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'T'U A i r, r. T .. jn
i u nuuuia CiXprean uumpanv yiaus ub uuu
iruimuueuBiern ewes. , .
.1 . ... '. . .
Th AmrWn F.mrM. Rnmnuf ha.
thanks for ite daily favors In the shape of the
vorj latest eastern papers.
'1H BAitaoAD uisabtcb, We find
tbs Cincinnati Untitle, of vesterdav morn.
mg.tno louowmg particulars In regard to the
unfortunate acoident which haooened to the
Twentj-iecond Rogiment.on Thursday, the
dutn nit., on tbe Cincinnati and Marietta Rail
t?la.A - f . . l ' I I . AW
XinriKKf. Zt" Z ZiZ.
of the Twenty-second Ohio Regiment, left
lolumbns lor Athens, Ohio, on Thursday
uiuruiugi b u iu piBi 1 our o oiook, via me lilt-
tle Miami Railroad. At Lovelaod they took
the Marietta road filling fifteen "box" Care.
iney stopped at Cbillicothe about an boor,
leaving fur their destination at 3 30 P. M. Tbe
train proceeded at a tolerable speed between
fifteen and eighteen miles per hour, it is
thought by thoee: who were on board. . When
In I
one mile east ot Kavavilie twenty miles from
Cbillicothe the axle of the tender broke, and
six ears were precipitated down tbe embank-
meat, ana uieraiiy crosuea to nieces. Une of
tne cars was thrown into a creek oontslnlno
four teet depth of water. The larrins: occasion
ed by tbe accident threw a ereat manv oassen-
gers out ot me aoors two ot wniaa were open
in eacu car, oaeai citner siae. is believed
that those wbo were thus thrown out were the
most seriously injured. The two forward cars
were ocotipled by Company 1, Captain Olmstead,
and were the most seriously injured. Geo. W.
Ballon, a native of Cbilo, Clermont oounty, fell
under tne Bret car as it went down tbe embank'
ment into tbe creek, and was killed instantly,
When bis comrades removed tbe ornsbine
weight from bis body, tbey could scarcely re-
coguize nis teatures. Mis bead was terribly
uruisea ana cut. ms dock ana arms were la
cerated, and thefleih all over his body horribly
Without waiting to ascertain the extent of
their injuries, thoee who were able to move, af
ter recovering from the shock which thev all ex-
porienoed, set themselves nobly to work render
ing assistance to the wounded and suffering-
Under the car whioh crushed Baliou to death,
Ihnv fnnnil . man namof T M O.laa al.n -
member ol Comnanv I. Ho was strneeline to
free himself from bis perilous position, though
badly bruised and cut. Tbe others who were
nrJ' Zuu'tZrto
Ohio: his breast and stomach were iniured so
badly (hat bis recovery is considered impossible; I
Isaac Dunlan, from Columbus, both iawa horri
bly cut. and legs and arms lacerated; Frank
Gascon, of Freesburg, injured about
the head and breast; bnt little hope
of his recovery is entertained. The above are
all that are injured beyond the displacing of a
jolct, or a fleati wound, except a member of
Capt. Robinson's company (whose name we
could not ascertain), who was nierced in the
hip with a bayonet, upon the point of whioh be
fell. It was a fortunate circumstance that, with I
this one exception, perhaps, the bayonets were
reversed in tbe muskets. Had it been other
wise, the amouotof injury sustained by the men
would probably have been much greater than it
was, as tbe arms were so stacked in the cars
that they fell in advance of the wreck. Twenty-one
members of Company I were more or
less injured. About a dozen members of tbe
other companies were hurt iu various ways .
Ohio Taoon in Wistirn Vuqinia. On
Friday, Cols. Kittr's and IaviNi's. regiments
were at the burnt bridges on the Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad, four miles beyond Mannington,
and sixty miles from Wheeling. These bridges
were so Ut restored that trains with troops
passed over.
A detachment of the Wheeling regiment was
fired Into at Glover's Gap, by a rebel. He
would have fired into tbe second train, but was
snot ny men wno got out or tbe nrst train at a
Tbe troops were everywhere received with
enthusiasm and generous hospitality, the country
people bringing substantial rations. Tbe rail
road will be thoroughly guarded from Wheeling
to Grafton, and the communication kept open.
The front of Col. Stiidman's regiment, tbe
Fourteenth, was in Grafton, on Friday night,
and tbe troops advanced from Parkersburg under
Stiidman's command, wercjbetween Tollgate,
forty-six miles east of Parkersburg, anl Petro
feum. ' - -
. Th Mails. The Postmaster, at Cincinnati,
on Friday, addressed the following note to lbs
editor of the Enquiteti ' ' ' " '
The publio have got the Impression,' from
telegraphic dispatobes and other unofficial sour
ces, that the mails are not carried with any regu
larity throughout tbe country, and that they are
almost entirely cutoff from tbe South. Permit
me to say that the mails are being forwarded
and received with tbe usual regularity, and that
up to this date I bave received no official noti
fication from the Department at Washington to
stop sending postal matter to tbe Southern
Camm ih Ohio. The following Is a list of tbs
Camps in Ohio: . .
mp st Columbus is deilrnated as Csmp JickionS
' ZaneiTille "
' ' Athens "
" Mtiietta "
" Portland "
" " Luowter "
Bellalr "
B. Camp, near Cin.
Cleveland "
" Wool.
" Patmm,
" Bcott.
" Anderson.
" Jefferson.
' Dennlion.
Tlor. ,
ST The Toledo Timi, referring td the re.
port that the Ohio boys In Washington were
badly off for uniforms, says "We trust; what
they lack In olothlng tbey will make up In
pluck." No doubt tbey will. You may guar-
antee them, Mr. Times, on that score.. ' '
. ETAuotion Sali of Sins and iu Othm
Fin Goons P.,T..Wooo, 103 High street, has
eet apart Monday and Tnesdajr afternoona ex
; preBsly for the oitifre final tloHng sal of his
stock of Hilks and all other nne vrese uoous
The ladles will bear this, in mind, as It is tbeir
last o banco (or these goods at this sale.
JW Tbe Democratio Central Committee of
Crawford county have appointed Saturday, the
29th Inst;, as the day for. voting , for, candidates
; so be supported by tbe Deasoeraev -ef Crawford,
at the ensuing October eleotion, foe the State
Legislature and county officers
Thi C twit and HsaatD. We notice that the
" veteran editor, J. A, Haaais, has become again
- connected with the Cleveland Hirald. A morn'
ing as well as an evening edition of that paper is
. now issuea.
- The ZtifeSvlUe CiltxM Frees has ceased
lti dally Issue! The Editor says he oommeno
' ed the dally as an experiment, and baa experi
mented far, enough. ; He has returned to his
'week).1 ' 'v. f-v,;
STCaptain Rooirs has returned to Cincinnati
from Washington', and will Immediately enter
into negotiations ; for the building or gun boats
and the chartering of steamers, for the use of
tbe U . 8. army oil the Southern waters.
; UT The District Court will be , held, 'In New'
srk on the 16th Inst. Judge Gnomon, pi the
Supreme Court, will preside. , :,;V.
CT The aggregate foroe at Camp Dennlson
on Friday, was offloeri and men 10,364. The
sick list showed 369 privates i but not half that
number were In hospital.
