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The AdamsEipress Company plaoetus dally
under obllgatloui to It for tbt Tery letett ptpen
irom toe eastern cities. ; y , . , .
Tbe American - Eiprese' Company bat Oar
thanks for HI daily f awl W tee tup oi me
f ear latest eastern papera. J ,,, ', yr-
- ft t Vf. ,
An Indian Liotoss;'posthS Union. J, 0
Kellt, of the Six Nations, New York, will
deltrer ; lecture on the itepi of . ths 8tte
House'i (west front,) tble evectog, In fatof Of
tnt union. ,.ne leoture wm commence at a
quarter before eeven o'clock, aud the speaier
will appeal1 Id Indian costume'
Ths New AxnitMH Cictorinu: A Popular Dlollon'ery
i veuerai anowiaast. jsaitert ry atonal Kin.iT ana
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Saw York: D. Appltton and Company. SI. Lea 11,
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Wo have received from Kite, Clxaviland A
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copy of tbe twelfth 'Tolums . of Appleton'e
American Cvolopedla; This Volume, wblcb ooo
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Hone, commences with ike wqrd 'Mittm
b.que," aod ende with tbat of "Parr." Out of
seven or eight hundred topice treated of In tble
volume, It would be a work ot oupererogatltm
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ibie Cyclopedia, wbea curoplete, will oor
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anibentlo ae well aa the latest Information on
ell eubjeote ia the wide field of human knowl
edge eud reeearcb. One of Ite chief reoom
nendatlom it, that tbe writer! of tbe several
artloles In Ite pages have availed th ernes) vee of
tbe most receut diccoverlee to loience end tbe
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various fields of leaTnei Iabo'rTeo'thaT be who
ooninlte the work, ie euro of finding,, sot only
all that enolent knowledge bae revealed on a
given topic but ell.thtt modern Investigation
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hould be in possession of the American Cyclo
pedia. n . .
- ' ' 1 1 . -v r
Col. Ellsworth's fiitoaarur and Zooavi
Dull. This work, Just published by T. B.
Pbtbsson & Brothers, Philadelphia, Ie a com
plete Manusl of Arms for the nse of tbe Rifled
Musket, with the percussion Cap or Jtfsvnard
Priming Attachment, airused.ln Col. Ells
worth's Regiment of the Fire 2juavs.'u It also
oonUlne the complete Manual of the Sword and
Sabre, by Col. Elms Ellsworth, late Colonel
of tbe Regiment of the New York Fire Zjuares,
and too; late' ' Colonel commanding of the
United States Zauave Cadets of Chicago', with a
Biography of this bravo end 'lamented officer,
With thie work, any person will be able to learn
tbe whole Manual of Arms of the Zmave Drill,
without a teacher, or any Instruction whatever,
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plete In one volume, and ie sold at 35 cents a
copy, or fire copies for One Dollar, aod Is eent
free of postage to any one, on remitting theories
to T. a. riTiMON At Brotbere, Philadelphia.
Granville Finals Collme. The twenty-
seventh Annual Examination of tbe classes In
this Institution will commence on, Thursday tbe
30th Inst., and close on the Wednesday follow
ing. With an addrese by Rev. W. S. Fldsju, D
D., of Allegheny, Pa. There will be a eonoert
by tbe yonug ladies of tbe College on Tuesday t
ioe a J. a inei. .
The Annuat Catalogue of thlt College' for
1860-61, just published, contains a liet of 131
students, under, the charge of W. P. Kiss,
Principal, Mrs. W. P. Keaa, Assoolate Princi
pal, and other dl itlngulshed and able professors
and teaqhere. The location of thie Institution
at Granville, Licking county, Ohio', Is one of
tbe most plessant and desirable, perhaps, In the
Weet, tbat could have been eeleoted for a Far
male Seminary. . Jha ensuing fall acsslon will
commence on Thursday, the 12th of September
next. 8 7 r,..., .--,"', .......
"Tbe Government of tbe institution if mild
and parental, yet decided and firm.'; ..The ob
ject aimed at ie to "give a thorough and accom
pliabod education, phyeioal, intellectual, and
Christian,"- :.V.;'. v- i'?-.Vi
To parents, guardians, and others desiring for
young ladles for whose welfare they feel a deep
solioltude, a complete Intellectual education
and a thorough moral training, tbe Granville
Female College, late the Granville Female
Academy, may be eafely recommended 'as one
of the best Institutions c'f, th kliat.e coun
try. ... " ... .:. is t--rt r--.
Qxtota XaAji,x:CwoWeJiave receiv
ed the Seventh Annual Catalogue and Circular
of this IntUtutiob, located at .OxfordV Butler
oouuty, Ohio. ' It ie under the charge of Rev.
Roust D.' Mossis,' President! assisted by a
large corps of competent teachers, both male
and female. Oxford la Ohio is becoming what
Oxford Is In Eogland the seat of learning and
mentat cultivation. Tho conree) qf study in
tbe Female College ie -I'laVended'to Vmbraoe
very thing ssenllal td the, propir .development
of the Intelleotual and. moral poweje j ' and .to
give td tmiais the education' thar her' wants,
her position and bar dutiee demand."
Tbe collegiate year commences orj thar first
day of September. Persons wishing .informs
tlon can addrese the President pf. tbe College.
STNotrle the time to eujoy the Jalcy, aoollog
end delicious fruits of 8am mer. . Their dally
and oonatant uses In thie warm ssason, Is esseo
tlat alike to health and oomfort. fAt the well
known C ibfeotlonery o LtNnxMANtt k Rtticln
Amboa' Building, on High street, may be found
toe oboloest aod most lusoloua fruits of the trop
lotl and wmpsrate ollmes. Cell and see them.
The eight will do yon good. ,i tumi
Kiosolu LoNOwoaTW'Esq , of Claclooatl,
While eittlirg-on Saturdaylsvealng'j ai a -eVoeTI
ttory window, in, a bslf slsepltft state, acoidenu
Ally feu from ble seat Into tbe garden, a die
Unoe of fifteen , Hit- rTbk aid'wal bro
kw and bU face muanrbjatd by the jfelL,
W General oCutaij hM r,0alfed ordert
from the War Department, to discharge all three
montbs", volputeere under hleeommsnd and
flU their pleceicompanle with ls,thre'JVara
ttwCrrwrfisrgeipommeuceif peltlg mad
at Camp DehnJeon yceterday, tV
J - i. ' i, t . r rlv
01 Cir JitcxJot,ABioiig the nceet arrivals
o? ooropanles si Camji fckio)( art 'bloiroir
Oast, Smith, BotW ounty.i.....V.i.v.,'i.. as bb.
WathMni, BtMiTCetewntrtvMf..tAAUSi w
" Williams., (.. til !.
Tbt men U ihtH compirilee art all enlisted
forth three years inrvice, Tae nnmber of
trpOjpa In Camp Jackson Is over two thousand.
Vir&eaeral MoClSllaj has given orlcrffot
mniierioV loto tb U?' 3. "service for (kt) 'war
toftpanteato form nlae Beglmt&te.
Thooohts tot RifLionoN. As wa take np
the newspaper of a mornlog,' and taming oar
eyes to that portion of it that records tbe deaths,
we read one has died of Erysipelas, another of
Sorofula, and a third from the effeouTof a Can
ker, and these all In the prime of life, we can
tot but think tbat, In many of these Instances,
their names would not have appeared there be
fore old age bad called them to tbelr reet, if
their friends had administered proper remedlie
la view of thie subject permit as to suggest
that PKennedyV Medical Discovery; bae b
come Justly celebrated for the cares of tbe above
diseases,, and. all of a similar nature. We,
therefore, oordlally reoommend ll to those whoss
blood is now floating corrupt through their
2 HT Strumous or Sorofulous affsotloni art the
eurss, the blight, the potato rot of mankind
They are vile and filthy as well ae fatal. They
arise from contamination and Impurity of the
blood, and are to bo eeen all around ue every
where. One quarter of all we meet are tatnted
with them, and one quarter of these die of them i
die foolishly too, because tbey ere curable.
