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oot,tjijinjg. 01110.-21
Health of Judge Douglas.
U will be gralililg o U our readers to
. JiL.-k iAai rmin LynlcA
, 3ow thst.bv iMiaw - .-r. .v-y
g o, the health of Judge i
as not only Improving, ioi id.. .
.4 rnirr. . ..
- '
itt ThA H,m. Johh Youno Bbowb, of the 5
. . . t. j.
niat.i.l in KcntUCtT. n uo-
lilincd the canvas
l-no unit ilntermined
I now withdraw my nants as a candidate.
Tj- .... rnt desirine the
E4B &,s , ,,,.,
inedtobaveno oonte t for if
Our Foreign Relations.
i,Th., at nrCBcnt," sajs a writer iu tbe
last Edinburgh Rtview, "four countries which
.t th. head of the civilized world,
whose Influence principally' determines the
k nf mndern civilization. These four
luaifv v , ,
mnntries are Frapce, Germany, England, end
th Uuitfd States."
The interests of theae four leading powers
are, by trade, commerce, literature, and social
intercourse, mutually blended. A war occurring
between any two of them, would be a serious
,.Amit to all of tbem. No lesB woum an iu
tornal commotion in any one, shaking It, as tbe
United States are now shaken, to its very cen
... h an event of the deipest Interest and Im
. . . a i r
m th other three, it .ucfeiur,
witn our own, our rti""" -
RnffUnd are more direct and intimate tnanwitn
nrmanv. and with Eocland the most direct
i t a r . Mln-,1 ariil thirl UQllCa Dlftwea
end intimate. Eogland and tne unuca d
.re mutually dependent upon eacu
i. f.,r mnrh or their prosperity, ou lor
.-.r'nvmrnt arid subsistence of millions of their
employment ana suosiaieui-o
!.,: F.nplish cap ta s ovested In pub-
F.Tu.u .
lie and private enterprises In this country,
an-immen-e amount o. our -6
....I H,.tthBvea Ol tie Statesmen in the
natural tnt tne eyea ui n.c
most enliithUtied and advanced countries
? a.. ..... t.t.,.trw with
barops snouia iuk'' j
Intense and anxious gaze
nt ih thnt. conntries named lu connection
products is wafted to British ports. The cot-
, .- ..j n EVirl.nA frnm
ton, alone, mat ib fiiiu""-" 6
S mthern Slates, It is said upon gooa autuurnj,
! . ei
affjrds, by lis manuiacturc, ""'"
least four millions ci uriuso tuvjmo
the supply of cotton withheld by a blockade
our Santhern porta, it is easy to see wnat
trefS and ruin must ensue to the operatives
c.pit'alims In England engaged in Its manuka
ft im.
France would be similarly effected by
blockade, though probably not to the same
Hence, it is, that the more thoughtful
among onr countrymen have, since the begin
ning of our national troubles, been seriously
agitating the question as to the course which
France and England would pursue towards
warring sections of our Confederacy. It
we think, be safely U ken for granted, that these
two power will not. for the present at least,
sever io their policy In regard to this country;
but that wc may expect very muoh tbe
treatment from the French Court tnat we
ccive from tbe English Cabinet.
Wa-,iI. then, for a moment, turn our attcn
.v. i.... it una time, we bear
lion iu me
confidently asserted tbat tbe Eogiish Govern
ment will Uhd lis aid to our own uovernmeu.
in its efforts to suppress Southern rebellion;
another time, it is alleged that the indications
are strong tbat England will acknowledge
di facto ixistent-o of the Southern Confederacy.
Wcdonot anticipttclbat for tbe present
will do either of these things. She will doubt
less preserve, as far as possible, a strict neutral
ity between the contending parties in this conn
try. We may expect her Government to
in sirong and unqualified terms- against
interruptions to her commerce bythe blockade
of any of our ports, and she will doubtless
a fleet to our shores to proteot that commerce.
This is the extent, we apprehend, to which
either England or France may, for the present,
be expected to go, in regard to our nationl dif
ficulties. Bot what future complications
arise between tbe United States and those ooun
tries, it is impossible for the most Bsgadous
A "No Party" (Republican) Convention.
The cry for a month past in the mouth
every Republican blatherskite be been
there was "no party" any more; tnat an oia
tie were absorbed in a grand Union party;
that politics and party platforms were Ignored;
and that henceforth nothing was to be thought
of or known among men in Ohio, but tne reso
int. defer. of the Stars and Stripe. Indeed
it has not bsen uncommon, since tbe bortbwd
ment of Fort Sumter, for men whose whole
hearts and souls, mind and strength, have
employed for year in a vigorous effort toes
Ublieh and maintain a sectional psrty in , Ohio;
who have worn eternal hostility to slavery
the fugitive slave law, and resolved, II their
forts could prevent It, that that law should never
be executed in the State of Ohio, lo approach
Democrats who bav alway stood by the Con
stitution and the Union, and hypocritically
olaim'we are very much xejoiced to seethe
Democraoy so nulled, and glad to have
;oin m in defeneeof tbe Union!" .
la view of these things, it would b very
to suppose, If tbe partle referred to
sincere In their professions ef loyalty to
Union and the Constitution, tbat all party
chinery would be broken up and party organ!
Hons dissolved; and tbat candidate for political
favor and office would be permitted to go
the people on their own merit. "
Recent event show the hypocrisy and hollow
heartedness of all these professions of the "ir
repressibles," and prove that they are deter
mined to hold on to their Chicago Platform
all other odious doctrines, the promulgation
advocacy of which bav bad so much to do
precipitating the country into its present deplo-
rabie condition.
On th 13th of May, a regular Republican
convention was held lo Johis Shmham' district,
to nominate a party candidate to be supported
for Congress, to fill Shsihan. wcancy.
the I8th of Msy, another Republican convention
V..I.I in Tn.win'i district, to nominate
candidate for Congress, to supply the vacancy
In that district.
In the 13th district the thing wal conducted
with some considerable skill, and the "no party"
Republican managers put Judge Wo.cxsTtaoo
the track without much difficulty, to Cobwin'
district it was otherwise, th proceediogs.whlch
are given la detail In th Cincinnati Oatette,
being suob as would disgrace a set of savages.
The scramble for tbe place was Intense, and
is to be observed that It was among that class
men who bar not proffered their services to
couotry and Toluoteercd to defeud the flag of
thoUnlon. .,' I -. s r- .
W renret that we bav not theapac at our
oom maud to publish the entire narratlv of tbl
disgusting affair, as detailed Id tbe Oatetlt. Tbe
following extract will enable onr readers 10
form lome opinion of the performance:
The morning iu spent In eaueuarng
noiea. bui lour oenuiuawe wm " v t-- -
Uon.A.ronH.ruo.ot J--tome
dbv the nomination 01 Gov. Corwtn after a most ex-
. . ... .1 a ....... n n JlllltfA RrllTrftf-
ailed contest ei murrow. wirvw . : ""r .7
of Fayette; A. w. man, iq., .l .
BVn.q., -"-"",.. , h,, .., u...
