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Daily Ohio statesman. (Columbus, Ohio) 1855-1870, May 29, 1861, Image 1

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-.. i ip i. -1 n .in" i . :. ;r . : . . - . .wa : -a a- -v w " tf" a T" eft : ) e A .-. . . .1
ST Office Hot. 88, 88 and 40, North High It.
Dally ' f 6 00 par jus.
By ih Canitr, par wtak, 1SU eanU.
frUWealrly . - - . S 00 paryaar.
1 00
orme of AdTartlalng- by the Sqwaure.
n KjUftte t jm . . . !M 00
One " U moLlhi 18 00
Dnt " - 0 monthi 15 00
Dd 3 Dunlin 10 00
3ne S mon tin 8 00
One 1 month. 1 00
One tqntr 1 weeks.. 4 00
One tecka., 100
One " 1 week... 175
One " Sdy... 100
One ' " Sdri... 7S
One " lUuerUon W
D!(itiye4 'adrertlMnenti halt more thsa the abore
Adveithemtnti tailed and plaeed la the eolama of
Special HoHcet," double tK4 ordinary ra(4t.
' All uutlcee raqntrec to be published bf Uw, legal rates.
It ordered on taetmldeexolatlTeijr after tnenrstweet
per cen:, more than the above ratei; bnt all luoh ail
appear In the Trl-Weokly without charge.
Baal neat Cards, not exceeding Are line, per year, ta
4a t . .... II.... an
Notioeior tDceilugi.charlUblMocletlea.hreoompanlM,
ate, nair prtre.
All tranttnnt adnrtUtmmt mutt tt paid or tl
H'lnnnct -tie rule will not be tarledfrem.
Weekly, aame price u the Dally, where the advertiser
scathe Weekly alone. Where e Dally and Weekly
an both naed, then the charge lartha Weekly will be
aiir tnorateeoi uie vauy
No advertisement takes except for a definite period
. 7, A. B. 8IMIIN8,
Attomoy at Zjaw
Ofica Aniboi Building, oppoilte Oapltol Iqnare.
ooijXjuiijtto .
Machine Manufacturing Company
Castings, KUl-Qeulng, Uaoainerj.
- AtiO,
or itmt DtscurnoN.
0BA8. AM BOS, Bupt. t. AMBOB, Treat,
deoll. 18sa.tf .
Winter Arrangement.
Little Miami Columbus & Xenia
For Clnoinnati, Dayton ft Indianapolis!
Through to lndlaoBDolii without Change of Cere
and but One Change of Care between "
; Columbus, end 8t. Louie.
, bus.
' ' ' flRSTTRAIN. '' ' -
(DaOy, MoBdaya excepted.)
NIOFIT BXFKK8S, 9ia Dayton, at 8:43 a. B top
ping at London, Xenla, Dayton, Ulddletewn and Hamil
ton, arriving at Cincinnati at &20 a. a. ( Dayton at 5:45
a. m., Iadlanopolla at 10:48 a.m. let. Louis at 11:50
' A00OMMOD ATION, at 8:10 a. mn stopping at all Sta
tion i between Oolnmbni and Cincinnati and Day too, air
riving at Cincinnati 1L0S a. m., Dayton at 0:13 a. B,
DAY IXPBK88,at 9:30 p. at., atopplng at Alton,
Jeaenos, London, Cbarleetoa, Oedarvllle, Xenla.
Spring Valley, Corwln, Morrow. DeerBeld, Voaur'a.
Loveland, Hilirordaod Plalnville, arrlvlLg at Oinetn
aatl at 7.-SO p. m.l Bt. Lome at IS m; Dayton at J 35 p.
a. I Iodianopolis al 10:38 p. m.
alleeplue: Care en all NlKbt Tralne te
. Cincinnati and Indianapolis.
v for further Information and Through Tickets apply to
Ticket Agent. Union Depot, Onlnmbaa, Ohio.
' v .. .. ! ' Saperlntendent, Cincinnati.
jno. w. Doueair
JnlJ Agent, Columbus,
Jait Beealfedl
lUU Tli AS lOO bap prime Bio Coot.
1 sit packets old Dumb Government Java Oeffea. ,,
15 bage Ceylon Ooffee. o- -
90bble. ataodard While Bugare, oonalatlng of Paw.
dred, Chruahed, Orauulated A and B Coffee, t
SO qulntala Oeorge Bank CodSsh.
CObble. aleae snd No. 1 Mackerel.
- 8 Ice. Pteh Salmon. i .
JOOba. Layer Baielna. -AO
hf. boa do do t.
tOOqr. boa da " do
10O at Olgara, different brands and grades. . -
now? Wat. McDONALD.
BOOK P13NJIli3Jari
, And Blauix-Book ttanufantorer,
V Red, White and Blue i ;
" , i ......... ',
, .. ''i ,'.,fV
; ' - - . BAIN SON,
I" u I..-..
eprSB.,1 n! ,. ... ,
T23 AIN cto DOKT,-,
No. 99, SQUIB Biall SIBilT."""" '
Have Jait roMlved 'a new make of BO0P BXIIT1
nnlahid ln-4v manner far luperlor te any yet Introduced
tot . -fir r;--T. - . rr
. . rairilLY FLOCH.
from "Barnatt Mills," Springfield, O.the best brand of
r tour aroagu, n oar bkh, uaii.mottoa fuaraateea
forsaleonly at . . WM. MoUONALD'S,
novW , , ,,. lOttlouUi Hlh street,
... ilrish.Linen. Goods. -
Linen Shirt Bcaoms fisln and fancy
' Bhlrtlng aod Bosom Llnene.
- Linen eheeUage and Pillow Casings.
-tt Vi Llnaa Cambrics and Long Lawns, . .
Linen Pocket -bands fa, all, lies.
' 'Lleeu TweillogaanDlaare
' tinea rTipklna and D'Oyllee.-J
Linen Table Oletaeead Balm Damasks.
Linen Towela with colored borders,
i ' Linln Stair Ooverlngaaad Crash.1' ' (
I or mla at law pneea. i. j " -j
. i. . ,, BABf B0H..-T
febn Ilo.lfl South lllsh street.
jj- avuuaa, MWHym.ieeiepaa-ooT
k ' v., . t'-'."
A in A SON,
Mo MBouiaBHiholrees.
A t IPTANtinra arsvt eni.nTKfi.i i
tfX. All alaes and Colors lust opened at BATHS, "
dee. 11. Mo. WSoath BIgh street,
Tli LatestThe LargestThe Best,
The Cheapest Beoense the Best,
'""( iai '-.-to.
urhe noet Rellabio Standard An
. tborlty ef tbeEnKllablang;aafo.'
