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sisrraJnrT muxkb, rubiuhsr.
CJfcO. W.
25, 1861.
Democratic State Convention.
" Alluilon tTlng .fcen recently Buds by
cm of our Demofcratlo coUmporarl aa to
tha approptlata tlm for holding th Bxt Dsaao
ratlo 8uU'CoDTntlon,U ty b proper to
etkte that, at tha last Brttlng of the Democratic
" State Peotral Committee, It was nnanlatmaiY
l amed that .tpa nest Dtmooraii , State , Cob-
- wotltn be Held on Thursday; the 6th day of
September next, In the elty of Columbus. The
call of the Committee Will no doubt appear in
doe time, and will, we pteeume, embrace all ley
" at Volon men to the State, who' are oppoted to
' ibe dlstlnctlv political doctrines and dogmae of
the "IrrepreMlbW" Republican.;, ... -
Exciting War News.
The reader will find eioltlng war newi m our
piper tile morning, for the detail! or.wb.Iob
they, are referred to the appropriate oolumn.
" The Federal troop bar entered Virginia
from Washington, and oooupled Alexandria and
other polate. On the troopt entering AIsxaji-
drla, CoL LUWOBTB of the Zauav, while In
theaot of tearing down a aeeeaaloa flag, wu
' ibot by one of the rebslsj the wound, we are
pained to aay, proving fatal. The perpetrator
f tbla font aol was intUntly diipatohed. v Tbe
newi of the death of Col. Ellsworth will be
reached everywhere with profound sorrow;
,., Tbe firat and Seoond Regiment of , Ohio
. Volnateere hare arrived at Waahlogtoa
' ' From the aipeot of the newi at thle time, we
may anticipate stirring times, and rapidly trans
,.' piring events of doep interest., v : - y i
State Coercion.
' The secession journals persist ia reproaent
" ing tbe action of the Federal Government for
i enforcing the lavs and repoasesaing the property
' from which it has been forcibly ejected, as an
attempt to coerce into obedience sovereign and
Independent States. Tbey lay that the Federal
'., Constitution clothes the Government with, no
eucb anthorltyt that it wu sought in the Coaven
tion which framed the Constitution, to Incorpo
rate such a provision into that instrument! but
it. met with a decided negative. , ,..,
It may be readily granted that the Federal
' ' Government has no power to coerceStatee, eon
' aldered u Independent soverelgntie or bodies
politic It cannot fine or imprison a State, or
' declare Its constitution and laws, If not repug
nant to the Constitution and laws of the United
States, to be void, and not binding upon its clti
. not. It cannot make war upon aState as aocb;
for that would be to treat It as a foreign power,
. Instead of a component of the one people or
nation over which the General Government ex
- ercisH joriadiotion. There U, therefore, itr let
ly speaking, no such thing as State coercion." '
But there Is a power constitutionally lodged
, ia the Federal Government for sslf-proteotioa
against domeetie as well as foreign . u It
., were not for this, oar Union would be, as has
; , been Meeringly said, "a rope of sand," and our
boastsd liberty a sham. The Federal Govern
' ' ment is clothed with ample powers for tbe inp
presaloo of insurrection or rebellion against its
. own authority, or against tbe constitutional an
taorlty of any State where tbe State authorities
' are not eofnpetent to tbe task; it can execute
. it own laws and protect tbe publio property by
calling oat the military force of the country in
it aid, where the civil processes of the Court
. cannot be bad, or are not adequate to ths pur-
. pose. . . ,v . ... .. . :-
Io accomplishing these ends, the Government
operates against individual and Illegal eombi-
., nations of individuals, and not against 'State.
i If an individual or any numbar of individual
are fonnd in arm against the Government, or
resitting the aeeatioe f the laws, or illegally
seising and attempting te hold the publio prop
erty, it makes no difference who they are, wbetb
.', ".ar they belong to tbli State or that Stat or Ter
ritory j they are to be regarded as offender and
erimlnai against tbe) Constitution and laws (
the country.'. That a large portion-of the pec
pie of a State or of several State are Implicat
ed In these crimes, doe not chang their nature
or afford a reason why thsy ahould not be) ptw
' Ished. In fact, It only render It more Impera
tive upon all good and law-abiding citizens to
aid th Government, to the all extent f their
power, in restoring order and to redaeing the
refractory Individual to obedience. , ' "
Th Federal Government is not coercing or
making war upon 8 latest but it la aeeking
" compel Individual to ' obry ' the law and 1
, pcti tha'publtq property t " &M P19
eympatby and the aid of every loyal man la the
-.1 ..,(- r -. - .-.. 1
Signs of Treason.
i The 7nrnJ of yesterday morii'uig quote
i with commendation aa artiol from the Cinoia-
'mtl Prui, which conclcde with these word
. "Ihty IRorthtra eBfplratora talk f tb dangtrs,
Iobm aad txpwM to which tb Norfi bu bea aubjcld
throufti It KjrctloB or tn com prom imi owbobboo u
Vnuidwnt for bavlog, la oallhif forth, troop, xoooM
hi oUttlnal anthorltyj and tadcavof to ofat
. pack by MprcMnting that Xasland aad Fraac m
a boat to irUtfrr In our eoatrovirry. Tb ar th
slgsi by which tb traitors among ataxy b aawa.
One of the sign , then, according to th Prat
and tb Jtutnml, by which a northern, traitor
' may be known, 1 that be "endeavor to create
panic by representing that England and Franc
ar about to interfere in onr oontroveisy." Bat
' In tb very same piper in which th above quo
titlon from (fa Pmi is printod and praised, tb
Journal bu a leading editorial Which' open
: thUSI '". . I ;
It will bs hard, w think, for ths Boat raagala plrB
at Jtaw rnooorM aawat turn Hi prucnt loa or angliah
fMllog toward ADMrica. Ncllliar la In Parliament, nor
la tba public loamalt of tb n)Uh boopm. b) any
ryaipatby with iba aaMrlcaw govorBjaaat BaanlSMtM,
but wbawvar aid and comfort aa I aim t lb 0a
. fentt Itatt by tb Xusliab prM I lbwayofdl-
, panglni ccBBient and uf rlwnd ly propbecic M t the fa
' tut if lb Colon, It very ebeif ally i : "'
Th li ,1,1. .t.il I.'
tide ef oonsiawabl length, in which it make
UU f v awvivai asvaaa auoj ulHilJUU A rjv UBweUll
1U treawsaol position, that "neither In th Par
liament, nor In the publio journal of ths Eog
liih people, 1 any sympathy with th American
government manifested." The general tenor of
tht Jearasl' extract! from th Times, and It
nomnaant theraon. is to atlOW that Enaland ta
probably bent, to use it own !nguge,oa ."giv
ing aiu ana camion i to imturgcnia in- ui
.country." ::r..;'';lJ "'i".
. , Th may be right In Its' conclualans
a to th position of England toward this toaa
try, thongh w thlok.lt ratbet hasty la drawing
It Inference. Bat the serlou aspect of ths
case Is, that th promulgation of such scntl
- ment, in regard to th inUnlioa of ths Eng
lish Government, fixe apon (b Jtmtnal, ao
. cording to It own authority and that of th
Cincinnati Pr, aa lndellbl mark of treuoa. ,
-. Ui . :-i. -i. i ..v (,,( .
. f.-i'i i."
f L .' ,
? i ,.t
The Democracy in the Free States.
It 1 very common, at the present timi for the
8oolhrn paper in the interest of their rebel
lion to charge Northern Democrat!, formerly!
tbe steadfast rcieaa a th NottUv, Bad aUIl tbe
defender of the ContltutInat tight of very
seotlon.wl'.h Imnnsienpyi bttravaT of oonfl-
deacs, an.J aNIcykrta from the faith of former
day. laaotlcing this faot, thai New York
i",. v .fcUpub 1 lata jjoaraai, baa soma
remark which w copy below. " It is notour
habit to oopv from an opaoisoA a vladicttlon
or defenea of the position W bar puty.and w
would not do It in tbl lastaooe, bnt for the;fct
tbaCtieraby jjii, offer evldenoe 0 the most
oonoiusiv cbaiotr ana from a aourc very
high in the Republleaoanks,. that the De
mocracy have always been attached to the Union,
and have regarded It as the palladium oour Con
stilntlon and Liberty, and the bulwark of our
peaoe, aafety and prosperity. The sentiment
of reverence for the Union, peculiar to the Dem
ocrat of tbe Free State, 1 not tba result of
fear produced - la the way oggested by the
Eunlng Pert, or of a Southern political ednca
tion, bat necessarily arises from their conviction
of the Indiapenaabla neoemlty for that Union,
onder which we hare grown so wonderfully a
a people, and tbelr aense of Justice to all section.
