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."Vfke AdVine Express Company placet ns daily
4 unaer, obligations ia(H for the T ery latest papert
rOui the eastern citiea. ....,'
Ll ..L..r, RnnM Comoanv baa our
thank! for He dally favor In the shape of the
rfry latest eastern papers
3 Movmmt of Taoors. Eight Companies of
t " , . , . , , . . I i can
1 1 Tf "V"" eglinent, u
rank and file, arrlvedln tbls city, last evening,
front Camp Taylor, Cleveland, under the com
mind of Lieut. Col. Niibliwo, and took np their
qnartett W Camp Jaekton until 8 o'olock this
morning. They will then prooeed, via liovf
, land, to the Camp at Portland, Jaokton oounty,
&: wbare two of their Companies, A and F, already
ars." Th cffloert of this Reg
Jmk R.'Nortoi. Lieut. Col. J. M. Niibiimo,
,-and .Ullot H. J.. Taylob. The Companies
comprising it are the following
Company A, Huron Co.,
B, Wood "
" . C, "
D, Putnam
... ., " . E ,
Capt. Walker.
" Carr..
" Cook. "
" Lovoll.
F, Ilancock " .
Q, . " "
. H, " "
I, Ottawa "
K, Deflauco
" Blackman,
" Seamon,
mi . rv , .. r. it . . .
A,otJignt vompanies oi tins negimeni toai
Jileev at eight 'olook this morning,, to rejoin
their comrades In Jackson county, bav been
armed and equipped at this point, and supplied
, with rations for two days.
vTka Sixteenth Regiment, now at Camp Jack
son , I under orders to leave this morning, at
' eight o'clock, for tho Camp at Bcllair. Arms
and equipments have been furnished here, and
two days', rations. The officers of th Regi
ment are Col. Jams Irvinc, Lieutenant Col
John S. Fclton, and Major Q. II. Baiur. The
Regiment eonslats of the following Companies:
Coi A, Coihooton Co , J Capt. Nichols
a, Aibiana "
C, Wevne
D, Coshocton -"
V Clark ."
B. Aihland " " Klnnev.
.11 r a.. -
. w u, Wayne' Wiley.
D, Coshocton - McLane.
. Clark " Kerohner.
F. Tuscarawas. "
F. Tutearawaa - Collier.
Q, Holmes - "
VH, Ouerniet ,
: . Riahletid "
K, Muskingum
itapti JltHDcarosi's Company of 104 men
from Beverly, Washington oounty, being Com
Pny Kof tbe Eighteenth Regiment, arrived
here on Thursday night,' from Camp Goddard,
'and having obtained arms and equipments, pro
seeded forthwith On their ronte to the Camp at
'Pwjit and Grain Pro!mots. The Marietta
Jaetllioencer states that the late frosts have al
most entirely killed the fruit In that county
(Washington.) .Bat in all parts of the county
Wheat U looking unusually well for the season,
smd farmers anticipate an abundant harvest.
The'frult prospeot in Northwestern Ohio is
said no( to have been so nuoh Injured by the
frosts of this month, as it la reported to have
been in other parts of the State. . :
In Madison county, tha fruit has been se
i jrlousiy Injured by the frosts in this montb.
Wheat is doing well; but little corn has been
planted.' Madison la a fine county for grating,
Dd for that the eeason has ao far been favor-
bW-'-'.v '.r : " .
In, Southeastern Ohio, the grain prospect is
fine. "Notwithstanding the wet weather, the
asual quantity of corn has been planted and in
good season.
Tbs Delaware Sfndatd says that ths frost on
night of ths 23d lost, made a fiaiah of tbe
little fruit in that vicinity that had been spared
by previous frosts. The young wheat, though
somewhat retarded In its growth, will bs brought
round all right by a little warm weather.
; Qoartir Mastxrs and ComrasARixsj The
''Governor has made the following appointments
df Quarter- Masters and Commiuarles for
Camps '. recently established. Tbey rank as
Lieutenants: At Zinesvilie, Robert Thompson,
Quarter master, Samuel Blaok, Commissary;
M Lno"er' Theodore W. Tallmadge, Quar
ter master, Jared Clark, Commissary; at Mari
J etta, Samuel B. Browne, Quarter master, Beman
Gates, Commissary; at Bellalre, H. M. Bill,
Quarter master, B. R. Cowan, Commissary; at
Athens, N. II. Vanvoihes, Quarter master,
George W. Hopper, Commissary; at Portland,
Jaokton county, J. Q, Lane, Quarter Master,
John G. Matthews, Commissary. ,
. -TfliRTttNTH RtoiHtNT. This Regi
j mam, at their quarters at Camp Goddard, near
Zaneavllle, held an tleotion for field officers on
Thursday afternoon, with the following result:
Colonel Thomas Morton, Ctpt. o( Co. C, of
Preble county ; Lieutenant Colonel J. W
3j:..CciaiAsa, Capt. of Co. II, of Shelby county;
Major Csiarlij N. Lamison, CApt.of Ca.T,
of Athens county.' -i : '-."Si-,.
, UTTwo new military Companies have been
tsosntly -formed InthU city one taking the
name of State Fendbles, and using tho late
FeoclbW Armory, and the other oalling them
selves Ziuaves and having an Armory on Gay
street. Ths Fenoiblet are under the command
of Capt. Gxo. Caott, and the Zjuaves under that
fMe.H. PARks.i,
:fb!i,Iut;xiie jon.rai 0f Mart Ellin in-
tant daughter of H. B. and E. D. Busox, wbo
died yeitertiy, JCFrlctaj, May 24tb,) will Uke
nWoa thli YSaAurdaVl afternoon, at two o'clock.
from' tW residence' of the parents,! No. ,143
Eaat Stats street. - ' : j,..- .
f aU TwsNTr Siojbd RiQtHt . Ths follow
ins; are tbs field officers eleoted by this Regl-
rrm"n! at Ctmp.Jaokson on Tbureday afternoon
Colonel William; E." . Giluobii Lieutenant
CoIonelT.'A. Trauri Mnjor Joirtrs Pins
lJUutii'i.,1 ... m '.
tt l CTThe Detroit rriouw pays that Capt. John
Robimson, U. S. A., now In that oity, bu been
ordered to prooeed to Cleveland, to master tbs
.i,,9nto troops Into service. These troops are of
the three years quota.,, ... .
i ETA Cincinnati paper gives a list of forty-
'oua'atea'mers now. laid P at ths thlp-yard In
picking river, and Bt the Landing, In conse
uX "q,oeDct of ths effect o tbe war npon tbs river
sTuj Tourtb. Annual Convention of ths
Diocese ot -Ohio (Episcopalian) is appointed to
De 'leld lo" Trinity Church, Cleveland, on
Wednesday, June 6th, 1861, commencing at ten
Hi PaasoitAi,. The Cleveland , Hitald learns
tbiVliIs tfie Intention ef Hon. 8t A Dopolai
, an lady to spend a portion 01 ths coming sum-
eaef lai.ttit cUy,The. distinguished visitors
rwlll bs'ths eustts of aoltlttnof Cleveltnd
..).! i ii ai " ' J
f CThs several Sunday Schools In thlr oity;
(a btlooglog to ths Union Association, havs' ub
a jcribsd951 03 for the support of missions
Cbntbal Ohio Railroad. President Jewett
reports ths receipts of April to be $81,030: the
expenditures a, $08,769 30 j balance on hand,
O" Somsthino Pood for All. See Prof.
Wood's advertisement in another column.'
.,. rp. l. u. .mirtoA
with this malafly, tbe very reading or tne aoove
heading will call to mind the remembrance
.l 1 1. i x i. a
. . , . , 8.f . .iiji .'
Th. joints swelled, stiff and nqrtoUlBg. each
turn oi tne oouy eccompuueu uj uwa ub
wniiM Initnna tha hellof that everv bone in
human anatomy was about to be dislocated.-
uum.u auamiu, .