. ,,.Si BunArtS Eminent Siueatort of Ohio,
.'. ,, r , . ,r jiHrary im Bitrywhir:
"He i a are upwards of a Hundred Tbootand Wordi,
whose multifarious meanfoga and derivations, torether
with thai correct ipelllsg ,aad pronunelallon are clearly
et before the aye."
. .. ; ' 'v '' CMmaU OommwotaL
XeaitUJfoctiton of (Aa iltnturt ofthOMo8taU
7ooAr' Awnc4 i(Um. ' ' ,
The undersigned, membera of the Ohio State Teachers'
Association, adopi and aim to use In teaching, writing
and epeaklBg, the orthography sod pronunciation of
Wcroeater's Koval Quarto Dictionary snd we mnet tor
dlally recommend II ae the moat reliable etandard au
thority of the Kngllah language, u It Is bow written and
spoken. ; '
toata AiDksws, President Kenyon Oollege. '' '' 1
M D Laoorrr, Buperlottndent Zaneevllle School!.
' Tnot. W. Htavar, Buo't Uanilon Union Bcbiols.
11, t. Oowuaar. Bnp'tPubllo Bchoola, Banduaky. '
Joux Ltc, Mup't Publls Bchoola, Otrcleville.
B. N. Buiroao, Principal Cleveland female Semina
ry. .
, Wm. Mitcbsxl, Bnp'tfublle Bchoola, Mt. TJnlon. V
Job Osdm, Principal State Normal School, Minne
sota, Craoa Nasok, Frinolpal Pourlh Intennedlats School,
Cincinnati. . - ,, ;
. H. B. Maiti, Snp't Canton Union Schools. ' 1 ' ; -
low ix kaaaa. Principal KoNeely MorKl .liool. . '
Ku T. Tarraa, Prof. Mathematics, Ohio Unlvorttry.-
W. W. iDwaane, Sop'tTro, Colon School. '
1. S. Bonum, Principal West High School, Cleve
land. 8. A. Noxtom, Aatoctata Principal High School, Cleve
land TaxoDoaa Snauxe, Principal High School, Clare
land. -..,! ' i .
B. V. lloeirron, Principal Cleveland Iortltnte.
i, A. Oaariate, Prealdent of Xleotlo Initltu'.a, HI
ram ' "
W L Ima, Prof, of Chemistry, Ohio Wesleyan
rnirerelty. ,. - :, r t
B. H. BaaNiv, Ex-OemtoUslonerof Common Schools,
Jakss MoraoB, Prof. Bhetorle, Oberlta College.
. Teoe. BtlL, Preaident Antlcch Oollege. .
O. W. U. Oatsoait, Prof. Mathematics, BIgh
School, Dayton.
B, C. CeoMBAUonv Prof. Language, High Bcheol,
Dayton. . .
B. M. Baaaxa, Sup't TJnlon Bchoola, Ashland. '
Mar than Sim Bundrtd other ProidtnM of Ooftt-
rroftuori, AvzAort ana vuungvitnea taw
kavt mdornii (As about tmtimmtf.
kfAaiiTTA Oouaoa "It la truly a magnificent work,
an honor to the author, the publishers, end the whole
aonntry." Preaident Andrews.
Onto WaauTae TJanrmstTT It axoeeds my expects
ttona. It will be my guide In orthog raphy and pronun
ciation, and will often be consulted by me tor Its neat
and accurate definitions." Preaident Thompson. '.
W. B. Bcuotio Ooluos. "Derttofore wa hare naed
Webater'a orthography. - At a recent meeting of our
7aculty.lt wee decided, to change It to conform to that
of Worcester'! Boyal Quarto Dletlonsry." President
Garfield, i
Warrtaa Riava Ooiuos. "I And It worthy of
oordlal approbation.'' Preaident Hitchcock.
Ox rank CoiA-es "It mora than meets my expecta
tion,. I recommend It aa the standard authority In
orthoepy Co my children and my pupils." President
Morgan. ... , ,
Aim oca Comas. "I adopt and aim to use la teach
in r, writlnt and aneaklae. the orthography and pronun.
elation of Worcester's Moyal Quarto Dictionary.''
rreeuent mil. . - i . ; .
"In all my writing, speaking, and teaching. I have en
dearored to conform to the rules for orthography and
pronunciation aa oootalntd In Woroeater'a Dictionary."
Bonce Mann, lata Preaident. J
Knrroi Oouaon, SaJtmsa. 'I meat cordially reoom
nrand it ae the meet reliable standard authority of the
Kngllah language as It la now written and apokeu.','
Piaaldent Andiawa. ' '. , ' . ' . ;
Prom Sm. Anton Smyth, Oommittioutr e Cbnmm
f tKAoeit in vuo
The Dictionary Is an Imperishable monument to the
learning and lodaa'ry of lie author, and aa honor to the
world of letters. The mechanical execution Is far supe
rior to that of any other Lealoon with which I am ae
SVam. Itim.. IT 17. Bomuv. Bm. OommUttontr of
40004 in VUO, . . . ,, . ,
"The most reliable ataadard authority of the lan
gnaga.' , '
Xeadine Xawarpaptvr of Ohio Say.
' Jrom Iht CUctland Btrald of March 98. . :
Ths orthography of Ibe WoreeatW Dictionary la that
ased hy moat, If not ell aulhora oi dlaslnotloa la th!i
country and (ngland, and eoniorma te thegeoaral usage
of ordinary writere.and apeakere. -..
Whatever prefudlceo may have exlated previously, a
careful itudy of tbla volume will Invartaby be followed
by a warm appreciation of Its great sterile, and a deal re
to ado It to toe well eeieetea uorary, oe u iarg or auaiH
Itlaallwarv In Itself, and Will remain aa Imparlaha-
bio record of the learning of Ite compiler. ,
from th OntinnaH Ommtreial of April 90.
Bare are nnwarde of a hundred thousand words good.
had and Indifferent whoee multifarious meenlnge and
darivtloD, together with their correct , polling aod pro
nunciation, aia aet aleariy oerare tne eye ine won it
unqooettonab y the greawat Tbesanrus of tnglteh Words
ever puDiuoea. . ,. .
from th atntUmd PlatnitaUr oBepi. M, I860,
fcvidantlv Woaccm'a Botal Ooaavo Dicnoav U
nrttnlith tatt, Out lt anr tuonc of th bmd ever- f
etwf.eudeia by no peas.blllty suffer hy oomparlaon or
osatrovany , ,
') -Jrom tlotottdoSUiatof Mavtt. .
