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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, May 19, 1861, Image 1

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m I miani in ij i j. M tmmu mntLl
"rr.::;t : :.t . --,.i ,., ',' , -i-).' v gao
(Eljf 01)10 StAtotMIt
O" OfflM Hoi. 86, 88 and 40, Horth High Bt.
0Uy " . " - . $8 00 per year.
11 By the Carrier, per weak, eento.
rrl-Woelrly ' - I 00 per year.
Weekly, i - 100 "
crmt el
Advertising by tlie Square.
nt iquart 1 jtM , . .$20 00
Od " B moLthe 18 00
3a ' 0 montbe 15 00
One 1 month 10 00
One : , SI month .8 00
On '" 1 month. ' 5 00
One iquare 3 week. .14 00
On " S week.. 3 00
One , " Iweek... 1 75
One . " 3 day... 1 00
One ' 8 day... 75
One ' " 1 uuertlon SO
Dliplayed, advertlii aunt belt more then th above
rate. ' '' '. i i .
Advertisement leaded and pieced In the ooluinn o(
Special Noticee," do bit tht ordinary raUt.
All notice required to be published by law, legal rates.
II ordered on the Inline exciualvely alter the nrst week
per cent, mora than (he alnve rate; bat all each wll
iDueur In the Tri-Weekly without charge.
Bualneiii Cardi, notexoeedlng Ave Hue, per year, ln
de, 't SO per line; outside i.
Motlcca of meeting, eharltaMe ooletlee, Ire computet,
etc., nan price. . t -
Alt traiuirnt advtrtttementi mutt it paid for in
advanr T!e rule will not be varied from.
Weekly, same price a the Daily, where the advertleer
iMrta U'aaklvalAna. Whin 'ha Dallv and Weekla
a re both seed, then the charge lwtbe Weekly will be
D in tne rate oi tne uauy -
No advertisement taken except for a definite period
;; " F. 'A. B. BIMKIIIS,
3Ltt ornoy txt Xjcrocr
, . AND NOTARY, PUBLIC.',, r '
Office Auiboi Dnjldlng, oppoelte Capitol Bqnar.
y . .i r . . OOLTJMBUH, OIIIOJ
Machine Mannfaotnring Company
Ic o o o o o i) f, o o o.o o o.e e o v,
Ctlngil MiU Oearlag, lUehliry.
, ... . -4
' , A1BO,.
Zl.Ail3Lro.adL , Worli
or ivnr Diacurnow.
0HA8. AMBOS, Bap'l. . . it. AH BOB, Treat,
deell. 18SB-tf
Winter Arrangement.
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia RAILROADS.
For Cincinnati, Dayton ft Indianapolii!
Through to lndianarxilii without Change of Cart
: aad but One Change of Can between
Colambui and St. Louie. . ""
.' .' .r , . ...i ... ..,.
. BUS.
(Dally, afondayiexcepted.)
NIQI1T KXPBK88, tia Dayton, at S:4S a. m..ttcp
pin at tenloa, Xenia, Dayton, Ulddletowa and Ilamil
toB.arriTin(atCincinnatlat8:20a. m.; Dayton at45
a. nii.lndianopolUa 10:3 a.m.; tt. touUat.,U:5
T m' SECOND TRAIN! ".'". l-7.-J
. ACCOliMODATlO.V.at 6:10 a. m., ttopplni at all Bta
tton i between Oulurabut and Cincinnati and Dayton, ar
rWInc at Oinclnnatl 11:03 a. m., Dayton at ft 15 a. m.,
IndtanepoUe af P- . ''
THIRD TRAIN. ' , ..' ,
4 TAY IXPBB8S.a 8:30 p. m., etopplnn at Alton,
Jellenon. London, - Charleston, Oedanrllle, Xenia,
Bprlng valley, Conrin,- Morrow, Deerfield, Footer',
Lowland, Millford and Plainville, arriving at' Olnoin
Batt at 7:30 p.m.; St. Louli at 18 m; Dayton at 5:35 p.
at.; IndlanopolUat 10:38 p.m. - - 1 1 .. -
leeplntf CftrV on all Nlffha Train to
Cincinnati and indianapolin.
' . " , i ' .mm. ,.i l : ,v ". "(
lor farther Information and Through Ticket, apply to
Ticket Agent, Colon Depot. Oolnmbu, Ohio.
4 i
' . Baponnieiiucni. wim.iuu.u.
jaV3 1 Agent, Colombo,
i ii i i i
H,Q(W A:RD; & GO'S.
HitERiCAN Batches.
' j '- and examine ear new make of - -. , ,. .
raauMfantored by' I. UOWAKD fc CO.', Boiton, Mai.
1 1bee Watchee are far aperlor to anything ever offered
i a to pablio, heretofore. . BavlDg the excluelT agency,
I can eell them at price to tuit the time. I have Juat
received a large etock ol
knaaafafltored by APPLEIOK, TEAC Y, A CO ; alao,
..firiaaieortmentof ' " " " r
.. j I nn in Sold and Silver Oaela( Panic price. i
''"Jant3 - i;--W.i. SAVAOa).
AW TISJI9 lyooagepn w uonee. ,r .
-11 ? AO peekeu old Sotoh Government Java Coffe. !
Ig, keg Oeykn Coffee. . - r .... ' .
' 9 oorAil itandard WhIU Sugar, ooniNUng at Pow
.1, if..., . dred.Obmahed, eraoulatd Aod B Oofle. - '
-' t!j:50 quintal Seorge Baak Oodnah. ,. , .. ., , j
SOkbla. Ueie and No, IMaekerel.,, ,.j :
a H tea. Pick Salmon. , ,
ul100bx. Lae Belainan, C c,
fl(, hf. box do de , -. . :
f fl lOOiir-'boa do d -rvf f -tttii t
10O at Cigar, different brande and gSradea, ' ,
oVi7..T. WM. McDONALPj
M. Ce ' LI LLEY '
' '1 IVI "I 1.1 1
: 'Blank.Book ManulantTirer; j J
FLOUU.-. t
from " Barnett Mllla," Springfield, 0. the teat brand of
Floor brought to out market. , Hatlifartloo goaranteei
Por eale only at 0i, ,f , W. MoDOHALD'B,
.aovtf -.-m r .t...y. ni," 1WU Bouta High itreet.
. ail M.mmA Mnlnrt tuit nnanMt al HATMB
dearth No-iBI Boath High itreVLt
Irish' Iainieii Gooi
Linen Shirt Bourne Plain and fancy
Vii .llir Bhlrttugand fioiom Llneni.
Linen nheetlnge and Pillow Oailngt.
Linen Oambrlce and Long Lawn.
Linen Pocket-handk',llile
Linen Towellinn and Diaper
.j,-;e ay.u o Xlna Napkin and D'Oylle. .-,,.
