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Tbe Adams Express Company plaoet m daily
under obligations w It for tbe very latwt papeni
from tbe eastern eltiei. - :
The American Express Company bat our
thanks for Its dally favors In the shape of the
very latent eastern papers.
Death or Cot. Andmw MoElvain. The
Lincoln (Illlnole Herald, of the 10th May , con
. talna tha announcement of tha death nf Cnl.
- AnDtsir MoElvain, formerly of thii county
He died at West Point Grove. Ma 6th. 1861.
- In the Hnad there ii quite a lengthy obituary
notioe of the deceased, who oame to hie death
prematurely. On thai subject the notice sajs:
The somewhat sudden and unexpected death
of this worthy citizen and good man threw a
deep gloom over this whole community, and wis
, rett as an Irreparable loss by all who knew blm.
He bad gone out In apparently robust health, on
DMA nf vfiklnv tin aima rattla nn him farm. fjiir. I
ing the prooeae, one of the cattle, which wae a
little unruly, made a push at Col. McEl vain,
- IT . ,un"n nf?r m n,a wnu "J
urucr to aavo uiiuaen, eurauK iiaamy uac. anu
v in the sudden tffjrt must have runtured a blood
vessel internally, as. in a brief ansae, be beoame
-' Insensible, and expired tbe tame night about
, r ..
Anpzew MoElvai. wai well and favorably
anowa 10 tne people 01 crankiin county, ana
' bad an extensive acquaintance (n the State of
Ohio. He was a native of Kentucky, but when
very young bis father emigrated to Ohio, and
the eon, when quite a youth, was tbe first mall
carrier between CbUlloothe and Franklinton.
' ' Col. MoElvain enjoyed the confidence of the I
people of this county, and wai a prominent clti-
zen. Some years ago he went to California, and.
on nil return, settled at West Point Grove, Lo-
gan county, Illinois, where he resided at tbe time
ot his death. The following are the concluding
paragraphs of, the article In the Hetad, noticing
the death of Col. MoElvain
Tbe present writer beoame acquainted with
Mr. MoElvain soon after bis arrival In this town,
.and has since had frequent opportunities of en-
jovlng'bls'sooietv. and of becoming acanainted
with the sterling qualities of bis oharaoter. He I
was In all respects a good citizen, a high-minded
gentleman, and an example eminently worthy
of imitation in All tbe relations of life; train
ing I
np his children In the practice of tbe beet
moral and religious principles, end though not
professing the peculiar oreed of any religious
sect or denomination, be wis a true Christian in
the highest and noblest acceptation of that term
His remains were attended to their final
resting plaoe, on Saturday last, by a large and
most respectable coooourse of his fellow citi
most respeotable coooourse of his fellow clti-
zens, wunout distinction or creed or party, who
testified their respect for the virtues of the de-
(heir sympathy lor tbe bereaved
m "i " uimm ui genuine sorrow anu
Wmm HnM -kink I. I. - -- - - ... ...
, "."a i-Mivu w iuur mar .u jeei man 10 oe-1
eoribM. Such is the end of tbe good man! Asd
well may we all join In this oorrect prayer: '0
ui uio iu ueam ui me risnieous. and let
m ..1 k. I.k. .... wi.in r.. 1. 1. 1.' ...l.,.
fruit that ye shall know them."
j . ma ww ii.. uu.u utrni iur it 1a ot "ineir I
Camp Jacxson. The Twenty-ieccnd Regi
sent, yesterday afternoon, went into an eleo
tlon of field officers. The result we have not
According to tbe Surgeon'erepirt yesterday,
there were only five cases in the Camp Hospi
tal. Four Comnanlea balnnrlno in tha r.ioM.on.k I
Regiment are nnder rrlP. tni....r.n. t.w.
. i i. .ui . 1
on at five o clock this morning for Athens,
cuoens cojoty. 1 be companies are-
Oompany A, dpt. McMihon,
u B, & Baell,
' . O, Bowles
S 'Mrll!,, ;'
y : ' S total
These four Companies were furnished, last
trenlog, with knapsacks, uniforms and arms
from the State Arsenal.
Tbe departure of these Companies will leave I
la Camp Jackson 9,118 men.
Scizuai or Contzaband Goons. The U. S.
Marshal for the S outhern District of Ohio seized
at Clnotnnati, on the 19th and 21st Inst , the fol.
lowing goods as contrabiud: Twenty three boxes
containing cannon and cannon appurtenances,
artillery harness, rifle-ball cartridges, mounted
. cannon, 6to., shipped from Baltimore, and dl
Noted "G. p. W.,' Little Rock, Ark. He also
Mixed two boxes of books, entitled! "GUlam's
Mannal for Volunteers and Militia," thipped
from Philadelphia, and directed to Hinrx M.
IUctoi, Governor of Arkansas.
ST The Twenty-first Regiment, now at Camp
' Taylor, Cleveland, will probably be ordered In
; a few days to the new Camp at Portland, Jack
connty, whither two i Companies of that
Regiment-Co. A.Capt Wiuon, and Co. F,
Capt. Watxra, have already gone to prepare
Cot their teoeption. '
r- .: 1 1 -n 1 1
IT The two Companies, tinder command "of
rvnt.tn. nr...-A ur .... ui u i x
Captains WiLspw and Watltca, which arrived
ere with the Fourteenth Regiment, on Wednea-
aay evening, irom Uamp Taylor, belong to tbe I
Twenty-first Regiment, and left yesterday morn
lag for the Camp at Portland, Jackson county.
07 A schoolboy having good-naturedly help
wd another In a difficult cyphering lesson, was
ugrlly questioned by the Dominie, "Why did
yon work bis lesson " " To Uun his work,"
replied the youngster. ,
O Gen. Luotzw Bomti, of this city, hat
resigned tbe office of Depot Commissary at Camp
Dsnnlsoa, and been appointed Assistant Quar
termaster.wlth the General Sapervlslon of Camp
Arrangements In Ohio, i ! . , '
Staw Loan. The City Counoll of Cincinna
ti have resolved to tender (he State a loan of
flftythousand dollars, provided it be used In
procuring arms for the defenoe of that oity, and
be expended therein. '
BTCipt. SmrjoN, of the United States Army,
bas been directed to asjlst In musterlcthe
Ohio troops Into the three years' service
CTSurgeoa Boru, pf this oity, has been as
slgned to tbe Ninth Regiment, in plaoe of C. S.
Moicaorr, who takes commission In the Tenth
Regiment: '-i '-
CrW.S. RoeicaANSrof Clnolnnatl. has been
appointed Engineer lj Chief of Ohio, with the
raon ot uoionei,,.; , ,, , , , ....
' Ml- m ' ...
a hz, j una ,.i axis. we are authorised to
ttte that the County Treasurer Is now prepared
to receive tbe taxes railing due In Jane next.
?-V' , .. '.I.- .--j ' , ' " "
KTTbere are over twelve jbouiand soldiers
at Camp Denplaon, all of whom are well armed,
and nearly all nave uniforms.
.r.:.f "
Th Limt Giant Not Douglas, nor Breck
inridge, nor even "Old Abe," but Jahzs Pin's
' Dietetic Baleiitus, that In Its own department
, fessssass more etrength and parity than all of
them.: All ether kinds ara pigmies to It." " De
pot; 845 Washington Btreet, New York. Sold
Pj grwert mrywbere.
Rail Road Time Table.
Leaves. Arrives
Cincinnati Accommodation. S 00 A. U. . 0:03 P. M.
" Iinnu II Ml A. M. . 11:113 A M.
Mall Aooommodatlnn...... 1:30 P. M. SUP. U,
Night Express via Dtytan. 18:00 midnight 8:20 A. M.
Jito. W. Dohisty, Agtnt.
