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The Adams ExpreM Company pla'oes nt daily
under obligations to it for tne very latest papers
from the eastern cities. , . .-, , . , -.
t i
The American Express Company has our
thanks for its daily favors la tne scape ol tne
very latest eastern papers, t ,
Codkoil pMciinios.-At a-meeting of the
City Counoil last evening, Mr. Stadrino was
' chosen President pro Um.
..:"f. The City Solicitor', in accordance with a reso
.'. Iutlofl' adopted by the Council on the 3d Inst ,
requiring him to report what provision, if any
r. had been made, by (he laws of the State, for
the relief of the families of our volunteers, re
ported, stating the general provisions of the
act of the 10th of May, 1861, authorising the
County Commissioners of every county in this
.,. State to levy in the year 1861, a tax not exceed'
ving the one-half ot one mill on the dollar, a
valuation of the taxable property of such county,
" for the purpose 'of affording relief to the fam.
T .lies of the Ohio yptyuteer. Militia, mustered
v into the servioeof the United States, or Into the
eotutl service at the State of Ohio. .,. M. ,
' 'That the law only" authorises, but does not
make it obligatory' on the Commissioners to
.', lw7 . ",". V, '.. .
. That the Commissiooera of franklin County
bare not yet made any levy for thle purpose;
" but, la reply to icqttirios addressed to ' some of
the Board, the tolioltor was Informed that the
Board would probably levy a tax of one-fourth
of a mill on the dollar for the purposes of the
''-relief contemplated.11' ' ' x v
:i ' 'Mr'.' BoWlm, from the Police Committee,
made a Verbal report la relation to' the bill of
Jossrg HoLLtKBioa for services ai Superintend
. dent of the Cnalo-'gang, reporting the bill back
- wlthoutreoommendtion4 .Tjie bill was reler
red to the City Solicitor. . ' .
Dr. xUvii, from the Relief Committee, made
a report "giving "the names of the families ol
volunteora Jn the Jai, 2J, 3d and 4 Wards to
iwhQm'fejief, has Jon$exteadtd(nd showing
' that these families have' been eaoh allowed
from four to eight dollars per irionth the ma
jorltyt.' thent being allowed the latter
amount.1- .:. . JS.
The following Ordinances were read the third
time end pissed: .
- The Oidlnance to regrade and repave the side
walks ,and gutters on the west tide of High
street between Gay and Spring streets.
r ;'An Ordinance lo grade and pave th side
walke and gutters oo the north tide of Day street
. from iligh street to Fair alley.
The Council then i adjourned. ...
.... j
; 3.'
. .a'
.Iftbl-.fow KMiMsat.Tbis Regiment It
""obmmatfded by Col'. Mtaaow, of this city, and
Is organized but el companies formed In Central
i J?bfa yt learn from tbe Cincinnati Eoquirer
that the companies are nearly all full for the
" war; No changes have been made la the com
. paoy officers, and tbe regimental oorps were
-v.Qhosea wtb,gre.tt unanimity. . No betr mill-
3 tary .officer are tpw at Camp Dennison than
those connected with Col. Masrow's command.
Tbe Regiment will be mustered into the U. S.
eervlba to.4ay. .Tbcy are gallant troops, well
drilled and in complete subordination. Toey
are all nniformed and equipped, three eompanlet
having tbe best pattern of the smooth-bore
ET Adjutant-General Cairimoton arrived at
Grafton oa Saturday last, to investigate tbe re
ports about, supplies to the Ohio troops. A
epeciel dltpatoh to the Cincinnati Commercial
states, thatin his, remarks to the Fifteenth and
' Sixteenth Regiments, Gen. Carsinotok ad
.' milted that to far as pantt were oonoerned, the
charges were true, and said that new ones
would be immediately forwarded, He' assured
then! that the trroopt would be required to pay
B9 more than, the value of tbe pants not the
' .. oontreot rates. .Geo. C. was to go to fhlllippl
oa Sunday. 1 '
- PaoiATi Court Juaoae. The following it a
Hit of the Jurort for tbe next criminal term of
the Probate Court, commencing on Tuesday,
July 24;.F. Beote, Columbusj Isaao Iiume,
' do. j ; A.' S. Decker, do.,. Robert Thompson, do ;
Jesse Tull, do.j Jacob Bishop, Madison tp.; M.
Stevenson, do.j John Douglass, Jackiooj John
'Bl(ng, Truro; S. P. Rhodes, do,; John 8tim
mel, lli mil ton; G. W. Stowell, Jefferson. ,
...' tT A, .Washington letter published in the
Cincinnati CommireM, and dated the 7th Inst.,
states that on the fttb Imii Coli WuioK, of tbe
Seoofld Ohio Regiment,' tested his' men on the'
o,ueetlo of the three years' s or vice. Those
Hrho'ttepped in front, wheij calieJ 'upon to slg
nify their intention of going, were as followii .'
Oe. ABoTtr eordi...i.i ...... 1 :
B Oalambof -Vdtlcs 2& '
O ... ....4 ;.m. ........ . ...13
J Cauvti -
M IiAiajett Oairdi .....5
V 14
... 4
. . , U-...
.......... ... 17
.......... If
la regard to those famous pants, the Commer
.olall.letter says: ';' : ,
.'1 ? 'Ohlfl need not be afraid of her reputation suf
ferina at the hands of her troops oa the battle
field. Bui Ohio will never hear the last of
, those breeohes 'bever. , Before long, hundreds
, ,', 'of the most dilapidated specimens will be sent
home as curiosities. I advise all politicians in
tha State to Inetaetlv divest themselves of all
eonneotloaWitti those breeohes. Talk ot the
shtM of Netsos. Those breeches will be worse
than a doien shirts, of fire. '
" 1 " 1
.j ft'. . . .' r -t
Ta Aiiir Work We have already noticed
! vVth&t the Army Worm ,wat committing lit rava
get in Ttrlout portlont of tbe Miami Valley
We take the following from the Djytoa Emp In
of thl7ihlnstt' '
The " armv worm" It satd to be making tad
haveo with grati and grain a few miles west of
-- a .this etty.' A gentleman wno was in-tne neign
borhood of Htgglnt' Station yesterday, states
iut lo- some placet tbe grouna na-roaa is oov
ri . i m with them They destroy every green
. .thing in thair way, tarnlog neither to the right
or left for any impediment.' Our informant
. says when ihej enter a field they commence on
tne grata ana weeat la tbe renoe corners, strip
: ing them of any vui(a 0f leavee and blades;
they then attaok-the grain, stripping tbe stalks
1 lit the blades, and but off tha huda. Ha aaw
V a field of barley-wbere thev had onr. off the
' 'Jeads, for rods around; just as smooth and as
jinliormly 'as though it had been done by a ma
blue. -These worms ssem to go In droves,"
!" ! keep 'a' nearly straight oouree,' and oontlnue
;,, Ibeir aepreaations until tney onange into a spe
1 ciet of "moth" of "miller " Tbevaretmall
tr tbea the oommta haterplllar, are of a dark
' oolor, add are covered with a short thin hair.
' It it well that taelf ravages are not general
hereabout. Tf-rj cr IT -v : jtJ
The annual address before the Literary 8o
. i ofstles oi Oiterblen University, at Weeterville,
in this county,, will be delivered this (Tuesday)
-- venlng.Jjy W. TiCoooitBALL.of this city
we;; mmtmrmmm'm',,
";"-M Tl ladtet who 'weat red, whWiaHtt)
i roieiiet. are laid to ht real patriate and ready
' itot an engagement. .,
CTCtpt. Wilsok, of the Fifteenth Ohio Real
ment, now at Philllppi, Is la this city, to pro
I care clothing for the Regiment.
