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The Constitutional Guarantee to the
The Federal Constitution. InTCi" fourth Mo
tion of the feuftti .tlele..dlae. that. "The
United Bute shell gaaruutee te every State in
the Union a DBllctn'form of government."
The obf Lone meaning' ot U.1 declaration U,
that every State In, ot te be admitted, Into, the
Union hae, vi ehalt bavi a repunlleaa fbem of
goTernmeni. wMcta th United State are
to preserve
Eerv State hi the Untod. at tba time of the
adoption of U Federal Cohitltutlon, and rry
1 . . . A.. - . Vt tT.r,.-' V J aatll
Btata alnoo amuteu wio we f--1
ten ConeUtutioa; providing tor,, .or
i ' I It 1 ' ' - ' r' i 1
It follow, then, the .by tha phraee, ra-
publican form of gova-n-wt," - ..
Federal Constitution, we are to unuereiana
.mpntitlva eovernment admlniatered ondar
and In parenanca Of a written wnttitunon.
ThU U what tba Unld State, ara bound and
wl.mnlv p edged w, guarantee w evwir .
..l.tt.i. . n t.nm.lif v StaU-i-1
to tha minority aa wall aa to tha majority.
reoreeentativ ioreni ment,' nd laying down
tha general pVlnclple. upon whtoh that govern
ment waalfo be adminisUred." Without loch
Constitution; no Btata could eraiPngmauy
belonged, or h.va been-ainc attached, t tha
. -ii l It. '.-'.. K j: -.'-,.'V.,a,
union. ...
nd neceealtv of this guarantee. .Let It suffice
" ...
It Is needles, to enlarge upon tbe importance
tiM.ni nl -Mr.' Madisoh. as ex-
" -r -T-- .
pressed Id the Taderaliat,' apoa thU point O
Ioa Confederacy founded, on republican
principlesand composed of republican mem
bers, the superintending government
esva b iuv r"-- aj o
clearly to possess authority to defend tbe eystem
against arislocratlo aaJ monarchical lunova-1
tioos. Tbe more Intimate the nature of such
onion may be, the greater interest nave we
members lu the political constituuons w eacu
other; and the greater light to Insist, that the
forms of government under wnicn we compact
was entered into enouia do iuubibuuuu ubiu-
t.lned." "- ', i , y
. i. .u- .v,' c, tha nannlal
,t tu. .--
of each State collectively ana maiviaueuy-to
have republican form of government "But
' a eight," aava Mr. Madison, implies a remedy;
and where else eould tha remedy ba deposited,
woer em 'o..ll...
laan wnere it u uepoBitsa oy u
The remedy te, therefore, ln the hands of the
n..,mnt r tha trn;tJ State.' If the re-lua
Knkii... t r ... .nt i anv'stata U
I l.t H.n... V.f hatn. anhatantlal V an-
' do-
crouched upon or overthrown by loreign or uo-
mesUo foes, It is tbe duty of the Federl Gov-
emment to interpose and eavs , , from,ta en.
Thee views are of treat significance and
tur 1. our national affair., , Not only our be-
loved Union, that our father, consolidated and
guarded with so much care, but our Bepublloaa
,...nn..mm.nt whtohthnv.niirharia.sonrnt
to guard with even greater jealousy, are in Im
minent danger of being 'overthrown.' lne
tlons in certain States that are arrayed against
tbe Federal Constitution; are also Overriding
a ad setting at nought Slate Constitutions.
change or supersede tny one of these Consti
tutlons. except id tbe moae it nas useu
... -i . r.,.r t.ii .i'thaahhU.I
biubu, ,m aiai m ,, - "
can form ef Government ia the State.
Tbe people should,' therefsre, rally,' not
" . ' . -
for the defence of the Vnion, but also for
defence of the Constitutions and the republican
governments of the several State. If a faction
in South Carolina may disregard the Federal
Constitution and override the State Constitu
tion, ia defiance of the General Government,
faction in Ohioi or In any other State, may
the same.' Let,' tuen, tbe Federal authorities
and the loyal people in tbe Union see ft
the guarantee of the Federal Conatkatioa to
aeveral States be faithfully observed and rij
ously enforced. ',"
A Disloyal Clergyman.
The Boston Daily ifwrfiserj of Saturday,
gives an account of a visit by i body of Union
men to (be residence of Rev. Mr. Palmi, an
Episcopalian minister of Chelsea, who, it was
reported, had spoken disioral eentiments, and
utteredlmproper and unchrlstlan remarks about
th fat of Col. Ellswobtb' and alfofbera who
went to the war. We publish the interview and
Mr. Paum's explanation, which w are frank
tosa ,is unsatisfactory for the subject is one
nottobedeait withla a pleasant rein, by aay
one, and eerUlnly not b a. minlater of the Goe-J
psl. albeit the crowd dlsDersed, satir Bed after be
displayed his flag and united with them' In giving
three ebeers for the Union. . .
It is wonderful the change 4n the vicinity of
Boston.. For years previous to the 5th
April last. It had been the habit of many of tbe
crack minister of that city and neighborhood
to preach set sermons ' against the Union
designating it aa a covenant with death and a
leasuawith hell. These sermons have beea
extolled by tbe prose, and greedily swsUowed
by the people. 1 But (hat day appears to bare
passed away, and no. man dare1 utter such sen-
tlmeate- .Every one mast rejoice at pis cnang
ia the sentiment of the people of Maasaohusetu,
tnd all should be thankful that disloyalty Is at
an end In Boston. The ol!owlog Is tbe to
count of tbe eireumstsaee givea by the Aimtt-
tl.. . '-' ' ..,: Ui o'..i:
A DiBtovAl. Cuiayiaw. Laat evening It was
reported that Rev. Mr. Palmer, an Episcopal
im.n nr Chelsea, had ottered sentiments
against Col. Ellsworth and the war. Accordingly,
ft aKnnt favn o'elock last evening, a crowd of
forty or fifty men proceeded to Mr. Palmer's
residence and rang il tfoor-belr sHUr eooaider
'able vloletce, which ronsadJili wife who came
to tha aceond tory window to aee wh wa
wantsd. . The aookeemea of the party ttx1
that they tad beard that Mr. Palmer bad a
presed hep that every maa who weot to fight
tbe South would -mem wu ubw
worth, and tney desired te kaow If this was
true; - Mr Palmor.after parleying so roe time
bout Calling her husband, being vidntly coa
eiderably frightened by the formidable aseem
blage, replied tbM her husband had always been
a Union men,' and tbat they had a flag ia tha
house. Tbia did aot aatiefy the visitors., who
called for Mr Palmerx The apokeemea guar
anteed hit personal iety If he would come
out, nut tbe tsveread genliem ,mpUed by
.lka i.ha ttlaJo r- t t f.ii, t t , t
HwatVea awhather hhad attmd
.!". ...,imu. as had i beea charged
Halbi hli" Belied that.ie lm J
remark wbea be heard of the aewa freat Alex
andria, bnt that It waa aald ia plsantry with
out any disloyal InMnttois-and that .far had
alway. beea a Union , m ,. M taWrf
th Gospel, naa always - "
and peaoe everywhere - Some one Jn tbe erowd
oalled upon him to show bis llg. Mr. Palmer
eatd be bad none bat a email one, which b, ex
hibited. Tbe spokeMsta thea replied, VWell
,ou, don't ever runagainat tbat flag, bow
ever small it-may e; Jurif ye do.youcan
i. ,v.u a ajv.othatt utilized sosiety .
Tbe first speaker, wbo appeared to be the lead
er, then called upoa Mr., Palscer to Join In
gWing tbrs eheersV the Union, which retjneat
was complied with, and the crowd dispersed.