Witt Donc fob Stokii. At the reoent
Congreiilonal Election la the Seventh Dlitrlot
Stokes townihln.iMaHlannlCnnntv. crave Harrison
1 - . ' ,
1 i 09 wrtt.a -j ty., .
I 11-Mn.. - .1. . rin.....ti I,...
tender! their Berrioea totne uoveramentio
take eanboata or transportation vessels down
the Ohio and Mississippi rivers, free of charge.
CT In view of the stagnation of business
landlord in Cincinnati ara v-navall- rednelnv
their rents from one fourth to one-half,
ilt 1 ne last rawonneievuie tmqurer nas
four oil Items. They are still "striking lie" In
Morgan county, notwltbstadlng the war.
" galleries are becoming foabiona-
Ma places of amusement. They are natural
outgrowths of these war times
The United States Dlatriot Court at Cinoin-
nati will commenoe its next term on the third
Tuesday of tbe present month (June.) 1
ETA Garlbaldian newspaper has been start
ed at Naples, called Tht Red Shirt.
XT Six Sisters of Charity are now at Camp
Dennison, waiting on the sick.
Rail Road Time Table.
LtTTLi Mum Jc OeLtmios XreiA R. B.
Cincinnati AeoomtaodatloB. 5 00 A. M. 0:05 P. H.
inreis 11:50 A. M. ' 11:03 A M
Htlt Aeoommodstlnn 1:30 P. M. i 55 P. M,
Migutfixpnts via ujton.i:uo miasigni s:o a. at,
jm. w , voHtaTT, agent.
Oolohsoi k OLtvsuum B. E. ,
Hlcht lxprets 3:40 A. M. , 11:5P. If,
New York Express 11:10 A. II. 11:10 A. M.
Mail and Accommodation.. :to P. at. B:10 P. It.
Jams Pattki, Agent.
OnmuiOmoE. B. .
No. 1 Ixpraa 3:30 A. M. 11:39 A. M.
Ho. S do 11:18 A.M. 11.45 P. M.
No. do 3.10 P.M. . 4:50 A. It.
W.J. Till, Ajnt.
Mill Train 3 SO A.M. .11:38 A. M.
lxprets Train 11:18 A. at. 11:45 P. at
. . jos. mobiiisox, Agent.
Colchsos k. IrouKomin. B. B.
No. 1 Exnrtss 6:30 A. M. 2:55 P. M .
No. S " 3:20 P. at. 8:80 P. M.
Accommodation 10:50 A. if.
mnvti here and labelled London
lu """ uuooau, - isn
is the Qoistion." Those who have a natural
affinity for imposture will buy the burning flu-
Cordial Gin. But the wise and judicious will
purchase only tbe authenticated article Import-
ed. For sale by all druggists and grocers.
Wi Spiak that wi do Know.- In our edito
rial eapaoity we are sometimes called upon to
notioe artioles, tbe desirable qualities of wbioh
are alone known to us through the testimony of
elAers; but in introducing to our readers "Ken-
nedj' Medical Discovery," such is not the ease
Personal observation oermits na to ' sneak with
the greatest confidence in regard to this popular
medicine. A member of our own family was
cured of a most aggravated case of Tlo Doulou
reuzof some twenty years- standing. . In addi
tion to this, we have perused the certificates of
many of the most esteemed citizens of the State
who have been cured of various diseases more or
less connected with humors. We are convinced,
and would have the public also. Exchange.
BiUAraaittA, This troploalroot has a repu.
tatlon wide as the world, for curing one class of
disorders that afflict mankind a reputation too
which It deserves as the best antidote we poa
sees for.scrofulons complaints. ButlO be brought
into use, its virtues must be oonoentrated (and
combined with other medicines that increase
its powsr. Some reliable compound of this
oharaoteris much needed In the community.
Read the Advertisement of Dr. Ana's Sarsap
arllla Sn our columns, and we know It needs no
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mam j. .. .
PaACTicx vs Thiost The unparalleled sue
cess which attends these remedies In their radi
cal cures of Scrofula, Erysipelas,' Salt rheum,
King's Evil, Barber's itch, Ulcer, sore Leg,
Klngworm, aud all skin dlseasee.wouid be deem
ed incredible, were It not substantiated by "a
cloud of living witnesses ' Such beneficial re
sults cannot TaU to challenge our admiration
for the genius which displays such science in the
extirpation of diasaae and in the triumph of
health i old ny mi uruggiats, as w.,;uw!.,
and $1 per box or pot.. ' - . .
SlfclMM III I f 14 '
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are sources of Pulmonary , Bronoblal and Asth
ma tlo Affections. Experience having proved
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certainly, when taken In the early stages of the
dlssasa, reeurse. should. at cee.; be. had to
"flroten's BrtncMsl TrcKn,".o bstengee, let
tbe Cold. Court, or Irritation or tbe Throat be
ever so alight, as by this precaution more se
rious attack may be aiieotuaiiy waraea on,
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factual for clearing . and strsnuthsnlng the
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him. he was cale, lean and deieetedt oomplain
Inu of waiknetu And debilltv. bavinw bn so
aaiioted all summer, now no appears to be; fat,
healthv and strong. We learn be owsd bis res
toration entirely to MoLkaa'e . Bturothenino
Coaoiat. , -i
We advise all wbo are complaining of Gen
eral Debility to try It;' it is certainly a very
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la fact It Is without any doubt the first : article
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enlog the system. We have no hesitation in
reoommaodlng Ite use to all Art Yorker.
r " for ths WBTAWI Mtllf
- . at A iswm rrfat .k
. -.U4aanana4i yuavaivyui
-iTalatresalog eonlaut USV, ,
1 ' " fries Sjl par boxt fri 557
J-dwljrls "u"iaii.
Dispatches from Washington.
[Special to the Tribune.]
Several Virginians, Union men, arrived in
Georgetown to-day, having been foroed to leave
their homes Dy threats of violence Irom seces
sionists, if they remained.
' Such of the Union men in the counties in
Eastern Virginia, opposite this city, that can
are escaping,
a r rt-t. - .u-t at
Carolina line, arrived here, says the storehouse
i , ' . 1 .u. o...u
a sTeai emu irom virciuiae near biio iiurin
nnntV; I. thr. flonrln mills, which are turn-
Ul buuuit ivr itrK vumuu vi tun uvmucru
.Kiniii.i.t. -e a. 4.ti. .11 ki.v,
lug UUI ,vwu UUAO. Ul . Jt
1. rit l..nn Thxra ari thnna.nrt.ln
hi. onlninn. who nnU wait to see Federal bavo-
nets and tbe Federal flag, to return to tbelr
constitutional obligations.
A portion of the Garibaldi Uuards, wbo went
down to tbe Arsenal vesieruay lor inns, on re
nnan in tna M raan.i tflHiaru.Y lur nulla, uu rei
oelvingmuekett threw tbem down, declaring
that tbey would have nues. me omoers to
whess fault this breech of discipline is attrlbut-
.A m.. h. .ahirf To.ria. th regiment ra.
ceived muskets at the Arsenal temporarily.
Three men stepped from the ranks and declined
te take tbe arms offered. The Colonel handed
bis pistol to the Lieutenant and told bim to
shoot anv man who refused to obey orders to re
turn to tbe ranks. Tbe three returned, tbe
whole loudlv cheering.
