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The Adams Express Company plaoes us daily
under obligations to it lor ine Tory latssi papers
from the eastern cities.
The American Express Company has our
thanks for Its daily favors In the shape of the
' rery latest eastern papers.
, Camp Jackson. A detachment of one huo
dred carpenters belonging to the Fifteenth and
; Twentieth Regiments leave Camp Jackson, this
afternoon, for Camp Anderson, at Zanesvllle, in
' order to prepare barracks for their respective
: Uegiments, ' who will follow them In a few
,:l:,days., . - . : ........ ;; :
' Capt. Boell's Company, from Marietta, to-
gether with other Companies, will be ordered
.to that place this week, for the purpose of en
campment and the support of the Battery at
that point.
' Mr, Ogdkiv will ooramenoe to-morrow, supply
log the troops at Camp Jackson, with rations
under his contract.
' According to the report of the Surgeon in
charge of the Military Hospital, Dr. 0. E
Botlc, of this city, there were this morning
. eighteen patients in the Hospital.
. Dr. Ball has returned from Zanesvllle, and
. has resumed his charge of the Medical Depart
ment at Cimp JackBon.
. We are requested to contradict a report that
Col. Kino, Commandant at Camp Jackson, has
ben appointed on the Staff of Brigadier Gen
; eral Schliich. Such an appointment, we learn
was tendered to Col. Kma, which he declined!
Riv. Edoar Woods and the First Pussy-
txriam Church. At an nnnsally large meeting
i at IhA momhAa ftV Ka I-. .1 f .1. .
rirst Presbyterian Church, held In the Cburoh
this moring, May 13th, the Committee appoint
ed at a previous meeting to confer with the
Kev. Mr. Woods In regard to his resignation of
tne Pastoral Charge of said Church, made a re
port concluding with the following resolutions,
.' wnich were unammouily adopted, every mem
ber of the Congregation present voting:
"Rttolmd, That there is nothing In the views
vw BBuumeaia 01 me Kev. fcrxua woods, In re.
, latlon to the uuhappy condition of our country,
which should In the least decree disturb the
r iwoo ma narmony ot tne relation existing be-
.. . uiui uu bum vungrcgaiiOD.
' Rfolved, That we respectfully ask the Rev.
Mr. Woods to withdraw his resignation."
This decided action of the Congregation is
Rime creditable to Itself and the Rev. Mr,
Woods. It is not mere idle words when we say
inai no congregation in the City of Columbus
was ever more devotedly attached to their Pas
, tor, than is the First Presbyterian Church to the
Rev. Mr. W. Those who have sought to pro
duoe an estrangement between this good man
. and his Cooereitation. m loam taann r,.
the action taken as above stated.
SosaroNS. The following are the names of
the Surgeons and Surgeons' Mates appointed
ior tne nine ttegiments of State troops
Regiment. Surgeons. Mates.
J. a. count, oTiTYoiZiT.
" O. Lewi., , W. H. Drury.
?S;?M Boblnion, 0. B. Denlg.
Ji'S JohnO.Kylt, T. J. Cleveland.
A.O.Bwartawelder, J. N.Mowry.
I9 B. B. Brsshear, P. D. MorrH,
9th u. i" mm, a. j. Beiiows.
W. M. Uamei, W. 0. Daniels.
wu i Douglas Day.
The Board of Medical Examiners have ex
amined and approved the following physicians
f for Surgeons and Surgeons' Matesi
i S ' -'Sororons. A. C. Swartzwelder, M. D., Iron
too; Douglas Day, M.D., Zanesvllle; L. G,
Myer, M. D., ' Cleveland; B. B. Brasbear, M.
D., Canal Dover; W. M. Eames, M. D., Or
well; E. L. Hill, M. D., Oxford.
Sosoeons' Mates. W. C. Daniels, M. D.,
Toledo; T. J. Cleveland, M. D., Cleveland; W.
H. Drary, M. D., Columbus; C. E. Dcnlg.M.
D Grove City; C. J. Bellows, M. D., Jefferson;
F. D. Mo.-ris, M. D., Hamilton; J. N. Mowry;
M. D., Maosfiold.
The Soldier's Guide T. B. Petersow &
. Brothers, PbiladelDhia. have nubliahed a ohnan
' work for the instruction of volunteer recruits-
i It is called the "Soidier.s Guide, a Complete
, Manual and Drill Book, for the use of all Vol-
untesrs Militia and the Home Guards," adapt
. '.. 4 to Geueral Scott's discipline and drill of.the
' 1 soldiers at the present time in the U. S. Army.
It is compiled by an officer of the United States
, ' Army, The Instructions are plain and full,
with a dictionary of military terms to make the
' . explanations Intelligible. The work is sent by
the publishers to any place, to any one, free of
postage, oa remitting them twenty-five cents In
..' a letter; or five copies will be sent for one dol-
. far ;'; ' - ,
Lewis' New GutNUTica. Thia la a
vaiuu u uysiuat viuiiure, anu oae wnicn
should be In the hands of every person, and es-
f"""J! v w;rj vug wuu uas uuarge or. tne
education and training of youth. Few are
aware bow much the body can be Improved and
. , strengthened in adult, and even in old age, and
how muoh may be gained in health, buoyancy
.' and elasticity of spirits, as well as In eheerful-
" ness ana vigor OF mind, by well directed efforts
steadily pursued. To show how to make these
(uuth ana me immense resulting Denent is the
- object of Dr. LewIi' monthly. ' -" t '
i . ArroiNTMEirr of Inspectors. Under the act
just passed by the Legislature, prohibiting the
transportation of artieles contraband of war, and
: , providing for the appointment of inspectors of
freight and merchandise, Governor Dennison
has appointed the following Inspectors. Auaus
tus C. Burleson and Aterill Barlow at
Cleveland, and Wiluam Walker,' at Ports-1
month. Inspectors will be appointed at other
points. " ' " ;
" Plant Sorghum. The certainty that a por
. -tloa of our supplies of sugar irom - the South
most be rout off during the rebellion in Loutsl-
rna,; should admonish our farmers even those
who bays prejudices on the subjeot, to plant son
ghum freely this spring, and prepare by the
time It comes to maturity to make sugar and
. molasses from It. Plant sorghum and prepare
to mate our own sugar and molasses. ,
, -i "i . . , '
A Stati Miutart Board. A State Military
Board, consisting of the Commander-in-Chief.
. . Governor Dennison, who U President of the
Board; Adjutant General Carrinotowi Quarter
Muter General Wood; Commissary General
Buckingham; Assistant Adjutant General Sin,
and Assistant Quarter Master 'General Whit
tlesey, has been organized, and will hold dally
sessions for the purpose of consultation npon
the military affairs of the Stito. I
ir-nt ! Jl -' ' "-- 1
'a'hr Little Giant Not Douglas, nor Bxeckt
Inrldge, nor even "Old Abe," but James Pvle's
,;Piotetio Saleratus, that In Its own department
',-posseste more strength end purity than ell of
them.J .AU ether kinds are pigmies to It. . De
poi, 345 Washington SUeet, New York Bold
py grocers ererywbeie.