Button AJoirtUer, Stturaty
Major-General McClellan's Proclamation.
t I : , i i . 1 '"T
.Th proc)Amatiph.of AUjorQ.encr,l MoCjtfv
a to the Union men of Western 'Virginia,
which we publish eliewherej will attract thejtV
tefflton of every reader," and command the ad
miration of every Unlon-lovlng law-abiding
man In the country. The irrepreilbldB'iwill I
.abou( It, but tba V does
not matter
The Seventh Congressional District.
Waeara that Hon R. A. IJmnoN.the .Unrr
ion candidate for Congress tri the' -7lh Dletrlet,
made a euccetarul raoe on ;He8dy, peauog
.r i tt... ,v, nm,KHn Bomlne. I
am. I
. -nn . . ,n . .4 Tnaai1 in I
about 700 totae. On tk aacond Tueeday
October last, To 'Coawm had (we believe)
If Vll
over 6,000 mtlorlty In the aame PieUTct,
done for tha 7th Dietriot,
History of Secession and Nullification.
- , !., i t Man-. 3 ,.
I i , I
w Tn,-.,, wm fld M Intereetiog history oi
&a a.oi doctrine af aeceseion,
1 a - . ju.
on ue nrat ttaeeoi tna omnmmn. , m
Uk root flret In Sooth CarpHoa, but in Maisa-
v . I
' ' .
-fT W ara permitted to publish, a very Ibter-1
i. . ....i.m.n in.J.mn la
emu i tr ioianr u w aaa e k vaa wimmmm . wr"T
m Tl I II,. -HantlMil AT VI aa
taay mwi oy, w -.-- - "7
The Baltimore Habeas Corpus Case.
.. t -.. '
t ,;.n irviug vi u. v7, v.
tureW. of yesterday, conclude, an artic.e as roi-
. ...,., .j.. .. . ,
' The Baltimore Ammeaa .late, ine tact oi
he bat ta his possession i written order from the
I ihnltla nl tha nlt dirafltlnB tnelr Oeatruo-I
M, Marrlmui'a offenoe thus:
iWi Imm that Mr. Merrlmtn admits the
i 0f burning the bridges, bnt states that
authorttlet m ue city airect og meir uesffuc-
don. nndar which he elalme to bave acted." -
Whether Gen. Catwallader la to be justified
' " .
la refusing obedience to tbe writ or JOB
Oey's Court, must depend enwny opon me ws
I A. IV.a tl. t.k1lM aefatw sw I Ha main
ni II U UUIfllU BaiWTI WS shsbibu,-
w r r a '
tenanoe of the authority o. the Government, Jn
Imminent peril la cue or Merrtman"a release i
a yVe are supposing that Judge Taney would have
tatuti him-ino be was neio wnnoui J"a-
0iU proeejs, and tnereiore, as riguiiy staieo oj
the Chief Justice-held illegally by the military
- was ns a puo no enemy oi "e uuiu
, bums, wnose cbss coutu uu us raram j
I ordinary judicial course or. lnaictment ana triai
But this only implicates Mayor Brown, in
: td of redeolM Mr. Mmimai.' Onr govern
bw hft tak,-thoe who tn ,gslMt
I flndi tnem. tn(j if they Uy tha reepon.
I .ibllity of these actions opon the orders of others,
It only enlarges tbs neia tnecnminais, witn
ana out affordingany excuse for the crime.
i m f Mr. Marriman waa unauea
I Hoiy heinous one; but it. does appear to
that he could have been held and punished
in by the civil power.. The government still has
Id not be reached by the
of indictment and trial t
"17.'. iTim.i nAnln M.lanrl. and thsra ta no
" I Z ' . Tt ZT. I .v.i.i
eaion.that we .reaw.re.of, to auspect their
loyalty or fideUty to their official dntfe. The
loyalty or fidelity to tneir omoiai onwe. i ne
very fact that w are placed in circumstances so
Irnard ua against resorting to military rule upon
light or trivial .causes. Let us, have no dicta-
fa7u nf Thli .Tre a. we apprehend them
to have been. General Cadwallader haa trans-
I ' . . a . . 1 .t
osnded tbe lim u or a aouna oiscretion, ana toe
rresiusut suuuiu iu.. w . j-..
niwimifff nr law. ........
[From the Philadelphia Press.]
The Gen. Butler Negro Story Originally
a Satire.
' The New York Trttfwie end Time publish
th following paragraph aa being from the New
Orleans i'leavsme. and comment upon it in ea-
pw itonai nicies; .., ,,-... l-mn ..
"All th Massachusetts troops now in Wash-1
I , naa. with the cxpention of tWO
i or tlu.(S drummer boys. . General Butler,
only I command, is a native of Liberia. , Pur readers
I 11 . .11 Tf At. - I L -
may recollect old Ben, the barber, who kept
shop ia Poydru street, and emigrated to Ll-
berla with a small competence. ,Gen. Butler
labia son." ' . .,. t- , ..... -
' Justice to the Pteeyane requires us to say,
that this paragraph, and others of a nature simi
larly absurd, were first published In tbe Press.
him wars sent to ns dv a oorresuouueuv,
pbbliahed as a satire upon the . editorials of
Southern newspaper preev
What they say of us in Germany.
[From the Cologne Gazette of May 5.]
' It is not to be denied, that, from a military
point of view, the rebels in the United btates
have just now several great advantages over the
government. They nave an ably organized
army, which has been trained for several months,
and whioh must need fight and plunder in order
to be kent toEether: while the government can
imnras tn their attack only raw and undlscip-
7rr. ' .a , -
nad trnona. moreover, as tne war ib win
carried on in the border slave States and in the
nnn th m norta. (ha government troops will suf
fer from tbe summer heats, wnicn ao not so sneci
tha aaoMHiuanista. It ia. therefore, quite possi
ble that the first result, will be In favor of the
We bave,aowever, ao doubt that intelligence
and sndurlpe strength are on tbe aide of tbe
eovernment.and tnai victory cannot dui remain
with tha loyal side. We judge from the recent
nws that the dsodIc of the North have at last
learned to recognise and ralue justly the objects
and power of the rebels, who threaten their na
tional existence: and we believe that the North
Is now determined never to lay down Its arms
till the authority of tbe law 1 once more re
stored ln alt the seceded States, and tbepolltl
m! nowar of eleven; which haa grown to so mis
chievous a strength,, is destroyed. Twenty
three millions of oeooletrengthened by all the
arts of peaoe, and possessed of Inexhaustible re
source, are opposed to tore nunurau buu uity
thanaand slaveholder, font million of slaves,
and three millions of poor , whites, who, with
tha exception of a few cities, are thinly scatter
ad ova a broad sdsco of country, and are ao
customed to tbe most primitive and unsocial
conditions of life. ' J ',
Tha whole civilized world has an Interest In
thia war. It la a war whioh tbe people pf the
Northern States, cooservative by tbe nature of
their Industrial and aolitlcaipeDita, conio not
longer put off; and it Is a war which, nnder
perhaps ether aamea, many a nation of Europe
... a' . 1 la- a . T. Ia aawttW la .m
will bava to taxa np in iu turn, at w witu
ftha United States) as with of. the feudalism
of tbe middle ages is arrayed In arms sgainst
the citizenship of tbe nineteenth century; an
exploded theory or eociecy is lining up u uu
aaainas tha trinmnh of our thioklog. Industrial
mi nmirrMaiv centnrv: ft aeeerfir-stniei; Don
n . im ftnuikm slanfafiaiia dive btttle
le At rosrinff trindmUfe end twwUng chimnryi of
0 HMftA iVert. It I tb supercilious noDie
in arms anlnat the solrlt of the century, in
which the citiun te supreme. In such an issue
we can wish success only to tbe constitutional
uoverament. .,..;..,. , ..
