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Sl)f(0l)io Statesman
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an IA v oflw'1"" .
thkBDAY EVENING. MAY 14. 18C1.
The Statesman a Morning Paper.
r... ..il'an. end reader, will he gratified to
know that ob Thursday, Ma, 16. we will resume
the Iwi of the Dlly Slr.m lu the morn
J ! ..a , forward it will be Issued
h a morning paper. riIUvlpg Ttelat
.h. Wlalntive session to tarn the in
il " i... it. i difficult toreturn to a morn
i uroWent.' Our Meade
-ill h eralified wiih the change; end
t. n nt toiunplT tbe morning Sfefesmati
may be desirable to ao so-"
': :'LT To-day ' our legislative reports,
which have PCcP'eJ VUre eeJa ."
lumoS for the put lour month.. We .hall
now haye amole room for all the exciting new.
transpiring, and wiltimjrovs the opportunity to
supply U to our readers
Obedience to Law.
We are willing to R7a7 far as the farthest
maintaining the Union mi.d .oppressing reoe
Hon, hot in strict subordination to the Consti
tution and the laws of the land. A. we undcr
tha Federal Government la now en
gaged In military and naval operations for
- .ingle object, and that Is, the Enforcement
the Laws, because obedience to law is w.
bond ortnionthc ouly saieguaiu oi '. r,u
: libftrtv. Hence, the necessity of pun
lahing disobedience to law, and overcoming re
.!.t. tn its anthority. This the National Gov
ernment and the loyal State Government, have
undertaken to do. It is a noble work, and every
good and patriotic cttiren shonld aid in it
'the full extent of his ability and his mean..
ri i.r. U often destroyed by the very means
it. So are eocieiies
th.t urn taken to preserve
onr,,ments. We cannot be too cautious
that, in oui own strenuous efforts to maintain
r- .nrl nforce the laws, we do
VsUUB.IVUtlwu "
oorsolvee vioUU the former or disobey the
tr , That would bo most certainly ana eneciu
j... w Viioh we are striving
any io orauj " "
''mHVi. eower and private individuals,
.k.i, ,a1 f.r the Union-an Impulse which
.onlrlhoib. honor and cheiish-may think
exigencvof the case demands and justifies
n.r.n. end oerhars octnal,- violations of
Constitution and disregard of the laws, In order
Bummarily and effectively to put down insurreo
lion and rtbelllon. But this, so far from reme
dying ihe oil. onld introduce and inaugurate
.. .inin ni anarchv and lawlessness
whir-h we are laborirc to prevent.
It should be borne in mind by ev.ry Union
mn, whether In civil or military station, or
private life, that no exigency, however urgent,
:0iif. . Honnrture from the landmarks
tb Constitution nud fiom strict fidelity to
rmnititiiiinnat laws. The present war, aa
ctll It, has been engigcd in by the loyal men
the Union, to vindicate the supremacy of
Constitution and the law. of the United State.
This is the motto whioh we should inscribe
our banner, eu to this we must npt in a single
instance prove disloyal, if we mean to overcome,
pnoih aud obliterate disloyalty in otners
trr We notice, every now and then, the
nounccment that removals aud appointaents
are still being made by the powers that be
Washington. For ourselves we have no objection
to this. We think it was the understanding
when Mr- Liscm.ii was elected, and at the
of Ws inauguration, that a general sweep would
h. mid in the various civil offices of the
rnm..nt. and we ar. quite sure that the public
I nterest demanded the cemoval of one-half
t hose In office on the 4th day or March, a.
a. that thing wrald be effected. Hence we
not object to removals or complain that they
now taking place.
But of one thing we do complain, and that
of the hypocritical pretensions and professions
of those who have proclaimed from elevated
position in the Republican party, that all
liacs were abolished and should bs ignored
this time forth until our national troubles
ended, while at the aame time they have
studiously endeavoring to mould every
connected with the civil and military affair,
the country, to promote personal and party
Ia eo far a. Republican, are sincere In
effort to defend and uphold the Constitution
the Union and we are quite .ure that the
mas. of the party are .o there is of course
one party in the country, lor all Democrat,
for the maintenance of the Union ana tne von
wtitutlon sod the defence of the Flag. But
vond this it is idle to say that party feeling
party policy are ignored. II they be, why
partixsn appointment, now being made
Washlneton. at a time and under circum.Unce.
when it would be reasonable to suppose that
Administration bad not time to think of appoint
tviAftfa And Mnrlal Iv whv the change.,
aUSMWl 0 -
some of the few good and faithful men, incnm
beat, in office, are made the victims? We
to hear no more of this insincere cant about
pwty," when the evidenoe is all around n.
there i. party, and that It is in many case,
basest nses. '
The General Assembly of Ohio.
This body adjourned sine die last night, or
should .y thia morning, for it wa. after 12
We were not prcpentduring the evening
eession, but understand that it was a season
will long be remembered by those who
pated in its rich incidents.
MoBtof the members are by thia time at
among their constituents, to whom they are
for the manner in which they
discharged their representative duties. In
present excited state of the poblie mind,
people of tbe Slate will .take but
time , to. examine into the acts of
Legislature; but the time Is not far
when the tax-payer, of the
will seuu, and that with the utmost rigor,
doings of the late Geueral A.sembly. It is
be presumed that the member, did not, In
renresentative canaci'y, lose sight of their
sponsibility to the people, and hence that
will not shrink from any lDvestignon auu
ment, wbioh the .evereign. may institute
renin, hnon their IcelBlative doing..' If
hall all pass musterj we will be free to aay
they are at least lucky to0, j :i
' BT The Pari. Pty doubts the reconciliation
aid td have taken plaoe between Cavona
Gaaisiini. Io It. Iwoeof the 27th nit., it
a article analyzing the character..and antece-deots-of
both these parties, and arrive, at
conclusion tlut the ellogcd reconciliation la
politicallv and morally impossible, otihat tt
not be durable.; f : . '.rn-.
ETA rumor having gained eurrenoy that the
seat of the Papaey wm pe : removed uom
Rose to London, Lord PAUuawToii recently .let-
ed Is Parliament that he had no information of
any Intention of the kind, end that as regarded
the report that Pin". IX. wished! to abdicate,
learinv Cardinal WiauuN, of England , to suo
eeed him. either pre Urn, or as a regular succes
sor, he, Falmbmton, did not believe It, partlo.:
larly as the Pope had no power to make any av-
of tbeeorv. ......
