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a,i, , Comnantolacesnsdalh
I rum Ibo eastern oities.
The American Express Company has our
thttnka lor Its daily favors in the shape of the
mry latent eastcrp papers.
ILTTlie number of troops at Camp Taylor,!
Cleveland, yesterday, was 3,623, Several com.
panles at the Camp have signified tbetr willing
dobs to enlist for tho three years' service.
ir-nr- .11 ....it. n o..u.w
iuu nuu, c.j.iuu ".
Smith, let peace bo your objoot rather than trl -
umph. Value triumph only as the means of
irrr.mn n,.nlann la local.,.! nn tlm wmU"
..!.- Tt..i. ,, -i
viuo ui tug uuib juiami river, ui
, . ... . i . t e
irom Cincinnati, ana aoout one mue norm ui
Milford, In Clermout oounty. It is situated on
rolling ground, and amid pleasant scenery.-
lucre are aooat cigui niuunuuu iruua uuw iu
the Camp.
Camp - Jackson. Capt. Abbott's Company
from Sidney, consisting of 73 men rank and file,
,. . , ,rf. iL,,r .
The issuing of rations and utensils for cook-
log,' at the camp, was commenced tms I
-,,.,-.-. - I
The mm who was bmonetcd vesterdav bv the
.1 rtf. u ,.nnrlnff frnm th .f.
h.n. tuniurlni, with thn HAntinel. ITa ran. I
not, therefore, complain of the punishment he
reoelved for bit recklessness. -
Tut Bucorc Ilooai, The following compli
ment to mine host Dolson, of the Buckeye
House, in this city, is well deserved. The mem
bers of the Legislature who sojourned there
during the session, have testified to what we
have long known, and that la, that Ask Dolson I
"knows bow to keep tavern:" .,
COLUMBUS, May 13, 1861.
A. VV. Dolson, Esq Dear Sir: Please ac
cept from us our best wishes and kindest re
cards for the many favors and marks of kind
ness we have received at yonr hands, and for
the even and plentiful abundance that has in
variably been served to us at your house for the
vv .hB.i.y !Lfc r h6
' Jilt th- "ni 1 ' I
pleasure the "Old Buckeye
' XbS.TnnlK;
final, luur uiumuB
remember with
llouso," and as
bdu iu an nuniau prouauiniy win uuver an meet
j . i, i LM!. : 1 1 - ,. .
torether ar-ain. wo take this ODDortunitv to hiri
" . - . . . . i
you gooa Dyo, ana wisu you many aays or nap.
piness in this life, and a good "wide berth" in
the "spirit land." Remember us kindly to
Mrs. Dolson, of whom we shall often speak, and
all remember wben far away from the borne made
pleasant to us. Yours truly,
E. JramnLi,, C. L. Nobli,
Joeim Thompson, T. K. Jacobs,
J. W. Watt, Dknnis Oo,
D. Van Voomhis, . Townbkno Gone,
P. Kinnidv, Davis Johns.
Home or CoLomos.-Durinff the past quarter
lour children have been admitted to the ilome,
and we have bad numerous applications for the
admission of others, but owing to onr limited
means, and the applicants not being whole or
phans, it was thought best not to admit them.
During the quarter eight have been sent to
A , K " w uccu bcui w
in intellect or are physically unable to take oare
of themselves, which renders their stay at the
Home a positive necessity.
Balance on hand at tha close ot tha quarter end
log Feb. 6, IfGt.
ejii ju 1
Receipts for tha quarter
Balance) In Treasury
For taxei on property
Interest on tue debts of property-
sol 72
9546 08 I
,.m sa
.. 151 36
.. 1D3 3!
.. 46 Hi
Actual expenses of th Home for quarterjb75 20
Mrs- J.' W. Andrews, $5 00; Mrs. J. S
Hall, $G 00; Columbus Typographical Society,
$11 M.
From Mrs. Case, Mrs. Kilbourne, Mrs. Cham
pion, Miss Medbury, Mrs. Gray, Mra. Clark,
Mrs. Hunt. Milk Mrs. fell, Mrs. Cham
Judge Bates, Mrs. Bates, Mrs. S. E. Sam
uels. Mrs. John Jones, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. T
R. Wins. Mrs. Dr. McMillan, Mrs. J. J. Fer-
son. Mrs. J. R. Pan), Mrs. Smythe, Mrs. S. D
Harris, Mrs. B. E. Smith, Mrs. A. M. Denig,
Col. John Noble, Airs. G. Robinson, Mr. S.
Loving, Mrs. A. W. Avers,- Mrs. D. Cole, Mrs.
B. Cole, J. F. Birtlett, Mrs. Bartlett.
In presenting this report, we make one more
apneal in behalf of the desolate ones entrusted
to;our eare, and we trust even in mis time oi
great excitement our cause snail not oe torgot
ten, and that we may receive material aid that
shall lighten the burdon we nave taken upon
MRS. S. A. FELL, Sec'y.
117 While passing up street we met with sev
eral of our worthy Military Officers, wearing
their snlendld uniforms, and after inquiring
. .v. r..,.,.A. Aftt,. -,n.t h..,tifnii.
,ur tuo iuu,,.
made suil8they told us they bad them mado at
the well Known capital iaty Arcane, super-1
Intended by Mr. Marcus Child. . These mill-
. m f.- I
tary gentlemen assure: us tua, mr. vh.u. u.
the best and largest assortment of cloth adapted
lor military purposes, ot any uouae.m mo vity,
and exoels all his competitors in regard to low
prices and superiority of material. ' By Institn
ting further inquiries, we ascertained that Mr.
Childi has made a great many of these uni
forms, comprising all offioes: .. Colonels, Ma
ion, Captains, and First and Second Llenten
ants. . i- ;
Tho perfect fit of those suite satisfied every
one of these gentlemen r as the cutter, Mr.
Moimn', at Mr. Childs establishment, has had
several years' exporienoe In Franco in getting
np Military Uniforms
For your own benefit, we would, from what
we have seen, advise jou to go to the Capital
Cily Arcade and leave your measures for Unl
forms, as you will not fall to meet with entire
satisfaction. i- :
Rail Road Time Table.
Lrrru Miami is Osldhids fc ZnriA.B A.
' ' -- LeTs. l Arrives,
OtnclnnaU AooammOdatloii, 11:00 A. M. ' t:05 P. H.
Ixpra 11:50 A. M. 11:10 A. M.
Hall Aoeomniudatlon.....: 1:30 P. M. ' 5S P. M,
Might Kxpnea via Daytoa.ix:00 midBlaht. J.20 A. M.
r !) o. W. Duuxuti, Agent.
Night lxpreea. .......5:40 A.M., 11:45 P.M.
New Tork Exp res 11:10 A.M. - 11:10 A. M
Mail and Accommodation.. :M p. M. 9:10 p, M
' J luu soii, Agent.
OwmtAtOmo B. B.
No. 1 lipresr
."S:30 A. M.
n A. f.
11:45 P. M
Ho. oo
Mo. da.
A. Ha
3:10 P.
U. : 4:50 A. U
r . . . v w asu, Agent.
Prrmuafll, Ooumacs St OincnmaTt K. B.
MaU Train 8.30 A.M. 11:38 A.M.
Ixpraw Train. ,........"....11:18. H: . M.
Jo. BoiiNaoN, Agent, .
CoLtmrnm t Isoiasomih, 1. R. ' :
No.l Sxprei iiw A. M. 150 r, it.
8 " .. 3:U0 Jr. M. e:w r. m.
