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V' nCTf -T VV
i i i j
The Adams Express Company plaoea ua dally
obligations to It for the mj Meat; papers
from ths fasten cities. 3 E f - 1 . f.
The American ExjJreeS Company haa our
thaukifor Ua dally farota In the shape of the
very latest eastern papers.
ETTbe ladlea of this city are hereby notified,
that there will be a meeting at the house of
Mra. W- Dcnmsow, on Thursday afternoon,
at 3 o'olook, for (he purpose of making arrange
menta to . supply the inmatea of the Hospital
with suoh comfort and oonrenlencaa aa the
Government does not iurnlah. .Also, to make
caps or Harelooks for the soldiers in the field
The funds that remain In the treasury will
be devoted to this purpose, ss the; are not at
present required for the equipment of, Coram
bus soldlors.
The ladles of the Relief Association are de
sirous that the public should understand that
they are still an organized body, and will con-
tlnnn in ha an u lonff aa thaif arrvlcei ara rt -
. mu 1.1 .1....... .k.ttr.1. u..
luirvu. 1 UCJ wuum kadu bmkf, auaki iuvrv umm
been any feeling about the invitation not being
gtnttal, that It was entirely from misunder
standing. , All ladles, of any denomination,
who are possessed with a spirit of patriotism,
and disposed to serve their country, are earnest'
ly and cordially Invited to nnlte with us in our
efforts; and to be present at the meeting on
Thursday, when a regular system for the duties
of the Summer will be established.
' ' By order of the President.
I '
P. SULLIVANT, Secretary.
WEDNESDAY, May 22, 1861.
Haw-Book cv thiMiutaat Soaoioi.; Being
a compendium of the duties of the" Medical offl-
-f . vf -
i .1 pi.i . n r . I
H1" management oi
w vamp, euv r rcuarr.tiun y; toou, tw , wiia
Forma for the Requisition for Supplies, Returns,
etajthe DiagnosH and Treatme.U of Camp
Dysentery, and all the important points in War
Surgery; Including Gun-shot Wounds, Amputa-
' vud, nuuuiucu, anenn
and Head, and (.the; use of Chloroform.. TBy
VBMi O. 1KIFLEB. A. IU.. m. U' oQTBQQTl Unl. I
D., F. R. M.S.. Professor of Surgery fa the I
- v.v.w. vi ui.vft.MiHi,
Medical College of Ohio, Surgeon to the Com-1
meroial Hospital, St. John's Hospital, etd.,Cfa.
cinnatt. KoacaT Clash Ax Co., Publishers, No.
55 West Fourth street,-, Price $1. Forsale by I
J. H.Rair. Columbus;' " " - ' "
fort, fa the title copied above It is a volume
Of over 160 pages, clearly yet closely printed
.ndsubaUntiUj'boui.'V t'othemedlcalofflcer
In the camp or the field, a cade meam tike this
must be not only valuable, but Indispensable,
Moving; of Taoors Tno Fourteenth Regi-
ment, (Col. Stiisman's.) and two Companies I
besides, anirod at this point at half past aix
last Tninff. anil havlnir ftwlvwl thai Irn.n- I
B o r
acka and anlforms, were marched to the Ar
senal and received their arms.-The Fourteenth
Regiment were to leave this morning on tbe
Central Road for Marietta, and the two Com
panies that arrived here with them were also
to leave laat night or this morning on the C. k
X. Road for some other point' on or near tbe
Ohio river. '' '.
According to the regolarassignment made
tome time since, the Fourteenth Regiment con
sists of the following Companies: : '-" .
Company 'ALucas county, Capt. Kingsbury.
B- V ,. i-; V ,,. Capt. Blessing.
" C Defiance, Capt. Sprague.
" . P William, Capt." Bradley.
. . ,E Henry, Capt. Crawford.
"7 , F Paulding, Capt. Soooks.
' ' G ralton,Capt. Barkor.
' i; H-Lucm, Capt Kirk.
I Capt.Dodd. :
. " , K-Williams, Capt. Fisher.
FaxsiNci or Mtno. This, says the Edin
burgh Reeirw, was the name bestowed on . late
dignitary of the Church, in consequenoe of.
tory told of him by himself. "A friend," be
Bsed to elate, 'invited me to go out with him
' on the water; ' -The sky was threatening, and I
declined. At length he succeeded In persuading
aae, end we embarked. Afcquall came on, the
boat lurohed, and my friend fell overboard.
Twice he aaok, and twice he rose to the sur
face. , He placed bla handa on the prow and en
doavorod to climb In, , vTbere was great appre
hension lest he should upset the boat. Provi
dentially I had brought my umbrella with me.
Ikad the yretoie omiaa' to strike him two or
three hard blowa over the knuckles. He let go
his hojd. and sank. , The boat righted Itself, and
we were saved."'' Such "presence 'of mind" Is
happily by no means Universal- "
Suioidi or aw Aar Sobojcon. Dr. Wiluam
Kaouji, of Cincinnati,' recently appointed Sur
geon In theFrat German Regiment, now' at
C.mp Dennlson, committed suiolde on last
Monday evening, by taking poison, while in .
temporary fit of Insanity . - He was bat twenty.
eight ysara, o? ag; and unmarried. Hewa a
man of oulture, speaking five or six languages
with fluency, and surrounded with all the COOIr
forte 'of life. Yet he waa Subject to- gloomy
forebodings which embittered the cup of life. ' "
1 I
- - - ,
CT In a. affray In . pnblie house at Pleasant
. . .
Ridge, about a mile east ofjhc city, on Toes-
day evening last, a man by the tame of Baoww,
K.lnfrlh tA TTfnU1: TTntnn Ahnn(.w.a hhnt I
la the teed bj a mat named PaiutBR. : The
ball has not been extracted, and the wound may
prove fatal. PiaxtK nee" been 'arrested and
commuted dh the charge 6rsh'ooirD,f trUli Intent
to murder.
l ftUC"-"
tjftiiq min'weri:eAte(d'ajf, Ueta)Ied, 'ftpvx
the 8tatetmta-RrglmeBtT(Col.:IaTiwa'rja
Camp Jackamr, to praoeed to SeUalri to m.ke.
- arrangeaielrts for ths reception bf htt Regi
ment at that polnl, ., The letachment WMJo
... - w -T ' -
leave tbie morning. The Regiment, It Is expect
. ed, will follow 14 . few days, ' ;- ' : ' ' " '
CT We are nnde obligations to J. It. Rim
for. copy of "United States Infantry Tactlce"
a book adopted 1) the War Department, May
1, 18G. i ItemoraeciitlvefToYor Infantry
of tht'Iine, tight Infantry wa.RikemeaJ Inclu
ding U r tlolei Of War, and' b dlrtlbn.fy f
mUlu terms; The price only $lt''
M-'l'ili' lull lill III. HI I ill-, J.I), t;
Ct Col.', lata Major,' Aiioiaaon haa accepted,
n Invitation to" visit FiAktroiT, Ky c The in-
TlUtioi was tendered "by thf ' Unldtt' Commit
tees of the" two" Houses of the Kentucky Legii
lature, and 1y 4 Committee1 of tha Home
Guards of Frankfort, ' ri ' 9
-t 'ill ii in i'ii 1 1 hi i i in i .
,- ll: ,Vf
tT' Tha Alliance JWs haa ohanged adttora
Ita lata editor tiwa.t G.MoKt telng ne
' oaeded by Gw: WV Biixow.' late of ft Carroll
Jacreiv. 6ur beet wishes attend both tba oui-
foI M4 ta-oooIPtr ttiiWr.
