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National Taxation.
JJTb Nw York Tist, b wtborltjl
verbal tutement made br Geo. Soott, vwoek
orteo oati enosajs Iher at now .under arms
ana io tbe pay Aib Governstoot i the rjaltsd
States, 820,030 men. Tbe maintenance of thli
army wllVtaiilUtoeordlifg.- t tbV Timer,
1,000,000 urjtUT (o U r,etiint,of $220,.
000.000 ajetr. The Nat; will require, In edV
dltloo, at least half that uoi se that, with the
ordinary txoensss of tfit'Goreniffirtt, bit
afl pal down oar ftatiooel eBu .
rat of 36J,000,000( .$, or U.OO.O.CQO t
day. ThU ettimatell. ebooloV h born In
mind, U basJ opoo tBreBt wU (&&'
aod shows al what ea, sorains- tat rwttr,ae
t tonal indebtedness !i np'w-ccmnlab. jBj
aaotber year, if than af igoa oa; la. may
Beatssarv to doubM breVmrcUo; It It will
be observed farther, trjt In t& fori jo!o:ot
oulatlon, no aocoa.t It- take of the tocraed
sperditare of the 8ttorOovevos.eis.v Those
re all accamulaUtTg Skitf.it'hiWfui ptt
aips more rtpidly, in proportion to tbslrt-eaos,
tbaa the General Government. ; -. ' . ? .V
It ie luterestlnj to note bo the Tint pro
pose to meet our Increasing' national expendi
ture. It-nast, be prodded for by a war tariff
The ordlaarja-rAveBu will not, aojordiug to the
Tim", enoder the Morrill tat Iff, exceed
tSO.OOO.OQQayearj but by Imposing; a tax on
taa, o ffer, and other ariloleoof iibooo con
lomptloa now admitted doty free, tho Timt
think iB annua! r.venue.tcty be raised to
$200,030,000.. To abow that tbl li pradttoAbl,
(he example of heavy taxation lo European
countries, particularly-in -EuglaBd1, i sited,
wkere the people pay taxes on tea, coffee, and
on almoet every Imported article of general
eontnmptloo a well at of luxury. , "
The rimrt give tablet lowing now jnnj
tonroe ol Income are made available In Eog
land, ol which cor Government' Degteots the
HM. Tbe general result are tummed op lo
tbe following paragraph which we quote: -
Th eoDiomotlnn of tea Id tbe United Stater,
io 1860, was S5 223.377 lbs, which, it uxd at
the British rate, would bave yitlded tbe treasu
ry about $8 0 0 01(0 la tbe same year we eon
earned 180.9li3.6S5 Jbi of coffee, which, if taxed
at tbe rate af 0 eeoia pound, would hare- af
forded some fire and a half millions of dollars.
Tbe prluoipal of which these yearly sums weald
b the Interest, very nearly represents tbe prob
able direct oust of tbe war. - It would also be
perfectly jait sad expedient to Impose decided
ly advanced duty upoo foreign sugars and mo
lams, of wbiob. In I860, wo imported 7,000,
CU0 9i,and 31.000,000 of gallons. These are
developments of our own revenue system, a to
the utility of which there oan be no question. -
However useful sach a system may be made
to appear for meeting ibe wants of the Govern
meat, we question whether the people are yet
prepared to aubmio. qiiiatlx to Ihls onerous tax
on article which were once esteemed Joxarles,
bat now take rank amoog tbe necessities of dai
ly life. -But the furegoiDg calculations are based
npoo the fsllaciou idea that with tbe Increased
duty, nearly or quite doubling the coat of the
articles named, tho consumption would remain
tbe same. It is evident that, if tbe proposed
duties wereln)poed in the present crippled con
dition of. the country, tbe consumption of tbe ar
ticle in question would be lessened one half or
more, and the anticipated revenue diminished
in proportion. . . , '. .
Bat tbe TYsus, finds other elements in the
British revenue system, which it reeommesd'
to the careful study of our legislators, inch as
the aicif e, the -stamp doty, andlbo income
tax. It thicks that it may be found, expedient
to impose an excise upon spirits, wlne. tobaceo,
and sagart of honosTproductfua. A stamp du
ty on every bank note, promissory note, .or oon
tract io writing, end an income lax on tbe pro
fl s, wages or income "that every farmer, and
professional and laboring man. might jnuk
from hi occupation, mixhl produce. baod
some revenoe to tho Government, but we sn
pect the people would generally regard it id the
light of intolerable oppression.
The Timu i a leading Republican orgao,
and foreshadow lo Its recommendations in re
gard to taxation, meaeure that are ioteodei to
be pressed npon the attention of tbo mv Con
grsssi It will be urged that tbe 'necessities . of
tbe Government, growing oat of "the war, ars
so argent, that a system of general ud heavy
taxation, like that adopted In Great Britain,
must be resorted to la Ibl oantrr. W allhde
to Ihespthiugs at this, time, that the-psopfs
may be forewarned. "
The Sandusky Register—A Union
Oar eoteaporary of the Bandoaky RtgUter It
very jnuoh diaatlsfisd with tho leader of tbe
SteiewMof too 7th Juo,ln whloh wormade
oopioae extract from an article from that paper
on tbt (object of a .Colon parry, aod.comment-
ed on tbo tamo tocotdiog o gnt 0onvict!oat of
duty, c The RrgUtor bad given ovldonoo of a
very conolotlv character of the insfncerlt'y.of
lit profeedont, io tbe recent contest for a' mem
ber of Cod gross from that district, to fill tbe
plaoamadeaaao by tbo roslgnatiosj Josta
Ebcuur. "It professed tuoog desiro fort
TJaion party but, at tho tamo time, olaimed
that there should bo a Republican Congreeeios.