IT Dr. W. M. Awl hat been elected Pretl
dent, and Dr. J. W. Hamilton Secretary of the
nevMedioal Board.. The Board will hold
meeting on Monday, the 18th Inst.'
K.u- ine western Virginia convention as-
temblei at Wheeling to-day. Tbe remits
Its deliberation! will be looked, for with deep
lnterett. . -r .
O The aggregate number of men at Camp
Dennison on Saturday last, Inoluding officers and
privates, was 13,020, ( ,
UTThe command of Northern Kentuoky bat
been assigned to General MoChliaw, Colonel
Andbrbon having declined it on account of ill
health. , - .. . , ,
ILTGood strawberries were sold in tbe Cln-
olnnati market, on Saturday, for five cents a
quart. " . ' ' ; ' :
ETCorn it offered at Mendota, Illinois, at ten
oenta a bushel,
DThi Duan 8cm Dzcision. The decision
of the rebel leaders not to take Washington.
Thocqhts roa Rifleotion. At we take up
tbe newspaper of a morning, and turning our
eyes to that portion of it that records tbe deaths,
we read onehae died of Erysipelas, another of
Scrofula, and a third from the effect! of a Can
ker, and these all in the prime of life, we can
not but think that, In many of these instances,
their names would not have appeared 'there be
fore old age had called them to tbelr rest, If
their friends had administered proper remedlM.
U view of . this subject permit ns to suggest
that "Kennedy's Medioal Discovery" has be
come justly celebrated for the caret of the above
diseases, and all of a similar nature. We,
therefore, cordially recommend It to those whose
blood Is nov floating1 corrupt through their
ETStmmom or Sorofuloat affeotiont are the
ourse, the blight, the potato rot of mankind.
They are vile and filthy as well at. fatal.. They
ariie from contamination and Impurity of tbe
blood, and are to be seen all around at every
where. One quarter of all we meet are tainted
with them, snd one quarter of these die of them:
die foolishly too, because they are eurable.
Aria's Sariaarilla cleanses out the icrofu.
lout corruption from the blood, renders it pure
and healthy, and effectually expurgates the foal
contamination from the system. No longer
groan under your scrofulous disorders, alnoe tbe
irresistible Area baa provided his masterly com
bination of curative virtues that he calls Sarsa
farilla. Democrat, Waterbury, Ct. 1
Look to Yoorhlt in. Tim How many, in
conseqaence of a false delicacy suffer from
tupptf$id, painful r tbttruetid menstruation,
and think because they are young that bye and
bye nature will work Itself dear from obstruc
tions, and all eome right in the end, little dream
Intr that the eeeda of death are already germ
inating In the system because the vital ener
gies are Impaired, and tbe entire animal econo
my, aeraoged, debilitated and yet, careless of
inemseives as tney are, u a remedy, were net
before them which would restore all tbe Amo
tions of the eystem, and re-lavlgoratethe body,
they would take It, and thus be In time to save
their livee. Parents, think of thle, and at once
give a bottle of Prof. Wood'e Restorative Cor
dial and Blood Renovator. Mi Yotk Couirer.
The Lrrru Giawr-Not Douglas, nor Brack
Inridge, nor oven "Old Abe," but J a mis Pius
vietetto Baieratus, tnat in Its own department
poteeeses more strength and purity than all ol
them. All other kind are pigmies to It. De
pot, 345 Washington Street, New York. Sold
by grooers everywhere.
Rail Road Time Table.
Linxe ifum at Oomkioi Jt Xmu B. B. '
Leaves. Arrive
Otnclnnatl aeooanodatloa. I OO a. M. . 8:10 P. M
Kxprau 11:40 A.M. H:i3aM.
Hall and AooommodHlon.. 0:10 P. M. 00 P. H,
Might ExpraN via fiAjrtB.l.:00 midolght. I:WA. M.
" Jo. W. Dobbrtt, Agent
i OotDMiss fc Cuvium B. B. ,
Bight lipma ...10 A. M. 11:15 P.M.
New Tor Bxpnt 11:10 A. M. 10:30 A. M.
C.O.fcO. Walxprew.... :M F.M. - 7:50 P. H.
' ' Jaju PATTtasoR, Agent.
OawntALOattf B.-B.
Ko. 1 1xprttf..... 3:30 A. M. 11:!9 A. H.
No. 5 da S:15 P. M. 11:43 A. M.
W. J. Fill, Apt.;
PiTTiiDaoa, Oolcmiji at Oikcutiiati B. B.
Mi.I1 Train SA.M. 11:33 A.M.
BxprmTnln 11.85 A.M. 8:43 P. M
t't ' Joi. Roaixion,' Agtnt.
Ooatmio at laDURoreuf, B. B.
- (Oobcuiu iiqoA at Xhsiama B. B.)
So. 1 Xxprcn...... ...... 8:30 A. M. 1 55 P. M
No. 9 " 3 SO P.M. '8:90 P.M.
Aocomaodatloa .......... 10:3d A. M.
. - . i . !'r . . I 0. W. Jm:t, Ant.
. t. i
Mails tor New Tork Olty, Boaton,
Pitubanrh. . tuabanvlll waV. OtoTtland. ZaoatTiUt,
Nawark, QraoTtil. Washington Oity, BalUmora, Phila
delphia and Nw Orltau, cIom dallf (Snndaja axoapt
d) at 8 o'tlock p. m. . .
A through mail for New Tork ant Olmlaad eloaa
daily (8undA7 uneptad) at 8 o'aloek p. aa.
. 0. 0. 0. B. B. Way Mall eloaa dally (Sanaars ex
oepted) at 8 o'alook n. uu -
uantraiunio war jaauaiosMoaiij iBunaais vammi
at 10 o'olook a. ro. ' .
OlnolnnaU way Mail elota dally (Baaaays txeeptMl at
10 o'clock a. aa.
Ohieaoo. Dubnon. Dataware. Marlon and Worth in-
ton Malls eloaa daily (ttnnday axatpUd) at 8 o'clock
p. m. j! " '
Bans rorxania, spnnrntio, vayran, -Aoiaoo, uidhb-
nail, Indiaaapolia, Loulavllto, 8k Lonia and Detroit,
etoata daily (Snndaya oxoaptad) at 8 o'olock p. m.
-A through nail to Ionia, BpriDftflald and OlnolnnaU
loaa dally (Sandays txoeptsd) at 10 o'clock a. m.
uroanat A-iqoa, Tunc and uuioa uity mau ciota aaiiy
(Bnndaya axoaptad) at 8 o'oli ok p. m. ,
Lanoaiter, Logan, NaUonvllle, Clrclavlll, Chllllcoth,
Partunonth. Waihinvton 0. H . Athena. Marlatla and
UlUiboroaih Btaila cioao dally lounaaja exoapiaaiaio
o'olock p.m.
Kaat Way Mall hy national Koad to zaneanu eiotaa
dally (Bnndaya excepted) at 18 o'olock m.
Harriabanh Mail gloat daily louaoay a aweptea; an
o olocR p m.
Mt. Vernon Mall.br way of Weateirllleanl Sunbury,
Oloeet dally (Sunday excepted) at 9 o'clook p. m.