Farmer's Tools.
' a avtfl nnmber of tool., and eome .kill la
their ate, will often eeve the far much time
in sending for i mecbenici and some expense ia
paying bim. Every farmer should be able to
make repairs ea hie wagoo. gates, Duuaion,
tc- A room, er portion of room, should be
devoted to keeping these toolr; a pin or nail
should be inserted for each one to bang on, ana
the name of each tool written or painted under
tbe pin, that it may be prompt! returned to its
piece and any missing one detected.' Keep
every tool ia lu place do. not wait for a more
convenient season, but return every one to its
plo the moment It is done with. If left outof
place a minute, it will bo likely " to remain a
week, and cause a loss of tlms ln looking for it,
a hundred times greater than ia replacing It
promptly. .Keeping everything Tn It place is a
habit, ooetingnothlog wbea formed.' -The tools
should be, ansmmer, saw, augur, brace and
bits, gimlets, screw-driters, wreach twe planes,
chisels, mallet, filee and ratp, sew-eet, trowel,
and a box with compartments for different sited
nails,1 'aorewir ante, bolts, to. Common farm
Implement "-end tools, each as boee, spades,
shovels, fbrka, scythes, tc.my be in th asm
room, oa the opposite aide, and tbe same pre
oautlona taken to keep every one ia it place.
Alex. H. Stephens Makes a Speech.
Atlanta, Georgia, appear, to b a sort of
central rostrum whafti ell the great men of the
i ' t .- . nn t lha MinnlA.
.AlxxII. Stxhixn. the lieutenant or, ittr-
DaVM. (oh. wbat a fan that we.ij with sundry
btOr dlgplttfles were el Atlanta en tne Aol
0n their way from Montgomery to helr
homer, JMaay epeeehes were made, denouncing
the "Abolition" North, and rallying the people
to- the defence of the rebel government. v
''We five what Mr. Stiniins said on the occa-
It le a. follower - ':
My Fdlow-etlizeniTbe lime, or speech
mgking ha paeeed, Tbe people, oar neara
u th.t on be laid. The time for prompt, fig-
-r ... . ... .a ,
OroUa, aecmiTB autiuu id uu ! "
do dttty i Upon the turface, affaire appear
to DeQUie. .0d I can give yon noeaUefaction aa
thai rm nondltion. It ia true that threata
of an attaok on Feniaoola hare been made, but
it la nncertain wbetber any attaoa wiu oe maae.
Am vnn knnw. an attack wai made on Sewell'e
Point, near. Norfolk, but the veesel making it
waa repnuea ana onauieu. ,ou tun gcunri
. i i: . In., th. Arilill.
" T"r x . .. t a J
opinion and jnaioawone are m vue ur ue-
nauon , m o
were, wnerewuu u-u. -
n, .,.1,h. n h loasbt nerce ana oiooay
battle.) As tor myeelf, 1 believe that there the
war will begin; ana mat tne nrei Doom oi can-
thit hraakc noon our eara will oome from
wt. point. . But let it begin where it will, and
be ae bloodvana proiongea as u w
..". .
I I - . .
Some think there will be no war; ae to teat
pIm. m.m or war. however, it U determined
I tn maintain onr notition at every hatard and at
eTerJ coat, na w Uriv dk iujciuimu.
AbolUion ,.m. - . oe -opeu u
nr.naratlona. Tt
preparations- Tbe war tt again.! all tbe prin
ciple 'on which the Government of tbe United
Htitai la&asea, i no arrest ui iu iiiuub.
hr tha order of President Lincoln, is an act of
' . . . . . , r rt i n
. J.,,... neTer thoufibt of xedine;.
. . w .. 'r I.i . . .u.
It Is an assumption oi power oa tuu ui w
Execntive which even Congress uad never dared
tonsaro: lor the Coottiiution ot tne united
I in I in Mr n : mr auw vvue
ilsf-gai. m-ovidee that no cttlten there-
i dep-rl-Ted of h
hie life, liberty, or prop
zcent as a puoisbment tor crimes, ana
I Arty cIvCLfb a 9 e liuu tsuiuvui
f , F , , , b rhi( eer.
awoolanlation declaring our porU in a state
. vlocr.de. ln violation of the oath Uken by
L lncoin when he was inaugurated President
y ,ud 8 ,e fot h. or to mottin the
' , onofthe United Sttes, which declares
n0 preferenc. ih,U ba giTeB by an
nmference ahall be etven bv any rerula
.lorei or revenui to the porte o? one
"0B 0 . 0f another Statet" and ba con-
aiders ne Dart of tbe United 3UtH: yet tbe
porta. of Boston and new xors. were open
tbe world, wnue unarieeton ana otoer oouiueru
noru were declared to be In a etate of blockade.
How dare be ieeue suchankasel - How dar he,
with tbe oath upon his lips to support the Con
stitution, trample that instrument in tbe duett
But he declared, shortly aiter bis insuguration
that he hal an "oath registered iu hieb Hear
en.", i By thia ba mesne that he has sworn the
auojuguwuii ,"""'. '
IlllOIUlom. wen, lei mem corns., nc .ityic
' . u f , , , exhibit: the spirit of n
Moby whoh u mbnti , u Nttb tnd
hr. Ki.h' I fat drlftinr tn anarch v and
ubU.hed. deeootlsm. On you, therefore,
lv,V ... i,,k nf m.. a m,nnu i:.
I Wilt CAIWV VlltJ SatafUaaa V wa was BP
Md stont Mml Md br4?e keart her
roBoor. . .lirtj, a conUnent. t
. ; , . .
i him. an aeaaim law psaaen.MUBu uBUBasarj
amneementa made te meet-any contingency
i . ,ul kA . nf . tnaarnmant la Praairlant
We prefer and deeira peace if we can bar
its but . if w cannot, we must meet tbe issue
forced upon us. We must meet Lincoln
his 'myrmidons on their own ground, and
their own terms on Constitutional principles.:
- So far, onr progress baa been all that
could expect. A government has beea organ
ised, Executive Departments and of&oee
piled, all MaHul law paeaa,anaau necessary
Davis who led the Mississippi .Rifle at fiuena
Vi ita and wboee flag never yet trailed in
duet. Thisaoble and true son ortbouu
goes to Richmond, to take oommand in person
cr our soldier tner, ana to iesu upon tua u
tl field against all th military power and
ent they can summon even to tneir veteran
chieftain, General Scott himself.
Whether brought to a biooay conmct or
we are prepared. Our people everywhere
lull or enthusiasm, ana strong in tueir Determi
nation never to submit to tbe rule of Lincoln.
Fathers, and mothers, and sisters are all ready,
and doing all they caa in aid of the cause.
an in tha rlehti and justice is upon our side.
We must succeed. The same God wbo guided
our fathers in the bloody Revolution, and who
made the glory of the late Halted State, is yet
troon the side of right end fustic. .Relying
upon Him who holds th destinies of all nations
la His hands, we will go forth to battle, resolved
to conquer or diet m ' ' .in
The Supreme Court vs. Military Authority.
1,1 01 IV .. .. , ,
T ike Editor of Hi Cineinntd Enquirers
v The habM$ eerpuf oase of John Merriman
was etided to-day,' ts it was expected that 1
would be.- The Marshal visited Fort McHeary
toeerva the writ, but was denied admittance,
After that officer bad made hie statement Chief
Jdstice Taney delivered t(he following decision
la the case'' i'$ ..wv.?. ; ..; ...i
So far as mv power goes, the Court feel its
duty to enforce ita protest against the contempt
enmmltted. The military is subject to civil
inflection: end I will briefly set down Ue
' ...... . 1 . . Y . . J I .U. . u L.
