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TIia ArUms Exnress Company places ni flaiiy
.-. from the eastern cities. j
1 " '-' The American 'Express Company bai our
" thanks Tor its dally favor In the shape of the
Very latest eastern papers
Council Prookdinos. The City Council mot
i ) last evening at the usual hour. The oontraot
' ". of Messrs. Glinn a Thrall, to do the City
Printing for one year from the 10th Inst., was
presented End approved. ,
Mr. BuTTLia, from the select committee on
' T GooJale Park, made a verbal report, statiDg In
"" Substance that the committee had called npon
1 ' ' the Governor and other State officers, and in-
f. .h..w ir ,h nnniin., tnn.Hfl
vl -- " v
t Park for a Camp, It must be npon their own re
sponsibility, and stating also that the oommlttee
had visited the Park, and fonnd it la a muah
better condition than it had been reported to be;
that not bo much iojury had been done to it as
was at first supposed, and that the committee
were using every exertion to protect the Park
and the city property therein...
An ordinance to grade and pave the gutters,
i; anagraaeana gravei me aiaewaiics on rourtn
v alley and Division street, from Now streot to
J Poor House Line, was read the third time and
. . ..
' mr. dhitb ouerea a resolution, which was
adopted, directing the City Civil Engineer to
.u. -i.4 ..i .i .
urvmrfj hue ucuddokij Mua aula vdviiumio iu(i
. grading and paving the sidewalks aud gutters
. ou me uuriu siuu ui o; guoei, uuiu uiguw
Front street, and on the west sido of High street
from Gav to S ortnrr street.
rr,. n', l. " r..
. ,Uo uuuuwi .Uvu T.u..u,.Uov..UUu. ..v
' wood Measurers, to servo for two years irom
two years
May 13th, 18G1; whereupon Messrs. J. II.
Woods and 0. Casc were elected Wood Meas
Mr. SrAURiNO,as Superintendent of the South
Grave Yard, submitted a report, showing a bai
... ance in bis hands of $115 19.
"Mr. wilson ouereu a resolution, whion was
laid over for one week, providiog that all
. , oooonts, claims and demands against the city I
of Columbus (hall hereafter be verified by af-
- . . . I
nrmaMOn, nuiees specincany allowed t.y tbe
, council.
The bill of Messrs. Glinn & Thsall, for
printing from Nov. 30, 18G0,to May 2, 1861, In-
elusive, amounting to $134 07, was presented
j r l ... . .,
and referred to the committee on Printing. :
' b The contract of John G. Bicxro, for grading
and paving the gutters and crossings on the
. south side of Rich street from Scioto to Canal
- street, and on the east side of Canal street from
. men to rriena sireci, at tne loiiowing rates
for exeavating and grading, 20 eta. per cubic
yard; for furnishing and setting curbing, 18 cts.
per square yard, was read and approved.
The Council also approved a contract with
John W. Huohis, for grading and paving the
sidewalks, gutters and crossings on Oak street,
from fifth street to Washington avenue, on the
following termsi for .excavating and grading, ,15
cts. per cubic yard; Tor furnishing and setting
curbing, 10c ts. per lienar foot; for paving
gutters, 33 cts. per square yard; for brick pav-
ing, $7 per 1,000 brick, and for flagging, 22 cts.
per lineal foot. '
Tha Vote wherebv tha contract in relation to
the Spring street sewer was rejected at tbe last
mectlnsr. was reconsidered', and tho further eon'
' sideration of , tbe contract postponed till the
' next meeting. ' . . .
1 '' The Council then adjourned.
O An unfortunate affair occurred at Camp
Jackson this forenoon. ' One of Capt. Mosi's
Company, by the name of Alixanpir, was on
guard in tbe north-eastern part of the Camp.
A man belonging to Capt. Coon's Company, of
Dublin, In ibis county, attempted to cross the
line, and was repulsed by tbe guard. . The at
tempt to cross was repeated several times with
taunts. The guard, supposing the man was not
in earnest, turned his back and walked off on his
beat. Turning round, he saw the man in the
'.'i' ' act of .climbing over or crawling through the
' fenee, and stabbed him In the side with bis
- bayonet, inflieting a severe and dangerous
wound. 'The affair created considerable com
motion In the Camp. We forbear oomment, as
the matter will doubtless undergo Investigation
by the proper authorities. ,. ,
O" While passing up street we met with sev
, ,. i eral of our worthy Military Officers, wearing
" their splendid uniforms, and after inquiring
for the manufacturer of these roost beautifully
" made suits, they told us they had them made at
the well known "Capital City Arcade," super
Intended by Mr. Marcos Chilps. These mili
' tary' gentlemen assured ns that Mr. Childs has
the best and largest assortment of cloth adapted
for military purposes, of any bouse in the city,
(.. and excels all bis competitors In regard to low
, , prioes and superiority of material. By institu-
. ting further inquiries, we ascertained that Mr.
Childi has made a great many of these nnl
' forms, comprising all offices: Colonels, Ma
' Jon, Captains, and First and Second Lieuten
ants. .
, The perfects t of these suits satisfied every
' '' one of these' gentlemen, as the cutter, Mr.
- ! Montzib, at Mr. Chilps' establishment, has bad
; " several years' experience in France In getting
up Military Uniforms.
i For your own benefit, we would, from what
" we have seen, advise you to go to the Capital
Citf Axcui and leave your , measures for- Uni
forms, as you will not fail to meet with entire
'.satisfaction.' , . r4 ;' ' .'
Niw Location. Messrs. S. Dotli k Co.
whose advertisement will be fonnd In this pa
i per,. have removed their Boot and Shoe estab
lishment to the old stand of Messrs. NiilA
- PiR,""bn the North-west corner of High and Gay
streets,' Costomors and Dealers will find Messrs,
Doru li Co. in possession of a large and fine
stock In their Irne, which will be disposed of on
advantageous terms to purchasers.
' A Caro. The Zinesvllle Blues, under the
eommknd of Capt. Most, at Camp Jaokson, ao.
knowledge with grateful hearts the receiptor
" k timely present of towels from Mrs; Geo. M
'IPkns, of this city. The present was receiv
ed by tbe Company with three rousiog cheers
for the patriotic donor,,. ., ;; 51 , , ;
i i : 1 ' -
ILTThe Governor ' has appointed Gioroi A
Willis, Esq., an additional' Inspector of
freight and merchandise at Portsmouth'. '
. - ti Little Giant Not Douglas, nor Breck
-'- inridge, nor even "Old Abe." but Jams Pile's
Dietetic Saleratus, that In its own department
possesses-more strength and purity than all of
'-i ' ' 4 ii .i "L , . . . . - v '
lueu. u otner Kinas are pigmies to u..
i pot; 345 Washington Street, New Yorkj Sold
' by grocers everywhere. ' '"v
From Washington City.
r Washihoton. Mav'lkAiS Ji reported that
martial law will be declared in. JJaJUmore la
I day or two.
