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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, May 26, 1861, Image 1

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, I 1
i V
InvarUbly la Adrineo
Whw. Ami
i ':: .... ::i-i'V:M vf .'.-Vf l:'.' V
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f-...- . "i .--ssm.ss..-.'.' - . .. -. . -.,..T
1 11 fl i AV. II II .All, M il f i - II l Jl II II A II 1 11.11,11 fV.il . II II
II . It X N- .. . A.. II. ' , . E-V IV VVI V x Ivlv A.U It II II ,1V 711 . H 11
. '' tn , .,. . . , .1 ...
, r:-" : IS - .?-a .1...,.. ; - v--. .a.-i..t. ... .... . ,,, , ,VJ ,...,,1 - '
ICT Office No. 30, 88 and 40, Korth High St.
Oaily - . ". . ft) 00 per year.
" By the Carrier, per week, 12 cents.
trl-Wealrly - . . . - 8 00 per year.
Weekly , . . . , . . l 00 .
crm t Advertising- by the Square.
ntiKjuate 1 ye&i...M 00
One " tt mot.tht 18 00
One ' 0 montbi IS 00
Dne " 3 month! 10 00
One !! monthi 8 00
One " 1 month. 5 00
One iquar 8 weeks. .4 00
One 8 weeks.. 00
One " I week... 1 75
One " 3 days ... 1 00
One ' " Sdaye... 7J
One " 1 insertion 00
Displayed advortlsiroeote half more thai the above
, Advertisement! leaded and placed In the column of
Special Notice!," double the ordinary rates.
At I uotlccs reiiulrec to bo published bj law, legal ratee.
It oi dared en the Inside exclusively after the first week
per cen;, more man uie anove ratea; hat all inch wll
appear In the Tri-Weekly without charge.
Dusineis Oarila, not exceeding five Unci, per year, In
nc, jaau per line; ouuiue aw.
Nottceaof meciingi.charitabloiocletlei.nreoompanle,
tc, hair price.
All Iran Hint adverUeemmtt mutt be paid for in
lvancs TSerulewlll not be varied from.
Weekly, aame price e the Daily, where the adrertliei
eea the Weekly alone. Where 'he Dally and Weekly
a tt both need, then the charge lr the Weekly will be
q in tne met oi uie vmiy .
No ulvertineiueut taken except for a definite period.
Attorney o,t Xjvw
OSoe Ainboi Building, oppoilte Capitol Square.
- coi.nMBus. onto;
Machine Manufacturing Company
Caitinfi, Hill-Gearing, Machinery.
' . . .I. , .....
' ALSO, - . !
vfcflvQ;'' o 0 u ? cm " o.c.!.!,e' Kri!i"
or Evtir DiscairrioN.
0ITA8. AMnOB, Bup't. P. All BOS, Treaa.'
deoll, lKW-tt
Winter Arrangement.
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia
For Cincinnati, Dayton & Indianapolii!
Through to Indidnaoolig without Change of Cars
and but Ouo Change of Cars between !
' Columbus and St. Lonis. ' '
. . .... : . . BUS. .
(TVilly, Mondavi excelled.) I
NIGHT EXfKKBS, via Dayton, at 8:45 a. m.,itop.
Ping at London, Xenla, Dayton, Mlddletown and Hamil
ton, arriving at Cincinnati at 8:20 a. m.; Dayton at 5:45
a. n., Iodianop.liiat 10:48 a.m.; lit. Louliat 11:50
'" A000MMODATI0N, at 6:10 a. m., stopping at all Eta
" Oon between Oolnmbui and Cincinnati and Dayton, ar
' tlTing at Cincinnati 11:03 a. m., Dayton at 9: IS a. n,
Indtanopolls af 8;1! p. m.
T DAT XPnES9,at 9:30 p.' m., (topping at Alton,
Jefferton, London, Charleaton, Oedanrille, Xenla,
Spring Valley, Corwin, Morrow, DeerBeld, VoateHe.
Lore land, Milifordand Plainille, arriving at Cincin
. oatl at 7:ii0 p. m.t St. Louie at 18 m; Dayton at 5 35 p,
m-i Indianopolls at 10:30 p. m. .
Slecplnar Car. on all Night Trnlna to
. . Cincinnati and Indianapolla.
for further lcfonsatioa and Through Ticket! apply 'to
ficket Agent, TInlon Depot, Oolumbus, Ohio.
, .. . .. ... K. W. WOODWARD. .
Bnperintendent, Cincinnati
' . JN0. W.DOUKailf i
jul3 ' Agent, Columbni,
-'"-r- ; r
" 7nt Becelvedl ' -
,. I RO) poeketa old Dutch Oovernment Java Ooffee.. !
1 A bage Ceylon Coffee.
u20bUa. atandard VVliit. Sugara, eonilitlng of Pow-
dred,Obru9ked, Oranulated A and B Coffee.
v. KA anlntala Geonre Bank Oodflsh. . -.
SObble. Meie aud Ko, 1 Mackerel. ,
i i 5 toe. Pick Sslnon. , ,
.! 100 bx. Layer butlae. . ., ,' .. V , '
60 bi. bo do , do ,. . ul, i '. "...
lOOqr. box do lie '. . , ,.
100 at Olgara, durereot branda and gradce. I
DWJ7 . . wu. Mcdonald.
. M. C.
AnfSiank-Book Manoianturer," j
aurll-dly . .
Red, White and Bine
' Jnit opined by ,
BAIN it BON, '
aa South High atrtei.
;;BAb opKrj
' No. so, south' Bias bieim.' j
Have Jut received a new make ot HOOP BKJRT3
llniahed In a manner far luperlor to any yet introduced
for ' ' ' J ' ' "
yniTK WlIEATi branded' - j .
. e.SIQ;j-Vsri'rJAKE3., 5 ):
t torn " Bamett Mllle," Springfield, O. the beat brand of
Flour brought to .ar market. Batt.faotion guaranteed.
For axle only at i WM. MoDOMALD'B,
nov87 . -i m ,., .lotj SouthUUh street.
IrishMinea; Goods, ;
Linen Shirt Bosoms . Plain and fancy "'
. pinning wju ouiuui uinraa .
' ' ' Linen Sheetings and Pillow Callngs.1
..., Linen Oambrteeand Long Lawnev j Jj
.. ... , . y r . -linen Pocket-handk'fi, all ilsed.
