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A Plea for Loyal Men in the South.
It U onesjf 4iloTluW misfortunes taeU
dent to m attempt to put down (ninrreatlon or
tebeilloa bf taee of ujnv.-to a r
u.i. It ennfbands the Innocent with tbo gallty
Tbe hemeae Irisi yx!bi,fciU Is stertbat
ulsetv t4'fWilUf WtM.houl4 esoape
Muot b obMmlwitb very scrupulous exsot
im 111 WU ar. J "7 bi b
the OvvmmM ani -u sffioers to restrain and'
Halt tbo tladliertmlokt destruction of posertj
ad tbo wBotesale eiMgWet of hums bain..
Those) who art found hi arms against tbo oV
emmeto', as well m thop wlwplot w hatch trea
i. l must ba dsalt It as rebels and
traitor. y; fpf ..beta o, sympathy should
shown. asMPt that t
; whioh humentty dletatea as
proper to bo otoudd U tbo, worst of crjmfnalr.
All othar crimes, ummkb pstmuea owuaaa tj
Indirectly endanger tba peace and safety of so
alatv. rlmnrl1v affect individuals. Bat treaaon
alms a bW dlroctlr al tba foundation of society
tad (ftrernment, anifls, therefore, tbo greatest
of crimes.
lotho prcieniperH wbloh baa1 overtaken oar
Ualoo, tbaro ara doubtless rebels and traitors,
both la tbo North and ite South. Bat tbo great
balk of ara to bo found is tha Soutnern
lute,h1oti bat b0QiabaflaU oftheii aa
tire operations. Tbsy arc mora ouonerous io
too Oalf aad Cottid States, and eeome lew
ad leu aa wo adr'ano" northward. In the
border slava Ststee, with a Utile well timed aa
aUUnoa front, tba Faderal Government, the
UoUoBon mil ba able taofclaii and keep the
perstaoetit ascendency. ..,.. , . .
The Vuiad km la all the Southern State ara
eo tilled to he apoaUl protection of tho Gorarn
aaat and the regard of all' loyal dtizena. 'A
"Reign of Terror" la particular looaliUea may
ooapal thaa fur time to be qniaacent. Bat
lot tbia) be a'amred of protection for their per
sona and property ;and they will rally by thou
anda and tens of thooaaada to tho support of
oar eoanon tg, with aa much seal and alac
rity aa thejr Bore fayored brethren at the North
They aco that their intereata are aa much as
oorrldentined with, 'aad Inseparable from the
prenrratlon of the yoioa. . k ;-
If the Gorernmeiit tboald lend a hosllle army
lata the Sowthera 8 la tea to rcco?or poaaofaion
of the federal property that baa beea arjoatly
ee'xed'aad to dliperae the rebelllona combina
tions agaioat Ita authority, erery patriotic man
oaanot badealro to aee each oxpeditiona to con
ducted aa not only .to prerent any anneeeoaary
daet ruction of prirate "property or an aeodleaa
aacrince of human lit; hat alao to afford all
tho protection poaalblo to erery eltlsen who is
not known to be in arma agalnat the Gorern
aentoreooaplruigfbrlnioterthrow. Especial'
ly ahoald otery man in the ?outh, wbo la known
to bo loya to the Constitution, be encouraged
I take fira sUnd againat tns oaorpers.
Tho diaooaitida to condemn all tho people of
any soctioa or any Btato Indiscriminately as
rebels had traltora; cihbot be too sotorely
itni. ThersJs room to doubt tho sincerity
that aaa who is bpatorons for tho protertatioa
tbo Uaioa, and, at tho fame time, wonld'conalgn
to wholeaaio deatraction tbo whole Southern peo
Bli The rplrit of political rancor tad seefiba
al hau abooM fled ao plaea U this eoatroewrsy,
f traitors meet with their just deeertsj bat
leihe Innocent and loyal b aared.
tdThe oorreapondeneo betweea" Gor. A
sasw, of MassacbosettSj and Gen.'SoTLiB, to be
Road elsewhere la oar columns, la relation to
tho proffer of the Utter to Oei Hicxs, o( Mary
Undr et 4b Maaaachoaett tsoopa noier his
oomaaad, to pat. down . ramored slaro iosur-
reeoswaoar Annapolis, will ttraot the atteo
tloef tho leaders of tbo Butmmmm. . v i
' Oar. Airpttw U a polidolaa of the lrreptes
lblo school, and .hence1 he did not relUh toe
oooafuct of aMsseacbuaetts General on.lt.fQ
oaaioa rat erred to,s tha eama was .repotted Ja
the telegraphic news of the dayr
Tbe reply of Gen j Botus will . be' approred
by the great mate ol bur peopleand' we should
Jadgo-U Is satlataatory to tha Administration,
aiaeo the report a thaC th General Is quite a
tavorito wrltli tho GoTorament, both clril sad
alUtaryt,aMnttn.YThers cw bono
doabl that (he couSact ot GaoTBortia.'on the
pJeoaarOB rafered W, had a most aalotary ffct
aung the people of Maryland, and rallied many
to th Uion 'standard, who, if thariews of
' Gansat 4 Co. , as to the objects of the war, bad
attained fall poMsesioa iof their Binds, would
hart become disaffected and joiaed the secession
party e' -
war to bo carried
oi apoa Upplasris; b)- cerUla so far aa Gen
Bonn is oorMernedrtbat bo will be compelled
teheaxf lbs' Masaacnoa troops hlmaelf; and
rthlSlaeee is no probability hli EioeJUncy .wlH
ere do. Ha would prefer, no doubt, as his op
erations, the soil of M'assachaseta, and content
taiaasUlsiitb fulr4otiii doctrine; and dogmas
nad aseoMeaal caaraetsr tbwaffsrdiag aid and
t&ii fort ttfths'Soath CafoKaa toonsplraUfa. That
ntileeft hilf business daring ths protracted
,ffftUa4 JMntroveray' betajcen ib North and
tha 8ooh,fef any rears, and hejisa, It seems,
i NswTCork Timet eadaot bS U6tn
r lled to tbo movements of tho .Government".
They are too 'tsdy for thai staunch epubli
'jurnal. We doubt whether aay of Its edi
torial corps are loathe" 'wsTr TUrsroirp, of the
7ttMihcfda.rcftlsrft Bear
Jlot..hiUlks about 'Old Ass," the Cabinet;
aad Gsn. 8oom P n .V " "
"IttmwmesabTOTnWjbecsssary to aek, la view of
ne nsvrw raoie, woonwr we mil s H imsiseell wketh
; or tbe rmldsoteBdhleolvIl aDdsglltUry drisevsexn
Cthend tbs rsI state of ths eiMol sad whether tba
eo 'he nerve to bees e ths rpl of tf fre etstea.
who here in threw weeks snhwrtM tS),SSO,0U0T or
, Whether the rw peP ara ahead of the powers that
ara here, aid will as to rlee la bhetr sle sod spsnk
With thwnder tonrs that this war mnt be prompt, vigor,
one mat SKgrnilre. Sines all laseb-libs ewctie nod pa-
SewxIeitTnuntiloBe are. and bars been, shsewa aaa.
use nsits Wo-o Kmm"" ' t
TTha Demotrali p? h 13ih togrecdoDaJ
: . DUtrlct, by tbdv Orsrwotiast which met oa the
.r.lS&Woat, nominated ' Gsn. Wsi. JJcLaobsI
Tot, of ShIandrwnrty, at 4hd eandiJate for
Coagrcas. Tho "aomuiatlon was unanlmoui.
Oe TTjavowuh is bow ta the service of the
F Opuntry,' as a Captain' ct one of the iwmpanles,
,a tosvfltat.Jlenth OMd vaneefil,'-belnf
.jir-.tths first raise hie ostpeay and appear
-v al iwoitiabus. la mpoipss to ttie call for troops.
lie should.be unaalmonsly elected.-1 ' ,., .