COarae 1 lutena to taas. ' a oruereu uic shhuu
ment yesterday, oecause, upon tne lace oi tne
at,,m. tha detention ei tne prisoner waa uu
lawful, upon two groundst rust, tne rreetdeat,
nnder the Coottltotiou and laws of tba United
8teee, ctn not suspend tbe privilege or the writ
of AaAeee eerrst, or eatberixe any military offi
cer to do so. Second, the military offioer has
no right to arrest and detain a person suoject
to the rulee of artioles of -war, for an offense
aaainat tha lawa of the Union, except in and by
tbe judicial authority or subject to ita controli
and if tbe party is arrested by th military, it is
th doty of th officer to deliver him over im
mediately to the civil authority, to be dealt with
aneordinff te law. 1 ' -! :- '' ' ' ; '
. 1 1 forbore yesterday to staW orally the provi-
aions of the Coostitutioa which make these
nrindTilea th fundamental lawa of the Union,
because oral statement might be misunderstood
in some portions of It. and I ahall therefore put
mv ooinion Id writing, and file it with tbe
Clerk in the office of the Court In the course of
.thiawak. ' ' ' ''" : ' ' ' 'V. r
; , in atatlnn to the nresent return the Court
said:' With relation to the present return,!
aiM ataM that tew Marshal aaa th power to
auinfflon the eetse eemitatti, and take forcible
possession of tbe party attached, bataa the force
f. I - .1,. mt thia tlnaa. th. affVirt
IB su .ara. - - --
wotiM ba naelees. " v..--. .-- . U
That being the ease, the Court ba no power
to direct the forcible taking or tbe party, bnt
only bis power under the laws of the land, wbea
tbe party is brought before It, to fore tbe lio
aration of the- prisoner by an order of the
Court, inmost tie fine and imprisonment upon
tbe officer making tbearrestf but if by anpe
rior force the party a anage to keep out of tbe
reaoh of the Court, it can but enter its protest
arainat it. I will redace to writing my opinion
in tbe case, and having dosa so shall report to
the president la person tbe facta, and lay before
bim the official document In tbe oaea. I call
ou bim to perform bis Constitutional duty, and
urge upon aim the absolute authority, a proper
recognition ot toe ionttituuou buu .,
' "The decision; was received by those assem
bled-many of whom -were'membtrt of tbs btr
with heartfelt exclamations of approbation, suoh
as: I "'Thank God for soh a man;' "God grout
a. ..-
CTLtrtaps Nosu, of ;Vflicnhel, has been
appbipted'.Adjutaoi General' afftte) Indiana
MHJda, la plana af Jok M. Wtu, whohas
been mide Colonel of one af the Indiana RsgU
[For the Ohio Statesman.]
Interesting Letter from an American
Interesting Letter from an American in Japan to a Lady in Columbus—
Politics on the other Side of the
World—Life in Japan—Ladies of
Japan, &c., &c.
Japan, &c., &c. KANAGAWA, March 30, 1861.
" Mr , Di Mae. C Th American P?er
ehip "Ktagnahet" graoefully "toon tDemua-MB
. .ri.. a.-Vnn mit thin If
our uj uttj umore joovki"j
Yon may think
i ha ffroundlnir of a shin
... v ... .
eo lar away; Dut yet out . u. rrr-
thii letter to vou. 1 nau mauo up mi man ii
wis letter to you. i a f ' tn
ner anu eeut eoouru wir.
.. I hid IntnnrtAH. when 10! eoe Eete Bfrrouuu
two hours after, and Is thereby delayed, so that
w i.iAii f-auiA Vmi basi tm nlmin
i no iuiuti hit lnicuuuu
as a pipe stem. Bhe could not get on wunout tne
letter to you, and now, lest tome greater mishap
overtake her, I will give her this amulet ol
nrnlmitinn Tha last mail orougnt mo juur auu
proieoiion. i no iaBi d ih a i
ji.-.. .iirt-.i-ii..Tha latter ia no
inuuuiTi uu, a uvii.iw j'B
- . lA.nHAa a H
moment to me, so many, many
th. fir. fr and embittermenta :of our
mntr. noliti;.. 'fiittinff'so far off, I look so-
. . 1 n. nMlallM.
is an aroiirameut oi "V.v"i".
ual f Ates, beyond the animosities or toe oor,
which man is but an instrument after all. ' Your
husband and I never could quarrel much in our
not separate enougn w per... , ... -k-.
laet malls mied us witn ramer u..v.
Ditlons for the future. .Wa '.had, the. news
of the secefsion of South Carolina and
as our little community is ires
worldwe are none of us indifferent to what Is
aoinu on amidst you. Tbe Americans havw the
gums vu "; ., . .w knA
interest oi tneir native coumrj n n.i .
... n 1 Vi .. . V. r.tAnila
our cagiisn, irencn, sua
with whom, as morcnanta, it is a quenuu i u-
revolution, Mem hardly Uas interested
.i - rrik. . r nnmmnilfln rained On
the Atlantlo shores, beat, too, on our island
pnaate I often th uk of what tneyouDg muiuu
said when tbe news of Cromwell's revolution
been ready passport: "How can I remain amid
tbe ease and luxury of Italy, while my country-
men ere sternly fighting the battles of liberty at
homeT" Cromwell would not have had hie Seo-
retarv, nor we that noble sonnet of liberty,
' Avenge, O! Lord, &c.,M but for thai spirit.
The want in our country Is of more patriote and
fewer politicians. A Iriend, a uougiaeije, wriw
came ttfhim in Italy, where he was enjoying the
lascinatione ot its best social and Intellectual life,
to which his own gracee of mind and pereon bad
could bang all the politicians,
Id be quiet in thirty days." Yet
na 1 unbounded that all will yet
me: "It we
nnnntrv would
faith and hope is unbounded tbat
wen. . i - ,T
I am no longer in a Buddhist tempie.as wueu
last wrote; no longer under Amida's special
e a a. a .aan n awl ffpnm
care and protection, .
the bouse of the gods to a "go-dou
mercantile JW?L
boxes were stored, but which bssOMnconverieti
Into dwelllore. : Thia gO-down,..OT wareuoum,,
. . . . . . inn r... k.
St rSKS nt hr.e Un'.m
. . .
f. Ihraa faml lipn- thUS ClVing wtKmnI
"" - ' " . . uii.
My friend Dr, oaieoupy
: it .d ' senarated from our aelgh-
bors on either baud by thin boarf parn ions,
. i i l I L. - 1 1 anhaifliAai ftr TWalw in IT
uixougu wu.uu ... sur,----- -r-v
.. . . - ai ...
HJ.w.Qa. wm.wh - - ' . ... .
swearing, penetrate w. .. .
V on.r "i .fcTIh-h
teat ao ioiiow tuo ,.
and more emphatic petitions carry tuo u.y.
course we have ao family secrete among
Ita nnnveniencee. tOO! our left
are a couple of young Bostonlan., and you may
- ... i i . a.n
,. csn hear the orders to the cooks.- ,Tb i. ba
Imagine me going to my bedroom, and after
knocking against the partition
gives his biU.ol
fe..nd if it's better than mine, why, I invite
-i j: iri..i.l,.H inniM I
T7 T. '
Mai. than AMU. ailf ailBUIB, UIDU1UK IU
"1 h . o'clock la itl" I cons gn the
say.H , hat o ciocx is ui a
wS Voo a?s a little fast7Wh.t
rougo'ing to have for breakfa.tr IlV.ooonve.
,.- ...n...