Th danger , to the Union,' whloh Democrat
have apprehended, and which they have time
and again predicted, if sectional agitation wu
not rebuked, bu caused In their mind fesr and
apprehension, aad bene they have mad Her
culean effort and untold aaoriflca, to qusll the
angry itfife and put down agitation 1 but all their
efforts and lacrlfloM having failed, and all
prospect of peaceful oIu tion of onr national
difficulties being at an and,' the Democrats ao
oept the terrible alternative, end now throw
thalr united influence Into the scale to put down
rebellion by fore. We mutt not, however,
extend onr remark further, a w have not the
ipaca to spare, but here Introduce a portion of
tbe article from iaEvms Pt 1
Th doermt of th North, w prtrams, stand now
t-MaUalt- whvrs Uwr have ttoe for awaj jnn pail,
Tbof aaho t th sum prlnoiplM whk-k lhj ban do-
fsiMM la tatmM pauuaai eunpalfna I ana Uitj ar to-
dav ontUns lata prasltM th Ihhdi nhich tboH lonth-
ra MlltlcUaa, wbo ar bo tratton, hav In -n past
aM uif-uy aacai intia.
- Xhaaoaihara loadtnhar alwajs Uulilsd ameh apon
th fut Uut Um 4maoontie partj vu national pulj;
boIUdi Um voM id cartas for ths tntorttt of nta Id
aft parti of the Onion. Thl -ullty hat bran cm of
is stroc pouwof u rsaoiaauoo, wbloa (ar It so
ImaatiiiNaUtbttfU of Um modI,. Ii waa tht
NBlbara loadan abo, la adtpraU atMnpt to make It
a BMr tool for ihtlr 'atoUoBal paraooea, tpllt tb party
latt roar ay brtakaif a Um CbarMMoa and Balilaior
OoavtDUoo. nfoala all tanas oOamd thon br Ihalr
aonbora brathraa, rtMtln(M thalr noalnt lb only
maa ihoy ooald wdonmodl; bars aloeted, and taiiiilns
oa a platform ao dtstdtdl awtloaal that bo aorthara
aMorat of ataadiaf dand aorapt It, whll la tb tleo
tlaa tt noatvad aataa bul(iaut abaia of th dtao
raUo vow. Morlbara demoeraU stand to-Uj wbars
um stood daring lb taraoll and bollylni bi Caarl
toa aad BalUaor. It la Ik aoaibtra win of th nan
whloh has tanwd froa, lu old all(lancti and loot
pwlBOBt polHldtaa of lb Northr whoa fortaoos d
pmd a th bboobm of lb partj, do not sully lortiv
UM DoadltM aad rptufot dUsrsaotxalloa which brouihl
thra pollikal oafaat wh Um bad a ritbl to xpol
Aaia, IM ataioaraus party, eauiar llatlf "nallonal."
hu ala-ays had for 11 Watcbword 'Sh Unloo." Ibi. too,
It haa rclTd froa lb Booth. It wu th ooalborn
pUajlaa wbo Brat ral4 lb ary tba tb Cnloa wu
la turn Bad, hy worfclac opoa Um loyal fears of Ihtlr
artkra brathraa, ranted leUoa afur leiloa. That
lb BorUMra daaoerat abow t-Uy what oathra trait
or aonnapttiowly oall a 'faaatlml attaebatat to Um
UaMa,', M ki sod part awtBf to tbilr fcraMr taaoblnc.
Thai Cnlaa wbteh lby coaaiaoUy oclard to b la dan
tar has grows la tboaAaoliaoa of asrtbani drnoormU by
ran aiUa.pt to work asoa their fara. "Th, Union"
wo nt uidoomib sttwb in party ay to Boatn; aaa
mUm. hav for yaa pwbtd arary favarlW political
BMsaBra ay vat ary, u u aol Mrpnaing uut tb aartbni
iWmwinli, wbo avast what tby aald, aio bow showing
aa lartnclb) dauroitBalloa to orcsd tb Union agabui
all traitor. Bar, loo, la aorUMra wing itand apoa aid
dtaMerattepTUMtpMi. .1 . .
Gen. Butler, of Massachusetts.
5 Soma of th Southern paper of tha Intense
Ire-eating acnool ar . vry indignant at Gen.
Bptlh, of HaaaafihaMtta, who la now so promt
nantly la command, aad ao aotlv and cfficlaot
la th military aarvlc af tba United State
Ga. Bonvn wua daiegato from Maachn-
istts la tb Demooratle aCbarletoa-Baltlmors
CoavantlorJ, and lympathlatd atroogly with th
South. At Baltimore -ha aeeedsd with Calis
Cssauao, and joined tha Cot ton-S tat-Yancey
Convention, in ths ' Maryland Instltnts, and
&iddlo th nomination of Bicuaiiio. Us
war aneompromUing; and .malignant, against
DoooLaa and rpalmr Sovereignty, and from his
ready acqulaeeene la all ths demand of th
most ultra Boulhera" men, on that occasion, it
wu tha boliaf of Taacn A Co. that they could
rely apon Bmia all th tlma. i Bat tbs reduo
tWc? Fort Suitfi was th dgnal for Gn. Bar
U to gird on hi iword In defence of the Flag
of tbe Ualoo.aad hi brigade wu among Jth
flrtt to depart to ths (aeeo 'of th National
Hi patriotic end loal eoaras ha excitod ths
Southern twbea vary sancb.aad in their. wrath
they lav tvea through1 their presMS saveral
rldicnloua Wogrphleof thlji prominent oltiaaa
aad Lotkwptt muuary isadtr,. ws.appsad a
Mupiaf potmLi 1 - Jan , :..)
BaaJaailB f BolUr Is tb toa of begr barber, who.
any in UMOtninry, nia aonncat oa royaratt atrotl. In
Hw Orloaa. - (a aaa. la aarry amnhood. MBlaratad ta
Ukarkt, waaraaa bBSMpotlllea for labor and mm talent
tataod ha aitcatea to ta lur, (a pnpar for which h
npalrcd to Muatebantt. llatlBg BiuMrad hit prof-
tion. h anqnirad a fonaocat for kolg4cal tudiot and
aaeaaM an aetlr praacb, lb aanrs of bit labon tarly
bwdmg hia la Mw trk, wbai h attracted Um noUeo
of Mr. Jaatb Barker, tba la lb allh of hit fan w a
Inanckrr, aa wb. wanvrtrlar UMpocBllar abllltlaa, la
Ibat 4lrsHoB,ol tao yoaag nuiiauo, atnt bin to North
ora w York at auoago sbanklBC InttltaUon. Thar
b divided hlatlawbrtwoea tb eoantlng-boBta and th
eowrt aaaa ua ptayar bbpnio ao ua printing emot.
Thar, also, a saiMd tb aojwno f th Van Bam
faction at Albany, and nfrad into anlrr aormpoadano
wita r raw Jono, tmm noyi aaa aerB; a aormpoad
aBwhlahwaaBbasaatty taearhl, worUiy of publh
oaaoat aa4 bbm ah alaotMa of air.. Tan Burnt to tha
Frattdaa. waa.Botwltbttaadint blseolor and hit sota
pllclty in BOtoiiootiwiBdllng ttaBaaeUooa, appointed to
thcporhloa f Attorowy Saral.' At th lot of hit
Sarai . a ttaaaiia ate ll practlot In Mttaa
rhatelta. toaka wbwubA, and dlttloguiahad bimtrir by
toward to In lb Mexican war; and had aa act Ira pari la
lupport of tbe BbbbIo Abollttoa fUtforai of lBSS Tba
laMal a M rroai M Meter tat to ataryiaod. la
aoriL ra wua ta iiaeinna ai taw or mraa diammore.
saaiptata aaainaivav ai Begroat. r. v. j-teaywu,
Bailor Vaa tb aa of ocytb-BMtar broaablr th
lavoator of la "owld Iron and a ileal" tcytb now
oawaaly la at, tin Ibe high tariffs bsto eataadod
lhhDeily-BudSngllthartltMrrtnatbaMrkai. for
a tiaw, haaamdwabaroopM alKtaacrbook Landing.