From Washington City.
Washington. May 12. The Messrs. Gallatin.
of the New York Chamber of Commerqe, were
in consultation with Secretary Chase on Friday,
about the new loan. 1 1
Yesterday the Seoretarr Invited Offers for the
nine millions undisposed or, unoer aether teb
ruarv. whioh does not restrict offers to par. -,
This call requires ten days' advertisement
only.. '- '-.
It la understood that the Secretary, thouoh
authorized to reject oilers below par, ani) resort
to treasury notes, will accept all offers at or about
the ourrent market rate, and not resort to trea
sury notes until after the "expiration of the 30
days' advertisement for the balance of the loan.
Preparations are being com Dieted rorefflnleni
ly blockading Virginia waters. - .. , , ... '
Capt. Preodegrast has given notice of 15 days
ior an vessels 10 leave rorismoutn with of with
out cargoes. .... .. , ,., ,,, v, -
Several foreign Ministers ana lomn Anl
cans have asked for an extension of time, bat in
every case iuej uave ueeu reiuoeu, j
1 be order will be adhered to Imperative!.
Persons, though renresentlng themnel.o
union men, are aeniea tne privilege of forward
ing locomotives to Tennessee, for the reason.
among others, that such machines might be
usea in transporting nosuie troops. ' , .
government also takes care tbat coal for
steam purposes sball not be transported to die
loyal States. - i .
Information having reached the- Navy De
partment, late last nignt, tnat several small ves
sets had been fired at from the Virginia shore,
and an effort made to detain them bv the Alex.
andria authorities, in order that their cargoes of
nso, insteaaol Deing Drougnt to: wasbingtooi
might be used for the .- seoession troops, ths
Secretary ordered the steamer Pawnee to stop
the lawless proceeding.' 1
In addition to the national vessels, about 20
armed steamers from Mew York,' Baltimore
and Philadelphia have been, or are being put in
J I LI..I If .... or
rnuiutnsj lur uiuuaaumg. . - .. i , , ,
Washimotow, May 12-Ths Tim' soeclal
uurresDonaent says a messenrer Dvanaa ai train
iron, toe nsiay House says Uol Jones' scoots
were driven in by a large force of rebels from
Harper's Ferry. Gen. Butler sent two reolmnnia
from Annapolis to reinforce him. Gen. Mans
field sent i,6UU men, with a body of cavalry and
arwiury, iron nere. , au RtiacK is expected to
night or tc-morrow.' k ,'.;' : i
According to the Herald' $ special dispatch, a
negro traitor says it Is the intention of the reb
els to oegio tne oonutct immediately. r
They complain that the Montgomery Govern
ment is too slow. Jeff. Davis has been
at Richmond for the last eight days. Governor
Letcher said that no definite plan of operations
is yet determined upon. - '
Captain Melee has been reconnolterlno tha
heights overlooking Washington, with a view of
erecting loruncsuons.
Gov. Letcher says he has written to the offi
cer commanding at Harper's Ferry to withdraw
nis lorces irom Maryland.
Ihe rebels are erertinu haar hattMlaa at
-a j -.-..v
jenerson kocks, commaading the Virginia and
uiaryiana aiaes oi tne rotomao ana snenandoab,
and also other approaches.
When the Government sets read to march.
the Rebels will be speedily dislodged
An army officer from Cairo reports that there
is not the slightest apprehension of an attack.
There are plenty of troops there, who can hold
it against any force irom tne soutb, . .
Washington, Mav 11. The Virctnia rehnla
are fortifying themselves at Harper's Ferry,
and reinforcements are constantly arriving.!
James Dickson, of Alexandria. Va.. baa haan
offered the Collectorship there. He is loyal, and
mv cuiuuuiuui u, ouuBiuereu signinoant tnat
the Government intends Drotectinir its affiecr.
even in Virginia. '
[Special Dispatch to the World].
decided that in the case of Massachusetts the
Governor mav select from the Reirlmenta tan.
dered the number required for the war. This
applies to otner Htates.
some South Carolina troops have airived at
Harper's Ferry. . t ,
From St. Louis.
11. Hon. John Howe and
Colonel Robert Cam obeli have received a note
Irom Gen. Frost, which has been distributed
about the city in extras, earnestly entreating
bis and the friends of the State Militia now
held as prisoners of war in the Arsenal, to ab
stain Irom any demonstration, stating that their
safety depends upon quietness in the eity; and
mat any riotous proceedings would arouse the
populace In the lower wards, and result disas
trously to the city and to them.
Keporta ol insubordination in the Arsenal are
oredited, and feare are entertained for the lives
of the State troops, should a disturbance occur
in tne city.
ben. Harney bas arrived and taken command
of the United States forces. Capt. Lyon will
start for Washington to-morrow.
The following additional names of those kill
ed have been ascertained: Casoer H. Glenber,
Jno. Swelkfoot, Jno. Waters, P. i Doant J J
Jones, of Portage Co., Ohio, L. Carl, Christian
Dean, Mrs. McCaullff, W. Chapman, F.fUllen,
and two boys named Seenhower and Leasing.
Dr. Geo. B.Sanderson was stabbed last night
In a drinking saloon by Judge Buckner. Both
are prominent citizens. The difficulty grew out
of the Camp Jackson affair. Buckner gave him
self up and was lodged in jail. Sanderson 1 re
ceived three wounds in the stomach, each of
which Is considered fatal. : J 7, ' V,
Wheeling, May 13. The greatest enthusi
asm prevails here. 'Flags are flying in all di
rections. A large number of Delegates to. the
Convention arrived on trains from the interior,
and on boats from river counties this morning,
A large orowd assembled in front of the Mo
Clure House; speeches were delivered by Car
lisle, Pierpont, Brown, Wiley, and other promi
nent delegates. ' i
aome speakers took ground that tbe proper
position of Western Virginia was neutrality.
while others favored the immediate division. of
the State. ', .
Tbe Convention assembled at 11 o'clock! A.
,and temporarily organized bv calling Wm. B.
Zinn to the chair. , ... .., , 1
The opening oraver was made bvRev. L.
Ashley, . 1 - " ' j ,
A motion was made to admit to the floor all
persons here from any Western counties.
A discussion arose, some maintaining only
those furnished with proper credentials to be en
titled to seats. The subjeot was finally referred
a committee on credentials, and tne uonven
tion adjourned till 2 o'clock,. . j
New York, May 13. The Baltimore corres
pondent of the Ttibun of. Saturday says: A
band of Virginians, joined by Baltlmoreans, have
aavancea irom Harper's ferry ana seized Mo-
nocao Bridge and Frederick Junction, and ex
pected to throw a detachment Into Frederick
oitv. ; .;.. : - in -: -.- i'r- I
Capt. Chester's telegraph and engineer corns
can take operator who pass inspection into the
ranu ior two or tnree days more. ...
iuej wui wrre ma pnvaiee, except wnen
csnea on teiegnpa.anty, whenine pay will be
high. ' . . .' :t pi- 1 M-.r '-
send word by telegraph to Capt. S. Chester,
new i otic, immediately, it ready,
Baltimore, Mt 12.-iCltv . oulet. Troops
from York and Lancaster are expected to ar
rive here to-morrow In large numbers, over the
Mortnero central Kaiiroad. - ' (
Fort McHenry has been largely reinforced to
About iahj men are now there. - i
Gen. Butler arrived at the Fort this1 morn!