From two to three bottles ot -Kennedy Medl-
eal Discovery" will curs the. worst case of Rheu
matlsm. Ws would refer to the cure of J. Ma
comber, Eiq, a respeota.ble citizen of Boston,
who was cared at the age of fifty-five years af
ter an illness of a quarter of a centnry, and an
expense of some $5,000 paid to various Fhysi
sloltns. For ths onrs of humors it has no equal
SAMArARiLLA. This troplailroot has a repu
tatlon wide as the world, for curing one olass of
disorders that afflict mankind a reputation too
which It deserves as tbe best antidote we pos
sess forjscrofulous complaints. But to be brought
Into use, its virtues must be, concentrated ;and
combined with other medicines that increase
its power. Some reliable compound of this
character is muohuecded In the. community.
Read the Advertisement of Dr. Area's Sarsap
arllla in our columns, sod we know it needs no
encomium from us to givy our oitlsens confidence
in what he offers. Orjtw, 8jncyM, .N. Y.
Thi Lrmi Giant Not Douglas, nor Breck -
Inrldge, nor even "Old Abe," but Jams Prts's
mnuge, uyr Bven um auo, uui jm nu t
Dietetic Haleratus, that In its own department
possesses more strength and purity than all oi
them. ' All other kinds are olimies to it. De-
not, 345 Washington Street. New York-' Soldi
by grooerS everywhere.'
Dispatches from Washington.
[Special to the Tribune.]
Washington. 23. Tha defalaallnni dia
covered In the acsounts or the former disbursing
agent of tbe Bute Department, we learu,
amount to nearly $30,UUU. The name of the
officer is toward istubbs. ,
A .....1. f . g .1 f . P
a iniuwuw jum iruui wuo luwar Dirt gi
Prince George's oounty, Maryland, says recruits
lor tbe uonteaerato
across the rotomao. , . 1 4
A U,l. f .U .4 Tlrt.fl .1.
j... -i.k in j ? :'
tm uuuuudidi , wiiu . miiiuiuiiuuii tun UArriKKcIS
oomplete, has just arrived in this city, as a
present to tbe government from patriotic Amerl
cans abroad. ' JSaoh one or tbe (tuns bears the
following inscription: "From Loyal Americans
inEurone to the United States Government.
1861." .
[Times Special Dispatch.]
rrk. t.. .i
fi,..7.k in,!. fio.i. m v.k. .u. dit.j.
foi.n h'ritraiiA. in fM nn thi'trif. ninhr
tod by to morrow will be .on the aaored toil of
Virginia. They will probably - take on their
a k . :m k. .k. a ft 'r
quarters on Arlington Heights, where they will
throw up entrenobments. Tbey took provi
sions in their knapiaofcs pre. four days' cam
The Fire Zouaves more to-night down the
river four miles, to a po?nt oposlte Alexandria.
They were everioyed whea they reoeivedthis
glimpse for a fight '"' ' - -
A detaohment of 'tha 7st goea'o'n the steam-
Mt. Vernon. They. .sail at most direct for
Fort Monroe, to support ths forees there in case
a movement on ths Go port navy.jard.
I am authorised to state there are now 950,-
000 men under arms In the pay of the United
states government.. xnese are all. equipped,
will be Saturday night: i
[Special to the World.]
Geo. W. Doan, a well known resident of thla
Ity, reached here from tbe rebel Confederacy.
le last from Tennessee, via Cairo. He re
ports that anpplies erenow entirely cutoff from
western Tennessee, and that great fear of star
vation prevails. He aaw at Memphis about 3,000
troops, inrnisbed with altered flint' lock mat
kets, from tbe Baton Rouge 'Arsenal. There
are two batteries, on, the Mississippi, between
Memphis and Cairo. Many of tbe troops are
Northern men, who have been-lmpressed into
service. Half the soldiers there refused to leave
the city, and the government issued a proola-
mation ordering all oompanles to disband who
not enter tbe terviee of ths army uncondl-
tiooally. Ammunition was very scarce, .and
unnecessary firing was permitted. Two com
panies in Mampbie are composed of chain gang
convicts. Air. yoaa .connrms me report oi an
entire prostration of all kinds of business. .
Passengers who .arrived here today from
Wheeling, over the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad,
etate that from the Ohio river to within ten
miles of Harper's Ferry, the stars and stripes
wers flying. ' n-':-..-. - .
Dr. Thomas Miller,' a prominent- oitlzsn of
Washington, was arretted to-day, charged with
nHiLBwu,wKti.. w-1.,,vu.r,m miu
secretly receiving and delivering letters from
tnd to secessionists.' He proteete ke ie innocent,
but General Mansfield retains him for exami
nation. I ii-1' t,!j -li-r..'. --, . ' ,.- ., .. .
A Government steamer left for Fortresa Mon
roe thla evening. Several membera of the Prett
go, in anticipation Of a big battle in that vicinl-
Waskinoton.' Mar 24. Intense excitement
was created hereby the assassination of Col.
Ellsworth. Btlia tolling, orapa , on buildings,
and flags at half mesJ Col. Elltworth wat shot
tbe back by one Jackson, proprietor of a hotel
Alexandria. . Jaokton was Instantly . killed
Franola D. Browoell, of Troy, a member of
the Ellsworth Z waves. The- body is 4yiog in
ttateatths Navy Yard. 1 President Lincoln,
wbo wae a warm peraonal friend of Ellsworth,
deeply effeoted by ble death. ' ,1
Tbe Government Is rn possettion of startling
information from Baltimore, and that oerttln
prominent preteaded Union men, who in the
nreteneaoi unitea states troops nave - lonaiy
profetted devotion to -the Union, are secretly
working for secession. Their names, and aocu
rate Information about, them, and their, plans,
are In the bands Of the Adminietrttion, .
About 10,000 troop bavs proseed -- the Poto
mac, and are no in. Virginia.: xne new xorK
7th regiment are holding Arlington Heights,
and tbe oatn are tnrowiog up oreaaiworkt tners.
Sberman't light artillery and the District mi
litia command, the Maryland ; shore abovs
Georgetown, and will repel any, attack by forces
moving from Harper's Ferry. . "
A body or virgiuta cavalry na ,4U horses
were eantttred without bloodshed.'
it la reported tnat tne steamer mt. vernon
narrowly escaped sinking before reaoblng Alex
tndrla Injuries had been inflicted on ber at the
Navy xard, probaDiy oj secessionists.
- It It believed mat ' simultaneous movements
were made by government fbr'cea last night on
Harpers rerry ana norioikv . '
Our Government has ' secured for the next
three montht a monopoly, of all the arms and
cannon from, .all ths manufactories in Great
Britain which are permitted to make arms for
foreign States. Thtt will show. England that
In putting down wit reoeinon, tners win oe no
half way work v
An advaooe or tne rebels (rem Culpepper
Court House, 62 miles from Alexandria, ia an
ticipated, but assurance is felt that Gen. Boott
hat directed this advance with a full Understand
log of all hs has to snoounter. ,
' Postmaster uenerai mair prepared an order
to-day ditcontinuing tbe transmission of (Jolted
V. m a n . a
Statea malls in Virginia and other aeoedlng
States, and annulling all eontraota for the same.
Tennessee is exoepted from tbs operation of tbs
order, for the reason tnat tbat Btate bap not ye
formally seceded, contractors win. bs lmme
dlatelv notified of this decision. Ths mails for
tha south from wasnington wsra stopped at a
oreiting place of Federal troops, and returned
to tha PiMtaflinahere.
-, Jadsa Arnv. bearer of dlsnatchea. had an
Interview with the President add Secretary of
war to-day. and tendered to them three regl-
lments from Kansas, to eo operate with tbs Iowa
regimeois in oamp at Keokuk, and tbs Illinois
regiments In camp aT Qalnesn to protect ths
Ttri .1 -m rF.C -J'. . - ..
wmium wwi v iiorin-weitern witeouri, ana
SAO ..iGa.
', 5' I. ,
I Secure a safe transit of stores and provisions for
Hannibal and St. Joseph Railroad to the
Orders have been Issued bv the War Depart
menttoCapt. Reno, of Fort Leavenworth, to
I supply the Kansas regiment witn arms sou mil
itary equipments, and alto horse equipments for
a regiment or oavairy. i ne arrangemeoi wm
furnish at once over 10.000 men. who will re-
I u -. i. .l.i. ...it.