B atarwarSa atodMd law and jtarUa Taa Daren -
a fli anpll lor aoch a praoepior, TJcon coailna la the
Bar , nodlng his protprct tail, a entered tb aenle of
faaoa Barter, a notes jmanatr ei Few I era, wbo wat
twlr aoavanod of swindling.', i.' .-
Ut tn bw aaM p B. I. amilar, as hs looais la tbeee
Blow BMBBalloaa aad atettalon Uaat. AlUr navlnc
inea Bar-aaaowf . law ana boiiiici. n net rone into um
military Un. and b ttmenl f aillltu from Munoha-
aata. Uka Mtp ilein af mr aath batti. h has eect out
t aulMUa Iraee aacrauarure, tb mala f , tur of which
it a jam aaBoaotemaat, utatoBa or bit toldlen aad keen
polaad w tb ttryobnlD. an wanting tb Marylandora,
fa tbu awdo of Warfare it earrMd , that a "ma pat
i araat UM rmn kaaaahcld. aratad with t hit UrrlbM
waapoot'l r, la atkot worda. Umi h will adrlt tb
tlsTt to potaon UMlr BMetert. "
Ia d of hi let Kit to Boyt, h writ' thtt people
ooBtWor bw tall u bad at Jaoab Barker, which, la tba
dye. eonMdmd a putty aerer apoelaoof lavetivo
aad raproaoa. ' xaa wmar t tatt eoaimert Dim reaar
won Uma Barkr,wbowunly a Saencxr tt the Mich
Pibbla paiwra. and was at Btr tea, ere froa a notaanar
as Satlar la from aa hont bbbb.
Aaolbareld habit of Batler appear In hit ballettn
aw orpraylrai aao a mt oa lb fllwiag Mualatun
la reference la tb Marylasden: "Vatbar, foreie Ibaml
for Uwyknaw not What tby Sal " Cpoa tb wbola, Uk
ni6a Batler't aoUra ill In mier. tber cannot b
foaad a Her exact tpacimaa f tb awlndler, dma
gognt, hypoerlta aad Urbaitaa-4caKieI Heamtntr.
, .
! i "... ...
CTTb Cincinnati Cawaasreisf Ull a pistty
hard tory aboot tbs dUpoiltloa of ths Ismbsr
and wood at Camp Harrison,' after lu rvaena-
ilon by tha troops recently quartered there.,,. If
th story ef tb Cewtmsrsisf b true, It Is very
diicrtdlubl to th pattw named." 'i, ,,..,
Printers" ar ' ilwavs eatrlotlo. ! It is
MllmiUrf that sot less than flvw them and
hav volunteered to defend th Stars and
Sb - tpet.
- . ' - ... .,i.u
If'Wil'lM . If .j w... , . . i .
l'i i-iyi-l ' ie ,3..
A T' Bf J tn I 03B1 U.ii, !,
J'mT . .
The Seventh and Thirteenth Districts—The
Election on Tuesday next.
Mambsri of Con fires are to be eleoted In the
Tih and 13th DisUiota on Tuesday, May 38, to
supply tbs vaeanoles ocoaaloncd by the resigna
tions of Thomas Cobwin and John- Shhiun.
Tba Republican having proclaimed from one
end of tb State to ths other, that party politic
muit b ignored and ths people cemented into
one grand Union party, until the" Supremacy of
ths Constitution be vindicated and ths rebels
reduced to submission, it wa to be presumed
that in all election for civil ofilqer, transpiring
In the mean time, party nomination would be
avoided, and men. allowed to make the
canvas on their own merit, and known
attachment to the cause of the Union and tbs
Constitution. But th recent movements by
tbs Republican managers In both these dis
tricts, and tha nomination in each of them, by
paoked Republican Convention, of old party
back, as candidates, nndcr tbe galea of Union
nominations, prove conclusively that so far a
th "irrepressibles" In tha Republican party are
concerned, the professions and protestation pf
abandonment, during tbs war, of party organi
sations, are heartless and Insincere. ' , ' ' i
, How far the political trickster and manag
ers of ths party can carry th Republican voters
of these districts with them, remain to be
en, and will be determined by tbe vote on
Tuesday. . ...
In th 13th district, Gen. McLiooblin ha been
pnt In nomination,' a a real,' unoompromising
Union man. Tba "irrepressible,", at their
pecked Convention, nominated Judge Woici
na. Gen. MoLaoohupj ' i abaut ixty-four
yean of age, notwithstanding which he was
among the first men In Ohio to tender a com
pair to Gov. Diknisos, under th oall of the
President of April 15, and, with hi company,
immediately left the State with tbe troops that
were orderod east. Ho la to-day in ths rsoks
with bia company, in ths first or second Regl
mentvf Ohio Volunteer. H ha gjiven tbe
beet evidence of hi loyalty and devotion to the
stars and stripes. Judg Wobckstib la now a
Common Plea Judge, of tbe ichiol of "Irre
pressibles," who believe in ths right and duty
of our btato Courts to nullify the law of the
General Government. II is a much younger
man than Geb. McLaughlin, bnt baa shown
no desire to, uphold the Government, by bis
presence in the field, although very willing to
exohange hi position from a comfortable at on
the beah to a more comfortable one in Con
gress, with an increased salary ! ' " i
In the Tth district, Mr. Hablan Is th nomi
nee of tbe packed Convention. Who will be
bl opponent w have not learned, but w pre.
lume a safe, sound and true Union man will stand
a poll against him.
To show the hypocrisy of the managers in
these Congressional district, we append hereto,
and pat on record, articles from ths Sandusky
Rtgittet and Lebanon Star, tbe one located in
tbe 13th and tbe other In the 7th district, and
both uncompromising higher law Abolition pa
[From the Sandusky Register.
Only a vary few diys now remain, durloe which tht
poopl of tbl Congrettlonal Olttrlottbtll prepare them-
talTet tor tb iMUoaof a tuocaeeor to Uon. John Bher-
Mt Tnetday th to let are to be polled and tht
veidiet of th people aud Bp. Th doty to b perform
ad la noo th leta important oactoj titer u not an ex
cited array of party agalntt party. It It not tha
prirllrg r good oittaeoa aod good mm to b only In
teracted ia an aieeuon, a um raiuit el a nested Biuret,.
whatever may be tb eaun or ditqnltt of tha publio mind
touching It, th duty cf voting and Toting right, rem
imptratirtly at all timet aponereryon potaciiaed of
tb Ireenan't ' heart. Aa yet thit Ooatraatioaal
atactica la UM aaoet Important ena th paopl of
tbl Dittilet hae rer been called apon 10 pertld
pat In. Tba dutlet to derolr apon th member
to b electro, tn wuanm, patriotism arm prod oca to be
xerotead by him, render It pr-alaently an Important
awcuon. xaa prweeai vongrote, ai lit approaentnt tea
at on, a Ulue eel US apoa, teMonty to aaatalK iha Adwilo-
utrauon In lta praaenl moramant to npprats taMllion,
bnttoprwrid allneedlul maaiandpaai ail needful
lawt te acooaapliih uut parpoee. In addition, It may
oareurter b eailau apon to leu inoti action aa will in'
tar tb nation iron, any fntar rocurreoc of any timi.
lar rebellion. A true man and a triad man, of all
tblnga. I needed to aMat tba exurencr of th tun.
In Um nareon of lien. Samwl T. Woroeeter, tba peo
ple bare j an taco a awn at may naea to repreaant them
In bo offaatiT tanta a partiaan,an uocomnromUloi Un
ion maa of larg azparwaco, af abUiliaa aqoal to tb
place and tba crista, tally aad thoroughly latormed at lo
all Um again of tb aoaatry, ha will not only correctly
rapreee.it the tenliment of th rittrlct, but hav th
ooDfldene of avery hoott and patriotic man In tht
Sltkriet. At to ability aad all the requltlt qualifica
tion! tor utt piece, n M unaiMiy taparlor to tten.
meutagnitn, nta opponaai.
[From the Lebanon Star]
It ops of th moat Important that has rar rates place
In tb 7th OongroetiOBal Dittrict. All that haa been
done or may boreal lar be don by tb AtuntUatrauon, to
ward aoataioing the OonttltnUoa and tbe Union and en'
forcing to lawt may n iraiuattd by on rate in Coogrrai
and that volt, If the people doa't do thalr duty in War
in, Oreeoe, Clinton, Payette and Haditan eoaatlea, next
Taetaay, may oeeaH oy no repneantattv or tbla fjoa
greeeloBal Dittrict. Tbr bat never been a time, when
we Beaded a felthful.prudent, Brm aod aaiaolont reore-
aeatBtlrt la Cooerete more than the preaent: tnd. If inch
an one It not teat intra ftoea tki dlalriel, the people
mnet otaaaa inemtaiTat ma. it we expect the Ad
mlntatraiion to tare Um eoantry from tb power of trait.
or and re be It, wemuat hare men In Oengiett who will
vol it men and money, and uphold K In ail lta efforts to
keep lb Stan aad Strip froa trailing In the dait. for
me tnoortHBi termiBauen oc toe pratant war, aor d
pea da oa Ooograaa than oa any other power in axtttenot.
