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Serious Relapse of Senator Douglas.
TAeduU'tco it Ul nlslit from Chicago,
...Ids- the sad .uteUeoce that Mr. Dououa
. . . . I
d that b would not live through the night, will I
'. - .. 1 'L 1 1
be resolved with tne moat proiouna regret " i
.ii. nnt ml b hli nerional and ooltieal
friends everywhere, but the people at large.
M.t God restore him to health, and strengm,
.j fMiivfi hli nrscloue Ufa to tba service of
bis sfllloted country for many yeara to coma. .
- I
Serious Relapse of Senator Douglas. How the War is to be Conducted.
Ther haa been much speculation la the prose
aa to the manner In which the war should be
aonducted. and tba objecta for which it is to
h.. .i-m,l. Soma editors that wa could
WW ymwwww
name hare dwelt at length upon what they re
tarded as lta main feature, Tit.: to free tha
black rass in tba South. Some have aven spo
ken exultlccly at the prospect of a servile In-
eorreojon In the whole South, and the annlhl-
i..t .r ii.. vr tnhKUn h tha nuroea.
L... a.a . nfiinUDn of the
property of tha rebel States, and a partition ol
Uamong thaVoInnteerarmy. Itha. been ex-
altingl, deolarad that" the Southern people must
rJTil!S ..h..nm..nd children drlren
. . -a ...
. .M .u tnld iu .trv. and msnr
' .
hontospellere " bare uttered the most deril-
ishaemwt. connected with the prowenaon of
The great masa of the people of the free
atmtmm h. Tint IMP till! Rt Vll ill thetM llliOSS.
..tinned in an av the wicked or Insane
oojidoctof the partiea to whom we refer; nor
has the Administration giren any indication
that any suuh a system or warfare wee design-
ad. . The military force Is simply pnt in motion
to put down rebellion, restore order, possess the
public property, and enforce the laws.
e.. r..n.l in tha field who has written
one word on Ibie subject, or who has had occa-
.ion to m. has distinct shown that be. aa the
agent of the Government and noting for it, baa
recognised It as a duty to protect sure proper
ty and put down insurrection among thenegroee,
should It occur.
. Tha Major-General Commanding the Depart
ment ol Ohio baa just issued a Proclamation to
the people of Western Virginia, and also to thai
Ohlo Volunteers about to enter the Old Domln-
Ion, In which be distinctly .row. hi. policy, and
of oourse the policy of the Government. In
speaking to the Virginians, be says: ;
lfotwlthitandinr all that has btan aaid bj tbt traitors
to todncajou to teller tnatonradrratunonsroawiH
M ilnallita by rnttrfarence with roar slaves, nader-
tandoo thio otnrlr not only will w aouaioirom
.11 such iattrttmce, bat w will, on lb contrary, with
aa Iron band, enuh any attempt at iDiurreetlon on thalr
part. Mow, thtt we art In your Bfdtt, I call upon you
to fly to anna and support tha General OonmmenU
. evr the e innocOoa that binds yon to traitor pro
lata to tho world that the ttlih and loyalty so long
bouted by the Old Dominion ar Hill preferred la
' Weittrn, Virginia, and that you remain I rot to tba Stars
and Btrlpei.
And to the Ohio Volunteers he says :
Bountar Ton are ordered to eroti tha frontier and
oator upon th aoil o I Virginia. You mlailon It to iw
alors peaot and cooadosoa. to protect tho majcaly at the
taw, aod to rcaen oar brethren (rem the grup o( armed
tnltori. Toaarato act In concert with tha Virginia
troopt, end to lapport their adranre.
1 plM aixler tba aafognard of your honor the panoni
ni nnnat, af the V Lriiniuil. I know that TOO Will
motet liu-lr feelinn ud all their rlhU. t leierv the
tncUel dtiaiplina, remanber that each one ot yon holdt
in bis keeping tne Honor oi unto ana oi uw unum.
' ir ov an eallod npoa to OToroonwarraod opposition,
, I know that your ooorag iaoqaal to the Uak; but re
,' member that your only loo an the armed traitor, and
bow mercy eren to them whea they are In yon power,
formaay of them ar mlafuldod. When, aader year
proteetloas the loyal men of Western Virginia have been
nab led to orginix and arm, they ean protect tbem
aelrei; and you can then return to yonr hooea, with the
proud utlifactloncr having preferred a gallant people
from destruction.
Noble sentimento, these, of a noble man; and
their Influence in Virginia will be as good and
effective aa thousands of bayonets.'
: ' Now let It be understood that we have the
policy and objects of the war promulgated to ns
by the Administration through Major General
MoCluxan, lis commander in the Department
of the Ohio t and the man or press, the
politician or divine, who continues to discuss
the slaverv Question in connection with. the
war, and to utter Janatical, wicked and devilish
sentiments on the subject, is, and should be ao
regarded, an effective friend and ally of the secessionists,
who is giving to them aid comfort
' All such utterances, whether they come from
the stump, the pulpit, or the press, are paraded
iu the Southern newspapers as Northern senti
mentandthe prima object of tba war. Thus
men are how, and thousands and thousands hare
been heretofore, carried into the secession ranks
- who never would have embarked in the Insane
' enterprise, bad tbey not been made to believe,
by the means referred to, that the design of the
North waa to overrun their country, free their
slaves, and excite servile insurrection. ,
Let thia mode of writing, speaking and
preaching be at once checked. , Let there be
no more of it, Let the people in every locality
- require it to be dispensed with by their editors.
ministers, and blathering crack-brained poli
ticians; and if there be a determination to pur
. ana thia disloyal and disunion course, there
' should ba some meana of a summary character
r ' adopted to pnt a atop to It. Let the people at
tend to thia matter at once, and attend to it In
The Dismemberment of the Union
The Dismemberment of the Union Impossible.
The dissolution of the American Union, by
- the secession or lopping off of one or sore
. . States, Is a constitutional Impossibility. Though
thia proposition will be readily admitted by eve
ry one, yet few clearly realise He foil force and
meaning, or can readily tell why they acqul
- ..in Its truth... ,,V'''f .. '. ' '
Tbe Constitution of the United States defines
and limlta the powers to be exsrdsed by the
v majority of the people throngb tbo Federal
. - Government, or in any other constitutional
' mode. It protects the rights of tha minority
from tbe oppression and usurpation of the ma
, jority, and ia tbua the safeguard of the rights and
libertiee of tha whole people and of every indl
' ridnal. Neither tbe 'people nor tho General
' ' Government, which la their agent, ran exercise
any power aJTsotlog tbe federal relations of a
State or of an Individual oitizen, which is not
dearly granted In the Constitution.'' -
The Federal Constitution confers no power
., oa any body of men or on tha people to cnt off
a State or part of a Bute from tbe Union, or to
permit a State or part of a State to sever Its eon
' . v, nscllon with tbe Union, and become foreign ter
ritory. On the . contrary, the. United State
'' Government and people are bound by tbe Coo
' V atUotion to maintain every State and all tbe
, . parte of each State In the Union, under a repnb
' i lioaa form of Government.' Two or more States
' may lose their aeparate organltatlona and be
merged In one new Stateor two or more parte
. of States may be organized Into a new EwU.'by
" - lha consent of tba Legislatorea of the Sutea
concerned, and of tbe Congress of the United
UBtlttionallyboome foreign InltorjV
states; dm no portion n wnmi "6.-
bed Into Sut and admitted into the Union,
. ' . .. A
Congress Hea power to admit bow btatee in
the Union; but it dm no power to 'expel a
State, or to permit it to depart from" the Union.