CT The contract for the supply of previsions
oounty, at Athens, Ath.nl county, and
" -- '
iu vui.f rvAansB, on iuoouay ions, acu
a magnificent flounder to Capt. Mcse's Corn
under ptnT( a( c4mp Goddard. On Tuesday, it served
the whole Company lore, dinner.
m 1--. ft
D3T The number of troops enoamped at Zines-
vllle, In Camp Goddard, Is 2,200. - )',
Rail Road Time Table.
Cincinnati Aooommodatlon. 5 00 A. u. - :OJ P. M.
annas 11:50 a. M. , 11:03 a. M
Mill Accommodation 1:30 P. M. 8 US P.
J no. W. DOHlITt, Agent
Cot-tJMIOl ic OtSVtUMO B. B. I
Night Inten 3:40 A. U. . 11:45 P. M.
new xorg Express u:iUA. AI. .11:10 A. H
Hall and Accommodation.. 3:20 P. H. 9:10 P. M,
Jun rarrntoa, Agent
OditbalOmo B. B.
No. 1 Express
No. S do
3:30 A. M. 11:38 A. V.
11:18 A. M- 11-45 p. H.
No. I do
3:10 P. M. 4:50 A. M
W. J. Vox, Agent.
.Pirnioaaa, Coujhics fc OmounuTi B. B.
Mall Train 3 30 A. M. 11:38 A. M,
Express Train 11:18 A.M. 11:45 P. It
Jot. KoaimoM, Agent.
OoLOKiog Sc Irdunomln. B. B
OoLOMios P10.D4 IkdumaB
No. 1 Express 8:30 A.
No. 8 " 3:00 P.
1:50 P, M.
8:40 P. M.
10:50 A. M.
Rbcvhatiim. To any who bave been afflicted
with this miUAi. therm .HW nfth. .w.l
heading will call to mind the remembrance of
the moat exorucfetlng pain and prolonged agony,
The Joints swelled, stiff and unyielding, each
turn of the body accompanied by a shock that
would induce thebellef that every bone In the
nnman anatomw mtut ahnnt in hm ri.alnj.af.iii
two to tbree bottles ot "Kennedy's Medi-
Discovery" will cure the worst case of Rbeu-
metiem. We would refer to the cure of J. Ma.
Mimhl, IPmft . .n.nnnl h Vil a .tfttAM . t .
"CI" ZZS T " .?
nuu nHvuicu ei uit ego vi uiij-ure jetn ai'i
an Illness of a quarter of a eentury, and an
expeng0 of ,ome t5 000 , TM,onJ
.TM.na Pn. ha .... nf hnm.. It I... . ,
j '
I .
.. ...
8amaaijlla. Tbla troploalrooe haa a repu.
tatlon wide as the world, for curing one class of
disorder, that afflict mankind-, reputation too
wnicn it oeserves si to e best antidote we pos-1
forcrofulous complaints. But to be broneht
tlflA. It si virttiAsi mnat h. Mnfina.n.. A f A I
v..... .... . '
iuuiuuiuou wiLa olh er uiruiciiips maL lnrraaiiA
nower. Some reliable eomnonnd nf thia
character Is much needed in the community.
Read the Advertisement of Dr. Avaa'aSaraan
arllla In our columns, and we know it miia nn
encomium from us to givy oar citizens confidence
lawbatheoSen.-0owit. fwreeaaf. W.'V.
-mm- - I
u"-ot Douglas, nor Breck-
inride nor Ten ' 01d Ab. bu
Dietetic Saleratus, that In Its own department
M ...
possesses more strengin ana purity tban .11 oi
an , ,
tucui. au vvuer aiuus a,ro pigmies to 11.' Ut-1
....UIUBH,u ftjMtei,, new aura. Dom
grooers everywhere,
Dispatches from Washington.
[Tribune's Dispatch.]
Washinoton, May 21. The rumor of a
demonstration at Harper's Ferry, or elsewhere
in Virginia, on or after the vote of Thursday, la
uniounaea. no importance is attacned to tbe
eleotion. It ia a foregone conclusion. .
Two brothers. . New York lawyer and . Boa-
ton banker, went on .pleasure trio to Aiexaa
drla to day, not disguiaing their sentiments
or residence. , They were politely reoeived by
tne oanxer'a correspondent, wno eaia 4,uuu or
5,000 Inhabitants have left since tbe troubles.
It is a deserted village. Six companies, possi
bly 500 men, armed with Minie rifles, were the
only troops seen. They wcre mostly boys.
aaeir umiurms aro uiucu nat) gars. '
A South Carolina secessionist receutlv from
Vlrclnia, by the way of Harper's Ferry, reports
50,000 troops, insufficiently armed, distributed
at various points, w itn . view to influence tbe
election en Thursday. The Virginians estimate
the number at 80,000. From what he observed.
he believes ttie tbe Intention to transfer tbe
battle ground to Pennsylvania, moving from
Harpers ferry, wklcn is now strongly fortified
from .11 sides.
Mr. Bailey, member of Congress elect from
tbe Worcester (Mass.,) district, haa arrived
from Enterprise, Florida,, where he apent tbe
spring mostly, on aocount of his health.- He
came via savannah, Naabvilie and Louisville.
He waa advised that It was Impossible to come
through Virginia, having met two men turned
back thence. His party consisted of thirty,
Including six northern schoolmasters, other in
valids, and two army Lieutenants. The latter
were threatened by a Savannah mob, who were
appeased by a West Point olassmate, a Lieuten
ant In the Confederate army, and a formal ar
rest bv the Mayor, who advised thier immediate
departure. At Atlanta, hie. baggage waa
eearcnea ny a committee ot tne crowd, upeoiai
attention was paid to the . schoolmasters by the
troops. Attorwaro, me party divided, no
passes were required. He bad no trouble in
Florida or on thejourney. ' His Invalidism was
his protection. . '." j, , .
Mr.. Barclay reports soldiers everywhere in
motion towards Virginia, well disciplined, armed
and 'equipped. At Chattarooga, there were from
20.000 to 30,000. He heard no Unian talk tiU
be reached Kentucky. ' '-
Mr. Walbridge baa been recalled here to'gtve
Important topographical information." He spent
muob time la tbe, Carolines, Kentuoky. .Ten
nessee and Virginia? and is familllar with the
oouplry. Hit Information relating to tbe Inte
rior indicates that the operations of the cam
paign are not to be confined to the seaboard ,, ,'
Gov. Letcher has Issued proclamation re
questing soldiers to vote to morraW) In order to
carry the secession ratification beyond all ques-
10Ul ," uu' "'"'"t " ""V -V ,
tors will be compelled .to pubbo.lf.e declaie
elr "l d h;' lf ln Uyot,,ot, ,th? Unln'
they will be straightway compelled to l?ave the
state. The Union men are uncertain-' how to
act iu thia dilemma. It Is aJao declared Hhiat
travel Into and through Virginia will be vrohib
iTV.. ,eP' y peclal permltof
Ban calling himself Capt. Beeoher ; was
.nested aa a spy yesterdsyatternooni 'in the
eamp of the New York brigade and, held for
r . ,t, .-i
[Herald's dispatch.]
It appears that, more than a month- eso, our
Government gate notice to tbe powere-of Eu
rope wno wok pari in tne raria congress in
1856, that they were willing to accept the code
they adopted at tnat period; wuotv declared
Prl,Ta'ee'lDg t0b,PlrM'
I ..til tha amnlpat aaam
srlvateerins to be piracy. uovernment nas re
eelved the amplest assurance from Austria that
aha will have little to dd with the rebels what
ever, whiut Prussia has not hesitated to manl
feat ln plain terms Her unequivqoat eympatny
th An, nnnnirv.