1 Iiluen Table Ulothaand Batln Damaikl. .. .
Aitoert Toweie wttn eeiorwa mruon. . i
Linen BialrOoverlnge and Oraeh. , j
fcbMvn-rB ,,rTfI ,vr bofSSoaihHlhtret.
X KUUuaa, new (tywratepnrabF - - '
BBwaaana . . , f; ,
The latest Tho largest The Beit,
Tie Cheapest Because the Best, -y,
tiihe Bloat HellaV. ataiudard Au
tborlty o( the Engllan Language.''
Sla Uundrett Eminmt Eduoatort of Ohio,
LUtrary Mm EMryuKtrt, -.-
"He i are upward of a Hundred Thontand Word,
whoae maltifarloo meaning and derivation, together
with their correct ipelllng, and prononelallon are clearly
let before the eje." . .
' . ; .? . Vinoinnati Ommtrelali,'.
Btad tit Dteittont of tha Membtrt of tht Ohio Suit
TtacAtr't Atiooiution. i : -
The nnderalgned, member of the Ohio State Teacher
Aeaociation, adopt and aim to nee In teaching, writing
and epeaklnc, the orthography and pronunciation of
Worceeter' Roval Quarto Dictionary, and we moat tor
dlally recommend it a the molt reliable itandard an
tborlty of the Jtnillih language, u It la now written and
apoken, , I
Lorim Aanaiw, Preildent Eenyon College. '
M. D. Lioarrr, Superintendent Zineiville Schooli.
Tao. W. IUxvrY, Bop't Uaatilon Union School.
at. F. Oownaav, Bup't Publlo School, Banduiky.'
Join Lvaca, Mup't tobllo School, Oircleville.
8, N. Biiiroan, Principal Cleveland female Bemlnt'
ry. ....
W. HrrcnaiL, Bupt Public School, Mt. Union."
Joiia OoneN, Principal State Normal School, Ulnn.
Ornna Nana, Principal Jourtb, Intermediate School,
vincinneu. -H.
B. MiTtn, Bop't Canton Union School. -Edwih
HeaaL, Principal McNeely normal School. 1
u T. TarraR, Prof. Uathematlc, Ohio Unlverelly.'
War. W. JSnwaan, Bup't Troy Union School.
A. 0. Honum, Principal West High School, Clere
Und. B. A. Norton, Aeeoclate Principal High School, Cleve
land .....
Tbrodori Stirldio, Principal High School, Cleve;
nd. -- -'-,
. E. P. Howinoit, Principal Cleveland Initllale.
. J. A. OaRriiLD, Preildent of Kleclie Inilltule, Hi
ram. ' i i .. ,.. .
W. Ii. Harru, Prof, of Chemttry, Ohio Weiliyan
H. H. Barmy, Ex Commlmloner of Common School,
Ohio. ...
- Jam Horana, Prof. Rhetoric, Oberlln College., .
Tnoe. Hab, Preeldent Antloch College.
0. W. H. Oathcart, Prof. Mathematk,' High
School, Diyton. '
8. 0. CRoaaACon, Prof . Language, High School.
Dayton. -
B. M. Barus, Bup't Union School, Aahlaad. ! .'l
' Mart than Sfo Hundred other Frttidmtt of ColU
Qtt, Proftttort, Author! and Pltingvit?ud Sduca
tort, hart mdortedlAtabovttentiment.
If ARirrrA Cotxroe "It I truly a magnificent work,
an honor to the author, the publisher, and the whole
country." Preildent Andrew. -
Omo Wouvar Urivrrit( .-"It exceed my expecta
tlone. It will be my guide In orthography and pronun
ciation, and will often be cenaalted by me for it neat
and accurate definition." Preildent Thompson. . . . :
W. B. Xetxcno Ooixtoa. "Heretofore w haveued
Webater' orthography. At a recant meeting of oar
Faculty, it waa decided to change It to conform to that
of Worcester' Boyal Quarto Dictionary." Preildent
Wkbtrrr Rnnvt Coiuei. UI find It worthy of
cordial approbation. Preildent Hitchcock.
OaiaiiM Cou-to. "It mora than meet my expecla
tlon: I recommend it a the etandard authorltvln
orthoepy to my children and my pupil." Preildent
; Amocfl Oounw.""! adopt and aim to ate In teach
ing, writing and eneaking, the orthography and pronun
ciation of Worcester aoyal Quarto . Dictionary .
rresldent lilli. ' -' : i. . : '. ... . , ,
"In all my writing, ipeakltig.and teaching, I have en-'
deavored to conform to the ralee for orthography aad
pronunciation a contained In Worcester' Dictionary."
Horace Mann, late Preildent.
' Kirvor Oouaaa,aAita. 'I moat cordially reeom-
mend itaa the meet reliable etandard authority of the
Kogltoh iaagnage a it la now written and ipoken."
Prealdent Andiewi.i i ..... t
from Rev. Anton Smyth, Commtttiotur of Common
ncAoot in vnto . . '
'The Dictionary I an Impeiiibable monument to the
learning and loduetry of it author, and an nowor to the
world of letter. Xpe mechanical execution t far aupe
rior to that of any other Lexicon with which. I am ae
iqualnted.'V ,- ;: ., .P , '. '". .". '
JYom Bon. B. B. Bornty. Ea-Oonmitlioner of
auont tn vio. ,. , ..
"The mot reliable itandard authority of the lan
guage." ' '
- WIAlTM . , ' ' ' -
Ijeadins Newepaper of Ohio Say.
Iron tit Cleveland Berald of ifarthtS.
The orthography of the Woroeeter Dictionary I that
attd by moet, if not all, anthora ol d lit motion in tnii
country and Ingland, and oonformi to the general mage
of ordinary writere and apeaker. ,,
Whatever prejadioee may bare exlited prevlouily, i
careful itndy of thi volume will Invariably be followed
by a warm appreciation of He great merit, and a deilre
to add It to the well leleoled library, be It large or email,
It la a library lniteelf, and will remain an Imperisha
ble reoord of the learning of It compiler. , , , . ,
Iron the Cincinnati Commercial of Aprii SO.
Bare are nnwardaof a hundred thouaand word good,
bad and indifferent whoae mnltlfarioua meaning and
derivation, together with their correoi ipening ana pro
nunciation, are nt clearly before the eye. The work I
unquestionably the greateet Theeaaroa of iDgliih Word
ever publlahed. , . .. y fl , . , - ..
Iron Me Clootlani PlainitaUf of. Sept. SO, 18CQ.
KrldmtlT WMcnm'i Boval QSarto DiotioraRY it
mt rmlti Uu lout, but (Aa ot work of tit kind ever it-
ewed'.andean by n poai'.blltty wuffer by oemprlen r
k." 'tromthtTUtioBladtqf itayy). ; : :
A to raoRURCUTioR, Woacxvrxa i vn
followed bv oar beet author; In deftnltlona he learee
nothing to be deeired, and In Orthoqratov ill tnificlent
to Bay mat worcxbtrr caa p aainy rouowaa. , t n ., ,
PHbllaliera, Baofcaellera Ac Stationera,
mailt ' ' ' '
- . . .. i .........
