bv friends.
a full list will be ascertained to-day.: :. .
The troops engaged -in tbe eantrreof Damn
Jaokson were the first, second, third and fourth
Regiments U.b, Volunteers, nndep Colonels
Mills. Blair, Boenstien. Sigel and 8hnttner. and
the third and fourth Regiments (J. S. Reserve
Corps, formerly the Home Guards, under Colo
nels Mow eat and Brown, tapt. L,yon wis seri
ously hurt, but not dangerously wounded on the
r.amn irraunda, -iXJ:".. li c .' iU J t.'t '
The U. S. troops are now in possession of
Camp Jaokson, ;wlth all its equipage,, tents,
provisions, o. -
ine racino ana norm missouri railroad as
ma,. ... AAAitntml lli..ntiiil.nM ' - '
juuon exoitement exists to tne oity, out owing
to the efficiency of the military Police corps,
.A. i,..lla ,.;."IHIii''.J'l.'
- uen. 1 rost wita nis sum ana, aji tne .state
troops, are at the Arsenal. .' '. j -,
1 1 1 1 1 'Mi'
Rising Sun. Ind.. Mav 11. -Thei ronorted
insurrection in. Owen and Gallatin counties
Kentucky. orioinatd aa follows !
An old ladv mAt twn- HoerAAl lth Dime, and
became frightened. 'U
Bnemei ber mlnlsterj and reported to him
that the negroes were rfelnsr.; Ha at once mount
ed his horse and spread the klarm;", 1 ,;',r:-'
There was intense MoHom8nt.U Boope ooun-
ty, opposite wis piac, lk ni.hA. ..
were under arms all nlgh waiting the signal to
eroMto thaii ajslstvee. , r , ft . ;.,, rjT'
Ba'nO? Hook, May 11. Tha Great
has arrived, with three days later dates, to
4HJ All.
From Washington City.
i Washington, May li. TDe rresideot
waned a proclamation letting forth that Insur
rection eziata in the State of Florida by, wblch
line uvea, liberty ana property 01 loyal citizens
fare in danger, and it is deemed nroner that
needful measures should be taken tor toe pro
I teotion of such citizens, and all officers of
United States in the discharge of their oublio
duties. .
Tbe fresident direots the Commander of
forces of tbe United States on the Florida coast,
to permit no person to exercise any office or au
tbority upon the Islands of Key West, the Tor
iugas, or Santa Kosa, wbicb may be inoonsis
tent with the laws and Constitution of the
United States.
If he shall find it necessary, to suspend there
the writ of kabtat eorsus.and to remove from the
vicinity of the United States fortress all dan
gerous or suspeoted persons.
l be tieeretary of tbe Treasury advertises
proposals till the 21st sf May, for the remainder
oi tne stock -ot toe United elates, issued
II n (1 OI" tha an, M l .1 k.nn.n amnnnhun t n A 'i
flfifl linn
Tt. Pt..l J? . , Oil, :.,l..i
pmPl that KAacal .I..M titw h.t ha.n .m ..
lSSLnJf'L iiVsiJI
tery, she left the river. - .
[Times' Dispatches.]
r ABHinoTon, may iu ine war uepart-
meet received a dlsnatch to night from General
cutler, stating tbat he bad seized tbe famous
steam gun built byWinans, ot altimore, who
I attempted to send it to Harper's Ferry, for the
I Virginians...
I . 8u.tjir r.mnn ..r.i;i .ith ii. nn.nii.
, - vvhb . wwuawi ve a vv v w ivu auu vvuiuir
mints of the Government to Gen. Butler, and
T'"7:.T"ZXZ' ""T"'
"sT 6 -
I n , .r. T . ..... .
uroera wm oe issued vo arrest winans,wno,
I M "?-WOO gave 0W,UU 10 Ma M
seeem nn nth rwiub nftpmunn
Orders from tbe War Department for the
rigorous treatment of all traitors or abetters,
nave been transmitted to every ollicer in com
mission. '
Messages have been passing constantly be-
tween tbe Government and Cairo. Trouble Is
anticipated there everv nieht. MAaannirnra
have been dispatched to day to Cairo and other
points, .ordering the concentration of a large
"""P" " P".o.
I" The President is receiving dailv htiartw m
StinnRAH frnm rTAnnaaiia TTantnlrtf a M
'and. A brigade from each of those States will
,oon b n the field.
The.r,e 18 muoa BDxioty bout 'he result of the
e.i r nn mat na t Whiin n ma.-
next.- We have assurances here that thev will
memorialise tbe Government for Drotection
, .... r,, . r . .
rw, ' UP! auuu men miiy equipped
lhe Government is In constant receiptor
offers to arm and carry on private expeditions
against the seceded States. Woof them will
be accepted. The Government does not pro-
pose to follow the piratical example of Jeff.
hvla :
Sec'y Cameron bas received already, proffers
r on nun nn nnn - . I
. upw,uo v sw,ufu uicu, rfu.uuu mure man
called for.
There is a great rush of regiments to secure
their acceptance lor the war. -
nnnfa AiantwaimA Viisi mmmlnM I
about four o'clock, a bod of about six huntri
men, leaving Alexandria in the direction of
Culnenner. Thflw had avrsrot uiairnna In.Ho
UDder gnard, supposed to contain provisions for
lne ola;e troops at uuipepper
Advices from Frederick sfale that some four
or nve eompanies, numbtring about oUU scces
aiomsts, passed through that place lant night,
and took supper there, en route for Virginia,
Tom Baltimore. Tbey were a squalid set.
[Special to the Sun.]
T ",n,"
TenMfle. ,nd Missouri, with a n,omm
ana emoient iorce
It appears that the Legislature of Tennessee
on the 7th appropriated $500,000 for arming the
Montgomery naDera state that Jeff. Dvla'
dinner at the White House is postponed till the
10th of June.