."hM'of bread! t r,5 b3d
barrel whisky, and one ditto of flour, but finally
concluded he bad better take both whisky, aa
would "suit his people better." But you will
nv . - r . . 1 L
serve a favorable feature, tbat onr neighbor,
. . . J.Lil 1. lla Hklnka
a. tbe book-Becpera.ay, ueoit
ale. not our bouse we nave
nnnatohhnrl nnarrels. becaUBO,
haven't the material ; we are all high gentlemen,
hnt mv meaamate.and his wife is in America,
J. , . it r a . ....
or on tbe sea coming over. . nes pus wn
r..v" Tin r:.tSr. ranch, and I ahall
our neiguoors
to th. whisky
no friendly
so, d'ye see,-
niaaon' 3 .:v.V.!- Z N I
et possession.'- -
'o? miaZ"u: nv "ir
DOUH lOUl Ml 'UU'' J J-
In America! Our sitticK room, where I write!
U 12 bv 12. Off it i. our front halll 6 by 9, aqd
a dining room 9 by 18. Then' two bed-
room. 12 by 12, one servant', room 6 by 9, and
.tore closet 6 by 9; back hall, containing; plate
W.v v.vuw. . . ,a 1 .
closet and sundries, ODy a. wnat mors so we
i Th.viirii.nii nntdonrs. under a' shed. I
wau, ' ---v. . .Z .
Won't I be magnificent wnen I get an mis to
miself t Then we have a splendid back yard 6
by 40, and a front one 10 by 20, with a'Hblgh
fence that one cannot see over except at the
tops of some- nobleoid pine trees eneVeameiias
in blossom. Then it is very easy to run out of
tha gate, and there Is the wide street :and the
great sea plashing within stone's throw, soft
breexes and sea air and nice sweet fragtahcee!
I forgot to eay mat tnis new oome u tures uiuti
from my old one, across the bay. .Don't yoa
Imagine for a moment that 1 do -"not take to
this life like a native," as your letter Bays. I
am growing more and mere Japanese every day.
It's a paradise of a land; suoh a beautiful coun-i
tryo delightful a climate. I do not believe there
is such another land in the world for picturesque
landscapes. I ride horseback a great deal; we
are limited by treaty to a radius of 25 miles,
yet eaoh time I go onl It it through some new
path amid fresh attractions. For rides.for walks,
nature'a configuration of the country and man's
adornment ot it cave maae -it peericss. sue
suburb of Boston and tba vuralitie of the
Hudson and the Sound, endlessly multiplied and
combined. Were the country wholly thrown
open to foreigner, and Ufa .eoureo I .do not
know that I would Wish to leave lapsm. It
oommoi people are kind, polite, and hospitable;
It I only theswoiaea cists. tas.t mate, us boj
trouble. We have no opera, no theatre, no art,
to be sure, but tbe beauty of natural life gives
use grander harmony,' more beautiful specta
cles, end pictures that the' limner's art can
never imitate bnt feebly. Surely I am black
anoneh to be a JaDtnese. Tbe children the
rwnnia in the country. Say as 1 pass "Nlpon
man." Nioon man:" as the German said of
English, "I specks the language a few;" all 1
nad ia more nerfeotioo in this, the betakieg of
Mieaaifta aasweed and vacatablse as a diet, to
tha ill tra wah tab. a browless and blacktooth ed
wife, and tbe transformation ia complete. Tbe
ruddy brown cheeks of Nipou's daughters grow
more beautiful, tbeir toilets becoming; even to
their feet bare end red to their knees; iurm
tnraliwa honeet and mat-floors seem more -end
more passable) indeed I think delay iadaegereut,
it I linger oa these shores.. , v
. But I have reeled offa long yarn to you, and
have not left enough of yoar patience to read
what I might write in answer to your questions
about tba women of Jepan. I am tery ready
to answer auoh Questions so far as I am able,
for I sometimes forget what would most Inter
est where aU Is strange, and I like te receive
such questions, for they provoke observation
and tnaulrv on mv own part.' So, If I do not
answer them nowrI "ill nromise,lt iq some shape
byand.by. '-. - i u .
1 Thee is nothing in Japan' that Im much with
my lady friends at home oonld fee, aa a group
of Japanese ladies in mil ur. ausir w..n is
so unique, and such an expression of their idea
of refinement and taste, that yod would be most
curiously interested in it.s A lady I nod$h
got np with about aa mucu time buu i to
a in A marie. . and her coiffure l a miracle of art,
requiring at least an hour's time of tbe experiea-
ced hair areeser. en gompum u
is it, tb.t a young lady who Vcan do up-her own
h.i.H iw daamrdi vers aaaomolished. YOU In
quire after ay print ot their costumes, if they
are ootrecv o. i ae sometimes so nir
aaniatinns of their costume, but- not of their
faces. ,1 tare A portfolio of water color ipaioe-
ings made by a native artist, wno nas naa xutva
tuition, which are faithful and capital rWoaeu-
tAl ananf Jknaneee lilej in Uiei lutore u wutu
1 h7ie to be home again, I may hate the pleat-
iAivtn vnn Alum oeedinelT lntereet-
uitf eketohee of eubjeot glen by yelfvI
. . I H . I 1 ..Int. Ma
n und tiiu inrea in tneir uiuni ynu' "
gure on.tbe left ie very good, though, at you
have aeT0 lecn it 6a an animated wearer, it
will doubtleee look a little "mixed" to you.
renreeenti a lady llltt out of the bath, preper-1
ig to drese her hairr-The ooetume of the fl- i
styles of 'head dresses
jcev tney quit
The faces are oarioaturesi Indeed, the most.oi
r fflmfttM ara taken lrom itasa
s.-v- r, " .,,
wrcuo, auu uu.uB ,
, k fllka thoe wfsons in their dressed
----r-T . , J... ... .;..
up cnruvw.." "v v.. r-- w.D.,
false half and wtoni oi
1 nd hflnd daVflrlDffSa. t lOQ Will
-------o- . i. - r
ourao , uow -", ;rv, f
Soma of them wlllyet be Uken up by the Mr
i.ns. J
buuiiuk uiuorou owu v. - -o
...ii- Monirad to drees tha toad;
I rtch aa combe, hair pins, scarfs, ptterns,,0.
i i . . - m ni
I V. 11 I ... At .KnnMI I UFD UlK.wri 'Wliir. HT
i :- '
d aehd you, some other time, ploturea of face
or costume, if I ctn fiod any at H .accurate
t. " ""r" . .1" .Tm Tk- th ..
to yoa, anu dpp y ;
gestlveness of yours.;-1 have but few corres-
pondents, yet my writing an i comes " "N"'
'tuTSf her aa' a
JVU. ---r-- "
I eorrespoadeot. BhaU 1 qbarge u to tui w
count of woman's forgetiuinees.omoi 1Kn'ouM
arotusr.. tf r"tt . .:..!
8ammy. .. ', r. , .
If honest Abe does me Justice and makes me
. .w r..nlh.1 l.lnHl.I hnnaha and VOd
imj w w, vmuim .-.P. --r- -
I ill I A A aumM.. In m AMlHl f A
i win vuiub buu f ..-u, , .- --
treat, i oere r wui -
by tba, and if. be will only boiler, 'through
I tha t.artaUn hnra. In the State nOtte -yard,
think I may hear him at the cave's ear. We ro
not so tar apart, aiter an, dt ins tnruuBn uV
bv tbe
Pl.ase suggest to tba A. B. C F. M. that an
And pow this letter starts on its long Joorney-
logs, crossing the ocean and one continent
gwe you greeting; With kindest memories
both, I remain, on that side or thl or the
economical wsy of. evaogelixlng the heathen,
will be to send some "son of thunder",to preaoh
in the artesian pulpit. 1 ' : '
. iLl. l.a.U ata.ta Aa ttalnntf UllMw
F. H.
Foreign Intervention in Mexico—Her
Political Situation to Influence the
Destiny of the World—Approaching
Fall of the Republic to a European
Power. [From the London Times, May 13.]