In a steamer from, Annapolis, and is still there
Men worktBC under direction of the pity
to-day have been building the .Canton bridge.
It will be ready to-morrow Jor the passage or
trains. . v .mu
Some merchants from Baltimore visited the
Massachusetts 6th Regiment at the Relay House
and presented them with an American flag. I v -
a wagon load Of military goods, bound to
Harper's Ferry, was seltsd on the Frederick
road last night by the. troop
' NEW YoK. MsYlTriA' Vhttft rlUnkfnh
States that Gn:; Scott has sent' Orders for 'the
fortlfloation of the holnht at r.Un.
log Bird Point, wklch he reRards ai. tha only
assailable point at that boat. '" " " -
fiurntti, May l2rlufuoredf sttrm.shlni
at Alexandria to-day, 'with, ft company of Vlrgt
cla oavairy.
Another Fatal Riot at St. Louis.
Sr. Louis, May 12 The city saw another
terrible tragedy last night about six o'clock.
large body of Home Guards entered the city
through Fifth street, from the Arnnnal. whare
thev had been enlisted during- the da and fur
nished with arms. On reaohing Walnut street,
the troops turned westward, a large orowd lln-
ing the pavements to witness their nroeress.
At tliennrner Of Klfltl arraat. nirllna amnnir tha
spectators began booting, hissing and otherwise
abnainor the eomnanloa aa tha n.aanri. ami a hn
about 14 rears of age discharged a pistol into
tbe ranks.
Part of the rear mmnim Immeiliatnl tnrnait
and fired upon the crowd, and the whole oolnmn
was instant! In rnnfualnn. breaklnir their ranlra
and dinRharfflno- mnoirota Hnsn ti.ali- mh Una
and among the neoole on the side walks. The
shower of balls for a few minutes was terrible.
the bullets flyine In ever direction, entnrlnv
doors and windows of private residences, break
ing shutters, tearing raliiasrs. and even smash
inff brlcka on the third atnr.
Tbe utmost confusion and consternation ore-
vailed, spectators fleeing in all directions, and
but for the raiirinm flrinp nf the trnrtna. annrao
of people must have been killed. As most of
the firing was directed down their own ranks,
the troops suffered most severely, four of their
number being instantly killed and several
Jerry Switzlan, river engineer, John Gsrvlo.
and William Cody, all citizens, were killed,
Charles H. Woodward was wounded in the
shoulder; his entire arm will have to bo ampu-
tated. Jeremiah Godfrey, working garden for
Mr. Cozzens, received three minie balls in his
body.' Michael Davia bad hla ankle ahattaraH.
T. 1? Iir.l-l L.JI .L-. . ;
jaiuea i'. r uiuu was oauij snot in toe loot, ana
several others were less severely wounded. The
houseof Mr. Mathlas reoeived three bullets; one
nis uaugniers was svruct wim a spent pan
Only one of the soldiers, John Dick, a German,
has been recognized.
An Immense crowd of people filled the streets
after the occurrence. The most intense indig
nation Is expressed against the Germans.
Mayor Taylor addressed the excited crowd,
and induced them to disperse, under a promise
II.., M. A.rfl... .Int.... .LA1J U - A .T.L
city was comparatively quiet during evening
and night, a heavy rain preventing tbe assemb
reventing tbe assemb-
line; of large crowds.
the mate troops released from tbe Arsenal
last evening came to the city on the steamer,
tearing to trust tnemselves among tbe Ger
mans of the lower wards, even under escort.
All complain bitterly of bad treatment dnrinr
tueir coDunnmeui in tne Arsenal.
General Frost and bis officers eare their na.
role under protest, and his men were allowed
avail themselves of tbe eamo when taking
oaw not 10 near arms against tne united
Heavy rains have fallen nearly all day, not
withstanding which the streets have been
throneed bv an excited neonle. a larra nrnnnr.
of whom loudly censure those in authority
putting loaded arms in the hands of inexpe-
riencea volunteers, to snoot aown inouensive cit
izens for insufficient cause.
All good citizens deprecate the action of the
lawless parties, and mostly blame the troops for
indiscriminately firing into a crowd of innocent
people without orders, and cry out sgalnst the
unnecessary marching of armed soldiers through
in order to allay tbe exoitement and restore
confidence to the people, Gen. Harney Issued a
proclamation to tbe people of St. Louis and
State of Missouri, which has been posted
throughout the oity, expressing deep regret at
State of things exising here, and pledging
himself to do all in his power to preserve the
peace, calling on the people and the authorities
assist mm in tne discharge of his duties.
tie says tne military force under bis command
ill only be need in the last extremity and
hopes he will not be compelled to resort to mar
tial law, but emphatically states tbat the public
peace most be preserved, and tbe lives and
property or tbe people protected, lie says be
no authority to change the location of the
Home Guards now quartered in the city: but to
avoid all causes of irritation and excitement, it
called npon, will aid the local authorities with
regular army in prelerence.
In aooordance with bis proclamation, a bat
tallion of regulars bas been sent to the city and
placed under the direction of the police commis
sioners, to act as a military police corps.
Considerable lawlessness prevailed during tbe
two days,- several innocent Uermans nave
shot on the streets.
The feeline against the Germans is most in
tense, the regular volunteers sod Home Guards
being composed mainly of that class of citizens,
through their acts so many innocent people
avlng been killed.
several persons, cbarged witb bring on tbe
troops and shooting in ihe streets, have been
arrested, and tbe police are constantly on tho
News of the surrender of Camp Jackson crea
intense excitement at Jefferson City, and
Harris' Military bill passed both House and
8enate in fifteen miuutes.
Another commotion was created upon tho re
ception of a dispatch stating tbat a large force
volunteers had left this oity for Jefferson.
The powder recently purchased here was im
mediately sent into tbe oounlry, and the State
Treasury removed to a place of security. A
large number of oitizens enrolled themselves as
Home Guard, and several Hundred troops are
expected from the adjoining counties. In obe
dience to a special call by the Governor, a ses
sion of the Legislature was called after miduigbt.
bill passed both Houses extending powers
tbe Police Commissioners, and giving the
Governor ampio ' means lor suppressing riots
insurrectionary movements throughout the
State. :
About a thousand Illinois volunteers are now
stationed at Caseyville, Beven miles east of
Harper's Ferry.
[Herald's Correspondence.]
May says
Government scent reports that rebels oo-
cupy tbe Virginia and also the Maryland side,
were apprehensive of an attack from the
federal lorces. They were reoetving supplies,
arms and munitions from Baltimore, and nad
military road direct to tbat city.
The Government will soon cut off this road.
It is reported that New Orleans, Alabama
Tennessee regiments marched to Rich
mond yesterday, tbe New Orleans regiments
being armed only with short swords and pistols.