Bahlln Mail eloaa tlalinsondAyi xcepwo;ai o cioca
taneutar Way Mall close dally (Sundays excepted) at
Ualla from New tork. Boeion. Philadelphia. Bnffa'o,
Albany, Pitubnrgh, Olereland, Dayton, Toledo, Zenla,
Detroit, Bprinifleld, OlnolnnaU, Ohlllloothe, Bt. Louie,
and all Southern diiea, arrivt between th boar of 8
o'olock p . and 4 o'olock a. x.
Utile from indianapoU. uueaio ana liaooqu arnye
at 3:wa.m.
Mal a from Waablnaloa Oltv. XalUraor. WBMiing,
KanosTllla, Newark, Btenbenville, Mt. Vernon, and th
0 . 0. B. B. Way Mall, arrive at H o'clock m.
Way Mail from OlnolnnaU arrive at I o oloca p.
lumtu M all arrive at 8 o'olook D . B .
Kaat Way Mail onr th VaUonal Boal arrive at 11
oviooka m.
Mt. Ternon way Mall arrive at 11 :00 a. sa.'
Mall from Dublin arrive at 18 o'clock m.
' TJrbana Way Mall arrive at 8 o'olock p. aa.
HarrUba'gh Mall arrive at 11 o'olock a. m. .
Ummim. Wtr Mall arrival at lfi o'clock m.
Office deliver ooen ittt dav (except Sunday) from
7 o'olock a- a. to 8 o'olook p. m. Open on Bnndaya
fro at lu t 8 o'olock ia the morning, and from 8 to 8
Cincinnati Market.
" There fai nothing la tbe soar of gentral bailnee to
call lot new oomment. Trade remaina aa nearly block
aded ae It u poeslbl for'Ii te be, earning a v,y low
atandard her of price for everything that 1 (applied
largely freei ttau awrket, and on th other band remit-
tom aaTaaewi vaiiM for all ommodUie la in uon
federate Siaiee that are Bnunrad from without their
blockaded borders. The aotattone for all artlolea of
prooaoe bdo prormoae la Mew Urlean ere oentlnoalt'
en the advsnoe. Ploor I ouoted ther at SB to 810 30
- ,!'uo:. ''k (re aliug) at 8S8. Baoon
tiiaiaiaraaeaunananiue. WhUAatMo. Coffee
- Onr floor and Oraln market' l ti.'iti-
To-day' bulneea reenlt In ae variation! "in- price for
. r w hi y,v.aweiiAi of any
Beauregard's Plan of Operations—
Affairs in North Carolina—Hostile
Attitude of the Secessionists of Maryland
and the City of Baltimore.
NEW YORK, June 10.
Tbe Times correspondent savs Beauregard Is
said to have declared be intended concentrating
ou.uuu or vu.uuu men at Manassas uap, and
make their position imnresnable: and when the
ceaerai loroes are spent la trying to dislodge
them, then be is eolDir to utterly overwhelm
ana destroy tnem.
A olerevman from Beaurort. N. estates
that men and arms are plenty there, but no cash.
Farmers complain at receiving serin. He
thinks Union clubs would be formed there,
becked by Government.
The Government is la nossesslon of manv
letters from Northern men to Southerners,
snowing yet manv traitors In tbe North.
ine Tribune dispatch says Uov. melts Das
warned the Government of tbe perils menaoicg
tne uapital from Ma state, and requeetea mat a
loroe be sent to Frederick Citv. and ibe rein
forcement of the regiments at Baltimore.
Marshal Bonllant states that there are 4.UUU
secessionists in Baltlmire with eonoealed arms,
waiting for an opportunity to rise.
Dispatches from Washington.
[Time Dispatch.]
- England give as
surances that the British Government is gradu
ally changing from its original partiality for tbe
Rebel States. The Government is anything but
friendly to tbe Union, but is decidedly not so
open in its hostility as it was before tbe arrival
of Mr. Adams. ;: , !
These letters leave no room to doobt that the
Ministry had once determined upon recognising
tbe Southern Confederacy. Tbey were endeav
oring to preoipltate such action before the arri
val of our new Minister.
Ia the interview which Mr. Adams had with
Lord John Russel, the former very distinctly ex
pressed the belief that the British Government
intended such a purpose, and charged tbe British
Ministry with a want of common Diplomatic
courtesy in thu attempting tq decide upon so
vital a question before affording an opportunity
to tbe Administration of explaining the position
In (which the Government of this country is
aoed the object ot the rebels and the power
ol tbe Government to suppress the rebellion,
Mr. Adams took oocaaton to repreaent to the
British Minister tbe tDlustice of recognising the
rebels and to warn him that this Government
would not permit tbe interference of an v foreign
government to prevent the subjugation of the
rebel States of tbe Union.
It Is more than probable tbe Spanish Govern.
ment will deollne to receive Carl Scbui z ae Min
ister to bpain; at least the Representatives of
Spain here at Washington do not hesitate to ex
press such a belief. ' ,
1 o Kegimeuts or Rulus King's Wisconsin
Brigade have been oidered to report at Washing.
ton forthwith, Tbe remaining four Regiments
of tbe Brigade are ordered to hold themselves
in readiness to come to Washington on 48 hours
notice. ,,'., '...
The suggestion of the Chicago Tributu. that
Gov, Yates ehouid be annotated ancceeaor to
Judge Douglas, does not meet with much favor
ia Washington. , It Is probable that Judge
Davis or Jesse 0. Orton will be appointed.
Although there has been an air of quiet at
the War Department, there has really more
business transpired to-day than at any time
since the rebellion commenoed. - r.
[To the Associated Press.]
Tbe non-payment of the trooDS Is caused bv
tbe absence of the necessary pij- rolls. There
is no lack of money or of disposition on the cart
of tbe Government to pay them; and as soon as
tne requisite forms can be ooroplled, with, this
inconvenience will be remedied.
-The Rhode Island Regiment left bv rail this
morning, takibg with tbem the marine battery,.
i neir aestinauon is supposed to do Harper's
Ferry. ..... y..
a large number of mechanics are employed
at- the Railroad atation, potting together detach
ed parte of transportation wagons and ambu
lances ana m large numoer oi noraes, wnlcn
arrived here recently, are being trained bv the
Artillerymen en tbe CI y Hall lot.
reparations for an additional movement of
troops Irom tbe city are visible In all directions.
but produce no undue exoitement among the
oitlzecs. -
It is ascertained that a portion of the Federal
troops have gone to Edwsrd's Ferrv. a point
about balfway to Harper's Fsrry, and that tbey
win occupy it permanently.
Tbe New York 69. b has oantured a brother
of Jackson, Ellsworth's murderer.
Our troops oomplain ot tbe discbarge of tbe
prisoners of war by tbe Government, asserting
that there Is no use of oapturing rebels, If they
are to be immediately released.
[Special to the Commercial.]
A gentleman who has arrived herefrom Man
assas Junction heard tbe rebels say they bad
13,000 troops there. He saw Beauregard, and
among tbe prisoners there he found several
residents of Washington.
I roops will be diepitobed to Frederick, Md ,
on Thursday, to protect the Union men there;
it being understood that there is a plot oa foot
to depose Gov. Hicks that day, and establish a
Provisional Government.
A number of Regiments have orders for
It is now believed there will be a speedy ad
vance on Harper's Ferry. '
ueoerai Mansneia received word that tbe
Michigan Regiment waa fired at In Baltimore.