Tin - j .. m.Uami
Commodore Boohanan, Jete of Washington
Nary Yard, bai signified ble desire to recall
bis resignation, but the Government will not
consent M 5 ! . . i
The Union men In Virginia who occupr the
Congressional District on the Potomac, inclu
ding Fairfax county, win run a candidate for
the federal uongress. The latest news from
that region states that Charles H. Upton, of
Falrfai, agrees to rnn. .'". v.. r ; i '
A gentleman from Richmond lavs that 8.000
reDei (room are now stationed in tnat oitv. and
mat io.uuu otner troops are soattered through
Virginia. He also states that an attack will be
made Irom the direction of Harper's Ferry on
ine unitea Diates troops at tne Kelav House
ana tnat uenerai i,eo, oommander of the Vir
g'nla forces, threatens Western Maryland and
Pennsylvania from the samelpolnt. These are
1 mere renorts.
mere reports
[Special to the N. Y. Commercial]
Washington. Mav 13. Evidence that can
be contradicted is proving to the Administra
tion that treasonable operations are coins: on
among the oitiiens of Baltimore. The Govern
ment will take decisive measures to execute its
authority In that city. The Union men must be
"stained, "d Baltimore must be kept loyal to
VESSEL f th.avth tt,.i't frw
airy, admirably mountedare expected to arrive
uereauring me present wees:.
Washington, May 13. The Secretary of the
,eMurT iU8 "u? coiar to all colleo
tors. inrvAvora and other oiucara of tha Cm.
toms, precisely similar to that recently address
led lo those on northern and Western waters
relative to commerce with insurrectionary States,
with the following additions:
. , , . , ., 1
graph instruments, wires,, porous cups.'plati-
dh, suipnurio aoia,.zincs, ana a:i otner teie-
grJFnl materials. - .-.--.- - , ,
U.to actorily wcertained that the whole
DnmDer W ln.v W " 3",.
uuu, 006-10 neing in Kicbmond
The ultimate direction of trooos now here and
daily arriving Is a matter of oonjeoture, the
Aaministration seeping it secret.
No doubt that, among other vieorous meas
ures determined on, Is the construction of from
forty to fifty gun boats by coptract for opera
tions in shallow waters. '
A Montreal firm 1 offers ' to . take a million
i reasury notes at par.
[The World's Washington Correspondence.]
An attempt ' was discovered : to-dav to
poison a number of the 12th Regiment, of New
Several are now ill.
n.ppear. that some sugar was used which
contained arsenic.
Washington, May 13. The Navv Depart
ment expeots tbe ports of Charleston, Savannah,
the month of the Mississippi, to be blockaded
In the eonrse ot a week, i - , ... .
The Goverriment contemplates the erection
of earthworks at regular intervals along railroad
i'ues leaning irom ine nortn tnrougn Mary-
. p.lni. '
rreliminarv survevi are now makintr
The Capital is now surrounded by a circle of
encampment, controlling ail roads to Virginia
BB" -rjiana.
Too State authorities of Illinois were anxious
to secure his services as General commanding
the volunteer forces, but could not obtain the
consent of the War Department, whose role not
to detach any officers from the regular army,
'ew 01 tie formation of new regiments, will
safe. 'and
the reporto of an impending attack by the rebel
troops without foundation. , ; .
.The Pawnee know anohored at the main
V"oi 1 the poA h.leT ShesT to itop
interference with the free navigation of the
Potomac, attempted several times within, the
,M' (ew da?" DT "e rebel garrison of the town.
the secessionists.
Washington, Mav 13th. General Butler has
ordered ont parts of Colonel Jones' Camp at
Relay Honse, to be extended, this P. M , some
10 miles towards Harper's Ferry.
They will act in conjunction with an advanc
ing foroe from Cbambersburg, whose operations
will ne against Harper's ferry. ;; ; ,
l nese advanoed outposts are also intended
to out off tbe flying rebels from Baltimore, who,
it is supposed, bave attempted to escape from
General Butler's forces. 1,000 troops under Col
onel Jones entered the citv this P. M.
i bis movement was made in consequence of
reports that another attempt was being made to
revive the war spirit in that oity , and to prevent
tne passage oi troops ana destroy the Kail
. ... . , .
[Tribunes Dispatch.]
Washington, May 13. Mr.' McMullen has
ust got In from Richmond. He savs there were
10,000 troops there, 10,000 at Norfolk, 7,000 at
Harper's Ferrvi and others were nreoarinir to
eave Richmond for the latter place.
Business In these places is entirely snspend-
[The Post's Special.]
Washington, May 13. Preparations Indicate
that the Government is getting ready for a eon-
test at Harper's rerry
The World' t Washington special dispatsh
says i Barksdale writes that he has company
in virginiawnicn ne intends marcningon Wash
logton. ' 1 -'
forty cannon are planted at Harper's Ferrv.
Tbe Pawnee is anchored off Alexandria.
1500 Alabama troops and twenty cannon were
landed last night at Alannassa's Junction, en
route to Harper's r trry.
The Express V'upatck says the British Minis
ter has applied for permission to ship certain
productions, particularly tobacco, from Virginia
to Ji,ngiana to mini contracts, but tbe Uovern
ment politely declined. Part of the fleet has
been ordered home from the coast of Africa.
The best feeling prevails between, the ; British
Minister and our Government.
[Times' Washington Dispatch.]
There are now In this eity, or within sieht of
toe capital, aoout iu,uwmen...
lien. Butler dined in Baltimore to-day. . No
attempts were made to annoy him, and every
eonrtesy was extended both to himself and his
staff. The 69th bos been accepted to serve dur
Ing the war. .. ..,i. twr
Bmton, May 14. A special session of the
Legislature ot Massachusetts met at coon to
dy . : ': . .
Uor. Andrew's message is exceedingly patrl
otto, and gives a detailed account of the action
of the commonwealth.
He says this Is no war bf sections: no war of
tbe north on the south j it Is not waged to avonge
former wrongs; not to perpetuate anolent griefs
or memories oi ooniiioi; put it is a struggle of
tne people to vinaieace tneir own rights, tore'
tain and invigorate the institutions of their
fathers, and tbe maiostio effort of the national
government to vindioate Its power and execute
its tunctions, ior me weuare ana nappiness of
tbe people.
After speaking of financlal!affairs of the State,
he says: Commissioners, with letters of credit
for ou.uuu pounds, bad bees sent in April to fin
rope to purchase the most efficient arms for the
State, ana says wnen uongress meets tney wui
doubtless relieve ns from paying , duty thereon.