Tbe movements oi Uenerai butler are cousin
eredas Indicating an intention on bis part not
to trouble Bewail s rolnt or Norton at present,
but to strengibeo bis position on the other side
nf J,mii R in.,, and in tlma to mova fur-
ward to Richmond.
. Rn.rai Snntt tnvnra the establishment of a
retired list, and Senator Wilson, chairman ot
the military committee, will introduce and do
bis best to oarrv such a bill through
A traveler this evening direot from Richmond,
reports tbat comparatively few troops were in
Richmond, as late as Thursday morning, tbe
majority being sent away immediately on tbeir
- i
[Times Dispatch.]
Tbe number of rebel troops at Harper's Ferrv
is estimated at e.uuu. This includes all within
five miles of tbe Railroad Bridge. These are
all equipped, with tbe exception of 1,(100 wbo
are ouly partially provided with arms. At least
4,000 of these men have only flint-lock mus
kets Tbe bulk or tbe men are encamped on
tbe heights west ot tbe village. Thev have
battery of two 6 pounders, and one 32 pounder,
They bave four
all on tbe Maryland heights
batteries overlooking the bridge, and from
three-quarters of a mile to three mile distant.
TL J .L . U . m
l..nAln Tk... I .11 r .... I
61 and five 32 pounders. In the rear fib
main fo.oe. back of the tUlsn. Is a batterv of
on. 64.pouuder and twenty 18 and 6 pounders.
These last command the approaches Irom the
west. All these guns are behind barricades of
two lines of tlmbe?. filled In with e-ravi.1. From
all auDearauces. their sunnlv of dFovUIous wa.
Abont fonr miles from the Farrv. at tha Ilttl-
village or Knoxvllle, the American fl.g Is kept
fl,lnl,.u.uln.dby a.u.aUband of deUbel
lLT- 1MM.H4V V--1 -t- .... iL.Jll.il I
tyoi these men, and kuowa that la all thton
the, eau be relied upon. , . ..."
me two large eolumeiads latelv ahiDoed from
PittBhnro- to For MnHnrv nr ;nikH K th.
secessionists in the strsots of Baltimore, aud it
... .. .r ".'""
was not discovered till thev were mounted In the
There has been ereat dipsatiafaction in the
Massachusetts camp at the Relay House, arising
from the unmilltary conduct ot Brig. Gen. Jones.
Ha kHMlt M -IK. 1-a, n i.1i, - .. .
Brio-. Gen. Piflrft will ann.rwrtn Ran Jn.a
.v na0 uwui iu sjuki .n . uwui mm tuvi, uauiu. I
and the latter will e-o to Fortresa Mnnrnn:
I hw. I,. nitmAvAna hafla. In nnn.i. .( I
" . . I
erection alone- tiia James. Eliv.heth and York
rivers, but thev cannot effect anv damat-a to
vessels on the river, as tbs range is too lone.
several or toe uia jjomimou arsgoons were
taken prisoners by the Vermont Regiment.
never at zouaves acuoa as scouts seized s xtv
kegs of powder and fire tons of lead, in a house
four miles from Alexandria. The Zouaves, be
ing too lew, only Drought away what pow
der thev could, and blew no the balance.
Tbe forces in Alexandria expected to advance
to-night, but don't know how far.
Gen. Butler will probably supersede Cadwal
lader again in the Baltimore district; as Gen
Butler knows the ground of the Maryland dis
trlot, and the people and tbe secessionists there
Know bim by this time.
There Is no troth in the statement that the
Government will call out 100,000 more men.
The accounts of the skirmish bv a cavalrv
company, under Lieut. Tompkins, snd the rebels
rairiax is eonnrmed. Two men are missing,
ana inree woonoeu. several noraes were
wounded. Five priaoners were taken and
brought into tamp. Lieut. Tomnklns had two
horses shot under bim.
An official dispatoh from Gsneral MoDowell
the War Department says ths loss of ths Union
troops at Fairfax Court House was 4. and Con.
federates B7. i ,: .-."", '.- . ... .. .
A letter from East Teuneasee sava there is a
great majority there for tbs Union snd that 10,
000 Government troops could be raised there.
owing to the noble stand of Johnson and Nelson.
[Commercial's Dispatch.]
'It Is believed tbat the soesncment at Acoula
Cree has been severe. -4f the batteries have not
been destroyed, a large force will go immediate
ly and take.the place- ' '
A large body of trooos advanced on' Fairfax
this morning, at 2 o'olock.
A dispatch says two battsries at Acoula Creek
were destroyed,
Skirmishes at Acquia Creek and
Fairfax Court House—Rebels
Fairfax Court House—Rebels Worsted, with Heavy Loss, in Both.
[Special to the Post.]
Tbe Government forces bad a oocfllot with
the rebels at Ace,iia Creek. Tbe steamers Frae-
bore, Aoaeosts, aod Resolute, and a schooner,
opened fire; floally silencing the wbarf battery,
end. killing several rebels., None of our troops
were itjurwd.- The Pawnee and Yankee weve
ssnt there 'this morning. , . .
Uisnatcues also state tbat a skirmish took
plaos last eight at Falls Churoh, six miles back
of Arlington Heights. Oar piokets were attack
by the rebels, and several of our soldiers
wounded. . .'; .. "
A later dispatch states that a foroe of cavalrv
and 45 iniantry, under Lieutenants Tompkins
aod Gorton, attacked the rebels at Fairfax Cjum
House The rebel pickets were, met 4 miles
this side, who fled and alarmed the oemn. . The
oavalry then charged on the town, and encoun
tered vigorous resiatance; tbe people firing on
them from tbe bouses. Tomnklns' horse was
shot under him, sad his eavU-y , surrounded by
reoei iniantry, wno poured in a continuous fire,
but tbey fought their way through them, tak
ing a number of prisoners One of lb cavalry
was killed, and two wounded. Some staff of
floors or tbe Fifth New Yoik Regiment were
wounded, being with the Federal troops. Lieut
Tompklasreportt thirty rebels killed, and tbat
tbeir ioroe amounted to 1.500 Thev had tire-
Tiously supposed there were bnt 200 there -
lo night our troops will advance on Fairfax
Court Ho,uee. and take It.. .-.- - . - ,
Another dlipatoh says the rebels are fast re
treating from Fairfax,.; i .' . i r " .
-A sentinel at Cloud's Mills, on tha out
skirts orAIexandrla, ; was shot dead durint
lasimgnt, ana aauiuer , wounaea, probably by
. . . I . . L. . . ... .
me rcuei swuia. i i in .
. A river craftsman, who airlved late last nlcht.
has reported that while DasslnrAcaula Creek.
he oearo continuous nring in the dtreotion oi the
Creek, r l be dispatcn Iron . Capt. Dblgrsn in
this morning's papers gives confirmation.
Tbe earnest hope entertained bv manv In the
North, that secession would dwlndls away before
the united states lorces, and loyalty raise Its
bead is not reasaurea ya interview with promt
aenl eilseos of Alexandria,' who express their
Risvandtw iQ tbe strongest lsnguaKe. The offi
cers iu ootnmand exert themselves to the utmost
to create a better feeling, with partial suooess.
Tbe experience gained irom this occupation
will doubtless lead to great. discrimination in
the future selection eCtroaae. ." .-
There are many unsatisfactory rumors afloat
wth reference to the movements, of Gen, Lee.
it is not oeuevea tna me movements ot Vir
ginia foroea will be to oonduoted as to aaneeet
sarily baaard ths lives of Southern women and
children or the property of Southern citizens.