1; soli
'or H"n' and w"Mn w" "J01"4 ? I0 h
. -in-of ihoihrcountieiWM underitood to
Li'i,. r,.iivn( to lu own candidate. Thli would noinl-1
note Harlan on the Ant ballot by a majority !
over any potlble combination of the other oounU.
i... u'.r..n rnnM ho rhniied. or Oraena thrown outon
eocount of the informeiity Id the election of deiegmtee.
ttU ii egalnf t them
At k.ir nut nn the Convention Miembed. On mo
. lrt. Tlnnlv. II. ,n. JntenhG. Qeab M itir
l..h fliMM rountv. wu eleoteu uneitman..
I V n n Ud.llnMn IV MftllMnn. D IBkUJU J I "
I e Committee ot two irom eacu oounty mVruiu
1 eredentutu
I once uun.u - ----- - -
Mwllwn membere moved a "'"'
Th.. rf.uivniud oTor two houre. Fayelteand Clinton
BHMleadtad tetareioat theadnlHion of iheOreene eoun
y oeieeauon, auu m vri ui "--i
o'ne. .fated by a vol. ot the committee; then on. of
rin.t.iri. Clinton and fuette croteited lom
loud, but in vain.
The majority report certified to the rwmes o( thlrty-to
delegatei duly eieoiea iwrn narren, mirijr i-u ...
Ahii Havana M.nniu.11 mat ina a, Hi nir uuiu.
were elected Infoimally and without due authority from
the County Commi'tee, or iron, ,n "P"0'1
""VB.r.Wi7'. -ii;toraii
elected and had no ri(b( to aeaU. . . . -
A beautiful snarl now aroee. Clinton ana rayeiis
eet aside. In an Initanl tne un au.ueu coaniiei
prehended their situation, ineywtre ouigriremi.,
the prote:ted that Greene ougnt noiwToie on ineauupiiun
,rf ,nt re rtt- Ine chairman decided that he must
Ol d bythe majorlt, report In deoidlogwho
an member, ol th. Oone.n.ion, till that report .h..ul
An angry debate
tested and dtnouoced; out u waa ueriei.. i , n
ipg decided to ta aii v
l'"lioa of th, majority repon Xhe delegation with-
arew w reiaiiw vuiusn w
tht(MiM y.tMlnen: ..Fa,,. .ountyjwUhdniw.i"
""StfW9m- -
mo r . ,... or morB hadbeen sreol In coma
their tlon, the Secretary called the roll of eountlea. Greene
vr,en and Madleon reepouded. and voted unanimously
m.,orit. reuort. Clinton and fajetie.ereeach
.nd twice ca lied .without reiponte. yinally a delegate
and "AtoX Clinton and fayettewert
- - - r ir hem -"Anirhir
I ed the Medium delegate, to Join them. Another
I emued. kinaily the Chair directed the Secretary
nur I tn mn Fatette and Clinton. At in. second call the
yded.red that "Faiiette now wandrawiiromtnie
.. I vnllr.n." inaoDllQI, u eu, ttaiivu guuuij w.u
"v ,...., ,him. -flood bie; bring onr knluinx
lima! ' Clinton waa then called again, wntn nine
n.,.,ni that "Clinton county wiihdiew from a
tion which presented such nn anomalous packed lilt
delegate!. Anoamiocrteaoi --uooa vr, recnuuuiii,,
"Go It, Bouth Carolina," out they nied, loo.
tent. which
r'. nlce. Other, crkd. "Hear Bim anyway,"
bim apeak;' and finally he got permlnlon lo proceed
u. w.nmj the noaitiun of Clinton county Understood
Tbe question was one of honor and honesty and
dealing. He then reclled tne facta. connected with
election of the Greene county delegates, and those
Bavejiburg, and pat tbe argument of his side In a
like and forcioie manner. -
T..n r ninton. eliimed th. floor. "Why.
out of th. Convention." shouted an excited warren
oounty man; while crle. of "Get oui kou n seoeded,
"Outwlth him," lor moeni lainy orown.a
Clinton that .minute or to ago he bad put hlafoot
It be bad seceded and rebelled. Under the clrcnmatan-
cat, he had to remina unoion conniy oi vtvrrovru.
could tell Clinton of. time when they bad appointed
to .Convention without any public meeting .1
tell, of -ihat'e eo" trad appointed them privately;
aou De Dau to wont nam over were w b. ,iw
whisper of the people's voieeexprtteed.
test Bomrnody attempted to reply, when a perfect yell
"Order' produced tne moot uencioui aiwraer. lie
end the nproar became absnlotely deafening-.
-Get oat;' "Tou'ire eeceded;" '-Wfly don't yoo go,
you're going to?" "Whit are yon her. for" .nd .miliar
..i.. ...... m h.dlatlncuUkrdabjTe the din. Then
.moment' lull, when some one who had "withdrawn".
again eteeyed to epeair. nut was intunur eiienreu oj
freah storm of yelra. rina'ly O'Htll or warren got
flo r. and declared that tbey but met to nominate a
to help put down aeeeeiion, and he wanted tbe Conven
tion to act on that principle. If theiecoantte. Intended
to oorxise and attempt to defeat the fairly expieised
of the majority, he wanted them to go out.
Doan tried to reply, out was tsierrupieu wunorieioi
Take him ou.;" -Note word unlet, you belong to
Contention;" "If you're withdrawn, keep quiet
Then came another aceoe of lod.acribabl. confusion,
which waa finally ended by O'Nell of Warren, who
to proceed at once to the election of a candidate,
nominated Aaron Harlan. A Midiion county man
and wanted the nomination to be made by
but the Chairman decided that th. vote must
called counties.
Th. vote being called, resulted s.
Warren 31
Greene 33
Madison M
Clinton "
The chairman announced that 71 votes had been cut
Ilarlan and 1 for Doan. and that 40 were blank!
thaiefora "Aaron Ilarlan haa received the required
Inrit nf all th eotea. and is declared tbe duly nomina
ted union candidate oi me union mrn oi m
Congressional District." -
stitution ex-
ural were
repressibles," and
in : relation to -kept
out of
U this: the :
O The style in which many of the Repub
Ucah editor write aboat the wsr; what is to
accomplished bv It, and the manner in which
Is to be conducted, furnish food and material
for tbe secession press of the South, to
heart's content; and the latter make the
out of tbe nonsense and folly of the former,
There is on thing, however, which tbe secession
press does not understand; or, Jf
it, the fact - w carefully
their columns. That -fact
'irrepressible editors"
tbo North and West, who gas so much
the subject in their columns, are not engaged
the war, and do not intend to be. Tbe quill
the only weapon they intend to nse in the
and tedious conflict, In which, it may be, we
now embirkiog. ' Tbey have no love for
and for any opposition from them,
than the qtrtll, the South might sreede
doomsday , .v '. . - , , r-r
Tbey do not intend to go Into the army,
have no influence with tbe gallant volunteers
wbo are enrolled for the .service. Indeed
latter bave a perfect contempt for tbe
brood cf "irrepressible editors," and pay
attention to the nonsensical ar'.loles which
dally from the Abolition press of tbe country.