. .A battalion of Louisiana troops left Rich
mood, on the 8th, on seoret service.:
Several prominent New Yorkers at Washing
ton raised $15,000 to purchase arms for western
Virginia Unionists, and more money is yet to
There is to be a concentration of troops at
Fort Powhattan, on tbe James River, and at
juun si i
City Point, on York River.
Mslor Anderson left for tbe North this morn-
. I
[Tribune Correspondence.]
Washington, May 10. The people of Ten-
nessee are to vote in July next on tbe question
of secession. '
The struggle for the Union cromisea to be I
close and desperate, and may end in civil war I
between tbe traitors and true men.
Col. Campbell will be tbe Union candidate
for Governor, and will take the field against
the secessionists. . . , .
[Herald's Washington Correspondence.]
vessels passing np and down the
rotomaoare armea wun neavy guns, snottea
and primed, and Instructed to fire at the first
sign of hostile demonstrations.
Tbe war schooner Anaoosta came up the
nvcr mm iugus. oue repurvs no Batteries sa jet
erected on the right bank.
Alexandria is now said to be occupied by 1,
000 Rebels.
New York, May 1 1. By an arrival from Old
Point Comfort, we learn that that post is now
fully prepared to resist any attack.
The Cumberland, Pawnee, Monticello, Har
riet Lane, and Yankee, were off Fortress Mon
roe, enforcing the blockade,
The steamer Yankee pursued an armed
schooner, on Thursday, up York river, but after
proceeding a short distance, was fired upon from
concealed battery, and compelled to roturn.
ii A number of Government steamers are cruis
ing on the Potomac, all heavily armed.
Southern troops are concentrated in the vi
cinity of Norfolk. .
An Alabama regiment of 1,1 UU men, and eO
Cadets of tbe same State, bad fust arrived and I
encampea in tbe vicinity or Port Norfolk
The Virginians have now five batteries erect
ed at Norfolk harbor.
Capture of a Steam Gun and its Inventor—
Seizure of Western Stock at Harper's Ferry.
Baltimore-, May 10. A steam gun and three
men were captured, while going to Harper's
Ferry. , Ooe of the men was Dickinson, the in
ventor. They were sent to Annapolis,
A sneolal correannndnnt at FrArlnrlokhnrn I
says tbe western train was stopped ten miles
west of Frederick by the commander of the
Virginia troops at tbat place, and subjected to
an examination. . :
Tbls will be done to ail westward trains
Tbe Virginians number four hnndred, and are
strongly posted.
A train of western cars, with a lot of horses
and a hundred beeves, bound to Baltimore.
was captured at Harper's Ferry.
Military Departments of the Ohio—All Army Officers
to take the Oath of Allegiance Anew.
..Washington, .May 10. Tbe States of Ohio.
Indiana and Illinois will be subdivided Into seve
ral military departments, called Departments
of tbe Ohio.
Gen. MoCltllan, of Ohio, has been asslcned
ine oommana,
Tbe President has Issued an order that all
army officers, exoent those who entered the ser
viae since April 1st, shall take and subscribe
anew the oath of alleglanoe. .
At least 3UU.UUU volunteers have tendered
their services to tbe uoveromcnt.
A lare train of oars arrived this mornlne with
troops, wno passed uninterrupted tnrougb Balti
Washington, May 10. One thousand Ohio
troops, recently encambed at Lancaster. Penna..
on their and other
way regiments
AenDBvivBuia areeiso moving toward ine fede
ral capital. '
U01. Bakers, ualilornla reelmcnt has been
aooeptea. - : . . .
Boston, May 11. An attemnt has been mada
to out off theCochitnate wa'er from tbe cltv.
breaking; open the main conduit, near Newton
Lower tans.
Tbe attempt was unsuccessful, the mason
work being too strong. . -
2'ruiLabsLrHiA, May 11. Col. Anderson and
Mrs. Lincoln and suite arrived here last night,
The former It to be ofBolally received in In
dependence Hall this afternoon. lie will be es
corted there by the military.
From Montgomery.
Montoomht, May 9 Nothing was done
day In publio session. n seoret session an
was passed to raise additional troops to serve
during tbe war. it auinonzea me rresiaens
aocept the servioes of volunteers without regard
to place of enlistment.
Another aot made puouo auinorizes tne rost
Master General to issue a proclamation, any
day he may select, taking entire charge of tbe
tbe postal matters of tbe uonieaorate estates
Reliable information, received in offiolal cir
cles, says more States will be in tbe Confederacy
early in June.
Cllngman ia here from North Carolina.
Favorable advices are received from Ken
tuckv and Missouri.
Kussell, correspondent ot wejinuon lime;
left last night, iullv oonvinced of the perma
nenoy and military resources of the Govern
I ment of the Confederate states,
The Negro Insurrection in Kentucky.
d a.... tj m.. in Tk.i.....i. .i
I ' ' .
T" H-"""6 -" .
I -- , (1 .
?4--- M --by ftwoortbre. whits.
ing all their Tnrca to 'nnt down the rebellion, and
runners have, been-sent out into Indiana for
assistance. '
Captain Fells, of this place, who has a com
pany ready for our own State service, has tele
graphed tbat be would Immediately send his
men and arms to their assistance, it needed
Our line has been down all morning between
Patriot and Vevav, so that wo are without any
Pew! ,rom Place' . w 8 lear..,ne
news from the latter place. We fear tbe line
?".?5nl, ?"eDIB,l,,M
mission oi news oi toe usurreonon.
Harsisdurq, May 10. Troops from New York
city will bereatter pass through this place, ar
riving by the East Jersey road, and going to Bal
timore over the Northern Central. They can
reaco Washington quicker and cbeaper tban by
the Annapolis route. .