T-;..vr. .ttjs w 'w e ' .. ',."1 l. e
Tba Deaooraay-of JfuLsea ionnij hold
JSjit?-' 'yprtnisry elecoci oa.ftb'Cth IsyJastih
'. to tht. first'sowement la thi.Etatt jtM
paratory to tht fall tlootlon. Tha Democracy
of Holmes srs a nobis Mt of an and ts true as
teals the will girt good account of themselves
f.t. .
,.TTlis Ohio Btata' Jour f I cannot conceal it i
disunion send mcnts, which wsrs so' boldly put
iorth on tho 27th of March last. The great !
outburst in faror of ourTlsg, which followed
the bombardment of Fort Sumter by the South.
em rebels, caused that paper tohuzaa for the
Union as lustily as though it were an ardent
toterof our institutions. - But arerjbody who
bad watched Its course knew that Ita orofenlons
of loyalty were Ipslncere. la ae8,( ,n.w"
Jetirasl of yesterday morning, on tue war sud-
iecl, ws find tbs following paragraphat ' '
It Ux aoTsrsmsnt and tha rebels taenia cd w
tsras of ssMrttioa ta onliSelr ' eonttosMior 'thinis
woald so ss btfors. Id the North, we sbonM sdvuo in
tntslUgtoo. vsslth, tnS ths snjojoient ol perftot frte
iom. In lbs South. Umjt woald sootlnus to UpM Into
huterlm and midmhImi. ' We do not tbtnk that ths Hs
pabllou Ions or lOTsrnmsnt will so onsngea in
Mtlont tot ths Etpabltou form of (oTerBment Is mois
rfcforabM thftB sor other to the Moawj oi
rtyk j A despot with ths power to oppress deipots, sud
to prooUIn freedom to their sieves when it shell pleus
nun.lswSM inesovtMroei ao bos went eua win
f If this wsr, howerer, should resott In ths perosneot
..H.l . k. IT.I. .V.. trlnmnh fif l)eBO
erstta ideee would ke the men perfect, both in the Nor jb.
in ik. KAntti e-k. hijiMMi .nnnilf of alkTerT woum
dleoppmr by detrrees, and we should be s freer PPle
then before, aonoreneons In inttlintione, en nailed In
alleriaoes to a eUenf bat not deipotto goTernmsnt.
The elements of polliieal life wonld be sweetened and
prlssd,aodwoaht no lonfrer oorruptonr social rela
tions. We should not hare two standards ot moralUj
onefot prtrate sod eoe for public osv ' i ,t
All true hearted Union men hare rejected
from their Tocabnlary the '11" which the 'Jour
aaf still employs. The old Jacaaon toast, in the
days of South Carolina nullification, is now ac
cepted by all loyal men, and that ls" Tht Unwn
ii eneuf and tkall bt 9TltTttd.'u But tbo
Jim nw 2, whose professions oi lore for the Con
stitation and ths Union, In which it has been ao
Uriah for the lest month, arc Insincere and by
pocritlcal. and bene it atlll puts 10 its locrltanio
"i.n That paper is aa anxious for a dissolution
of the Union as Jarr. Dans' Congress at Moct
gomery. :, ' :
Senator Douglas' Health.
Tho news Irom Chicago In relation to the
health of Senator Doughs will cause anxiety
and profound, sorrow In every portion oi tho
country. It is to bo hoped that the fears ex
pressed, that he may cot recover from the ma
Hgnant attack of ferer, under which be Is now
nroatrate. mar not be well founded. The loss
of such a man at any time would be a public ca
laaityt bat at this juncture of onr country's
trials, Senator Dooolas occupies a position of
momentous Importance to the natiop at large
May bis malady soon be removed, and his life
spared.'; ' '; : .-
Circular of the Adjutant General.
The following is a copy of the circular sent
to accepted companies, which have not been
placed In the regiments already formed ;
Columbus, O., May 15, 1861.
Sis: The Preaident ot tbe United States re
quires of Ohio nine regiments, to serve for three
years, unless sooner discharged.
1 Be nuancT oi rrgimeuts ui lumuirj la uuv
yetdeaignated. . Tour company having tendered
services I or vnree monua, win, upon receipt oi
this order, report whether they extend that offer
to the above term of service. In such case tbey
will forward, by flat mall, a new roll, for which
a blank is enclosed, with tbo certificate of tbe
Captain, that it is for tbs three years' term.
Upon bearing from all tbe compmies tender
ing for three years, an order will bs published
designating the companies accepted. Tbe regi
ments will be organized and officered in pursu
ance of the requisition ol the President. '
. Comnaniea not alraadv attached to any reel-
isnt. and docl'inine to accept the three veua'
service, wilt disband Immediately, as no more
companies for three months' service will be ao-
oepM ay tae uorernmenc.. .
t Failure to makC prompt report will be deemed
a declination, and ths organization will proceed
ooordingiy. .- ...,,
' isrAKTsr to ss oaeAinisD as rotxows: . s
Each rcelmsnt wilt consist of ten companies,
aad each company will be organised as follower -
1 "' Jfiiwsjast, y . . Miximun..
1 Capuln. ,; 1 Captain.' ' '
1 First Lieutenant.' ' ''-1 First Lieutenant.
1 Second Lieutenant. ' 1 8eeood Lieutenant
1 First Sergeant
4 Sergeants, r
8 Corporals. .
5 Musicians.
1 Wasoner.
I First Serreant.. .
" . 4 Sergeants.
r 8 Corporals.
9 Musicians.'
, 1 VVsgocer. . ,
82 PrivAtes. ., . , '
M Privates.
101 Aggregate- "
88 Aggregate.
The U. S. Arsenal at St. Louis.
A cltlssn ot St. Louis that describes the
Federal Arsenal at that city, now pocupled by
the government troops-Hregulart and rolun-
tterst -i-y.,-'rr? il"
' "Out arsenal ts bv loos: odds the Ian-eat and
nnest In the United States, and surpasses other
public depositories ot arms as far as fortress
Monroe excels all other fortified posts. Its
walls are tea feet high and threee feet thick, of
meeeira limestone, and enclose thlrtv-eigbt or
forty scree of beautifully sloping land, extend
ing from Carondelet avenue to the Mississippi.
In grass and trees, aad nicely arranged patha
and walks, it equals any gentleman's park I
bars ever seen. .The foundries and store
bouses, soldiers' barracks, hospital and prison
bouse, powder masatine, dragoon stables, and
offices' dwellings, with their handsome yards
ana gsraena,maKo up a periect vuiage in use.
These buildings are of elegant architectural do
signs and proportions, and even the sentry boxes
are constructed in a tasteiul am ornamental
Banner." .J '!.:),'; r.!J A t. Tftt.v? no
. ."Tbe grounds are drained by sewers running
to tbe river, aad abound in wells of clear, pure
water, a no wnote arsenai.property is worm to
tbe government, at the least, calculation, tbree
Billions of dollars, and it la now in such a com
niete state of defence that all the secessionist's
in Missouri could, not take it, .and would not
dare attack it; 1 At nearly ill available balnts
eartborir.i tare oeea t brown up, and are mount
ed witb columbiads and mortars. A hnge new
building, just onteide of the main gate ,on Car
oadelet arenas, it occupied- by two companies
of regulars, wbo have constructed a etroog
art&wora, top pea witn sana osgp, and mounted
witn TOTBUMPie pteoes or ordoanoe, , ytner sit
rated positions, some of them a quarter of a
Bile from ina arsenal, are occupied by volun
teers as out posts, and, it need be, will be en.
treacttsdsad.mounted wstn ctaaoa.y ,
COLUMBUS, O., May 17, 1861.
