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UDdcr 0MiRaon. to It fop tho very latsst paper.
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Tin EoiNBOoau' Raviaw roa Aran,, 1861.
This number of tbe Edinburgh, whloh we have
Just received from Messrs. Lionasd, Sodtt
Co,, the American publishers of tbe four Brit
isb Reviews and Blackwood's Magaslne, we may
safely pr6nonnce to havo been excelled bynone,!
If equaled by any of the foreign periodicals hat
t. r . . , ' .
bave, for some time past, fallen under our no -
The first article Is a thorough and searching
review of Dixon's, Personal History of Lord Ba
con, !a which the .writer appears, to maintain
pretty successfully bis position "that the man
who stands forth to all ages as tbe noblest
rnraiAntaf.tvA nf Rne.Talirl'a IntallAnk. la tint tli
noblest representative of her publio virtue."-
ui iya arucie on me niiDerio unanown ttepuDHCl
of Andorra, we have given a brief synopsis io I
another pirt of this paper. ' The olosios
..ii. . . .j i,i. . . . . t u.i
....u.o vu -icuiiuu ui rriuen.i
t ... . . ...
LiinooLN ana i vonsequences, win oe read wiid
Interest, on this side of the Atlantic, as exhibit-
ing ine views oi an intelligent and, to a great
extent an Impartial foreigner. Some few er
rors In the statement of facts show the band of
one not familiar with the workings of our Institu
tions, and therefore Impart a greater interest to
his general conclusions. ' The tone of the arti
cle Is eminently conservative) tbe prospect Of a
civil war In the United States Is earnestly de
preoated. ahd tho hope confldentlv exoreiaed
.L.i .1. ..... .i . ....
'. ii. ......i . ... . . . I
at e war, ii it aoes take piace, will be a short
""e. , . ,.
The celebrated "Essays 'and. Reviews" form
the subject of . a theological article,
while colnmdinir irenerallv In thaaentlmAntA at. I
pressed by .the writers of the Essays, when no-1
o d j i
derstood at Ithcse writers meant them to be, I
deems their publication In a Joint form unwise,
and rendered the separate productions liable to I
miseonstrnotlop.; ; 'J '"X' J-.,"...-The
other articles in this number are Politi
cal Diaries, Eton College, Remains of Alexis
da Tn,n1ll. AnM..... ... v
Mrs. Piozzl, The
Foisis' Ireland.
u. nr . mi r. . . I
Fables of Babsios, and
CAitr ' JiciaoN. Tuere are now 1,800 men In
Camp-one full Regiment, and parts of two
Regiments. Six additional Companies are ex
pected to arrive shortly, to make the two frac
tional Regiments complete. ;,,.- . .
Capt. WaicotT's Company, of this city, : are
reported as enlisted for three years and assign-1
ed to tbe Twentv-third Realment.
D " I
PrepsraUonS itnd examination, are being
wmu, m ,Tiew oi removing the Camp I
to soms point on tbe other side of tbe Scioto
river probably to the vioinlty of the State
Quarry. " ''- "'
Oa Saturday night, forty or fifty soldiers broke
through the guard and escaped over the fence.
Their object does not appear to have been to
desert, but to come to the city to have a jolly
time, to compeosate.in some decree, for the dull I
monotony of oamp life. A large force of armed
.., . l j, . , .. ""'"J"""1
meo was despatohed in search of the fugitives,
u jcavcruaj aihhuuuu, oeany or quiw an oi I
tbem had been captured and put under the pea I
allies of the military law in euoh case made and
provided,. Tbe punishment generally eonalsred
in dose confinement In the guard house and tbe I
performance of extra doty, though in some bard I
cases the penalty was more severe.
THl RllZLLION Ricobo This la tha Lille or!
a Dlarv of American Ermta. fiSflfl-fii'.l m-1
k..j in .. .1.1.:... ... .r ,','.,
.,..,Uu,, . Ay,.r,0, reriuea
weenrrences; uoenmcnts, JNarauves, etc, and
Poetry, Aneodotes and Inoidents. It thus forms
a most valuable repertory for Information and
reference. It Is published In weekly cambers at
10 cents a number, and In monthly parts at fifty!
cents each. The first monthly part, with a superb
steel portrait of Gen. Scott, will be ready on
toe 1:01a Inst. Address "Kebell on Record,
New York."
Fatal Accident. We learn tbat a distressing
accident occurred last evening on the river bank
new Hatpin's Factory. As tha men wer An.
tw .k..f .1.. . r vi.' ,
boy abont nlne.years of age, by the name of
jacob r ariLAND, who was playiog abort the
oars, was accidentally cangbt underone of the.-a,
when la motion, and his bead crushed, oanaing
almost instant death. Truly, a sad catastrophe.
Diath at ma Camp Hospital. We learn
that a soldier by the name of Paooctt, belong
ing to Capt. Oifr.AD's oompany, from Felicity,
Clermont county, died at the Camp Jackson
Hospital, In this city, on Saodsy evening last, of
pneumonia. His remains wera veaterdav tak.
en borne for interment.-
Co.RcioN.-On Saturday last. Cant. Wilson,
of Company A.Iwho was then stationed at Carey,
having received orders to proceed to Camp Tay.
lor, Cleveland, started for tbat place, and hav-
got to Clyde, the conduotor 00 the C. & T.
refused to carry tbem 00 his train, . Capt.
Wtlsoo immediately deolared martial law, took ,
of the engine and oars, and run them
to Cleveland on bis own booa.-Maiieoei Cburlrr.
May 17th.'
Thrri are Marttrs Amono Us. Martyrs
to stimulated spirituous liquors, and especially
Gins. Charlrs' London, Cordial. Gin Is a pure
healthful, and restorative imported beverage.
Nona others can bo trusted. For sale by all
druggists and grocers. 1 ' " '' "
STTbe Masonlo organisations of Clncboat
Covington and Newport, gave Col, Andirson a
welcome at Masonlo nail, Cincinnati, last even-
Dff.l '!l l 1 1, j , ;
T A new German military Company is lo
process of orgaaJutlon in the Fifth Ward. ,,A
meeUng,wlth that object In view, will be held
at the Sooth Engine Hodsa this evening. 1 ' '!
CTTwelve libels for the bonflscatlon.of con
traband goods recently selisd.havs been Institu
ted In tbe United States Dlstrlot Court at Cin
cinnati, and this, the Press lays,' is only the be-
ginning,;:;.:'.','; ",";:.;. . :';:.;.;V:. v
' 1 m 11 1 1 . !
03" The trial , of , Ooilvii . Braoii , Yoono,
charged with treason, will take place, at Cincln.
natl, on the 27th Inst.' ".
CTThe Cincinnati .Omuiwrclsl of yesterday
morning notloep twelve arrivals at the Spencer
House all, with one exception, of officers of
the U. 8. Army. :,n j.3
Comw ' ov Cowf on' : PLtAS.T)he1 : Court of
Common Fleas for. this county commenoed lis
lur u mere on a rnnosopny or Ulotbes
general, for which we bavo great literary
thorlty, tbere must be a Philosophy of Uniforms
I In oartl-nlar. fr .hlfih h.w ih. ..wte.
- r . ... -
a great praotieal pbllosopber la the person
MousCHiu)i,whomay be consulted on
dT and ATenlnv at iha r.nlul rit ArdA
aay ana evening at the Capital City Arcade
Hat lal AtaaiatASl K nn a wahA V. a hail svnn.
