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k, v A. , W -v al. yCN xaT ..
.' v-x...;
. ' .a l. A.
m m i .:A'iir.r sr;u:t'. y.k::! t:': '.n '.
I -.I.IHJ mil v uui:, 'He u ! l . ..J i-i .1, -''
HU'.liw U U canalni .!.. t.iu i:. t,j ,r .11
'Hal. l-iiu'll J. .11,1 ii.'H lil ( ;.,., 1 i 'I .'I .'
i ll r y i r
.SOL. Y It NO. 290 , .NEW SEEIES,
Inyariably In Adranet
jaE)ara 1 - "
.. i ), i I- ) (!. s.i:, I. .
l ET. Offloe Mm. 86, 88 and, 40, Worth Hlga St.
Dally 5 j : t .. , - -, - $6 00 per year
V By the Curler, per week, U) eenti.
frl-Weakly ' ' . : 8 00 per year.
Weekly," :: - ..i..; 1 00 ,. . .
v i .....
ermi of Advertising by tbe Square.
n square 1 yeai . . . 30 00
On ".. month 18 00
3d " 8 monthi 15 00
Dn " Smooths 10 00
On " B month! 8 00
On 1 month. 5 00
One square 3 weeks. .14 00
On " 8 weeks.. 3 00
On " lweek... 1 75
On ' " 3 days... 1 00
On " 8 days... 75
On "' 1 Insertion 50
Displayed advertlMments half nor than tb abort
rates. :
Advertisement leaded and placed In the column of
Bneclal Nutloei," Oduole the ordinary race.
All uotloei reqntreu to be published by law, legal rate.
If ordered on the Inside exclusively alter the nrtt week
per cent, more than the above rates; but all suoh wll
appear In the Trl-Weekly withoutchanre. . ..
Business Cards, not exceeding five lines, par year, In1
ue, Wi ou per una) enuiue x,
Notic .t of meatlngti ohartablet ecletlst, fire eompante
Sec. half nrlt..' .1 . . .
All tranniiinX adwrtUemmtt mutt if paiifor in
advanct 4ie rule will not be varied from. . ,
Weekly, same price a the Dally, where the advertiser
nithi WmIcIv ilona. Whan ha Dall udWaekb'
are both used, then the charge larth Weekly Will be
Dalf the rates of the Dally
No advertisement taken except for a definite period. .
A.ttoxxto3r at Ta,xxr
Offloe Arnbo Building, opposite Capitol Square. . ' j
Machine Mannfactnring Compaor
: ' auNoiACTCEiii or
CaibJigi, MUl-Oearing, HaeMnery,
nctilrocicaL w or lac
' o pit DBcwrnoii. ' !
OHAB. AMB08, Hup'l. P. AMB08, Trea .
deoll. lU58-tr
Winter Arrangement.
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia
For Cincinnati, Dayton & Indianapolis!
Through to lndianaDolis without Change of Cars'
and bat due Change of Cart between
.Columbus and St. Louis,',1 (" ' j
(Dally, Mondays excepted.) '
MIGHT EXPRKBS, via Dayton, at : a. m., stop
ping at London, Xenia, Dayton, Uiddletown and Hamil
ton, arriving at Cincinnati at 8:20 a. m. Dayton at 5:45
a. m., Indianopollj at 10:4 a.m.; St. Louis at 11:50
.'SECOND TRAIN. ' ' V.y'. ;
ACCOMMODATION, at 6:10 a. m., stopping at all Sta
tion sbetweam Columbus and Cincinnati and Dayton, ar
rlvlnr at Cincinnati 11:03 a. m., Dayton at 9:15. a.,
IadianopolU at 9;28 p. m. , t .,
THIRD TRAIN. , . . !
SAT IXPBES8,at 2:30 p. m,, stopping' at ' Alton,
JeHerson, London, Charleston, Cedarvllle, Xenia.
Bpring Valley, Corwln, Morrow, ' Deerfleld, Foster's,
Laveland, MilUordand P lain vi lie, arriving at Cincin
nati at 7:20 p. m.; Bt. Louis at W m; Dayton at 5:35 p.
,; Indlanopolis at 10:38 p.m. ',
Cleepinr Cara on all IVIirht Train to
Cincinnati and Indianapolla. . ,
lor furthsr Information and Through Tickets, apply to
' M. L. DOUBKTY, ' . .
Ticket Agent, Union Depot, Oolumlms, Ohio. ;
Superintendent, Cincinnati, j
Jul3 " Agent, Oolumbui, I
i n
'I i !
! i I
i' !
and examine our new make of .,,,-, , j
manufactured by E. HOWARD a 00 , Boston, Hast.
These Watches are' far superior to anything ever offered
to tha public heretofore. Having tha axeluslve agency,
I ean sell them at prices to suit the time I have Jast
raoalved a large stock of ; ' ; ;,J J
ft,;..- I .- ... ; .. f ' I. I
asumfaotarad by APPLETON, TRACY, It CO l aim, a
ftnaassortmantof - . S-' '
in Gold and Silver Cases, at Panic prices. ' .
Jan83 , ''' . W. J. 8AVA0B,
.i!:..rnitBeeelTedli! ,! n i- !
1UUTKA8 100 bags prime Bio Cone. .
ISO pocket old Dutch Government Java Coffee, i
76 bags Ceylon Ooffee. , -..j-'j
'tOObbls. stitndard Whit Sugars, eonshOng of Pow
dred, Ohmihed, Oranulated A and B Coffee,; .
50 quintals fleorge Bank OodBsh.' .
' SObbte. Men and Mo. 1 Maekersl." 1 ' I
6 tea. Pick Bslmoo. 1 , , " ' ;
lOObx. Layer Raisins. ';'J:' , ' .
60 hf. box do do f ; ', j.
100 M Cigars, different brands nj grades.' 1 " '
BOV37 ; , . WM. McDOSAtD.
T And Blank-Book Manufenturer', i
From "Barnett Mlllsi" BprtngSeld, O.i-tha bettbrani of
iour imiHKut w vui siimi, Batisfactlod guaranteed.
Boi sal only t. -. WM. MoDOSALD'B,:' ,
,BOVS7 , r: 108 Soath High ttl3V
lili AllstaeandolorsJutovD4a - BATMS; !