I " o DBiup iu uoir intumun
nmiMiinn of tha Hunnlbll Sl bt. JOieDB
i Rellread between these two noluta, as soon
I as anv further demonstrations - are made
I Jeff. ThomrnnO. of St.lJoseDh. ud his secession
followers, to Interrupt transportation through
M,MOurU v v
l M Btate military are neing organizea mio
1 11 regiments, and tha State authorities have de
rained to equip them as well a pots ble for
borne defence, having decided to dlioountenance
,nTMlo f ,n.BSut of Missouri unless
Mo., shall secede or Invade Kansas.
The ZYtsuM't dlsoatch ears a company ot
horse, numbering 35 men, was captured at Al-
exandria. Sherman s battery coming on tuem
suddenly, they bad no alternative.
The Miobleauers proceeded to tear up the
raws leading out or tne city.
Uen Boott and Secretary oewara were oniae
Lons Brldca when tbe trooos went aver.
X bus was Virginia's secession raiujeu.
It is reported ths next movement will
be on I
Harper's Ferry
[Special to the World.] Commencement of Active Operations in Virginia
by the Federal Forces—Occupation of Alexandria,
Arlington Heights, &c—Death of Col.
Ellsworth and of the Virginian who shot Him
—Disposition of the Troops—&c., &c., &c.
WiauiNOTON. Mav 24. As wss sunnosed
would be the case, lets last night, several regi
ment, with the new xorkand mioingan bri
gades, Ellsworth's Ziuaves, and tne District
Militia, orosaeo into virgin..
The Virginia pioketa having seen pursued ana
Ji I- .V. - - A . ...Hl nnA f th. I
oinI.ni took tbe road leaflet to Fairfax Court
House, about 20 mllee from WasblngtoDi while
another one, tne ersey, tioppeu n ujo rur, a
, bridge, awaiting orders.
, n d,no into Virctnla was also made from
anothar noiot. namely, at (he mouth of the Po-
tomao Aaueduot, at Georgetown.
The7tbNew York Regiment was among the
taAM aifiAei a trap a 1 hnnri msMn . nnfiiintaH
a noint between the bridge and Columbia
huuuii sauu enawva wi uwhbwi vvvhuvi
Springs, on the Hoe of tbe Washington and
Alexandria Kanroaa. - ,
4 00 uistrioi oi voiumDiij troops returoea to
Waehlnaton this morning.' From 6.000 to 10,-1
000 troops were sent over into Virginia this
Firing was heard occasionally by the driving
ot tne Virginia picaeis aDoui v o ciock, a. iu.
inenew XO ijuaves, inn ana OJtu, ana
Jersey Regiments bold Alexandria; while Ar-
lington Heights are occupied by several regl-
ments. . . .. .,
."X ne entrance into Aiexanuna was atienaeo
L l.f.V U. ,U. iluniiB. Mlnnm
uj tttui wuiuu uu wi utno
over this oommnnlty. Col. Ellsworth, wbo bad
House, was soon afterward anot oy a conoeaieo
fna V,m A m A kiil li a k..n K.n.inV..
w. .!.!. xi V-.j - I
" huiukiuu hit, u iv.
Aocounta from Alexandria are somewhat
oontrtdlotory, but there it no doubt of ths faot
mat a man named Jackson, wbo sbotuu. tills
worth, was instantly put to death, some say by
both bullet and bayonet.
When tbe Federal troops reached Alexandria,
Virginia soldiers Urod at tbem and then tied.
visitors to tnai out sat tne scenes were in
tensely excitlntr. ' -
Federal vessels were in tbe meantime before
It seems to be true that a bodv of Federal
trooos has advanced to Fairfax Court House, to
taka nnanaMlon of tha Jnnotion of tha DpanirA anil
Alexandria land Man. seas Gao Railroad, with
view of intercepting tbe advaioe of Virginia
irps towaras Aitzaoaria, irom Kicnmonaana
othr " . "' w .
Nearly 3,000 troops arrived at Washington
t Eleven o'clock A. M.-It is reported that as
lne Virginia troops retired from Alexandria,
ens of them was killed, by return shot trom
the Federal forces. . Xhere is a prospect of cap-
taring ths fugitives. I
m m - . . I
Among tbe forces sent over to Virginia were
two batteries and two companies of artillery. I
1 be news or tbe deatb ot Col. bllaworth was
generally known throughout Washington
untll towarda 10 o'clock to day. Tbe exoite-
ment was intense, especially among the mill
ttry, who express the greatest impatience and
desire to oe tent over to Virginia, from a spy
glass view of Alexandria, the Stars and Stripes
are flying from varioot points. '
Three hundred troops from North Ctrolloa
arrived at Richmond last Monday night, and
are stationed near Old Point Comfort. They
were to be followed by 500 more, in a day or
r.m th. ,.m. m.uin.. f,,n -Li
nr i nnn m.n
Twalv. hundrad Tenneaaaa troona arrived
Riohmond oa Toeeday. Toe oamp
opposite Willlamsport.Md., is being reinforced,
tn, oonstruotion of batteries on the Heichts.
the Maryland aide, is atlU
being carried on
with vigor.
Highly Important Intelligence—Movement of
Federal troops into Virginia—The Conflict
About to Commence in Earnest.
[Herald's correspondence.]
BALTiatoai, May 23, Two persons are now
under examination here, charged with treason,
enlisting and sending troops from Baltimore
tne coniederate army. a.uuu suoh-troops
K.. urt Baltimore no to this time, bat It ,
nn, -....in tha nrltunerl had anv hand In their
anliatmcnt. ' , 1
The Norfolk Rtqutrr nronoances ths state
ment that there are 300 Indiana of North Caro
lina In arma at Norfolk to bs falss.
Tha Richmond Ezamlntr tava that General
Jobnitoo, oommtnder of tbs Otah expedition,
has been ordered to tho command of the Con-
federate foroet at Harper's Ferry. Also, that
General Beauregard has been Ordered to Nor-
folk, and that Jeff. Davis will be at Richmond
on Monday next. '
Faetengers from Ptrkersbnrg confirm the ac-
counts of ths presence of Virginia troops at
Grafton, and reinforcements at Willlamsport.
Four more oannon were pat into position at
Point of Rocka laat night. .... .
Trooos passed through Baltlaore to-day en
route lor Washington. - Among tbem were two
Ohio Regimente, from Philadelphia,
Washington waa In a feverish exoltement all
Mav. ineonseonence or an announcement that
fifteen rounds of ball cartridgee had been sap-
plied to them. Tbs meaning of tbe order bat
not trtnsplred, but np to a late boor not a eloglt
regiment baa movea irom lie qotrters.
The indications ara that the first great ag
greesive step towards quelling tho rebels, by a
forward march, southward will lake place to
morrow alternoon. V ' 1
Tbs New York 7th, ths 13th, tbs 69th, tbe Fire
Zouaves, and Sherman's battery, are undoubt
edly tbe regimente lor tbe advance selected
This fores will prooeed across ths long briJgs
into Virginia and establish tbeir outposts on
Arlington lieiebts, extending them down tbe
r otomao lar anougn to emnraoe tne city oi ai.
extndrlt. The Government win tike posses
slon of ths telegrtob llnee and the railroad oom
munlcatlon extending to Kicbmood, and in tbe
direction of. Harper'a Ferry. To-morrow's
dawn will probably find the Union flag display
ed from the spot where the flag of Jeff. Davis
baa been Haunting.
The grsatest aotlvity it going on to-nigbt in
ths various oamps, and additional regiments to
tboss named above will be under marching or
dere in case of emergency.
Kumors are flflng about here to tbe eueet
that ths Secretary ol 8 tat received to-day dis
patches from England, declaring that it was no
longer in the power of Her Majesty's government
to aooepi toe proposition ot tbs Administration,
to recognise the oode of ths Congress of Parle,
or is&u, denouncing privateering at piracy
Disposition of the Federal Forces in Virginia.
[Times Special.]
J Three thoutand troooa are now on Arlloitoi
Heights, with s battery there, and another at
each end of the Long and Chain Bridges, and
one at Alexandria, . '
It it said Oen. Sanford will command the ad
vancing taboos.