Tbe secessionists will find that, tbe Northern
Volunteer are men who realizi the value of
Federal Union, and that tbey regard it a
first duty of a good cit:zen to protect, defend
maintain Itagainst tbe mad and suicidal
of those wbo would destroy tbe fair fabric
onr Government. Tbey bave taken up
to aid tb public autboritie in asserting
maintaining tbe Constitntion and tbe Union
tact, and in enforclog tbe laws of tb land.
Tbis is the mission of our Volunteers, and
will take care to use all diligence, energy
cjorsge to perform it. And they have no
about their final success.
I I saw I I '
Tbe only class of our artist who
thus far, profited by tbe Southern rebellion,
the iketchers for illustrated newspaper,
bave their hands full in drawing picture
event which no human being oould ever
bav Men. If tbe publio demand
stimulants to their imagination, it is doubted
whether the publishers of Illustrated paper
find it profitable In the end to cater to such a
tr-ste. During the Crimean war, The London
lUuttfttd iVeie nearly doubled its circulation
by giving autbeotlo Illustrations of the events
r tbe war, and, by the honesty and truthfulness
of It picture, gained a reputation which
been of enormous profit to tbe proprietor.
misrepresentation bv the penoil is jnsl a repre
hensible a a misrepresentation by tbe pen.
truthfulness I not deemed an essential quality
in an Illustrating artist.
Shipments of Provisions in Western Virginia.
We find the following card from the Post
muter of Wheeling, in tbe InttWgenctr of that
oily, of Saturday: "'': V V
.' Under' the oroclamatloo of tbe Federal end
saveral of tbe State autboritiee of tbe country,
I establishing a list of articles contraband Of war1;
i M Dnoiuted bi Uovernor ucdqisoq, 01 umo,
d;.. aeo. to wait upon the shippers ol
flour, grain, produce, and other artioles pf a
I .- J1.I-..J t IIT U -. 1 1 . . J I.. .U n
i oontrauaDU kiiiu, iu if uet-uuK, uu lumiuimuui
f the de((ir4 of ,he aforegatd authorities, that
,1... ahnnlrl not h In anv such articles over the
K and Ohio rfallroad. I did so to a
limited ex tent, and alter doing so, returned word
Gov. Dtnn son that, having fulfilled the prt
marT duties of his request, 1 would muoh pre-
- that he would exonerate me from further ac
tion inaemuoh as It was a commission I did not
' ,r ,. , ., ,j .int
-J-f competent to carry out. and appoint
gome one whose aCQuaintaoce with the shipping
bugmeM would better enable them to secure the
Interest of the Government. I also stated to
the GoTernor, lbat ! .bought it expedient for
him to nrenare some eeneral order for publica
tion at wneeilog, so tnai an snippeis mignt
read it, and govern themselves accordingly, in
reolv. he bas lulurmea me nat tae orders are,
that no article ot a contraband kind, such as
usually comes under tbe bead of provisions, will
be allowed to go over tne Baltimore roaa, ana
that it shippers here are known to violate that
order, their eoDDlies from Unto will Decuton,
lM indeed, it is apprehended, all supplies for tblS
laidn nf thfi rirpr.
he f . , M, mo dtt
and to Miblum this card, to the end that no one eitn
. I er thoughtlessly or wilfully may violate it, and
; lo entail upon the whole city the inconvenience
1 0f an embargo. The agent uf the Baltimore
r0,d DM oeea BOti tied, ana bus assured Cue I
p. g.3ipce writing
guggestion ol several citizens, I telegraphed to
Governor Dennison. asklnit bim whether bis or
. I . , - .
, der was intended 10 altecl articles Ot prouuee
raised on this side ot tne river ana snipped
Ana, aiso, wueiuer ue wuum uui. uiruriuiiuais
favor ot tno couutica on mis sine oi iumner
land, as thev were all, or nearly all, larcelv
Union, observing to bim that, by tbe telegraphic
i . . j j.i : a
cvm- i reports, toe goveruoicuii uau uckcruiiucu tu
t0 up to tnts time no .'epiy nas Deen receiveu.
I might say, In Ibis connection, that 1 nope
pro- those kind friends who were busy on the streets
,egterdav in representing tbat 1 was.ot mjowo
Interferinir with the shipments of tbe
business bouses, will do me tbejustice tocorrect
. lllC t uintattBt uiv Mwe miwvu. iub
h BUention of a one eMept g i Wtti oon-
eulted la reference to it by shippers, save in th
Ha- case of a careo of potatoes, jesterday, when
,jld e0 at tne suggestion of a gentleman who
.nmnl.ined to 0f tbe shicmeut and Cilled
complainea tome ot me snipmiui, ana ciiieo
ap- upon me to aeal out eveu-ninaea juoiicb.
still went to tbe shipper, showed him tbe order, and
d.Ue "
tire propriety o( tbe nroceedine, so far as I w
concerned. I have no other Interest in tbe ob
servanceof the order than bas any olbcr ci 1
McClelland, Suffolk Park—Presentation of
the Second Regiment.
Suffolk Park, the place of encampment for the
two Ohio Regiments, continues to be tbe centre
egate, all
sisted, If
ed and
terposed accla
mation, be
you're of attraction, and dorinc the pleasant sfter
rjOODS Of this wee It tbe Oamp bas been visited
b thousands of our citizens. The confusion In
r. , , ... .... . . h ,
the men are now comparatively comfortable.
The rations now distributed are all that tbe
men could wieb,acd the generous contributions
of visitors assist to make' tbe food txtremely
palatable. Yesterday an old lady brought some
bome-brewed wine to the solders, and she was
very ansious tbat ail should taste it as a speci
men of ber own distilling Tbe Buckeye boys
were not slow to obey. J be soldier are lodg
ed in the wooden sheds surrounding tbe enclos
ure, and where tho'accommodations are not suf
Sclent tbey are iked out with tents. Notwith
standing tbe disadvantages under which tbe sol
diers labir, they succeed in keeping their quart
ers clean, and a more than parental care Is be
stowed on their muskets, which are made to
shine wherever the rotton stone can reach tbe
works. Cartridge boxes and belt were distribu
ted, yesterday, among the troops, and thev are
now anxiously awaiting Improved muskets and
a more plentiful supply of clothing. Tbe men
nsss tbe time pleasantly in camp, and there is
no dissatisfaction whatever expressed. On tbe
contrary, the men are highly pleased with their
treatment while in rmiadelpbia. Ihey nave
not got feather beds to lie upon, but their csmp
accommodations are netter man nsuai, anu an
the soldiers ask are improved muskets snd or
ders to march.
Yesterday the Second Reciment was present
ed with a etand of colors, the gilt of the gentle
men and their friends composing the committee
which visited Cincinnati during the past sum
mer. I bat committee experienced tne Kindness
of Col. Wilson, the Chief of Police of Cincinnati,
and the flag yesterday presented waa Intended
as an expression of their thanks for the courtesies
then bestowed, tne nig is oisiik, ot reguia
tlon size, and the staff surmounted with an ea
gle. Tbe flag was presented at the evening
oarade, oy uoi. tsraoiora, as ioiiowsi
Colonel On behalf of my associates, citi
zens of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, to whom
your hospitalities and that of jour city have been
so generously extended, I nave been commis
sioned to present tun nag to your command
tbe Second Regiment ot Ohio Volunteers. It
comes fittingly from Pennsylvania to Ohio, her
next sister; and fittingly from Philadelphia,
who finds in tbe city whence yon come an at
most daughter ; but still more fittingly because
she gives, and gives freely, one of her own sons
to be your leaner, r untie ease of wise, re
oeive it.