From Fortress Monroe.
A steamer has arrived from Fortress Mon
roe. ' . ;
. Bartlett's Naval Brigade had arrived there.
A battery of heavy cannon is being erected
on New Point. ' '
Tbe Federal transports constantly pass Haw
aii's Point just beyond ine range or tbe rebel
There Is no reoent Intelligence from Norfolk
Commodore Pendegrast will not allow a boat to
go up with a flag ot truce attached. Parties are
anxious to bring away relatives
Tbe Quaker Cltv yesterday brought no
DnzeiCDuaner irom mouo jauciru wiu i careo
1 1 t r j w t.i
. - . .
0,uu" M.f 01 l'on"' Vn ... Mnnt. .
The fugitives new on Fortress Monroe are en
'"pea ana musiereu, ana proYiueu wim rations,
. .
Use the soldiers. 1
ran P.,. k.M faatiAit i (.tnivinf anI..
uu..... una .pnuvu - ... .uhvu. vian
plundering in tbe nelghoorbood
From St. Louis and the South.
ST. LOUIS, June 1.
Two rcpimentji nr Inw. TOIuntaers ar nn
... - n
quartered in Keokuk, and a third is expected
. . j
Jb I0" Ae"l,,latulre hM T6td ,n Mt0,
prlatlon or fiuo.uuu lor war purposes.
me new uneans raayum, 01 tne zun,
announces tbs arrival at that port or tbe priva
,eef cainoun, naving tn ww ine scnooner John
Adams, of Boston, the brig Panama, and tbe
schooner Mermaid, of Provincetowo, Mass., all
whalers, having 160 bbls. of oil on board.
A Montgomery dispatch ot the xf.b, to the
Mobile Advr.rtiier, sty no order haa been issued
t0 the clerks of the Departments to be ready
nrciiurai uu .tCU., ur tuuir
osy- ,
Col. McArthur's regiment of Illinois volun
teers bave not moved aoutbwnrd, but are under
orders to march at a moment's notice
Gen' Doniphan baa declined tbe Brigadier
"eneraisnip tendered birn by Uovernor Jack
From Harper's Ferry.
A scout, returned after two diva' slav at
Harper's Ferry, reports that quantities of t re
visions were taken there from the Marvl&nd
Army officers believe tbat, unless tbe Har
per's ferry forces retreat, thev will be sur.
rounded within a week.
The number of troops on the heights over
looking Harper's Ferry is lees than 1.000. hav
ing a battery of four guns.
1 be troops speak depressioglv of the state of
anairs, out will ngut bard. JNo troops bave vet
been8eD "na Chambereburg southward.
R. R. Accident to the 22d Ohio Regiment.
"J S?Ita oZ. E fc.
ki ii,ih k . r..-.T Vi C
illhj!'U7d' ,Doth,r L,n "a r-
"U " " .utu I f nn?" olne"
were more or ,eH bru"cd mi "a-" ln)or"
L, w.ah.n PVin ,7 " "
S 1 't't'L
-- O" w.aw n tug IUIVI aJUBl.VfU TV UIWU 11BU
U iCwDircu Bt IU D UCB
fPL- . a a.
I T .'T '
C WT.V-1 Jr.u "V.". " ". uuu"'"
""!u u" uol.u '" o atesmerg retired
to await the Fawn.
She atonned at Fnrt
Washington to await the arrival of the trans.
port Baltimore with troops, auppoaed to be tbe
New York 71at regiment.
loe fawnee and Baltimore proceeded in com-
Another Skirmish.
.Va I. . . 1 L. I... .!.!. 1
wuiiiii ueiuio , u uuut. IBBb UIHUt. B BKir
mlen wo P'C" Wellington Mills, between
..c?mPiny of Zouaves, Company E of the
Micblesn reiiment. aod a scouting nartv of
Virginians. The Federals drove them away.
une Zouave was killed, and another wounded.
Jefferson Davis in Richmond.
Tho BuBttin cublisbes from tha Richmond
Enquirer of Thursday detail of the journey of
rreeiaem iavis to nicnmond, snd bis speech to
tne troops. Messrs. Toombs and Wig fall ao
companied him.
The remaining twoRcein.ente. 8:h and 10th.
of Federal troops have removed their quarters
rom iamp morion to a point on tbe national
Road, 4 miles east of this city.
Tbe Legislature will adjourn to nicht: tha
time umiieo oy consiitution lor extra session
having expired. . .
...... - - -
A large amount of important business haa
been transacted at this session.
A bill raisins a militarv fund of 11.000.000
has passed i also, one appropriation 135.000 ad
ditional to the Governor's contingent fund.
Mr. Douglas' Condition no Worse.
CHICAGO, June 1.
Senator Douglas oassed a vsrv comfortable
night. His physicians say be is no worso,
Senator Douelas is a little bolter to.nlcht.
His friends are somewhat encourged.
NEW YORK, June 1.
The brig Mystlo arrived from Indianola. thla
morninc. with 940 Texas tronna anil MR anm.n
and children.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, June 1.
recslnts of 14.SGO bhl.i n.ra.t ha... ..a
dsclinlnsisairsof 0,000 bbls at ,MJfor eopetfins
slats; BS 10i 20 rr extra siaisi titi SO forau-
prinoe wniern: a uu iu lor eommoo to medium extra
westsrntSStOe'SSO .or shipping brands extra Bound
Hoop Ohlu. TanadUn flour Olllet and ataaiUl aalaa .r
400 bbls st $5 00AW.50. "
Ara ILuUm-steadyat tS 1034.
WUSAT reotints of SIS K3 bu.hl Markat ki.
heavy and common grades l2o lower: ales ofSOOUO
uu.u.i. a, t i.iv lor uomao iprtngt Sllmgjl 18 for
Milvankee olub; ', 15(91 Id for North Westsru, Club.
. " """'raui i'ror n nit Kentucky.
RYB-qulstatSoSSoo. . ,v
BAHLKT-dull oi6fle.
COBN reeelole ef IS 174 hnafc. M..i k.. ... t
Sc. lowor, saiss of 74 O 0 bush, at 400400, for new
medium western; 5 fr western yellow.
vaieauii at siwmm for western Osnsdlaa and
P''RK-ais of 1,000 kbls. at ei,97(a,17j ,o 05
13,50 rnrmes.
fKIMB HKKT-dnll.
CUf MJATS-Mloll.
LARD dull; salts of 1,000 bbls. at aSJOWo.
MUTTKR In modarata iMnu a, Rw. A1.I.. a
- - ... .IV. iu, VU4V, W
I0. f..r Stst .
OHBB.R 3i8o astoqnslt'y.
WaiaKY nominally at 10X918. '
aroCKi wllhcut moh cnao.s. and rather Anil:
mosey easy on oall on im elasi aecuriUee bat paper is
very dull and with diffleiit .,!. 1... .....V.1 ...
change doses quiet st 1 MX for best hanker. Mils; O.
A. o. B. H. SO del. A ObJ.7Hia.30;0.
O. A 0 ; 0. Tol. S3W III O. Sorlo 87, Pan.
INS. 30.! H- O. H. Bradlna- SlUl Harlaa. inw. A.
preferred 1 ; bud. 34X, VI. 8. sinking funds 71. Brie
3lbdiB,. LagranieO; St Chi li bond.97X! N.