Arta'e Ssmafamlla oleansee oat the scrofu
lous corruption from tbe blood, renders It pare
and healthy, and effeotually expargatee the fool
oontamlnatlon from . the. eyetem. . No longer
groan under your sorofulous disorders, since the
Irresistible A via has provided his masterly com
bination of curative virtues that be calls Sassa
rasiilA. Democrat, Waterbary, Ct.
Look to YooVxlv in Tine Bow m&uy, In
cODtrqnt oce of flee delleaev suffer from
mpfttutd, flnfut at tbit'mebi rnnrtnuthn,
and tblok.bfOue tbey are young tbat bye aod
bye nature will work it elf clear from obstruc
tions, and all eome rlibt lo the eod, little dream
lor that the seeds of death ere already germ
inating In tbe eyetem because the vital ener
gies are Impaired, and tbe entire animal eoono
my deranged, debilitated! and yet, oarelese of
ihemaalvea ae tbev are. If a remedv were set
before them which would restore all tbe func
tione of tbe eyetem, and re-lovlgorate the body,
tbev would take it, and thus be In time to save
tbeir lives. Parents, think of thie, and at once
give a bottle of Prof Wood's Reattrattve Cor
dial and Blood Renovator . Aeie Yet A Ceetrsr.
Thi Littli Giant -Not Douglas, nor Breck
inridge, nor even "Old Abe," bat Jamu Pile
ictetio saleratas, tbat in Ite own department
posaeasee more strength and purity than all of
them AH other kinds are plgmlee to It. De
pot, 841 Washington Street, New York. Sold
by grocere everywhere. , - -
Rail Road Time Table.
Lmu Hum OetoHios Sc Zxku B. B.
Leaves. Arrives
Olaalonatt Aeoommodatlon. 5.00 A. M. t:10 P. M.
Izprtas. 11:40 A. At. U:u3 A St.
Mall and AanaaudaUon.. 9:10 P. U. . S 00 P. M,
MlfbtlxprMe via ParOa.lSiOO midnight l;S0 A. M.
90. W. Dohmtt, Agent.
' Counsel m Ouvslaiis) K. E. ,
Night Ixpreas i.t-.W A. H. . 11:15 P. M.
New TorkBzpnas 11:10 A.M. 10:50 A. M.
0.0. StO. WayXzprets.... t:M P.M. -. 7:MP. at.
' Jum Patthison, Agent.
CsrMuLOtnoR. K.
Ke. S Ixprats S:30 A. M. - 11:S5 A. M.
He. do S:1S t. At. ll:tS A. M.
' t ...V' J. Fili, Agent. '
Ptrrsscaea, Oolomboi a Owcuisati R. B.
Mall Train S 3f A. M. II A. H.
Kxprwa Trata ILSJa.M. IMt.M.
- Joa , BostMoN, Agtntr
Colcmsos St Iitouseroua, K. R. ' -' ,
. (OoLoasoe f A Ibua R. R.) '
Ko. I Xxpnti..... t. A. M. ' 1:00 P, M
No. 8 3.00 P.M. 8:49 P.M.
.. 10:W A. M.
' 0. Vf. Imn, Ageot.
Malls Tor Fair Terk Olt. Baatow, Albaar, Buffalo,
Plttatmrgh, eteubtirvilU way, Cleveland, ZaDOSfllle,
Novark, Braanila. Vfaaalngioa OIr, BalMawra, Phlla,
dalphla and Nw Orleane, olow dally (Saadaja XMPt-
mj ai s e-aioa p,
A thronch autl foi New York and Otovaland elsaef
dally (sandays axetnnd) at 8 o'clock p.m.
u. . a u. b. a. war siau eioats aaiu (Bunaays ax-
eeptad) at 9 o'elook p.
. Oantml Ohio Wav Mai
lantral Ohio Way MalleleMedallr (Baniais excepted
at 10 o'elook a
Olnetanaa Wax Mall eloees dally (Bandars exeopUd) at
10 o'clock a. a.
Obloago, Dubaqna, Delaware, Marion and Worthlnr
ton MatJa elota dallj (Bundaxa ezoepted at 8 o'clock
p. a.
Malls for Xenta, Springfteld, Dajton, Toledo, Cluolo
natl, Indianapolis, LoolavUlo, 8l- Lonla, and Detroit,
cloaca daily (Bondaxe excopud) at 8 o'elook p. m.
A through nail to Xante, Springfield and Cincinnati
eloaoa dally (Sandaxa ezoaptad) at 10 o'elook a. m.
Or bona, Plqaa, lima aod Onion Olty mall oloaea dally
(Baodaxa ouaptad) at o'cl ek p. a
Lasoaalar, Logan, NeUonvlllo. Clrelerllla, Ohlllloothe,
Portaaoath, WaablDgtoa 0. B , Atiuns, Marietta aod
Bllltboraatb, nulls eloee dally (Bandaaa exoeptd)at 8
o'oloca p. a. ....
ut Way Mail byKatlonal Road to ZanesvUle closes
dally (Bandars exotpwd) at It o'olockm. ...
Harrliborgh Malleloaas ilally (dondays excepted) at J
e'olook p m.
Mt. Vernea Mall, by Way of Westervills and Banbury,
elooae dally (Sandays axoopUd) at S a'clooa p. m,
Dublin Mall elota dally(Sundaya exsepttd)at 8 o'elook
pa.-- -
laneeetsr Way Mall eloses dally (Sundays eseeptsd) at
a. ...... .' . .... v;
Halls frets Keff York, Boaioo, Philadelphia, Buffalo,
Albany, Pltttbargb, Oltvtland, Dayton, Toledo, Xante,
Detroit, Bprlngnald, OUMinnntl, OnilllooUw, St. Loota,
and all loatotra alt 1m, arrive bttwtta the bowt ot t
o'clock p a. and 4 o'clock a. a - . .
Malls rroa IndlaoanoUa. Galeae and SabaqUS antra
atS:40a. a. ' J -
Malls from WaaUngtoB Olty,' Balunrere, Vf noannf,
tanaartllo. Oewark. liaabenvllto, Mt.' Vernon, end Utt
0. 0. R. B. Way Hall, arrive at It o'clock a.
Way tlall rroa loolanau arrtvts at o'tioas p.m.
laacaatar Mali arrlvta at o'elook
ak n.
Cut Way Mali ever the WatloaaJ Road errhee at 11
Vlock a m
' Mt. Vernon. Way Mau arrlToa at II 40 a. a.
,' Mall from Dublin arrlvta at II o'elook a. ' '
TJrbana Way Mall arrtraa at o'clock p. a. ' "
BtriUbn gh Mall arrtraa at II o'oloeka. m.' "
Lantaj'tr Way Mall arrives at 19 o'elook a. "
Offlot dallvtry opto every day (txoapt landay) froa
T o'clock a. a. to a o'elook p. a. Opto on tanaayt
from 7)f to o'clock la the BOislsg, and from I to 8
m ..; jf. ..v AT BTORB ;'
'f' fi r'v --;r ' ' u .,fl
V tbt OdI
Unloatnl ate loony louih, I have eoaeieded
to eslt eut
nmrjoxv. oOct.
Tbe i toot osatiata of ue largest lot of
,mm goods,
U the city of Ooluinbaa) , . ,
CAKBBICt, ' '-'"
BStttlAKTl.t ' ' i'"
,i-r tti?;i'. BUULDAi,
11 -t!0ajLMrM8i5Gi. iznt bxad, .
...., ...4 1 MosiisT, mi iunojfj,
tmzarorsi, boou uro xyxs,
jTt.Hrtv'iiaj.jujjjiutnogQf (,-,,
tts bett Hiwr IKIHTI la Oelealas. snd at the
.'OtJIw. laJlaa, all, both graat ,ba wmXU v
Ooat. give at a calk , T, ,
And that you'll aU. aXlyotini10'
Oolnjakat, OblS.