At toon ae it meet,, contest will come ao for the lD,ker
ahlp, sod tbe outer offloet mnally filled at thopDtng of
a new Uongrtaa. Afur tbla, tba qneatlon of whether
in war than no protecniei or not. an. If oroeeoBtad.
ahall It b proiecated vigorouly. or ihall tbe rebel be
temporited and compromised wlthi loreiber with
thonmnd other taoet, ttraagtheBlng or weakening, at
lb eaae may be. tb arm of tbe Administration. ' Do the
people of thit Dittrict dealre Ibe Adotnlttratlon lot
talned tn lta onliot with rebel, and Iraaaast W know
tbey do; and that, too, lrretpecuve of party. . i
A word at to candidate. Bon. A. Harlan a triad
and worthy gentleman, whoa wa know to be true In every
particular It presented to the patpM.- Others may
he pieeented. pal none, we venture to sir. ao reliable on
all tht polntt at lasne. Mr. Barlan hu already Barred
ut District in uongree for Six years, and we ventnr
to aay th Dlttrnt baa aerer bad a moi falthiol tenre-
BBBIBUV, j. . , ,- t
STTb Journal ha nothing to ay' In re
snonss to its record whiob we exhibited on
Wednesday. It baa not the courage to open It
month on ths subject. By tt sileno it admit
th Infamy of lu record, and acknowledge it
incapacity to mak any defense, !
Tb Jrr lieutenant says tbat all ws pub'
Ilihed of its record is troej but tbat U was
National Democratic paper when It def coded
the accession and treason of the Cotton States,
and abused all who did not join In withlC
Now, however, It aayi it has quit politics, and
i going ia for tbs aoaatry !. -As that concern
has Its prios, wssappoa Jarr. Davis oonld hav
Its services again, a b bad last tommer, if lis
would furnish tbe sum necessary not a large
amount for tbe uss of, its colunts., What a
brae of beant lei 1 i -.t.-ov : '
- S3 Ws bars received aa anonymous eommn
nloatlon In rslatloa to tba editor of tbe Colum
bus Oauit. It Is contrary to. ths astablished
enstomi of this effle to pnblith commnnlcatlona
without th name of the. authors accompany'
lngtbr.. If such were not ,our . custom, tbs
eommnntcstlon referredjto Is of sack a character
as to render It Indispensable to " It' publication
that ws should bs In possession of tbs sntbor's
nams. ' t l .'-. .i ii :.A
Thb ,,Livat. Ths sloop-of war LnanX',
has now been given op for lost, and her nam I
blotted off th naval re glut ere at nearly very
naval station in tb country.' Tbs pay of bar
offloer snd crew still ran ion, and will be band'
ed over to th next kin when Congress authori
se (hs proceeding. t ! r,""',' j
a7 Horses Bishop died at Adrian, Michi
gan, latt wk, agd on hoodrsd years. . fl
swwsd four , ysars
in ths Revolution., snd
stood sentry over
Msjor Aidrs at his x-
.."' V
. i- .'i
' '.' .
1 bu j
2j i.l cstroi!" v
Caution to Soldier Letter Writers.
(From the Boston Advertiser.)
The following extract from a letter written
by an offloer commanding a corps of Massachu
setts militia la worthy ot the special attention
of all our volunteer forces, .bevoral ar tides
have ben published lo, tb pipers) reflecting
very harshly upon cfQcer In actual aeryioo.
Tby were written, In many case, Dy soia.Ts to
tbelr friends, and not def IgueJ to be f ublithed,
but handed to the paper by recipients. - Editors
should know that by their publication serious
damtge may be done, both to the writer and tbe
rvlua-:The officer to wbom we-aow raise naa
no personal reason for tbe suggestion, aa all tbe
letters frbra 'bia eammand lidioatc tbe warro-
ost fseDagof altagbmcat tp blm anabls offl-
- "I wish yoo would oall ths attention of ths
papsr to letter from privates, praising officers,
to. li I (trictl forbidden bf Um army regula
tion!, mnd is s cants of punitAmcat by court man.
tial,or any efficsr tt private to tent or puontn,
In an taatf.' an srttcls pralstsa r blaminc, or
tfiiCBttina tha conduct nv tjficsr er maa
You will ee tbe propriety of thia while tbe
service eontinuesi after the term is over, each
officer and private will be Airly tried by the
Judgment of neiehbors at home. But a severe
artiol on an offloer." wfltttn from Vtoi camp and
published at home, and then returned to tbe
oamp, might do most serious mischief and in
justice.1 1 make these suggestions to ths pa
pers with mors freedom from tbs fact that
everything I have vet seen from th men is of
th kindest desorip.looj but no . man can tll
bow oon h may b oompellcd to give orders
wnicn wiiibo distastemi." -
[From the New Orleans Delta.]
To Major Robert Anderson.
NEW ORLEANS, May 16, 1861.
UaJ. Robert Anderson, latt of Fort Bamttr, 8. 0. I r
Sis Yoa bold my t'roe nies for $4,500
each, with about $1,000 accumulated Interost,
all doe in ths n.outh of March, 18G2; whloh
notes were given ia part payment of twenty-nine
negroes, purchased of you io March, 1860. A I
consider fair play s yetoel, 1 taka tbl method
to notify you tbat I will not pay those notes; but,
as I neither seek or l)h aa advantage, I d
sir that yon return m th note and thq mo
nej paid you, and Jbe no roes, whicb you will
find much Improved by kind treatment since
tbey came Into my possession, shall be subject to
your order.
I feci justified in giving you, and tbe public,
this notice, as I do not consider it airplay that
I should be bold to pay for the .very property
you to opportunely dispossessed yourself or, and
now seek to destroy both tbeir value and useful
ness to me- I ask no more than to cancel the
sale, restore to yon your property, and let each
assume bis original position then your present1
effort may be considered less selfish, because at
and not mine,
Wbo fired the first gun at Fort Sumter?
Who cansed tbat fUg- to be pulled down which
protected your property,' Mr. John O. Cookst
who relused to obey the laws, and receive tbe
protection of tbe Government?. Wss it not tbe
South? Abawer'us that, Mr. John G. Cooks.
Pittiotire Post., .IT . , '. : .
Conceslment Impossible.
Yon cannot hide any secret. If the artist
tuocorhis flagging spirits by opium or wine, bis
work will characterize itself as the effect of
opium or wine. If yon make a picture or
statue, it setstho beholder in that state of
mind you bad when you made it. If yoa spend
for (show, on the building, or gardening, or on
pictures, or on equipages, It will so appear. . We
are all physiognomists aod panetratora of char
acter, and thine themselves are deteotive. If
yon follow the suburban fashion in building
sumptuous looking bouse for a little money, it
will appear to an eyes a a cneapuear House
There is no privscy that Cannot be penetrated.
No secret can be kept in the civilised world.
Society Is a masked ball, wbere every one
bides his real character, and reveals it by biding.
If a man. wishes to conceal anything be Car
rie, those whom be meets know tbat be con
ceal! somewhat, and usually know what bo cos.
ceals. Js It otherwise if there be some belief
or torn purpose be would bury in bis breast?
l is as bard as fire, lie ia a strong msn wbo
can bold down bis opinion.- A man oannot-ut-ter
two or three sentences without disclosing to
intelligent ear precisely wnere be stand in
lif and thought, namely, whether in the king
com ot tne senses and tne nnoeratanoine, or
In tbat ot idea ana Imastuailoa, la tb realm
of intuition and duty, v.feople seem not to see
tbat this opinion of tbe world ia also a conies
slon of character. We can only see what we
are; and if we misbehave we suspect other. .
[From the Baltimore Sun.]
The Location and Position of Federal Hill.
'A Federal II11I Is destined 4o"beoome as fa
mous la history as other military points of ope
ration now 40 much written ana . taJited about,
it mar be cervine th nub io to civ the Hill
passing, notice.- Federal -Hill, which took Its
nama in tbe old federal times, is situated on the
south side of tbe basin, near its head, with
Hughe and William streets running at It base.
At it foot lie a number of ship-yards. The
bill is crowned by the marine observatory, from
tbe summit Ot wbicn vessels entering tbe bar
bor are observed .through the. telescope, and
tbeir class aod character signaled from tbe lug
ataff. - ' '" " .