. . 1 .1 . : I .1 ....Lt!.L
. Anotner lecnmmauuauua ia tun eiuiiou-
ment of a State Encampment for military In
struction.'"'. ' ,' : .' '- '
He recommends a loan to meet tbe expenses
of the emergency, end suggests that scrip be
partly iarueable in sums of 50 to 100 dollars,
mat small capitalists may share in tbe Invert-
mens. , -1 " i , ,
.Tbemeasage concludes bv saving heavy, re
sponslbilltiee have fallen, in the Providenoe of
uoa, upon tne uomnment and people, and they
are welcome. -m..? t-,i,tinn,-ir.tu t'r-vn t.
' They oould not bava fiwn adfnt Mtnnnu1.
They have not krrived too soon; I'fbey will sift
snd try this people, all who Jead and all who
follow i but this trial is given v as to revive
our past, and will breath, the Insnlrnu of a
aew life into our national oharaeter.aud re-as-
Official Account of the Terrible Riot at
Louis—Condition of the City.
St. Loots. Mav 13. An official atatemAnt nnh
lisbed this morning savs tbe first firing at Camp
Jackson, on Friday evening, was some balf
dozen shots near the bead column of the 1st
Kegiment, occasioned hy a volley of stones and
pistol shots from the 'crowd. No one was hurt
at IMS point. 1 he second firlnir occurred from
the rear of the column guarding the prisoners.
The crowd here was large, very abusive, and
one man discharged three barrels of a revolver
at lieutenant Saxon, of tha regular service,
many of tbe mob choering him on, drawing re-
luivoro ana nncg at tne troops.
The man who commenced tha utt.arV then
iaia a pistol across his arm. taklncr deliberata
aim at Xiieutenant saxon, wnen ne was thrust
through with a bayonet. He was fired upon at
mjs same, time ana lnstantiv Kinea. The col
umn then moved on. having reooived orders to
maron, ana tne rear company being assaulted
bv the orowd. and several of Ibem shot, halted
and fired, eauslng the deaths already reported.
The order was then given by Capt. Lyon to
uease nring, wnion was promptly ooeyed.
The prinoipal arms taken from Camp Jackson
were four large sized howitzers, two tectinch
mortars, and a large number or ten Inch ahel is
ready cbarged, and some five thousand U. 8.
muskets, supposed to be a portion of those taken
from the Baton Rouge arsenal.
Thousands of People left the citv venteriU
afternoon, in consequence of reports of insubor
dination among tbe German troops, and their
threats to burn and sack the city; but theap
pearance of Harney's proclamation in a ereat
measure restored confidence, and many of those
who left will orobablv return to-dav. Tha
city la now quiet, and tbe highest hopes are
entertained that no further disturbance will oc
Twentv-two persons are known to be killail
camp Jackson, among whom are the follow
ing, eighteen of whom have been identified!
John Sweerkhardt, Casper H. Glencoe, John
aierg. mos. A. llern. Wm. Jeenhnr. T I
JODCi. P. nnne. F.rla Wrinht. Han.
James McDonald, Walter McDowell, Nicholas"
rvnaoiaoit, f rands Wheeler, Job Carter. Jas
Bodsen, Emma Somera and Mrs. MnAnlirr
Three of these were soldiers helonoinfr tn ,hA
ouuta-west exnea it on. ana were BMnc nr
oners captured at Camp Jackson.
Tbe city has been quiet and orderly to-day,
uu ciuzens generally nave oeen engaged in
their usual avocations.
Capt. Totten's battalion of regulars are still
quartered in tbe city, and will be kept here, as
police commissioners consider their presence
necessary ior tue preservation ot peace.
The troops at Camp Bissell. near Casewilln.
the Ohio and Mississippi Railroad, are tbe
itegiment or Illinois volunteers, under
oommana oi uoi. JUOArtbur, 01 Chicago.
The telegraph office was opened to-day, put
tbe oamp in direct connection with St.
Louis and all eastern points.
The Evtnina Journal nublinhei a statement:.
signed by Gen. Frost and his staff, explaining
CampJackson was surrendered. They say
there were onlv five rounds of ammnnltmn in
Camp, and neither arms nor provisions enouzh to
supply tbe forces, eight hundred men, under their
oommand. . To bave attempted resistance, sur.
rounded as they were by six to eight thousand
troops, well armed and with every appliance
war, wouia nave Deen mere suicide, and re
treat was impossible.they being without means to
transportation or provisions, and no credit of
procure either,
1 bey censure tbe Stale authorities
for not
psjiog just military debts, so that proper sup
plies could be procured, and pronounce Capt.
Lyon's demand illegal, unconstitutional and
wanton, trampling under foot the laws of our
common country.
It is estimated that ten thousand persons loft
city yesterday. A perfect panio is racing in
quarters, almost entire streets being deserted.
Latest from St. Louis.
St. May 14. The first four Reeiments
United States volunteers, under command of
Colonels lilair, Boernstein, 8 1 gel and Schuttutr,
been formed Into a Brigade, under tbe style
the First Brigade of Missouri Volunteers, and
captain L.yon baa been elected Brigadier Gen
General Lyon accepts this position and retains
command of those Regiments bv authority
tbe President. Emmet McDonald. Captain
the Mounted Rifles, belonging to the south
west expedition, having refused to swear alle
giance to the United States, or accept a release
parole, is still confined in tho Arsenal as a
prisoner of war.
Judge Treat, of tbe U.S. Circuit Court, was
petitioned yesterday for a writ of hahtat eorpui,
his decision Is anxiously looked for, as it will
involve a Constitutional question which has been
raised in reference to the capture of Camp Jack
son. The following arms, in addition to those al
ready enumerated, were seized at Camp Jackson :
Three thirty-two pounders, a large quantity of
and bombs, several pieces of artillery In
boxes, i,2uu riues ot tbe late model, six brass
pieces, six brass mortars six incb, one ten
iron mortar, three six inch iron cannon, sev
eral chests of new muskets, five boxes of caunis
ter shot, ninety-six ten inch and three hundred
inch shells, twenty-five kegs of powder, a
Dumber of musket stocks and barrels, be
tween thirty and forty horses, andja considerable
quantity of camp tools.
1 be number ot prisoners taken to the Arsenal
639 men and 50 offioere.
St. Lodis, May 14. Gen. Harney publishes
morning an address to tho people of Mis
souri, in whioh he calls attention to the milita
bill recently passed by the Legislature;
he regards as an indirect secession ordi
nance, manifestly unconstitutional, and ought
to be nphsld by the good citizens of
He says, whatever may be the termination of
present condition ot things in respect to the
Cotton States, Missouri must share the destiny
the Union. All her material Interests point
this result, and so important Is this regarded
the great interests ot the country, that I ven
tne opinion mat tne wnoie power or tbe
United States Government, if neoessarv, will bo
exerted to maintain Missouri in the Union. '
Speaking of Camp Jackson he says, that the
names of Davis and Beauregard marked its
main avenues, that a body ot men organized
the interest of the secessionists bave been
received there, openly bearing the dress and
badge distinguishing the army of the so called
Southern Confederacy, and leaves the people to
draw their own inferences of the oharacter and
nitimate purpose of the encampment. .