An army offloer has been sent there to Investi
gate the affair,
ueneral JianKl takes command at Diltlmore
to day. ..
Coir Stone left this city, to-dav. with trooos.
going in the direotloa of Leesburg., - A -.: ,
Large numbers of cars have been sect from
Grafton, Va., to Cumberland, to bring Federal
troops to tne former piaee. .
It Is reported that 19,000 troops have left for
Harper's Ferry, but this Is thought improbable.
It is said Mr. Curtis, M. C. ot Iowa, will be
appointed Brigadier General, and given the
command of the Iowa troops. 1
Washington. June 10. The Secretary of
War addressed a letter to the Surgeon General,
recommending female nurses for tbe army. "
Tbe President has appointed E. Joy Morris,
of Pa., Minister to Constantinople, and Henry
. mow, ot mo., Minister to Venezuela.
Tbe administration has resumed relations
with Peru, which were stopped by President
A lady writings a friend from Washington,
says she saw tbe fight at Aqula Creek, and that
15 were killed t ha no doubt SO more were
killed and wounded in the first attack. Great
paine were taken to conceal the fads from the
friends of the victims. .' She eays 400 troops
were in the battery, and that the loss in tbe last
attack must have been heavy.
Hon. John Cochrane Is authorized by the Sec
retaryofWar to raise a regiment for three
years and command it himself rank of Colonel.
The Postmaster of Nashville resigned and re
fused to obey United States Laws. Office dis
continued. All Postmasters are ordered to send
mails addressed there to the dead letter office.
General Banks commands tbe Department of
Annapolis. r
No letters are delivered here from seceded
States. It Is said that Poatmaster-General
Blair requires .persons receiving letters from
seceded States to pay ths postage, aa Govern
ment does not receive pay for stamps on them
stolen by tbe secessionists.
Trooos leaving bere to-day took twelve days
rations, oamp cqnlppage and entrenohlog tools.
One Ublo tiegiment is expected to follow Col.
Stone's column. ' .f.
Tbe fortlflcatlocs on Arlington Heights are
now very formidable.
Dam Destroyed on the Potomac—
Fight Progressing—All Virginians
from 16 to 60 to Enter the Army.
Friends en. Thomas
and asked him to send troopi to Frederick, dis
loyalty being strong among thewaembersof the
Thedeetruotion ot tbe dam oa the fotomao
bv secessionists caused great Indlgnailoa among
tbe people of Southern Maryland. Virginians
attempted to destroy the dam by fire, but were
resisted by tne Home uusra oi w imemspori
An engagement is progressing.' rartioutars no
known. Fight fifteen miles distant. Numbers
OI Virginians are escaping. ;" '
Every man In Virginia between 16 ana WIT
rtqalrM (0 tster the IliTlOt Oirort Taurtaey
.nest.,,,. ;; ( ' k ' ..' ,rr
-Tha aaooeelonlat claim fifteen thousand men
at tlarf'Ferryf while Colonists report; only
nH,rTf Try j t-
Apprehended Insurrection in Baltimore
Troops to be there
within 36 Hours—The City to be
Bombarded from Fort McHenry.
to Tribune.]
Ten thousand Mrooos wilt be in Baltimore
within 30 bours.ii. That eity is in a lermentation,
and there are Drenareiiooe lor a vigorous rising.
Arms are storea la private nouses, ana nigntiy
drills Dave been going on.
At tbe first sign of uprising, tne city win be
bombarded from Fort MoHenry. This is on
authority. r . -.-; -
WASHINGTON, June 10. A Secession Camp Broken up--Rebels
CAIRO, June 10.
under command of Captain Joslyn,' to Mound
City, to guard that place, as it bad been threat
ened by a band or Heutucay reoeis . ,
Col. Schuttener. In command of Birds' Point,
to day broke up a camp or secessionists near
Norfolk, Mo., and succeeded la capturing 18
rebels, who we being examined before General
rrentiia. ' A number or otners maae tneir es
cape, - , . - " :
Movement of Troops.
The First Wisconsin Regiment, Col. Stark
weather, passed through this evening for Wash
ington. Tbe men are f ully armed and equipped.
iney presented a line appearance.
The Eleventh Indians Zouaves, Col, Wallace.
reached Cumberland tbia, morning, and took
possession 01 tne town.
NEW YORK, June 10.
The steamer' Fnlton, from Southamnton on
the 29tb, arrived this morning, with three days
latwuewa. . ...
Fsanci. The Tunes' Paris orreanondftnt
say mere is no reason-way iiaytl may not Soon
excite tbe commiseratloa ot the Frenoh Em
peror, precisely for tbe same reason that San
Domingo has exoited that of tbe Spanish gov
ern menu
Commercial.- Tfle general tandencv In
American securities Is unfavorable. , -
Livermol Cotton Market Ma 07h .
28 Cotton In fair demand. Sales for last two
days, 18,000 bales 6,000 on specolstion and
export. Prices firmer. , r
There has been a decline of about la. In tha
London corn market. - ,
LiviRKOL, May 33 Wheat in bettor de
mand, at Friday's prices; J2d. under those of
this day week. Flour slow salee,obtalcable
at a deollne of 6 J. per bbl. Oats and barley uu
changed. Beana Is. per quarter lower. Ia Ia
aian corn a considerable business done at 32.
33j. 6d. for yellow, and 3334s. for white.
London, May 28 Bctar eteadvi
Coffee steady; Tea quiet; Tallow quiet at 66s.
6i-- ,.
Tbe Tima Paris correspondent aav a fMna
of languor and even nneasinees, prevails among
vummeroiai men inrouenout r ranee. Tne po
litical disputes in the United Statea haea nrn.
duced a partial stagnation In French enterprise.
The, silk ,trade at .Lions is becoming worse
under tbe lufloefice of tbe unfavorable news
from America. v ;, rr r.
Tbe continued drv weather haa h an an nn.
favorable tffeot upon tbe Paris flour market.
woeai nas risen hUcts. a sack of 120 kilo
grammes. . . -. ..:! err
Komi. It Is asserted' that Eneyclical letters
are being secretly circulated, with the object of
exciting agitation among the clergy. .,
a aispatcn rom Home, or May itf, says that
rumors are current that the Italian government
proposed to guarantee tbe present extent of ibe
Pontifical territory, on condition of the evacua
tion of Rome by tbe French. ?'o ' ':" '
op ain.. A telegram from Cadu savs a great
movement Is taking place among the vessels
taiiuoea as Aigexiras.
Paoasia. In the sitting of the Berlin r.hm.
ber ot Deputiee of May 27 ch, the Minister of
Justice, reply log to a question addressed to blm
In reference to tbe right of oitisenshlp of thee
who had received tha Ki na'a amnaatv. a,M that
the right of Prussian citixenahlp was forfeited
wy or ten years aoroaa.
Arrival of the Arabia.
ST. JOHNS, N. F., June 9.
The Arabia, with Liverpool advices to the
1st and Queenstown to tbe SJ, arrived off Cape
Race early Sunday morning. By some mistake,
tbedispatcbes for tbe Associated Press did not
come to hand. . She is due at Halifax Tuesday
noon. , . k.
LiviarooL BaiaDiTorri Markct. Messrs.
Waktfield. Nash and Brvland St. Co. rennrt
flour dull and easier and quotations unchanged.