Unfortunate and Disastrous Affairs
near Hampton—Federal Regiments
Firing upon each Other by Mistake
—Deplorable Slaughter by a Masked
Rebel Battery—25 Killed and 100
Rebel Battery—25 Killed and 100 Wounded.
Via BALTIMORE, June 10.
Gen. Butler having learned that the Rebels
Were fortlfvlnsr a etmn with strbna- batterlaa at
ureal uetnei, nine miles irom Hampton, on tbe
Yorktown road, deemed It necessary to dislodge
Accordingly, movements were made, laat
nlgbt from Fortress Monroe end Newport News.
About midnight. Col Uarrvea'e Ziaaves and
Ool Townseni'e Albany Regiment oroesed the
river at Hampton, oy mesne or sis large bat
teanx, manned by tbe Naval Brigade, and took
np tbe line of marob, tbe former eome two miles
in advance of tbe latter. At tbe same time.
Col. Beoedix'e Regiment, and detachments of
tbe Vermont and Massachusetts Regulars, at
Newport, moved forward to form a Janetion
with the Regolare from Fortress Mooroe, at
Little Bethel, about half way between Ham Dion
aod Great Bethel. ; ': ,.
Tbe Zjuaves passed Little Bethel abont 4 A.
M Col. Benedix'e Regiment arrived aud took
op a position at tbe intersection of the roads.
Mot understanding tbe algnal. tbe German
Regiment, in tbe darknese of tbe night, fired
noon Colonel Townsend's oolumn. murohlnir in
olose order and led by Lieutenant Butler, San
and Atd-deCamp of General Butler, with two
pteote if artillery, utber aecouota eav that
Colonel Towosena's Regimen? fired first. ' At
ell events tbe fire of the Albany Regiment was
harmless, while tbat of the Germane wae fatal,
killing one man an J wounding etrloutlv two
others, with several other slight catulilne
Tbe Albany Regiment, being baok of lha
Germane, discovered, from tbe accoutrements
left in the field, that tbe supposed enemy was a
frleod. Tbev bad in the meantime nine rounds
with email arms and a field niece. Tbe Z iu
avee, bearing -tbe firing, turned and also fired
npon tbe Albtny bove.
Atdajbreak, Col Allen's and Col. Carr's
Keglments moved from tbe rear of tbe Fortress
to support tbe main body.
Tbe mistake at Little Bethel baring been as-
oertaioed, tbe buildings were burned, aod a
Major, witti two prominent secesaiobiete, taken
prlsonerc.'" - '
Tbe troops then adrsnced noon Great Bethe!.
but our three small pieces of artillery were no
able to oope with the heavy rifled cannon of tbe
Tbe Rebel battery was completely maakeii
no men oould be eeen only tbe fla-sbes of tbe
guns. There were not lee than 1.000 men be
hind the batterleeof tbe Rebels.
A well concerted movement might have se
cared the poeltion, but B ig, Gea. Pearce, wbo
mmanaea toe expedition, appears to nave lost
hi ortsenoe of mind.
Tbe Troy Regiment stood for an hour expos
ed to a galling fire, when an order to retreat
wae at last given.
Lieut. Unbble, of tbe United Statee Armv.
and in command of tbe artillery, was etruck by
a cannon ball and Instantly killed. He had sulk
ed bie gune and wae gallantly endeavoring to
withdraw his commend Csot. Gso. W. Wil
son, of the Troy Regiment, after the order to
retreat wasglveotookDoesessionoftbeeunand
brought It from the field, with the corp-e of tbe
bieutenam. nxni were orougnt to f ortress
Monroe tbis evening
There areorobablv about 35 killed and 100 of
tbe Federal troops woonded.
Lieut. Butler deserves tbe greatest credit for
bringing off tbe killed and wounded. Several
or tbe latter are now in tbe Hospital here.
Great indignation Ie manifested ogalnst Btig
Gea. Pearoe.
It 1b not known how manv men were killed
or wounded la tbe unfortunate collision of tbe
Federal troops, nrevloue to marchlnir on Great
uetnei. i ne lose was, bowever, inconsidera
ble. '
Tbe fire of our trooos on tbe masked hatterv
did apparently little eieoution, being composed
oi eman neia pieces and nowitzere, against
tbe rifled oannon of the Rcbele. Tbe attack
laeted but half an boar, when retreat wae
k, aart wooataa in goua oraer. " "1 be
troops throughout tble trying affair behaved
well. Estimated number killed was abont 30,
ana iuu wounoea. Aiai. wintnrop, Aid of Gen.
Butter, ana Lieat.-uoi. Urinnell or tbe It. x
first Keglment, are miseing Amongst tbe
killed are Lieut. Gribbs of U. S. Artillery
He was struok on the right side of tbe fore
need by a rifle cannon, tbe ball from which
bore away the upper part of the bead.
Dispatches from Washington.
[Special to Tribune.]
A letter reoeived from aboard the Anacosta.
says tbey were in hourly expectation of being
ordered to attack Pig Point battery, in conjunc
tion with tbe Harriet Lane and Cumberland
Tbey also expeoted to pay a visit to Sewell'a
Point and Craney Island. A warm time was
An army officer, who had an Interview with
General Seott y eeterday, atatea be wae positive
ly Informed by blm thai no important a tuck
npon the positions of tbe enemy would be made
until the f ortifloations aronnd Washington should
be entirely fluished atd tbe gune mounted.
It appeare tbat Arlington Heights were on the
point ot being attacked on Monday night. One
of Lieut. Tomkina' company oame in towards
midnight to tbe camp of the 69ib Regiment, re
porting the enemy coming In force, with oaval-
ry, Infantry and artillery, at a dietanoe of only
two miles Oar troops were formed In line of
battle i bat, for eome cause unknown, the Rebels
oonolnded, at the laat moment, to defer tbeir
prfjtot end withdraw.
Col. Tan Allea'e Regiment of cavalry, 990
rank and file, bat been accepted, to be ready
for active eervioe by September let.
An order recalling Minister Harvey goes oat
in Wedneedey'e steamer.
were not all oar sbipe or war absolutely re
quired for tbe blockade, be would be brought
borne in a man of war a a prisoner. Under
tbe clrcnmsttncee, be will be allowed to choose
hie own coavevenoe to America. His guilt Is
denied In eome quarters, but tble ie needless j
tbe evidence re overwnelmlog. :
At 9 o'clock tbte " morning, a large foroe
marched through Georgetown towarde Point of
llocse." lbs oombined foioee, In oonjuooiion
with Pattereon'e column, and perbapa MoClel
lan's, will effectually surround Harper'e Ferry
Intelligence, deemed trustworthy, ahowa that
the Rebele were retreating from Harper'e Ferry.
It eeeme tbe Rebels reoeived eaily newt of the
movement of troopt from Waablogton.
It le doubtful wbetber our ojlumns can com
bine In eeaeon to makes large capture.
ine tuosis mean to make a stand at, ana
perhaps an attack from, Menaceaa Jucoiloo,
wniob le, acoordiug to reporte reoeived by Gov
ernment, etrongly fortified,' Toe oaanonare in
a eemi-eircie, in tbe eenter or which le tbe rail
road atatiun. .-.(,
Tbe Rebels talk about Sinking the Washing
ton llnee and capturing Waablogton City direot
lji without goUf around by Baltlmorei feeling
sure that tbat piece would rise in a moment, if
toe capital wae tateo.
We have further oonflrmstlon of the dissat
isfaction at Harper's Ferry. Tnree companies
r el used to serve under any-fitg bat tbe stars
and stripes. Tbey are probably Ker-tacklans,
wno noin too Maryland Heights, and wbo, ll
previous Statements oan be believed, will torn
tbelr gune against the Rebele, of whom they are
nominal anise-. v ; v, :
[To the Associated Press.]