. Thehi!l presents a bold, .abrupt prominence
lookine across the basin towards toe centre of
the city, and slopr1 around; arvrmr W height
from forty to sixty feet at tbs several point
approaon. ' Tbe hill command th elty in every
direction; add fronVlVean be vmwsd all tbe
publio buildings and prominent point tf inter
est. It is covered by -th guns of Fort McHenry
about on mile and a half distant to tbe east
oo tbs earn shore. ;Tno hill ia ornamented with
some shrubbery, and ha for several rears-psat
been, used as a lager beer garden, and a 1 sort
publio resort ia summer. There ia not much
room to ipare about it, bat there. i room euffl
dent to accommodate several thousand men.
The Location and Position of Federal Hill. Limits of the Sea in Ancient Times.
. i ,i ..;. :.mm .. J f
Geologist hav ascertained tbe remarkabl
faot tbat in earner -age tbe ccean covered
much larger surfseethan it do t presant; but
in line oi tne old sea coast is not lo easy to as
certain. iM. Marcel de Serres, a well known
geologist, points out a circumstance wbich cer
tainly appears, in many cases, to afford a satis
factory tine to tbe mystery. ; It Is well known
that there-are certain kind of inollusos which
perforate rocks ,n every dtreel too, and with such
assiduity as tounske them in th end fall to
pieces.) M. (Uaicsl de Berrei, while engsged
near tbe hamlet of Saint Aoolis. in the neiirh-
oornooa or rrzenss, waer toe necomid forma
i . . n i I . i .
tion I well develoned, in cxaminine th eiTeoia
of these' corrosion, remarked certain perfora
tlODS, rCTembltorhrHmpreesions of thimble.
on tba eretaoeous rocks which, ars situated no
tbesoutbero side of 4h mountain ranniog par
auei w in mediterranean, aw tns nurOiern side
wnicn is tumed away Jrum. tb sea. jio such
mark are to be sroj-fNw consider that these
perlorationaar unquestionably the work of the
ollute la ouastioa. aud.. that these creatnrea
chiefly Inhabit the coasts. M., Mtroel deSprre
rrive at tbe very allowable conclusion that the
aea lormeriy reaonca to tne level or iboss per-,
forstlon. ,'In continuing' bis research, he has
been enabled to ascertain, bv an analairnna Una
of argnment,thartbesea formerly reaobtd.to
the basin of the NefBer1n the tiepartment of
tne rlertilt,Wberhehaoaadvral msrln
polypi, of the jgeaas; Astrea -prrforatrd ilk
to cretaceous rocs above alluded to.
$31,105,000 The following table shows th
amount tbu faf volunteered by the free State
for carrying on the war':
Connecticut. ........... J .'i .w .'...;. , ... j. mi . 160 doo
w.i MUldCH)
,3-553 000
lOWB. ......... .
Kanaat .
... .
OA 0W1
aamcnaaoi... .....
3,740 DUO
......,... i.iou ooo
SMI nun
sllcbl,aD... ......
New York ,
Mew Hampshire. .....,... , J8,000
New Jersey , i.ITtl MO
Ohio.... -. ... ...,.. 3.148,001
renneyirania ....... ..t.o...... ...... ...... 1,030 000
Bbodeltland Kwrwrfi
Vermont. ...nra.. 1 iwTihiD
e ....
: l.H77,tH)0
... Total.',
1, 1X00 la's BOTBi-rei.I.wD. H. Tnrld. nf
nw uneans. brother- n law of Mr. Lincoln.
VP . a-a, a . '
baa besn appointed First JLlsnlcnitni In tb army
of th Confederate Stat. , i,', " . .
''Ji .a .
'.., erj it, yi.
m.n a ai;:c:,T0j
M .7. -
Raising Water From Mines.
Tbs unwateriug of mines Is amongst ths most
important operations oonneoted with mineral
pump haa been constructed. modWtlon b-ll
leg th thiokening of the float, whloh ar pro
vlded wttb iou rabbet wnra o tba Ciey
may nt the tub more perjeotiy than usual.
Tb us of tbl improved flrtt also give power
to apply a more' effective form of pulley upon
wbloa to cause wo ouata jo move vrneiubei
ars supported in the shaft by two Bprlght beams,
a continuous smooth cylinder of tbe neoetsary
depth being formed by the employment of flang
ed sections rivetted together, the lower extrem
ity of suoh sylinde being enlarged downwards,
M is to present aovbstacls to the upward pass.
see or the water.
Both the upper and th lower palley oonilst of
grooved rollers, tne former oetag consiuersDiy
larger than tha latter, a rooeptacLs being provld.
sd at .the upper end of Hbe tube' to'carr; off the
water as raised. Tbe noat, wblcn l tb princi
pal feature of tbe apparatus, oooaisLs of a short
wooden cylinder, mllf than the ..tubei at th
lower end of tbe. cylinder ar three strong wash
ers; which give the float tbe charaoter of a well
acting pmton. , .xne. wpoio. is ,oonoiiaaiea ny
providing an iron plate above apd below, which
ar latHtaeu Wttoiuwr uy surqwo ,,, (,,,..
Holloway's Pills.
Booilt PaoTiTion A Wqidc Aoncr.
N other medicine ha yet been discovered to
equal the effect of Holloway'a Fills, in thalr ra
pid cure of all morbid aueotion ot tne orain ana
weariness or enervation oi tne ooqvi to one oe
ing intimately allied with tbs other. ., The prl
mart oause of this disease exist in the stom
aob, and these medicines arc especially adapted
forDurifyiufftb blood, correcting the derange
ments of tb livr, Btrengthenlog the dlgesllv
organ, aud Invigorating the general system.-
Sold by all uruggut, at Jo., WQ., audit per
- ..... ,
i TV ',
Panv. Wood' RitTOBaTiva ' CoinlAll ' ano
Blood Rinovatob, for tb cure pf General Do
bility, or Weakness arising from any' oauaer
also, Dyspepsia, rNervpvihsi,'Nlght Sweats,
Indolent Consummiun. Liver Comnlalnti, Bil
iousness. Loet ot Aonetite. Female Wuknet
lu all stagesi also to prevent the contrsotlon of
Sf I A. 1 . . 1 I -
uisoase, is ueriaiuiT iu uestauu znoas aicrwoauiv
Cordial tonic and Renovator ever offered to the
sfHioted. and so chemioallv Combined a to ba
th moat powerful tonlo ever known to mtdlcal
science. Header try it. it loin -at you gota
We have no hesitation' In' redommendlns; It,
since we know it to be a odf, pfcatortt and tur
remedy for the diseases enumerated A'!-. York
I Tiki or Hcalth PsiraiB roa Sicxnxjs.
Nbthlog Is more prCposterons than' to think
that,' beoause at the present time ws may be in
health, disease will never overtake us. How
many have gone forth to ' their business la the
morning, and returned befors the ictose of the
dav to lav tbemselvce down upon bed of sick
ness, from wh lob they have not arisen for
month. Wswould remind onr -readers that, for
a family medicine, nothing can- equal "iienne
dy's Medical Discovery .T r Of humors, U ia a
sura exterminator. I Scrofula and Lanoer, Kheu
matlsm and Nanralgla, are aU cured by thli
msgioal remedy. ;. r .it ,-. r;r;:s r-.-r :
TIHB demand hit been great fora jetlsilt aitp, ormtpi
1 ot uur uonnur.gtving ail , 5 , , ... - i
Tne FOBT8, CABXiUES, niltlTABlf
aod deftnots o our army and thoss of lbs rebels. Thtit
ars aacuratt, aad vsrybod should havs ons. .
PBICE 85 oent. Bant, by m ail on receipt pf that
aa.- ' .' ;.t,.ry:ri i . r:-:::3ii ;i '
A liberal diteonnt to Dealers. Ti . ..... .