Ootraios a Ounumi a. B. i
Night lxpr .'..3:40 A. M. 11:45 P. M.
New York Exprat 11:10 A. M. , 11:10 A. M
Uall and Accommodation.. :SO P. at. 9:10 P. U
Jams Patterson, Agent'.
ComuLOmo B. K. '
No. llzpreM 3:30 A. M. 11:38 A. M,
No. S do 11:18 A. M. . . II 43 P. M
No. 3 do 3:10 P. M. 4:50 A. H.
. W. J. Fill. Agent.
Mall Train 3 3u A. M. 11:38 A. M
Express Train 11: 18 A.M. 11:45 P. At
- ' Jos. BoiiNiow, Agent.
Oolcmsbs Ihtjuhopolis, B.B.
OolcXsos Piqoa At Irauiu B. B.
I no! I
...... 6:30 A. M.
3:00 P. M.
1 JO P, M
8:43 P. M.
10:30 A. M.
Rheohatibm. To any who have been afflicted
with this malady, the very reading of tao above
heading will call to mind the remembrance of
tbe moit excruciating pain and prolonged agony
The Joint swelled, stiff and unyielding, each
turn of the body accompanied by a shock that
would induce the belief that every bone In tbe
fro two to three boltles ot "Kennedy'i Medi
leal Discover?" will cure the worst case cfRheu
matlsm. We would refer to the oure of J. Ma
. .
comber, Esq., a respectable citizen of Boston
who was cured at the age of fifty-five years af-
ter an Illness of a quarter of a century, and an
expense of some $5,000 paid to various Phvai-
,,,... For the cnre o( hnmori ,t h no.(qaal
SaRtArAiiLLA. This troplcalroot bai a repu
tation wide ai the world, for coring one olass of
disorders that afflict mankind a reputation too
which it deserves as tbe best antidote we pos
eesi forjsorofulous complaints. But to be brought
into nse, Its virtues must be concentrated and
combined with other medicines that increase
its power. Some reliable compound of this
character Is much needed In the community.
Read the Advertisement of Dr. Am'sSarsap
"Ula In our columns, and we know it needs no
encomium from ns to glvy our citizens confidence
what be offers. Organ, Syraeuti, N. Y.
Dispatches from Washington.
[Times Special Dispatch.]
or tbe rtbel government have explored Europe
in vain for arms, munitions or money, In ex
eeaied.and o hange for their bonds. Dudley Mann eoneht
Mav 22 A detachment of tha
Massachusetts 5th. numbering 13. went last
night to haul down a accession flag in Alexan
dria. Tbey spent tbe whole night In the expe
dition. They were fired at four times by tbe
picket guard while going down the river. Not
a nag waanjlog in Alexandria.
Dtspatohes by the Persia state that the airents!
of tbe rebel government have explored Eml
an, interview wun ueorge reaoodv. in bones
- C . . I . . .
o. negouauog a loan, out was politely but firm
lyreouUed. .
lo no case had they found tholr securities
marketable at tne lamest ditconnt thaw nnnM
.r . ,. '
uuer as m iempiauon.
Gen. Butler, just before leaving tnl
Fortress Monroe, told a Senator be would be in
Richmond within a few days.
[Tribune Washington Correspondence.]
A gentleman high in tbe confidence of the
Virginia patriots arrived bere to-day from
Wheeling, through Harper's Ferry. Hereport
4,000 troops there, badly armed, equipped and
provisioned, and not formidable. He says that
North-western Virginia wilt form a State em
bracing 60 counties, in which the Union feeling
is nearly unanimous
.Thr !,n0 probability that the secessionists
wm lDT'a" from H4rPer y untlla forward
movement is made by government troope. Tne
Virginians greatly desire to pretend to assume
tbe defensive. - 1 . -
To make a dead certainty, tbe Virginia sol
diers voted for eeoession yesterday,'' Gen. Lee
having Issued orders precautionary, tearing
military exigencies might prevent voters voting
on Thursday. ,
Tbe Washington Star has positive informa
tion tbal a majority of the secession troops
within fil'ty miles of Washington refused to take
the oath of hostility to the United States; alio a
large fraotion of tbe Harper's Ferry troops
Tbe government Is in hourly anticipation of
despatones from Fort Piokens, announcing the
commencement of hostilities. . The naval oflK
cers express the belief that the rtbels will be
out flanked by the land force.
Tbe government win not accept Geo. Cop-
[Special Dispatch to the Herald.]
Artillery Corps, consisting of seven splendid
batteries have been organized into a single bat
talion, nnder command of MaJ. Sherman, of
[Special Dispatch to the Times.]
Col Fremont left France, In the steamer of
the loth Inst., to tender hie services to tbe
rresident. '
Tbe WorU'i special dispatch says Henry A.
Wise bae written a letter assuring naturalized
oitisene of Virginia that they will be amply pro
JJJJjjJ nBder Con,lltatIon; of th United
[Special to Commercial.]
Washinoton, May 23 -It is rumored the
Presideut hae deolared to prominent persons
that there will be no Invasion of rebel Btatea
before autumn. Tbe report Is not entitled to
oredence. In ylew of what Is known of the plans
of the Administration. Probably the extreme
8outh will not be approached during tbe hot
weather, bnt offensive operations will be rpeedl
'7 noueriaaen in Virginia.
Two thousand rebel ' troops are in Alexandria
to-day, during the election. No one dared to
vote for the Union. , , ' ...
[Special to the Post.]
All troops bere received fresh orders this
morning to be ready to march at a moment's
notice. Large numbers of troops are expected
here during tbe week.' ..- i -. . . 1
[Special to the Post.]
.; , .
It is rumored that the New York Zeuares
have received 6rders to occupy Arlington
Helghte. , . v ; ' .: ,
This movement Is supposed to have some re
ference to operations on tbe Virginia rebels.
Tne Michigan ueeiment is ordered to be readv
to marob at any moment, with two days rations.
The ZViouRs's special learna.Jroa a prominent
citizen of Petersburg, or Northern birth, ar
rived nere, mat mere 11 put one union man who
dares vote for the Union, namely, Rives, ex
member of Congress, who is determined to oast
bia vote for the Union.; -The Informant further
saya, If the Uoion men were protected, a. large
tu" wumu urn oaa againBi secession, r w
300 North Carolina troops arrived en Mon-
aay, ana went to tticnmond. iw more were
expeoted in tne next train. Tbey complain bit
terly of having to leave their own Stato, saying
they enlisted to defend It only. ,
R. R Collier, of Petersburg, aid of Gen.
Gwynn, waa wonnded in the Sewall's Point engagement.-Nobody
was killed.
[To the Associated Press.]
A letter from Virginia states there are be
tween 50,000 and 60,000 men nnder arms in that
Bute, obiefly posted at Richmond, Norfolk and
Harper's terry, nnder and within bail.
lti also stated that private advices confirm
tbe report of a large arrival of arma at tbe
Sonth from abroad. Tbey were shipped from
Earooe, early in April, consisting or over 8UU.
000 muskets and rifles,' and ample euppliee of
powder and peroasalon caps, and machine for
mazing ma latter.
. A pllvete eomoaov has been formed at Alex
andrl to convey letters north, as after, next
week all letters destined north will lie, over, at
that oity. ..,,.,fr;;;-l ,
Mall intereonre with polnU north of Virginia
" Tbe r: O Deoartment ha ;vn a
aotion in ylew otthe contemplated Southern
mail arrat)gaentv,f..k
-Muoh seeealatKM la lndnlvt b.11.
meoia of arson foe actual service, bnt tbosewbo,
It Is presumed, are beet amnalntMi k.UhMnk
matter, say that no Invasion Inter th bean of
eny owe u contemplated, ana that the eper
tlone will be rtlnol pally confined to the recapture
Of the publlo property which bas been sell
ed on the seaboard, end the maintenance of tbe
defensive works still in the hands of the United
Muoh deference Is naid to the views of Lieut.