American 273tTj wheal irregular and partially
lower, red lis 3J13 9J; white 12 14i
Cora deoliniogi mixed fell to 30s, but recover
ed closing at 30 6J3ls Id; yellow at 31031
6Jj white at 33e34s.
Liviarooi. PaovitioN Marxit The same
authorities report beef quiet and slightly lower.
rora quiei oat steaay. uacoo neavy and quo
tations barely maintained. Lard dull at bira
54d. '
Livtarooi. Paoonci Mariit. The Broker'
olroulars report scgar heavy with little enquiry
sod prices weak. Coffee auiet. Rice firm and
all descriptions slightly higher Carolina 25s Q
26. ' .... ...
London Markct. Dinner ranarts braarlatnffj
dull and foreign slightly lower. White Amer
ican wheat 62(2 C61 winter red 62(a64i red
spring 68060 Flour at 28j33i 61. Sugar
dull and od lower.. Coffee steady. Rice Quiet.
Baring Brothers report money unohangsd.
Liverpool Cotton Broker's cirenlar renort
sales of cotton for week at 67,000 bales.
Latest from Europe.
HALIFAX, June 10.
The Arabia, from Liverpool Saturday even-
ins:, 1st lost, via Queenstown 3ad, arrived bere
this evening.' Her news is three days later.
bNOLANo In the House of Commons on the
30th May, Lord John Russell intimated that an
Enelishman bad been forced into the militia
servloe at Nee Orleans, but that tbe British
Consul bad ordered bis release. Other similar
olrcumttancee have occurred In tbe Southern
States, but tbey sppeared to have been nnau
thorized, and assurances had been received Irom
the Montgomery Government depreoatlng such
During hie speech, he also denrlcated the ex
ultation with which Sir John Ramtden bad alia
ded to tbe bursting of tbe bubble of democracy
la America. ' In common with tbe great bulk of
bis countrymen, be (Russell) was deeply pained
as tne civil war wniou naa oroten out In tne
United States, which arose from the acoursed
poison of slavery left thereto by England, and
whioh had clung around them like a poisoned
garment from the first hour of their Indepen
dence. Tbe London Times, on the American block
ade and. England's position, urges that now,
while there ie yet time, the European Govern
ments should oome to an understanding on the
subject, and adopt a publlo law,
iMiiuj. aq American citizens in rana
i ' v.: . ..i . , . , .
favorable to the Union met together on the
29th nit. About ISO attended; one third being
ladles, lnoluding the Wife of Gen. Scott. Mr.
Cowden presided. A resolution was adopted
pieaging tne meeting to maintain tne Union un
aer aov otroumatances ...
Mr. Da j ton said, since bis arrival in Paris.
he ootid detect no unfriendly feeling on the
part of France to tbe United States,, and oer-
tainiy no crenou oititen would be found among
tne privateers, ne ezpressea toe conviction
that tbe rebellion would be put down.
Castlus M.'Liay spoke at tome leoeth. He
was enersetto on the conduct of Eoe land, lie
declared, if ever tbe flag of England beoamo
associated with tne Diaok nag ot tbe South, tbe
burner of tbe United States and the trloolor of
Francs would be seen against heri for Franca
baa not forgotten ot. neiena.
.Col. tremont spoke, lie was received with
enthusiasm. He msde Quite a moderate aneech
He regretted this war, but felt oonfldent that it
would end in toe trinmpn ot truth and Justice.
Hi bad' been oalled back to America, and
lost no time in responding t and he was ready to
give hie best servioee to bis eonntry. ' '
The Rev. Dr. MoCllntock followed. He did
not attach any Importance to the mutterlups of
the English prrts, or to the Secretarv of War.
Tbe people of Eogland bad not vet tnokea. and
when they did, their voloe would not be found
on the tide bf niraev and slavery. ; -- -
A decree "had, been Issued opening" all tha
seaports oi i-rasce tor imports or oouon yarn
ex certain, uuibbwi. .,( '
n, Boarse, on the 31st of May, eloaed
neavy at oa and 0f. . - - : - j t
rrlnce Gortachakeff.
uiou si nrarsaw on toe dUtn of May, ' ; i
At.A A nt - 1 iL . 1A m. mm ...
From New York.
NEW YORK, June 10.
arrived from Fort
Mem roa and Newport News, reports that she
landed tbe Uawklns Zouaves at tbe latter ( lace
wucre tne Massachusetts tun, tne Vermont
Regiment, the Scott Life Guards' and German
Kines were encamped. Tbe volunteers . bad
thrown up breastworks twelve feet bleb, in 'four
aays.- coiumoiaus have been mounted oa tbe
bank ot the river.
Tha Harriet Lane was lelng off Newrmrt
news. Boeoisabied one of the enemies euns
in neraitaonon rig roint. , rive sailors were
wounded, one severely. "
Bank Statement.
NEW YORK, June 10.
Decrease in loans, i784.7UGi decrease in sriecie
iooa.44 1 1 aeoreaee in oepoait, xiaw.vjj. in
crease In circulation, 279, 337.
From New York.
NEW YORK, June 10.
Tbe Post's dispatch says the Federal troops
at tbe Relay House continually make arrests
ana aeteat contraband goods, in transit through
that place. The contraband goods, which are
... . ... . . .
seized, almost daily consist of percussion caps
ana military ciotning.
New York Market.
NEW YORK, June 10.
FL0TJB About So. lover, with oni? moderate demand
for export and State and home oontauption; low grade
extra Weitem la raiber more depreaetd than eny other
description!; sale of W,400 bbu. at 4 tHH 811 for
anpernn Btate; U3 UUftJ is fnr extra SUte; ti 75S
4 eS tat inuerflne Weetern; (4 Mat liO fnr rommon to
medlnm extra Western; (S 30(33 45 for shipping brand i
extra iioona uoop unioj me market we, oioilog with
Irre eellort at Si. nnder our on tilde Quotation!. Cana
dian lour la In better request, but the market In favor of
be enter; sales of hms. at 4 Ui',7 su for floe
to cniiee extra, locinamj lanxmt. ralr extra at 33 25)i.
nil w ijuu nr Dieauj a( vj vuiaiiuu,
OOBft Mlati Heavv and rather eatlert tales of 3ifl
bbl. at 92 9u93 00 for Jersey, and f 3 10 for Brand;
WHISKY In moderate demand, without material
obanre In price; aalei of 800 bbl. at 10 Ko. ,
WUBAT Market for sood sound red wheat laaihede
nrmer,with ralr export Inquiry; other descriptions with
oat maMrlal chan(e) white wheat very dull; salee of
38,000 bnih. Inierior to (OodChlcKO iprlnn at USo.
I Od; 18,800 both. .very choice do. at Bl 141 13:
e,O00buah. Haelae spring at at IS; 18,000 bueh. Inferior
to ooanaon Milwaukee liiuoet Vie I uu: bii.000 bath.
fail la good do. at t 101 16; 13,700 Amber Wbeon
tin and Iowa at il 17(21 18: 2tJ 000 winter red Wenern
at 1 31(1.1 Sn e.SiJO buih. choice Canadian Clnb at
VI 18; 1.800 while Kentuoky at 1 70.
BTK In tall request and quite firm: ealea of 3 800
buiaela, the hut at prlrata terms and th remainder at
BAttLII Dull and unchanged.' ' Bar ev Malt at
OORV aboat le lower with an aetlr demand: sales of
SB.OflO Inihals ot 3tt)333a for inferior to good new
mixed weitern; 44143 lor oholc do.; 4735U fur weetern
yellow; 48o for round yellow; SlKSSSc fur white weit
ern OATS In moderate leqneet at 31(338 1-So for western
and Canadian, and 33S331-S for State.
