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(L)t&)io Statesman
ueo. w. AAWrtejtrnr. Editor.
Telegraphic Reports.
Tdm,U ntirhf. we wsr luforausdj that tbt
United State troops wr rpatd at Btbl,
Tlrglni. with ol 25 klfuS and , 100
Wounded. , I ni i ,v j -
Ytrdar, Gen. BffrLt bad Uaoed oat the
whol Rbt fare aud Uioa on thooiand prli
men; bat bifoM Hit dltpatoU wai.Mil in
type, along cjmet another la the afternoon J
to tht "there w'iio' truth; in the rtpbrt."
So we go ,oreel 'any. jalUnc "can be
plaead In anytbiag we otttbraugbjhe telegraph.
It would appeftOhajj'eTefyftinor.and trtrt
ft log "somebody". saj$ Or'wbat "iomebody"
uppotea, It mmiM dIePatch nd
tent orer lb wires, w .',, -
What the eorrwponJenU of the HertW, 2
1m or Timtt !',' U telegraphed, and they
itrtlr ereriay alike.
Cannot tone arrangement be made at Wash
I jgton to telegraph the facts,' Instead of what
laeie oorrwpoudenit "saj TH J?Btala ol
tbiagf ae txists now, it hardly, to be toltrattd.
r root report,, H ! estimated that the eeoc
aiuoists have etrried the State bf from tertjtY
ilte to eighty thousand majority.' We' thick a
large number of the Union people of the State
have not voted, tiioogh we hare no doubt the
State la largely tecesriou, if ererj m m la the
Stat would tote. ' " " i' r .
A truly lamentable atate of affair. ,
The Great Question.
Th great question which the people are -
i j where atklog with the moat Intense Anxiety,
is this Is this war to end In the permanent dia
olution of the Union, or in ittre establishment
upon a broader and firmer basin! ; This ques
tion overtops tnd oar lnt3 tie etudo all oth
Ws. The people are willing and eager to carry
on the war to expend their blood and treasure
iu it prosecution, if (hereby the Union cm be
preserved. But for no other objte; are .they
willing to make the immense saorificee that
they see will be required of them, if the war
oontinaes to go on a month longer.
Political philosophers may see, or fancy they
bee, other points to be settled in this contest, to
them of great tljoifloance; but la the minds of
the mass of the psople one thing, and one thing
only, is uppermost, ibd that in, the preservation
of the Union ty maintaining the supremacy of
the Constitution and laws of the United Stater.
The Union is the watuuwotd that rouses and
fires the popular boar..- .
There is probably not ono man Id a thoaiand
Among the loyal people in the Union, who de.
tires the subjugation of any portion of oar
country for the sake of conquest merely, and
that it may be held afterwards only by the pres
ence of a standing army. No patriotlo Union
nun wishes to see the tTuion re constructed op
uo any other principle than that of mutual fi
delity aud attachment to the Constitution. A
Confederation kept together by mere force on
the part of the Central Government, would
not be the Uuion we have all learned to lore
and cherinb; it wowld be a despotism which we
bare beeo taught to despise and abhor, . if the
people were fully persuaded that the war would
not teimlnate ultimately In the restoration of
the old relations of harmony and good will be
tween the different sections of theoonntry, with
which the Republic grew up and prospered,
they would say to their rulers at once" Step
this bloody and useless contest. If we are
never to live together again as brothers, let us
aspirate peaceably." ' "
What Is to be the tssot of this war? This
question no man can answer to a oettalntr. But
with our fathers the issue of the Revolutionary
war was at the be 'inning, and until -near its
olose, uncertain. At.timesxthey were almost
disheartened by the dark clouds that bung orer
their destiny; yet they were sustained by the
hope of ultimate tacoesd and the consciousness
of the justice of their cause. .' . (
The glorious Union, resulting from their toils
and sacrifices, is now imperiled, and Ittv over,
throw threatened. The people, as their fathers
rallied ior the assertion of their Independence,
have rallied almost as one man for maintain-
ng the Union, which Is the guarantee of oar in
dependence and freedom. As long as there is the
least prospect or bop of success, let ns not grow
weary or remiss In the noble work we have
undertaken. .
Reported Trouble in the Cabinet.
ThaeorresDoiideat of th Philadelphia agwlfar lorn
that there to troeole beoeen th prealdeai ana tcera-
tary Oiwru. Tb recent big i ppoiata.enta la tb
array, mad by the secretary, of civilian, altar 1 tgaorant
fall military knewleg, hav deeply grlev aad wooed-
taa rieaiaaat. wba proUu4 agaloit Uwra la entr
ga'la laB, aad oaly yttMai ai laat a relasiant ood
Mlt. It la raaorad ibaiell AbaDluollr told in Baa
Urr tail A vu Prnldtai, and waa datarniatd to ba
OoauMtdar-ta-Cowf la dead, and sat la aaaa only
Tbe above preoione not we extract from the
Ohio State Journal of yesterday, Jane 19th
The editor of tbe Jturnal Is fully Informed as
to what Is going on at Waahlngton, and tbe par
tlcnlar relations existing between Mr. -Lincou
and bis Cabinet. We take It therefore to be
true that "honest Old Abe Likcoln" and Score
tary Camaow have had soma unpleasant words
end we receive tbestatsment of the Jturnil as
a (act, that CasnaoN has boated the recent mil
itary appointment la defiance of the protest of
Old Abe, who was "dkpltsiiivid ana wooud
in" at them, and "raoTtrrro aoamsT TRtit m
.. laiiorno lawocACf, awn ' ontr ' tixldid at
Last A ULOOTaJIT OOWSiaT.' ' ' '
Bimow CaMcaow Is second to no man In the
Union as a skillful manager, and he is without
onsclecoe and , as corrupt as man ean be
Such being bis character, the astounding and
mortifying statement sf the Jtunul, that tbe
President it subordinate to Mm, it well calcula
ted to alarm tbt people of the United States.
The 8eoretary of War has no appointing power.
Be cannot under tbt Constitution appoint an
offloer in tbt Army, no mors than John Doi or
Ricaaat Rot taa makt such appointment.
Bdtitteemi be does do it, and tbe Jturntl
lays truly that hi selects men "trrnaLT jeno-
lAirr or am. MiLiTaaT Knowudoi." Hit ap-
polntmants have, aeoordlng to our cotemporary,
"oxtrtt oaitviB ard -woondco thc Paxsi-
Dsrr," bat still Mr. Lincoln hat "rimto at
last a aiLoctairr ootsint." Such statementa
oomlng from leading Republican papers; art
well calculated to arouse tbt people of tbt
m country and profoundly alarm them. ; p.