Gen. Boott, and it is known he is not reetlre to
make anv forward movement unless with
poDuerauD nuances or suooess. mere may,
however, be modifications of bis nresent nolicv,
.y.... vllVuiu.uv.
imiiuuiHj, 01 recniyivaDia, nas Deen ap-
uuiu.su JUUBOUI inn liouri UI Claims. lOBUD -
ply the vacancy occasioned by the eeoession
juoge ocarorougn, or Virginia.
1 uesday 's Charleston Courier says, the mer-
juuw ars preparing 10 visit European marzew,
for the selection ot supplies, and to open cor-
respoodenoefor direot trade.
A private letter from New Orleans received
fct CbarlestODi irts the Ocean Eagle baa been
v.p.mBu uj m puTBieer, buu uruugun w
fr' ' . .. ,
a aesnatcn to tne reteranure nxottu. oaiea
uunuis, lueeaav, savs tne iaoaea eieamers
Hnon tlrl Ar. Ih. ...nnH lima An RAa1lA Pnlnl
batteries, but were beaten off.
-r - - .v -v.. ...w.
pre -
- .
From New York.
Nzw Yoik, May S3 A letter from an offi
cer ot tbe Monticello says tbe rebels put live
notes into ner, and two men were wounded.
adoui twenty or our oaok onioera held a
meeting to-day, in reference to tbe Govern
men! Loan to be awarded Saturday. Most of
them prefer bidding fur the bonds, at 85 to 86.
oeverai ere in favor or 67 to eiJ
a I . w . :
... ...
adobc mree
millions will trobablv be made no at 86. Tbe
uitiwave uisposiuon or me greater partoi mo
A.oan win undoubtedly be In Treasury Notes,
" P"r'. ' .
A allnTit n. 4 l It.. ,ffl.. .1
..0. . ....... ww vi
Thirty-two thousand dollars worth of bank
nAfAB.n Ik. nTh tn.u n..k n.i.. T -
seized to-day
v.v- wu u n uiiuom wiuii jaikuu, uii were
Tbe Keystone State brought a party of refu
gees from Virginia In a destitute cobdition.
Advices from Maine state that the Leirlsla
ture, before adjourning, nrovided for tha n.
uicu. ui luwreat uu otate oonus Que in June.
The ship John Jarvis, of Boston.w.e captured
by a New Orleans privati
iteer at Balize, a week
Meeting of Governors at Indianapolis—Speeches
by Gov. Dennison. Gen McClellan and
Inwanapous. Mav M-fW -.nni
Ohio, accomnanlcd bv Malor o.! S Z
KMnTuTJffi ?ft!'-D,0.on:-
morrow morning.
HriVw"'::" rie.Daea " Mltei
trlotio address, in which h..M . n. J."?,'
v ua srvuiuEi luu uiHUH Hnnrc nut ni.
and Unlnn mn.t h. .l.i"j
U.B.U.BIUCU, trauors anu
treason must and shall be oat rlnn. nH ir
ceaeary for the loyal army to go to Virginia or
South Carolina to put down rebellion, they must
General McClellan also made a ehot speech,
behalf of tbe troops of the Northwest under
r:.! '.?, oeloff 'dly called for, came
.ZTJ.'19 in a stirring
.v.iu war epouuu .
Lane. Ex-Gov Black, and Indian Apprehensions in
St. Lows, May 23. Ex-Governor Black, of
kcwhu, wno nas Deen in tne city for a day or
two, left this evening for Pittsburgh, where be
will probably take some Important part la the
icci military movements, lie reports con-
slderable annrebension exiaiinir in th T.i
I. 1 1 m Mnnrrj mm.
tory oi Ionian troubles during tbe coming sum-
the Sioux and Cheyennes having Joined for
purpose ol engaging in war aCaln ti. P...
n -
nees, which will involve the whites, as tbelaW
r ain priaoipaiiy wiwin tne settlements. In
view ot this, and also to afford protection to
,nnt8,.n?DJ?lan MM0,e orlano; emi
gratlon, which promises to be unusually large
tuisyear, uov. black etronglv urgce that a
regiment 01 volunteers be rulavri mil m,,.i..
into the United Btatea service, and stationed at
uiuerens points in tne Territory. He hae al
ready called the attention of the War Depart
ment to this, and consulted Gen Harney there
who, it is understood, favors tbe plan.
Business at Chicago.
ever in business matters. Holders of grain re
fuse to sell for aoyihlog but gold or its equiva
lent. The Board of Trade this moriing passed
Whereas, recent events In money matters
have culminated In a return to the standard of
gold and silver, Rtioeed that, in the opinion ot
Board of Trade, all sales of property end
daily quotations thereof should hereafter be
ftde in funde equal to spe le. .
Flour, nothing doing Wheat quiet. Corn
quiet. Receiptet 34 000 bbls. fljur; 50,000
bushels wheat; 90,000 buahels corn- Shipments
123,000 bushels wheat; 90,000 bushel corn-
[Special to the Herald. ]
Baltihou, May 23 On Monday and Tues
day, several steamers were engaged In oruising
near tbe Virginia batteries, and were fired into,
no damage was done. The fire was not re
A steamer arrived to day from a ornlse on the
Potomao, found earthwoiks on Aqula Creek,
no guns were seen. Tbey were probably
A steamer left bere this evening for Fortress
Monroe, with the southern mail, whlnh wmiM
Oil a bushel basket. There are 5.000 men
within the walla of the Fortress.
Virginia Election.
Whiuino, Mav 23.-2 595 Union.
slon; Taylor County about 700 Union malorltv:
. : St. . t . 1 Ann . . . . J '
umiwu v .auout 1 uuu union msiorlty;
Wood Co about 1. COO Union maloritv; Pr..tnn
Co,strong Union; Berkelev Co. about 700 Un.
Baltiuobi, Mav 23. Grafton eanntv dQ9
against, 1 for secession; TajLr will give about
veo uonorea majority; Harrison about 1,000;
Wood, 1,600 all against accession. Martina
bnrg, Berdeley connty, gives about 700 against
Mabiztta. 0.. Mav 23. In tha
poslte Marietta, Ohio, In Wood county, no se
cession vote was polled.
Parkersburg-930 for Union, 72 for secession.
Proceedings of the Kentucky Legislature.
Fzankvobt, Ky , Msv23 The Hon an hia
concurred In the Senate bill reorganizing the
Militia, and appropriating 11,000,000 for arming
Senator Pratt offered a resolution to day,
whioh lies over one day, that in order to advise
next Legislature of the popular will, the
Kentuckian vote for or against secession on
first Monday In August.
a 00 legislature adjourns to morrow.
From Boston.
Boston, Mar S3 A letter from a Rnatnn
shipmaster, dated Havre. save tha thin M.
tllda," of CbarlestOD, which arrived there April
29th, from Charleston, bad the Palmetto flair
nviog, out waa not allowed to enter tbe dock
until the stare and strloea wern dlanlawarl.
-The Steam frisata Miaalaalnnl." .M.h ..li
this morniDg, retorned, having broken her
uiaumuw ana iubi aa alienor. -
Probable Attack on Sewall's Point Battery.
BaLTlktogcMav 23 It am a nnrlapatnnrl at
rortreea Monroe tbat tbe Minnesota wnnM ti-
day attack the lortiQoation at Setrall'e Point,
wmist an etreotlve land force would en fa am ail
tngs to effect a landing, and capture the batte
ry at all bawds. There is greet difficulty In
landing at Old Point Comfort, in oonaeqience
inenumDer or veeeele there, prizes, er.o.