In reply to a question from Mr. Biitt, Lord
Uuha Russell announced, on the 10th of May,
tht Tsir Charles Wyke, our Plenipotentiary
oir baai e j , iDracti0n
enforce the conventions under which a Certain
--j.. --.-'.r. '.ru" j..
lHiia lar us nftTmeQi oi me imcroHiui vuo uvun.
Supposing these instruction, to be vigorously
-,.j Bnnn. th hftndhoidere.wastever mav nao-i
I -I .-.: .'.::. .'i i!
i .am I. t..,na. r,i, f. f mn Tagmariy ta
r-- - r-- - , - -., - chj-f
ceive a portion ot tbe.r d.es. - - i becn.ertn.Dg
nr I HUUVlUKU ev a"F' - r-- '
-- tni .nd-.Mion. habitually toleraud
I. nw of it he ns rcaietea. fine coumrv. even
nr.d bv th. officials. The service
such an Individual would be no less raluabls
,1,. R,.,. ,h.n th. Ermii.h crtditora. and
us, n?.,or. "H!r "
y "-"rr"
i iinir.. m iinu uh unumuu ui uiituniusa luuv-
I ' . Tr ' .
fore, is a thing tbat an never occur except irom
. 7""".t Z"
government men ugu..
sn iiDIiiBinato renueui ui t ui vi
bouse, or bond be may have purchased from
. ... .-.ho-itie.,
In the event of peaoe
maintained, experience shows tbat tbe : pr.ovi
n- sions maae wr tue oouuuoiuers migui soon
, ..,!, .ufflolent. and that at an ord narv
1 -ould becomeltmple
are if the government can be induced to
.j ernnd that haa rnau ted lrom analogous proceed
... d . . . , . . , . . .1 , -
ug. In j
kave btenieoaidtd turn er lAree veers bck
ob- there would, at least, be the prospect
I ivntw ansla nail ainna swan
ak. A
I. .
render of the republic to a European
oould not arise except aa a consequence
ministerial indifference here, bnt the
keep way la', which the seizure of. St.
I Wars VtCK
..Usaction, M now out tA
prospect or its
nance, being sustained, since even, the
are, nances vvibb siiim, ium , uo
and Power would I scarcely like to Increase the
iws, of confiscation by which she is at present degra-
we dsd. , Of course such a contingency a. th.
has been -contrived,, suggests, vigllanoe. In
.,,.. Th. la nnnnt to .hlnh
Elf Vn7n. with uZZ
. ; - I
U England, .ince; .be know that i.ng-
land desire, only her independent! and growth;
but, the laet dreg, of anarchy having been
drunk, it 1. plain that; without .upport of eome
kind, she will fall to any nation that choose tb
, f.U. .M..na. .aJ . aaal. k.. awl ,1.1
iij t pim iw ("it"". "-
out blows. Tbat a land richer than any other
. . . ,.u ., j i. .1 - .... r
in mmerai weauu, bhucu m im,ijwuiw
the commerce of the world, and forming the
natural highway for tbe greater portion of the
truffle between .the East udlbe West, ctn,
amid the changes that are now taking place, e
elfowrd maeA ieaoer te eontism ea ineitino prey
it cut otAe geeetlon; and if thoae who are most
interested in ner weuare pee omy to os per
mitted to remain untroubled with her affair.',
thev must not complain if they . find other, less
passive, ln a few weeks tbe public Will proba .
bly learn In what direction and with what vigor
the powers oi Sir Charles Wyke have been ex
ercised. In any case there can be little doubt
IDllalBKII H UHUnu IU ncuaiw nuibu vuk-i
. tan t .1" a. I
eive te Mexico, the evenU of 1861 in that quar
ter will ie ef mtsa imporUsce In lluir boaritg,
eommeret!, poUtiul end rciiyious, sa the drstt-
aies of the world.
Col. Ellsworth's Last Letter.
Tbe following is it copy of the letter written
by tbe lamented Col. Ellsworth to. his. parents
the aigbt betore nis aseassinetioni -
WASHINGTON, D. C., May 23, 1861.
Dsi FTHta and ¬
ment 'is ordered to move aorots the river to
nleht. We have no means of knowing what
reception we are to meet with. I am Inclined to
evia nmninn that nnv antpanns 'to tra titv At
. . " . . ... J- .
Alexandria will ne nouy contesteu, as 1 am just
. . . . . . ... -
informed a urea lorce nas arrivea tnere 10-aay.
Should this happen, my dear parents, it may b
my lot to be injured ln some manner. Whatever
may happen, cherish the consolation that I was
eoKaeedintbe performance of a sacred duty;
and to-night, thinking qvef the probabilities of
to-morrow, and tbe occurrences or the past, I
am perfectly content to accept whatever my
fortune may be, confident that He whs noteih
evea the fall of a sparrow, will have some per
eose even in tbe fate of one like me. ' ' ;"
My darling and ever-loved pareate, goodbye.
and -' ' ,T
Whisky vs. Bullets.
An ol4 aoldlett offers rtbefoIlorIng txceUriot
advice to Tolhnteersj !" -a ei--
"My boysl if any among yoahtrebeen In the
habit of drinking much whisky, quit Itl .11 yoa
continue to .drink hard, you are dished your
more sober comraaes win oury yon. - in tne ser
vice yoa have to undergo, whisky will . kill sou
with more certainty than the balL or shall.,-. If
yoa are exhausted after a long march, a jorum
of strong tea and a chunk of state bread will do
you more good than all tbe whisky tbat was ever
concocted. The boatmen of Canada will tell
you tbat. Coffee is not goodt bat a Jorum of
strong tea will check a- tendecoy to dysentery
end bowel complaint. . Soap is good.. Muoh
meat ie bad ia hot weather j the less meat tbe
less blood, the less blood tbe let load to oarry
bone ead sinew make tbe soldier, not blood.
I A. light diet may go bard oa otea of strong ap
petittdj out ne tnai nvee eooeriy ana ngnuy wm
recover of hi wonnds quicker, and trouble the
hospital laa.thaa the maa that dxnju tjtrd and
gorges himself incessantly." :
The Advance of an Army Into Western Virginia.
Maj. Gen. McClellan's Address to the
Citizens and Soldiers.
- n jZ .frernootrit about 4 oftocaldJaT
MoClellan received Information that two bridge
and BHairi nudel
KelJey Jlat Vlr-tal
MarieUa, on Pa.ke
had haen burned near Farmloffton, on the B. &
O. R. R., and that arrangements had been ma le
to burn tba others between mat
f ' "' o"owdk, pivswawwim.
1 khd addreaa to tba troops, were issued oy ueq..
rimoiuaaonsly with tha advance
TM inhabitants have manifested tha most oor
Point end L
Wheelingr Th General bso been maaing ar-i
nJU to mora pJSt
Itiaft UtMUigeoct ciui mm w
menu na returnea onw uviuuj
b . t i i - A a aJaenna - Onal I
laisiiiaWi u flfnnn o ornai-B mr tu iuthuuoi
colurod wa directed, to mora ffom rVbeellog
nude eemmaadoi &jOI .
Vokiauersi another lrom
Parkersbnrg, under Col. Steed-
man. 14th Ohio, Volunteers. These offloers were
directed td move with caailon, and to ooeupy all
thebrldges'to., aaUiayiadvanoad.. At mid
night of Monday, the rebels evacuated Grafton
In great haste, on th. news of the approaoh of
Col. KeJley; Wbo was probably in posseBsiun
2 wnww . " "
, Viaoiauns: Tba General Government hat
,naured the maohiaatlons of a few factious
.. -. u. i A ,..u... !,.- In
i reueie in your niiuit. arww . m.