The Desire to Subjugate the South.
n. Km York Eoenina Pott, in an article
.i!.,in tn the numerous oorresnondeate who
are volunteering artiolee and assuming to dic
tate the policy of the papefi tnue usscrinea
class of men who wish to make the war avow
al, una fnr the extermination 01. Slavery auu
the abolition of all State Government.: ..' ,
rk. .M.nt. m Urn. ehould at oooe lm his proc
lamation, dtclaritig thnt all Uu feeding SUUet katu.
h?tk. Zti act "fttbtUion. lapud to ths eondition oft
Urritoriti, tnd iKaaMthtlottotAtirprtroaatt
a, &,,u, 0tUVnioH.tlUlaw oolttorm U abrogattd;
that tM mamm wmca -urowr. u.. 7- -j
...1 ..,l .u n-nnliit: lhat all the tlavu in tht ttod-
J.,.. u nmA thnt ia rnlnral tiortrnmtnt
protect thm i th nntfrttdom. -.. ,
acrainst this and other extreme notion.
advanced by the Radical Republican press that
we have felt called upon to remonstrate, as noi
only false In themselves but extremely perni
cious and dangerous at this juncture. The Pott
say. if these view, "were cameo, mio practice,
w do not see what oould prevent the Southern
Btates from becoming the theatre of frightful
anarchy and slaughter." Whatever may be
the wishes or a nanaiui oj aoouuoniats, wnose
hatred of slavery and slaveholders overshadow.
end destrovs the instincts 01 a common jinman-
ity, nine-tenth, of tbe citizen of the Free
Sutes do notsuDDort tbe Government In its war
policy because they desireyr anticipate any
anon result as is suggested in the paragraph
above quoted. Nor do we apprehend that tbe
Government entertains tbe slightest purpose
of reducing the seceded States to the condition
of territories, nor of abrogating slavery
where it exists by virtus or local law. It
more than probable that if the Government
should be compelled 10 occupy maryiana,
Virginia, Missouri and Kentucky lor any
considerable lenein 01 time, tutu slaves
wnnld Moace from these btates in great oum
bers never to return, but this is only an incident
of the war not tbe purpose or it. ,
So far lrom overthrowing tbe btate uovern
ment. in the weeded States, tbe policy of the
Rnvernment would be to restore them. There
is not a State, so far as we know, which has
adnnted the ordinance of secession, which has
not done so in utter violation of local laws and
Constitutions. The people nave baa compara
tivelv no voice in the legislation which has
nlanod States in antagonism to the general Gov
ernment. When the rebellion has been crushed
nnt. the first dutv of the Government will be
restore tbe States to IDeir integrity ana give
th citizens the riebts guaranteed by tbe rede
ral Constitution, of which they are now depriv
ed by a Despotism. Buffalo Vourter.
"The spirit of secession appear, to have
reached it. culminating point iu the secession
of Tennessee. Certainly tbe fell spirit has
t reached no higher point of outrageous
annv. Tbe whole of tbe late proceeding
Tennessee has been as gross an outrage as ever
was perpetrated by the worst tyrant of all
earth. The whole secession movement on
part of the Legislature of that State has been
lawless, violent, and tumultuous. The pre
tence of submitting tbe ordinance of secession
to tbe vote of the people of that State after
placing her whole military power and resources
at the disposal and nnder the command of
Confederate States without any authority from
the people Is as bitter and insolent a mockery
popular rights as tbe human mind could invent.
Uow tbe people can have so far controlled them
selves or been controlled by the grim shadows
of some vsgue fear as not to lire up iutbeir
righteous wrath, break open tbe door, or
Leeislature lu its secret session, and pitch
offending members of that body from the sum
mit of tbe cipitoi or lrom tne diuus 01
Cumberland river, we are scatcely able to com-
nrehend. ...
There is lobe the show,' the empty show,
a popular vote upon the Tennessee ordinance
secession tne poor snow 01 a vote woeiaer
Tennessee shall secede or not when the whole
militarv resources of the State have been given
into the bands of the Southern Confederacy
accepted by that Confederacy! And lest a con
siderable vote, even in such an extraordinary
and anomalous case, might be given against
the known friends of the Union,
even men suspected of being friends of
Union, are bunted out ana driven ny inreai.
bv actual violence from the State. The .light-
. : t-
est remonstrance against aeceesiuu w regrueu
and nunished as a crime. An imprudent
from a man', mouth put. hi. neck in deadly
periL The ablest men of Tennessee, men whose
name, are pronouucea witu nign prtue turvugu
out the nation, such men as Johnson and Nelson,
are warned to make no public speeches lest
live, should pay tbe penalty. In the meantime,
such men as John Bell and Gustavo. Henry
the Ewing. and other, whose name, it
painful to speak, bend low before the storm
anarchy and jacobinism, and, laying their
in the polluted and polluting dust, humbly
in their adhesion to the fortune, of the
and wildly-careering faotion. Ltuitvillt Jour
al, May 13.
Appeal to the People of Ohio
COLUMBUS, May 13., 1861
o -clock.
Tbe gallant defender, of tbe Constitution and
the Union in St. Louis, have raised fonr Regi
ment, of volunteer, in response to tbe call of
the President of the United States, for aid to sup
press rebellion, and to enforce tbe laws. The
Governor and authorities of Missouri, refuse all
aid to these noble men. Io their necessities
they appeal to tbe friend, of tbe Union in tbe
loyal State., for mean, to sustain them tilt the
General Government can come to their aid. I
append their appeal, and ask for it tbe earnest
consideration of the people of Ohio. Not an
hour should be lost. On the receipt of this pa
per, I sent a message to tbe Legislature, asking
that S30,000 of the Military Fund of Ohio, be
applied to their immediate relief. I did this,
believing that too much Importance could not
be attached to the holding of St. Louie, by tbe
friends of tbe Union, and regret that constitu
tional anthority, for the appropriation could not
be found by the Legislature. The remedy is
thu. left to the people. At all cost and sacri
fices onr friend, in St. Louis must be sustained.
Thev bold the key to the Great West. With
St. Louis In the firm grasp of the friend, of
onr Government, tbe traitor, who seek to be
tray Mieeourl to the Southern Confederacy can
not ore vail.
In behalf of these brave defender, of the
right, who are rejected by the State authorities
who ought to protect them, I appeal to you for
belo. Let the contributions be liberal and itn
mediate. . If no other or better way of trans
mission I. practicable, I will receive and forward
all fund, directed to me tor that
countable bare
tant State
FzLLOW'CiTitcti. or thi Fan Statcs: . Placed
on an advanced post of liberty in tbe present
strueele for the maintenance or our uovern
ment, we have, In obedience lo the call of our
President, organized the four regiment, of vol
unteer. from Missouri. A. citixen. of a State
whose first execntive is, as vou well know, op
posed to the Government or tbe united states,
we, a. a matter of course, cannot expect support
from him or tbe State Government, for further
ing the purpose, of our Federal Government.
We are, therefore, compelled td appeal to tbe
sympathies of our fellow-citizen. In tbe Free
States, who bar with unprecedented unanimity
come to the support of our Government for tbe
neceetary means of providing our first equipment
Many of our men ar. destr -te 01 the wean, to
purchase the neeessary niibrm. blanket., &o,
Having no claim on onr General Government
until after three months' service, wa appeal 10
tbe sympathy of our Union loving fellow-citizens
in tbe Free State, for the neeessary aesistance
and support, fully satisfied that a part of that
patriotio liberality .0 freoly shown to their own
volunteer, will not be withheld from us. An
ticipating .nth sympathy, we will strain every
nerve to npkold the authority of our Federal
Government In this remote and Important post
of the great West, against treason and rebel
lion, In order that tbe wishes of tbe patriots and
Union-loving: men or this country may soon be
fulfilled, and that rebellion be forever crushed,
and Die cans, of right and justice be triumphant
over treson and jeoesslon. . .. . ,.,
Gov. Gotrtavu. Korroer. of Belleville, III. .has
kindly consented td act for 0. a. receiver and
disburden end, without consultation, we feel at
liberty to ask. Isaao Sherman, fcsq., ana Bigis-
mund Kautmann. Esq , or the city oinev i on,
F.T.ni Roe-sra. Km., of Phlledelnhla.aud Judge
Thomas Kussell, of Boston, to act in our behalf
Id those cities.