Annafolis, May 11. The Wioans steam gun
guards the viaduct at the Relay House. A
Baltimore paper stated tnat wnen tne gun was
captured it was sroice out for praotlce. Tbe
agent In charge of It admits it was on the way
Harper's Ferry.
Considerable cotton baa accumulated at uid
Point Comfort, which bas been taken from rebel
vessels. ' ..
The Maryland quota of troops will be called
immediately after tbe Legislature adjourns,
There are already lour regiments ot volunteers
Hahribbuiq, May 12. Thirty-one freight
ears, with rough seats for tbe soldiers, are im
mediately opposite Harrlsburg, on the North
ern Central Kaiiroad, and twenty-two at York,
evidently Intended for tbe Immediate transmis
sion of large bodies of troops.
An attempt was made to-day to tear up the
track of tbe Northern Central Railroad, four
teen miles this side of Baltimore, but the parties
were detected before much injury was done.
Philapuhia. Mav 11. A grand ovation was
given to Col. Anderson In thia oity to-day. He
was escorted to independence nan oy tne mm-
tary, wnere no neiu a tevee. .
New Yost. May 13. The North Star ar
rived from Panama, bringing $800,000 . in spe
cie. ' K.,1 ..,: . , ' . v n-
Tbe schooner Geo. M. Smith arrived in charge
a prize. The master had aboard gun car
riages for tbe rebels.
Niw Yom. May 11. It is said negotiations
are pending for chartering the Great Eastern
for the United States service.
It Is reported that the Federal authorities took
possession or the uustom House at Alexandria
Va. No resistance was made.
GaiDima's Islano, Mav 13. Two privateers
were captured by a frigate between this Island
and Montauk, on Saturday afternoon, after
thres hours ntavy cannonading, i hey were
brought into New London on Saturday night
rPHiLaniLVHU. May ll.v-Coh-Anderson will
tear New York Tuesday morning for Louis-
Vine, tla tbe rennsyivania uentrai roarj, pass
Ing thro ngh. Harrlsburg, Pittsburgh, Columbus
and Clnoinnatl. '
f New York, May 13. The Tribune' $ special
says, agents who had been sent from General
Scotts' offloe to reconnoitre in the South, are
dally returning, and all agree that there were
bodies of men at Kloumona, Lynchburgb, Mont
- gomery, New Orleans and Pensacola. They
l$ree too, that the troops intend marching on
Washington, and that if that plan be abandon-
the leaders will And it difficult to restrain
I the men.
A" the troops captured In Texas, and released
I on parole will be reaulred to renew their full
obligation to tbe Government, and a refusal to
take the oath will be met with instant dismissal
I '"m service
0T' Sprague's regiment yesterday made up
Purse 01 Sl.UUU for tne SISterS 01 young HOW
ard, who was murdered by the policeman.
. 1 ne regiment of oavairy which Carl Bchurz
18 w ral8e will bo one oi tne most enccuve in
the Service.
Tne object Is to enlist or organize a body of
men wbo have seen service, ana wno do not
Deed drilling.
It well known that there are hundreds of
mea 11 the West wbo have seen service in Eu-
I rope
I To such men government will undoubtedly
fu'olsh uniforms, equipments and horses.
"he Herald' i Washington dispatch states that
gPles ar plenty In the very midst of tbe i eder.
ai iroops and eisewnere, out mere being no
declaration of war made, they cannot be treated
as spies.
Thcr muBt 00 proved to be traitors to their
oomtrj, and dealt with as such.)
Wora nM Deen Mnt ,0 Go' Andrew, of
Massachusetts, that her citizens are Imprisoned
"Itnout onense at Klcnmond and Charleston,
What nn.,.. U. M1 ....... .n.,In It f. .l
" " uuulou fu'ouu '""
to 08
T r: , , , , . . .
'r.l t ' .V. a ... i Ii.- i 6
was released from the Arsenal this eveniue
Tbe officers were liberated on their parole of
honor, and the men took oath not to bear arms
against tbe U. S. Government during the pre
sent war.
A report having gained credence that the
Federal troops bad gone to Jefferson City, to
take Gov. Jackson prisoner and disperse the
. - - - r " " " -" -"v
legislature, George R. Tylor, President of the
ruBU u'u''v'i uouwauicw ine rumor, ana
says tne troops are at tne racino Depot, and are
simply stationed tnere to see tbat no troops or
munitions are transported to or from the city.
Tbe officers disclaim any interference with
the management of tbe roads, and trains will
run regularly.
The Governor, however, has caused one span
or tne usage Driage to oe destroyed, which
win necessitate a change ot cars.
Two regiments of Home Guards are patroll
ing the streets to preserve order, and about a
buodred men are stationed about the Democrat
Several shooting affrays occurred to-dav. but I
tne city is quiet to-night, and a heavy rain is
now falling
A large body of troops came down on the Al
ton k Chicago road this afternoon, and passed
on to Belleville, Illinois, about twelve miles
Irom bere.
From Montgomery.
Montoomirrv, May 11. Schlltree, of Texas.
offered a resolution instructing the committee
on Indian Affairs.
Brooke, of Miss., reported a bill establishing
Patent Office.
- Congress then went int secret session. When
secrecy was removed, a messsge was reoeived
from tbe President, communicating a copy of a
letter from John A. Campbell, formerly Judge
of the Supreme Court, which be addressed to
Seward. .Pending negotiations with the Com
missioners at Washington, Campbell acted as
voluntary intermediator between the govern
ments, to prevent collision, and charges Seward
with duplicity. The whole correspondence is
Another message from the President recog
nizes Clingman as Commissioner from North
Carolina, and conveys assurances that North
Carolina will soon co-operate with the Confede
rate States. Clingman was invited to a seat in
the publio and secret sessions and discussions of
A resolution was adopted, providing for tbe
payment by tbe Confederacy of the South Caro
Una troops under Beauregard.
Many appointments of Judges, Attorneys and
marshals wers confirmed Dy Congress.
Arrival of the Great Eastern.
Sanpv Hook, May 11. The steamship Great
Eastern, via Milford Haven, May 2d, has arrived
off the Point.
Liverpool Cotton Market The sales for three
days, Including Wednesday, were 30,000 bales,
including ii.uuu to speculators and exporters.
James tlewett reports an advance of Ha per
lb., since Friday. Market closing auiet. but
steady at 7d for middling Orleans and B.d lor
uiiuuuug muuiio.
Tbe weather is favorable for crops. Soence
quotes flour firm, very dull, and declined 6d per
barrel. Wheat dull and steady. Corn very
dull and freely offered at a slight advance.
Provisions Beer steady I Pork firm : Bacon
In the House of Commons, Mr. Gregory had
postponed for a fortnight his motion relative to
the recognition of the Southero Confederacy.
Advices from Uhlll confirm the destruction of
Meodoza with tbe loss of 8,000 lives and 350.-
000,000 francs worth, of property.