Plain in its neatness, all lis value lies in what
It represents; it tells of bard struggle for a
nation' life and national growth; It tells us too,
of a free people, contented witn the best ol
governments, and their firm resolve tbat no nor
tion of our country shall be discontented cause
lessly. You are the medium of expressing tbat
resolve, and without a doubt that you will ac
complish It, we place with unfaltering faith this
emblem of our nationality, our hopes sud our
prayer, in your baud.
Col. Wilson, In reply, saidr In accepting this
nsr from your bands, 1 bave no langusee to ut
ter tbe sentiments that befit tbe occasion, bnt
our warmest thanks for the valuable dig
Within 38 hours oi the call of the President to
rally to the defence of the flag, 900 men left their
homes to tight, and if necessary die, in the sup
port or tbe r ederal Uovernment. Applause.
can only promise you this, tbat in tbe hour of
danger, when tbat nag most be kept aloft, tb
"second Ubto" wtu recall tbe patriotism and
hospitalities of tbe citizens of Philadelphia, and
tbey will die to a man before this flsg shall be
lowered in disgrace. I tbsnk yoo
Tbe flag was then handed to Capt. Mason, of
tb color gnard,and the troops, wbo war In
line, received tbe national emblem with cheer
Tbe large concourse of citizens present greeted
It with eheers, and tbe affair wound up with a
handsome entertainment io one of the tents.
Philadelphia Ltdgn, May 18.
powder, other
sibly such
Tosacco on th Risi Tbe war-tax upon tbe
tobacca chewier fraternity or tbe loyal iMortb
is likely to become more oppressive than tbat
wbich affects tb "ruling passion" of any other
class We bave been shown an "agreement
to which are fixed tbe signstoree of tbs leading
tobacconists of tbis city, and which provides
that, on and after such date, an advance of
twenty per cent, shall be demanded for tbe va
rious grades of fine cut, &o.
The Southern exportations have been stopped,
and tbe New York prices for the narcotie bave
taken a fearful stride.- if such things sre wit
nessed now, this may well be considered but tbe
becinnlnz of sorrows. We fancy the time Is
not distant when Virginia "twist" will brioe a
dollar a plug; wben every votarv of the "pigtail"
will tbink twice before ne "cbaws" oneo; and
wben the wayfaring man, though a fool, will net
look with contempt upon tbe meanest "Ken
tucky old eolr" that adorn hi famishing path.
ftochnttr Exprt$, . . :- ,
bid ha
Fishino (Jra' DsaD Boor. A party ol boj,
last Saturday evening, whil fisbing with torn
heavy tackle, below tbObloaud MUaissippi De
pot, hooked a weighty substance which, after
some difficulty, was brought to the surfse ot
the water, and ascertained to be tne dead body
oft man. Tb corps ws recognized as tbst of
Joseph Renneker, who' resided on Mill street,'
tndwa drowned In that vicinity about fire
i ri r ti r- r - - . -
Letter from Senator Douglas.
A friend of Senator Douglas has handed to
tbe JVattenal Intel Uoeneef for publication a copy
of tbe following letter from bim on the state of
the country:
CHICAGO, May 10, 1861.
My DiAa Eia: Beine deprived of tbe use ol
my arms for the ureseut bv a severe attauk of
rbenmatilm, I araeompefled to avail myself of
tno services or a amanuensis tn reply to your
two letters.
It seems that some of my friends are unabls
uomprenend the difference between argu
ments used in favor ot an equitable compromise,
witn tbe nope or averting tbe horrors of war.and
those urged 1n support of tbo Government and
nag of our country, wbeu war is bsing waged
against the united states witn tbe avowed
purposo of prodncing a permanent disruption of
tne union and a total destruction ot it uovern
ment.' ; . cv - t.-t . -,
All hope of compromise with the Cotton States
was abandoned when they assumed the position
that the separation of the Union was complete
and naai, and tbat they would never consent to
a reoonstruotion in anv contingency noi even
If we would furnish them with a blank sheet of
paper and permit them to inscribe their own
terms, ti . r j . . . .
Still the hope was cherished tbat reasonable
aud satisfactory terms of adjustment could be
agreed noon with Tennessee, north Carolina,
aud the Border States, and tbat whatever terms
would prove satisfactory to these loyal States
would create a Union party in tne uotton states
which would be powerful enough at tbe ballot-
box to destroy the Revolutionary Government,
and bring those States back Into the Union by
the voice of their own people. This bope was
cherished by Union men North and South, and
never abandoned until actual war was levied at
Charleston, and the authoritative announcement
made ay.tbe Revolutionary Government at Mont
gomery, tbat tbe secession flag should be plant
ed upon tbe walls of tbe Capitol at Washington
and a proclamation issued inviting the pirates
of tbe world to prey upon the commerce of the
uouea d tales.
These startling facts, taken In connection with
the boastful aBnouncemeut tbat tbe ravages
war and carnage should be quickly transf erred
from tbe cotton fields of tbe South to the wheat
fields and corn fields of tbe North, furnish con
clusive evidence tbat It was the fixed Durooae
of tbe Secessionists utterly to destroy tbe Gov
ernment ot our lathers and obliterate tbe United
States from the map of the world
iu view oi tnis state ol facts, there was but
one path of duty left to patriotio men. It was
not a party question, nor a Question Involving
partisan policy; it was a question of Government
or no Government; cou-jtry or no country; and
nence it occame tbe imperative duty ot every
union man, every friend of oonstitutional liber
ty, to rally to the support of onr common conn
try, Its Government and fl ip, as the only means
ofcbeiking tbe progress of revolution and
preserving the Union of tbe States. .
I am unable to answer your questions In re
sped to ths policy of Mr. Lincoln and bis Cabi
net. I am not in their confidence, as yon and
tbe whole country ought to be aware. I
neither tbe supporter of the ptrtisin policy
tne apologist tor tbe errors ol tbo Admlnistra
Hon. My previous relations to them remain
uncosnged; but I trust tbe time will never com
ben I shall not be willing to make any need
f u, iMnfloe of fe and ' ,(J
personal feeling and oartv Dohcv
r . l - i . . . " -
or toe oonor ana integrity oi my country.