The following extract from General Order
NO. Id, fwoed from rhe Was Uepartmenc. under
data of May 4th, 1861, efiers a bounty ot On
Hunirtd Doilf to tboee wbo eollst, nnder said
order, for tit period bf three years, If tbe war
shall last so long. ''Evtrf wUntetr, H-com
tetssiswesf. tfliter. oriaas. awrieiaa. mni trRAcer.
SMS swler tht HrtUt mt mt VnUat blmitt under
Uis , thall it paid al tkt rttt M 50 gems, mnd
tf m saawsry fiuntttr, 25 etntt additional, in hru
if frtyt,fr ewsry fwen miitt tftrtud torn kit
see tf wasterMs ditlanet to bt
mmtwtd by tht ihtttott asaslly IraVeUtd truit
ta sMew Aoaorsci ditehtrgfd, aa slloieanes at
'Seistas rttt frees ht riser tf kit dutkanm ta hit
itmt, aad in APPlTTtW THMrTO,' TBS SDM Of ONI
"'"'- '
Adj't General.
' bun o Chaslm ' LtwtCbsrles Lsrer
toe eeieDraieo nova lie t, died at Bpenia In the
latter part bf April. He was a native) of Dublin,
and Was educated in Paris as a physicist. He
was the author of toae twenty five volumes
Mr. Lever bad lived at Florenca moat nt tii
rims since IMS, ' -:r '-... . JL - .J'.-f
. " - .;
RjwiOWATtow OT RosScst Trtsa Mrv Tele.
foe many years' Prothonotsry of tht Supreme
Court of Pennsvlrania, bat reshtotd bis o(P.o:
Tbt Sapreae Court bat appointed 3. Roas
Snowden to fill tbt vacancy. Mr. Tyler bat
loft Phlladolnhla. If a la tho ann of lha ITnn
John Tyler, Ex-Preildent of tht United States.
Circular to the Solders of Ohio.
COLUMBUS, May 17, 1861.
SeUiers tf Oiu7 In the war for the defeat
or tne national constitution ana toe national ex-
isteaoe, the President bawdeemed it neessary
to organise an army which shall bare t'eresten
permanence and acquire a more thorough mil
iary eduoatlon than tne three months or your
enlistment could glre,- i :('x ;. '
Tbe entbusiastlo patriotism witb wbion you
responded to the first call made upon you, bas
led the country to expeot of you an eagerness to
serve in tbe defense ol constitutional govern
ment for the term of tbre years, unless the
war ebali be sooner brought to a aucceesiui let
ai nations What ia your answer? I
You burs alreadr ' tried- tha severest labor
and hardship of camp life. , You came, most if
yon, in tbe aidat of storms, were forced by cirS
oamstancsa to make your own abetter, ana nave
bravely endured tbe privations consequent upon
a hurrisd and necessarily imperfect organisation
of the army.,. Tbe patienoe and courage with
which you have met tbeae difficulties and trials,
hare filled your countrymen with admiration
lor your nobie spirit, -.tie sssured your nerpic
sacrifices will sever be forgotten, j .
iney are now looking on with Bcxtnty. to see
whether that, patriotism and oouraee are ex
hausted, or whether, with tha true nobility of
the patriot soldier, you sre able todepiee all
hardship and danger in tbe cause of freedom
and Law against Treatou and Keballlou. ,
I bare no doubt ot your determination, i rue
Ohioast and true soldiers as you have already
proven yourselves, your hearts will respond,
"We will not lay down onr arms, till treason
and rebellion are subdued."
Tbe General Government, mindful of the
comfort ot ita citizen soldiery, bus been strain
ing erery nerve to provide thoroughly for all tbe
wants. of tbe army. Arrangemeuts are perfect
ed for the immediate and complete uniforming
and equipment of tbe troops, tbe moat service
able and improved weapooa will speedily be put
in tbeir bands; tbe subsistence, department will
be most carelully and systematically adminis
tered. Ererytbiug that skill, experience, and
iodelatigable labor can do to make an army ef
flclent and powerful is being done Beside
this, the Government, with solicitous cire,
makes provUiun lor the families of those wbo
may fall or be disabled in the Nation's cause
It offers a bounty of one hundred dollars ta all
wbo may enlist, payable at the close of tbe ser
vice, or to the soldier's family if he should not
survive. The system of bounty lands is also a
permanent one, and thus that ssxiety which
might otherwise dampen tbe ardor of men wbo
have others dependent upon them, is removed.
By a liberal system of organisation, promotion
la open to all, and Honor and Glory go hand in
hand with Duty and Patriotic Devotion! '
To you, then, wbo were first to respond to tbe
call of the country, la elven tbe first opportuni
ty to enroll youreelvci in tbe gloriout lUt of
those who are to Carry the fhg of tbe Union
thttugh this strife, and win the imperUbable
nonor or being tne successful deienders and sup
porters of tbe covernment which our patriot
f there thongbt vbesply established at tbe'toet
or a seven years war. 1 be s tmc Uod ot battles
who brought them safe through that struggle
will lavor our effort to preserve tne sacred in
stitutions so long fostered by II, scare
Upon the reading; of this Order, an onportuni
ty will be given by tbe Captains of tbe different
companies for all wbo choose to enlist as voiuu
teers for three years, unless tbe war shall toon-
er end. The country anxiously awaits your an
Terrible Times in Ward Township!—Exodus of
Oa IsstSundar week, a preacher named
Spears, of the Free "Wesleyan denomination,
whilst preaching; to a promiscuous ooogrezatiou
of whites and blacks in Ward Township, in this
county, was taken from tbe pulpit and ejected
irom tne bouse, w e nave been unable to learn
the provocation, but understand that It was on
account of tbe Incendiary doctrine and encour
agement to the blacks to arm themselves for
emergencies. Oa Saturday last quite a crowd
of cltisens of Green and Ward Townships con
vened for tbe purpose of consulting ss to tbe
policy to be pursued relative to tbe state ot al
faira existing in tbat neighborhood, at which,
we understand , it was resolved to inform Mr.
Spears tbat if be again attempted to preach
that place be would be summarily dealt with.
Tbe crowd then repaired to tbe bouse of Joshua
Lett, a negro,' who bad living wilh him a white'
woman, named Pumphrey, of bad character,
both of whom were tarred and feathered. J '
On Sunday tbe crowd repaired to the scene
excitement, and bsving heard tbat Thomas Ma
bray and Abraham Gross (colored) bad made
use of expressions which the citizens die not rel
ish very well, i they were also treated with
garment of tar and feathers. n
On Monday tbe crowd repaired to tbe Norman
settlement, and without committing much dep
redation, gave several negro families notice
leave within tlx months. ' '
Tbest srt tht facts as far as we hart heard,
and which we give as we received thom,witbout
reaching for tbeir correctness. It is rumored
that tbe negroes, wbo art more numerous
tbest two townships than in all tha balance
tbt county, bare been arming themselves and
making many and serious threats, but the ne
groes deny all that is charged against tbem.
Hocking (0 ) Sentinel, 16i. ...,.,:
The Great Eastern in a Storm.
A Ptaeoeer on board durine tha lata trio
New York writesi .
"All Monday, tht Bth of Mar. tht Great
Eastern was driving sgalust one of tbe sharp
est gales of the boisterous season on the North
Atlantic. Iht wind blew nearly a hurricane
rcr quite tony-eignt noura. , Laucbt by tbt tre
mendona stress irom the east and south, .the
snip took to tne trooeb of. the sea. Tbe oraeh
of crockery and all moveable tbtnea otartlsd
tbe timid. Jo tbe tremendous roll of tho sbip
(sn nerer pitcnea; tbe inconvenience cr ber
ponderous rigging became evident. Two gafts
oroks irom tbeir euysand swung fearfully tree,
-endangering tbe funnels; and when, after long
and bard exertion, tbey were scoured, a boai-
swain'smate bore testimony by a broken leg
tne severity ot tne struggle. - T
"All through tbe hurricane,-while the waters
were hisslcs; np her side, bslf overturning her
boats on their davits-, snd dashing forty far np
Into her yards, the leriatban fas moving stead
ily at tbe rate of ten knots an hour. 'Twice
thrice the vessel was put off her worse by
couple of points, to make faat tbe upper Weils',
Then the real greatness of tbe Great Eislern
appeared. "With bar bead tor the wind, she
stood perfectly firm and composed. Her motion
was sgsia easy. There woe no shock.no strain.
ine labor was witb tbe sea, and It waa to rain.