T. 0. 7.K1 PaoiBa Stall K7Ut Iri.ull. 11. A j-
79, Mo.6,s40.; B. Kl; N. O. 63; V? 45M: Prdl:
in-uury in percent, lis); M. B.a's747aX;Cnpons
"w i vvujiyii (tf t t
Cincinnati Market.
In ll.ht annnlU. and k.l.t
13HAI4X for Mr to prime qualities. ,
puuab ana MOLAtas stands at theold quotations,
with a regular demand for the former, but a nn limited
osll for tbs latter article.
IL-UB there was a little better trade to A., lath.
bsttsr grades at ths old flgures, 4 63S4 60 for fair
ana gnna extras; BupeiunewassoM at 84 45W4 50: faml'
1. klll ..A .k.lu ..... . . Kn
WaKAl a little yielding In the market produced
(iter sales, uuotatlona show quit a varying list of
prices, ranging from DWDWc for ordinary to prime Bed
bit being about the average standard. Wblta ran...
from SI 051 10 for good to prime, and from tl lid
1 in tor cnotce to rancy qusillles of Kentucky.
CORN Is in but moderate request, and distiller are
not offering ovsrSOo. for yellow snd mixed.
OATS are held at 860., but buyers da ant rr.. ....
voo. xov maraei is very inscuve. . , .
BARLEY Is entirely neglected and remain nominal
stOOo. .
BIB there is nolhlng doing JOc. Is th ssklnf Bf
WHIBKT-wnaqootei at lite. , but th markst la very
feeble at the figure.
PROVIBIONb to asms flgures that may bs renrdsd
sis fair criterion of the market Is verv difflnnii ain.
holders who ar uy as to their flnsnclal arrangements
ar enUrely out of ths "ring" at anything gear late qo
tatloss,vlal4Ma4Vo."for Bulk Bhonktara. aad Surat
8K. for Bides, With tbs usual additional cent per for
,TZr V "asiw, pbi iwm at ex"fa'
vjttw. eiine .....
Cleveland Market.
June 1 1861.
lOtJR quits it old rates
Salts of dsoble extra
at uu.
WHEAT the market Is heirv ted unsettled. '
wen mm tt f l iu mm ontrsci, 104 f 1 lulbr Whits
uwnn-n, mim except in snsMi low. .1 j
OATS Blesdj at 85. a '
BkUNS-Beles of SOU both. Brims aulllTAtal 9S
DUTTK R OjDllnuee extramelr dull and and eelli In
emii wy onvaivwive.
KUUS Are tteulT wlthsilesatSo.
6ISIB sales of 600 at 8c. . -
Eheumatigm, Gout -and Hearalffia.
All Mercurial Diseases.
It Is a eonvanlentlv arrannd Band, sonlalnln a m k.
Icated eomponnd, to be worn aroaod tht Waist, without
Injurvtoths most delicstt Demons: no ibuu 1b h.hu.
of IWIdk Is required, nd It entire! removes tbs dis
ease from the system, without producing ths Injurious
mean ariains irom loo uu or iwwerrui internal nail.
eloei. which weaken and destroy the constitution, and
give temporary renei only, uy tnie treatment, lbs med
icinal properties eon tainrd In Ihs Band soma In conu.i
with ths blood and reach ths disease, through the pores
of the skin, effeotloi in mrv Inetanot a tMrfest nn.
am, reawriog uw pacta aiuicwu 10 a neauny cooaitlon.
This Band Is alio a nottpowerful Astt Mmouill aenU
and will entirely relieve thesyitem from tbepsnwoioiM
effecti of Mercury. Moderate caiea are ourrd In a Um
aayi, aoa we art oonstaotly Keelflcn testimonlslsof Its
efficacy In anravated caieerf Ion. undln.
Plica S'2.00, tn be bad of Druggists senerally, or can
nvaenioy man or express, witn lull a 1 no ions for ais.
to any pert of the countrv direot from tha Priuiltial
- - - .
Ko. 409
BB0&DWAT, Haw York.
O. SMITH & CO., Bole Proprietors.
N. B. Descriptive Circulars Bent free.
ID Amenta Wanted Everr-twhere.
For all Throat and tung Oomplsinta, tncludng, with
molt perfect reeulls. Wuoortra Ooowa, Onaoaio ana
Oombor Coram, Broschial aid Thboat ConrLaim,
always forerunners of Oonsamptlon. a a Soot if ia
Bvacrlt has no superior, 'reed from all Opiate or
Bsetio properties, may be used by most delicate ooostlt
tutloDS, and with perfect oonfldsncs.
Tbs Grbatkst RaToaaL Oputs ever offered to th
world, containing not a particle of Opium, nor any sub
stanos but Its strictly vegetable and medical properties.
sur Bemedy for Nsobalou, Rhcohatu, Ooot,
Tooth ao Kab Ache, Cataash, Boss ob liar liven,
all minor Nervous Complaints.
loa Loss or Blot, snd Headache In an tts varieties.
has no equal, and to which most undoubted testmonl-
are offered.
loa DatiBinai linns It Is a most perfect remedy.
loa Bowbl Oomplaibts. after removing the pain It acta
a physio, a most Important oontrast with the oonsUpa
tory (Heels ol Opium.
To Physicians, Formulas and Trial Bottles will be ssnt,
to Dealer or Invalid a desorlpUvs pamphlet without
Prepared under ths special supervision of
CBMirr am vha ax acstti st,
Ho OCommarelal Wharf, Boston, Kau-
To whom pleas direot all eommunlcatlons. .
Prices Larg Cough Remedy, 50 cents per bottle.
Small " 21 '
Tolu Aaodyn. 40 " '
lor sal by tbs usual wholesale and retail dealers,
miyi'-wjy Agents ror uoiumous, unia.
T to a limited number of marts, from th 1st of April
Ihs 1st of July, at my "Northwood farm," XX miles
north of (lolumbue, Ohio. - ... .
1 . . v ci IrwxjiM 1 ... , 1 , a . a,
- vM wv Lm.n.aav. n uui ,aiau uy ja m . A OWOaana .
Em., of Bustex eounty. New Jeraay, and will be six
old on tbe SOlh day ot next Jane. He wee elred
"Long island mack llawt," he by Andrew Jackson,
by Baabaw, by the Imported Barb Orand Bat haw.
asm was Lioerty, (a inoroorhbred mare,) she by
Aiaooe, ous 01 ine laooue "cnanisvovne ' mare. Thua
will be ssen that JOB GODWIN is a descendant of th
trotting snd running stook ths United Stales oaa
boast of, via: Old Andrew Jackson, who was a sen of ihs
Baahaw, and the American Xolipss, who was a soa
Old Ueaaenger. Jo Oodwln gets back ta Andrew
Jackson through Long Island Black Uawk In two crosses,
likewise sets back to Boilpis In four crosses, through
Liberty aod Lance Lance being a sou of Eclipse; he
across of Expedition thriu.h Liberty, and also a
cross of Bsllfoundsr through ths Chardavoyns Bellfoun
der. A better combination of trotting and running
blood no hor.e posiesies, aod be Is a Trotter.