T ,..,.,.."9...1SothHighstreet,i
sua si iJj.'irxMK, insjxiJja Aiii'ia -rti
avT.H'rtaf-T.rttm. :il.i tn- . .- 1 , : J-
V. S WiirrroN, President. Isaac Abs att, Secretary,
.Ret CaalR Aaeeta , febrnarr It 1801 j
KTIU th Profits are divided among th lnsnred-TTT.
AppUcatlohs and Pamphlets ean be had by applying to
FRED'IC J.tFAYr' Aorat,
rpenUr't BuUdm;,.m South Hlgk Itreet
Tho LatestThe Largest The Best,
c Tne Cheapest Beeaaie the Best.'
The Moit UellabJ" standard Au
' tborltjr of the EnKllabLangna(e.
SinUundrqt Eminent Educator of Ohio,
- ' Ultrary Men BotryviKtrt,
"He i e are upwards of a Hundred Thousand Words,
whose multifarious meanings and derivations, totatber
witn tneii correct spelling, and pronunslatlon are clearly
art More the aye.'' ' '
' 1 '" (Xncinnail Oomnwroial
... ..mmm. .. .;;(.... .(i ti t. y
Btad tht Decitiont of Ma Mmbtrt of th OMa Btat
. . iMCtor't AitooUition. . , ,.,
The nndenbtned. memben of tha Ohio State Teaohara'
Association, adopt and aim to use lu teaching, writing
and speaking, tha orthography and pronunciation of
Worcester's uovai quarto Dictionary , ana we most cor
dially recommend it as tha most reliable standard au
thority of tha English language, as It la now written and
sponn. .,i ,: p.,,,,-,. i r,(. ,,fn,
Loam Awdriws. President KanroB Oollera. i '
M. D. Lnasxr, Superintendent Zsnesvllle Bshools.
iHoa. w. HiRvtv, Bup't uassiion union Bcncoia
M. v, OownaaT, Bup't Publlo Bohoolt, Sandusky!
Jonn Lvnca. Buo't Public Schools. Clrclevllle. .
8. N. BaaroRD, Fiinclpal Cleveland female Smma.
WJ4 i - . ' - . - I ... - 1,4
,, YIH. Al ITCH ELL, Bup't rubHO BCA0OU, Ht. Union.,.
Jon Oodui, Principal BUI Normal School, Minn.
Orana Nasow. Prlnelnal Woarth iBtamedtata Arhnnl.
Cincinnati. . , ,. ,. , .. . i ,
H. 8. Martik, Bup't Canton Union Schools.
Xowm Kioal, Principal McNeely Normal Behoof. ' '
Xu T. TarrAir, Prof. Matbsmatlos, Ohio UnlvsrHty.
Vim. W. Kbwards, Bup't Iro Union School.
A. Q. HorEiKi. Prlncioat West High School. Olere
land. ' - ' 1 -
B. A. Nortoh. Associate Principal HlahBchodl. Oum-
iana ... t .......
Iheodorr Btxruko, Principal . High School, Cleva
land. r:'"
B. V. BDMiffrow, Principal Cleveland Institute.
J. A. Gafixu, President of Electlc Institute, HI
W. L. Hariu. Prof, of Chemlstrv. Ohio Weslevan
university. . ... . ,
H. H. BaRHIY. Ex-Oommlsalonerof Common Schools.
Jamis Hoirou, Prof. Bhetorlo, Obtrlln Collage
Taos. Hill, President Antioeh College. ' - -
O. W. H. Oathcart. Prof. Mathematics. Hlirh
School, Dayton ) i i i . i , ' . i i i '
. O. CROMSAOoa. Prof. Lansnace. Eton School.
B. at. BARBER, Bup't union Schools, Ashland.
Hon than Sltt Hundred other President) of CoTle
gee, Profeeeore, Avthcre and JHiUnguiehed Educa
tors, note enaoreea tne aoove eenamen.
Marietta OoLLtsa "It Is truly a magnlfloent work.
an honor to tha author, tbe publishers, and thewhohj
ounny." rresiaent Anarews.
Ohio W out ah Urivrmitt It exceeds my expect.
tlons. It will be mv lulde in orthoiraDh andnronun-
elation, and will often be consulted by ma for its neat
ana accurate aennuions." President Thompson
W. &. EoiEcno CoLLtoa. "Heretofore we hareued
Webster's orthography. At a ' recent meeting of our
Faculty, It was decided to change 11 to conform to that
oi Worcester's Aoyal yuarto Dictionary." President
Wrsterh Beiervs Collioi. "I find It worthy of
ooruiai approoaaon." rresideni uitcncocR. " i
. Oierlik OoiHos. "It mors than meat my axpactal
uons. I reoommend It as tha standard authority la
orthoepy to my children and my pupils." President
Morgan. .c,. . , ,
Artioow OoiLiaa. "I adopt and aim to asatn teach
Ing, wrltlngand speaking, tha orthography and pronan.
elation of woroeater'i Boyal Quarto. Dictionary .
President Hill. ... . v.., ;
' "In all my writing! sbeaklnr.and teachlnv. I have en.
deavored to conform to the rules for orthography and
pronunciation as contained In Worcester's Dictionary.?
uoraca maun, rate rreaiaent. ,,,, , ... , .. v
. Kehtok Oollrob, Gamsiir. ''I mast eordlally reoonv
mond it aa the meat reliable standard authority of th
English language aa It is now written and spoken."-
President Andrews. ... . ., .! ,,': . j
from Bto, Anton Smyth, CommUtioner of Common
. , . . aOMOte M Vi0. .', . , , ..
"Th Dlotlonarv Is an imperishable monument to th
learning and industry of Its author, and an boner to tha
world of letters. Tbe mechanical execution ts far supe
rior to that of any other Lexicon With which I am aov
qualnted" . i , , j
From Bon. a. B. Barney- K Ommitioner
School in Ohio. . ... ', ... .i i.
The most reliable standard authority of the Ian.
guage." v i
WHAT TBI ' " l- J
Ijeadliia Newspaper of Ohio Say,
From (he Cleveland Btrald of ifarchlS.