He states, however, there were many good
loyal men in the Camp, who were In no manner
esponstbie for its treasonable cbaraoter.
In conclusien be says, disclaiming all desire
intention to interfere with the prerogatives
the State of Missouri, or with the functions
the Executive, yet I regard it mv plain path of
to express to the people, In respectful
decided language, that within the Cold and
scope or my oommand,
tho supreme law of thefers
must and shall be maintained, and no sub
terfuges whatever, whether in forms of legiela
acts or otherwise, can be permitted to har
or oppress the good law abidintr people of
Missouri. i
I shall exert my authority to protect tbeir
persons and property from violation of every
kind, and ehall deem it my duty to suppress all
unlawful combinations of men, whether formed
under a military organization, or otherwise.
Halivai, Mav 14 The steamahlD Burooa.
with Liimpooi dates to the 4tn,via Uueeostown
9th. has arrived.
Tbe Perm arrived at Queenetown on tho 4tb.
via Edinburgh the 3d lost. ... .
Cotton sales this week of 90.000 bales.
Market firm, all qualities advanoed 63-ic.
T .J . rt" . 1 O 1-! t
aircauHVUiis auu aruviniuiin nieaoy. '
Consols closed Friday at 919l. .
Mav 5. Cotton excited and an
settled under Amerioan advices.
Breadstuffst and Provision market Is also
affected by previous advices, and ts unsettled
and excited. : ,, ' - ,
Niw York, May 14. Another reeiment of
New York Zouaves, now enrolled and fully
equipped, ready for seivioe, aod auo another
reelmsnt from uoeton, are ready to march at an
nour'd notice. .
A Washington dispatch states that the Presi
dent aod suite took a tour of inspection down
tbe rotomao yesterday. , .. .
New York Bank Statement.
New Yost!, May 13 Decrease la loans, 1 1..
4i),b8: ao. deposits a,4i; increase of specie
ntJl; ao. oirouiavion, j r , , '
iM!,:l . t'T.. '
Union Convention of Western Virginia.
' Whsclino, May 13. The Convention re-assembled
at 3 o'clock. Tbe oommlttee on Credentials
and Permanent Organisation reported
John W. Moss, of Parkersburg, as President,
with a Vice President from each county repre
eented. The oommlttee was not prepared
report at that hour on credentials. The time
was occupied by members in discussing with con
sidreable warmth the object of the Convention.
J. J. Jackson, of Wood county, made a lone
speech. He opposed too hasty and immediate
aotion, and said tbey had come there to consult
and advise. He considered the calling of tbe
convention premature, ana wished to wait till
tbe Ordirance of Secession was voted unon.
Mr, Carlile replied in an eloquent and for
cible speech, taking directly opposite ground
saying it was no time for paper resolves. He
wanted prompt, immediate aud decisive ao
Mr, Wiley, of Monongalia, took the floor,
and in a speech of considerable length, favored
me position or uenator jacxaon.
tie was followed by Campbell Tarr, of Brooke
county, who went in. for immediate division of
tne etate.
Tbe committee on Credentials reported, ad
mitting the delegates from 26 counties to seats
on tbe floor, r,zi Brooke, Monongalia, liar
rison, Wood. Preston. Ohio. Hancock. Maon.
i Tier, Jackson, Wetzel, Marshall, Lewis, Wirt,
marion. Barbour, frederlok. Tavlor. Burke bt
Pleasants, Roane, Gilmer, Upthu, Ritchie
Doddridge and Hampshire.
A motion was then made and cariied to ap
point a committee on State and Federal Rela
tions, to whom be referred all motions or reso
lutions tend ne to tbe Obiect of the Convention
ibe Convention then adjourned till morning,
The ceremony of ralsine a Use on tha Cut
torn House, which took placo at 2 o'clock, was
a very impressive scene, ana was w tneneii h
thousands. Several National airs were sung,
and Mr. Carlisle delivered a feeling aud pat
riotic address.
A crowd has again assembled to-nigbt in front
of the McLore Honse, and speeches are being
made and are continually applauded. A large
4cicgwuii mi iuo isuureuuon irom some ot tbe
tower river countiee arrived late to night.
Speech by Col. Anderson.
NlW York, Mav 13. A disnatch tn Rimenn
Draper to-day, from Wasbineton. situ all the
regiiueuvs eousiea ior tne war should be for
warded Immediately. This d SDatch will be
noted upon promptly.
Col. Anderson visited the Board of Brokers
tnis aiternoon. He was introduced by J. R.
uanana, to which tbe Colonel renlied in suh-
etsnce as follows :
He said he was not in the habit of mabinv
an...L.. U .. . L . . ... O
opecvuen, uut uis reception oy tnem was so nat
tering that he must say something. The situa
tion be bad been placed In he would willingly
have shrunk from, on account of the rennnnai.
billty, but Providence bad placed him in the
situation, and he had tried to do his duty.
Since the fall of FortSumter.he had received
very bitter letters from the South.
of bis tefueal to link its destiny with theirs.
He bad never written or said anything to In
dicato that be would unite with the South. At
the outset of the slavery troubles, he did sym
pathize with his Southern friends, thinking
there was too much Northern interference with
the subject; that if slavery was an evil, it at
tached to the South alone.
At tho present crisis, neither eiaverv nor
party politics had anything to do with the sub-
feet. The question is Government or no Gov
ernment, and he felt satisfied that when the
present ordeal was passed, we shall be again a
happy and united people.
His address was received wlLh thn mn.l
hearty cheers. He seemed very earnest through
out and bis words flowed as if they came direct
from the heart.
From Missouri.
St. Louis, Mav 13 It was reported in this
city on Saturday and yesterday that General
Harney disapproved of the action of Captain
uyou iu reierence to tbe oapture of Camp Jack
son. It Is anthoritativelv denied this mornlnc.
He not Onlv approves Of the whnla nrncAedinir.
but compliments that officer for the prompt and
admirable manner in which he executed the or
ders ot the Government.
Kellable information from Jefferson City says
ncariy an ine oDjectiooaDie features of tbe mil
itary bill, whioh was debated during tbe
secret session, had been materially amended;
but when the news of the capture of Camp
Jackson reached the oity, the amendments were
Immediately reconsidered, and the original bill
passed both Houses by large majorities; also,
that no secession ordinance has been brought
before either House, nor was such act contem
plated. The Legislature has passed.and tbe Governor
signed, tbe bill providing a military fund to arm
mediate, inia lund will include tbe receipts
from assessments for the years of 18GU and '61,
auer me regular expenses or tbe government
have been paid, a war loan from tbe banks or
Individuals, a special tax of fifteen cents on the
bundred dollars, and a million dollars worth of
bonds. Ibe bill also authorizes the Governor
to establish an armory in the Penitentiary for
the manufacture of arms and munitions of war.