I "
" " j -
ri.nn. , .., . . ... A. ,
"woo army, m tooar. o.
l-wo" to offioen of tha different
I iq such taate and style as to give, the mo
I '"" Jl - ' O
M pH.b . w . - . 0 . i j .11 er .1
I "" " wi Of tuo uiuerouvgratic,
I la suob taste and stvla as to aire tbe most com
onrlni....lir..,i,. .,.-.,-, i i . ,i i
r '""' ,
Thoa. officer, who will oon.uh our praotlcal
I philosopher, Mr. Childj, and follow his conneel,
I will find themselves in soch substantial and grace
I ful uniforms as will be an honor to the corps la
1 which they serve, and a source of lasting gratl
1 flcallon to themselves and their friends. A
I well-dressed and handsomely uniformed officer
aommaD(la more readily his own respec'. and
confidence and tbe rospeot and confidence of bis
. t .m. 1. 1 . .
men. let every offloer, then, who is In soarch
or a good uniform, can at toe capital City Ar-
, D Camp Harrison, at Cincinnati, was evacu
ated Saturday last tbe troops being ordered to
Camp Dennison.
" -
Dispatches from Washington.
,. .
I ' ABHinoTOff. mav io. ine earriaon or mrc.
Mnnrn(l , ' .... , fl ,C-'i
a camp outside of twenty thousand, under Gen.
It is understood that all forces here that will
serve for tbree veers will be accepted.
, Tbe river Rappahannock has been blockaded ,
to prevent supplies irom reaching Virginians.
' A batterv bis been diacovered at Mnl
roint, on tbe Virginia side of tbe Potomac
Tbe THbune'i dispatch aavs that Rlchmnn J
will be early attacked.
i ' . . . . i. .i .1 i ii .
wm. ivucao use ai .uuuhbdu wen armea men
.V wpeppw. and three thousand more between
. mw.A A I... .J.I.
iun win AlVAauutlAi
Militarv authorities consider it beat to n,,h
on Uiipepper, tbence to Charlotteville and
Lynchburg. Forces will also be sent by Aqula
.u. a... . mi . . r . "
vuo urnt euuuuuwr win ue at
[Special Dispatch to the Tribune.]
Washington, May 19. Tbe announcement of
a new military department, Including Virginia,
North Carolina and Tennessee, baa added in
tensely to tbe war excitement, and a further
announcement that It was assigned to General
Batter in DO way diminished tbe feeling.
Generals Soott, Manefiald aod Butler have
"u'u OUUBU,"",uo vamerou most 01
k I . ..t l.L W - . -
J .
Tbe Massachusetts 5th and 8ih reelmenta ra.
oelved orders this evening to prepare for an In
stant start.
A battery of 11 guns on Aqula Creek has
been discovered, also extensive earthworks near
tbe mouth.
Last night tbree Zinavcs strayed from camp.
When arriving before Col. Ellsworth this morn
ing, one of them unwound from his bodv a aa-
cesiion flag, seventeen feet long, which they
hauled down from a pole at Alexandria
A persoa direct from Richmond, who saw Gov.
Letoher night before last, reports the Governor
tn Ksa mnAti fatnktanAJ a. - ..11
r . .. ..v.W. M . I. U U Li 1
Dispatches to tbe World sav. bv Wedneadav
It Is believed that tea thousand of our soldiers
will be encamped on Arlington Heights.
Secretary Cameron has declined to accept the
four Maryland regiments, offered by Governor
Hicks simply for the defense of that State and
the Diatriot of Columbia. The Governor has
entirely misapprehended the tenor of the Secre
tary's explanations, and if the Marylanders en-
"at tne7 must enter the general service.
reeeivea nere irom the editor or a
Memphis paper, formerly a res dent of Wssh-
ingU), ,t,e. that prOTlloM , TWy
mat city, ana an ousineaa ruined, and that sob
dlers are not eomiog forward as rapidly as was
[Times Dispatch.]
Gen. Sickles left this afternoon 'for New York
with his commission and instructions. His whole
brigade will be at once pat in the field. Probably
they will go to some point near Butler's com
mand, near Fortress Monroe. He is ordered to
make all possible baste in his movements.
[Herald's correspondence.]
rZT- T- P . lMBe"'ce
-- - ;
.w wnmoTOti, May 20. Commodore Tatnall,
& Confederate Navy, assigned to the com
ing mDd o( tne DtTi' """ Charleston, baa ar
road rived there, .
Col. Vojburg, of the New York 7lst Regl
possessloa .ment' dit thil corning, of hemorrhage of the
II understood that Geo. Mansfield will take
command of 25.000 volunteers and 25.000 regu
jarl to be advanced Into Virginia from this
point. The forces that will be detailed lo take
Harper's Jerry will probably be commanded by
Sherman, are here to receive verbal Instruc
tions concerning the proposed movement of
"om s,ouu,er,n1 reDuJl"nl "P0"
The President has been absent from' home
nearly all dav. reconnoiterinir the via nltv of
It Is decided tbat no more troops will be ac
cepted by Government, under the last requisi
tion, either from Now York or elsewhere. ,
Soma 250,000 men are enlisted.
Tbe War Department contemplates to eetab-
lUh shortly two laree cantonments-one at Get
tyaburg, Pa., and the other In the neighborhood
Ne York. The force that will be collected
these oamps will probably be 15.000 to 20,
000 men. Tbey will be worked op by the best
officers to the highest profiolenoy, and kept in
constant readiness for active service. The force
Gettysburg will no doubt bo employed at the
right moment for an Inland movement, tbat it
may not be proper at this time to disclose.
Tbat at States Island is meant to be directed
various points of the seaboard bounding the
Rebel States.
Orders are Issued to gel ready at the earliest
moment a fleet of steam transports, that will
rendezvous In the adjoining waters, so that in a
few hours, when the signal Is given, the whole
Friday's Charleston Courier says, for two data
past, tbe Niagara and Iluutsvllte bave not been
seen off the port Yesterday there were seve
ral loreign arrivals) ons with a cargo or moias
ses, and a brig from Glasgow with Iron and coal.
She was taken for a return cargo of Sea Island
cotton, at the enormous rate of 2d. per pound.
Such freight was never before '
[Special Dispatch to the Evening Post.]
a Government coast steam
got ashore at the mouth of the Potomac
Bhe waa attacked by an armed Droneller from
Richmond, and after a brisk contest, the rebels
were peatencn. rour uovernmeni soldiers
were killed, and five wounded. An armed
steamer has gone in pursuit. .
Late advloes from Charleston say they are
erecting batteries on the coast, near Charleston,
of tripled cannon, to beat off the blockading
A dally mail is established between Wash
ington aod Fort Monroe.
A collision at Harpers r erry U regarded as
certain this week.
[Special to Post.]
Tha Government has reoeived advices from
London, which afford aatiafaotory Indications
of the line of policy which will be pursued by
the British Government towards the seceded
States. The Administration entertains the
Arm oonviotioo that its course lo crushtng out
a rebellion will be luiiy sustained in Eog
land. -
Jodie Wilanri wrltea from TennaaaAA (hat th a
U,n,o,.m, of ,h eection of the State will
give 20 ,0(K) majority against seoeealofl. v.
,B!!nFooi'ofV"r"'t, tenders the Gov
ernment id reslmanti n.... m.....i. i .
. . t w. v. ecu wuuutaiu uuti.