FOKK Continue! dull: eaiee of 340 bbl at 813 73 for
buss, S 15 for thin men, 11(911 30 for prim.
Base Dull and unchanged; ealei of 30 buls at $1(5
SO forprtme;5 303S for meae SlOaVll for repacked
meeil $11 U(SI8 30 for exttamrsi; prime meia beef nom
inally unchanged; silts of 35 tlsrces en private terma.
Beef Htmt quiet.
CUT MKATo-Oonllnu dull at 633 m for Shoulders:
A38 Wo for Dims.
BACON qalet and anchangtd'.
LARD Rather more eteadvi ealta of 330 bbla at 8tf
SB I-: Including email naroela. verv choice at DVo.
nuimit in fair request at 83)13 for Ohio, 11I3
ier oiaw. . ,
STOCKS Shad dearer, bat wlhont ectMU: 0 St
B 133; O It T )(: I O ecrtp 6S; a k. Ch 57 1-2; Bar
preteried 3i 1 a; New York71K; PaclBo Hall 6S l-S;
Hudon33;lllsaoarl6et7 1-S; Virginia 4! I S; Teen-,
see 37; LouliUna 35; Dnlted Statu 3i65851-: 1111
uoU Central Bonds 80; Selli W let S3; Irie Sl;
Philadelphia Market.
' ILOtTE tjulet; (tie 14 000 Nile extra on prlrata
terms; superfine held at V 37X3 60; extra at $3 S3
BS 7.
WUE AT Steady and more offering; red at 91 S3
f38! WMt at 81 401 45.
OORM Dulls (oothera yellow S4a,: weitem mixed
Wgldir ynohasged at 1817e.
Cleveland Market.
June 8.
IL0T7B The market la dull and th only sale of eon-
teqaenc was a lot or so bbla country-ground whit
wheat double extra, it $3.34. '
WBIAT Ixtremely dull.- Sale were made of a
couple of car loedsof red onprlrate terms, and 9 cars
white on trace at $1 1". Tha receipts continue liberal.
CORN Doll and nominal at 30c.
OATS DnllatS4o,
HIQHWINE3-B.Ui of 90 bbli at 130, and 15 do at
JQOB-Palesof 7bblt at7oand other lots at 8 and
BARLXT Sale of 400 buih from store at 50c1 '
: 'ii KBWARK OHIO, ' -
mannfaolnrera f all kinda at Por
table ana Ntauoaaarw steam r,u
. Blaea, Saw JUllla, Vrlat DAilla,
IJJTSA BODLS1 Btattnl B. I. BLAND TBtatent
J. . B. DU7i.lL Beatmtll COLUMBUS
t CO, Stmlllll n
Onr Portable Eogins and Biw still
Was awarded th Bret premium of (50 at the Indiana
State Fair for 1Q80 over Lane Bodley'a oa account of
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy!.. fael
and superior character of lumber eawetl.
Our Stationary Inrine we awarded at th sam Fair
th first premium of
Our Portable Inglo was awarded the first prentlan of
IIU0 at th Fair at Memphla, Tenn., over Blandy'a Da
vall't, Oolumbui Machine Co'l., and Bradford At Oo'a.,
by a oommitte of practical Railroad Engineer.
lor price ana tenna saarets
deoS-dawlyeols. , Newark, Ohio.
; . W. A. Satchelor'i Hair Dye!
this splendid Hair Dye has no equal Instantaneous tn
tffect BeaaUfal Black or Natural Brown no tulnlng
the skin ortnjurlng tile Hair remedloerneantar an
effect of Bad Dyes, and invigorates th hair for lire.
None are genuln unless signed "W, A. Batchelor.'
Sold everywhere.
0HAS. BATCBILOK, Proprietor,
Jyiawly ' SI Barclay Street, New Tort.
: Wm. A. Batchelor' Hair Dye!
Tne Original and Best la the Worldl
AU others are mere Imitations, and should be avoided
If you with to escape rldlcul. '
6BAT, SID OR BUSTY HAIR Dyed Instantly to
eaatifal aad Natural Brown or Black, without Injury te
BalrorBkla, n,' .. ,. ' ; -
awarded to Wm. A. Batchelor since 1630, and over 80,00
asyUeations nave been mad t the Hair ef hit patrons
of hla famooa dyei
W. A. BATCHILOR'B HAIa DTI produce a ool
er not te be distinguished from nature, and It warranted
not to In) are In the least, however long It may be eon tin1
ted, and the 111 offeoto of Bad Dye remedied) the Hair
Invigorated for Ufa by shit splendid Dye.
Bold In all cities and towns of the United State.
Druggists aad Fancy Goods Dealers. '
IfTTh Qepulne bat tht name and address apes a steel
plate engraving oa four sides of eaoh box. of WILLIAM
A. BAICUawJH, Addme
i- ' 0HASX1CB BATOHTLOB, PJoprietor, '
1 JjH-Wlt r II Barclay Street, Wew Tork.
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
the Greateil Btmedy in Tke World,
ly a eeientine and
Vegetable Oomponnd,
procured by the distil
lation of Hoote. Herb
and Yellow
Dock, Blood Boot,
Baraaparllla, Wild
Cherry Bark and Dan-.
dellon enter into IU
If fore Taking"" '"' rdial After Taking.
prlnetnl of each Ingredient la thoronihty extreoted b
my new method of ditUlllne,. prodneltiR.a delkl-ne. ex
hileraiiog spirit, and tbe moat INVALLIBLB remedy foi
renoTatine the dlseeaed eyatem. and Metering (he sick.
nirerlne and debilitated INVALID to IIBAtiTIl and
ef f I f!
Will effeottully enre
Ohronlo or Nerron Debilit. Disease of tha Kidney
and all diwaMe arising from a disordered Liver or f torn
aeh, DyiDeixia, Heartburn. Inward Piles, Acidity or Bick-
orthe 8Unach, rnllneea or mood to tne tteaj. van
pam or swimming in the bead, PalUtation or th Heart
Vallnese or Weight In the 8tomach, Boar ractations
Choking or auBocatlng feeling when lying down, Drvnesi
or reliowneaaor ine bum and yea. ntgnt Bweate, in
ward fevers, Pain In th imall of die back, ehest or aide.
or Yellowneaaof the
Sudden Plaihes of Heat, Depreeiion of BplriU, frlghtfal
Dreams. Languor. Deipondenov or any Nervoas Dlieaeo
Bores or Blotches on the Skin, and fever and Ago (ol
ChUlaand fever.)
Over a million of llottles
Have been eold during th last six months and In BO in
stance has It failed in giving entire satisfaction . Who,
then, will Buffer from Weakness or Debility when Mo-
No language can convey an adequate Idea of Uie Imo
dlate and almost mlraculoae change produced bv taklni
thi Cordial In th diieaaed, debilitated and ahattered
nerrous eyitem, vbetber broken down by excese, weak bj
nature, or impaired by sickneae, the relaxed and unitruoy
organitaiion u reatorea to it pruun neaitn ana vigor.
Or other eonacloaa of Inability, from whaterer cane,
will find McLean s Strengthening Cordial a thoroaeb
regenerator of tha system; and all who may have Iniured
themielve by Improper Indulgences, will find In the Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy. .