I -1 1 aa ... :
Maryland Union Convention.
BALTlMoai, May S3 The Union Stata Cnni
renUon met to-day. Most of the oonntles are
represented.. There Is ereat aLthnalaam In favm
nnoondltlonal Coloo, denonoolngjeecession,
anu pravinS auo oui veto support tne uovern
'i ' ' '"'
A Grand Jury after Army Contractors.
PnitaniLret. May S3 In ccwqnepoe of
eitsures made bv the Dress, the Grand Jnr
made Investigation Into Army eontraots, e
peataiiy eiouiDg ana uiancet, ana Una there
Ul peen great iwinaiiD;.
From Missouri.
8t. Lome, May 23. The steamer L C. Siren
was seized yeeterday at Harlow Landing', It
miles below this city, and brought to tbe Arse
nal. bv order of Gen. Lvon. This is the steam
er that brought tbe arms from Baton Rouge,
which were captured by uen. Lyon at Cam
Jackson. Measuree will be taken to effect a le
fia aonflscatlon of tbe boat.
a hunt s nun nnnnria nf lead, en An f n i"Vis I ft A
Bouth, was also seized yesteraay, at ironton, on
the Iron Mountain Railroad, by order or Gen
l l.inn Hnn. . atiiuM m nrul h.
Lf oitlzens, and several shots were fired on both
sides, but nobodv was hurt
j0bn Dean and bis fellow-prisoners were re
leased from the Arsenal yesterday, on parole,
Aumr. Ma 9.1 Th Natinnal n.r.b ( ai.
I hfln. slffAP a OnnaiiltAtlnn With thn hftn1ratd Via a
and wind up tbelranjirs. inelr circulation is
well secured, and It is confidently believed that
,h.i. ... .l.n ..to Tk. .
tha If fiflnn.lta ara Iabi than 1.1 nnn. hut K
J.L.f ii .1. n 1 1 . 1 n ...
. ueui 01 ineir rreeiueui. one ui iae nrm or voaa
& Co., who reoeotlv failed, has consumed so
laree a chair ot their capital that It was deemed
beet to close up, rather than to attempt to etrue-
gle on with impaired means and ruined credit.
British Ship Run Ashore and Lost.
Baltihokc, Mav S3. Tbe shin Albion went
ashore near Cape Henry, and will be a total
Tbe Virginians having removed tha rr
TT 1 1 i. . . i.tii - a - . .
"eurj ugnc, ana uum a un on tne neaoh, some
half a mile away, deceived tbe Captain, eaus
mg me uisaster.
Seizure of a British Ship.
N r Vnnr. Mav "A Tha H i.i.i. i..l.
lawatba, or and lor Liverpool, with a cargo
wuareo, wuue auempupg me blockade,
7" :," Blew P'8"0 on t0kta
Louisvilli, May S3. Cant. Jno. W. Abert
arrived here yesterday, on an undisclosed mis
sion from the Federal Government.
Tbe editors of tbe dally capers have been
summoned to Frankfort, to testify in regard to
.yvJ&llX "!f M
n8 11 " V 6 mA ,UB u?,u i"'
and to the alleged correspondence of Gov.
gomn wun tne ionieuerate authorities.
The Ohio Regiment Moving South.
PHiLAOiLrnit, Mav S3.-The two Ohio Rel
,Lm"u 1 9eD.l McCook, lately encamped
uere' Bl""a D0Uln lD" mo'mD ' ml-
Bostok, Ma, S3.-The Massachusetts Led.
ature adjourned to day. Many members dona
B. F. Thomas has been nominated for Con.
a . . .
6.re" 0 108 Ja ouwet, as successor to Charles
'rCIS AdamS
CHAMBtRSBOXa, May S3. On Wednesday a
party of Virginians attempted to seize tbe ferry
boat on the Potomac, near Clear Spriug, but
were driven off.
Nzw Oblians. Mat 23 Fl
7075o. Pork2325e.r Whisky 14(a'l6s.
New York, Market.
NEW YORK, May. 23.
w r tt i
a uuu n aim inn enfflm.n vmj.. ni.. --!-.. .
favor of thabaiarwlthoDlvamadaniiii rt.. : ...
port and home contuoptloniMlei nr 0 O0O l.hl. .. i nn
hftMt..t.K... ..... n. .
3(H)AS03fOTinaHiinJ...i.Va inX!fn?. '.ul'
, v v w w iur cam
?on m",1 ln western, tSSjjses for hii.pi,,
?r'S.baInBl,do.0dk..IIr,,, 0U" aMl !5 7oa7 81 ,or
Sa5SJ,! .""n'.V.S ?DfJl?lX '
dM'Aieioftoowiata3l37 30 for inforioV
iVu b, np.ni .
4 00 WOB-selllng in small parcels at 13 103
OOBM M chanE,( wlel of 3 ,00 bb b
WtltSKlf mirkrt rnlm nnt.l -lit, t.. n
!00 l"la Chicago spring at a 1 1,5 1 io;
w. Jwoina spnni at ai 15; 18.000 buthtl.
riorin .rBUiaoatllttai l; 38.0t,0 ba.hel. In
feriorMliwaokee Olnhattl 051 IS; 42 000 buibelt
tnVim." I ,' . uaoaoian uionat tl I0S
lU,0(.0oohols iD)r red wenarn at fl 30i 33; 10 300
.A.. .s 1 u vw" wijmo western at 81 40aii 45
3.S00 while Mlchlnao at 1 1 SO 1 63. ru"''
HYB con loais quiet and aiendy at 08c.
SA?I'Ktt', 'MX,"' at53Oio aln qo.llty.
MaMo 'or old mixed wtr rn j 4 K87o for , tw d.; 3Ua
42'.,r.unfon.1"1 i0 "d 810 ,00r " '0".nd jolloi.
O AT8-I0 fair rqu.t at 3033j for Westarn and Ca
narilan and 3 (234 rnr.t.i.. " v
POitK-dml tat prlws are without much material
chaoge; S70 bals at 1 1717 23 for me,, 013 00 l"
SflTt "V lthrinlnMlesat$4 SO f0, prime;
5,8JfJ?,5J.!0.r,M,,J tlOau tat npMknl km Md
f11' I. ?r"tra B",,: P,lm roe" beef dull ud
UDChacged; bsaf hansqniatat I315.
'Vi '"I V"' mokti "ds n private rerun.
1.AHD dull and droonlng; sales !00 bbli at ftauin
MMa-selltaf at 1J for Ohio lid im A
Snl!?o!,,te,dT at 3'' U allty.
i..JV!7 ktad puh4K4J tncludlne lS7hhd.
at SXeashln haod; lOfl hhd P .rto Uioo at &X: 04
HiadoatS0S25. Baranaat OX
atOLADBRo oontlnneadnll nl.. an hU. n.k. u..
wfmsV 18 " m hW Slved Bl ln hnd OhPrt"-
Cleveland Market.
WEDNESDAY, May 22, 1861.
!;;i .02.,",nfnrnBln",0,,, to common extra, at
0094 71; 350 bbll rtd donhla ir. . nn. 5STVu,I
abojoa do at ti S5. and 100 bblt elt7 do at S3 so'.
i umaiia, ana in on tnittnos an ad
has been obtained. Salts ara 8000 bnih red from
lror7h tlM. ' b,Uh d0,t 91 "
CORN-hoiders are generally atklcg 3&S37e., and
sales are making lo a im.ll way at those flgurei. These
priest are mnoh too high, however, to admit of .Moment
eut, and to eoomand sales of large lots 38233c I iaa
much a, the market will bear. ai
,i?l?lt!!?a"t?a tnlck l t5e'm fcoabfrom
Store at mo and 1 ear at same.
tn.llrlNB8-dull at 13Xo.
