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SUNDAY M0RN1N0, JUNE 9, 1801.
Tbe Adams Express Company placet us dally
under obligations to It for the very latest papera
Ironi tbe eiiBterrrcities.
The American Express Company baa our
thaukuior it dally favors in tbe sbape of the
very latest eastern papers.
Report in Rkoahd to tiii I'iost and Sioomd
Rigimentb. We bave on our table the "Report
to tbe Governor of Col. Geo. W. MoCook and
Jakes M. Brown, Agents for famishing the
First and Second Ohio Regiments with Bubsiet-
ence. Clothine and Equipments." The state
ment of, Col. AIcCook ia dated the 5th, and
that of Mr. Brown the 6;h inst. .
As the two Regtments were, by directions
from Washington, ordered forward, before mus
ter, without uniforms or arms, which were to be
furnished there, Col. MoCook, at Gov. Dinni
son's request, preceded tbem, to make arrange
ments for quarters, organize tbe Regiments,
- supervise the election of field officers, and hare
them properly mustered Into the United States
service. . J(
Oml ting minor details, we make the follow
lag extract from Col.' MoCook's statement
which will no doubt interest the reader:
There U no "demoralizttioa" of the Regl-
. meotSi ns has been reported to their prejudice.
Their hardships were those Incident to tbe life
of the soldier, trying, I admit, to men leaving
comiortitnie nomes, dm doc greater man tnose
endured by their comrades In Ohio. There were
on Thursday evening last only inree sinK men
in the hospital t very lew wouia accept a lis
charge, it tendered to them, and neither Reti-
men would exchange lots with any others tf
tbe State. It is strange, indeed, if troops whosit
evening drills were the attraction of folladel
phia, although their camp was six miles from
tbe city, and whose soldierlike appearance and
march extorted reluctant commendation, from
papers In Baltimore, and who have moro than
once shown their bronzed faoes when marching
through Pennsylvania Avenue, should in four
days bave become demoralized. Although in
the matter of uniform they are not to be com
pared to tbe Regiments irom New York and
New England, most of which were old corps
. with few recruits, their equipments are superior
to most of these, aud there wero but three or
four Regiments which excelled them la police
and discipline, ar.d 1 do not believe there Is one
which suipusecd them In drill or real elHolency.
Tbeee troops are not kept in tbe back ground
for want of proper equipment. New arms were
given them because they were fit for eervice, and
unless intentions are strangely changed within
four days, thoro will be no serious affair near
Washington in which they will not bear a part
Allow me in conclusion to repeat the reaueit
I have made, that these Regiments should bave
oue month's pay advanced to tbem by tbe State.
I bey could not nave a sutler with them to ob
tain upon tbe credit of the pay roll many things
which they need, and in this respect their case
is exceptional.
The following i taken from the state
meat of Mr. BitowN.agont for lurniuhlng oloth
iog: About the 15th of May, I submitted at the
Vlmrtermastera Department a full aceount of
the purchases and articles manufactured for the
btate up to that time, with vouchers for all tbe
items, by which it will be seen that I purohased
and got made for the 1st and 3d Regiments
about 1,720 suits, each man having the follow
ing articles :
One black felt hat and ornaments; one black
pilot cloth overcoit; one blue flannel blouse;
two rea utnnei enirts; one pair pantaloons; one
pair drawers (since then another pair); two
pair wool socks; one pair brogan shoes; at a
costot about siiio per man. With tbe ex
caption of a part of tbe pantaloons, whioh I took
from necessity, I was satisfied that tbe balance
of 'the articles would outlut-t the three months
enlistment, and much of the clothing a sum
mer's campaign, aud In tbe meantime the fac
tories, then standing Idle, could produce the
proper articles for giviog the men a full uniform
oi durante goods, if tbey did not receive uni
forms on reaching Washington, as was expect
ed, from the General Government.
In every Instance I selected tbe best Roods
in tbe market that oould be found In sufficient
- quantity to give anything like uniformity to the
ciotnea, wmou 1 tnougbt very essential.
Nearly all the men bave had tbe benefit ol
this clothing or a month of rainy uealket. and I
believe your Excellency, and the people of the
state oi Uhlo, win much preler tbe preservation
or tbe health ot the volunteers, even In poor
cunning, to risking It until suoh time at "regu
latlou" goods oan be manufactured.
The State Government and the Military".
We take the following article' from the State
Journal of yesterday morning, without assum
icg any responsibility for the aceuraoy of its
Military Matters at the Cantal. The
press eOouods In correspondence, unadvisedly
reviewing offloial action, and preferring com
plaints wuicn nave never reached tbe depart
ments, through the recogolied channels, and
which would bave been ezaminod and promptly
disposed of, if once reported.
Where oflloers and quarter masters duly In
structed to report all deDcieneles, and privates
tnemseives, are an ame aiient, it is dtthoult to
see how Heads of Departments are responsible
for wants unsatisfied.
' Time will demonstrate tho unfairness of per
sonal attacks, and a patriotio people will yet re
buke all wbe, in an hour like tbe present, en
deavor to depredate, rather than support, the
State authoritiei in their endeavors to meet tbe
Issues that daily require their labor.
- No candid man Can visit tbe Military Depart
ment at the Capital . and fail to admire the
promptness and system with whioh business Is
oonduoted. ' Besides the organlcatlon of twenty
six regiments, now la camp, Oen. Carrington
has already realised In the result, tbe value of
that system of a Militia of Reserve, first initi
ated! by him in the United States, and under
whioh over one hundred thousand men have
already been organised into Companies, subject
to call. "'',.!
.The work done Is immense, and every branch
Is so systematized that there is no delay; and
any letter, file, or dispatch oan be referred to at
onoe. In one hour, between 13 and 1 o'clook at
night, while we waited for some local matter,
arrangements were made and orders Issued for
moving a rcgiuieute supplying to em wun dom
ing, ammunition and equipments, while nearly
' a hundred letters and dispatches were opened,
filed and answered during the interval.
The oare of troops in tbe field increases the
responsibility, and with the reports from officers
and tbe necessary issue of instruction and sup-
. plies, it wlll.be seen that tha burden Is not light
nor the honors easy. We remarked to Gen'l
.papers pltoh in 1" and the only answer was, as
tbe pea scribbled , on, "It will all oome out
rlgbt. They will do me justloe as soon as tbey
Begin w wnat eigni weeks have acoom
pushed, we had wither arms, clothing nor
equipments, r The Eastern States had every
thing, we sna inave in one week fotr times
as many men uniformed and equipped as Massa.
chusetta, and all made up from .fre.h material.
The letter writers must write, let th.m write."
l ne viuaner iiiaaior vrenerars Offlea la also
on ot great labor.:- Tbe same evening we refer
. an. cnai Ar diadi UBDerai a nmt,ntm. iH
- . r iu mr vna
ibbuo ui euypuce hi icgiuieua aireaay aavano
ed in Virginia.' It took General Wood and
three assistants tne wnoie nignt to get tbe ma-
. . r .1 . I . -L " . . .....
- cria " ..u.. v ."w iiiiui nuu uiia is
a sample of usual work.
Commissary Oenoral Buckingham is equally
exact aim lauunvua. . . i . .
The officers work day and night, sometimes
all night, and oflloers coming In from Virginia
' or any of the State oamps on the midnight train
almost lnvariaoiy nna tne Adjutant Ueneral at
. his desk, so that they can receive instructions
' and Iaava In ihA aapIIabe mornlnff taatn
PaalHoa all ihla arnvlr. dnna K Ik... J .
ments, the Governor himself accomplishes a
great amount of labor In bis official position.