al Dlstrlot Convention bold io that district, and
Republican nominated tod oieoted In the
place of Mr. 8anM With this fact staring
at in lb face, wo lelt Justified io doubting tbe
linearity of tbo ArybtrrVtnd to said on tbo oc-:
caslon referred to, Our remarks appear to bs
vary objectionable to tbo IbitUr, nod among
other things, In reply to the t7sleij, It ttyi t
Tt 01 S'tleswusj more than half intimate
that Republicans abonld be placed ontsid of
tbe proieotton of law, and io tbo same breath
demes ibsm any part In the r for the defense
or tbe GsveromcDt sod tbo Uotouf - Aod yi,
when svtry mso not wlltfaUy blind couM but
see tbat, unless tbe Govaromeni and tbo Union
were defended, tbsy must bo trampled under
foot by traitors, the Sioltnun was tbe fins to
bapAxsenv war tbat might occur la their do
ftnf-e.a "Black Republican war,"aad toassa i e
' that li most b fought by "Black Rcpoblieane"
klonwl ItalsoJuKiflrd tbo Seotb la tbelt to
bsliion. and rebuked its cotemporaries for call
Ids: tbaa rebel and traitors! I All these thlncs
tod many more art et down in tbe files of ths
Subtflu. Bat now, -wbssi ibo pooplo havo
g ttbered to tbo ensign ol tbo otion, and Pern
oirata ood Repubtloaas swear alike fidelity to it,
tho Stater ooolly cute- off -oibers from ths
Dolen familv, osd assume a pharimio right
onsoess to (uelf in that rsspest. W hat' next
U will tMume, it were Impossible to tU.
In tbo difpleasur of tb Rcguttr at as, it tt-
tempio to pat this paper In a position w bars
nets ooopisd. It may search oar filet io vain
and will not find tbo war baptised' a "Black
Republican War" no snob epithet having ever
be.ued by ni. .Nor,wllllt flodlnourool
amnsal any time tbo declaration that tbo war
anil bo fought by "Black Repoblioaat alone."
We have . never utlersd suoh a ssntimsnt. and
defy itis fcryW to ike proof, ffo iuohthngt
- ,i i.,.. I, -.
. The ttalnman censured Mr. BociaNii ber
stut be pia nqi ac ptomptiy ana it eompiain
ed of Linooln's halting, hesitating policy after
All tfilttlVltlonxA:L?hw proprtotywf Ws ao-
tion when be did proceed to put down rebellion,
we bave said nothlngi but expressly reterttd or
another time and a more appropriate1 occasion
IB IPJI WWatt.t.Sy what wo thonghtoo that
o Wo do not wonder that tbo. gtstt Is tore,
add that allusion- toll pastr conduct? and the
epnduot oflti"irrepreilblt' associate, fret
It; but woean assure our oauausxy neiguoor
that tho day it not Ur distant -when aU .iucb
ooliricians a belong to it school will' meet
with, an indignant and burning rebuke from the.
people: for tbe seotional agitation wbloh bas
been io fruitful o( mlschlef,-and through which,
our country bat been brought to lit present de
plorable eondlHoo , c1-.ii-i , ' '
Party. The State Administration and the
Cincinnati Journals.
The Gnrimrr citl aid the Prcrs of CIncinoatl.are
both lodulglngja very severe comments npon the
official tondoot.of tbe Governor aod bis military
staff sbooi him tt tba Capitol There ia in tbo
productions of these paper, a bitterness of inveo
tlve, when speaking of Gov. Dxnmson, bis Ad-
Jutahtand Qayter Master Generals, and oih
ers of bis military agent, which (trlket tbe
observer with turprise, and raiaos the icqairy,
If tberd be not at tbe bottom of tucb attache a
wo hr' refer to, lOmttbiog other than the pub
lic good or the promotion of tbe public iutere'.
W ro .not" the appolcgi.t .of the 8tato Ad
mlalsUtUoa -i It l not ou' baslneia to defend
It r tod indd tbero I In oar opinion ground for
censure In relation to many thing couoected
oldh tb ralalog, subtitling and equipping of ibe
troopt which wo think will, at a proper time and
onder proper ?trcnmiUnoa, C1P foe criticiam,
censor and coidemnatlon- But while thi u
u ue, it h none the .lest' surprielog to see tbe
coarse of tbo CtoMtrcici, ths Prti$ and other
Republicao papers, In their-inveterate hostility
toward the Governor.' These papers stood b)
tbat func:looary until recently', aod the Commtr
tUt appeared to bo the confidential Organ of tbe
State Executive, or tbe first four or five week
attar tbo war broke out. There is no reason,
that wo OiD lee, why tbat piper and other
houtd now wheel about, and pitch into the
State Executive as they are doing. Some are
to UDoharltabl a to suppose tbat these Repub
lican editors bavo been- disappointed ia tome
enterprise, plsn or scheme, and bene the bitter
character of their hostility. '
? We append hereto an article from a late num
ber of the Cincinnati Prs, to enable oar read
or to see what manner pf assault is made opon
tbe Governor in his own Dousehold: -
The Governor of Ohio.
We do not know tbst Governor Dennison is at
bsart o traitor I indeed, for that matter, In res
pect to heart, wo should b unwilling positively
to prooouce bim snytblng; but it Is impossible
to close our eyes to tbe ioctHbat by bia ioauffl
clent and dilatory policy, and by tbe effsnses
again!, aod tb negleeia.of, the publio Interest,
wbicn be. permits, ne ie pruauciug results, suca
as traitor strive to accomplish. J
-"Governor Dennison seems to bave adopted
Mr. Bnobanan as bis model of an Amerioan
Executive officer; aod it is not greatly exceed
ing tbe troth to say, that, If ill tho Governors
of the Northern Slates bad followed bis exam
ple, no means to save tbe Republic would have
been , left ns, but tbe meagre recipe of the
8age of Wheatland," to tay our prayert it
wo are not alreaav nasi Dravioe tor.
Indeed, wo do not know but .wo bad bat
ter go back and renate the proposition with
which thi article commenced. ... Wo do not
koow but Governor Dinnlsoo.' is at iieart a
traitor. We do know very well tbat wben
the trouble ' were looming np, and oil
thfouah -ibe North men i wero finding out
thai there wao work to bo done. Governor Den
nlsou was woakenios: down into one of tbe snoot
fscblo ood spiritless of oompromiaers. Wo u Or
ders land perfsetly tbo frame of mind in wblob
bo selectee tbo aeiegatao to too uwveoiion
called by Virginia to entrap tbe North into a
tarreoder of it rfghter and bavo not forgot tb
mineled ludtcnaiion aod contempt with which
bis conduct in that behalf was received by lb
ooodIo bv whom be wa electeelA i t Uover-
nor Deoulson of thi, Utb iegltimato oucoea
tor of tbo Goveroor Dennison of tbat flay; and
lbs ooo being given, tbo other is o more than
might bars boen rxpeotod: ) : . , .