Colonel Tint Rrglment Mlnouri Volunteers.
Colonel Second Regiment Uiwouri Volunteers.
V. BIQKli, Jk
Oolontl Third Beftlment Mliworl Volunteers.
Colossi Fourth Reciment UiHonri VoluSteSrs.
W. DENNISON. ST. LOUIS, Mo., May 6, 1861.
MONDAY, May 13, 1861.
Kfr.' JONES oresentcd the following: S, B
302 Further to nrovide for the militia mustered
Dd lo he mustered Into service. It provides
u, gum 0r fsuo.UUU appropriated by
cession, and
the aot to more eftectually delend the state
against invasion, shall be Insufficient for the
payment of the expeoses that may be Incurred
uuder tne seconu necuuu ui niu -.ut, vuo uuu
clency shall be piid from the sum appropriated
for the purpose mentioned In the first section
of. aid act,"
On motion or air. juhls, me ruics were
suspended and the bill being read the fin t, sec
ond and third times, It passed. " , "
Mr. PER. RILL ottered tne following:
Krtolvtd. Tbat the Assistant Clerks of the
Senate be allowed for two days extra, each, as
compensation for night service, iu bringing up
the journal, enrolling oms, .o w do paiu ou
the certificate of the President of the Senate.
Mr. PERRILL also offered the following,
hlnh was adODted. via:
Rttolvtd, That tne inanE.oi mis senate De
and tbey are hereby tendered to w. v. mo
ham, Esq., Official Reporter, for the faithful,
impartial and able manuer in which he has dis
charged tbe duties of bis office during the pres
ent aesRinn.
Mr. CUFPY onered-tbe Following, wnicn was
adopted, vii:
Reiolotd, Tbat the Clerk of the Senate be and
is hereby authorized and required to nave print
ed, in tbe appendix 01 tne senate journal, mi
Ruoh reports of stsndiog and select committees,
tha nr inline and preservation of wbich i. not
- . . .
ihorsm nrovldeo inr.
Mr. HARRISON offered the following, which
was adopted, vis:
Rrtoltxd. Tbat the thanks of the Senate are
hereby tendered to Homer Norton, Esq., for the
. . . . .. . . -as..: . tH I ! V.
faithful. lUQlCIOUSanu Eiuuiouk umuuer iu nuiwu
he has discharged the duties of Journal Clerk of
the Senate.
Mr. JONES, from the committee of Confer
pnnA on S. B. 314 Maklne appropriations for
the maintenance and repairs of tbe Public
Works from February 15th to June 1st, 1861
Xm . recommended tbat the House recede from
its amendment to Sec. 4 of tbe bill, and that
both Houses agree to the following as section
4: .
Bmi 4. Tbe Board of Public Work, and
each member thereof is hereby prohibited, du
ring the current fiscal year, from making any
contract, or causing any work to be done on the
Publio Works of the State, either for construc
tinn.re construction, or repairs, the sums re-
nnliitK for the navment of which will exceed
tbe amounts specifically appropriated for these
nurnosea bv tills set. and all contract made In
violation of tbie section shall be void, and any
member of the Board violating the provisions
of this section shall forleit his office, and shall
forever thereafter be ineligible to any office, of
trust or profit in this State
Original section 4 snail uc aeouou o
The report was agreed to.
Mr. GARFIELD offered tbe followlog which
was adopted :
Rnolotd, That the thanks of the Senate are
hereby cordially tendered to Davis Johns, En
rolling Clerk of tbe Senate, for tbe faithfulness
and efficiencr with which be has discharged the
duties of hi. office, during the present session.
Mr. STANLEY, from the Contereoce com
mittee, to whom was referred the matter of dif
fnrMine between the two Houses relative to S.
B. 306 Prescribing the rate, of taxation for
State purposes, and limiting the levy of local
taxes for 1861, recommended that tbe Senate
asree to certain amendments. Not agreed to.
on motion 01 jur. diak ijc 1 , uutiuc ui dis
agreement was sent to tbe House, and another
committee or uooierence was asueu ior-
Mesers. Harrison and 11 ass were ap
minted said committee.
Mr. MOORE offered the following, which
Rttolved, That the thank, ot the Senate ere
hnebv tendered to John Wallace, for tbe faith
ful and eentlemanlv manner in wbich be has
diechareed the duties of the office of Second A)'
sistant Sergeant at-arms and ex officio Postmas
tr of the Senate-
Mr. SMITH offered tbe following, which was
Rnolotd. That the sincere thanks of tbe Sen
ate are hereby tendered to Clifton M. Nicholas,
Esq., for tbe faithful and efficient discharge
the duties of Recording Clerk or tbe sen
Mr. SPRAGUE offered the following, which
was adonted:
Rttolved, That the thank, of the Senate
hereby tendered to James W. Bands, fur tbe
faithful discharge of his duties as First Assistant
Mr. MOORE offered the following, wbich was
unanimously agreed to, viat
Retolved. Tbat the thank, of the Senate be
and thev are berebv most cordially, triumph
antly, constitutionally and eyllogistieally and
scientifically tendered to each and every Sena
tor for the faithful, gentlemanly, constitutional
and sublime manner lu wbicn tney nave respect
lvlv discharged their duties a. Senators.
, Mr. MOORE also offered tbe following, which
win adonted. via:
Rettlvtd. That the thaUs of the Senate
and tbey are hereby tendered to wasnington
n s ri rr m . 1
Irvine, liarrv Birioi ana iieorv 11. xavior, iur
tbe efficient manner in wbich they have die
charged their duties aa Messenger Boy. of the
Senate. . .- . " : '
' The Senate disaereed to the H. J. R. 153
Relalive to extra compensation to certain Messengers,
See., employed In the State House..
Tbe Senate agreed to House amendments
S. B. 318 Relative to the sale of Intoxicating
, ! 1 .La lAtni f A.mna
. Mr. PERRILL moved to take from tUV table
tbe appropriation bill embodying the Vojv
claim. Agreed to. . .
Tha Governor annolnted Julius J. Wood
Ein.. of Columbus. Director of tbe Ohio Peni
tentiary, to succeed Theodore ComBtoek, whose
term hat expired, and tne senate conurmea
unanimously. ' ' i ' i
Tbe Senate took a recess of ten minutes,
when Senators grayely amused themeelve..
WhAn the Senate convened aeain. . '
' Mr. SPRAGUE. from the committee on En
roll ment. reported the enrollment of sundry bill.
Mr. HARRISON, from the Judiciary com
mittee, recommended tbe passage of H. B No
4ft 2. A creed tn. and the bill passed.
k Mr. COLLINS, from tbe committee to" whom
was referred H. J. R. No. 325 Relative to tbe
settlement of a certain claim for work oa tk
State House recommended it. amendments
ailnntlnn. ' A creed to.