If the Coniiltntion bad placed such power in
hands tf PnnsFUi np rtf inf Other body, it
wonld pr0TMed mttDt for (be destruction
that Terr Union which it was formed to es
teblish and oerfect. The bare statement pi
iupposition ii itsown refutation.
Apart from a compete? revolution ano over
. . r a
or our wnoio system ui uuvoruunm.,
State and National, no die memberment of the
a. . l.L. um k AMMfl.
union can im piauo,
m,Bt of tba Federal Constitution. Amend
taenia to that InaUnment may be proposed in
two moaee, out Derore tney can Become wow-
porated into it, they must be ratified by
three-fourths of tha States through their Legia
laturea or Conventions. There are now thirty-
four Slates in the Unloa: conseouentlTy no
amendment to the Constitution csn be valid,
until It receive tha assent of twenty-seven
States. It is, therefore, clearly out ofthe ques
tion, to suppose that, without a great and radU
oal change In pnblio opinion equivalent to a
revolution, the dismemberment of the Union
can be effected by amendment to the Constitu
But under the Constitution as It now stands
a dissolution oi tne union is noipossiDie,unis
th people become so generally corrupt, and
dialoyal to the Constitution, that it c.nno long-
mUmbrt. 7"
warcby and all the manifold evil, tha follow In
their train. .Butwahare an unfailing con A-
dance that the masa of the people have the rir
PWotism to maintain tha Constitution
,u.r. M. ,.
- -
diwn.mbwment of the. Union, not only..
1 CWIUHIUaUl, VUI U UWH impHluuu;
The Thirteenth District.
The Sandusky Rtgittt, of the 30th ol May
expresses the opinion that Judge Woacwia
wm elected on the 28th, in that District, to sup-
plj "CT ocowtoned by the resignation
of John Shihum. That paper thinks the ma-
jority for Woacama may be 1,200 or 1,400;
but It furnishes rery meagre returns. We
AeU probably be able to annonnee to morrow
wi eccuracy the reenlt In the 13th District -
Johw SaiasiaJt carried it last fall by some three
times the majority now claimed.
The Whale at the Aquarial Gardens.
Professor Agassis .writes to Mr. Cutting as
follows, in relation to this "stranger in Boston:"
CAMBRIDGE, May 25, 1861.
Dtat gives me to
with yonr rtqnest to furnish jou with some io-
rormation respeonug we vbm imio now to
'0; northern
I IM( iu lowest range being the Gulf of the St.
I Lawrence. Martens, in his journey toGreenland
and Bpiuoergen in ioi, was me iirsi to give an
accuraie aocouai ui iuu mpwivw uuuer iuo ukluo
of Weittfiteh (white fish), the name of fiih being
applied in earlier days to all marine animals.
Like the sperm whale, the right whale and the
porpoises, however, it belongs to the class of
mammalia, and not to that of fisbesr The first
syatematio name it received was Balaena Albi
cans (the whitefisb whale), so called by Kleir.a
cotemporary of Linnajus, on account of his
whitish color. But since the family of whales
embraces scomber ot distinct genera, it was af
terward called Delyblnapterns, by Lacopide, and
still later Beluga, by Gray. Accounts of its hab
its more or lesa extensive may oe louno in tne
works of the Arotio voyagers, especially in
Grant, Egede and Seoreeby, and scientific de
scriptions in Fabricns, Sbaw. Currier, &e. I
congratulate Ton beartiW npoa having succeed-
en tn bringing to Boston alive so Interesting
specimen.' tnaeea it is no meau acaiTemeav
to bare brought iota a populous city a living
whale, and to hare pnt it op for exhibition in
glass tank; even though that whale be neither
toe ngnt wnaie nor toe sperm woaie, out a
smaller species, rarely exceeding twenty ieer
In length, though specimens forty feet long
hare been captured. He has already afforded
me the meana of much valuable Information,
and I trust it may afford ' as mnch pleasure te
many others, to see it taming round and round
in bis large tank, and now and men coming
the surface to breathe, or blow Jas Is the phrase
with the cetaceans. When I last visited the
aquarium, I was particularly pleased to see tbe
evidence oi a return to a nigner etyie ot exm
bitlons in that establishment, te eay the least,
and to understand that the perfomancee former
ly carried on in It, from which nothing oonld be
learned, ere at last to ne stopped.
[Correspondence of the Baltimore Sun.]
[Correspondence of the Baltimore Sun.] Unreliable Reports---Probable Advance
in Harper's Ferry—Virginia
Vote on the Secession Ordinance, &c.
Enrroaa or rat Sow: Tbe report of consld
erable engagemeata near ' Alexandria
not credited at thia point, but there ia evidently
full preparation made to receive troops advanc
ing from any quarter. It ia expected bere tbat
tha United States forces will advance neon
Leeabnrg, in a movement upon thia place. But
it ia aaid tbat any force likely to be sent in that
direction will be met by forces which will re-
auire little or no aid from this nolnt. .
-There are about 17,000 troops in and imme
diately around tba Ferry, and there is every ap
pearance that the whole line to Richmond
strongly occupied. Gen. Jos. . Johnston is
command bere.
Tho telegraphic returns and conriera sent
tola point. Indicate tbat the majority for
secession ordinance.wiu be near vu.uuu.
Martlneborg ia occupied by a small body
Confederate troops, and Uranon by about 1,600
of the aame. Thia ia reported by Virginians
just arrived from tnai point.
Access oy tne railroad to tna tarry has been
prevented by the destraction of a culvert at
Point of Hocks. Passenger trains ran to day
mat pout irom tne east and west, oiicbarglcg
passengers ana c-aggage witn rery utue delay
E. W.
From the Rio with the
.'3S-'Vr. .' ,. l,..w - .fc.-i .. ia ",j
Tbe particulars of Cept. Doneleon'a pursuit
after and fight with n party of lodiana and
Mexicans are given la the Fort Brown Flag: '
ARROYO LA GATA, May 5, 1861.
About tba 25th day of April last, two of tbe
8aandere boys (whose father was recently killed
oy tna Indiana; eame to my camp and reported
baring awen one Indian and a good many signs
ap the Nueces, arxiut twenty miles from my
samp. forthwith detailed a scout of about
twenty men, and went ap tbe river to tbe spot
where tbe Indian bad been seen, near which we
discovered eamp Taoated ealy a day previ
oua. - It bad been occupied, apparently, about
tea or twelve ears. ; in ana aboot tbe camp
were found arrows, aleeee of arrowa, aod other
evidences toe numerous to meotioo, indicating
tne naif v ia eotuist ol Indiana ana Maxicane
Striking the trail only a anortdietance front tbo
easne, a so following It witboot cessation, we
discovered tbem encamped a few hundred yards
snore toe iiosaancoe crossing, about twenty.