),-,.', 1U:40 A.
llE"T ft
Neclc Tla.,.. .... . , ,
Bandiosn anil economloal. Also,.
iik Ties', :;:::;'--:'V, ' - '
L,nrn ftnllars, " ' ' '.
"" - llmlf Hose, " - -
bain k ton,
aprte X. 99 SoUtb Dih ptnst.
From Washington.
"wuugmuunrpwrry D8 untier-
""iwicnont a simultaneous advance of stronn-
. New Yonw. Ma U Tha tTLTm ", Wanh
fngton dispatch states, from a reliable source,
inat we saored remains ot Washington nave
been removed from Mt. Vernon by Col. Wash-
ington reserved to himself, not only the tomb of
Wasbineton. but also an aore of ground around
it, which be also bound himself to renovate."
The President takes the deepest interest; in
the struggle now going on in Tennessee between
the Secessionists and Union men.
Measures are in contemplation for the sud-
port of the gallant Andrew Johnson and his
friends, in their devoted efforts for the nnlon.
The Massachusetts regiments have been our-
posely seleoted for oneainn the way to the Fed
cl al rutw suruuKU "iaryiaiiu, m uruer 10 Ten
dpp ' thu . finmlllatlnn nf thA .lnnl... .k
greater.. The triumphant re entrance of the
bth proved a pill of indescribable bitterness to
me jJiooa i uos.
Tf ln.nKnkl. it.-, - .1 - '
l! .1.4 IT I- I.. ' 1 1 1 ,
ukAfi frnm AirliAr Pannavlvanla ni Htal.nl
. . . " . '"'J
. r .i -t . . . ...
uurps irom urn city to some point oetween
gnondv'nd ll?e Ferry' t0 cut off BUMOr from
TbePawnMls'lDcreasing her armament, a.
mougo sue was expecting an early brush with
the rebels at Alexandria. , Two more ham
.4-1.1. . i ... . J
uauigreas more mounted on ner to aay,
The Seoretarv of War announced last ntcht in
the President that Oen. Sickles offered hln bri
gade, 5,000 strong, to the Government for the
war, fully armed and equipped, and ready
for any service. The President says It must be
aocepted. 1 he secretary has accepted It.
Senator Pomerov. of Kansas, has satisfier! thn
rM Department that several offioials at Forts
L?.lve?wrtn..na .T ?Pe? "jmpathizers
Iwun me etoutnern Kebels. a tnorough clean
lng has alreadv been ordered.
Parties from northern Missouri are nrctnir lh
S'"rnm0Dt t0 8tation " rmy in tha' Part of
the country.
A large auantitv of oowdor was dtsonvAferl n
the new building occupied by the New Jersey
troops, previous to their coin? into camn. No
officer of the Government knew anything of it,
or bow or when it came there. A keg of pow
der has also been discovered in one of the base
ment rooms of the Patent Office, which had not
been used lor some time. The powder seemed
to have been there some time, and is nearly
Orders have been Issued for a strict search of
pnblic buildings, and a more stringent guard
It is said great discontent prevails amone the
military moo at Harper's r erry. a serious and
bloody row occurred a day or two since, in which
one or more of the Kentucky volunteers, of
Blanton Duncan's squad, were killed, and oth- I
er" W0UDded- FollSwing this
Duncn t0 di8bDd hiB "l"d ni
iadgD,tlon ,. eXpre8aed by
that G?v,Letcber,Pby his pr'o
era wounded
following this was a threat by I
ana return home. I
the Virginians I
roclamation, has I
b.,i,iki.j u ... ....i i -n Li
ST.1 ,."u ul m,uu" u P
viaiona rrom virptniA.. me anv mipnnaA.
Before Saturday nieht. aocordine to the caleula
lion ot the War Department, 6U.UU0 men will
concentrated at Washington, Baltimore and
The Tribune states that the steamship Africa, I
now unloading at Jersey City, has on board 50.-
UUU Enfield Rifles for the U. S. Government. I
1 he .rtfcunesavs the.Uovernment has intelli-1
gencetbat large bodies of Mexicans are garri-1
soning their frontier towns.
i nore is now no oouot that Texas will soon
have lively times in looking after our Govern
ment troops, various tribes of merciless Indians
"O" "?P8. wjous nines or merciless .Indians
"a V"aw ' mextoan soldiers, and
may perhaps wish she was safe home aeain.
Washington, May 14 A special dispatch to
the Pott aays: No obange will be made in the
command of the fleet off Pensacola.
It is regarded as not improbable that the Fed
i f- : 1 1 v e 1171 11 . c-
,u. ....
WASH1H0T0N, May 15. In Consequence of I
pressing publio aflairs, no personal application
appointment awiUDe entertained. . ; ;
nuuau vicucroi 1 uuuue on to, uv, ui lut 1
wmviw uuwuu vi iiwu. w nuwu. u u wu i
ministered the oath of allegiance, only about 30
bad r el used, and in no instance did a retusai
originate in disloyalty, but from family or busi
ness ties. ' '
J. C. Vaughen has been appointed military
storekeeper at Fort Leavenworth, and other
changes of civil officers have been mado b oth at
that fort and Fort Riley. -
New York, May 14. A special dispatch to
the Commercial, dated Washington 14in, says
the Chapter ot Virginia Knights Templar have
officially seceded Irom the United States Grand
A detachment of regulars and volunteers have
left here for Baltimore.
The Pott't special says the "th Massachusetts
Regiment moves to-night to the Relay House.
A New Jersey Kegiment la nnder orders for Al
exandria. ' 4 I
Senator Kennedy, of Baltimore, publishes In
the NationallnUUigtnetr of to-day, an eloquent
yv w pup.- u. -b
k m 7 J
Harrisboro, May 14. It Is understood that I
Governors Curtin and Dennlson have pledged
the Union men of Western Virginia the entire I
lupportor an tne lorcesoi rennsyivsuia ana i
Ohio, to protect them against the secessionists. I
Indiana ano Illinois nave aisopieagea me union i
men of Kentucky and Missouri in Ihe same I
way. v i -i
The Governors Of all the tree States, from
Pennsylvania west, have asked and obtained a 1
pledge from President Linooln, that no oompro-1
nise or oeseationoi tne war suau iaKepiacounn
we national flag shall float overall the patlonal
Western Virginians say that part will certain-
ly iorm a separate state, ana win inciuae tony i
lgbt eonnties. AH unio valley supplies are I
Vlrglrj,an troopi-hve been sworn into the Unl
ted statss service,
From Fort Kearney.
Ft. Kearnev, May 13. We have been band
ed the following letter lor publication:
FT KEARNEY, N. T. May 10, 1861.
To Col. E. B. Alexander, Commanding, Head
Quarter, Department of tht Wett, St. Louiti
Colonel: So many of the Federal garrisons
have been surrendered to the secessionists, that
I have deemed it rrudent . to spiko ten 12-inch
pounder howitzers, which I have feared might
be turned by a mob against the garrison. I
have reserved six ot the best pieoes. in tne
abort time I have been in command, 1 have ex
erted myself to prepare tbem for any emergency.
I hope that you will approve the oouree 1 have
pursued. ' ,:- J ' "
Orders are on file directing those pieces should
be sent to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas, but in the
distracted state of affairs and the Impossibility
of an adequate escort, I have not chosen to send
them. Threats have been made to take these
guns by mob violence. ' '
I have the honor to be, , "t
t respecuuiiy, .t.
Your obedient servant.