Tbe Constitatlon confers the appointing pew.
ef on tbe President; bat the present Incumbent
does not appear to realise that bt It tbt Cbitl
Extentlre officer of the Nation. Hit 8oretarj
ol Wsr usurps tbt Constitutional prtrogatlvt,
and the Constitutional President yields I Tbt
Secretary of War even delegates this appoint
ing powers conferred by the Constitution on the
President, to the Governors of th several State,
who proceed to make appointments of tbt field
ofBoers ol Regiments, with as much oircum-
ttanorj' pomp and formality; at though there
was law and authority in what was done I
With tbit confession of the wtaknea ol Ms.
Linootw, and tbt admitted and unrestrained
usurpation of Secretary Camaow, It becomes
the people to begin atonoa to look their trouble,
difficulties aud dangers In the face and meet
them with courage, in the discharge of their
rights and duties, at tbt ballot box. Tbt people
muit,'ks fast at publlo trusts become vacant In
th lojal States, expal the Incompetent "irre
pressibles" now in plaoe and authority, and put
in their tteadt sound National Union Democrats
No other party than tbt Democratic party, and
do Statesmen tare tboae of tbt Democrats
faith and training, will ba ablt to carry as
through the great calamity in which we art in
volvcd, and preserve and maintain tbt Constita
lion, the Union and the rights and liberties of
thtcltlxan. Let all men who desire tbt Union
to bt preserved, the Constitution maintained,
and our difficulties speedily adjusted 'consistent
with our integrity and honor as a nation, rally
under the Democratic Union banner, and thus
make one gigantic movt to effeot tbt great ob
Ject which they desire.
Ex-Postmaster General Holt, and the
State Journal.
Tbt Journal it in extaiet over the very ablt
letter of tbit distinguished Democrat, and says,
"what makes It best of all, It Is unqualifiedly
Union in sentiment." That 'll right. Mr
Holt it not likt the recently appointed Gen
Bancs, who in a certain contingency is willing
to "let the Union slide." Whether Secretary
Cam taow appointed Mr Banes to a blgb petition
in the army, from which be could observe the
proper timt to let tht Union tilde," wt art not
Informed) time will tell.
Mr. Holt's letter it certainly a very ablt and
patriotic production. It it cheering to set tbt
Jiurnal to pleased with It; but from reading
the document we are fully Impressed with the
idea that Mr. Holt would Instantly repudiate the
following sentiment expressed some time since
by the Journal: ' '
We alerted out bt nylot the tnpreittoa that Pemoeratta
itumuttoDi are on trial la tot oonntrj, la errooeoua. Bo
II la. It la a araTeaoatwoee Cuioa which baa foaa to
too eraatry to be uaatd on, aod wn'ob FAiLiro roa-
Taaa aoaaaara Taa kkdj or m cbutiow, la aboat to
re cast aiisb, like tbe bod which aa Iramortal soal baa
worn oat and thrown of. to aeck a new and mare laatlnf
tenement, tb iMmooraue lata In Amarioa ha oot-
utt amebica Union . Ihatlaali.
Polluolao aad do aidi mar nbble and weep aiara of
imoecutir over idiiiaim or or a owwAToaAL com
faot, batraaaoajatileeand haaaalw will lablt ao-
ran it aa one ot tboae cheerio; erldenoe that Divine
novioeaea u working (ood u in ereatareior eara
uroogn in proceal orevenu.
Wt cannot ooncelve how It it that thewr
at oan Indorse Mr. IIolt'c letter, Xt It oom
pletely la the fact of tht Journtfi expressed
opinions. Wt insist that oar Union it not an
" unnatural compact," and that It bat not or
will not be thrown aside by the people, If they
are bat trut to tbt principle npon wblch it was
formed by our forefathers. It It perfectly true,
that if the doctrines advocated by the diiunion
secessionists of the South, like tbe Charleston
Jtffrcury, and tbt abolition disanlonltta of tht
North, likt tbt Journal, trt to be sustained by
the people, then, indeed, mast our Union bt dis
solved. Bat wt hart an abiding faith that tht
good Union loving people, North and South, will
soon girt these fanatioa to understand that they
will not stand quietly by and tea their govern
ment destroyed, that tbey may oarry ont their
scheme of self-aggrandlttment. . ' t ,
Tbe Charleston Mercury and Its followers
want to break op tbe Union because they don't
want to live with the abolitionists, and tbt
Journal aod Its followers want to dlitolv the
Union because tbey dislike slavery. Between
them, wt regret to say, they are making' mors
headway than wt desire.
Gen. Pierce at Bethel.
narna r. .
Tht &( Jomrntl and other paper! art very
severe In their comments on tht conduct of tbit
officer at the lata disastrous battlt at Bethel,
Va ; and from the telegraphlo reports, wt art
strongly inolloed to the opinion that be It not
tht mail for tbt plaoe. Bat Ceoiare should not
bt applied to our bravt troops, nnltst npon very
well authenticated misconduct. When tb
Journal questioned tht bravery and loyalty of
Major Ansiuox for surreaderlng Fort 8omter,
we thought It was dost through Ignorance or
mallet perhaps little of both. It It very
easy for editors la their rooms, safe from bul
lets tnd tbt dangert of battle, to find fault and
oondtma gallant men in tbt field. It should
not bt does, except upn clear and )ott grounds
Tbe Journal laowt much mort about tht
wrong! dont bert In giving out eontractt to fa
roritct at enormous profits, than it dot aboat
Gsn. Pmci't conduct, bat It at quiet as a luck
log lamb. Cans why? Somt of lit near and
dear friend art in on tht profita!
Mr. Harvey, the Minister to Portugal.
It appear that thr It no escape for this
man from tht charge. of giving Information to
Gov. Picxtm of tht morementt of tbe Govern
ment, reletivt to Fort Sumter. , It teemt from
tht Tribunt that Mr. Haavav raa a supporter
of LllOiL. Th Pr.ilediiphla North Amtriean
with wblch paper Mr. ,Havxt wat connected
several year, says of tbe implication of tend
leg news to Charleston s ', :
"Mr. Barrtr will be found a fre from any criminal
Intent a any loyal eltlara. Ba has frtnda bera who
will not allow but 10 be aaonnaed, aod tboae who bar
ltra earreaer l taa ealnaiakaa will bebcld to tbe stent'
oat proof .
The New York Tri&tM, who oorreepondent
Mr Hasvxt wat, also tail of him: .
' "We 1m ra frotatbe seat aathoritv that thl mxirtl.
perfeotl? awrraet. Aaonc ibaaa traatooabia soBoank.
aauona waa ra mroraiiof u insnrgenta tnat fort laav
tar Was la be reinforced, he elao aat a dlapateb to ea
ter Jairt Haanth that b had aa eonneatloei wbalrrer
wita tne irvmm. nr. uarrar win or ooarte ra r
ealiad t'om rorwpl at onoa that la to say, b ehoald
be, aod we bar a right topratam what oaght I be
on win b. air. uarver Ma natlr of aoatb Carolina,
Iboashfora Ion tlaMrMtdentof Wa,hloioorof Phil-
adalpba. WabellevethelBaaneastkatpTa blavoSelal
aotiUoa wereeatlnljr Pnnivlvanlan.Th2tma'dlfpareb
u-jt toai r. uam; wu"appoiona rjaeaaea nu protn
aad derotlen to lb f reteoil part." It I do to troth
to say that we are aot aware af any eaoh srofion an
hie part. Hr. Ham? opporld the election of Mr.