As to laoaoieciAt-oH. Woaoteraa ta ni ItaxhasP
followed by ear beat author,! In deflnltlone bo leavee
nothing to br desired, and in OanooBAnrT It la safflcleal
to say that Woaaaarsa aaa bo sate y loiiowea.
meuAjn 4c bbago,
fnoiiauera, uKaiierassasionsrt
KTo-vCiarls., 3XT. eT. '
DlTlAena January J186l4t5PerCcnt
AJ93XIS 1,813M $0,
Statement Janttarr li 1801a, ,
Balance, per statement Jan. 1st, 1800.....J,40ff,381 39
ueoaiiea tor rremiume our-
log the J ear 10 1703.033 S3
Received for interest during
the year lew ............. ate.uia wr
Total reoelp'a for 'I800....eg77,007 74
Paid O lalma by Death,2C7,040 00
aaid rouoiet inriea- . .
dertd 41,111X11 , ;
Paid Salaries, Po.tv , .
.age. Taxes, x
chanae.ete....... 31.890 54
Paid Ooambsioas to' .
Ageau ...i 31,395 30
Paid Physicians' fees. ' J WW 75
Paid Aunultles. ,117 00 . "
Paid Dlvidanda dur. .
tng the ear .110,300 75 ya.oyi 03 ; 4Il,g78 14
Hot Balance January 1st. 18G1 ....S,81S.38 30
,-'i I1...A981TS. , ,v
Cash on hand. ..S.J. 10,0284 19 .a - ii ,
Sonde and Mortgagee r Beat n--"-' . 'l'"'
B.ute, worm ooaoie uo '''
amount loaned.. ..w...... 1,337,841 88 - ' '
raminm Notaa. on Pollolee . " '
ta force, only drawing e par
aeai. Inure... ....... 1.S79.B84 If
'.'If. . '
il.tiirl ',,
:i ( u
'. t 'i
v . :
teal Ilia e....i.W...... B0WI3S7
Loanaonsortp., 3,93144
f remluma, NoteoeadOeah, In
ecuaeoi tranamisaion.... ea,s ta
, .... i j 1
Xonl Asas..;.A... 1 . J,81,J30 30
T8T5 Policies to fbrot, Insuring. tffr,4S6,039
1 1,433 niw Policies hate bam Issued daring the rear.. '
! After a careful calculation of tho-present value of the
eutataadtng Pollolee of the Company, and having the
mieiiiny tmomt Is laaeree Uaerefor, too Blreotors
have deeiared a Diviosse of 4S per oent. on the rraml
avaai paid e4 Iha tabaS aatas, to all aollosse for life in feroe,
leaned prior to i anuary I, I860, payable eooordjpg to the
promt rules tho Company. ' " f 1
j Bates for all klado pi Life Contingencies, Prospect
SseiiButtemente, uDd Applications, will bo furabbed
wnnver.-Aat4st.tbtace or Agenoies 01 too worn'
. . jttiBT. L. rATTBBBOn, Preaident. t
.,., , Jvhnaon Blook,
March SS, 1881. .iflMit vuit vA t , IMaaxtbaa, 0,
Tl I. R 1 f II K II ailKRiiaraanti -
AJ lUIkTINiie, all wMTtia, W ahxt .tobnted ntkee.
W eCered la greatest variety and at very low frn
1 saw sa um, ,
eprilt Be.NSeathHIghstrvvt.
A compound remedy, deaignect to be the moat
efTcctual AUtrativ that can be made 1 It is
concentrated extract of Pant Sarsaparilln,
to combined with other substances of still
greater alterative power at to afford an effee
tire antidote for the diseases Sarteparilla it
reputed to cure. It Is believed that such a
remedy is wanted by those who suffer from
Strumous complaints, and that one which will
accomplish their cure mutt prove of immense
service to this large elate of our afflicted fullow
cltizent. How completely this compound will
do it has been proven by experiment on many
of the wont cases to be found of the following
complaints! ' ' ..,(....
Bcbofoxa aitd ScRotutoua CoirPLAnm,
Pimpi.ii, Blotches, Tumous, 8alt EiiECif,
Scald Head, Sxrurxts and Stphilitio Ar
PiCTioNs, Msucubial Disease, Dropsy, Neu-
OB St. Anthony's Fiue, and indeed tlie whole
class of complaints axisin;.rm Iupoiuiy of
tub Blood. . '
, This, compound will Uwound a sroat pro
motor of health, whoa taken in the spring, to
expel the foul humors which fester in the
blood at that season of the year. By the time
ly expulsion of thera many rankling disorders
are nioDed in the bud. Multitudes can. bv
the aid of title remedy, spare themselves from
tne endurance or loul eruptions ana ulcerous
sores, through which the system will strive to
rid itself of corruptions, if not assisted to do
this through the natural channels of tho body
br an alterative medicine. Cleanse out the
vitiated blood whenever you find its impurities
Dursting tnrougn the skin in pimples, eruptions,
or sores: cleanse it whon von find it is ob
structed and sluggish in the veins ; cleanse it
Whenever It is fbuL and your feelings will toll
you when. Even where no particular disorder
is felt,' people enjoy better health, and live
longer, for cleansing; the blood. Keep the
blood healthy, and all is well t but with this
pabulum of life disordered, there can be no
lasting health, Sooner or later something
must go wrong, and the great machinery of
me is disordered or overthrown.
' Sareaparllla has, and deserves much, the
reputation of accomnlislunir these ends. But
the world has been egrcgiously deceived by
preparations of it, partly because the drug
alone has not all the virtue that is claimed
for it, but more because many preparations,
pretending to be concentrated extracts of it.
contain but little of the virtue of Sarsoporilla,
or any thing else.
... During late years the publio have been mis
led by large bottles, pretending to give a Quart
of Extract of Sarsapaiilla for ono dollar. Most
of these have been frauds upon the sick, for
they not only contain little, if any, aarsapa
rilla, but often no curative properties whatev
er. Hence, bitter and painful disappointment
has followed tho use of the various extracts of
Sarsartarilla which flood the market, until the
name itself is justly despised, and has become
synonymous with imposition and cheat. - Still
we call this compound Sarsaparilla, and intend
to supply such a remedy as shall rescue the
name from the load of obloquy which rests
upon it. ' And we think we have' ground for
believing it has -virtues which ore irresistible
br the ordinary run ef the diseases, it is Intend
ed to cure. In order to secure their complete
eradication from the system, the remedy should
be judiciously taken according to directions pu
we Dotue.
DR. J. G. AYE It & CO.
Prise, 1 per Bottle Sis Bottles for $9.