A large number 0f Bostonlans bereuture the
.1 .M IBW-W r bandant natarl-
A special to tle..U .,, 'Memphis U Id
tSTfTi l",tJ'.,& "UntlyWvtog
and being transferred to Fort Randolph.' The
no.' Tha
nub. toero was ine sais wita
can b oonqoered. -
which tha. North
' '
tMt 27 r, ""UBP" "eoorn arriyea
A Union man was huni in Louisiana a
aa7 ,IDOe Ior expressing Union sentiments.
V1.-fu,lr mnro' ngng
uispawuei 10 ine uorerDme.it. un we way
sbe oaptured two small vessels, and brought
uc w lnB " aaoingion navy yara.,
" PeDBer ou 108 reeDorn states tnat 00
Saturday two vessels from the fleet paid a visit
I a. aI iif .a- n . . n . .
mi ue vioioiiT 01 oewaii's roint. about four
miles from the Fortress, whore the Virginians
wars erecting oatteries, and threw sundrv sbel s
at the works, spoiling materially the architec
tural arrangements. Shod wcra fired at tha
vessel, but without effect. It was not known
whether any one on shore was injured.
Com. Pendercraat aent a flair of trnne tn Nnr.
folk, with a view to make arrangements for the
transportation irom tbence of certain persons
.uiuo norm, ana received assuranoe that
this reepeot be should be accommodated.
vessel was In waitine to take them to New York
o ... " . ....
report of a flebt at tbe mouth of the Potomao
oome excitement was occasioned to-day by tbe
between a Federal ooast guard steamer and an
. .u,5T"ieVmi V?Dn,ona! 'esnt"ig.
WM "id, ic the killing of four and tbe wound!
0f five on the former. Tbe truth of the sto
a atorT
U . 1 a v. ..... '
ubiuk uuuoieu, toe avv uepartment tms even
iag maae specino inquiries ta the proper quar
ters, and Is satisfied that tbe rumor is entirel
-r j.j '
uuiuuuueu.. , .
The frlirata Niaeera haa hncn arlthrli-.-n
irom blockadintt Charleston, for mora Imnor.
tant service. Another vessel will take her
piace there.
From Chambersburg and Harper's Ferry.
CaAMSiRSBuao, May 18. eavv relnforco-
Dienw are expected. All troooa will then march
u. nuw TirKiutarepona ecarceiyauv
Dereuaa on oana ar other ammtinttinn. k.
I .. . . . Uu
nve neid pieoee and a lew old iron cannon at
. per 8 WTi , thM they h." of Pro
visions. Col. Jackson commanded there.
Colleelor Mason, of Baltimore, a ecenntnntiit
nai oeea arrested.
ChaMBIRSSORO. Mav 19. Judse Maann. ...
rested jeiterdav. waa releasor! to.rlnv .mi n
..- .--... . . '
uver we .uaryiana line, is was known been.
lenaioea secession sympathies, but It was bo
lieved his character was too hish to enndnwej
I to be a spy. Tbere was no authority from the
N.iiMi... Mr u .. T I ' . .
" j r w imaiu aim. ms anenarpe
me PProvai amongst the most Judicious
A deserter from Harper's Ferry named Stan
ley, irom Ublo originally arrived here and re
ports mere were Dut twelve pieces of cannon all
told there oa Thursday nltrht.
The troops here are in daily expectation of
rouuiriug marcoing oraers southward. They
will certainly oooupy Hagerstown la a few days.
Unionists are dally arriving here, having
been driven out of Virginia.
Chambsrsbubo, May 20 Seven hundred Vir
glnla troops have arrived opposite Williams
port, on the Potomao river, 26 miles south of
this point. It Is believed here that they Intend
making aa Incursion into the
of this Stale.
Important from Texas.
Galveston, May 18 Stroni? batteriea Iiih
been erected to cover all approaches to.the chan-
uoia, uapuuis 01 reBisung any attack. Captain
Reynolds, United States Quarter Mister at8an
Antonio, has resigned.
Tbe officers taken bv Col. Van n.im h..
been liberated on parole.
iniormation la received that Cortinas la ac
tively preparing for another raiJ
settlers ol the Rio Grande.
Another statement sava Corti naa. with a Nfita
force, is moving up the left bank of the Rio
Recruits are ponrlns In from all di
join Cortinas. .
it is believed a formidable force will be con
centrated on the river.
Six recruits from Matamnraa. finrnnlA tn Inin
Cortinas, were arrested.
Col. ford was preparing to eive tha enemv a
warm reception.
Fort Brown was In a complete ttate of de
fence. . .
Nxw Orlxans. Mav 20 A
Texas reports that Gen.. Young was pursuing
uwutgu 7 auu ioe laaerai troops, He over
took his baggage supply aod ammunition trains,
which were seized.with some peeves and horses.
Montgomery evacuated - Fart W.ahw.
and was on his way to Fort Arbockle.
uen. 1 onng was deterraioed to take Forts I
Cobb and Arbuckle.
From Baltimore, Virginia, &c.
[Herald's Special.]
oaLTiHoai, May is. Tha c tv rnmrnnitnt
has arrested three men concerned In tha attai-b
on the Massachusetts troops, who have been in
dioted by the Grand Jury, and are now on ball
01 nve nunarea dollars eaoh.
Xt is said tbe Government has mum rata nn
foot which will result In a brilliant triumph for
us narper a rerry.
Torpedo and submarine batteries have been
suna near woriolk.
LynobburiT (Va.) nanera Veaterdav annnnnn.
ed the arrival of a large body of troops from Ar
kaoeas and Louisiana. ;
, Gen. Beauregard la in Charleston.
Baltworc Mar 19. One thnua anil aililittnn.
al Minie mueketa were reoeived bv tha Virni.
nia troops from North Carolina.
Two Oatteries of railroad Iron. aimiUr to tha
Floating Battery at Charleston, have been erent.
ed at the Point of Rocks.
A gentleman who left Richmond veitarda
says that be passed 15,000 troops on the rail
road In Tennessee last week, who were en route
for Virginia, folly armed.
Baltimosi, May 20. A latter In tha
esn, from Wllliamsport, seven miles south of
uagersiowo, Maryland, says thousands of Vir
ginia and South Carolina troops, from Harper's
Ferry; took position on the Virginia side of the
rotomao, on bunday, opposite tbat town, whleh
commands the Ferry.
From New York.
Niw Yosk, Mav 19 Elcht caaea of milita.
cloth have been seized at Elisabeth, from
Baltimore to Virginia.
rrofesaor Mitehel has offered his services to
the Government.
K. C. Schenck. of Ohio, haa haen annnlntad
Major General. .
A contract has been closed at Fltuhnrch fnr a
large amouuiof rifled cannon, shell, to..
Gentlemen who have arrived report every
thing untouched at Mt. Vernon.
Niw Tosa, May 20 The Steamer Da So-
to1 erfivrd from Havana lGth Instant, spoke on
tho 17th the frigates Nlacrara and Huntavllla.
cruising in the gulf. They bad oaptured two
vessels ana sent tbem to Northern ports.
navana sugars auu; stock, 235,000 boxes.
Molaeses 1 I tresis. Freiahta inactive. Ex.
change on Loudon 67 per cent, premium, on
JNew York 34 per cent, discouut. .
A schooner sailed to-day with 38 emigrants
for Hayti. They were principally from Roches
ter, ana intenaea to airect their attention main
to the cultivation of cotton.
Advices from Key West, of the 14th, Btate
that Capt Craven, of the Crusader, seized the
steamer Susanna. He was about armintr the
yacht Wanderer, to be sent out Into the gulf,
under a Lieutenant of the U. S. Navy.
Key West remained loyal. All seditious
persons were to be removed from tbe Is
land. Major Frenoh had appointed a magi,
trates who supersedes tbe mayor, justice, &o.