Capt. 2d Dragoons, Commanding.
vTrl A MMwaaa a KAatja mant lAno way A (irI ar Oft ft
1 II B MUUal UVTv JllVJUklVU W "WIO ayuimvH waa
the evening of the 10th, creating considerable
aTnitoment. . . i .
U. S. Troops in Baltimore—Maryland Legislature.
n.imuna- Mav i. a larce train or reas -
. -j --- r j i i.
raltroope arrived tht outer depot from the
j Juw1". , t.u k r
and 8th New York Rjg'ments, with 'battery of
aril lery, whloh marched through 8onth street,
posting to lederal HIUV overlooking the oity,
one mile west of Fort MoHenry.- The audden
Bpnomraooeoi irocmi tooktbecillzttflDT UTDrlfle,
. a . .
u,.!n?y , fc ' arpWDMior ano
. . . '
obeered along tne whole route, " J"-
The leclsiature didn't ad loom. Prnwtalnn
Is made to appoint Commissioners to confer with
Lincoln. Davis and the Governor nt viroini
and Pennsvlvnnla to stay hostllltta till rt th
mealing of Congreai.,; The Iuse' tcfuncd
accede. lj" .-., ,-
I Wallace reported bill calling a sovereign
eonventioo. N j aotlon taken.' -Adjourned tUl
From Baltimore.
! Baltimom, May 13. The Herald' dispatch
i A fleet oi transports, loaded with troops,
coming up the bay from Annapolis.". General
Butler is here,
Five Pennsylvania Regiments are expected
to-morrow. They wlll pass through this city
for Washington.
A gentleman from Washington says President
Lincoln has positively had a Major General's
commission made out lor senator Uougias, and
matne will accept. -The
news from Harper's Ferrv states that the
position Is now Impregnable. The batteries are
mounted bv the heaviest Columbiads. Also, at
the mouth of James river, batteries of a formi
dable character are erected.
Baltimore. Mav U. The Federal trooos are
fully established at Federal Hill. A schooner
was seized at the whart this morning. Sho bad
a lot of pikes, manufactured bv Winans.
Gen. Butler has Issued a proclamation, saying
the troops are here to enforce and uphold the
laws. .
Baltimore, May 14 Gov. Hicks replies to
Mayor Biown's charge, that be authorized
the destruction of the bridges. He denies the
charge, and says, if the Mayor's oommunica
tion and accompanying certificates have induo
ed any person to doubt mv true position In the
premises, I respectfully ask a suspension of
judgment until a sufficient time be afforded me
to collect the necessary proot, and show, as I
shall bo able to, that the burning of the
bridges, &e., were all a part of a con
spiracy against the Government.
ineoity is quiet, and members of the Mass
chusetta and New York Regiments are stroll
ing through the streets, wholly unarmed, gene
rally in couples, baviDR full confluence in the
loyalty of the cltv. . , .
Kumors are afloat that uen. butler will make
another test to-day of those in high position
' A portion of the First Pennsylvania Regiment
arrived at Woodburg'a this morninir.and the rest
of the Regiment is distributed along the line of
me roao irom toe fennsylvama line down.
It is expected that a large body will come
down to-day. Early this morning Ringgold's
ariuiery passsa tnrougn the city, on their way
to w asntngton.
1 wenty thousand troops, eta Perrvville. are
now landing at Locust Point. It is supposed
the are en rouie for Washington.
From Missouri.
St. Loois, Mav 14, Accounts from Jefferson
City say the militia frOm snrroundine towns
and counties continue to arrive. There are
many of them mounted, and all indifferently
armed. Ex-Gov. Sterling Price hag been an-
poiuted Mujor-General ot the State forces, and
now has command of the troops in Jefferson
City. Orders were Issued by him vesterdav that
any attack by soldiers or mobs on the property
oi citizens or sojourners, wunout authority, will
be promptly Inquired into, and the offenders
hunu under martial law. if ofl'enaca amount to
loss of life or property.
The Northern Methodist Church was stoned
on twnaay night by a crowd of drunken men
and boys, and windows were smashed. Members
of the Southern Church Immediately made np a
subscription to repair damages, and expressed
disapprova' of tne act.
Uov. Jackson has given orders to repair the
Ossge Bridge on the Paciiio Railroad.
The officers of Gen. Frost's Brieade return
thanks to the ottioers or the United States rcgu
lar service, for kind attention and conrtesv dur
ins; confinement In the Arsenal.
The U. S. Volunteers Iiavo heen removed
from the Pacific and Notthern Missouri Rail
road depot
St. Louis, May 15. After the examination
many witnesses, the coroner's jury returned
the following verdict on the Camp Jackson case:
That the several victims of events which took
place at Camp Jackson on the 10th of May, came
their death from gun shot wounds, inflicted
by mnsket balls, discharged by certain U. S.
Volunteers, under command of Gen. N. Lyon,
uoi. r . r. uiair, ii. uoernstein and others.
Examination of volunteers relative to the Wal-
in thscanaof Cant. Mnnnn.M. nn MnnH..
wu not granted by Judge Treat, In consequence
0f the petition beiotr attested bv a Justice of the
reu., ana cnnlrt not thArplnrA ha VAAnirnlraH h
toe uuiieu states iours,
Yesterday the U. 8. Commissioner. Hickman
visited the Arsenal to certify to McDonald's
affidavit, and was informed by General Lyon
that the Capt. was a prisoner ol war, and more
over was not in Missouri.
A petition of the prisoner's brother was then
properly attested, and a writ issued, returnable
at 11 o'clock this morning.
Gen. Harney denies any Insubordination tak
ing place among tho United States volunteers,
but, on the oontrary, says thoy havo submitted
with alacrity and oheertulness to the disciplin
ing oi tne service. '
The publio schools of this city will bo closed
on Fridsy next, in coneeaueoce ot the act of
the Legislature prohibiting the distribution of
sonool money.
Western Virginia Convention.
IX;n.A,TUn HI. 11 T1. PAnvanllnn .OBAm
., ""'r'T'il. irC . ... 7
,np. th. ,,j. P, h, r Srni.h.
The journal w-is read, and after some oorreo
s. among which was striking out Frederick
hnlorei tha Convention was tha renort oi tha
committee on State and Federal Rlations.
- Mr. Wtlley, of Monongalia, rising to a qucs
tion of nrlvilese. said he had been mlsuuder-
stood as favoring postponement ot action until
the ordinance of secession is voted on. He only
differed with Air. (Jarlile, wbo favors immedi
ate aotlon, as to the course to be pursued.
The committee not beinereadv to reoort. Gen
Jackson, of Wood, moved an adjournment till 2
o'clock, but withdrew It to enable Col. Wheat,
0f Ohio county, to present resolutions as the
sense of the Convention, which be said he did
on big own responsibility, to bo referred to the
... a, . i D.l..:
demninir the action of the State Convention.
retcrring particularly to the ordinance or seces-
,ion the schedule attaohed to the ordlnaooe,
and the transfer of the State to the Southern
Confederacy: and was followed by a resolution
of Mr. Carllle, Instructing tho committee on
State and federal Relations to report an ordi
nance declaring the connection of the eonnties
oomprisine the 10th and Ilth Congressional
Districts, including the county of Wayne, dis
solved. Also, to report .a declaration of inde
pendence, with a Constitution for the new State,
to be called "New Virginia."
Col. Wheat objeoted, on the ground that it
was forestalling the action of both the committee
and the Convention, as all debate on such rcso
lutiona was prohibited.