And there waa no fault to find with the move
ment of ber engines. . That was perfect. "The
distance performed in this day of "weather,"
not Ino'odlof miles traveled ont of -course, wss
sua kaoa'. ,s -,., . ' T : " '
Fsom PctrsecoLA We loara iadirecti'r trom
t gentlemen from rsnsKcota niat there, are
now about ten thousand troop r in a hiuh state
of discipline in camp at Warrington. The
Georgia Regiment are said to be at the head of
the list in drill and efficiency.' Tbe camp Is stat
ed to beat unrivalled acbool fur the soldier In
tbe srt and toils of war ' Everything Is reduc
ed to peifect order snd discipline. Nothing , of
course, wss knew n about the time and mode of
attacRupon riexsns. ; l ot lapresstod; existed
tnat it was oear at band, and bombardment atid
cannonade would be tried to begin wirb,
Against the first it was thought' tbe garrison
was completely protected by sand works witbin
tha fork. Tbe second, also, might bo t fl'ectuel to
make a breach, and. there tben remained tbe
ooly recourse of an assault. All this, however,
wu camp gossip fljaroa Ua ; clrore?.! .
-v-n ii .
, . , ;
Tax EstLtnt FotTomcc.The estimate of
tbe expenses' of the po.toffice for tht current
year it a slangs Contrast to such so estimate
thirtv rears sioow.- Tbs convevence of malls
by railways In i8Gt will' cost 643,400, while
aaat ;wweuc, vi wuicu our latorrs were SO
proud. net a rote (which is decliblcsr. cverv
year; r wi.. une nnnarea sea ninety
ttnee sorters and clerks art required-. for tbs
trtsHng postofBce.T The mere appararut for
txcpscrring bug on tbe rail wars causes an sut
lay of neurit 3 000 a year, and ihe supplv and
repair pfuirrjrrrs stjore 1 1.eOOr-The sound
see allowed fpr'tbe' sals of postnrelsMs'.kt tbs
pustofflce, is described ss exccedp,'l,tK)0 t
year. Tht letter carriers, sorters aod messen-
gers now constitute a littlt army of abort elev
en thousand msa, and tbeir year's pay exceeds
5St,000. acls Ptptt.
Interesting Correspondence—Repressing
COUNCIL CHAMBER, Boston, April 25.
j GiNttAi. : I havt received through ,MJor
Ames a' dispatch transmitted 'from Perryrille,
detailing the proceedings at Annapolis from the
time Of vour arrival off that port until the heat
when Major AaesJeft you to return to Philadel
phia. I wish to repeal tbe arsarauoe of my entire
satisfaction with tbe action you have taken, with
a single exception. If 1 rightly understood tne
teiegraphio dispatch, I think your action in ten
dering to Governor Hicks tbe assistance of our
Massachusetts troops to ' suppress a threatened
servile insurrection smong lbs hostile people of
Maryland, wse. unnecessary. 1 nope toai tue
fuller dispatches,: which are on their way from
you, may. show reasons why I should modify
bit opinion.: I think that the matter of ser
vile tueurreotion among a community in arms
against tbe Federal I'nion, Il no longer to be
reearded bv our troorja in a political, but
solely in a military point of risw, and Is to be
contemplated as one .of tbe .inherent , weak
nesses of , the enemy,! from the disastrous op
eration of which we are under no obiigatiuns of
a militarr chaswater to susrd them, In order
tht tbey may be enabled to improve the seourl
tm ahili itn. . ... . .ITAmI mn mm tn nrneo-
cute with more enersv their traitorous atttck
upon the Federal. Government and Capital. Tbe
mode in which such outbreaks are to be consid
ered should depend entirely upon tbe loyalty or
dieloyaltv of the oommuuitv in which they oc
cur, and in the vicinity of Annapolis I, can on
this : occasion, nerceivn no reason of military
pollov why a foroe summoned to tbe defense of
tne federal uoveroment. attbis moment ot an
others, should be offered lo be diverted fiom Its
Immediate duty, to help rebels,, wbostandlwltn
srms in tbeir bands obstrusting lis progress to
ward the city of Washington. I entertain no
doubt tbat whenever we shall have an opportunl
tv to interchange our views nersonallv on this
subject,, we shall arrive at entire concordance ot
opinion.' -
To Brigadier Gcqoral Butli.
To Hit Excellency Jukn A. And fete, Governor
knd Ctmnunider xn-Vhlef. - 1 '
Sir: I bave delayed replying to your excel
lency's dispntih of the 25th April in my other
diepitcbes, because, as it Involved only dieap
probation or an act done, coucnea in tne Kina-
est larjeuace, I supposed the interest of tbe
country could not suffer from tbe delay i snd In
cessant labor up to the present moment bas pre
vented my girlDg lull consideration toj tne
topta Temporary illness, wbich forbids bodily
activity, gives me cow a moment's pause. -Ihe
telegraph, wilh more than usual accu
racy, bad iTgbtly Informed your excellency that
1 bad oDered tue services ot tne Massachusetts
troops, under my command, to aid tbs author!
ties of Maryland In suppressing; a threatened
slave Insurrection. Fortunately for us, all the
rumor of such sn outbreak waa without substan
tlal foundation. Assuming, as your excellency
does, In yonr dispatch; tbat carrying on military
operations In sn enemy's country, when a war
a t'enfranee was to bs waged, my set might be s
matter or discossion. - And in tbat view, acting
in tbe light of the Baltimore fnorderors and the
apparently hostile position of Maryland, your
excellency might, without mature reflection,
have come to tbe conclusion of disapprobation
expressed in your dispatch. But the facts, es
pecially as now aided by tbeir results, will en
tirely justify my act, and reinstate me In your
excellency's good opinion. "
irue. i lanced on tne sou or maryiana
against the formal protest of Its Governor
and of tbe corporate authorities of Annapo
lis, but without any armed opposition on
tbeir part: and expecting; opposition : only
from insurgents assembled in riotous con
tempt of the laws ot this State. Before, by
letter, and at tbe time of landing, by personal
Interview, I bad Informed Got. Hicks tbat
soldiers of the' Union, under mr command
were armed only against, tbe Insurgents snd
disturbers of tbe peace of Maryland and of
i tbe (Jolted States.' I received from Governor
Hicks assurances of the loyalty of tbe State
to . the Union assurances which subsequent
events bave fully justified. Tbe Mayor ol
Annapolis also informed me that .'tbe city
authorities would, io no wise oppose me, but
tbat :l was Jn great danger from tbe exolted
and riotous mobs of Baltimore pouring down
Upon . me," and In great numbers beyond the
control of bis police. I assured both the Gov
ernor and the Mayor that I bad so fear of a
Baltimore or any otber mob, and that, supported
by the authorities of the State and city, I should
repress all hostile demonstrations sg&ltst the
laws or Maryland and tbe United btates, and
tbat 1 would protect myself and ths city of An
napolis from any disorderly persons whatsoever.