JOE GODWIN is a beautiful bay, LI handaand31ncb.es
high, black mans snd tail, and w'lh no white mark except
atar. lie has a very stylish nsck and head, and a bet
ter boned horse was never foaled. Last fall. Joa Ood
was exhibited st the Lsk Brie Herts Chow at Cleve
land, at th V irclnla State ra r at Wheeling, at th Uu'
kingum Valley fair at Zaaesvllls. and In xrrav cam
carried off th Brat premium. In a trial of apsed at ths
Btats fair, held at Dayton, where thirty-seven of
nest stallions irom inaiana ana 01 tnis State con
Joe Qodeln oiita'cxd ihs whole field.
TEtsms. .
Twenty-five dollars for Ih season, navable at tha tlma
aervlc Mares not proving with feal can hare the
service of she boras next year. Good pasture for mires
at reasonable rates, and careful attention will
given them, bull will not be reiponslbl for accident.
Columbus, UhlO. llarcn low, JrfuO.
Front Street, Between State and Town.
BUOP lastlll rnnning, and although
preesur of late years has st heavily
her running gears, she Is still turn-'
out thoee splendid PRXTONg, ROCRAWATB.and
and BACKS. .Twenty years steady manofao-
has given our work a wide-spared rtputatioa
ine soutnana nasi.
therefore deem It unnecessary to say any thing more
regard to th quality of our work. W wasbajit
Txincxc. W oaa sell soon. Tor Bnoaur from
Deslsrs can bs furnlahsd with any amount of work at
notice, and at prices lower than can be bought any
in th West. Second hand hngjles taken in ex
sbanra tor new work.
II rRe pairing don neatly and st short nolle, fan
on front, between Uiate and Town streoU, Colum
bus, Ohio.
ilrAll eommualeationa will receive prompt attention,
ug. 31 wly B. H. W1LLIAM8 A OO
' Wholesale ahl Retail Dealer In
Foreign & Domestic Cigars,
' ' ' Aim BStT SXAJfDS
Smokiiiff 4 Chewtnj Tobaooo. ;
Also, the best quality of finTTT'8 eonstantlj
- a; r' I OB Baad.' . ,,'rf....
Jjyoountry Kerohanta an Invited, to call before par
chasing elsswbsr. r . .... : a :. '
Bet. Main and iyeamore, '
nov3I-wm CINaNNAIt, O-
Maaufnetorere and Wholesale Dealers In
' Northwest Corner of High and Gay Sui, ' j
.., - ONTO. Gl, .. ., ..,..-
SjVBaSJ irs xa.'9t-.. .....,..... AaAU.
"A Iarg Stock f tto and Stap k) Ooeds an band."
J assigns, at e'iW par a,w. a ,; j, ,j
Tmioji urrxs ahs ioti pipii.
half th prtc obsrg d by small dealers.
TTPHK AD QUARTORS-Ns. 79 South High street.
Columbus, May U, mi. . - J.H. KILKT.
St. . - v 1 r "... 1 . '-
NIW 8TTLK9 Uatlsl . No. anSontk
Hlh street, have just opened aew styles of Curra 0u
lass. BASqsnrss and Bacqvas, aaads la th aewest aad
moil stvllaa ssanaar. aim, arm almlm
Hlatcla Mllka, very bsary, desigrAed expreaily for
sssauiiaaana Baauuinee. ' laprlio
Itr CLOAK CLOTHS. lAlsa, othet makas at Spring
Uloax uioids, iu an uwrwn mutuates Biaauifa, la1
ssls aaa aattons w ma ton. bain at BON, , ,
aprus no. n Boata High atrM
Dr. J. JL IIcLEAN'S ?-
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
Tbe Greatest Keeay xae rld
aho rnn
' VUKDIAt" -
ever Taken.
iv a acMMilfla ami -
vegstaMa Compound,
proourad try too distil
lation ot Roots. Herbs
and Bams, teiiow ,
Dock, Blood Boot,
Barsapsrtila, Wild
Onarrv Bark anA Das. '
detion uteri Into itj
Before Takk'JZ"- lifter Taklw.
prtnoiple of each lnmdlent la thoroughly extraotsd by
my new method of dfiUlUnr. wroduoin.a A.liS7.rJZ
memoa Of aiiuiunr, prrxlacin..a deliclras. ea
niieratln, .pint, d themes Wf ALftntl remedy foi
ronovaUna tht dlaaaaad av.uim. ana
ronovaUnf the dlaeaeed system, and rastortoc
S.'5?AJf5d .4WUtated 1MVAHD to UHAttn sad
uavMuau.. , . , H . ..
Will affeotaally ears
livbh ooMPiAiai, dtspipbia. jinsDina.
Chronic sw Nemna DnUn. arun'
aoh, Dyspcpau, Heartlmro, Inward Pile. Acidity or Hick
iiiwii a aruma iram aanm.M.1 . .iwa. un
boss 01 the utoauch, fullness of Blood to tha Hea J, Dull
E " awinuBini in too oeaa. ral.taClsa or ths Heart
rullnass or Walaht Im tha a. ...1
unoktng or snffocattnj feelina when lying down. Drvnst
v. ..iiuRunagi luenainaDa Tna Niffht Baraala In
wrd Fevers. Psln In Ih small of d ha.k "thZZ?:
Sores er Blotches on tha IHn. anil a..-.
w, uauauur. impwomcr orinr nerroua u iua
flhll I- r.A a. .
Over a niuioat of Hottlea
Have been sold darla tha laat al nmUi. a i. i
stanc has tt failed in living entire satlsfsetloo. Wbo,
then, will suffer from Weakness or Debility whan n
?tTU"d a1"0' mlracnloaa chan r produced by takics
thU OordUl la the diseased, debilitated and shattered
nervoos system, whether broken down br aa
aiw seaii m uaww Lau mniEi aui auiaa,, naia 1 ..aa axv a .
nature, or Impaired by sickness, ths relaxed and unstrant
orraniaatinn la Mainwl i. 1 . . . i . i . i . ,
" . . w y uuu, iinuu aoa vigor.
WtARSlren Drnina.
Or oum eonsdoos of Inability, from whatever cause.
wm una mcian s BlrscgUienlng Cordial a tberourh
retenerstor of thanetaai!anA aiia. v. i.
themselves by Improper Indulgences, wUl find in the Cor
vi esasaa smiu WtVUJ ITUlWiJ.
To the Ladlea.
McLean's Strensihening Cordial
Is a soverslta and speedy ears for
Obstructed or Difficult Menstruation, InoonUneno of
Urln or Involuulary Dlsobarg thereof, railing of the
Womb, Giddiness, fainting aod all Diseases incline t
There Is bo Klstake About It.
Buffer no longer. Take it aa-ordfn ta Tiinw.ii,. . 1,
wlllstimalate, strengthen and invigorate yoa and cans
tbs bloom of health to mount your cheek again.
m -wi j Ho.ue mi warraatea to give aatiataetloa.
FIIH mil nnvx -
If your ehlldren ara alekl. rm,. M Mf.t.j ar.r
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Dels
- B(a jmm win w CUUTIOOCQ
. I
wa.w..vr. dcriid 01 vrnnun or ueaien wno mu I
J W MIU Dan TOB anm Hirtaap a Hm-MarfM. aa.