' Debate ensued between Messrs. uirn le,
Wiley, Jackson and Wheat. Finally Mr. Car
Ule modified It to as to read, asking the com
mittee to report on the expediency of such or
The resolution was then adopted, referring
all tuggestioni tending to the action of the Con
vention to the committee on state and recerai
Relations, without debate or explanation.
Gen. Jackson's motion to adjourn till i o oiock
then came np and was carried. '
The Convention re-asacmDied at J. o eiocc.
Mr. Porter, from committee on State and Fed
eral Relations, snbmitted a report embodying
substantially the, resolutions offered by Mr.
Wheat, and providing lor a Convention, in case
the aot ot seeeeaion be sustained. ..
Mr. Carlile moved to recommit, with Instruo:
tlons to report an ordinance of separation and
constitution and form of government for the
... to IT , ,
N6W, Vir6lnia- .' H .(d hiB "J-
j tion by an able speeoh, to which Wiley replied,
Harper's Ferry.
Baltiiiosc, May 14. The correspondent
i .. . - - , . .v . .u.
l tne Ameneeii aocompaniea tue utoBiuora ui niw
L..utare to Harper's Ferry. He says the
Virginians have strongly fortiBedthe Maryland
f h faarper'. Ferry, and are
'imt. .nd .yldentlv have no Intention
0r.-Vacattas: their position. . Oa Sunday 7,000
I j ..Jr.
I luiuu in Br Hi d a'aiuiw aumaa aaaiiasi
1 " rr.AM .- ,r.A...mA
i vrrriTtnia a houvi hiww wen Bjaijaji' h"'"
. . L , a better feelinir prevails In Washington
nnnntv atralnst the Vlrelnians', and a collision
Is not considered probable. Ross Winans was
Mncived b the Vlrelntanc.
The Legialatuie has adjourned till tne tn
TWtom. Itfav 15th. The steamehiD Arabia
sailed this morning. She took outabout $13,000
In specie.
Harper's Ferry. European News.
St. Johns, May 14 The steamer Parana,
from Galway 7th, arrived, bringing nomail.
Lord John Russell made an Important state
ment on American affairs. As to the Federal
Government committing infringements upon
International law by collecting duties from for.
el go shins before breaking bulk, the law offi
cers of the Crown said so much depended on
oircumstancea that no definite Instructions had
been sent to cruisers. The Government be
lieved such collection impracticable; that block-
, i i ..i
aae can on y ue recogmzea wueu uot, aua
regaruing leuers oi marque, ii, iub uiiuiua ui
the Uovernment that toe tsoutnern uonieoeraey
mustlbe recognized as belligerents.
Consuls 9191 American affairs have
not embarrassed the London money market.
Grkat Britain. In the House of Commons,
Mr. wart asked whether, owing to the possi
bility of privateering being permitted and en
couraged by the Southern Confederation, the
Amerioan Government had placed a sufficient
naval force in the Gulf ot Mexico for the pro
tection of British property in American ships
and if privateers, sailing nnder the flag oi an
unrecognized power, would oe oeait with as pi'
Lord John Russell said that her Maiestv's
Government had directed that a naval force for
the preteotion of British shipping, be sent to the
const ot America
The Government bad reoelved accounts of
th nrotrroBd nf thn war in the United States of
The Government heard the other day that
toe eoutnern uomeoeracy nau issuea totters 01
mtrnno .nl It intAnriArl ho tha IIrUaH
fltikiAA riAvAvnn, AniTtli At th apa aIi mi I H hn, hlnrb.
wl Z "
mo ui nil mo ouukuvru itiwt iut'ru were
some poinw ot law on ineso qucBiioofl, ana mej
Ka nA hAAn mnfmail tt this 111 B it PTt nnma e IriA
Crown for their opinion, in order to guide them
In its instructions to the Minister ia America,
and the Commandant of the naval squadron.
Ihe Government naslclt mat It a-as its duty
to use every possible means to avoid taking Dart
n tnts lamentaD e contest, rv Dinner but the
imperative duty of protecting British interests,
In case they are attacked, juatifies the Govern
ment in interfering at all. We have not been
involved in any way in that conflict by any act
or by giving advice in tne matter, and for God s
sake, lot us, it possible, Keep out ot it.
The betbrothal of Princess A hoe to Prinoe
Louis, of Hesse, had been formally announced
oy the Ministers in ootn nouses.
The London Timet says the excitement in
the Northern and Southern States ol America
has had no parallel since the early days of the
French Revolution.
The underwriters asked higher rates of In. I
eurance on unitsn vessels irom Amer can ports
on nr. (. m r i ,n it I
-say 20 to 2as from New Orleans, 10 to 15j
i rum new juirw, uue uuu two percent, extra
is demanded nf American vessels from India,
China, &o. War risks on American vessels de
tained in Southern ports had advanced from
five to ten guineas.
Tho London Olobt says that it was rumored
that it was M. Theirs who wrote the secret
pamphlet published by the Duke D'Aumale.
The Archbishop of Tours, in a letter to the
Minister of Justice, says that the Catholio world
will bold Louis Napoleon responsible for it.
The Paris Bourse was firm, 69f. 15o.
Spain. Correspondents had said that all the
towns in San Domingo had issued a pronuncia
mento in favor oi annexation to Spain.
Italv. Large bodies of Italian troops bad
embarked from Genoa for Southern Italy, and
35,000 had reached Naples.
The official journal of Rome denies that
Sardinia had made conciliatory proposals to
Allotment of Volunteers to the Several States.
Washington, May 14. The following is the
number of Infantry Regiments to be received
Irom each state tor a total Increase of 75 regi
ments of three years' volunteers, nnder the re
cent determination of the Government: New
York, 11; Pennsylvania, 10; Ohio, 9; Illinois,
6; Indiana, 4; Massachusetts, 5; Missouri, 4;
Kentucky, 2; Wisconsin, 3; Michigan, 3; Iowa,
2; New jersey, 3; Virginia, Maryland, Maine,
Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont. Rhode
Island, Minnesota, Delaware, Kansas, Nebras
ka and the District ot Columbia, one regiment
The other regiment, viz., of Cavalry, Is not
The General Government Is doing what itcsn,
though its Commissary and Quarter Master
General officers, to take proper care of the vol
unteers and contingents ot States as thev arrive.
but it will always be prudent on the part of the
States to have in Washington or on the route,
In advance ol their troops, a member of the State
General Staff to provide lor contingencies and
see that the troops are properly cared for.
Departure of Colonel Anderson for Cincinnati
Southern Items.
morning for Cincinnati, Bin Pittsburgh.
The Woria't Washington dispatch says two
gentlemen connected with Southern telegraph
lines, and furnished with passes by Gov. Pickens,
arrived and confirmed all the reports about mill,
tary preparations in North Carolina and Vir
ginia. ,
Beauregard had not Deen at Klcbmond..
The prevailing sentiment is that an attack
must and will be made on Washington.
It was thought Davis would take the field on
the border as soon as the military preparations
are completed. . . : . ,
Gen, Lee is chief commander of the Confede
rate forces in Virginia.
Gov. Letcher has prohibited the military
authorities from giving ' passes to persons to
leave tne Mate.
: Wheeling, May 15. Nothing of special im
portance occurred in the Convention this morn
ing. The regular business was Carlile's mo
tion of last night, to recommit the report of
the Committee on State and Federal Relations.
Mr. Wiley, of Monongabela, finished hie speech,
opposing the motion, and advocating the adop
tion of the report of the Committee.
He was followed bv Mr.Paulstry, of Mason,
who also opposed Mr. Carlile's proposition at
this time.