- In Virginia are altogether 13,000 troops In ths
aaranoingarmy. ;j, .!; , ;
Capture of 300 Rebels.
[Post's Special.]
.. P . . r . .
to.unurange roaa, near Aiexanaria.
:U ST:
-t- i .
Four Days Later From Europe.
N You. Mav 24. The steamer Etna hat
arrived, bringing advises four days later from
Tha British Government had issued procla
mation warning its anbjeots against engaging
in tha war in Amenoa,ana declaring its inten
tion to remain neutral.
It warns BrltisU suojeote, jir they enter ia
I ii. . i . i ... i. -tj i i .Li.,
i muicarv lerrioe u uuw iuoi ur juiu auijr-u-
. i.Mrti. a, attamnt ti vat tanmita or
a. oat Teasels for war purposes, or traniDort.
or break or endeavor to break any blockade
Inl1 atiit ntnll catabllahed. or aarrv aol
L9rl, dUpatcheJ, or materials contraband of
wa, for eifcher party, tbey will be liable to all
the nenaUles and consequences, and do so at
thaivnarll. In no wise shall tbev obtain tbe
protection of their government,
The first eteamer from Liverpool to New Or
!gMg , .dverlised for August.
The Confederate States Commissioners bad
an intorvlaw with M 'J. nonrenal on the 13th
France waa about to eend a fleet to America
to nroteot French interests
How Col. Ellsworth was Shot—Capture of
New York. Mav S4 The Trliune's Wash
ington dispatch furnisnes tne toiiowing pirtlou
Col. Ellsworth was shot as be was descend
ing tha atalra with the secession flatr which he
had torn down, by tbe man Jackson, keeper of
the Marshall House, witu a double-barreled
van. He otea almost idbuht, uTeinir id e'
cession flag with his blood. He only siid: "My
A later dispatch says Alexandria is taken, and
will be held.
The first Michigan. Kegiment entered town
about 6 o'clock, an bonr after the appearance of
the Zsuave.. and captured a body ol cavalry,
wbo at first demanded time to oonsider, but were
- .... .ithou. dal
v'vv" " ' " '
Alexandria. From South America.
Naw Yoaa:, May 84. The steamer Champ
ion orings ranama paper. vuo im.
It was rumored that vessels of war were fit
tinir outbv tbe revolutionist at Cartbagena. to
ooovev 1.000 trooos to Asnlnwall. to take pos-
session of the State of Panama. Tbe final sue-
cets of tbe revolutionists is regarded as cer
It la renarted that the British Admiral had
declared he wouldn't respect the paper blHtade
new Urenaoian ports, out would open tnsm
to uritisn commerce.
Advices from Chile report that the Govern
ment party had triumphed in the eieotions.
From New Orleans.
m.v o.L..s. Mav 24.The newt from
Waahlnirton of tha ocounation of Alexandria
ttM oomiderably increased the military enthn
The Delia' $ Montgomery dinoatch says a let-
to. h.. he, ieeeTed from Ytnoev.who does
I... . ... ' '
nnt rinuht tha ihmhi nt hla mlaatnn.
jBe Btw tarja UKea oa tQe 3ist 0f a,u,
Tha 13th nrorlmo U annainted at a dv at
. " 1 1
I..Mni mill Mmwam
Kentucky Legislature.
FatNKroaT. Ky., May 24 The Senate past
resolutions tbtt Ktntnoky will not sever ber
conneotlon with tbe national Government, nor
take np arms lor either belligerent party, but
arm herself for the protection of peace within
her borders, and tender ber services as a medi
ator to effeot a just and honorable peace.
The House ameodea and passed tbe bill em
powering the committee of investigation of yes
terday's chargee to sit thirty days.
Tbs Legislature adjourned tint vie.
From Missouri.
Sr. Louis, May 24 The State troop at Jef-
lersonuity, nomnenog aoouta.uuu.wereoraer.
dtaband. yesterday, by Gtn. Price. At
first they refused to obev, but it Is believed tbey
will qnletly disperse and return to their homes.
A 10 Inch howitzer, an Inoh mortar, 300
rounds cartridges, ball, shell and canister, were
thipped from the Arsenal yesterday, destined
The News of Col. Ellsworth's Death in his Native
Michanicsvilli. N. Y. . May 21 The easts
slnatlonof Col. Ellsworth has oaused In his na-
tlve town tbe utmost sorrow and Indignation,
The father of Col. Ellsworth happened to be In
tbe telegraph omce when tbe intelligence was
received, ah tbe nags in town are at bait mast
The sympathy of the people for his parenti Js
universal. X be Col. was tbeir only living son
9,500 Confederate Troops Near Harper's Ferry.
CuAMStasBoao, May 24. Nine thousand five
nndred Coniederate troops are posted between
Point of Rocks and Williamport, on tbe Po-
tomto. Among tbem are 3U0 Cherokees.
Apprehehslont prevail of an invasion in Cum
berland Valley, from Virginia. Great damage
might be done.
Rklimleh near alezandrla Rebels Defeated.
Nsw Yoax, May 24 All Is quiet in Alex
Tbe New Jersey trooos. three miles from Al'
exandria, were fired into by ambushed secession
Tbe Utter were rooted. Two rebel Captains
were captured. .
- i . . , .
New Yoax, May 24. The news ot tbe death
Col. Elltworth created Intense exoltement
here. Regret at hit loes Is mingled with a gent
eral feeling that be mutt be avenged.
Baltimobi. May 94 The news from Wash
ington baa produced a profound sensation here.
Nothing la known relative to Setrall's Point;
PrmntmoH, Msy 24 Col. Ellsworth's death
received here with profound sorrow. All ths
flags In the city are at ball mast. . ..
Columbus Ratail Market.
FRIDAY, May 24, 1861.
Tha followlne art the retail anotaMona corrected by
Wm. H. BUux, wholeaal and retail grocer, No. 31
Statesman. Buiiaioj:
Wheat. 1 O0i
5 O.Batar 9
Oat e M K3
Oornf eo.
Maple do.
Molaaeeef ral el50
Batter ft ecvivxc
Lard B 1
Svran nl CUS79
Ta t..SOe.,7So.l 00
Teddo Tea SI O0
Tallow a Ool
Dried Apple, r baS7K(siuw
aioOoffe ..lS)4I(io
Dried reacnti.... urn a w
Whit Baant t bo SlOtf
lava do.. c
Bloa S. 10o
PotatoN no KiSt
Broom 9 do. .Si wri v
Salt In aack -.IJiat-l
Bait t bbl SI, 75
Har 9 ton S7 0
Soap (box) 9 SHe
Barf enrt.... BO '
If lour 9 bbl ia uusio
Vhlta Wheat do S5k(8 00
Hamata, 19X913c
An Vlonr bbl... S 00
Bait Pork fewt.... SWl"o
Oandlea.TalloW.bi. 1KKO
Wood cord 1
Oandlea, OpaU box. . ino
flhaaaa a,.. 831 IS K
Haektnl No.lhfbbl I9K
Mackerel No lqr bbl S
Appleeftba (ai
UaekeralNolklts.. 19 75
Homin ser baah B I CO
Whit rinhmrh'r bbl S4 SO
WhUay per. fall. S&atl 00
Whit fleh per qr bbl S3 3
Balilna, si a. vox.... rv
Ood Slab 9
Liver ....aw
Berrlne f bbl S3 uu
Oora Meal 9 tm...,3S40c
" ' Sultan V t ISKt
fin 9 UMis
Bint do
Dried Beef
SseelPrane 10SI1S
1SX Wool Twin. lBo 9 lb.
IioDt-aalesat 14735 00 lor red, tnd I5S53S50
for whit. - , . t
Wbat Brmat SlOO ' .",
Con aales at 85e. . '
One-ealea brl,k at 183SOo ' ,
Rt email salee at 4i50c.
Hav le at Sl8.
JfotATOt aal at i!055o. . .. t - ;
Baan-aleat75o(ll100. . i ' . .
Silt rale at St 6SK per bbl.
, Wbits run rait at 3 50 par Mil. '
Cincinnati Market.