Tha orthography of tha Worcester Dictionary Is that
used bv most. If not all, authors of distinction in this
country and England, and conforms to the general usage
of ordinary writers and speakers. 1
Whatever prejudice may have existed previously, a
careful study of this volume will invariably be followed
by a warm appreciation of Its great merits, and a deslr
to add it to the well selected library, be it large or small,
It Is a library In Itself, and will remain an Imperisha
ble record of the learning of its compiler. '
from the OineinnaU Commercial of April 80. j
Hera are upwards of a hundred thousand words good,
bad and Indifferent whose multifarious meanings and
derivations, together with their eorreot spelling and pro
nunoiatlon, are set clearly before tha aye. The work ts
unquestionably the greatest Thesaurus of Bngllsh Words
ever published. J -:: i
' From the Cleveland Plaindealer of Sept '. SO, I860.
Evidently Worcester's Roval Qdarto Dictionary t
not only the laet, but the tmverk of the kind ever U
wd, and can by no possibility suffer by comparison or
controversy. j.
From the JbUdo Blade of Mty SO.
As to moarjRciATioR,'' Worcester ts th Stawoars
followed by our best authors; In definitions he leaves
nothing to be desired, and In Orthoorapht It Is sufficient
to say mat Worcester can be safely roiiowea. ., t
Pnbllaliera, Bookaellera V Stationer,
mai9 , , i !
ili ;t i.
r I .';. in, vli.l'.lif .. r.i... i I iii!T
Dividend Jattnarr 1 ,1861,48 Per Cent.
ASSETS ........ .$31236 50.
Statement January 1 1861s I
Balance, per statement Jan . 1st, i860. .... 13,406,58 J 30
tuceivea iw rreamns' ur 1 c ',. . .t...;:
Ing tha tea lt0.tM..ua7SX053 55 . ..'
Received , for Interest during
tha rear 18B0 ............. tlt.OM IB . tii;i.
" i i . r
Total reoelnls 'for lS0O.'...a977.0C7 74 I
Paid Claims by Deatb,907,050 00 n'l:;. .r
Paid Policies surren-
dertd ......-.. 41.111 B9 j t . s
Paid Balarlea, Poit-C l;r,',tl Xld
ano. raxes, jix-
chanaa. etc. S1.020 54 ' vr
Paid Commissions to . - j . . i .
AaenU ........... 51.355 30
Paid Physlotana' fee. 6,066 75
Paid Annuities 1,517 00 mi;
P.M Tllwlrilinita Auh
ing tb ysar 106,500 75 505,091 83 411,978 14
' Ret Balano January 1st, 1861 93,818,558 SO
..... ASSETS.
Cash on hand......,...... S0,C284 19
Bonds and Mortgages on Beal
estate, warm aouDi ui r i y ( .-,
amount loaned.. i 9.327,941 68 1 - J
t?m.,,i'it?!ll0.4i l.ti, . s,
tent. Interest. .......... 1,579.864 17 "
Real Bstai'...;,. .'...,;; ' , 90,893 87 ''
Loans on Scrip..... .5,031 44 , ,
premiums, Notesand Cash, In " ,
.i-i i
eoam ot iramuuutoa,. ., a,343 7 ,, ,,, v
Total Assets..."
'3,812,550 80
T5T5Polleles in forco, iDsurlBg.I.,..ta6,48G588
. 1,435 new Policies have been issued dtirtof th year,
After a oareful calculation of th pre,ieht vain ot tb
outstanding Policies of th Company, 'and having the
neeeeeary amount In reserve therefor; tho Directors
have declared a DlVTODroof 45' percent, on the Premi
ums paid at tha table rate, to all policies for Ufa In fore.
Issued prior to January 1, 1B0O, payable according to tha
present rai of tha Company. I
' ' for -all kind of Life Contlnnncles. rWnect-
nses, Statements, and Applications, will be furnished
wi0crfcruRBtbofficr Agencies ( th Cem-
panyj."u iu- .et. w ,-..T.IU bnJisi Al
7,, rV7- OBBt.1ATTER801,-TMl4t.
iMifni wrr tiS ' gttO'Kai Tic Prsident.
BSNJ. OlKILlBRflaoretary. ,.,.,,
rr-- KBOKrUgent,
m r Auiifi .r wiiEETlWGS Alt II
BOW Stred la (mtoM.Tarlety ana at very low prices
, , ft H.':-K"f .) , BAIS da foST
ra uiwi m wui'sni U iim OS . Kl Oat dUllaMrajl annarA
t )l)i0 Statesman
Dally, nar year.
Trl-Weekly, per rear. ....
weekly, per yeai
1 00
SATURDAY, May 11, 1861.
A call of the Senate was had, and 16 Senators
answered to their names,
The Senate went Into executive session, and
confirmed the following appointments: i
Rev. John M. Leavitt, to be one of tbe True.
tees of the Ohio University, in tbe place of Rev.
G.-C. Cram, resigned.
Rev. B N. Spabr, to be Trustee of the Ohio
University, in place ot the iron, jonn MCLean,
aeoeateov , : , : .
The Senate refused to confirm the appoint
merit of Theodore Comstock, of Columbus, as
a Director of the Ohio Penitentiary yeas 9,
nays 17.-4"- 1 ' "
A message was received from the House, an
nounoinc the uaasaee bv that body of 8. B. No
314 Making; appropriation for tbe mainte
nance and reoaira of tbe Publlo Works from
February 15 to June 1, 1861, and for tbe pay-
man s oi ouistanaiDginueoicuueBB, wiiu suuury
amendments, someoi which were agreed to, and
some disagreed to.
Mr. STANLEY, from the standing commit
tee on Finance, reported a new bill. a. a ISO,
3!tU Maklna; appropriations lor trie year 1001,
which was read a first, second and third time,
Alr. bUULttiun oncrea tne following reso
lution, which was adopted.
Kaolved, Tbat tbe Clerk of tbe Senate be al
lowed one week's extra pay for arranging,
classifying, labelling, and filing away tbe bills,
resolutioDSpetitions, remonstrances and other
papers conneotea witn tne business ot ine ben
ate, and that the same be paid on the certifl.
cate of the President of the Senate. -
On motion, tbe Senate took a recess until
half-past seven o'clock, P. M.