Aycr's Cherry Pectoral
has won for itself auoh a renown for Hie cure of
every variety of Throat and Lung Complaint, that
it it entirely unnecessary for us to recount the
evidence of its virtues, wherever it has been em
ployed, - As it has long been in constant use
throughout tills section, vro need not do more than
assure the peopia its quality is Kept up to trio oest
it ever has been, and that it mar be relied on to
do for their relief all it has ever been found to do.
AyerY Cathartic Pills,
ContivtnM, Jaundice, Dytpepiia, Iudigtstlon,
Dtjttnttry, Foul Slomcuh, Eryipclat, lleadacht,
Pitt, IUitumatitnu Eruption and Skin Ditto,
Livtr Complaint, Dropty, Tettr,- Tumor and
Sail lUitnm, Worm, Gout, Hturaujia, a a
Jitmr Pitt, and for Purifying tit Blood.
.. Ther are sugar-coated, so that the most sensi
tive can take them plenanntly, and they are the
east aperient in the world for ail tlie purposes 01 a
family physic.
Fries S5 eents per Box; Tivo boxes for $1.00.
Oreatnumbers of Clergymen, Physicians. States
men, and eminent pereonagos, bar lent their
name to certify the unparalleled usefulness of these
remedies, but our space here will not permit the
insertion of them. The Agents below named fur
nish gratis our American Aim anac in which they
'' . l r. .n J . i 1
jus given) win, aiaw mil ucacriiiiuua ui tnv uuu.w
comolalnts. and the treatment that should be fol
lowed for their cure.
Do not be nut off bv unDrineimed dealers with
other preparations they make more profit on.
Demand Ayer's, and take no others. The sick
want the beat aid there is for them, and they should
AU our remedies-are for tale by .
V B0B1BTB A SAMUBL, Colomboi. '
And by BrnggliUand Dealers everywhere. .
'SI .
" For fha Whiskers and Hair
T1a mfcarr-M-a take nleaaura In aanonnelnf o the
Cltlaena o the United Btatee, that they have obtained the
Aaane for. and are now enabled to offer to the American
public, the above Justly calibrated and world -renowned
aruoto. 1110 ... . ,
la nmarad M Sa. 0. P. BILLIMOIIAaf, an eminent
phyelclau of London, and Is warranted to bring out
, Whiskers or a Mnstacne t
In from three to six weeks. This article la the only one
of the kind used by the Irench, and la London and farts
It ta la nivaraal aae.
. It ta a beautiful, economical, soothing, yet cumulating
Compound, acting aa If by magic upon the roots, causing
a beautiful growth of luxuriant hair. If applied to the
acalp, It will care saLdxim, and cause to spring up
plaos of the bald spots a nne growth of new half. Ap-
pueaaoeoraing to directions, 11 will turn aaa or tows
hair am. and veatora era balr ta Its erlilaal color.
leaving K aoft, smooth, and Cexlble. The "Oaaomrs"
an Indlapeneable article In every gentleman's toilet, and
after one week's use they weald not for any oooelderetion
ke without It.
1 The eubeeribers are the only Agents ror ins arttoie
the United Btatee. to whoa all erdera mult be addreaeed.
Prlrs One Dollar a box for sale by all Druggists
Dealers; or a Boa of tho "Unguent" (warranted to
the desired effect) will be cent to any who desire It,
mall (direct), Hourely pack ad, on reoelpt of price
ruga, ai. 19. atppiy so or aoarcas
I ;; ' .-. " 'eateoatsra, Ae.,
I tebSOdfctSm , WUllaaa Street. KewTork
I BEIfBT KtEULEUt .',..,
ftaka af Phaloat litabllahment, . T..) PoprUterej
ih na. vara iuiiiuiu i auaTuia. Hair vvviinv
Shaaspeonlng, Curling and Dreeing Saloon, last State
Mm l . aw, the Peel OIBoe. where aatla&MUoa will
W fivea hi all the various bran ones. Ladlea
Ohltdraa'l Salf Pmekag Aose La the seat sty as, 1
? .-V. I . i
,v ... r tj
I t- - A
3SJJU Wp .
ly largo and well eewrted. tit rtrr Uteat patterni
from AMBIUOaN, BNOLLttaadfJ.SCH Paotorlw.
: Gold and Velvet Borders,
- 1 '-, ' ' -
' V,' '' AND ; i' ' '
Gold and Painted Shades,
1 j
and ; .
WUDOW FIXTURES, all kinds,
beautiful pictures
avavavaaseaaauavm v -
lOO Qoixtla.XriKla.St.
N. B. Landlords and persona wishing quantities of
Paper will make money by buying ol us. Country
Merchants and persons from abroad will do well to call
aadseeui. - sprll l-d3meodl B. A,
Spring ; & Surnmer ; Millinery.
, The Stools Hplaxlathxl .
. -.... MT BTOCK 01 v
Spring & Summer Millinery
Is now complete, comprising every variety of Millin
ery; also, a large assortment at Imbroldcrlea, Hosiery
and Notions. Its., and In quantities and prices that can"
not fall te suit all who may favor us with a call. The
goods have been bought at Paolo prices, and will be told
at a small advance oa cost.
Misa M. E. YOUNG, late of Nsw York City,
will enperlntend the Millinery Department. Her long
experience" ta the moat fashionable latabllshment la
Broadway will alone be a warranty that she will be able
to give entire aatlsfaatloa in matters of taste to all who
may favor bar with their orders.
The Ladlea of Columbus and vicinity will please ac
cept my stnoere thanks for their liberal patronage, and
weald respeetlally solicit a Mnlln nance of the tame.
68 East Town St., Celembns, O.
aprll-dSoveod 1
Wholesale and Retail Depot for
No. 106 South High Street
Win. McD0iiLD,
Dally" rrivatl of Goods
the Fall, and Winter Trade
Of 1860-61
TO THH PUBS.se for past favors and patron-
He, and being DKTEHB1IIVD te Situ IT
aeontUuaaco efeaaee by atriet stttontiom te
trae, aad orosmpt deliver- of deeds
I would eall the notice of the public ta the fast that
having a Large and well Selected. Stock oa
hand, and being ln'daity receipt of goods from the differ
ent markets, I natter myself that I can offer to the eltt-
sens of Oolambas, or to any who may desire to pu rob aae,
an assortment of articles appertaining to tbsOBOCIKT
trade, UKEQtJAI-EO by any house In the city.
The price end quality of the goods offered, I fumxm
atttee to. five atlafacilen. . ; .
Goods Delivered Free of Charge,
VriniVTYI, : A.
