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The Adams Exnrese Comoanv placea oa dally
' under obligations to it for the very lateat papera
w f . from the eaatera clues. . , -,
' ' . ' .
' Tbe American Express Company hai oar
thanks for its daily favors in tbe ibape of the
f erj la tost eastern papera.
' ' m i
Camp Jioioii.i-The following Is a list of
tho Companies now in Camps v y ,
: Oipt. S. Btttrgei, uniklnsnm Rifles, M wkingnm, B
n. b. jaotson Baekeye oaardLHontfooerr.
t w . ii',B''i'.07ahoo,.... M
a. B. Moore. CdIob Baw"rue. . 7.. loo
. I
3 1
H. 8. Lovejoy, Belief Oaards, Onyahoga.... W
Geo. Arnold flarlbaldl Eflee, Onyahofa.... M
naioutt, uoium a$ Tiii i, rrankito, v
Johnson, Fayette Oaards, Oayette...... .... 00
J. L. Drake, Welker Oaerds, Holmes 78
Pay ton Zoiures 46
Total 938
The first seven Companies In the above
list arrived on Thursday and Thursday night
.the., last five of whom oame from Camp
Taylor, Cleveland
Alt ItiA Pnmnar..eai wlrU
the exception of the Dayton Ziuaves. are tu-
. listed for tbe three Tears' service. The Zoaavea
,. are Depot Guards, to be employed in camp ser
vice ai long as tbe State may want them.
' Two Companies, Capts. Johnson's and
a . n- . -
ployed in preparing the new
is uronnds Cant MclLiarii'a
e gronnas. capt. McIliath
iiiKs i are em
Cimpat the rscs
Company will Join them to-day.
Goodale Park begins to look quite deserted
moat of the wnodnn atmotnraa haatn.
moat or the wooden structures haying been re-
mnvAri. Thfl nranavatlnna ... rr,1 n a. a. . aa
r..r. . aw.u8 njifi
only at the new camp: five or six wells have I
hian al.A.rl.lAA. .a. i.tut . a. a I
. -us, OHlululugBTOiBO
and Others In nrnraaa nr aravptlnn Tha t.mr I
m k i. in? 'euon' The treops
..... ... u Kiuuin lucre wan ne i
Coiipanv Eliotions. Company A, Fourth I
Regimeut, at Camp Dennlson, held an election
on Thursday, for the three years' service:
A change was made in the officers. Lieut.
, CairiMTta was elected Captain, efeeCantain la.
vine: tad Sereeant GiLMia waa eleord nt
( Yin a, uu oergesnt UILHEK WIS elected first I
- w a . . m I
Lieutenant. Company B re-elected Captain
Banning, acd elected John Giiin First and A. I
Limit Second Lieutenants. Both these Com-
naniea are from Knor ennnt.
panics are iron ivnox connty. I
- i
T-n Pa. v.-It.,- t-.. ,it.-Li..
.... - A.a.a. a uv A.vKAal I llUvftlUa I
o I
u ui lumivm,;- i
T, Viaai k.AA m - I tl .1.- a.. . I
oals and speakers that there are no longer ny I
carties In the countr. An innradninna m.i
yesterday on the atreet owner suggested that
thia area a A.nlAA nU.I,a. .k.t at.... I
uiin,aa.r ,uai NIDIQ WtlSllUI
two parties ons to fight tbe battle, and the
other to hold lhe offloes and make money.
- uetuer toe icamp was a democrat or not we I
were unable to learn. I
0"Piiria. who ..4..count."
night for subbing a man named Galb. was
taten oetore mayor 1 aosiAS yesterday, and ln
. a . I
default rf $1,000 ball, committed to nrison to
wait his trial in the Court of Common Pleas.
Doubts are entertained of the wounded man's
I fTvi
D"The Ton (Yountrstown) Artillery Comna
nv. at Cam n Tailor. C lavalanit h.w. ni.h.nri
' TZ IT M,,ery Com 18 tbe 006
I a 1 1 a Piaia T t i.l... - , ., I
.a,y lajwr. i. iiaaua ueany an toe i
men to mount guard. .
XT A gentleman of Cincinnati recently return
ed from Washington reports that the two Ohio
Regiments encamped at that place are several
degrees ahead of tbe New York Seventh in
proficiency and drill.
1 1 1 1 1 .
' NoN-lNTBtconasB. All letters directed to
any eeoeded Sute will hereafter be sent to the
dead letter office. But Western Virginia is not
regarded as Included in tbe seceded territory.
, At Wheeling is an office of main distribution for
.Western Virginia.
' wiwwgMaiikaaaHMBBiatrixBWaw.wH
, ,.0 Frank Iliooias, formerly of this city, and
graduate of the Colnmbns High School, has
become the editor of a secession paper in Arl
aona, the Mesilla rimes.
! O Wilson M. Docoans, formerly of this
city, has been made a Lieutenant in the Uni
ted States Army at St. Louis.
UT The $50,000 loan to tbe Sute, ottered by
the City Conocil of Cincinnati, has been declin
ed, nnder tho conditions prescribed.
117 Tbe Mexican Minister to Spain passed
hrough Cleveland, on Thursday, en route for
Madrid ma New York.
ID Senator T. R. Stanley was, on Thurs
day, elected Colonel of the Eighteenth Reg!
ment, at Parkersburg, Va.
Rail Road Time Table.
Ltrrts Mul fc OeLCMScs St Xrjna B. It-Leaves.
Olaetnnatl Accommodation. 5.00 A. M. 9:05 P. M.
Xxpress. .11:50 A. M. 11:03 A. M.
Moll Accommodation 1:30 P. M. 8 55 P. M,
Mlfhiaxprase via Dayton. 1S:00 midnight. J:S0A. M.
Jho. W. Dobirtt, Agent.
Right txpress 3:40 A. H. . 11:45 P. 11.
New York Kitpreis 11:10 A.M. 11:10 A.M.
Mall and Aocemmodatlon.. S:S0 P.M. 9:10 P. U.
Jka ParmsoH, Agent.
CstmutOmoE. R.
No. 1 Irpress '.. 3:30 A. M. 11:38 A. M.
. No. 9 , do 11:18 A. M. 1145 P.M.
', No. S do,... 3:10 P.M. 4:50 A. M.
W. J. Vtu, Agent. .
Prrmoaan, Ooioasra It OnfCtmiATi S. B.
Mail Train 3 30 A. M. 11:38 A. U.
Bxpreaalraln...;... 11:18 A.M. 11:45 P. M
Jos. KosmtoN, Agent.
CoLrxsoe a. IaouKorotu, B. B.
- Oottmsos piqna la Ikoiaka B. B.
No. 1 Xxprtss 8:30 A. M. 8:55 P, M
No. 9 ' .... 3:20 P.M. ' 8:80 P. M.
Accommodation 10:50 A. M-
, Wi &mx that wi do Know. In our edito
rial capacity we are sometimes called npon to
notice articles, the desirable qualities of whioh
are alone known to ns through the testimony of
ofWs; but in introducing to our readers "Ken-
nedy's Medical Diecovery," snch is not the ease.
D . , ., a . ,t
, Personal observation permits ns to speak with
av . a. AS B' S a . .
tne greatest confluence in regard w mis popular
"med.ofiie,"' A member of our own family was I
" cured of a most aggravated case of Tie Donlou-1
reux of some twenty years standing. In addl-
. tlon to this, we hare perused the certificates of
many of tbe most esteemed oltlcens of the State
who have been cured of various diseases more or
less oonneoted with humors ." We are convinced,
ana would have the publio also Excktns.
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that tha Raatoratl Cordial ad Blnnd Rannwa.