...cu auoy can oeyoBeap, by aayinr It Is Just se eood. I
a.L.t. .t . w - w umaawHsMUeB W aaMla I
avoid such men. Ask tot McLean'. Strengthening Cor
niifkf nothlngelsa. It U ths only remedy that
WIU purify th blood thorotuhle arM .t th. .,
ItrenrUien the system.
Ous tableapoonful takea erery morning fasting. Is a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and fever, Yellow
ewr, or any prevalent diseases. It Is put up Iu iarg
Price only tl per bottl, or bottle for $5.
J.H. mcLBAN, .
Bols rronrietor of thla Crdial.
AlaA afafM.n'a VaIm-U UI T
Principal Depot on the oorner of Third and Pine streets,
Bt liouis. aio.
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
The best Llnbxent In th World. Tha Anlv aafa .nil
Certain cur for Oaneera. Pllea. fla-alll.,.. ..a
chttU, or Goitre, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Weakness of ths
nicies, onronie or Inflammatory Rheumatism, Stiff
ness of the Joints, eontnetsd Muscle or Llgamenla
Barache or Toothache, Bruisea, Sprains, Wounds, fresh'
Outs, Ulcers, fever Bores, Caked Breasts Bors Nipples,
Barns, Boalds, Bore Thoat, or any Inflammation or Pain,
BadiEsTene bow severe, or how long th disease may
nava exunea. noiiean' Celebrated Liniment is a eer
tarn remedy.
inouaanoa or human being have been saved a life ol
4eorepitsHle and misery by th use of this invaluable msd-
Will relleVS nala almoat Inrtantanann.ls I, ll
ejsanse, purify and heal th foulest sores in an Incredl
AJ UUI , lull.
For Harae and Other Amlmala. '
StcLeaa oelebrated I.lnhiwnS h h. ... u
T, "'""re 01 spavin, Blng Bon, Wind
gall, Splint. TJnnatnral Bnmna. Nnrfee n. R..mnn. ti
will never fall to ours Big Bead, Poll Bvil, fistnbt Old
rannlng Bora or Bweeny, tf properly appHed. for
Bprains, Brnlses, Scratch ee, Bore or Wounds, Cracked
Heels, Chafes, Baddls or Collar Galls it I an lnfallibn
rarnsdy. Apply it as directed, and a ram 1. aa.i.i. 1.
v j ui.wiua,
Then trifle no longer with Ih aian worth lea.
ments onerea to von. Obtain a mm,), nf n. m.t.i.
l.l..A I .-. 1 " .
wnwiawuuuiuuDBi. Aa wui cure you.
" H. neLEAN, Sols Proprietor,
Oorner of Third and Sin Streets, St. Louis. Me.
for sal by all druggtats. -lorsale
by R0UXRT8 A t AMTJIL, -
augSW-dfcwly Columbus. Ohlc.
Liverpool, Montreal, Quebec,
3xr3g w Yong , ; ;
,?l"?L.B.,Bb,P Oo-panr't Brtt-ehMs
uiymr-miii Bieamera sail everv Mm,
rslaw from Portland. JkT ZzTZ. "M
United State Mall and psssnger7 . "
Shortest, Cheapest andQalckxtCon4
Itatoa of Pawaae to E2tirop. . :
, ao, aoa. uao.. -. I
Will sail from LIVBBPOOL ewery WednesdaVi
."Jl rT atnttmr. ealling'al
uvnwnv.niii , 01 remTwoii eoaru and Mue Mails and
Psssengera, to and from Ireland and Scotland.
ICTThes Steamers are built ef Iron, hi water-tight
eompartments, carry each an experienced Surgeon, and
every attention Is paid to ths comrbrt and accommoda
tion of peasengerg. As they proceed dlnct to LONDON.
DBRT, th treat risk snd delay of calling at St. John's
avoided. " -
Glasgow patsengsrs are furnished with ran passage
tleksts to and from Londondarry. - 1 -"
M-uru ttesers granted at redaosd rates.
Certificates Issued for oarrv tna 10 and kHna4naat a,a
sogers from all ths principal towns oQraet Britain and
ireiana.at reiuced rates, by this line of steamers, and
leaving Liverpool erery week.
Sight Drafts far it smet wpwarde par
aklO la Kaclanej. Breimaat B)ee-
forjassaga, apply at th Offlo 83 BROAD.
Wt, Nwmy gfark, and 19 WaI'EK ST.,
Llvrpel, .,. . : . - : ,. . -, .
. . . ,,88X1 nXULLX, eaeral igesU,
Orto- , v.J. R. ARMSTRONC.
nolO-lydAw ' , Poat Offlos, Oolumbos, Ohio. '
Baltimore Clothing flonsc
I - k . . . H - t . . , . :. . . ... ,
. aatensoTTasaa ax waotaaAia
No. 08- WrBaltLmoretwet
A Larte Assortsaant of Fieee aaA Faralshloi
Goods Cenataatlr ai Haad'
, arivuvi
Arrow Hoot,
:, . Sootoh Oat Mexl
llow.r'', - -Peart
Barrey -
Cracked Wheat
Cream Tartars
flg- .
Beadlasa Rslalo
split Pea - " - -
Choaolat '' ' '' 1
ft rom a, etc. :
'"Bode, r'""
frwshTossatsea.,1 1
OreeaOora ;i T
rvacnea r
Ireah Oaua'd fruits of (very description;
, eiiiesoi ail kinds; !'- '-t
.flavoring (streets of all lt?j. .
Oum Drops; Mixed Oandies:
Almoode, filberts, Peeoa nnta, ' ' '
n.llab Walnatav Braall Nnta. M'
w m
An sxptriseeed Nnrss and teanls Phyitdsa, Brseeatt
so tas atumtioa of moUwra. Ut
800 THING S YRtiP.
which neatly facilitates ths wroesss of tMthtna-. h anrV
snlnj tho ruma, redaetn( all InSaraattOB wUl allay
if AIM and tpaaaudio aoUon, a&4 la .. , -'-
Depend upon It. Bothers, tt will d'va nat ta waaraalvaa
7cTh 'uTt r.nneVr. .Sn
"d .0AN. gATV W ?ONlI)SslC AMD TKDIH, of It,
i .i..r.. i... ... r " .7 T ". . -
JMVM HAS iTwiiLBD in A ai.aT iZ2
lDnB? Jl 8I.T i,I! " 4 SiaOU IMBTa
AHua, TU arraUTA VUKC, wnaa tlaielynatd. M
sr did ws know an lnstaaoa of diaaausfMUoa b any ona
who used It. On too contrary, all ara dallrhtad with Its
operations, and speak In terms of eommsndaUoa of its
manual ss-sts aod medieai virtues, w ssMak la thla
matter "WHAT WI DO KNOW;" aftsr Sen ysars' firm
almost avsry Instaaes wkwra ths iofaat Is antTsrinf froaa
pain aod aaoaastlon. relisr will be foansl in Slieaa ar
twenty minute aftsr the Syrup la adminiatsrsct.