Mr. JONES, from the committee of Confer
ence onS. B.No. 178 Relative to repair,
tbe National Road, presented a report and re
commended tbe agreement of .the Senate.
Agreed to. -....-
Mr. HARRISON offered the following, which
wa. agreed tot V
Rnolotd, That Mr. Moore, of Sutler, be and
ha ia hereby cordially and unanimously thanked
for the large number of resolution, by him In
troduced into th. Senate, which have not
anfH nnnn or nassed.
Mr. COLLINS offered the following, wbich
a arlonted. vim ;- ' '
Rttolvtd, That the thank, of the Senate
and thav are berebv tendered to Wm. M. ureen
Sergeant-at-arms of the Senate, for the uniform
courtesy and impartiality with which he bas
t 1 -J...!-.n .RI... . . .
aiscnargsa tue uune v,
The Senate took a recess until 7:30 P. M
MONDAY, May 13, 1861.
Mr DAVI3 offered a resolution of thanka
the Clergymen of thi. oity for their attendance
upon and opening tne session wnn prayer, worsu
was adopted I rV ' Y' : IV' A I
Mr. WRIGHT, of Hamilton, offered rtp-
lution directing the Reporting Clerk to make
and publish list of Aet. and Joint Reso-
lutlons, whioh was .greed to. ,
Mr. BTTRR nflwa inlnk vwoliiUon author
izinn the Auditor, Treasurer and Secretary of were
State to allow their messenger, extra compen-
.. . . m . .1 1. 1
satiou out or tne respective contingent iuuub,
which was airreed to vea. 4b. nav. iiJ.
Aift iXiAUU moved thai the vote wnereoy
the House refused to pass S. B. 319 Relating
tree Dunking companies be reoonsioerea. 1
rar, uukk. advocated the reconsideration. .
' Mr. BALDWIN opposed the reconsideration,
holding the bill to be unconstitutional. ..
The vote was taken on the reconsideration,
and resulted veaa 49. navs 29.
Mr. B RUFF opposed tho oassaee of the bill.
because ho thought It might be made the means
producing fluctuation. In tbe circulation ol
the States.
Mr. DEVORE opposed the bill because It
would elva an advantage to a few local bank..
Tbe vote wa. then called on the passage of
the bill, which resulted yeas 50, nays JJ.
. The second committee of Conference on S
B. 314 Mak!oB canal appropriations made a
report of a substitute for section 4, prohibit
ing the Board, of Publio Works from making
any contract or expenditures wnatever during
the present season, where there is no provision
ot law, which wag agreed to yea. 50, nay. SO.
Mr. McCUNE. from the committee on tne
Penitentiary, reported back S. B. 289 Relating
to tbe office of Steward of the Penitentiary
when the bill ws. read a third time, and ailed
t pags not receiving S3 votes yeas 43, nays
17. , ,
Mr. FLAGG, from the select committee to
whom was referred S. B. 312-Allowing eight
per cent, interest to be contracted for, with an
amendment, which was disagreed to, when the
bill was again put upon its passage.
Mr. HILLS moved to amend by striking out
8 and inserting 5 per cent., wbich was disagreed
The vote was tben called on the bill, which
resulted veaa 20. navs 43.
Mr. IIERR1CK moved to take lrom tne taoie
II. B. 436 Relative to a Commissioner to tbe
World's Fair, which motion wa. agreed to yeas
3G. nav. 21
Th nueat on twins' on tne motion to reuuu
aider the vote by wbich the House refused to
aerce to the Senate's amendment to tbe bill,
thA llniidfl refused to reconsider tue voto
Mr. PARR offered a resolution or tnanks to
p. R.Cowan. the Clei k tif the Houso, for thelable
and gentlemanly manner in wbicn at nas 01a
nnirrca nin uuweis uuriuic turn ocmiuu.
-- ..rM.Mt.in .1 1 - Jl.jAAMaMa
Mr. Anuuws said ue ueaircu tu hj
word on this resolution. He thought members
not only ought to vote for it, but should do so
with the coidiality that evidences the approv
al of a sorvant that has truly, faithfully and
nerformed hi. duties. Mr. A. .aid
he had tbe honor of a seat on this floor during
three successive terms, aud was free to sav,
without the least disparagement to others, he
had not known a Clerk to equal the efficiency
nf Mr. Cowan.
The resolution then paBied by a unanimous
snta 0N a 7f.
Mr. TANNEYHILL did not vote, but ad
ded his vote and passed a very handsome eulogy
nnnn Mr. Hnvan.
Mr RT.nsSKR offered a resolution tendering
the thanks of the House to W. C Howells for
the impirtial manner in which he ha. dlscharg-1
tdtbe duties of his office, which resolution was
aereed to yeas 66, nay. 1; Mr. Shaw voting
Mr. BALDWIN, from the committee of
Conference on S. B. Fixing the rates of
..tinn for the vear 1861 made a report
recommending that tbe general school levy be
1V mills, and limiting tne locai levy to a
mills which was agreed to yea. 54, nay. 5.
The Senate having disagreed to mis report,
new committee wa. appointed.
Mr. CONVERSE, from the committee of
Conference onS. B. 178 Relating to the Na
tional Road made a report, wnicn waa agreeu
to yeas 62, nays 3.
a n qooTr amend the act to provide for
the organization of tbe Militia, so a. to allow
tbe appropriation or $1,500,000 in the ten regi
ment bill, for defense against Invasion only, to
he used in tbe support of the troops of the State
was read tbe first time, when
Mr. FLAGG moved that the rules ne sus
pended and the bill be read a second and third
imA nnar.
Mr. BALDWIN opposed the suspension of
thA rnles and the passage or tbe bill
Mr. ANDREWS advocated it as necessary
for the payment of the troops.
Mr. HILLS also opposed the bill, as it would
lead to extravagance and waste.
Mr. McCUNE thought tne reiusai to pass
it. hill would leave tbe Commander-in-Chief
ithout the means to carry on tne war ano oe-
fanaA nf the State.
Mr. BROW HZ., OI Miami, wouia mate tue
arm nf the Governor a. potent a. possible, and
rr'.A him all the monev needed: and strengtnen
bis arm so a. to thrash out every traitor in tbe
country. , lMi , .
Mr. HKiirr oDnoseu me diu, auu uuucu tuo
rule would not be suspended. He thought it
.aa nnl a contrivance to loosen tbe restric
tions put around the $1,600,000 devoted to the
dAfanaa of the State against invasion.
Mr. FLAGG advocated the bill a. a measure
necessary and proper, a. the money first appro
priated wa. not enough to meet tbe case and
nnnwt tha troors called out.
-rr---------,zrn . ,, . i, .v.
JVJr. KUB1MSUN lOlioweu, utaiuK lut guiui
view of tbe matter. He wa. satisned at first
that more money should have been approprl
...a ' . ....
nr.. Mr-SCHOOLER said be was for the bill
He held It to be dastardly to call out men, and
then not vote the money for their .upport.
Mr. KRUM held that the House meant what
it said, when the whole power of the State was
nlMlcad to tne sunpreseiou ui rcucmuu, uu
sustaining the arm of the General Government.
Ha arnn d thnrelore vote ior tue diu.