A call of tbe Senate was had, and thirteen
Senators answered to their names.
Mr. LASKEY moved that the Senate ad
journ. .
The rKUaiUUiVA stated mat in view oi tne
fact that the resolution might prevail, be wish
ed to sav. before putting the notion, that he
had received dispatches requiring him to depart
for his home early on Monday morning, and he
would therefore embrace the opportunity now
offered to thank tbe Senators for the courtesy
extended to him aa their presiding officer dur
ing tbe past two. winters, and be hoped their
lives in tbe future might be happy and pros.
Tbe motion - was men pui on adjournment,
and lost.
Mr. EASON offered the following resolution,
wbich was unanimously adopted.
Heiolntd. That the thanks ot tbe benate are
hereby tendered to tbe Hon. R. C. Kirg tor the
courteous, dignified and impartial manner in
whlob be has discharged tbe duties ot rresiaent
of the Senate during tbe entire session.
Mr. COLLINS onered metoiiowing resolu
tion, which was adopted:
Keiolwd, Tbat tbe Sergeant-at-Arms be di
rected to notify all members of the Senate now
in tbe city or coiumbus, mat ineir attendance
will be required at the meeting of tbe senate on
Mr. HARRISON moved tbat when tbe Senate
adjourn it be until 8 o'clock Monday morning,
which was agreed to.
Mr. JONES offered the following resolution,
which was adopted t
Ketoivea, That tbe man its ot tne senate are
hereby tendered to Hon. James Monroe for the
dignified, courteous and impartial manner in
which he has discharged the duties of President
pro ttm. at the present session.
Mr. SMITH offered tbe following resolution,
which was agreed to:
Ketotvta, Tbat tbe thanks ot tbe senate are
hereby tendered to D. N. Rhodes, Esq., for tbe
proper, gentlemanly, and efficient discharge of
the duties of Chief Clerk.
A message from the House annonnced sun.
dry amendments to S. B. No. 31)6 Prescribing
the rates of taxation for State purposes, and to
limit the levy of local taxes for the year 1861
On motion of Mr. STANLEY, the Senate
disagreed to the House amendments to said bill,
and requested a committee ot conierence on
the subject mailer of difference.
Tbe House insisted on its amendments co o.
B. No. 314 Making appropriations for the
maintenance and renairs of tbe Publio Works,
from February IS to June 1, 1861, and for the
payment of outstanding indebtedness; and
Messrs. Smith and Spracue were appointed a
committee of conference on tbe part ot the Sen.
ate.: i
Mr. STANLEY Introduced a new bill, S. B.
No. 321 Authorizing the Governor to appoint
and commission Brigadier Generals. ;
Tbe rules were suspended, ana eaia bin wbb
read a second and third time, and passed.
On motion, the Senate adjourned.
SATURDAY, May 10, 1861.
Mr, MONAHAN, from the select committee
to whom was referred tbe House resolution pro
viding for an investigation of the contraots ol
tbe Quarter Master Ueneral and Commissary
General, made a report thereon, stating the re
sult of examination; which is as follows :
Tha Beleot Committee appointed to Investi
gate the faots relating to the contracts made by
tne commissary uenerai ana viuarier maiter
General, renort tbat the following is a correct
statement of the contraots made by the Quarter
Master General, assisted by J udre-Advocate-
General Wolcutt. who was detailed by the Gov
ernor for the purpose, and who absolutely con
summated the oontraots :
COLUMBUS, OHIO, May 1, 1861.
To Hi Excellency TFm. Denni ton, Commander
fVaqt ,'.Ti:;,-; ,r.j. k n ?
The following memorandum of contracts and
agreement for military stores have been made
in my Department: .
fart ot tbem bave been verbal agreements
That of the 2000 Enfield Rifle Muskets, and for
the manufacture of 2000 Sharp's Sword Bayonet
Kmes, were written contracts, out are in me
hands of Mr. Wolcott, vie
Purchased of Messrs. Bchnylar, Hartley 4 Graham
9,000 Infield BIBes, at 29.50 each S45,000 00
7SO Dragoon Bebres, at 7,0u each S.SUO W
440 Long Bang Rifles, sword bavonets. t25..
00 each 11.000 00
9 320 Bets Infantry Equipments, 94,95 each..1 9,860 00
730 Dragoon Babr veil and Equipments.
4.00 each 3.000 00
450,000 Percussion Caps, Si, W per thousand. 1,013 50
iuu,uua Maynard Primers, f i,ou per thousand 130 uu
ii i, i. i'
1 7S,S!Tx 50
Purchased of lharn's Rifle Co.. Hartford-
1,900 Dragoon Carbines, 130,00 each 30,000 (10
9,01)0 RlSes, sword bayonets, 42,50 each.. BS.OOO 00
. ,, HS.OOO 00
A lot of fixed ammunition for Sharp's Arms,
invojc not yet received. , : :i
Purchased of Messrs. Pond at Co
11,700 Knapsacks, at S3 85 each., w. ..i5,049 00
l ,7uu uaversaoks, at Jf cents each , a,:.uiiu
1,7110 Caaeens,at,75oetits each... : ; 6,775 00
11,700 Sets Infantry Equipments, at 4 50
each 53,700 00
? ir it -T' .
Schuyler's total ,
1 M
109,097 00
.75179 50
..115.000 00
196,979 '50
1-1399,931 M
Aof la addition to the above, there baa been
contracted for, by ' Mr. Wolcott, somewhere
about 600 Field Wail Tents, of J. R. Morgan f
Co'., at an average expense ol about $25 00 each.
some of which were this day received at the Ar
senal. No invoice has yet been received.
And also in addition to tbe above, a commie
alon has been sent to Europe, in connection with
the State of Massachusetts, with instructions
to purchase for our account $100,000 worth
EnUeid Kmes, at a cost in curope not exceeding
$17,50 each; . '
The above does not Include expenses of boxes
Quarter-Master General of Ohio.
The committee are fully satisfied that the
Quarter-Master General made no oontraots not
above noted, and tbat the Implied censnre of the
HouBe was not only unmerited Dut unjust.