Thoosoplo of Ohio, aa appears by a variety
of eircuaiatances. are Bio verv tired of ibis
Columbus daoumrocuooo offioe, whose buino
it to know how so to do it." Toey treltbe
salveaabamodbvoomosrisoa with overy other
Northern Scaoa.. Tber poet that the Govot-
lor baa no near! in tbit buaioou; and that . Ibe
nerfecti oaloablooiM of omlaion tad commis
sion that bars been committed are , ia a great
meatoro, to bo laid at bis peraaaal door.
Cassius M. Clay.
. Tb diplomat' sent.abroad by tb new Ad
mtalstraUoo aem in fair way to discredit
both it and tbo country. ' Tb Minister to Por
tugal it discovered to hav beeo a traitor to tbe
Government, aud th demand if urgent In tbe
Repnblioan rankt for bit Immediate dismiss
from bis post, tnd his pooitbment, if bo oao b
caught. "
; Th xe'w Minister to Russia, Cainus M.
Clat, of K.J., bat, eo bit wty to St. Petera-
borg, h:ttmt,1eeo kolliy of very great lodis
ertdont and gross' Tiolationj of th laws of
tbo Ualted States in relation to Len.baaadors.
Those who know MrCavar, and have marked
hi courts for a Yeiv years patt( could hardly
bavo expected anything else from tb Impeto
osicy of bit character and hi lunacy oa the
llavery question.
Mr. ClaT, oo bi root to tb Rostian Court,
Mapped at London, aod'addreaetd a letter to
tho Timt, roadlog tbo people and government
of Great Britain .lecture on Americio affairs,
and admoalthtng them at to tbelr duty la the
premises. To tbl gratuitous letter ct advice,
ths "Tbundaret" harVly replied, advising io
it turn Mr, Clst and bit countrymen to look
wsll to their, Own affairs at home,' without
troubling thsmsalvs too much' about (hot of
othtr people.
From London, Mr. Ctat crossed over to
Pari, and wa preient tt a mtetiog of Ameri
can oitlftns ia lb Frenoh cpitL , At thai
meeting be' mad a long speech, ia which bo
berated England and cajoled Francs. , This was
eerUluly not io very good taste Jo th ,AmerI-
eao Mioiter, at tb great ttr iof European
faabieo and pollteues tviax, j . ' i
Tb Jwnal of this city seems to bave gloomy
apprsbensloos abool Mr. CL. If talks In fb
article whlob wo quote below from it yettorday
morning's Issue, tt thongh it might be proper to
recall Caasios, befor b get ah Optortunity to
ibako lb paw. of tb Russian Bear, for fear of
the a'teblof h mlghtdo-, net 10 th Biar, but
to tb Administration and our oouutry.-- The
W feaf tb Hon C. M. Clay, cmr Euiit
Miolstor, tnowea more impetuosity tbaa discre
tion In writing to the Louooa Twts on Ametl-
can affair. It I said bit letter not ooly fall
to bo approved by tbo AdmlnUtmrloo, but 1 In
inMibordioattoa to tho law of 1856, which ex
prelV torbldt any tuoh publio eommanloatioo
from a diplomatic or cooiular agent.
Mr. Giav speeoo tt tn meeting or Amert
an ia Pari had probably a well remained
onspoken. ....
Cassius M. Clay. The Pennsylvania Frauds—Presentment
by the Grand Jury in Philadelphia.
toijphio.) v , ";.--v.i.'.,.,.;
OaSaturdty morning tht Grand Jury It tb
Oulted Stst pistrlot Court,' sitting ia. Fhlla
drlphlamads ths lollowlog pressntsaentr
To the Hon. John Cadwallader, Judg of -tb
-DUUiot Court of : thCnlted States JSJtlhl
Th'b Grand loqneai beg leave rMpeotfally lo
tresent tn tbey bavo eareruiiy ooaaiaorta au
the bills laid befor them by the Dittrlot Attor
ney;tbat tbey hav reported tbooamo, withtboi
aotion upon them, to tho Court; that -for two
week past they have been dilligenHy and to
borioualv eosafed lo the inveatieatlon of al
leged fraud ajfaiort tbe United cttatot GovraH
meat, by pernon turnlthing provision and dom
ing Ibr tbe United Sutes troops; tbat a largt
umber of witaesse have been examloed aa
touehiqg these allegations, and tbat while Ih
of frauds' bave been so oarefully concealed so
sedulously guarded by tho parnles committing
them, that ths Grand Jury hat found it impo.
sible So to separate "thena .' to b able 10
present oases which would nro jerly bring tho
guilty parties under tbo Jurisdiction of tbit
Court. ' . .' 'I "
-The first and principal difficulty wblob pro
sented itself was tbat or jurlsdiotloo. TJury
bad before It eo reliable data upon' which: i.
found an opinion as to' precisely where tbdr
power brgan and wbero tbey ended. It wao
known thai -iarre toBDlles of 'DrovisloBt and
clothing had beeu furnished tbo troop t but ia too
ladescribablo conluaion which -appear to oav
prvallerin tbe levers! military depirtmtnt
located al Philadelphia aad' Harriobovi It ha
been utterly Impossible for the Jury W a certain
what proportion of rhese supplies wss properly
cbarjabla to the Ualted State Government,
and what to tho Scateof Pennsylvania.
Ou the part of tbo Grand Jury, they sought
lusiructiobt from tbe Court in regard to tbe1
jurisdiction ol the Ublted States Grand Jury,
io oases ooourrlog through the Instrumentality
of tb State law aod State agencies. Tae
Court, In reply, advised tbe jury of It peculiar
powers and privilege! and, with the view to
che protection of ibe United State -from tmud
ito an anxiety lor the welfare of ber ' sot
dlcra., end a dkpoaiiion to puuish men guilty of
such Crimes th inquest entered uuon ths luv
t'sallon. Dutluc it prcgreia, wbiob hat a-
eeeaarily beeo protracted and tedious, a mar of
ieilmody has been heard, though lo but Single
case waa there direct evidence thai a worthier
or unwholesome article of diet was (applied (be
troops, which oaee waa promptly reported to tbe
Court ' There waa, however," do evidence bo-
fore the lury that such artiol of diet waa eon
tuned bv tbo soldiers after tbey were muttered
into tbe service of the United States, and with
out such evidence It may be that tbls Jury bar
tramceoded its jurisdiction. ' 1 :' '
Ooe of tbe last witueeset exiniinsd in tbl In
vestigation was an accounting officer of tbe
State of Pennsylvania. Ue testified that no
billa for any aupplle bave jet beeu paid by the
federal autboritiea. Ibe propriety ot aa im
mediate suspension of tbe inquisition .becams
apparent to tbe Grand Jury, and tbey al once
auspecded their labors. Taat a full and search
ing investigation should be made by some com
petent tribuoal Is manifest, but tbe difficulties
by which tbls jury are surrounded compel them
to dismiss this inquiry. ...