Application has been made by private parties
or me eastern states to U'v. Uurtin, to per
mit bodies of armed free blacks to pass through
I bey met with unconditional refusal, and
great satisfaction Is expressed here at the Gov
ernor's decision.
Theso applications were to arouse the slaves
ot tbe Southern States to rebellion
New York, May 10. Dispatches from
Charleston say that butter is selling at 75 cents
per pound; no bam or bacon in market, and the
cattle are suffering for bar. It Is said the
couutnern trooDS
Southern troops are better provided with knives.
dirk9 and rev'ol
dirks and revolvers tban the Northern troops,
ana tney icei connaem oi success.
J l TP, '"J f'.c,nm0Da . nave not been paid,
hfl"Ur ,iBtcn dolla"' and DOrk flft doIla,,,
p vx.lll r v u a ,u .
t.iI"! Carolina bonda are worth twen-
ty cents on the dollar.
mu.n ,.! ... . ...
c.A" ."-: ,
x ue oauimore nun tnia morning counsels tne
w reuiniu luvai
Th. nruMi. j' t. ' - l t l, i
. 3' ; ".u,.,i" uo. B,B'U P.'
"XT '"S"w"i .""?
" KJZ r.iT ' "
. . D9e
un"oy bas resigned
The New York Herald't New Orleans dis-
patch Of the 9tb SavS Texas troODS left Victoria
to Intercept Col. Reeves' command, 700 strong,
.uu,. u nuuraio.
Capt. Lee's Company, 8ih Infantry, had sur-
CUUV " . u AOH"0 ol- " sue, succes
80L?( ' "'KBs, s a prisoner of war
Tbe Belgian Consul denies the statement that
he bad made arrangements with tbe Confede
rate states to supply them with arms from Bel
gium. The channel entrance to Pensacola Is ohatrnct-
ed by sinking vessels, to prevent tbe entrance of
war ve.'eeis.
Proceedings of the Michigan Legislature.
Detroit, May 10. The Military and Volun
teer Relief Bills passed both Houses of the Le
gislature by a unanimous vote.
. The former provides for ten regiments to be
enrolled as directed by tbe Governor, and trans
ferable at the President's order into the Fede
ral service. Tbe latter provides for raising a
fund by a commlttee.for tile relief of tbe fami
lies of volunteers.
One million dollars, bv tho Issue of bonds
. . . - . .
I"rAD.B ,w?nly ? Je4rs d drawing seven
r 'um""t pameu wuqoui a aieseni-
inrr vnisa
w . . . .
i ne legislature adjourns to morrow noon
Harribbdso. Mav 10. A letter haa hpn re
ceived from an officer at Harner's Ferrv. saving
that tbe troons there are nrovided with Infnrinr
arms, and ar haHIw nmviainnail . H. ihut.
their chance of success in a conflict with the
Federal troops Is very bad, and an attack by any
thing like an adequate force would Drove sua
cessful. Tbe writer Is an officer of skill and 20
years' experience.
A confident expectation prevails In high cir-
cles that a battle will be fought between Rich
mono ana wasbington within IU days,
. nim
Niw Orlins, May 10. The schooner Vlr-
glnia Antoinette, from Tamplco on the 3d,
orings $JU,uuu in specie
The British war steamer Valorons sailed
thence for Vera Cms, with $100,000 In specie.
aujiuoai news unimportant.
Annavolis, Miy 10. At midnight last night.
a squad of about fifty mounted Insurgents fired
on the picket guard at Camp Butler, across the
Severn river. The guard returned the fire, and
about twenty shots were exchanged.
Tirri Haoti. May 10 Eight oomninies of
volunteers arrived here tbls evening to organize
Camp Vigo. Other companies will arrive to
morrow. The city is alive with soldiers.
ANNaroLis, May 10. A steamer arrived from
Fort Monroe reports several prises taken. On
board one was found an ex-Lientenant of tbe
U. 8. Navy
Lodisvilli, May 10 The Mayor's veto of
tne appropriation oi j'uu.uuu, to arm tbe city,
was sustained by the Council. The Mayor ssys
fiuu,uuu issutnoient. Tbe Council sppropri
ated $1U,UUU for tbe relief of the poor.
Washington. Msy 10. Mai. Rhett. of South
Carolina, Paymaster In the Armv. bas seceded
from the Federal Government, leaving a balance
Of $4U.Ul)0 against him unadinsted
Lewil Clephon, of the JVafionsf Republican,
n' D6en appointed Postmaster of the city of
New York Market.
NEW YORK, May 11.
FLOUR receipts of 17,4911 thin; market heavy far
common grades; with sales of 750 bbls B5 1IW6S 15
for superfine state; 15 8U3 23 for extra sUte; 5 05
i IS for superfine western: 15 SftSJJ 50 for common tn
medium extra western; S 60365 65 for shipping brands
extra Round Hoop Ohio.. Canadian flour doll; sale of
400bhls 5 85760. -j ,..;; .
RYB FLOCK steady at S3 1034. , .'.'..
fair export demand; sales of 130000 bosh at li iiS3
for Milwaukee Olnb; ai 9491 45 for amber Iowa: ai 9A
for red State; l S5ca)l 30 for winter red western) ai?5
lor cmuw .um jxoiiiuGax, -. - ' i ' ' t
RYU steaiy at omo.
BARLIY doll, sales of 38,000 bosh at 57c
CORN receipts 14,588 bus: market ateadvt atlas of
OO.mw bus wwon old mixed, delivered. - -
OATS dolland heavy 3S 33 X for western Canadian
and State.
PORK qolet and flmveeletof 500bblial SIT 9.117
oi ror mess. ij xo ror prune. . .