Suae, pieteler Wood WlUow Ware
the, and Rubber Belting, lace leather, Hoes aad
I mmAM In tha tha officers of this Bank. January BSth,
1B91. le wltl Wa. A. Piatt, President, and Toai
Moots. Caihler, realgned their offlcee. Davw Tavun,
Saq wae iheu elected Preaident and War. A. Plat ap-
nataiadOaahlerJ ' ' " " ' "c
' By cvdes of the Board off Wiaotora,
fab , tBOlHtf. ., Mf( f ,W. A. FLAW. Cashier,
JVl cWMlilagMveloWprloie.i
gMhlenaialS Icjb.-- :;. t .. h
wiotoniiiis andcurrt te en
alM all r-tnr klitas
Dally, per year
Trl- Week ly, per k ar. ...
18 00
a vu
per yeat
The Murder of Col. Ellsworth—The
Particula s, by a Special Corres
Particula s, by a Special Corres pondent to the Tribune.
Before our troops disembarked, a boat, filled
with armed marines, and oarrylng a flag of
truoe, pot off from ibe Pawnee, and landed
ahead of at From Ibe officer Id charge we
learned that the Pawnee bad already proposed
terms ol submission to the town, and that the
Rebels bad consented to vacate within a speci
fied time This , seemed to settle the question
of a contest in the negative! bat to the confu
sion of mustering end forming the men, the In
telligence wee not well understood, sod reoelr
ed but little attention. Indeed, I am quite anre
that the Pawobo's officer did not seek Col. Ells-
worth to communloAte with blm, aod that the
Colonel only obtained a meager share oi Infor
mation by seeking it directly from the bearer
of the flig of truce bl nit elf. No doubt this
omission arose from the contused condition in
which affaire then stood. But it would have
caused no differenoe in the Colonel'e military
plans. No attack wae meditated, eicept io eaae
of a forcible retUtance to his progress. . Oo the
other band, the idea of tbe plaee being under a
truce seemed to banish every suipioioo of a re
sistance either from multitudes or individuals.
It wsa lust possibly this consideration that led
Col. Eiliwortb to forego tbe requisite personal
precautions, wnicn, 11 taken, would bave pre
vented his unhappy death. But I am sore none
of us at that time estimated the nrobabllitr of
the danger which alterward menaoed us. Per
haps the thought of actual bloodshed and death
in war wae too foreign to our experiences to be
rightly weighed. But it certainly did not enter
our minds tbeo, as poor Ellsworth's fate has
since taoghtos it should bave done, that a
town halt waked, half terrified, and uoder truoe.
could harbor any peril for ue. So the Colonel
gave some rapid directions for tbe interruption
of the railway course, by displaoiog a few
rails near tbe depot, and then turned to
ward the center of tbe town, to destroy the
means of communication southward by the tele
graph; a measure which he epteared to regard
as very seriously Important. He was accompa
nied by Mr. H. J. Wioser, Military Secretary
to tbe Regiment, the Chaplain, the Rev. E W.
Dodge, end myself. At first be summoned no
guard to follow blm, but he afterward turned
and called forward a single squad, with a Ser
eeant from tbe first company. Wa naaaod
quiciuy tnrougn me streets, meeting a few be-
wuaereo travelers issuing from tbe nrlno oal
hole), which seemed to be slowly coming to its
dally senses, and were about 10 turo toward the
telegraph office, when tbe Colonel, first of all,
caogbt sight of the Seoeesion fUg, which has
so long swung insolently in full v'ew of tbe
rresident'e House. He Immediately sent back
the Sergeant, with an order for tbe advance of
tbe entire nrst company, and, leaving tbe mat
tcr of tbe telegraph office for a while, pushed on
to the hotel, which proved to be tbe Marshall
House, a second-class Inn. On entering the
open door, the Colonel met a man la his shirt
and trowsere, of whom be demanded what sort
of flag it was that bong above the roof,
The etranger, who seemed greatly alarmed,
declared he knew nothing of it, and that he
waaonlya boarder there. Without question
ing mm inrtner tne uoionei eprang up stairs,
and we all followed to tbe topmost story,
whence, by mesne of a ladder, be olambered to
the roof, cut down the flag with Winser's knife,
and brought It from ite staff. There were two
men in bed la the garret, whom we had not ob
served at ail whan wa snteted. their noeUloa
being somewhat eooceaW, bat who now rose In
great apparent amasement, altbongb I observed
mat tnev were more man eair dreesed. Wa at
once turned to descend, Private Brownell lead-
log tbe way, and Uolooel Ellsworth Immedi
ately following blm with tbe Uajr.. As Brownell
reaebed tbe first landing-place, or entry, after a
deecent of aome dosen eleps, a man lamned
from a dark passage, and bardie notldne? tha
private, leveled a double barreled goo square at
tbe Colonel'e breast. Brownell made a quick
pass to turn the weapon aside, bat tbe fellow's
band was Arm, and be discharged one barrel
straight to its aim, the slugs or buckshot with
bich It wae loaded entering; tbe Colonel's
heart, and killing blm at tbe Instant. I think
my arm wae resting on poor Ellsworth's shoul
der at the moment. At any rate, be teemed to
fall almost from my own graep. He was
oa tbe second or third step from tbe
landing, and he dropped forward with
that heavy, horrible, headlong weight which al
ways conies or sudden deato Inflicted In tble
manner. His assailant bad turned like a flash
give the ood tents of Ibe other barret to
Brownell. but either he could not command his
aim or tbeZonavowas too quick with him, fur
toe sings went over nis bead, and paiaed tbro'
tbe panele and wainscot of a door wblcb shelt
ered soma sleeplog lodgers. Simultaneously
with tbis seoond shot, and sounding like tbe,
echo of tbe first, Brownell's rifle was heard, and
tbeasaesln Buggered backward He was bit
exaotiy in tne middle of tbe faoe, and the wound,
as I afterward saw It, was tbe most frightful I
ever witnessed. Of course Brownell did not
know how fatal his shot bad been, aod so before
the man dropped, be throat hie saber bavonet
throogh and through the body, the force of tbe
blow tending tho dead tnau violently down tbe
upper aeotion of the - seoond flight
of stairs at the foot of which be lay with his
lace to tbe floor w inter ran from above, erv-
los, "Who le bill" but as be slanoed down
ward by onr feet, he needed no anaeer.