Tbe extreme vatueoesa of all the informa
tion in tbia direction brought to tbe notion of
thia inquest, has completely prostrated every at.
tempt to present tbe charged lo each a form as
would be acceptable to the Court, and bring
tbem within tbe acts of Congress referred to by
the Court in it aereral charges to the Jury.
Thia Inability to bring the offending parti to
trial does not, however, relievo tbo Inquest
from tbo doty of specifying tome of the portico
lar causes to which, io its opinion, a large pro
portion or loess mal practices are mainly ami
butabla. - y ..... -
Admitting tbe fact tbat, to meet a sudden
and extraordinary emergency, tbo Executive of
rennsyivanla was called upon by tbe President
or too United States to furnish provisions and
equipments for a large body of troops, and that
too military organisation or tbo. stale wat not
opon such a footing at would tnabls tho State.
bxecuuve to oompiy wun una requisite at toon
omically aa might have teemed desirable still
this inquest baa failed to diaoover in either tho
taaaeunee or magnuad of thoecouiaiuoo any
thing to juatiiy ue paipaoio mismanagement
woion coaraoteritea tne effort, wota men en
tirely incompetent were appointed -to tak
charge of and assist io managtog lb mot im
portant military departments, snob a retail wst
inevitable, i ; i.?"" ,2 !'
In no case which cams to tba koowledro of
me I'iry, wat mere to too ' vommlaxaria I or
Qaartermatter'a Department anything: lo tbe
form of a written contract between the Govern-j
ment agent and the parties furolthlnc soonlies
No evidence was presented to tbe jury to show
that there was anv inspector of tbo oroviaions.
Tbl faotapplies more particularly to that branch
located at Philadelphia.
Tbo requisitions appear to bave been made
timply at to quantity; quality and price were
rarely referred to, and for ttubt tbe iurv oould
learn to tbe contrary, th order wore filled or
not, at aulttd tbt ditpotition of. tae teller
Beyond tbe mere Issuing ol the reoulaiiion. the
acting tgentt appear to- btv gif ea tboubject
no lurtber consideration, inn parlies filling
tho requisition did hot 4 ail tbemtelv of the
doort Jor lraud, tbo freely and widely opened,
me lauu wat not wun uot Government ago
olet. - ' r -i. -.c
With bondredt of men io Philadelphia entire
ly oonvrant with tb bmjineea mea who (if
not gratuitously) would hav git on their aarrice
to tboGevernmeatfora lair oampeaaatioa-rtbia
Inquest tanoot but oondtm tb policy of ap
pointing to pltoet of tuoh inimoMO impertaiico
men oo notoriously incompetent for tucb dotiet
In theabseoce of tho orlgiaal Jampla, acd.
In th already referred to confusion ia tbo ac
count, tb ioqaeu have found It imposstblo to4
VIM Dim, vmm nil iu nakU (...it. . Hi u
trace the gross and palpable treada ia mod lies
to their legitimate aoortet, hot they btv orj
denco of tb fact thai tho purchase, -a a gen
eral toiog, were mace, bot from first bauds,
bnt through Jobber and middlemen, tod tbat,
in oonaequance, ibe price paid west eolfatUy
higher than tbo market rate at taattim, Or
man tney would bavo Dean , baa tba ordinary
rule of basinest governed tb teaotaetion.
- Tb Inquest gladly close. thia' detail. It
would bave been lar mor pleasant to nave re
corded tbe faot. that tbe aoldier of' the Com
moowoaltb had beeo sent to tb field fwbich
they were fiitt to rater) well and comfortably
proTioea ror; ana mat too very jiDersj approprj
allocs of money for Ibis purpose bad been boo
estly aod Judieioosly expeoded. ' Our doty bt
tbu far bean discharged at fullv at tb limited
powers! tbe request would admit. If farther
special pretentm? ne bavo not beta made, th
reasons for oot making tbem have beeo iiiven
in tho former part of the presentment.
1 bo arms supplied Dy tbe United State Git
era men I to som of the troops from tbo frank
ford Arsenal bave, to many oaacabeenr proven
unfit for the loidiert, aud daogerou to tbem In
tbeir own band, for want of proper inspection.
Tb attention of tb authorities .Undirected to
tbenegleot. mismanagement or mnnnB
of tbe United Butt tfficer tber5 1u charge,
aod to tbe remedy tbat is needed.' , y
in oompiunc witd tb recommendation, of
tbe Court, attention is alto 'again' directed ta
tbe Insufficiency and discomfort of tb present
acoommodatlooo provided lor tat Court offieert
aod tbo Grand Jury. Tb Marthat's oat tare
aod tb Grand Jury room ars both not only ln
oonvolul, but unhealthy, a ad it 1 rooam
meoaeo tbai tamodtato wept be ukea lo remedy
tbo evil. ' - - '
Tbo loauest most resowtfullv atk to la Ala-
charged. -'. ' - "- '.. 'J,l; ';'J OAl . J
A. E. ROBERTS, Foreman.
PHILADELPHIA, June 8, 1861.
Letter from Beauregard—He bids
Farewell to Charleston, and given
Farewell to Charleston, and given his views of the War.