Ire miles above their first encampment
I dismounted ten men and succeeded la ep-
proeooing very near tnem Deiore we were die
Covered. One ma being to the right and bar
log a fair view, exclaimed tbat tbey, were all
Mexicans. I immediately ordered a bait, at
wbioh time two gone were fired from their camp
one oau passing near tne neaa ol HDt. Hall
but cauaed no Injury. We then eheryed them,
firing Jsto thr eamp, killing one Mexican,
wounding Iwe and taking one prisoner. There
wsa ana Indian In tbe party, who made his ea-
otpe notwithstanding ns was hotly pursued and
tred at several times. . The party consisted ol
five Mexicane and one Indian.- They bad In
their poseesolon arrows, spikes (Iron and flint).
beads, palot, and one Indian saddle. Tbey were
f7 arupn. . mpp anive iwmuKII
ofonaJtmarioan mart and two flll.es, one of of
which was Identified as the property or Mr.
c...,l -hn blllori nn tha i.nnnanoil
UHinvvui wmw " v.. T I
Near Iholr firat nemo we found a I
- ... ii 1 ! I
largo trail ot horses wnicn naa oeeu unveu
irniu tha Nueces. . '.
These parties had been depredating on tne 1
T.pnn& And nnnr Frio, whero the neoole bad all I
abandoned their rnnchos and stock. - I
Th FtantUn haa tha fol owine Items: - 1
Caps. Donelson, with his eommand, en route I
for BrowMTille. was met at Kdinburg br Col.
Ford's expressman, wltn directions to taKe op
the ltn of march on the river: we presume to I
T.nwnn cntuallv Fort Ewell. ' 1
rt . . .. --r m.uj
INow tnat tne pros peci oi invanou irvu uuucu
States foroea is substantially expioaea, we pre-
sums tna mounted rangers win ioriuwiin iaa
the field again; carrying with tbem peace and
seourity to the bomea ol thousands.
Proceedings in the United
States Court—The Case of John
Thia being a very important case, we publish
tt. nmmMiinir aa wa find them in the Baltl-
.. ' .if H.. oa .fiuil tti find nr.!r
Judge Taaxr, upon the return of the Marshal,
that be oonld not serve the writ, being denied
..iiit.i.PA to Fori MoHenrT.whlchweDublisb -
. nn a.ta.l.T morninir . The neonle cannot!
rtr.6Md this' conflict betweefthe elvil and
military aumoruj wiwu u uooo muweu..
To the Hon.
the Summit Court of tin waits. i ne pe
. . . - D.IIh.u MII.I.
titioa OI Jonn merrvinaa,i mura,iwiuiji
... ' .' .r..ii. .k... tkl.
IZI. home. in hU TSSTiV
P(IUjvU.i ' ... ne.i. .r
thahonrol o-oiock a. u mi u m
Mav. A. D. lout, aroused rrom nis Ded ny sn
mJ',, " ' j.
armea lores prowumug v.-
der. fr.mj.m- person to your petitioner nn-
known. That be was, oy said armea lorce, ae-
nrived of his liberty by being taken Into custo-
1 removed from his said home to Fort
v.. .1,. in
MonenrT, near u m v.j u. i -
;. . .?' :j k... . n. n.iiiiin.p
.?r,"rZ: r.:1" " " ,v r
That he ass been so imprisoned without any
Droce-aor color ol law whatsoever, and that
none suoh is preceded by those who are thus
detaining him; end that no warrant from any
court, magistrate, or other person having legal
authority to USUO too same, ana w ju.mj
such arrest; but, to the contrary, the same, aa
ahnwa atated. hath been done without color of
law. and in violation of the Constitution and
lava at the United States, of which he is a oltl
un . That since bis arrest he has been inform
d that bv some order purporting to come from
ona General Keim. of Pennsylvania, to this
petitioner unknown, directing the arrest of the
Cantata of aome company in Baltimore county,
f -MM, unmnanv the net UOOer never Was
and is not captain, was the pretended ground of
h ia arreat. and Is tne sole erouno, aa ne oe
I mm. on which be Is now detained.
That the pereon now so detaining him at aald
fort ia Brigadier uenerai ueorge tsowanauer,
tha mllitar commander ol said post, professing
to act in the premises under or by color of the
authority 01 the Unttea states. I our peuuuner,
tharofore. nrava that the writ of habeas oorpus
may issue, to be directed to the said George
Cadwallader, commanding him to produce your
petitioner before you, Judge as aioresaia, wnn
the cauee, if any, for his arrest and detention, to
the end that your petitioner ne oiscnargea sou
tn lihartv. and aa in dutv. kc. .
Fort McHenry, 25th May, 1861.
The affidavits were made by George H. Wii-1
llama, and Judge Taney immediately issued an
ordar to Thomas S nicer. Eta., clerk of tbe cir-
cult Court of tbe United States for tbe District
of Maryland, to issue tbe writ oi babess corpus,
and make it returnable at it o ciocx,on taezun
of May, 1861.
Tbe counsel of tbe petitioner mado tbe fol
lowing affidavit:
United Statet of Amettca, Dutftetof mtrylond,
Before the subscriber, a commissioner ap.
nointed bv the Circuit Court of tbe United States,
f - . t .i ' .i. . J j : -. r
in ana ror toe tne lourtn circuit buu uiBtnue ui
Marvland, to take affidavits, at;., personally ap.
peared, ths35lh day of May, A. D. 18Cl,Geo.
H. Williams, of tbe city of Baltimore and die
trlot aforesaid, and made oath on the Holy
Evangelv of Almighty God tbat tbe mat
ters and facts stated in (he foregoing petition
are true, to the best of bis knowledge, informa
tion and belief, and that tbe said petition was
signed In his presence by tbe petitioner, and
would have been aworn to by dim, aaid peti
tioner, but that be was at tha time and still is
in oloae custody, and all access to him denied,
except to bis counsel and bis brother-in-law
thia deponent being one of aaid counsel.
Sworn to Deiore me, mis xaro a ay oi may,
A. D.1801. .
JOHN HANAN, U. S. Commissioner.
The commissioner then issued the following
to the Chief Justice
United Statet of America, Diltrict of Maryland,
r -. '. -. ......: - . .
Brfore the subscriber, a commissioner ap
pointed bv the Circuit Court of tbe United
Statee, in and for the fourth circuit and district
of Mary!and, to take affidavits, &c, personally
appeared ibis 'iiih day or May, iota, ieorge n.