"" Linen Towellings and Diapers
Linen Napkin and D'Oylies. - )..
. w Linen Table Cloths and Satin Damatk. -
Linen Towels with colored borders. (
Linen Stair Covering! and Oraah. "
."' :' i' for sale at low prices. , (
,-. . - BAIN et BON,
fcbfS . No. 89 South Blah street.
nJtUOUKSvsjewtyles,jastopensdby ... ;(
. ' ' . .,V-V, ' BAIN Jr. SON; I
J'aprilS', ', 1 ' N6789 South High street.
V. All llisiaiid colon Just opened at ' " BAINS,
wH-ll. ' .Ho. South High stmt.
The Latest Tho Largest The Beit,
Tne Uneapest Beonuse tne Best,
rtte) Moat Uollab standard Au
tliorltf of the) EnglUb Language.
; .; Si Uun$rl SiMnntEducatortof Ohio,
. "Hei. are onward! of a Ilundrtd Thouiand Wordi.
whoie mulllfarlom meaning! and derivation!, torethtr
with thai i correct pelllng, asd pronunciation ar. oleariy
eel before the eye.'
Oincinnail Oommmrclal,
Head tht Vtclilont ot tho Mrmbtrt of tht Ohio Stat
ZDacAer'f Auociatlon.
The undenlgned, membere of the Ohio Stat. Teacheri'
Aaaoclallon, adopt and aim to uh in teaching, writing
ana ipetking, the orthography and pronunciation ol
Woreeiter'i Kotal Quarto Dlotionary andwamoitoer
dlally recommend It ai the moat reliable atandard aa
thorlty of the Xugllih language, aa It If now written and
Loam Axnaiwa. Preildent Kenvon College.
M. D. Lionrrr, Rnperlntendent Ztneeviil 8cbooll.
tboi. w. tJ.avrr. Bup't Uaialion union Bcncou.
M. F. OowDxav. Sup't Publlo Schooia, Sanduaky.
Johk Lthch. Nun't Pnhlio Schooia. Oireleville.
B. N. BiHroan, Prluclpai Cleveland Vernal. Bemtna.
W. Mitchell. Bun't Public Schooia. Ut. Union
Jobk Oooin, Principal Stale Normal School, Mlnne-
Otkui NAtow , Principal Fourth iDtemedlate School,
uincinnati. -H.
8. Martin, Sup't Canton Union Schoole.
Edwih htoAt, Principal KcNeely Normal School.
Eli T. Tippah, Prof. Mathematict, Ohio Univenlty.
Wu. W. Kdwardi. Sun't Troy Union School
A. 0. Horaute, Principal Weit High Sobool, Clave
8. A. Norton, Anoclate Principal High School, Cleve'
TnioooRK Etirldio, Principal High School, Cleve'
land. 1 ' . '
R. F. Htjuirroit, Principal Cleveland Initllute.
J. A. OAaruu), Preildent of Hectic Inilltuie, Hi
W. I. Harru, Prof, of Chemiitry, Ohio Weilejan
n. II. BaRnct. Ex-Cemmlieioner of Common School!,
unto. -
Jamb Mnintoa, Prof. Rhetoric, Oherltn College
Tuoa. Bill, President Antlocb College.
0. W. U. Cathcart, Prof. Mathematlce, High
8. 0. Crdhbahoh. Prof. Lanenaee. Illeh School.
B. M. Bariir, Bup't Union Schooia, Aabland.
Mart than Sim Hundred other Pretidtntt of Colli-
git, rroftuort, jiwnort ana vtnmQuunta Jkluca-
Marietta Count "It U truly a masnlfleent work.
an honor to the author, the nublliheri. and the whole
country, rrciioeni Aoarewe.
Onto WtHLrTAH UmvaRiiTV...,'It exceed! mveznecta-
tlona. It will be my Hide in orthoeraDh and nronun-
elation, and will often he eonaulted by me for lie neat
ana accurate aennlltoni." Preildent Thompeon.
W. X. EdicTto CoiAiaa. "Heretofore we havenaed
Webster'! orthography. At a recent meeting ot our
Faculty, It wu decided to change it to conform to that
or worceitere aoyal vuarlo Dictionary." Preildent
Wiitmk nMn Coilioi. "I find It worth of
ouruimi approoauou.' rreataent ititcneocK.
Onotuii CoLLioa. "It more than meeta mv exnecla-
tloni. I recommend It aa the elandard authortt In
ormoepy ro my cnnuren ana my pupui. ' rreildent
morgan. 3 .
Autioch CoLLtsi. "I adont and elm to nae In teaeh.
ing, writing and aneaktng. the ortboaraohv and nronun.
elation of Worceiter'e Hoyal Quarto Dlotionary."
rreaiaeni oiu.
"In all my writing, ipeaklng.and teachtne. I have en.
deavored to conform to the rulee for orthography and
pronunciations! contained in Woreeiter'i Dictionary."
iiorace sunn, into rreiuienc. - -
Kintom OoLLloa. OAHlini. ! moitconliall rrcom
mond it aa the moit reliable atandard authority of the
nogiiin language aa u u now written ana ipoken."
rie.iacnfc Anurewe.
From Bet, Anton Smyth, OommUtbmtr of Common
eenoou in fito.
The Dlctlonarr la an imperlihable monnment to the
learning ana indaitry or ill autnor, ana an nooor to the
woria or letter. The meanantcal execution la rar aupe
rior to that of any other Lexicon with which I am ao.
'from Bon. JT. B. Barntu. E&CommUtiontr ot
........ nu.
.. ixnuwi in vno.
"The moit reliable itandard authority of the lan
guage.'' wiiat Tni .
Xreading Newspapera of Oxiio Say.
From tht Clrodani Herald of March 88.
- The ortboiranhy of the Worcester Dictionary li that
need by moit, If not all. anthort of distinction In this
country and Kngland, and conform to the general tuege
of ordinary writera andipeakere.
Whatever prejudice! may have exliled previously, a
careful study of thle volume will Invariably be followed
by a warm appreciation of Ita great merltl, and a desire
to add it to the well leiected library, be It large or email,
It la a library lnlteeir, and will remain an Imperisha
ble reoord of the learning of Ita compiler.