Thlt hat bsen a day of anxiooe exoeetation.
It le reported that the evacuation of Harper'e
Ferry by the Rebel forces bae already began.
It le known tbat toe poiiot oi eucb a step has
reoeived serioue eonelderatloa. .' 1 1- . . f 't
Advices fron Raleigh, N-C, state that the
ConetltuUoa of the Confederate) Stater; Wat
unanimously ratified. t- . 1 1 - . .
From ths best available sources it Is believed
(he entire etoeaelon forces of Virginia .'doee not
exceed &0.PQO or 60,000. Gen. Beaoregerd has
issusd a pnolamation from Mtnassaa JuoctlOD,
extravagantly picturing -tna oepioraoie conse
quencesof jhej expected invasion of Federal
troops.'' . ' . ,. ' , '.. :
Tbe time for submission or written arguments
in tbe Patent Exteneion oase will expire on the
90th Instant, aod Commissioner Holloway will
not probably give hie decision until the 1st pf
[Special to the Post.]
' there la great excitement here over the newt
ot tht ooaUlot it Great) Bethel. It la the gea-
era! opinion among military men that tbetevwat
gross mismaeagemeni.x " r r
Tbe eeoetsloulttd sreldDklDg np,' embolden
edby therepalswof our troope.TY-. rrj.
A prominent Balttmoreen, now In shte city,
states that eeveral eeoeaslon nags are again flj
ln in Baltimore, tbat Gen,- Banks ie needed
t .i n . l i ' - ' - -
ceep me aooait ui . ,
Tbe border warfare, between Maryland and
Virginia Is becomlng-yery pitTer.
The Conflict at
YORK, June 11.
The Herald's scoobbt of the sffatr at Bstbel
atat that, aftar the nnfertsnate mistake was
rectified, tbe foreee onmsoeiOK 'ne rirat, eec
ond and Third New York. Regiments, joined by
deuebmente of, the Fourth JVlassaohusetto,
First Vermont, snd Beventb-'and Ninth New
Yoik Regiments, with two1 light -field -pieces,
under LientL Gribbs. osm woott sa advanced
guard of Rebel e, aod defeated-and drove them
brk-. iaklnff thirtt Briaonera They then ad
Vancsd on Big Bethel, in Yorlrconnty, where
tbevoame uoea tbe enemy i,wd shook, boo
drove right into them, i Tbe Utter were in po
sition, protected by els heavy batter lee, mount
Ing Q and 12 pounders and bMvv rifled cannon.
Botb Darryee'e Zouaves and Hawkln'a Regi
ment charred risbt no to tbe batteries, bat
eoald not pate tbe ditch, and were compelled to
fall bask. After twd hours contest, the am
munition gave oat, and tbe troops retired in per
fect order, !. ..W. .(.-.- t :. .-! .
- Tbe Tribune's report saye all but one rifled
gun of tbe enemy were silenced, and that, when
tbe Ziuavee charged, the enemy Mattered, but
were rallied Not mora than half the force
at broueht Into nation' at once. Lieut. Glib-
bee' body wae gallantly eaved, by being brought
off tbe field on bis own, oannon.
FREDERIC, June 11.
from a gentle nan well oonversaiit with lo
calities In and arouod Harper's ' Ferry, and
who leCs Hteerstowe thie morning, we leirn
tbtt 10 000 United Statee troupe are betcen
tbe toeas ol Ureenoastle end Cnambertburg,
from wbecoe tbey are maroaiog.
Tbe troops reoently at foint or K;;:;iiave
certainly been withdraws and - njw with tbe
main body at Harper'e r zitf. Moon disaffec
tion is reported to exist among the Kentucklane
on the Maryland Htigbte, and rumors are cur
rent here that In a few daystbsy intend display
ing tbe etare and atr.pes, and probably deeerting
in a body.
From Baltimore.
[Herald's Special.]
BaLTtHOSt. June lO.-Gen. Binks' headaatr.
tera are at Fort MoHenry.
Gea Cad walla far takif an important com
mend southward.
The populace or Baltimore are Irritated bv
the presence of Northern troop", but tbe con
ciliatory programme of Gen. Banks removes ap-
prenension. .
From Hagerstown.
HAOtasTown, June 10. Tbe Rebels crossed
to Mercersville, and attemoted to capture some
caual boats and a lot of fl iur, but tbey were
driven back by tbe Home Guard. Tbe Kebele
have obstructed the oanal In eeveral places, and
destroyed tbe looks, and took all the skiffs and
scows betwoen Bhepardatown aod Harper'e Fer-
BOSTON, June 11.
The city government has eosiooned tbe annu
al sixth of July dinner, and annroorUted the
funds to equip the soldiers. -
From Missouri.
ST. JOSEPH, June 11.
Two companies of the second Infantry United
States regulars arrived here last evening from
Fort Leavenworth. Also two comoanvs of the
first Infantry started from Fort Kearney yester
day for this place. The Batallton will number
580 men, and be commanded bv Mai. Sullev
Tbey probably will be stationed bere for the
A special election wae held in the State to
day for Member of Congress. There was so
opposition to the re-election of M. A. Conway,
tbe Republican candidate. A very light vnte
a a rm I oA
A company of Infantry left Fort Leavenworth
yesterday lot St. Joaeph. . Twenty oompanlee
infantry and one of dragoons also went to Kan
sas City to-day, and will be followed by two
oompaniee or oavairy. i ne ooieot or these
movements is to to assist the loyal cillzeoo of
these plaoee in forming Home Guards.
From Louisville.
LooisvTLUt, June 11. Tbe Surveyor of Cus
toms at Evansville, Ind., notifies steamers that
the trensDortation of provisiona to Smithland
aod Padnoab, Kj , is In violation of instructions
from tbe Government, and prohibits it. .
Tbe New Orleans and Mobile mall boats
were stopped oo the 8ih.
Tbe British ship Independence, for Bremen.
sod tbe eblp Oobean went to sea from New Or
leans oo the 6ih. ..-
Tbe ships Mamaronlck and Parsons, for Liv
erpool, were abandoned Inside of the bar at
Pas A'Lontere at tbe same rime, '
Two small war veseele appeared on the 6th
at the mouth of tbe Brenvenne Bay, 10 miles
from New Orleans, where the British landed
in the war of 1813. ' " '.
General Twiggs hat oocupled Martello Tow
er at that port.
Tbe Uftarieston Mercury of the 6th reports
tbat a privateer captured off Georgetown a brie
valued at $40,009. . . ,
avannan papers of tbe 7 in atate. that the
ship 8tbasiloook, of Bath, Me , wae selted by
the collector at Savannah,' In coneequenoe of
remaining lo port longer tbtn tbe law allowed.
A special dispatch Irom Charleston to the N.
0. Picayune says, Gov. Plckene bad published
notification against sending: foods North, be
ing in cosflict with the law. . ".. .
From St. Louis.
ST. LOUIS, June 11.
An extra session of the U. 8. District Court.
Judge Treat presiding, has been ordered for tbe
SOth inet. A special Grand Jury haa been
summoned by the U 8. Marshal. . .l
Tbe aanta te eorreepoodent nlvea the follow
ing names of officers who have resigned! Cspt.
Maury, of Virgiulai Cpt. Lindsay, ef Miss.;
Capt- Stephenson, 6cb Infantry, and Major Bib
ley, 3d Dragoons. It Is understood tbat Col.
Grayson and Major Reynolde will toon follow.
I be report or tbe resignation or OoL Lorlng
is nntrue
Tbe Messilla CArltosa) Timet of May 17th
eaye tbat a large train belonging to W. J.