. Generally he presides at the 9 o'clook maattnv
of the Heads of Departments, and, as with the
rost, so he can De louna at his offloe until mid
night, and not nnseldom until two, three and fan'
o'olock la the morning.
Let those who oom plain, first appreciate the
work done, and tbe vast amount or detail wnicn
each day brings with it.
It is a faot, moreover, that not a single com
plaint has been made to General Headquarters
that has not received attention, and not a single
report, from either officer or private, ot the two
Reel ments East has disclosed tbe need of any
supplies or comforts not already reoeiveo.
Tui Canals. The late act for loaslng the
Canals provides for the appointment of a Board
of three Appraisers to appraise the property In
use en the canals belonging to the State the
Governor, the Board of Publlo Works and the
Lessee! appointing one each. The Governor
has accordingly appointed C. S. Hamilton, of
Union county; the Board of Publio Works, Paul
Wethebie, of Tnroarawas, and the Lessees,
John G. Ishah, of luoas.
The Lessees have appointed the following of
fleers and agents lor the management of the
Pablio Wotks under tbe lease:
n- Tir r . n....i A-...,
John J. Jotoe, Secretary, and Benjamin II
Smith, Treasurer,
The Miami Canal and Maumee Road are di
vided Into four divisions for superintendence and
repairs. Josifh Coofie, Thos, Brown, Wm.
J. Jackson and A. L Backus are severally So
perintendents of the respective divisions.
The Ohio, Walhondlng and Hocking Canals
are also divided Into four divisions. Of those,
Robeit H. Nooen.Thos. Miller, D. MoCartt,
and Stlvestes Medbeirt, are the several Su
Edward Ball is the Superintendent of tbe
Muskingum Improvement.
djourned meeting of the City Counoil. on Frl-
aw ii,i i...t : .
..at.. ....kt . .... .. ' 6
on me taxanie property within the corporate
limits of the City of Columbus, for the year
IU61, for tbe purpose of defraying the expen
sesof the
Fire Department...... l mill , ua r,n.-
uuy roiioa,...................i .
Qaa and Gu Lights.... TlOths" " '
IntereetonOity DebU 7-10tha " "
SaUrlea S-lOtha'
The foregoing items make an aggregate levy
of four mills on the dollar one mill less than
last year's levy.
im Fourth RiomniT.This Regiment.
Col. Lorin Andrrws, numbsrs 917 men, enlist
ed for three years. The original field officers
and nearly all the company officers have been
re eleoted. This Regiment Is reported Is the
best disciplined one at Camp Dennlson, with the
exception of the Tenth, Col. MoCook's.
Col. Marrow's Reelment. tha Third, ia ntt
reputation. It la almost full, and the Regi
ment works bard. Tbe officers are competent
and industrious. -
wort of common Plias. The aotion of
JohnC. Chittindinv. The County Commis
sioners, in an account for dry goods furnished
tbe County Infirmary, amounting to about $300,
was tried on Friday, and a verdict rendered in
favor of the plaintiff for $120.
07 At a late hour
Mr. John Lowrnropr, of Trenton, Tuscarawas
Antlfltlf. In safASmwttteaknai Aaak - a t I
county, in attempting to cross a stream known
as Blickenstaffer'i Run, which had been swollen
by tbe recent rains, mistook bis road, and was
drowned. He was a wortbv citizen, and
ly respected.
tCT 8amoil BaowN, who was shot about two
weeks since at Pleasant Ridge, near this cltv.
by Ruin Parkir, died on Friday' night last, at
unionvllle Center, Union oountyf "whither be
bad been removed, and where his family re
side. Parkir Is In jail. -
ai a new company oi volunteers was or
ganised at Zanesvtlle on Friday evening, by
tbe eleotion of the following officers : Captain
Brnjamin A. Blandt: First Lieutenant
William Woons; Second Lieutenant B. W
Ohio Statr Midioal Sooirtt. The 16tb an
nual meeting of the Ohio State Medical Society
will be held at the Ohio White Sulphur Springs
on the 35th, SCth and 27tb of this mcntb. Tbe
opening party of the season will take place on
the 26th inst.
BaooANS, A pair of thick, heavy brogans, sup
posed to belong to some soldier, wag left at the
store of A. M. Dsmo k Co., near this offloe,
some time since. The owner can bave the
property by calling at the store. - . ;
ETThe Eleventh Indiana Regiment, Col.
Liwia Wallaci, passed through Cincinnati on
Friday afternoon, s rent for Cumberland, Md.
OT Antront D. BfLLocK, of CinoinnatI, has
been commissioned Assistant -Quarter Master
with the rank oi Captain.'" . "'
O Strumous or Scrofulous affections are the
curse, the blight', the potato rot of mankind
Tbey are vile and filthy as well as fatal, They
arise from contamination and impurity of tbe
blood, and are to be seen all around us every
where. One quarter of all we meet are tainted
with them, and one quarter of these die of them t
die foolishly too, because they are curable.
Aria's Sarsaparuxa oleanses out thescrofu
bus corruption from the blood, renders it pure
and healthy, and effectually expurgates the foul
contamination from the system. No longer
groan under your scrofulous disorders, since tbe
irresistible Aria has provided jils masterly com
bination of curative virtues that he calls Sarsa-fARiLLA,
Democrat, Waterbury, Ot.
i aaa i i .'
Kinmidt's Midioal Djscovirt. Scarcely a
day paseet that we do not hear , of. f ome wonder
ful cure performed, by this popujas medicine;
and while we have been writing this short no
tice, a gentleman, , Mr. J. L. Clarke, residing
at No. 93 Lowell street, Boston, has looked. In
npon ns, aud finding Ibaa .we were penning an
article In regard to the Discovery, stated that,
within a year, he had been cured oft very severe
ease of Scrofula, that broke out in Wge bunches
upon his neck, and that, too, by using two bot
tles. There is not a humor that exists in tbe
world, no matter how long It has existed, but
this medicine will cure it speedily. Knowing
then its value, it is the height of folly In tbe af
flicted to delay obtaining It. Esthatig.
- : V " aaa
Loox to YotntsiLf in Timi How many, in
consequence of a false delloaoy suffer from
sucpreaied, tainful er chitruettd mnutruation,
and think beoause they are young that Dye ana
bye nature will work itself elear from obstruc
tions, and all eomerignt in tne eoa, little dream
ing; that tbe seeds of death are already germ
inating in the system because tbe vital ener
gies ara impaired, and the entire animal eoono
my deranged, debilitated i and yet, careless of
themselves ae tbey are, if a remedy were set
before them .Mnh wonld restore all tba fane-.
tione of tbe eyatassi and re-invlgorate the body,
they would use it, and thus be in time to save
their lives. Parents, think of Ihla. and at nnc
give a bottle of Prof. Wood's Restorative Cor
dial and Blood Renovator Jtf v., riir.r.
The Littli Guw-Not Douglacnor Bwok
Inridee. nor even "Old Aba." k.. t.
Dletetlo Saleratus, that io its own d.nartm.nt
possesees more strength and purity than all of
them. All ether kinds are pigmies to H.
po, a v. astungtoa eireet, ix ew . York. Bold
oy grooera verywnert.
Malll for NaW York fltta. Babi. llh.ns DnlUM
Pittaburrh. rlauhanvtlla ar.v nul.n7 7..u.m.
W .- ' Tl' ' . ' ' '.
uimi.iii., nNuu,iuiiuiij, niumon, rniia
delphla and NewOrlean. close it.ilwfRnnH..
evil ait A A'rtlnAfa n tm f
A throaffh mill fop Smw Tnvfc in A .fl lamia fist sleua
uaii louDuaji cpwaj at 8 o'clock p. m.