Matters at Harper's Ferry.
Harmsburo, May 13. A special agent sent
from here has returned from Harper's Ferry.
He reports 6,000 troops there, including 200
iveuiucKians, ana a company ot south uarolini
ans. They had onlv one dav's nrovisions on
hand, supplies from Western Virginia having
uutiioui uu.imi two weeas more win exnaust
the supplies in the surrounding country.
Thev onlv recovered 1000 stand nf arms frnm
the wreck of the Arsenal, and some of these are
in bad condition. They cannot manufacture
more man twelve nues a day.
Tbey have only COO men this side of the Po
tomac Tbey have not ereoted any batteries on tbe
Maryland side, and show no disposition to erect
any. All the preparations indicate defensive
purposes on their part. They must retreat or
be provisioned.
This, however, does not oontradiot the proba
ble advance of the main Confederate army by
that route on Southern Pennsylvania, when
Jeff. Davis discovers the impossibility of break
ing n.n flnntl'j I!.. nnnJ U7..klJ.
Baltihori, Mav 13. A train from Pennsvl-
vanla came through this afternoon with mails
and passengers. It was hailed with evident
satisfaction by the people along the route, and
as it passed through the city, msny expressions
of welcome were given. - The National flag
was displaced at various points of the citv to
day, the prohibition having been removed. Tbe
citizens nave Deen all day in expectation of the
arrival of troops over the Northern Central
Road, but thus far none have arrived.
from Western New York.
Niw Ton. Mav 13. Ned. Buntlin has ton..
dered a rpolment of 1 .500 Sharn-ahnnta. hnnt.
Niw London, Mar 13. The renart that two
privateers had been towed into New London,
is not correct. , ,
Cairo, III, Mav 12. Several eomnaniaa of
AricaDsas troops arrived at Memphis this morn
injf...... ., , . i : .
i lommenoinr to-dav. all boats caseins- this
point will be slopped. No provisions er muni
tions of war for the seceded States will be al
lowed to pass. ' ' ' 7 ' .', . .
. Niw Orleans, May 13. The Mexican war
steamer Constitution, from Havana on the 6th,
nas arrived. ,
Sugars declined JOc. " '
New Orleans 12's Quoted at W. reals: Sterl
Ing exchange, V7 premium; exchange on
new lore, xtQo premium. . ,
i : . 1 , 1 e '
Frankvort, May 14-The Senate vesterdav
passed a bill suspending; the Civil Courts until
January, and ordering all executions issued
since January last to be reissued, returnable
next Marcn. ' "
JL a Staple Articles will famish employment to
lew ecuvo men to act aa ar.enia ior Ineur Bouse. J
preference will be gives to those who are well acquaint
ed In the district for which they apply.
for which services they an willing So pay a salt ry
01 irom .,... . v 1 .'
$600 to $800 psr year, and Xxpsnses.
; for farther partloalars address ' 1 i
,,i,ui,., ' ' W. B. MOEIHOTJBI It CO. "
1 ,. .! ..1 1. r v 3 ? hsme riaos,
. SL)-d3o. 1 a : 1 Jersey 01tr X.J .'
tilt d-;-;i 1 -' '' -r
New York Market.
NEW YORK, May 14.
urket heTT tnd
eomawa rule, lomri Mia of 9MO bbli 14 0:
Kk$S 10
for Mptrfloa tate; 13 (HiW 85 for extra state; Sj 05
S lOforstiuerttDe Wiitsrn: S5 1745 30 for eommnn tn
Mdlnm txtr wntenr, S;S (10(85 81 for shipping branda
xtra Hon i,d Hoop Ohio. Canadian flour dull; wle, of
tea Mils 5 2575o. ;
BYK rLOUK-tteuly at S3 104. " ' :
WUKAT rteolntlof &7.H0.1 bu.h: mmrkat thulA firm..
fair export demand; sales of 10,000 bash at $1 10(3)133
ior unmrakea Club! ai 84(311 25 for amber low: ai Ml
ur no Biaie; i xnisi au lor winter red welter n) l 7!
for choice whits Michigan; ! 2091 S3 for Oanlda state
ii rorunicago spring.
RYB quiet and ttaady at 08c.' '
BAULK Y dull and heavy at 5S3E05o.
(JOHN receipt, of 5.050 hnih: market hetry andde
cIIdIok; sales of 50,(100 bosh at S7$50o for old mixed
Weitcrn, delivered.
OATS heavr itllAXVifn, W.,i... ..j
PORK market onlet anil aljiufv r ftnn m.i.
f" u ior men, ana u xo ior ptline
sen. quiet.
OUT MKAT dull.
LARD auleft and T.rv Aim ..I. nf irulKkla 0-31
J0P - , . uw VW,V R.Wp
BUTTKB. In fair iinnnl at IfoaiS fn. Ohi ..j n
OHEEHB steady at 4$fte for oommon to prime. -
WHISKY market a aharia flrmar. aala nl Mill Kkl. .1
OkVJsa quiet bat Arm. '
BUOAB dulc auction sales postponed.
MOLA88E8 dull.
BTOOKS-better; Money plenty acd dull at 43 6 ner
cent on call; Kxrhengs firm and more doing at I05k(3
myt; Brokers' Bills: Cn Ac R I 30; Q.l A Oh 9fX; III
O strip 65 M J 13: Pao Mall 08; Erie S3) 111 0 bond!
Mo 0's35X; Ky77.
Cincinnati Market.
There was somethlnir done In our crocenr market In.
day, rather more than usual, lateiv for tha flrat bualneaa
day of the week. Staples command the old poiltlou as
in uie proauoe marxet ine oniv in nv in ravn ...
Wheat: for this there was a fair demand and but very
little was offered. The sales were mostly of the beet
grade). Quotation! are nominally unchained, though
millers are below the aiklngrato in their views from 2
io so. per bushel. Float was nearly negleeud, and tbe
ji rum lawiy quoted lor superane are merely nominal.
vorn, nye. uats and barley, are at last quoted.
Cin. Com. May 14.
Cleveland Market.
FRIDAY May 10.
FLOUB steady and arm: bat market without o Im
porunt sales. 30 bbls. Michigan rye sold at S3: an4
40 bbls. Indianl white wheat, doable extra at 15 50.
Will. AT steady, with sales 5 ears red from store at
1 io , ana inree can white at e 1 ai.
OOBN quiet at 370.
OAT8 sale 700 both from store at 55o.
HIOUWINE8 sale 25 bbls at 14e.
EQ03 are lower. Teeelpts continue large, and 'the
stock 11 accumulating witnout any present prospect or an
out'n. Bales are reported at a;io for poorly packed, lo
for prime lols
BUTTER ball. Sales 0 bbls good roll at lO'.'o, and
bbls do st no.
Philadelphia Market.