In the matter of contracts made by the Com
missary Department, your committee have not
naa an opportunity to maae an examination
into all of them, but aa iar as their examina
tion has extended, we find nothing that, in our
judgment, would attach to Commissary General
Runyon's connexion therewith any improper or
dishonorable action or motive. And while
your committee are of the opinion that.under tbe
emergency of the occasion, oontraots were made
at extravagant rates and without due con
sideration, we have no evidence that any Ira
proper motives actuated any officer in making
such contracts Your committee submit tbe
following minutes of evidence and statements
made to them, and copy of contraots, and ask
to be discharged from the further consideration
of tbe subject.
." ' ' ABEL KRUM.
This acreement. made this 17th dav of Aoril.
iHbi, by and between tne state of unto ana c
P. L. Butler, L. Donaldson and Theodore Com'
stock, witnessetb, tbat the said Butler, Donald.
son and Comstock agree to furnish tbe Goodale
Park, for temporary quarters and barracks for the
Ohio Militia under tbe direction of tbe uover
nor of tbe State; to fit up sufficient buildings
upon the grounds for comfortable barracks for
two regiments of troops, and to provide said
troops with their regular meals in a sufficient
bail upon tbe ground; said meals to be regular
ly furnished three times per day, and to consist
of food of good quality and well cooked, In
cluding at least the following articles of pro
visions, to wit: rrestiDeet, saitDeet, porx, mnt
ton, bread, butter, potatoes, coffee, sugar, milk,
and the usual condiments for the table, the
whole to be served In a neat, cleanly and whole
some manner, to tbe satisiaction oi me com
missary General of the State.
And tbe said state or ubto agrees to quarter
with said Butler, Donaldson & Comstock all
the Militia of Ohio that maybe under the com
mand of said State, and collected at Columbus,
either as a place of rendezvous for tbe pnroose
of mustering them into the service of tbe Uni
ted States, or into tbe service of tbe State, so
long as the present rebellion and disturbance of
tbe country shall continue. Ana me said state
further agrees to pay to said Butler, Donaldson &
Comstock the Bum of fifty cents per day for
each person so quartered with said parties, and
the further sum of ten hundred dollars as a bo
nus, to defray tbe expenses in part of tbe prepa
ration of the accommodations for the troops.
It is, however, distinctly understood, tbat if
the said Butler, Donaldson &. Comstock shall
fail at any time to perform tbeir part of this
contract, to the satisfaction of tbe Commissar;
General, the Governor may remove said troops
from said quarters, and all obligations under
the contract on the part of the State shall be at
an end. It is further understood that no more
troops shall be at any time paid for than the
number actually quartered with and provided
tor bv said Butler, Donaldson ec comstocc.
la witness whereof tbe Commissary General of
said State has hereunto Bet his hand, on the
part of the State, and the other parties for
General of Ohio.
I approve the above contract.
W. DENNISON, Governor.
The above is a true 'copy of the original con
tract on file in tlio office of the Commissary
Private Secretary.
G. W. Kuuvon, being sworn, stated
The Governor telegraphed me to come to
Columbus; I did so; found tbe Governor, Gen.
Cox and others in consultation. Companies of
volunteers were arriving, live companies then
being in.- The Governor directed myself and
Mr. liuttlcs to una quarters tor mem on tbe
best terms we could. We made arrangement
for one company at the Goodale House at Si 25
per day; two companies at the United States at
75 cents per day; one company at the New
England at 75 cents per day; one company at
the Buckeye at $1 00. We reported our ar
rangement to the crowd In the Governor's of
fice, and the Governor approved of it.
Tbe Governor then direoted Mr. Battles and
myself to look up suitable parties that would
contract to subsist the volunteers. We went
to Mr. Butler and made the proposition to him;
be asked time to consult bis friends. After
such consultation be offered to subsist the men
at tbe rate of 50 cents per day which proposi
tion was submitted by them to the Governor, who
directed Mr. Cox to draw up a contract at those
rates, which he did, I signed It as Commissary
General, and the Governor immediately endors
ed on It his approval.
Wben tbe contract was made, 1 did not know
what the cost per day would be to subsist the
men on army rations, but by subsequent estl
mates find that it would be about 17 cents per
day., , The Governor thought it would not do to
bring tbe volunteers immediately to army ra
tions. Contracts were made under the emer
gency, without due consideration -
many companies came into camp witnout or
ders and in fact against orders.
I have not, neither am I to reoeive any con
sideration, either directly or indirectly, In con
sidention for the giving of suoh contract, from
Butler. Donaldson dr. Co-, or any other parties
Didn't make any contract with Wheeler, Failing
& Co , lor subsisting volunteers, ana Enow notn
ine about the contract. . t ,
Subsistence furnished by contractors has been
entirely satisfactory to me, except In few eases,
when tbe butter was bad; i believe tbe eontrao
tors bave used great dlligene In making prep
arations lor tne accommodation oi troops.
Mr. Donaldson, beioff dulv sworn, utatrd
that Mr, Comstock came into his office on Anril
17th, Mr. Butler being in the offloe, and pro
posed mat tney snouia mase an oner tor entt
siating tne men. vv e went in aearcn or Mr
Runvon, and found bias, together with General
Buttles, in a carriage on the street. We offered
to subsist tbe troops at ou eents per day. Mr.
Runvon requested ns to submit our offer in writ
ing to the Governor, which we did. We never
made the contraot with Mr. Runyon, but with
the Governor. Don't know of any oonsldera
tiod to be given to Mr. Runyon, either direct
ly er indirectly, on account of eald contraot.
Mr. Comstock sworn: Stated that he knows
of no consideration given or to be given to Mr,
Runyon on account of any contract, either di
rectly or Indirectly.
Col. ANDREWS, of the House, being called
stated that he knew notbing in regard to eald
Mr. BLAKESLEE, of the House, being oall
ed to state what be knew In reference to the
contracts, and any Improper aotion or motives
in connection therewith on the part of Mr. Run
van stated that he knew nothing about tbe con
tracts lurther than seeing the copies of tome of
them. And has no knowledge of any Improper
action or motive on tue part or Mr. Kenyan is
connection therewitn.. . .