0. 0. fc 0. B. B. WftV Mill olDiM Hall, fflnnrl. ...
"'r1 lo Way Mall cloaca dally (Bundaj Wcmted)
at 10 o'olock a. m.
.J?1""!1"!"1 Wsjilalioloses dally (Bandays excepted) at
10 o'olock a. m.
Chicago, Dubuque, Delaware, Marion and Worthing
ton Haiti oloae. dally (Bandar atoeoUd) it 8 o'clock
p. m.
Malls forXtnla, Springfield, Dayton, Toledo, Cincin
nati, Indlanaoolia. Lonlavlllo. St. Lnuia. and n.rmii
" " uaiv lonnuaya vaoepieaj at a ooioo p. m.
A throaffh mill tn Xanla- Anrinvflalt. .nri lllnA,nn..l
oiuiioi am j (ounoyi excepted) at 1U o'olock a. m.
Urbana, Plqua, Tiffin aod Union Olty mall olOMf dally
Lancuter, Logan, NelaonTille, OlralaTlll, Ohlllloothe,
roruffloutb, Washington 0. II., Athena, Marietta, and
Hlllaboroaih malli sloes d&llv f8iindie nmniiHi .t
n'lnl.. r ' "
Cut W
uiijt (oanaajri excepieaj at l o oiook m.
Harrtibargh UaUoloaeS dally (duadays eicepUd) att
w vivva u. iia
Mt. Vernon Hall. b we of Waatarvllta anil Bn.ku
cloaei dally (Honda! excepted) at 3 0VI001 p. m.
Dublin Mall oloaea dally(8andaya exceptedjat o'olock
Lancaater Way Mall oloaea dally (Sundoyi axoeptad) at
1 ooiook p.m.
Malls from New Tork. Hiuinn. Vhii4.ini.i. b..i.
Albany. Plttaburgh, Oleroland, Dayton, Toledo, Xenial
Detroit. BDrlna-fleld. Olnnlnnatl. flhl I ll,t,. a. t..i.
and all Southern clilea, arrtva between the honra oi li
o'clock p.m. and 4 o'clock a. m
alalia irom IndUnanolla. nhlnam mrA TtnVnnna. inl.
Malla from WaahtnatAn nif. a.itiMAM ' wk-ii.
ZaneaTillt, Newark, Bteubenrllle, Mt. Vernon, and the'
0.0. E. R. Way Mall, arrlTe at 19 o'clock m.
nay nail irom Cincinnati arrtros at o'olock p.m.
Lancaster Mall arrlree at 9 o'clock p. m.
Eaat Wat Mall arer tha N.ilnn.f .. n
o'clock am
Mt. Vernon Way Mall arrlrea at 11:00 a. m."
Mall from Dublin arriree at 13 o'clock m.
Way Mall arrWoe a. 9 o'clook p. m.
Barrlaba'gh Mall arrlrea at 11 o'clock a. m.
i-ancaa.er way Mall arrlrei at 18 o'clock m.
r 2ZfluV!?JWl, ,7J?W J9ntJu.ait f
fc7j.;ir.w.:i:7,." '.":."''"? w
o clock in the evening.
Rail Road Time Table.
Lrrru Mum & OouJatice Xmu U.K. '
Cincinnati Accommodation. 5:00 aVm!
" Kanraaa..... 1 1 fin A f '' .,.114. w
Mail Accommodation 1:30 P. M. '. 9 55 p, M
Night xpreia VU Day ton. 19:00 midnight. 8:80 A. M.'
jao. v. lioniaTT, Agent.
CoLtmaoa It Cumcmni E. E. . i
Nleht Inreaa 3-AYI A M ii.jd u
N YorkBxpreaa 11:10 A.M. 11:10 A." M.'
Mall and Accommodation.. 3:90 P. M. 8:10 P. M.
Jamii Pattihio, Agent.
Okktral Onto B.
No. 1 Expreai
No. S do
No. 3 do
.. 3:30 A. M. 11:38 A. M.
..11:18 A. M. II 45 P. M.
. 3:10 P. M. 4:50 A. M.
W. J. Pilu Ascnt.
Pirruuaea, Oolcmbob At OnounuTi B. B.
Mall Train s 30 A.m. iiui w
Kxpreia Train 11:18A.M. 11:45 P. m'
Jos. Bobinsox. Aunt.
Ooiumbds At IrotAiroroLn, B. B.
vobcmaus -iva Ihdiaka B. K.
No. 1 Express 8:30 A. M. 8:55 P. M
No-8 " 3:80 P. M.. 8:80 P. M.
Accommodation 10:50 a. m.
Dispatches from Washington.
[Special to the Tribune.]
hav loft within oi
hours for the Relay House. Tbev will inrm a
J2? whl,,,
. . . 1
A column of lien. Fatterson's army is ap
proaching by the way of Hagerstown, and a col
umn of Gen. McClellan's army Is moving from
tun wets.
Help cannot come to Gen. Johnston frnm Ma.
nassaa Junction, for Oen. McDowell will engage
the whole attention ot tbe rebels mated th
nor oan they be reinforced from Kwhnuud and
Norfolk, for Gen. Butler will be a dangerous foe
to learo ereo inactive in tneir rear, and he will
not remain Quiet. There are armed atm.
enough on the Potomao to threaten other ap-
ifiuwun mj hu. vaiba, ui iub vjia isoitttnion.
We bave good reason to believe that before
many hours a column of 4.000 men will mrnh
from this city towards Haroer'aFerrv.tbe. whnlo
suuioiauueu uy uoionei atone, of the 14th In-
.A.J . rt.1 . ...
isntry. inenourot starting, which has been
postponed several times. Is not deflnltol Am.
termined. This column will probably have no
more serious ask than that of interoentino- tha
luguiycDuriTcii uy oiuer oommanas irom nar
per'e FerrvJ - -
. utner regiments are under marching orders.
We learn from a nrominent nnlitinian frnm
Wheeling, what will be the Tlrrjh&hli. nnnna nf
iue convention, aii tne leading men have agreed
not to attempt makine- a new 8tat nncnf
western Virginia, but to act for the Old Do
minion as a whole, sett'Dg op a prov eional eov
ernment, ' The first aot of the Convention will
be to depose Governor Letcher and bis rebel
llous associates. It will then anDoint srxid and
true men in their plaoes. Tbe provisional gov
ernor will probably be General Jaakaon. of
Parkersburg. Tbe Convention will than dpnlapA
Eastern Virginia in insurrection aralnattha
federal gosarnment, for whioh aid to put down
tbe rebellion will be Invoked. Tbe leeislatne
chosen on the 23d nit., the members of whioh
are by its request to meet with the Convention,
will be pronounced tbe legally elected legiala
ture of the State, and will be empowered to
proceed at once to tbe transaction of business.
The Governor will send in his messsge to tbe
two bouses, and two Senators, oi whom John 8.
Carlisle will probably be one. and a leadins Re
publican the other, will be chosen. In this
plan of operation, Messrs. Carlisle', Wijley,
Pierpoht and Jackson unite. Our Informant
thinks the Convention will be one oi the srrand-
eet popular assemblies ever called together.
Two regiments from WIsoodpIo bave been
ordered to Washington. iTbe President will
proDaDiy aeeepi lour regiments from that State.
A regiment or cavalry' have been acoented
from the Interior of New Tork. : ,
[World's Special.]