Dlvldottd January 1 186 1 48 )Pr. Cent.
ABBET8.. .....i,...l,81B50 50.
Statement Jaataary-le I8eit
BaUnea,rtatementJan. lit, I8J0...a3,40o,58J 39
lng the gear MM). 8783,053 S3'"
Beoeivedi - for Intereit during
-tb year . leU i.,
Total vweelrla for' iPCO.'.r. BOTr.rjet. T:!': . -
PaldOlaleaebyDeath,307,05O0Q .; .
Paid Pollcice lurrem. . .,.,,,
dertd fIJU m
Paid Balarle,.Pait.,, ,.Ur4t ,,( j , .
t age, A'axe,.x-. -.. .!,
.rehange.eto....... 31,050 51 . ' V . ' I':'-' ?
1. I U:V.
AeenU ,.... W
US Vll J)l l
' -ii i "i uTi.rf
1 i r. ,' v.uv.
Paid PhyiWan' fee.- 5.IW4 73
Paid Aanaltle. .,1.5 17 -.00
Paid DtTtdande dur- " '-
log me y c,.....Kiuo,jvjy m iiWiir.a w; ui,n
Net Balaaoe January let, ie01..'.,:.'.:;".3,8H,W8 50
AB8ITS. ..v.-fi,.,.
Cut OB tan4r.srr.vrrr..av184 lit -
Jtitatev worm aouuie ui ; . ,
amount loaned. 8,3l?7,6tl 08
Premium Mote, an Polklea : i-
In foroe, only drawing o per.
eent. rntnb.,,a.J...v 1,279,M4 IT" .rr
Seal Xitaie 90.803 27
LoanionSerlp 5,931 44 ran.-
Pfemianu.aoieoeMuaan.ur ... ' , yy
court of tranimiMlon.... 40,41370
Total Asset.
83,819,558 50
s,v :i 11;
T,7 Pollcle la fores, lnrorlng SA,420,538
1,435 new Pollcle have been lamed daring the yeer.r
r After a careful eelcalattoa of the pretest value ef the
Sutatandine Pollclee of tb Company, and having the
Momurr Amount In reurv therefor, the Director
kave declared a DrviManet o pereentoo tne rremi
oae paid at the table rate, to all pollclee for life In foroe;
pete to January 1, 1WI0, payable according to UM
ere MO t rat of Iha flnmnanv. I
Bate for all. kind of Lite CanHngevcle. Prtipeeb-
uei, Statement, and Appllaatlsna, wHI be faralihed
"'-"f ,"a-Hf ytnoo Ot Agenoie ot in vonv
'J AlfO 505TV.lr'- 'ATTERBON, Preildent
Maroh88, lJ-,' tnT;- , Colombo, 0
SHIRTINGS, all width, ef (Me celebrated make.
. ,U 1, UIIV
.!e VW. -'I I . r oti vr?;,,, Vft1',
,ri',1t.i (.. ..,, .-,(ti,-i.iiij,..,' i -
,oAi." a sun,
- ',. IXSKI.
- Dally, per year.
Tri-Weekly, per rear
Weekly, peryeat ,
........16 00
3 00
........ 1 00
Marriage Engagements.
There are two things which almost ever one
finds It difficult to do easily and with grace.
One ii for a man to announoe orally that he Is
going to be married, and the other la to eon
gratulate him. Wby tho announcement should
cause embarrassment le obvious. However
Droud the happy lover may feel In bis heart, be
knows that by ayincr he is Koine to be married
be at least expoaea himself to the critioismt of
friendly cariosity. The triend to whom tne an
nouncement i made ha also many reason for
feeling a little nervous. Not being a foreigner ,be
oannot throw himself on bis friend's neck and
bave a good blubber, and be must con floe his
oongratulations within the limits of English
reserve. ' The surprise and oddity oi tne thing,
galn.often overpower every deeper . teel-
lng for the moment, and even the sln-
cerest and warmest friend baa been known
to receive the affecting Intelligence with no
other answer than one long peal of laughter.
And there is also deeper canse of embarrass
ment. It Is lor tbe person to whom the news Is
imparted to continue tbe conversation. He must
ask something, and what is be to aski do lar
as the lady's name goes, and the place of her
residence, all Is straightforward. But what is
to come next? It Is absurd to ask whether she
is pretty, for it Is painful for the lover, if be is
honest, to bave to say she is nott and it be aays
she Is, (very one sets it down as a natural de
lusion. Uellcacy equally lotbius any inquiries
as to her money. It IS taking so very marketing
view to look at tee aruir or a iriena'e neart as
mere bargain. Tbe only obvious and unex
ceptionable question Is to ask whether it Is to be
soon, and to bear whether there is to be an en
gagement or an Immediate marriage. If there
fa to be no engagement, the hero le thought to
be more fortunate than ever. Not to wait at
all, bat to go in at once to connnbial happiness
and the smoothest of all possible loves, is con
sidered a great triumph. Tho best imaginable
lot Is when a man bas nothing to do but to bang
up bis bat In bis wife's house Anything like
an engagement Is a diminution ot the glory of
matrimony, kopaeements are romantic, but
they are not business-like, and friends always
take a remarkably business like view or each
other's marriages; or, If they do not do so really,
at any rate they pretend to do so, in order that
t&eir reputation as smart,, worldly people may
not accidentally suffer.
; Engagements, however, are really the natu
ral consequences of the modern theory of mar-
age, which supposes that unions spring from
affection based on compatibility of temper,
tastes and principles. Long engagements are.
in tbeir way, bad things, but they are justifiable
bad things. If two persons love each other
and love is tbe one great thing in tbeir lives
that, makes tbeir lives valuable It ia very
filcnlt to show that they do not gain by a long
engagement. It is said that the girl loses the
best years of her life, and wastes away with
out tbe bappinese and respectability of being
married. Observations like these clearly pro
ceed from the secret belief that one man would
really do as well for her as another, But this
not so. where the heart trnlyand aincerely
loves. No man or woman of a really tender
and constant nature. And once absorbed tn a
great passion, either ' refused to enter on a
ong engagement, or regretted bavmg formed
one. ' . ; -,
Tbe lovers themselves certainly profit by an
engagement of some moderate length preceding
marriage. It Is not 'only that they learn to know
eaob other, and bave opportunities of seeing
wbetber the deeired barmony really i exists.
bnt many fine feelings never blosaoia at all II
marriage immediately follows on a chance ac
quaintanceship.. The niceties of courtship are
superseded-by this levelling rapidity. In the
Ursi puce, there are no letters, or, at any rate,
none worth speaking of. There ia emack o(
furniture and dress about tbe correspondence
cousie that Will not condescend to wait.