On tbe moral nz following mr landlur. I was In.
formed that tbe city of Annapolis snd environs
were in danger from au insurrection of ' tbe
clave population, in defiance of tbe laws of the
Sate , What was I to dot I had promised to
put down a white mob sod to preserve and en
force tbe Uws'agaiust tbat. Ought I to allow
a black one any preference in a breach of tbe
lawsT' l understood that I was armed against
all infractions oi tne laws, wbetbsr by white or
black, sno upon mat understanding 1 acted, cer
tainly with promptness and efficacy. And your
excellency's snaaow oi disapprobation, arising
from a misunderstanding of the facta has, caused
all tbe regret l nave Tor tbat action. The ques
tion seemed to me to be neither military nor po
liticai ana was not to be so treated. . It was
simply a question of good faith snd honesty of
purpose, i ne Denign effect oi my course wss in
Btsuuy aeeu. ' i oe gooa out umia people oi An
napolis, wbo bsd fled from their bouses at our
approach, immediately returned: business re
sumed Its accustomed channels; oulet and order
prevailed In tbe dtyi confidence took the place
or distrust, friendship , of comity, brotherly
kindness of sectional hate, and I belleve.to day,
there is no city in tbe Union more loyal than
tbe city of Annapolis. , 1 , think, thereiore, 1
may solely point to tbe results for mriustifica-
tion ., Ths rote of (be neighboring oounty of
re aniogtoo,a lew aajsstnoe, lor its delegate to
tbe Legislature, wherein 4,000 out of 5 000
votes were thrown for a delegate favorable to
his vuiuu, siuus toe many nappy irutis oi
firmness of purpose, efficiency of action, aod in
tegrity of mission. ' l. betters, indeed, tbat it
will not require a personal interchange ot riews,
a wuggmeu m your enpetcu, to bring our
minds iu accordance , a simple statement ol
facts will suffloe.. . . , ...
. But I am lo sot hereafter, it may be, in an
enemy's country, among a seirile population,
wbeu the questloa may arise, at it baa not yet
arisen, as well in a moral and Christian, as lu a
political and military point of view,, What
shall I then , dot ., jrVlll your Excellency bear
with me a moment while ibis qusajiou is dis
eased. ,! ,rl, "f , .,( f
I appreciate fully your Excellency's sugges
tion as to tbe Inherent -wtskosea of, tbe reb
els, arising from : the preponderance of their
ssrvlla- population., Tba question, then, l,
in what manner shall wei toks advantaeo i.f
What weakness? i By allowing, and ot course,
ktuiiuk. tuae pupuutioo, i Mi rise upon tne , ue
fenBslcte women and ehlldrsa of the country,
carrying repine arson and murder all the
horrors of Ban Domingo, a million ttmfl.1
.'magnified,., among, those whom we hope to
uolie wltk as as brethren, many of whom arc
already sa, and all wbo are worth preserving,
Will, be,iwben - this- bortjbJe madoeas' shall
have passed awsy or be threshed out of tbcmt
Would ,yoor Excellency , adriee the troops
under my command to make war In person upon
the (defenseless women snd .children of sny
part of tbe Uulon.aooomnssled with brutalities
too horrible so be named t Yon trill say, "God
furbidrf . It ws may not do so in per ann, shall
ws arm others so to do, over whom we can hv
no festralnv siercise no control, and who, when
ones tuey nave tasted niooa, may turn tbe tery
arms we put In tbeir bands against ourselves, as
parvoi insppprassjOKWOlieraceT Thsreail.
log oi history ,so familiar toyourexcellency,wiJI
tell ton the bitterest csuseof complaint whlnh
our fathers bad against Great Britain in tbe war
oi ine revolution, wss ws .armies; by the Br li
mb ministry of the red man with tbe tomahawk
and tbe seafptog keifs against the. women aod
ehlldrsa otx.tbe oolociles,:o .that tbe phrase.
'May we not use all the,, means wbloh God
and nature have put la our power to sutju-
ffttte -the Colonise?1' .has . nauad Into a l..A
t 1 lnfstni , sgalnst tba leader of, that ministry
wno assu it in rariiamspk, HliaH hlwry, tesch
er in-yalot 1 Could weiustllr ounce! vea to m.
selvest Although with srms in cui. bands sfnld
ihe savage wilduess ot csmp and field, we
may hare blunted many of tbe finer moral sen-
stmuues, m tetung loose four millions of worst
than savages upon the homes snd hearths of
the Boutb, can we pe jusuuea to tua .aruusa
oommuaity of Massachusetts? .Would such a
oourse be consonant with the tcscblngs of our
holy religion? I bars a very decided opinion
upon tbe snbject, and If any one desires, as. I
know your excellency aoes not, tnis uuuappy
contest to be proseoutcd In tbat manner, some
Instrument ether than myeelf must be found to
carry It on. I may not dlsouss the polltioal
bearings of tbls topic.. When I went from un
der tbe shadow of my roof tree, I left all poli
ties behind me, to be resumed onlv warn erery
part of the Union Is loyal to the flag, and the
potency of tbe government through tbe ballot-
box is estaonsnea.
Passlne tbe moral and Christian view, let ns
examine the subject ss a military question, Is
not that State alreadv subjugated wbloh requires
tbt bayonets of those armed in opposition to lit
rulers, to preserve li irom toe norroroi a semi.
warT As the least experienced of military
men, I would have no doubt ot tne entire sup
ino-etlon of a State brouK9tt that condition,
W hen.tneretore-uciesa i am oener auviBeu.-nu j
community in the United States who have met
me in honorable warefare, or even lu tbe prose
rntlon of a rellcloos war in an honorable man
ner, shall oall upon me for protection against
the nameless horrors of a servile insurrection,
they shall have It; and from the moment that
call la obeved. I bare no doubt we shall be
friends and not enemloa. t i
' The possibilities that dishonorable means of
defense are to be taken by the rebels, against
tbs Government, I do cot cow contemplate. If,
aa bas been done In a single instanoe, my men
are to be attacked by poison, or, ss in another,
Stricken down by tbe assassin's knife, and thus
murdered, the community using suon weapons
mav be reaulred to be tauebt tbat It holds witn
in Its own border a more potent means for
deadly purposes and indiscriminate slaughter
than any wbich it ctn administer to as. ,
Trusting tbat these views may meet your
Excellency's approval, I bave the bonor to be.
obedient servant,
Aw Indian Was in Michioan. A private
letter from a eeotleman residing In Brideebamp
too, Sanilac county, dated tbe 6th ln;i., states
that considerable exoitement prevailed in tnai
vicinity, on account of tbe sssembllng of a largs
number of Indians (about 160) near there, who
were threatening an attack upon tbe settlers,
declaring tbat "the country belonged to them,
and they meant to have it again." The set
tlers were engaged in casting ' bullets,, anu
making preparations lor defense. Can it be
that we are on the eve of an Indian war In
Michigan t There ara several thousand Indians
remaining in ths State, and such a prospect
would be any thing but agreeable. We think it
more probable, however, that tbls is a local dif
ficulty, growing out of land occupancy, which
mutual explanation will arrange Detroit Tri
bune. .
Stampib Lkttir Shuts The Postmaster
General, cats tbe U. S. Mail, has ordered the
preparation of sheets oi letter paper, cut, gu m m
ed and embossed witn tbe tnree cent postage
stamp combining in one both a letter sheet
and envelope. Also, similar sheets, note size,
to be peeked In such manner as may be neces
sary to Insure the transmission of the sheets by
mail. 1 his will be a capital safeguard against
the carelessness of correspondents who sre prone
to omit placing postage stamps on tbeir letters.
It will also be lust the thins; to obviate legal
difficulty, which sometimes arises lo Identiryin g
tbe date of ao enclosure with tbat of tbe official
Elxvsn BaoTHias in One Coupant. The
Iodianapolis Journal of Monday, says: Mr
Bttes, of Pendleton, the old aenileman of nine
ty two years of age, whom we noticed tbe otber
day as having voluoteered in Captain Vande-
venter's company, Irom Madison county, is said
to bave eleven eons in. that company. lie bas
certainly done his duty in furnishing bis quota
of volunteers.- .