I know of no mode by which a loyal citizen
msy so well demonstrate bis devotion to
country as by sustaining tbe Flag, tbe Const!
tution, and the Uuiou, under alUcircumstsncea
and under every Administration (regardless
party politics), against all assailants, at borne
and abroad. Tbe course of Clay and Webster
toward tbe Administration of Gen. Jackson,
the days of Nullification, presents a noble
worthy example for all true patriot. At
very moment when that fearful crisis waa pre
cipitated upon tbe country, partisan etrife.be
tween Whig and Democrat was quite as bitter
aod relentles a now between Democrat
Republican. Tbe gnlf which eepsrated party
leaders in those day wa quite as broad
deep a that which now separates the Democracy
from tbe Kepuhlicans. iiut tbe moment an en
emy rose in our midst, plotting the dismember
ment of tbe Union and tbe destruction of
Government, tbe voice of partisan strife
bushed in patriotic silence. Uce of tbe bright
est chapters in tbe history of our country will
record the fact tbat during this eventful period
tbe great leaders or toe opposition, unking
partisan In tbe patriot, rushed to tbe eupport
tbe Government, and became it able.t
bravest defenders against all assailants, until
the conspiracy was crutbed and abandoned, when
they resumed their former position as party
leaders upon political issues.
I bese sets ot patriotio devotion nave never
been deemed evidences of infidelity or politioal
treachery, on tne part oi Ulay and w ebster,
tbe principles aud organization of the old Whig
party. Nor bave I any apprehension tbat
firm and unanimous support which the Demo
cratic leaders and masse are now giving to
Constitution and the Union will ever be deemed
evidences of Infidelity to Democratio principles,
or a want of loyalty to tbe organisation
creed of tbe Democratio party, if we bope
regain aod perpetuate tbe ascendency of
party, we should never forget tbst a man
not be a trn Democrat nnloss he is a loyal
With th siccere bope tbst these my
eoientious convictions may coincide with
of 1 am
To Visoil IIicox, Esq.,; .
- Chairman State Democratic Committee.
How Swiss Cheese is Made.
The manner in which Swiss peasant combiue
to carry on cheese msklng by their nnitcd
deserves to be noted. Etch parish in Swit
zerland hires a man, generally from tbe district
of Grnyere, in tbe canton of Frayburgh, to
care oi the herd and make the cheese j
cheeseman, one pressman or assistant, and
cowbeid, are considered necessary for
forty cows. Tbe owner of the cow eet
in a book for tbe quantity of milk given by
cow daily. Tbe cheeseman and bis assistants
milk tho cows, put tbe milk all together,
make cheese of it; and at tbe end of the
each owner receives tbe weight of cheese
to the quantity of milk his
have delivered. By this oo operative plan,
stead of small sized, unmarketable cheeses
which etch owner could prodnce out of bis
or four cows' milk, he ba tbe same weight
large, marketable cheeses, superior In quality!
because msde by people who attend to no
business. Tbe cheeseman and bis assistants
are paid so much per bead of tbe cow in
or cheese; or sometimes tney hire tne cows,
psy tbe owners In money or cheese. A similar
style exist In tbe French Jura A'otr
yVsetller. ' ' ' ''" " ' " " '"
From tuc Piano EaoaotoN. Advices
the Paoifio iqoadron record the resignation
ten officers of tb fleet. Tbe commander-in-chief
wa about to forward a list of their
to Washington. Tbe United States corvette
Mary's, nesding sn overhauling, was bound
San Francisco. At Mare Island, the newly
paymaster and Inspector of provisions,
Mr. Charles Murrsy, bad arrived, and
possession of his post. Tbe oflbers at the
were preparing for the examination of
Navy Department a specimen of some recently
discovered timber, said to be admirably adapted
for shlp-bnlldiog." Tbe only man of war
built in California, tbe (team gun boat Saginaw,
now in tbe East Indies, was so bsdly 'spoiled"
tbat there is little likelihood of any more
put on the stocks there for the present.
Got the Load a Littli too Hctvr.
New York Commercial says that 250,000
of arms, which were reported as arriving
Europe at New Orleans a few day since, "would
weigh Just abont one thousand seven hundred
and City tons, exolntive of tbe boxes; rather
much dead weight with which to oroa the
in safety." ' Tbe CffTrmsrciai believes, however,
tbat a quantity or arm wa received. It
"We lesrn from reliable authority that the
reported as bavin arrived st New Orleaoawei
ou.uuu, instead ol S&O.UOU stand, as stated
ine reoei papers." '
Bromo or Goon Boond NoaTH.Owlog
to tb selsure ef all tools destined for
city snd poiuts farther Bouth, by th force
tb Administration at Washington, uor. Ijetcb.
er be Issued an order to prevent th lending
out of tbe State anything to b used in
North. J eonseqaene of this order, a lot
tobacco, bound North, wa stopped In tbl
strday, by th military authoriiief aod la
be 'relumed whsr It came iroja,jllr-tfria
0tU,',ltit fust. j.rf: v--u
The Irishmen in this War.
The Washington correspondent of the Phila
delphia Free pay tbis proper tribute to the
patrottsm of our irtsn tellow-oilizensi -,. -. 4
"It Is astonishing how a uniform ohanges a
man' appearance; hjw it brings down the
statesman, tbe poet, and tbe lawver. making all
engaged in the publio service rquala for the
time being. ; I am frequently reminded of this
as I atumol overan.old friend enlisted In the
ranks in the present difficulties, struggling for
the preservation of nur liberties.- Yesterday,
for Instanoe, I was accosted by a fine, hale,
handsome man, whose hair was closely sbaved
and who was dressed In tbe blue blouse of one
of the numerous regiment quartered In tbl
city. At first I oould not recognise him, but
after a few moments study of his fact I discov
ered tbat I was talking to Thomas Francis
Meagher, the great Irish orator, one of tbe
oaptains of tb splendid rsglment commanded
by Colonel Corcoran, fourteen hundred strong,
quartered in the building of the -Georgetown
College, near this city. Animaiea oy toe same
nnirit that tired bim aeaiUBt me uruian govern
ment, he has come here to offer his sword to bi
adopted country that sword which he so elo
ouentlv desoribed in one of the grandest speech
es during tbo excitement In bis own country,
for participating in which be was oanisneo w an
Inhoanltabla foreien clime.
"There is a sigmOcance, oy tne way, in tne
quartering of tbe Irish regirreut in tne great
Catbolio college of the country, and especially
in connection with tbe fact that many or tne
men belonging to that real men tare the favorite
r.nresentatives of the Catbolio or Irish people.
Wbat impression this laot will make upon me
Southern members of tne uatnouo unurcn re
mains to be seen. It has been tbe boast of the
members of that denominatioo tbat It has sur
vived all the vicissitudes of time, the decay of
governments, the downfall ot empires, and tb
division of other sects: and that it extends over
all tbe civilized world, holding its devotees witn
singular tenacity of iu teachings, and always
submissive to tbe laws ot tne country in wmcu
it la located. In such an aee as this, however,
and especially in such a crisis in the affairs of
tbe United States of America, many favorite
theories are repudiated, and that which bas
been regarded as established and inexorable has
been changed. , ,
Fate of a Female Gambler—A Desperate Suicide
We learn by foreign papers, that a lady,
somewhat noted in German society, made
desperate attempt to commit suicide, a few
weeks seo. under the louowme circumstance!