NoW, on all the principles of romance and
poetry, letters are amongst the cbolceet flowers
love. They express feelings wnicn wouia De
ipped In the bud if they were not put on
paper. Receiving a love-ietter is unaouoteaiy
sensation, and a very pleasant sensation, ana
hy should it not be' experienced? Probably
many eogigements are shortened purposely,
because one, or both, of the parties are con-
actons that tbey bave nothing to say. But real
lovers can go on for pages, and, what Is more,
can bear to read tbe pages tney receive, a
lover a trnly happy, ardent, passionate lover
can stand crossing and scented note-paper, and
both are trials to the male heart In its natural
state. Poetry, too, ought to be written or at
least there ought to be songs without words
passiog to and fro. Young people cannot be
much in love u tbey ao not nave "imaginings."
But .If tbey are to be married Immediately,
rjoetrr is auite out of place.' If a wile la "a
bargain," no one who baa just paid earnest for
her is likoly to Sing by runs to ner. - me Arab
wrote his pretty verses to tbe borse be supposed
he was going to lose, and not to the one that was
inat beina? trotted to hia tent. '' There anoeara to
ns to be no answer to mis argument in invor ot
engagements." Tbe pleasure they oner Is one
which marriage does not offer i therefore, to
forego it is to lose something, and the something
that Is lost Is the very thing which is supposed
to be the leading characteristic of English
matches. If every one went through the lore
vicissitudes of a novel, there would be no ne
cessity for an engagement. Iftbere was always
a stern father who interfered exaotly when a
passion bad been formed, If the parted couple
were being continually thrown togetner Dy tne
most astonishing colnoidenoes, and if the sndden
wealth and dignity of the hero ultimately brought
every one round, there would have been plenty
of love-making, and the sooner the parson waa
applied to the better, nut in real uie tnings
are tamer. v If an Immediate marriage la im
possible. It Is generally a choice between total
separation and an engagementi and If tbe lovers
adopt the latter course, tney gain more oy it
than they would bave gained by being married
immediately that Is, if they bave any taste
for tbe poetical and any feelings to express. If
not. the sooner they get to paying taxes and
ordering dinner, the leas will their course in life
be rlflledJEnjlu yapr. -
Matrimony in France.
, A married Frenchwoman Is In every respect
the equal of her husband; he la not her lord and
master, but ber iriend. "oion ami," ia no ti
tle by which She addresses him. Tbe law may
reanlre her to love him, to honor Mm by virtu
out conduct, bnt not to obey blm. He bas,indeed,
a oertain superiority in tne management 01 meir
common interests, out ner rignts are none tne
more effaced for that; id certain eaaea ber con
currence Is Indispensable, arid she has a dellb
rate voice with an absolute vto.r She remains
the mistress ef her whole fortune, by making a
reservation respecting her personal property.
Tbebusband and wiie are two partners wno
club their capital for mutual advantage, but who
keep it dlatinot In tbeir aooounts, to. facilitate
anv partial or complete dissolution. She can make
her will, and leave ber nusDtna wimout a sou 01
hers: If she die Intestate, her property In some
cases slips completely through bis fingers. ' She
mutt will It to blm tor blm to be sale ana sore
The nrofita arising from the industry of the
husband and wife, and tbe savings they may be
able to put oy, lorm a common stoca, to tne
half of1 which the wife is- entitled;: "The law
clones such confidence In her, that, in tbe event
cf bee widowhood, she by right Is the guardian
nt her children. . Between nrotners ana sister
th vlts a perfect raualltt as to the right
nt Inheritance from their father and mother ' If
tha narantaar roelioed to disturb tbls equality
a to favor A third person to tbe prejudice of
their ehlldrtok the law fixes limits to the power
rif henaeothlnt?.
A frenchman .oannot put ou
.rnrin mn. ttt rlaiiohter with 0 hllllni. nor
oaa he Impovertan bis negieoiwa lamuy py ov-itaugni
Ids' largo m to obaiUabUlnstltmtlon. ;-. ! '
aifi wan ,'.".. r. EtAeiMi u c. E
Remarkable Statements About the British Nobility.
[From the Liverpool Lercury.]
If, as Lord Manners sings, laws and learn
ing, trade and commerce are matters of secon
dary importance compared with the preserva
tion of "onr old nobility," we mutt seek some
other ground for preference than tbe antiquity
of that Institution, at all events aa represented
in the present House Of Peers. It may be that
the noble lords when tbey, ventured, last year
to usurp taxing powers In defiance of tbe minis
ters of the crown and of the representatives of
the people did so under soma vague Idea that,
as descendants in some sort or oiuer 01 ine oar
ons who came over with the Conquerv and af
terwards wrnng Msgsa Cbarta from King
John, they had a right to make tbeir will law,
and over ride alike the theory of the British
constitution and Its praottoe for ages. Nothing
can be more unfounded than such a pretext for
tbeir usurnation. John-a-Nokea and Richard
Styles are Just as much akin to those same dom
ineering barona ae any memoer vi me present
House of Peers: ' As regards the great majority
of its members, "our old nobility" is mere
muthroom arittocrtey. It consists of 440 mem
ben), of whom 410 are temporal and 30 spiritual
peers, Of tbe former there Is only one whose
patent of nobility dates so far back as tbe eight
years of tbe reign of Henry III.
Of the 410 temporal peerages, 381 have been
created within the last 300 years; of these, 182
date within the present century, 88 between 1760
and 1800,75 between 16C0and 1760, 36 between
15G0 and 1660,14 between 1460 and 1560, 7 be
tween 1360 and 1460, 8 between 1360 and 1360,
and not cne further back. Tbe Saxon, Danish and
Norman nobility, and also the barons of Runny
mede, are therefore without a representative in
the British House of Peers. Of the tcholt Howe
there are thirlv-one numbere the nobilitu of whote
familiet is antr three hundred year Handing
The following Is a list of them, with tbe dates 01
their patents, as given in "Dodd's Parliament
ary Companion,''. from which we have compiled
tbese particulars:
Creauon, A. v. . Temp.
Baron de Bo 1SR4 Henry III.
Baron Hatting 1389 Xdwatd I.
Baron Audley 1297
Baron Clinton... vivi.
Baron Deere. 137.
...Edward II.
.'.'."Blcha'rd II.
...Henry YI.
Baron Willoughby d'Ereiby.1313
Baron Camoya 13-3
Earl of Crawford 1398
Baron Baltoun 1440. ....
Earl of Shrawibary.. 1448
Baron Gray 1415
Baron Bay and Sele 1447
Baron Btourton 1448.....
Baron Baltoun .....145U.....
Earl of Xrroll.,.. 1453
Baron Bernera... 1455
Earl of Morton 1458
Earl of Derby 1485
Baron Willoughby de Broke.
Earl of Xglinton 1507
Baron Conyera 1509
Baron Eluhinitone 1509
Henry VII.
.Henry Till.
Baron Vaux of Barrowden.. 1523
Baron Wentwortb 1529
Earl of Uuntly 1529
D.rnn T.nwaf 1UD
Duke of Somerset..