Williams, of tbe city of Baltimore and district
aforesaid, and made oath on tne tioiy crangeiy
of Almighty God that on the 26th day of May
he went to Fort McHenry, in the preceding affi
davit mentioned, and obtained an interview with
Gen. Geo. Cadwallader, then and there in com
mand, and deponent, one of tbe counsel of eaid
John Merryman, in the foregoing petition
named, and at bia request, and declaring him
eelf to be such counsel, requested and demanded
tbat be might be permitted to aee the written
papera, and to be permitted to make copies
thereof, nnder and by which be, tbe said Gener
al, detained tbe aaid Merryman in custody, and
tbat to aald demand tbe said Gen. Cadwallader
replied tbat he would neither permit the depo
nent, though officially requesting and demand
ing, aa such counsel, to read tbe said papers, aor
to bare or make copies tnereoi.
26th of 18CI
U. S. Commissioner for Maryland.
' In response to tbe petition and affidavits
Chief Justice Taney issued the following writ:
- In the matter of the petition of John Merry
man, lor a writ oi naoeas corpus:
' Ordered, this 26th day of May, A. D. 18CI
that tbe writ of habeas corpus issue in this eaae,
prayed, aod tbat tbe aame be directed to General
George Cadwallader, and ba Issued In the asual
form, by Tbomas Spleer, clerk of tbe Circuit
Conrt of tbe United estates in and ror tbe dia
trict of Maryland, and tbat the aaid writ of he
beaa eorpns is returnable at 11 o'clock, on Moo
day, tba 27th of May, 1861, at the Circuit Court
room, In tbe Masonic Hail, in tbe city ot Haiti
more, before me, Chief Jottiee of the Supreme
Btatest -
' Io obedience to tbia order, Mr. Spicer Issued
the fallowing writ: . ;. -i;
Tbe United Sutea ot America, District of lla
ryland, to wit: " , . j i
To General George CadiealUder, Greetings
Yon are hereby commanded to be and appear
before tbe Honorable Roger B. Taney, Chief
justice or the supreme iouri or the united
States, ai the United States Court Room, In the
Masonio Hall, In the city of Baltimore, on
Monday, the 27th day of May,' 1861,' at, 11
o'clock In tbe morning, end that you have with
yon the body of John Merryman, of Baltimore
county, and now In your custody, and that yon
certify and make known tbe day and cause of
tbe caption and detention or tbe said John Mer
ryman, and that yon then and there do submit
it to, and receive whatsoever the said Court shall
determine upon concerning yon on their behalf,
according to law may require, and bare you
men ano mere tnis writ.
' Witness, tha Honorable R. B. Tanev. Chief
Justice of the Supreme Court, the first Monday
in December, in tbe year ol our Lord one thou
Issued 26th May, 1861.
To the Honorable the Circuit ' Conrt of the
United Sutea for tbe Fourth Circuit, In and
for Maryland Diatriet:
I hereby certify that on the 2Cth day of May.i
le0l,at half past live o'clock A. M , 1 deliver
d to' Geo. Gaorwa Cada-allada a trrll of ha
i beaa corpus, commanding bia to be and appear
before this court, on thia Monday, 27 tb of May,
1861. at 11 o'clock A. M-. aod tbat be then
and there bring with him the body of John
the asptlon and detention or tna saw jonn
U. S. Marshal.
ipreme; uouri . oi sne unitea omi aim '""S"
Giles, of the United States Circuit Court, ap-
1 ' - . . . ,
At 11 o'clock. Chief Jimtlco Taney, of the 159.
n i . . . . . . f. . i . J T .. .J
peared upon the bench, and m minuiea
Col. R. M. Lee. aid to Gen. Cadwallader, en-
tered the court room, and in response to an In-
onirv of the Mart, aald that be was Instructed
Gsni Cadwallader to present to bis Honor
the followina resoonse to tba annexed writ,
Md also to state that notbing nut engagemenia
whleh forbid Gen. Cadwallader from leaving
eamn. nrevented him from aDDCarlne before
,'ur . t" At.. j .u.
moir tionora in person. voi, tueu resu u
following paper:
of Annapolis,
For McHenry, May 26, 1861.
oflnlnrk of tha Snnrema Couft of the United
-.u ,o . ----
the prisoner bw made often and unreserved de
Sy.Ind clar.tlon. ,of hi. .association i with MiWUA
fores as beina- In avowed hostility to the ROT-
Talk Hon. Riumv R. Tantv. Chief Jut tic t of
tii Suprm Court, of the JJnHtd blatet, uaui-
Sir Tha undoraiened. to whom the annexed
writ or this date,' signed Dy i nomas , opioer.
f ute. h
wrft nsmed( WM not mi(ie th his knowledge
lni.hvhU nrdi p dlrction. but was made br
Col." Samuel Yohe. acting under the orders of
Jfr General .-6
States, but pot within the limits or his com'
The prisoner was brought to this post on tne
20th' Inst.-, by Adjutant James iw iwimore ano
Lieut. Wm. 11. Abel, oy oruer oi toi. tour.
- --- - - -t --- -- -
and i chirped with var out acts of treason, and
with beln publicly aasociated with and holding
nnmmlulnn la llontonant In a eomDailVhaVinir
u u"" yuammvu u uoiu-B'-e.
ed States, and avowtaff his ouroose of srmec
-- - - -- -. - " .. u, i,
host iUt- sgalnj he go r. nment- H. I. nl
- . -s - ..- . i.k
ernment. and in readiness to co operate wltn
those enK.d In the present rebellion against
the government of the United States. He has
further to Inform you that he du y .uthor.d
h tha President of the United Slates, In 1000
cases,. to suspend the writ of hibeaa corpus for
the public safety.
Tbis is a high and delicate trast, and it has
been enjoined upon him that it should be execut
ed witn judgment and discretion, out no ia
nevertheless also instructed that in times of
clvll.strlfe, errors, if any, should be on the side
of the safety of the country. He most respect-
lull j submits lor your consideration tnat tuoae
who should ' co-operate tn the present trying
nd painful position In wblcb our eonnuy is
placed, ahould not, by any unnecessary want of
Increase our embar
oouuueuK" iu eatu wmr,
He. therefore, recoedtfullv requests that yon
will postpone further action upon tbis case
until he can receive Infractions from tbe r resi
dent of the United States, when yon shall bear
further from him.
1 have the honor to be, with high respect,
Brevet Major-General U. S. A. Com'd'g.
naa oeen cnargea, ana maae a movement to re
penpal! tire, when Mr. GUI. one of tbe counsel for Mr.
Col. Lee having concluded the reading of the
above response, and banded It to the clerk, aald
that he had performed tbe duty with which he
Merryman, suggested to the court that Col.
Lee should Inform them If be had produced the
body of Mr, Merryman, as commanded Dy tne
writ; when Chief Janice Taney interrogated
Col. Lee as follows
Chief Justice Have you brought with you
the body of John merryman 7
uoi. lee. t tiara no instructions except to
deliver tbe response which I bare read to your
Chief Justice. The commanding officer de
clines to obey tbe writ?
Col. Lee. After tbe communication I have
made, my dntiea and powers are ended.
Chief Justice. Gen. Cadwallader was by that
writ commanded to produce tbe body of Mr.