Maryland Responds to the President's Requisition
for Troops.
Biltimork, May 15. Gov. Hicks has Issued
a proclamation in answer to the President's
requisition for troops, and calls on the loyal citi
sens of Maryland to volunteer their services to
the extent of four regiments, for three months,
to serve within the limits of Maryland, or lor
the defense of the Capital, subject to the orders
of the Commander-in-Chief of- the United
Gen. Wool to take Command of Fortress Monroe.
Washington, May 14. Orders have none
from the War Department directing uen. Wool
to assume command ol fortress Monroe.
The Providence banks wilt take half a million
of the loan next week. , . .
Gen. Wool to take Command of Fortress Monroe. [Special to the Herald. ]
Whiilins. Ma 1 14. Major Oaks, of the U.
S. Army, left this morning for Wellsburg, to In
spect the military and distribute u. a, arms to
companies lormed tnere.. !.- i ,' - -The
citizens of Wellsburg are under $60,000
bonds to the Government, for the safety of the
arms now there, Including 3,UUU rides, and UU,
UUU rounde ot oartrldges.
. . i 4 aaaBxawaiaweaww
MoNTOOHiav, May 14. In Congress resolu
tions were unanimously ; adopted . that - the
President be requested- to issue a proclamation
appointing a day of lasting and prayer, in ob
servation of whloh all shall be invited to join
who reoognlze our independence. " . . -
: . im i
Boston, May 14 In the Senate, to day,
bill was introduced authorizing the Governor
form one or more oamui to consist of &,uuu men.
who are to be enlisted for three years, and who
are to be governed by the U. . military law.
These troops are to be liable to draught, on th
requisition of the uenerai uovernment,
-3'-,' 1 1,1 ' . , ,i ,
. Nsw Yoa May 15. The Savannah New
states, that en the morning of the 9th, heavy
cannonading was beard in direction or tne L-aro
Una coast, at sea. . ; , ' :.
tiackairei of BTATI0NKRY and JBWBLBY,
price One-lnirU less una can w pnrcuweui eisewncrv
Call on or address (stamp enclosed) 4. 1. BAll,i,n
154 0oartt.4oston Alan. it , noarea ao:aj
L egant tUbbons, in great variety at .ia ,
oeti No. W,Hlgbitret;
New York Market.
NEW YORK, May 15.
terlal cbne In prir an.l ia modertU reqaeet; Mlet of
10.0(10 bkli ml 9S&S 10 for UDtrflne itate: ti inm 45
extra fit'; hipping bnndt, extra RoBDd Hoop Ohio
Canadian Hoar quiet and Heady; talei of 900 bbls at
3 73(917 au.
jtiio vluuh aieadv at si limit
WHEAT recelpta of 5,fcC0 butb; market Oil rnlea
tin nrra lor prima out interior era-iei are ami ana
DM-y. lel o-3o,(hk, bojli at 1101 !i3 for Mllwankee
oiuh; l vu&l Iu for amber Iowa; 1 70 for white Ken-
I wc7
BVI anlet and iteadf ' '
BAitLKV dull and nnchanced. -' - '
OOKN reoetpta 0.830 been., market henvv anil droop-
ids;. rjaieaiu,uuu num. aisixsiixo, mixed weaiern.
OATS dull at 51(S55e. for woitern Canadian and
PORK dull and heaw.' Salea ISO bblaat I7.25
17,75 for men, and yi9,vu:2iiJ lor prime. ,
hkeit iieany
LARD heavv and lower, sale of 300 bbli, at 03
BUTTER in moderate requeit at 1215o for Ohio.
and im0 for State.
OH EBSK steady at 43Po. for common to choice.
WUtBKV market without mateilal chame. IliO bbls.
at wumic.
OOlfFKB dull but , Arm; sales 100 bt?i at Ho.
8U0AU pending; auctlnw sale to-day which la not
oyer market, sales of 1,000 hhds Havana at 8(3)8c.
elOLAHHKo from the same causes noticed lo sugar;
the market Is Inactive.
STOCKS better but without activity; money on call
at mii per cent.; paper selllne- at Irregular and high
rates: glerlins; Excbunae less doins; and SrmttlOtKa)
9,1 hnn.i. 01 i-a- n (fh m- 111 n .n.'in -.ti-. Man
u k . noun juk; m u 43; 11m iix, do. prer. ukk;
T 0 S!; Pao Mall 03: Chic Ac It I bonds 91V: Mo
'.'i I 5f JL-Q9.' Ja SO l-9t Tenn ; U 8 B's 81,
"oupons B7 I-se; U B 51 74, coapona 70
Cincinnati Market.
TJT ftTTll t..- A J A I J Am .1J
imfvn iim iiiuiion uu w is us ijriuo uvnrijr tu 1110 um
itandnrd. 5 SO. Thli U no it tbnut the heit figure that
buyers offer for superSne. The high a-rarlessre better
15 25 for fa'miw. K ' "'
WHEAT arrives in verv limited onantltles. and
choice white has during the week been in small demand
f"r. " h. .
18 for choice. Millers only p thene prioes In caeen of
extreme need 3 1 for Heel audfl 10 being the extreme
or tneir oners.
CORN comes In only in sufficient quantities to meet
the current market, and Is consequently kept at the old
standard, 340, without variation.
OATS have not changed from 88c. the spirit ot the
martet varying wun me receipts.
1J A klb x has been in very limited reaueit; sue so v.
the belt qusllly.
Kir has heen in some request during tha week nn
der which It advanced to Sue, at which figure it is now
quiet, xneienipment or uotton, Hour, uom ileal,
wheat. Corn, Beef and Fork from New York, snow an
aggregate increase In valne thisseaern since January 1st
as compared with the list of $1I,M!,77I. This gain has
been verv evenly distributed to each week, showing a
r" X. Til , .
WUI8KV haa been kept(at 12)c, but the market has
emtUaiUy Weak.-t'i. Com. May 15.
Cleveland Market.
FI.OTJR steady with only a few light sales double ex
tra at $5 Viyi for good red, $6 00 for good white.
WHEAT Arm and In goon demand, wun sues o cars
red at Si 10 from store, and 1 car white at $1 35.
CORN steady and quiet at 37c.
OATS quiet at8."c.
HIGHWINSIS sale M bins at 130.
BUTTER sales lair roll at 10c.
EQC1S dull and unchanged,
Fi.oua sleadr. 15 80585 62K for superfine. Wnciri
advanced 4c; sales 8,000 bushela red (1 87(31411,
while $1 431 SS. Coax buoyant, sales 0,000 buih.
63o. Wiinxr-1717tf.
Steam Between Ireland and America.
The following: new and magnificent flrst-class paddlt-
wheel Steamships compose the above line:
ADRIATIC, 5,888 tons burthen, Capt, J, Micky
(Formerly of the Collin Line )
fllBERNIA, 4,400 tone burlben, Capt. N. Paown.
COLUMBIA, 4 4b0 U.LslTcu.
ANOLIA, 4,400 " " Nicuouon.
PAOlrlO, 2,600 " " " I. Bmin.
3,300 " ' ' J. Walks..
One of the above ships will leave New York or Boston
alternately every Tuesday fortuljht. for Galway, car
rying tha government mans, touenwg at ot. jonns,
N. V.
The Steamer of this line have been constructed with
the irreatest care, under the supervision of the govern
ment, have water-tight compartments, and are unexcel
led for comfort, safety and speed by any steamers afloat.
They are commanded by able, and experienced officers,
and every exertion will be made to promote the oomfort
of passengers.