Earl ot Pembroke. .
Earl of Devon,
Baron Bt. John
...155d Eliaabelb.
Earl of Moray
The peers, as a body, cannot, therefore, plume
themselves on their antiquity, or safely presume
to take liberties with, tbe prerogatives of tbe
crown and tbe rights or tbe people, on tbe
strength cf what waa done by tbeir ancestors.
Foreign Commerce of New York.
Tbe foreign imports at New Totk for April
are about four trillions less than for the previoua
month of March; aa compared with the cor
responding period of I860, there is a decrease
of two millions; but In comparison with 1859,
tbe difference is more marked, tbe falling off
oeing nearly eight millions. . Ihe journal af
Commerce ajs: 1
Entries for warehousing have been- about the
same as in April of last year; but the entries ot
tree goooa enow a gain or one million, and tbe
reoeipts of specie an . Increase of nearly two
millions. , Setting aside tbe imports of specie,
tbe remaining imports since January 1st are
about twenty-two million dollars less than for
the corresponding four months of last year.
me receipts lor customs during April were
smaller than for any month since January 1st,
wnue tne toiat lor tne ten montnaoitne present
fiscal year falls far below that of either of the
previoua two years. ;
it is worthy of remark that tbe total cf coin
and bullion on band In tbe banks and sub-treasury
of New York on tbe 1st Instant was larger
than ever held in that city before on the first
day of any month since New York was settled.
The movement for distribution in April reached
$3,391,580, while the foreign exports of specie
to all ports were $540,327 less than the foreign
Imports for the same period, thus leaving the
$2,851,253 of California gold in the country,
and adding" to it half a million more. .
Turning now to tne exports,' we may remark
that we bare reached a period when the ship,
merits bave been heavy during each of the last
two years; but the total for the last month (ex
clusive of specie) shows a large gain even upon
these figures, the increase being nearly two and
a half million dollars, as 00m pared with the
corresponding month of last year. 'The ship
ments or nroauca since January lag hava been
nearly twice as large as for tbe same period of
last year, and more than twice as large as for
me same period or idoj.
Saving for Old Age.
No one denies that It is wise to make a pro vi
sion for old age, bnl we are not all agreed as to
tbe kins, ot provision 11 is best to lay in.' Car'
talnly we ahall want a little money 1 for a desti
tute old man Is a sorry tight Yes, save money
oy an means, uut an 01a man needs lust that par
ticular kind of strength Which men are most apt
to waste. Many a holiday be spends an amount
of nervous energy which he will feel tbe want
of till he is seventy; and then, now much he will
want It I II Is curious, but true, that a bottle
of champagne at twenty may intensify tbe
rheumatism of three-score. L It is a fact, that
overtasking the eyes at fourteen may necessitate
tbe aid or apectaoies at forty, instead ot eighty.
We advise onr young readers to be saving of
health for tbeir old age, for the maxim bolda
good with regard to health as to money; waste
not, want not; it m tne greatest mistake to
suppose that any violation of the laws ef health
can eseape its penalty, n ature forgives no sin,
no error. She lets off the offender for fifty
years sometimes, aut sue catenae mm at last,
and Inflict the psnUhmenl. just when, (net
where, Just how he- feels it moat. Save op for
old age, but save mere than moaey ; save health,
save bonor, save knowledge, aave the reooUce-
tlon Lof good deeds 'and' innocent pleasures,
save pure thoughts', save friends, save love.
Save rich stores 01 that kind 01 weaitn widen
time cannot diminish, ner death take away. 0
' l -H ' I . 1 ! il 1 1
How tS Tam Cars of raa Hah, As to men.
we say, wben the hair' begins to fall out, the
best plan Is to have it out abort, give it a good
brushing witn moderately sttn orusn,- wnue
the hair IS drvi tnen wastr 11 weii witn -warm
nan suds: then "rub Into the scalp, about the
roots of the half,' a little) bay rum,' brandy or
camphor water. Do these things twice a month:
the brushing or tne scaip may oe prontaoty none
twiea a week. Lamp tne natr wttn water every
tlm the toilet 1s made. '. Nothing ever made ia
better for the hair than pure aoit water, it tbe
scalp Is kept clean in the way we nave aanea.
Tbe use of oils, or pomatums, or grease of any
kind, ta ruinous to the hair 01 man or woman.
Wv consider It a filthy praotioelmost universal
thrniffh It be. for' it gathers dust and : dirt, and
nil whatever 'ft touches. - Nothing bnt pure
soft water should ever be allowed on the beads
of Children. ' It is a different praetioe that robs
our women bf their ' moat beautiful ornament
long before their prime; the hair of onr daugh
ters should be kept within two tnobet until
their twelfth year. T's Journal of HtaUk.
: .-y-L 1 1.1 r an 1 " n 11 o . .':
it so ner ucutvin, " ,Vi-..
"rw oharmlnj.fc "" i --'? A f -rth -
-'Li Bements. they say have power to charm.
Eve probably learned tho art la bee famoas
Intervlow Witn tne serpens in ne : garden, nm
Ueuo ' :2 lo
A Military Family.
Among the most startling Illustrations of tbe
war spirit roused in tbe Worth, is tbe military
unanimity of the well kuown Ohio family of
wbicb Judge Daniel AlcCook la tbe bead. ; Tbe
Judge is sixty-five years old, but served never
theless in Jim Lane's Frontier Guard, while tbe
oapital was deemed in danger. lie has eight
sons, of whom seven are living, one having
died In tbe United States service In 1841. Of
tbe living tbe eldest, L. A., is a Surgeon in one
of tbe Illinois . regiments. Tbe next waa a
Lieutenant Colonel in tbe Mexican war, and la
now Brigadier General commanding tbe Ohio
troops in Pennsvlvanis. The third, Robert L
is a Colonel of an Obio regiment. Tbe fourth,
A. Mo. L., is first Lieutenant in tbe army, and
bas been eleoted Colonel of another Obio re
giment Tbe fifth, Daniel, commands the only
uniformed company in Leavenworth, Kansas,
and Is now here to tender bis and their services
during the war. The sixth, E. 8 , is a Captain
in one of the Illinois regiments. ' Tbe seventh ,
C. Mo , a youth of seventeen, has volunteered
as a private, and Is now in service in Pennsyl
vania. Vl a branoh of the same iamlly, Dr.
J. McCook, brother of Judgo MoCook, bas a
son, E. M., lately appointed an officer in tbe
army. Another is a midshipman in the fleet off
rensacoia, and another bag tendered bis ser
vices as chaplain of an Ohio regiment. WeiA
ingtpneor. N-Y. Herald.
Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
The Greatest Remedy In Tbe
ly a oienttBo and
vegetable Compound,
procured by the d Init
iation of Boot. Herb
and Bark, Yellow
Dock, Blood Boot,
Banaparilla, W 1 1 d
Cherry Bark and Dan
delion enters Into It
oumpuauion, aue en- . ,, . .