Lincoln, at least at the Nonb. bat If he mad ear deeld
d roil profeatloae ther war uaeard ef by a.
Atallvnis, eaplortd hlaa baeaaaaaf hit faclllilae
of obtalolnf save, pwlallr ander a Samoaratle Ad-
lamratioa. ill political wrinoipiit ,wr aot takta
lout u aooani."
Mr. Harvey, the Minister to Portugal. "No Party."
An old Democrat of tlxty wlntert, who has
thrtt sons In tbt army at Washington, wat
turned oat of tht Cattom House at Nsw Tork,
to makt room for a yonog man, who luffared
tevtrtly from hit labor latt tltctlon la organ-
litog tht Widt Awaket. It It tuppoied ht will
present hit oil oloth oapt and torch to any otbtr
ton tht old maa may hart and will " go to tbt
war " with hit three brother. .
' Th President bu appointed two eminent (!)
polltlolan of tbit city Paymaster in tht army,
rift DwiflHT Baitm, Captald of tht Wldt
Awaket, -and Gn. Jostra H. Gtiata. . Wt on
derttand tbat there art ttreral mora) oi th tam
tort anxiously waiting for commissions. No
ont nd dspa!r, of their chtnee, If they oaa
makt it perfectly olear tbat they roted for Lin
[For the Ohio Statesman.]
The Union and States.
EoiToa Ohio Statdiiaih The mortifying
experience wt hart recently had, of tbe lutuffi-
clent meant, usually given to our Union Govern'
ment, to maintain Its oroDer powers, will very
readily gain content that that government thai!
bave a larger military force in time ot peace.
In passing from one extrtmt of having oonoeded
too little, tomt will Incllue to the opposite ex
treme of granting too much. And men who do
not , understand our well balanced system of
State governments and of Union Government,
mav talk of ffdcia the old Colonial Geography,
and of rmteiao- S(o( powrr and ertating na
tionality. They might a wall talk or dispens
log with towns, oitie and counties, at talk, of
dlspenalog with State powers. .
We bart always had the JfationaUty, wbicb
nma nl tha Naer Yiwk nraiuaa aem now to
advocate, and that Nationality need no further
power wnicn are complete ana ampie. at oae
tbt solt power of petct and war abroad and
tbe power of tappruilog Insurrection and rebel,
lion at home tb sol power of rtgulating
commerce end of maintaining uniformity of
In bail.. With all theaa. th State haVO
nothing to do, though very prone to meddling by
giTicg partisan aorice,aua toe czvrviee ui iuo
great powers over so large a country aa aura
will give lull employment to one executive, auu
full occupation to one Legislature."
The State powers, which relate to the daily
business of the people in their domestic rela
tions, are wisely lodged with tbe States, where
tbese power can 0 orougoi into exercise vj
the people tbemtelvet, through th Ir epeoitl
representative. Tbe Stat hav exoiuslve
power over the lawt of husband and wife, pa
rent and child, muter and servant, and over
the lawt of property and contract; tbey have
exoiuslve power over all offenses against tbete
right, and over all regulation for tbe publlo
aecurity and publio health.
Who tuppoeet that tbeee State power can bt
taken away and lodged Ay one central govern
ment, with any pottible'Wope of succeee in tbe
administration of tbeml If any one thinks so,
be bas not duly considered that government
are the result of time and experience, and tbat
they lake their form and their growth to spit
the people and their wants. The State Govern
meats and the Union Government are tbe eom
.l.monta -h nthr. and In their ooniolct
antion thev make one nation securine national
nroteotlon to everv cltlaen, wherever be may be,
aod tbe enjoyment of complete municipal rlgh
fix hi domicil. -
JUNE, 1861.
Consul-General Giddings Writes a
Consul-General Giddings Writes a Letter.
It tDDeart to be tht special business of diplo
matlo offloert under the Lincoln Administration
to write lettere to newtpipers. Consul General
Giddings, of Canada, baa followed the example
of Cass ins M. Clay, and bu written a letter
to the New York Tribune, in which be makes
four Dolnttt
1. That slaves are belligerents, and maybe
lawfully captured and tet tree, or disposed of at
tb win or tnt Executive ' ......
S. That It la tbt duty of all loyal citizens to
ioduot slaves to leave tbelr .masters. -
3. Tbat It Is th duty of the. Executive, and
all Executive Offloert, to aid, assist and encour
age Have who hav escaped, to maintain their
4. Tbat to tend back a fugitive clave to a
rebel master would bo to reader aid and as
sistance to tht rebels, and therefore subject
a man to indictment aod punishment ae a trai
tor. Mr. Glddlnn, at a private citizen and ao
avowed abolitionist, might write inch a letter,
but wt doubt whether tbt . Consul General to
Canada bu any buslneea to publish his opinion
on matter pertaining to Government policy in
tbe Tribunt, or any otner newspaper, jo orui
narv time It micht be rerarded a wise proceed
ing to eend all tbe ultra, Impracticable meo ont of
tbe country; oat in ume oi war, wnen toe wov
ernmeut owed all the moral aa wtll a physical
tuppott It can tacurt, It U UMtent to tiv for
eign aDDOlntmeote to, men net uav, onuta,
Giddlna-e and Barlinsrame. At leaat two of
them do not mow enoago to ooey instruction.
W shall ae whether tbe Administration will
allow It servant to diotate 1m polioy in political
article famished to nwspepere. Buffalo
CourUr. ' J . '
Ex-President Pierce.
Tbt ewrntl could not find fault with the re
ported conduct of General Pitaoi In the fight at
Bethel, V., without casting tomt ot It gall at
Ex-Preeldeut Pixacx. Tbit it perfectly In char.
acttr with that paper. The rtasont art plain
Pretldtnt Pmti it and alviy haa tent a trut
frltnd of tht Constitution and tbt Union, whilt
tbt editor of tbt Journal It opposed to both
There it no paper In South Carolina that hat
pnbliahsd more disunion articles than tht Jour
nal. It It repudiated publicly In the streets by
tomt of it own" party, on account of ita dis
union article.
Democrats of Iowa.