Ia th Frodac tarn
dnllneaa. . .
ILUDB meets with bo lalea, (xraptln In th email
way for oarrent eoniamption, aaa thi rule mainly oo
Ihehlih rrade. ..
WHS AT lapaet train Into Its old poaltlon. unlet wt
exoept th fancy irade Kentnoky white which ar In
tixelal requeit, and win brio a high Si m per stun
Th' la about 15c. par baah abort the ordinary food quel
ItlrM red It quote at at l. . . ,
CORN Ulnaotlai ajo.
OATS will notbrlnt ovrS7o. '
BABLBY 1, tcamlf quotable; buytrtart Indlffermt
at anythlnf overouo.
tia u nominal at ouo, -
WBIg&y. jetalnt tht old flure.U2We. CTn. Com
May 84.
Philadelphia Market.
FLOtrt market quiet and tchanfed. Watix arm.
ttllrdBlte137Kl whliattl4515i. Coat
Orm sale ot 7 000 baah yellow at too. Corns Rto
Stlet at 18X. wtutt-uaii tt iei7t.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, May 24.
' ILOtJR reoelpU 1.711 bb'a: Biarkat K.nnA...
moD f radea So U)Wr; tilea 8.000 bbla a( 4 0&$S OS for
nparfisa lavl S9 1SS1S 90 for f rtra, ,t,t,-14 ansj M
formMrnnt Weaterm tl 11123 St f.nr .nn.nnn
att Mtrt wetteral S5 St tS Ufr ,hppinf bratdt tx-
iraawnnp nwp "."win Boar emi ant
i..44i hhl. t Si 1127 60.
BYB FLUUB ttndjr at t 11)34 SO for emB)Da
ctoloa ioparftoa. " ' v
WHSAX raotlptl lW.4Dlbath: martlet rood : aoand
wfaKs anmnOB to Uninaad IffiJc lewer: ailei 75 000 hoik
at SI raau lo for llliwaataa mob; i 83 for bandMax
wlDWr red wntera, SI ' prima Oanadlaa Olab;
a)i io lor unicagv oviina; aji u lor iowa. j.
HABLEY dull, at 6S05e. .. ' '
CORN recclDl oMW S94 bath: narket bear and da.
Illoinfi; aalei nf 135 000 boat at 650s for old mixed
weawrn; ana 47(3M3i rorneirao. .
OATH Arm at 30$34e for wtitera Canadian and
in). .
PORK-dull. tAlei of 100 bbla at S17A17 7S for meur
on vuior pnmvi'
BKr-quiet and hetrr.
CUT MEATS-dulI. - ' ; ' -
T.a RD ODChdnrwl. aalu SJ0 bbli at SOVs.
BTTTEft la fair rtaueit at OjSISc for Ohio: and lll-a
i tor pws. . c , f ;
OtlEIKB steady at &30e. i I
WHISKY A .hade flrmar. ulca BOO kbla at 1BV
lAlAJl. - .
STOCKS without ietmtr and ratbet lower;
er! DlOnrV
nochuee to note, with very UUI. demand on call at 394
per cant; paper unctMed ana liresular, aterllug ex
rhange qet at 1001 fix for beit banktre btlli;
Oh at R I 31; N J 0 1 KHi Oal and Cbl MM, M 8
Kiv: Ilar emll: Kr eZUViraa Hal 00k: Huitann Si
NYC 71; KendlD, 30K; I O Borlp 8)i, opening; fi
ts Q 54; Hud let bonde 1 50, Brit id 80; U 8 S'l 74.
C'uponi 71'. doSGW V 6'e 48. La SI. Hol9V. Ten
a u t(, xna a ov, uroomjn water loan l
Cleveland Market.
THURSDAY, May 23, 1861.
Ft OUR the imrkrt remains aleadr a Itb tales of ISO
tibia end so bbla lair eonble extra red at S3 00: choice and
fatioy brande In imallloie to tie trade ee 1 1 25930c higher
wukal in goou aemana wiin limited receipt.
Bale, of I oar red at SI 1(1 sid 2 care do at 8 1 11. White
It worth S3 27.
CORN doll and not moveable la large lots except at
very oir ngure.
0TB eteauy at ifsc.
HIOHWINK salce of 50 bbla at I3Xo.
BUTTaa dealer! ,a the never kneiriodull a mar.
tel. There li no lale for at,y bat the imall loll needed
for Bona eoDeumptlon and prlceiare nominal
EGOS dull with aalea at o.
BHAN8 lales of 25 buih medium quality at 75o
CI1KKBE liqnlet at7o for weilera reierve.
New York Cattle Market.
total aicmprtor OArruor aukind, roa thi wtn.
Aocordlnr to tht reoorti from th aereral
placet In the city, there bars been received thi, week:
' Sheen and
B'vet. Oowi. Veal,. Laobt Bwln. Total
At Ai.'erton'i, 3,001
Brownlrli's 170
009 501
157 387
SM l.sos
107 S,S05
O'Brien'..... . 38
Ohamberlln'f.. m
Rec'ed Sunday COO
Bold bo' ri, Ber. 730
Total 4P8T
t'lpr't week 4.334
' 34
5.150 19 738
8,859 18,816
7,690 19,068
Arerage Mo
aavn rtov BimRurr sTaTt. '
A. M. Allerton as Co., Proprietor of tha Waahin
Drove-yarri,, 44th-at, report th Otttlt in
the following Btatei:
NewTork 87 Iowa
Penntylrania 70 Illinois
Indiana 60:Wiaconaln...
Market from
Ohio 840 Michigan....
Number reported for this market
atrtet, 3,005 -'
at Forty-fourth
Th price to-day ar quoted a follow,:
First quality H's9 I Ordinary
Medium .....6ffi8i Home extra rood
Th general arerage of th market It 8 Sic.
Th moit of th aalea are tjSSXo,
Total number of Been received In th city this week,
4,887 .
This Is 553 bead more than lait week, and 523 head
more man in arerage or laat year. Th areraie num
ber at each Wednesday market laat year wa 3,491 head,
while tha number to-day belne 3,695, ahow it04 head
more than the arerage, and 309 head more than thi day
week. ,
Tuti&ay. Man SO. Tb market opened thla morning
with about 3,700 head of bullock -tn th aalepen, at
Forty fourth st. . and tt soon became evident th.t (i.
log pre railed among buyers and teller, thai tb market
was orerstocked, and that price null recede fiem th
rale of this day week, and thla bat accordingly been th
can, peiiere ear is in extent ot nail a cent a pound on
the net weight of bullock. Th buyers, however, do
not cmour In thi opinion, though most of them acknowl
edge that they boniht their stock lower than laat week.
Our opinion la, that while th price paid ar really th
earn rates per pound, that Is generally 88J( cent a
pound for th meat, linking elfal, and 9 cent for the
ouotceii quality, Ine butcnere bar elloer got better e,U
nates of weight, r better qualttv of cattle at th rata of
last week, so that th market is not aa good to-day aa it
waa una aj weea ror u arorer. a n prospect of the
eeeond day la a natter, aad that, it aaav be raibered,
wu moat decidedly dull laat week. . i
Tb quality of th atooe thi week Is excellent, though
net quit o beary on the arena a laal week: and al
Uiiwub taw sale la lis npar to eraras a much per
ywuuvt nn, uuw uuvKive me arorer a mucn per pound
vu uia ji.w wviiju,. n,o, not nna any on witu stock
poor enough to quota below 8o., and allh(iu,h there are
goca mauy prune rat sieers. none are nnoted unr n-.
pound net. : .t .. , , -
tux clou or TutKixirr. r -1 :
Contrary to expectation. It was fonnd on opening the
market this morning, that my rw Bollock remained
uatol'l; probably not exceeding 400 or 500 hud, Thar
must bar been quhwa rally of buyers about sundown,
tnd a sllnht yleldint on th part ol brake u their
maud, and thus th yards wur nearly emptied, so that
taw jatianoe wui ow mm to-asy witnoat any great deduc
tion. Oo broker says he dror oat- tha tut ao haul t
J each leu than he held tbm yesterday. Other aay
they bar got the aame price, bat find aalea . rarr alow.