It seems that tbe unfortunate woman, though
connected with some of the first families
Germany, has long been a constant visitor
the most noted gambling rooms in r.urope, win
ning snd losing immense sums. Not long sgo,
she took no ber residence in Hamburg, and pur
sued tbe career of a gamester, until one night,
cot long ago. when luck went against ber, and
she lost every thing. On the following day she
Informed ber acauaintances tbat business called
ber to a neighboring city; but, Instead of going
thither, sh proceeded to the village of Kirdof,
abont three miles distsnt. Ascending the tower
of a new church there, she took advantage
the momentary absence of her attendant to
her feet together and cast herself headlong from
tbe dizzy higbt! The distance from the summit
of the tower to the ground is over one hundred
feet; yet tbe fall did not Immediately kill tbe
would be suicide; and wnen found sue was still
able to snesk. though In a frightfully mangled
condition. She waa conveyed to the hospital
Hamburg, and still remains tbere in a deplorable
state, though it is not improbable that ber in-
iuries may be partially cured. She is said to
a strikingly handsome woman, and says tnat
she was influenced to her mad career by a power
stronger than ber will.
The Soloiirs of 1812. The Buffalo Com-
ewcial of a late date oontalns the following:
We learn that Judge Turner, of Rochester, a
man nearly 70 years of sgo, wbo waa an offloer
serving on tbe frontier in tbe war of 1813, oon
templates raising a company of old wldier like
himself, who served in the same war, for action
in the present contest. An agent was dispatched
to Albany a short time since to ascertain It such
a company would be accepted, but Gov. Morgan,
unable to decide tbe matter on hi own respon
sibility, referred bim lo the Secretary of War
at Washington. J hither be b.s tbere lore pro.
ceeded, and tbe result will be known In a few :
days. . ; . . r
Judge Tamer, the proposed commander of
tbe corps, is recognised as an exoellent eoldier,
aod baa an extensive acquaintance in this city,
whence be expects to draw several of bis re
cruits. He was with tbe forces near this point at
tbe lime of tbe burning of Buffalo, and subse
quently did duty further down the liver.
triot. con
PaiFAaiNO Fo EvsriT. One of tb volun
teers in New Hampshire having got married be
fore leaving for the wars, his comrade present
ed bim with a baby-wagon, tbe apeech accom
panying it being a follows: " I here la an Ital
ian proverb: He that take a wife, and he that
goes to war, mnBt be prepared for whatever
may happen.' we Know that in war yon are
thus prepared and in view of your responsibil
ities, present and prospective, in behalf of your
companions in tbe Cheshire Light Guard, I pre
sent you this, which forms the necessary family
bsggage train, in order that in peace- as well as
in war yon may be prepared lor Whatever msy
fort take
PtiYia roa th Psksipint or th Unitid
Stats. Bishop Whittlngbam, head of the
Protestant Episcopal Unurcn In Maryland, near
ing that in one or two instance prayer for the
President bad been omitted by tbe clergy ol his
diocese, addressed a circular to eaoh olergymsn,
enjoining tn nse ol tbe church prayer without
omission. In the circular he lays: .-
"Such omission In every ease make the
elcrgyman liable to presentment for willful vio
lation of bis ordination vow, by mutilation of
the worship of the church ; and 1 (ball hold my
self boond to set on any evidence of such offense
laid before me after tbe issue of tbis oiroular
Tbey are clearly enjoined, he says, "by tbe
word of God, to make supplication and prayer
for the Chief Magistrate of the Union, and for
all that are in authority "
portionable cows
An Attimft it a Man to Eat or a Gla
ToasLia. Several of the policemen were last
evening called to the Locks, to arrest a drunken
man, who was causing tronbls there. Tbey
found oc arriving at tbe place Indicated, that a
Frenchman, named Louis La Pnt, Irom Central
Pqu.ro, Oswego county, was in a beastly date
of lotoxtoation. He was holding himself np by
s post, and engaged in eating a oi.es tumbler.
at bad broken up with hi tenth two-thirds or a
beer tnmbler, and hi moutu was filled with
broken piece of glasi, while tbe blood was ran
ning from hi lacerated Hp and tongue in
stream I - II required tbe strength ot lour men
to take the tumbler from La Put; he wal then
taken to tb watch bouse. Syracuse Journal.
pointed taken
tion tbe
Srxoif Comino in Ciscclation. Lsrge quan
tities or specie nave lately been sent from Mew
York to the Weet for the purchase of grain, no
Inconsiderable proportion of wbich bss come
into tbis state, it any one, therefore, auffer
lot hereafter in western trash, it will be his own
fault. Illinois money, and eepeolally that
cured by tbe stocks of Southern States, is now
next to worthless, snd should b taken on no
consideration whatever. Tbe people of the State
have suffered long enough from this depreciated
currency, and should now accept only of the bard
cash, or those bills which will bring it, dollar
tor dollar. jjtiroti r ree treit. . , . l , ;
A portion of the river Indu waa infested
by a large old crocodile, which bad carried off
two or three native. Hi (kin was to thick
that no ball would penetrate It; some young
aruiirrj uuioer engineered oi oestruouon lo
the following way.- They killed a sheep and In
us oooy piacea a nag nuea wun powder and
other combustible matter, to which a long
wire was attaohed, with detonating powder at
the end. The crocodile aelsed the prey, and
oarrled it to hie hole. Time waa allowed him
to awallow the sheep; the wire was pulled, there
was a great explosion, and np earn the croco
dile with hi itomach blown open.
Da. Bkllinoram's Onooint. The American
agency of this universally famous artiole for
stimulating the growth of beard, whiskers, or
scalp hair, is now confided exclusively to the
highly respectable firm of Messrs. Horace L.
Hegeman & Co , of New York, thn giving th
American purchaser double gnarante of It
nsual recommendatory merit. Tb aoaowtoa
ment of th New York agency ii i wsloem
feature la- onr advertising columns.' ;?;.rro? -M
. Holloway' FlU and Ointment.
PitU and Fistulas. Consolation for the Af
flicted eufferers from these terrible penalties
of abused nature, will find speedy relief by a
few applications of this popular ointment. A
teady perseverance in Its nse, will, with the aid
of the riUSi enect . a raaieai cure wnnoui re
course to fioafures or Other barbarous operations
UVn T.1U.UIV Bvv ... D J I
thai .n.rlent action on the bowels, thev exter-
mlnat the primary oaus of piles, bo. Sold by
all Druggists, at &e., 63o. and $1 per box or
P'; ' ' 1
A Pit... HrirrHV Tohio. and one free from
the deleterious sad Injurious effects sure to fol-
low those In ordinary use, has long been fol t to
be a desideratuji in the medical world. ' Such
a tonic, and one so skillfully combined trom tne
vegetable kingdom a to act in perfect accor-
dance with tbe laws of nature, and thus soothe
the weakest stomach , and at the same time al-1
lav nervous and other Irritation, and tone np
all the organ of which the human body la oom-
posed, I offered In Prof. Wood's Kestorative
Cordial and Blood Renovator. Hence it Is per
fectly adapted to old andyoong. Reader, try it.