COLUMBUS, May 10, 1861.
'Gentlemen; My recollection of the clroura
stances connected f ith the ubatBenc contract
yon are investigating, is as follows: Ou receiving
the President's Proclamation, calling for thir
teen regiments from Ohio, I directed Commls-
sary General George Runyan to report him
self for duty. He came to Columbn od the fol
lowing morning, at which time a telegram was
received from the Secretary of War, urging the
forwarding of two Regiments of the Ohio con
tingent to Washington during the week,
to defend, as was assumed, the Capital
A number of companies, I think, had al
ready arrived or were about arriving, and
tbe most active efforts were being made by
myself and staff to bring the two Regiments
here at the earliest moment. Immediate ar
rangements had to be provided for the troops -
There were no barracks no camp grouna naa
been selected no camp equipage was at hand.
I directed Gen. Runvan to make provision for
tbe trooDit and in a little while ne reportea to
me that, under the circumstances, they could
better, and more cheaulv. be subsisted by con
tract with third parties, than by any other way.
indeed no other plan presented itseu, exoept to
quarter them at tbe hotels; whicD, irom me
large number to be expected witbin a day or
two was impracticable, or if practicable, very
expensive. The suggestion or uenerai nun
yan seemed to me to be very reasonable, espe
cially in view of the expectation that the troops
might and probably would remain in camp
but a few days, tbe indications then being
that all the thirteen Regiments would soon
be called to tbe east. In a abort time, Mr
Lutber Donaldson and bis co-contractors came
to my office, as I understood, having been in'
formed by Gen. Kunyan of tbe purpose or bay
ing tbe troops subsisted Dy con ract. i oey
made tbeir proposition, if I remember aright,
in writing. It seemed to me to be too high.
But, for tbe foregoing reasons, I thought tbe
public interest would be promoted by accepting
it, with some modifications, which were agreed
to. I left the oerfeoting of tbe details and
writing the contract to General J. D. Cox, who
was then rendering me all tbe assistance which
bis public duties would permit. - ,
To Messrs. Monahan. Wright, Bruff, and
others of House of Representatives' Commit
The above report was ordered to be printed
and Inserted In the official report.
Mr. BALDWIN, Irom tbe committee on f i
nance, reported back S. B. 306 Fixing tbe rate
of taxation for tbe year 1861, with sundry amend
Mr. BALDWIN and Mr. BONAR explained
the provisions of tbe bill and amendments, and
the reasons for them. One of these amend
ments provided for a reduction of the levy for
tbe school lund.
Mr. HILLS opposed this feature. He would
not take tbe money from tbe school fund to be
spent In war. It was wrong and mean, and was
very little better man an enort to subsist me
soldiers by setting men in tbe fence corners to
steal tbe children's dinners.
Mr. CONVERSE concurred with Mr. Hills.
Mr. PLANTS said this arrangement of the
levy was an old acquaintance tbat be bad often
seen in this House; and be did not like bim any
better in his regimentals than in other drees.
Mr. ,r LAuti explained tne necessity oi econ
omy at tbis time, and showed that this amend
ment would not materially affect tbe school
fund; and the levy would only be for one year.
Mr. JONAs would not take Irom the schools;
but be thought there would not be needed so
much tbis year as last, for tbe support of
schools. He was satisfied that we could get
along, and hoped the bill would pass.
Mr. CUA opposed mis arrangement aa un
favorable to the real Interests of the cause of
eduoation. It would be tbe xuln of tbe Union
schools nearly all over the State.
Mr, STEDMAN opposed It on tbe same prin
ciple, especially the provision limiting the local
school tax.
The amendment limiting the local school tax
was disagreed to. The other amendments were
agreed to, wheL the bill was ordered to be en
grossed and read a third lime now.
The bill was read a third time, wben
Mr, FLAGG offered an amendment, striking
out tbe limit to tbe levy of cities of the first
class, which was agreed to.
Mr. PLANTS moved to amend, by restoring
the general school levy to its old rate of 1)
Mr. VORIS moved to make it mills.
Mr. WELSH hoped that these amendments
would not be adopted., lie would cut down
every possible expense. Extraordinary ex
penses have been incurred; and if the war con
tinues, there will be less attendance at schools,
and tbe schools would require less.
Mr. BKUrr supported tbe amendment of Mr,
Plants, because tbe bill outs down the gene
ral school tax, which will cut down the period
of sohools for each year, unless made up by a
local tax.
Mr. STIERS deprecated the idea of reducing
the school levy at tbis time. Tbe very fact
that we are in war la one of tbe best reasons
for keeclng up the fund and the schools; and he
hoped the bill would be amended, . Otherwise
he conld not vote for it.
Mr. WRIGHT, of Hamilton, desired to call
the attention of the House to tbe fact that the
whole amount of school fund raised in the State
from all sources was three and a half millions,
of which five-sixths is appropriated to the pay
ment of teachers, and one-sixth Is levied for
sites, building repairs and contingent expenses.
Tbe diminution or tne sonooi tuna would be
about ten per cent, under this bill. This was
very small matter, aa me local tax was. in
few, If any ot tht counties, up to two mills,
which amount township boards of education
aretauthorixed to assess for prolonging schools.
In but few, if any, ot tbe counties la tbe
local tax equal to tbe amount author
ized by law, and In several of them it Is
less than one mill. This applies particularly
to those counties that keep tbeir schools in ope
ration less time than is required by law. Now,
if gentlemen are as sincere and honest In their
desire to keep schools in operation In tbe present
emergency aa they protess, tbey will look to It,
that their counties levy a greater local tax
Tbey should not desire nor expect to educate
without local expenses. The burthenB, In this
hour of our country's perils, should be equal
The vote was then taken on the amendment
of Mr. Plants, which was agreed to yeas 46,
nays K.
Tbe bill was then passed yeas 56, nays 20.
S. B. 279 To provide for reports from rail
road companies, was read tbe first and second
time, and referred to the committee on Rail
The House then took a recess till balf bast
seven o'ciock mis evening. , ,
1 S. B. 31 6 -For the protection Of wild geese
and ducks in certain counties, was read tbe first;
second and third times, and passed yeas 55,
nayo i.