Wiiiilino, Va., May 12. There was an im-
meuee Union demonstration last night. The
occasion was to serenade Hon. Jno. S. Carlile,
Frank Pierpont, W..G. Brown, and other dele
gates to tbe Western Virginia Convention,
which assembles here to-morrow. Eloquent
speeches were made by Carlilo and Pierpont,
taking tbe most determined ground never to
submit to Jeff. Davis, and urging tbe united
action of North Western Virginia, in favor of
immediate division of .the State, Their sugges
tions were most enthusiastically received.
Tbe U. S. flag wilt be raised on the Custom
House to-morrow. Already a large number of
delegates to tbe Convention are in the city. It
is supposed that 25 to 30 counties will bs repre
sented. -. ;
Chicago, May 11 The Ettting Journal says
we have reliable information by a gentleman
direot from Memphis, to tbe effect that there is
a large body of rebels at and about Memphis
who are mustered for an attack npon some point
North, supposed to be Cairo. The exact num
ber Is not known, but generally estimated at
30,000. Tbe respectable oitizens of Memphis,
do not sympathize with them. Spies are kept
constantly watching military operations at the
North. On four separata occasions they have
manned and armed steamers for an attaok on
Cairo, but before they started intelligence was
received that made those In com maud deem It
safe to defer the enterprise. The informant
says that the rebels are so Impatient for a fight
tbat tbey threaten to start oa on their own ao
count, if not led soon to some field of action.
Annapolis, May 12. Gen.' Butler, with fifty
men and two pieces of artillery, left this after
noon, on a steamer, on secret servios. ,
A messenger from Gov. Hicks to Gov. Letch.
er, who bas returned from Riohmond, says the
Virginians expected du.uuu contedsrato troops
L -A I--, .1
UJ A uurauay taoa , , - . .
, ine union men nere are watgnani at tne oo
cunatlon of Maryland soil by Virginia, .
A sudden movement oi tne re Deis rrom nar
pers's Ferry toward the Relay House is feared by
many f -, if v .
Judges In military affairs say that the Virgin
lan arm? most soon fight or disperse.
The secretary of War is hurrying; forward
measures oX blockade, and informs mends that
by tbe time Charleston and Savannah experi
ence Its effects, New Orleans will be closed.
. "-aat aaaa.a.a.,a1aaaWaaaaaaaai.a.aaaa.
Niw Yox, Mav 11. It has been decided
upon to keep two Regiments encamped on the
Battery nere, its atas to toe ponce m case of ne
cessity. - ;
The Nashville Banner, oi tne em, savs a ves
sel arrived at New Orleans on Mondav. from
Europe, with a quarter or a million stand of
arms for the Confederate States.
About fifty boxes of guns and a large amount
of ammunition havs reoohed Nashville from the
South. . '
New York, May 13 A Polish gentleman
formerly a Colonel in the Polish Lesion, was ten
dered a high position in tbe Southern army, by
Gov. moore, oi AiaDama, wno at tne same time.
requested him to bring drawings of tbs fortltl
oations in this harbor. ' - c .. ;siVr ' i
He replied, his next visit South would be as an
enemy to traitors to tha flag of hla adopted
country. '
I New York, May 12. The Trihune't corres-
pondent, Horatio J. Perry, baa been appointed
Secretary of Legation to Madrid. ;
. An officer returned from reoonnoiterlng says
- mere are out o,ouo troops at uiobmond. eev-
oral Southern regiments are expected dally.
I Gov. Letcher is in hourly communication
with the Montgomery Cabinet, and acting under
their orders
Five thousand four hundred troona are at
tiyncbbnrg, and more expected. '
Advices irom Louisiana state that danger
of Insurrection is becoming more imminent.
Stringent rules areenforoed on tbe planta
It Is thought the First Regiment of Pennsyl
vania Artillery will be sent to occupy Arling
ton Heights.
Frederick via Chamberssdro. Mav 11. A
Speoial dlioatoh to the Timet eaa a reaolutlnn
was offered in the House that the members from
Baltimore were illegally elected, and their seats
oe aeciarea vacant, it was referred to a special
It Is reported hers that an armistice forelxtv
J 1 i ... .. n .. '
utiTB nas oeen requested oy tne eoutn. '
Several rebels from Baltimore were arrested
to-day as vagrants.
ine report of tbe committee on federal Re'
lations, censuring President Lincoln, and an-
I piauuing tne ooutnern uontederacv. was endora-
I ed as the doctrine of the Legislature.
From California.
Kearnev, May 11. The Pony Express
from San Francisco passed to-day. News of the
Baltimore flht and iMession of Virginia had
haan .analiuul ITnUn r..Mn. n..!f...i :air
".vb.wm. vuiuu u6 wauuvn-SJ
The Collector at San Francisco sympathizes
with the South. A secession flag over the U.
B- "larsnai's Cilice bad been hauled down
It is thought the Breckinridge Democrats
2,500 or 3,000 in number, will favor tbe inde
pendence of the Southero Confederacy.
Indiani Troops.
ments in tbe field.
i be 12th regiment will be
, P n . , . .
c"mPea 01 squaorons oi cavairy.anaiteries
--- r---r- - --k- -"
Tbe 5 regiments in the State service
will be armed and uniformed in the next 15
The Legislature adjourned to-day for ten
New York Market.
NEW YORK, May 13.
PIiOUH receipts cf 5a.0C5 Lbla: market whlthont
quetaws change; with nie, of soobbists ios is
for snperflne ttate; 5 toXaH 93 for extra etate; S3 03
15 for luperune weilem: S5 SfltslS 50 for common to
medium extra weetern; t5 605 05 for ihlpplna brand
extra Round tloap Ohio. Canadian floor doll; tales of
KYB FLOUK steady at S3 1034
WHEAT receipt! of 11.505 bosh: market ahade firmer
fair export demand; Bale, of 70.000 bnahattl 20&1 S3
ror Milwaukee Ulun; si vmi u for amber Iowa; SI 20
for red State; 11 851 30 for winter red western; (175
for choice white Michigan; tl 35(311 45 for Canadian.
Ki qniet and steady at duo.
BARLEY dull and hrary vt 57358e.
CORN redelgta of 4,940 hnah; market without Im
portant channel aalea of 5,000 bush at 5tto for old mixed
Western, delirered; OAcfor New Jeraey yellow.
OATS dull at 52550 for Western, Canadian and
PORK market very Aim, 'with tales of 570 Lblt at
S)17 75 aor mesa, and 113 K5 for prime.
BEEP quiet.
LABD fl6m and lln sood demand: sales of lOObbli.
part oo Saturday evening, at OSSIOc.
WHISKY market Arm, with ood business doing;
sale, of lOOObbltatlOc
COFFEE unchaogJdbotdn.il; tales 800 bags Bio at
6UGAHS favor the buyers and are dull: sales of 104
hhda Cuhaat5K($)t", S3 hhda Porto Btco at Oo.
fiuii AHnKo doll ana declining.