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in marxet for puriijing tne Diooa ana strength
aningtbe system. , We hate bo beaitatlon In
reoommendlng Its nse to all.-Arto Ytrka,
Dispatches from Washington.
[Special to the Tribune.]
TliaaaA aawaaaa ok MnaAaaaae.e .aaM.. A 1
w nean iuvf tjuioui Ul WWUJW 0rjBr AIX
witna, inconsequence ot rumor tbatUea. Lee
waa approaching in force. ... .
A charra hava been fi ladw th Hj-oia r..m.
eron.repreeentlng that one of the largest eon-
iracwre empiOTea DV ine uuarier master Uen.
eral of Philadelphia, shipped a oarco of aaltnetre
and brimstone to SouthCarollna after her secesa-
'on, and attempted once to send a large quantity
of MmV keMles 10 the rebel umJ whlch
.topped by the government, was watched by
the Mayor of Philadelphia, on anspiclon of being
ln league with an agent of South Carolina, and
only d from the lndignailonof the people by
lhe interposition of the authorities and thi pub-
.. .. - . . . , .. w rMV
iioauon oia caraaenying me complicity. . i
Tba tvlzes broucht to the Navv Yard mi.
dav era Tallied at nvar taa.Oaa.
Tr ,: "rA .c:rzi.u..i. nnn .
"" " ,uuu troops
near Ftrfax Honfy( there m lfiQQ
groes in tne capaoity or servants and laborers. I
Provisions are scarce, and the
privation falls
first on the alaves.
Col. Butler returned to Fortress Monroe, bear.
Inn the following letter of Instructions to hii
"WASHINGTON, May 30. 1861.
Sia: Yone action in reanaot tn nacrrnan k
ctm within your lines lrom the service of the
KebeU " PPTed. Tbe Department is sensible
f ,kai .nk......na.i. .kuv. j
ve sue aajyaaa a BSSSiiJUVUVa VT uaiviat tsUUDSj SJurrUUllU I
waa w a pbwuivu toa TV aaawtaB swUteDsl UllUUlIU I
officers conduotlnn military operations in a State
DT the laws of which slavery la sanctioned.
M wow""nnt cannot recognise tbe rejecUon
by any State of Its federal obligations. Among
ai...i kh :- , i t" I
uotw iiusiw vuntjBviuue, tiuwwvvr, uuuo can oe I
npo't"t than that oppressing and die-
naaalntf ttnw AamhinatiAn aaaamklaa fmm tltm . I
fi" m l u m auj vwuM,UM,.wu aBimaaiA.,V,a IW WV UI I
pose oi overtnrowing us wnoie constitutional I
.n,l.l. UTkll. ak...r... -.-Ill !a--l
interference by persons nnder your command 1
with the relatione of nersons held to aerviM nn.
e laws of any Sute within which your
mlllt.rw nnaratlnna arai mrAnmt.A ha kt.u
' .n.A...A.a wuauvkhi wu. nuiuu ,g I
melns undsr the control of such armed combi-l
nations, refrain from surrendering to alleged
a0 UJ person who come wuoin your lines, i
Yon will emnlov anoh nersons In th rvini tn
rmcn tney will be best adapted, keeDiBS an ac
Mi 2L a'I
nerfectl clear. Tht Mi. a Tea r
1IAUUUS I BIUUU f CnLCIUBTa Kllll lllllllll LIIH rnH.fl
the trustees of the Mount Vernon Association.
. .. , , mm, m
Aoey report every wing untoncnea. it is inter
esting to know that Miss Tracy has been as
sured by both Gen Scott and Gen. Lee that no
troops from either side shall be sent to the vIcidI
ty, and that not more than three soldiers shall
any one time proceed to Mount Vernon, and
then never in uniform or in arma
. . a ..
aoie pars oi it was seenrea.
[World's dispatch.]
Last week, tbe State of Virginia advanced
gold enough to pay tbe duties at the Alexandria
unatom House on a large amount of Iron for
rails on the unfinished road to run from Stras
burg South. Oa Thursday night, a number of
laborers were busy removing tbe iron to cars
running down tbe Alexandria and Orange road,
and had about half finished, when the fire Zou
aves stopped their operations. The amount
Uken off ia sufficient to lay 25 miles of track.
The rebels intend to use it on the 18 miles of
turnpike road from Strasburg to Winchester.
They can more easily relieve Harper's Ferry or
evacuate it. Soeedy measures will be taken to
forestall this.
In a week, at Harper's Ferry, by movements
from north, eaat,est and south, 10,000 rebels
will be hemmed In..
Among tbe effects seized at Alexandria are
letters of great importance, whioh were found
the Sentinel office, showing the means by
whioh tbe secession of Virginia was brought
about. Some distinguished politicians are im
plicated, and tbe letters show beyond doubt that
the ordinanoe of secession waa only passed by
[Herald's Baltimore Dispatch]
There are 20,000 troops at Harper's Ferry,
and plenty of heavy artillery at every assail
able point. .
Gen. Butler was-relnforced yesterday by 3,000
[Special Dispatch to the Times.]
There are 8,000 troops at Harper's Ferry in
all, Including 1,000 stationed at Point of
The troops there are much demoralized, but
will make a desperate fight. There were indl
nations of an intention to evacuate the post,
but I could got no positive Information. They
expect an attack from tbe west, and keep a
sharp lookont every night. The men sleep on
their arms. ; - , ...
It is nnderatood to-day that Gov. Banks' plans
for increasing the army by 100,000 men will be
[Herald's dispatch.]
Gen. McDowell, commanding our forcee in
Virginia, baa Information that Col. Lee, late of
the United States army, is advancing with 25,
000 rebel troops npon Alexandria. Tbe precise
point at which he now la I do not learn. That
Gen. McDowell anticipates an attack ii evident
from tbe fact that tbe approaches to tbe olty of
Alexandria, from the direction of Manassas
Gap and Richmond, are being strongly foril
[Herald's Special.]
Scouting parties reported at bead Quarters to
day that there are immense forces, not only at
tne junction, out lor nueen mues tms siae oi
there. The reports are regarded as greatly ex
aggerated. Gen. Scott does not believe there
are more than 4,000 or 6,000 soldiers at Manas
sas Juno tlon, and that these are poorly armed.
To-nignt nearly every regiment in tne city is
nnder marchine orders, '
' Before the rebela could get within reasonable
fighting distance of Alexandria, 30,000 troops
could be concentrated on the holghts west of
Alexandria, to meet them.
u . th 8oa' Carolinians are
holding and commanding Manassas Junction,
th, r3ertl , ,re more tDx5onj to , t
. aaa'.a & av a . 13
them, especially tne Aussacnuaetts troops.
[Special to the Commercial.]
Two captains of Massachusetts troops at tbe
Relay House have been placed nnder arrest for
extending tneir pioxets witnout autnority.
A Dostomce nas oeen estaoiisnea airort rick
ens, and letters will be taken by Government
The 7th Regiment leave for New York this
[Special to the Post.]
sudden concentration npon the rebel forces
Vlrgi-tv : ' :
A W ttML nrohedto Baltimore
Preparations are evidently making for a for
ward movement of Government troops They
are all nnder orders, and are ready to march
a moment's notice. Tbe probable object Is
fMm " - - It aSB I H aOtw m Waaw. U aa I tl Vwl rtmlt. n m
waasj mummywrw tjsilj - si uv j tf WRtNUiwl.iui
I a report, current In Baltimore, that tbe tug
I Yankee had .been captured by the rebels,
I false. . 8he la now at tha Nave Var(t. I t
I u.V1' SllSi-'.kV.01 M!104 JMl
I ease, nesuii boi Known. ' 1-
I Jw'ir?ohteiys,'ilI tsqulet
I .Vnii?-?.'? T fc Fwt
res end the bnmber waa lneraaina
The St says 9 rebels were killed at Bewail
Point, in the recent conflict. Also, tbtt
rebels bad itopped work on the intrenohmenta
at Mtnassae Junction.
u.uuu soldiers were concentrated In Western
Four companies of District militia hare cross,
ed into Virginia, with six davs rations.