' Hollo-way's Pills and Oiotmsnt.
; Film ano Fistulas. Consolation for the Af
flicted eulferera from tneee terrible penalties
of sbused nature, will find speedy relief by
few applications of this popular ointment. .
steady perseverance iu its use, will, with tbeaid
of tbe rills, effect a radical cure witbout re
course to ligaluTu or other barbarous operations
wnrthy the dark sges of Science. Tbe Pills ars
a most valuable specific for indigestion aod by
tbeir aperient notion on tne Dowels, tbey exter
mioete ths primary cause of piles, Ao. Sold by
all Druggists at 25c., C3o. and $1 per .box or
pOt. - . . i -.-, I
(.1 .
A Pom, Hkalthv Tonic, and one free from
tbe deleterious aad injurious effects sure to fol
low tboss in ordinary use, has long been felt to
be a desiderata ji In the medical world. Snob
tonlo, and one eo skillfully combined from tbe
vegetable kingdom as to set In periect accor
dance with the laws of nature, aod thus soothe
tbe weakest stomach, and at tbe ssme time al
lay nervous and other irritations, and tone up
ail tne organs ot wnicu toe numsn Dooy is oom
posed, is offered In Prof. Wood's Restorativs
Cordial and Blood Kenovtor. Hence it is per
fectly adapted to old andyoong. , Reader, try It.
inousanos bars already done so, and tbe testi
mony is universal in its favor Jxtto Xor
Atlat.. ;.. .,
Da. Bsllinoham's Onocsnt.- Tbe American
agency of this universally famous article for
stimulating the growth of beard, whiskers, or
scalp hair, is now confided exclusively to the
highly respectable firm of Messrs. Horace L.
liegeman k Co , of New York, thus giving the
American purchaser a double guarantee of its
usual recommendatory merits. Tbe announce
ment of tbe New York agency Is a welcome
feature in our advertising columns-
Goon We met one ot our friends yesterday
on Broadway, and were astonished at the change
in nis appearance, a lew weexa ago we saw
him, be was Dale, lean and deteotcdt complain
ing of weakness and debility, having been so
a 111 ic ted all summer. Now he appears to bs fat,
Dealttiy and strong. We learn be owed bis res
toration cntu-ely to McLean's Stsisothinino
Cordial. ., ...','
i We advise all who are'complalnlnr of Gen
eral Debility to try it: It is certainly a vers
pleassct remedy. We learn that there are laree
quantities of, it; selling daily. Morning Herald
ETDoctor Lsxano's Anti-Rheumatic Band
the only known remedy fur Rheumatism, Gout
od ,0euraigia, and tne pernicious eDects ot
Mercury) and it is with tbe greatest satisfaction,
as io lu merits, tbat we call tbe attention of our
readers to tbe advertisement in another column
of our paper of the. Anti-Rhcumatio Band.
SAkiArASiLLA.-rThis troploalroot has a repu
tation wide as Ihe world, for curing one class of
disorders that affliot m"aflktnda reputation too
which it deserves' ft (be best antidote we pos
sess for,scrofuloas complaints; But to be brought
into use, Its virtues mutt be concentrated (and
combined ; with oilier medicines tbat increase
its. power. Some reliable compound of tbls
character Is much seeded in the community.
Read tbe Advertisement of Dr. Area's Sarsan
arllla la our columns, and w know it needs no
encomlum.from us lo (try our cUlxons confidence
In what be cffersOroia, Syrae.it, iV,' Fit'
' '."I ' -
RHtojtATiiti. To any wbo bave been afflicted
with this malady, the very readier of the above
fceidlng will call to mind thd' remembrance 'of
the most excruciating pain aod proloneed atony.
ine joints swelled, stiff and unyielding, each
turn or me Dpdy accompanied by a shock tbat
would ledum the belief that every bone In the
numan anatomy wu about to be dislocated.
From two to three bottles oi "Kennedy's Medi
cal Discovery" will cure the worst esse of Rhen-1
matism. W would refer to.the care of J. Ms
comber, Esq., t respectable citlcen of Boston,
who wai cured at ths sgs cr fifty-five ysars af
ter an Illness of a qaarter bf a eentory, ' and,' an
expense of some $5,000 paId(to .variobi Pbysi
slolans. For ths eire of humors it has do equal.
Tns Lima CiAwr-No Douglas. nor Brack.
Inrldce, nor even "Old Abe.M but Jamas Prtf'l
JDietetle. pdere&s, thai ft jts.owa depiAimelrrt
poasenes mors-svengio ana .j)utiy( tnau Jl ol
them .'" All etlsr kinds are i pigmies to it. , , Der
pot, 345 Wssblogton Btreet, New York.' Sold
by grocers everywhere.
at theOffleeef ths Oommiiearir Qeneral of Ohio un
til UONMY, May 80, lttfll, at o'olonfc P. M.. for the
following snbilsieDoe.s'ores to be (uralshed st Jackson,
JaoUoo ooODtr, Ohio. Til! ) 4 (,
eu barrslsor olear ! rsri.v . f j v , .
S 000 pounds Hard Bread. ' ' . '
71 baibels ot While Beans.
1 POO nounda Ilo Coffee.
S 600 pounds pilots M. O. Suitar.r; J "jCr'V
SOU gallons pare OMerVlneaar. - .Sri i V rl
punnde rraeeed Tallow Oandlel.
,8uO pounds of Hard Boap. i t I t r - I ( I i
BaniDleirf quired of Hard Bread. Ootte, Bot-sf, Can-
dlee and Boap.
very artiole to os of tns bait quality ana to te inspect-
mA allMrMl. . ........ .
One-half the amount to bs delivered by the 531 day of
May. 1B01, and ths balance within ten days from- that
dats. 0. P. BUCKINGHAM,
. . . fJoramMsary Qeneral of Oblo.
Prooosals mill be received st the same time for Ihe tarns
amount and klod of artiolei, to be delivered at Athens,
Onlo. in like manner aa the above.
.... 0. P. BUCKINGHAM,
" - ' Oommltsary General of Ohio.: '
Columbus, 0., stay 17, letil. td ,
. UNTIL MONDAY, aley Sutu, 1801, at 0 o'clock P.
U., at lbs Oflloe of the Oommtasary General of Ohio, for
furnlebtng tbe following Bubeidenoe (tores at Zanetrille,
Ohio, vis! i
SIS barrels Clear Meis Pork.
SO, 000 pound! Hard Bread, -,
, 9 0 bibhsls Whits Beans. , ' ,
. OOliOpoaade Bio UoBee. .' '"' ' - , "'
111,000 pouodt brown N. 0. Sugar.
1.000 (ellone para Cider Vinegar.
t.SOO pounds Freeeed Tsllow Candles.
4.000 pounds Hard 8-sp. ' - " '' ' '
Samplss required of Bread, Coffee, Bogar, Candles and
loap. ' ' : ' '
All the above srtlcles to be of the best quality, and
to be tntpeeted ss delivered.
One-fourth at the amount to be delivered by Saturday,
May 85, 1601, and one-lour th weekly until the whole is
aeuverea. . ....
tatlslaotory security must be given for ths faithful per
formance ol the contract.
Commleesry General of Ohio.
Columbus, 0., May 11, 1801. ltd
rrigi demand has been great for a reliable map, ormape
A, of uur uounuy, gtvug an
aad defenses of our army and those of the rebel. These
are accurate, aod everybody should bars one.
PRICE S5 Cents. Bent by mall oa recrtyt 0f that
sum. , .......
A liberal dlKount to Dealers.