Tbt Democracy of Iowa bavt called their
State Convention to nominate a Democratic
Bute ticket, to meet at Dee Molntt cn tht 10th
day of Jaly. J . . -
STWt copy tht following from tht LouinllU
Drmr(, on of tht ttrongeit Union ptptr in
Ktntuaky. There It tomt very good reading
and good tent In It: ,
Lloosln It btnt on oonqaett and labjagttion,
and we are asked If wt art for tbt tubjugatlon
of tht 8outb t There it no danger of tubjuga
tlon that It not tot calamity to Dt apprehend
ed. ; W should not object to th tubjugatlon of
tons people in tbe South tbey need It. Let
thta go on for a wbll, and tb people of tbe
Ujuib wtll aubjagate tnost woo need tubjoga
tion.and there are temt people North who will
bt tubluKated too. Whole school of dema
gogue In both ectlon will go down before
thi revolution it over, it must os settled, and
those who provoked it, or originated It, will
never settle It. We don't think much of this
war. It is only an aot In tbe drama, neoessary
now. eerharja i bat It will settle notbiaa
Neither section of tbe Union will do what it
do not cboo to do, lo cotkequenoe of prtt
Tnt. Man must gt tired Dtfore they get
eool, aod tbey are in a lair way to get vary
tired. Thousands South havt been taught by
tbeir braggart leaders tbat they could fuel whip
tbt Norto into terms in short order. Tbey
can't do it, and they will find that oat, and
wbat will become or tnese braggarts? '
Then tbsro art Northern fool that art going
totonqaar or xtermlot tbt South; tbatoan't
be don either. Tbey are miserable incompe
tent on both tides, not fit to be tratttd with
tb Interest of nation. ' -.: .
.' Th Doolo of tht United State bavt no
oaott to quarrel. They are not nmle It's a
lit tbtir palltlciant bavt told tbem. J ay ar
fighting on that 11a, and they will find it out,
to iht cost of thote who have told It. Tbe
wbolo settlement comes after this Interlude of
wsr. which will ttttl nothing, except tbat both
idea bar been cheated by men tbey trueted.
Tail Mason on Ftiiurn -Wt makt tht
following extract from a letter rcoelved by a
gentlemen In this city from W. II. Rositon, of
Wayna county, a prlvatt in tbt sixteenth Ohio
Regiment, (CoL Iaviat's), dated Camp Grafton,
Jut 8in ' . ; ... .
" I will tell von of oar march. We did not
know on Saturday night that we wert to match
to a battle-field. W e wert called to go to tome
place; wt knew not where. . We were carried
on tb Railroad foot mil to a plaot called
Thornton. 1 Theme wt bad to march on foot
eighteen miletJ Wt kstw then there waa an
engagement on hand. Wo went, I think, about
flfiaen mile o Bandar ovtt bills and imall
mountain; through tragi, and madbokt.
It was decidedly tht worst tramp 1 arerwent
tbrousb. wt marched anui aoout two o'ciock
at night. It waa to dark wt oould not e oar
hand befora oar evt.. Wt tompd in an
open meadow, and bad toaroejr lain down In th
wt gras, wiuoot tbt tign oi a Dianatt, wnen
tht rain berea to poor down In torrent., Wt
did not tltep any at ltatt I old not. Wt were
toon aroused to march on again. - It wat my
lot to bt piaoed at a very daogerou pott to
guard baggage at any rate, I thought It dan
gerous wbeo tbe bullets oamt whistling around
my head Before our Regiment oould get to tht
proper plaoe, the Indiana bos had fired on the
Rebels, who were jast opposite as on tht other
sldt ofLtht town. If the Iadlanlant had not
commenced with their, artillery to toon, wt
oould hare captured every ont In tbt Rebtl
oamp. ' " -
" Col. KtXLTT.of Wheeling, Va , wat shot
In the breast; it wat thought, fatally, but ha Is
recovering fast. A Rebel Captain wat shot In
the leg, aud It had to be amputated. He wat
a brave fellow, . He said be was a secessionist,
and that, If he lived, be would fight for Jirf .
Davis. But tbat he will never do, lor he died
on Monday night.
" We are now at Grafton, and expect to stay
here for tome time; perhaps we shall remain
uii tne expiration or our three montns- iime.
Firing Into a Railroad Train—A
Thrilling Scene.
A private In tht Massachusetts Eighth Reel.
ment, stationed at the Relay Home, nine miles
west or Baltimore, sends to the Gloucester
(Mass.) Telegraph tbt following graphlo account
or toe nnng upon tbe train of car near mat
oamp on the night or the 39th ult., about wnlob
Itatementt havt already been msdei
The sentry swung a lantern as a signal for it
vu atop, i oera is a difference or opinion among
th men whether thlt wa obeyed. I most cer
tainly believe the train began to break up, while
vuiara idiok more steam was put on. w e were
ordered to draw up on tbe side of the track and
cock our piece. . In a second after, to my hor
ror, we wert ordered to fire! As there wert
only two cart, and tbest were both lighted; acd,
as I beard torn of mj comrades say, although
I had not noticed it myself, tbat there were
women among tne passengers, 1 nad no iaea oi
committing wbat seemed to m murder.
Happily, many others of our squad of fifteen
to canteen were imnressed with the same leel
Ing, and we fired over the oars. But 1 beard
the glass rattle, and shuddered at what might
have been done by the rest. I saw, too, one
man deliberately fir In'o tbe rear of the laat
car,Dut,tnsnks lo bit poor. marksmanship, tne
ball went crash through the glass scd out of
tne roor. we were ordered to reload, wniou
we did, and then rushed fnr the cus, wbicb
bad (tapped. The first man I heard speak said:
"Four or live are killed:" and then another
cried out: "Good God! two women are shot."
My blood curdled at tbe sound, I Jumped Into
tbe train. 1
I should .think- tbert were twenty-five
women and a number ot children" among Iht
passengers. Tbey were pale aod trembling.
but otherwise perfectly calm. Wt found no
lives were lost no person even was lninrea
I never thanked God ao devoutly and grate-
lally before. But tbere were some very narrow
escapes. . One ballet went within two Inches
of a girl's head; another strook near a womtn
another w bitted close by tbe bead of a man;
another, It ie said, cbinped a bit ot skin from
tbe no of the engineer. He eaid be wa
hauling np the train, but It wa under too great
headway to be stopped sooner.- It was provl
dential tbat it stopped a It did, for six hundred
yards ahead wat a party with orders to throw
from tne tract anr train tnat snouid get dv oi,
Tbey bad to placed a rail a Inevitably to throw
tbe car down a steep embankment. ; -
The liAlumora Bun lava of the affair:
Colonel Jonee reports that b has caused a
thorough investigation Into all tbe clrcumstan
ees, and finds tbat neither dlreotly nor. indirect'
ly can any blame be attached to the tmployees
of the road. ' He states that it wat occasioned
by a flagrant trtaeh of diteifhnt on the part of
tbe picket guard, wbicb ba received proper at
tent ion, and doe not require explanation, at tbe
eervtca would bt Injured thertby,"
From the South.