In the Wheeling district the Uolon candidate
nas J J.uuu majority j and in tbe rarkersbnrg die
triot au.uuu.
[To the Associated Press.]
James Watson Webb has been annotated En
roy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary
ro xwazu,
Tbe reveone laws require Tesjels entering
(""- wuu luiuruiai papers hi ueieixeu.uut iobb
I much as those coming from tbe South,
tha enatom honeaa ara In noueealon of ln..i
i - r --"
I Mt An.n M .) .n M.nnn. aKI. n th. vibmh-
j v.iu.i . .ii vauuv. vumiu iu. jrwpvr
oiearances, tne oeoreury oi tne Treasury, with
a view of remedvlno- the embarrasamant and
trouble tinder these circumstances, haa decided
that in all oases where it appears that there
was no fanlt on tbe part of tbe commanders.
tbe latter shall not be compelled to go into
,urs, oui un . correcweprwem.vioa oi tue coi-
leotors where the vessels arrive, the fines and
court, but on a correctrepresentation of tbe col-
fees which the law imposes shall be remitted,
Post routes and post offioes managed bv Ioval
citizens and in loval districts in Virginia, are
not to be deprived of the mall service under the!
recent oraer oi tne rost umce department. If
they should be temporarily suspended bv the
ffOnAMl APslAP. tflAT Will f)A PAimPaltl IIDnn iliiA
o TC J -P
A Alexandria, new collector having been
appoiniea. me pori nas oeen ro-ODenea to the
onnieroe of the oountry, and therefore vessels
" " " uw-wmre.
. " ' Mea M numper or vessels were bt-
nous Here tor om) destination not publioly
?'i0'?ed-Th.e iEollwiiig I dispatch, reoeived at
N,;y7r' be'W,Mn .1 and 5.. thia P
affords an explanation: "The Keystone
State, at noon, reports that, in passing Aoquia
Creelc th Freeborn and Anacosta were engag-
iD8 th battery at Acquia with auocess. Shall
1 wnd th Pbontas with her ten inch gun to
, a o
Commander at the Navy Yard"
!na,.u .
v .v.i auo 'hiui vuo
Navy Department ordered two men-of-war down
m BUPi vapi. w ara
Several vessels went to Fortress Monroe
carrying one hundred thousand car
tridges, Vc.
Half tbe bonds awarded on baturdav will ha
issued immediately.
several vessels Improperly captured are re-
A ld. arrived here from Manassas Junction
"Por woops concentrating rapidly there, and
OCCUnvlns nrnm nantnnettlnn atkla .U. Tk..
f v. uvh biu.ii divivi A ll VJ
A SSI sr V - mi av
wer expeotincan immediate attack
6e Scott received a telegram last night
lrooPwere BQTa')cing on trie va. aide
whioh caused the preparations yedterday, but
waa afto-w.ra nnr.r.riiAt4
Several regiments occupy the heights 2 miles
DBTOIlu Arilntruin- 'I'lll nicrata ATtaait hair m I
1 - o , - - " w -. u a aaai.a I
m" ruu vraauiDg.o.
A nnrtinn nt Ma trm-mm I. n-Am.mA a A .a I
F'rfx Court House, and if possible, occupy I
place before daybreak. I
An ngKnent was expected. There were
fourteen hnndred aeoeaainnlata thara. I
. m , --v..-
Two privates of the Garibaldi Guards were
coidentally shot to-day, by the careless use ot
From Fortress Monroe and Baltimore.
A steamer from Fortress Monroe, which left
there yesterday, has arrived here. General
- - -
Batler Pent. Monday at New Point, where the
greateat confusion has prevailed from want of
rvw Am f aaaf trt nale.
experience on tne part oi tbe Uuarter-Masters
and Commissaries. Provisions not bavine been
promptly distributed, foraging parties provided
"berallv for themselves, and in some instances
wauwuiy uesiroyeu property.
Colonel Phelps, of the Vt. Regiment is now in
command of the post.
Shortly after midnight, a party of disor
derly men approached the picket guard on
Federal Hill. Tbe eamn ctiard hailed
them twice, and receiving no reply, fired; one
man waa wounded. They arrested aix of the
men; four of whom, after examination this
morning, were discharged, while two were de
talned for investigation.
extensive war preparations were making at
Fortress Monroe. Troops were pushed forward
rapiuiy towaras ine interior, and irwas thought
that an attack on Norfolk by a circuitous route
waa shortly to be made.
G. B. Tucker, of Baltimore Gen. Butler's
clerk at Fortress Monroe, was arrested, on a
charge of holding communication with tbe ene
my. He was sent to Fort McHenry, where he
arrived this morning.
Ex Gov. Pratt was arrested, last evening, at
Annapolla, and taken to Washington Navy
Yard. It Is rumored that Ex-Gov, Lowe was
also arrested.
McLane, late Minister to Mexico, was nomi
nated for Congress by the secessionists in the
4th Congressional district, to-night.
From Louisville &c.
are going to Nashville by railroad. It is rumor
ed that the transportation of goods will be stop
ped on Monday.
Tbe exodns of Southerners Northward is un
precedented, and Is partly attributed to tbe
stoppage or boats on tbe Mississippi river.
It is rumored, also, that If the Nashville road
be stopped, the Tenneaseeana will advance into
Kentuoky, and take possession of the road.
Tbe Union men are determined to permit no
aggression from any quarter.
The Memphis Bulltiin announces the arrival
of Beauregard on the 9tb, to take command of
the Western Division of the Confederate army.
The army worm la approaching Louisville In
vast numbers, threatening to destroy all cereals
tuis vicinity.
The Louisville snd Nashville railroad ia
again obliged to refuse all freiaht till next
week, on account of tbe Impossibility to obtain
a sumcieni nnmoer oi otra to take it south
ward. Paroquet Camp will soon be removed to
Milldrongh's Hill, forty five miles south of
here, on the line of the Nashville railroad.
It is understood that several companies are
organizing in Louisville, and will form part of
joi. Anaerson s criesae. - '
The Frankfort Convention Committee is not
yet ready to report.
From St. Louis.
ST, LOUIS, May 31.
When tbe McDonald habtat coram oase came
up this morning; In the U. 8. District Court.
Gen. Harney made a return that Capt . McDon
ald had been removed to Illinois: that he was
not in bis military command, but ln that of
uen. mcuaiian, and that he had never had
the body of the prisoner nnder his control: con
sequently, he was unable to nroduoe him.
uen. narney inrtner stated that by orders
af ttf I f a a w. w ai .
iron. nasninstOD.aaiea mav lo. but onlv r.
ceived yesterday, be had been removed from
tne command ot this department.
it is understood that uen. Lyon succeeds
Ibe Vmotrn demee that Col. B a r's reel
ment is ordered to Virslnla. v -
jocge Treat today decided that General
Harney's amended return In the aias eorstii
case ot Capt. McDonald, waa sufficient, and ad
journed tbe Court tilt to-morrow, to allow coun
sel to prepare an answer.
Movements of Beauregard, &c.