An experienoea surgeon nitacnea 10 eacn amp.
Flrat-class N. T. or Boston to Oalway or Liverpool 100
Second-clasa, " " " " 75
Flm-clase, . " " to Bt John' 35
Third-class, " " to Oalway or Liverpool,
or any town in Ireland, on a Railway, - - - 30
Third-class passengers are liberal ly supplied with pro
visions of the best quality, cooked and (erred by the ser
vants of the Company. '
ParUes wishing to send for their friend from the old
country can obtain tickets from any town on a railway, in
Ireland, or from th principal citiea of ng land and scot
land, at vary low rate.
Passengers for New Tork, arriving by th Boston
Steamers, will be forwarded to New York free of charge,
for passage or further Information, apply to
At th offloe of th Company, on th wharf, foot of
Canal street, New York.
TITiXIj make
YY toal
limited number of marc, from the let of April
to the lt of July, at my "North wood Farm," x, miles
north of Columbus, Ohio.
JOk flODWIN waa area anu raiseu or a. r. lowosena.
r.ttt. nf Hnniei county. New Jersey, and will be six
years old on the SDth day ot next June. He was sited
by '-Long Island Black Hawk," be by Andrew Jackson,
ha by Bashaw, ly me imported uaro urmnu oasnaw.
Hla dam waa Lioertv. is. inoroaKiiorcu uinrc,, 17
Lance, out of the faoou "Chanlavoyne" mare. Thua
It will bo seen that JOK OODWIN is a descendant of the
fait tmttine: and runnini stock the United Blatescan
boast of, vis: Old Andrew Jackson, who waa a aon of the
famous Bashaw, and the American Eclipse, who wu a son
of Old Messenger. Jo Godwin get back to Andrew
Jackson through Long Island Black Hawk in two crones,
nrf likewise eeta back to Kolios in fonr crosses, through
Liberty and Lanoe banco being a son ot senpee; n
niaarrnaaof Expedition throush Liberty, and also a
cross of Bellfounder through the Chardavoyne Bellloun-
der. A better combination or trotting ana running
KinnA m hnrae nnsieaaes. and he is a Trotter.
JOB GODWIN ia a beautiful bay, 15 hands snd 3 inches
high, black mane and tail, and w'th no white mark except
a star, lie naa a very stynan necs; ana oeia, ana a
, hntiNt horse waa never foaled. Laat Vail. Joe God
win was exhibited at the Lake Erie Horse Show at Cleve
i.n.l. at tha Vlnrlnla State fair at Wheeling, at Ihe M us-
kingum Valley fair at Zanesvllle, and in ivntv case
carried off th first premium. In a trial of speed at the
Ohio But Pair, held at Dayton, where thirty-seven of
the best stallion from Indiana ana ot mis ntate con
tended, Jo Godwin DisTaMcsD in wnoi neia.
Twenty-five dollars for the season, payable at th time
of service. Mares not proving witn laal can nave tne
service of th horse next year. Good pasture for mares
furnished at reasonable rates, and careful attention will
be aiven them, pat t wm not oe retponsisi iur aooncni.
Columbus, unio. niarou ioui, jr,u. . r
i - nnucc nnnc?
Ja UUVkk uuvv
All who are amictea wun incipirut vvosumpwua. ur
Weak Lung should use them.
All who suffer from Weak Stomach, Indigestion. Dyt-
neniia or Filea snouia use mem.
" .... . ...AT.. . I . ( H W.MAH.H.1,11
ReaUessnes at night, Want of Sleep, Sto., should as
ail wnn auuer iiuin udu,im wi ,u. .....
them. ...
All pron who ar convalescent after fever or other
sickness snouto uaeuiem.
Miniate r OI in wospei, uawywrs, wnnmn, mat w.
publio speaker ahon Id us tnem. . .
Book Keepera,and all person leading a sedentary If
should us tnem. .-.,
rr v. . a n ri mnraa anonia use anem.
an hn rannlra a atimulan t or tonio should nse them
All who are addicted to th n of ardent spirit and
Wish to inform, enoum as tnei
They ar made of a pur Sherry Wine, ana or tne na-
i i.nia and herbs of th country, ana snoaia ce rw -
SwawDUDU vj w"K.,'fc. w m fw
k n n.Mnv Mwiaiua. miaib inaftB. novas.
otana, and all 'neno. ot nuaiani.y.
Thy are praparea oy an eapvnewi m w, p.-
an.aalda from their medicinal properties, anal
most delightful beverage, and yet, a a medicine, are a
CHABLKB WIUUiriKUJ Si VU., A-ropruwrw,
T8 William St., New Yrlt.
Merchaits and Agent s an ted,
X Emwesope lnsvryownln tha Union.. LargW
proflt reallsai Ibaa oa any ether branch of Uerohendtaa.
For parUoukr sent stamp to eObesnut trt,
Philadelphia, Pa. r., , ; fabbabi u.
psor. wood's
!' .and' '
II precisely wnai lis name inaieatea. lor. while
'pleasant to the tails, It I f-vlvifyi at, exUlarat-1
itates, and renews the Blood In all Its parity. anAf
thna at ones ratartt omdrtmUrt Me ty$Um in-
vulrurablt to attactt odlttatt.. It is the only
preparation ever oiteraa to tht world, so chemi-!lpl
cally and skillfully combined aa to be tha aoostlll
Powerful tonic, and at the same time so perfect hi."
powers, auu u uid wiio uuiu revtviurs, rein-
dapted to, as to act in yerleetaoeordanoe with tliel
laws of nature, and hence will tooth tht wtakttt
tlomach, anil tone up the digestive organs, and U
thus allay all nervous and other Irritation. It ill
perfectly exhilarating, and at the aame time It 111,
composed entirely of vegetables, yet so eombinediFl
us to prouuceuie uingi. iniiruuKii tonic eueur, with
out producing any injurious oonsniuences. Sucb L
remedy fins long iieen reit to ue a ueimeratara in IAS
medical world, for It noeila no medical skill to."
that debility follows all attacks of disease, and
proceeds and indeed lays the system open to the
A Insldions attacks of many of the most fatal, such,
ii lor example, as tne lonowing: uonsumption, In-
KGI.UU, , .,". ....BIB., .lIIWIUU U, IUClA
fj Heart, Melancholy, Night Sweats, Languor, Gid.li
Cloen, Retention of, as well as Painful obstructed. j(y
M1U . I U I U i-T . U I .IU ...111, h.uihuiuiu, AUU SAII
ing of the Womb. These all depend upon general
.debility. This pure, healthy, tonic Uordial and
mood uenovatorii assure to cure as tne sun to
rise and set. There ii no mistake about it. But1
this la not all. If Ihe system Is weakened, we arei
wen to bilious attacks, tne liver becomes torpid,
or worse diseased, tha kidneys refuse to perform Ii
their functions, and we are troubled with scalding!11
charge of the same, pain in the hack, aide and be-'r
tween the shoulders, exceodint 1 liable to sliiht U
Ann inRnnoDBnca oi nnni. nr in.n mm... . ..