The moment the rebels are driven from Har
per's ferry, tbe Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
will be repaired by tbe Government.
Tbe last person tn jail here for uttering dis
loyal sentiments was discharged to-day, on tak
ing the oath of allegiance. . . v.-.
inis altemooo, tbe U. S. forces captured a
rebel company -of -80- men in Virginia, some
seven miles above Georgetown. Tbey were
heavily armed, and had plenty of ammunition.
It la believed these are the men who have been
firing on our advanoe pickets,
[To the Associated Press.]
There is milltarv authorltv for statins- that
the 1st Regiment of cavalry aod 3d Regiment
of dragoons, U. S. Army, have been ordered
Irom the department of the West to this neigh
borhood, j ; ..;. .
Capt. Palmer' corps of Topographical Enel-
neere nave returned J from a reoonnolssanoe of
several plaeee on the Virginia side of the Po
tomao, attended oy two officers and twenty ma
rines. They proceeded a considerable distance.
At White House Point be saw about 60 seces
sionists, who made their appearance there a
few daya ago. At Acquia Creek, two small
batteries, with 500 or 600 men, were distinctly
seen by the party. .s : - - , .
It Is believed the attaok of the Federal forces
on Harper's Ferry will not take plaoe so soon as
was expeoted, and soma changes will be made
In the programme or military movements.'
There is ereat actlvitv in tbe War Denart
ment Iri reference to Harper's Ferry, Manassas
Junction aud Norfolk. , .
Governor Letcher has ordered ou'l the entire
force of Virginia militia in the vicinity of Har
per'e Ferry and Manassas Junction."
General Ssott has fresh and ecourate Informa
tion as to the numbers and movements of the
rebels, and Is preparing to ment an increased
force of tbe enemy. .. . -., :
Tbe steamer Alt. Vernon, from fortress Mon
roe, reports tbe entire town of Evansport, eleven
miles this Bide of Acquia Creek, In flames. Tbe
property In the town Is principally owned by
Union men. , , ,
It is reported that fighting has commenced at
Harper'e Ferry, but it is undoubtedly ialsc. .
Earthworks are being constructed to-day,
above the flhaln bridge ; '. , V..V VI ; '
,V .' ; j? .. . Persia's BispaUh. . -a V
[Herald's Dispatch.]
die General Cooper, with a regiment of
men, eoterea vne city ana enoamped in
western mourns.
Oen. Scott informed tbe President and Cabl
net that be meant to have possession of Rioh
mood and Memehm about the 15th of Jniv
Six regiments of infantry, two batteriM
ariiuery, iana one company or oavalry, of Oen.
McDowell's oommand. are under orders to Ha
reaay at a moment's warning to repel attack
move forward.
Lieut. Col. Comstock, of tbe Mlchiean root.
ment, has resigned: business requiring bis Dres.
enc at home.
[Commercial's Dispatch.]
Oen. Cadwallader has been suneraeded h
Oen. Cooper, at Baltimore.
An armed steamer left this moraine to see if
troops couia oe lanaea near acquia Ureek.
[Special to Post.]
It Is said tha. the Union feeling In Virginia
I. f 1 i I A . ..
ia growing remaraaoiy. - a rote now would
snow a decided majority in favor oi the action
or tne government. . ,
Keports from Key West state that a volun.
teer oomDaov has offered its service to tha rin.
Inn. A TTnlnn M.... ..4 nnn.ntl ... .u
10,000 Enfield Rifles Purchased by
Fremont—Two British Steamers
Purchased by the Confederate Commissioners.
NEW YORK, June 8.
The Herald sava letters have inst bean pa.
ceived Irom John C. Fremont, dated London,
a.aving mat ne nas purcnasea iu,uuu Unneid
Mines, and several batteries of rifled c&nnnn.
for the Government, whioh be Is waiting tn
U.I i.L . ,. . a., .... . o
unufc wua niwi, teag ueiayea tin a portion oi
the rifles are finished.
He also states that the Commiaj!
Confederate States had Instructions to procure
several steamers in England for tbe service of
tne montgomery Government, but that there
wae difficulty about setting- monev. The aim.
ceeded, however, in purchasing two steamers,
for whioh tbey paid 70,000. These vessels, it
appears, are to sail for a Knntham nn.t nn.
tbe British flaff. and rapfaterad
of Brltlab Oiroerfl. oarnlDe nothing GnnrrnhAr.il
of war, but probably in ballast merely. How
tbey Will be Served bv our blockade annarlmn
remains to bo seen.
Favorable Disposition of the European
NEW YORK, June 8.
We are able to state,
on tbe highest authority, that tbe latest dis
patches from our agents In Europe are in the
highest degree satisfactory. Prussia has assur
sd onr government that no reheliinn la.in.t
mild and beneficent a government will receive
any sanction whatever. Austria gives equally
warm assurances, and a determination to give
no countenance to the rebels. Fran, u ...
dially wlthus.inwordandln deed, if we need
It. Dispatches from Mr. Adams say tbe Eng.
liflh government Is now as well disposed to
wards ns as we desire. The Ministry have given
Mr. Adams a mostfrlendlv and rnrrtui ,..;
and the rebellion will hereafter find no sympathy
at the Court of St. James.
From Louisville and New Orleans.
In Clarksville, Tennessee, tha vntn fn.
separation and representation 5,and 61 against.
The vote for separation was unanlmnna in 9
The New Orleans Picayune of the 5th says
the American bark Algonquin, from Calcutta,
and tbe Bremenship Von Gagern, from Liver
pool, were ordered off tbe bar b the Broolkvn.
"iiwi : aKUfvwj oi me XNavy, left
Pensaeola on the SOth for Richmond.
- At an interview between tha
suls and Capt. Poore, of the Brooklyn, tbe latter
said no Impediment would be offered to vessels
outward bound, but he had no authority to ex
tend the departure of vessels. Tow boats tow
log vessels out would be allowed to re-enter.
From New York.
NEW YORK, June 8.
The stoamshlps New York and Edinhnroh
sailed for Europe to-d.y. Among the passen
gera weraj Carl Scbnrz and tamlly.
Tbe Post says: Tbe Board of Underwriters
have taken no aotion on tbe subject of risks,
uu iu. ramiDK mo rates lor war risks Is tbe
mere individual aotion of two or three compa
nies. It Is rnmored that Henry A. Wise Is in a rap-
A Paris letter says it is rumored a duel Is on
the tapis between our Minister to Balo-inm. m..
Sanford, and a Virginian, growing out of some
remarks of the former relative to the latter on
iue steamer on which they were passengers.
From the Seat of War.
It It believed a recent ohanon haa h AAti marla
In tbe position of the rebel troops. A large
"mu vuuueutratea bl manaaaaa Jnnn.
tion within a few daya.
The skirmish at Fairfax Court House was
uniortunate, bavins the effect of directing- the
attention of the rebels, and oauelns a laroe ao-
licvaiua io meir loroe mere. Beauregard then
arrived to take oommand. Thoaa ohanima will
cause delay In the movements of the Federal
Communication batnan AlATandrU mt th
Rebel camps is still secretly carried on.'
The Case of Harvey.
raterrinir tn th aiitra.
tlons against Jas. E. Harvey, asserts that when
an opportunity for vindication la offered, the
accused will be found as free from any criminal
intent as any loyal citlsen. Tboagb across the
Atlantic ne nas friends here, who will not suf
fer him to be sacrificed, and those who hava
given ourrenoy to the calumnies will be held to
the strictest proof.
From Martinsburg, Virginia.