The Senate's joint resolution providing for
the publishing of the militia laws and regulations
of tbe state, was agreea to.
Tbe senate's lolnt resolution relative to dona
tlons for the Ohio institution for Idiots and im
becile youth, was agreed to.
8. B. 318 lo amend tbe act to autborias
free banking, was read tbe first and second times
and referred to the committee on Currecoy.
Mr. WRIGHT of Hamilton, presented a me
morial from several business men or Clncln
nati, In relation to bank circulation, which was
read and referred to tbe committee on Cnrren
S, B. 320 Making certain appropriations
for the year 1861, was read a second and third
time and passed yeas ol, nays U
S. B. 318 To prevent the sale of Intoxlca
ting liquors in the vicinity of military camps,
was read me nrst time, wben
Mr. FLAGG moved that tbe rule be suspend
ed, and tbe bill read a second time now, which
was disagreed to yeas 46, nays 23.
Mr. FLAGG moved tbat the vote Just taken
be reconsidered, whloh was agreed to, when
The vote was again oalled on suspending the
rule, when the House refused to suspend, tbe
same. ,. ... . . , ....... ., , , , .... , . ., ..
The House agreed to the Senate's amend
mentt to H. B 492-For the relief of tha faml
llies of volunteers yeas 61, nays 3. " , . k
" Tk. ITiinu rr.t tt .V, . at a. .MM,i
1111 hvimv p,tm w uv SIUQUU
ment to H. J. resolution for the payment of
Samuel Doyle & Co. yeas 59, nays o.
The House agreed to the Senate's amend
ment to H. B. 323 To encourage the formation
or r ire companies yeas ou, nays 11.
The House took no S. B. 314 To Dav out
standing checks for tbe Publlo works with the
pending House amendments. Tbe Senate bar
Ing disagreed to two of the said amendments
tbe House insisted on its amendments,andaBked
tor a committee ot conierence. ,
The committee on Finance renorteii hack 8
B. 320 Making aoorooriations for 1861amcn.
ded to as to include the amount due S. Doyle,
Ari- . t, .
et ivo.,.woion was agreea to, wben tbe bill was
passed yeaa 67, nays a.
Mr. FLAGG Introduced II. B, 508-In rela
Hon to : Surgeon and Surgeon's Mate whloh
waa read the first time.
Mr. FLAGG moved that the rule be suspend
ed, and the bill be read a second time, . whloh
wis disagreed to.
WELSH were appointed on the committee of
conference on S. B. 314 Relating to the Ca
nal appropriation. , . .
A compound remedy, designed to be the most
effectual Alterative that can be made. It is
concentrated extract of Para Saraaparilia,
so combined with other substances of still
greater alterative power as to afford an effec
tive antidote for tho diseases Sarsaparilla is
reputed to cure. It is believed that such a
remedy ia wanted by those who suffer from
Strumous complaints, and that one which will
accomplish their cure must prove of immense
service to this large class of our afflicted fellow
citizens. How completely this compound will
do it has been proven by experiment on many
of the worst cases to be found of the following
complaints :
Scrofula and Scrofulous Complaints,
Euuptions and Eruptive Diseases, Ulcers,
Pimples, Blotches, Tumors, Salt Rheum,
Scald Head, Stphilis and Syphilitic Af
fections, Mercurial Dise asb, Dropsy, Neu
raloia or Tic Douloureux, Debility, Dys
pepsia and Indioestion, Erysipelas, Rose
or St. Anthony's Fire, and indeed the whole
class of complaints arising from Impurity op
tub Blood.
This compound will he found a great pro
moter of health, when taken in tho spring, to
expel tho foul humors which fester in tho
blood at that season of the year. By the time
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders
are nipped in the bud. . Multitudes con, by
the aid of this remedy, spare themselves from
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sores, through which the system will strive to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do
this through the natural channels of the body
by an alterative medicine. Cleanse out the
vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities
bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions,
or sores; cleanse it when you find it is ob
structed and sluggish in the veins; cleanse it
whenever it is foul, and your feelings will tell
you wben. .Even where no particular disorder
is felt, people enjoy better health, and live
longer, for cleansing the blood. Keep the
blood healthy, and all is well ; but with this
Eabulum of life disordered, there con be no
isting health. Sooner or later something
must go wrong, and the great machinery of
life is disordered or overthrown.
Sarsaparilla has, and deserves much, the
reputation of accomplishing these ends. But
the world has been egregiouBly deceived by
preparations of it, partly because the drug
alone has not all the virtue that is claimed
for it, but more because many preparations.
pretending to be concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little of the virtue of Sarsaparilla,
or any imng eie.
During late years the public have been mis
led by large bottles, pretending to give a quart
ot .Extract of barsaparula lor one doHar. Most
of theso have been frauds upon the sick, for
they not only contain little, if any, Sarsapa
rilla, but often no curative properties whatev
er. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment
has followed tho use of the various extracts of
Sarsaparilla, which flood the market, until the
name itself is justly despised, and has become
synonymous with imposition and cheat. Still
we call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend
to supply such a remedy as shall rescue the
name front the load of obloquy which rests
upon it. vAnd we think ve have ground for
believing it lias virtues which ore irresistible
by the ordinary run of the diseases it is intend
ed to cure. In order to secure their complete
eradication from the system, the remedy should
be judiciously taken according to directions on
tho bottle. '
DR. J. C. AYER & GO.
Price, $lperBottl Six Bottles for $3.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
has won for itself such a renown for the cure of
every variety of Throat and Luna Comnluint. that
it ih entirely unnecessary for us to recount the
evidence of its virtues, wherever it ha been em
ployed. As it haa long been in constant use
throughout this section, we need not do more than
assure the pcoplo it quality i kept up to the best
it ever has been, and that it may be relied on to
do for their relief all it has ever been found to do.
Cathartic Pills,
er s
Cotiivenets, Jaundice, Dyspepiia, Indigestion,
Dyseixtery, Foul Stomach, Erysipelas, Headache,
I' lies, Rheumatism, Lmpttons and SAm Diseases,
Liver Complaint, Dropsy, Tetter, Tumors and
Salt Ilheum, Worms, Gout, Neuralyia, as a
Dinner Pill, and for Purifying the Blood.