The Augusta Chrontelt of the 28th says:
Beauregard issued orders at Charleston, vea
terday , relinquishing the command of the forces
around lharleston to U1. K. n. Anderson, and
receiving o. it. Jones, who accompanies Beau
regard to Corinth, Mississippi.
i.. K, Kaouii leu Charleston on Mondav as
nearer oi aespatcnee to m. a nouveoai.
Mobile papers say an agent of the French
government, ts there, collecting facta for Na
poleOn, . '',:! ,- v',.- '. . .'V t
WARSAW, Mo., May 31.
The Union "mem from Pettis, Henry,
Benton snd r Morgan counties, .numbering
some uu, organisea . seven. .- oompaniea
near Cole .tamp, in tnis - county, on
Tuesday last t and they threaten death to everv
secessionist In Osage Valley.. ,Tbej have sent
an agent to Gen. Harney for arma. Great ex
citement exists here, and had It not been foe the
peaoe arrangement between Generals Harney
and Ptloe, the military companies would have
driven these men from the county at any cost.
Condition of Mr. Douglas.
CHICAGO, May 31.—1 o'clock P. M.
I Senator Douglas' condition ia about the tame
ai laat night. II any change, it la worse.
9.30 P. M.
Senator Donglal ll Still gradually Sinking.
His OhTSicians entertain no hopee of bis reCOV-
F"aiwu u "'.tew.
or7 :
NEW YORK, May 31.
cornna writ In the Merrman case will
Orders were issued yesterday to arm and
(quip seven regiment.
Some tlx reeiments leave here tomorrow
.-A aA.. .. Mnn-n. .-A W..M
IT ' "
i TheTunnum t la nnderatood that th ha.
" ".f .u. i t .j
i mnenaan. anu noaaioiv uio iuuuuuus ui juukc
' I
A letter received from Manlnsburg sa;s Gov.
Letcher's brother commands a company or in
fantry there.
The troops are disorderly, ana small pox
i ae X V' T. ZZ.ni.:
prevalent at Harper's terry. 1 wo oompanies
from Martinsburv laid down their arms and re-
tired, disgusted with the secessionists.
BOSTON, May 31.
uuir,6vf X OUt. Hf UVJ WBftJ VUnM 1U I
Caleb Cusbine addressed a company from
Nawhnrnfit. npAvtntii to their dfinnrturfl in
T If ' l f T - f .1 it... J f
glorious cause, and their country would come
ont of it brighter than ever.
ALEXANDRIA, Va., May 31.
a t.aaalap fmm Klch.nond aata be aaur
nomnaraiivelw few trootis there.
It j, iald ,hat tbe New York 71st regiment
wni proceed at midnight to Acc
"Dgements have beeS made fo
ution unto 11 o'clock to ni
Acquis Urcck. Ar
for their tranapor-
Denver advices to the 28 .h stite that Gov.
Given arrived at that place on the 27 tb, and
made speech to some 3.UUU people that even
ing. He received a warm reception,
Tbe fine steam flouring mill of J.J. Corona-
ret took fire thia mornlne, and was partially
consumed, Lois about $IU,UUU, mostly insured
The troops from tho Texas frontier arrived
at Fort Leavenworth to-day, In good health.
Tnaw 1ft nnthlntr at tha nita waoatarl in(.
They leu notbing at tne posts vaoatea, exoept-
Ids? foraee
Lieut, uoi tmory nas resigned
Columbus Retail Market.
FRIDAY, May 31, 1861.
Tne lonowing are ine reuui qaoiatione ooi-recma uy
W. n. Bj.ti.uxwhoie.ai. and retail grocer, No.34
The following are the retail quotations corrected by
Oiaiesman SttlluulK.
- Ba I
OatS tU
. 1 OOiN O.Snnr k
Maple do 9-aiOc
Butter 9h",""t&vtXt
Lard a, ltx-
Molasses tral 4u150o
Sjrrap 9 gar. SO75e
Tea B....50o.,75o.(l 00
Yeddo Tea SI 00
'w. v,"
"nta- PP"r 'Hil
RloOoffe fc..12Xltlc
larado... SOe
BLc a, )Oo
Dried Peaehe 8 75(B3 00
Whit Bean ba Sloo
Potatos e on. ....umt'Ot
Broom dos..Bl 0031 75
Har ton 687 00
Sail in sock...
f bbl
9 ewt....,
Bams ft
... $0 m
Soap (DOT) V J..... 4$8c
flour mi BAiwansou
White Wheat do 5)i36 00
Shoulders V .
Pork eewt
Rye Blonr w bbl... $i 00
CanJles.Tallow.bx. 12 Xo
0andlea.Opal.boz.. lUc
Cheese f 891SX
Wood cord...
S'-'1 95
Mackerel Mo.lhfhbl
Mackerel Nolqrbbl
Bomln; per both SI 00
Whisky per. tall. 8S1 00
Mackerel Not kits.. S3 75
Whit Ushperh'f bbl 84 SO
ttalatns, m K. box.... a ru
. Layers " ....3 00
Whit Fish per qr bbl 38
OodFlshVt, 7c
Bultan 9 l'-'Xo
Uerrlnr bbl as uu ries v ,
Corn Heal w bn....3rS40o1 Prunes ft
.. l(a15
lPo lb.
Bra dot bXsVSo Wool Twine
Pried Beef 13X0 1
rLona-talesat4 75(8S00 lor red. and 85 25S5 50
for white.
Wbkat Arm at tl 00
Cokm tales at 23o.
Oats sales brisk at lHMc.
Bra email sales at 4aXs50c.
H-eales at 18.
PoTAToas sales st S03"Sc.
Biam tales at 75c 8 1 00.
Silt rn lee at 81 6V X psrlbl.
Watn fun ml at 89 50 per bl.l
New York Market.
NEW YORK, May 31.
FLOUR receipts of 9,581 bblt: market doll and In fa
vor or hqyers; salesof 7.000 bbls at g4,95S5 forsaperflne
state; 85 11KS5 S5 for extra state; 84 0525 forsnoer-
weetern; S.05(S5 30 for oommon to medium extra
western; 85 40 05 60 mr shipping brands extra round hoop
Ohio. Canadian Sour dull and unchanged; sales of 50
bbls 83,15517.50.
RYU VLOUtt-steadr at 83 1034.
WBB AT reoelpt of 57 898 baih; market firm; sonnd
parcels doll, hearr and declinlm: sales of nnionnd Iota.
50,000 bash; 8I I01 18 for Milwaukee club; 8 1,30 for
ganadaan elnb and Amber Iowa.
BYK qmet at SCt68o.
BAttLEY dull and unchasirtd.
CORN receipts of 73 767 buihi market wlthont mate
rial ohanee; sale of 38,000 bath at 4&47o for new
mixed western.
OATS ateadvat 31334c fir TVetiern. Canadian and
PORK anlet and Arm: sales of 200 bbls at a 17 Onrift
17.85 for mess; and 8 1S.50 for prim.
id Br auu; tale or ivu bos.
OUr MBAPd l wsr;ealtof50 packages.
LARD steady: tales 50 bbls at OSOXo.
BUIIEK-stllhwatBJlMKarjr Ohio and tVXld. for
OHBBl!-tteadv at338o.
WHISKY dnll and nnehaneed: aalet of ISOhbli. at
BIOUM.-better, wltbont much act Tltv: Monev. on
call, plenty and dnll at per eent. Paper quite Irreg-n-lar,
though there le a batter freltng In the market among
bujrerl Sterling Bxohane ) aim and anchor-tred; Ohio.
at. i. sx; u.ai, xxi 111 u. scrip 6VX- M. 8
UK; Sri IBX: Poo Mall Salft Sal. At ckia. 58: Pan.
iuiis; nan. iux n
Y. a 7V: U. 8. tt' 81: Ooa
pons 85; Va. S's 45;
Xenn. 40; N. 0. 53; Uo. 41;
ill, O. bonds 0OM,
Cleveland Market.