G0. Beaoreetrd 'wa in' Terme a V.
daya ago, wber be arrived the 30tb of May, aa
aiated by tba Memphta paper '"The ,ut.
ment made to tb Wblogion Staf tbat ho was
seen at MaBaaear Janoaoo. oa Mauday-lMtt It
taniieetly aa error, a will appear from tb foU
lowing letter from Geo. Baamazard to w
E. Martin, of Char leatoa. aubliahad. Ja thai
c l. i . n i i .it . . .. T 'I
wuarMjBiua viwKr, ia waiea e llate owtfocti j
that bietervios were required ! where , thto
io Virgmi:.., .-v, W;.4,B;;
I aiooeralt int
ing Char lea too, whr tb InbabiUot hav glreo
me ocb weloomo thai I sow consider It as my
aecooa nomo, :. r --nw, r , .-;o ,
.1 had hoped thai whn fllvtd (torn br 14'
"i nt;u
would bave beeo to to to Virginia, lo eomsaand
i uiw t'iuMro4ioiaD,
tienoe aod teal I bad Warned to apprauie,ajnd
admire. But it teems my larvloe or reijajred
lwbre, and thither 1 shall go, not wih joy.
but with the Jlraa dsurotioatioo to do norfe:.t
tban my duty, If i can, aud to leave a (troog
mark a postlbl on tbe eoemlet of our beloved
eoantry, should they pHto- iU toil wUtt their
1 But rttl Jtural;y J(ar iri','1bl whatever
haoneniat Drat.- are ftartain: io irlumphj at
inuui; ueei.
last, even if w bail for armtT tmly1 bltohmrks
.ID Ciptrrjca;-; mmkwfofevery bosa -ana nay
stack, still become an ambusb, ana every" a
fortrtwi. Tbo history or nations proves that t
gall Ml and free people, fighting for their lode
pebdenco and flrasldes, r InvitclbU against;
vn dlMlplined meroenarlor, at a' fw dollar
ner month. Wbac than, must bt tho result
when Its anemia ara a maiearmed rabbi, gatb
ered together hastily on a fall pretense, and
toratLanbo nnrnnaa. wltn an acu)Kuariu ai
P hetdt
ita hradl Nona but tb demented can dc
tbe iatu. irTTin
npTT wrd
I remit n. Am H tn sYpii I . TrTOTsT
By thtfotlowlDg paragraph from' tit Loul
vile Jsurtul, it teem thai tbt Qeneralwat ar
reited aa a spy, upon bt irrfrsrt lo-Mompbie-
"A trantlanaa front Mamobl informs US that
Oefr. Beauregard arrived thereatewday tiaca,
hod led great endeavors to xeep nis ot"s
eeret'i, B.ing. a-stranger, tod
sorvattl, bJ attracted the attention of tho VJglJ
bc ommitte, who arrested blm as a spy and
Sasprvted persoo. . Tho GenerallHlm, of th
Confederate forces had to send for Geov- Pillow.
oldiitlfhlm.and thsheroof CamargO SO0O
conVltoed the vigilant that they bad dug their
ditch -oa'lhe wrong ilde of the rampart of
Memphian drna. whereupon Beauregard wa
discharged wlthapologtoe.'l. . ClXC.'
War Items from the South-Secretary
Walker in Knoxville.
[From the Knoxville Register 1st 1861.]
When the train arrived from tbe West yes
terday morning filled with patriotic soldiers, It
was rumored ibat tbe aeoreiars or war oi toe
Confederate Stales was aboard Hundreds of
votoes from clilirns and soldiers called npoo
bim tor an addrear; aud at many cheered him
welcome as he mounted tb tand to reply,
He is of middl Uturoi apparently about to
year of age, has a frame alender almost to
nkntm. a Ursa nead. ana an onto oouu-
teoance, "sicklied. o r wltn tne pat caaioi
- . . . " . . . . .. -.
- Hi adores was in suostanre as louowa i
CtnttNS or Tinhisiki i Exhaustion conse-
nnent unon a.'Wearktome louraey.and phytloil-
odiepetleioir,prevebl m trom acknowledging
tne honor vou nave oon me mis moroioR, as u
would become mo to oo- -1 can say out a wnra.
Wa aland at it wer in tb presence of a por
tebtons future, tnd I trust tbat Teoneesee will
lend her band to make tbat future glorious, I
am too well acquainted with tbo charaoter of
tho Inhabitant! ot tb beaamui Talieyt oi fast
TuiiniM. nnt Ia know that tbCT Will IsaVa
their impress upon coming stents. Ibavt
heard with sorrow bow you art distracted with
division among you. Som who are snlight-
ened. manv who aro honest, differ from us In
sentiment. , Bui I implore you, I oon)ur you,
not to Irritate tbess dissensions into breaches of
the peace. "Maintain tb Constitution of your
State and the integrity of ber government. Tbe
mlnoritv should not wield tbe will of tho ma
jority, and wben your 8th of June tball have
come and gone, 1 bope tnat discord ana disten
sion may give plac to unanimity and brotherly
feeling. -' ' !' ' "
xou set trooua you soiaiers wno navo ion
their home in tb fsroff South tnd npoo your
iroutler. Tbe flag they bear over tbem la to be
borne in triumph in th van of battles, while an
losulting footateo treada onr territory, and will
never be dishonored hiIow hav a soldier lo
bsar it, or a citlxen to protect it. - ' ' " '
MtHruis to ti Invsdxd. The war prepara
tions tre rapidly culminating. Tbo next two
week at pregnant with important event. Wa
may tt any hour look for news that will be both
fras and sterilise. Memphis will soon be tbe
oynosuro of alt eyss, at; it Is now certaio that
abe it to be invaded by the horde of thieves,
robbers and assassins in tbe pay. 'We under
stand tnat a maaaeuger ttas aet rwaeoea wis ouy,
from 8U Louts, admonlablng our people of tbe
Imminent peril we are In. Wo bad a long In
terview yeaterdaywith-a gsDtieman direct from
Cairo, where be had spent several days, and be
assures us tbat a large army will .soon oe pre
Cipltated upon Tennessee. 'Suoh' t7 determina
tlod ia no a oral at Cairo: - But few of the vol
unteers in Indisba, Illinois, and Ohio will have
been called into servtoo:' Tbey have boon saved
for thepovpoao'ot Invading thoaoll or Tnme
tet, tnd from tbt ooo current information which
we bavo received daring the last two day,: we
feel assured tbat within tbo text trodaytabaa
dred thousand troop will b marching toward
Memphis. tt Ou tcoaadVcfe come Our brave
volunteers are panting to meet tbem. Tennes
see alone is perfectly able' to torn back the tide
or Invasion, ws aro toia oi tne. joyttcnout
cave, in which many footsteps or seen going lo.
bat none coming, out.- It lbs Abolition tbievee
attempt to make a raid opon tho South, tber
will b manv toetttop pointing, toward Mem
phi, hot few toward the. North, a most of tbe
Invader will be elalo by a popl wao er fight
ing for their fireside. Wo unto tbo poor crea
ture tbat tball be dragged Into our State for
suoh unholy purpose. vUtnyU AriacAr. t
Tbst InvasioK. Two months sine wsttaUd
tbat tbt Valley of Ibe Mississippi would bo the
great battle aaaond between North tod Booth.