They art j utt tbs kind of documents., ml most Inter
siting three times, JtANDAI(U It AJTON.
mayl7:dlwf sv rr j r ,
. . menu of the act MTo provide for leattat tha Pablic
Works of tbe Hute." paaied Mev 8th, 1H1I, WILLI al
tor, aod ALVRED P. 8T0NB. Tieaanrerof Iba BiaUof
Ohio, hereby aire notice tbat -they will )t th Public
Workt of lb Htaie, with thalr apporUnancai, as tpeclfl'
el in ths laid act. for the -term 1 of ten yean, at Pablic
Auction lo the Kotanda af th State Hoosavln the city of
Golombnt, between me nnan or ten o oloojt a. oi. ana
foaro rloakP. M. of thelSih day of May, 1M11; which
raid Public Werkt cor, lit of the Miami and Brie Car a
lb Ohio Canal. Ui Walbondlns Canal, the tlockin Ca
nal, ao muck oi tbe Fanay Boa nearer Canal at la owned
by the Bute, tbe liusklnrum Improyemeni, and taa
Wee ern tteeere and Manme Bond, and all tbe alea
cott, feedera, raeerToira, look houaea, eolwctora offloet
weltto lockt, an leatas oMarplu watr aoaaooted with
thaaam or appertaining' thereto, aad owned by the State
for tbe purpose oi being need In noon-ctlon tberewltn,
with the right io bare additional surplus water, i
Biid Public Worm will be let to the ptraon or pertint
who, in eopeMeratton of the tolle, floes, water vents and
reyennet to be derived therefrom, intll bid to pay . tbe
highest annual rent tboiefor, to be paid In aemt-annual
psymentt In advance tn each year dnrlat tb term of lb
lesse. No bid win b reoeived an less th person or per
toot makini tbe 'tame shall harafliet deposited with the
Auditor of Stale, in money or in ttoekt of tb Bute of
Ohio or Of the United BUtet,tbinm of twenty thousand
dollar, Boon th oondttlont that h or they will, on their
part, enUr Into an Indenture ef letto of aald Public
Workt of the Btato of Ohio, If the tame 'shall be struok
off to bia or them, and alto slv a bond payabl to tb
But of Ohio lo the tarn of 'two hundred thousand dol
lere, with Are or more sufficient (urttletto tht tatltfao
tlon oi iht OorernOr. Auditor and Trea.nrer of Bute.
and renewable erery two year, or of tener, If the Qover
nar, Auditor and Treasurer of Bute Ihall think tht
turetiet at any time tntufllolent, conditioned, In proper
form, that the raid leasee or lessee shall perform all the
ooyenan t oi taiu. least on uitirpart lob perform,
and will pay all damagat tuOered by the SUt or by In-
diTlduals,hy reason of hit or their fallnre to doao; and
in default or nia leasee or fences nttrlnr Into, aald In
denture of leaae, or glrlrjefeald boat, Ihe deposit ao mad
at atoreuia snail, e absolutely rortettad tt and ae
come the property of the oiate. Mo railroed dompany
can bia, or oe -uucvstM directly or louueotly, u
or aseisoeo, or otlierwlie, of tbe lease. . I
- Sobldot leattban twenty thousand dollars vtt an'
num will ba lecel,e,1. The lease and bond must be ex-
eculed and delivered within rite dut after tb ku
dos', and the terra WUI Uete -from the approvat the
Bona. " v-,,,, ar.-t'j 7."': .7 f ; i,;.
Tb leaaw or leasees Ihall reeerr til materials pravt.
ded or contracted for by lb stale, and all boaia. acowa
tools. Implements, horset, mules, and other property
now btlonglns to and used by the Butt on aald Publio
Workt, at tbelr appraised value, and pay therefor as pro-
Tlicu in aara eat, , - r i
A bond and leaas In aeoordanc with tht aet will
prepared and be ready for ex. ruination at th efflo of
m Auaiior ot Bute, prior to tr will Inttant, and all
bldt made shall be dtemtd to haVe been mldt With ref
erence tt til tht proT lioui of IstO. act. tnd ef'the term!
and onditioo of Iht bond ai4 'butt t ipaid at
i I J Ar.w.taYLBB. Auditor.
A. P. BTONB, Trumrer.
Colnmbna,OUl(KMsy H,JP61. .. msy;dtd.
Tt AN l t'HU.11
M faverbooifi it&lreaiiji ijuobec,
Ths Montreal Ocean Iteamshln Coaininr's Srat.Ai.aa
real Ooean BUanuhlp Oompanyt first -cute
lClyde-huilt Steamers mil every Hat
era VOBTLASP, Carrylogthe Canadian and
tt tlall aad puttngert, 1 1 '-" ,
urtlavy from
United BUUt
If oanadian, i f I Tltoy4iiooTiAir.
8liortety CbenpeBt and tVtikckcst Coat
weraince irom j .
Hate of rasejaa:) to Europe.
S30, 880. SSO.
7m sail frtha LIVBBPOOL every Werfneadaw,
?""r"'J. w.w.w Bw.uruar, cmilint Bl
LONUONUKHHY, torecelreon board and land alalia and
a-assrnirera, to anu irom Ireland aa Bootlsnd.
TLTTheat Bleamert ar built 'of Iron, in tral-tlirhi
wHirM,Hiwii, nuu an wspwrivncwa oarfOOB, and
svtry attention Is paid t the eemfbft and aceommoda
tion of ptsscDgera.1 At they proceed dlreet to LONDON.
iikui, ut ft cat ruxina aeiayor ealimtat St. John'i
harolded.' ' ':'' '. liiw la ,
Olurow panfar'inrolthS kllh vani waanre
ucseit io ana irom ijowiennerry. iiv i . i
uetum tlcKoie ernnlM at rHOAH eafaa.- .,i :rr. . .
OertlOotet Isened for earryln to aad krlnalnwont naai
stngtrt from all th prlnelpal town of Ortat Britain and
Ireland, at rednred rates, by ftile line af tttameri, and
leavinf llrerpool rery'wt, .. . , -'
eiSBiuraiie aor i una TJpif arfl pajr
a pa
r , .s i laud ar ,f Ue, ';.' ,
Tot pamaaw,. amir at th Offloe. B3 liRAA Ua
WAV. New Vmrka and its IVsTt u ai-r..
L,tTSaaP)li . j a . J
a lABIL ft ISiSLX, Osnsral ictnts,
Of .'' J R. AHMfiTRONe.
il.5r.ati ' ,..
..'st .,. d, fc.'e.fl,la, f,
uoav(, 1;
hAnii Uaas., begs to call th attantloa ot th pnbllo to
. mPU iesaiasatlB f Walthtm
IWalfbet, by th leading prastloal Watchmaktraanf JB-
elers throughout the Unite Itatat. Ths snUi lit of
aigaatttwi to It it quit too jcg poblioatbi lb olt
B4rrtlement; bat th aamasi nriwnui wUI bk liooi-
Btatd by thoet acqaalnte with tb traAt a blng in th
hlghett drt raspeo labia aad aad btflatatlel. vAt lhal
astakialunents aay always b found thf genuine Watcb
. . . t . i. ,Msm4'4aM
ss of th Company's manufacture, la (real Variety.-
Ilgnttu'ret from maiy sitls and towns 'ml folly
nstntel In thit Hit will appear la a fntar advsr
TOtMItJltia. '
Ths undsiwtjDea.prMtteei WaiohssJriaatid aealtas in
Watchss, having beaght and sold Amtrtoaa Watches ft r
a number of ytarr'patt, mi bavlog deaU Ikvhll klaos o f
fortlga Watches Ibr a aaeh wngir ftUi ot Usm, btj to
stat that thsy hav nsvtr dealt la Watchet which, as a
class, or In Indlrldoal Instances, havsbeta morblaUs
factory to utemalra or customers, whether In reaped t
durability, beauty of tnlth, aathematlcally correct pre-
portions, accurate oomptnatlon and sdjuitment, or of
tn Um-hoping rmulU, than thoet mannfaotniad by
th rTalthaa Oawpanjr,.
e- r i '.s'l:. )"- f ,
- Olmlaad, ii Ohio.
Colombo, .!? . '
Zanearlll, ' ,
Otndnnatl, '
BBQOS a BtllTH, , ...
DUBMiaCO . .
0 PLATT. ,
KINO fc BBbtHBBj: 1 '
Delaware, !
T. k X. at. EDWABBS,' '
L (all, 1
PeorlB, '
" ,
fieoalur 4 , i;
Sprlnsneld, k
ftBlacs' .1. .:
JOHN U. MOttSE, ' ' ' "
W. H. RtOHMONO, ' 1 T
H. D. RATS, ...... i-
A. B. OtLLaTT, . .. ' )' , .r
J. B- COBBAN, '.)' -. i
j. w. bhowm, 1 ; i-c
A. P. BOVNTON, - --3
Wat. M. MAYO.
flalena, ) . '.
C harry Orere '
Porw, ' . .it
Caotao 3'i
i Byncut,. , N
B. NOBTtlBY, ' "
WH. SOHR&Z1B. ' -
J. M. POX, - v ' I..
1 bawbuinh, u. -i '
' Hochatter, j , .
O. A. suss auu.
B. BTTBNHKlaUaat St UtA.
W. W. HANNAH, -i
H. B. a U. 0. OARPimiB,
Hudten t -Troy,
Oawtfo, .