The Seoreury or state naa given notice to
Mexloo and otherlStatee that the MdnrOe doctrine
will be carried oat witn ail tne energy and re
sources of the Government, and that nothing in
tha shape ot foreign Intervention will be tolerat-
euor BUDuiiiuni mi ivr aiugiv uuur.
Mexico has been assured, in tne most positive
language, that she can-depend on -the active
support ot this 'Country, should any European
power atumot to violate her soil. :,
A waralng haa been given to Spain that if ahe
venture v accept tne aruul proller oi vqnunie
ca. ahe will do it at her nerlL ii . .jr '. tir.'i
'the ruemen Zmave were Sworn ln for the
war thl ;.e,vrihg, i?y,Brlgadler General Mo:
DowalL I "
Col. Ellswortls MOafrnd. ordori" AaAna"&
to station a guard bf 1,000-'men a polot
rami wrrww mticw oeiuw aim camp; I I Sjltaqair
eu UDjowr immwiiatoi v went aown.
mandafiha Calonal llmaalf. l.h ..n.
two dava. A desert fwBAle
tat.. 'rr iLi. .,
the Zouave camp toll afternoon. He f eve
anything but a favorable aocount of the condition
of the rebel foreea.
[World's Correspondence.]
Letters reoelvtd here to-day from Senator
Johnson, of Tennessee, state that he eootinues
canvassing the Bute, and is firm in the belief
[Times' Correspondence.]
Postage in the Southern Confederacy, after
tbealsl install, wm net r or letters less tban
S.OOO miles, 5 cental greater distances. 10 cents:
weekly papers. au cents per years dailies, 13,50
per yearj if punusnea outside tne uontederate
States, tne postage win do aouoie.
[Special Dispatch of the Post.]
Efforts are being made to keep the New York
Seventh. Keglment tbree montba longer in aer
Monroe Harris lost the nomination in the 3d
Congressional District of Maryland, beoauae be
would not pledge bimseit to tne unconditional
- nf tha Oovarament
[Special to Express.]
There are now 33 atroos: reirlments under
arms here, Including two ot regulars.
Gen. Scott wants bU.UUU men along tne banks
of the Ohio and Mississippi, wbiob preoludea the
Idea that any very large lorca is coming upon
Harper's terry from tbe west, at present.
The eoveroment don't seem to care much
about that point. The 3d regiment of regulars,
In Minnesota, ten companies aragoons, a;
tillcrv and infantry. In Utah, and tbe 6th and
7th regiments of infantry, In New Mexloo, and
part of the lUtn regiment, are also all ordered
here.' Minnesota will be guarded by the 1st
reeiment Minn, volunteers, and New Mexico
two regiments of volunteers raised by the
government. , -
WasHiMOTon, May 32. The Navy Denart
ment baa adopted a new and secret system of
sienals for the use of vessels in the service.
The State Department will not furnish nasa
"IMns.0I.fe."a l"e8' unie" tbey
j, 1( ,eliablyacertained 'that Spain denies
that the revolution In San Domtneo was In con
qnenoe of her orders, or with tbe knowledge
5-" ' "1 K! ui ISSll
Il..a j e
Foreign Ministers at Washington are gratified
witn tne imposing demonstrations of tbe loval
of the people for the Union.
All tha Minlaters wrra nrpaent at a nnontinn
a . . C 1 I . , .
".v"'. n-V-TTlfi rt...
ftim h.i; v.t.i.i.u,i.iii m.iti,,
this week.
proposals tor ouuuing macninery lor screw gun
boats. Parties who propose apDlyins for the con
traot will address the Chief of the Construction
Bureau, wbo will furnish them complete specif!
cations. :
Gentlemen lust from Mt. Vernon report Wash.
? m nnaeeemea.
EnXt Z gVaicfng SefeTeJ
unanimous vote ot eeceision. One hundred
un wcre flrdInthe celebration of the eev
"MWW w uu.vH w.ta su Buuimvuiu ion
A dispatch to the aamo cauer from Norfolk
nearly 3,000 troops were concentrated at
Sewall's Point, on tbe 19tb, but the Yankee
mercenaries did not return.
A steamer left Portsmouth, under a flag of
fn iha Frtirai fle.t. fr rM P,in.
womea nd children desirous of joining
their Northern friends. .1
wnpn aeuu il vviuuiMMuwa S W IIIO A 0 V T A (Sj(Uf
'.ant M nnfae Aimmanrlaa . tha IU . V m mA
PAnitfU thA rVi rintl nliri harllv liai ma rvAri jiv at w
Washington reporter: This is news here )
Saturday's Charleston, Courier reports tbe ar-
"" ceoio.
The men.of.war had net been seen
Tk. Ti,.. w... t m vi.
arrived at Wilmington, Worth Carolina.
From St. Louis—Proclamation of Gen. Harney,
From St. Louis—Proclamation of Gen. Harney, &c.
St. Loois.May 23. In connection with the
negotiations concluded yesterday between Geo.
Harney and Gen. Price, a synopsis of which was
telegraphed laat night. Gen. Harney publishes
this morning the following address :
feovtf tfiMoari i I take great pleasure in
submitting to yon the following paper, eiened bv
uen. rrice, commanumg tne;ioroee,oi tue state,
and mjBelf, on tbe part ot tbe Uovernment ot
tbe United States. It will be eeen that tbe unit
ed foroee of both governmenta are pledged to
tne maintenance of tbe peace of tne St a to, and
tbe defense of tbe rights and property ot all per
sons, without diatinoiion ot party, i bis pledge,
wbioh both psrties are fully authorized and em.
powered to give by tbe governments which they
represent, will be by both most religiously and
sacredly kept; and lf necessary, to put down evil
disposed persons, tbe military powers of both
governments will be called out to enforce tbe
terms of the honorable and amicable agreement
wbicb bas been made. . I therefore call upon all
persona ia thia State to observe good order and
respect the rights of their feliow-cltizens, and
give them the assurance of protection and secu
Brigadier General Commandidg.
It ia understood that Gen. Price will disband
all. the State forces, and take prompt and ef
fective measuree to Insure full protection to all
olasses of citizens. All complaints of violence
or oppression are hereafter to be made to him,
and if ho falls to afford the necessary, relief,1
the United 8 la tea forces will be used.
The Democrat announces editorially that no
attempt will be made to divert the July interest
of the fund from its legitimate course.
Un account of advanoed ace and lourm neaitn,
Col. O'Falloo baa declined the Colonelcy of a
Volunteer Regiment, tendered bim a few days
" " . ..'',..,.
From New York.
Nxw Yoax, May 22 Tbe Union Defence
Committee of this city have given orders for the
manufacture ot sixteen James' rilled cannon, to
be aent to Fort Pickens.
A letter to the Herd, dated steamer Mt.
Vernon, 30th, says the ateamer Baltimore got
aground last night at tbe mouth of tbe Potomac.
A propeller, witn Heavy guns ana run or men.at-
tacked her there, and out of . squad of twenty
on' I beard the Baltimore, four were killed,
five mortally wounded, and three slightly. Tbe
rebels fired grape and cannieter, and had 100
eu.' ':; -'- . .
Lieutenant West, ot the Baltimore, says he
will not come np tbe river without that propel
ler.: !- 1" VX " ' " - '
Seven boxes, containing papers snd baggage
belonging to General Lee, were seized to-day,
en route, via this city, from Texas to Virginia. .
A quantity of contraband goods, shipped by
the New Haven Arms company, to Baltimore,
fere seized to day. - i
frize Commlssionera will be appointed to
morrow by the Un Itcd States Ctrcuit Court, to
dispose of all cases of seizure of vessels. ,
Business at Chicago.
Cricaoo, May S3 The currency question Is
still unsettled. The greatest confusion prevails
in buainess circles. It is understood there is a
prospect of an amicable arrangement belog
made oy tne Danaere to ment.