colds, coughs, and if unchecked, soon emactationj
follows, and tne patient goes down to a premature1 a
grave. But space will not allow us to enumerate I
the many Ills to which we are liable In a weakened V
condition of the system. But we will say, in this
Cordial and Blood ltenovator you have a perfect, U
sfe, pleasant and effectual remedy for loss ofQ
Annj,tlt. hlllouinees. VlHtnleni'A. winlr an,! ,UiV
itomich. Languor, Liver Complaint, Chills and
Ifever, or any Bilious attatk, Costiveness, Acidity
lof Ihe Stomach, Nervousness, Neuralgia, Paliiita-;,,
linn of the Heart, re sslon of Spirits, Sores, M
Pimples on the race, or any disease arising from fw
.tnpure blood, sucli as Scrofula, Erysipelas, Brun i
Onmn, coufh, difficulty or Dreaming, and all that
class of diseases called female weakness, and
.enumerated above. We will also say the traveler
exposed to epidemics, change of climate and wat
er, will find It a pleasant, sale and sore remedy,
anu none should ever travel witnout. lteailer
try it, for we aisurevoayouwillnndin It a friem
indeed, as well aa a friend in need, ah persons of!
isdentary habits will find it a perfect preventive olifl
s well as cure for those ailments to which they are, V
particularly exposed. Ilenoemintsteri,uudeo!s,at
torneys, literary gentlemen ,and ladies who are not
accustomed to much'outdoor exercise, will find it
to their advantage to keep a bottle constantly on
hand; and, above all, mothers, or ineso becoming
juchi will go through that most daogerous period
aot only wth all their accustomed strength, hut
safe and free from the thousand ailments so prey
alent among Ihe female portion of the world. In
ihort, it is indeed a mother's cordial. Try it, old
and young; no longer run the risk of delay; it will
relieve and prove itself emphatically a Awra-
ttvt Vordinl and JJood ltenovator
O.J. WOOD, proprietor, 414 Broadway, New
York, and 114 Market Street, Bt. Louis, Mo., and
old by ROB I! UTS Sr. BAMUKI,, Columbus, Ohio,
and all good Druggists, Price One Dollar
per Bottle. march'8-dtweowly
And rfroiTS more and more popular
every day!
And testimonials, new, and almost without number,
might be given from ladies and gentlemen in all grade
society, whose united testimony none could resist
that Prof, Wood's Hair Restorative will restore the bald
and gray, and preserve the hair of the youth to old age,
Inallilsjouthim Desuiy.
Battle Creek, Mich., Dec. Slat, 1PM.
Faor. Woon: Thee wilt please accept a line to inform
thee that the hair on my head all fell off over twenty
years ago, caused by a complicated chrooio disease, at
tended with an eruption on th head. A continual
course of suffering through life having reduced me to a
state of dependence, i nave not been ante to obtain sluu
for caps, neither have I been able to do them np, in con
sequence of which my head haa suffered extremely from
cold. This Induced me to pay Briggs fc Hodges almost
the laat cent I had on earth for a two dollar bottle of thy
Hair Heatorattv. about tne first of August last. I have
faithfully followed the directions, nd the bald spot is now
covered with hair thick and black, thonih short. It Is
also coming In all over my head. Feeling confident
that another large bottle would restore It entirelv
and permanently, I feel anxious to perseverv In Us use,
and being destitute of mesne to purchase any more, I
would auk the if thee wouldst not be willing to send me
an order on mm agents ror a oocue, and receive to thy
self .th scripture declaration "the reward is to those
that are kind to uie widow ana me laments,."
Thy friend, bUoA.N'NAH EIRBV.
LIgonler, Noble Connty, Indiana, Feb, Sth, 1859.
Prof. 0. 1. Wood: Pear Sir: In the latter nart of
the year 1K73, while attending the State and National
Law School or tne elate oi New york, my hair, from a
cause unknown to me, commenced falling off very rap-
idly, so that in the short space of six months, the whole
upper part cf my scalp was almost entirely bereft of it
covering, and much of tho remaining portion upon the
aide and baca part oi my nean snoruy alter became gray,
so that yon will not be surprised when I tell you that up
on my return to the State of Indiana, my more casual
acquaintances were not so much at a loss to discover the
cause of the change in my appearance, as my moro Inti
mate acquaintances were to recognise me at all.
I at one made application -to the most skillful physi
cians in the country, but, receiving no assurance from
them that my hair would aga'n be restored, I was forced
to become reconciled to my fate, until, fortunately, in
the latter part ot tha year lt7, your Restorative was re-
eommended to m by a druggiat, as being the most relia
ble -Hair Meliorative in use. 1 tried one bottle, and
found to my great satisfaction that it was producing the
desired effect. Bince that time, I have used seven dot
lars' worth of your Restorative, and as a result, have a
rich coat of very soft black hair, which no money can
as a mark or my gratitude ror yonr labor and skill in
th production ot to wonderful an article, I have reoom
mended it at to many of my friends and acoualntances,
who, I am happy to Inform you, ar using it with like
effect. Very respectfully, yours,
. . Attorney and Counsellor at Law.
Depot, 444 Broadway, and sold by all dealers through
out tne worm.
Th Restorative Is pat np In bottle of three sites, vit:
large, medium, and small; th small holda X a pint, and
retails for one dollar per bottle; the medium holds at
least twenty per cent, mora In proportion than th small.
and retails for two dollars a bottle; the large holda
quart, 40 per oent. mora In proportion, and retails for 93
a bottle.
O. J. WOOD A CO.. Proprietor. 444 Broadway. New
Tork, and 114 Market Street, ft Louis, Mo.
And sold by KOBKltTs At HAMUKL. Columbus. Oh o.
and by all good Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealer.
An experienced Nurse and Female Physician, presents
to tne attention oi moiners, ner
which greatly facilitates the process of teething, by soft
ening the gums, reducing all Inflammation wll I allay
ALL PAIN and spasmodic action, and ia
Depend npon It, mothers, i t will give rest to yourselves
We have put up and sold this article for over ton years.
wnai we nave never been ante to aay oi any otner meat
ANCB, TO J.FFKGT A CURB, when timely used. Nev
er did w know an Instanoe of disaatiafaetlon by any on
who used it. On th oontrary, all an delighted with
operation, and speak in terms of commendation of
magical en ecu ana meaioai virtue, yr ipaaa in in
matter "WHAT WB DO KNOW;" after ten years' expe
almost averv Instance when the Infant la suffering from
pain and exhaustion, reiier will ne lonnu in ni teen
twenty minutes after theSyrup Is administered.-: '
Tbls valuable nrenaranoa ami presenpnon or one
New Bngland. and ha been used, with NBVa.ll FAIL-
INQ BUCOKUt" m " ' 1 :
TSSWliSAn isn ur ujaatirs.'
Tt not only relieve th child from sain, oat Invlget
ate th stomach and bowels, correct acidity, and gives
to . to wt,oit -v,tm. n will almost
1 ,..
nmmwa TW Ttn? KfMirsTS. AWTl WTWIt WlTTn
, . -
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which. If not speedily rente
believe it in uws and BUS
WORLD, in allouwe efDYil
It ariee froaa teething, or from any other came.
woald say to (very mother who has ohlld snlTering
anvof th foregoing complaints DO NOT LKT YOU
stand between to and soar auflerinr child, and the
lief that will M huhh yea, AUsOLUlKLI Bl'lta
follow the era ot this medicine, tf timely aasd.- Full
lor wslng will accompany eh bottl. Nnn
genuine nnlees Uie fac-irall of CUBIIS PARKINS
New Tork, V oa th nUM wrapper.
Bold by all Druggist ahraugheat In worlA. -
PrlnelpmlOffieey 13 Ce1r Street N.Y,
ctsrr-dfcwiy. v
n-irv svvfTv .
rection For all THROAT aattl
taclaallBie; WHOOPIMOi
CVCUU, anal svsry
Cemplalnt the foreran
ner eft and eiren actnal
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The Oreat HEtHAU
eiO HKifiEHV and Nat
ural OPIATK, adaptea
la every species al Ner.