that whatever defenses might be ereoted oo its
btpks, tho great viver -would witnee aa atumtt
by-our ebemioi to command and "posset" it
from hi oath to aoaree.tbat a blow would bt aim
a at Mampbitt aod tbat the attempt would be
tHm ,r,e0d.nl oo its aocest "d now to-day
. ... .
made oo a oi oommottarat with tbt advao
th verification of onr prophecy I rendered cer
taio Tbe attempt will be mad witblo fifteen
days, tnd wo warn tbo eitlxeoe of Memphis, ol
Teqne, that batlori kv been passed be
for dow, and tbat It beboovetu to bo ready
to meet tbe Invader loot lo foot and hand to
hand. Don't be dreeived, reader, (A allmpt it
a eerfintf.Xcmpm 4rgu, 3d.
No CoTroit .To oo Noare; General Pillow
baa lwud ttrlcttrdrr tbat In order to carry out
tb prob mi ilea, lo export eottoa except rrom
Southern ports, do cotton will bo permitted to
past northward out of tbe State of Ttnnessee
by rallreal, nor the Mllalppi,"nor down
tbo Tennessee or uumoeriana rivers.
Homo t a Mo. Timothy llalneyT man of
a wnitc taoe outaiyav o tauarrwaa hang by t
moo, to ooeioy, io tow nte,on rrtoay eight;
tb lOm-oil. Wo preeum Mr. flalnev hat
tee tb promised land by tbls tim. We bavo
do sympathy with uob B. Oor devil think
all la well enough wbea toea ebtraotort are die.
posed of ia soea a waywsru CarWiaa Wh g.
FaikMowiwjarniT. A' oouol of Tndiaa
bifs arrived to MonigOmory oo last Wednes
day nlgbt, from tb Croak' aadoo; v-Tbey bavo
oomakitoor io tootott wltn rresideot Uttisand
Coogr,. lo refertnea to the. roeagDitiea oi
tbelr territory a part aod paroal of this Coo
federaoy,' and also with a via to get aeral
ompaote accepted. -.Tb name of tb obief
are Mciotosb and lldmao. f Ibey immediately
lift for Richmond. ' - ' ' -
the Mootgomery Coofdrttiont learn that
tb oemmitaioo wbiob hav boea given to
LtatDtot it) tbt Confederate rmy, under the
g ot twenty-ooe, tro (to D revoked by the
President. v...,; , .. ,,, .,,
.- Srmt FlBTlr.-It being the ssttlsi 'deter.
miaation of tb people oi Mempbl should aoy
portion of th lortdirs pas Randolph,' Fori
Harris, etc., to diepot ovary loch of tb city,
wo would remark tbat powder and ball are not
lb sole, or always most efficient missils
In strsel warfar. Lei ibe Strestt b empty,
th boose full, ttory after story oao b toro
do o, aad tb material with which tbey. aa
composed wed with offset,?, A well managed
treat fight oan always bs rendered more dleeo
tront to tbo boo pa tbaa to tbo people,. aa far
as lifs is eooosrnsd. W an daily let and less
fearful tbat to armameut anything under 100,.
009 men eta eyet pats Randolph alon, tflll tb
MJ.QOO mair be sent; and wo must make no onr
: J ... - ... . i ... .
mind to 'meet those that nitj.etctpe onr jjiatto-i
lataa. AraaBiaLtal' M m m f ,
snail I . iwapieWf aVVW-l 1 a. w U . . .
CLARKSVILLE, Tenn., May 29, 1861.
. DbaI iBi-i-I Marplltbo with your not of
thi t-orwfnri I bar to ttato that, lo 037 ludg-
aat, ismui urBBBittaiiooB that bow tHWrk"
rotB4 Mi It btH for ttoo wmotr, that
ud J
. - - ' ,
(the Contlltutiou tbat make it th duty of eaeb
to exerolio, at once, all th right reirrv-
should vote for Seoaratlon aud RaDraaanuticfl
i to approaoniDg eieotloo. '. '
The oooduut of the Admlnlttratlon In maklrl
Ws,r Upon tb States, I aueh a subvoraioo o
led in tbe Oonttltutloo to tour the.fr ladepend-
.J should havt preferred not yotlng for repri
ouianvn, aiprrarat, in IUO BouHiera-onlM
raoy, aod that oor Slate tbould bavo ttood Is.
dpqdnl,uod!th kgreemeol 'to set with
those State offensively and defectively during
the war, and after seaoe. then to hare anted in
hotooert with tbo eU lveaoi4iD tala 4&
uie iormaiKB .01 a new vonieaeracy, r
But at tho quettloo is uow to b voted ooV
vote agaioat representation srou'd probably bs
construed tt the North as a vote favoring ths
polloy of thr Administration, and might induce
tbe belief that there wat a much greater di
vision among u than really exists; ' I have
oonoloded to give my "vote 6r'epreentatlon,
under tb belief and bdp'fhatJa united front
would beat promote the interests of the Stste,
trut; to making 0' proper Conlederatioo
wpen ws snail oave seoureu peace.: - J
iam, very terpeotioily, jour-friend, '-' ;
TO ALFRED ROSS, Esq, Clarksville.
, .: ,
, -'droat Cry and (Itttichj
Nothln mdro eomoletelv blinds tbe oomma-
ttty than the false recommendation of the tol
sonou oompoood told in tbo.marktt tt flrt
rat Salerttna; whllo thy are mostly something
eiae. jam rvi la tne? only maouraoturer ot
a pure gerrulooj article. Datiot. 845 Wathlnr-
ton Seri, Nw.Yurk - ..i :. . ....
0mSrT3Cowwrstnri.tertatRn nB,( '
. m . I- V tor uuio, jud, IU, JCO.. J.