To tn Ladles.
McLean's Strengthening Cordial
Is a sovereign and speedy cure for
Obstructed or Difficult Menatmation, incontinence ol
Urine or Involuntary Dlacharg thereof, vailing of th
Womb, Giddiness, Ifalntlng and all Diseases lncidnet
There U no mistake About it.
Suffer no longer. Take It according to Directions.
will stimulate, strengthen and invigorate yon and
the bloom or health to mount your cheex again.
JCvery bottle I warrr nted to gtv satuiaouoa. ,
If your children ire sickly, puny, or afflicted, McLeanV
Cordial will make them healthy, fat and robust. Delaj
not a moment, try It, and you will be eonvlnoed.
Oactio. Beware ef Sraggistsor Sealers who may
try to palm upon you some Bitter or Baraaparllla treat).
whicntbeyean buy cheap, bysayini it I jostaa good.
Avoid each men. Ask for McLean ! Strengthening Cor
dis, and take nothing ale. It 1 th only remedy that
will purify th blood thoroughly and at th sam time
strengthen the system.
One tableepoonful taken every morning fasting, la a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and Fever, Yellow
fever, or any prevalent disease. It i pot np in lanr
bottle. - ,
Price only 1 1 per bottle, or 6 bottles for 15.
J.a. mcLiSjAN,
Bole Proprietor of this Cordial,
Also McLean ,i Volcanic Oil ulnlment.
Principal Depot on the comer of Third and Pin streets.
Bt, Louis, ato.
McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment.
The best Liniment in the World. The only ssfs and
certain cure for Cancer, Pllea, Swelling and Bron
chltia, or Goitre, Paralysi. Neuralgia, Wsaknsaa of the
Masciea, Ohronlo or Inflammatory EheamaUsm, Stiff
net of the joint, contracted aioaelea or Ligament,
arache or Toothache, Broisee, Sprain. Wound, Freeh
Guts, Ulcere, fever Bom, Caked Breasts Sore Nipples,
Burns, Scalds, Sore Thoat, or any Inflammation or Pain,
no difference howeevere, or ho long th diseaeemay
have xisted. McLean's Celebrated Liniment Is a oar
tain remedy.
Tboaaanda of human being have been saved a Ufa of
aecrepttude ana misery by th ue of thi Invaluable mod'
Will relieve pain almost Instantaneously, and It wll
cleanse, purify and boa! the foulest sores In an lnondi
ly short time.
For Horace and Other Animal.
McLean i celebrated Liniment Is the only safe and re
liable remedy for the enre of Spavin, Ring Bon, Wind
gall, Splint, Unnatural Bnmpi, Node or Swellings. II
will never fail to core Big Head, Poll Evil, Fistula, Old
running Bores or Sweeny, If properly applied. For
Sprains, Bruises, Scratches, Sores or Wonnds, Cracked
Heels, Chafes, Saddle or Collar Oalls It is an Infallible
remedy. Apply It a directed, and a cure I oertain In
every insbtno.
Then trine no longer with the many worthless Lini
ment offered to you. Obtain a supply of Sr. McLean's
celebrated Liniment. It will cur yon.
J. II. IUCLKAN, Bole Proprietor,
Comer of Third and Pin Street, Bt. Louis, M.
For sale by all druggiite.
For sale by S0BIBIS St SAMTJIL.
auc'.JO-d&wly Columbus, Ohio.
Rheumatism, Goat and Boaralgia,
All Mercurial Diseases.
It Is a eonvtnlently arranged Band, eontatnlng a med
icated eompound, to b worn around th Waist, without
Injury to th most delicate person! no change In habits
ol living Is required, and it entirely removes the die
ease from th system, without producing th Injurious
effects arising from th us of powerful Internal medl
clnee, which weaken and destroy tb constitution, and
give temporary roller only. By this t realm tot. tbe mad-
ic'nal properties eontaintd in th Hand oome in contact
with the blood and reach th disease, thiough the pores
of tha skin, effecting In eoery Imtanoe a perfect our,
and reitoring the part afflict, d to a beal hy condition.
Thla Band It alto a moatpuwertul Asm attacoaui. agent,
and will entirely relieve the system from the pernioiow
effects of Mercary. Moderate case are eurrd In a few
dav, and w are eonetantly receiving testimonial of It
efficacy in arvravated etues rf long standing.
Faica S'2.00, to be bad of Druggists generally, or can
be sent by mall or express, with full direotions for uie.
to any part of th country direct from the Prinoipal
Ho. 409 BB0ADWAY, New Tork. -
G. SMITH & CO., Sole Proprietors.
N. B. Descriptive Circular Bent Free. -JO3
Agents Wanted Everywhere.
mh28- lylsorlstp .dStw
Manufacturers and Wholesale Dealers la
Northwest Ckrner of High and Gtj Sta.,
colijitiiius, ..onio.
'A large (took of Un and Staple Goods oa hand.
Baltimore Clothing Honse.
MurDracroaxas aire WBounuta Daauxt tx
No. 308 W, Baltimore-BtTeet
(trrwtaw uattTT axo aowaaa,)
... BALTIiriOBE. Md.
. large Assortment of Elsee and Famishing
Goods Constantly on Band'
OotMJly , , .' ! "
U uOODS. .
. novelties In Neck Ties end Beam.
. " " Byrou an Carrot Collar.
v " Embroidered Pocket Handkerchief
' Farts K'd Olovee. sup. rior mak.
Oolden Ulll BhirU. various e tries. ' -
Boys' Oo Idea Uill Bhlrta, do '
Driving and Ntreet ttlovee. do ' '
Hemmed Pocket Htndkerohlef. Various styles.
- Half Host and Under flamente, .
. " B1IH at BOIf.
aprUS . He. 9$ South Blgh street.
1 . i.a9hM,&i
Aa experienced Kan snd Female PbysMaa, p tssintS
to th attention of mothers, her
which neatly facilitate th maa of tee thine, bv (oft
ning the game, reducing ell Inflaianntloit will allay
Ala and spsamodie action, and I
Depend uoon tt. moihare. 1 1 wilt t i -t
and ' "
We have put up and eold thle article for over tea year,
what have never been able to say et any other aed
aiurtn vn waiinw a nnuu . , M
er did wt know an instano of disiatlafaetlon by asy ao
ho used it. On lb oontrary, ell an dallgfated with Iss -operation,
and (peak in terms of commendation ef lb)
magical efleet and medical virtue. W apeak la tht
matter "WHAT Wl DO KNOW:" after ten mra W
almoet every Instance where the infant I ntHering rraaa
pain and eznaoitioa, relief will be found la ftf iws c
twenty minute! after theeyrap I admintowrad.
TbU valuable preparation I th preaoiiptloa of eoe of
the moat BXPKIEN01!Daod BK1LLF tJL NrjsvUSla
Mew Borland, and haa bean Bead with RMY1R (all.
Itnotonly rellevee the ohlld fro pain, out In vigor
s tb stomach and bowels, eoneot acldltv. and e7rai
'on and f",r ia the whola v. .taw. I, viii .im b.
stantly relisteg trrri
and ovaroom eonvuinona, wnlch, if not speedily iuiui
died, end in death. We believe It th BBeT and SUB-
HT KSHBDX IN TBI WORLD, In all eases ef 01 1
It ariaea from teething, or from any ether eaate. W.
would say to ev.rv mother who haaa child ,(r.rin b
any of th foregoing oomplatnte DO NOT LIT YODB
stand between you and your suffering child, and tb re
lief that will be BURBvee. ABSOLDrKi.v naa
follow tha us of this medicine, If timely used. Fall di
rections for using will aceomnanv each hottla
genuln unlesa tb faelmll of CUKII2 PBBJUNS,
New York, la oa th ontalde wrapper.