Before Takln&" active remedial AucriiiKinf.
principle et each Ingredient I thoroughly extracted by
my new method of diiUlling. producing' dellcirui, ex
hilarating aplrit, and the moet INFALLIBLE remedy for
renovating the dlieaaed yitem, and restoring '.he eick.
tnffering and debilitated INVALID to HEALTH and
DIAL Will effectually rare
Chronic or Nervosa Debility, Dlaeaoesof the Kidney:
and all dleee arliing from a disordered l.iver or ftom,
eon, Dytpepiia, Heartburn, Inward Pile, Acidity or 8lok
neee of the Stomach, f ullnea of Blood to the He J, Doll
pain or iwlmmtng In the head. Palp-iatlon of the Heart
fullnea or Weight tn the Stomach, Bour EructaUon
Choking or suffocating feeling when lying down, Drrnea
or Yellownecaof the Skin and Eyee. Night Sweat, Ia
ward f even. Pain In the email of the back, eheit or ilde.
Sodden F luahee of Heat, Deprenlon of Spirit, frightful
Dream, Languor, Despondency or any NervooeDiaea
Boree or Bio tehee on the Bkin, and fever and Acne (or
Chill and fever.)
Over a million of atonies
Have been told daring the I ait tlx month, and in no In
stance ha It failed In giving entire eMIifaotion. Who,
then, will euffer from Weakaeee or Debility when Mc
No language can convey an adequate Idea of the imme
diate and almoet mtraculoua change produced by taking
thl Cordial in the dlaeeeed, debilitated and (battered
nervoue eyetem, whether broken down by exceee, weak by
nature, or Impaired by eickneea, the relaxed and unatrong
organ taauon la reatorea to it prutin neaitn ana vigor.
Or other oonselone of Inability, from whatever ennae,
will find McLean Strengthening Cordial a theroorh
regenerator or tne eyatem; aad all wno may am injure
Iheaaeelves by improper indulgence, will And In the Cor
a oertain and (peedy remedy. , . . 1 ;
T tn) LadJea. -
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
It a o Te reign and ipeedy core for
Obet rooted crDlrBcult Menstruation, Incontinence of
urine or Involuntary Dlacbarge thereor, railing or tbe
Womb, dlddlnen, fainting and all Placates Incidne t
female. ' - .. .i-r.-s .'.O
There is no Mistake About it. "
Buffer no longer. Take It according to Direction. ' It
wlllitlmulate, atrengthen and invigorate you and eaoat
tae Dioom 01 neoitn to mount your cneex again.
very bottle ia warranted to give atialacuon.
m:A t TOB CHILDREN, .- u)'r
' If roar children are tickly, pony, or afflicted, MeLean
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robuit. Del)
not a moment, try it, and you will be convinced-
Oaotiom. Beware of DruggttU or Dealer who mai
try to palm Upon yon eome Bitter or Banaparilla traah,
which tliey can boy cheap, by eaytni It I Juat a good.
Avoid uch man. Ak tor McLean' Strengthening Cor.
dial, and take nothing else. It la the only remedy that
will purify the Mood thoroughly and at the asm time
ttrengthen the ayatem.' 1 - 3.-... :.' :' :u
One tableapoonini taken every morning atuig, 1
oertain prevenUve of Cholera, Chill and fever, Yellow
f ever. or any prevalent diieaac. It 1 pat op In large
bottles. t
Price only 81 per pottle, or a cottier tor s.
- j. h. Mclean,
Bole Proprietor ot thi Cordial,
Alio McLean a Volcanic Oil Liniment .
Principal Depot on the corner of Third and Pine itreeta,
Bt, Loola, Mo.
. . McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
The bet Liniment la the World. The only af and
certain ear for Caneen, Piles, Bwolllng and Bron
chllia, or Goitre, Paralytl, Nearalgkt, Weaknee of the
olea. Onronto or Inflammatory Jtneumatiim, BluT-
m of the lolnts. contracted Moacle or Ligament.
larache or Toothache, Bruleee, Sprain, Wound, f reoh
Outs, TJlcera, fever Bores, Oaked Broaebj Sore Nipplee,
Burn, aoauia, nor xnoat, or any innammauon or
no difference
hare existed
ronoe noweevere, or no long in aueaaei
the dlaeaaemay
tutted. McLean t Celebrated Liniment Is a era
tain remedy.
Thouaand of human being have been laved a lift ot
deorepltod and mtttry by Ui aee 01 Uut invaluable med
tins. , H .
I'I'K ft'!" 1
will nllava neln almoet RMtanUneoutly. aad It wll
clean M, purify and heal the fonleet lorei In an Incredl
ly abort urn. , '
Far Hereee and Other Animals. ;
McLean a celebrated Liniment I the only fe and re
liable remedy for the core of Spavin, King Bone, Wind
niia. Rnllnta. Unnatural Bomse. Node or Bwellinea. It
will never fall to eon Big Head, Poll Evil, f iitula, Old
running Bora or Sweeny, It properly applied, for
a.nini. Bralaee. Scratches. Boree or Wound. Cracked
eel, Chafe, saddle oruoiiar uaiutt a aa inrainoi
remedy. Apply It a directed, and a ear I certain In
every Instance. 1
rhn trifla ne lancer with the many worth leee Ltal-
geenta offered to you. Obtain a eupply of Dr. McLean's
otlebratod Liniment, itwiuooreyon. ...
- J, ! nacsjuai bois rropnaur, ,
Corner of Third and Ptne Streets, Bt. Louis, If t.
-.1 .11 Amaoiala. - ' I
forealeby ROBERTS A SAMUELf '
ea n&auaui: --
Columboa, Obtcv
X7rilllna A. Olll
' ;: C01.CBIBIJ8, dni6;':" sv;
v": V. And weed Store, ' V ;
i-; I .i!u ?sAtn p rtC , !.
4: NAILb, OLA8B, BASH,' fTJTTY, CORDAQl, 1 j '
esinas Platola, Wood wlliaw way.
, ether and Bobber Belting, laoe Leather, Hoe and
king. .'''' oos-aiy
ladiet" linen' Pccket-Handk'fi. -
kerchlefe, very wide heme. ' -i
Embroidered Linen Handk all price. j "
h Hemmed Btllohed and plata do, -to. 1 9U1
fi de do - 1., eoloredborder. i
. . Monrolnf do , . blackborder ix
.... .. .. i..,n . ..... . . . . 1
OO ao Dw wj9Kumamuvoum 1
Pino Armltdo "'' newpattoro. 1 i v r;ii.i !
tliua Plain aad TLiauaed BUtched do all Brioe.
Comprising the. meat eleot assortment in the city aad
at loweet price., , . . ' ? os
, - .... w- 0
O SHAWLS 1 1 In all detliakleeolor, doe at vary
great bargain. - ' ; : -,-.i . . B A1N a .BUN,
Jit Street Batqnee and Mant-l alto, Kicb Trhnmta.