Merryman before me this morninc, that tha case
migbt be beard, and tbe petitioner be eitner re
manded to bia custody or set at liberty if held
on Insufficient grounds; but be has acted in die
obedience to that high writ, and I direct ' that
an attachment be at once issued against him
returnable before me here at 12 o'clock to
Col. Lee then retired, and Chief Justice Ta
ney wrote the following order, which he deliv
ered to tne ciera: . - --
Ordered, Tbat an atUchment be forthwith
issued against General George Cadwallader for
a contempt in reiuaiog to produce tbe body of
John Merryman according to the command of tho
writ of habeas corpus returnable and returned
before me to-day, and tbat said attachment be
returned before me at Vi o'clock to-morrow, at
the room of the Circuit Court.
Monday, May 27th, 1861.
atUchment directed to Marshal Bonlfant against
General Cadwallader, returnable at 13 o'clock
to-day, In conformity with the above order.
in Illinois—A
and his Wife and a Boy
The Jacksonville (III.) Jrarnai lays
A most diabolical murder was committed last
Saturday, near Wilmington." Mr. Wilkinson
a farmer, living a short distance from a neigh'
bor by the name of Mace, heard the report of a
gun in tbe direction or the latter'a house, and
shortly after saw smoks aa if tbe house waa on
fire. Together with others who happened to ba
passing by, be rushed to tbe spot, to find Mr
Msec, his wife, aod an orphan child who lived
with tbem, Iving dead near tha bouse, and
set on fire. Mr. Mace waa fonnd with his long
shot to pieces by tbe near discharge of a double
barreled rod; his wife bad been cut to pieces
with an ax, and the boy murdered with a heavy
Upon tbe forehead of Mace the marks of
blow rrom tbe breech of a gun were found, as
were also fragments ot tbe locks, which were
knocked off by the violence of the blow,1 and
which tha murderers had not taken time to re
more or conceal. Tbe fire waa not extinguish
ed,;bnt tbe bodies ware rescued, and Immediate
steps taken for the arrest of the perpetrators of
the outrsge. Two fellows were arrested on
suspicion. Subsequently it waa discovered
that the fragments of the Locke found resembled
those npon Mr. Wilkinson's own gun, which his
own son bad a little while before borrowed and
bad not yet returned. Upon being asked for
the gun , he replied that," He would go and get
it." He went, and bas not been seen '- alnce.
Last Monday aboot two ' hundred men wore in
pursuit, and as be Is 'easily identified, it Is
thought be will surely bs caught-'- i . ; (
COLUMBUS, May 29, 1861.
Tbo First and Second Ohio Regiments will
report to tbe Department, by June lOtb, their
action respecting Special Order No. 856. iThelr
remoteness from general beadqnartere demands
ao extension of time in tbels behalf, -r.
Thia opportunity is embraced to commend the
patience, discipline and deportment of the regi
ments. Called, aa tbey were, to march for
Washington, within sixty hours from receipt of
the President's proclamation, and embarrassed
by the want of arms, eqaipmenta and uniforms,
such as the majority were aooustomed to, It is
wltb no ordioary pleasure that the assurance Is
given that they are gratefully remembered, and
tbelr devotion appreciated by the Commander-in-Chief.
. . , (..!
. By order of the Commender-ln-Chlef.
Senator Douglas.
[From the Chicago Tribune, May 28.]
were happy to learn yesterday of con
tinued Improve! In the condition of Senator
Douglas, who at latest accounts seemed In a fair
wsy of recovery. Dr. Miller, of Washington,
snd the family of Mrs. Donglae, alto of tbat
city, reached this city on Saturday night.' j
It is aald to be Oen. J. . Johnston, ex
Qoartermatter-General U. B. Army, who ia in
oommand at Harper's Ferry, and not General
B. Johnston, or. Texas, wbo emmnnded tbe
Uuh Expedition against the Moruocs, and
lately In command of tbe Department of the
rSOluO- ' . '"' l-'MJ 1
The Richmond Enquirer on the Capture
of Alexandria.
Thn Rnhima haa havn naased. Yesterday
column of 5,000 Federal, troopt crossed the ro-
tomao and took formal tailltary possession oi
the unprotected town of Alexandria.' j v '-;
I'M ia tha nret reanonaa or tne Liincoiu uea-
notlsm to tbe shouts for freedom and independ-
ence wnico went up u tuuraua; jium-
portion of Virginia.
AlexaCdrla.has been deolared by the Wash
ington tyrants a portion of the District of Co
lumbia, and as sne gave, in tne rery lace oi vu
Federal army, an overwhelming majority for
Secession, Lincoln baa aent nis troops tnere to
develon and nrotect a Union sentiment, t '
Do theis besotted isnaucs natter tnemteivea
that Alniandria Is to be keot in obaina like
those whloh bind poor Baltimore to the car oi
the Federal despotism T
We congratulate the people of Virginia tnat
the last flimsy pretext of the rnmp Government
at Washington, of regard for constitutional
laws, bas been thrown aside, tne sovereign
State of Virginia haa been invaded by tba fed
eral hirelings, without authority of Congress,
arhtnh ainna haa tha war-making power. Here
tofore, the pretense that it was the duty of the
Federal Government to repossess itsoii oi mo
forts and arsenals In the seceded States, haa
been put forward to justify tbe aggressi ve more
menta of tha Federal troops. But In tbe prea
en t nana there ia no such nrctenses no forts or
arsenals or other Federal property have been
seised at Alexandria. Tbe "bloody and brutal"
purposes of the abolitionists, to subjugate and
exterminate the Sonthern people, stands con
fessed by this flagrant outrage upon Virginia
soil. ,v . . ,
Virelnlans. arise in vour strength and wel
noma tha invader with "blood? bands to bospita'
ble graves." Tbe sacred soil of Virginia, in
which renoae the ashes of so many of the il
lustrious patriots who gave Independence to
their country, has been desecrated by the hostile
tread of an armed enemy, who proclaims bis
malignant hatred of Virginia because she will
not bow her proud neck to the humiliating yoke
ol Yankee rule. Meet tbe invader at tne wreau'
hold. Welcome him with bsvonet and bullet.
Sweat eternal hatred of a treacherous foe, whose
ooly hope of safety is in your defeut and bud
It is not in tbe occupation of Alexandria that
aor cause for mortification exists that bas
been for some time expected by those who were
careful observers of events, it is in me con
tinuance of the enemy upon onr soil that we
shall have cause for mortification. It ia the
fanlt of the enemy that be baa Invaded v irginta ;
it will be our fanlt ir be does not pay tne pen
alty of his rashness. An army full of strength
and power went from France to Moscow; a bro
ken remnant of starving and miserable men re
turned to France to tell the Sad tale of disaster
and defeat. Virginia will be tbe Moscow of the
Abolltionlats our armies are gathering to tne
prey, aod so surely as tne painui-ueeuicu u,
the Southern army come In conflict with tbe
mercenary hordes of tbe North, so surely will
they give tbe world another example of the In
vincibility of a free people fighting on their own
soli lor all that is dear to man.
The Patriotic Plunderers.