Upon tb whole, wa iear th 11 run la th tab I of quo
tations to stand a they did last week, except reducing
th average Xo.. but remark that w thluk the market
worse for th arorer, lay S3 ar at a lead. In astlmatlan
of weliht anl quality at tame rate per pound. Althoagh
wool number at - Porty-fourth aueet It I,tl91, th
number sold 1 only 3,017, at one dror of 71 weat direct
New Haven ' '
Woaarro OxxK. The trfle lb work oxen annar in
be orer for the present. There ar none tn market es
pecially Intended aa auch. although there ar a good
many tat one, but they will bring mora for beef than
work.' AbtOt a month hetc there will b a small da
mandfor worker lhrt usually is juit before haying
time. ......
Oow and Caivx. Th demand for milch sows does
not appear to be at good thi wtk though they eon!nu
sell akoai aa faat a ih.y arrive, th cow merchant
all tbttm ginmollng about th pric, and astrtlB
iuv vu. , wui. ii uiuia iu iu, uouubrr aan eere.
Th mar t for Veal Calrea is clear down la tha mod
again. Th top piles on Tuesday wa5o- 9 Ur
eight, tnd vry few at thit. Son of tn dtaler, fiom
tp tb Harlem road deelartd It tbs wornt market they
ever aaw. Th lareett sited Calre sold th worst 8aoh
weigh 100 or 170 ft uld at34c. -9 fi. and very
low it tnat ' Borne olo smooth Calre ot about 1i
will outsell th large ones. Those of an average of 150
ID, ana rtt and tmootn.wlll brim is. 9 Fa In small lota:
but w saw a lot of 15 such sold this morning at 40.,
a good many fair looking ones at 4o. 1 .
. , ( jnj BaBBP MARKET. - 'I
Kecelpl thi wek, 8.5B1. ', ,
Tht bu been on of th srtatrat fluctuitlona'thla
week In the 8hep market that we rwntmbtr. Th urn
df rr ol anxiety to-bay tetlued la oar last report con
tli.ued throunhThanday, Vrklar and Saturday, and the
wh.letal butcher got from lOSUXo. per lb forth
carctae. They were not extlalledito wait from Saturday
rill Monday, but followed tome drorera lhat arrived from
PhlUdeiphi early on Sunday morning, and took them
off at full price of th prarlou day. Oa Monday,
hwer, a Mdden rerultlon occurred, aad tlie stock wa
not near ail takan, even at th offer of th broke r.
whloh wer fall So. a head late tlun on Batunlar. On
Tut ay there wa a vary larg Influx, aad th market
Doing quit onratoctea, price not only wcot lowr,
bat trad grew very dull. Th Urea buyer btd not
much disposition W bay, St mutton wu selling at Waih
Ington Market low at 7o. par lb., of txtter quality lhaa
old at 103. on Saturday. It wat not aay to tell th
best Eheep at rat equal to So par lb. lira weight, tad
waawHmtuatwoaianoiD tola atorar anahaad.-"
W foaad la the neot at Brownlni's. on Tuaedt
moraine;, not less th.n 1 500 Sheep aod Lamb, aad It
mm av V vaw " U.U ,11. Ul ,, 1UV y WUIU .UU ItrB'
d oat. ...
Lambs wen not verv clentr. and would all ,n at at
Sf5 50ahad, bat all th Hheepaould not he sold at any
price, though offered at full S 1 a bead less than th weak
in, it as axra a rev or uneen in nurktt I his week
by Henry HurHiurtf irom the farm of John Johnson,
near Geneva, N. T. ' 143 bead long-wool Bheep. which
weighd 113 Iks when bought lut fall and 157 hefnr
ahtailne thi dprlng. They are stl mated har at 140 1 ,
ad offrred at So per to weigh, or at SS a bead, with-
oui Diaaera. at wu oseren aj7 su at Albany. Tbey
anioriasaieiy arnrea jusi a weat too lata.
mere is do improvement in prftj today, thongh we
think lale ar more etsllr sffecteti at th reduced rates!
till th market must bt rated a very dull oa, and na
wondwr, whan wt le th -number reoelre and com par
tt with lut weak. A different ot 4600 bead In th rr
etipts ii enough to break down any market. . ;
V, 'j 'J j ) Y ini noo mibket, ; " -
ReotlpU tht week, 5,156. ' i . l' ,
Tha lollowla ratet are reported br Ilenrr D. a rant.
Superintendent of th Market, for rVedntsday morn-
Corn fedllog 9 t grot.. 1.. ....... .SWlSSo.
i . ,IitlUrjr l I Hi grot 4$4Xo. ' -
Thlf show a (light Improvement anon th extreme de
pression of the prertou qaottthnt, owing to a decreet
oi ,auu id wt ternniy. nut law marnt I (low. and
there ara about lCO head la th ul pen this morning,
and on very extra lot I held at 5'a" per a.
u. vv. uurman report! ut ionowing prices or Bogt
unaweK. - . ,
" , Wi- I n, . Drened.
FIvb, nnalltwiwvvnfail 1.v im..-.. 41VC ' ,Riy
Second quality oeru-fed 4nX (SOj
rirat aualitr aawll aiaacatatnrima
for market batcher 4y5 6XK
UrsU, stlll-fedvfat.. A)i i$iX
Second quality ttill-fed fat a,.. .....4(4k ' ' 5S5i
amaii ua, onoic auxa nog,....oj,o
O BHAWLBII n all dMlrabkteolor. and at very
rat bargain,
M. BS Htli Bl(h Strut.
a". 1
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
The Urtateit Hmr 1st The
iosi vxuaovi
- lire
ever taken.
IT a actenU&o and
VagvMbla OsmpoauL
trooared by ths dltttl
itloa of Hoot. Hirui
. Ad Tkm, Tollow
f-v&ock, Blood Boot,
w.panpanua-. " i
jUftarrr Bark tM jaa-.
dellaa aolat into iu
n m . wwuukmuiii A ur r ri-
j After Taking.
bt I Ore lUKlnjUre active ; remadial
principle ol eaeh lamdlent It thorongnlr axUictad bi
mr new method of dutllllng. prodnelnirta delicl-na, ei
BileratlnR ipirit, and the moat IMfAUUULB rmd lot
ran ova Uu a the dlawed uetem. and reatorlnr 'h tick.
nfftrtn aad Satlllutad IHHUp to UIALTII aod
m-e Kt A W.M a,rt.nrii4MiHdw.B(. "m. m'
"" ( T '
Will aroetaa.il ear
nhmnU U.mim. lw.ilii. m.u..riu mrtA
and all dlieuea arialn
wu.wuivv. WWllVf VIMMn W. kll KilSOJW
aeh, Dyapepeia, Oeartbani, Inward Pi lea, Acidity or Sick-
new of the Stomach, f allneae of. Blood to the Hea l, Dull
pun or iwinunuie in in neaa, t-aik.tanon OMR .Heart
(allocator weignt u tha stoauwb.
(Jhoklni or nffoettini teelini
'I when lying down; Dnmee
or Yellowneet of the 8kln mi
id Byes, night Hwaau, la.
ward revere. Pain la tha email of Oie back, chert or eld.
ouauan riaenei uaamxpnaeton or Biunte, rngutfal
vreame, uniraor, iweponaenay orany nerroat Uiaaaw,
Bore or Blotchea on ta Skin, and Taver and aWna (ol
vuuiaano fever.;
Over a million, of Uottlee
Bare been sold darinc th lut etx month, and In na In.
Unce ha It failed la giving tnUi eatlefaetioa . ' Who,
then, will enfferfrnm Waakieaa ar DehlHt ah., ain.
tAn BinanuTiinnioiu UUKUIAL will euie youl
No Ungnage ean eonvey an adeqoalt Idea of tha bnrn-
uiaivuuinioeaiiracaioa enmnge proaaraa py tatuna
thi Cordial In th dleeaeed. debilitated and aoattand
oerroo eyewm, wnauier broken down by exoeavweak by
natnr. or tmpatd by alekn th. relaxed mid anatmni
organixatlon U reitond to its prlatln health and tleor.
organixatlon it restored to It prlatln health and vigor,
other eonseious of Inability, from whatever causa,
will and McLean Strengthening Cordial a thorough
retrenerator of th avium: and all whs naw h tnini
thenuwlru by Improper indulgence, will and hi th Cor
dial certain and ipMdy remedy, - --' .-..L ,r.j
Tm tbe L,adlea. : ; '--.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
u a ovTClan4ptdr car for r
OhstrncUd or Dlffleult Menstruation, Incontinence of
Urine or Involuntary Dlachanr thereof, tallinv of th
nomo, uiuume, raiatlnf and all Plteaaet lncldnt t
There Is no KUtaks About it.