From all parte of the State we hear of depres
sion in trade of ail kinds, iq consequence or tbe
disordered condition ot tbe currency. ' In some
Mcalitiee, farmers entirely refuse to sell grain,
unless paid in specie or exoaange. , , -r -
tri.. urkUft-i.. ..j r.
yl 934 for beat currency: corn quiet.) Receipts:
39,000 bblS. flour i 3T.0UU bushels wheat ; 87.0UU
bushels corn. . 8blpmenta; 19,000 bblsi"flonr;
43.U0U bushel, wheeti W,000 bushels corn.
CHAiiBia(B0"t May 81. It.lt believed here
brthemlUUryatttoorltiee that the Hhepirds
towa aad WiUiamsport movements are feiuts., ,
Toe mala movsmeot from Harper's Ferry oh
aoathard Penosjlvaoia will be made at soon as
offensive ojreratlosi begin from Washington on
the Booth, or at Norfolk, along the country road
leadlnar from .Haroer's Ferry aloott Pleasant
Valley, leading through Rohreevllle.Hooleeboto
and Waynesboro. . k , '.;
. 1 deem this opinion correct, as the uonreder-
ate leaders desire to avoid operations offensive
to tne people of Maryland. '.':- v -.
This It the shortest known road Into Penney!
yanla from Ilarpsr'a Farry. ; ,
mmm i iW ,1 : LlltM'
AmndlDf thl Constitution of stsssaoTinseV;
' Boston, May 21. The resolution amandins
the Constitution, allowing naturalised foreign
er! tbe right oi sunrage litt year's residence
ln the State, tas paaaea potn lionscs
wnar'MraJ4a.ntfji hh hmtrfl ltt Riafl rMt rm nrtha hnwa -
11 Hirwtfiai. bihv au.vmamairMiaj .nntar ai
I . .. rr a .. .. .. ..
vl'XlVV." Ttf.tiii i...ii v.. 17
I I " "w V. " w '
I , SewaU's Feint.
The Habeas Corpus Case of Capt. McDonald, at
The Habeas Corpus Case of Capt. McDonald, at St. Louis.
St. Loots, May xi.J ne Habeas corpus cue
or uapt. McJJonaia was reaumea w oaj, berore
Judga-Traat, lnuthe 'United .Statea Diatrict
Court. . . t v.i ' . ; ' . (,
The cue was abl v armed bv District Attorney
nmitiney lorpeuuinieT.--
1 ne ground tbat tbe Uflliea ocaus Aliorney
took wss, that tbe petition aet forth that the pe
tltioner had been arrested by military authori
ties. He cited nrecedenta that tbe Court had no
jurladiotion In tbe manor, aa military autnori-
ties in time of war or rebellion naa tne ngnt
and nower to arrest any nerson in. arms against
.v. r.j..l . i.. .
tua imicrai kutciuuicuh iui uu utu
Wright and Davis replied In support of their
prupouiliou, (Dae iui u. a. yinnvi uiuii naa
r.f .l.. .i-- tt a ri.ft.t. r. . i
Dower to execute this writ, mat it was the
greatest protection of a free man In case of legal
arrests, and under no oiroumatanoea could it be
uenieowa orisoner. many auvnonwes were
j . ... . .i ...
quoted, Of which the Judge took notes, and Stat
ed that he would carefully consider the matter
and give bla decision probably to-morrow.
ureat Interest la felt in tne result.
. i
I .
I '
From Cairo.
Calio, May 22 Three 32 pounders arrived
thia evening. . Carriages are expected to mor -
row. ' y : ..... . ..,.. .1
The work offortlfvlng Claro, oommenctd to.
day, will be vigorously prosecuted. '
Uen. rillow S proclamation, pro&lbltioe all
boats passing Memphis northward, took iffoct
southern pasnengera by rail report Intense
excitement at Memphis and other river towns.
It is renorted that aome three hundred volun.
teers, with one thousand muskets and six field
pieces, left Pcducab yesterday for Camp Cheat
am, near tbe Kentucky and Tennessee line: ul
timate destination, Jackson, Tenn., where
Southern troops are concentrating In large num
bers. '
The Excitement at St. Joseph.
Sr. JoitrH, May 23. This afternoon the
stnrs and stripes were hoisted over the Post-
office. Soon an excited crowd proceeded to tbe
office, cut the pole down, tore tbe flig to pieces,
threw the pole in the river, and raised the State
nag instead.
Tbe latter, however, wag ordered down by the
leaner oi me crow a, mat removed tbe atari and
stripes. Home threats were made then against
tne rostmaatcr, nut. no attemnt at execution
were maue.
Tbe crowd then proceeded to Turner's Hall.
Over which the American flag was waving I
ilir'!!r.liLdlWn' Which complied wifh
without resistance.
Tbe assembly soon afterwards dlnneraod. Nn
acts of violence were oommitted. Considerable
excitement waa rife, but comparative auiet ia
gain restored. ,
The Indiana Volunteers.
Indian AroLis. May S3. Gov. Morton haa marl
the following military appointments: forthelatb
ttegiment, now encamped at Terre mute Na
tban Kimball, Colonel: I. K. Mahon. Lieutenant
Colonel; Wm. Harrow, Major. 15th Regiment,
encamped at Lafayette Hon. . D Wimm.
Colonel; Richard Owen, Lieu tenant Colonel ;G.
.r ....
a. vTooa, msior.
Tbe Seventh and Eiehth Reeiments.
at tbis Place, will ba ordered to anma nnint
the Obio river ln a few days.
Tbe Eighth Regiment was presented this of
terooon with regimental and national flags, by
the ladlea of Indianapolis and Terre Haute.
Tbe Quarter-Master General has made eon
tracts for furnishing the entire State troops with
uniforms, blankets and equipments-
From Kansas.
LiaviNwoaTH, May 22. Intelligence from
various sources shows that a number of Union
ists have been driven from the border counties
Missouri, and taken refuge In south-eastern
Kansas. Some of them ebow evident severe
treatment. .
Three Reeiments of United States volunteers
from Kansas are being formed In tbla city and
Lawrence aa fast as possible. '
Lars mo now running between St. Joseph and
Weston, Missouri, 7 miles from here, placing
this within one day'a travel of tbelMississiDni
river. ' - .- -: ,
' ' T at'
From Western Virginia.
Whkunq, May 22. Advices received yes
terday and to-day state positively that Virginia
troops are now in the neighborhood of Grafton,
evidently with the design of intimidating Union
men ln voting on the ordinanoe of seceasion to
morrow. - - : - r .
Eleven companies of Uolted blatea troops are
now encamped on the Fair Ground. ' '
B. t . Kelley, or Philadelphia, was to-day
unanimously eleoted Colonel of the 1st Vir
glnla Regiment, and reviewed the troops this
evening, when tbey were addressed bv tbe Hon.
Jno. 8. Carlile. '
Important Proceedings of the Kentucky Legislature.
uiature. . .
FaanxroaT, Ky.l May 92. The House bill to
arm Kentucky was rejected yeas 43, nays 42;
tbe Constitution requiring 61 1 votes to appropri
ate over one nunored thousand dollars. . - u
A resolution that the Governor's proclamation
of tbe 30th. instant contains tbe true position
that Kentucky should occupy durine the strife
between the United and Confederate States, was
rejected. . i " r ' i '.
An act amending tbe State militia law.bv
wbioh tbe State Guard are required to swear to
support ths Constitutions of the United States
Kentucky, passed yeas 49, nays 33. . , -
The Confederate Congress.
. .
MoNTOOMiar. Ala.. May S2 Coneress ad
journed late last night, to meet in Richmond,
July 2Utn, .