TnC ruamtlttnntr, of tbt Sinking: tudd affhtBtt
of Ohio l' Ht lubMrlntiuBt b, fhavtoolenr the
Sta'e to lb Lutn of o ll'tl rn ot Dollars, author
sd by thi aotjaf ths Ocm'nl AittmDlr "To rr'.Ttde
more affos'aally for th da too lbs Itate stalctt la
Taaloo.paMad 'twll SO, liSl, . - ,
Oanlflcaut wilt he Wutd lo sural of 100. andap
ward, paol Jul 1. 1818. at tb State Treasury, btar
tng tntsrttl at ths rale ol sis atr real, per aaaua, pay
ahl-asml-enaasl'v. an Ibr tb aal autber.tuia ike lean
frtt frum laxailoo. . . .. r : . ,
aubaorlptlon btrecslvtd at ihs "Oca of th Com
mit lone rs la tb Oily of Columbus, at cacb of lb s l-
rtni banttni I sii uiloniln ths 8iar,aod at msaevsral
"ouot? Trsaturtss In tba rltaW. ualll ibe ist da of
Jul.. 1861. .
loteratt will he computed and paid tttm th dan or
id deposit or to moot, at tltbtr of tb lilac, abort
Banxd. - i -
- K' , W. Tavt-Bauailofofltst.
' a. p. huwIjLm seare'arjror stale. -JAMB3
MUBKAT. AttorncT General.
JtU-dtl r .- , . - . - . ..
" O : Antonio Brothers' ,v ,'
obeIt tnom
.... . . i
Now i on. their fifteenth Annual
Tour. . . , ,
ty Informed that this fawlte Show will ftveaa
aiiuaaittiAii DEMunaijiAiiUH
. ' . cA.t. Ooliimbns, '.; v":
- Oa the Old Bbow Lot oa Brotd Btrrtt, ea "
CIE 'uth mtid 18th, 1801 '
Afternoon and Kreathf ' lotertitOBents will bt fives,
at two e oltek aod saves e'alool r. St.
ADMISSION, To Bo. ......to Cents
- To Pit.. ........... . ........ Osou
Amont the many Speclaltleaof thli Snow, will bt found
jab tint Hi. lb, ins uretc aattrsjian,
tlLlB ItiXarTKELLtLKH, '
, JTtI.II ZOYB. '- ' J : . : .
''d VAT. ADSTIIf, - -;. ,!:! i i .; '- i
! . IOM OsaOKM, .-:.. ',--.
.- t TOM TIPt M, f i." .!
,V ' ; '. . lutiK tc oeo imrrtw,
t. - . j. w. PaOL. :
With a asuernat Corps of Aaxlllarln, all under the
personal apeilntadSBoe of Ibe ataatflni proprietors,
ue i ; r t - i
IThiN dlsotplins and taot Ihito tlerated tbls elsss of
amossmeots io a ataooaraot lb.UANGB. hBriHO
MEN f and P IBMOIIOit, to wblob all othtr Oonpa-
BKt wobhi ram ij oops is aiiaia . - . r
.-9a6!4tatltw , . ' .
Steam Between Ireland aod America.
.1 i li" I I II at i
Tbefollowlni sew ud naislfjceot firit-clus paddls
wneei auamsmps oompos toe aoore une:
ADSlAlIO,' S.888 tons burthen. " Capt, J. HaoaT
'' t . tf ormsrly of th Oolllns IJd.)
UTBIRMA, 4.400 ton hnrlben.Oapt. T. Faowsa. .
COHIMBU, 4 4V0 " ' ;;' . U. Liitcb.
ANOUt, .;'. 4.4M ' '.;,' NioaoieoB,
PAOlrlO,: ' - 8 sot l - ' I. Sana.
PKINCS AtBSRr (Screw.)
' 1,300 " ' . i-.WatBSS.
One of the above shlpt will leave New York or Boston
alternately erery Tosaday fortnight for Oalway- r
rylne the foreraaest sislls, toaebinf SI tt. Jouat,
The Steamers of this lias bin beeo eonttraetsd with
the greatest tare, aodar the snperrltlos of the (overs
ment, oar water-Hunt eoaparuawot. aaa are aaexoei
led loreonfort. safety aad speed by any steamers afloat.
They are eommandtd by able and experienced offioera.
and erery eaerUea win -he aaade to piuatouibsenaifort
of paaaaarsfe. - ..,..
. .InlMMMHiS Inan aftMtiail la aidi aliln. ' '
flnt-clsss N. T.or Boston to Oalwaj erXlwrpeol 8100
Beoond-elasa... ., ." r r 7J
rint-slaet, ; ., 1 7 to Bt Jobtls v,' ,
Tblrd-olase, H " to Oslway or ttvtrpool.
." er any tow la fielard. ea a KulWay,. SU
' Tblrd-la.t pewenasri are Una rat ly sepp'tod Wlib pre
visions of tbe beat quality, oueaed ad servsd by ths ser
.M1IV V. ,u. miyii,... - - If f r- tr. -
P artist wlthlns to send for their frletd frm tb old
Country ten obtain ticket, fross aoy towa ea a railway, la
Ireland, or froea the principal el ties of Xalaadaad eeoo
land, at very lo rates. - -i .
Peasanters for Maw Tori, rrlrto by tb Beatoa
tteaeMrs, will bs forwarded to Hew York free of (bare.
- for passage or farther ujfgrn etlon, ep b tn . , ,,
Al the otn of ihs Oomptoy, oa tbt wharf, oot of
Canal street. New Tori. ' t
. . , HOWUNU t ABPUtWAlt, AgeaU.
ipriUB.a8ai. '.J ; .' i JA i'.
n entire new stock of Ooods lb soy Ho, lust Daraav
aaad tat Hew Tort at lb obeapeat panto ratesli ol whleh
I shell tell at tbe eeullttt p fx file, for Oaah. Mv emtoaa
ers end friends are reeeestrally lavitsd Ie eali an eaeav
lee iy ooods aed Priest, ae I am determined sell aa
cheap or ebtaoer tbta toy other bowse la tbeeityiaad
at I do vy own Cattinc end eeperlntend aty ewn auaU
Deae, t teei ssarea,irm-tay loo espenenee taneni,
nets. Ie tire I'tnerel sellsraotlon.- tbe duett of work
men are employed, aed ail work dot itrietly tt Um aod
oa short aetloe, ant werranttd to fit. .- ttraoaert rial tin
osretty wonld consult tbelr tatsrest by (Wing me s call
befor porahAelog tlttwhtrs., RuSB,
, - msronant xaiior, -4
f Oof Hlb sod to en its.7 '
.r.TTT", W i..