Buffer no lonirer. Tak tt aacordina tn Dinctlnna. II
will stimulate, strengthen and invigorate Jfoa tndoaat
oioom oi neaiin to mount your cnaek again . "
rery notti is wax ran too to glre sausfacooB. :
If roar children ar atcklr. nanT.oraffllftaA.tfnljvmV
Cordial will makt thaca healthy, fat and robust. Delai
ant a moment, try it, and you will bt convinced.
Cadtiox. Beware of Dramlsiaar Daalar whn
r w
dial, and tak nothing !.. It la tha onhr ramedr that
will purify tha blood thoroughly and at th tame tim
strengthen the ryatem. . , .. ' ": v .
On tabletpoonful taken ererjrmornrne tea tin r, is a
certain prcrrenUreof Cholera, Chill and rarorr Vllow
Ferer, or any piwralent dlaeates. It Is put an In large
bottle. ' ' ; r .
Price only 1 par txntle, or 6 bottles for S5.
- i . J. E. McLBAIf, . '. .
Sol Proprietor of thi Cordial,. .
Abo McLean1 Volcanic Oil Liniment. ,
Frliiolpal Depot oa tb corner of Third and Fin street,
8t. Louta. Mow ( . . , u ,
McLean's Vohnic Oil Llniinentr : ,
Th beat Liniment la tb World. Th nly-eje and
certain core for Cancers, Pile, Swelling and Bron
chitis, or Goitre, FtralntSi' Neuralgia, Weakneatof th
Maaclea, Onronlo or Inflammatory Rheumatism, Stiff
new of th Joints, eon tree tod Mats! or Ligament,
larach or Toovhacht, Braise, Sprains, Wounds, Fresh
Outs, Uloer, Ferer Bore, Oaked Breaata BoraNlpplea,
Bams, Bcaldi, Bon Thoat, or any Inflammation or Pain,
na dlffereno how sever, ar tow long the dieeaae may
bar existed. MoLaaa's Celebrated Liniment la a oar
tain remedy.
Thousand of human betofr hart been tared a Ufa of
decrepitude and mitery by the uee of this Invaluable aaad
oine. --.. a , '
Wilt relieve pabt alaaost tnetutaaeouiy, and! It wit
cleanse, purify and heal th tonleat toroa In an luoredl
ly short timt- ,
v, r Jloreee and Otbeu AattaiaU.; .. .
tie Lean ealebratad Liniment ft the only ear and ra
nter remedy ror in e cure or bparin. King Boa, wind
galls, Splints, Unnatural Bumps, Node or Swelling. II
will never fail to cure Big Bead, Poll Bvil, Fistula, Old
running eon or sweeny, n properly applied. For
Sprains, Bralies, Bcratchet, Son or Wound, Cracked
Heels, Chafes, Baddl orOollu Oalli U U an Infallibl
remedy. Apply H tt diracted, and a cart is certain-in
trery instance. - . - w .,. ;"
Then trifle no longer with th manjr Worth wee Lini
ment offered tayoa.. Obtain a supply of Dr. McLean's
MttbratadLlniaMnU It will cart yoa. '
- ':-i. J.II. IflcliEAN, Bole Proprietor,
Cornet Df Third and Pin Strut, Bt, Leuta, Mo .
Portal by alldrugglstt., ' -i " r- .
For sals by. , . : BOilRTB k S AMOK. M ,
aaias-dAwlf , ,T, Oolambu, 6hUV
BallifflpnT Clothing Honse.
, t
. . .T- OAf) xrt' Tt ti ' - -1 .
uo. oyo yt iaiumore-BTjreet,
- ' i
(Trnrtn LiwmiTV an iowakp '
' I . . ; ' BALTIIVORB, lTId.
Large Assortment 01 Plees aad rnrnttnlng
' . Ooods Conatitntlv en Eanfl' 1
OctWSJIy v . 1.. j '!
.. "V f..,. . . , ' ' ' "'AT' 1
Mannfaaturers and Wnolesale Dealers in
b6qts:;a" shoes,
ri Northwest Corne' pf High and Gay Sts.,
'y' i-ro-ei, - :
COL U ill Ut 8,... OHIO.
A lartr Block of Put and Staple Oned nn hand-?
y31-dU "'' n-,iv,.,i I
FAHUlAtu-f-v : ; i
Bawa ... ,
Bioe Floor
1 Part Barley1 ,.
Cracked Wheat 1 ;
Cooo" . -i jij-j-.
1 Cream Ttrtar.
Fig ..r .I-;;. .
".' Beadle Ratltni ,t i
Arrow, Boot, ;
Scotch Oat Mtal
BplllPeu ,
Chooolat . .
Broma, etc. "
Boaa 1
;. Prunes 1
. Feuh TomatOM
Grun Corn
- FreWi Oaemd FmlUaf every decrlpUbi
' 4j acinesor ail nau, -r-
Flarorlng Ixtractaaf til klrtj.
.... Gum Drop; tjind Ctndlu;' ' - '
' '; AlnKmda, FllbrU, Peoon Nats, '
Bagllsh Walnuts, Brull Nuts, etc.
t v,i4 WM. Mr-TJC
wm- Mcdonald.
il Laditt' IiieniPockat-Haiidk'li.
AA kerchiefs, rery wide hean-Jv ,r, i
f i Bmbroldired Linen llandk't til prlcotv' ' i V
. Hemmed Blilchedand plant do, do-'
- ea ' ' da .H j I eolared bordenf
Mourning do . . black border . ....
do . do , . newstyiacroessUtcnM.
, Pine Apple do mrptttrm,,'
MUu i' Plain and Hemmed Stitched de all price,
Comprising th most eelwct ateortarantln Ihs city and
at loweet price. hais at boh,
twwi.i.W X V ? f mm uign awaah,
........ ' I I it.
. Wv.iv ,V ii jK..n.,.au.w,
'"'and PtUIANMr 00AM :
l a k dltrtlng .aoaiplalsl at' . i
- ;b n dtii j
Madbj. B. SBTMO0B CO., 107 Hum St.,
PrlnaB ftl rvaw Wvf aaan ffMu U. .usi I .
. iv o mum m ' mmuM m
. ,"1 T.'
RE t ELLA I" f Q'ATtR,FitF
CLOAK CLOTHS. A 10, other asakH of Spring
Oloaa uiatnt, in ail aeairable mlxiare sindinre, m
Mia an JtMVtons to ma ten. nam at sun,
aprili Wo. f South High trv
...i..ef., ..rr -.wa, h
C IfflTTt
JU of elevant btn.iUea for Udfca aa Hi' Mil
great variety-' 'A VAk.os 1 ' "j -,BAIH'.
, AaAx3 ' ' '-r'3 ' IJ'W rf-wda asA
-v . r.'J .w A B,01 H
irJl .f! .euiv.rr-to i
Ail i t
t tia zprleiit9ed Nam tctl remtl PhjnteUa, mmuu
iacC0::tj?;;G SYRUP,
' FOR. ntm rmrB rrL-t"rrmkT-i ' 4 "
which rreatlr facilltataa th. t ,...ki..'k. ..
I,l,.i?l''?fu,0 reducing all Inflammation will alia
all, r A1H and spaamodi aotion, and la
r. '" r u f
Deirtfltl ltVOn ittwikmwtL. 1 1 rill avlvab mmm - sl.
j ' T -w w... . -w may VUIajtJI TC41
nTe7"l,P0,ul1 ,M "'" fr over ien yera.
0AM BAY. in t'lNviiiennriNnTunru'?