The tariff, bill passed, with unimportant
amendments. Also, an act allowing Distriot
Attorney Generals lu the field to appoint substi
tutes in their absence from their circuits.
The Patent Office bill haa been aisned. Mr.
Rhoads was appointed. Commissioner, v ; ' . ,
No new military appointments were made.
A committee was appointed to make arrange
ments to transfer the Executive Department to
Richmond. Rives, Hunter' and Memmintrer
are the committee.. ,.. :, ...
Seizure of Virginia Muskets in Baltimore.
Baltimosi, May SI. Two Philadelphia com
pantos have seized a large quantity of arms
stored In an unoccupied house. 'The seizure
comprised 1,500 musketa in boxes marked "Vir'
inla muskets:" also, 4,UUU pikes. Tne arms
tad beeo in the ouatody of the city authorities'
Tbey were taken to Fort McHenrv.
The Union men of tbe Third District have
nominated C. C. Leary for Congress. '
Daavia, May 18. A raotIoable route for
the Overland Mail hat been found directly west
from this city., Slept wilt be immediately ta
ken lor opening the roadi0 " - '-v .'
The yield of gold ia rapidly looreaalog aa
spring advances ana water Decomea more aoun
dant. One and ene-foorth cordr quarts from
tbe Missouri lead yielded aix hundred and flftv
eight dollars. It wasi heretofore, considered
not worth washing. ,Tbe weather it very fine.
- - -.i
Seizure of Telegraphic Records.
Taiierntt. N.I.. Mav21. The IT. S. Mae.
shal, by order of the Government, nas seised all
telegraphie dispatch in the ofuoes of Trenton,
Newark and. Prlnoeton. datlnc several rears
back. They are now in possession of the U. S
District Attorney. .
From Denver City.
i Foar KtAftitiT, May 23, The" Express" coach
passed at 8 1 clock r. M. yesterday. ......
Nxw Orliiks, May 22. Tho steamer ArIzo
na bas arrived irom israzos, witn, gtoa.uuu in
specie. v ...
The surrender of the federal forces in Texas
under Reeve, to vsn vorn, it conflrmed .
Buffalo Market.
Ftona market quiet and steedy.o vTni-r-i rm, sale!
ot ll.uuubnin. .. .. . r . .V'.i .i
Philadelphia Market.
' riwi aeiive. vt ami in aaouoiani nemana aif I
ieo. cduu. waisav naohaand.
v 1
New York Market.
NEW YORK, May. 22.
IL0OR reoelpU of 11,483 hbk: market aboaf 54,
oeiiar wiia lair demaaai aaiworivuuu able at aw.
10 for anaerflne atata: 85 1083 25 for extm ataU.
mraiom extra weetam; i co4 6i tat tiiispiag frande
a ih ror aperana western; imss w lor aeaimao w
WHBAT--reeelpt of aiS.596 bneb; market fof good
sound K bearyi tales of 8 OOO bneh at tl 15(91 81 for
Inferior U fair Mil. elob; tl 15 for Chicago spring;
13J for AUir Mich . 11 601 73 for winter re
tern. -
BYlt-quletltBO. i
BARLBI dull: laleiSOObutkatfe.
COKN reoelDta of 05 845 buthele market iteady, tales
of 60 000 boihalut 50o for old mixed wetiern 1 50(351 for
".u hw. - . . ,
new Northern pello. t 1 : , a
aOATH ataad t tumTAe, . 1,1
POKE dull, ealei ol700bblial8I?formin and 13
,or'!,,.,l5, ..
jdauv lnaouve
i.ahd uuii. aieaf 200 bbie at oxsi
buimb in fair request at ifcAtt for Obio and 10316
'"J.?'?"- .
uasnnn iteaav at
wntt.m .......niin u.i..m ismibl',.
BIOOKS I R regular generallj lower and doll;
money plenty and 0Dljr In limited requeit at 35 per
oent: eterline nrhinne onlr le moderate reaaett all 08
101 uux rar imnitera' nine; un ana b 1 in ; u o ana v
. n ... m na,. u o, f - ..J Ik KitL. Ill I S..IH
OSVlonenlnr Panama I 08: M 8 lltf: M 0 48; Brie
xiX;M X 0 7IX:Pao llalioix; B opening ; uanion
8X, N 0 6't 01; La 50, Tenn 43 ; Ta 47: 0 80; Mo
3Xi Dei 5i and 683; do 74; Ooupont 79; Cotton dull
ud 0MTr 1 3
Cincinnati Market.
TOBACCO remains In high favor with dealers and
manniaetorei, ana tne mtritei it eneeaea vj we reeei t
IheT manlreil.
WBUIi dealer! appear to hare done but little yet in
reierence to tne coming oup. ine opodidr ngurea are
hard to fix for manufacturer! iliapa tuape their work ai
tbaoih eipeotlDK to do nolhlog more than a nana to
month.bniineii. We give below, extract! ihowing the
condition of eome ot tha other market!.
Our Produce market! -during tba week have draned
hearily foreTerythiog. Flour it quoted at $i SO
superfine. 4 054 A 80 for extra, tOS Si for family
choice do. the demand for It haa been almost en
tirely confined to the blja grades for baken' and fam
ily uie.
WHEAT in moderate reqneet at tha opening of the
to run on high gradei of Hour from both local and
lomeof the; eaatern millen, ant under It prlceiwere
w.ll maintained for a day 'or two. Thiehu fallen off.
pricea hare again relapied to 98c $1 03 forgood to
choice Bid. and 1 00 1 10 for White.
Concerning the growing grain, good acoonnti are given
there la much occasion to be apprehenilve of the
effect of the extraordinary raloi we eon'inne to hare at
frequent intorvali on the iprlng planting.
Corn ihowi some aymptomi of receding from IU long
eitabllihed figure 34c. ai a salt wu made to-day at
The demand Ii light.
OAT8 are gorerned In prico entirely by ths local
eoninmnllon and recelpte vary with tha latter. S8o la
aaked for them bat 2Ho ii the best figure to be had in
bulk. ' - "
B.4RLET haa not varied and hai been neglected
Ihaoughout the week, 60o tanked for It bnt SOo would
JSS'i; 50c I. the nonUnal b-
for It.
WHISLY ll very dull; 19c Ii kept up ai (he itand
ard figure, buta .o lower awi taVen to-day Oin. Com
Cleveland Produce Market.
TUESDAY NOON. May 21, 1861.
PL0UR firm at d unchanged at 1 4 50S4 75 for single
14 8&35 00 for double extrae from red wheat; white
Ingle to double extras t5 (10; and olty ground
at tO 2590 SO There Ii a iteady moderate trade
In red wheat donble extras at S3 00.
WHbAT unchanged: eaieeor i.uvu nuin rod i iu;
cari do. at 91 10: 1,200 bush do. at 1 10: 3 can do.
10; 1 car do., delivered, at ft Hi and 1 car white
atlS0. -
CORN dull, under prrunre or large receipts; saiei
600 buih from I tore at 37c, and 409 bmb at 35c.
OATL firm and tending upward; the market Ii 25
from track, and 28c from elevator.. ; .,
LARUfilei of 1.000 fciat 80. . "
BUTTER aalei of 43 tuba good bntterat lOo. '
CI1EB8E aaleeof 700 II new W. B. at 7o.
XOQ4 salesof 30bbliatSo.
HleHWINKB-ealei of 100 bbli ln imall loU at 16j.c,
16 bbli rye BlghwineeatSoo. Herald.
Rheumatism, Goat and neuralgia,
All Mercurial Diseases.