They are J ait ths kind of documents, and most Inter
siting thtss times.., EiNDAH at A8T0S
may 17:dlw
AT menu of lbs act "To provide for leafing the Public
Work, of ths Blats." pasieo ny etn, jrvi, wibbisu
DSNNlBON, flovernor, KOBBBC W. TATLtCR, Audi
tor, and ALf RED P. 8 TONS, l'isasurerof the Diateof
Ohio, hereby give notice that they will let the rublle
works of tbe state, witn tneir appnnecaocet, aa specin-
ed ia the said set, for ths term of ten years, at febll:
Auction In the Rotunda or tbs Blats iiooie, in the eity or
Columbus, between tne boars of ten o clock A. St. sod
four o clock P. M. of ths JSih dsy nf Hay, leCl; which
said Publlo Wsrks consist of lbs Miami and Kris Cat el,
tbs Ohio Canal, lbs Walnending Canal, ths Uocklng Ca
nal, so much of the Sandy aad Braver Cacal aa Is owned
by ths Bute, ths Unekingnm Improvement, and Ibe
Western Reserve and Maames Road, and all ths side
cots, feeders, reservoirs, look houses, collectors' c Bices,
welsh locks, aod leases of surplus water conceded wilh
the asms or appertaining thereto, and owned by the Btats
for tbe purpose or being ntea in oonnrcuon merswun,
wilh the rleht to have addltHnal surplus water. 11
Bald Publlo Works will bs 1st to ths psrssn or persons
who, In consideration of ths tolls, fines, water rents and
revenues to bs dsrlved therefrom, shall bid to pay ths
highest annual rent therefor, to be paid In semi annual
Raymsnts in advanoa In each ysar during ths term of ths
sss. No Md will bs received unless Us person or per
sons maklns ths same thtll havsflrstdeposlted with the
Auditor of Suits, In money or in stocks of tbo Stale of
Ohio or of tbs United Butes.Uissum of twenty thousand
dollars, upon tbs conditions that hs or they will, on their
part, enter Into an Indenture or Mass oi sua ruoue
Works of lbs Btats of Ohio, If ths sams ahall be struck
off to his or them, and alio gtvs a bond paysble to the
State of Ohio In ths snm or two handrsd tnoaaand dol
lars, with Sts or mors samctent suretlee to the eatlefa
lion of lbs Governor, Auditor and Trea.nrer of State,
snd renewable every two years, or oflener, If the Gover
nor, Auditor and Treasarvr of State ahall mink ins
sarettee etaoy tuns Insufficient, conditioned, In proper
rorae, tnat us said lessss or muss shall perform an the
co ye nan s of said Itass sa their part lo be performed,
aod will pay all damages suOared by ths State or by In
divldoals, by reaon of his or their fellers to do so; and
Indefaaltoi saidlesereor leans rnterinclnto said In
denture sf leaes, orglHngsald bond, the deposit eo reade
ss aforesaid shall bs absolutely forfeited to and be
ooms ths property of the Btats. Mo rallrotd sompsny
oan bid, or bs interested directly or indirectly, as Is
er aselgneo. or other wlie.ef tho lease.
Ns Md of loss than twenty Ibeuasnd dollars per an
num will bs reoelieJ. Ths Usee and bond must be ex
ecu led and delivered within 4e dsns after ths Ic
ting, and ths term will date from the approval of the
bond. ,
The losses or lessees shall receive all materlale nrovl
ded or contracted for by lbs Stste.acd all boats, scows
tools. Implements, horses, mules, and other property
now belonging to and used by tbe State on said Publls
works, al tneir appraised rains, and nay therefor as pro-
A bond and lease la accordance with the not will be
prepared and bo reedy for elimination at ths office of
ins Aoaitor or State, piler to tho th inetanl, and all
oios macs snail bs deemed to bsve been msds with rex.
srsnos to sll ths provisions of said sol, and of tbo terms
ana sonaitions ol tns bond aid lease so proparcd as
- : . .,- ,i. r, W. BKNNIHOJf, Gottrnor,
' B.W.TATLIB. Auditor.
A. P. BIOSK, TVeasursr.
Coloabus, Ohio, Miy 11,1801 ; maylJ.dtd.
Staam Between Ireland and America
Thsfbllowlne new snd masnlBesnt firit-ciasa needle,
' "Mieuipe ooapoe toe SWTS una; , lt .
ADBIATIC, ' - S.BBfTtons burthen, ; Capt, J. UaobV
. (Tormsrly of the Collias tins )
HIBBRNIA, . 4,400 tons burthen. Capt. N.Taown.
OOLUMBIA, 4 410 ' H.Lkitc.
ANQLI4. 4.400 " ' KiohouoiT.
rauiriu. s otic " " I. imm.
PllINCE ALBBKr (Screw.)
. J. Wauctk,
One of the abovs shins will lesve Maw Vnrk n, noatna
aiiernaieiy every inetasy lortulght. for Oalway. earv
ryme ws government mails, ,tochin at SU Johns.
M. . ' ',:,: T, " f ( i i i
Tbs Btsamsrs of this line have been eonetructed with
the greatest cars, undsr ths supervision of ths govern
meat, nave iwiini oompsrimsnU. and ars unexcel
led fereomfort, safety and speed by any steasasrs float.
They are commanded by able and exoerienced offioere.
and every exertion will ke made to promote ths oomrort
oi puiengere. - -
Aa expsrlcnosd-Birgscn attschsd to each ship.
hates of Passage.
Vlrat-clus R. T. or Boston to Oslwsy or Liverpool tlfiO
first-class. to St -John's' r., as
iniro-cisss, ,. r . to Oalway or IIwtdooi
or any town la Inland, on a Ret iwky; - - Bo
inira-ciais psssooisrs an liberal v sudd led wilh nm.
Tieivue oi me oen quauty, cooked anq served by ths ff-
vsnts oi toe Company. tv : t
BEICRN .tickets.;;" :;' 1
Fartlss wishing to send for their friends from the"od
country can obtain tickets from any town on railway, In
miaou, or irom we principal ernes or Jiniisaa sac Beet-
lanit. mt v.ra Inm .. . t . . u ,. , , , , i
Pssssogere for New To rkV striving try the Boiton
ommere, win ne lorwaraea to Hew Jork free of charge
ror passsgs or furihsr lhrormsnon, spnly w 1 j
Wst.U.1 vtickbam;'
Al US OmrS Of IhS OomnAn. on ihm SrltK.r. , Im, a
wanat street, new rork.
Oolvtna"rOjjta, Olilo.
tnd HsnwfAetursn of Brass snd Composition bastings,
i-i auiiMHuuraas norx et an ossonpwone. . j .
Slectro ; Plating ; and vfildfiign
r fmj
Mannfactnrers tnd Wholesale Dealers In'
T T "... . i m.
,j ... I'lTertiiveit Corner of High and Gey Sts. J
COt,ltjrjty... ....r, ....,,..,61110;
A tarts (took ef VfaVksjA tstaple 4oodJ sa hAad.ti
'-.' I tVI! 'mtf VI !A I
ogaat Bibbons, la great variety at BAIN'S,
I He. IN, High street,
or Seminal feakneM, sexual Debility, Nervouineti.In
voluntary Sralulons sod Impoteooy, resnltlng from
Belf-abaie, Stex, By Robt. 3. Oulverwell, U. D. Beov.
under seal, In a plain envelope, to any addresi.pott
paid, on reoelpt of two stamps, by Dr. CIIAB. J.O .