- From tht Cincinnati Commercial of April SO,
Hero are upward! of a hundred thonaand word good,
bad and Indifferent whose mnltlfarieu meanings and
derivations, together with their eorreet spelling and pro
nunciation, ate set clearly before the eye. The work Iti
nnqueitionab'y the greatest Thesaurus of Xngllin Words
ever puoiisnea.
From tht Cleveland Plaindtaler of Sept. 80, 18C0.
Xvldently WoRctsTi-'i Roval Quarto Dictiowart ie
not only the latt. out the ear wort of tAe kind ever ie-
sued, aud om by no posi.bility suffer by comparieon or
controversy. : -
From the Toledo Blade of Uay 89. .
' Aa to pr owe rotation, Woacrana n Tii Standard
followed by oar beit authors; In definltlona he leavea
nothing to be desired, and in Orthography It la aufflcient
to my that woRcxerta can be lafe.y followed.
Pnblleher, Bookaellera cV Stationer,
"maid - : i'w s' : V.
Dividend Jannary l 180 1 1 43 Per Cent.
ASSETS...;...'.. ........I3,81S3350.
Statement Jannary It 1801 '
Balance, per itatement Jan. lit, 1880...vt3 ,400,581 39
Beoelvcd for Premium! dur- . "
ln( the tear 10 1783051 U
Received for Interest during .'
the ear 1880 . 814,014 19 ' '
Total reeeln for 1SG0.... 1077.007 74 : "
PaldOlalmsbyDeath,807,050 00 , .
rata rouciei surren
dered i 41.111 89 1
Paid Balarlea, Pott
age, xaxei, jut"
cnanie. eio. ...... 31(120 M ' '
Paid Oommlsilone to
Aeenta ........... 51.395 30
Paid Phyiiclana' feei. 5.110(175 '' ' .- ' '
Paid Annnttlee 1,417 00 ;
Paid Dividend! dnr- i ' -i
Ing the jear......lOO,5CO 75 505,091 03 . 411,076 14
Net Balance Jannary lit, 1861.
.13,812,558 50
Cash on hand...i 6,C28119. f
Bond! and Mortgagee on Real ......
jciute, worm double the
amount loaned........... 8.3374168
Premium Notee, on Policlei
In roroe, only drawing 0 per
eent. in Wrest.... 1.879.864 17
Real Baiaie....., 90 695 87 .
Loane on Scrip 5,93144 t
Premiums, Noteaand Cash, In ..
course oi uanuauHlon.... as ,343 75 11 .
. t 1 v, 11 1 11 . '
t Total AaKla.....
3,618,556 50
7575 Policies la force, Insuring. .IS8480538
' 1,435 new Policies have been Issued during the year.
After a careful calculation of the present rain, of the
onutanding . Policies ef the Company, and having the
neeweary amoKtt In reserve thereror, the Direoton
haveaeelared LivTDmnof 45 percent, on the Premi
um! paid at the table rates, to all policies for life In force,
tuned prior to Jannary 1, 1B00, payable according to the
present rule of th. Company. , .
Rates for all kinds of Lit. Contingencies, Prospect
jeoe, Statement, ewd Application, will be famished
w'tuoot cruaae, at the Office or Agenelea of th Qm
pany..i ln..;-. , vv ,.v , .: .. . ,u
fOBT. L. PATTIUSON, Preildent.
SI. U. AtbCaONj Jintl
pruBunun, ait wiotne, of moat celebrated aaakea.
now offered In xreateet vmriel an i ,'
... r? . iiBIN s ton,
PriW No-.foaoBHH.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla
A compound remedy, designed to be tho most
effectual Alterative that can be mtide. It la
a concentrated extract of Para Sarnparilla,
10 combined with other substances of still
greater alterative rower n to afford an effee
tive antidote for the diseases Sarsaparilla Is
reputed to cure. It is believed , that such a
remedy ia wanted by those who suffer from
Strumous complaints, and that one which, wilj
accomplish their cure must prove of immense
service to this large class of our afflicted fellow,
citizens. How completely this compound will
do it has been proven by experiment on many
of the worst cases to be found of the following
compuunis 1 1 .. .
Scrofula and Scnoruious Complaints,
jsnvftioms and eltuptivb diseases, ulceus,
Pimples, Blotches, Tomous, Salt Rheum,
Scald Head, Syphilis and Ktpuilitio Ar
FEOTiOMs, Mercurial Disease, Dropsv, Neu.
PEPSIA and' Indigestion, Erysipelas. Rose
or St. Anthony's Firb, and indeed the whole
class of complaints arising from Impurity or
the Blood.
This compound, will be found a great pro
moter of health, when taken in the spring, to
expel the foul humors which fester in the
blood at that season of the venr. B v the time
ly expulsion of them many rankling disorders
are nipped in the bud. Multitudes can, by
ths aid of this remedy, spare themselves from
the endurance of foul eruptions and ulcerous
sores, nirougn wmcn tne system will strive to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do
this through the natural channels of the body
bjr an alterative medicine. Cleanse out the
vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities
Dursnng mrougn tne siun in pimples, eruptions,
or sores: cleanse it when vott Cud it is ob
structed and sluggish in tho veins ; clcanso it
Whenever it is foul, and your feclines will tell
you when. Even where no particular disorder
is wit, people enjoy Dettcr bcmtli, and live
longer, for cleansing the blood. Keep the
blood healthy, and all is well ; but with this
Eabulum of life disordered, there can be no
isting health. Sooner or later something
must go wrong, and the great machinery of
lifo is disordered or overthrown.
Sarsaparilla has, and deserves much, the
reputation of accomplishing these ends. But
the world has been egregiously deceived by
preparations of it, partly because tho drug
alone has not all the virtue that is claimed
for it, but more because many preparations,
pretendinir to be concentrated extracts of it.
contain but little of the virtue of Sarsaparilla,
ur uiiv wing eise.
Durinir late Tears the tmblia have been mis.
led by large bottles, pretending to give a quart
of Extract of Sarsaparilla for one dollar. Most
of these havo been frauds upon the sick, for
tney not only contain little, if any, Sarsapa
rilla, but often no curative properties whatev
er. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment
has followed tho use of tho various extracts of
Sarsaparilla which flood the market, until the
name itself is justly despised, nnd has become
synonymous with imposition and cheat. Still
we call tliis compound Sarsnparilln. and intend
to supply such a remedy as shall rescue, the
name from tho load of obloquy which rests
upon ie Ana we tiuiik wc have ground for
bellcvine It has virtues which nro irTesistiLln
by the ordinary run of the diseases it is intend.
ca to cure, in order to secure their .complete
eradication from tho system, tho remedy should
be judiciously taken according to directions on
uio uotue.
riiErARED nr
DR. J. C. AYE It Sc CO.