Floor auiet 15 509583. WHtiT wanted:!! 40
I SO for white. Si 33(311 35 for red; UoRK in good
demand 83c. WnuKT-dull at 1717Xo.
No. 4 GKvvnno Block.
TKK GOODS, and Invite the public to Inspect
them. No such stock of Goods has ever been brough t to
this market. The Sooth, in consequence of the failure
of the grain crop, has not been able to purchase the us
nal quantity of rich goods, and this fact has forced the
Importers to sell then at public auotion. Oar buyer
(sir. Stone) being in New fork at these large sales, took
advantage of them, and we can and will sell our goods
nere, at teas man any one wno purcnasea two weeks since,
paid for them in New York. Our stock Is complete in
every department of
Five Thausand Dollars Worth
Bought in One Day,
At one half the Cost of Importation.
In all Varieties, oi the Celebrated
laannfatnre ef C. O. Gnn
there etc Son.
Hen's, ladles and Children's Under Shirts and Drawers;
Ladies, Mine and Children's Hosiery of all kinds, in
Wool and Lamb's Wool; Fleecy Lined and Cotton Gloves
of every make.
A complete assortment of all the nsnal varie
ties of .
Ladies and Gent's Linen Cambric Hand
kerchiefs, Ac, &c.
To persons who call on ns, we pledm our words to
show them the lamest, best and cheapest stock of Goods
ever seen in this market, or pay them one dollar per
hour while looking.
deol-dlytawltw. btunm a U iiAHrva.
to and mom
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
The Montreal Ocean Steamship Company's first-class
full-powered Olyde-hullt Steamers sail every Nat.
tiraay from PORTLAND, carrying the Canadian and
United States Mail snd passengers
Shortest, Cheapest ancKlalckcatCotia
vevaacs arena ,
, Kates of Paeeae to Xtarope,
630,860. SO.
Win sail from LIVERPOOL every Wednesday,
ana rrom vusnau every eaiuraay , caning at
LONDONDERRY, to receive on board aod laud Mails and
Paaaenrers, to and from Ireland and Scotland.
JjThese Steamers ara built of iron, in water-tight
compartments, carry each an experienced Burgeon, and
every attention is paid to the comfort and accommoda
tion or passenxers. as mey proceed direct lo lundun.
DBRY, the gieat risk snd delay of calling at St. John's
Is avoided.
Glasitow passengers are furnished with na passage
tlcaets io anu iroaa aionaonaerry. ,
Relura tickets granted at reduced rates.
Certificates Issued for carrying to and brlnttlntrout pas
sengers from all the principal towns of Great Bri lain and
Ireland, at reduced rates, by this line of steamers, and
leaving Liverpool every wee a.
Sight Drafts for JCl and vpwarda pay'
aoie an csssrsassaa ireiaaa,
land, er Wales.
for passage, apply at the Office. 83 BROADa
WAY, New York and 19 WATEU 8T.,
BABEti IXbJUX, General Agents,
aolO-lydfcw Statesman OSes, Columbus, Ohio.
, . New and Attractive.
' Chsmi Portias, ' u-'; . '
;. Poil st Chkvsks,
FtirtoH Chintzes, .-.v A , j-
- 1 , Frchoh Mcslius, ;
FMCH Oioandim, I
. . , Chinksi Washino Silks,
Elioaut Dans Silks', 1 '
- ..J , ' ' Htavv Bascure asm Maan-i.lt Sn.cs:
And all other new and fashionable materials most In
demand for handsome Dresses and Mantillas.' ' " : !
' '"BJS v-
No. ' South High street.
mmm com
I Is precisely what its name Indicates, for, while
ipleaaant to the taste, It is rerlrifji ng, exhilarat
ing. uivutoraiioK ana sireniuuniDi to tua ii.i
'powers, and at the same time rerltlfles, sein
tales, and rene s the Blood In all lis nurltv. ana
uiua at once rutortt ana rnan in tvium an.
vuliurallt to attack ofalta. It Is the only
preparation ever offered to the world, so chemi
cally and skillfully combined ss to be tbe most
powerful tonla. and at the same time so perfectly
idapted to, as to act In Mrleot accordance with the
laws of natuie. and benoe will oooth On Malum
ttomach, and tone op the dleestlre orr.ins. snd:
thus allay all nervous and other irritation. It H
perfectly exhilarating, and at the nna time It la I
composed entirely of vegetables, yet so combined.
a to produce tne mosttnorousn tonic euect, with
chlt. ioP
out producing any Injurious oonseauenoea Bnch
a remedy has long been felt to be a ueilderatum
ine medical woriu, ror it needs no medical skill
nrn.ail. ana InAmmA lava tha .v.lm Ann . a .K.fLJ
v, Ihatrieli Ittv r.illnara all attack. nf i!i.a.u
r-- - - i - J v,n... .u nic I
f. Insidious attacks of many of Uie most fatal, such, !.
W iur example, aa uis luuuwing; uousumpiion. In
.lliva.llnn nu.i.anala. 1... r.f 1 ...... 1 1 f I .. .
" ' ft""' """ -1" 1 MMvwm w. nJ.UW JiaiUUlOW.
nervous irriuuiuity. neuralgia, x'aipllauon of thej
Usart, Melancholy, Might Sweats, Languor. OidilU!
nesa, Retention of, as well as Painful obstructed,
too nrofute. or too saint Menstruation, and Vail
ing of the Womb. These al I depend upon general
idehilltv. This nnre. healthv. tontii LMnliai ,mi
Blood Renovator is as sore to care ss the sun tojW
rise and set. There Is no mistake about It. But LJ
. 1. 1 i- . - ii it .i. -. ..i. i. i. ww
lull IB ail, ail. in, ajvivui w woaavilcu, we are
open toDiiiousaiiacas, tne liver Becomes torpid, 'ij
or worse diseased, the kidneys refuse to perform rl
their functions, and we are troubled with acalriinn
and Incontinence of urine, or involuntarrdla
kharge of the same, pain In the hack, side and be- A
tween the ehoaiuere, exoeedint ly liable to ellehtU
colds, coughs, and If unchecked, soon emaciatlool
'ol lows, and the patient goes down to a premature aa
grave. But space will not allow us to enumerate 1 1
tbe nisny Ills to which we are liable In a weakened V
condition of the system. But we will say, In this
Cordial and Blood Kenovator you have a perfect. U
safe, pleasant and effectual remedy for loss of J
Appetite, Hlliousnees. flatulence, weak and sckiw
iuuii;ii, uaiiKuui, aii.cr vuuiiiaiui.( villus anil
Pever. or anr Billons attack. Coatirenesi. aclrilta
ui vue oiuioacn, .vrTOUiuena, neuralgia, I ai pi la I ,
tion of the Heart, re ssion of Bplrils, Biires. M
Pimples on tbe Face, or any distase arising from sal
mpure blood, surh aa Scrofula, Erysipelas, Urnn I
'hit a fllnnoh. -1irr..ulltf nr Kraathlnw. anil all Ih.l
O'xiaas of diseases called female weakness, and,
lenumerated above. We will also say the traTeierj
-t -r J - f" - " I
caj-uacu ui epiucmicaj oiiano ui unmaie Mill WM--
ler, win una it a pleasant, aaie ana sure remedy
ana none snoaia ever travel witnout. neaiier
trv It. for we ataura tnn vou will find In It a friend
indeed, as wen as a friend in need, aupersonsot
. - - , - - - r .v: :
sedentary habits will find it a perfect preventive ol
as well as cure for those ailments to which they ara,
particularly exnosed. Hence minlstert,studenls,at
torneys, literary gentlemen ,and ladies who are not
accustomed to much outdoor exercise, will find it
o their advantage to keep a bottle conitantly on
lhand: and, above all. mothers, or these becoming
such; will go through that most dangerous period
not only win all their accustomed strengin, oui
are and free from tbe thousand ailments so prev
alent among the female portion of the world In
short, it la Indeed a mother's cordial. Try It. old
andoong; no longer run the risk of delay; it will
relieve and prove Itself emphatically a Uutora
tint Cordial and Blood Iimovator.