General Johnston has oansad tha Aian
brldee to be burned, and also tried to destroy
uib lerrj-uuai, dui lauia. '
JbVtdentlV tbe Ob ect of tha 8enalnn!la ( tn
destroy all the ferriet and guard all the fords
aiong me wnoie une. .,
1 he rotomao river Is verv full, and can't ha
easily crossed at present, ; .
First Wisconsin Regiment.
The lit Wisconsin Reelment. Colonel Stark.
weather, has received marching orders, aod will
start on Sunday morning for Harrisbnrg. This
Regiment is composed of some of.tne best citl
tens, well disciplined and well equipped, i t
The Congressional Clerkship.
The name, of Mr Etherida. of Tnnaa.
having been nred in conneo.ion with the Clerk
ship of tbe House, he assured' Forney that he
Will not be a candidate, and will use. bis Influ
ence in rorneys favor. 1
From Chambersburg.
The first division marched this mornlns-. an-
oompanled by a large number of ' baggage
waguiJB. ,
The Kentucky Statue of Henry Clay.
The Statue of Henrv Clav was lafelv nlaead
on the column this morning. M. Hogarty was
loremau. n -..-v.i .'i
Geo M. Dallas.
Mr. Dallas, late Minister to Encland. arriv.
ed and bad an Interview with Mr. Seward. The
latter 'expressed high ' gratification with tbe
course ot minuter Xiailas ..
Cotton, sales of 3(H) bales nomlnaU superfine
nour ja tyorn euo. , t .
LEBANON, Ky., June 7.
The Union Convention. m1 tbe 6th Dlstriot,
Dommatea bnariee Ai Wyoklilfefor Congress.
ATTtwwrv Att. att. '
. . 7, r.T i.
TlT Offless, 829 Broadway New Tork Olty,! and
pABoaa BdnJike, Columbna, Ohio. "
TOTJarewrattAnlKn paid to ColIeoHons.
of elecant qaaUUes for Ladies: also, ktlaaea' Mitts
are vaneiy BAJtn a.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, June 8.
FLOUR EecelDte of 8.1.8 hbll! m.rkal il.nr.uln.
atate; IS'ftJ 60 for extrt state; $i 75(4 80 ruraupeiflo
.uvvt. aairaui u uu dli . at mi.crmw low aunarnna
woaiara m i vi, .g a xu lor commoa io meaium extra a.t
erni $i 3(jiAv 45 for abippin brands extra Hound
RIB fLOUR-Stead at 13 10S4.
WABAT aeoelDte of 84 378 biuhelfl! market n
.uu ucouDing . me uiavranoe trooDie nua oeyreiaina ef
fect: ealea fiu.UOO buahala at MAI (1.1 tar flhin an.in..
I(&l Ufor Mil Club: SI S3 fnr White fianli.n l
-inicr rea weBMira.
BTe Quiet at 67690.
BARLEf Dull at SS36So. "'
CORN Rtoelpta of 25 908 both. : market dull and un
Ohanged; aalea of 15,000 buiu. at 4KS4io. for new mix
ed Wei tern.
OATd Dull at 31(233 l-9a. tnr Wa.tam r...li.
aid giate.
POHK-Quiet; sales of 50 bbli. at ail 7516 00 for
LARD Quiet: small aalea at 0aOW..
BUTTRIL.Tn fair rnnmt .Itlvni.. t ALt. 3 c.
" .vt.v....vw,w. ivr vuio, aou o'a.
" " .r oiaie.
OHKEHH Stajilu at at7. -.1
CO.FRB TTnchane.d: wa riAta aelaa f ann t..M Dl.
Ml i-lmi!. ..;!,..'
7-- ''," iu uagi ajHraoaoaat JoJfO.
rlUuAAS ITirmar. aalaa nf 9tln hhAm n.k. ..at oa
its '" . -J
nvh ASBSS-Qulet, without ehanfte.
STOCKS Dull aod unchanged: cut '
Q53; 0059, 0 atT SOX: I 0 aci
PAoMall 104; M 8 .bX; do quo
OL A88E3-Qutet, without change,
B I MX', O B
script W; O O
,.a!aJ a. a kl.l VX .
40; Harl 10 do. preterrrd S3; Brio N T 07IX.
?"J?,,d W'- M" aaatrtod So. Read 3uyL. N T O lOH
LaSS.Ta 41V. n n hi a v, i i ,i, A
do5 Tre" I2' Pr 8 10' CB 8'" 8' 0uuPnX
Cincinnati Market.
The Produce market ceta no anlmatlnv lr.floan-a f,
any quarter
A-LOIJK Keepa at tho old flgarea aomlnally. bni aalea
how little aleldina- at tha m.ra.t in...ii.l i.
7 nearest tr,e ouara.
una maw. '
WHK AT Waa stTjiwit a lim r...i. j
mlllera And It mora easy to aupply their waota for Eed.
'iVSf - ' I"1"1" of White. Tha former it quoted
at (tali3o. White atai 05 tol in ,a
0AT8 Hare etllladullaalsatSSc. .
55tSOn. xv"..iua a.o nominally
BABLII-Haa noma rlraf .t! .
JtVB 1 held St 50 tO 52c. but la In nnl. m...l.
Cleveland Market.
June 7, 1861.
inf t5riD,a"v.W"h no trlu""0M b'jond the imall
lot requiaed forborne aaa.
WHJCAT Holderawera firmer thin morning and tbe
few aalea mads, were at an ImproTemaot of Icon yea
terday s prices. To dav'a Near Vnrk ...'.;.
ollno In conaequence ol the advance of the war riak to 5
wMt. at8;'"!." ttd D tnCt lt ,104' Wd 1
OOBN-Salea of 85,000 buih from store at 30c, and 1
or do at same.
OATS Dull at S5S5o.
lnma Kfc.""" ' ! bb" ' " M' "d 40 d0
'0O8 Steady, with alea at 8ffi8Xc.
BMANS galea of 850 buh aood white at tl
Philadelphia Market.
Floor qnietno demand aoperflna hold at 55 30-w,"MTu50t,t"'rpenM-t
3531 3.1 white
S145(S150. Oorh firm ulamns l h..k
yellow at 54o. for mixed Weatera.WaiaKT dull at 16.
Rfannfaclnrera of all kinds of Por
table and Mtationary Kteant Ea
IfineB, Saw nitlls, Orlst niilla,
dCC, A'Ca
LAXEdb BODLB1 Btatml B. ot X ELAND YBaaltn!
J. dJ. n. DUY&IL Beaten til COLUMBUS
MAOmim CO. Beaten!! It BRADFORD
6 CO. Beaten! III!
Our Portatle EDgine and Saw Kill
Was awarded tho first premium ot 950 at the Indiana
State fair for lc60 over Lane Bodlty's on account of
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
and superior character of lumber sawed.
Onr Stationary Invlna waa awarded at Iba aama a-al
the Bret premium of (200.
Onr Portable Bnglna waa awardf d the fltat premium of
100 at tho fair at Memohia. Tann.. ovar Blanda'a Tin.
vaU'a, Oolumbua Machine Oo'a., aani Bradford it Oo'a.,
by a oommittee of practical Ballroad fiagineori.
for price and terms addreea
W1LLARD WARNERr Treasurer; .
dec5-dfcwlyeoli. Hewark,Ohlo.
, Corner Sprlnsj A Water StsM
Oolumtous, Olalo.
W. B. P0TT3 & CO..
ind MannfRctnrtTs of Braaa and Oompaaitlon Oat Linn,
i auiiawisnaa nura.M pu Areeonpaona. ,
.... !