BKKrqniet ana firm. . '-'
OUT MEATS unchanged.
BUTTER in fair request at 12 14 for Ohio 1118 far
mate. - ,
; OHEKSH steady at 4(9 ). , , i
WHISKY lower sries mu bois at KH
STOCKS dull and lower; Money, plenty en oall at
I Exchange fl
per cent, out lor paper laere is no rate; Sterling
lange firm at 1O4X31106; Bankers' Bills Ohio Ac R
Iftfl'ii OOkOIW; 111 O orlp 04 ; M B Hif, do. quot
ed SB,: Reading 4i', IllO bonndi 93; Pao Mail 68
NYC 7iV; Brie 9, ; Harl UK, do. pref. 48: Harl Sd
bonds S3;
; Tenn S's 40 U; Mo 38 U: Va 45V: Cr 70: U
5's74 eorpons tOX-
Cleveland Market.
Cleveland Market. FRIDAY May 10.
FLOUR quiet and staeiiV. Balea of .30 barrels ehska
spring double extra at 15 oi), 30 bbls red do at same, and
30 bbls white do at 3 fa. ..
WHBAT in good demand and Arm. with sales of
cars red at I iu, on track, and i ear white at tl 8i.
vunn remains quie at jucsijio. ,f . . .. ),.,-.
uaip saie or ,w ousn. aiaoa. . . , ,
BYl-saleof loarat54o. " ;
IlIflHWINBS lower! sales of 50 bbls at 13 We.
BAMS to. sales of eouotry-eured bams and shoul-
Qsrs as o ana ,o.
IQO.3-d.aUat 8a.
Cincinnati Market.
FLOUR has bMomt dull and then h but a teel
nDDort of liita ouoUtlonf. particalarlr for inpaniM.
Tbe market Is irovtrMd aoleljr by tb devkud for actus
ooDiumptlon - there being no loiertit in the trade foraor
other purpoiei. we quoie inpeinne at f I iwgw3;
at 4if3a3SS.
WHEAT wu told a Utile mora freely to-day, the
mand running; moetlr ou the best analiliet of Wblte.
alee of which were made at tl 1331 16: Red la held
I 04 for prime. Balea wore made at tl 04, and
mliiere rerally deellne pejlD over (1.
(10BN atill command! 34o.
O ATB are dull and will acaroel brlns SSc.
DAELIV hie eoarcelr any market, and bnyen
not inclined ta make an oner above SSo. Tliii la 5 to
below the eland of lellera.
EYK le bold at 50nj bnt there are nobujreri at
WHIEKY li nominal at 12Xo, tbe offerings being
reiiricted to tne demand aa to a decline
Cin. Com, May 11.
New York Cattle Market.
totai. Koiipre or oattu or tu kirm, roa thi mi
According to tbe report from the lereral market'
plaoei In the city, there bare been received thliweek:
Boeen ana
Oowi. Veali. Lambt Bwlne. Total
At Allerton's. 3,77
18 013 71 L.
Browning's.... :I7
O'Brien's. 'J3
a f s.ost
.30 191 1,520
87 32 1.361
Obamberlln'a.. 13
Boldba'rs, Ber.074
Total 4.636
T'lpr'i week 3.M3
10,103 31,717
7,020 Io,U34
Average no.
356 343 0.709 7,696 13,0GB
M. Allerton k. Co.. Proprietors of the Washington
Drove-yards. 44th-st, report tbe Cattle In Karket from
the following Btales
KewTork 133 Iowa 4R9
Fenniylvania 85. Illinois 1,4:13
Indiana IIS Kentucky 47
Ohio S0ti
Number reported for this market at Forty fourth
street, 3,7711.
Thenrlces to-day are annted as follows:
Flrstqtultgr BX-aO I Ordinary ' H8
Medium I Borne extra good.... 93
The general avenge of the market over 8c.
The most of the sales range from 8 to 8Xo.
Total number of Beeves received in the city this week,
Inn ie 691 head more than last week, and V.i head
more than the avenue of last vrar. The average num
oer at eaca weanesaay market last vear was nrau,
while the number to-day being 3,770, ihows iie8 heed
more than the average, and 500 head more than this day
Tueiday. May 7. The market opened this morning
with about 3,750 head of bullocks In the sale pens, of a
very good general average quality, nine tenuis or which
will sell at rates equivalent to fWc. for the net
weight of beef, sinking oUal, A few of the very eboioest
bullocks will sell at Sc. a pound for the estimated weiitht
ot tne Deer, nut, as a general thing, the butcher will get
more pounds thsn be pays for. These rates do not vary
enough from last week to make a note of. The cattle
brokers generally consider them aa good, though some
think prices about equal to He. a pound worte for the
drover than they were this day week, and butchers call
them mgher. ine trade, though not as active as It is
some days, bas progrerted slesdily, and a large portion
of the stock will be sold to-day. Aawe do not hear of
anymore to arrive tomorrow, it la probable that all will
be sold at the rates current to-day. The weather la fa
vorable, particularly in comparison with lhe very severe
storm of yesterday and last night, and 'be supply,
though considerably larger.llun last week, will not prove
too great for the demand, at the same rates.
Wedntidav, Msy 8. On looking over the yards this
morning, it is found that a very large proportion of the
stock was sold out the first day much larger than aoy
one anticipated. The bosiaess had progressed so very
quietly tbat lots reserved for to-day had been called in
and sold before It was generally known the demand had
been so good. The consequenoe was that the latest
sales, of the lowest grades of cattle, yesterday, were the
be,t, and that there is no falling off this morning; so all
the stock will be sold out at full as good rates as were
anticipated yesterday morning, and a larger number will
be found to have realised the top price of 9 o. a pound
net than were eold at that last week, and the average ot
8e. has been fully maintained. We have never seen
the pens filled with a more even quality of atcck, all
rating good fair, and a great many of them far above
what is generally termed medium quality. Drovers are
generally satlsnea with lhe prices this week, and are arm
in the opinion that prices are to continue better In the
Thedeath of s wslbknown and much reiptcted drover
occurred here this week. John Bryant, of Pickaway
county, O. r died May 2, of small pox disease ever
present among tbe foreign population ot this city,
though not often proving fatal.