Mr. HUGHES said thi. matter had come on
Just a. he predicted. He cared not if tbey eaU-
ed mm a tory or traitor, wo wu.
thA nnnn when ha could see it necessary, but
nnt till thAn. ..
The House refused to suspend the rnles yea.
52, nays 23. ;'.' . ', .
The House then took a recess till 8 o clock
MONDAY, May 13, 1861.
Mr. GARFIELD offered the following, which
was adopted, vis:
Rttolved, That the thanks of the Senate are
hereby tendered to the clergymen of this city,
who have officiated tor tne senate iu opening
the same with prayer during the pres ent .e.
I All ' '
. u. HARRISON, from the second committee
of Conference to whom wae referred H. B. 306
Prescribing the rate, or taxation ior mate pur
pose, for 1861, recommended agreement to the
bill as u pisoa wuuw, wim win.u uV4U
mania. ' Tha bill as amended fixes one and four
tenths mills as the rate of taxation In 1861 for
iha mineral revenue, and one and two-tenths
miiu for achool purposes. It reduces the Sohool,
tax two-tenth, of a mill. Tbe report wa
.greed to. Yea. 23, nay. a.
Th. fin t a agreed to House joint resolution
providing for tho compensation of the Clerks of
' a a- I a.. Malrlnai an ai t4 4 4
the Uenerat Assemoiy, ior iunu6 Ui, ... .
j-ln. tha Innrnals. -
MfT SCHLElCH moved to take from the ta
hu iha bill to ourchase Swan ft Critohfield'e
o. Nnt airreed to veas 9. nav. 12.
"""". - . .t. o. . j.
J0NK8 movea mat tne oenato rwcrue
mr. juum u- ; - -----
from It. amendment, to tne nonse Din proTia-ser.
Inr for seodins- a Commissioner to tbe woria .
ing IOT seuuiug - v
Fair, at the expense of the Agricultural Fond
Mr. WHITE moved to postpone the bill In-
. . .. . v... 1 .. a -A U. Lnu' MAtlnn vat
denniteiy. joss. -
The Senate aereed lo II. J. R.-Reqnestlng
the Governor to appoint a day of Thanksgiving
The Senate went Into Informal session, when
m. am;.h nfTrd the followincc. wbioh was
Ull , w
unanimously adopted I
Retolved, That Brigadier-Generals Sohleloh and
Cox, members of thi. body, who have been eom
mi.sioned by tbe Goyernor to the command or
tbe aaUant troop, of thi. State, mustered into tbe
service of th. United State, to pat down the ex
isilng rebellion, will take with them into tbe
.n;.... . nf their country the warmest
sympathies and loudest hopes of every member
of the Senatei and tbat, knowing, as every Sena
tor know., the gallantry, abilities, oourage and
patriotism o( General. Schleich and Cox, the
Senate feel, confident that their future eervioe.
will retteot tbe highest nonpf upon th. State in
whose oivil.oounoUa ,hey .bve .eryed w credit-
Jly9:t.T LuuU i-'J (J ;
;a rWt..i
Gen. BCI1LEICH replied with, modest elo
out qaonoei when ' . ' ''- ' - ' '
Mr. GARFIELD, by request, responded for
rr h .athiAnt. Patrlotto remark.
i,0 made by Messrs. Jones, Monroe and
H.rrtum. The latter thought It a matter 01
that two distinguished Senator., who are
nt tne most sauant tuuuk vu,
hnuld have been .elected from the Senate- to
thA man of Ohio tn the battie-noia.
Subsequently, Mr. OAWU-lu moveu mat
rMolntlon be entered on the Journals.whlch
agreed to. (The Reporter did not report
AinniiAnt pBmirRi ni -m Deuivrn wuivu
. . . Ll.1.1.
extremely wen expressed, auu mgmj
complimentary to the soldier, of 1 the Senate,
because tbe matter wa. declared Informal until
after the speeches were made Reporter.;
Mr. GARr ItiLD, on leave, introouoeu a. a
No. 32 To supply an omission in the Staff of
floer. bill, bo a. to provide ror a Brigade vom
- ... till 1
The rule, were enapenueu, anu tue uui wui
throunh iU several stages, and was passed
yeas 21, nay. 0.
Mr. KKKAi.i r . irom tue commibteu uu .u-
rollment. reported the correot enrollment 01
sundry bills, &c. , ' ,
Mr. UAKf lKLL moved 10 reconsiuer mc
vote by whioh the Senate refused to reoeae trom
amendment, tn me diu concerning urn ji
pointment of a Commissioner to the World'.
Fair. Nn Rnlinn taken.
ThAfienatn acceded to the reauest ror a tniro
committee of Conference on the tax bill, and
Maara. Hnrfipld and Harsh were appointed
Mr. LASKEY offered the following, wnicn
aa arlnnted : '
Bunlned. That the President of the Senate is
hereby authorized to draw an order in favor of
Wm. U. lOlliua iur teu. uajs ouriuco ituunw
during the recess of tbe General Assembly, in
discharge of duties by him as chairman of the
Senate Committee on nauroaus, uuuur rtouiu
linn nftaaprl March 2Gth. 1860.
r .'. . . j
The usual message oeiug received iruui tus
Hnnan. Informing the Senate that the House
was ready to adjourn, the Senate thereupon ad
journed sine die
MONDAY, May 13, 1861.—8 o'clock, P. M.
nr. Wfinns offered the followlne:
d..jA That the thank, ol this House are
Ar,A and Ar A hnrflbr toDdered. to Hon. Peter
Ii:Aknnnlr IAP mR UifJUIbV. IUICk.llja fiwiupv
III IXJUtW B I I l ail. 1
ness, Impartiality and fidelity with which he has
presided over its oeuocraiious, mm ui wtw
a. itspreBiuiuK uuiu
The yeas and nays were demanded, which re
...ti.ui .... fill. nuTfl none.
jimra-iv.--.--- .. ,t.
Mr. KRUM ottered a resolution teuunnug mo
n.nira nf tha Huuse to Hon. Joseph Warwick,
Sergcanl-at-arms of the House, and hi. Assist'
fn, thA efficient and faithful discharge of
their duties which was amended, on motion of
Mr. BLAKESJUrJrJ, so as to inciuue tue mens
a Pa. Anrl nrlnnted.
Mr. MYERS offered a resolution tendering
the thank, of the House to Messrs. r . Kied
line, G. C. 8. Miller, B. Blocker, C. S. Matoon,
t RA.aand W. J.Doetctter.for the faithful-
n..a .nd nniirtflnuR and centlemanlv manner in
which they have discharged their duties, which
"i'": .... . .i ..- i
Mr. BROW WK, 01 Miami, ouereu mo ubuai
Alia . . . . . .
resolution providing for the payment of the
iierxs oi notu iouod pr""6
... .kiir.tinn. which was aoonted.
m. FI.Afifl moved to take from the table
thA Crittendcn-Corwin amendment, wbich wa.
agreed to yeas 41, nay. do.
The question being on the adoption of tb
iu . vnRlS nnnmrd Ita adontlon as detrradinc
til.., . v.v " 1 l T.
to the House and their constittiente.when tbe very
people whom it was inienuea to conciliate,
in arm. against nr.