W. A. Batthelor'i Hair Dye!
This splendid Hair Dy has no equal instantaneous la
efleot Beautiful Black or Natural Brown no staining
tho akin orinjuilng tueHatr romooiee tne anaur aa
effKtof Bat Dyes, and Invigorate the batr for life.
None ara genuine nnleaa signed. VW. A- Katchelor."
Sold everywhere. - -- '
: '' i OHAI. llATO&BLOB, Proprietor,
Jrlfliwlr , ..a 81 Barclay Btmt, New Tore.
Wm. A. Batohelcr's Hair Dye! i
Tha . Original and Best intae Worldf;
All others an mare Imitations, and should be avoided
tfyoa wtah to esoap ridicule. .,' .-
OttAT, BID OB BUBIT HAIB Dyed instantly to '
beautlTnl and Natural Brown or Black, without Injury to
Bau-orflkla.': r
awarded to Wm. A. Batchelor sinoe 1839, and over 80,01
applications have been made to the Hair of his patron
of nl nmoa dyi ' ' -
WM. A. BATCHILOR'S HAIB DTI prodnoea a col
or not to be dlatlngntahed from natnr, and I warranted
not to Injur In the least, however long It may be eon tin.
nod, and the 111 effects of Bad Dye remedied; th Hair
invigorated for Uf by this splendid Dy. ...
Bold In all cities and town of th TTnltad Btl.
Druggists sndTanoy Goods Dealers. ' ''
lUTtb Oennin ha th nam and address upon a steel
plate ertrraving ma foar (Idea of Mch bow, of WILLIAM
ay BAaUtiaiAiK, Aaaras - .
t - OUABLBS BATOuILOR, Pxoprietor,
ot Barclay tret, new Kork.
, ' -t Wholtsal sal Betall Dealer la
Foreign & Domestic i Cigars,
i .1 '...' 1 ' ABD a BIT ia AITS - ;
Smoking & Chtming Tobacco.
r C: ....
Also,' the test quality of SKTfT'l aonsUntly
on nana. ;
' ILTOBBBtry MSrohanU are aavltod to tall befr par
ena1ntiswhr.' - , . "';:'T v 1
Bet. Main and Sycamore,
novSl-wta CINCINNATI. O.
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
PuniFrnni i
The Greatest itemed-in Tbe World,
i.. AUTO TUB' i
iir ' i
J J1
ly a soivntins and
Vegetable Oi'ajpoond,
troourei by fc dlatil
itloa of HooU. Hart
a no Barka, Yellow
Sock, Blood Root,
Baraaparllla, Wild
Cherry Bark and Dan
delion entera Into itai
Hcfore Taking. out' remedial After Taking'
principle of each Inirredlent Is thoroughly extracted b
my new method of dlitlllinpr. prodoelnn. dellcl'Bi. cj
hileratlng aplrit,and ttie moat INI ALLIBLB remedy (ot
renoratiui the dlaeaaed avatem. and reatorln (lie alck.
aanenne and deWUtated INVALID to HKAuTH and
BTKlt.NUril. ... a
. ,. DIAL
Will effectually eure
Cimnlc or Nervosa Debtlltv. Dlaoaaee et tha Kiilnana:
and all dlieaaca ariaino- from a dlaordered Liver or ftom
ach, Dyiqiepila. Urartbom, Inward PI lea. Acidity or flick-
oi me Bto
,Ama.h I I.II.U. nt mJ tk. I.. I n-,,
- ,, . vl ulwvu w fcuw - J .i iui, I
pain or ewtmmlnK in the bead, Pali,.tAtion of tha Heart I
or Weight In the Stomach, Bonr Irnctattona
""d rerera. Pain In the email of the back, ohoit or elde.
Sudden Vluhca of float, Depreaalon of Bplrltj. Frightful'
viawuia, t-aofruor, j
Bona or Blotchea a
Draaina. Lanimor. DeaDonriane ovanw ti.rmn, rti.au
Bona or Blotchea on Die Bkin, and fever and Auo (ol
Ohlllaand fever.)
Over a Itllllloa of ttouiee o
Have been aold durina the laat air
Unca bai it failed in rhrioff entlra wtfifuction. Who,
Chen, will uflerfrorn WAAknsMt. At IlMUfcB MrtAtrl Bat rw
T. V lU'l flUD VVnajiTrvWi air) tttinrx a r .fa ' .
aaJBivUAiiiiiiAWif UlnVlAb Will CUl VOai
ianiruae;e can ronvey an adaq nale Idea of Uie imm
diate aod alinoat miraculoua chanre produced by taklna
thi. Cordial In the dlaeaaed, deWiuM and ahatteraS
nervcua ayatem, whether broken down by exceee, weak by
nature, or Impaired by aickneaa, the relaxed and unatracf
O .aaaa a . w aai Bay ssawatTU W It ilWUU UOB1U1 mDQ TlgUrt
Or others conscious of Inability, from whatever eauae,
will find McLean a Btrengthenini Cordial a thorourb
itfl.uoiwr vi uie Bjaicm, ana an wno may nave Injured
themeelvoe by Improper Indulgences, will find In the Cor
dial a certain and epeedy remedy.
" ' To tbe Ladles. " 1
SIcLcan's Strengthening Cordial
la aaoverelinandapeedycnrefor J
Obetrncted orDIffloolt Menitraatlnn, Incontinence ol
Crino or InvolunUry Dlechargo thereof, faWnr; of the
Womb, Olddineaa, Fainting and all Slaeaaea lncidnet
' There Is no Hiiuke About ltO ,
Buuor no lonaer. Take lt acaanlina' tn nintUr .. r.
will atimnlato, etrengthoa and Invigorate yea and cauae
un uionmoi neaiin to mount yonrcneek again.
very Dome la warranted to five aaUaaaCtlon.
If your children are ilrklv. nnnv.nr,mi.i.j tr.iunV
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robuat. Pelai
n-1 a moment, try it, and yon will be convinced.
OaCTIOR. Beware of TJrnret.fa nv TlaataM kn ...
try to palm upon yoa some Uitter or Baraaparllla trail,
which they can buy cheap, byaaytni itlajoitaa good.
Avoid auch men. Aakfor UcLcan'a BtrenrthenlnirOor
dial, and take nothing else. , It la the only remedy thai
will purify the blood thorourhlv and at tha aama iim.
strengthen the ayatem. i i
One tableapoonful taken every obmlti faatlng. Is k
certain preventive of Cholera, Chilli and fever, Yellow
fever, or any prevalent diseases. It is put np in lants
bottlrt. - i
Price only 1 porbottle, or 6 bottlea for 15.
Bole Proprietor of thla Cordial,
Alio McLean a Volcanic Oil iniment
Pl inclual Denotou the comer of Third anil Pin .t...
St. louli. Mo. ...
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
The beat Liniment In tha World. Tha onl aafa and
certain cure for Caneera, PUea, Swellings and Brcn
ehiUa, or Goitre, Paralvtia, Neuralgia, Weakneea of the
Muaciee, (Jnronle or InBanunatory BheumaUam, BttS
neaa of the Jointa, oontracted Mnacles or Ligament.
Baracho or TooUiache, Bruiaea, Bpralna, Woonda, Ireah
ubu, utcera, (ever Bore, uaked Breaats BoraMlpplea,
Burn a, Bcalda, Bore Thoat, or any InuAmnution or Pain,
nodUferanc howaevere, or hoe long the diaeaMmay
tain remcdv. -
JKiaui uoieoraiou iiiniment la a ear
Thofteande of human balnra have been saved a lira of
uaorapiHiu ana nuaery try out see of thla lavalaable ao
Will relieve pain almost inatantaneooaly, and It wll
eleacie, purify and heal the fcnlaat tore in aa kaeredl
ly short Urns. .