There are no workers In market this week, and there
fore the several Inquirers for them cannot be satisfied.
Afew pairs would have sold at very fair prices, as there
is a deal of plowing to be done.
We know the market for milch Cows haa
been more lively than It le this week. The rise In beef
haa made a market for all the fat Cows In the swill feed
ers' stables, and now they are filling un with fresh cows:
and there Is also a smart demand from families in the
suburbs of the city, where the grass is large enough for
peetore. we noiiree a run mood vurnam vow In Ine
market at rorty-ronrth street held at f 100, without find
Ing a puranaser.
Veal Calves are In mneh better demand this week than
they have been for several weeke past, and have sold at
from half a cent to a whole cent a pound be tier price,,
according to quality, ine price is rrom sc. to mo. per
lb. live weight, and pretty much all good, fair looking.
amooth'Calves in market on Tuesday slid quite readily
Receipts this week, 0.015.
We have a decided Improvement this week to renort
in the market for Bbeep, but not for Lambs. We think
we saw Bheep selling on Tuesday In Sixth street at
neailyacent apoundmore than tbe same quality sold
at that day week. This wsa partly owing to a much
smaller supply that day, and partly to a belter demand
for mutton of the wholesale butchers. First quality,
stall-fed, fat Bheep that weighed in Ohio about 130 lbs.
each, clipped, wore worth iHa. per lb., live weighty
and very good, smooth Bbeep, clipped, of (0 to 100 lbs.
each. Sc. per lb. A lot. rather thin, which areraced
63 lbs., sold at 4o.
Tbe price per head is equal to 7 jt'Jc. 9 ft for the es
timated net weiaht of the meat, of undipped sheen, a
few of which continue to arrive from Iowa and Illinois.
gome of the best fed Bheep in market this week came
from Champaigne county, Ohio, owned and fed by Sir
Ware and his sons, who lead ii.oto to 3,UU0 annually, and
feed them well, and we hope profitably.
fells are quite dull, wbether clipped or undipped.
Rome of the largest buyers appear to be holding up.
We advise no more shsep to be sent with the wool on.
particularly the coarse wool sort. If we had a drove on
the way, we would stop and dip them. It wonld proba
bly give the owner half a dollar a head more money on
the sale oi wool ana sneep.
Receipts this week, 10,103.
The following rates are reported by Henry D. Grant,
Superintendent of the Market, for to-day :
uorn-ieonogse' id x isi.lic.
Distillery Hogs ft, 'i,44o. '
The report o( last week waa made nn Wednesday
morning upon the rates of the previous day and asking
jrlcesol mat morning, nut tney were not sustained; a
'resh arrival having been added to the large stock on
hand, the brokers saw at once that they muit accept bay
era' offers, although at htlf a cent lower rates than day
before. Trade is very dull to-day, about 3, ouu in tbe
pens, which quite overstocks the market, and If arrivals
continue as tney nave tnte weea, rates win go still low
O. W. Donnan reports the following prices of Bogs
tnis week :
Live. Dressed
First quality eorn fed large sie.... 4 X4" - tH!H
Second quality corn-red H&
first quality small slse fat Ac prime
for market butchers 3X36
Large slae. still-fed, fat 3& 5 i
Second quality still-fed fat 334 S 9 I
Small slae, choice stock hogs and wanted
SON my DRUG STORE, which Is removed from the
orner of High and Gay streets to the Southwest corner
of Broad and iilgn streets, Uolumbus, Ohio.
With many thanks to my former patrons and custom'
ere, I respectfully request the continuance of their fa'
vors to my eoreessor. HKNRY M.NEIL.
Columbus, April 1,1801.
XX STORM of Mr. Hawav M. Natu I have onened
anew on the Southwest corner of Broad and lilih streets.
Columbus, unto ettng pn out ana niiaote nana for
IA(HStMMeoT-may yeorwi . . .
I nave a iresn ana well eeieetea stock or "wrs Jfedf
einei, and Pure Chmiealt, together with I'ainU, (Hit
YarnuAf, se., usually kept In each an establishment.
iryPaascairrioxscaretully and promptly eompoond-
o. .
Store open alall hoars or the day and nighi.
I respectfully solicit the patronage of the publio.
Columbus. April 1, 1801 aprt:dlm i .. .
TiIFIlt NEW nAVV.n-t '"" m-
IX .
NOB. 1, S, S and TN. BUT AW BTI8
. Offer for sals their celebrated
Being highly recommended by tbe Brat Profeeeors and
Musical Amateurs ol the country, ana .
The most fastidious customer may rely opon being
pleased in every respect.
Terms nnerai. wianasaaw
octMilydw. Oolumbos. Ohio.
For the INSTANT KlUlf
and PBRMANINT 0UB1 ofth
dlatreesing aomplalnt ess
Made by 0. B. BBYM0TJB k CO., 107 Naseae St., M.
Price 1 pet box gent free by post.