KLtNB, 137 Dowery, New York. Post Office Bo, No
i.MC. .., . marSl:3mdfcw ,
'(; jnOFi'AT'S) lulsTB flXL.Nc '
tn all oases of eottlvsnses, dyspspsts, billlous and liver
affections, piles, rheamaUsm, ravers and agass, obeli
Sate head aches, and all general derangements of health
these Pills bave Invariably proved a certain aod speedy
remedy. A single trial will place tbs Life Fills beyond
ths reach o f competition In- the estimation of every pa-
Merit. .'. "
Dr. Moffat's Phoenix Bitters will bs found squally sf
flcadous In all cases of nervous debility, dyspepsia, hud
adis, ths steknest Incident to females In delicate health,
and every kind of weakness of ths digestive organs.
lor sals by Pr. W. B. MOFFAT, 3.15, Broadway, N. T.
and by all Druggists. ' maySS-dkwU
Tbe following il an extract from
letter written by ths Rev. J. 8. Holme, paster Ol the
Plsrrepolot-Street Baptist Church, Brooklyn, It. Y.,to
the "Journal and Heasengsr," Cincinnati, 0.,and speaks
volumes la favor of tbat world-renowned medicine, Has,
Wimuiw's Booth uto Svaer roa Ohiursk Tmniaai
"We see sn sdvertlament In yonr columns of Has
WmsLow's Soormso Svsor. Now ws never said a word
In favor of a patent medicine before In onr Ills, butwa
feel eompelled to eay to your readers tbat this is no bum
bug ws ravstsiid rr, ado imv it to ss all it
claims. It Is probably one of the moat suroessful medi
cine! of the day. beoauee it Is ons of ths beet. And thoee
of your readers who nave babies ean't do better Wan
lay in a supply." , ocnuyacw
TO Consumptive!.
The Advertiser, baring been restored to health In a few
weeks by a very simple remedy, after b n g ufferad sev
eral ysars with a severe lung affection, and that dread
disease, Consumption -Is anxious to make known to his
fellow-sufferers ths means of euro.
To all who dealra It, he will ssnd a copy of tie presorts
used (free of charge), with the directions for prspsi
Ing snd using ths urns, which they will find a scat Ot
for ComcarnoH, Asthwa. Baoncams, ate. The only
object of the advertiser In sanding the Proscription Is
benefit ths afflicted, and spread Information which he eon'
selves to bs Invaluable, andh hopes every sufferer will
try his remedy, ss It will eost them nothing, and may
prove bleeelng.
Parties wishing ths prescription will please sddress
Wllllameburgtl, "
. Kings County, Nsw fork.
1 11
' From tbe Newt orkObeerrerl '
'As all parties manufsctnrlpg Sewing Machines are
lopay Mr. Hnwsallcenso on each machine sold,
and are a so compelled to make returns to him, under
oath, as to the number sold, his books give aeorreotstabf
ment. from thle reliable source ws have obtained
following statlttlcs. Of ths machines made la the year
1859, there were sold,
i By Wheeler A Wilson 21.305
I " I. M. Singer A Co 10.96J
" Orovsr A Baker 10,)
Phowlng the ntss of Wheeler A Wilson to bs dotsVs
those of any other Company."
. Awsrdsd the highest premiums at ths
. United Stales Psirs of 18M.18M and 1BC0; ' , .-
also at ths i
Ohio Slats fairs of 1859 and 18j
sad at nearly sll the Oounty Pairs tat tbe Btata.
1 Our prices, st tbe lata reduction, art at low at
loci stfcA machine now sold, aad but a tilfie higher
the inferior two thrtai chain ttlcK mackkut,
forced npon the market. '
Lock Sncn the only o ne which cannot ba raveled .
Is Aliki oa Both Sinisof the goods, leaving no rdgt
ehatnonUs undtr.aid.
' AU machintt var anted 3 vart, and tnttrntUon
given in their uss, free of onarss.
11. CHARY.ol High St.. Oolambas, 0.
I dec3-2awd3mAwflm Plks's Opera Honse, Olneinnatf
The Celebrated Horse, Cruiser
Bogland, by JOHN B. RaRKT. will stud this
son at tns farm of Wm. H. Rsrey, Qrovsport, Oblo.
Cruiser It of the celebrated Vsnleon stock of Borland,
and was sired by old Tsntson. the winner of tho Darby
racs tn 1813. vsnison proved himself the etsntesthsrsa
of bis dsy, hsving trsveled on foot In one year, when
only three years old, nine hundred miles, and roa four
teen races, and one twelve,
Cruiser was bred by Lord Dorchester In 1852; sired
Vsnison by Partisan, by Walton, out of Parasol ty Pota
toes, son uf Helipsa. Cruiser's dam waa Red Rover,
Tramp, out of Syntaxloa, altter to Syntax, sirs of Bscs
wing, ths dam of New Mlnsisr, Iks most valuahlaHtallloa
now in England, and stands al fifty guinses l230;.
TormiHto Oruiaon
Thoroughbred mares, One Hundred Dollars. A llbsr
al arrangement will be mads wilh farmers of the neigh
borhood wishing to put common bred mares. - .
ICy Marea from a disuses will be taken oars of. '
- may 4 dAw3t
' " ' FIRST
sn satire nsw stock of Goods in my line, just purch
ased In New York at theoheapost pants raise li of which
I thall stll at the smallest profits, for Cash. My custom
srs and frltnda are resnectfully Invited toealiand exam
ine my Good, aud Pi Ices, as I am determined ts sell
ehesp or ehiapsr than any other house In ths eity; sad
ss I do my own Cutting, and superintend my own busi
ness, I feel assared.from my lung experience In busi
ness, to glvs gsosral satisfaction. Tbs finest Of work
men are employed, and all Work dons strictly to time aad
on short notice, and warranted to fit. Strangers visiting
onrclly would consult their Interest by giving me a salt
before purchasing elsewhere. f . RuSB, j
MerohaotTallor, i
mtrchOT-dly-' ,y ; Oor. Ul(h and Town sta.
Watches ! Diamond! I! Silver Ware
snd Bilver Watches, In great variety. - ' -
I am Agent for the Anssion Watcb Co,, and esa
sell these sxcellent Watches at manufacturers' ptless,
sHher Wholesale or Rslall.
Corns and choose from my beautiful' display of Dia
monds snd other rich Jewelry. Styles nsw prices low.
At t Bllr War of sUrisag quality, I can shew nsw
patients, very hsndsomo i , '.-.
Silver Plated Ware, Tea Botes, Urns, Walters, Castors,
Baskets, Pitchers. Goblets, Knives, Forks, Spoons, Ao.
Then I have a- sapply sf fins Table Cutlery, Pockat
Knives, Bason, Ae aad man Pansy Goods such
are desired for presents at snob, prices as are an Indues
msnl to tbs purchaser. WM. BLVntf,
No, 10 Bneteys Block,
mtrSl North elds Btata House square.
designs, at t,00 per 1,000. rs
at half th price charged by small dealers'
EBKAD QCARTE BS 5o. 7J BoalB High street,
mbus, Alaye, Ibfll. J.U.RIUtr.
- Bt. ,. it
GENT IE ffl H N S rCRNllUinO
GOODS. . - w o
Novelties In Neck Ties and Scarfs. . ... T , ,T . r
" "Byron and Garrots Collars. '
"V ' T - Kmbrstdsrsd Pocket pandkerclllefss
- Paris K'd" Cloves superior maks. '
iOoldett liill Shirts, vsrtous atylesi ' t- f
" Boyt'Ooldsu Utll Shirts,' do ' ' ' :fr.i.l t- if
, Driving snd Street Sloves, do " - ''
' Hemmed Pocket Handkerchiefs, various stylts.
' Hslt Hose and Under Garments,
... ,... ; I ;! it i BAItf A BON,
sprllS i t No. SO BouUi High street.
"Red, ,Ty;hHet and Blne-
SV..-U L, . SJlLKfle
'aslopsjsby., r . -r l -nw
. -i i..t..t ,.,.1 BAIBi at BON,
sprS9 J:n--t .. No. S South High street.
IIIW HOOP Blastaxs ' .a
' Hsts Just rtostveeV a ' sanr make of BOOR flKIBTI
ftnlfbs,d to a mannss fhs superior to any yet Introduced

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