May 30, 1861.
No sales of eontequences
FLOUR ouiet and ateadr.
WHEAT- the market it lower. Bale of 1 ear red tt
I 00; 3 do at 81 11; and 5,000 bosh, chotc white from
store at 81 30.
CORN vert doll for lane lots. No nosers at any
thing approaching th prices which are occasionally got
ear load lots. .
O ATS aalee of 1 ear at S5c. i
HIOHWINKS Qaiet at i'iXe.
BOOB Ia lets oapnl and adranclnr. Btlea in lota
oft few barrels at8o.
BUITBB dnll. with sales of 3 fobs food W. B. at
9c., and a smell lot at lo.
he Aw sales of 3,000 As unbolted at 80c.
Cincinnati Market.
th Produce market there la no animation wbattrer
erery artlole seeming lo be at a drag.
a 1.UU tl nominally maintains lis Quotation or 14 iu
50 for Sttperflos. . Chtlee cradea of saperflne sach aa
are aonnt equal to Itxlra command nu.
WHJIAT Is held at th flgaree last quoted, but mil
tart are still more unwilling to par th a.
UOKN is declined by distillers at 30c.
OATS are very dnll at 86s in balk.
BARLRTend RYE hire no market. 1
tWHIBRt-oonUnaesdullttllJo.-Wn. tbm. May 31.
Philadelphia Market.
Ftoot spring Wheat 85 301M 37. Wbiat aotlv:
red ai,S0ai,38; whit 81.401 5dr Corn dull, salesof
x,wu ouioeis at sua. nnnar auu ana anenonged.
New York Cattle Market.
According to th reports from th several market.
plooea In the city, there bar been reoetvvd thltweek:
oeen ana
B're. Cows. Veal. Lamb. Swlna. Total
At Aiierton t, ,ur i eua v .... ,
Browning's,. ,. IS9
18 1 4 aJ,B35
4S .71 1.917 .... .
83 38 ,9eS ....
O'Brleo's. 38
Chamberlln's.. 31
Ree'ed Sunday 75 -Boldbu'lS,
Total 3.518
T'l pr'aweek i 887
ISl . f40 8,060 4,79 17,308
1W l,0l 8,301 5,156 lfl,7il8
IM tUt 8,7lt , 7,098 l,9t)a
amsa raoit Pirnatnrr stats.
A. U. Allerton Jt 0o., Proprietor of th Washington
vroTw-yaius, Tiui-an, rcpon tn vain in market fro
th following State: 1 .......,,
New Tork 15 Illinois, 8.033
Ohio. ........ ........ S5aIowa .,, SW
Indiana inn .
BBlvFOATTLI. - " .
number reported tor this marlet at Forty-fourth
strwet, tieiu. , : ,.: s .
Th prices to-day ar quoted aa follows: I
First quality... Ordinary , P36
meaium oj i om eiira good.... s
a u iva.iai uvvi.a" a ui. roaraet m OHO.
the most f lb tales are eWo, ' - TT,
Total anmber of Bvt rtcelTed tn (lie city tbis WHk,
This .Is 1,369 head lest than latt week, and 848 head
mere than th average of teat year. Tbe averue Bom
ber at aaeh Wednesday market last veer arts 3 491
While the camber to-day being B.978, ihows 6 15
h -
en man ine average, ana viw beta it man toil
wees. ,
W Tuuday. liny 28. The market opened tbla morning
"Ito about 6,600 bead ot bullocks In the eale-peni
th J"1"' wiUl tbit number only on aale for the week
tuppiy. would have advanced a cent a pound. Unfor-
innately for the drovers, II wu generally known that
train witn aomo 400 head wu behind time on the Had
n alr" Railroad, a d tola bad tn eseot, at tne aame
prevent brokers from commanding tho market. as they
are am to do when alltn oattlaare lo us yards wben
aratopn. Tt trade wu rather eiuw through
yrenoon, ana a tmsiier proportion or mo stock
S" JSL"?!" K K7.5 M
ie or quotations In latt week a report. In fact, tbe
"'"a"nof lutweeit npon th preTioun was jaat
f DU?1 reiioren tms week, aud on nrswiui Dunoon
ii.ti mniH.
tLan that, mm hmare ara Aura that anna
ineir Durenuea win ba over Ma. net a Donna, thouih tlat
lathetoo aaalaff D'la! eat In eettmUe or weiaht tha
sellers htd been able to do better tbla week than list,
and that makes a difference frequently to the drorer of
J or at a besd. Tne eutlre ea to div aie at tatai
ctjuireient, by eatImatlon,to waiKr.a poand lor the meat,
ainklng offal.
About noon the cattle of tho delated train arrived at
the ulo pens, aod gere a little etlr of life to tba market
P1"' Md ' they would deprese th.
price, bat batchers found ibat tbe balk of them were
dlttlllery-fed, and aa the retail butchers generally prefer
corn-led slock, the freib arrival did not Injure the Talus
of those on hand, though tt did of tha new oomers
that It. the did not .nil for u much u thee would if
they had come with the others, so u to hire shown tbe
batchers at once all that were Intended for aale to-dar
or to-morrow.
The nrenondera"ca at Tlllnole atonk li etlll malntalnpA.
while ktntuckr dose not farniah a halloek. notwiih-
atandlni the fait that a Urge number or fat bullooks,
hogs and sheep were known to be In that Slate, before It
became so very decidedly "neutral" that the neonle are
not wllllny to send stock, as they formerly did. to this
market. Some of the drovers of that Stale are known
be rank Beeestlonista. The beat fat bullocks la market
this week era from Iowa, a inmewhat new Mtata In Lh
eeaing line, out one teat bids fair to win laurels.
Noticing how much less the supply this week la than
the previous on It is not singular that the price ad
vanced. The wonder Is that It did not advance mora
With tbe same number next week, it won Id be sure to go
it lent half a cent, notwlthitandlog tha remarkable
low price of pork, mutton and veal.
ranee of nrloea aenerallv far (Inwi with vnm,
Calves Is $'259 AS. A lot of eight, considered ralber ex-
brought 8tu 50.
Veal Calves never told worse thtn thty So this week.
believe that some have aold at 5c. a nonnd liva
weight, and we did hear of a eounla at SKe.. and wa
of a great many at 3c, and some very good ones at
full as good sold laat year at 6o. At present rates
iraus is very stow, aoa proipeo'S oi telling all at
vnj-iuaruiBireci very auu.
There Is a Still farther deollna thia weak In nrlmi r
Sheep and Lambs. The very best Sheep ara not
worm more than 4c. per oound live welihf. that li. a
'l!..'?''. n wom 'i8""?' well fatted, aver-
,n" 1,0 " nothesold readily at (4,anda
dr0fg Mt, lt,a to wtl h m J10 f t d
smooth, sold at (4 83 on Monday, but it waa thought
wuu.u uv,uATa urougm mat on xuesoay, as in market
very much glutted snd good mutton selling la Wash
ington Market at So a lb. by the single carcass.
Ws found on Tu-sdav. at Brownloi's. over fi 500 head
Sheep and Lambs, and no protpeot that over 1,000 of
oculd be sold that day.
Some nce smooth Lambs were offered at as sn. with
bidders: not large, to be sure, but very cheep. We
seen Sheep said to bav eott 4Xo. ft, In West-
N y k ,., nlj a a.