5d TTls tomatoh, a - '- .'. o M
axtrat- r..-....,r " en a -1' 5 i,
in -xvoji'Iu vJu it! iii a 1ui!jt j won am' ...
, ,1.1 , .
A compound remedy, designed to be the most
effectual AUtrativ that can be made. , It ia
a - concentrated extract of Fara Soradporilla,'
so -combined with Other substances of still
greater alterative power as to nfford an- effect
live antidote for the diseases Barsupartlla is,
reputed to cure. It is believed that such a
remedy ia wanted by those who suffer from'
Strumous complaints, and that one -which will J
accompusn ineir cure must prove of, immense,
service to this large class of our afflicted fellowi
citizens. How completely this compound will
do it has been proven by experiment on many
of the worst cases to be found of the following
complaints: ' ' " "
' ScnoFULA and Scrofulous Complaints,
Eruptions and Eruptive Disbabes, Ulcbrs,
Pimples, Blotches, Tumors, Salt Rheum,
Scald Head,. Syphilis and Syphilitic Ar
pections, MercuihalDisbasb, DiiorsT, Neu
ralgia on Tia Douloureux, Debility, Dys
pepsia and Indigestion, Erysipelas, Rosb
or St. Anthony's Fine, and indeed the whole
class of complaints arising from Impurity op
tub Blood. , .)..
This compound will be found a great pro
moter of health, when taken in the spring, to
expel the foul humors which fester in the
blood at that season of the year. By the time
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders
are nipped in the bud. Multitudes can, by
the aid of this remedy, spare themselves from
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sores, through which the system will strive to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do
this through the natural channels of the body
by an alterative medicine.. Clcanso out the
vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities
bursting through the skin in pimples, eruptions,
or sores cleanse it when yon find it is ob
structed and sluggish in the veins ; cleanse ft
whenever it is foul, and your feelings will tell
you when. Even where no particular disorder
is felt, people enjoy better health, and live
longer, for cleansing the Mood. Keep the
blood healthy, and all is well ; but with this
Eabulum of life disordered, there can be no
is ting health. Sooner or later something
must go wrong, and the great machinery of
Life is disordered or overthrown. . . . . ,
Sarsaparilla has, and deserves much,, the
reputation of accomplishing these ends. But
the world has been egregiously deceived by
preparations of it, partly because the drug
alone has not all the virtue that is claimed
for it, but more because many preparations,
pretending to be concentrated extracts of it,
contain but little of the virtue of Sarsaparilla,
or any thing else. '. r , ....
During late years the public have been mis
led by large bottles, pretending to give a quart
of Extract of Sarsaparilla for one dollar. Most
of these have' been frauds upon the sick, for
they not only contain little, if any, Sarsapa
rilla, but often no curative properties whatev
er. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment
has followed the use of the various extracts of
Sarsaparilla which flood the market, until the
name itself is justly despised, and has become
synonymous with imposition and cheat. : Still
we call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend
to supply such a remedy as shall rescue the
name from the load of obloquy which rests
upon it. And we think we have ground for
believing it has virtues which are irresistible
by tho ordinary run of the diseases it is intend
ed to cure. In order to secure their complete
eradication from the system, the remedy should
be judiciously taken according to directions on
the bottle. . '"- ' '
rnEPARED BY- -:' ! ? '. ..J
DR. J. C. AYER'Ac CO. '
LOWELL, MASS. ' '. '
Price, $1 per Bottle 1 Six Bottles for $9.
Ayer's CheiTy:PeVtoralf
has won for itself such at rraown for the euro- of
every variety of Ihroat and Lung Complaint, that
it ii entirely -unnecessary for u to. recount the
evidence of its virtues, wherever it has been em
ployed. As it has long been in constant use
throughout tliis section, we need not do more than
assure the peoplo its quality is kept up to the best
it ever has been, and that it may be relied on to
do for their relief all it has ever been found to do.
'Ayer's Cathartic Pills,'
' TOB THE CURS Of ' '(TS'.-v 1-Costivenesi,-
Jaundice, Dyspcptia, ' Indtgttlion,
Dytentery, Foul Stomach, Erytipeleu, Ueadacht,
Piles, Rheumntitm, Eruptions and SJein ZHttasei,
Liver Complaint, Divpsi, Teller, Tutnort W'
Salt Ilhettm, JKbrmj, . Ootif, neuralgia, as e?
Dinner PiU, and for Ptirifyinn tho Blood, s t.
They are sugar-coated, so that the most sensi
tive can take thorn pleasantly, and they are the
best aperient in the worlAIbr all the purposes of a
family physic. - ;- r : n
Price 25 cents por BoxVjivo boxes for $1.00.
Great numbers of Clergymen, Physicians, States
men, and eminent personages, nave lent their,
names to certify the unparalleled usefulness of these
remedies, but our space here will not permit the
insertion of them. The Agents below named fun
nish gratis our American Almanac in which they
are given ; with also full descriptions of the above
complaints, and the treatment that should Vc Al
lowed for their cure. . ,', ,'" -J. -'IJ
Do not be put oft by unprincipled dealers' With
other preparations tney make more pttifit oif.
Demand Ayer's, and take no other. Ike tick
want the best aid there it for them, and they should
have it. '- ' ' limiy .r
All our remedies are for sale by ; hxz .i.tt i ,J
f ROBERTS A SAMTJUt.' Oorumbu. '
And bv Druggist and Dealers everywhere. . "'- -"'
aovv:iyd,lwaw - - . . i : Oi.-.-' .s ? 1 i
tj , - ! ) DO YOU WANT A.-MStACHE?
, . .... ,:j ,c, t;.s S'.ji
,.!it'i;-j lj.lfl
i-- Por thehUkeM 'tTftir',
. The inbscrlber take pleator tn' anwmneln; btb
Oltiaen ol tb United BUtee, that they bsve obtained Ue
Ageney for, and are new enabled tooffeg to to Aaaeriean
pobUo, the above Justly eeltbraUd tuj Wjjld-ienowped
aruoie.. -aoo a , ,rfl .a-,.--1 rj mo: si.ra
u .r h. Tia. O. P. BELLINOBAtf . aa
physician of Leaden, and 4 wan anted to bring out a
inicaoeior .. .i,,,.i.,. ij
. y . . ..... 1 1 . , . . .. , . 1 h
mi ThtA ariHtW la tha only ant
of the kind used by ttfieneb,and (London and faMej
lll.l.a.l..H.lnU. .. J I
eompoand.aotlng aa If by aaagi apea Jbi eaalr
it Is a bcautliui, eonnomroai, w,w,iuB, JV"
aeeaainoi growuiae iusnn " -r-"
ecalp,lt wlUcure aAinaas, andeausa to iprlng S1
Hlaaa af that Ita Irs Snnlfl fa nnts Irunlll UI new - amv
oiled aoeordlng to dlreetroa, ft will ton am ar rtw
natr naal, and reetora fray hat to It eil.lnal Color,
leaving iteoft, emoota, ana nexioie. ine "vnu""' -
Indispensable article In every gentlemaiPs toilet, kn
alter oae week's uie they wouldnottornyocmltlno
HhnHllt.-1 ,..-1 W ,lll K.U'tflt ,' kstm. I
w "''.- ., .. . . . - r .,' ,L
The ubeorlbeee ore to only gnl jor we ,iw
United Btatea, to wham all orders auet be addraed.