Tons Oeniplainta, Ner
to us aud Ohraale
Headaches Hheuina
tlsm. Catarrh Xeoirt v
and Ear Ache !, at
mieepf andBowel fjania
No real Initio 'f '
bnt by nroeurina and Muuiin. a f.Li,.. . .
be found with all deil..'.ml'L"..
Z?JZa '.i!i0ano!,iU TrUI BoMtt ,ent "X
clans, who wlll find developments in both worthy their
acceptance and approval.
- Corre.pondence solicited from all whose necessities or ,
eurloslty prompt to a trial of th above reliable kem t i
Wot sale by th usual wholesale and nun ..u.
JOHN 1,. MfJNNEWELL, Proprleto
Ho. 9 Commsrelal Wharf, Boston, Haas, r . -
J Roberts Ac H,nti.l w. . w.i. v n 1 t. , ..
Denig, O. Denig Sr. Bona, A. 3. gdiueller At Son. Aent.
lor Columbus, Ohio.
jranniiffir.iTirore of rill kind of Por-
iniMe ana ruauonary Nleani Fr
giaci, saw iviiiu, urist ITiilla,
cVc, Ac.
J. tj. tt. DDYAIL Beaten lit COLUMBUS
MACU1XK CO. Beaten till BRADtORD
f CO. Beatenllllt
Our Portable Eogine and Biw Mill
Wai awarded the first premium of (10 at the Indiana
state Fair ror 1'60 over Lan t Bodley 'a on account of
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
ana superior character of lumber sawed.
Our Stationary Encln wis aw.ni.j .
the first premium of m
a wal' ? "tlMJ". K".gL?e w"? "'!' " nrst premium of
KM at .the Fair at Memphis, Tenn., over Blandy'a Du
vall s, Columbus Machine Co'a., and Bradford A Co,
by a committee of practical Railroad Engineers.
at vs 1'iis.ceiuu axruis uiiresl , ,
CJa. . WILLARD WARNER, Treasurer,
decS-dkwljeois. Newark, Ohio.'
Eheumatism, Gout and NeuTalg-ia,
Mercurial Diseases .
It Is a conveniently arrange d Band, containing a med
icated compound, to be worn around th Waiat, without
injury to tha most delicate persons; no change In habits
of, living Is required, and tt entirely remove Ihe dia
eaaa from Ui ystera, without producing th Injurious
effects arising from the use of powerful Internal medi
cine, which weaken and destroy the constitution, and
f,i?.!emp.7 relief on,y- B tblt treatment, the med
icinal properties contained In ih. R.H -. ....
".h. I!!- b'd nd "ach ,he diaease, through the porea
lin L 'kin;ff""8lnw'V Instanc. a perfect cuie,
and restorlnr the naria .mi.A . . j,.,
. . . " . u , i , u j wnuiliun.
-m i !. 1 B'0"tPrrul AaTi-MaacoauL agent.
Jfrllullf ai thesystem from th. pernicious
effect of Mercury. Moderate rase are cured In a few
.fltni-Te",0?n,,tI,tl'irclTin testimonials of Its :
eflicacy In agaravated cases cf long standing:.
Ho ir-ai tmQ Jul A t,A w j . . "
uau oi uraggists generally, or csn
ne sent by mall or express, with full directions for ne.
Jo any part of the country, direct from th Principal
Ho. 409 BE0ADWAY, Hew York.
G. SMITH & CO., Solo Proprietors.
N. 8. Descriptive Circular Bent Free.
K? A (rent Wanted Everywhere.
mb.28 lyisorlstp.dfcw
reliable buslnesa men to secure a profitable manu
facturing business, requiring but a am II capital in its
eatablishment and protecution.
The manufacture consist In th application of a pe
culiar composition or enamel to common red bricks, and
a variety or other building material, ornamental archi
tectural noisnings, ceilings, ule for floor and for
This enamel may be tinted of any color, rrom the
purest white to the deepest black, with all the color
and shades between. Ii imparts to the article to which
tt is applied a hardness and durability almost incredible,
and a beauty surpassing that of the rarest and most costly
of the variegated marnle. and, unlike them, ia trope rvl
oua to moisture, and will never fade, stain, or deterior
ate, costing but a fractional part ot the price of ordinary
. It ia also valuable for table and aland tops, mantle
pieces, monument, and an endless variety o.' other arti
cles of staple use. The process of applying the enamel
la simple, while the article enameled will command a
ready aale, atTording large profit. ResDomihla mniea
may procure licenses for manufacturing under the pat
ent for any city or prominent town in the United State.
v, mw ,yiug id uie subscriber. A small tariff on Ihe ar
tides manufactured will be required for the use of the
Invention. Oirculara giving full particular will be for
warded to all applicants.
tne superior merit and beauty of this enameled build
ing material to anything in na l,na lh nn...liA.J Im
dorsementof many of the most eminent architect and
scienuuo men of Ibis and other citiea.
iror particulars address
J0HH805 ft PBAII,,
General Agents for Enameled Building Material,
ap0d3m. SS NASSAU ST., NEW YORK. .
an entire new stock of Goods In mv Una. luat Mi. a
ased In New Vorkat the cheapest panic rates.all of which, '
I shall seH at the smallest profile, fur Cash. My custom''
era and friend are reapectfully invited to call and exam
Ine my Goods and Price, a I am determined to sell as
cheap or cheaper than any other house In the city; ami
as a uu my own uniting, anu aupermtenu my own bust- V
seas, a leei assureu , rrom my long experience inbusi-,.
Hess, to give general satisfaction. The finest of work''1
men are employed, and all work done sirtotly to time and
On abort notice, and warranted to Bt. Btranirera vliitln
ourcity would consult their interest by giving me a call
Bcioro purcuasing eisewnere, . r. KOcai, . '
. ' ' Merchant Tailor, ''
marchSfl-dly Cor. High and Town sts.
NMW riTYLKS liial n A- Kan n. tfatkuih
High street, have i us I owned new atvlea al Cloth On-.
ctiLias. Uasqouis and Ha.cu.iih, mad in th newest snd.
moss siyinn manner. Also. Sunark A'lMlu
IllalCls: MllkSa verv heaw. AeatiritaA aaureaale far .
wuu..M ww imiuiiiwi ,riui
I.f.iIII. u i r .,r
Tho Celebrated Horse, Cruiser,
Kngland, by JOIIN S. KABMT. will stand tin sea
son at the farm of Wm. H. Ranry, Qroveport, Ohio. -
Cruiser I of the celebrated Venison stock bf England,
and waa sired by old Venison, th winner of th Derby
rare In 1813. Veulaon proved himself the stoutest hor
of his day, having traveled n foot in- one year, when
only three years old, nine hundred lultes, and run four
teen races, aod on twelve,
, Cruiser was bred by Lord Dorchester In 1R53; sired by
Venison by Partisan, by Walton, out ot Parasol hy Pota
toes, son of Kcllpse. Cruiser' dam wu Red Borer, by
Tramp, out of Syntaxina. alster to Syntax, sirs of Bees
wing, the dam of New Alinster, the most valuable Stallion
now in Bngland, and stands at fifty guineas (U).
Tormoto Oruloori
, ThoronhVred mares. On Hundred Dellara. ' A Miner
al arrangement will be mad with farmer of th Belgh
borhood wishing to pat com nv bred mars. 4
i IO Mara from a distant will b Ukeacaraof,
aty 4Atw3. -' ' .

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