2. grX eoni? bTbon.hISi
a . lk ,h.. a-i ,,w,on . ..r..
a.uw,. aaiaia a,u IW4vV lb St AC
From Ohio. B. W. Beet. 300: a. Cnnklln. sin- n
Pnmnhrer. 20?; TV. H. Battle. 108: J. ft. n ... oos.
Martin Mitchell, 103; James Pringle, 598; M. Shoe
maker, 305; J. O. Weary, 107; Daniel B. Selbert. 205
total, 8,oS3. '
ebeen received riy McOraw at O'Brien fmm nhtn-j
Carroll, 109; J. 0. Dariiaon, 400; D. B. Seibert, Sll).
We torn tales this mornlna at Allartnn'.af
smooth fin medium-wool Shrep. average 88 ft.
at 43. V ft on the scales $3 5t a head.
At O'Brien's, Mcuraw renorts 1.114 mm. at an ..
of $3 73 each, mostly Ohio Sheep or good quality, all
At Browning s, it. u. Hume told seven droves; most
ly Ohio Sheep C35 hesd. arereee aa G3.
Thomas O. Larkln sold 403 head, at sn ereram of
a i . 1. ' a
111 ,K ii
Hart West sold 90) head at an average of B3 (18
Win. D. Bellli inld I firtt Sheen and Lamha.hairnr (ham
Sheep, and moat of the other half New Jersey
Lamb, arerage 83 90. Lambs aold at i 50-315 00
Chamberlln reports sales by Kasa at McPhereon. Jadd
Buckingham, A Tan Wert, Wm 8. Chamberlln, and
owners, as follows: Areras prioa of live weight of
9 ft 4X5Kc. !5 Sheep and Lamba at$5 12X.
at 8 4 50, 15 a' i 50. 58 at 83 75, 45 at 83 37. 113
8 2 87x. 100 at 82 37. C5 ai 83 50. 121 at 83 31 v,
at S3 50. 316 at 84, 100 at 85, 24 at 85, 40 at $3 25,
at e ns at 85 50. 81 at 85 12, 200 at 93 75, ISO
8 4 75, 100 at 84, 158 at 83, S5-ToUl 1950.
Rtcelpto thia week. 4 .769.
The hog market is down again this week. Tbe fo'low
are Henry D. Grant's quotations:
Corn fed Hogs 9 t gross 4v34lt'ol
Distlllsry Hogs 9 t gros 3K3Xe,
Th receipts bar not been large, but mora than there
demand for. even at th low rate quoted obey by
ouBvnnicnueni or ine marser.
Th arrivals for a day or to har been light, and so
th demand, though tbe weatber la favorable. The
baa not advanced th price of barrel pork and smoked
meats, but tbe blockaded Southern porta bay blockaded
to this description of provisions, and tbla haa and
continue to afloct th bo market.
O. W. Dorman reporta the following prices of ITogs
wcca i
i - Lire. Dressed
quality com fed large tire....4.H4 &HSK
cecouu quality corn-iea. 053
iuaiiir email siie lat as prime
for market batchers HK 5!S
alse, still-fed, fat 33r4 S
Second quality silll-fed fat 34 S &
email ait, cnotce stock bogs 5v5t
Bheumatism, Goat and Neuralgia,
1 Mercurial Diseases.
Is a oonvanlaotly arraond Bond, eontainln a med
com pound, to be worn around the Waist, without
to th most delicate persons; no chanae ln hablta
living tt required, and It entirely re mores th dls
from th system, without producing th Injurious
arising from the as of powerful internal medl
which weaken tnd destroy th constitution, and
temporary relief only. By this treatment, tbe med
:lnal properties oontalned In the Band corns in contact
the blood and reach lbs dlsess, through th pores
tb skin, effecting tn every Instance perfect cure,
restoring th parts afflicted to a bsalihy ooudltlon.
Band Is also a mostpowerful AsTt-attacvaiai, agent.
will entirely relieve tbe eyatem from thepernawtoti
effects of Mercury. Moderate cases ara cured In a few
and we are eonstantly recelTing testimonials of Its
efneacy In agt-ravated eases of long standing.
Paicn 82,00, to be had of Druggists generally, or esn
sent by mail or express, with fall directions for at,
any part of th oountry, direct from th Principal
Ho. 409 BBOaVOWAY, New York.
Q. SMITH & CO., Sole Proprietors. :
8. Descriptive Circulars Bent Free.
ID Areata Wanted Everywhere.
mhSfl ljlsorlatp dfcw
Wholesale and Betall Sealer In
Foreign & Domestic Cigars,
Smoking & Chewing Tobacco. ;
aVso, pie best quality of 8SU1T8 eoBsUatly
oa nana.
ICCountry Merchant are invited to call before par
chasing elsewhere. i . i t i , , , .
Bet. Main and Sycamore, ,
aovSl wflm CINCINNATI. O.
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers in
. Northwest Corner of High and Cay Sta-i
NOe Ol,
"A larg Stock of Fin and staple 0di on hand."
3i-dtt :
for the KBTANT UUU
dlitraeslng oompUlnt as J
Mad by 0. 1. 81TM0TJB 00., 107 Kattaa It., H. T
Prk 81 rr box; tent tree by poet. j
0B S All AT . Alia, DlTJGdUtB
marS-dStwlyit ..
CTBtaleA tRAtrilMTELLi
CJ SHAWLS 1 1 In all desirable colors, and at wry
n.iwauM, jaaaiv oa nun,
aprlU No. 29 South Hlh street.
Dr. J.EL ; McLEAN'S j
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
pirniPiirR- '
The CtresUeat Heweedr Isa Tcte v.rlt.A
, . AND TBI ,
' von tmcioTji
" ' A WD
sclentlBo and
TasetabM Com pound,
procured by the dlsUI
laUon of Hoots. Herbs
aad Barka, TaUois
Dock. Blood Root,
garsaparllla, Wild
Cherry Bark and Dan
delion enters Into it
Before Talintt. BtwaneriMiD,
j irne ea-a .
Princinle of each Iniredlent Is thoroughly extracted by
my new method of dUUIling, produetng,a dehclrua. e
hiieratln. mint, and tha meet INf ALLIBLB remedy for
renovatlD, rthe dhsed syrfetn. and reetorlng ;ie lU,
suffering and debilitated iMTALID to BBAVTB and
1 ' Will aCoekaally ears
nhrr.nl, ne Wnrvntii Debt K'v. Disease df h lneya
and all diseases arising from a disordered lr or Ctom
ach, Dyspepsia, Heartburn, Inward PilesV AetdKtei Blee
neas of the Stomach, f ullneas of Blood to aha Hee.l, Dull
tain os swimming ln the head. Palv-tatloa of the Heart
ullness or WeUht in the Stomach, Sour BreefoUont
Choking or suffocatJnifeellnrwben lying down, Drvneai
or Yellowness of tbe Skin and Kyeo. nigm nweaia, in
or Yellowness or tne man ana aye, wigm au
ward Borers, Pol la tb small of th back, sheet or side.
Sadden f lushes of Bea Depression of Spirit, Frightful
Dreams, Languor, Despondency orany Mervous Disease
Bores or Blotches n th Shin, and Fever and Ann (or
Ohllla and Fever.) ... .f,,i
Over a million of Kottlea ,
Have been told daring th last tlx months, and In no In
stance has tt fulled In giving entire satisfaction Who,
then, will suffer from Weakaes or Debility wb. Mc
Mo language can convey an adequate Idea of th hnm
dtate and almost miraculous ohenfts produced by takiD
thia Cordial In th dlaeaaeal. debilitated and shattered
nervous system, whether broken down by excess, weak by
nature, or Impaired by alckneet, the relaxed and unstrung
organisation la restored to its priatln health and vigor.