Price, 1 per Bottle 1 Six Bottle for $3.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral
has won for itself such a rcnonm for tho cure of
every variety of Throat and Lung Complaint, that
11 entirely unnecessary tor us to recount llio
evidence of its virtues, wherever it has bcin em
ployed. As it has long boon in constant uso
throughout this section, wo need not do mora than
assure the ceonle its Quality Is kent tin to the hi
it ever has been, and that it may be relied on to
do for their relief all it has ever been found to do.
Ayer's' Cathartic Pills,
Cotftveneyr, Jaundice, Diiwcnsia, Indhcslioii.
Dysentery, Foul Stomach, Erysipelas, Headache,
Piles, Rheumnltsm, Eruptions and S'dn Diseases,
Liver Complaint, Dropsy, Tetter, Tumors and
Salt Rheum, Worms, Gout. Neurahia, as a
Dinner Pill, and for Purifying the Blood.
They arc sugar-coated, so that tho most, sensi
tive can take them pleasantly, and they are the
best aperient in tlio world for nil the purposes of a
family physic.
Price 25 cents por Sex; Fivo boxes for $1.00.
Great numbers of Clergymen, rhvsidans. States-
men. and eminent nenonaccs. flare lent their
Dames to certify the unparalleled usefulness of these
remedies, but our space here will not permit tho
insertion of them. The Agents below named fur
nish pratis our Am eiwcan Almanac in which they
are given j with also full descriptions of the above
eoranlaints. and the treatment that ahnnM ho fol
lowed for their cure. , ...
Do not be nut olf bv unnrineinlod dealers with
other preparation they make more profit on.
Demand Ayer's, and take no othora. Tho sick
want the beat aid there ia for them, and thevahoiild
have it.
All our remedies-are for tale by v
Asd by Druggists and Dealers everywhere. .
StlmnlatiDg Ongaciit,
For the WMskers and Hair
Th subscribers take pleaiur In announcing 0 the
OUIsene ol the Called Btatei, that they have obtained the
Agency for, and ar now enabled to offer to the American
publlo, the above Justly celebrated and world-renowned
article. The
Is prepared by Da. C. P. BELLINfJHAM, an eminent
physician ot London, and is warranted to bring ont a
thick set o( .
Whiskers or a Mustache
In from three to six weeks, this article Is th enlv ona
of the kind need by th Irench, and In London and Pari!
It ll In universal use.
It U a beautiful, economical, toothing, yet stlmnlatlng
compound, acUng as If by magic upon the roots, cauelng
beautiful growth of luxuriant hair. If applied to the
calp, it will cur ALDrtm, and cause to spring np in
place of the bald spots s fine growth of new hair.' Ap-
niiea aceoruing to aireotioni, u win torn an or Towv
hair Dark, and reetora gray hair to It orti ral color,
leaving it soft, smooth, and flexible. Th "Omvm" ie
an Indispensable article In every gentleman's toilet, and
after on week's as they would not for any consideration
pewiuiout.it. ......
The inbecrlberl ar th only Agent for the article In
the United Btatea, to whom all orders must be addressed.
' PrlcoOneDollar abox for eale by all Druggists and
Dealers; or a box of the "Onguent" (warranted to have
the desired effecO will be sent to any who desire It. by
mall (direst), iccurely packed, on receipt cf price and
postage, lib. Apply to or addreo
BROOOIIT, Itei, . . "'
tebaodcwfim ' 4 WjllUm Street, New-Tork."
(Lai of Pbaion'l Israblishmeot, W. T.,) Poprletor
th New York laahionabl Shaving, Hair Cutting
,. SbAmpoenlng, Carting and Dreeelng Saloon, lut Stat
ttreeU ever th Poet Offlo, where ntiafactioa will
. be given In all th various bnnobe. Ladles and
Children's Balr Dressing son u Uie best ity).
Jy-i -
1 1
v ti
!'(. I
ly large and well assorted. 1'ha very latest patterns
Gold and Velvet orders, -
, ' '. , AND ,
Gold and Paioted Shades,
'';' AND '
WINDOW FKTUEES, all kinds,
N. B. Lsndlorda and persons wishing quantities of
Paper will make money by buying ol us. Country
Merchants and persons from abroad will do well to call
and see us. faptll 1'dSmeodl R.JtA.
Spring & Summer
'I 1
The Stock. Replenished
NEW Y 0 II K V ;
Spring & Summer Millinery
It no complete, comprising every variety ot Mllluv
ery; also, a large assortment of Embroideries, Hosiery
and Notions, to., and in quantities and prices that can
not fall to iult all who miy favor ns with a call. The
goods have been bought at Panic price;, and will be told
at a small advance on cost.
Miss M. E.YOUNG, late of New York City,
will enperlntend th Millinery Department. Her long
experience In th most Fashionable Establishment In
Broadway will alone b a warranty that ihe will be able
to give entire satisfaction In matters of taste to all who
mayfaror her with their orders.;-.
Th Ladle ot Colombo end vicinity will please ac
cept my sincere thanks for their liberal patronage, and
I would respectfully solicit a eonllnnance of the aame
r. H. iwAnE,
08 Eaat Town St., Celnmbn. O.
aprll-d3o-od,: 1 1 . . :i .
Wholesale andw Rf tail ; Depot for
No, .106 South - Hieh Street
" - -'' ' DEALER IN ' ' -
. ..teas, ;
TKT ATT 'lIPlB irinffiriitriM
Dally ' rrlval of Ceods .
the Full and Winter Trade
of iieedi
TO THE PUBLIC - tor put favor and patron
age, and bolntf DETERMINED tet BlftRlT
contlnnane bfeeme by etrlOt attentlvn te
trade, and prompt dellrerr f 3d
I would call th notice of th public te th fact that
having ,a Las-are and' well Selected Stock on
hand, and being initially receipt of oods from the differ
ent market!, I Salter myself that lean offer to thecltl
sens cf Oolombus, or te any who aasj deslr to purclaee,
an assortment ot. article! appertaining to th QBOOIKT
trad, UNEQUALEO by any hone In the alty.