It Ii a oonvenlently arranged Band, containing a med
oompound. to be worn around the Walet, without
to the moat delicate pereoni; no change ln hablte
living M required, ana it entirety remove! me an
from the tyitem, without producing the injurious
effects aiding from the nee of powerful Internal medl
which weaken and destroy the ooostiiation, and
temporary relief only. By this treatment, the med
icinal properties oontalned In the Band some In contact
the blood and reach the diaease, through the pores
the ikin, effecting ln every Instance- a perfect cure,
restoring the parti afflicted to a healthy condition.
Band ti also a moitpowerful ANTi-MejtounuL agent,
will entirely relieve the system from theperniotova
effect! of Mercury. Moderate cases an cured in a few
and we ara constantly receiving testimonials of its
efficacy In aggravated easea of long standing. .
Paica $'00, to be had of Druggists generally, or can
sent by mail or express, with full direoilona for uie,
any part of the country, direct from the Principal
Ho. 409 BROADWAY, Now York.
G. SMITH & CO., Sole Proprietors.
N. 8. Descriptive Circular! gent Free.
O Agents Wanted Everywhere. ..
mhS81lsorlstp ddtw . .
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,-.-:
- and .
Tha Montreal Ocean Steamship Company's first -cliss
steamers sail every sat
ruar from PORTLAND, carrying the Oanadlan and
United gtatei ilall and passenger!.
Slierteet, Clteapest andQaickcat Con-
f j ; t veyunce roiu , ;.-'tj j
' Ha ten of FaeMage to Europe,
30, 866, SSO. -
sail from LIVERPOOL every Wednesday,
from QUE BEO every Saturday, ealllniat
LONDONDERRY, to receive on hoard and hud mail! and
Pusenieri. to and from Ireland and Scotland
X7,Thesa Steamers ara built of iron, in water-tight
oompartmenti, carry each an experienced Burgeon, and
every attention ll paid to tha comfort and accommoda
or nsssengen. as tney proceed oirtct to Mjauun-
DERY, the gieat risk snd delay of calling at 8t. John's
Glasgow nassenireri are rarnisned witn ran rauage
tickets tc and from Londonderry. ......
Rerun tickets granted at reduced rates.
Oertiflcatee lamed for oarrylne to and bringincont pai-
aennra from all tha principal town! of Great Britain and
Ireland, at reduced rates, by this line of iteamen, and
(tat Draf te for t and upwards pay-
isois in uDginna, ireiaau. atoi-.
i :. land or . wales, r',
nr mnut. annlr at the Offloe. 83 RROAIT.
WAY, New liwrk, and 10 WATJt,U T,
Liverpool, -
BABES t BXABIX, Oeaeral igenta,
Otto-'.j; IT, ARMSTRONC, T
nplO-lydkw 1 ' State am an Office. Colombns. Ohio. w
Wholesale and Retail Dealer In
F0reign & ' Domestic"'' Cigats,
SmoldDg aewingTobacco. I
- ' -' '- " Tjf :- i:rTt3L
Also, the bsst quality of tUVTTB aoaitasUy
oa hand.
jrpOountry Merchants are laviaed to call before par
chasing elaewherev. . . 1 i- .'..''.
' Bet. Malnand Byeamera, 10
ovSl-wflm CINCINNATI' O. '
O NSW BTTLE8 Balm 8n. No. 8 Booth
Blah street, have lust opened aew itylee of Cloth Cia-
orriaaa Bisquira and Sacanas, saada In tba neweet and
nai atvliih manner. Alio, super a lain
attack bulks, very heavy, designed arpreasly for
llantlllai and uasqumei. :. . - lapriu
YY oaokans of STATIONERY and JEWELRY, at
prices one-third less than can ba purchased aliewhera
n.ll am MH&tUnM '.l.mn iru-lAuill 3. I.- niTT.RV.ITA
lii Court it. Boa Urn, aUss. . taanh.S'lm...
great Bargains. ism sunv
aprtu H.ouinHiihstrwit.
I .." ..Mwstylaara
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
- 1
Tmei Ureateat Bemeay la Xae V rid..
; ASS TBS) --...,
..MOST RttiaOUl
' '" ANV J--'-!
' tiOBOIAL . '
eveR'' taken.'
ly a eeies lifts ano
Vegetable Oompeuad,
. Drocared by the dletU
f UUon of Boot. Herbt
and Berks, Yellow
f Dook, Bload Boot,
Sanaparilla, W 1 V
Onerry Bark and Din-
del loo enter! Into its 1
firfore Takinati ue wmeduiAftf r Taking.
principle of each ingredient Is thoroughly extracted by
my new method of distllline. vrodadnf ia delk?l''iu. ex-
hlleratlng aplrit, and the moat INVA LLIBLB lemedv foi
nnovauog Uie diaeated tyetem, ana reeionnr 'lie ilex,
tafferlng and deblUUted INVALID to HSAtTII and
Will effectually ear . ; , , 7
iroDloerNerrouj Debility, Dieoaeeaof the lidoere. I
all diieaeaaarlelng from a dleorderej Uver or htoa I
Dyepepeia, Ueartbnm, Inward Piles, Aeidity or Biok-1
and all
Ilaaaja ftf rlui SIaruI. D.. M a DIuJ V. II I T..lt
uu illiillia lli m ui nil a ui uiuuu in uiea jAasai. ajaaii
pain or evimmuig in the bead, FelL.-tatlon or me ueart
runneeaor Weinht ln the Htnneeh. 8oni Binrlillnn.
unokuur or suffocaUnir feelini when brine down. Drrneei
or ieiiowneeeoi Uiebunand area, Nig nt awealt, la
ward Keren. Pain In the email of rha back, ehest or side.
Sndden rimbee of Heat, Depression of Spirit!, frightful
Dreams. Lenvnor. Deauondenov oranv Merrou Dimms
Bores or Blotches oa the 8Mb, and fever and Anna (or
uuuiiand rever.)
Over a million of ifottlee
Have been sold durine tha laat six months, and In no In.
stance has it failed In giving entire satisfaction. Who,
then, will suffer from Weakness or Debility when Ua
No lamraaee can eonvev an adean&la Idea of tha lmm
dlate and almost miraculous change produced by taking
this Cordial ln ths diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervous system, whether broken down by rroees, weak by
nature, or Impaired by sickness, the relaxed and unstrung
uigsnuauon is restored to in prutine neaitn ana vigor.
Or othen conscious of Inability, from whatever t-aiue.
will find McLean i Strengthening Cordial a therouth
regenerator of the system; and all who nay have Injured
themselves by Improper Indulgence!, will find in the Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy. ' . '
To the Ladies. v.
McLean's jStrengthenlog Cordial
Is a sevenign and speedy cure for- - ' i
Obstructed or Difficult Uenstruation, Incontinence of
urine or involuntary uiscnarga uereor, railing of tns
nomv, uiddinen, rainting ana all viieaaea incidne t
Thsre la no Mistake About It.
Buffer no longer. Take It according to Direction!. It
stimulate, strengthen and Invigorate yon and causa
uioom oi neaitn to mount your cneea again.
- arory bottle la warranted to irrve saUilactlaa. ,
' FOB CHILDBEK.i -- -..ili'
If your children are sickly, pony, or afflicted, UoLeanY
Uordial win make tnem bealtny, fat and robust. Dels
t a moment, try it, and you win na convinced.
Oactioh. Beware of Dranlttf or Dealers who nn
try to palm npon yon some Bitter or Banapartlla traat,
which they can buy cheap, by saying It IS Juat as goad.
Avoid inch men. Ask for UcLean'i Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothing else. It ia the only remedy that
will purify the blood thoroughly and at tbe aunt -time
strengthen the system.
una taniespooniui uuten every morning raiting, ii a
certain preventive of Cholera, CbUli and fever, Yellow
fever, or any prevalent disease!. It is not np In lams
Price only 11 per bottle, or 0 bottles for S5.