Or others oonsclea of Inability, from whatever cause.
will Snd McLean Strengthening Cordial a theKmcb
regenerator of tb system; and all wh may have Injured
themselves by improper indulgences, will And in the Cor1
dial a certain and speedy remedy. .
T tbe laftdlee. .
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
Is a soys reign and speedy cure for
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, Inoontlnenc of
Urine ar Involuntary Disohare thereof. Falling or tbe
Womb, Giddiness, Fainting and all Diseases Incldne t
Ewe la bo Mistake About It .
Suffer no longer. - Tak U aeeordlng to Directions.1 It
wlllstlmalat,iretvgthn and Invigorate you aad cans
the bloom of health to mount your cheek again. .
Bvery bottle Is warranted to tv satisfaction. .
ri)H OH1LDKEN,-' . ;
If your children ar tickly, puny, or afflicted, McLean Y
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Dels
not a moment, try it, and you will be connooca. . i
Oactio. Beware of Drnggtsti or Dealen wh may
try to palm npon yon some Bitter or Sarsaparilla trash,
which they can bay cheap, bysavini ltlajuato geod.
Avoid sach men. Ask lor McLean's Strengthening Cor
dial, and take nothing els. It It th only remedy that
will purify th blood thoroughly and at tbe same time
strengthen the system.
On tablespoon ful taken very morning fasting, Is a
certain preventive of Cholera, Ohllla and Fever, fellow
rover, or any prevalent diseases, it is put up in mrg
Price oaly 81 per bottle, or Ssottlee for 85. " j
i. II. McLBAN, '
Bole Proprietor of this Oonilal,
Alto McLWe Volcanic Oil Linlmett.
Prlcclnal Depot on the oorner of Third and Pin streets.
St, laouis. Mo. ' ii
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, i
tbe beat Liniment In the World. Th only safe tnd
oertain car for Canoe ra. Pi lea, Bwalllngt and Bron-
chills, or Goitre, Paralysis, Nsaralgia, Weakness of the
Muscles, unronio or inflammatory nneumausm, etin
ness of the iolnts. oontraoted Muscles or Lhraments
Baraeh or Toothache. Bruises. Borains. Wounds, Iresb
Outs. Ulcers. Fever Son. Caked Breasts Sort Nipples,
Barns, Scalds, Bora moat, or any insammauon or rain,
nodifferene hew severe, or bow long th disease may
have existed. McLean's celebrated Liniment tt a cer
tain remedy. :
Thonaanda of human netnra have been saved a life of
decrepitude and misery by the use ot this valuable toed.
Olla. .. 1 -
ol n
Will relieve rain almost anstaataocoulr. and it wll
oleens, purify and heal tb foulest tons ia oa In red!
ly snort time. . . ,.
For Horses and Other Animal. '.
UcLcan a celebrated Liniment It th only safe Snrl re
liable remedy for the cur of Spavin, Bins Bone, Wind
galls, Splints, Dnneiural Bumps, Nodes or Swelling It
win never rail to cur Big Heart, roll aivii, retuis, Old
running Sores or Sweeny, if properly applied. For
sprains, braises, Bcratene, Bore or wounds, bracked
Heels, Chafes, Baddl or Collar Galls It Is an Infallible
remedy. Apply It as directed, and cur It certain ln
every instance.
men trifle no longer witn tb many worth less Lini
ment offered to you. Obtain a supply of Dr. McLean's
celebrated Liniment. It will euro yo. .
J. If . lVfCaLEAI, Sol Proprietor, '
Oorner of Third and Pis Streets, Bt. Louis, Mo.
For sal by til druggists.
For aale by BOBIBTS 8AMTJXL, ;
aujrae-dfcwly Columbus, Chtv.
Baltimore Clothing House.!
MANcracTnini airs wBotoaLt atuLtRt m j
No. 508 W, Bdtimore-street,'
(trmtn usixtt ajts aowaxo,)
BAIaTIlrlOBE, tn.
i Largs aUtortment of Piece aad rnrnlthlDg
Goods Constantly en Hand1 i
to ajid mom . . !
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,'
- - and . -j
Th Montreal Ocean 8tamshtp Oomuauy' first -clast
full-powered Clyde-built Stetsnr sail every 8tt
nrday from PORTLAND, carrying tb Canadian and
United Btatee Mall and paatengeni, i
Sberteat, Cbpet stndQalckcst Cen
.. , -veyetnee irem
abubica to axl fasti or itoops. .
Kate of Faasr4) to Etucrpes,'
.e3o.t3ea.sso.. i
Will sail from tIVIRPOOLvrry Wdnda.r,
and from QUBBBO every Balmrday .enlllngat
LONDONDBBBT, to receive on board aod land Uaiiaand
Passengers, to and from Ireland and Scotland. , ,
jryTbese Bteamen ar built of Iron. In wat.r Siiht
eompartmenta, carry each an experienced Surgeon, .and
very attention is paid to tne osarort tad aooommoaa-
tion or Dsssengert. at tney proceed direct to LONDON.
DBRY, th gioat risk sad. delay of calling at St. John's
It avoided. , .- . , I
Glasgow passenger art famished with ran passage
tictoisio ana irom laonaonoerry. ,v . 1
Keiurn ucteis trantta at raducea rates. i
OertiBoatet Issued for oarrylni to and brlnrinioattja-
MtiCer from all th trlnolual towns aOreat Britain aod
Inland, at reduced rates, by this line of steasaers, and
waving aaive rpoot vrarj wees..,,,,. t if
8l;lt Drttfte for i ana upward pay-
sawav saw aaawaaHsaoi. armana. a cei
laud i
lets -
Tor passair. awlv at th Offlee. 9 n ten a. si
WAV, Nave Borate u 1 W ATKK ,
, lAUX ft ISASLJC, eeneral A(nt4,
BolO-lydatt -, Bliltstnsa OfSol, Oolombus, Ohl.
J.' Sago v v.
Arrow Koor,
' Beotoh Out Mea
Split Pea
..Chotolst :-t
i HrmaaV) e0
- Rio Flour
Pearl Barley - -O
racked Wheat
Ooeo - 1
. Otwamlartar,,
, . f igs , "
' Bedts lalsins
. Peaehe '
i.-JI ,?
t -j
Fresh Tomato
Oraen Oom
" froth Oann 4 Fruits of every dncrlptlen;
aeiuesoi ail sinas
flavoring Bxtrartsflllrljj. il'if ja
''.lt. Bam Drop; MtndOtndlee; -t . 1 1
..,' AlmoSKi, Filberts, Fsoon Nuts, -'
BngUsh Walnut, Bnttl Nuts tto,
bo wm. Mcdonald.
An eiperleewael Horse and Vemale Tbyaldaei, presents
to the attention of mothers, her
mo rrrTT.tiBr.N TEETHING
which greatly facilitates PTUa'lto
eolng tbe gums, iwduelnf all iiitVaaUonr-rUI allay
ALL PAIN and spasmodic action, aad ia -e
Depend upoa U, mothera, It wlU flva rest to yourselves
snd ' i , .
We have rut or ,.ne Isold luuaareci. "-'.
1 and OAK
SAT, IM OOBSlllValA.iaA .--A.
wh,, h.ve never been able to aay of any ouier meo.
elne-Bf V1B H AS IT """
sr aia we mow an .... ...im -ut, ii.
wh asad tu On tb eonuary, all m 5? J
ThUrV.m.OMipnip.mtijo K-tonBslSta
th most BXPBKlltNCBDand 8';,JJ ,1? t?