TMr. PLANTS next maae some remaraa, iu
opposition to the passage or the resolutions,
wbieh will appear in tho Slatuman of to mor
un-. . ... ,i t
Mr. ILAGU thought tnere was sometuing
due to a party on tbe uoor woo tninics it ougnt
to be adopted, its passage woum wucui.,.,
and harmonize the whole House for the passing
of the war bills now pending.
M. kr riw n r.. or Miami, bsiu. wneu tui
rAanintinn was first introduced he was for It.
.,1..; Ttt he thoueul tne lime was past.
for compromises. It is triQing with our time
.nt nn. nnnatiMinntS to OVOU diSCUSS? it. It
not in the spirit of the peopi. oi tno lojai
Stales to mako concessions to men now wit
arms in their hands, to make war upon us, and
against whom we are making war upon mem.
It we want to make concessions, let u. disperse
our armies a. tbe only sensiDie concession mat
we can make. , ,
Mr. ANDREWS said ne was going into tuo
my, honored with the command of a thou
sand men; but it was not against slavery that
he was going to fight. It was lor tne nag ot nis
country and for its Constitution.
..vnn .... . I. - J . . . - .1.1.
Mr UKVIIKKIt ait W8S 1110 UUtT . UI tula
House, and all who had promised not to Inter
fere with the institution, oi tne ooum, vo pe
this resolution. Did any one propose to re
fuse the South any of their rights? tie wa. lor
the Constitution or his oonntry in an ns pr
tlculars, and would say to the South that we
do not regard it as a oeiunci constitution.
Mr. HILLS said this resolution more con
cerned the people of Ohio than any other.. Oar
nwn Constitution cannot be ehanged by euch
vote s. will paBS this. And yei we are to vote
a nhano-nln the Constitution ot the United State.
for all time to come, in a thin House, at this
hour. It we. a fraud upon we peopie oi
State to propose such a thing. .
m. pat.dWIN moved to lav the resolution.
on the table, which wa. disagreed to yea.
The previous question wa. then demanded.
The House concurred In the Senate', amend
ment to the House resolution relating to the
ri.pKIa Kalnatrade. 'J '
' The previous question on' the United States
Constitutional amendment wa. sustained, when
the vote wa. taken on the resolution, which re
enltut ima 47 .navs 42. ' '
Those who voted in the affirmative, were
Mesirs. Andrews, Blecker, Browne, or Putnam,
r.ariiala. Chaio. Collines. Converse, Cory, De-
vore, Fellow., Flagg, Gamble, Gore, Hamilton,
Hughes, Hutcbeson, JacoDS, jessup, jony, Jo
nas, Jones, of Hamilton, MoConnel, Mc
RMmnler. Mvers. Nieh. Noble. Ogle, Parr, Pat
tr,vn. Pcarce. Powers. Rees, of Franklin,
Relsinger, Robinson, Rogers, Schiff,
Shaw, Slusser. Snyder, Stiers, Stout, Tanneyhill.
Taylor, Westcott, White, Woods, Wright,
. II.llln t ' ' ' ' 1 - - ' '"
ThnaA who voted In the negative,' vere
Messrs. Baldwin, Blakeslee, Browne of Miami,
ll.i.ff Pnrr. Carter. Choate. Clapp, Coover, Cox,
Davis. Haddow.IIerrick, Hills, Howell, Kerr,
v..,. McClunir. McCunc. McGavran, Mo-
Ph.nn. Mnsann. Plants. Rees, of Morrow
r.m RnVnnhrod. Scott, of Jefferson, Sears,
8aulre, Stedman, Steele, Stubbs, Thompson,
. an l . IT Lit Vl.aAMt 17 Mats.
summit, i rimoie, ywvourun, t iuvoui
- a a WWW M nf.lA. A.aV.lir..
Walker, Watt, WSlsn, WOOD, rr ngni.ui rr
rn. RneaVer. , . .
The SPEAKER decided that this was a reso
'lution of such character mat u wouio require
..in.lt nf thnaa elected to carry It. ' " ' ' '
' V . , . I , . lU - A
Mr. WUUUa moved an appeal irum
cision or the Uhair.
m. BROWNE, of Miami, moved to lay
ar,nl nnon the table, which vote resulted
-rr--- r- ,
.... Ai . nailia.
The question then' turned upon the appeal.
Mr: niiRR ounted the: Constitution, of
fTnttArl State, and -Ohio, contending
nothing abort ot a lull maiority oi an ne mem
;,. . :i.i- f
eieciea ouKui, j-kw ..
moment. .,,,
.TNiiT nWTW anil Mr. KRUM
HH.Vts''' " "
I thia faaiflnn. " : " 1
Tha nrevioua auction was thsn demanded
. ' . . . i i i
and sustained on uu. appeal, wueu, uy wubwi
the Speaker gave his reason, for his decision.
The Speaker said that, in his opinion, at least
a constitutiodal majority of all the member,
elected to each branch ot the General Assembly
nniri h nacMHarv to acree to the resolutions.
It was a new questionand be would be glad
more time In wbicn to aispose oi it, Dutirom
little time spent in the examination of It,
come to no other conclusion . 1 1 -
Joint resolution, pas. by a majority of those
voting, but no law can piss except by a majority
of all the members elected. Tbe resolutions
under consideration propose a change n
fundamental law, the Constitution of the Uni
ted State.. No amendment of the Constitution
of the 8tte of Ohio can be submitted, even
a vote of tbe people, except on a vote of three
fifths of all elected to each branch of the Gen
eral Assembly., Certainly It seem, that when
the Btate declares herself in favor of an amend
ment to the Constitution ot tbeUnlted States.lt
should at least be by a majority or all elected.'
Again, the Constitution Vi tue uoueo. dwwi,
providing for change, in that Instrument, de
clares that any amendment submitted by the
vote of two-third, of eaob House of Congress.
and ratified bv three-fourths of ' ths States.
.peaking through their.legislaturee, .hall become
pari 01 tnat lunuamtntai iaw. . , .,,.-
now wnat constitutes tne legislature or tbe
State T And by what vote oan she give her con
tent to chasge. proposed f Can it be bylesi
than a maioritv 01 an its member, elected 7 Tbe
rnnatltntion of tbe State ba. fixed and defined
what constitute, me iw maaing power or tne
State. The passage of these resolutions I. not
like that of teose ordinarily passing the General
Assembly, .imply tne expression 01 an opinion,
or tbe making Of ft recommendation, but is, .0
far a. thi. State Is concerned, tbe enactment of
constltntionallaw. r ; ' -
Had this same constitutional amendment been
introduced in the form of a bill, there would
have been no division of sentiment." Can its
having been Introduced in" the form of a -joint
resolution maice any ainerence wun mis so ioug
ss the ultimate result I. precisely the same.
In the opinion of the Chair it cannot; otherwise,
onnatuntlonat change, can be made by a ma
ioritv of a quorum, merely a voteof one, or two,
more man one-iuurtu ui tu uicwuuro m uc
General Assembly. , ....