Embargo on Supplies to Kentucky—Bird's Point
to be Occupied.
Chioaoo, Msy 19. The TVioune's Cairo cor.
respondent says tbe embargo on supplies now
includes all Ken tuoky toWDS, unless it can be
shown that their home market needs replenish
ing. This is understood to be the Instructions
from Washington.
Engineer Benham. of General McClalWa
staff, visited Bird's Point this afternoon, with a
larga military eeoort. ana returned after aavarai
hours, having thoroughly examined the location.
This indicates a epeedy occupation of that point
New Exchange Mail Offices.
r WASHiserorj, May 19 Portland, Detroit and
Clieagobave been constituted new offices of
exchange for United States and Prnaala oloaed
mall, to be conveyed by England by means of
tna urana iron- naiiroea through Canada and
tha Canadian line of mail naekats nlvina In
summer between Qaebeo and Liverpool, and In
Winter between, Portland and Liverpool. These
omoea iWiu, aa eaaiuon so tbe iiritlaB and
'reooii mall, eornmence to forward these olosed
mails oo tbe nrst ot June next,
Proclamation the Neutrality of Kentucky.
F SANir ot," Ky., May 20. Gov. MsgofSa
issued a proclamation, appended to a preamble
ueoiariDg: wnereas, many good citizens
requested mm 10 loroia ins marca or any forces
over Jiemuccy to attaca Cairo, or otherwise dis
turb the peaceful attitude of Kentuckv
1.1 n .7 VpiVnrWr . S. w8,n,M
Htfttlntr that thai aama nitlarona Kail rnnmtA
to forbid the march of an v United States foroea
over Kentark. .nil. for th. oo0..n.tlnn f
port or place within Kentuckv: and whereas
van inri ntinn ni nnhiin asniimn .tin.
determined purpose of the people to maintain
nxeo position of sell deteooe, proposlne and
intending no InvasioVor . ggressiSn ;.7d
ottur btate or States, forbiddiog tbe quartering
of troops upon their soil by either hostile stc
t ion. hut a mn atanrilnir a oof from an nnn.t...
ral, horrid and lamentable strife, for the exist
ence of which Kentucky, neither by thought,
word nor aot. is In anv wise responsible! and
whereas, this policy Is, In my judgment, wlee,
, juv.av v J 4 O S acw
peaceful, safe and honorable, and most likely
fc 1 I . L 1 . . .
to preserve peace and amity between the neigh
uurioic DOroer States on OOinBUOresOI tne Uhin.
uu proiect iveniucity irom tnia aepioraDie civil
war: and whereas, tha arms distributed to the
mate Guards are not to be used against the
Federal or Confederate States, but to resist and
prevent encroachments on our soil, rights, hon
or and sovereiirntv bv either of tha halllirerfint
parties; and honin that Kentuckv ma, bW
t lnMi.Mr.1 rn.JI.lA. ktk... ..J I
der to remove unfounded distrust and ananioiona
.(...vro.ua luoui.Mji no,.... lucui . iuu in i ir
Of a purpou to force Kentucky out of the Union
at tbe point of the bavonet. which mav have
been strongly aod wickedly engendered la the
publio mind in reenrd to mv own noaltlon and
"u" u a oiaie ixuaro; uow, mereiore:
uereoy uoniT ana warn an oiner ccates.
separate or united, and especially the United
states and Confederate States, that I solemnly
forbid anymovement upon Kentuckv soil, or
OCOUPatlun Of aOV DOrt. D09t Or Olaca therein.
for any purpose whatever, until authorized by
invitation or permission of the legislative and
ecuuve auicorwes.
waprtiauj loroia au citizens ot Kentucky,
whether incorporated la the State Guard or nth.
erwtse, making any hostile demonstrations
gainst any of tbe aforesaid authorities, to be
ooeaient to tbe orders ot tbe lawful authorities,
to remain auletiv and rieaoeablv at hnm whan
off military duty, to refrain from all words and
acts likely to provokes collision, and so other
wise conduct that tbe deplorable calamity of in
vasion maybe averted, but meanwhile make
nrnmnt. an1 afW n nn . . - .1. .
paramountand supreme law of self defence
Police Proclamation in St. Louis.
St. Louu, May SO. The followlnir will on.
pear la lo-morrow morning's papers:
WhkriaS. much excitement and annrehan.
slon exists ln the publio mind on account of the
supposed Intentions of tbe Federal Government
towards thoaeneraona whndiannrnvA It.. mlnn I
and particularly on account ol rumors afloat on
tbe streets that a large number of warrants for
tne arrest or disanected persons bad already
been or would be issued, to allay exoitement
ana quiet apprehension, 1 am authorized by
Uen. Harney to state tbat these rumors are
groundless, tbat the Government has no purpose
oi oppression for opinion's sake, and means only
to uom loose accountaoie wno commit
overt sots against it in disregard of their alle
President Police Commissioners.
From Europe.
Point. Mav 20. The Canadian.
from Liverpool, oa the 9th, via Londonderry
ih. in, i. p at . tv i .l. ,
.uv .v.u, . . i.a., arurcu uu uera tma morniuK
Tbe Canadian's advices are two days later.
Parliament proceedings were unimportant.
The American crisis continued the leadino
topio everywhere. '
Tbe market for American oraduca penerall
continued excited, r , ,
It was reported in London that an American
ship from Liverpool, en route for New Orleans.
had been insured at IS guineas.
, l be Chamber of Commerce had .called the
attention or the trench government to tbe ne-
i. . v r
cesslty of taking measures for the protection of
ircuuii tdbihii in nmHTiflin wiiAri .
Tbe .Ministers of Commerce and Marine
promised to bave a conference with th. rn
or on the subject.
foiisn sllalrs nncbanged.
The followioK a synopsis Of the news oer Ed
nouTKn, irom iverDO0i. on ma mn.
, i r . . .. n .
la the Eogllsb House of Commons, Mr. Fos
ter gave notice that be should call attention to
tne aesiraoiuty oi not recognizing Insurrection
Mr. Horsfall said that be would postpone his
resoiuuonreiaiiveioiaeoeiiirgerente; Lord Pal
merstou having stated tbat pending the grave
and complicated Questions now being considered,
discussion of tbe subject was impolitic .
Active preparations are going on in the navy
yards for sending a powerful rquadron ioto tbe
American waters. .
The London Times points out that America
has Heretofore industriously vindicated princi
ples ana preceaenta an oi wmcn now go to tbe
contraction of ber own belligerents rights. It
says she upheld privateering and denied the
right of search, aod botb these are now turned
sgainst her.
A quarter of the town of. Limoges had been
destroyed by fire.
Tbe reactionary movement in the Neapoli
tan provinces had been suppressed.
It is reported that the Czar haa aent tha Grand
Duke Michael to Poland, oa a conciliatory mis
Liverpool, May 9. Suear aulet: Coffee
London, Mhv 9 Breadstuff dnll and nn.
changed. 111. C. shares 39W395 discount;
-tie ia.
R. S. & Co., report Flour firm; Wheat firm;
Red, lis 3d12 8d; White, 12s CdOHo.
Corn quiet but steady; mixed, 34s 6d; Yellow,
34 6j34j 9d: White, 358ffl35i 6d. Beef
steady. Potk firm. Bacon quiet. Lard dull
and easier; quotations unchanged. Tallow
dull. .