FOB BALI AT All DlUatUltl.
tra de
Is preotaely what Its name Indicates, for. while
pleasant to the tails. It is revivify! ng, exhilarat
ing. Invigorating and strengthening to the vital
powers, and at the eame time revivifies, ieln
itates, and renews the Blood In all its portly, ana
thus at onoe rettoret and rtndiri tin tvtttm in-
vulnerabUto attack! of&ltKit. It la the only
preparation ever offered to tbe world, to chomi
cally and skillfully combine as to be Uie most
powerful tonic and at the same time so perfectly
idapted to, as to act Inperleotacoordanee with the
iawa of nature, and hsnoe will moths UuwakMt
ttomacA, and tone op the digestive orgaus, and,
thus allay all nervous and other iriitatiou. It 1,1
perfectly exhilarating, and at the sumo time It Is r
composed entirely of vegetables, yet so combined
m 10 pronaceine moil uiorougu tonic enact, Wlth-I-
i tor
uui prniiucina uuy luiunows oouMilueacee- Bach
a remedy has long been felt to be a deslderatnm
he medical world, for It needs no medical skill
tM th.tri.hlllfrv fnllnw. .11 .M..b.flf 4lu. j
proceeds and Indeed lays the rystem open to then
Insidious attacks of many of the most fatal. enrh.lL
lor example, as lue following; vonsomntion. In
digestion, Dyspepsia, Loss of Appetite, Faintneu,
Nervous Irritability. Neonlgla. Palpitation of the
Heart. Melancholy, Night gweats. Lanroor. Olddi.
oess, Retention of, as well as Painful obstructed. i
too profuse, or too sosnt Menstruation, and Vail
ing of the Womb. Iheie all depend upon general
ulnhtlitv. Thla nnre. hnftlthv. tjinin (inrrii.l .nrf
Blood Renovator Is assure to cure as Ibe sun to Pi
rise and set. There I, no mistake about It. But U
" ' . ,
.iiib 11 n'u an Ji me ijrsivm is weaaeoeu. we are
jpen to bilious attacks, tbe liver becomes torpid, LJ
or worse diseased, the kidneys refuse to perform M
their functions, and we are troubled with Maiding "
and Incontinence of urine, or involuntary dis- '
charge of the same, pain in the back, side and be. A
tween the shoulder,, exoeedinily liable to alleht U
loolds. eonght. and If unchecked, seon emaciation!
follows, and the patient goes down to a prematare' ja
grave. But space will not allow us to enumerate (1
the many Ills to which we are liable in a weakened, V
condition of the system. But we will say, In this!
Oordlal and Blood Benovator you have a perfect. LI
safe, pleasant and effectual remedy for tots of J
Appetite, Biliousness, Vlatalence, weak and alcki w
Stomach, Languor, Liver Complaint, Chills and
Kever, or any Billons attack. Oostiveness. Acidity
or tne stomacn, nervousness, neuralgia, raipita-
0'tlon of the Heart, ' re salon of Spirits, gnres,
Pimples on the Face, or any disease arising from
mnurn hlnnrf. .iwh mm RnrcitnXm. Erv.infilu. Ilrnn I
'hl.la ll.nnh im.
'hltia. Cough, diflicully of Breathing, and all that
oolass of diseases
called female weakness, and
enumerated above. We will also say the traveler,
lexooacit la eiiirfomlna rhanre or climate and wat
er, win nna it a pleasant, saie ana sure lerotny. rj
and none should ever travel without. Header sTj
trwit fn. mm mmmnwm .m nn will A nit in 11 m f riunr!
indeed, aa well as a friend In need. All persona of
waeniary nanus will una 11 a perieei preventive oij l
is well as cure for those ailments to which they arc V
particularly exposed. Hence mini, terf,tuden ts.it
tprneys, literary gtntlemcn.and ladies who are not
accustomed to much outdoor exercise, win nna n
-o their advantace to keep a bottle constantly on
hand: and, above all. mothers, or these hecomlnp
such; wilt go through tbat most dangerous period
not only wth all their accustomed strength, but
safe and free frnm the tbonaand ailments so prcv-
A'alent among the female portion of the world. Ir
LJ short, It is indeed a mother's cordial. Try It, olr
' L.J . nnnn. I Mln k. .1.1. nf .1 n 1 a 1 1 a1 1
la IUva ami .mm itaalf mnhatlallv ttv Ttamtnrtl
si if tea Cordial and ioodJlenovator.
UJ - O.J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Broadway, New
' iKorr.eou in market Direct, hi. ijouis, sio.j ano
UnM l.v RANkRTa Mr QAM1TK-T.. ftnlnmhtia AlilA
fljend all good Druggists: Price One Dollar
f1 per Bottle. marcIW8-d&weowly
And grows more and more popular
every day I
And testimonials, new, and almost without nnmlier,
rniL-ht be liven from ladlea and gentlemen in all grade.
of society, whose united testimony none could resist
that Prof, Wood's Ualr Restorative will restore the bald
and gray, and preserve tbe hair of the youth to old age,
Inallitsyoutnrui beauty.
Battle Creek, Mich., Deo. Slat, .138.
Paor. Wooo: Thee wilt please accept a line to Inform
thee that the hair on my head all fell off over twenty
years ago, caused by a complicated chronic dlrease, at
tended with an eruption on the head. A continual
course of suffering through life having reduced me to a
state of dependence,' I have not been able to obtain stuff
for caps, neither have I been able to do them op, in con
sequence of which my bead has suffered extremely from
cold. This Induced me to pay Briggs at Hodges almost
the last cent I had on earth for a two dollar bottle of thy
nalr Restorative, about tbe first or August last, i nave
faithfully followed the direction,, and the bald spot is now
covered with hair thick and black, thonsh short. It Is
also coming In all over my Bead, reeling confident
that anotner large wine wouia reatore it entirely
and nermanently. 1 feel anxious to perseverve in Its use.
and belna destitute of meana to purchase any more, I
would avak thee if thee wouldst not be willing to send me
an order on thine awents for a bottle, and reoeive to thy
self the scripture declaration "tne reward la to those
that are kind to tne widow and tne ratnenrsa."