Th price and quality ef th food offered, I gtiar
antee to fire eatlsfactlon. 1
. Goods Delivered Free of Charge. r
nevST.: ';. k l' ;. WM.ifcDONALD.':
'WllllAlXX GUI
And' Seed Store, , ;
Gnnes I'leto! Wood Vliloer WiHi
ether and Hubber Belting) Io leather, Eoe and
. ecl-aly
5 Notice,'
mad in the the officer! of this Bank, January SBth,
1P01. to wit: W. A. Ptarr, President, and Taoiui
Meooi. Oaihler. reetgned their olBees. D.vid Tarua,
Hiq., wa then Uected rreslMal and WH. 4. 1'tATT an-
rS a: iw2.. st ,
fcb 3, Wil-dtf.' ' J-W. A. PLATT, Oahlee.
; --- - -1 T'
aw celling at very low price, also all ether kinds
tumonaoi run. . fi ..
deoil. B' WSoataatlga
--.- I '.MS .H '- , .
Bally, per year.. ......;'..0 00
Tri-Weekly, per rear SOS
Weekly, peryeai 1 00
Evacuation of Fort Sumter.
As a part of the bistory of the foundation for
tbe rumor, at one time so prevalent, ot the In
tended evacuation of Fort Sumter, by order of
the AdmioiitratioD, we give tbe following; let
ters of Judge Campbell recently one of tbe
Judges of tbe Supreme Court of tbe United
States they having been communicated by
Jefferson Davis to tne Southern Congress, and
are now published: ;
WASHINGTON, Saturday, April 13, 1861.
Sib: On tbe 15th March ult., I left with
Judge Crawford, one of the Commissioners oi
tbe Confederate States, a note in writing to the
effect following;
"I feel entire confidence that Fort Sumter Will
be evacuated in the neit ten days. And this
measure lajfelt as imposing great responsibilities
on tbe Administration. ;
I feel entire confidence that no measure chang
ing the present status, prtjudiioally to the
Southern Confederate States, is at present con
templated,' I leel ao entire confidence that an immediate
demand for an answer to tbe communication of
tbe Commissioners will be productive of evil
and not of good. I do not believe that it ought
m iui time 10 do pressed."
Tbe substance of this statement I comnnics
ted to you tbe same evening by letter. Five
days elapsed, and I called with a telegram from
General Beauregard, to the effect that Sumter
was not evacuated, but that Major Anderson was
at wore masing repairs.
- Tbe next day, after conversing with vou
communicated to Judee Crawford. In writinc
that the failure to evacuate Sumter was not the
result of bad faith, but was attribnted to causes
consistent with tne intention to fulfil Ihe en
gagement, and that as regarded Pickens, j
should nave notice ot any design to alter the
existing status there. Mr. Justice Nelson was
present at these conversation, three in number,
and I submitted to him each of my written com
munications to Judge Crawford, and informed
Judge C. that they had his (Judge Nelson's)
sanction. I gave yon, on the 22J of March, a
substantial copy of the statement I had made
on the 15th.
Tbe 30tb of March arrived, and at that time
a telegram came from Uov. Pickens, inquiring
concerning Col. Lemon, whose visit to Charles
ton he supposed had a connection with the pro
posed evacuation of Foit Sumter. .
I left that with yon, and was to have an an
swer the following Monday (1st April ) . On the
1st of April I received from yon tbe statement
in writing, "I am satisfied tbe Government
will not undertake to supply frort Sumter with
out giving notice to Got. Pickens." Tbe words
"I am satisfied," were for me to use as express
ive of confidence in the remainder of tbe de
- The proposition, as orielnallv Drenared. wa.
"The President may desire to supply Sumter,
out win nos ao so, ate, ana your verbal ex
planation was that von did not believe an nnh
attempt would be made, and there was no de
sign to reinforce Sumter. - . r .-.
There was a departure here from tbe pledge
ui suepreviuuB muoiD, dui, wun me verbal ex
planation, I did not consider it a matter then to
complain of I simply stated to you that I had
that assurance previously.
Oo tbe 7th of April. I addressed von a letter
on the subject ot the alarm that the nrenara-
tlona by tbe Government bad created, and naked
yon If tbe aaanvance 1 had Riven were welt or
ill-founded. Inreepeotto Sumter, yoor reply
waa "Kaiib as to Sumter, - folly kept wait
ana see.-- in too morning' paper l read, "Aa
antborized messenger from ' President Lincoln
informed Gov. Pickens and Gen Beauregard that
provisions win oe eent to rort Burnter. neacea
bly, or otherwise by force." :.. .
This was the 8th of April, at Charleston, the
day following your last assurance, and Is the
evidence cf the full faith I was invited to wait
for and see, Ia the same paper. I read that
intercepted dispatches disclose the fact that Mr.
Fox, who bad been allowed to visit Maior An
derson, on the pledge that bis purpose was pa
cific, employed bia opportunity to devise a nlan
for supplying tbe fort by force, and that his plan
L.J U A i .l .u. TTT-L t . - ri I
uru vecu auupicu uj ma . w aouiugiun govern
ment, and was In process of execution- Mv re
collection of the date of Mr. Fox's visit carries
it to a day In March., I learn be Is a near con
nection of a member of the' Cabinet. ' Mv eon
nection with tbe Commissioners and voursell
waa superinduced by a conversation with Justice
Wilson. He informed me of your strone dispo
sition in favor of peace, and that yon were oc-
pressea wua a aeraaou oi toe iommi8sloners of
ihe Confederate states lor a reply to their first
letter, and that you desired to avoid, if possible,
at that time. I told bim I mights perhaps, be
of some tervioe la arranging tbe difficulty. I
came to your ofllae -entirely at hi request, and
without tbe- Knowledge oi either of -the Com
missioners. Your depression waa obvloas to
both Judge Nelson and myself. I was gratified
at tbe character of tbe counsels jon were desi
rous of persuing, and much impressed with your
observation that a civil war might be prevented
by tbe success ot my mediation, xou read a
letter ol Mr. Weed, to abow how iiksome and
responsible the withdrawal of troops j f rom Fort
Bu enter waa. A portion ot my communication
to Judge Crawford, on tbe 15th of March, was
founded upon these remarks, and the pledge to
evaouate Fort Sumter Is leas forcible than the
words you employed. Those words were:"Be-
fore this letter reaobe you, (a proposed letter by
me to rreaiaeni uavis . j sumter win nave been
evacuated."' ' ' i
The Commissioners who received those com
munications conclude that they have been abused
and ovetreaohed. The Montgomery Govern
ment bold toe earn opinion. Tbe Commis
sioners have supposed that my communications
were with yon, and upon tbe hypothesis prepared
to arraign yon oeiore tne country tn eoonectloo
with the President. I placed t peremptory pro
hibition upon this, as being contrary to the terms
or my communications wun them. ' 1 pledged
mjBelf to them to communicate information
noon what I considered as tbe best authority.