. , , - J.H. HcLEAN, ..
Sole Proprietor of this Cordial, ""
' r AIM McLean! Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Prtccipal Depot on the corner of Third and Pine street,
St. U.uii, Ho.
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
Tha best Liniment ln the World. Tbs only safe and
certain cure for Cancers, Plies, Bwtlllngi and Bson
ehltie, or Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of the
Muscles, Chronie or Inflammatory Rheumatism, Stiff
ness of tbe Joints, contracted Muscles or Ligaments,
Earache or Toothache, Bruises, Sprains, Wounds, fresh
Gats, Dlcen, Fever Sores, Caked Breasts Sore Nipples,
Burns, Scalds, Bora Tkoat, or any Innammatlon or fain,
no dinerenoo ho severe, or bos- long tha disease nay
have existed. McLean's Celebrated Liniment ta a ear
tain remedv.
Thousand! of human belngi have been saved a life of
decrepitude and misery by tne naa of tbla invaluable mod
cine. ... . .
i- - - LINIMENT- . .;:
Will relieve pain almost Instantaneously, and It all
cleanse, purify and heal tbs fonlest aorci in an Ineredl
ly snort time. "..'' '
For Horace andOthor Animals, . '
tloLean i celebrated Liniment Is the onlr safe and fa
llible remedy for the cure of Spavin, Ring Bone, Wind-,
galla, Splints, Unnatural Bumpa, Nodes or Swellings. , It
win never fail to sure Big uead, rail avu, ristnia. Old
running Bores or Sweeny, if properly applied. For
Sprains, Bruiaoi, Scratches, Sores or Wounds, Cracked
Heels, Chafes, Saddle or Collar Galls H Is aa Infallible
remeuy. - appiv it as oirecteo, ana a cars certain in
every instance.
xnen trine no longer witn tns many waruieei Lini
ments offered to you. Obtain a supply of Dr. McLean'i
celebrated Liniment. It will enre you.
J.H. IflCajKAlv, aole Proprietor, '!
Corner of Third and Pins Btroeti, St. Louis, ato. '
f or sale by all druggtsts.
for sale by . . ROBERTS St SAMTJIL,
augaa-dSiwly ' Oolumbua, OhlcV
Baltimore Clothing Honsey
hess ct3
macracnxaias mm wnouauui piauas w
Ntf. 3Q8 W; Mtimore-street, w
j , fawiwass libutt ass aoWAas'
Large Assortment ot Piece and 7ura.Itb.icg
Goods Constantly en Hand; u'
w Manufacttirers and Wholesale Dealers In'
r, j Northwest Corner of High and Cay Sts.,
No. el
? !'-! .It .
COLaJMUIJaj,... ...... .-li-i.OHIO.
UA large Btoehof liue and gtapU Qoodi on haniLl
y31-dtt ' - .ijyf.t
,- . TAPIOCO, .
' Arrow Root,
X' Sago
Rice floor ,., Beoteh Oat Meal
Pearl Barley Split Peas
Cracked Wheat T "T Chocolate " '.'i
Coco Broma, etc.
. Cream Tartar. r Boda .-.:-.-Tr
flgi Prunes -rf-J
BeediM aalslns- - rrteoToejatoas t
Peaches Green Corn '
f rath Caon'd fruits ot every Oeaorlplrent
- Aiiuaouey. juuoridtf rewn cvau) j
A 1 J tt a- AU. Tar.a'
nda, 1
blaMllOU naiuuvSi viaan iuua,iv i
wk. McDrjirnnrr4
! ladies' linen. Eooket-Hanrjk'fs.
kenhlefl. verv wide heml. Mu
Embroidered Linen Handk'sWprlei-M,;-'u
" , Uemmed Stitched end plain do, do A J "J af
wiorMMraeta.Fi 14
aawatylaerossaUtfthtd.; ZJ 1
Pin Apple da - Dewfjatierna. ...
Miisei Plain aSrilemaad Btitabed da alt trriief.
Comprising the most select assortment In the city and
at nweit prices. . , - - - . " "
- mnv -1 ena uign dipbos.
ADVBRTiajaaUarTi '.-'i,
- v tha rvaTAirs mrns
, distressing eorapialciM
ads byO.B. S1TMOTJR Si CO., 107 Maaaaa - tU ,
.f rnos vi par noxt sent me by poet :oS
fOR SALl AT ALL DEtteflfSe'
, ' . 7 1
XV CLOAK OLOTBS Also, other, swaea af wprtmy
Oloak Clothe, tn all desirable miaearsi r WadlDwa, Taa-
sell and Buttons to match.. vain at sun,
- apHVS. " .'. Ho. St South nighitreW-?-
1 Pi
fcSii LB
m mm A
M of slegant ualtllee far Ladles; alaa, M W Witt
great variety - BAIN B.'v
uayU '
J Wrjfm nuptlon paid te Colleetlooo.Jw arwr
",,. J TVi
An axuerlencM Kurae and I.
.1. PtiMla -
-wiwaiiaauoaai muueit.ta, .UH
8 0 0 T..IM ,N O .jfliYHnP:.M
watlv faolllutee the proceie of teetlitoi. by eof l
asiana. radaein, i lnn.lannitonwUI,allaJT"
UJI aaapaaiadlaotton,aa4ai - T T A
Depend anon It. nnth.r. i . .
(pj . ' (iTvmi to yonraelrts
We have-nut no and eold thl. .Mi.i. " ,u
and CAN tA m OoNFll)ltMCAD xTDlb:o77
hat we hare never1 been able to tat of an oth., 'JZil
' v wajfcssar w , mil Ml UCURIUa yjTilh It
oy-rateone, and apeak hi term, of wmineSdMlo? of I'
augieal eHeeta and medleal vlrtnea. W (peak In ihi.
"WHAT W. DO KNOW;" tWten W .i".
almoet ererjr Inttano where thelDfant la iufferini frciw
pain and eahanaUon, relief will be foand In Alileaor
twengr mlnaiee after theBrup ia adminleurad.
the most EXpikoiDardTa.L7r7Rrn?JT.?rI
mu n Dion .nmhiIm . k - . . . ...
Itnotonly rellrrea the hiM r.m . . ...
Jte. theitcwmca an Ibow.U, oautyTanl gSeV M
lantf'.r., 10 ki" ntm- U '' almolt tnj
,7 ' j-.AiJi.i'j
overtime convulsion!, which. If not speedily
aTTERT ind LIARRHfE 1M (iiiii.noV?
arises from teething, or from any other cause, wl
would say to every mother who bus child sulTerlrr from
j'WlewTilalnrs DO NOT LET VOun
stand between you and lourwulfirtDg child, aa4 ikr ral
that will be 8UKK umiVTu vTri. !
follow the use of thte medicine, ' ttaK-b, ojer f nil d. .
reetions for using will aeceuipany- arh bottle. None
genuine unites the fac simile of CURTIS PKRKINH
York, Is on the onuids wrapper. J ". J N' :3vi
Bold by all Druggists throughout the world. ' ' "
Prl aeipai of rice, 13 Cedar Street n.Y.
rOOtiV-dfcwly. , ' ,' J.il Jwi
w ,i r".v.."""TT" v!U .3 1 Oil 1
" Pteoiseiy wn iu name innieatea, for, whlk
picasani 10 mo tails, ii is revivlfvl Sg.xxhiUui-
iDg. Invlgoratine and itrecgthanlcig t in vita
nnmn. And at thu .am tin.. .. I .. : n
natei, and renews the Blood in all He nrtr V m.