BOOS dull with sales at 60.
CUEI8S In llaht demand at TtfflSo tar ir..!. B..
..,?8T1)r,d App,e lre ln,c,lT 3o. and Peach
"n8Tf ?o'fL ?,nr.'e.a' H'" !'
..1Ba , .uua goon nutter at lUc. .
Cincinnati Market.
Ik. ....1.
1 local consumptive trade. The stock In store is very
lght, and whllt millers have so narrow nuriln be
the ortcsi or wheat and f.f ehr n.ni.n... .i.
given In oar wit. .
wuAiAT-wa.moie saleable to day, and the market
the better qualities of both White and Red stiffened
some. Ths former Is In requeit for shipment. Prime
Ned la firm at 1 0.1: nrun Whlta .in ainai i
The latter crura oovarlot a choice quality.
, .r ,,, sparingly ny OMtuiers, and 33o lathe
best the will offer, for feed stores It will bring ths old
figure 81c. and probably a trifle batter for prime
j i. nun ii cegieoua tun, ana very dull at 60c.
EYR cannot be quoted better than tOo.
WHISKY Ukntt laumllltla l. . It-
Com. myi7 '
Buffalo Market.
fLOoa raarket io fair demand. Wnti r ate.rtv.
mand mderara, sales of SO 000 bethels Milwaukee Olub
ertsiwe, xu.uvu outneit ordinary white allchigtn at
1S5. Cosa dull srd no sales Waitar fair demand
markst stesdy, taiesof S.noo bblt common at 13X. (U-
ceipts to-aay, wnratiuuo; flour 45,00(l whtat SO.fXIO;
vv.u .v.w u,ww, uuur o,wv, wiieas ai,wu.
Red, White and Bine
- CALICOES, ' - '
apr!9 ' '.
No. S3 South High street.
Wholesale and Betall Dealer la - -
Foreign Domestic ' Cigars,
' aire am anurpe -- 1
Smoking & Chewing Tobacco.
, J i f : ' . ta
Alio, the best qnaltty ef KXVm constantly
..... uaua. .
ICrOountry ltarehaate an bvltad to call bsforeYor
ehasirif elsewhere-; !
NO. 4 EA8TTfimri STREET,' . I
Bet. Hala sal lyeassorey i4'
lorSl wflm CINCINNATI. Q.
JT meats of the act "To prorids fir leulnn the
works of 'he xtate." puied uaybtn, lr-01, wibLloM
UKNNIeON. nnreroor. HUUSUC w. TAYLKB, Audi
tor, and ALf BED P 8TOMB. Tieuurerof the liateof
Ohio, harrbyglve notlt that they will let lbs Public
Works ofihs BU , with their appunecanosi, at ipia-
edln HieH.iJuit, fort'ie term of ten years, at Public
Auction hi the Kotnnda of the Stale House, ln the city of
uoiumbui, betweea tne hours or ten 0 aiocz A. n. and
four 0 clook P. U. of tbe 20:b day of kly, lhfll; which
aid Public werks ooniut of ths Miami and Krie oai al,
the Ohio Canal, the Walhondlug Canal, the Hocking Ca
nal, io ouch of the fand; and Beaver Cacal as It owned
by the state, the Uutklngum Improvement, and the
wetiern Keterve and ataumee Uoad. and all the t da
cuts, feeders, reaervoirt, lock houtea, collectors' offlees,
weign luckt, sod leant or turplut water eontecied wiib
the tame or auDertalnina thereto, and owned bv tbt Stale
or me purpme ur being used lu ooun ctioa tnerswitn,
with ihe right 10 have additional surplus water,
fluid Public Wor.s will be let to the oerten or pertins
who, in oonilderatlon of tbe 10IU, flnet, water rents and
NTenuei tobederWed Iberefrom. aha 1 1 bid toav tha
hlgheit annual root tbeiefur, to be paid In atmtannuil
pavmenit io advance lo each year during the term of the
lease. Mo bid will be received unlets tbe person or oar.
toot making lbs tame shall have Ar,t depended with the
Auditor of Htaie. in monev or In ttncki or the Rtala nt
Ohio or of Die United BUiei.tbe iu 10 of twtotr thouund
dollars, upon ths conditions that he or they will on their
part, enter Into an Indenture or lease ot said Publlo
workt of the mate of Oh lo. irtheaame than be struck
off to him or them, and alio give a bond payable to lbs
state or unto lu mo turn or two hundred Uiouiaod dot
lart, with Are or more sufficient suretiet to the Mllarao-
uon or Hie Uovernor. Auditor and Irea-nrer of state,
and renewable every two years, or oftenir. If tbe Gover
nor, Auditor and Tieaturer of Btate aha!! think tha
turaUet at any time Insufficient, conditioned, In proper
lorm, tnatineaaio ic-taee or leaaeet mall perform all the
oovenan 1 01 taia itaseon their part to be performed
and will pay all damegee tudered by the State or bv In
diTiduali,byreaonof hit or their failure to do so; and
in oerauii or said lessee or lettrts entering Into said In
denture of lease, orglvlogtald bond, thedepositto mads
at aforesaid tball be absolutely forfeited to and bo
come the property of the State. No rallroid company
can bid, or be Interested directly or indirectly, as lessee
r assignee, or oinerwue, or ins leaao.
No bid of leu ihan twenty thousand dollars per an
num will be recel.e.l. The lease and bond mutt be ex
ecuted and delivered within fl.e dais after the let
ting, and tbe term will date from the approval of the
Tbe lessee or lessees shall reoelve all materials Drovl
ded or contracted for by the elate, and all boats, tooas,
wis, implements, norset, mutes, and otuer property
now belonging to and used by the Bute on laid Publlo
worts, at inelr apprabeu value, and pay thsreror at oro
Vi led in said act. -
A bond and lease In accordance with the sot will be
prepared and be readv for ex-mioaiion at tha oOleauf
ineAuattoroi Bute, prior to tne kuth Instant, and all
mat made snail be deemed to have been made with ref
erence to all lbs provisions of said act. and of ths terms
and conditions of ihe bond aid lease so prepared as
W. PEKNiflOV, Onvmor.
A. V. KIONE, Trunurtr.
Columbus, Ohio, May 14, 16C1 mayl5:dtd.
Nannfaciuvore of all kind of Per
table and Mationary Ntesm En
gtnee, huw 11 I la, urlat Mill,
&.C, oVc.
LAKES BODLETBiatmt a. ot t. EL ASD TBiaUnl
J. tJ. n DVT ALL Biatmltl COLUMBUS
ifAcnms co Hcaunim brad i on d
d CO. Biattnlllll
Our Portable Engine and Siw Mill
Was awarded the flrat premium of 950 at ths Indiana
Btate fair for l-'W over Lane It Bodlei't on account of
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of Inol
and superior character of lumber snueil
Our Stationary Knirlne was awarded at tbe same fair
us am premium or .-iio.
Our Portable Kngine waa awardrd the flrat p rem la a of
iw as me rair at uemphit, Tenn., over Uiandy't Da
vall't, Oolombui Machine Co't., and Bradford at Co'l.,
a com mi nee oi practical tlallroad isnglneers.
for price and terme address .
W1LLAHD H AKNEB, Treasurer
Newark. Ohio.
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
Ths Montreal Ootan SteamshlD Oomnanv's flrat -clana
fuli-powerad Clyde-built Btcamere tail every Nal.
urday from PORTLAND, carrying the Canadian and
United Btatea Mall and passengers.