Llconler. Noble County. Indiana. Feb. 5th. H9.
Pxor. O. J. Wood: Dear Sir: In the latter part ef
the year ifyi, while attending tne state and National
Law School of the Bute ot New York, my hair, from a
cause unknown to me, commenced falling off very rap
idly, ao that In the short space of six months, the whole
npperpartcf my scalp was almost entirely bereft of Its
covering, and much of lhe remaining portion upon the
side and back part ot my head shortly after became gray,
so that yon will not be surprised when I tell yon that up
on my return to the State of Indiana, my more casual
acquaintances were not so much at a loss to discover the
cause of the change in my appearance, ae my more inti
mate acqualntancea were to recognise me at all.
I at once made application to tne most skiiirui physi
cians in the country, but, receiving no assurance from
them tbat my bair would aga'.n be restored, 1 wsa rorced
to beoome reconciled' to my late, until, fortunately, In
the latter part of the year 1857, your Restorative was re
commended to me by a druggist, aa being the moat relia
ble Hair Restorative In use. 1 tried one bottle, and
found to my great aatlsfactlon that It was producing :be
desired effect. Blnce that time, I have used seven dol
lars worth of your Restorative, and as a result, have a
rich coat of very soft black hair, which no money can
As a mart or my gratitnae ror yoor lanor ana skin in
the production of so wonderfnl an article, I have recom
mended its use to many of my friends and acaualntaoces.
who, 1 am happy to inform you, are using It with like
effect. Very respectfully, yours,
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Depot, 444 Broadway, and sold by all dealers through
out the world.
The Restorative Is pntup In bottles of three siaes, vis:
large, medium, and small; the email holds K a pint, and
nulls for one dollar per bottle; the medium holds at
least twenty per cent, more In proportion than the small,
and retails for two dollars a bottle; the large holds a
quart, 4U per sent, more in proportion, and reUils for S3
O. J. WOOD at CO., Proprietors, 444 Broadway. New
York, and 114 Market Street, Bt Louis, Mo.
And sold by ROBERTS BAMUBL, Columbus, Ohio,
and by all good Drnggittsand Fancy Goods Dealers.
An experienced None and Female Physician, presents
to tne attention ot mowers, ner
which greatly facilitates the process of teething, by soft
ening the gums, reducing all Inflammation wil I allay
ALL PAIN and spasmodic action, and Is
Depend upon It, mothers, tt will give rest to yourselves
We have put up and sold this artiola for ever ten years.
what we have never been able to aay of any other medi
ANOB. TO KKFEOT A CU11B. when timely used. Nev
er did we know an Instance of dissatisfaction by any one
who need IU On the contrary, all are delighted with Its
openUons, and speak In terma of commendation of its
magical efleota ana medical virtues, we epeait, in tnis
matter "WHAT a) uu muwi" arter ten years' expe
almost every Instance when the Infant ia suffering from
pain and exhaustion, relter will tie looaa in III teen or
tsrenty minutes niter ineeyrnp i. auuiawrnu,. - ,
This valuable nrenaration as ine preacnption or one er
New England, and has been used with NKVEll FAIL-
Itnotonly relieves the child from pain, but Invlgoi
atea the stomach And bowels, corrects acidity, and gives
tone and energy to tbe whole system, it will almost In
atantly relieve , f ., : ;j' - , y
and overcome eonvnmons, which, If not speedily reme
died, eno in aeatn, ne neneve it uie nani and Uh
EST KEMEDx IN Tim WUHUD, in all cases ofDrd
It arises from teething, or from any other eausev W
would aay to every mother who hue ohiM sufti-ring from
anvof the foregoing eomplainte DO NOT LET Vol)
stand between yon and your Suffering child, and the
lief that will be BURE yes. ABSOLUTELY BlTKEto
follow the nse of thlsmedlcine. if timely ased. Full
recUonafbr using will accompany each bottle. None
nulne nnlaas the fac-slmlle or unarm fanning
ew York, Is on the outside wrapper.
Bold by ell Druggists throughout the wend,
Principal Office, 13 Cedar Street N.Y
j sgant gibbons, in great variety at bain'B,
oct! to. 89, Blah street,
: Fsrali TIIBOIT and
Lt7NO ' cuiriPLAinTa,
Incladlna; vVHOOFING
CODOU, ana every
Owmplstlnt the forernn
ner ol, and ewen actno I
The drent IVTJHAI.
Oil) HKrtitKnv andNat
nral VPIATE, adapted
to every apeclea of Her.
vans Complaint, Ner.
oisc and. Chronic
Headache, ' tthnma
sum. Catarrb, Tooth
and Ear Ache. Loan s
Ml en p. and IJowel Com
lalnt.v ...
No real laitlcaSan' Ka An,. IK. .W. nn.ll
bnt by procuring and reading descriptive pamphlets,!
be found with all dealers, or will be sent by Proprietor
on demand. Formula, and Trial Bottles sent to Physi
oians, who will find development In hnih nrih. th.i.
aocepuuice and approval. . ,
Correspondeaee solicited frnm all whn ...ifu.
enriosity prompts to a trial of the above reliable Kerne
For sale bv the nsoal wholesale and ..i.n
JOHN l,. HUNNEWELL, Proprleto
Ho. 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston, Mass.
Roberta a gunnel, H. B. Mirnle, 1. B. Cook, J. M
Denis, O. Denlg a Hons, A. i. Bchneller Bon. Aienu
lor Columbus, Ohio. myl-dly
BU0UBS, new styles, JuUopenrd by
No. 20 South nigh street.