Tbt editor of tht Oxford MUt.) Mercury
f ruing irom uorinin un.st.;, says:
"It took us all day bard walking; to traverse
tht grounds upon which our 'army is encamped
at Corinth. Mile after mile the whitt tents are
stretched upon tbe ground, and before each tent
you can see the rifled musket or the still more
terrible Mississippi nue with tword bayonet
Tbey drill tlx or eight boure every day; are lc-
lensely anxtou to become perfect in tbe evolu
tions or tbe field, sod beoce It I no wonder
tbat many oompanlet and Regiment mov like
old vateran. Any one wontd be struck with
the general athletic, powerful, muscular devel
opment of tbt men. Tbey are tall, active and
ntbutiaetio, just sucn men as iiaonlbal would
ask for, did he again deeiie tbe conqaest of tbe
world. ' - ;
Tbt Mobilt Tribune of the nth of June, laytt
"Wt learn from a gentleman lust from Cor
inth, Mist., tbat tbert are tomt twenty-one
thousand men under arms at tbat place. Tbey
were In blgb spirits and . nad every soldierly
comfort, especially an abundance of vegetables-
Geo. Clarke, who It la oommaud, wa satisfied
tbat thes troops oould be thrown within twen
tv-four hour to any point on tb border men
aced by iht birelinge at Cairo many of whom,
by tbe way, are deserting and joining our army
Thlt force at Corinth, wiibin lorty elgbt hoore,
It wat understood, oould 0t .increased to nearly
torty tboutsnd. ' " ' , '
Tbt Rlohmoad' correspondent ol tbt Mont
gomer (Ala ) Adotrtloar says: '
"Fifteen tboussnd troops guard Harper's
Ferry, and additions art dally madt. Tbt place
Is strongly fortified, and it believed by tht best
military udget to bt Impregnable. Heavy and
numerous pieces ol artillery gusrd all tbt ao
proacbet to tht plsct, and an attack from an
baodrad thousand men It it believed could be
easily repelled." -
..Tht grtat mast of oar countrymen seem out
ot heart and nope, wt bavt never be
fort, In the half Century of our life, koown a
period when sensible men eared to little lor a
longer sojourn on earth a they do now. Llf
Isn't worth much. , If wt get tick again, jra
snail o nan tempiea to tena ior a aootor.
jVsmmbum Journal. '
A Country Picture.
Lewis Gay lord Clark, In his "Gossip" In the
Knickerbocker, draw this graphlo picture few
who bar ever 11 red in tbt couutry but will rec
ognize it rattbtuinese to nature: -
" 'The wind bloweth wbert It llsteth. tnd vt
hear the toond thereof, yet canool tell wbltber
It goeth nor whence It cometh.' So talth tht
'Book of Bjokt.' Bat for a moment or twa to
day, wt thought wt could tell 'whenot tbt wind
cme, and 'whither it went.' - Wt did not 'take
rail' to town thl morniog,. lor a wonder, bat
staid 'at 'ome,' to perform tomt 'outside' pro
fessional labor for a friend, wblch required li
brary consultation. It wat a warmltb earlr-
Marcb day; an inch deep tnow ley upon tb
brown-green grata, aa wt took our- way over
tbt gently Tolling" meadow a, tracking eanctum
ward from school a littl girl and her smaller
brother, by familiar footprint (often seen in
splosh' and mud), along tbt upland slops. All
at one tbert braathed orr tht landaoapt tb
nrst warm spring wiud from tbe Booth.
Where do you think, In our 'mind' eye,
that brect came from and went to? 'It oom
etb,' said we, 'from the past, and it It going di
rectlybackto tbe sonny side of our clustered
barn and out buildings; It is lifting tbe clean
straw ana bay inter irom tne frozen snow
humps beneath, and scattering tbe 'barn-yard
odors' of the same; brightening tbe grtat eyes
of 'Old Spot.' 'Old Brio,' the 'whitt' and 'red'
heifer, with all tbeir tweet breathed kith and
kin; setting tbt horned rem aod tbe 'Old Yoe
'oan'-ing, and evoking from the long-tailed,
Crumbly-legged lambllngt their short mnalotl
'ok-tk-tkt th-th-th!' Then tbt hairy mes
senger passed on, along the loos of tht redden
ing lor est taking with blm lazy wreath of
paie-oiue smote irom several sap-works'
which we 'once knew,' and ruffling tbe surface
oi overflowing Daaa-wood 'sap-trougbs' or oadar
'ap-bucku,' wblob w to often bid assisted to
empty when there waa a 'freshet' from tbe neo
tartoui map!. Tbit Is why wttay thatwt think
wt know whr in nrst warm wind or spring,
woion not a momconl sgo melted npon our
loreneaa, cane from, and where it 'went to.' "
:, MoUtttar'a Pill and ointment.
UtcttATto ira. Numerous Individual, who
were for maty year llliotd with old eanoer-
out tores or ulcers on tbe legs, and had failtd
to procure t remedy either from private praetlot
or publit hospital, bave been speedily cured by I
iim, vwimbv v tuna i(jtbiuaui luvuiuiuea.
Ia all disease of thl aaturt Iht nnlttd tctlon
of tht Pills and Ointment It reqnlrtd. Sold by
all Drngglttt, at Sac., 63e., and $1 per boxer
pot.' ' -' - V '
nimncn, wot. .
Great Cry- and
pletely blinds the comma-
i Nothing more oom
nlty than the false reoommendatioos of the tol
soooua compounds sold iu tbt market at flrst-
rata Haleratus, wbile they are mostly something
els. James Pyle Is the only manufacturer of
a pure genuine article. - Depot, 3tb Washing
ton 8trt, New York.
Orncsor tb Cowmimiokibs or tb 8mwm Tohd,
UOLoaaoe, unio, .run ju, ioui. )
Till Commissioners of the Sinking fund of the Btal
of Ohio lovlt subscriptions bt the people of iht
Stale to the Loan of Two Millions of Dollars, author a
ed by th aot of the General Assembly " To provide
more erootuaiiy lor tne ae enc or to out asunjua
vaslon, Pisaed April SO, lefll. .
Oerllncatts will ba liud In sums of tlOO, and up
ward, payable July 1, 1668, at the Htata Treaiury. bear'
log interest at the rale of tlx per cent, per annum, pay
able stml-anaual'T, anl by th aot authorising th loan
fre from taxation.
tubaerlptions will be received at th omc or the com
mlulonar In tb CUT of Oolumbn. at each of th sol-
vnt banklnf Initliutlons In the State, and at the aeveral
County Treasuries lo lb BUM, until th at day of
July, 1861.