New Borland, and be been od, wth HBvB BAIl
INOBUCCEaSin km ' .-.,.
it not en ty reuevea uooi..av. - -:: mntmi-ti
ates the stomach and bowels, corrects acidity, na igiro
ton and energy to the whole system. It will almost m,
stoutly relieve ' '
and oyeroomeeonyuiiiona, wWch. It J?tJJ?dllF rem
died, end In death. We believe It th BBbT and 808
tHxlli ftt I BIAEUHEA IN CHILD BBM, wbeth
it arises from teething, or from tny other 5
would say to awry mother who has a; child i suffering from
follow the as of this medicine, If timely need. In" di
rections for using ' na?piaKINg
genuine unless the folmll of OUBTIS PBBK.IHB,
Sew fork. Is on th outsld wrappr.
Sold by all Druggtata throughout th world.
Principal Office, 13 Cedar Street N.Tf.
... . PE0F. WOOD'S ... ,
- ,.". AND '.'i:
Bit preototly what Its nam Indicates, for, while
pleassnt to the tatte, it ia revlvlfyl ng, exhllarat-lJ
,iog, invigorating and strengthening ts th vitall
powers, and at tha same time rertviflet. leln
Ivlitates, and renews the Blood In all Its parity, and (J
lythus at ncce wtortt and rtiuUrt Vu ryifant
mdnmrabUto attack ofdi4a. It la th only
. Joreparattoo ever offered to tbe world, so oheni-
W ally and sklllfally combined as to ba tb most
in werful tonic, snd tt the same time so perfectly
idaptM to. as to act in peneo-aconraance-wiin uie
awe of natut. and hence will tooth (As vkett kaf
etontacA. and tone up the digeetlvw organ, and U
thua allay all nervous and other Irritation. It i-l
per ectly exhilentlng, aad tt tb suae lime It Isji,
!Oompoed entirely of yegelablee, yeto combined fi
u to proouoeine anoji ui jreiagu goaieeueci, wjui
out producing any lniurloua consequenc Such
I to r
a remedy haa long been felt to be a desideratum
be medical world, for It neede no medical skill
mzw iaiavauu,,'..aT ' v, uwwm auu .
proceeds and indeed las th eystem oixn to the M
insidious attacks of many ot th most fatal, such, L
f..r example, as tb following: Ooniumptloo, In
Miration. Drape pet. Lot of Appetite, Fainlaaea
Nurvoue Irrltability.KeuralaTla Palptiatton of the
Ej lleart, Melancholy, Night Sweat. Languor, OlddH
' net. Retention or, as wen as raintui obstructed
too profuse, or too sesnt Menstrustion, and Fall-
'ing of th Womb, - These all depei dupon general
debility. Tbla pur, healthy, tonio Cordial and
n OOQ nenuvaiur i, a. .am ui vufv ww ui. .uu tu
rise and set. There tt no mistake about It. Butl
this Is not all. If tbe ejetem Is weakened, we are
pen to bilious attacks, the liver becomes torpid,
nv mta diseased, the kidneve refute to Mtfoetn
their functions, and we are troubled witn scalding
and incontlnenc urine, or involuntary die-
charae of the aame, pain in th back, aid and be-
Itween the shoulders, exoeedintly liable) to alight;
colds, coughs, and It unchecked, soon emaciation
collowa, ana tne paueot goea aown to a premature
'grave. But space will not allow at to enumerate
grave. But space will not allow at to enumerate 1
if the many tils to which we art liable In a weakened, V
condition of the system. But we will aay, in thltl
n Cordial and Blood Ben ova tor you have a perfect,'LJ
safe, pleasant and effectual remedy for loss oflj
Q Appetite, biliousness. Flatulence, weak and sick I w
Stomach. Languor, Lfver Complaint. Chi lie and
Fever, or any Bllloas attaik. Oottlveness, Aeidity
of the Stomach, Nervousness, Nsurtlgit, Paiplta l, ,
0 tlon of tha Heart, c, resslon of Spirits. Sores, !m
'Pimples on the Fao or any disstse arising from ass
imnure blood, snch ss Scrofula. Ervsinelaa. Bron I
hltls. Oonsh. difBcnltv of Breatfaina-. and all that:, a
O'oclasa of diseases called f enisle weaknea. and J
.enumerated shove. Wt will tlso say tbe traveler U
vArnMM,Aanlrf.inAa ahaniM nT l-llm,ta ana ail.1
nr. will Snd tt a Dleatant, sale tnd sura remedy
ana none snouia ever travel wiinout. neaaer.
trvfL fnrwa aaanra vrm van will find la It a friend
indeed, as well as a friend la need.. All persons of
ssdsnttry nb;tt will Ond It a perfect preventive of
it wsll ai cur for those ailment towbicb tney e
particularly exposed, llenee minlsterttadentst
torneys, llierary g.ntlemen.and ladlea who are no!
aocustomed to mocb outdoor exercise, will find iti
to their advantage to keep a bottle oon.tantly on
hand: and, above all, mother, or these becomlns
such, will go through that most danetreut period
not only wlh all their, aceuatomed airengih, but
aafa and free from the thnuaatid allmanta av, nrer.
Olalent among tbe female portion of th world In
ihort, it It indeed mother cordial Try it old
I immmm Ik. . I.U m. a.l... Ia Ell
muu )v.u, aaw hiur., i.a u, una w wmv, aa ma.
relieve and nrov itMir empnatlcally Mtttora
tit Cordial and Blood noralor
O. J. WoOD, proprietor, 444 Broadway, New
ton, ana lis atraet street, Bt. Louis, tlo., am
sold by B0BBRTS at 8AMCIL, Columbus. Ohio,
and all good Drujglitt. Price On Dollar
per Bottlt. mnrchiS-dAweowly
NIWARK OHIO. f ;,1 J V. "
irianaf sactnrera sf all kind l ' Por
ta Me and stationary steam r,a
:. tjlncaw, Maw mill. lt flllll,
Ice.. le.
JUKI POD LSI ButsnJ B. d) . BLAND TBtatml
"f. J. lTM)T7ALl StatmtH COLUlftUS
JfACBIXS CO. Btaten.lt II B&tWiQRD
ot CO. Batmlllll '
1 Oar Portable Boglne and law Mill
Vat a wanted th ftrtt premium of J0 at the fitdlana
Stat fair tor 100 over Ltm aBodley'S oa account of
Prlce lightness, slttplieltj, eeonomy of fuel
- and Superior eharaeter o( liunber sawtxl.
Onr Stattonrrylnirine was swarded at ah aast t'alr
th first premium of 800. ' : " - ioiI-'.h
Onr Portable angina wot awarded tne Orel twtmma of
81U0 at th Fair tt Memphis, Tenn.. over Blandy't 'Du
vall's, Oolumbus Machine Go's., and Bradford at Go's.,
by a committee of practical Railroad BaflaeVtd. t
for prlc tnd term tddrese ' - - i U
v WlLkAJU WARNIR, Treasurer,
,dK6 ;wlyl. .'t',"."??! Nwrk,0hl.
Corner Sprlatsr TTsttor U:
Colx.i-AmXyxta. Olilo.
w. apoTTa ':&t oo.,
tvt Aoi 1 1 rcrlOTo.
Aad MaBafacturers ot Brass and Oomposltloo Oaitltvtr,
. fiaisbed Bras Work of all DescrlpUonf.
Electro ' PiittiTid; Gilding!!
lebt 'SWdlyr i... V, ,',..", ,V,t
paekages of STATION BBT Sad JBWSLRT, at
Srtee oat-third less than oaa he parohaaed etsswher
all oner address (Mams nelotcd) t. L. BAII.EY,M
131 Court tt., Boston, Matt. starch t:tim.

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