and they were to confide in the ability of my
self, aiaea oy juage neison, to oetermine upon
tbe credibility of my informant. ,. ! - -
I think no candid man wb j will read over what
have written, and consider for a moment what
Is going on at Sumter, bnt will agree- that the
equivocating conduct of the Administration, as
measured ana interpreted in connection with
these promises, is the proximate cause of the
great calamity. , .
I have a profound conviction . that this tele
grams of tbe 8th of April, of Gen.- Beauregard,
and of the 10th of April, of Gen. Walker, tbe
Secretary of War. can be referred to noth
ing else than their belief that there has been
svstematio duplicity practiced noon r them
throughout. ' It is nnder an oppressive cense of
tbe weigbt or this responsibility, that 1 submit
to yon these things lor your explanation.:
Associate Justice of Supreme Court.
Hon. WM. H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.
Ta L; Secretary
"An authorized messenger - from President
Lincoln Just informed Gov. Pickens and myself
that provisions will be sent! to (on cumter
peaceably, or otherwise by lorce." ; i. . . -
To Gen. P. T. Bauuuetui-
"If yon have no doubt of the authorised char'
acter of the agent who oommuntcated to1 yon
the Intention of the Washington government to
supply Fori Sumter by force, yon will at once
demand ite evacuation, and If. this ia refused,
osei d In such a manner as yon may determine,
to reduce It." '.- , ,
Sir: I enclose yon a letter octree ponding very
nearly with one 1 addressed to you-one week
ago (13th April), to which I have not had any
reply. Tbe letter Is simply ; ona of Inquiry in
reference to facta ooneernlng which I think lam
entitled to an explanation. . . J nave not adopted
,. '. .Ir -vi.w '
any uguuvu us iviviewvw.w mow yruissiwi uu
be modified by explanation, nor have I affirmed
la that letter, nor do I in this. . an v conclusion
oi my own unfavorable to your integrity la tb
wnoia transaction." " ' -...-.
. All that I have said and mean to say, Is (bat
an explanation ie due from you to myself. . I
win do aay wnat i snail do in ease tbi request
is Sot Complied wltbt but I am las tl fled In av-
mg taai i snau leei at noerty to place these let
ters before any person who Is emitted to ask an
1 a a e s . ... . .
explanation of myself. - ,. i :
Associate Justice Supreme Court of the
United States.
Hon. WM H. SEWARD, Secretary of State.
Nor ply has been made to this letter.
April 24, 1861.
Sis: I sabmit to von two letters that were
addressed by me to lion Wm- H. Seward, Bee
retary of State of the United States, that con
tain an explanation of the nature aud result of
an intervention by me In the intercourse of the
.Commissioners of tho Confederate States with
that officer. I considered that I could perform
no duty In which the entire American people,
whether or tbe Federal Union or of tbe Coo
federate States, were more interested than that
of promoting tbe counsels and the policy that
had for their object the preservation of peaoe.
Tbls motive dictated my Intervention, Besides
tne interview referred to In these letters, 1 in
formed tbe Assistant Secretary of Bute ot tbe
united states, (not being able to see tbe Secre
tary,) on tbe 11th April,' ultimo, of the ex
istence of a telegram of that date from Geo.
Beauregard to Ihe Commissioners, in which be
informed the Commissioners that be had de
manded the evacuation of Sumter, and if
refused he would proceed to reduce it On the
tame day I had been told that President Lin
coln had said that none of the vessels sent to
Charleston were war vessels, and that force was
not to be used in the attempt to supply the fort.
I had no means of testing the accuracy of this
information, but offered that, if tbe Information
was accurate, I would eend a telegram to the
anthorlties at Charleston, and that it might pre
vent the disastrous consequences of a collision
at that fort between the opposing forces.' It
was tbe last effort that I should make to avert
the calamity of war. Tbe Assistant Secretary
promised to give the matter attention, but I bad
no other intercourse with him or any other per
son on the subject, nor have I bad any reply to
tne tetters suomuteo to you.
Very respectfully, yours,
GEN. DAVIS, President of the Confederate States.
[From Fair.]
Artemus Ward in the South—His
Trials and Adventures.
I had anarrerscape from the sonny South.
"Tbe awings and arrers of ontrajas fortln," al
luded to by Hamllck, warn't not bin' in compar
ison to my trubles. I came pesky near swearin
sum profane oaths more'n onct, but I hope I
didn't do it, for I've promist she whose name
shall be nameleee (except that her initials is
Betsy J.) that I'll jine the Meetin House at
Baldiosville jest as soon as I can scrape money
enuff together so I can 'ford to be plusa in good
stile, like my welthy nabera. But if I'm confis
cated agin I'm fraid I aball con tinner on in my
present benited state for some time.
I figgered conspicyusly in many thrillin scenes
in my tower from Montgomry to my hums ted,
and on sevrll occasions I thought "tbe grate
komlo paper" wouldn't never be inriehed no
more with my lubrioatlone. Arter biddin adoo
to Jefferson D , 1 started lor tbe depo. I raw a
nigger sittin on a lence a playin on a banjo.
"My Afrlkin Brother," eed I, cetin from a
Track 1 onct red, "yoa belong to a very Interest-
In race, x our matter is goin to war exclooeive
lv on your aecount."
"Yes, boss," he replied, "an I wish 'em hon
orable graves!" and be went on playin Ibebanlo,
larfln all over, and openin bie mouth wide enuff
to drive in an old fashioned '1 wheeled chaise.