What W har never .V,i. ,a m ni mm v. ! ,
IN 1. TTI BIIQMI i ,t ,. .. , . : -V-
r did w know an lnttuo ofdlsaatlafutton by any on
Who used It. On th oontrarv. all rfli.h,.rf -i,k
opertttoca, and apeak in terma al mnnuMi.ii.. ...
magical e fleet! and medical virtues. W sneak in thi
matter -WHAT WB Do KNOW;" after terTiiar.' rani
almott every Initanc when th Infant I suffering from
pain and exhaustion, relief will be found In fifteen or
twenty minute after theeyrup ia administered.
Thi ralaable nrenaratinn la tha nmerinHnn r -. .1 '
hew Bngland. and hu been used with NkVKa. IA1L
ItnotODlr rellere the child from nain. nnt lnl.n.
atet the stomach and bowel, oorrecU acidity, and gives
ton and enerrr to the whole mtem. It will aim.t ini
(tantly relieve . . '
and overcome convuuions, which. If not speedily mv
died, end in death. We believe it the BKoT tad BfJB
B8T RBMBDY IN TUB WORLD, in .11 oue otOti
arliei from teething, or from an other oann,. nr.
would aay to every mother who ha child snfferlng frora
anyof the foregoing eomptalnt DO MOT LKI yotlB
I -..Km "''d1'84
l?.Bib! '"i? rH,3 ft" ,""",'D. '5 nd
lief that will be SOKB tea, ABSOLUrBLT HITa.-
follow the ate of thit medicine, if timely need. Fall di
rection! for ailng wilt accompany evh bottle. Nnn
geoain unltas tb fu-llmll of OURIIBA; PBRRiw
New York, I on th outsid wrapper.
noia ny an vroggtsu tnroagnout the world.
Prl telpal Office, 13 Cedar Street N.V.
octS7-dfcwly. .....
Ri Is precisely what It nam Indloatei, for, wlillel A
pleaaaot to the ta.te, It 1 rerlvlfyi og, xhilarat-fl
ilnr. Invliroratlnr and alrensthenlna tn Him l,.ll
Innwera. and at tha lam, tlma r .1 vl M -AiM I
IttaMa, and renewt the Blood in all In purity au M
Lwlvhua at one rtttorf mdrtniritAt tytttm in- V
vuinraM4 to aunaa qfautat. It U tbe only
'preparation ever offered to th world, tochaml
fsjixlly and iklllfally combined to be th moit
p worm, vuuiu. .v iu. hoi, uu, n periccilv
taaptea to, aa to act in peracticooraanc with the
aw, of natuie, and hence will tooth tht utakAtt U
tfowtttoA, and ton op the digestive orirans, and U
tnui anay an nerroui anu otuer irritation. It i'l
per eotly exhilarating, and al the urn tim It la I, .
joompoted entirely of vegetable, yet ao combined. p
u to proauoe tne moit inorouiu tonic effect, wilb-
out producing any Injurious coniequeaeei Such
t remedy hu long been felt too a desideratum iol
ih BMaical world, ror it needi no medical ikill to;
at thatdebilltyrollowi all attacks of diseau. and
proceed and Indeed lay tb system open to the
Insidious attacks of many of the moat fatal, such.
for example, u th following: Consumption, In-
Idlrestion. Dyspepsia, Lou of Appetite. Faintncss.
Nervous Irritability, Neuralgia. FilpilaUon of the
Heart, Melancholy, Night Sweats, Languor, OI3dr-
oesi, Retention of, a well u Palnfal obstructed i
too profuse, or too sosnt Menstruation, and Fall
ing of th Womb. These all depasd upon general!
debility. This pare, healthy, tonic Cordial audi
uiooa tvenovnior is we sure to oar m ine aaa to I
rim and act. There Is no mistake about It. Bul l
thi I not all. If lb sjttem tt weakened, we are
ipen to Dtnoui aitacaa, tne liver oeromes torpid, lij
o woru diseased, th kidney refuse tn perform H
their funotlons, and we are troubled with scalding,"
and lneontiaeoe of arine. or Involuntary die-
charge of the same, pain to th back, aid and na-l A
itween th ehouldera, exceadintly llabl to allnhi U
colds, coughs, and If UDohecked, won munition
follows, and u patient goes down to a premature
grav. Bat pac will not allow a to enumerate M
th many ills to which we an liable In a weakened V
teoodlilon of lh system. But we will uy, In thi!
Cordial and Blood Benorator yoa har a perfect, I
site, pleasant and. effectual remedy for lou of I
AppeUte, biliousness, tlttulence, weak and lick:'
jiomaeh, Langur, Llrtr Oosnplaiat, Chill and
nrerer, or any iMiioas attatk, uoinreneaa, AcldUci
lot lb Btoaaach, Nerroasneea, Ncaralgla, Palpi",
of Spirils. Bores. M
ir any dims arising from (
impure blood, such u Scrofula, Xrysipelu, Broa i
hitii, Ooagh, difficulty of Breathing, and all thalij
sella of dieease called female weakneu, and M
eoameratsd abore. We wilt slso ur th traveler U
Uxpoted to epidemics, change of climate and wat-i
r, win ana it a pleasant, aai ana sure remedy, w
and none ahouhl ever travel without. Header fj
trelt- forw atauvw enn tna will find In tt a trimnA
tnrletd.u well u a friend In need. All persons ofl
tsaentary nanus will Baa it a perfect preventive ol I
u well at eat for thoae ailment to which they are I
particularly exposed, lience mtnlsters,ttudent,tl
torncys, ll'erary gmtlemen,and ladle wbo ar not
socuttasted to muob ouidoor exercise, will find tall
o their adranlae I keep a bottle conitantly oni
nana: ana, aoove an, motner. or tnu oecominc
tucbi win go through tbat moat dangerous peria
not only win all tbeir accustomed atrengih, bui
tai ana tree irom tb tnoasana ailments ao pre
tlent among th female portion of th world. Ii
ihnrt. It I Indeed a mother' cordial. Try It, ol
andoongi no longer run the iltk or delay; liwll
rellere and prove iuelf emphatically a Jltttora
ttvt Cordial and lood Stnovator.
O.J. WoOD, proprietor, 4H Broadway, Ne
York, aod 114 Harke t Street, Bt. Louii, Mo., an
old by ROBcBTS tt 8AMUKL, Columbus, Ohio,
and all good CruggUU, Price On ColUi
per Bottle. marcbJ8-dAweowly
Manufacturers of tall kind of For
cible ttna stationary uteani en
Iioei) haw lm t. rtat Milla,
dec, Ve, .
LSintat BODlIYBtattnl B. ct . BLAST) YBtatml
J. ct J. W'DUVALL Btatmlll C0LVHBC3
. ....... t CO. Btaltnltttl
Our -Portable Engine sad Biw Kill
Wu awarded th Ant premium ef BJO at th Indiana
Stat Fair let I'M orer Lane A Bodley on account of
Prioe, lighioess, simplicltyj economy of fuel
and superior charaoter of, juqaber tawed.
Our Stationary Engine wu awarded at? th aam Fair
the flrit praenlum of SaUO., J,
Out Portable Bngin wu awnrd'4 the Brit premium of
AlltA . V.I..1 IT - VI- , , .. , c
rall's, Oolumbus Machine Co's., and Bradford A Co'.,
by a committee of practtoai RatiraaA Bogloeers.
tor pric ana terms address - .
-- K ILLAUD WAKNIB. Trauurer.
deoo-dkwlyeoU. - Newark, Ohio.
:W. rmer Rrl Water st.,
OolTtZX2lXlJ9. Olalo.
W"; B. ,1 & CO.,
tnd Minnractltrer of Bran' tne) f ompoaltloa Catling.
- ' Fintahed Braa Work of all Peaurlptloni.
ElCctrp;ljaliDg and, Gilding ! !
febl tl-dly ,' ...
ackaset of 8T AT ION KEY nd JBWELBT, al
prtou ona-tblrd Ian than eaa be parohased eleewher
OaUaraddnu(tlainp ancloted) J. L. BATf.RY, Me
' JM Ooarttt BoaUo, AUu.
march &V):dv at.
. . o I.. i
'''; . r.

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