Grant, army contractor fer tbe different garri
sons of tbat Territory, bae been salted by tbe
esan forces at tbe Rio Hondo, near San An-
toolo, and the train, animate and freight, con
fiscated. Tbe officer In eommand refnsed to
give a reoeipt, and made oodlatloetlon between
Government and private property. Forty
aeons were selted. contalntoe about 1250 000
lbs. freight for Arlsdes garrisons and 3.000 lbs.
belonging to private parties. .,. . , , . ,
From Indianapolis.
Tbe 19h Iadlant Keglment. Col. J. M. Wal
laoe. lef t tble evening fir Evansville.
A large meeting was held to night at Metro
politan Hall In honor of tbe memory of Sena
tor Douglas- Kevolotione appropriate to tbe
memory of tbe great statesman were paseed,
and epeeohse made by Hon T.: A. Hendilcki.
Judge Hootington, flan. H. O, iiancomb, and
k.j. Kjan.ni.-q.. , , , .
' ' -
Further by the Arabia.
AiitiuoArf Sgocsrrirt-a-BtrlBt'e tlrcalsr re
ports all kinds eiigntiy setHioed noeer arrival,
For eale front American Oola-d Statee n e (
1867, 80; do 6's of 1674 70j UaesabusMw6's,
8i Mirvland BV. 60: Obio 6 'a of 75 85 1 Vir
ginia 6's of 1880 4oi Krle ebaree, tSOJt da 3d
mortgage Donai; Toojirj 1 -Breadstuff,
dull. Provisions oulst. - Consols
closea b.tnrd ty evening at vi 7-, t , ,
Tbe attention ot the liritisn Uovernmsat wat
Cilled In tbe House ai Commons to tbt faot tbat
France wa largely augmenting her navy, espe
elallv In Iron plated vessels : - --t
In tbe House of Lords, there Wat b discussion
on the India eupply of cotton.' EtrlOrey pledg
ed tne uovernmeni ioao an in ite power te as
vance the growth of the stsple there.-' ' - " '
At a meeting of the Great 8hln Company,
It was stated that the employment of the eblp
by the rederai government would not be In ac
cordance witn tne uaeen'e proclamation. ,:"
' It appeare that the treat powers will gw
antes ths Integrity of the Pspsl territory,-
u nut '
Arrival of the Adriatics-No Privateers
to Enter British Ports.
ST. JOHNS, N. F., June 10.
Galway 6th,
tme evening.- t ; ; :
Breadetuffs dell and Drnrtnlona aulet. Con
tole eleted on Monday at 95(395.
The l.ltith Government lad dtcided not to
allow the tntrsnce of i.rlvateera at any of her
porta. - " - ,-- ,-
Lord John Russsll annotinoed In Parliament
that tbe Government bad determined to pro
bibit privateer and armed vessels from bring
ing prlr.ee Into Britleb porta. Tbet France in
tended to abide by the law prohibiting prlra
teers from remaining in port more than 24
hours. Ha eald tbat England end France bad
sent a proposition to Washington based on tbe
aaciarailon of Uongrese. - - i , .
Prince Napalson will soon' visit the American
U-epubllc Writere have tocolved warning to
moderate tl tir ton against tbe Catbolio Clergy.
. Livsafjoi.. Uottonauletandsteaev. Bread
stuff, general! v dufli bai ere demand a reduction
Wbeat and core le qulec. Provisions generally
etoaoy Lm ami. sugar and since quiet
Consols 90380. .
New York Market.
NEW YORK, June 11.
banal, au.kat h.. anrf in
favor ol thtbuyor. I ilea S4O0 barrait at ft SUrfS 8J
lortuptrftDtstnUt ISXS H)fir,xiraUU; t7J4b0
foriupiflQ -tattrns tl 9043 U far eomaiou Uni.dW
um axt.a wtttcrat S5 WWiio for stilpp og nraods extra
rouoauoopimio. vawaiao nonr dull, itn met S05
barrels at 4 9jS7 SO. Ht flour ateady at 93 lu.
WtttAT Hro-loit 108.13 baihala. Mrbt annnil
and firm, ,nd la lair rtqaeat for export; wulit and otior
in it m;i ana oro .png. raiti ou UW DuiDtla at 9 1 13
91 IS for MUaakta olubl 1 18 for Aalnr lotra; tl'ii
for whet -emro.
SYS Quiet a' 87SG9a.
bAi L ay bull .i45G3;.
OOHN . Ktcalo't ISO Ot barfitla. Mur'.et in r.viw r
bnvtr. Balta 80.000 ta.Utla at ItkStlt fer & mix.a
uaTo Dull at 3:233X9 for wit:rn. Canadlin and
P, ,H R Doll, with ailei 100 barreli at ;S K tnr mm,:
1191 1 So tor print. . - - -
OUr Mt-Id-Dall.
LtRD la otlvt) leiObarreliat8Kffi8x.
bTJiTHH la lair itaacat at Cai3n l.r ul.lo. .n.l ft -a
lie fur ta t.
0 HIK8(-0htest steady at J7o.
WamttY Oailal 10o.
UOrPIK- Q lilt hat firm. ' tain 90(1 hurt Bin 11U
9l3M.aud iSubagsLkrUtraat U&i.
'Utl ill Sail ana hoT. fill 1( 0 hhda Rnka at
Ko. ' -
otUbASEE Inaotlvt and rtry hnvy.
STOCKS Dall and wiihonc much riunia. thonih
loot ibtoood aiarktt rnla btavjr mvney oiotinnet In
lane supply and dull at 4 por cent Illlooit Uebtral
scrip CJi N fork Central 7; anchlton Oentrtl II
Uoiena St Chioafo S7 raolno Mall OHXI do. 3a t3;
Barltra 3d bonds 73j do. preitntd K3)ti Jll.hUaD Can
tral fe's latb'ndatS: Brit 1st bondt lOIXi do. 3d K);
Barlaoi id bonds 73: Tm nr 12'a i02. Lou.a a.,, u'.
3, Mbaoorl 37tf) tfmb Uarolina Sli Virgtuia 41H;
Uaittd SUMH'tMXtdo. 74s C upoLt 7d; do. 8'. SI;
OoapoosB3t! do. iegiawrvd8j)4.
Cincinnati Market.
Butlnett In Product amonntt to notblog.
FLODtt-ContlDuei tntlrtlv loactive. bnvera balnt
unwllliog to bid ap to Utt quatatiuni by luWlo. per
WHKAT Is lower. 90s. baint now the beat bid of the
CUHM-Caa be bad easily at S8c., and shellsd Is of
fered at this Agnre.
OAT d Are quoted at iSa., but are not sought at that
BaRLIT AND BTS Art not mentioned, there be
ing no demand for tithtr, beyond an occasional chanct
ou er.
WlirSKV Te allll kent Arm It 1h fUi. tint.
Junt 11.
Cleveland Market.
June 10, 1861.
f LOUR The market la dnll Bales of 100 hhl. In.
liana white wheat double extra at 15 SS.
WHEAT Dull. Dalaaof kOUO baih rrd from store
at 81 04. and Heart whin on track at 1 1 15.
uuun sales or iu.vuu baatt cuolct ually, free on
ooara , at jxko, ana i ear on uaox at Sic.
OAT9 bull and nominal.
H10HWINI8 Bales of 65 bbls at He.
MBAts dales of SimiO lbs Bhoaldeis at SKc.
XQi' Steady at 6(k.
BUIXEB Reaalnt dull at 8310c.
Philadelphia Market.
ILOT7R Dnll and nntettltd. BoperOne, S4.37K;
Extra, tO.tOi fancy. S875S7.se.
WUtAT-Onil: aalea Sooo bush, red Sl.3Sffil.33;
wui.r ehl 44,- . .
OOBN Soatoern jcllow, SI; Western mixta, 48(9
tivu. -
IrBOVIBIOtia Dull.
LSED 90.
WiliKt-DllallOXi17. -
' - i Wholttalo and Bauil Dealer In :
Foreign & Domestio Cigars,
t, , AKsamsBAne ,
Smokiiig: ft 01161(1110; Tobacco.