STOOKS-dull and lower Chfc BI 35,"; O.fcT. S3
0. at O.QI: U. t M. 90: liar. 10: Pac. mall 88:
8. 6's80; Coupons OOdoSl; coupons 8GK: Trenury
12', 101 : 0. B. t Q. 57; 111. 0. script 65,; 111 C:
bonds 91 Ci Oat Chle l,t bonds 96X; TJ S6's Sl;do5't
74, TeonO'l4S HOC! 54.
Cincinnati Market.
No material ehanget appear to have been wrought In
the condition of financial matters In the leading com
mercial oentera of the country. The foreign Exchangee
still work in ravor or our country, ana fortunately en
ables nt to continually augment the supply of Gold.
Although it it now divested, In a great measure, from
lit correct representation of value labor navertheleat,
greatly asaista In acting aa a kind of sheet anchor for
tne uovernmonc, enaonng it to etrect iu domestic nego
tlatione with much greater facility, than If the reverse
were the eaaa.
There la no Item of Interest In the movements of
general bullosas. Flour bad but a limited market to
day. Sales were moatly confined to the best grades, and
Buperflnea are ooneequeutly a thada lower.
WHEAT it still very firm, with fair market for the
beet grades of white, for shipment. Bed ia quoted at
$1 Ii5; whitest 1 10 toll 18.
CORN ia kept at Ihe stereotype figure 34c.
OATS were in large receipt to-day, and are conse
quently leaa firm, though not quotable lower.
BARLEY it a drug and hard to sell at over OOe for
the euoiceet.
RV E it In some request, commands 50c.
WI1I8KY le maintained at HHo., hut only on de
termination on the part of tellers. C'n. Com. May
Philadelphia Market.
Floor quiet 5 5(vai5 6i. Whiit wanted; tl 33
135 for red; tl4li$160 for white. Cork declined
Sc. at H3c. Wansv-nominal at YfmYtHc.
No. 4 Gwynne Block.
A. P. ST0NE& O'flARRA'
Iv TKK GOODS, and Invite the puDiio to inspect
them. Mo au.cn stock of Goods hat ever been brought to
thia market. The South, In consequence of the failure
of the grain crop, bat not been able to purchase the na-
ualquanuty oi ncn goout, ana una inctnaa rorcra uio
Importer, to tell them at publio auction. Our buyer
(Mr. Btonei betnc In New York at these large aalet, took
advantage of them, and we can and will tell our goodt
bere, at lett than any one wno purcnatea two ween since,
paid for them In Mew York. Our stock it complete in
every department of
Five Thausand Dollars Worth
Bought in One Day,
At one half tna Cost of Importation.
In all Varieties, ! tb Celebrated
Itlannfatnre of C. O. Onn
there tc Son.
mf na. Lartlta and Children'. Under Shirts and Drawers;
Ladies, Misses and Children's Hosiery of all kinds. In
Wool and Lamb's Wool; fleecy Lined and Cotton Gloves
of every make. j
A eemolete assortment of all tbe usual varie
ties of . ;;,
LADIES' CLOTHS, ' ' ' . 4 .
. . ... , OVERCOATING3,
Ladies and Gent's Linen Cambrio Hand
ktrcMea, Ac, &o.
Ta narannawha call on OS. WS Pledge OUrWOrde to
Show them the largest, beet and obeapeet stock of Ooods
ever seen In this market, or pay them one dollar per
hour while looking. --. .,... "'
decl-dljUtawltw. - snvna Araanai.
for the xnSTAHf E1LIII
. and PI&HANIKT OTJKI of th
. tlstreetlng epmplalnt use ;
Wads hi 0. 1. IITMOUE k 00., 107 Ifajsas St., R. T.
. Frtoa 1 par boi sant tree by poet.
roi sali at tu Diuaaiiti.
I ii preoueiT wnai iu namB inaieatet, for. wullel A
'pieman t to tbs tatte, It la rcrivltyt ox, cxhilarat- II
inff. inviffnratlnc and tranvuianln. i.
poweri, aod at the lam tima refiviflu, lela A
itates, and renewa tha Blood in all Iti purity, amtlM
thna at onoa r 6 tore and rtndtrt Ilia tviUin in.
vuineraiU to attack of ditto. It U ths only
preparation tree offered to the world, ao chemi
cally and iklllfully combined ai to be the moil
powerful tonic and at the aune time ao perfectlyi
ulantad to. aa to act In DarfeetacoordaDoa wILh the
lawa of nature, and hence will tooths Uiewtakett U
totMrA, and tone up the diaettlve- organi, and D
tbui allay all nenroui and other trriratlou. It 1,1
perfectly exhilarating, aod at the nmi lime It ! . .
oompoaed entirely of vegetable!, yet ao combined H
u w pruuucouie iuuiv iiiorougu ionic euect, with
loatprodnelnranylnjnrioui oonaeuueacea. guoh'L
a remedy hu long been felt to be a deilderatam la id
ihe medical world, for ltneedt no medical ikin !.
ee tbatdaiiilityroiiowiallaltacliaof dluaae. and
proceeds and indeed laye tbe lyalem open to the
A loaidloui attacks of maoy of the moat fatal, auchj
y iur exampiD, aa uia louowmg: uoniumpllon, In-
dlgeation, Pyipepala, Lou of Appetite, faintneM.
U.....1. Tp.llul.lllt. D.UII.II ..l'
Ej Heart, Melancholy, Night Sweata, Languor, Qiddt- ft
P oeaa. Retention of, at well u Painful obatructed. u
too profuse, or too (oant Menstruation, and Fall-
log or tne womn. ineie an uepenaupon general
aerjuity. xnit pure, neauny, unio uordial and
Blood Renovator It at sure to cure as the tun to
rite and aet. There It no mistake about it. But
thia ia not all. If the atatem la weakened, we are!
open to bilious aitacaa.uie liver becomes torpid, IJ
or worae diseased, tbe kidneys refuae to perform H
their functiont. and we are troubled with acaldlnn
and Incontinence of nrlne. or lnTnliint&pv,li...l
charge ot the tame, pain to the back, tide and be-'A
tween the shoulders, exceedinalv liable to allilulU
coldt. coughs, and if unchecked, soon emaciation
follows, and the patient goes down to a premature! ja
grave. Bnt apace will not allow ut to enumerate
the many lilt to which we are liable In a weakened V
condition of the tyatem. But we will tar, in this
cordial and mooa nenovator von have a nerfect.
safe, pleasant anu enectual remedy for lost of
Appetite, Biliousness, riatuience, weak and tick
Stomach, Languor, Lirer Complaint, Chilli and
Kerer, or any Bilious attack, Ooatlvenett, Acidity
oi ine Biomacu, nervousness, neuralgia, ratpita-
01 tion of the Heart, re aaion of Spirits, Sores,
I Pimple, on the Face, or any dissaae arising from
V mnun hlonif. anh aa flerofnla. KrvainluL Kmn I
'hitit. Cough, difficulty of Breathing, and all that
oclata of diteaaea called female weakness, and
enumerated above. We will alto say the traveler
exposed to epidemics; change of climate and wat-
er, will find it a pleaaant, tale and aure remedy,
ana none anouiu ever travel wnnout. neauer.i
.try It, for we assure you you will find in It a friend
iikjccu, M wen aa a irieuu in onu, au nnnnioi a
sedentary habits will find It a perfect preventive of (1
u well at cure for those ailments to which they ate V
particularly exposed, lience Biniitcri,studenta,et
torneya, literary gentlemen ,and ladiea who are notl
accustomed to much outdoor exercise, will find It
to their advantage to keep a bottle constantly on
band; and, above all, mothers, or these becoming
such; will go through that moat dangeront period
not only wth all their accustomed strength, but
aafa and frfa frnm tha thftuaantl allmanta an nrov.l
O'alent among the female portion of the world. In J
ihort, It la indeed a mother's cordial. Try It, oldjlj
mr.A bAnKM. n- I Mn ihm .l.lr nf ii & I I, 111!