The train of cars in which I was to trust mv
wallerDie lire was tne scaliest, rickyties, lookin'
lot of eonsarns that I ever eaw on wheels be
fore. "What time does this string ef second
hand coffins leave?" I .inouired of the denot
master. He eed direckly, and I went in and sot
down. I hadn't more'n fairly squatted, afore a
dark lookin man,wlth a awinitter expression onto
his countenance, entered the cars, and lookin
very eharp at me. he asked what was my prin-
"Secesni" ianserd. "I'm a Uissoluter. I'm
In favor of Jeff. Davis, Bouregard, Pickens.
Capt. Kldd, Bloobeard. Munro Edards, tbe
devil, Mrs. Cunningham, and all the rest of
"You're In favor of the war?"
"Certingly. By all means. I'm in favor of
this war, and also of the next war. I've been
favor of the next for over sixteen years!"
"War to the knife!" sed the man.
"Blud, Eargo,blud 1" d I, tho them words isn't
origgernal with me. Them words waa rit by
Sbakspeare. who isded. His Mantle fell onto
the author of "The Seven Sisters," who's goin
to have a Spring overcoat made out of It.
' We got nnder way at larst, an proceeded on
oar Jernef at about thereto of speed which is
gineraliy observed by properly oonduoted tuner
processions -. A hansum rung gal, with a red
mut-keter bar on tbe back part of her hed. and
sassy little black hat tlpt over her forrerd, sot
tbe seat with me. ; She wore s little Seeeeh
flag pin'd onto her bat. and she was goin to her
troo love, who bad jined the Southern army,
and so bold and so gay.' So tbe told me.'" She
was chilly'' and I offered her my blanket." - ,
"Father llvini" I axed. .
"Yea sir." . ...... ;
."Got any Uncles?"
"Aheap. Uncle Thomas Is ded, tho."
"Peace to Uncle Thorn aa' ashes, and success
to html I will be your Uncle Thomas! lan
on me, my pretty Scbr, and linger in bliss
ful repose!".. She slept as secoorlyas In her
own hoesen, and didn't disturb the solium still
ness of the night with 'ary snore. -' -.. '
At the first etation a troop of Sojers entered
the oar and Inquired if "Old Wax Works" was
on bored. That was the dltrespectiv atlle in
which tbey referred to me. "Becawg if Old
Wax Works is on bored," ses a man with a face
like a double-breated lobster, "we are going to
hang Old Wax Works!"
"My illustrious and patriotic Bommers!" ses
a glttin np and takln orl my Sbappoo, "if
yon allude to A. Ward, lte my pleaelo dooty to
inform yon that he's ded. He saw tbe error ot
his ways al 15 miuit past 3 yesterday, and stab-
bed Massif with a stuffed aledatake, dyln in five
beautiful . tabloo to alow moosio! His last
words was: 'My perfeehernal career is over! I
jerk no more!'" ' .
... a. . ft
"Aud woo oe yon r
"I'm a stoodent in Senator Benjamin's law
offiss. I'm gola np North to steal sum spoons
and things .for th suihoia Army.". , ,
This .was satisfactory, and the intoctlciUd
troopers - went orf. At the next station tbe
pretty little Secesber awoke and sed the must
gll ont there. I bid her a kind adoo and give
her sum pervisioes. "Aooept my blessin and
this honk oi glngerbred!" I sed. ' She thankt
me muchly and trlpt galy away. There's con
siderable bnman nater in a man, and I'm fraid
shall allere giv aid and comfort to the enemy
he sums to ma in the shape ,oi a nice young
gal, t ' ji i.i i - ; -
At the next station I didn't get orf so easy.
was dragged out of the ears and rolled In the
mud for several mlnits for the purpuss of "takin
the eonseet out of me," aa a See ether kindly
I was let oo finally, when a powerful urea
Seoeeber eame np ana embraced me. and to
ehew thai be bad no bard; f eellns agin me, put
nia nose into my aaouui. ,. iv rewruea tne com
pliment by placing my stnmmick suddenly gia
ids right foot, when he kindly made a spittoon
bis able bodied face. , Aotooated by a de
airs to see whether the Secesber had been vaxl-
nated. I then fastened my teeth onto his left
ooet-sleeve and tore it to the shoulder.. We
then vilently boated out heads together for a few
mlnita, danced around a little, ad sot down in
mud noddle. . We ris to our feet egin St b a
sadden tt, adroit movement I placed mv left eye
agia ibo Beoeaher'e list. wetuen rushed into
each other's arms and fell under a too-loss
wagon. 1 was very maon exnaustea ana man i
. .i a. ..... v-
oar ewuvi up sums hiuh
reckoned I'd better, and X conolooded I wonld .'
He pulled me op, but I hadn't been on my fet
more'n two seoond afore the ground flew no
fnd.n' !. bed. The crowd sed it wSJ
Wgh old .port, but I couldn't sackly see where
W. cT J? 1 rix Md " -""braced agla
hil nIp?er,1h,Bd ' r antagernlrt aed threw '
him Into the raveen. Hefelf about forty feet,,
striking. grindstone pr.tt, hard. I understood
hewas Injured. I haven't beard from Ibe grind!
A man in a eockt hat oum np and sed he felt
as tho a apology was doo me. There w.
mistake. Tbe crowd bad taken me for anotnee
man ! r told him not to mention te 3
If bis wife and little ones wu so's to btSbiat
end got on bored the train, wbioh bad atoooed'
at thatsutlon "20 01011. for r.fre-SS
I got all I wlD(Jd. It th, buae,ttlll
1 sc
I wa. tid on a tale tbe next day, a bnnch of
b asm fi.e cracker, beln tied to myewt uTee
v .:Mbu 1 BM W .,n 5 .d" PintTf
view, but I didn't enjoy it. I had other adveo
Ureof .etartlin kind, but why conUnne, 7
and Dixie's line safe at last. I made tracks for
ilk? '?nlZ9' in lh sma.hl.ted be-OrT.-iVl0dberore
buer' th K,,hn youth of
sdujtB.sj, wuu umi ieu aer oolv a Ut
month, afore. But I went Into the plDL, I'd
brought ont a certin black botile. ftai.ln U to
my lips, I sed "Here's to yon, old gal"' I " df?
H so n.tr.1 th.t.he know.d'me' .Tofc .' I-Tbii.
form .' Them voice! That n.tr.l . ii-'J aT
she crlfld. ini .M.k.j r . .
my arms. It we. -,VV "V " . "i.