Aubnro, ,'
1 ,7!
n m
.1 i.
:ri 11
aJoi u4v, .
Ptlrport. .
Canandaljua, . M .
' Pouirhkerptl,..
. A' -r',:. !!
WH. B. MORGAN, r-,,
0 A 1 .. ;
.1 'J 1
Amsterdam, :
, saratofa,
3 14
.0 1.
h.O. DDNNINB; ' '
0BA8. 0. riUJVOH,
a. a. DicKiNixir. .
I t J
rjothtn, ! ,
A : Penn-Yaa,
Cattklll, . a-
' Indianapolis, Ind.
Richmond, '
Terr Haul, 1 '
Plymontb,' "
KalsmaaoonC Mich
Detroit, -.,.( ."
a. h. basoom a co.
J. H. BTANBfl. '
A. B. VAN COTT, 'j
J011N BLKINH, . ..
8, 0. BPAULDUfdt
; 1. 1 -'
Beloll, I"
.Jaassvlll,' ;', "
TralrlSduChlifl,1" '
Plttsborjh,., Pa.
Norrlttown, ' "
. . 1 11
atfoo," ! '"
w. a. uiuis,
san-i. tiuuwn, jr..
W. T. KOPLIK."--,1
IH: I-'
810 TITOS, -"1
eao. srsiN, -
!i ao- :.t.f v.-jir.-tO ,M
:i ;-.-r - I ;
i;- .'),':'; Allentown,. .
WMtchttter, ,"
r .ar Wllllamtpoit, "
. 11 1. aim
6E0, W. IdoOALLA, '
0. H.'ZABN,
burruburf. ., 'ti)
York, ''"I"
" : ; Inoastar' " !
n r. ; IUld0g..j -r.: Ui.
r. r ntLLiik -, - '- 1
B. AD0HINRA0X3B, v" ' OhambvbBr,-
B x. eiurrman,-- '-".n r vraansawrf. 1
Neweaall. ,.-, I
0. T. ROBERTS, 1'
J. 0. SOLON,
P.M. St. OLAI4,
R. at A. PBTBRgO. '
W. T. BAI.
1, B.LITTLB, -
?. W.BKIrr. . fvf.!
j. a a oardnib. , .
1 . -baabar,' . 1 ;
, Alaneh Chunk, 1
. . . Indiana ,'
- . Borantoa, . 1 I "
Paterton, .M.J.
Newark:. " " -
Bordentown, "
1' ruTrenlon, ."
t- enfOaavearlaad,.-! Md
v'T JFutaakl,. i . --Tenn.
0 T.' Nasarelllev 1
BprlBsai,v - '
ClarkrrllUu. " ,
: Savannah ' Ot,.
.. 8. LobU ., I Ho,
'-. 1 " ,y
1 T. BOOTT a 00., Cr Wbetliaf..
T. B. HUMPHREYS, ' Ttlcbmond,
a. A. VUUUBS, - .V.A .S i
M. ...
J. W. LIlftBaUtL. ( .
8 CHILD8, - ' , "',
M.D. TISDALB, j 4.r ,
AI BBRT PITTS, , - , ',
BLLIB OIirOBD. -,..,.'
a ...
Newberry, S. 0.
Northamuton, Mats.
Ml Bedford,; .
J.J BURNS, . ,:. ,7, Titlwaoeatif ,T 1
,oo tana, .... , ,. naiem
T. H, LAMB, . 'WoroMteK
LEVI JOHNSON7,' - '-vt-i, !i, t,-'
AMB-RSW WABBBR m."w iM-., Wallham(',,L ,
0. W. 1000, flir-.l, s .rfe-jju,,,- 1
john Barton,
john mcgregor,
N. MOODY. - . t
..Lawrenc 1
--! Plttaaeld, -5t"rrs.,
-;. t3
1 km areenfltht, 5.-,.-
WH, KiaCHAH, Jr. r
i : Bprlaefteld. r. '
ft. t.
PBLfc-a ABNOLD. .... . .. B. Oreenwlnh.
TIIOHAB BTBELI CO.. 1 ' Hartford, (Jonn
nsainvwii siatsnt, ''..' . IA
WM.'KOOBBSasoN," 'v 11. ) f'--rT . I t
0. J.'HTJNBON, m ora .M-lit NtwBarln, '
1. BINJaaiMa ,y! ' - -'i.'a .. 4 -
J.B.KIRBYr- .,..,... !
GB0R8B BROWBT, , , ' I
I. ti BUNHNGTON f CO., rT Panbar. . .
ei. A. rrvvuausw, ? a
H. D. HALL. ' ' '
Mlddlttown, j
l I
Ntw London,
. Bridgeport, 1
J.O. BLaCKMAK, . .
L. ft. HANDIReON, 1 T
B. KN1GBT, ,-: (j
N.O.OARR, fj' '
0E0. W.DKSWaCO.,
Ban born ton,
. Concord, . .
n. n,
s. i. aiaLLiBH,
. Hanover,
"D1 'A
W. O. 0. WOODB0RT,
N. W. 000DAR0, r .
OHA. 1. SAOOt,
P. M. HARD1BON. - .
1 , - r:t So. Berwick. I
,ai. Baoe, I
tj aft anSKILlLjlA .. . 1,. ,,
H rertiaoa,
v,. ;Boktport, .
Rockland, .
, 'Pottesveath, i
jAubnrai v!,i I
ROBERT N. BODfll. 1 .
J. T. HftWI.Aft.rt ,. '
...SMW,' .-..,
L .Jlaagor, ii-fj i
0. B. a 0. L. ROOBBS, ... .'dardlnar.1'
sm. .... -'?izix&i
T. 0. PHINNBY. !. a. .-. tlu,n
a. a. hbad, . . ; ",i ' rzr -VT W 1
J 0-TS, Kortltncid,1
J.H. HURDOOI, : 1 fl1(r Woodttook
o. u. fjHiLDB, gt. Johntbarrl
0. H. HUNTINGTON, S Albans,
f 08TBR QROWj - - ' cJLSft
It - -
W & t TT AalaLr Af H li n j fULi: aVIaaasi teas, aaa . '1 1 S
tU jjMltMrm jTs(liJ -
0. B JENNINGS,- t Mew Orlestm, ; La.
GREOOR a 00.Ju--.ht .5 .. ,7 '
S.OOCKRELL, -Jfl .wo-.j, Nltobeaj nt ! Hilt.
fir:Jlr"tJ llfroV.i 1 Dal
wiwiii nssMsaijkt ' '
Toronto, i.e" j 0. W,
.Oaotioii.'-As ui Watcli it i now sitantire'ly counter'
felted, by foreign aunnfaeWrtrt, V hav Isiorm ths
public, that is watch Is of r pro4BellonTwbUh to at
foapanltd by a sertlncat cf geabJaea!. bearing th
ahmboro'r Jb'vtcwaslgrrfi ty&ri.jlmntu, I.
Ki RobMna, e by war at laaiittnrs, AppHton, Tracy a
UO. ,tf:- ,S't '.- ; , Flr-r:'i.'tt .,'.i',!rlir,,.H - . ..
AS tlist ,-wttcht ajfajfov jkvfc Jswttsrg generalr'
thronghoat th TnJ,tt AsstrBXa Wstoai Company
not soKen orders tor stagi Mibn.
.3,a .a jQgBtw a ArPLBTON
V rrooiesai Afanit, . ja Brotiw ' ,
.si t
rfror tnniunm nw Tim MiTnRB. TRBA
or Seminal Weakness, Sexual Uehlllty, Kerrousnese.iu
VilunUry Kmlatlont and Impotence-, tttultinf from
S U abuie, ao. By hoot. uutvarweii, m. v.
oiler set), In a plain nviop, io any aoareee.po..
pern. On reoeipt OI iwo B Lamps, vj ir. uhhi v .
KLINB, 1W Bowery, New Vork. Pott Offloe Box. Bo
5aa, maritlismamw
itii,ctiTia i.ivk sit.i,a.
lu all eat of oottlvtnMi, dyipipsla, bullous and "var
fuTsstlons, piles, rheumatism, fevers sad Sfues, obta
rite head aches, and all iaralderangmeatot health
theas Pills have lnvarlablp proved a serial and speedy
remedy. - A single trial will plaos tb Life Pills beyond
tb retch ofoompstltlon tn tht ertJmatloB f Vry a-
ii " ' j' , f , J ' ' '
Dr. Hcffat's PhttDlx Bitter will V found qwallp f
floadout In all oaaes of nervous debility, dyspepsia, bead
aha, th etc lot em incident t female Indtlicat health,
and ovary kind of weakneas of ths dlftitlv organt.
for tale by Pr. W. B, HOrrAT, 333, Broadway, K. T.
and by art Drorrttt.- .". . -i , auyss-dawl
t I 'j '. .