Thousands bave already done so, ana tne testi
mony is universal In Its favor JVsw York
1 ConottS-Ths sudden change or our olimat
are eources of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asth-
matio Affections. Experienoo having proved
that simple remedies often aot epeedily and
certainly, when taken in th early Stages of tbe
rpj'wtaihl atce bi had to
"Broten'l Bronchial Trochei," or Lozenges, let
tbe Cold. Cough, or irritation Of toe A nroat oe
ever so sl'ight, as by this precaution amorese-
, 1 "u Bi u - .;..,. ii. ..,iwt ff
rions attack may be i effectually warded on.
Piihiin Hnnakpra and Binders will find tbem ef
fectual for clearing and strengthening the
voice. See advertisement. . For eale wholesale
.at.il hw Rnhmta & Samuel. No. 94 North
Hi ah street. S. Samuel A Co., No. 85 South
Uigh street.
Gnnn We met one of our friends yesterday
on Broadway, and were astonished at the change
In his appearance. A few weeks ago we saw
bim, he was pale, lean snd dejected; complain-
ing of weakness and debility, having been so
afflicted all summer, now ne appear, vo uo .,
healthy and Strong. We learn be owed his re-
toratlon entirely 10 MCLiIAH DToTiimnu
We advise all wbo are complaining ot uen-
e-ai tvhiikv to trv it: It Is certainly a very
pleasant remedy. We learn tbat there are large
quantities of it selling daily. Afornino Herald
irrrwtnr Lkland' Antl-Rheumatio Band
the only known remedy for Rheumatism, Gout
and neuralgia, ana tne pernicious tucata
MiMiini .nit it la with th greatest satisfaction,
a to IU merits, that we call the attention of our
ro.der to th advertisement in another column
of our paper of tbe Anti-Khenmatio Hand.
262 South High Street,
...... T -i
EE osiery
C&30..C&0. '
ma)21:dlt '
aprSf , -t ii i
ments of Ih aot "To provide for leasing the
Works or the bui.," pasted my Bin, lt-ui, illim
and ALrRED P. 8T0NI. Treasurer ol the Slate
Ohio, hereby aire notice that they will 1st the
Works of Ihs Stale, with their appurtenances, as specifi
ed In the said act, for th. term of ten jears, at
Auction In the Botunda or th. Stale House, tn the city
Oolambas, between the hears of ten o'clock A, M.
four o clock P.M. of the Win day of May, 1R01;
said Public Works eoniitt of the Miami .nd Krle
the Ohio Canal. Ih. Walhonding Canal, the Hocking
so much of th. (audy and. Beaver Canal as is
by the Slate, the Muskingum Improvement, and
Western Heserr. and Maume. Road, and all th
cats, feeders, reservoirs, lock bootee, collectors'
weigh locks, and leases ot surplus water connected
th same or appertaining thereto, and owned by the
for th. parpoe. of being used la oonntctlon therewith,
with th. right to bav. auditions! surplus water.
Bald Public Wort will be let to the person or persons
who, In consideration of Ih toils, fines, water rents
revenues to be derived therefrom, shall bid to pay
highest annual rent theiefor, to be paid In semi
laymenls In ad ranee In each year during the term of
ease. Nobid will be received unless th. person or
sons making the same ahill hare llrat deposited with
Auditor of State, In money or In stocks of th. Btate
Ohio or of the United Staiee.th.eum of twentv thonaand
pari, enter iuio m iDuvumrv of traav ui wm
Works of th. But. of Ohio, if the same shall be
off to him or Ihsm, and also gire bond payable to
Stat, of Ohio lo th sum of two hundred thousand
with Sre or mora sufficient sureties to the satlsfae
tlon of the Governor, Auditor and Treasurer of
and renewable erery two years, or oftener, If tbe
Auditor and Treasurer of Slat, shall think
sureties at any time Insufficient, eondltlonei, in
form, that the said leasee er leseew eh all perform .11
covenants of said leas, on tbelr part to be performed,
and will pay all damages snffered by th. State or by
reason of his or their failure to do so
In default of said leeee. or leeseea entering Into said
of leas., or giving said bond, the deposit so
as aforesaid shall bs absolutely forfeited to and
Ih. property of the Slate. Mo railroad company
can bid, or bs Interested directly or Indirectly, as
or assignee, or other wlie, of the lease.
No old of leu than twenty thousand dollar per
will bs recel,ej. Tbe leae. and bond must be
led and delivered within fit day after th.
and tb term will date from th approval of
Ths lease or lessees shall receive all material
or contracted for by the Bute, and all bonis, now
tools, implements, horses, mules, and Olher property
now belonging to and used by th Stat on said
Works, at their appraised value, and pay therefor as
VI led in said aot.
. A bond and leas In accordance with tha act will
prepared and be ready for elimination at th. office
lue.umioro! etat. pnor to th tn instant, and
bids mad shall be deemed lo have been mad. with
erence to all tb provisions of said aot, and of th.
and conditions of th bond u.d leas so piepsred
W. DENNISON, Governor.
- R.W. TAYLER, Auditor.
' A. P. BTONM, JWaewer.
Columbus, Ohio, May H, 1801. mayl3:dtd..
NEW IIOOP8K.IUT. ,( ' , .
: No. 89, SOUTH HldO. SIKIIT.
ITav last reoelved new make of HOOP IEIKT8
finished In manner fas superior to any yet Introduced
for - -
ghS3 - .v "T "; -. t
Red, White and Blue ,
1 Jtut opened by ...
' 14 l.
i -. I n -i) '! I ;:r'.
dais run,
J(S. 39 South High streSt-1
aid. on receipt of two stamps, by ur.ciiAB. J.vj .
KMNB. 1'27 Bowery. Hew York, tfosi uuioe box. b
4.5B8. ' -
ainuSi aun w amnar. nriHD OV Bf KUMATOREtUKA
or Seminal Weaknesi, Bexual Debility, N.rvoutne.., In
,nri..u. In a nlalfl enTeiODfl. W BUT WUl.P,w.
nairt. m.lm nf two .tamps, by Dr. CI1AS. S.
.'' all cms of oostlvenesa, dyspepsia, Wllloa. and llvei
affections, piles, rheumatism, fevers and agues, om
head aehee, and all ien.r.1 derangement of health
Pills have Invariably proved aoerUUn and speedy
remeay. a singi. in.i wiu ptaoe us uu. Bej
inereacnoioompetmon in me eeumauon ui owy f ,
I tient. .- ...
Dr. Moffat's Phoenix Bitters will bs found equally ei
Scaolons In alloaae. of nerroni debility, dyroepeia, heed
ache, ths sickness Incident to females Indelicate health,
and svery kind of weakness of th. digestive organs.
for sal. by Dr. W.B. MOPI.T.SM, Broadway, a.
and by all Druggist. may99-4wlr
Tha following li an extract from a
letter written by the Bev. J. B. Holms, raster ol ths
Pl.rrepoint-Btre.1 Baptist -unm , .rooaiy-.-..o
the "Journal and M.engr,''OlnolnBaH,0.,.ndks
volnmes in favor of that worM-renowned medlotne, Mas.