relieve and prove Itself emphatically a Jtettora ift
tiv Cordial and Mood Henozator. U
jm t . nuuu, proprietor, uroauway, new
York, and 114 Market Street, St. Louis, Mo.; and
sold by ROBHRTB Ac BAUUBL, Oolumbnt, Ohio,
and all good Druggittti Price One Dollar
per Bottle. marcbAiS-datweowly
And grow more and more popular
every day! i
And testimonials, new, and almost without n ember,
might be given from ladiee aod gentlemen to all grade
toclety, whose united testimony none could resist
that Prof. Wood't lialr Restorative will restore the bald
and gray, and preterve the hair of the youth to old age,
all lit youthful beauty.
Battle Creek, Mich., Dee. Slit, 1838.
Paor. Woon: Thee wilt please accept a line to inform
thee that the hair on my head all fell off over twenty
yean ago, canted by a complicated chroolo disease, at
tended with an eruption on the head. A continual
oourae of suffering through life having reduced me to a
ttate of dependence, I have not been able to obtain atuff
for caps, neither have I been able to do them np, in con
sequence of which my head hat suffered extremely from
cold. This Induced me topay Briggt Jr. Ilodgea almost
the last cent I bad on earth for a two dollar bottle of thy
Hair Bestoretlve, about the first of Auguat last. I have
faithfully followed the direettons.and the bald spot it now
covered with hair thick and black, though thert. it It
alto coming In all over my bead. Feeling confident
that another large bottle would reatore It entirely
and permanently, 1 feel anxious to perae verve in its nse.
and beinsr destitute of meant to purchase any more. I
would ask thee if thee wouldst not be willing to tend me
an order on thine agenta for a bottle, and receive to thy
self, me scripture aeotanttion -me reward la to those
tbat are kind to the widow and tne ratherlea,."
Thy friend, BUsANNAH KIBBT.
Iilgonier, Noble County, Indiana, Feb. 5th, 1859.
Faor. 0. J. Woon: Ltar Sir: In the latter part of
the year IMS. while attending the State and National
Law School of the State ot New Tork, my balr, from a
eauae unknown to me, commenced falling off very rap-
Idly, to that in tne snort space oi six mootnt, the whole
upper part cf my scalp waa almost entirely bereft of its
covering, and much of the remaining portion upon the
aide and back part ot my head shortly after became gray,
ao that yon will not be aurpriaed when I tell yon tbat up
on my return to the State of Indiana, my more casual
acquaintance were not to muoh at a lots to discover the
cauae of the change in my appearance, aa my more inti
mate acquaintance were to recognise me at all.
I at once made application to the moot aklllful nhvtl-
ciant in Ihe country, but, receiving no assurance from
them that my hair would again be restored, I waa forced
become reconciled to my fate, nntil, fortunately, in
Ihe latter part of tbe year 1SS7, you rReato rati vo waa re
commended to me by a druggist, aa being the moat relia
Hair Restorative in use. I tried one bottle, and
found to my great aatitfactlon that it waa producing the
desired effect. Since that tine, I have used seven dol-
lara' worth of your Restorative, and aa a result, have a
rich coat of very toft black hair, which no money can
At a mark or my gratitude ror your labor and akin In
the production of to wonderful an article, I have recom
mended lit use to many of my friends and acauaintaoces,
who, I am happy to inform you, are naiog it with like
effect. Very reapectfully, yours,
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
. Depot, HI Broadway, and told by all dealers through
out the world.
Ihe Restorative if pntnp In bottles of three sites. Tit:
large, medium, and small: the small holda X a pint, and
retaila for one dollar per bottle: the medium holds at
least twenty per cent, more In proportion than the small.
and retails for two dollar! a bottle; the large holda a
quart, ,u per cent, more in proportion, and retails for S3
O. i. WOOD St CO.. Proprietors. 444 Rroadwav. New
Tork, and 114 Market Street, Kt Louit, Mo.
And told by ROBERTS fc BAMTJKL, Oolumbnt, Ohio,
and by all good Druggists and fancy Goodt Dealers.
An experienced Nurse and Female Physician, present.
to me attention ot mowers, ner
which greatly facilitate, the proceas of teething, by soft
ening the gums, reducing all Inflammation wil I allay
ALL PAIN and spasmodic action, and la
Depend npon It, Bothers, It will live rest to yourselves
We have put up and told this article for over ten yean.
what we have never been able to say of any other medi
ANCI, TO KFFKOT A OUttK, when timely used. Nev
er did we enow on instance or distauaraetion by any one
who used IU On the oontrary, all are delighted with its
operations, and speak in terms of commendation of its
magical efiecis ana medical virtues, we apeaain int.
matter "WllAT WB DO KNOW;" after ten years' expe
almost every instance where the infant Is suffering from
pain and exhaustion, reus! win oe loona in niteen or
twenty minute, after theeyrup Is administered.
This Tamable preparation a tne preeonpuon or one oi
New Bnsland. and bos been used with NBVBB rally
not only relieves tbe ohlld from pain, but inviiror
ata, the atomack and bowels, corrects acidity, and gives
lone and energy to ins whole system, it wtu almost m
stonily relieve " ;
and overoome oonvuisiont, which. If not speedily rem
died, end in aeatn. we rjeiteve it tne bkbt and SUM-
B8T RBUBDT IN TUB WORLD, tn all eaaea of DV
It aritee from teethioa, or from an ether oauie. W
would say to every motherwhohaeaehlld inrrring from
anvof the foregoing eemvleinte DO NOT LKT J OUH
atand between you and soar aufferins child, and tha re
lief that will be SUKB-yea, ABSOLUT BLT SURB-to
follow the nse of this medicine, If timely need, mil di
rections for naiog will accompany each bottle. None
genuine unlets the fae-slmlls of CURTIS ax FBRKINB
New fork. Is on the outside wrapper.
Bold by all Druggists throughout the world.
Prlnclnal Office, 13 Ceelnr Street W
octS7-4ir. - '"
' Fr mil TIIKOAT Ana
wno coitiplaihts,
incladlnaj WHOOPINO
COUGH, sal eT(rr
Csnuplstlsit the foreran
ner t, and even actual
pit) HK Rifj v ana Nat.
urai OPIATE, adapted
venae) Complaint, Ner.
Ji-h" dkrenie
Headache, Uhenma.