I . . ... J . . I ..mu.i.s
i rip enoeavorea to sk jh
Uxon, osnsplraey, dignified by the name of
Southera' CoBfederaoy, t tney are aesirojiDg
the property of oltliens of your State, and ruin
...niSMni railwava - Tha General
ooVernment 7 baa heretofore carefully
to lUlfl6j from sending r .troop , across
ot tbf , oh,6;, . or .., u?mr. pj.tfag, ., them
lu , bsnks ... although frequently
; urged by many of your prominent citizens to do
w0 j, determined to await the result of the
late election, deslfous that no one might be
Ivajitu wuuvsivtfiw y - r
mi. lntaltv at the polls: having failed in this
infambua attempt to deprive yoa of the exercise
I r nn riaaraat rishta. thev now seek to IntDKU'
I' - I . I ......... I..UU
. , a m M .n nr taprar. ana ion, iuiub luu w jioiw
n thair ephamM. ana suomn to ins vou in
ableto aay that tbe slightest effort bad -been
mt(j from this side to influence the fre
rf J0Q, 0fUWt 4m,0Uo, u,a
1 ...nniaa hronirhtto bear noon you by the I
influence the free ex
I H..t.nrtian Tt
i . . . -. . .
bbbioubuuo. - r.r-. - ,
I Um. .Thu iwne 11 unrmtiai SDO VOUr
re. , i . j . .
t,othe-as enemies only to to. . armeaj roe
brought to bear upon you by the rebels
were well known. You have bow ebowa, under
tbe moot adverse circumstances, , that the great
mats of the people or We tern, Virginia are
long. Aa soon at the result of tbe election was
" ' " yiar lmfaaai four
are safe, under our
I ii " i.Li. .V.ll a.l! .In.tbl
m protecuon. . au your nuis .ub.. o
... Notwlthstaadiag all that baa beea aald by tbs
traitors to indues you to oeueve toat ur Bu
yout among yoa will be
sues: wm im,
tha traitor to Induce you to oeueve tut ur
. ..t .mn von will be signalised by Intorre
..... uh ni,i .lav... undentand one tbldg
clearly aot only will we abstain from all .ocb
-.. h.T, nart Now. that we are In your mld.t,
a. a - ...
, ..ll..... l.l. (n lakil enit enmit
i " vr" j "J '- ',7'
utT, iee. but' we will, on tb. contrary, with
G'ovsrnmebt. 8eyW '"
. rtefl
uvii, rr -, .
WesterO Virglnis, ana tnai you re..0
Major-General Commanding.
May 26, 1861.
1 SoLDitas: You are ordered to crow
frontier and enter upon the .oil "of Virginia.
Your mission Is to restore peaoe and oonbaeooe
Ol 1UD iBKlUlBlln
uUk the persons ana property
State toetasa; out rweamB .
of the armed traltors,-nd show, mercy even
adroit 1 'be,n hn thy re Jn yoer I 'nD'
them are. misguioeu. ; w u., j
Wlta K-" - r,YI ' . .u.i. r..u. A
n- "r "": "r iTii.
Utter "..T",:
..... nhin .n,
stain keeping thai honor o : Ohio u
If ou J re ' "r w
wr- P"oa. ' "K?
the Union.
overcome armed
courage is equal
the task : but remember tbat your only foe.
on, the .low, men, oi t""l.OT;'re,u'
qu havbeea enabled to organize and. Mm, they
. Vol th.m.elv. and youcanbea return
to your homes, with the proud satisfaction of
... a a . . 1 j ......
having preserved a gauant pwyi.ruiu obhuv
Maj. Gen. Commanding.
t j; :y ; 1 1
Hi tu t v i M
... . ...a . . .a . A . . . .
eralaai OA evanifj naytr-lArd.
. ,. ' , r . . ,
1,000 yards Boper Plata Black Bilks St UlOO valt
at 2B Dryard.i" "' " i
' . . ..,,,,
,500 Trds TnnMog Drea sbd Tlsntl -Good at
19 lg eeats value CO etnls pet y aril.
vale 80 cent per art. ir, r - r ; vt'
g.OCO yards ViM and Cosoeiilo Olnghtml greitly an-
derval.. ' ,: i 1 .' ' t ' t ' ii'J '.'
'.' 1 -AIM:- ; - 1 -l
CHAUtS,' f OVLBXD ! Slltt.'
! noun abeoct, iavbiim, . ';
) lAWM.'cAUooja'. 'ropuNs, ' "t
New and Faeaicmable Drewa GSxxls
Id the most dtilraUs stylsi and st very losers prices.
I a. ... . a.i. ..J.I. A.w.t.l.11.11 MinmrilM
vi au nai., "
I a. I . at,, .l.M.f a-l.a I.
1 tne iai rans .
the dty.
-I '
: may 30
BA1IC e 805j
StBoath Hlghstiteu"
Sxunmex Under Garments,
j . Ladles Oaaa Marine do. do.
leant Bilk Drawers and Shirts.
Gent Indie Oaui Dniwert and Shirts fcM a.:
" OottOU .-laii.-VVViilTI'
M n.n. If..A Rhtv'a.e.'.MCl'i l'a.r
Whit and Brows Drilling DraSBiB. 'v M,
Whit Lines Prawcrs. - . so , .11 ii mu
BKtralarg Under Bhlrts.' t'j.J-.! ni .
Buptilor iDgllsb Ball Hose -t .-
Long Blocking. J - -V
fancy OottoaBaVBot j.i".c
BuepBdr. ... n .. .1 'jt,
OohUaHUllWrts. u-.uia.ii ..- .
" toy aula ia f reat varrety and at BOdsTata
prlotSi YT1
1 1 .--n, s -i (:, ; ; , w. Botk Ulgkstre!, i
l'mSy9U.lfM t trfj b a.l-.'vjiau )Mi7i
: o.
; I-
pUo.?,v.WiteS1L!pllsZT. SpringSj
This JfAtOEni. Resort woe pE;ojra
, ! oruxio'iLo icox. .
fiMlLitt psaaunt aaaapijre swua nt tsatoit) oi st
I oooauoaaTsa at BsooaiB Batts.
i FOliOOS OB DIFOillllXldS
r.K kaudbess cr n v :w ,
., H , " .0 Si" iii(na.n,r j; -a.. B WATHIE, IV
, i 'Owta' friVf f b?,ei.vreta C,lo."
mty Wilusaojj-i uie ' r:
Notice to Contractors.
r Candles.
SKAtiCD paOPOAIi -eslved
at the OlBot o( the Oommlmry Gsnsral
of Ohio, until SATUBVaY, Jane 1, ltDU.at o'olook If.
M.. for lb tollovlDt eataUtenoe stoics, te b dellTtrcil
at ZinasTllle, Ohio, viai .
BUS bamlsMus Fork.
Stt.OOU poaodi Hard Bread. . . i
800 huihsla WWts Baat (In btrreli ) '
o uin . i- V! A,,..., fliiMr fin harrois 1
.Vniio nnnnii. ma Gaffe. Routed and Uroiind.ln i
pouna pawarea.
j l'm Poond Hnl Bop.
. w Mrnu
1 HsBjnnlM Mnnh
HamDlM naulrsd of Braad. Coffne. Sugar, Candlas and
Soap. '.' - j
. BnryartleletobtputapinsoiindpaeUitcsorsnmolant
atnn.Ui for transporutloa without Injury, sad to W or
tha first qaality. Noallowanct mad for packages.
One-half th snppllos to b deUrered to th Atslsiant . .
Commissary by Thursday, tha 13th dtvof June. 1801,
and tb nmalnloi half on th 83d day of Jun, tdOI.