For Horse and Other Animals. '
McLean a oelebratad Llnlinent la the only aafe and re-
uauiv nnnir lor UIO eur Or M Da.T1n- tLima Unnm., BVInA.
kaub, cpitnia. unnatural Hnmna. Nmlaa nr AiiinM t
will never fail to our Big Head, Poll Ivll, Fietula, Old
luiuimg oom or oweeny, ir properly appued.' For
Bpralna. Bruiaea. Scratrhaa. Anna.
Beela, Chafe. Saddl or Collar Oalli lt la an InfaiiiM.
icujcuy. appiv u aa airecbM. and a rnrm la f-artai in
every lnatanoe.
Xhen trifle no longer With tha man worthleaa Tju
ment offered to you. Obtain a annntv nf Tir. kir.r..n'.
wwurawu uiiiuuauu lt will cure you. ;
J. H. McLEAN, Bole Proprietor,
Cornarof Third and Pine Btreeta.BULonla, Mo.
lor aale by all drnfgitu.
yoraal by , B0CEBT8 8AMTEL, !
lUiSS-dAwly Columbtu, OMc.
Bheamatism, ' Goat ' and ' Ueoialffia,
."' AND A STJBl CtJBl TOB-"9 '
All , Mercurial Diseases.
' " ' ' ' 1 ' ' "i
It I a oonvanlentlvarrannd Rani nu.h...i
toatd oompound, to be worn aroandth Waict, without
injury to th moat delioat periona; no ohan la hablu
of living I required, and tt entirely reaaove tha dla
aa Irom tn (yatwa, without prododas th tcluriooa
ffeeuaiiaingfroath ua of powwol lotatnal aedl
cine, whioh weaken and destroy tho coratiiutten. aod
i" wspomry rauei only, uj thla traAUaaat. (h mad
tclnal propeitiei oontAlntd In the Hand torn la oontaot
with th blood and reach th dlaeaae, through tea Bore
of the akin, effecting lotfy Inatano a perfeot Sore,
and reetorlngiha parte afflickd to a haalthy condliloB.
inia nana uaiao a moatpowtrfnl AanUaaooatAL agent,
and will entirely relieve the ayatem from the penunume
effeots of Mercury. Moderat eaa an currdlnahw
day, aod w ara oonatantly renlvlng mtlmonlala f It
ffioacy In arrravatad caae of long aundlag.- I
Paica ia.00, to be had of Druggiata ttunaUf,.i oan
be aentby mail or cxpreea, with full dlrectioaa for uaa.
to any part of the owmtry direct from th Prinelpal
Olio, . !, -I,.. i , , ti ,
; Ho. 409 BEOABWAY, Ksw YotV.
G. SMITH It CO.; Sole Proprtetore.
N. B Deaerlptlv OlntBlars Sent Fro.
ITPAg-oBU Wanted KTorywliere
mh381jiaorlitp dfcw " ".
raanaiaoturera ana. Wholesale. Dealers id
" ' i t
Nortbwest Corner of High anrjjjgja
uoiiUinucsi,. ;..-.a;.v omo,
- "A large Stock of fin and1 Stapla Ooddsod bane."
' ' Baltimore' CIotMng flocfe
1 cto 1 i3XaTJlX,
at w , ax . - . a w
.MNo, 3US W. IMtimore-street,!
JTwr tumTv. ajto aawuis,) I '
A Largs Assortment ol Slese aad rwalsHlof
Goods ConstanUy-o' HaidJ
fl- tXyt. w E w-Pttwisniprc
" 4 . It.mti aaA AarMta 0lt.. I
I l H . Embroidered Pocket Iludktfoklarl
rana n.iu uiovee rapanor max.
Golden Hill Shirrs, various stjlea."' "" "
ft Boy1 Oolden Hill Bhlrta. ajo at J A.I Ct
: Dritlngand Street U levee, do 1. .1 i (1
t Hammed Pocket Handkerchief, various aaaiaa 1
.ir U anrl TTntas 7. .7'
BAIIf A 01f,
aprllS No. W Boata High strett,
.,uMv.vaM aaibbrui' nuakOBlB IB
New Borland, and baa been need with Ml Via A1L
Fullneaa ,M bU0OB8 In - , , , ...
An szperlenoed Nuraeand female FnyiWaa, prastoM
- totbaatteatloaof aMttwra, ar
fiftfl T II T M 11 OVTJTTTJ
kJ A IM W A. f
I?i.Te,t1' '1"lates theproeeeaof taothua, by soft
ai I'Dlif""' niaBitl all mOammaUos wUl allay
AXI, Kail and apaaaudio action, and is
Depend upon It, mothers, It will fire net to yosraelrea
. t r tvt "P ,nd wd thla article for over on nan.
What (Brat riaaaraa a dtrm. a. .t.,. . ' . . W
ANOB, TO Kf ritOT A COBB, ben timely a
er did Be know on Vialartrt tf alaaatlafaeiloB by
who naad It. On tho oontrar. all ara Aallahta
rased. Mer-
who naad It. On tho contrary, all aradallxhtaA iu, ,..
operations, and apeak ha Urate of aoaaiondaUoai of Its
magical esecta and medical virtues. Wt speak la this
" vv abuwi" amr Kiyaaat-nrpo-2?,1f..AND
almoet every InaUnco where tho Infant la eafferlnt from
pain and axnauatun. relief will bo foemd In Utaen or
twenty minutes after thedyrop la admlalBterad.
tha nana, ttY P.u I vMn.n air . . ttrfi ........ .
uim .aiuBDie DraDaratlott la the nraanrlntliMi mm. a
' BjajIBl er CASES i
It not On 1 V rellevae tha ahlM t,m
stea tho atomacb and bowaki, corrects Kidlty, and alvee
wne ano enenry to the whole ayatem. It will almoet lot
stantly relieve"
oBiPino nr ras nmna. usD wind colic
and I oreroomooonTuiaiona, wntoh. If not apeedlly rem
2.pi VPJ" aelth- w b,l,eT tho BloT and SUB
1ST KBMBDY IN THS WORLD, In all eaaesofor
It art tea from teathinr. or from an. oih Tl
I .' . T . aaa cnua aanennv from
V-Mi"0'"! fmplelnta DO NOT LBT YOUB
f,?E?I0M i TH PB!JUDIO0OrlRi
woald say.to every mother who haa a child ealferbir from
ataod between yon and your auSering child, and the r.
lief that will be bDRB yea. ASSOLUIBLT BUBi-to
follow the aaa of aUlaaaeallaliva. u timai.
rectlon for naing will accompany rh bottlo. Mono
aennln unleaa the faelmil of OPRXIB a PB&EXH8.
New York, la on the outald wrappr.
Bold by all DragglaU throughout lb world.
Prl iclpal Office,' 13 Cedar Street fl.ir.
O.'i. A
bipod timvtm-t.
Mi lapreelatly what Its same Indloates, for, whllrl A
U bleaaant to the Uit. It 1 revivify! ng, xhllaraHU
'ling, Invlgoratlnf and alrengthealas w tho vital
fvlitatea, and renew the Blood in all It parity, end'n
I tha at onoe reetoret end render the ryitem n I W
I " y aiwaai. - a. a M eeiiy
H praparatlo ever offered to th world, aoohaaal- kal
lly aod aklllfully combined aa to be th moauQ
v wonui wDis. ana at tne tame tun o perfectlv
a jwapwa to, aa io act in pariectaocoraanc with thai
Uiiawe of nature, and lieno will ooA Uh 4eoubaa(al
tUmack, and ton op th dirtetlv organ, and Q
IthuaallayallnenrouaandatherliTiBatloa, It iJr
. ... . . . ' '
K.av, ..iiianuu anii BI Uf aaBM'tlBI It U, .