Also, the beet quality of' USVTFt eonstantly
..,. on nana.
ILyCoantry March as ta art Invited to tall before par
ehasinf elsewhere. ' .
Bet. Main and Bycamom,
BovSI-wflm ClNCtNNATI, O-
rtlanufacturere of sail hind ef Por
table ttoal stationatry steam tsu
Clnett tiatw Trttlia, urlat lUiile,
iCC., V0 .
WnCABODLTl Btotml B. J . BUM TttoltHl
J. J. B EUVA.ll Smtmttt 00 LOTS US
iUCOISX CO. BtaUhtllt ..
at 00. Batml It II
Our Portable Koglne and Saw Kill
Wee swarded the first premium ef SM st tht Indians
State fair for 1-CO over Lena at Bodlty't on toco ant of
Price, lightness, simplicity, economy of fuel
and superior oharaoter of lumber eawetl.
Oar lattlonavy Bnslne wot twmrdad at tbe soat fair
tbt first prtatlan of tOQ
oar portaDit Bofiut wit a war' a me iitt prtniaa oi
SICO at tht fair a- Memphis, Teoo., oier Blandy'a Da
van's. Oolatjbat Maehiat Co'a., and Bradford at Oo'a..
by a totsaltittj of pmttioal Rati road ttgltfrt. .
tarprtotsadttrtateddrott ' ;n:
WU.LAUO WAKHKH, Tiattortr, .
detS-dkwtytels. tlttrarfc.Ohlo.
W. A. Bstchelor's Eslr Dyel
Thlt splendid Hair Dye bat to aqatl Instantaneous la
effect Baahtifal Black er Rataral Brown oo staining
tht tkta trlujuflng tile Hair naratnta toeatwar aa
tfltctaf Bid Dyes, snd In vigors ret tbt hair for lift.
Neat are genuine on lets stgntd "W. A. Batchelor.'1
Bold svtrywbsrt. '
' ' OHAfl. BATCHBLOB, Proprietor,
Jylfcwlj 81 Barray Street, pew Tort.
Wm. A. Batohelor! Hair Dye!
The' Orlfiatl sad lest lo. tbt World!
All othen an man bnltatlona, and should bt avoldtd
ifjou with ttttoapt rtdicnlt. .-,!,., . . j
flBAT, BSD OB BCBTT BAIB Dyed instantly to
btanttfni and SatanlBrewa er Black, wl thoat Injury to
riwbreSkin.-N ; t f a-. i .. t.
swarded m Wa, A Batohtlortinot 1830, sad ever 90,00
tppllatttons have beta aaadt to tbt Hair of bis, patrooa
of bitftmottdyti. l , tifi.' .
Wot. A. BATOHBLOR'8 HAIB DTI produott a ool
er not to bs distinguished from naton, and Is warranted
not to mjnn la sht tmatt, however long it amy bt too tin'
aed, and tbe 111 effecU ef Bad Dyea remedied; the Hall
hvvtgortiod f or Mn by this splendid Dyt. .
Sold la all etttet and towas ef the United State.
Druggists and Pasty Goods Dealers.
ftJThe Otnolnt has ths stmt asd addrttt upon a stttl
plaa to graving on four sides of each boa, of WILLIAM
A. BAXCILSLOK, Addrese n,.- ,
i " - - VHAilUSe BATVUILOB, PJOttltMr, V
' Jylt-Wlt " - - SlMmlayitntMtwIoilU
Strengthening Cordial and Blood
' f I v.- PTTT?TFTnn '
The Ureatast Uanaatly lm Tke nwrltl
audihi '
' "an
OOBOIili -
ly a tdeaUat asd
Vase table Ooaj pound,
nrooaredbylnt dttUl
Utlon of Boo it. Herbs
and Barki, Tallow
Dock, Blood Boot,
Buaeoarllla, Wild
Otatrry Bark and Dan
dalloa tniart Into IU
Mdtim. Tht on- . .
Before TaJclDttirt aotive rttdiai4iur laiirig.
principle of each Ingredient la thoroughly extracted Jn
my otw method or ouomaf. P".!"!'-
kii..i.. ..,4 ik. mnat Ul ALLIBLI rtmtdt foi
nnmiin. ih rtiMued avitem. and rtttorlng tht tick.
rr.rin. Inrf SebllltaUd INVALID to HBAwTH and
,. Will effectnally euro
mil flOMPLADfT. DYBrBrBlA, uau
TtAhilttv. Diaaatet of the KtdntyS
mA .ii ..tn. rmn ft dUordersJ Liver or Htont
aeh. Dytpepaia, Heartburn, Inward PiVtt, Aoidiljr or Blok-
il the stoaucu, yalineas ot niooa w iu -,---
aln or awimming in the neaa, raiv-tauun "" -
niin... n. tv.lsht in thastomacn. BOW arwaaii"
Ohoking or suffocating feeling when lying down, unmet)
orYtllownestof UttBklnand Brat, wignt waaia, m
ward fever, Pain in the small (
Of tnt DOCK, OB or twm.
Sudden flushei of Beat, Deprtsalon ot Bplrua, rngnnw
Dreamt, Languor, Despondency or any 1
enroot Diaeast
gnree or Blotchet on tht Skin, and Iftvtr and lw (ol
Ohllltaod Fever.)
Over a rflllliwn aiwtties
Have been sold durloi the last six moo the and la do In
stance) baa it failed lu giving tntirt eatlifaetton . Who,
then, will euffer fnn. Weak 'tea or UtMUty woea ae
LKAN'8 8TBBNOTUBM1X0 CORDIAL will raie yoa)
Nn lrtium oan ran vet an adeaaait Idea of tut tout
dlate and almuat mlraeulooa change prodocad by laklnf
this Cordial in tbt dlaraaed, drbllliattd and thatttrtd
ntrvootattMm, wbtthtr brotta down by txottt, weak bj
nature, or Impaired by elckDSaa, tlit relaxed aod anatranf
Ofgaultatlon la rtatored tolU priaUnt health aod vigor.
MA It at! ED PEitswnat
Or others eooscloot of Inability, from whatetr canst,
will find MoUan t Strengthening Cordial a theroab
regenerator of tht ayattm; and all who may have Injured
themselves bj improper Ind liencea, will And in tht Cor
dial a certain and speedy remedy.
Tat tbe ldlea.
McLean's Slrengihenins Cordial
It a sovereign and sptedy curt for
Obstructed or Difficult Htnatroatloo, Iseontlntnct t
Drtnt or Involunun Dlaohanra thereof, railing of the
WomN Qlddlnaee, fainting and ail Dittaats Incidna t
There U no Mistake Abont It.
Buffer no longer. Take it according to Directions. It
will stimulate, ttrengthtn and lnvigontt yoa andotase
tht bloom of health to mount your cheek again. -
Bvery bottle it warranted w givt aautactloa.
If yonr children are sickly, puny, or afflicted, McLean V
Cordial will makt them healthy, fat ind robust. Delaj
b tl moment, try it, and yoa will bt eonvlnoed.
Cannon. Beware of Druggists or Sealers whs ma)
y to palm npon yon some Bitter or Saraaparilla traab.
which Ihew
oan bay cheap, bytayinf It It Just at good
Avoid each attn. Ask lor klcLtaa t ttrtocthaning Oor
dial, and take nothint tlat- It la tha tnly rtnwdy thai
will purifv the blood tboroashly and at tht same time
airenirthen the system.
unt taDietpoonrni taten every morning naimg, ia a
certain preventive of Cholera, Chills and rarer, Ytllow
refer, or any prevalent aitsau. it is pat ap in lane
Price only Si per bottle, or C eottlet for S.
J.H. McLSlH,
Bole Proprietor of this Cordial,
Alto McLean Voloanio Oil ulnimtnt
Principal Depot on the corner of Third and Pint streets.
Kt. ItCUIt, StO.
MoLean's Volcanlo Oil Liniment.