This valuable Dreoaratlon la the DreaerlDtien efoneaf
the most KXPaRIKNCHDeed MLllltVL NtllfKH la
Mew Inyland. and has been sissd with MKVBK f AI1
It not only relieves in child from pain, oat lavhro
? Ui.""men an Dowels, eorreots acidity, and
systaa. , It will almost tn
and overcome eotivu irons, whioh, ff not ape edit reme
died, snd In death. We bellev It the BEST and SUB-1
EST BSHCDT 1ST Tn WOaLD, tn all eases of Of
It stises from teething, or from any other esoss. Ws
would say to every mother who haa a child eofferin.
any of tbe forerolm eonplalott DO MOT LIT VOIIB
stsnd between you and your suffering child, and the sa
ner mat win u bubb yea. ABKOtUTSLl 8URB to
follow the use of this medicine. If timely used, tail di
rections for using will aewotspatry each bottle. Hob
rename unite the rae-eimlle of OUBI1S FBilKINS,
New York, Is on ths outside wrapper.
sold oy au Druggists tnrougnoattba world. i
Prl iclpsal Office, 13 Castor Street M.Te
ECOOD henovator
Is precisely what Its nam Indicates, far, whllel
ant to in tail, 11 u revivim nr. enilarat-
lsg, Invigorating and strengthening u tbe viul
blslates, and renews ths Blood in all its parity, aaS
thna at onoe rsstorvs oftd render tht svsfeea in-
itmlimrall to atteekt of ditto. It la the oolrl
W o"''""'0orl
p werful (onto, and it th mub UtM m prfe3tiy
a&ptta 10. ai to ace in proftooorfiaDcs9 wim wei
LJ lasreor na lliat mrtal ttftrm fAnil aWafAAt LA
ua " - - " -r
cA. and ton op the digestive organs. sad'U
thus allay all nervous and other Irritation. It hi ,
eetiy exniiarating, aaa at tn same urns It Mm
posed entirely of vegetables, yet so eombinedlf
9 produce the meat thoroash Ionic sflaat, wlihH
out producing any injurious consequence Sochi L
a remedy has long been felt to a a desideratum laL9
.he medical world, for It needs no medical ekiil tol
ih.tahlltta fnllnara all .ln.bidrilM.u ...I I
proceeds and indeed lays the system open to thelU
A losidloas attacks of many of the meet fatal, such, U
W;rot example, as tn toiiowing: uonsumpuoar jui-j
UlimaLloB. DvBTMIDeUu Loae of Aonetlta. Paintnaa.
for example, as tne following: Cons
'riigeslion, Dyspspshu Loss of Appetl
Narvona Irritabllltv.Nenraleui PalallAtlan of tha
fj i Heart, Melancholy, Night Sweat. Lssgaav. filddt4
h 'loess, neienuon 01, as wen as rainiui oesarncled
too profus. or too sesnt Menetrustton. and fall'
lag of th Womb. Thes all depend opea eeaerell
Ideblllty. This pure, healthy, toni Cordial and
Blood Renovator is as rare to our as tha sua to
rise and set. There Is no mistake abont It. Ban
this is not all . If the sj staas la weakeaad. we are)
men toblliousattacts, tna liver berome torvM
jr worse diseased, th kidney refute to pwHona
their functions, and we are troubled with aoa Id lag
tnd Inoontlneoee ef urine, or involuntary die I
charge of the same, pain in tha back, side and be
tween tne snouiaera, exoeeainsly nabs to sltgkiH
oolds, coughs, and if unchecked, goes I
'ollows, ana las pauent goes down t a preamatar -v
grave. But space will not allow as to enumerate:! J
the msny Ills to which ws ara liable In a waakeeediW
'condition of ths system. But we will say, to thM
Cordial and Blood Renovator yea have a aerfect.1
We, pleasant and effectual remedy for loss of fj
Annatlta. Billouanaae. Vlatalanea araalr ami ab-klew
Stomach. Languor, Liver Cemplaiat. Chills sad
Sever, or any Bilious attack, Ooetlveneas, Acklltyl
f the Stomach, Nervousness, Msuralgla, Paiplta-I. .
Bon of Ih Heart., rwsslon of Bnirir. Son. M
Pimples on ths Ps or any disease ariaing rnrnjal
impure blood, such as Scrofula, Brysipelas, Broa f
hktia. Cough, difficulty of Breathing, and all that, a
oclaas of diseases called femal weakness, and rr
enumerated above. We will ales say th travetariU
expoisd to epidemics. Chang of climate aod wat-l
sr, win nna it a pleasant, sate ana sure remedy,
tad none should ever travel without. Boeder. I
rrw It. far we mdm von will Snri In It a ipimul!
Bodeed, as well u a friend In need. All persona of .
wdentary habits will find it a perfect proven live of f
is wsll at cur for those ailments to which thay aiel
particularly exposed. Hence minurteveJtadBts.tt 1
torneys, literary gmtlemennd ladies who ara aod .
aocustomed to much outdoor exercise, will find uISJ
'O their advantars to keep a bottl somtantrv sdi
nana ana. aoov all. motnsrs, or tnesa beoomini
tuchi will go through that moat daogerou period
not only wth all their seen. toured etreagth, bo
wife aad free from the thoaDd eiltteDts to arev
alentamong the female portion of th world. Ir
abort, It Is indeed a mother's cordial. Try It. aid
andjoung; no longer run tbe lUk of delay: k Willi
relieve and nrove Itself emphatioally a XtHora I
hps vorauu ana Jiuoa Jtmotator.
O.. WoOD, proprietor, 4A Breadway, Few
x ore, ana 11 serial street, ot. bonis, mo., anc
sold by ROBSRT8 A 8AMTJBL, OolumbsuvOMo.
and all good, vruggtttsi rnc Oaa Dollar
per Bottle. rnarohiSHJAweowly
mwAiK Ohio, y-ek,f-i j
irjannfaciatrers ( all blads-af -
table auad nmtenarr Kteata. Km-,
aw fItla, Urtat JllUla, 'Q
LAXSA SODiSi Xtattnt B. . BZJ&DTSmtml
J. A J. B DM ALL Btattntll C0LUXBU3
, MACBIXX C0. aimltU S4JJ!0SP
at- CO. Batmttht -
0nr Foruble Inse-aaBaw'atUl
Was awarded the first premium of 30 at th laidiana
Stat fair for 160 over tana At Bodley's ex aoocant of
Price, lightness, staiplioUj; Scoitorajr; it peel
ape enpeclor eharaeter ( (qmbet aaweil.
Our rhatraaary Bndn was awarded at. tha asm fair
the ftret premium of $iU0. 1 -"-.
. uor rorvania engine eras awarflea ttwate premaaes or
BlflO at th fair at Memnhle. Term., over AMsady's -
vall's, Oolambus Machlns Oo., aad Bradferd-ai .,
ny a commute or practical ataiiroaa aagisaarei 1 1 u..
.aerpuoaanawtauaddress, , .
l , l B.LARD WiR!B)V treasurer j
CarMerSarlav dfc TVator ts.,
Oolumtoiia. oialo
Ws- n. POTTO &:."oa,
; llIAOIIINIstsTd,
lod MaBufacturers of Bras and Oompeettloei Osstlngf.
Vlntahed Brass Wei of all DseeriUacuv, ,
Electro ' PlatingTiiil ' Gilding ! !
febl tt-dlf --. ... -'
1 ' f 'in 1
WArlTBDraflltnTI To aULL
packages of STATION BRI and JtlWgLRT, at
prioas eM-thlrd tees lhaa oaa be parebaaed alewirr -
Oall on or address (stamp enclosed) J. L. BA1 1,B j". Ma
aaarcn Htxdim. ,

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