- mtereatwiii oe eompniea ana psia irom ine-uaie oi
tbe deposit of tbe money at either of the places abov
R. W. TaVlBR, Auditor of 8ttte.
A. P. RD8SKLL, Deoretaryof Btal.
JAME3 IIUBRAx, Attorney Qtntral. '
Antonio Brothers'
Now on their EMfftwonth Annual
ly Informed that this ?avnrlte Show will five an
-A.t Columbus,
On th Old Show Lot on Broad Street, on
JUNE lTth and lStbt 1801
afternoon and Evening Bnterttlnment will bt given,
.at two o olock and seven o clock Y. ai.
4DM18SION, To Box SO Cent
' To Fit. W Cents
. imonfr the many Speolaltlee of this Bhow, will bs found
JAS. mKLVlLLB, me Oreat anitraiian,
. -v . W. A. PONATAN,
With a numerous Corps of Auxiliaries, all under th
personal lupeilntenaonc of th managing proprietors,
Whoa discipline and taot have elevated thl elat of
amnaement to a Standard of KLIOANOB, hKFINB-
UBNland PBRriOXlO.'s, to which all olbsr Oompa
nlet would vainly hop to attain -
ASDt 8PKIS0SB, Agent.
June OidMAltw -
Steam Between Ireland, and America.
ThofoTlowlny. mw aad mainlftont flritlau paddle
wbeei nteamsDips compoaa the above line:
ADBIATIO, t,888 ton bnrlhen, Oapt, J. Maout
(Formarly of th Collins Lin )
BIBERItIA, t.aootonaburihen.Capt. If. Paowra.
COLUMBIA, 40 " " - It, Lama.
ANOLtt. 4.100 Dicaouow.
PAulrlO, 8 too . I. Sana.
3,300 J.WaUs.
On of th abov ships will leave New Tork or Boston
alternately every Tneiday fortuliht, for Oalway. car
rying tne government mans, toucning at Bt. Joans,
Th Bteuners of this line have beeo eonitrooted with
the greatest oare, uoder the tapervitlon of the govern
ment, nave water-item eomp-nmenu, ana are uoescei'
led (orcomfort, safety and speed by any attain ie afloat.
They are eommaadtd by aDI and experienced officers,
and every exertion will be made to promot th oorafort
oi passeneers. - .
Antcxperitnced Bargees tttsehtd lo eaoh ship.
Plrstlais N. I. or Boston to Oalway or Liverpool I1W)
Beaond-ela-, " " . " -1i
rint-clasa. " " to St John's '
Ihlrii-elws. " " to Oalway or Liverpool
or any town In Ireland, en Bail way, - - -
Thlrd-elai paesengere are liberally eupplle wlih pro
villous of tbe beet quality, cooked and teivd by th er-
vents oi toe uompany. .
Patties wlihlne to send for their friends from th old
eountry ean obtain tlokete from any town an a railway,
Ireland, or from the principal cities of JEogland and Boot
land, at very low rate.
Paaaenrer, for New Tork, arriving by th Boiton
Steamers, will be forwarded to New Xork free of charge
for paasage or further Information, apnly to
At th offlc of th Company, on the wharf, foot
uanai street, new xork.
0 - - -
JL'an entire new stock of Ooods In my Una, J nit parch
ased In New Tork at th cheapoet paole ratee.ali ef wblob
1 shall sen at tne mallear prtnte, tor uaan. aiy eutoa.
or and frknd ar reepeclfnlly Invited to eali.nd exam.
be my Oooda and Price, as I am determined to sail
cheap or cheaper than any other house In theelty;and
as I do my own Cutting, and superintend my awn burl
nee, I feel eured, from my long experience In busi
ness, to give general eansraation. in nneit or work
meo ar employed, and all work don airletly to lime aad
on ehort notice, and warranted to fit. tlrangera visiting
oar oliy would eonauu tneir interest ny giving me sail
bafont purchaalng,elsswhere. - f . Ruhk,
' ' Merchant Tailor, .
marchM dly Cor. IllhaodTownt.
Watohei! Siamondi!! Silver Ware III
and silver Watches, In great variety.
1 am Agent for tb AaiMoia Waica Co , and cao
Mil tbeee excelleat Watches at manufacturer' bilce,
either Wholejal. or Retail.
Come and chooee from my beautiful .display of Dia
mond, and other rich Je.eliy. Styles new price low.
A to Silver War of sterling quality, I can show new
patterns, very handsome , . - .
silver Plated Ware, Tea Belts, Urn, Walter, Oaslora,
Buketa, Pitcher Goblet, Kolvea, fork. Bpeen, k.
Thea I have a enpply of Bn Table Cutlery, pocket
Knlve, Raaort, Ao., and many Fancy Oooda each a
are desired for presents at euoh prices as are aa Induce
meal lo Ilia purchaser. Wt, BLTNN, . .
. . ' . ' ' No, 10 Buckeye Block,
marSl ' ; ' ' North eld But iloue Muara. ,
Baltimore Clothini Honse. '
. ... ii-i
1 . tiia;iirACTrEi an wtioiaaau Matsa n j
No. 308 W, Baltimore-Btreot,-,',
. (errwxni (.taaXTT A loWAt,) ' ' '
,'rv".' , ' BALTI1HOHE ITItl,,
A Largt Astortrntnt ol Elsta tnd rurnlthlDg
ooooi wntUBtir oa Hand1
OetSWIy . , ...
PhUtdtlpliU Market. -
, iTtiawtaraiw aa tbi oaio mritsaua.J .'
' ' Parunttrma. June II.
f LOUR Dull and unnttleit SiufSu. aa nu.
litre, t.tO faoer. 7i7.JI. -
. WUtAT Uull: alH luuu ku.h. fefl n.feH SS
Whll. 1.41144. . , ,r,
COUM .Soathem (ellow. SI: Weetern nlud.' tttm
wo. . . b . ..- r '
' .
. rBOTIBIONI-.Bn.il, ''..-.Ai ,.
mumt-iw at uxojut-; ;; .
, y
ladiei' linen Pooattt-Handk'ti.
kerchiefs very WHle heme .
Embroidered Linen Uaudk'i all prloe. , ...
' Ummd Btllohedand plain do, do.
-to.--m a colored borders,
" Mourning do blast border ' - '.
do do new etyle cross stttohsa. "
Pine Apple do new patterns. , .
- illitei' Plain aod Hemmed Itltcbed do all price.
Oomprlelni th most select assortaaant In the city and
at lo. eat prices. BAtM at BON,
feova --no. v aoau niga .ww.
SHAWLS 1 1 In all dsslrabl sotor. and at very
great bargain. BAW Sr. BOM, . ,
apnia ... , t no. av bouib nia i -
CLOAK CLOTHS. . Also, other make of Spring
0 loak Olotbs, In all desirable mixture Bindlofe, Taa
Hli and Buttons lo match. . ' BAIN at BON,
aprllS No. 8 Booth Ulfbstra
1,000 yards Bnt Pla'a Black Bilks at I OO-valo
1 88pryard.
2,500 yard Travsllrg Dress snA Mantle Ooods at
19 la cents Value SO oeni per yard.