Bewildered lor an Instant by the suddenness of
tbis attack, and sot snowing: wbat more mleht
be In store, we forbore 10 proceed, and gather
ed togetner aeiensiveiy. 1 here were but seven
of as altogether, aod one was without a weanon
of any kind. Brownell Instantly reloaded, and
while doiog eo perceived the door thn oeh whloh
the assailant's shot had passed beginning to
open. He brought hit rifle to the ehoulder,
and menaced tbe occupants, two travelers, with
immediate death, if tbey stirred. . Tbe three
other privates guarded the Datsases. of which
there were quite a nnmoer converging to Ibe
point wbere we stood, while the Chaplain and
Winter looked to tbe stair-case bv which we
had descended, and the adjoining chambers
ran down stairs to tee it.aoxthioa waa tnrea'ened
from tbe story below, but It sool appeared there
wu no dang r from that quarter.- However, wo
we were not at ail disposed to move irom our
position. From the opening doors, and through
the - passages, we discerned a sufficient
number or lorms to assure us that we
were dreadiuiiy in toe minotity. 1 think now
that there-was no danger, and that tbe alnsle
assailant acted without concert with anybody;
botlt ie Impossible to know accurately, aod it
wu certainly a aoaouui question . then. : Tbe
first thing to be done was to look to . our dead
friend aod leader. He bad fallen en his face,
aod the streams of blood that flowed from bis
rnnnd had literally flooded thewav- The Cbao
lain turned him gently over, and I stooped and
called his name aloud, at which I thought then
be murmured Inarticulately. I presume I was
mistaken, and 1 am not sure that be spoke a
word after being etruck, although, in my dis
natoh I repeated a single exclamation which !
had believed he uttered. It might have been
Brownell, or the Chaplain, wbo was close be
hind me. Wlnser and I lifted the body with
all the care we could apply, and laid It upon
a bed la a room near by. The rebel flag, ttalned
with hla blood, and purified by tbie contact from
the basenese oilts former meaning, we laid about
hla feet. ' It waa at Brat dimonli to discover tbe
precise locality of bit woond, for all parts of bis
ooat were equally saturated with blood - By
eactiously loosening his belt aod unbuttoning hie
oust, we lound wbere the shot bed penetrated.
Nona of ue bad any medical knowledge, btt we
saw that all hope must be resigned Never
theless, It teemed proper to summon theturgeon
aaanafdilv as Donible This could not easily
de done, for, secluded as we were ta that part of
tbe town, and uncertain whether an ambush
might not be awaiting ue also, no; man eoold
volunteer to venture forth alone, and te go to
gether, and leave lot voieaei'B boa beuna
A.a . , Wwf S A .A. .!.
, . W , j
loog delay of the first company, for the advance
ri, 1 l j . fc-ZA--,
of which the Colonel bad sent baok before ap-
proaohlng tbe betel, bat we tubseqaently learn
ed hat tbey had miatakea a street, and gooe a
little out of their way. Before they arrived we
bad removed aome of the unsightly stains from
the Colonel's featnree, and com paced his limba.
His expression in death wu beeutualiy neta-
rel 1 The Colonel wae a singularly .handsome
man, aod, excepting tbe pallor, there was noth
ing different lu bis countenance now front what
all his frtends had an lately been accustomed to
gladly recognise. Tbe detaobmentj was heard
approaobiog at taet.a re-enforcement was easily
oal led up, and the aurgeon was cent for.
UiS arrival, not long alter, or course sealed
our own unhappy belief. A eameient guard
was presently distributed over the tbe bouse, but
meaowblle 1 bad remembered the Colonel t earn
estness about the telegraph selsure, aod obtain
ed permission to guide a squad or zouaves to
the offioe, which wae found to be eottiely open,
with ill tbe doors ajar, yet apparently deserted.
It looked a little like another chance of a sur
prise. Tbe men remaioed la charge. I pre
sume 11 wae not wholly la order for me, a
civilian, to start upon tbis mission, but 1 was
tbe only person wbo knew Ihe, whereabouts ol
tbe office, and tbe Colonel had been very positive
about tbe matter. When I returned to tbe Ho
tel, there was a terrible scene eoaoilog. A
woman bad ran from the lower room to the
stairway where the body of the delander ef tbe
Sees'ston tig lay, and recognlslm It, cried
aloud with an agony so heart-rending that no
person could witness it without emotion- 3be
flunc her arms in tbe air, struck ber orow mad
ly, atd seemed lo every way utterly abtndooed to
desolation and freosy. one oncrea no re prose a-
et appeared indeed almost regardless of our
p-eseoce, and yielded only to her own fraotlo
despair. It wae ber hatband that bad been shot.
tic wae tbe proorietor or the botei. His name
wae Jamee T- Jackson. ' Winter wae confident
it was tbe same man who met oa at the door
when we entered, and told ns be was a boarder
Hla wife, as I said, was wild almost to Insanity.
Yet she listened when spoken to, and altbongb
no consolation could be offered ber by ue for
what ahe bad lost, abe seemed sensible to tbe
assurance that the safety of ber children, for
wbom sbe expressed tears, could not possioiy oe
It Is not from any wish to fasten obloquy upon
the slayer of Col. Ellsworth, but simply because
It struck me as a frightful f.ot, that I say the
face or tbe dead man wore tne most revolting
expression of rage and hatred that I ever saw.
Perhaps tbe nature of bis wound added to tble
effect, ana toe wonno wss something so sppau.
log that I shall not attempt to deecribe It, aa
it impressed me. It is probable that such a re
sole from a bullet-wound could not en tee once
in a thousand times. Either of Brownell's on
slaughts wonld bave been Instantaneously fatal
Tbe saber wound was not lesa effective than
that of tbe ball. Tbe sun which Jackson bad
fired lay beneath him, clasped in bis arms, and
as we did cot at first all know that both barrels
bad been discharged, it was thonght necessary
to remove it lest It should be suddenly seised
and made use of from below. In doing this,
bis countenance was rsveaied
wu on. 01 inm aaeaiiODa w wooavrcu mi to i
Oddities of Invention.
A very High appreciation of that which It
simply curlons la art was universally entertain
ed In former times. We, more praotlca) than
oar ancestors, attach higher value to that which
is really useful, and .curious contrivance of
mechanical skill are abandoned to oonjorere and
tov manufacturers. One or two esmnlee of tbe
kind of inventions which were of old particular--,
ly esteemed, may not be uninteresting; but, at
the aame time, it is necessary to Dremlse that
these deccriptioBB being taken from the ac
counts wbion nave been bequeatbed to ue by
thoee who knew little either of eclenoe or me
chanics. It la not unlikely that tome of the
statements may be exaggerated, and endue im
portance bave been given lo thlnge which would
now scarcely excite interest. u . . . .