, Tio followiue; is an extraot from a
litter written by the Itev. J. fl. Holm, patter oi th
Flrrpolat Streel Baptist Church, Brooklyn, 5. T.,t
la Jouroal acd Messenger," Cincinnati, 0., and speaks
volames In favor al that world-renowned medicine, Has.
WmtLow's Bootbiho Bract roa Caiuan Tibtbiboi
"Wsteeaa adrertttment to your columns of Mas
Wistkow't Sootuino Bvaor. Now wa never aald a word
In favor of a patent medlcln bafor in our lif. but we
feel compelled to my to your readers that thit la a hum
bug ws aura tbibb it,; sko i it t aa au. rr
outMi. It It probably one of ths moat tacatrnfal medi
clnet of th day, because it It on of the best. And the
of your readera who hav babies can't do better than
lay ua supply," oo:iyaaw
To Ooninntpttre. -Th
Advortlter, hsvlni been restored to health In a few
weeks by a vary simple remedy, after harins ilmd asv
tral years with a ssvsra lung affootlon, and that dread
diseatc, Consumption la anxious to mak known to hit
fellow sufferer the means of ear.
To all who desire It, bs will send atopy of the presorts-
tion need (free of charge), with th directions for proper
Ing and utlng the same, which they will Snd a soma Ot a
for CoMuarnoa, Asthma. Bkobcbitis, kc. Th only
ehjest of tb advertiser la sending the Pretcrlptton Is to
benefit ths afflicted, and spread lnformalloa whloh hseon
octree to be inraluablt, and b hopes svery tufferer will
try hit remedy, at H will coat them nothing, and may
prevo ableealng. .
Pafttee wiablng ths pretcrlptlon will pteaee sddress
.- j. : -i Rav. DWABJ A. WILSON,
" '. I .if) . Wllliaoeburjrh,
. . T Kings Oonnty, tiaw York.
from the New York Obaarrer.l -
As sll parties manufacturing Bewuvr Hachlnat arc ob
liged to pay Mr. Howe a lioente 00 eaoh machine told,
and ar a to compelled to mak re trims te Um, nndai
oath, as to the number cold, hit books gtva a correct sUte
ment. Vrom tht relltbl aource we have obtained the
following statistic!. Of tbs macbinei made la tb pear
185D, there were told, , , .
By Wheeler eV Wilson .....81,3ftJ
. " I. H. Singer a Oo 10,9S3
" QroveraBakcr .....lObw
Showing the islet of Wheeler It WUion to b ioublt
those of any other Company."
Awarded th hlhee preurlUTne t the - J .
United SUtes fairs ot 1838, IBM) and 1800;
alto at the
' ' Ohio State fairs of 1859 snd 18Mj
aad at nearly all th Oonnty fairs la th SUte.
Onr prices, at the late reduction, or as Jots as any
loci sucA machine now told, aad bat a til biaher thaa
th Interior two throad chain ttlcX maoUtuo, now
forced noon the market.
Lock Btich the only 0 ne which cannot be raveled. 1 1
b Auk on Born Btnaaof th goods, staving no rdg or
ovbrfnenfA under. tid. -.1
Ml maekinot uarrantod 3 ytort, mi imtrucUon
given la their net, free of eharie. ' : -'
T II. CltAitY,81 nigh St., Oolumbas, 0.
. .l; ; WU. BUMNBR a CO
dec3Sawd3mfcwBm Pike's Opera Hon, Olnelnnatl.
, , 1. 1 ... 1
The Celebrated Horse, Cruiser,
England, by JOHN S. KAREY, will stand this sea
ton at ue farm of Wm. H. Barry, Orovtport, Ohio.
Cruiser It of the ortebrated Venison ttook of Xsgland,
and watslredbrold Ytnltoa, the winner of th Derby
rice in 1813. Venison proved himself the tlontett bora
of bia day, having traveled en foot In on year, whoa
only three yeart old-, bine hundred miles, and run four
teen race, and one twelve, -
Cruiser wat bred by Lord Dereheaiev In ISM; sired bp
Venison by Partlian, by Walton, oat ot Parasol ty Pota
toes, son at Eclipse. Cruiser '1 dam was Re Borer, by
Tramp, oat of BynUxloa, titter to Syntax, tire of Beeswing-,
tbe-dam of New Minster, tht most valuable Bullion
now in England, eatUUnds at fifty guinea (tHO).
Tormato KPrxxlaon
Thoroughbred mares,' One Ilundrtd Dollart. A llber
al arrangement will be made with farmers of th neigh
borhood wiahlni to nut common brad maraa. '
L IO Mar from a distance, will b taken Cr ot.
air e tcv'i . ... , -.
FIRST " -ui :
?mT P. ROSE'S.
'an entire new stock of Ooodt In my line. Just parob
aerd hi New York at theohaapaat panic ratt,all cf which
I thall tell at th smalleet prcfits, for Cash. Hy raatota.
era and frirndi ar reiiieolfully Invited to call and exam
ine my Ooodt and Pikes, at I am determined lo tell aa
cheap or cheaper than aay other house in tha city 1 and
at I do my own Cutting, aad tupertntend my own busi
ness, I feet assured, frixa my long eiperteaoe in basi
nets, to give general tatlafaction. th fiaetr of work
men ire employed, and all work don Strictly t lime and
on short notice, and warranted to Jit. Stranger visiting
ourclty weuM tnnaalt tbelr tatemtt bf giving mc a call
oator purcnasmg Bttvwuere.. , ... r. ttosa,
- .1' ! ,, Mtrohant Tailor,
marchSO-dly ,P ,M Cor. Dl,h aod Town sU.
Watches I, riamondi !! Bilm-War UI
and Silver Watchet, In great variety.
I am.Aceat for tbe AMium Watcw Oa . and aaa
cell tbeee .excellent Watches atmanufactarers' pi Ices,
ltbt Wheleeal or Reult, i.C. .
Cum and chooi from my besntllol display cf Dia
monds and other rlen Jeweliji SUkMnew prices low.
A te Silver Ware of sUrling qualliy, I can abow atw
patterns, vary bandtom
iirr Plated Ware, Tea Sett, Urns, Walters, Castors,
Btskeu, Pitchers. Goblets, Knlvrt. forks, Spoon, Ate.
The I ; hav a aBDnlv (d TaKIa rinrir Vn.,
KijIv, Raaors, c, and many fancy eodaetoh a
are deelrtd for presents at tuch prices at are an Utdacs
menl to the purobator,. . WH. BLYNN,
i- S J, 10 Buekey Block,
designs, at t,00 per 1,000.
at bal f the price charged by small dealer.
i ITrHE AO QUABTIRS-W Tt SDuih Hlh street.
vvmuivuif Ava saj vt aluis mmMtrnmn
- St. ii., V ,cj . t;
. JlovelUes In Nock Tlt and poarri. .t
' , 11 . ..; .1 ajyroa and Garret OolUrS.
u Kmbroluered Pookel HudkCKhlem.
Jarls Kid OloTea, superior make. -
uoiuen 11m oinrm, .ariout nyjcv.
Boyt' Golden Mill Shirks, do
Driving and Street Uleret, do v f Tfi
Hemmed Pocket Handkerchiefs, varloBi styles.
Halt Unas snd Under Garmenaj,
. n s,.. . . niTWr Ar Bwr.
, , aprlUr-,:..,- '. HoV SO 801114 High Md.
NEW BTYLESlialn & B)l, N. SH South
High street, havejustnpeaednewetyles of Olots Cta
cmuas. BASgmxtB and BACort, made In the new eat aad
Doit sryltibv maanarv"! km 'Sattik Bflalsa
tSlacla ajllk. varv heavy. duUued axpraaely for
Uintlllatand itaNnlawi, . aprUS
' . - ' '
I I.,. -.-. .. i
ta n.-u V''t s;,:r AUiwrnniriJ
Va'W al "sl Kiwaaiwf
'J ID Omees,- B29 Bfosdwaf New York City, anJ
Pxaaoit't' ButtoUM, Colnmbut, Ohio.
lTJCarTalRttntloa pal to Oollettteat.
t r.yuixrzrtx , j 'i rt r n t .
i rr
V'i rKri
'i-t .
fftu ajti. it w
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