London, 9th instant. Funds dull, but ata.
tioaary; principal cauae of firmness is a belief
tbat an Amerioan crisis will throw considerable
demand on England for many articles of pro
duce and manufacture, while its effect Is being
strangely manifested on shipping.
A Deuel la aa early advance of tbe bank mini
mum is gaining ground. '
Tbe harvest nroepeots of France are represent
ed as being very bad, owing to bad weather.
Wheat crops have been seriously damaged, also
brandy crop at Cognac Bourse flat on tbe 8th,
bat closed firmer. Rentes 69 20. .
It was stated tbat Amerioan asenta had
reaohed France to purchase arms aod militarv
equipments. ....
St. Johns, May 20 The Persia arrived
Saturday evening off Cape Kaee. 1
A laree quantity nf war material was rsfused
by tbe Persia as freight.' . ... , : , i
It Is asserted tbat letters, of marque have
.enrhed London and Liverpool, and It is report-
u miii veaeeta cau ten . wuu inem. . l niSIS
doubted. M . , ' , . , , -u '
la the Uouta of Lords, the Earl of Derbv
expressed a hope that the fortbcomlna procla
mation of the Government will give emphatic
warning that If British subjects join privateers
on either aide, their blood will be on tbeir own
heads, with no redress from Eneland. - ' "
Preparations are. making for an American
Union meeting la -ondon.
Tbe nnui says the mediation 1 or England
might as well be offered to a hurricane. '
No Uulf of Mexico war ruks are taken at
T.UWIa .... i ' '
A Cleveland Bark Sunk at Norfolk by the Rebels
—Gen. Butler's Command.
Boston. May 19. Capt. Chas. Gale, of the
batk Pierce, of Cleveland, Ohio, has arrived,
and reports bis vessel sunk by the rebel at Nor
folk, losing oargo, also tbrse thoneand dollars
In specie. Himself and lamny were refused as
slstance.' espeolally by the English Consul.
Myers, who acknowledged having possession of
tbe bark's cargo and specie, valued at 5U,0UO.
- Gen Butler will be commander of the mill.
tary department of V Irginia, North Carolina
and Tennessee.
' ':-"
Rumored Capture by a Confederate Steamer.
, New Oslbans, May 80. A dispatch to Fri
day's New' Orleans jpieavaaev from Ballrs. save
that the privateer steamer Calhoun captured on
too loin tne Darn uoeao -agia, Capt Luce,
, from Rockland, Maine, with 3,144 euksof lime,
conslgnsd to Meurt, Creevy and rorwsll.
Health of Senator Douglas.
Douglas is muon Improved to day 1 akbougb
Chiowo, May 19. Tbe condition of Senator
entirely oat or aangsr, tbe pnyalolans
siroeg nopes or nia recovery.
Senator Douglas Recovering.
Chic03, May 20.8enator Douxlas is
I " T4U' uu wudiuww uum vm vt, uaugcr
im -
Fall of a Bridge Crowded with People.
Cinoiniuti. May 19. At 6 o'olook p. m.,
iome mree nunarea Persons conereeatea on tbe
f bridge wnie BPani tbe Miami Canal at
" iuouiciiuim mrea
u iu. "rpnao Asyium ioi in mat vicinity, wnen
" ,eu precipitating nearly ail tue people into
eanai. A CUIId 18 reported drOWOCd. and
several persons bruised.
Valuable Seizures at Hampton Roads.
V. V... nr.. 10 A i.if. i.j r
aiuw a vn-t a- v va IVSSOI a -VVeVfJU II Ulil I
the frigate Minnesota, Hampton Roa da, says
. . . . . . . . . r . T ""J "I
they have already seized three hundred thous
and dollara worth of ah na and inhanitn.
Capitol of the Southern Confederacy to be Removed
to Richmond.
Washington, May 19. The Montgomery
A3 . .t . . i - . . .
'V ln" lB0. V"'?"-."" yongress
" aeo,aea w rem0Te tM WM w mond,
' I
Fire in Nashville.
Nuir t r. Maw Q0 A warchnnaA. onnt.in
Ine militarv stores, was burned veaterdav morn
In it. T.ntl7 (l(in. inanrarf fnifi nnn P,.i..
JoDneon Uo 'a bat store, adjoininc, was also
ourned. r ullv insured,
Cincinnati, May 20. Three companies of U.
IS. artillerv. from Fort Randall. Minnaem. nn.
nW nnmmanH nf MalnrR.lt.. ...I..h. 9...
day morning, and encamped In tbe Orphan Asy.
Hum lot. Thev leave for Camn Denniann thia
morn ne. There are now 16 000 Ohio vnlnn.
teers at Camp Dennison.
Aaron Harlamhas been nominated to Conirresa
in me un District, as successor to Uovernor
Corwln. '
Annapolis. Mav 19. A nrnneller hai arrived
navine in tow a liebt abin taken from tha ae.
ceaslonlsts in Millcreek.
Tbe telegraph last night staled that the wires
were cut and the rails torn up on the Balti-
m,nd,Oh'0 R" twenty miles this side
i "arjjer a rerrj; uui iney were repaired 10
LOOISVILLC. Mav 20. At Wnodlawn I .miraA
Saturday, Mollis Jackson won the challenge
whloh was made by Tiffany. Time 7,
iuur luue race, iu one mue race, Idlewlld wun
tne nrst ana second beats, l ime 1:4a, 1:44
oatiaiion oi ine second regiment of the
SH?"?? . ' g0 nt0,!nP ' Pawquet
"f"6. J iieBouin oi nere to-morrow.
MoNTOOMtar, May 20. It is reported tbat
congress win sojourn to-morrow.
Various speculations are indulged in about
te probable place of re-assemblage. Rich'
mond, In July, seems tbe most probable belief.
St. Louis, May 20. Col. O'Fallon. one of
our oldest and wealthiest citizens of St. Louis,
bss been elected Colonel of a new reelment of
United States Volunteers, raised in the nnner
part of tbe city.
Bank Statement.
New Yoaa. Mav 20. Decre&aa In 1nn.
$3,124,492; increase la specie, $766,435: in
crease in circulation, $243,110.
New York, Market.
NEW YORK, May. 20.
FLOUR oontlnuta dull tnJ
J,Ty with downward tendency in pilce, aale of 9.SO0
" a a Kxats m ior auperflna state: as IDAS eo
extra atate, at 95S5 05 fVr iuperfln 0.' io
we iv goumoD mra nm tii . .-, an
ii..:??;.0'."8"1"00.0 1400?. Ohio; 70
c,,lD. o
butlees at outside preces. Canada flour business I to a
..pi.i.niaiiiu yraaesraie hcary while ffool
t.Z. i i.i " v ,uv "' ai u( au ror io-
...... .w vu.W MUI.
BYE FLOUR lllar In .n .1 siinoai
i 1E,'BA'r"lnBoderate request, and prices aora-
(Sw3IBK' ade easier; silesot6i0 bblsat 15
W H B AT heavy and about lo lower for COtnmnn anil
ionnor rdet: demand far .rnn.t m n.l ..... . ..,
vuicKo prini l IUVatl IBli; 1.340 buh
r.l si. oj.uuu ou,n m clubai is
l S3: Sd.U00 bush Amher low. .tsi o.T
4U0 bush winter red western at tl S91 3si; i7,51HJ bush
Sr.;Tan . u"?! "V:" "".redsuteat
...v. uuiu wane Kiicnisan at Bl 70l 7-2-
' :. - . m 1 1 ov.
i ouiet: Small salea at fi7a!Mn.
BAULKlf dull and hear, ul.. .1 nn L..1..1. o.-..