Petroe Ramus tells us of a wooden esgle and
an iron fly, made by RegiomortaDne, a famoue
mathematician of Nuremberg. ' The eagle wae
made to spread Its . wings, fly In tbe eir, and
meeting the Emperor Maximilian aome distance
from the city gates, aalute blm, crown bim, or
something of that sort, and follow blm back to
his palace Tbis meobanloal eagle our French
neighbors employ a live one on elmilar occa
sions Is said to bave exolted great astonish
met.t In all wbo witnessed its flight, and a poet
bae deeotlbed it -:
" Mounting from his flit thai framed hr, .
Pie far to meet the German emperor;
And having met him. with her nimble tntn
And pi ant wings taming- heat asaiuv - . .
fallowed hla clots ante tbe eaatle ga'c
, Of Nuremberg, where all their ahow, o' of state
Streets banged alto, arras, arobee curloae built;
Oray-hsaded senate, and youths' gallantries
U raced not so much u only this devlee
Tbe same poet desoribss the iron-fly t
Onoe, aa this artlrt. more with mirth than meat,
Jeeated soma frteoda whom be eeteemed great, : 1.
Forth from hla haod an Iron-fly flew out, - ,
Which, having flown a perfect .rouod-ebout, '
With weary wings rata road ante harmater, ' ' '' '
And si ludidou on hiierm he placed her. ,",
Ohl wit divine, that In the "arrow wound
Of aaeaelt fly eould tod auffldent room "
Porall lbe-c springs, wheels. Oouut-Tpottee, Chains,
Which stood lnatead ef life, and blood, asd veins."
In the twentieth year of Queen Ellttbeth.
Mark Scaliot, a blacksmith, made a lock, con-
slating of eleven pieces of Iroo, tteel and brass,
all of wbicn, togetner wud a pipe-key to It,
welebed but one grain or goldi be made alto a
chain of gold, eooelstlng of forty-three links,
wberennto, naving rattened toe lock snd key
before mentioned, he pal. tbe chain about a
flea's neck, which drew tbem all with ease. This
is, perhaps, tha earliest specimen of fleas ar
tificially indaitrious on reoord. -
An old writer telle us that Janellut Tarianos.
a treat master In the mathematics, amused the
- P . m , mt .1 . . .
leisure ot cnanss v. no woo wae uientened
Into a monastery by a comet by exhibiting mlr
coles 01 stuoy. . oomeumee oe sent wooaea
eoarrowe into tbe Emperoi's dining room, which
flew about there and returneds at other, times,
he caused little, armed , men , to muster tbem
selvee upon tbe table, and artificially move sc
cordlngto thedtecipllne of war, whiab wae done
so beyond , example toat tne superior, or tne
rallsious bouse of St. Jerome, who wu ieno-
rant of tha mytteriet of art, soBpected him of
witchcraft. ... .1 ...... .,:
! "I saw at Leghorn," says Gusor."aclock,
brought bither by a German to be sold, wblcb
hsd eo many varieties la It, aa 1 ehould never
have believed If mine own eyes bad not seen it;
for, betides an infinite number of strange mr
tlona. which appeared not at an to tbe eve. you
h ii there a eo p ny of shepherd's some t f wl Icb
played on tbe bagpipe with .such harmony and
nnntatte motion 01 uip nnKcra,. as taai one
would have thought tbey bad been aliveioihers
danced by couples, . keeping exaot time and
measure, whilst others capered and leaped up
and down with so 'much nimbleness that my
anirlta ware wholly ravished with tbe slebt "
-r" , . - . , . .. - .
10 tne garaeoa 01 uuo vt tuo tiauaa poouiiy,
near Florcooe, there waa formerly a statue of
Pan, olttlng oa a etuol, with a reed pipe In his
hand, and another of a nymph motioning hla
tn nice on tbe dIdc. Pan, putting away his
stool, stood up snd performed," as requested, af
ter Whloh be took bis ttooi ana sea aowa again.
There was also tbe statue of a wo men WMhlng
clothes in the stream; snd a tutus of Fame,
who eoresd bis wings, aad sounded his trumpet.
Artificial birds, peached on trees, and made to
alogor' wbleUe, or sprettd tbeir wings,, were
00m mon adiuootsto a garden. The mechanical
arte ware employed In the strangest manner, eo
as to redely imitate Nature, and All the illiter
ate and learned with admiration. These tricks
of art have growi etalej and dancing dolls, and
marionettes of all klada whether striking the
hour on a chutoa-eteeple, er pirouetting . et the
trout of a street-organ are ; gone out of aah
ion. We turn ear iogeunlty to a Wetter account
a more profitab itrpose.. 8 earn eeglnee
-wafting ae ever the ocean la a alltees ablpsnd
bearing ue ever the laud in b or select vantages-
are far mote remarkable triumphs of humaa
skill than all the ourloos contrivances el aocteal
artiste. .' . .f 1 ': ' ' i .'v ,.!..
Ona Af thaaa artiste the Abbot of Bilffne,
I toati Of great wit and InveuUveienlae In lustra
, fcenurmuAlo was ordered, Li derlalon, by
ionia Al . ni KeanM ia netu. i.i. ..s.
' warvwi an Ifivvivf UltU Willi as OOQo
cert or "ewlne voices " . The Abbot asked fa.
. . . "-'w .aia liar
the funds, which were supplied, and In a abort
H,w, oe wrougnt a toing," says tbe old obroo
loler,'M curloue as ever was seen; for, oat of '
a great number of bogs of several ages which
b got together, and placed under a tact or
pavilion covered with velvet, before wblcb be
bad a table of wood, painted with a certain
number of keyshe made aa orgenloel instru
ment; and, as he played upon tbe aaid keys,
little spike, attached thereto, pricked tbe swine
and made tbem squeak, but la such order and
consonance as highly delighted the king and all
hla oompany,M
w . .
s .
Curious Effects of Lightning.