"" Catarrh, Teeth
and Ear irb.. .... ..
Mleep, andliowel Cam.
no real inatt - ... .. . -
but by orocr.r-." " J? .n Preparation,
be found with all ZiZrlJ "P pnMM
on demand. ".tJ tZ?L "V2"
eT.7'"-Kn"-,S0n ? Triel Bottle, tent to Pb.
aocePUnMd.prroT..!'OP,04n,J iabot ""'"V
Correspondence anllxlt ' ' ...
curio.,,, ..rompu to . trial 'jZS
Vor rale bv the naual akii. .... ... .. . .
everywhere. " uu "'"
JOHN t. HCWNEWEi,!,, P,Cprlete
Ho. 9 Commsrelal Wharf. Boston. Mae.
awwiia m pamuei, n B.
Roberta at Samnel, N. B. sterols. J. R. a v u
venis:. u. llenl av flnna a i
. Schneller at Bon. Aa-anta
for Oolumbnt, Ohio.
irianafacfurera of nil kinds of For.
triDlo and Mtationary Steam En
Rlnea, Suw IMllla, lariat Mills,
cVc.a cVc.
J. dij. B. VUYALL Beaten I It COLVUBUS
HACniXE CO. Beatenllll ERADtORD
. t CO. Beaten! lilt
Onr Fortabls Engine and Saw Kill
Wu awarded the first premium of (50 at the Indiana
State lair for l'CI) over Lane at Bodley't on account of
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
ana superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Eno-ina waa amniMi - v. ...
the first premium of i(10.
i?.".' Bn5i;e w" awarded the flrat premlun of
lull at the Fair at Memphis, Tenn., over Blandy'a Du-
uito un nraaiora uo't..
a committee of practical Railroad Engineer,.
Ins iipIm at ml .JJ..
va I'uvv suu Kiwi auiircsj
dec5-dwlyeo!i. Neinrk. Ohfc..
Rheumatism, Gout and Uouraleia,
All Mercurial Diseases.
It it a conveniently errantred Rand. i.,ntintn mi.
icated compound, to be worn around the Waiat. without
injury to the moat delicate pertont; no change in habile
of, living it required, and it entirely remove, the dla
ease from the system, without producing the Injurious
affaV.ta fkvitJtina t Him Skiaa . ) . . .
c ui powcnui internal medt
cines, which weaken and destroy the constitution, and
give emporary relief only. By thit treatment, the med
icinal properties contained in the Band come in contact
with ihe blood and reach the diaeate, through the puree
Ihe ekin. effeot or In mm in.i.nl . ........ :"'!
tm. "tI'ri1nthP"flil:ted to a healthy condition.'
Thl. Band it alto a moatpowerful Aim-Mraccaui. agent,
and will entirely relieve tha ... i.
effect, of Mercury. Moderat. ca.ee are ,Tfew
.H?,'i,lW0reC?n.'Untlj !"lvlnir testimonials of its
elhcacy In anravated caaet of long itanding.
Faict i $2,00, to be had of Druggists generally, or can
besentby mail or express, with full directions for ax.
Office v 1 " coum,y direct from the Principal
Ho. 409 BEOADWAT, Ksw Tork.
G. SMITH St. CO.. Sole Proprietors.
N. 8. Descriptive Circulars Sent Free.
ITP Agents Wanted Everywhere.
mt28 lyisorlslp afcw
IV reli
reliable bualneaa man loiMnM a .m,..i. .
. . . .-.. m viu.wdib uiauu
racturing buslneas. reoulrinir hot .m.n
establlahmentand prosecution. .
The manufacture conaiata In the application of a pe
culiar composition or enamel to common red bricks and
...,c.jr ui ouierouuuing material, ornanenlal archi-
.u... uuuuuuga, ceuinga, met ror floors and lor
This enamel may be tinted ef any eolor, from the
pureat white to the deepest black, with all the colors
and shades between. It imparts to the artinlaa t .hih
It applied a hardness and durability almost Incredible,
and a beauty surpassing that of the rarest and moat coatly
the variegated marolea, and, unlike them, It Impervi
ous to moisture, and will never fade, atatn, or deterior
ate, coating but a fractional part of the price of ordinary
marble, - -
It is alto valuable for table and stand tope, mantle
pieces, monuments, and an endless variety of other arti
cles of staple use. Tne process of applying the enamel
simple, while the article, enameled will command a
ready sale, affording large profits. Responsible parties
may procure licenses for manufacturing under the int
ent for any city or prominent town In tbe United States,
applying to the .uhscriber. A .mall tariff on the ar
tiolee manufactured will be required for Ihe uae of the
Invention. Circulars giving full particulars will be for
warded to all applicants.
ine superior merit and beauty of this onsmsled build
ing material to anvthina- In na hu u, ua.j in
dorsement of many of the moet eminent architects and
sclenting men of this and other cities.
ror particulars add res.
General Agents for Enameled Bnlldlng Valeria!,
ap d3m. 25 NASSAU ST., NEW TORK.
an entire new stock of Ooods In my line. Jest purch
ased In New Tork at the cheapest panle ratos.all of which
shall sell at the smallest profit., for Cash. My custom
ers and friends are respectfully Invited to call and exam
ine my Goods aod Prices, at I am determined to Mil at
cheap omheaper than any other house In the City; and
aa i uo my own uniting, ana superintend my own busi
ness, I feel assured, from my long experience In hurt
ness, to give general atllsfactlon. Tbe fineet ef work
men are employed, and ail work done strictly to time and
on abort notice, and warranted to fit. Btrangere vlalting
ourelty would oontnlt their Interest by giving me a call
before purchasing elsewhere. R08B,
. ,. Merchant Tailor,
marchSO-dly Cor High and Town its.
NKW STYLUS tlatlaa Ar. kaa u. jin..ih
High street, have Jutt opened nawatviaa of Curra Oia-
onLAaa. BAttqumn and SaGcjna, made in the newest and
most atyllsh manner. Alao. MaiDerk flmiaa
HlaCtk Stllktlk varv hav. ilealffnad aanraaal fnr
Mantillas and Basqulue. - . . apriU
RatRIorES A H D PHB VE1V.T9 . 1 1
Sammation and pain, and heals ths worst burn,
scald, bruise, eat .or fresh wound of any kind, prevents
twelllng and pain from bee) ttlnga, moaqalla Mum, and
poisonous plants, neuralgia, rbeamatiam, agae to the
breaat, ealt rheum, ete. When taken Internally, It arm
positively curt croup In children, and gives tmaaediata
relief in the worst ease of this terrible eomplalntt also,
removes boarsenees and tor throat. Prloe, its eaata
bottle. Bhonld be In every boats, for tale by Drag
gists and Storekeepers. - IRVIN BTONB,
Sols Proprietor, Mo. I Spruce at., New York
.; attorneys at law. ' '
ICpOfflcea, 89 William Street, Hew York City, aod
PaRsosV Butunms), Oolnmbus, Ohio. " h u - '
O0arefol atUntlon paid to Oolloelloiis.
april&dem , , .

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