Wnuww's Sootwiw Braor roa Cmumw TeOTBuwi
"Weseean advertUment la jonr eolumn. of afa.
fowl wompelled tony to your readers that this la no bum
bug w. nav. raian it, Ann xow ir m n
1 1. one oi me neat, aou iuw.
babies can't do better than
olhu. It i probably on. er
cloea of the day. becauae it la
of yoBrreader,wholuiT,
lay lna supply."
i To consumptive
Th. Advertiser, having been restored to health In a few
weeks by every simple remedy, after having uttered sev
eral years with a severs lung affeotton, snd that dread
diet ate. Consumption is anxious to make known to his
I fellow-sufferers th. means of ear..
Toallwho desire It, be will send a copy of thepresorij-
tlon uied (free of charge), with th directions for prepsr-
mg andnsing the same, which tbsy will find a soai Ota
for comtJ.mox, I Asthma. BaoHCHrrm, to. Ih only
ODjectof th. advertiser In sending tn. rreecnption is to
ntU th. amleted, and spread inform.tioa whleh heeoa-
to i,!,, and h. hope every .offerer will
try his remedy, as It will coat them nothing, and may
prove a blessing.
Parties wishing the preemption will please address
1 Wllllamsbnrgh,
'' Kings County, New York.
, I
from ths New ork Observer.
AS all parties Danafactiirlrg 8ewln Machines are ob
Urnt in n.t M r. llowa . licenM an each machine sold,
and art a so compallad to make return, to him, ondar .
oath, as to ths number sold, his boots giv. . correct iiaur
ment. From this reliable sonre we bars obtained th.
following statlitics. Of the machines mad. in th jear
19, then were sold,
Ft Wheeler c Wilson Bl.SM '
I. M. ginger Sr. Oo 10.9SJ
" Grover fc Baker 100
Showing th sales of Wheeler It Wilson to k dovlU
those of any other Company."
. Awarded th. highest premlam-l th
United Slates fairs of 1856, 1819 and 1800;
also at the
Ohio Slat. fair, of lf9 and 18M
airaat atari, all th Count, fairs la to Stat.
An. nrtma. at Ih. lata red notion, art at lent at any
lock ttic machine now aold. aod bat til, higher than
th. intei lor fwo Uireaa CAata arte mowiw, now
forced nnon th. market.
Th. WBIILia t WILSON MACHTK1 sake the
Locc Btich the oolyone which cannot be rareled. It
la Sliii oa Both ginnof th. goods, leaving wo rdg or
ehatnon.0 ftndtr tidt. , . ,
Ml macAttui icaranua ' ytart, una tnairwion
given In their dm, fre. of ehan.
II. CHARY, 81 High St., Oolambas, 0.
WH. bUMNBR at CO.,
dec3-2awd3msiir6m Pike's Opera Boom. Cincinnati.
The Celebrated Horse, Cruiser,
Knirl.nil.hr JOHN S. KlREY. will stand this sea
son at the farm of Wm. II. Rait y, Groveport, Ohio.
Cruiser is of tbe celebrated veouoo atooa or sngiana,
and was aired bv old Venison, the winner of the Uerbj
race In 1813. venison proved himself th. stoutest hors.
of his Say, having traveled en foot In on. fear, wlnn
only thrt. years old, nine hundred Biles, and run (oar-
teen noes, and on twelve.
Orolaer was bred bv Lord Dorcheeter In 1838: sired bv
Venison by Partisan, by Walton, out of Parasol ty Pola-
tees, son of Eclipse. Ornlaer's dam waa Bed Rover, by
Tramp, ontof Syntaxina. slater to Syntax, sin of Bew
wlng. tb. dam of New Minster, th. most valuable Stallion
now in angiana, ana sianasaimiy guinea iu;, .
Tormsto Orulaon
ThoronihVred marss. One Hundred Dollars. A liber-
I al arrangement will be made with farmers of th neigh
borhood wmiine v pui common orea mar...
- llr Hares irom a aistasca will oe taken care or.
may 4 dfcwSt
entire new stock of Goods in my line, just parch,
ased In New York at th. cheapest panic ratee.all of whleh
I shall sell at the smallest profits, for Cash. My custom
ers and frltnda arc respectfully Invited to call and exam
ine my Ooods and Prices, as I am determined lo sell as
cheap or cheaper than any other hone. In the city; and
as I do my own Cutting, and superintend my own busi
ness, I feel aainred.from my long experience in cosi
ness, to fir. general satisfaction. Th. finest of work
men are employed, and all work don. strictly to tiro, and
on short nolle, and warranted to fit. Strangers vlsltio
our city would consult their interest by living me a ell,,
before purchasing elsewhere. . R081C, ,
Merchant Tailor,
marchSfl-dly Cor. Dish and Town sts.
Public I
tor, of
nal, owned
BiaiUOlldl II SilVcT WttTdlll
ruuiio I
lars, Bute,
nor, th.
dividuals,!) aod
denture mad.
oom lessee
num ex
ecu let
ting, th
ded Pablle
and Silver Watches, tn great variety.
I am Agent for the Amaioaa Watch 0 , and can
fell these excellent Watches at manufacturer' piloee,
either Wholesale or Retail.
Come and choose from my beeattfnl display of Dia
monds snd other rich Jewelry. Style, new prices low, :
As to Bllver War. of sterling gualhy, I can show new '
patterns, very handsome - - 1
silver f la tea war., Tea petts, urns, nailers, castor,
Baskets, Pitchers, Goblets, Knives, Forks, Spoons, 4(0. '
' Then I have supply of fin Tabl. Ontlnry, Pocket
Knives, Rasors, Ac, and many Fancy Ooods each
are desired ror present at sac price, as are an Inducer
meni to th. purchaser, WM. BXYMN,
No, 10 Buckeye Block, I
marSl North sid Stat Hones sqaar.
designs, at 11.00 per 1.000. ... ,.. , .. ..
; irwioir uttib lira hoti run; i ' -
at half th prtc ohsrged by small dealer. ';,
EHEAD QUARTERS No. 75 Sonlh High street.,
mbus, May 6, 1801. ' J.H.HILEY.
t. ...
U UOUUS, . ..
.., i- i n j a
( noraiuiaiii .mwu ran,. . , - . n ,i
1 " M Byrow and Oarrota Oollii.-
' r M 1 .' I tl BmkMlJJ D II l..ut.l ..
..wu.v. win, .wav, aiuutnHwi' " -
! Paris Kid Gloves superior make. , . j . ; ' - ' -
' Oolden Uill Shirts, various styles. ' ' ' ' 4
! Boys' Golden Hill Shirts, do - -
Driving and street W lores, do -
Hemmed Pocket Handkerchiefs, various style. , i
Half Hose iwd Under Garment, u . . k
apt IIS No. South High street.
THE demand has bsen great fora relUble map, ermspf
f Our Country, glrln all a - i ... .. '
and defsnMS of our army and fhos pf th rebel. Thts
art so on rate, and vrybody shoul have en.
PRICK 82 cents. ' Sent by ssall on receipt of that
A liberal discount to Dealers. r
tv.. an tnat th. kind f dBunH. and most lrJIer f
j-ii- ik tines. " " ' JJ "' RIND1LL m. ASTON, v
...... r-r i
mayrijaif 41,1 .9 l-i-j

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