Some time ago,a woman,having taken refuge
from a storm under the door of a mill at Lap
pion, (Alsoo.) wu thrown down by a stroke of
lightning, but received no further Injury, except
tan me ngure 01 a tree nara by wae round per
fectly Impreeeed upon her back, eo that the
trunk, branches and leaves were minutely dis
tinguishable, the Impression being of a reddish
tint I Cues of a similar description bave been
several tlmee reoorded. Franklin, for Instsnoe,
relates that while a man wu standing at the
door of bis bouse, a tree opootte blm wu
struck with lightning, and be received tbe 1m
preesloa of that tree on his breast M. Orloll,
who was Profe-sor of Natural Philosophy at
B ilogna, la 1831, at tbe time tbe Lallan Revo
lutloo broke out, la which be took a prominent
part, related a like occurrence at tbe Scientific
Coogrese of Naples, la 1846; a lady of tbe
name of Moroea, at Logano, was sitting ate
window during a storm, when sbe experienced
a ' yiolent : commotion, and soon became
aware that tbe figure of a flower wbloh stood
nesr ber at the time waa Impreeeed on one of
ber legs, a mark which she retalosd to ber dy
ing cay. in September, ltua, a brigenUne
w-ae struck witb lightning, wbile at anchor In
tbe Biy of Armlro, in the Adriatic: one of the
sailors was killed, aod tbe figure of a horse
shoe, which was nailed to tbe foremast, accor
ding to tbe custom of sailors lo those parts, wu
found distinctly delineated 00 hie hip. A simi
lar case Is recorded of another brleantlne at
Emte, wbere a sailor was also killed, and was
lound marked witb tbe number 44. the rerv
eame 10 site as that cut outio metal, which wae
nailed to some cart of the vessel. Oa tbe 9th
of October, 1836, a young man, named Politi,
wat killed by lightning at Ziote. Upon exam
ination, the exact impressions ot six pieces of
goia, wnicn ne nso n bis belt, were touod on
bis shoulder. Io 1841, in the department of la -dre
el Loire, two oersons placed themeelvet co
der a poplar during a etorra. . The tree was
struck, and both Individuals were marked with
the Impression of a leaf of the poplar. M.
Figuter, who enumeratee these eases in sa ar
ticle of his in tbe Preete, endeavors to explain
tha phenomenon by toppotlng that tbe electric
fluid, lu striking a body, carries off with it some
particles of the same, which, in their progress,
retain the same outline, and being in a state of
ignition, impress it on any other combustible
body tbey may meet on their way. It is
soaroely safe to reject an explanation without
offering a better one; still, we might ssk bow
the womsn of Lapplon received the tmpreeiion
on ber back through her clothes, which are not
stated to bave been burnt through; and bow tho
pieces of money contained in a belt worn at the
time could be Impressed on the shoulder of the
wearer. - We are evidently, ad yet, in want of
ruffioient Information regarding thie curious
phenomenon, which appears to us well worthy
of being further inquired Into.
: 1
A Good Story.
Editors, like othsr shrewd men, must live
with their eyes and ears opsn. A good story Is
told of one who started a paper in a Western
towa. Tha town was infested by gamblers,
whose preeenee wu a eoarce of annoyance to
the cltiieus, wbo told the editor if be did not
come out against them, tbey would not patron
ise hie paper He replied that he would give
them a "smasher" next day. Sore enough, his
next Issue contained the promised "smasher,"
and on tbe following morning tbe redoubtable
editor, with aclssors lo hand, wu seated In his
saootum, cutting out news, when la walked a
large man with a club ia hla haod, and demand- .
ed to know if the editor wae in.
"No, air," was the reply, "he has ateooed out.
Take a eeat and read tbe papers; he will return
in a minute -
Down eat the indignant man of eardt. crossed
hit legs, witb bis elub between tbem, and com
menced reading a paper. In tbe meantime the
editor quietly vamoosed down stairs, and at lbs
landing below he met another exalted man with
a cudgel la hie band, who atked him if the edit- .
or was In.
"Yet, sir," wss the prompt response, "you
wilt flod him seated up stairs reading a newe-
oe latter, on entering the room, with a fu
rious oath commenced a violent assault upon
the former, which waa resisted with equal feroo
ity. Tbe fight was oootloued till they bad both
rolled to tbe foot of the stairs, and bad pounded
each oiber to their beart'e content.
The Kaleidoscope.
When an object Is placed between two Dirallel
plane mirrors, each produces an Image of its
own, ana reproduces tne image reflected lo it
from tbe other. Tbie image of ao Image is
again reflected by each to the other, and thus a
ssries of images is produced, till the raye be
come so faint by successive reflections! ae to be
bo longer diioernlble. When the mirrors are
placed at right angles to eaoh otber, an obect
between toem forms three images one pro
duced by each separate! , and one by a twolold
reneouon irom ootn. r laced so as to form with
each other an . angle of sixty degreee, the two
mirrors will produce live Images: at forty-five
degreee, aeven This prlnelple Is applied In tbe
kaleidoscope, invented Dy Blf uavid Brewster.
Tbe instrument consists of two narrow strips of
(lass running lengthwise through a tube, and
ormlog with each other an angle of eixty or
fortjflve degrees. One' end of the tube 10
which tbe eye is to be applied le covered with
blear glass. Ths otber end terminatee In a cell
formed by two parallel pieces of glass an eighth
of an inch apart, tbe outer one of which le
ground, to prevent ex'ernalobjeote from marring
tbe effects. - Tbis cell contains bads or small
pleots oi glass ot different colore, free 10 move
among tnemteivee. un appiting an eve to tne
tube, wo tee the objeots la ths cell multiplied by
repeated renectloua Irom tbe mirrors, sad its- .
tematieally arranged, with tbeir Imagee, around
a common centre- By shaking the tube, tbe .
objects obeage position, and new combinations
an presented.-'; -y '; ' " !...'!
: It is.' a. sweet, sweet song, flowing to and
fre-umoog the lopmoet. boughs, of the heart,
and filling the whole ale with euoh Joy and glad-'
neee as tbe sodgl of birds do when the summer
morning oomes out of tbe darkness, and ths day .
Is bom on the mountain. We bave all our
possessions In the future whloh wo oall "some
timet"'' Beautiful flowers and eweet tinging
birds are therer only our hands seldom grasp tbe
one, or our eats hear, exoept In far-off strains,
the other. But oh, reader, be of good cheer. '
for alt the good .heroic-a golden "sometime." '
I When tho bills and valleys of time are all
pused, whan, tbe wear aod the fever, tbe dis
appointment and the sorrow of life are over, '
then there le the place, and tbe - feet appointed -Of
pod. "- O homestead, ever whose roof falls no
shadow or even oloude, across whoee threshold 7
the voice of sorrow le never beard; built upon ,
tbe eternal bills, and standing witb thy spires '
and plonlacles of celestial beauty among tbe -"
perm trees of tbe city on high, those who love
Ood Ibatl rest uoder thy shadows, where there ,
Is no mote sorrow nor pain nor the sound of
weeping sometime . 1 -
'. A baohelor friend of purs left a boarding .
bouse n . which there were a number of olJ
maids, on acoouut of "the miserable fair sot be
fore bint Atthe table." r. t t
The bachelor baa to look out for number
sac, the married men for nunber lies; and some- ,
tlmee for Dumber gix, eight and tea.

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