' mu Ks1?am'S2
WatcbeB J JDiampadi !t Bilrsr Wart HI
A' CHOIOe A-SOaTIbtltltT OF Ott0
and Bllter Watrhss, la great variety. '
I am Agent for the Asitioa Watch Oo , sad eat
sell these exoslleat Watches atmaaafaoturera' prloe.
tltber Wholeeale or Bsiall. ... . . . , .. .,'T7,
I Uume and ehooea rrom mj beautiful display of Bnv
tloade end other rich Jewelry.; Bules aeeprloes low,
Ae to Blleer Were of atoning quaUty, teaataew aaw
patterne, eery handsome . , ,M rJ ,lM
Wer Placed Were, Tea Betts, tjmt. Walter, Oulett,
Btekett, Pltehen, Goblets, Knlres, Vorks. Spoons, eVo.
inn a ot- v n, iww variery, roeeet
XnlTeS. Fastest tie., and many fane 6e4e tank
Lara desired for prteett-t taob prion se are aa Indrtoei
s,sl t tne paiunaaen otjieis ,
, t ,. ,,.-'. ni -.vk.i .r0. It Beekey Blotkv i
1 vw-'N.-saiiMf,-. I,- , -s l x T .U ifl
" I j,.r ri .t.L-rrtt.i,' h,,!..
ladlM'Xlnea Pooket-Ha-Jk'fV.
li konhlert Vory wide heat. 'n li ii
rOmecoMora Linen Bandk's sHrlS1 V II
BseiaaedlUlohsdaBdplaUi do, do..- y
da - do ' eolored borders.
Monrnlni dd .. blaok bordera I
Z'to'- foC, aaw tlcrpmltBAffr'r-d
Pin Apple do aewpaHerns.
Ulisei' Plain and Beaiaed llltoke 4 ell prlcss--Oomprlstn
th atott stleet issortatent la the olty at
at lo.eat prlose. a--- - "Altl SO,
lerm ne. wim L
O - IB AWL I J tn- all dealtmblt eeior. 'and at -very,
arsatbaraalae. 1 -- - BAIlT BOtr,-
aprna rr y r 0.euio pin . T
RKPet-CAN r uu ' wATUH-pnoor
CLOAK 01OTHB. Also, other makes of tprlna
0 lost Clothe, la all desirable -tttiaree Brndlnre, la,
sols and Buttons to mateh - - ' - BAIN at fcON, '
. aprtlfl . a V t BqU Hlibstrea g (
abb .fjTibWftiTtxvrQi
1,000 rertelaMifieia Blet k li OCha1o
. ! 9 perftrt.s eir-irt t.,.jji.j,-.-t iom
JirJOO yards travtliag fins aad Mantis Goods' at
At cents Talo SO osn'.sjttUard.
SrOOO yards ffili trltlltalt it 1 -f eeatow
vaiae so du ptriard. -
SVorbyaras jio adSoasti Oloibsao'iraatij Oaf;
dSrValU. 07U aaBnH tr.t t-r-v t-.
aUMaaUtiOa-, BaUUjB, .- - f t .t-R- sa
CBAtXU, lOfftiSO illKf,
'At U .TV
ud ,a r.
",T iAwiriciiiflaWiorixflf,
A tin 'a t t ' AkTSJ '''
mnf eHtata .ay nl
,e-t J
Nrwr smd. FsvahloaaU) Xtwm ,Qo4)
la Ibe moat dealmble aty lee se I at very lo.ert prion
.i II o n"! : 1 f.-r , irn f
3VE AJTTI X X A. 1 ;
Of all taater'als, Jbide la ths aottttylbb sisAatr tfier
tbt laUtt Paris raihloni the mott tltgant StyltS la
tb Uy.-r. J ,to; SA .' .....
: J i atAin ex su.i ,
jminiJ;.: dVtfa: 80 , nth VTlyb tmt.
Slimmer Under Gartaeiita.
XJ - LadMs Oas Itsrlae dordo. "t" i
Osnr Blik Srawere and Shirt.
Oents India Oeose Drawer aad Bhlrta.. x-1 ,-rt-. t i
" j Oante tftrloe TJad htt:'H t-'r
' : Whlttand Brews Drtllioi'IMWeiS. -7
,; 1 tVhlta Lines Orer. f .txunrj'J
' ' aatra wnre Under Bhirtt. .:
- , Sepeilor kngllab Half Hot. 1 r.i.r..',
" Long ttocklop.
' ' Fancy Ootlon Half Mot: i;t 7 -i", .tn-i
weuiBaiuairiSk..' i. , v,
For sals la grett variety tnd" ti madorat
rnty 30.
" f: i f ! .1 "J t g..l - 1
Ohio : WMte;f 'Sulphur Springs,
This Favorite ;Ri!80rt,wiii bs open
1 ' ' ' ti- . .'i ... . i .f -.t t : 31
Xxirxo lo, lOOl.;
Mituuti oititwo BOAtSis soaiia TMizaeoi caS ii
: Iluf : U: i nifiit
' Lewi Center t. CDeltirart Oev, Ohio, ,
- raayS8;dlmo. .j - -
.1; l
or Seminal Weakness. Sexual Debility, MerToneneas.Ia
rolantery Bmleslon nd Impooiney, reemlUo traal
aeir-arae, sxc. ay not. uweetwau ai. v. sent
under seal, ia a -pi ale envelope, . to any address.pett
pam. es reetiat or two- aiampe, ny ut. ciiiab. 4.U
niina, m atewery, Slew a tic. ywumee Box,ae
.'A ;.l c ;.. u- -:-.: .aaySl.adeio.
Ia all eases of oottlrsoeae, dyspepsia, btUlont and Hvr
affeoUosa, pft, rbttDBatfatat fsvtra and agses, obstl
sat head tehee, aad alt general derangement of heal lb
the Pills hart Invariably proved s'eertain and speedy
remedy. : A tUfglt trial will pmee therilnr tHm beyead
tbe reach orodmyeJition Jn . the tstlmaOta of rtry p
nest.. ') t t -Tl:y u -'.e ' , t, ,'
Dr. Hotfal't Phornlt flittert win t fotud equally ef
Beaeloni In all ease of 'nervous deWUIJ, dyspepslt bead
asbe, ttwelekaess laKilewt to Srenalet Is dtlUate health,
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Por sale by pr- W. . HOmt, SJ5, Broadway, M. TX
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Parties wlahlng tbe prtsorlptfos will please nldres '
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