The ores j owes It to the cause of publio mot-
rality aod virtue, no lees tban to the pecuniary
Interests of tbe country, to smoke out the partiee
wbo, under pretence or patriotism, are actu-
llv plundering tbe Uovernmentot its Dorroweo
means for their own private advantage. In a
time Ilka tha nresent. when tbe Government
credit is at a discount of fourteen per cent , and
when Immense sacrifices must be made to pro
cure the meana tocarrv on tbe war, ills a burn
log shame tbat parties in tbe confidence oi tne
Administration shall be allowed to pocket a
larva ner ceniaee of the money appropriated for
a- r-- ; ,- .
purchasing supplies ano provioiug material tor
equipping our armies and sustaining them in
the field. ' -
If men holding high places In tbe public con
fidence. aod occupying positions of intimacy with
the Government officials, have no patriotism or
nrinclnle to restrain them from robbing tbe peo
t; j 7 ... - :.n
ole ol the moneys procureo at CDormuu aacrm
ces for patriotic purposes, tbe finger of shame
should be pointed at tbem, in a manner to make
them ehrluk abashed from the oisnonoraoie no
detttkinga in which they are enlisted. It was
foe tbe exolusive purpose oi uuviog mem irom
this posltion.and or relieving tne bovernmenioi
the harpies thus preying upon its aubstance,tbat
wa nratmrecteu toe nuonc attention iu tuoauu
eat. and we are bappy to know tnat our re
marks nave met witn tne approval oi nonest
men. It is an ungracious tans: thus to be com
pelled, In tbe discharge of our duty, to direct
the attention of tbe public to tbe peculations
and depredations of men who have stood high In
political and social circles, and who, even now,
... . ... . . . j. .i .
?;et credit tor puolio spirit on account oi tueir
iberal contributions and services in behalf of
tbe expenses and preparations for the war. ' '
It la imooseible that the Government at Wash
ington can be ignorant of all the transactions of
tbe character to wnicn we nave auuaeo. toe
men who are fattening upon tbe plunder thus
gathered from the publio treasury, are in con
stant communication with leading Government
officials are in some instances tbe Intimate per
sonal and political friends of members of tbe
Cabinet and their most trusted advisers, and
it reauirea a large mantle of charity to believe
that their services aa Government brokera are
not known and winked at in high quarters. !
It is interesting to notice the versatility ol go-
nine which these patrlotie thieves (we cannot
well use a softer term) seem to possess. Al
though bred to politics and a single profession
tbe law, the counting-room, tbe shop or we
regret to say it, tba editorial service, they are
ready for any emergency, and prepared to pur
chase or charter ships, supply droves of fat (or
lean) oattle, furnish an army with clothing.
boots, shoes, ate, provide horses, harness -and
equipments generally, for artillery and cavalry
service, and generally to do or furnish anything
to be paid for Out of the publio funds, of which
a large per centage, in tbe shape of direct
brokerage or illicit stealings, la sure to go into
their pockets. In fact, they are ubiquitous, now
bere. next at Washington, tboa nacK to flew
York, traveling' Bight and day, and. going
through any amount of labor, to compass the
end, wblcb, nnder the name of patriotism, tbey
keen steadily in view, vis , cntkhingjhemaelves
at the publio oxptnse. a 1 I I ' " i
We have expressed tbe opinion that It irould
be difBouIt wholly to cure this great evil at the
present time. It Is, however, within tbe power
of tbe Government 'officers greatly to abate It,
and we but express tbe common opinion when
we deolare our belief that they most do this or
share In tbe unenviable estimation in which the
guilty ones are beid by the public. It ia idle
for tbe disbursing officers and tbe authorlcad
agents of the Government to plead Ignorance
of the facts. .Tbey are known on the street,
and denouoced everywhere. - Tbe people begin
to inquire why tbey shall be taxed, either by
assessment, or aa contributors to the patriotic
rood, for the support or a rotten and corrupt ays
tem of government expenditure Tbey are will
ing to pay for equipping tbe volunteers or sup
porting their . families, but' they revolt at tbe
Idea of supporting a lot of political plunderers,
such aa now fatten at the publio oost. Wo have
no sympathy with that sentimental morality
which, while acknowledging the existence of tbe
eyii, deprspatea asy public exposure pi it, until
the war is over. That la to encourage and col-J
lude witb tbe plunderers, we have in part ae
eompllshed the object we bad tn view, In fixing
the publls attention npon the evil. If the Gov
ernment will at onoe doits share, by Instituting
a rigid and careful system or conducting Its af
fairs, It may be cut op root and branch. N, Y.
Journal of Umt-wre. r , ,,..(, r .
J, A Woman Lost ma: Swsarr. On Saturday
morning. April 27th. Mrs. McClore. residing in
tbe township of Elk, started out at S o'clock for
the cows, whloh had been lell out to browse In
the woods. 1 She did not return aa expected.
and search waa made, but not nnti I nightfall did
the ncifthbore become sati.fled tbat sbs must be
lost In tbe woods, ana tben It waa raining bard.
and .continued tbrongb tbe night, "The nelghr
bore were finally rallied to the numbur of about
fifty, aod commenced a search, which was con
tinued tbrongb tne mgat and we following day
without success.' On Sunday evening, acme
thirty-six hours after, sbs left borne, she came
out to Kobert nraxeoridge's, not two miles irom
where she went into the woods. It seems tbat,
beoomiog bewildered, she bad travelled all this
time around in the big swamp, where, In many
places, tbe water was .from two to four feet in
depth, and bad not at any ft mo been more than
three miles from borne, and fioally coming to a
lamber road ahe. followed it ont. , Nearly all
ber clothing was torn off. m J'ttrionian,
The Chamber of Commerce in Liverpool
to Hon. Mr. Adams.
e London TH'mesof tlitT 15th of Mar re
ports: His Excellency Charles Francis Adams,
tht newly appointed Minister from the United.
States to tba British Conrt, was one of tbe pass
engers by the Niagara, which arrived at Liver
pool on Monday forenoon. He waa accompa
nied bv his wife and daughter,, and two aons.