They arc sugar-coated, so that the most sensi
tive can take them pleasantly, and they nro the
best aperient in the world for all the purposes of a
family physic.
Prioe 85 eents per Sox ; Five boxes for $1.00.
Greatnumbers of Clergymen, Physicians, States
men, and eminent personages, have lent their
names to certify tho unparalleled usefulness of these
remedies, but our space here wiU not permit the
insertion of them; The Agents below named fur
nish gratis our Americas Almanac in which they
are given with also full descriptions of the above
complaints, and the treatment that should be fol
lowed Tor their cure.
Do not be put off by unprincipled dealers with
other preparations they make more profit on.
Demand Ater'b, and take no others. The lick
want the beat aid there is for them, and they should
haveit, .... . -,:, . .i.. t ,-
All our remedies are for sale by ,
ROBERTS tt SAMUEL. Columbus.
And by Draafrtstaand Peeler everywhere.
Bov9:lyd,twatw . ,,,.( i . . ,, .
0. Doylo er3 Oo.
XI to th South-west corner of High and friend
And will oonttnu to keep en hand a large stock of
Tha attention ot Merchants and Dealers Is respectful,
ly Invited to our stock. B. DOYLI t Oo,
marenacatiiijuuJi. .
DAINdb ''ooia-,
., , No. 89, SOUTH HIQli STREET.
Bav lust received a new aaak ot HOOP SKIRTS
Sntshedln a manner tar superior to any yet introduced
'"durability And gracefulness.
' Bam IS. ... bv ' .' T
flat of Phalon Establishment, N. t) PoprtstoT
th New Yorw Fasbjonabl Bbavtog, Hair Catting;
Bhampoonlng, Curling and Draasing Saloon, laet Stat
(treat, over the Poet Office, wheia, Satisfaction will
i be given In all th various kmehee. Ladle and
- Children' Hair Dresalnf. don In th beat style : I
. NEW,
It larm sand wll stain rftl . Th iati
from AMERICAN, XNGLIBH and ffBKNOH ffaotorlM. -
Gold and Velvet Borders,
and, - v;
Gold and Painted Shades,
WINDOW FLXTDKE8, all kinds,
N. B. Landlords and persons wishing quantities of
Paper will make money by buying ot us. Country
Merchant and persons from abroad will do well to call
and sea ns. aprll 1-dZmeodl R. At A.
Spring & Summer Millinery.
' The Stock Replenished
Spring & Summer Millinery
I now compute, coop rising every variety of Millin
ery; also, a large assortment of Embroideries, Hosiery
and Notion, w., and In quantities and prices that ean!
not fail to suit all who may favor us with a call. Dm
goods have been bought at Panic prices, and will b told
at a small advance on cost.
Miss M. E.YOUNG, late of New York City,
will superintend th Millinery Department. Her long
experience In th most Fashionable Establishment In
Broadway will alon be a warranty that she will be abla
to give entire satisfaction In matters of taste to all who
may favor her with their orders.
Th Ladles of Columbus and vicinity will pleas ac
cept my sincere thanks for their liberal patronage, and
would respectfully solicit a continuance of the sam.
68 Eaet Town St., Cwlumbn. O.
Irish Linen Goods.
Linen Shirt Bosom Plain and Fancy
Shirting and Bosom Linens.
Linen Bheetlnga and Pillow Casings.
Linen O ambries and Long Lawns.
Linen Pocket-handkrfs, all slaes.
Wo"" Towellings and Diapers
Linen Napkins and D'Oylies.
Linen Table Cloths and Satin Damasks.
Linen Towel with colored borders.
Linen Stair Covering and Crah.
lorsale at low prices.
. . BAIN As BON,
reb No. 19 South High street.
Cure Cough, Cold, Boarteneee, hjlu
enea, any JrUaUon er Sormee of the
lhroat. Believe the Banking Oough
in Consumption, Bronhtilie, Aetha.
' ma, and Catarrh, Clear and give
strength to the voice of
tew are aware of tha Importanoe of check In . Onnvh
"Oommon Cold' in Ite flratstaga; that which la tha
beginning wonld yield to a mild remedy. If neglected,
soon attacks the lungs. "Brown'e Bronchial Trochee,''
containing demuloent Ingredient, allay Pulmoaary and
onmouiai imumn, : . . ,. . .
"That trouble In my Throat, ffor vhUih
tha !Droahe, are a specific) bavins mada ma
.often a mere whisperer."
I. P. wrtLIB.
"lrsoommend their use to Poauo Snua-
"Have proved extremely tervtoeabla for
"Almost Instant relief la the distressing
labor of breathing peculiar to Asthma."
-"Contain no Opium or anything inlurt
ous." DR. A A. HATES, , I
. , , . , Chemist, Boston.
A simole and Bleaaant nomhlnftiiftn tnv
Cooous, c." - '
"Beneficial In BRoiicntTis."
LR. J. f. W.T.1NBJ.
TR00T1ES Boston.
"I have proved them meal lent fa Wsnor-
iss Cocoa." '. ,
"Benetetsl when eomnelled to sneak, suf
fering from Col." ..
. i , air. a- a. . annsuun,
tit. Louie.
'ErrscTTAL In removing Hearseneaa and
frritatlon af in Throat, osaaoa with
SraAKEBsand ,Iirm." ,
La Grange, (7a.,
Teacher ef Musie, Southern
' . ' Female Oollege.
Oreatbenedtwhsn Jaken before and after
preaching, aa they prevent Hoareenese. Fraaa
tbeir pest effect, 1 uima tney will b of oar-
maneni advantage to ma.". . .
BR V . M . ROWLEY. A. M.,
1 ' President of Athena College, Tana.
ICTSald hf all "Druggists at TWENTY-
. i rivw tints a UA.n . .
." " Draggteta, 84 North Hlrt street. :
t4 ,v B. 1. SAM (JUL at CO... , m .,
) ' Si South High street, OolBBbaa, til .,
'aarT-deodlm . 1 J
jl uuubib, aew siy ne, just open rany
No. 89 Sonta Hi, b sums.

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