8,000 yards Whit Brilliant at 19 19 eentt-
valo 80 cents per Jard.
30C0 yards fin and BomestU Qlagnam greatly tug.
dsr value. ... , ' - ..: ) ,
. -ALSO:-:.
I&WKS, CAU00K3, , 7071158,,
Nww and Taalxlonatjie Dra Goodt
in th moat deslrabl etylee and al very taw! prices., ,
Of all materials, mad In the meat stylish manner alter
th latest Paris Fashions ,lhs most elegant style In
tbclty. , , .
.,-. aSA.111 E BUIVy.
may 30 No. 89 South nigh sttftt
Slimmer Under Garments.
Ladle Oanaa Merino do. do.
Osnt Bilk Drawer and Bblrtt. "
dent India Oaus Drawers and Bhlrls.
Oottan " " ' ' " ' :
" Oauaa Merino Under Shir's . ,
" Whit and Brown Drllllnr Drawer, .
Whit Lioen Drawer.
. H Bxtra lam Uoder 8blrt. T 1 ,
, SupeilorKngllsb Half Dose.
- bong niockinp. j i; .:
' Fancy Cotton Half Base,. ;.., ;.-..v .
' Suspender .-,.,,. i., .. s ,. '
Golden Hill Shirt. o..r.. ,,
For salt la great rarlotr tod at mtdtratt
prlott, or - ' -
. ., - BAIN A SON,
-, No. 89 South High street
Ohio White ; Sulphur, . Springs,
This Favorite Eesobt will be open
'''' fpR Vl8IT0RS,
raMiiu xuuiao aoaanik toaui jue saasoit, can tt
AocoifiiOBAraB at ttirscn aaTts.
ADDRESS ' ' ! -.- - "
, ! , ' J. A. SWATHU,
Lewis Cntr PC, Delaware Co., Ohio,
may B8:dlno. . -,s . .
or Seminal Weaknaea. Sexual DeblHtV. MervMenau.In
voluntary Bmtaslon aod- ImpoUnoy, rnltiog Irom
Self-aba, tto. By Root. J. Ouiverwell, M. D. Sent
under sea), In a plain nvlopa, to any addr,pot
paid, on receipt or two itampa, or ot- OUAB. J.u .
tti.ina, iii titwar, xew xork. fost unce Box, no
i.MQ. mai81:Bmdfcw
In sll ease of ooetlveneas, dyipapsl, billion and Uvi
affections, piles, rheumatism, fever and ague, obstl
aat head ach, and all general derangement of health
thee Pill bavt Invariably proved a curtain and speedy
remedy. A single trial wll place the Life Pill beyond
th reach of compatitioa lo the cotlmatlon of every p.
Uent. '' - l --i a....i.. . . ', , .
Pr. Moffat PhoinU Bitter will ba found equally af
tcacloa In aUeaas ef sarrous debility, dyspepsia, head
ach, tb (tckneat laoioanl t females lodellxat health.
and rvery ktud W vetkhasS of lh tigaatlr organ a.
for sal by Br. W. B. MOPf AT, JTB, Broadway, It, T
and by all Drngglsta. ,i ' .- may23-dAwly
Tbe following It an sxtiaot from
letter written by thBrr. 3. B. Holme, pester ot tb
Plerrtpolnt-Strett Baptist Church, Brooklyn, l. T.,to
tb "Journal aod MatMoger,' Cincinnati 0., and speaks
volume In favor of that vorld-rtuowned medicine, Ma
Wnmow't SowrrttM flraw rot OBtuoaaw Tstrrauiw
"W see an ' dvmmW: -fai or aolamn aflla
Wiwslow's Soorrnw Bvacr - New w never eaM word
In ravor ore pataatmedlctns befora In our lire, botw
feel compelled to eay to yo'.r rvader that thl I no hum
bug vr bat tbid it, ukb e-iow it to aa all rr
claim. It la probably one of th meet sureetaful medl
don of th day, becaus It 1 on of the beet. And thoa
of your reader who hav babies can't better than r
lay in a uppiy," ' .v ; om:iy4.
T OonattmptlTe.
. Th Advertlm, harhig been restored to health lo a few
waeks by a vary limp la remedy, afUr having alfered sat
tral rears with a (ever lung affection, and that dread
disease. Consumption U asxttrasto mare known to his
fellow-suffuwr th mns of cure, 7 " ;
' To all whe desire It, h wilt nd i copy of th presorl
Hon need (fre of charge), with th directions for proper
ing and utiag Ui suss, which ther will Snd a Ot a
for Coasowmoa, Arrtnu. BBowcama, As. Th only
object of the advertiser la sending th Fraasrlptloa la to
benefit th afflicted, and spread Information wblch h oon.
calve to b Invaluabl, and he hope rry sufferer will
try hla remedy, as It will cost thea nothing, and may
prove a messing.
Partle wishing th prtscrtptla will plea address
- Wllllamburgb
. King County, New York
oct3:wly " . t .
l -Jl-llt f aSr
PromthNwiorkObrvr.' . j
As all parte manufaetarlng Stwtng Machine at ob
Head 10 D.v Mr. Ilow a Ueenaa an each -'n. amid.
aad ar a to compelled So malt return to hla, andar
oui.a to luaaamoereoio., Diebooiragivaaoorraoiatai
ment. Proa this reliable ouro we have obtained tb
roiiowin statlatlo. Of th aachnw mad la th waar
r ao9,toera war sola, . ..i .,
By Wheeler fc Wllsoa......,.;.ll,9n8 " -
r I. M. Slngwr A Co... ...10.BU ' '
M Q rover A Baker lo,X 'n1 '
thowtng lb sale of Wbnler at Wlitoa to be iouU
uoasoT any outer company."
' Awarded th hlghttt preorlum-4t lb -: '! r f r " ,
- TJalted States Pairs of IBM, UM) and JaflO; ;,,t ,
..aleoatth , i
- OW Stat Pair of 18S9ndie(i " r- 4
aad at aaarly all th County Iain a the ltatt.
Our prtoee, at tbe late retaolion, or a tot any
loci McA machln bow old. aa but a trine higher than
th Interior two Otrtai Ma ataaatn, new
ftaraed ttfMn th. nerkaa. 1 . - -
Th WHtlLBH at WTLSOU IfAOBnU aukttth
Lock tnow the only en. wbloh cannot be raveled. It
I Aim on Bora idbi w foaos, Mavlng no rwa or
tkainonOn ttndtr Md.
AUwuteMtua rrantd I ytart, and inttructltm
glvea la their aea, free of aharye. .
B. CBABr.Bl High t.,Co1umb,0.
'I;'''"- ' WM. BOMNBH tt CO.,
dotawdanAwom Kta't Opera Uoaat. Olndnnatt.