Shortest, Clieitpeet and Quickcat Von
vcyance iroiu
Hates of Fnamaae to Etarope.
ao, ee, 8ao.
sail from LIVERPOOL every Wednesday,
from QUEUGO every Saturday, calling at
LONDONDKRRY, to receive on boar.! and lai d Alalia and
Pattengera, to and from Ireland and Scotland.
iryihete Steamers ate built of Iron, In ral.r-Urht
oompartments, cany each an axpeiienced Burgeon, and
every attention It paid to the com'ort and accommoda
of passenger!. As tbey proceed dlnct to LON DON.
DKRY, the gieat rltic and delay of calling at Bt. John's
avoided. ...
Olatgow psitenvert are furnished with nut raiaava
tickets to and from Londonderry.
Keium tickeit granted at reduced rates.
Oerttacatcs issued for carrying to and brinelneont oat-
tengert from til Ihe principal townt of Great Britain aud
Ireland, at rHuced rates, by thii line of stesmen, snd
the WA3UIN0T0N LIN a Of BALLI.NQ rjlOltaTS,
leaving Liverpool every week. , , , .. ,
Sigbt Drafts for l and vpwardt pay-
n .v .u .,. ..i.u, reaaaatftf iSCOS--
land or Wales,
for camre. annlv at tha fiftlM. 94 lilt. nil.
WAY, New York, and 10 WaTEH ST.,
BABEL k KEABLE, General agents,
nolO-lydJtw . Statesman Offlce, Columbut, Ohio.
Rheumatism, Gout and. Hour aLria,
All ' Mercurial Diseases-.
It It a conveniently arranged Band, oontainlnc a med
icated compound, to be worn around the Waist, without
Injury to ths most delicate person t; no change ln habltt
living U required, and tt entirely removes tha dla
east from the system, without producing the Injurious
srxecta anting irom tne ass ot powenui internal metll
olnet, which weaken and destroy the comtitutlon, tod
give temporary relief only. By thlt treatment, the med
icinal properties coniainea in tne Band come In contact
with the blood and reach the disease, thronah tha mm
the tkln, effecting In easr-p Instance a perfect oure,
and restoring tbe parts anilcfd to a healthy condition.
Thlt Band It also a most powerful Axti MtaocauLaient,
and will entirely relieve the lyttaca from ths ptmtciout
tffeotsof Mercury, lloderate cues are cured tn a few
days, ard we ere constantly receiving testimonial! el Its
efficacy in ainrravated cases rf long standing.
Paict A1.0O, u be had of Druglita geatrally, or eta
sentby mill or exprett, with full dlreotiont for uia,
any pert of the country, direot from the Prioctpal
Offlce, . - , t
lTo. 409 BROADWAY, Kew York.
' O. SMITH &, CO., 8ole Proprietors, j
N. 8. Descriptive Olrculirt Bent Free,
JO Affente Wanted Ererrwhere.
mhS8 lyltorlitp Ofcw ";
NW 8TTLBS llaln ic Son. No. s,aik
Dish street, hive Inn opened new stylet of Ctni Cia.
eniaas. RaaaciMM and Sacacts, made In the ptweat and
moat ttyllih manner- alto. tjesBerD llalm
Hiactv Mllka, very heavy, designed axpraatly for
muuiiatanopaaqjiiuea. aprllv
tttA Bl T E D. A fl RUTS TO IKLL
" paeliages of BTATIONIRT and JBtVKLRI, at
prieee one-third less than can be pure baaed elsewhere
uau on oraaarees ittamp eaoioted; i. J. BAlLgi.No
Ui Ooirtstaostoo, HaM. march B&diou
Dr. J. H. McLEAN'S
btreiigtlieiiing Cordial ainJ Blood
zzessseeiy la Tste Uwrld
AND IB , .
It is BTniCT
Ir a sclentlOe and
Vegetable Com pound.
proound by the distil
lation of Hoots. Barbs ,
and Barks, Yellow i
Dock, Blood Boot.
Bartapartlla, 7 1 I d
unerry Bark and Dan
delion enters Into lu'
Hefore Tukio'tire active' remedial Ifter faklnx
principle of each Ingredient ItUioroovhlv extracted
m n m.ih.a i.iiiiIm. nmi.... . i.iui...
. - r- v. -
kilarsMn. ...(.I ,.j,k..l lliailll.f . ...
B .ii,.mih mto huh . u.uu iviuruj 101
renovating the dlaeated evatem. and reatorln -ba atnk
sulferine snd debilitated INVALID in H HALT II ns
Will effocttwlly ears
Chronic or Nervoat Debility, Disease of the Kidneys,
and all discate. arltlng from a ditordereJ Liver or Htom
sch, Dytpepsla, Heartburn, Inward Piles, Acidity or Blok-
nees of the Stomach, fullness of Blood to the Hee.l, Dull
pain or swimming In the bead, PalL.atlon of the Heart
fullneas or Weight In the Stomach. Boar Eructations
Choking or tuffcx-ntlnj feeling when lying down. Drvnest
"".oii me sain anu ayes, nignt eweatt, lu
ward f even. Pain In tha email of tha huk. h.i nr .M.
ouuuen riuanea 01 neat, uepresslOB of Spirits, frightful
Dreams. Lanruor. DeflDO&ilenr:v orinv Mnntia n;.-.
norea or Blotches on tha Akin, and Pava. ana a,n. fn.
vuuiaano aevar.j
over a jnilllon of asottle)
Have been sold durln tha lut it. mrirtvafKel eni4 In ta.
tttaVnfrA hatl (t fail awl In arlarlat. aa.tl -.!- .1 Uri .
--IM. Vf.Tr" r
w.-baa, v its sui.i t will VV CHUCII UT UCtTtlllT WlWal Alli
LEAN'S STRKNOTHeNisin nnnniar -in -.7. .
No laniruaire can ranvev an annn.tM.. nr. h. iJL
dlate and almost miramiloiu ikinanimi h. ....
this Cordial la tbe disrated, debilitated and ahaii.nvi
nervout tjttem, whether broken down by excett, weak by
nature, or impaired by licenses, ths relaxed and nnttruni
.tuiL..aa.tvu A loaiAifffU UI lie pTULUssf OOAIUI ftDQ TlgOfe
Or others conadoas of Inability, from whatever cause,
will find McLean e Btrenethenine Cordial a
regenerator of the sysum; and all who aiay have injured
"T""" "V laapvwper nauigances, will Bad la the Cor
uuu a pBriam anu tpeeoy remedy.
T tbe LmAlen. , . :
MeLcao's Strengthening Cordial
Is a sovereign and speedy cnre for
oustracted orDlfflealf Hsnstraatton, InconUnenoe of
unaa or invoiunury Discharge thereof, falling of the
umo, uiuaineas, tainting ana an Diseases incidne t
There 1 bo Klstake Abont It.
Buffer BO longer. TakeltaocordlnrtnTllrarllnn.. n
will atlmuUte, strengthen and invigorate yoa and cause
toa uioomoi iieai tn to mount yoarcneek again.
Tory Diiue m warraniea to give tatitfactlon.
Ifyour children art sickly, puny, or afflicted, McLetnV
Cordial will make them heallhy, fat and robust.
n' t a moment, try it, and you will be convinced.
OaCTloH. Beware of Drarrlita nv T.t.n v,M
Iry to palm upon yoa some Bitter or Isrtapartlla trait,
men uey can nay eneap. bv savlni It la nat aa rnml.
Avoid such men. Ask for alcLeaa's Strtnithenine dor-
hied n,.. ...in, k . .iM..hKi..n
dial, and take nothing else. It is the only remedy that
will purify the blood thoroughly and at the same time
ircnguicn un ayttem.
One tabletpoonfal taken every morning fasting. Is s
certain preventlveof Cholera, Chills and Fever, Yellow
rever, or any prevalent diseases. It is put up In lame
Price only 1 per bottle, or I bottles for 15.