Tha wote wa. called on tne appeal, wnicu re
sulted yea. 42, nays 45. Ho tbe decision or
the Speaker wa. reversed, and he declared tbd
mini n tlnn adonted. ' I
A Message wa. received irom tue uoveruur,
recommending the Honse to pas. the Senate
Bill Aiio onange ine appropriation oi i,
500,000, to provide against invasion.
Mr. FLAGG moved that the rules be suspend
ed and the bill be read a second and third time
now. whioh wa. agreed to, when the bill was
passed yea. , nay. o. , . ,
Air. tsun.lv, irom tow committee ui uuuioi
ence, on the Senate bill 306 -Fixing the levy
of taxes for the year 1861, made a report fixing
the general School levy at.1,2 2 mills. ,,
Mr.rlK.Uf r opposed wis report insisting tuat
it wa. equal to cutting off the common achool.
for ix months.
Mr. WRIGHT, of Hamilton, sustained too
report. ' -'
The report then wa. disagreed to yea. 23,
nays 36. . ' '
Mr. MoCUNE moved to take from the com
mittee of the Whole, the bill for tbe protection
of flsb, whioh was disagreed to. ' " " '.
Mr. rATTrittauiM, irom me eeieci commit
Ipa to whom were referred sundry bills fixing the
compensation of member, of the General As
sembly, reported tne same oaca, -wueu tucy
were laid on the table.
Mr. BALDWIN reported back tho bin tiling
tbe fee. of County TreasureiB which was
laid on the table.
Mr. ROBINSON moved to take irom tne
committee of the Whole S. B. 278- or tbe
protection of fish in tbe water, ot Lake trie,
which was agreed to, when the bill was put on
its passage, tbe vote resulting yea. 54, nay.
A resolution was adopted, direotiDg tbe Gov
ernor to appoint a day of thanksgiving. '
S. B. jio i o provide ior tne appointment oi
Brigade Commiasary, was read a first time,
when -1 -
Mr. FLAGG moved that the bill be read a
second and third time now, which was agreed
to, when the bill wa. passed.
Mr. BALUW1JN moved io reconsider ine vote
br wbich S. B. 319 was lost, which motion was
disagreed to. -
' Mr. i lauu on area a resolution oi sympamy
and fellowship with Messrs. Andrews, Parrott
and Pearce, who have gone to fight tbe battle.
of their country wbich wa. adopted. -
Tbe bill relative to tne levy oi taxes was
finallv nassed. leaving tbe general levy for
schools at one mill and four tenth, of a mill on
the dollar.
Whilst the motion to adjourn wa. pending,
tbe speaker addressed the House a. follows:
GentUmen of Iht Home of Repreicntativet, Be
fore discharging the last duty devolving npon
me, a. the presiding officer of this House, per
mit me to return to yon my grateful thanks for
your kindness and forbearance toward, me dur
ing tbe time I have been occupying this position,
and especially for the very expressive vote
thanks you have just now given me.
We are about to separate. A little more than
one year since we met in this Halt, nearly all
of u. total stranger, to each other. ,
To-day we part famaillar acquaintance, and
intimate friends. Tie., wbich during our daily
meeting, have been constantly strengthening,
are being Sundered, and familiar association,
broken up. . .' ' .
We came here differing politically, and nave
so continued to differ. Honestly entertaining and
advocating adverse, view, it ha. been done witb
little Ol imteroesa auu poravuKinj, tuv cucu.
wbioh It appear, to me can outlive thi. hour.
When we met at tne opening oc mis session,
dark cloud, were lowering around our political
horlion, and threatening untold evil, to our once
happy and much beloved country. Since
bare been here, loose ciouas nave Dnrsi.npon
in a storm of merciless fury. We have been
called to tbe discharge of duty, nnder such re
sponsibilities thrown npon ns a. no preceding
Legislature of thi. State ha. been compelled
assume, and from wbich we may pray our suc
cessors may be spared. " i
How tbat duty bar been discnargea, nistory
and those who come after us will determine.
One thing Is certain, a. rr collection bring,
mind the name, of associate, here, it can
upon each one a. that of a true friend of
country. " ..;
We go from here to where other .dntles will
call our attention, other pleasure, attract,
other friend, surround ns. Through and witb
all such, will my mind, as it turn, back
page, of life', book, find many a pleasant face
with which I have here been familiar, indelibly
photographed npon the tablet of my memory;
and many a warm grasp ot the hand will, in
imagination, anew stir all the friendly sympa
thies of my nature. So it will be with all
a. .--.'. .. :
Permit me. eentlemen. to wish for yon a
and speedy return to your home, and families,
and without detaining yon longer, to tender
you all and each a kindly rAiiwiix.
The usual message, were exchanged, paper
ball, thrown and general fun, amidst which
Honie adjourned sins aw.
Master Commissioner's Sale.
George sf . Partoni, BxeontorT
of Samuel rcn, i gale by order Of Oonrt.
William . Breck at al. ' j
ta ma directed, lrom uie nnperior vjuun
Prank lln county, Ohio, 1 will offer for eale at the door
the Court Howe, in tne uityoi uoiomoua.ou
Saturday, tbe 13th day of June, A. D. 1861,
hr tmen the hoars of N o'olock a. m and 4 o'clock
k. faiiowlne- deadribed real aetata, aitnato In
county of Pranklla and State of Ohio, to wit: Parts
Noe. B and 9 of the inbdlvielen of survey 1388, belnr
ahara of eald William P. Brack in said lot. Noe. 8 and B.
Htlsned and eat offto him by the Superior Oonrt ol Frank
lin county, Ohio, at ita May term, 1BS8, In a partition
made of eald lot between him and his wife Bllubeth
Brack, to wit tot No. two (H) of said partition,
at tha N. W. corner of lot No. I of eald parti
tion; thenoe 8. 67 deg, 30 mln. B. 168 88-100 polei
the centra of tbe Oolumbni and Earrlsbarg
Koad, thence along the oentre of said road N. 38 deg.
mln. E. 35 polea to the B. B. oomorof lot No. S of
partition; thenoe h; 67 deg. 30 mln. W. VjO poles
the 8. W. corner of said lot No 8; thence rr. 1 deg.
mln. W. 41 pole to the. beginning, containing 39
' AUo, lot No. three (3) of said partition,' commencing
the N. W. corner ot lot No. S; thenoe B. 67 deg.
mln. K. 190 poles to the centre of tha Columbue
HarrUburg Turnpike Road; thenoe along the centre
said road N. 32 deg. 30 mln. B. 64 poles to the 8.
corner of lot No. 4 of said partition; thence N. 57
30 mln. W. dO-100 poles; thenoe 8. 1 deg. 30
west 83 60-100 poles to tho place of beginning, contaln
ingC9 acres, 9 node, 80 poles. , . ., i . ,
appraised aafollowi: "
, Lot No. S. containing 39 aores, together with tne
sawmill, 11,660.
Lot No. 1, containing 09 acres, at BM 00 per acre.
Q. W.HUPr-M AN, Sheriff,
nyl4-ltw4w.'' 1 " end Nailer Commluioner.
i Printer's fees, $10 50. .. t ; .Iv -..-": '
Divorce Notice.