O.J. WOOD, proprietor. -144 Broadway. New
fork, and 114 Marke t Street, St. Louis, Mo., and
sold by H0BKRTS tt BAMUBL, Columbus. Ohio,
and all good Vrufaistsi Price One Dollar
per Bottle. march'Ai-dfcweowly j
And grows more and more popular
every dayt
testimonials, new, and almost without number,
might be liven from ladies and gentlemen in all arade.
society, whose united testimony none oould resist
Prof, Wood's Ilair Restorative will restore the bald
gray, and preserve the hair of the yontb to old age,
inallitsyonthlul beauty.
Battle Greek, lllch., Deo, 31st, .1858.
Paor. Wood: Thee wilt please accept a 11ns to Inform
that the hair on mv head all fell off over twenty
years ago, caused by a complicated chronic disease, at
tended wlin an eruption on uie neaa. A continual
course of suffering through life having reduced me to a
state of dependence, . 1 have not been able to obtain stuff
caps, neither have I been able to do them np, in con
sequence of which my head has suffered extremely from
cold. This induced me to pay Briggs Ac Hodgea almost
last cent I bad on earth for a two dollar bottle of thy
Hair Restorative, about the first ot August last. I have
faithfully followed the directions, and the bald spot is now
covered with hair thick and black, thonih short, it is
also coming in all over my bead. Feelinr confident
that another large bottle would restore It entirely
and permanently, I feel anxious to perseverve to its use.
and being destitute oi means to pnrcnase any more,
would ask thee if thee wouldst not be willing to send me
order on thine agents for a bottle, and receive to thy-
seir tbe scripture declaration "tne reward Is to those
that are kind to tbe widow and the fatherlfw."
Thy friend, , SUSANNAH EIBBT.
Ligonler, Noble Oonnty, Indiana, Feb. Sth, 1859.
Pitor. O. J. Wood: J4arSir:ln the latter part of
year 1852, while attending the State and National
Law School of the State ot New York, my hair, from a
cause unknown to me, commenced falling off very rap
idly, so that in the short space of six months, tbe whole
upper part of my scalp was almost entirely bereft of its
covering, and maeh of the remaining portion upon the
aide and baoe part of my head shortly after became gray,
that you will not be surprised when I tell you that up
on my return to the State ot Indiana, my more casual
acquaintances were not so much at a loss to discover the
cause of tbe change In my appearance, as my more inti
mate acquaintances were to recognize me at all.
I at once made application to the most skillful physi
cians in the country, but, receiving no assurance from
them that my hair would again be restored, I was forced
become reconciled to my fate, until, fortunately. In
latter part of the year 1837, your Restorative was re
commended to me by a druggist, as being the most relia
ble Hair Restorative in use. I tried one bottle, and
found to my great satisfaction that it was producing the
desired effect. Bince that time, I have used seven dol
lars' worth of your Restorative, and as a result, have a
rich coat of very soft black hair, which no money can
boy. i
Aa a mark of my gratitude for your labor and skill In
production of so wonderful an article, I have recom
mended its use to many of my friends and acoualntances,
who, I am happy to inform you, are using it with like
effect. Very respectfully, yours,
Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Depot, 444 Broadway, and sold by all dealers throngh
out the world.
The Restorative Is pot np In bottles of three sites- vis:
large, medium, and small: the small holds M a nlnt. and
retails for one dollar per bottle; the medium holds at
least twenty per cent, more In proportion than the small.
and retails for two dollars a bottle; the large holds a
quirt, 40 per cent, more in proportion, and retails for $3
O. J. WOOD fc CO., Proprietors. 444 Broadwav. New
Tork, snd 114 Market Street, St. Louis, Mo.
AndsoldbyKUBBBTS tt SAMUBL. Columbus. Ohio.
and by all good Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers.
An experienced Nurse and female Physician, presents
to ine attention ot mowers, ner
which greatly facilitates the process of teething, hy soft
ening the gums, reducing all Inflammation wil 1 allay
ALL FAIN andlpasmodio action, and is
Depend npon It, mothers, it will give rest to yourselves
We have putupsndsold this article for ever ten years.
what we have never been able to say of any other meill
ANCE, TO EFFECT A CURE, when timely used. Nev
er did we know an instance of dissatisfaction by any one
who used it. On the contrary, all are delighted with its
operations, and speak in terms of commendation of its
magical eneout and medical virtues, we speas in wis
matter "WHAT WE DO KNOW;" after ten years expe
almost every instance where the infant is suffering from
pain and exhaustion, relief will be found in fifteen or
twenty minutes alter tneeyrup is aummisierea,
This valuable preparation Is the prescription of one of
New England, and has been need with NITER FAIL
It not only relieves the child from pain, not Invteor
stes the stomach and bowels, corrects acidity, and gives
tone and energy ts the whole system, al will almost in
stantly relieve , . . .':,..; ,
and overcome convulsions, which. If not speedily reme
died, end in aeaui. we neneve k tne bkdi and SUR
it arises from teething, or from any other cause. Wa
would say to every molherwhohasa child suffering from
anvof the foremlns complaints DO NOT LET YOUR
staad between you and sour aufferins child, aad the re
lief that will be SURE yes. ABsOLUIELY SURH to
follow the ase of thismedlclne, if timely ssed. Full di
rections for using will accompany e.vh bottle. None
genuine unless the fac-elmlle of CURTIS fc PERKINgj
New York, to on the outside wrapper. (
Bold by all Druggists throughout the world. i
Principal Office, 13 Cedar Street N.T.
1 V"
1 1
For all THROAT and
COUGH, aad srtrr
Complaint ttao foreran
ner off and OTn actiial
The Oreat NEIIIIAI..