SJ compoaed entirely of vagetablea yet o oomWnd,M
- '(a to prooeth moat thorouth tonicenect, with-l
out nrodneinf Anv lnlurlMu.a.nMAn..M. a...w
sJ i remedy ha long been felt U a deaideratam io! La
lilliha medical world, for It need no medio! (kill to
are ioai oaoi u7 loi mwa al l atucas t dtaaaae. and!
proceed! and Indeed laya the ayatem opea to tbe'M
- -j - ws ' u. UB ua.
nilnaldioo attaoka of many of th most atai, auch,'
y tor example, ae the following: Ooniamntion. In
Wtgeetlon, uyapepM, Loai of Appetite, Faiataaae,
i.ci.vua A.iiwjiti.jr, i.cumigui, fAipiOUlon OI tb
EJ' Heart, Melancholy, Night gweaU. Laogaor, Olddi
VDtte, Ketsntlon of, ae well a Painful obstructed
too profuse, or too aeant Menatruatlon, and fall
aa inr of th Womb. There alldenacd unnn aanarall
(i debility.' Thi pare, healthy, toBi iXvdial Saufj
oiooa nenovator tl aa ear to ear a th run to
rla and act. There it no mistake about it. Bat
bra Is not all. If th ejstem ta weakened, w Btwj
apen (omnoaaatuicaB, tn nvr Incom torpid,!
ur worav ganaiu, miv aianey reTua to piform
their functions, and we are troubled with acairitnJ
land lneonlinenor-of urine, or lnvolnntarvdia.
Kuarae oi uie wa, pain to tn Baca, aid and ha.
tween tn aaouiaera, cxeeedtnily llabl to slight;
loolda, ooagha, and If nuehacked, aon uaaattoni
ioiiowb. ana in paueni goes down to a ptaauaare ax
grave. But )ao will not allow aa to enumerate fl
the many Ilia to which we are liable Ina wkaedV
condition of th ayatem. Bat w will y. la this!
Cordial and Blood Renovator yoa have
afe, pleasant and effectual remadr Cm
, in
aaie, pieaaana ana effectual remedy for loa of I
Appetite, blllooaneaa. Flatulence, weak and alcki
LJ stomach. Languor, Liver Complaint. Chills and
Fever, or any Bllloa attack. Ocanivaanaa. Auih
U a. w v ' . . . -
p.. awiHiatMw, MwTOuancaa,iea)raala. S-alarilm.
tlon of th Heart. ra a. Ion rc. HniH,. a
Pimple on th f ao or any dieaeat arlaiBAT fraaa'iJ
impure blood, auch aa Scrofula, BryaipeUa, Bron
vv.,ui aimoHiiy oi Draauimg, ana ail tnaT
ociaa of diaeare called ftmal wakna. and
enumerated above. We will alao aaa tha nnW
lerpoaad to epidrmiea, change of clloal aud wa-
(er, will find it a pleasant, aale and ear remedy
I try It for w aaaar yoa you will find in It a irieavdl
jtndeed.aa well aaa friend in need. AllprMaofl
ana none ahonM .... iravai aiihn, i. u
iuauiarj uau;ia win una it a penoot prevuuv of
raa wan , cure ror inoeeniunenia to whlon I bey b,!
I particularly zpod. Uno minlitArijtndaniai
tornejs, literary g.ntlemrn And ladle who are not!
eocaaiomea to bbob Mtdoor sieictar, vnll And ill
. ""'f auvannag ra aep a botti oonatantly on
hand: aod, aoov all. mother, or thaaa hanaa.ii.
auch, will go tbrourb that moat daorsraaia narloa
not only wth all Ibair accaatomrd alreagih, bail
nialantssoni the female portion of th world. Ii
y .hurt, It la Indeed a mother' cordial. Try It, old!
wu,wwui,bo wnirvr na in rial or aiy ; H an I
Kline .Cordial and Blood Reeumuor. , j
I O.J. WuOD. proprietor, 444 Broadway, New1
lYArk. Mri 111 U..ba t Bll B.
rviieT ana Drova ilea r ,mnh.Uft. . . Bmi
aold by ROBaBIS a BAMUBL, Columbo, Ohio,
and all good, DruggisUi Prioa Oa DolUrl
per oiiM,jN..i marchS-dawowly
"STnoaBttvwAHT wBBitSitSi
DO ron nt a mustacbbO
, KVOtfWAjjBTACmtt
t ;:.;:oKMjjsi
Stimulating Onguciit,
' ..- i.jc
For tha Whiiken and !&alr
Itl flnnnHaalaa a SUaa
Cltisens ol the Unlaa Sate, that they bav obtained tho
arno ao'vara now enanea aoonret ta h Aaxtiean
BUbllO. tt abort Juitlv oelabrafc-d knrfl arUnn...
articlea.XU .. " .
-.j r i wM Sal ta
.:.;..vf aoM ft AWjii,i..vj
a ', ' i ' .1
I PMBarad fay Da. C. P.ULLTaraaAW. a aa.i..n.
physician ot London, and la warranted to bdni out a
thickaetof ...j, ra n. 3b
dW tisk era orj Mas! icVe
In from three to ail- waaka. Thla asrtlr1al lei fVta nnln a. am
tt th. kind ured by. ttof raaeh, sad jLeAapainAParlB
It U a beautiful, economical, otthlngyi 'iiBla1atlna
com pound, acting aa If by tnaglo noon th root, oaaanr
a beautiful growth f hiznrlant hair. If applied to tbl
si-alp. It will ear BALintta, and eaaao to aprlng up la
n acj of the bald 'Spot a fin growth of new bar. Ap
bUtd acoordlnc t aimtina,JarUl tuav ana ot Towr
, ' snd restore gray balrto lt original color.
.vwt.ua .mi, aaauviu, Boa UTXIOIV. TO OaOUBUT 1
an Indispenaabloarticl In every gentlemau'1 toilet, and,
"' thatjr would aofwaaaaBatdratioa
bewlthoutit. , , , ..... "
The aubacrlbar kf the onlv Agents for tJU arTicl la
the United State, to whom all order mast be addrd.
rrloOn Dollar a bob for aale by all DragirlaH aid
Dealer ; or a box of th "Onguat" (warranted to bave
the deatred effect) will beeeat I any who deelra It, if
3lV(dlroot)i aeoorely p"J. receipt it price and
poatage.fl.fB. Apply lo or addrea '
a J SI O 'noA0!' l' PKOIElfAK k (,
fcaowiurra, Ac.,
AnVBS-MairuBu -
anjvvt Jr Ui .INBTAttT lOtXIBt
t.y-aistsm eomplalat a
? 'i
I'Wl ArJ bpj DI'-SbV' - f
Made by 0. B.'BIVM0na niemi It., M. V.
At Bboj Bwtlreeby pot
' f 08 AL1 df ALU BBoaaist s.
tayd-dAwlyla .;iM.f.'' .a
- "
Union jew vi LorKi-A aiauit v of
designs, at 4,00 pat 1,000, 1m,,.'
at hall th price charged by small dealer. "
TTTHBAD QCAKTBRB No. 7S loath High atreet.
Columbu,May,lctil. J U.BILSI.
flVTI! i

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