CORK heawand kwar. lam mhi. ..j i.i.
anxious to realise, sale of 59.000 bushels at SOOSflidc
for old mixed western which Ii kik.. t. i-
olosing at 5031, 438 for damaied do, S053 for naa
O ATS-flrm with fair demand, S032c for western and
Canadian, and 31 X933 for State.
17 SS for mess and 1 13 for prime.
BKE!conttnaeii.etlAM mttn ai.. ..!.. mjm m
for prime, 83 87a for mess, lollo for wpicked
BBRF HAHBrnla nnl.t atiasiia. r.. i.
beef dnll at 1718o.
OUT MEATS Terr beavv ule of S2J paekan at So
for shoulders, and 0l-S7e for Ham.
BACON aulet and nnrhtneri.. '
.InJS?wli',0", ,mPortant change; sales of (30 bbls
at 9mXa, for common to prime; 9X10j for vorj
chnloe .
BUTUR In fairicanaat at Mf.. nkl.. innia
for BUte. ' "'v
0HKB8E stead at 48a.
MOLA8BB3 Tory aulet. and wa hnr nf nnul.. tn
,,SVr v 011 " wlln" ebange la price! sale of
11lld.,.C.ab 41 'M4Ko: 7J boxes Hauana at 4;5o.
tUaraa Terr Quiet and withnnt m.t.pi.l nh.na. in
price, sale Of 1(0 bars Rln at I.V mil 110 k... U..A.K.
at 13Xo. ' .
.p8!.0?.8 hSh'' qol'ti Ch atRI :IUBcrip
68; M B 19 Har em nrererred S8: n.l c nhm au- Hna.nn
33 H: Brie SIX: N T O 79Vf Puilt. m.ii finir- rh a.
N Wist bonds 3i; Mo 6's a7X: Mo 63; taeuurv IS'
10U;U8 6's8i;Bejlstered8e;i. .
as I
Cleveland Market.
FLOUR Ko ohann In anetatlon and tha market Ii
WUKAT sales this morning 3 ran at tl 10, S ran
while at 91 S3. 8 ears whit at 81,SG.
uunci qaie. at awatJa
OATS 'emain steady at S3.
HianVTIMMS sslesofSohbls. at 13o
BUITSB dnll with few small aaleaat 10l".fnr fair
choice W. R.
B BANS good qualities to prime Navy range from il
B90S at 6ffl7o.
LARD sales of 1800 lb at8o.
CBKKSB quiet a7(8o.
DKIED PBaOHBS nnpealed 7(87).. Fealed 12(313.
DRIBD APPLBs aulet at 68)te
FS ATHBB8 good lira fees ar quotable at 50c.
J -rn PW 3S tor prim quality.
WBTER LIMB moderate laleaat ai.la nar irr.
WUIT riBH-bbli at $8 SO, and halve at 84 25.
TBOOt-bbHatlSOO, andhalves at at.
8 ALT So hsld at BI.45 ner khl frnm ..sii,
delivered oa oan. Ooarse held at 8 1 48 from store, and
8150 on oars. line Pair; ln bbls 9 73.
Cincinnati Market.
Oar produo market remain entire? inn.
hu only a local oonsnmptlv demand and this runs
mostly on the bait grade. Quotations at a but
Wheat I scre;ly as Arm at heretofore, and may be
quoted at So per bmhel lower; 81 03 for prima red, $ 1 08
81 19 for while Millers do not Uka much and confine
their flguies a near a may be to 8 1, for red .
w Anancuaogea.
OAT) rn dnll and affen an limited la ot.. .,.
B arlbx l u dnu a may be, and a good artlcl of
fall that ha been on tha market fn (event day, was
old at SOo. Balder whan compelled to reallaa- an at
the eaerey of Chance bnrera. sine there la na nl..
market for brewers.
BTI Is held nominally at 54c. ' '
WHISKY I still auoled at litta.. aalhra K.tn .
Urmlted to resist soy lowei flgnra.
A few trannctlon In Bulk Bhoulden at 4Vo, and In
Lard at 8038, comprised about all that we don ln
provisions. Thai figure Indicate a lather easier ton
in tn market, bnt they are not submitted to freely.
Other article an quiet and unchanged. t'ta. ifeiw.
May SO. , .
, ,
Philadelphia Market.
Fboim-flrm. Wbat red II XHMVl 40. Oaaa
WHtsar mil. : , .,
KJ l NIW BTILB8-fJalat v Hon, No. 8 South
High Mreet, have Just opened new style of Clots Cia
OTfLaaa. Baaqciiraa and Bacctcsa, made In th newest and
most atyllsa manner. Also, sjnparb riatln
Hlaekt Mllka, vary heavy, destined expressly for
Mantilla and BiaUie. aprllS
atltNI AND BAOIOAO OUBB OS Spurmatohrhka
or Seminal Weaken, Bunal Dtbllltl. NarrauinHi.In
volnDtarv Kmliaioca aod ImDotancv. rmnltlnir (rnm
Belt-abata, o. Bj Robt. J. OaWervell, St. D. Beat
onuer el, In e plain aavelop, to any addraiiiDoit
Euu. on rvooipi or iwo iiampa, oyur. uuu, j. j ,
MNB. 137 Dinn. New York. Foil Offlcie Dnx. Ho
raorrAT's life pills.
m n Litllv.. mw.A
' -;- V ' '" T. ., i.i.k
7h " 3. J',
..,...., ..wu ..m.yv,
remedy. A tingle trial wilt place the Life Plllt beyocd
tt, v ... i .
B'- Moffat's Phmoia BltUra will be found equally ef
at 1. , ,. . ..... . ...
"""'p11 nervous debility, d,ipePsia, head
u.h. th tlnlrn... InMt f.M.I. I. ltMt. k..lt.
ache, the dckneai incident to female in delicate health,
and, every kind of weakness of tha dlgeettvo orgaoi.
For sale by Dr. W. B. MOFFAT, 334, Broadvay, M. Y.
aod by all Druggist. auu-da:wly
isvt m mm
ine following 1 an extract from a
I.. i.i.. i . i ti
J. 8. Holme, outer ol the
Plerrepoint-Street Beptlat Chnrch, Brooklyn, N. Y.,to
the "Journal and Meatenger," Clnolnnatl, O., and pti
volume In favor of that world-renowned medicine, Mai,
Wuhlow' Soothko Starr roa Childrdi Tan nmai
4W see an blrertlimrnt In won Mlnmn, nt Mat
WtKILOW't SooTUIaa HTn. Nn.n.n...M. m,.A
raror or a patent medicine before in oor life, bat we
mi compelled to ear to rour n- th.t tht. i. nn hum
oii. it ii probablf oneoithe moit rurcenfnl medi
cine of the day, became it la ona of the beat. And thote
jour reaiiera wno lure bable can't do better than
lay id a upply." oc87:lyrt:w
Te Oonaumptive.
The Advertlter, having been rntored to health In a lew
week by a very ilmple remedy, after having nlfered ev-
era! year with a care lung affection, and that dread
nueaaa, oonfumptioo i anztoua to mak known to hi
fellow iutlereri
Toall who desire It, he will lend acopy of theprncrls-
tlon nied (free of charge), with tha direction for prepar
and using tbe tame, which the; will find a ibbi Ot a
ConcMrrioH, Asthma. BRoacnm, ate. The only
object of the advertiser ln sending the Prescription 1 to
benefit the afflicted, and spread Information which he con-
eelvea to be Invaluable, and be hope every sufferer will
his remedy, as It will cost them nothing, and may
Parties wishing the prescription will please addresa
Kings County, New York.