Irlannfaclurcr of nil kind of Por
table and Ktntinnary stean En
gines, sun Mill, 4rla( Will,
Ac. Ace.
UA C177XK CO. Beaten tilt BRADIORD
e CO. Beaten! lilt
Our Portable Eoglns and Saw Mill
Was awarded the first premium of IliO at the Indiana
Butte Fair for 1CC0 over Lane fc Bodley'a on account of
Prico, lightuess, simplicity, economy of luel
and superior character of lumber sawetl.
Our Stationary Envine was awarded at Ih, nnu Vtlr
the first premium of
Our Portable Knelne wu awarded the flrat nremln n of
tllKI at the Fair at Memphis, Tenn., over Blandy's Do
vall's, Columbus Machine Oo's., and Bradford at Co'a..
by a committee of practical Railroad Bngueers. r
For price and terms address
W1LLARO WARNER, Treasurer.
decVdfcwljwIi. - Newark, Ohio
Rheumatism, Goat and - Neuralgia,
Mercurial Diseases.
It is a conveniently arranged Band, containing a med
icated compound, to be worn around the Waist, without
injury to the most delicate persona: no ehanee In haMt.
of living Is required, and It entlrelv removes tbe die
ease from the system, without producing the injurious
efleots arising from the use of powerful internal medi
cines, which weaken and destroy the constitution, and
give temporary relief only. By this treatment, the med
icinal properties contained In the Band come in contaot
with the blood and reach the disease, through the pores
of the skin, effecting in tvery instance a perfect cuie,
and restoring the parte afflicted to a healthy condition.
This Band is alio a mostpowerful Axti-Mkrcdrul agent,
and will entirely relieve the system from thtpernicinv
effects of Mercury. Moderate cases are cared in a few
dare, and we are constantly receiving testimonials of Its
euicacy tn araravatea cases of long standing.
Pairs ti.W, to be had of Druggists generally, or nn
be sent by mail or express, with full directions for ute.
to any part of the country, direct from the Principal
Ho. 409 BB0ADWAY, Hew Yoik.
G. SMITH & CO., Sole Proprietors.
N. Descriptive Circulars Sent Free.
in? A cents Wanted Everywhere.
reliable business men to secure a n rod table mann-
factnrlng business, requiring but a small capital in lis
establishment and promotion.
The manufacture consists In the application of a pe
culiar composition or enamel to common red bricks, and
a variety or otner Duildlng material, ornamental archi
tectural finishings, ceilings, tiles for floors and for
This enamel may he tinted cf any color, from the
purest white to the deepest black, with all the colors
and shades between. It Imparts to the articles to which
it is applied a hardness and durability almoat Incredible,
and a beauty surpassing that of the rarest and most costly
of the variegated marbles, and, unlike them, Is Impervi
ous to moisture, and will never fade, stain, or deteilnr-
ate. costing but a fractional part of Uie price of ordinary
It la also valuable for fable and aland tons, man lie
pieces, monuments, and an endless variety of other arti
cles of staple nse. The processor applying lhe enamel
is simple, while the articles enameled wilt command a
ready aale, affording large profits. Kesponlble parties
may procure licenses for manufacturing nnder the pat
ent for any eity or prominent town In the United States,
by applying to the subscriber. A small tariff on the ar
ticles manufactured will be required for the use of the
invention. Circulars giving full particulars will be for
warded to all applicants.
The superior merit and besnty of this enameled build
ing material to anything in nse has the unqualified in
dorsement of many of the most eminent architects and
scientific men of this and other cities.
For particulars address -.
;i, J0HHS0H PHAIL, ,1
General Agents for Easmsled Building Material ,
apD d3m. Si NASSAU ST., NEW Y011K.
FIRST" ' x '
' OF ' ' -
AT I ROSE'S.' ' .
an entire nsw stock of Ooods in my line. Just purch
ased in New York at lhe cheapest panic rates.ali of which
I shall sell at the smallest prints, for Cash. My cn, torn
era and friends are respectfully invited to rail and exam
ine my Ooods and Pilcea, as I am determined to sell as
cheap or cheaper than any oilier hnuie In the city; and
as I do my own Cutting, and superintend my own busi
ness, I feel assured, f rum my luug experience In busi
ness, to give general satisfaction. The finest of work
men are employed, and all work done strictly to time and
on short notice, and warranted to fit. Btraugers visiting
ourolty would consult their Interest by giving ms a call
before purchasing elsewhere. f . Rt)iK, ' -
. merchant Tailor,
marchSO-dly Cor High audTown ats.
SritiNo cloaks Ann bakqiivesi
High street, have joaioneerd new styles of Cunn Cia
dkiaa. Biaqoirm and baoqtiaa, made In the newest and
moat atyliah .manner. al". supers riaisa
Htack. Kilke very heavy, designed expressly for
ItanllUaa and Basqumee, . taprlU .
I,,' - - - - i
flammation and pain, and heals the worst burn,
seald, braise, out r fresh wound ot any kind, r reventa
swelling and pain from bee slings, mosquito biles, and
poisonous plants, neuralgia, rneumatism, agne In the
breast, salt rheum, eto. . When' taken Internally, It will
positively cure eroup In children, and gives hnaiedtats)
relief in the worst ease of this terrible complaint! also,
removes hoarseness and eon throats Priee, Si eeala
bottle. Should be in every houte. For aale by Drag
glslaaad Storekaepera. , IBVIN SCONE,
Sole Proprietor, No. I Spruce t.. New York
s ontidAwlvie . r
' S. V H.T. CHITTENDEN, ; .i
" . '; . ATT0BNBYS AT tAW. V' '
ICPOmces, 89 William Street, New York City, sod
Piasoas' Brttoiao, Columbus, Ohio.
JCTCareful attantlon paid to Collections,

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