Immediately on landing tbey prooeeded to tbe
Adelpbl Hotel,' where shortly afterwarda be
was waited on by bis worship the Mayor. He
was also 'waited on oy a deputation ' irom tne
American Chamber of Commeroe In Liverpool
by whom ha waa presented with the following
address: -.: i .L &LL -M l.i. J 'if
To His Exoau-iNcv Cham.es Fsamcis Aoams,
Miaisraa or thi UaiTlo Statis or Vmebio
TO THE Coost or St. J ah is;
We. the President and members of tbe Ameri
can Chamber of Commeroe at Llverooot.-0n-
sisting Of Englishmen and Americana engaged
In commerce with the United States, desire to
render our hearty congratulations .to your ti
..II.M. .nnp pppI..! nn nil, ahnpA.. Wo .a
' . . 7 . . I
olae especially to welcome one Bearing the non-
red name of Adame-a family whloh has al-
ready given two Prealdenta to their country, and
wblob givea promise in yonr own person oi at
taining tha eminence already acquired by your
predecessors. . While we sincerely deplore the
ST T ., . f , d. ' 1 At. I
unhappy 4iuarenoea which, have sprang up in the
wuinu wr 7uuvii , r i 7, p ,
lia.H U A. am .pP,n. a... a wwa. a hnnathar
" uwj ui.j u. huukuu iTi u
lug ribo to taw emu.wwrw. ,c,.uK. i
nnavoioaoiy engenaereaoy civil war. vresnau
at all times Joyfully CO-operate With your
cellency In any measores tbat may be calculated
n.nn.nt. ..nilmAnti nf irnnil will hto,en I
y r-.""-"-o ' ------ i
T p. . .. . . . I
EiDeikuq ana Aminua. aiuu Mf ubeuviueio iuuhc i
..r, . i - - i -J
leeuugB oi amity wuidu umwm mv iuug pmu ,v
happily prevailed between the tWO countries.-
Signed by order and on behalf of the American I
Chamber of Commerce.,,
Gxn. BuTLta'a Btbatxot at thi Ba. One
of Oen. Butler's shrewd professional freaks Is
told by a young faotory girl, formerly employed
in one Ol tne Lioweii mills. . one naa oeen uis-
Charged, and tne corporation rei using to pay
ber, sne sought legal redress ana retained wr.
Butler lor ber counsel. He listened to ber case
Wltn muon interest, mua an.rwaru oon.uueu tue
rTTEiiV S.. Llrl h.Ti - iQJ:l tht:
fused to pay the girl her . wagea,, . Butler then
Issued a writ, and attached tha main water-
wheel of the establishment, and by bringing tbe
whole manufactory to a atop, tne corporation,
rather than allow their mills to remain idle, aod
await the law's delay, paid tbe girl her wages,
aod resumed operations.
A Scotch Joooa'a Matsimoniai, ExnaiiNci
Lord Justice Clerk Brsxfield was a man of
few words and strong business fc.abltr ' Id court
Inn- hia second wife, his procedure was entirely
illustrative of the peculiarities ot his charaoter.
Calling for the lady, be aald to ber, without
ore minarv remarks. "Llxzie, I'm looking lor
a wife, and I thought you just the person that
would auit me. : Let me have an answer, off or
on tho morn, and na mair abiut it." The lady
next day replied. In the affirmative. He ap-
nears. however, to nave met nia maton in "iiz
tia." . An anecdote la told of her tbat when a
butler gave up his place because Mrs. Braxfleld
was always scolding mm, tne jooge cxoiaimea
Lord. mon. ve've little to complain o'i ye may
be thankfn' je're nae married to per." , . i
A young lady in Brandon,' Conn., at yi if
any young man who wishes to "cmoraoe an op
portuolty"' will come , to Brandon, ' he may do
BAXN" & SON; '
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t 18 per yard.
2&0O yards TravslUia Dress and Mantle "Goods at
19 1S cents value 80 cents per yard
3.000 yards White Brilliantee at 18 1-2 eente
, VAlu 20 cents perj ard.
aOCO yards Fine and Someitlo Ginghams paatly nn
der vain. y , " "
New sttxd ;FvMcniablw Xcass Gooda
lo the most deilrtM atyles and st very lo ten prices
Of all materiel, nude in the ptost stylish manner after
th latest firls' Fashions tbs saost elegant atyks In
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Smmriet' Under- Garments.
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Oints Silk Drawers and Shlru. '
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prw.s, aw ...
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Ohio 1 White ' Sulphur 1 Springs,
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for ' Vtsraons,
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mm a a a vs ni, r
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'..''.ADBBEM-l piii .,
, '"T.'l.BWATRH,'
.'JXswls Canter P. 0.,Delwr Co., Ohio.
mayuo;dlme , . .., ,., , . t
Hovwllies la Neck Tie and Boarfe. ,. I
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a SptlW . 1 1- j . r-; Ho, 90 Boath Hjgh atresU
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athstlf th prlchargd by smalt OeaPtrs.' ' . i
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Knumbgs,slayo,l01.1,.0i,;.;-!., J. M, B,ILBf.,
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trtknsj ohittcwdih. . . sitter . rarrnmbiri
; a i! i i-.i:.
ATTpairKB At tiw;
v'SyCOeto, 8SO Broadway Iforlt, Clljr. and
FApoT'Beittile,0lnibws,Ohlo. v- v ' I
rltrCarfiaatti,Uon paid pollotl9r "
1 'Bprllfhdem ii.-r'.i v ...... f ; v;; . ;
C.r.DOYLd;' ud,;(CO.
' Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers ia
, Norffiit; est Corner of High and Osy S ta., .,
i A largs ef FWS Sad Staple ds oa kanl"
Bamlnal Weakneaa, Sexual Debility, NerToneneta.ln
voluntary Bmlmion and Impotoncj, recalling from
Oelf-atiute, aw. Br Root. J. Oulwrwell, M. D. Sent
ander seal, In a plain envelop, to any addijaa.po.1.
Eald. on receipt of two atatnpt, by Dr. OUA8. J.O .
:LINI. 137 Bowery. Hew fork. Port Offloe Boat. Ho
ttta. , mawiiJmanw
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aStetlona, piles, 'rheumatism, fevers and agues, ooau
aaU head aches, and all gmeral derangements of naaitn ,
the fills hav Invariably proved a certain and ipeedr
remedy. - A stogie trial will place the Ufa Pills bar on 4
tha reach ofoompatltlon In tho estimation of every pa
tient. 'Ti.iA U. ", -1 .:
Dr. Moffat's FhoanU Bitters will ba found sqoally ef
Acaolons In all eaae of nervous debility, dyspepsia, head
achs, tits sickness Incident to females Indelicate bealtb,
j ... vinit nt vMlrnMu nf ihm AlMatlva nrffana.
' 1 :"' ,". " " .
or sale by Dr. W. B. MOFVAT, jm. Broadway, N, T .
" T&eV fallowing ii an extraot from ft
sa- ..ik. t trim Saw .1. fl . Hrilmal. nutar oi the)
ltW WlllWU VJ aaw - - ' B-
.,MUl.g(reat Baptist Church, Brooklyn, N. Y.,to
the'Vournal and Metaenger," OlnclnnaU,U.,anuspeaM
' " ' ...
VolnmM In favor of Uiat world-renowned medicine, MR
. . 8ootbiso Bvaur ron Cmuni Tnmtiwoi
w .. .,,..rtl,mm, to columns of Una
miiow's Boothwb BvRor. Now w never aald a word
fvor of a patent medicine before in our lira, nut w
mI ooninelled loaav to your readers that this lino hum
:- . -,.-. ..,. - .. .,, ,T to aa au, rr
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it i. n.nihi nnanttha moat auretstful modi-
plnea of the dav. bcoaus It It on of the beat. And thoi
of your readera who bav table can't do tattar tbaa
lay in a supply." ecwiiyaatw
To conenmptivee.