OIC KF.IflKHY sand Nat.
ural OPIATK, adapted
to every specie of Ner.
veet omplalnte. Ner
vous aad Cnronle
Headache, lihenmN.
tlanta Catarrbt Tooth
and Ear Ache. tti
Sleeps and Bowel Com
No real Initlm an K tnn. ,ha akin .m..hm..
bat by nrocnrlnv ami .mi.. ..-inii. .
OS found With all dealara. ..lll KanC h. D. I.L.
on demand. Vormulaa mil irn.i iiuhim n di.-
oians, who will find dsvelonmanta In hnth worth, th.lr
acceptance and approval.
Correspondence solicited from all whnaa ncaaiti.a nr
oariosity prompts to a trial of the above reliable Heme
tor sale by the usual wholesale anil ratal d.at.v
Vo. 9 Commsroial Wharf, Boston, Kass.
Itnhavt. a. a. 1 ar B f 1. T , n . ..
Denhr. Q. Dsnle h. Bona. A. J. Hnhaella At aim 1..-.1.
for Columbus, Ohio. myl-dlr
rflannfactnrers f all kinds ol for-
saute ana Ntatissnary Steam F.n
Rlnea, saw Ullllm, urlat I'll I la,
eVc.a Arc.
LANK BODLKY Beatmt n. A t. SLAXD TBtntenl
A CO. Btatmll lit
Our Portable Engine and Saw Kill
Was awarded the ttrst premium of 150 at the Indiana
State fair for lc60 over Lane fcBodlej's on account of
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy -of fuel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Inline was awarded at iha aama Valr
the first premium of fftJO.
Our Portable Ingine was awarded the Drat prmnlma of
IM) at the Fair at Memphis, Tenn., over Blandy's Du
vall's, Columbus Machine Go's., and Bradford Ac c:
a oommlttee of practical Railroad engineers.
a ui jii ii.c auu terms auareas
M , W1LLARD WARNER, Treasurer,
decS-dfcwlyeols. Newark, Ohio.
Bheumatism, Gout and Neuralgia,
All Mercurial Diseases.
It is a conveniently arranged Band, containing a med
icated compound, to be worn around the Waist, without
injury to the most delicate persons; no chanae In habits
ot, living is required, and it entirely removes the dis
ease from the system, without producing the injurious
effects arising from tha use ot powerful internal medi
cines, which weaken and destroy the constitution, and
live temporary relief onlv. Bv this treatment th. m.i.
Iclnal properties contained In the Band come in contact
with Ihe blood and reach the disease, thron.h th.nnr...
tne skin, euecting in trery instance a perfect cure,
and restoring the parte afflicted to a healiha-mnitiiinn.
This Band is also a mostpowerral Am-MiRctmiat. aeent,
and will entirely relieve the system from the perfusions
effects of Mercury. Moderate cases are cured In a few
days, and we are constantly receiving testimonials of its
efficacy In agaravated eases of long standing.
Frics $2,00, to be bad of Druggists generally, or csn
sentby mall or express, with full directions for use.
any pari oi tne country, direct from the Principal
Office, ,
Ho. 409 BB0ADWAY, Hew York.
G. SMITH & CO., Sole Proprietors.
N. . Descriptive Circulars Sent free.
H7 Agents Wanted Everywhere.
A. Kll
EXCELLENT ClliWrr. roir
reliable business men to secure a nmtiiahla a,,..
racturina- business, reaulrlna- bat a amall ranit.i in n.
establishment and prosecution.
The manufacture consista In the application of a pe
culiar composition or enamel to common red bricks, and
variety of other bnildins material, ornamental archi
tectural noisnings, ceilings, tiles for doors aod for
This enamel may he tinted of anr color, from the
purest white to the deepest black, with all Ihe colors
and shades between. It imparts to the articles to which
la applied a hardness and durability almost Incredible,
and a beauty surpassing that of the rarest aod most costly
of the variegated marnles, and, unlike them, is impervi
ous to moisture, and will never fade, stain, or deterior
ate, costing but a fractional part ot the price of ordinary
marble, . ,
It is also valuable for table and stand tops, mantle
pieces, monuments, and an endless variety or other arti
cles of staple use. The process of applying the enamel
Is simple, while the articles enameled will command a
ready sale, affording large proftta. Rcsponible parties
may procure licenses for manufacturing under the pat
ent for any oity or prominent town in the United Htates,
by applying to the subscriber. A small tariff on the ar
ticles manufactured will he required for tbe use of the
Invention. Circulars giving full particulars will be for
warded to all applicants.
The superior merit and beauty of this enameled build
ing material to anything in use has the unqualified in
dorsement of many of Uie most eminent architects and
scientific men of this and other cities.
for particulars add resa
General Agents for Eaameled Building Material,
an entire new stock of Goods in my line, 'ust porch,
ased In New York at the cheapest panic rates.all of whioh
shall sell at the smallest profits, for Cash-. My custom
ers and friends are respectfully invited to call and exam
ine my Goods and Prices, as I am determined to sell as
cheap or cheaper than any other house in the eity; and
aa I do my own Cutting, and superintend my own busi
ness, I feel assured, from my long experience-ia busi
ness, to give general satisfaction. The finest of . work
men are employed, and all work done strictly to time aod
on short notice, and warranted to fit. Btrangers visiting
our oity would oonsult their interest by giving me a call
before purchasing elsewhere. r. ROSE,
Merchant Tailor,
merchSO dly ,. Oor. lti.h and Town sis.
NEW STYLES Halu it, Son. No. ituSuuth
High street, have just opened new styles of Cloth Cia
onuas. UaaQuiKM aad Bacnsa, made in the newest and
most stylish ruannei. Also, supers rialn
lllnck sllka. very heavy, dsslgued expressly for
Mantillas and Baaquioes. : . . , aprilS
The Celebrated " Horse, Cruiser,
Eogland, by JOHN S. RAREY, will stand this sea
son atthefaraa of Wm. H. Rarey, Oroveport, Ohio.
Cruiser is f the celebrated Venison stock of England,
and was sired by old Venison, the winner of the Derby
race In 1813. Venison proved himself the stoutest horse
of his day, having traveled en foot in one year, when
only three years old, nine hundred miles, and sua four
teen races, aad one twelve.
Cruiser was bred by Lord Dorchester in 1839; sired hy
Venison by Partisan, by Walton, out of Parasol ty Pota
toes, eon of Eclipse. Cruiser's dam was Red Rover, by
Tramp, out of Syntaxlna, sister to Syntax, sire of Bees
wing, tbe dam oi Mew Minster, the most valuable stallion
now in England, snd stands at fifty guineas (0).
Thoroughbred' mares, One Hundred Dollars. A liber
al arrangement will be made with farmers of the neigh
borhood wishing to pat common bred mares.
IO Msrm from a distance will be laksn care of. '
may 4-e)fcw3t
agg4ai 1 r-T-'iam rra.

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