The best Liniment in the World. Tht only aait and
eertain core for Canoe n. PI let. Bwelllnn and Bron
ehlUs, or Goitre, Paralysis, Mtaralgla, Weakness of tht
afuaclet, Onronte or Inflammatory Bhtamatlam, 8Us
neaa of tht Jointt. contnoted Matolet or Ligaments.
Baracht or Toothache, Braitet, Bpraint, Woandt, Vretb
Onto, Uloert, fever Bone, Caked Breast Sort Nlpplee,
Barns, Scalds, Bora Thoat, or any InSammatlon or Pain,
oo difference how seven, or hoe Ions the disease may
havt txitiea. atcliean't ueitotatea Lmimeni m a car
tain temed.
TbootandtofhnmaabtlnM bare be to saved a Utt of
Seertpltade and misery by tht net of this inraioablt mad-
Will nil ere pain almost instantaneously, and It wll
oleanst, purify and heal tbt foulest tores la aa Inertdl
Fwr Horeee and Otber Anlntala.
McLean a celebrated Liniment It tbe only aaft and re
liable remedy for tha eon of Spavin. Bint Bon. Wind
tails, tplinta. Unnatural Bumpa, Nodes or Swellings- It
win never ran to eurt nig tieaa, rou avu, ristais, via
rnnnlna Bores or Sweeny. If properly applied, for
Sprains, Braisat, Scratches, Soret or Wuondt, Cracked
uteia, Uharet, saddle oroonai walls it it an uialUblt
remedy. Apply It at directed, and a curt it certain la
every Instance.
Xhtn trine no looter witn tne many wortaieat uai-
mentt offered to yoa. Obtain a tapply of Dr. McLean's
eelebrated Liniment. It will onrt yoa.
J.tl. incLEAN, Bole Proprietor,
Corner tf Third and Pint Btrtttt, St. Loala, Mo
lor sale by all draggltts.
foruitby BOBIKTB i AMTJ1L.
tatfJO-dfcwly - - , Oalambat, Ohio.
Ebeamatism, Goat and Hsuralgla,
All , Mercurial Diseases.
It Is a eonvtnlently arraaiad Btad. too tain 1st a abd
icated eoapoand, tobtworaaraaodtbt Waitt, without
lalarytotht moat dtlieatt pwrtoati no thantalo habita
of living It required, and It eatinly rttaovat tbt dit
tatt from tht ajtlem, without prodadog tht Injartowi
effects tilting from tbt ate of powerful lata rati modi
cines, which weaken aod dee troy tht tonatltatloa, tad
!;ivt temporary rtiitt only, ay tatt trtatmtat. tbt mtd
cinalproptrtlttoontalDrd la tht Band eomt la eontaet
with iht Mood aod reach tha ditttst, throat h thtpoitt
ofthttkla, tfftttiog It twtry lattanot t parted tan,
and nstoring tbt parts afflicted to a beel hy condition.
Thlt Band leaieo a aoet powerful Arn ataooaiu,a-eot.
and will tntlraly nlltvt tbt tyttta from Iht jMmiotoat
effeots of Mercury, atodtrata eastt on earrd la a fw
dove, and wa are eoattaatly rtrtlrlag ttttitaonlaitof Its
tfloacy In ogtravattd attat rf loog itanding
raioe B'v.uu, to be had of DrugiUtt atotrolly, or oan
bt ttntby moil or txpreet, with full dirtoiiont for oa
to any part of the oountry
dlrtel from tbt Priodpal
So. 409 8E01DWAY, JTsw York.
' O. SMITH 4 CO., Sole Proprietors.
N. B. Dttorlpttvt Circaltrs Sent Prtt.
H7Aft-eatt Wanted. EverTwtiere
mbJt ijitorittp caw
Msnulactursrs and Wholesale Dealers la .
Nortbwett Corner of High aod Gey Sta.,
"A large 8took of Pine and Staple Seeds ea haad.
ySl-dtf -
Baltimore Clothing House. .
kuaoraomtas aus "I'T i nt J-
No. 60S W, BaltLmortreet, '!
" (Brrwaw tnoaTT an eowaJLo,) '
' ; , ' BAi.TinoaE,'na.
A Large Atsortmsnt ol Eitei aad,"TMnlsnL)
Qoods costtastl oa Eaai;
Ootauty i f s : i c , r . t
novelties In Neck Tlat and Scarfs. ' '
' M Byron and OarroSe Oolran. -
" u Bmbrotdtrtd Ptektt BoadawrtUea.
Ptrls Kid Olovet sup. rior aakt. -
1 Ooldeo Hill thirtt, vtriott) titles., ,s,
. Bot' Ooldeo Ulll Shlrit, do . V , " j
Prlvlngaod Ntretl )lovee,do ' .-..
Btmmtd Packet Haodaerchiefa. various stylos, ,
, Bait Boot tod Under tjaratnta, "
BAI t tow, , ,
aprCS Ht.tJSotiAHlxb ttttti, .
'' t'j - , v'i ..,.. I
An experienced Marts and f aaa It Phrtlelu, pnstcW
to the atttallta of ttatn, bay
which greatly ttallltatat tht practtt tf ttt thing, by eoft
taing tbt gnat, rtdooing all Inflammation wilt allay -
all r aim aod tptaawdit acUoo, aod is
Dtstod BBOB (L aeothaia. IS erii'l etva rmt ta Mlrealn '4
gjl ' r - 3
Wt have pat ap aau told this article for ovtr m ytort,
what wt havt ntvtr beta ablttt say ef any other audi-
ANOS, TO NVINOT A CURB, when tlmelr oatd. H.t.
tr did wt know aa Inalatet of dlsatUafatUoa by any bb
wno attd lu Oa tot ooairary , all are delighted with Ita
optrationt, and speak in Itrmt ot tommtudaUoa ef Its
aagioai tneott and medical virtott.
Wt SfMak la thLi
matter "WHAT WB Dt KNOW;" after tau tan' ir
alaoet every histanet when tbtlnfaul It saStrlng frota
pain and tobaattioa, rtlM wiil bt foand lu niuea oc
ttenty mlaattt after theHrrab a admlnlatertd.
' Tbiivolatolt prtparatioa la the ,arrpaoa tf trtttf
tbt aoet KXPBHlKNUkDt.d SKILLguL N0B4C81a
tw angland. and haa been ottd with aSVSB tAiL
tSa BUOCBSB in ,
It not on Iv nllevtt tht child from Dtln. ont Mvtror' '
slat tht ttomach and bowels eorreott acidity, and glvot "
tont and tntntv to tbt whole aettemw It will ohaott Inl
ttautly rtlitvt
fla J;0 IH THS I0WE. 1ST) WINfl COIIO ;t"i
and ovtreomteonvaisioot, wniob. If sot spetdlly remtv
Jiea, taa in otatn. wt Dtiwrt u tat nser taw eut- V
BST KBMbD? IN TUB WORLD, in alleaeet afors
it art sea from Ut thing, or from any other oautt. Wo
would say to tvtrv mother who heaa ohl'd eufferirx frairi
anyof tht foitgolr g ooaulalntt DO MOT LB I Y'H'U .
stand between yon and yoar suffering child, tod the re.
ittr tntt win bt euitn tee, ASsOLuraLy suae to
follow tbt oat of this mtdiclnt, If tlmtly ottd. full di -notions
for using will accompany two bottle. Nona
gtnuibt anUtttbt fae-tlmlit of CCKi IS PERKINS,
Htw York, ft on tht oultldt wrapper. - i . . i
Bold by au VraggitU tbroaghoat tbt world.
Prlaclpal Office, it Cedar Strtet N. If.
oetST-dfcvly. ' '. w e.