J. U. MuLCAR, ;
Sole Proprietor of thlt Cordial,
Also McLean a Volcanic Oil Liniment.
I'rit dpal Depot on ths corner of Third and Pine streets.
St. LOkis. Mo. . .
McLean'e Volcanic Oil Liniment, f
Ihe best Liniment In ths World. Ths only safe and
certain oure for Cancers, Piles, Swellings and. Bron
chitis, or Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of ths
Muscles, Onronio or Inflammatory Rheumatism, Stiff
ness of the joints, contracted Musolss or Llgamenti
arache or Toothache, Bruiaea, Sprains. Wonndt, Vnth
Outt, Dicers, fever Sores, Caked Breasts Sore Nipples,
Burns, Scalds. Bore Thoat, or any Inflammation or Pain,
no dltrennoa now severe, or bo long the disease may
have exlated. McLean's Celebrated Liniment Is a eer
rain remedy.
Thousands of huaaan beings have been saved a Ufa ct
decrepitude snd misery by the ate of tha invaluable mod-
Will relieve pain almost instantaneously, and It irll
oleante, purify and beal the foulest sores in an ineredl
ly short tune. - i . ..
For Iloraee and Otker Anlntale. '
HcLsan s celebrated Liniment Is the only safe and re
liable remedy for the oure of Spavin, Ring Bone, Wind
galls, Splints. Unnatural Bumps, Nodes or Swellings II
will never fail to cure Big need, Poll Bvil, Fistula. Old
running Sores or Sweeny, if properly applied, for
Hpraina, Braises, Scratches, Boras er Wounds, Cncksd
Heele, Obarat, Saddle orOellar Galls It It an Infallible
remedy. Appli It aa directed, and a enra u nn.i. i.
evry uMiauov.
Then trifle no longer with the man wivrSileaa Llni.
ments offered to yon. Obtain a tuoolv of Dr. Urlo.'.
uvicuiaivu uinunena. it win care yoa.
J. II. incLKANt Bole Proprietor, I
Corner ef Third and Pine Streets, Bt. Louis, Mo.
tor tale by all druggists,
lor sale by ROB BETS It 8AMTJ1L,
aujSS-dstwIy Columbos. OSU.
Baltimore Clothing House.
XXX3J9J3 c3 33XTTlVr.
nmcriCTrsati aire waouaau Muuts m
No. 303 .W. Baltirnore-street;
(Btrwtjaa utotTT ax eovrajo,)
...... .r '. BAJLTIiTtOBE, ifld.
Large Aieortr&eot ol Piece and Furnishing
Geede Constently on Band1 -
OctSOdly i. . ,-T.-., . '
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers'in
" Northwoit Corner of High and Cay Ste.,
2STeo. OX,
tOLl'WUIS,... ..,.....011IO.
"A large Stock of Fine and Btapls Ooods on hand."
yJWtf -. " '- i 7 '
Arrow Root,
Beotoh Oat sisal
Split Ptas
Chooolate '
Broma, tto. , .-1
Prunes : '
Preah Tomatoes
Riot flour
Pearl Barley '
Cracked Wheat
Cream Tirtar.
Seedless Bitting
ureea Cora
freah Cann'd f raits of every deter Iprltn:
- Miles ef all kindt; .'' s.J
PUvorlng txtractaofallkbJ. -n -"
. Onm Drops; Mixed Oendies; '
- - Almoede, filberts, Peoon Nnti,
. Bag lish Walnata, Brssil Nats.efe.
- wm McDonald.
ladiei' linen Pooket-Handk'fs.
kerehieni very wde heme . ...
Rmbroldered Linen Hautlk's all prices,
Uemmtd Btllched and plain do, do
do do colored borders.
aloumlDg do . black bordtre
new tty leerass stitched.
Pine Apple do
. Mlseei' Plain and ffeauaed Btltohes: do all or lees
Comprising the aaott Mltot aaaorkuantla the cltv and
loaett pnoas. . . - i- . BA1M at eON, ;
sewfs ' ., Ho. V South Ulgh Street. :
1 11 ' n i i
. andPBRMANlNTCURaofth
- durtreaalng eomphUst ass
UadtbyO. B. SBTalOTJR ft CO , 107 Nassau 'bI It. T.
rnov i pr ooai tent rt by post.
FOR BALI IX ALL pDelSTI-auye-dalyis
. . ' tiv.'.. J
Itj CLOAK CLOTHS. Alto, other mart i f Spring
Cloak Oloiha, in all deeirablo mlxtaree Hindiata, Tat
sell and Bullous to match. BaIN ft SON,
aprllS Ko. SB South niah stre
1VJ of slegaBl qoaUUea fee Ladies, also, Stlim' Mitts
haaae' Silt
a treat vaxval
A Jil '
.r I I . -
An experienced Norte and female Phytlcuu'. pre ten it
, to the attention of mothers, her
wnlcn areatlv huiiitt.. ,h. .
enlng the ... .r',rr. '
ai irpaia . 7 ""'a uiuaainiauon will Allay
ALL PAIS and spasmodic aotion, and is '
Depend unon lt.mntbnl 1. -it. . .
1 and , , 10 Jwsolves
lvh.M ....... ... . "anii
V!',reJ",,lPnlul this article for over la. .J
what we have never been able to say or an v oth.. mL,
el oe NEVER HAS IT V A I LB D, IN A SI o 1 a ivSr
1 K- -i- uuHvia mis article rov
inlllni d.v i r ...... -'-tvivinr
sr did we know an Inatanoe of dkasiiUlae? lsiV 1 oci
who used It. On tha aontrar. .11 .,..11.
operaUont.and speak In terms of oo.rmndVuon 0 u
magical esectt and medical vlrtn-. it. ."!". "J!
matter .-what WB Do KNOW;" after tin JT.rt5 ".
rtence. AND PI.Klinu niTn i.in ,, l!"
almost every IntUnce where tbe Infant it mnertoehJaS
pain and exhaustion, relief will uXnnd ln ifiliS
twenty minutes after theeyrun Is admlnl.ttrid '
? . SVl' PrePnitlon la the preaorlptlon of one of
ril-mie0,iifX,,'1i!N(J,SI)Md SKlLLrriL NnBSaSIn
New En.lann. aH h " 'i-ir.S'.V'' L" "?
Ufa BcboBsVTn , wuu Alu
It no t on I v relievea tlx ehiM - -..
ata. th..tomh and bowel., rTKrtlt.ndX,
f .."I',?"' 10 wool Will ataolt tol
atantla ml...
IDI1 OnfflAmllMriffrllSliin aafs(-.V I A a ...
dl.n..nH Ini-K'-r.T"". ,T!Mf ,
1." 7' " "awa. vr ej WllOVfJ II U1B D KMT sinrl &ITD
EST BKMMDY IN Tim wnsi ri ..." M..V.B.
ENTEBY and DIABHJIffiA 1M nun nuTS "V1! 5
it arises from teethlne. or from an. nik.. ...
would say to every molherwhohaaa chilli ,r,n.,'. .
; i0,0,I't! """P'slntt DO NOT LET YoniB
uitJVi " !". and theTe
.. -...U,-1 ABOULUIKLY SURE to
follow the use of thii medicine, If timely used, full d
recUontfor using will wjoompany eih bottle. Hone
geouine unltsstut fac simile of CURTIS PBRKIiSm
New York, It on the ouuide wrapper. 1 BBKIS.
Bold by ail Pruggtitt throaghout the world.
Pfl 'dpal Office, 13 Cedar Street ft .V.