Bidders wm stai wnsmsr bid oover tn wnon na
of arUolss, or whether suok articles as any be selected
will be furnished by them, at th prlo nuned, or any
other prlo. Bidden mast be prepared to enter into
oontract, at too, oa . the aeoBptanc of their bids, and
It sallsraotory SKUtlty for the fulfillment of th ooo-
rct' ! 1 V t ' Cji o, p, BUOKINOHAtf, '
ti . " v commissary uensrai ox vmo,
Oolumbus. Ohio, May SS, loul. .
" ' T .t in --1 i 1 ; . .
" ProposaU will also be rclred,t th same time and
place, for th seme articles, and same amounts, to be d-;
llvered at Marietta, Ohio, In th followlnf manner, via:
On -half by Thursday, Jun o, iooi, aou
Thursday,J!Bn13ih1ieul. All tobs on sbib condi
tions.. (1? , -A ...... ; .wnwewntTAW
. . k . v. I. suuainuul
.:... i -. i - Oomalssary General of Ohio.
Columbus, Ohio, May 88, lrJ01.-msy!il):d3t.
O etired atlheofflooof th OomaUsary General of
Ohls, until IBIDAY, MAT 3)s at 9 o'olock P. U., for
turnuhinc ; ... ...
iftr Thousand lba. of Hard Bread,
days thwaft.r, until the whole Is deiiwed, Also,
.1 . ... ml.. a, AM.
, i.uriM. t zumt n. unio. ae ioiiowb. vm
t nnn nv tussobt. m '""a " .
Hyrd at Marietta, Ohio; on-thlrdby Tuesday, June
U. and on-thlrd rery three days thereafter.
Bids will be reostred for a part or th shols of eaoh
amount, and th Oomalssary General rctarr th rlfrrit
to apportion th aaouat to parties whs exhibit suOV
elent oapadty to falBll th eontraet.
. Tb Broad must twwU packed In rood barrel, without
charge for package. .
It Is dlttlnotly understooa that in nraaa snau n oi
th belt quality, and bidder Bust be rady to ntr Into
contisst with satisfactory security for performances.
ZB-.pl. required. o;p;BrJ0KINOHAM, '
, . i ' 1 Commissary General of Ohte.
' Columbus, 0.,MsyS8, 1801.-ma,29:dSU
.. m.t.i. n..wi. na..n. ..,i
I VUani 01 rreinaiw pi"i -r
, - .
A t M J t T nrtUUl
e.day and Thunday Ev.nin,,,
1 1 may 29th 80th.
. ;
iTT". iBrs Brand.
from their late)exUnsIe Southern tour, Bad on their
,.v way Korth,
:i . r-- Will give two grand
At tbetboT Ball, Introducing each ereolug an entirely
sW selection of Aou, (elected from th gems of Ethio
pian Minstrelsy.
Bach svsnlng Id front of th Hall, previous to opening
th Soon, by th N Orleans and MeUopolltan Troup'
Brass MOB.
Door ooea at T Concert to coaueecn t a quarter to
8 o'clook precltely.
. AUUUelOM. SjeaatS.
' i o. h. surBtz,
", , ' llaaager tnd IusIubs Agent.
''-my 88 did -
Ia all ease of eostlveneM, dyspepsia, billion end Uvsr
--i anecucms, pirn, ncaaiaiMn. ai .
to hmi nd ail general itoianfent of halth
I the nils hav Invariably proved a eertaln and pdy
A I nnder seal. In a Dlalo
IT:l fx??' Baw"
to I
are I
or Stmlnal WaakntM, Sexual DtblUty, Nerroueness.In
voluntary Emissions abd ImpoUincy, resulting from
Balf-ahsN, Ae. By Robt. J. Oulrersell, at. D. taut
nv10p, lo an 7 aaaraae.pon
two stamps, by Dr. OUA8.J.0.
New York. FostOBo hoz.hs
ifiHt, t . i mai41:3mdke
a singi. trial will ptam the life miu aeyeM
IhaMiwh nfavlmhelltlon In Ih llUmatloB of eVSTV PS- -
tint. J. .'.." 7 ,i.;-.A i ,'.'.' . ' .' .' '.;,.'
Dr. Ufft's PhtealB Bitten sill be found equally f .
aoadeas In all cases of oervout debility,' dytpapeta, h1 -Kh,th
sickness Incident to female In dellcat haltb,
and every kind ot weakness of the digestive organs.
for ml by Dr. W. B. MOIf AT, 33$, Broadway, M. T. '.
tndbyallDniKlsU. aayS-dwl
-J foUowlnf it an extract froa a
letter written by pi MV. B. lioim, paner am
Plerrepoint Street Baptiat Church, Brooklyn, It. T.,to
th "Journal and Messenger," Cincinnati, 0., and speak
eats nee In hror of that world-renowned aedldne, Ma,
frnus'i SooTUia Brior roa OsiuBsa Tacranai
"W see an adrertlsmcnt In your columns of Mas
Wmuw's BooTHim Bvaur. Mow we aaver aald a word
a. . . . B ..... Ian, a..
in ...or B. a pea, awitaiw wmi- ia wa. ..a.. "- -. .
Iflooinpellediosaytoyourr-aertUiatthlUno huaa
I W tm. am aTMW .W M U ALL IT
c2.ut, it u probably on of th aost eureewrul aedl-
etnaatf theday, beoana U Is on of tlxbeat. Andthote
of your read who bar babittoaa'l do better than
,0, ,Uppi,. , oc87:lrdkW ,
To cettsumptives.
The Advertiser, having been restored te health in a few
veks by a vry slajpl remedy, aXUr having uffrd etv
eral yean with a seven long affection, and that dread -
disease, Consumption Is anxious to make knows to hie
Ullos sufferers themeapiof eur.
To all who desire tt, h will send t copy of tbe pTescrti -lion
used (free of charge), with the direction for prepar
ing aad using th tarns, which they will lad a area Ota
for COimmmoR, Amu. BaoxcatTis, fce. The only
ohject of th advertiser In sending the Prescription is to -bn8t
tb afflicted, tad spread Information which be eon
eetvestobe InTaluabto, and be hopes every suifererwlll
try hi remedy, as It will cost thtm nothing, and may
prov a blenlng.
.fame wismng in prcnpuou win pn
1 tv. aiwuii a.
William sbunrti.
Kings County, Mew Toik.
a i.f -v. aTTNSa. r
III It 1' m AT7rliJ ' -j-
ii !
. . ... Ll.tJ!tLm aJr,'. tfeinhlnai artob1
T .1 1,1 nine. M...l..aaiw. ..w. " i .. .
u . .. ' ... . iir.n on each soaohln tola. .
JVi .n. V comnelled to msk return to hlo, andn , -
oath, SS to th number sold, hi book give ,r, on
, thl. nil. 1, la lonrot wa bavs emainca in
following siatUUos. Of the machines maae u
l,UirwroM,, O'J V ) A
WBHwiira ,,7,i,,r"" 10iy,r "".'."T
1 ' I.M. BlnsrCo... ''Sf.''.., 4
Ti.r ! w flrover Stkr...."'",w'',,DW ' ,
th of any othr Compn r
' Atanled th Mghes 0SSrinsVtd 1SC
.r Waif timm '-"TV1
" 1 Ohio Btsts fat ot 1859 sad 1861 . '
- and at SllJU tn? Oouat, lair, in
toK2 wTaaa whbos biaohi-- makj.ti--
. .lila.nleB which caiinot braT-d. It, .
KSasCsSTtlSa, toartoi ao I
ZRJZfSZ' Van iswiflf(sw M,
I! .'... 'Wal'BtJMNBafcOO '

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