From the NewY ork Observcr-I
A all parties manufacturlga Bewlna1 Machln&a are oh
llged 10 psy Mr. Howe a license on esch machine sold,
an a so compelled to make returns to blm, under
as io tnennmoer sold, bis boot give acorrrctsuta
ment. From thia reliable sooroa w hare obtained the
(tatutlca. Of the machine made in the year
then wera fold,
By Wheeler fc Wilson S1.303
' I. M. Singer St Oo 111.953
11 Orover St Baker 10,O
Showing the aale of Wheeler At Wilson to be dnvlAt
those of any other Company."
Awarded the highest premiums at th
United State tain ot 1858, ld9 and ISfiU;
also at tha
Ohio State Pain of 1859 and 18SS;
and at nearly all th County Iain in the Btate.
Our price, at the lata reduction, ore ss Iota at auu
UicA machine now sold, and but a tittle higher than
interior iwo aareaa cnam arte nvicAtnr, now
forced npon the market.
Btich the only one which cannot be raveled. It
ALU oa both bidboi the goods, leaving no rlg or
oAalnontA imder.atVte.
AU maeAUut var' anted 3 years, and Inttrucllon
given ln their use, free of charte.
. , II. CRABlf.ei High St., Colombo, 0.
dec3-Sswd3mScwSi Pike's Opera House. Cincinnati.
The Celebrated Horse, Cruiser,
angland, by JOHN 8. KaRET. will aland th a sea
at toe farm of Wm. U. Rarer. Ororenort. Ohio.
Cruiser is of the celebrated Venison stock of Kngland,
was sired by old Venison, the winner of tha Derby
in 1813. Venison proved himself the stoutest horse
tits cay, nsring traveled an foot In one year, when
three yean old, nine hundred miles, and run four
teen race, and on twelve.
raiser was bred br Lord Dorchester In lfi-V!' aired h
Venison by Partisan, by Walton, oat of Parasol ty Pota
son ot Kcnuse. uraiser a cum was Hed Korer. h
ramp, out oi synuuina, sister to syntax, sire or Beca
wiog, the dam of New Minster, the asost valuable stallion
In Englaod, and stands at fifty guineas (f;50).
Tormato Oriilsori
Thorouah'-red nans. Ona Hundred Dollara. A lihar.
arrangemeDt will be made with farmers of the neigh-
ouriiowi wisumg w put common-nrea mare.
Uj- saarea irom a auuooe will be taken can of.
may 44twll
an entire new stock of Goods In my line. Just nurch.
In New York at the cheapest panic rates,ali of which
shall sell at the smallest profits, for Cub. Myeuitom
en and fritnda an respectfully Invited tocali.nd exam
ine my Goods and Pilcee, a I am determined to sell as
or cheaper than any other house In the city; and
do my own Cutting, and superintend my own busi
l leel assured, ir am my long experience In busi
ness, to give general satisfaction. The finest of work
an employed, and all work don strictly to time aod
short nolle, and warranted to fit. Btnnger visiting
city would oonsult their Interest by giving me a call
purchasing elsewhera. r. RuSH,
merchant Tailor,
marchtt-dly Cor. High and To wn st.
Watches I Diamond! !! Silver Ware HI
and Silver Watches, In great variety.
am Agent for tbe Aaxatcaa Watch Co , and can
these excellent Watches at manufacturers' pi ices.
Wholesale or Retail.
Coma and ehooee from my beautlfnl display of Dia
mond! and other rich Jewelry. Style new price low.
to Silver Wan of starling quality, I can show new
patterns, very handsome
purer nana n are, xea reus, urns, w alters, uesiors,
Bkt. Pltchen Goblets. Knives. Forks. Snoons. Ate.
Then I have a supply of fine Table Cutlery, Pocket
Knives, Saaora, c, and many Fancy Goods such a
desired for present at such prices as an an Induce
ment to Ine purchaser. WM. BdYNN, .
No, 10 Buckeye Block, '
marSl North side Slate ilouse square.
designs, at 14,00 pel 1,000.
hall the price charged by small dealen.
ttbb ad quarters-no. 75 south mfh stmt.
Oolumbu, MayB, 1661. i U.BILEY.
Bt. '
Novelties in Neck Tie and loarfs.
" Byroa and Sarrote Collars.
' ' Embroidered Pocket Ilandkirohler.
Pails Kid Gloves suprior maka. . . ii
Ooldea UIH Shirt, various stjles. . . '
Boys' Golden lilll Bhiru, do .
Privlng and Street U loves, So .
Hemmed Pocket Handkerchiefs, various style.
Unit Uoa and Dader Garment, "
apiilS . Ho. SB Sooth High Uet. .
rpnK demand ha been great for a reliable mtp, or mips
as uor uoansry, giving ait
define of our army an! those of tb rebel! The
toouraU, and svarybody should hsrs on.
PS.ICB BS cent. Seat by mill on receipt of tbat
rtn. ' '
'VAlUMraid-m'tolhtalara.'.!; ' '".V
Thsy an J sun th kind of document, ani most Inter
esting these Urns. RANDALL at ASTON
may 17:dlw
i re
1 " -
Aa zperlenoed Nan and ranala PhyilcUn, preaeDta
I "
FOR r.HIT.Tiffir.V TPPTnmn
which .:
1.. A. " the proeeai of tthir. by mti-
AYL tiiZZ h ". ""tioB-wUi allay
Depend upon it, mother, It will give rett to yonnelvee
ebavecatunanflMiid tht. .rtui. .
what we havenerrr hn .hi. ....... ."r.r 1 .'.
er did we know an iiutano ofdlnaturaetioa b ao'v mm
who need iu On tha aontranr. all ar. rt.n.K.L . "
operation, and apeak In term of commendation of I la
magical ertect! and medical virtue. We (peak In thia
matte, .'WHAT WIS Do KNOW;" after
almou every IniUnce where the infant i ufferlnirVmn
.-"'""m WUAX W Ulttl DaCLAUB. In
,,1"hu,!'on' relief will be foond in fifteen or
I . , . .... u. iuuiju iu U
twenur minutea after tharivmn i.
Thli va uahln nrn..tu. I. .v.. . .
SCW KflBlanii. nsl hm .- t. lvn.a ...
INO BUCCksS Tin ' ",Lr
r. . :m'n- of cases.
itnotonlv rallerea the chlla fmm n.i. .... i..t
aU theatomacb and bowel, eorrecU acidity, and alrn
tone and energy to the whole tem. It will almoit In!
i.ijr relieve
and orercomecoDTUHtoDi, wnlch, if Botimedlly rt?ir.
., "emu. vvty ucucve II U19 Kfld HUH-
SSl01 IN TIUe wOKLI. in all eaae of Of
BNTBKY and IIARK11(EA IN nHir.nnini J.l!.
ariie from teethimr. or from an other n.. u-.
any of the foregoicg cnmplaluta DO NOT LKT Vonn
.v... -. w c.crj uouierwoontaa cniici tntTtirirg
...nil K.. . . ., " v..,.,
. . ' wuu 'wu' uucnn C"11"!. anci tne ra
lief that will be snitU-jes. ABSOLUTHLY 8ITH8 !o
follow the use of thin medicine, if timely used. Full di
rections for using will accomDanv awh hntn. u
gmuine unices the fuc ilmlle of UUBtlSJc PXRKINfl
New York, I on the otint.le wrapper.
Bold by all Druggist throughout the world.
Prl 'ictpnl Office, 13 Cedar Street N.Y.