In.oa.woon. I cum very near swound;na' my.
ds of Liberty ou't of herpen, bad Z '
mings: 'TisBe!"
Balls, Shells and Bombs—How
are Made.
[Correspondence of the Springfield Republican.]
TROY, N. Y., May 8.
Troy, is, u i yoa doubtless know, the largest ar
senal for tbe construction end fl ,
military Implements, other th . i" "i
cannon, in th. country; and a visit to its work.
p !u pre,ent ,,me Powerfully impreeses
one with tho strong., and resource of our go,-
,E:rth:D present on afwlr
cKA,?nV,B lbrM tofour """'red hand
directly, end at many more indirect!.. in ,i.I
neighboring fonndriee. are kept busy nght d
the7" re ' V "meLb"? 8a5d l
r. f. uiiuuuinon. Bixiv thou-
"nd(.b'l.cdg e made dally Moit of
these are Intended for tbe Mioie rifle, but W-e
number, ot the old-fashioned round ball car
ernhhM.'1'0 m"ofc'ud- Tn. rapid",
A hftr.itCh C",ridge u mtde is "onderfuf.
f2' t,on "?oun;er with cylindrical stick,
a pile of greMed balls and one of prepared on
per before bim, a jork and twist at onJ end! a
sTi"0 Vtr,Dg' tDd lhe c"trido ready f
filling in less Umethan it take, to readthi,
.H r.i 'Mi Pen eod P,n ,hll oxe
fill, them with an equal and specifis amount o
powder, at tbe rat. of thirty a minute. A twist
The manufacture goes on so fast thai it requires
nearly a dozen men and boy to pack, box and
apartment a number of men and girla are em
ployed in the manufacture of cannon cartridge,
or all sues, from the mightiest eolumbiad down
HDderu, MteelUof w bleb they
are mad Is a kind 0r woolen goods (moreen)
Imported from England especially for tbe Sur
poee. Thousand, of yard, of this m.teri.1
were in the proce. of being cm np and mTnu-
bul.??h.CrDOn e"tridf -ot filled here,
but at the place where th ... ...
MntatM . , " -Fi AAiCUK, CripC,
u Basil ri f r n a a
of nrn,.U LL7, . --" rw 1U COUr.e
"""w uu BLran nfn onimnniri,. i r
.i.T r j i' "nienuge carl loads of bomb
sheila andsnheroa .hnt ....B"'
from the neighboring founTlcs?' T h g "of
shot are larger than I supposed, and rf ght
more properly be called peach shot than g fp.
ted Into B tin case, and when thu. finUhed, have
Sr fruit Sppearance of J f P'erved meat!
The manufacture of hnmK .h.ti. :. .i . '
matter of much lnter.t. Tk. "".
isnrst filled with nM fJOh,.j j . " .
bullet.; melted sulphur is th.nTour S in to fiU
np the Interstice and hind s., " '
sold mass; the shell Is then pu, low i "tad of
lathe, and a cylindrical holeV the ex size
he orifice of the shell, is bored througn the
bullet, and sulphur; thin Ciyity . filled wl h
powder, even with the Interior edge of theori-
SSirr'V'W f thekiDd dcrioed
boldlog about half a pound; the fuse fitted Into
tbe onflo, I. a recent Belgian invendon. made
of pewter, and resemble, thetcrew-c.o uUd far
m. patent iruit cans. An examination of this
pewter cap shows, however, that it i. m.de of
Ti t u dl,Ci of Beul lcrewed together, and
li il? theJ0" d'o, while the outer
W. ia s''iU marked with figure, in a
oirole, 1, 3, 3. 4. In ibis state tbe shell is wa
ter and weather proof. When taken for ae, the
gunner, by means of a small steel Instrument,
scoops out a portion of tbe outer soft metal curl
a k , br! h of composition
powder below it. If ,b. .hell I. deslred to ex
plode in one second after leaving tbe gun, the
.cooping it made on the figure one; If in two
seconds, on tbe figure two, and so oo the idea
being that the shells of this discretion shall
first etr ke tbe object aimed at and do execution
a ball, and then explode, sending the bullet
forward, as If from another oanoon located at
the point where the flight of the .bell is airest-
SrV a La.fEe 'beJl4' ot. Ih' or ten incbe. are
filled with powder on r. end. him.u. j
cutlon by means of their fr.om.r.,1' ik...
large shells are generally flredby means of a
fuse or meal powder, ex-endim, ti,..i, . k
plug Mrewed into the month of the .bells In
both cases the fuse is fired by Ignition of tbe
charge in the gun.
Col. Anderson's Visit to Kentucky.
So many contradictory rennrt haw. i-
clrculation ae to tbe object of Col Ami.rn.
visit to Kentucky, that it affords ns great pleas
ore lobe able, on the beet authority,-to an
nouoee that be comet to his native State in no
military capacity whatever, but returns to tbe
bomeof hitchildhoodmerel uantim.i.t...
desiring to see his friends or former years and his
relatives His main object l b rt .d ni,
recover hi health, which ha been mneh im
paired by his recent hard service; and, not be-"
ing attached to any command, he expeots soon
take advantage of relief from duty to make
tbls visit. He is etill at the residence of his
brother, Lars Anderson, in Cincinnati, where
bis health la improving nnder. the grateful
ohange from active service to the quiet of the
domeetlo circle.' -'...,
Cob Anderson will probably, when sufficient
ly restored to health, take- the command at
Newport Barrecks, to which he was conilgned
some time since, or be plaoed on some other
duty. - t
. 7r
Tat PciiTA and ths Cavalisa, The Ten
don spectator, in Some comments oo the rela
tione of the two sections of this eountry, taya
tbe pobulatlon of the North bear ta d. the
relation to the Southerner, which their Puritan
forefather, bore to tbe Cavaliers who planted
Maplandand Virginia. Slower, and. perhaps
less chivalrous, the eplril of tbe Poritan Is mote
earnest and persistent, aud once aroused, rise,
a pitch ol enthusiasm whiob render, victory
deetrnctlon the only possible alteroativoe.
no runian A ( teen ia eieter ta the end,
from Moriton Moor to tbe last struggle In
Kansas, and bis feeling now seems thorjuzelv
footed. eivttte JourntL -

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