thus at once rtsatonii m4twitders tA lyinssn tn-j
I y A. ui U0ij
Ipreparslion ever offered to the world, so cheml-1
H'lly and islllfally eocMmd as to ta thWmtai
?J u el
a -wvriui wnie. mam ll in same lime DMf..H
toBpieu u,wki in per ee-aciMraanoe wjtb the
aws of nature, and keuce will toatKt "rtt(
omac,aDO ion up we digestive- organs, ane
Ha u
uiuaiwyail D,rwi. wratooier imBlion. Jt V,
per ecuy ezniiaratmg, and at the stme lime It UT.
womposeo eotireiy 01 vegetawen, yet sotxirntiewaif
u u prouuceioe momuinragn tonic effect, wrth j
out prctfuelnr any wjarwus eeaseqneaeei -acti
a remedy haa long been felt to be a desideratum lr ll
the medical world, far H aeede a aMdtear) akitf to I
Kl that debtllty follows aH attack t of disease, and
proceed! and indeed laja the system open to the I
Insidious atlacke of many of the most faml, tueh. I
for example, aa the following: Consumption In
Idigestioa, Dyspapaia, Loasof Anoetita. filnmen. ,
Nervous imtaniiity. neuralgia Palpitation of ihe
S ft
neari, mvrinciivy,!. ignt oweeca. Languor, aiddt-l
ness, Retantlen af, as well as I'atnfui ouatructed t
too profuse, or too scant Uenstruation. end Viil-
ing of ths Womb. ' These alldepeedunon reoaral '
debility. Tbis pure, healthy, tonic Cordial and
Blood innovator is aa sura to cure aa lhaaan to I
rise and set;: There i no mistake ebout tt. -Hai I
this ll not all. " If Ihe sjstcm Is aeakeneS. Ve are 1
oen to bllinui attack!, the liver h., nm.. tn.ni.i .
tor worse diseased, the kldnevr refuM to lunfnnr'
ldut Hincuum. .uu am irnnni.n witn a.iin. -
a war
imd Incnntloenca of Brine.- n inwnliihi.M, A.m I i- 1-
icharge of the same, pain ia the beck, tide and fce. A c,
Uween the shoulders, exceedtntly liable to slight U
loelds. eoogha, and If uncheekad, aeon eawol.'SibnlT
ioiiowi, ana tne patient goes dowfl to a preoilurel
Igrava. Bat space will actoiUw as to eoroentt fl i. i
like away ills to which we are little to m W .
teoodilion of tho system. Hot we will mm, in ihi.l . . ' .
lOonllsl and Blood Renovator you have a MrfecUtal a ti.
(ssfe, pleasant and effectual remedy for Jut . of M
tppeuie, Diiionraa,Lituieics. weak and emw
dtomich. Languor, Liver Comnrmlnl. ' rhilla h,i
fcver, or any Bilious attnk, Ooiilveness, Acidity
lof the gtomach, Nerroutnesi, Neuralgia, Palpiu-1, ,
tioa of tba Hearty e, e- eaiwn -of Splrlle. Soen, M M
irimpmon me rae -or any ennaae arising from WW
i.wimn num. nu. mmiiil m . n. u . ....
Ihltia. Ooneh. itlffli-alt nt kmiliin.. mm .n..ik-l ... t
oi uiseasei canea lemaie weaknesa, and Fl -
enumeratea above, we win also say the traveler! '
exposed to epidemics, change of climate and waH
er, win nna it a ,pieaaant,ale and mra remedv. I
and none should ever travel without. Header ll
,trv It, for w aature ion vou will and In it m.nrtl
Indeed, as well as a friend ln need. All persona of
sedentary dibits will Bud it a werfeet nrevwntlva ad!
Ta eavel aaeuiw tor those ailments eotrnlsh tkeyaarl
parucuwriy ezposea. uencc minuters,studenu,sl
tarneys, literary gntlemen,and ladlea who ara not
accustomed torn nob outdoor exetoie;,w,ll Bad ll(
ie their advantage to keep a bottle constantly on
f 1-77
uou, ua, soove an, moinera, or ueee beeomlnp
sacbi win go tbroiga tkat most danareroiu perteii
net only wthall their accustomed strangtn, bi
Olalentaaong the lemaie porilea il tha world. Ii
short, It ii Indeed a mo ther cordial. .Try It, old
relieve ana prove lueir empnatlcally a JStttora
tint Cordial and JBlood Jtmiovator. - r
O. i. wood , aotititor 444 Broadway, New
York, and 114 Slaeka a Street. St. Louis. Mn.. .nr.
sold by ROBatRTS Ac SAMUEL, Oolumbua, iNtls:
. . . . iiv. vm vnnari
,.n .11 Mrf nmtoki.' Dt n ... I
per noitie. . . ; ru. ...marcbJB-diweowly J
Steam Betweea rela.tCiid America.
The following new and mainiSaent fli-at-cU. utin.
wheel 8 tfuusbips compose the abort, jine:
ARlATI0,;f;S.88B tons berthen.- Capt" J.rf k ,
taormeriy e the Golliui Lias )
IIIBERNIa, 4.400 towibsritben, Oapt. N. PaonmiaJ
COLUMBIA,'- 44I0 H. , n .. . k, LaiTOacwawS
ANULli. ' l,J Nicnaejna.T
PAOlrlO, srN fl 5VtHiii. -fRINCB
ALBERT fScrew.)
"T 3,14 AVav;.'unj.riaiaja
One of Ur nboVe ships will lekvf Kew York or Mmm
alternately every Tuesday fortnfttht. for Oilwayi eM4
rying tno government malls,' toueuing at 8t. John,"
The Steamers of this line hasaJieen conatracted with
greatest caro, andeiv the eupervWoa o( laa-ewrsra-.-
wivui, uwre .tnniu.t ; compirintenni, ana are uaegcan f.
toroemfort, safety and speed bv any tteam'e is afloat. w
Xboy are oomoanded by able sad: Saperteneed SfAcers,
ana every eaeruon win oe mane te pramuU the oomfvrl
pasMDgera. . 7;-,.. fr-.- , -. 1 J-LTT-f Afi
An experienced ruTgeon attached, ta eicTi ship, gos if)
first-class N. T. ar-Bostoa te (alway er ilvtrabaiarrre I m
Seoand-clasa. !. " !U.iTIA
flrlt-claii, "-tb tet JohnVAlKlMmO
Vklrd-clasi, " t0lwy or Llvertn.':0t
Thlrd-clasa paseenrere ara lieersllveanplled with pro
vtiibni ot the beet quality, eookeeVand served by theaer-
vants.ofjinanmjy. ji;'Ti1Vf.OCl tlQail
UEICRX TlCKGTSscaoB rrrarsr
Turtles wishing to send for thekAeaeVliom lha old
ountry caa OMitfUJCKeu Bsoeo eny town on a railway, la
Ireland, or from the nrindual elties of Euelend and Hoot
Steamers, will he forwarded to New York free of charge.
or piseag-Driaiauromwcaaptili -tH J .
'. ' . . U. WIUKUAM,
At the elWQllJmtii1Jrt4, Ahai tibmAAM
Uanaislrwu.' Maw-York, -, ,. -,..,,, ,, aA
ajwiUOtuaias iAUUir.m ,t ,. f.n w
I ' 1 HI SSI awaf I
71 sjoaweajwiejsj
intl atanufactufers efllfW kr TlfrnrpoOalUiafa,
I rinunea Brass wora or ail vescriptiorji. e
stencil: cuttiKda:.,
Sebl Yl-dlf
...I I
slut ruirrr"",' o
VI lla IIVHIl.l-iHIM f,oJ
Offlcas. 82d Broadway.'ic. SiA .Cfiliiia,

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