B It precleely what lit name Indlottes, for. whllel
pleataot to tbe la.te. It la revlvlfyl Dg, exhilar.i-
iw- .-.... ....r.UEUUi( u me viiai
oowen, aud at the tame t ina ...t.in.. .-: '
iiatet, and renewt the Blnol In all lie purity ao
ithut at ..nee rutort and render, th. .vrttm. in
umlturabl to aU, otto dua44. It 1. tbe en ty
, -k-'".iv-' Tr uu,m . me wori.i, so chsetH
-,uj aou iiiiiuny comoinen as to be tbe most
p wr,ui tool kauri at ins tame lime ao perfectly
. 'dapted to, u to act io per ao ace .rdanee wiib the
nam o, ana nenm win Booth, th. utalmi
i.vrmuu Mi.a Luiie an m n,j..r . ....
kbut ailav all narvuna aod other irir..iA.. i. .
, - ' . vi.au, Buu
gt iivr cony vaniiaraung, aoa at tne time time It hrt
, i ... , , . ., . -"...ii i. i
, nomposeu s tireiy oi vegeiablea. yei so combined
utoprooueetnemo.tin routb tonic effeoi, tilth
jut pr ducing aoy li,juriout contrquei,cet 8uch
remedy hat long been felt to be a de.lri..i,in. i .
he medical world, for It tenia no medical liill to'
40 ibatdebti'ty follows all ailackaof di..
proceedt and lodeed la l the .yt em open lo tbr
iiieiuiuue .tiH ui cDBuy oi ine mott fatal, tuch
f r example, at the follo'lnt: 0.nii,n..
Idlgettlon. Unpepsla. Lost of Annetiu c.,n,..
..rvuui irmasiiuy. neunig fatpliaUon of the
urmri, nriaocuo'r, p i(iii Bealt Languor, OI Jdi
oert. Retention of, as well st Palmui .h.im.i.H
too profuse, or too rem! Menatmailnn u..
las of the Womb. These all drrie. a II Tin n V....MI
Ueblllty Thlt pore, healthy, tonic i.onlii and
"tloou rlenovaiorl. at ture to cure at the tan tol
rite tod tel. There li no mlitakt about it. Rm
h i It nt all. lf the t item It aeakened. we are
ur.li looiiiuiuaiiacKt. me liver be, ooipi InrnlH
ir worse diseased, the kiJneie refuse tn ..!,,
heir funciions. ana e are tronbiFd .i h .i.un.
md looontlieoce ef urine, or fnVtalllrtiears. ii,a '
!rh.rge of the tame, pain lu the back, aloe aod r.
tween the shoulrters.eiceeilln.lv n.l,i..n .tt. i..'l I
koldt, eought. tod if atcbecked. eoon e.aclatlio! W
'ollow.. and tne pule-1 gei down to a Drm.iurv
grave. But tpace will out allow ui to enumeraU M
the mtny ilia to which we are li.hi. in . U
condliioo of Ihe aatem. But we will aav. In ihi.i
fVnawlIaal twtj. Uluul U . . ' . "1
i esaii uivim taruvnior wnej nva t rfi
! f "- - -aatuai-rrmrav ror lou of
Appetite, btliauiDCff Futaleoce iresk and ilck
I "any Billoutatlaik, Cuaiivenest, Acldltyj
..f the Stomach. Nervouineti, Neuralgia, Palpita
tlon of the Heart, e, re ttion of Spirln. Boret H
rlmulea on the rao or anv dbuaae ariiin. rn JJ
lmPr blooa, iucb aa Scrofula. Eryaipelai. Broo I
0 .. . uirotuiog, ana an tnat1. .
Isolate of diseases called female weakness and M
enumerated above. Wa will alto it) the traveler U
C r ,TT. "P'u'm'ut cnange oi climate and wat-l
r, will and Ita pleaunt. tals and ture remedv.lhJ
aoa none thould ever travel wiihouu Ite.der Ifi
nodted.atwellaiafriendlo need. All peisontofl
j u.u,u win uuu iiepcrieci preventlveof1
mm oure ior loose aumenu to which Ihey a
panicularly exposed. Uenoe minlttera.itnriMu...t
torneyt, ll'erary gentlemen .and ladlea wh. . .J
aocntiomed to mucn outdoor exeieite, will find it
ho their advantage to keep a bottle constantly on
hand; and, above all, mothers, or that becomlnii
nfh : .III tkMH.t. . . i "
- iu hmv.,1, mi., must uanrerous oerioo
nA.Anlwvtk.il . .
tafeand free from tbe thousand ailmenta ao prev
........ niu.l, U.1, K.UUDTO .IMn. K. h
aiensamong tne lemale portion of tbe world. It
short, it It indeed a mother-a .nvHi.i. t i au
and oung; no longer run the ilskor deity; It will
flee Cordial and Blood hnumnt,,.
mici. uu .nn. in I .mnn.(,A.iiw . ,
... IT """" Dirrri, as. uiait, Bo., ann
sold by ROBaRTs sc SAMUEL, Oolumbtu. Ohio,
and all good Sruggists. Price One Dollar
per Bottle. marehJ8-da,weowl
Steam Betweea Ireland asd America.
The followlnt new and mimiflni t.u.....jn..
wheel Buamiulpt oompose the tbove line:
ADRIiTIO, S.8B8 tons barlhen, Cant. J. MtcRT
(formerly of the Collins Line )
BIBERNIA, 4.400 tons burthen, Capt. IT. Paowsa.
ANOLI a, 4.400 .. ' l..
PAOlrlO, StKJO 'a. .. .. r Smiib
3,300 " . J.WaXMa.
One of the above ehlos will leave v.. vn.v s..,..
alternately every Tuesday fortnight, for Oalway, car
rytng ths government mailt, touching at Bt. Johns,
The Steamers of this line have bees eonstrocted with
the greatest care, nnder tha supervision of the govern
ment, have water-tight oompartments, and are unexcel
led foroomfort, safety and speed by any steamers sSoat.
They ara command. d by able and experienced officers.
"" ""'wa wm k maue to promote the comfort
passengers. . r
An experienced Surge :n attached te etch ship. :t .
first-class N. T. or Boston to Oslwsy or Liverpool lino
Becond-elsts, " " ..- ... 75
first-elaas, . " toSt John's 3S
Thlrd-claat, " : to Oalway or Liverpool,
or any town In Irelaed.cn a Railway, ... 30
Thlrd-olasa pattengera are liberally supplied with pro
visions of the best quality, cooked aud served by th ser
vants of the Company. . u 1 . -,
Ptrtlei wlihlns to send for thtlr friends from ths old
comtry can obtain tickets from any town on a railway, la
Ireland, or from tbe principal cities of Bnglsad and boot
land, at very low rates.
Patseagere for New fork, arrlvtog by ths Itctton
Steamen, will be forwarded to New York free of charge.
for passage or further Information, arx-ly to -
' - . ' ' ' Wai . WICtmAST,
At tbe offlce of the Company, on ihe wharf, foot of
Canal atreet. New York. , , ...n., ,
," LAND at ASPINWAlt, Agents.
V ; ; t -.v.
E A G LE : 13 11 AS S W 0 RK8,
' " Corner stprlng' Water 5U., ,
Ooliaiaato-tajB, OIilr.
w. b. POTTO ' ft CO.,
and Hanufacturert of 'Brats and Composition Outings,
'; Pinishtd Brass Work of all Descriptions.
Electro PlattiisTaiid -Gilding ! !
fsbl 1-dl '
maid eatitrtNDCit. . . ntt t. crttrruoB n
S. & HT. CHirTE.'eDOJ,
... , ATTORNEYS AT LAW. " ". v ' .
2D Offlcds, 929 Broadway hew York City, aid
faasewt1 tmuiae. Columout Olilo.
IOCarefttl attention paid ta Collections,

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