Mckana af BTATIONBRY and JXWBLRT. at
price one -third lees thaa aaa a parcbaaed alwher.
Call n or add me (tama ao(oed) J. L. BAlLsr.Mo
UOoartt..loWo, AUm. march Sb.dJm.
hast, Mas., beg to t II t"i attention of th publt to
th Vll6wlof mputlo reoommtndatlon of Waltttssa
Watches, by tbs Uadlng praetloal WatehtsaktrsaM Jew
eler throughout ths United BlaU. Th nUr Urt of
slgnatuts la I quit too loaf for pablloatloa In on
advtrtlMmsnti but. the names preiented wflll raoof- -sited
by thos acqualnUd with tb Trad as being ia tb ,
highest degrt respectabl and and InfloMtlak At their v
eatablUhments may always bs found th genala WatcJb-
as of tb Company's manufacture, In grtat variety, .
Blgnatur from many titles and towns not full)'
raMnted in thl list will appear ia a future advw , t
tte. .rr '
it.;T ' ;.' .. .
. ' ' TO THE PUBLIO. -
Th andtrslgnsd, practical Watahmakaraand daalwtja
Welch, having bought and told Amtrloea Watche ft
I number of years put, and having dealt In all kinds of ;
foreign Watchea for amuch longer period of tlma, be to .'
lUt tbat they har navtr dealt in Watohe which, as a
class, or In Individual Instance, hav been morsMtrt-
faetory to tbstnaslrts or custom!, whether la rasped e t
durability, beauty of Anlah. mathuaatloally correct pro
portions, accarate oompenaatlon aud adjustment, or of
fin Hmo-toaping rtovlta, than thos manufactuied ly
th Walthara Company.
If. 1. CRITTENDEN, Cleveland, Ohio.
wu. Wilson Mcunuw.
DUHMB A CO., . .
0 PLATT. -
J. T. at B. M. KPWABD8,
La Ball,
H. D. KAYS, -A.
Bloomlngton, "
Decatur, "
Bprlngflald, ' " 1
QUInoy, ' "
, ,
daltna, ' "
Jaoksonvlll, 1
O Berry Qrore '
I reeport,
' Peru,
Canton 11
Byracu, N. T.
BochMter, "
WM.M. MAYO. ' '
1. NORTH BY, -
J. M. POX, -- - V
0. A. BURR at UO. " .
WM. B. TAYLOR, Cttca, '
W, W. HANNAH, , Hodaoo. '.
H0BKIN8 A (VANS, 0wga, '
JOHN H. IYBS, Palrport,
WILLIAMS A CO., Canandalgua, "
J. tt. BBNNBT, ...
A, B.'BTORMB. Poughketpil,
J. A. CLARK, Batavta, '
BLOOD A PUTMAN. Anuurdam, "
A. WARDRN. - Ooahtn, " -
L. O. DUNNIN9. Penn lan,
OHAB. 8. WILLABD, Oataklll, '
W. P. BINQHaM A CO., UdlaaapolU, lad
cms. e. PBJtNOH.
J. WcLANB, "
0. A. DIOKENSBN, Blohmond,
0. H. BABOOM A CO., Torre Haute,
J. M. BTANBH, Bulllvan.
ADOLPH MYBR8, Plymoulb,
THBO. P. PIOKEBINO, Kalamatoo, Mich
OBO. DOTY. Detroit, - "
A. B.YANCOTT, Mllwiukte, Wis.
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SAM'L BROWN, Jr., NorrUlown, "
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J.J.BLAIR, Lebanon, "
OBO. W. McCALLA, Harrbburg, " '
VRAN0I8 0. fOLACK, York, "
0. M. ZAHN, Laneaatar "
H. AUGIIINHAUan, Ohambenburg, "
B T. HOP -MaN, Qreensborg, ' '
J. 0. HANNA, Neweaatla, 11
0. T. ROBERTS, Kbeaeburf, '
J0. DOLON, Maueh Chunk, "
0HA8. L. tltllER, Aahland.
B. M. Bt. OLAIt, Iadlana
K. A A PBTEBSOK, BorantoO, "
DAVID LAVaJHAOK. Patereoa, M. J.
W. T. BAB. N.wark. -
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B. A. YOOLER, Salam, . . 0.
J. W. MONrOOMBBY, .a N.wbrry, B.C.
BBNJ B. COOK, Noribmoton, Mass.
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JOHN BARTON. , . Lynn, '
JOBN MoORBOOR, ' Lawrence
W. M. BOOT. ' . riltateM, "
B. MOODY. Qraenfleld,
WM. KUKHAM, Jr., Barlnafleld, " .
L. D. ANTHONY A CO., Provtdenoa, t.l.
PELIO ARNOLD, B. Oreeowlch,
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O.J. MONSON, rTwHavn,
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H. D. UALb. ' ' ' ' Mlddletown, " '
JOHN L. BMTTn, ' " "
J. 0. BLACKMAN, BrW report, "
JA8.B. AYRES, a Watanwry, "
BBERBOhN dOAW, Saaborntan, N. Hi
L, R.H ANDERSON, - - Conoord, ...
B. KNIGHT, ' '
N. 0. CARR, u .1
OBO. W. DREW A CO., ,.
8. J. MBLLIBH, i Hanover,
W. 0. 0. WOODBURY, Clereraont, "
WM. B. MORRILL, . Bxeter, " I
BIOHARD OOYB. Laooola. '
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OHA. B. BACON, Dover,
P. M. HARD1B0N, So. Btrwlck, II. '
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MOBES M. SWAN. Aunatai " -
J. A MERRILL ' Portland, u
JAMBS BMEBY, , Bakport, .
BIMBON BL000, Rockland, "
HENRY H, HAM, Portaaoath,
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D.Q. HALL, hrwitoa, i
BBIN8MA1D A HILDtllTH, IBarllofton, Yt.
O.H. HARDIN3. Bradford,
1. 0. PHINNBI, ,, MooipeUer, "
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J. 0. BATBB, f- - ' Northfleld, T,
J.H. MURDOOK, ,. , 4 . . Woodjtoek, " , ,
0. 0. CHILD, ' Bt. Johaabuqr, u
0. H. HtlNTlMflTON, , St. Albaaav - " . .
V08TIB ROW, Chelsea, '
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A.N.HALL. ' Milford. ' 1 Dl.
BOBBBI WLLKIB, ' i t. I Toronto, . C.W.
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Oaotio. A our Watoh Is how txtenjirtly coantsr
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I. Bobbins, or by ar prdoor, AppUton, Jraay A
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. At th watch Art for al by Jewtitrs taally
Ihroughoal th Union, tht Aaripaa Watch Osopaay
de set tellalt orders for stogl watches. i
Jnr ,iiu.,.H. BOB,TNS A APFLXTOK ,
r!ioii lwU-. 188 Broaut-t
tpM div oi d. t. W.Bat. A", Jfjl

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