The Advertiser, having been restored to health In a few
weeks by a very almpl remedy, after having offered s tv
tn Jmn Wuh severe lung affection, and that dread
disease, Consumption It anxious to mans Known nni
f,Uow-suirerers the means or cure.
- toallWhodetlrelt,bswlllsendaoopyorUispreKri-
,l0B tfree 0( coarge), with the direcUons for preptr-
. . . , whlcn atJ wlu iaa , gta
for OorT.o, ArraitA. BaosCBtns, ko. The cnl,
.arUan m aandin th. Prtaorlptlon 1 to
benefit th sRUeted, and spread information which h eon-
eeives to be Invaluable, and ha hopes every sufferer will
try his remedy, ss II will cost them nothing, and may
prov a blessing.
i ..... . will hImu aAitfWMi
rarties wuuiub um ... r ' " .....
. , . Kav. KDV7ABD A. WILSON,
Williamson rgh,
' ' ' Kings Oounty, Mew Yoik.
l.'l f , Trom the Newlork Observer. 1
As all parties manufacturing Sewing Machine are ob-
ttoA mn.. Mr. Hnwa a linens on each rnacnln oio,
and ar a to compelled to make returns to him, nnder
oath, as to thennmber told, bis books glv acorrectiute
raent. Irom thia reliable souroe w have obUlned the
following statistic. Of tn macnin mao in uw a.
185SI, ther were sold, . , .
, By Wheeler Wllon
" I. M. Singer St Co 10,053
Grow At. Baker UMBO
Bhowlns tha sale ot Wheeler as Wilson to be dov'At
those of any other Company." . .
Awarded the highest preolum-t the
United States fair of 1858, 1859 and 1860;
. .; also at the
; Ohio State Valre of 1859 and lSBSi
and at nearly all the County fairs In the But.
Our prices, at th lata redaction, or a iota .a any
Uxk tlick machine now sold, aod bat a tiine nignw man
th Interior sw Mreod cKain ScA wtooAfn, now
forced npon th market. ,
The WHKBI.lt It At WILSON MACHIHI makes th
toes; Snow thonlynwhichoannot braveld. It
is Alikb ok Botb stonoi in goous, leaTing w rvyv r
cKainonth tmdtr.tid.
AU marAltu warranted 3 yearo, and tnotructlo
fWen in their nse, free of ehars.
' WM. 8UMN1R fc CO.,
dec3 2awJ3mtwto Vlka's Ovra Uooaa. Cineinnatl.
Steam' Between Ireland and America.
Thefollawtne new and marolfloent flrst-claas paddl-
wheel Bteamshlps compose the above line:
ADRIATIC, 5,886 tons burthen, Cpt, J. M.uai
(formerly of tbs Collins Lice.)
BTBERNIA. .' ' 4,400 tons burthen, Capt, W. Paowaa.
COLUMDIA, 4 4H0 " . LaiTCB.
ANOLIA, ,JU ' nuiaoupj".
PAOirlO, 6U0 " fi." I. SmiH.
PBINOK ALBERT. (Screw.) -t .
I,.- 3,300 " J.WAUtxa.
On of th above ship will have Hew York or Boston
alternately every Tuesday fortnight, for Oalway. car
rying the government malls, touching at Bt. John,
N. F. ' . . t
Tha ateamer of tnu line navs been eonnrnoua who
th e reateat car, nnder th soporvlsloa of th govern
M foreomfort, safety and speed by any teamr afloat.
i nmmandd b able and exoerionced offloe rs,
ment, nave waur-lignt oomparuneni
and ar nnexctl-
ana very exertion win oo mauo to pnnwHun w
I el passengers.
la (xiierlenced Sargecn attached to each ship.
flrst-claas N. T. or Boston to Gal wsy or Liverpool I icp
Second-clan, . " " . i
Flrat-olau, - " " to St John's 35
Thlrd-clas. " " " to Galway or Llvsrpool,
or any town In Ireland, on a Hallway, - - -Thlrdtlaia
naaaeneeia ara liberally supplied with pro
vision of th best quality, cooked and served by th ser
vant or tn vempany.
Paruea wkhlna la nd for thalr friend (rem th old
eoantry ean obtain ticket from any town on a railway, In
Ireland, or irom toe principal oiuea ui a.ogiana auu dwi-
land, at vary low rate. .-..-. ,
Paasanger for New York, arriving by ths Boston
Steamer, will ba forwarded to New York free of eharg.
For passag or rsrmer inrormation, apniy to
At tha office ot the Oomnanr. on the wharf, foot of
Oanal street. New York.
HOW LAND at ABrlnW Abb, Agent, .
aprlllO-.dom. ; - ;
- first ; 2
"an aotlr now atoek of Good in my lin, Joal purch
ased In New York at Ihecheapeat panto rates, all of which
I ehall sell at th mallt profit, forOash. My custom
er ud friends ar respectfully Invited to call and exam
ine my Good and Price, as I am determined to tell aa
cheap or cheaper than any other houa In th elty; and
as I do my own Cutting, and superintend my own bust
neas, I feal assured, from my long experience In busi
ness, to glv general satisfaction. The finest ef Work
man ar employed, and all work don strictly to Urn and
on abort nolle, and warranted to fit. Btraogsrs visiting,
onr city wonld consult their later! by giving m call
befor purchasing elsewhere, P. BOSH,
.. , j . , ' rt Merchant Tailor,
. - msrchSII-dl.. Oor. High and Town t.
WaicbeB! DiamondB !! BUrer Ware!!!
aad Sllvr Watches, In great variety.
I am Agent for the Watch Co., and ean
sell the aaoelleal Waicha at manufacturers' pile,
Stthtr Whobreal or lUlalt. - , -.
Com aod cbooe Irom my beautiful display at Dia
monds and other rich Jewelry. Btjlaw prloMlow.
A to Silver War of sterling quality, I can show new
pattern, very handsom ... .-((
Bllrer Plated War, Tea Btt,TJrnS, Waltsre, Osators,
Bekta, Pltebers, Goblets, Knives, Fork, Spoon, Its.
Then I have a supply of tat Tabl Cutlery, Pocket
Knrras, Baior, to., and many Fancy flood -suoh a
ara desired for presents at such price ar aa Indue -men!
to the purchaser. - WM. BLTmN,
- No. 10 Backer Block,
tftirSl ,. . . . North side But tlouss saaars.
, ;: " tadieB' linen Pooket.Handk'fi.
kerohler Terr wld hem,
mbroldered. LlnanBandk's all prices.
Hemmed Btltobodaad plain do, do. .
-So i do ' colored border.
Moumlai' ' " Waokbontar
do - do j nwtylcrossUtcnd.
' Pro Apple do newpatum.
I ' Hipuln and Trammed Stltohad do sll Drlces.
-Oomprtolne the smt elot asortMnt la th elty and
ai lowns pnoaa. f; , - , .. , M ..T-iTr.?,'
Him ... ., , , ,.iiuii
of erpeanlaallU tor Udles; !, Illaaaa' Mitt
a gnat variety
if ii iT 4

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