:'jansMoOall ' ' ' '
. Petltloa for Dlrorce. ,
William HeOall.) ' ' ' ' ..
tloa that tha plaintiff has filed in the Court of Com
mon Pleat of franklin county ker petition for divorce,
alleging for canee. that the defendant has for more
three years been Willfully sbtent from petitioner,
daring tbe same period baa been guilty of grot, neglect
of duty in entirely uiung to provuie in any manner
whatever for' petitioner's support, and, therefore,
praying that the marriage contract el.tlng between
and defendant be diiaolrrd,aud both partle.
, from the obligation, of '' : and that
petltloti Is now vending la 'TnkV'iVm)'1
therein, according to law.7- WAttDBNfcDBBBlL,
wfltfcdU ,.' , ' - Attorneys for peUUonef.
Sheriff's Sale.
' Slam Driks )
vi. ' Bnpcrior Court.
Ill K. Williaas.
to mo directed from tha Superior Court of Franklin
county, O., I will offer for !, at tha door of Iks Court
Boase, In the oily of Columbui, on ,-.
Saturday, the 15th day of June, A. D. 1861,
between the noun of 10 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock P.
M., tbe following described real eitate, iltualo 1b the
county of franklin, and State of Ohio, to wit: Being
one quarter WX) aores, illutte on Big Walnnt Creek,
range 17, townenip t, quarter town
a itone In the Oolumbua and Johni-
town Turnpike road, the touth-writ corner of David
Ballr'i three acre tract, and north-wett corner to laid
SUM acre tract, thence louth thirty-two and oce half rode
to an elm tree, thinoo eait fifty and 88-100 rode, thence
north ilitT and one-hair (60J,) rode, thenoS week twenty
fonr and 80-100 roda, thence eonth tlx and 44-100 rode,
thenoe with eald Turnpike road to the beginning, con
taining nxieen aoree, more or leal .
Appralaed at .43 per acre.
Printer'! feei 14 50. a. W. nCTFUAN, HberlB.
meyM-ltdat4lw By Id. Dtvti, Deputy.
Mifflin townehip, in
Manufacturer, and Wholesale Dealer. In
Northwest Corner of High and Gay Sts.,
isro. ex,
"A large Mock of tins and Staple floods on hand."
ITj Offices, 889 Broadway Mew York City, and
FaRMRi' Bdildiko, Oolumbni, Ohio.
JO'Oarefttl attention paid to Oolleotlone. ,
Eitate of Francis Craven, Deceased.
notice that he has been appointed and qualified aa
Administrator o( the eeUteof Vraneis Craven, deceased.
IDV7ARD at. f lTZQKllALiD.
Warden a: Driul, .
Attorney!. .
flit w3t .
deelgni, at 14,00 per 1,000.
Half the price charged by small dealera.
JTFnE AD (HJARTKRS No. 75 Bonth High etreet.
Voiumrjue, aiaye, irui.
J.ll. BILEY.
Corner Uprlng & Water 8ta.f
Oolumlpua , Olalo.
W. B. POTTS & CO.,
Ind Manufacturers of BraM and Compotltlon Callings,
finiihtd Urue Work of all Descriptions.
Electro PlatinTnd Gilding!!
or Seminal Weakness, Bexual Debillt, Nerrontnees.In
voluntary Kmiailons and Impotracy, mailing fraca
Belf-abnie, See. By Robt. J. Culverwell, AI. D. Bent
nnder seal, in a plain envelope, to any addreai.poet
paid, on reoelpt of two stamps, by Dr. CUAB. J.O .
KLINE, 127 Bowery, New York. Poet Office Box, No
4,54(1, i mar21:3mdfcw
. morrAT's Lira pills.
In all eases of eosttvenees, dyspepsia, billions and Uvei
affections, piles, rheumatism, feyers sad agues, obstl
nate head aches, and all general derangements of health
theae Pllla haye invariably proved a certain and speedy
remedy. A single trial will plans the Life Pills beyond
the reach o 'competition in the eetlmaUoa of every pa
tient. Dr. Moffat's Phanlx Bitter, will bs found equally e
Bcactona In all cases ot nervous debility, dyspepsia, bead
ache, the ilckneas Incident to females in delicate health,
and every kind of weakness of the digestive organs,
for sale by Dr. W. B. H0PPAT, 335, Broadway, N. T.
and by all Draggtita. BayS-dfcwlI
mencing The following ii an extract from
letter written by the Bev. J. 8. Holme, paster ot the
Plerrepolnt-Btreet Baptist Church, Brooklyn, V. T.,to
the 'Journal and Meeaenger," Cincinnati, O., and speaks
volumes In favor of that world-renowned medicine, Has.
W'Mijw'i BoOTHua Braor roa CHnnaaw Tawnuaai
"We sea an advertlsment In your eolnmna of Has
Wirslow's Boothiho Bvudp. Now ws never eald a word
In favor of a patent medicine before In our Ufa. but wa
feel compelled to say to your readers that this is no hum
claims It is prohably one of tha moat suroeesral medi
cine, of the day, beoauae it ii one of the beat. And those
of your readers who have babies can't do better than
by in a supply." ocS7:lydfcw
To ConanmptlTca.
The Advertiser, having been restored to health ia a few
weeks by a very simple remedy, after having offered .ev
er! years with a severs lung affection, and that dread
disease, OonenmpUon Is anxious to make known to his
fellow-sufferers the means ot cure.
Toalrwho desire It, he will send a copy of theprescrl
tlon need (free of charge), with the directions for prepar
ing and using the same, which they will find a erai Otss
for ComrjMmoM, Asthha. BRomwrrts, to. The only
object of the advertiser in sending the Proscription is to
benefit the afflicted, and spread Information which heoon
oelves to bs invaluable, and he hopes ersr sufferer will
try his remedy, as It will coat them nothing, and may
prove a blenlng.
Parties wishing tho prescription will please address .
Hiv. nuwAiuu a. niiisun, i
1 Kings County, New Xork.
octlwly ' '
dletreealng oomplalnt ue
ENDTH !,..-'..
Hade by 0. B. BKVH0TJB CO., 107 Naaaaa St., K. T.
rrws 91 per Dox sent rraa by post.
Red, White and Blue
Juit opened by
IflRBONS, ' "
. MII.K9,
" , BAIN It BON,
No. 29 South High Street.
made la the the officers of this Bank, January 89th,
lHol, to wlu Wai. A. Platt, President, and Thohab
Moonie, Cathler, resigned tbelr offloes. Datw Tatuw,
Baq., ni then elected President and Wat. A. Platt ap
pointed Cutler.
By order of the Board ot Dlreotors.
leb 5, WJl-dtf. . W. A. PLATT, Cashier.
. Neclt, Tlea.
thing petl
Uoner re
leaaed Said
rt n. iV
Ilandtome sod economical. Also, vi iji1'
81 IK Ties, ' ..'.-:. ; v i
Linen Collaret " '
.- Hall Hew, . ! t r J ' I t.
lirawer.i ovc. - 't v
No. S9 South High .tract.
JT DHK88 SILKS, of every grade. I awSleel
anortment In the oily, and at moot reasonable rate..
No. 89 South High street.
BtoVofOroeerle. toO. B.D-MlNtf... cheerfully
rwmend him to aur .14 patron. "Eft SON .
Columbus, March 9th, MSl-apl-dtt ! i 'A

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