Bold by all Druggist throughout th world.
Prl id pal Office, is Cedar Street BUY.
nil precisely what Its nam Indicate, for, while)
u ipieaaaoi u ma taite, it te reviviryl ag, xhllarei.
rlIng, lnvlgoratlog and alrengthening t th vital
powers, ana at tne same time lo'ivian, tela
Klitatee, and renews th Blood in all It purity, an
thus at onoe re, (oral and rttuUrl 0t4 mUm in
wufoeroM te att-iekt of &iat. It la tb only
pally and skillfully combine tl to be tb moitj
p.wenui wiiio. ana m me name um o peneotlyl
uapiea to. aa to ao. id porieoiaocoraano wttn thai
awi of nature, ana nenoe will aoatA taa anasiw
efomacA, and ton up th ditUv organs, and.
iuu. auay an nervoua ana oiner irnmuoa. It I
Iperectly exhilarating, and at th sam tun it bl
oompoaed entirely of vegetable, yet ao eomblnedl
as 10 proauce ine mott in jrout a tonlo ofeot. wltnH
out producing toy Injariou ooneqaa SocbJ
a remedy haa long been fall to be a deilderatom In,
me meaicai worm, ror it neeai no sMdleal skill tot
thatdebillty follow ell attack! of dlaeat. and
proceed and indeed lay th yitem open to thaJM
loaldioa attacks of many of the Boat fatal, .nch.l
y t r example, aj tne louowing: Uoatumptlon, itt'
vldigeetlon, Dyepepela. Loee of Appetite, Vaintneee.
Narvooa Irritability. Neuralgia Palpitation of Um)
u ueart, meiaoenoiy, mgnt nweau, Laogaor, Olddt-1
at oeae, neieouon oi, ae wen as rainfui obstructed
too profui. or toe seant Menatruatloa. and fair
B ing of the Womb. Thes all depend upon general
U deUUty. Thla pure, healthy, tonlo Cordial and!
iooa itenovator ii aa aura to care as th sun tol
rlM and aet. There Is no mistake aboat it. Bad
his Is not all . If th sj stem Is weakened, we arel
pen to bilious aitacae. in liver bacoaaa torn la J
ot won diseased, th kidney refute to peiform
tneir tuncuoni, ana we are irouniea with aealdlaf
ana lngoDiiDeaca o, una, or lnvoiuntan dla.
cnarge oi me tarns, pain is u naok, aid and 1
tween tna eaouraere, ezceeainely itabl to illgl
oolda. eouiht, and if noeheckad. aaon aaualailc
'oiiows, and tne patwnt goes down to a premature ja
ithe many tils to which We art liable In a waakasad W
iwm ... u allow ua m enomarmia i
(condition of the ayetam. But w will lay, la thus
Cordial and Blood Renovator eon haaa a nafawJl-S
bar, pleasant and effectual remedy for Toes of Tj
Appetite, Miiousnoee, r la tn lance weak and slot v
itomach, Languor, Liver Complaint. Chills end
fever, or aov Bllioaa attack, fjimim... aui
if tha Stomach, Nervousnees, MeuralgU, Palplta-I, .
Hon of th Heart, r ailon of Spirit. Bora. H
Plmplee oa th Fao or any dlssas arising from Jt
niDUra blond. M.h aa KL-mfn I. Kraui.a ou- i
hit!. Couth, difflonlty of Broathlnc and all that'.
Jclaaa of diseata called female weakaeae. and K
enumeraud above. We will alio aay tb traveler M
expoieo u epidrmiea. change or climate and wau4
er, win nna it a pleaaant. sal and sure raaedyJ
laod non should ever travel without. Baxter 1
'ry It for wtatsureyoa you will find In Itairieodl
Indeed, a well ae a friend la need. All naraonanrl
January uio u win una it perraot p revenue ot
as well a sura for those ailments to whioh they are)
particularly expoaaa. nenoe Bioistera,etaaeoit
tortieys, literary g.ntlemeo.and ladle who are not
socnsiomed to much outdoor ex i cite, will find It
o tneir advantage to keep a bottle oomtantly on
hand; and, eooia all. mother, er the '
kuohi will go through that most dangerous period
not only wth all their accustomed itrengtb, but
at ana rree from the thoaeasd ailment ao prev
alent among tb female portion of tn world. Ii
ibort. It m Indeed a mo tht r', cordial. TrviLoLM
ana j oaogi no longer run ine ink or aeuyi It will
relieve ana Drove itMir emnh.tia.il a
tiUiMt (brdial and Blood Mmwaior.
V.J. wood, proprietor, 444 Broadway, Raw
iura, anu tie narea t vireer, sc. iiaie, Me,, ant
told by ROBERTS at SAMUBL, Celnmba. Ohio.
and all good Druggist. Prloo On Dollar
H Pr BoUla. , .
Stimulating Oucnt,
. For the Whiikers and Hair
Th subscribers take oleasura In aononaelna? tea
Oltisens ot ths United Bute, that they have obtained la
Asncy for, and are now enabled to offer to the AaMrioat)
publlo, the above Justly eelebraUd and world-reoewned
artlolt. The -
It prepared by Da. O. P. BKLLItf OHAM, aa emlntat
phyilciaa of London, and It warranted to bring out )
taiok setot . . , . ......... . .
Wilis kers or a Mn stack
In from three to six weeks. This article te theVnlv one
of th kind usd hy tb F ranch, and In Londoaypd Catst
II it m univereaiuaa. . .v.
It Is a beautiful, eoonomloal, soothing, yet tttmnUtltt
eompound, acting a rf by magi upon th not, aaslaej
a beautiful growth of luxuriant hair. If applied to the
nip, it win euro satrataa, and eause to spring np ht
place of tb bald epota a fin growth ef new hair. At"
ig to aireottont, li will turn an or Tow
hair taax, and raatore gray hair to It oiidnal olo
leaving It toft, smooth, and Sexible. The "Otooajrr" tj
an Indispensable article In every gentleman's toilet, t4
titer one weak' as they would not torwytesuMesatiet)
be without It.
The subscribe rs are th only A cent far the article la
the United States, to whom all orders must be addreeee A.
Prl re On Dollar a bosfor aala bv all Drnrel.ta aad
Dealers; ore box of the "ttnguent" (warraatad te betw
th deairad effect! will be tent to any who desire It. bf
mall (direct), tecarely peeked, on reetlpt f prloo aaA
poitags, ei.io. Appiyuoraourt
. i aaoaetsTS, It.,
. febSOdltwtm William Street. Hew-Tork.
For the nrSTAlTf BILIXt
dlstrtstlnf eomplamt est
Made by 0. 1. B1YMOUB CO., 10T Hasaaa SU . 1.
Frio Bl par bux sent tre by poet.
Saelgaa, at ,00 p 1,000. i
at ball theprteoebargedbysaaaUdaal,.
TTTHB AD QUARTERS Xe. 79 South Blgh ttiwt.
Ooiuatbut, stay , leoi. J.U. S11JLZ.

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