It pneittly w ,at lu naat Indloattt for. whli-
plraaant to tbt tate. It It rfvlrl(lnf tzhilarei.l
lug. mvig .riL.g ana tiraagtntniag t tut l
owtrt. aaa ai int tame tlat ivis-a twin I
lattt, ana rent's tnt Hiooi in all its purity a'-l
hat at jnca rtsforat and rvadert Mt Hr.fawt ia I
rwimrabU to attock edittat It It Uie nyl
rtparation aver vnerea to tot woria, to ebeaH
ally and suuraiiy eoabtaai tt to bt Ot mottl'
0 wtrfal tonK and at tha aame time at Dtrf.ethl
oopttd to, u to act it ptritt'.toMrdanca with tha
twt of natu t. and hence will tootht Oim tcatiketl'l
UtotMcA, aid toot ap tht dlgetilvt organs, and ll
that allay all ntrvont and othtr Irritation. It Ul T
par tolly exhilarating, and at the teat tlmt It 111,,
jootapoted tetinly tf vegtlabltt. yet to teablntdjrf, .,
at id ireHiuHtiw,iBvvBiB ttnictnecLWitBi
oat prirdoclng any isjorloot oonseaat ucct laob
i rtmtay net long been leu to be a deilderatam lo
bt medical world, for It needs nt mtdktl skill to I
t Ibatdtbl tv follows ail attacksofd aaaae. and
procttdt and indeed last tht ystem onto to the
iotidioat attaoka of many of tha most fatal, such,i
f r txamolt. aa tbt followinan Oontomotton. ln l
kllgeeilon, Dyspepsia, Loos of Appetite, Falntnera.l
Nervoao irntaotiity.neanigia. PalpUatlooof tht .
nun, ucwiuwjittiiiiuiDwni,, t.ugaor, Uliai-.
loett, Ktttnuon oi, at wen at rsintal obttrntttd I
too profuse, or too tetnt Menstruation, and f ail-i
io or tha Womb. These all depend upon gent rail
IdoMlltv Tbla nan. health, tanta cnrdi.l ' .
Blood Ktnovator l at tart to can at the tan t. W i:.
nit tod sat. Then It no mistake abont It. BntllJ
h.altnotall- If tht tttta It taktotd. as t4
JDtn to billoat attacks, tha. liver bttoaea tomldJ, a
jr wont dttttttd. tht kidnejt refostto ptt'orm ft
intir fonotlona, and wt an troubled with acaldina a
and Incontinence of ariotvar involnntary die-
charge of tht stmt, palo In tht book, slot and bt-'l
twtta tht t ton wen, txcetdioaly liablt to lilabtiLJ .
LIA. mmA lt .nnikhurJ.mA ...... J.7lV'
follows, and tbt patient goet down to a pr-cutarJ ' ,
grave. Bat tpaot will not allow as to enumerate M
iuu muy im w .w, we an uaoie in q wttatnto w
condition ot tbt system. Bat we will say, la tblal
Cordial and Blood Bcnovator yon havt a ptrftct.lkJ
tife, pltastol tod effectual rtmedy for low of IJ
'Appetite, Bllloosntta, rittaltoot wstk asd ,ltal"w '
Stomach, Languor, Liver Oompnloi. ChuUaodj .
Peter, or toy Billons atbark. Ou.iIv.mh. aila.
. .v .j. w . - r. n
Oltion of tht Heart, rt stieo of Bplrlit. floret ffj
iPimplet on tht Pao' or any ditsatt anting from ail
l.mnnm hlfwtal mk a. i-Mfi!. Wa.M, D ,1
iui ui dwmm, OT.rroajDvet. atanMia. ra oita-i. m
I r ' - - ainj, uiuu
nun, uoagn, airacaity or Brtatnmg, and all that' it
ndfaasM of ilimaea ailed femftlt mkaM,iad.
'namsralBn sKah Was awl 1 1 .1.. aaa- tt. . i
MW- " " - avwvws vv a win aiwv Ui9 V1B1WCICI ,
tr, will find It a pleasant, safe and sun remedy,!
ana nont enoaia ever travel wtlboat. lleadtr.l
try it, for we lion on Ton will And In It . iri.mli
anatea.atweilattfritDdla need. Allpt'tontof
ttdentary hah.ta will Sad it a perfect preventive off
aa wall aseun for thoee ailments to which (hey ax
paruoaiany expetta. Jltnct BiouttrMtadtnltit
to rut re, literary unties en tad Udiet who an aod t
tocattoatd to math outdoor exercise, will Dad itltfj
o thwlr advanttgt to keep a bottlt oooatonlly ool 1
hand: and, above all. aothtra. or thoat bacomine
aaehi will go through that moat dan re reus peri on I V
not only Wlhtll their aocnttomrd ativn.ihu ihll
I aaft and free from tht thoaaaad ailmtnU to prev"r
latent aaong the female portion of the world. In
abort, It it Indeed a motktr't tordial. Try it, old
and ooag; bo 1 otter ran Int risk tf dtlty; It will
nlievt and provt ltatlf tmphatlcally a ittstera
Utt Cordial and Blood Rmo-aior.
O. i. WOOD, proprietor, 444 Broadway, Haw
fork, and 114 Slarkt t Street. Bt.-Loala. H.. m
sold by ROBcBIS At SAMUEL, Oolumbot, OhloJ .
and all good DrarglttK Price Out Bollarli
par Bottlt. SBsrcbAMawtewly ii
....... u;,t!
For tis Whiikeri and Haft-
Tbe tubaoriben takt olea.nn la
Oltlttot o the Colled Stabs, that the; have obetuttd tbe
Attaoy for, and art oow enable to offer to ths Sasiltaii
paMn, tbt above Justly celebrated tad irnrlii iaaaa.nl
artMlt.- The . ., ,
It prepared by Da. O. P. BtttlSOHAaf, th tmlneat
tMrktet'ot 1M"1,S' 01 w,rMlw U bring pat f
Whiskers or a Mustache 'Ui
In f root thrtt to Six wotka. Thlt arrtetal. tkAtwMA
of tht kind ased by tbt Vreaefa, tad Is IrsaAoa aud Pant
It It in anivtruJ ate, ..."
It la a braaUfai, tooooankal, ttothine. wet stbasladsil
eoBHtund,tciliig at if by static upon Iht rooit. caua.S
abtanilful grow b of luiurlant hair. If .m.iii u ftx
teolp, ll alll tun Btuatei, tad eaust H iu lnt an la
place or the bald tpouaflatgnwihaf aew hair, at-
ulied totnrding to dlnetlone, It will tan Bae aw vwerff
hair Mat, and rtston grj bolrt lit oililool tola,
waving It toft, smooth, and ttrnlHt. Tbt "Omrjasa" Is
an Indtapetablt mka la wvery gvntl.Baa toilet, tad
sites oat week's oat they Would ool for ens tooaidtiarkat
btwltaoatlt. t. .r , , , -
Tbe suhscrtbers srs the oolv Aawnta rw tit. -.rtus i.
tbt Unld Siatra, to whoa all ordert matt bt addrtwatd.
rrlrt Utt Buiiar a boa fer tola by all Draataai aad
Dtaleni art boa of tht "v agaert". i,warraaoM la bere
tbe detiPsd tfftCt) Will bt ttnt ta urek. mUrm tmt
mall (dlrtel) atoanly pothtl oo rwalpt.tf prate Bait
,0118. apply in or addrttt
" UOoACB t. HBeBMAjl ek 4M a
aaoMitrt Std!;?t shJ
. willlaa ttnt. fw-Tote
"" "SI ( I i l
V ' y jTABTSBTlBaMBirf.-.
htadtbyO. B. BBTVOTTB OO , 10T Mattau Bt- .
. , . Price SI per bout sent fnt by pott.
oyt-dAwlylt ,..,... . .
Sttlgas, at t.Mpt 1,000. . .
tlhall the prtetaharftd tysaall daaltrt.
TTTHBAD QOABTIItS-Ho. ft loath Dlib strwtt,
Columbus, May 8, 1881. . , j. H. BIHT.

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