Prlrallna Dallar a box for eale by all' Dtwxlst and
Dealers; or a box of the "Ongoeat'" wareaated tot ve
the deeired eileot) -will be lent to any who deiira 114 v.
mall (direct), ssenrely packed, on receipt of prioa jaaa
postage, oi-io. ,. jippiiBjM-otturc.. . 1 a
a f. j 1?' .'- :noMCav Lr,iiv-a avyu
. a-kaodftwem tV li'S William IUet.W
' "i1' ' " f" ' 1 'I " !''"" " ' U hua !
-r.-.,v bTtlBENRY KOEHLV.K,' u,
(iato of Tnaloo's'lttobllebment,1 T.,1 ArWlr.re
.h. Vnrk Wuhlooable BbaTtog, Balr CUm
a, n..iift.nrf B,alaeoloon, East State
T r7a?!. riS. Off-. U.faotlon. WlU
-vaa aven in all the vmw arao..
W'KVtm ion,
, an to ww ---
jTTM.m.a Bail 1,3 . T
1 .i.t .v ......... ..i. hi c n
- .'nrf. "U. tilt (1111911
" To 1 -
..-in, w -' ".'uiwuiui .'i.. i;- .w
.'i.fti 'i .7a u i,t.)un
iiis;f 1
.m if, I "i
io o.roi yd oCilitihi
17! A TI'IU LiTtvll('"w
V.tt I f
j 1
leree and well aaanrted'Wia 11 1 lalia oaUaana r -
from AMKMOaN, BNQLlSHendf RANCH faetorlee. .
': '' (Gold arid yelyet7 Borders;" " ,a
.'."'J . , '-- - " aw.i f-i vat
splendid; : decorations,1
.i.-ni) ' '- -. "owoi?s
1 -tn lu
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Gold . and , Parted Shades,
Ii it -utd: ,0'iit'J
window.. ;comjices:,?;1
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window mxfwi&Mny
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IOQ Soutb nisiaat.
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N. B. landlord and peraona wlehing foaotlUaa of el
Paper will toak money by baying . at, Ctnmttr r,
Merchaat and penons from abroad will do well to call
and see 01. . faprll ldZmeodl R. AA.
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Spring 1 &
Surnmer . MilHnery.
The Stock Replenished
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j Ii now complDl, cosap rtatog every . variety el afJllls-A
sry; alo,UrgaaorUMat of lUibroideriet, Beet7r
and Notions, Ac, and In quan title and price thateao
" w an wno may mvor o with t sail.' Tie
food have tjeen bought at Panic price, and wlU be told
at a email advance on coat. ... t
.. l-J ...3 1 ?-ill..-J. .U V-i v-.c,
MILLIHEJlYoii'-ij.n -,.
Hit. M. E. YOTJNO, late of New York City.J
will nperlnte'nd the Mltllnery Department. SeVlonay
experience In lit meet FaahloaabWi Batablletseeat tat
Broadway will aloa be a warranty tbsa ah Fill koabto
to giv entire aalltfacUon la saaUir ol Uatc. k ail wka
may favor her with their orders,, .,,.', , "
The Ladies of Oolnmbu and vWnfty "wmpleta. ae-''
eept my slncsre thank for their flbera! pktrenag, tma
t-wouia respeetrauy toHcita eeatlnoaaewef the i
Vial arfj
es East Ttwa St.
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., ,.wiainaaas, o.
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WhottsaledRetail; Depot ;f or
lVcf. 106 tSouth ; Hich Street
,.u w L;., u t ia ,noi l o e.,is(j e, sw ait
'"""' ' DEALER TN l
a.' 1 Ajy i-jg g vjdtT.i
-s!Jt.rni.a eo bin ij .oiiiia!i,ii 3 .i urnB
:T! PUy, ,, lwal , af. '
For theiJrJiiLl .audi. Winter Irado
t THE a?TJBL,IOSr pead faMoe aad pekia-
ttji, and being DETRIHIBfjJ. to .OMWfT
teeattnaanes of aama by, strict, StteatiFA f
trad even d prompt, aellvery af Gaaeta,
I would call tbf ttOtlCO of the pnbUd to Cat fact faei
Uvlnk A-tttsra an wn BaMeMoXaKataKaa
hand, and being ln'daily reoelpt at aerroaatk tijfor
M markets, I Jatta'r rnyailf ffiat X ea 61 r to Ik altW
aes of Colunibus, or "to any who may han to porta,
an aiiqrtment of article appertaining' to 6e0ROCsIRT
trk,'tmBOAI.E0 by any kogaiu aba. Hty. -Tra..pctaslaUio(
tb good offered,, Jt fr.
amtwa- trtTa,MB,UafacUax. .
aioWtSTorlj ".sa A hC n alQDONALl.
pis .asO hat
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AH Sara ",.:n; ,; l.;.i 11.1 Arsow. Root. a . .. '
tl leiaUeoFloew f,j,j odi cotoh0t kieal
it.t Orooke Wkeat ,i, t4:Cbocolato ,tJ
1 R-ejaoo e,i i i,,). tlH .eiroma, eta. ,rl,9iw
jt t Oreom TrtoB ol h .jSoda, ,,w ,w ,
nr .irtw 751J re i,w -.ii "" -: -n.lt i,w
bna BHedlaM UaUln 11. -fresh ToiwatcW,, " J
V. nreoaaoa. - ... , , 8ree, Cora ,,.'..,
rmn vtvan a rmni w JAaiWi.
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no Jtin l, Atonnaa. Fi mawta. reooa norj,,',;, KJ
laJ W!?SriSAaa.
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1 I. in
A Military Family. Notice,
A Military Family. Notice, CITY BANK OF COLUMBUS.
ferkJ'ohwfc,. 1
rfnE FOLP-OWirvO ciiane Mtrmm
made In the the officers of tble Bank, Jaaoary kutk.
wa.ai. rbATTvrranaacitf ana i
Mooaow Cashier, resiirned their
ned their ouioe. Dv ia T.Vfcoo,
freeldentairf WliX. iStA-rrp.
Esq.. was rhe (looted I
fcb S, IBtil-alT,
"Wi arfLAIT, Oeahlat.
ill In '
INE WITS -TIOTORIrllFS and CUV! s w era
'71 t.ftl-TiL. emm.ajH3HVr.IH I'-'il PTBf'-A.
all . n at van, low snoe. i ail - '
sa as boa ntm U S sIJco s eta HnfotI )o

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