Is precisely what Its name Indicates, for, whih
'Pleasant to tbe tatte, it is rerivif.yt ng, exhilar.t
tog. invigorating and strengthening u the vita
powers, and at the same time leriTin... 1.1.
tvtatea, and renews the lllnod In all its purity an
Leythos at once restore and rtndert tin tyttem in
tulnra!Ae to attack of dittate. It is the only
ever olTered tn the world, so chemi-
(;ny ann ssiuiutiy comotnen ss to be the moil
P wcnui wuiii. ami at ins same time so pertectU
iiuapwi uj, aa v aci in per.eo.acoonianoe with the!
aws of natuie, and benra will tootht UU tcaa&A ILJ
Utomach. arid tone ud the dlctriv. ....... .h M
rlm..ll.v.ll n.ptfnn. n.l .1 !,.. i..t. : '.. i I VF
jL n. ..h;u..nn.. ...i .. .1,. .. '. ,. ! I
fljicomposcd entirely of veKetables. vet so eumhinm M
1 j..k.....i. 1. . . . I
out producing any Irjunous consequences Such
r . - ' - v.v.pi. wuii, rueci, Willi
remeoy na lonir ueeo leu tone a deilderatum i
ic medical world, for It needs no medical I'.iii im
Me thatdebility follows all attacks ot diaease. aiidi
oroceeda and lndeeil lavs the tv.tpm nu. ,n it.
lnsiJioas attacks of many of tho most faul. such,
if.r example, as the followin: Consumption, In
digestion, Uyspepsla, Loss of Appetite, Fain men
INervous IrriUWIity. Neuralgia Palpitation of the
Heart, Melanoholy.Nlght Sweats. Languor, Qld.ll
ai'loesa, Retention of, as well aa Painlul obstructed
too uro'ute. or too scsnl Menstruation, and Vn.lt-
Ung of the Worab. Theje all dcpei d upon general
debility. Thia pure, health, tunio cnnli.t .ml!
hiooj Kcnovator n assure to cure as the sun tolU
rise and set. Iliere ti no mistake about It. Hut J
Jus is not all. If the sjilem is weakened, we err
ipen toblliousatUcks, the liver becomes torpid, 'ii
ir worse diseated, the kidnc refuse to peilora.fi
their functions, and ae are troubled wi'h icjljinp."
ind incontlceiice of urioc, or involuntary dis
icharge of the same, pain io the hack, side aul be- A
tween tne enouiuers, exoeedlnely lialile lo slisht lJ
colds, coughs, aid If atcheckei, soon eaiaciatlinl
follows, and the patient goes down to a premature
tgrare. But space will not allow us to enumerate f
i(the msny ills to which we re liable In a weakenedV
condition of the system. But we will av. in n.i.l
uuruiai anu oiuuu jMTDovaior yoa nave a perfect.
saie, pieasani ana euecttui remedy for l Jl of
Appetite, biliousness. Flatulence weak and llct
Stomich. Languor, Liver Comnl.int fhiii.
.If.v.r, oraoy Billoui attack, Uostivencs. Acidity
of th atoaach, Nervoasnru. feuralgia, ratpita-
tlon of the Heart, c, re ssion of Spirits. Sores.
Pimples on the Fao or any dis-ase arisint from
Lmpura blood, such aa Scrofula. Krysipelas, Ilron i
Oniiis, uougn, aiuicuiiy oi Breaming, and all that
(Klaas of diseases called female weakness, and
'enumerated above. We will also say tbe traveler
er, will find It a pleasant, site anil sure remedy.1 H
and none should ever travel without. Reader A
v.i.v.cu iu cMiaemtcs. vii.uko oi ciircaie ana war
iiryit. lorweaiiureyouyoawiliandin It a friend '
indeed, a well u a friend In need. All persm,snf
seaentary nab.ts will find it a perfect preventive ollfl
as well aicure for those ailments to which they arcj V
parfcicuiariy exposea. iience ministen,ituuenis,sl
torneys, literary gentlemen .and ladles who are no!
accustomed to much outdoor exercise, will find it
o their advantage to keep a bottle couitnntly on
nana: ann, aoove all, motnera. er these becom ni
suchi will go through that most dangerous perioc
not oniy win ail inetr accusicmrrj strene n. hm
Isafeand free from the thousand ailments so prer
alent among the lemale portion of tl;e world. Ii
hnrt, It is indeed a mother's cordial. Try it, oli
andjoUDf ; no longer run the lUk of delay; ilwil
relieve and orove itself emDhatimllv . llttnn
fie Cordial and Blood Renovator,
O. J. WoOD. proprietor, 444 Broadwny, Ne
York, and 114 Market Street, Bt. Louis, Mo., an
sold by ROBaRTs SAMUEL, Columbu. Ohio
and all good Druggists. Price One Dnllsi
per Bottle. marchJ8-daiweowly
Steam Between. Ireland and America.
The following new and mairn'fieent flnt-elu.niiriia
Steamsbips compose the above line:
ADRIATIC, 5,888 tons barthen. Capt, J. Sliour
(.Formerly of the Collioi Line )
BIBFRNI1, 4.400 tons burthen, Capt. N. Prows.
COLUMBIA, 40 ' h.LatTcn.
AMULlt. .) ". " htcuouwu.
PACIlIO, 8 M0 ' " ' I. Emm.
PRIN0K AtBKKr (Screw.)
, 3,300 " - " J.Waii-.
One of the ebive ships will leave New York or Boston '
alternately every Toewiay fortuijht. for Oalway, car
rying the government mall, touching at 8t. Johns,
Th Steamer of tht line hare been constructed with
greatest care, under the supervision of the govern
ment, have Water-tight compartments, and an unexcel
lorccmrort, saiety and speed bv anv steamers afloat.
an commanded by able and experienced oBloers.
every exertion will be made to promote the comfort
passengen. ,
An experienced tuige.n attscMd to eaoh ship.
clsfs N. T. or Boston to Oalway or Liverpool ll .
Becond-claiS, " ' 75-
' ; " to St John's 3S
ThlrJ-olsAs, ' " to Galway or Liverpool.
oraoy town In Irelard, en a Railway, - - - 30
Tblrd-claia passengers an lihenlly supplied with pro
vision of the best quality, cooked and served by thMr- ;
Vanla of tb Company.
Partlei wishing to tend for their frlecd from tha old
country oan obtain tickets from any town on a railway, in
tana, or irom tne principal cities or Moglsna and Boot
land, at vry hiw rates. .
Passengers for New Tork. arriving br th Boston
Steamers, will be forwarded to New York free of charge.
or passage or lurtner information, apply to
At the office of tha Oomnan. on tha wharf, foot of
Caual street. New York.
. HOW LAN I) It ASPINWALL, Ajeots. .
aprlllO.dGin. ,, ,.
j Coruat Sprlnf k Watev Sta.,
- - - i -
W. B. potts a CO
m mw a a a t nrrftr'WTmfrt
J.V1 - -i ar as -ajiA j-m, . ,
Ud Uantifacturen of Brass and Oomposltlon Outing,
j j . finished Vraaa Work of all Description.
Electro Plating anil Gilding ! !
febl tl-dly ' ' .
i Hittav t. oarrrsNDa n
j 8. H.T. CHITTENDEN ...
"(; I . "ATTORNEYS AT tAW. '
'K" Ode, 8S9 Broadway Row Tork City, and
Paaaoas' on.niiea, Columbus, Ohio. -
XCTOsreful attention pall to Collsotlon.

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